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2011 Year 10 Assessment Task No 1 Assessment Notice Date of Issue: 9th March Task: Speech

Date Due: 28th March Modes: reading, writing and speaking

Weighting: 20%

Outcomes to be assessed: A student : 1. Responds to and composes increasingly sophisticated and sustained texts for understanding, interpretation, critical analysis and pleasure. 4. Uses and describes language forms and features, and structures of texts appropriate for different purposes, audiences and contexts 7. Thinks critically and interpretively using information, ideas and increasingly complex arguments to respond to and compose texts. 10. Questions, challenges and evaluates cultural assumptions in texts and their effects on meaning.

Nature of Task: You are to present a speech entitled ‘I Love Poetry’. Your speech is to be about a poet and a poem that you have enjoyed learning about in your poetry unit. This poet and poem may be one you studied in class or one you have researched yourself. The poet and poem must be written in the same tradition or context as the poems studied in class. (For example, if you studied war poetry, your researched poet must be either a war poet or have been composed in a war context.) Your intended audience will be junior high school students who are eager and enthusiastic about expanding their knowledge of poetry. Content: In this speech you will include details about the poet and the type of poetry with which he/she is identified (for example, the Romantic poetry movement, War Poets etc). You will mainly discuss the poem you have chosen; its themes and the main techniques the poet uses to communicate these themes. Include your reasons for choosing this particular poem. Your speech will be between 4 and 5 MINUTES in length. One bell will be rung at 4 minutes, 2 bells will be rung at 5.00 minutes, at 5 minutes and fifteen seconds you will be asked to complete your speech and sit down. You are to hand in a hard copy of your transcript to your class teacher at the beginning of your English period on Monday 28th March. Put your name on your transcript, not your student number. You are to have your palm cards and marking criteria with you until you have presented your speech. If you do not hand in your transcript on the due date you will be penalized. You must be prepared (with palm cards) to present your speech on Monday 28th March or penalties will apply. Please turn over to view Marking Guidelines. You will receive your full marking criteria in week 8.

Marking Criteria:

You will be assessed on your ability to:  Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the poem you have chosen and its genre  Support your analysis of the poem by factual reference to the poet and the type of poetry with which he/she is identified.  Support your analysis with reference to poetic techniques used in the poem  Demonstrate a personal response to the poem studied  Use the correct speech conventions regarding structure (introduction, body and conclusion) and language.  Present your speech in a confident and effective manner: audibility, expression, pitch, pace, volume, eye contact and body language


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