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Assessment Notification Preliminary Assessment Task 2011

Course:Business Studies

Date of Task:: June 20 2011 Period: Hand in Venue: Topics: Business Management

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Component: Knowledge and Understanding Inquiry and Research Communication Outcomes: P4 assess the processes and interdependence of key business functions P8 evaluate information for acctual and hypothetical business situations P9 communicates business information and issues in appropriate forms Task Description: A site in the local shopping centre has become vacant. The centre management has announced a unique opportunity for prospective store owners – a chance to secure the store by submitting a business plan. As a young entrepreneur, you have decided now is the time to put into practice the knowledge and skills developed in your study of business and write a business plan. You will need to provide detail under the following headings; Business Name, Legal Structure, Vision, Business goals, Situation Analysis, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Financial Reports, Benefits to the Shopping Centre.

Marking Criteria You will be asssessed on your ability to Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business structures , influences, functions and processes Communicate using appropriate information Present a well organised answer in Business Report style

Hand-in tasks must be submitted at the student office before 8:45am. Tasks submitted after 8:45am will have a late submission receipt attached to them and signed by the Student Office Staff. This will be handed to the Academic Care Coordinator who will note its receipt and pass it on to the relevant KLA Coordinator. If you are unable to hand the task in on the due date, follow the illness / misadventure policy outlined in your assessment manual. This includes phoning the College by 8:30am and obtaining documented evidence.


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