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INTRODUCTION St Mary Star of the Sea College is a congregational Catholic college for girls owned and conducted by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. It is an incorporated company of limited liability governed and managed by a Board of Directors. The purpose of the college is to provide a quality Catholic education for girls from various cultures and social traditions. The college is committed to the overall personal development of each student and the promotion of excellence in every aspect of education. In order to achieve its goals the college actively seeks the services of committed professional staff and the continual updating and provision of facilities, equipment and resources.

POLICY STATEMENT Parents applying to enrol their daughter in St Mary’s are obligated to meet all costs associated with the college providing an education for their daughter.

THE POLICY IN PRACTICE Fees accounts are forwarded home on the first day of each of the first three terms. Fees are not refundable if a student leaves during a term. Payment is required within 14 days. Families experiencing difficulties are asked to contact the college Fees Officer so that suitable arrangements, eg paying by instalments, can be made. No student is to be denied Catholic schooling because of an inability to pay. Parents who do not make arrangements with the college and who fail to pay fees will be caught up in the legal process, as all outstanding debts are handed over to a commercial agent. Parents who cause the college to incur additional expense in sending repeated notices will be asked to pay interest on outstanding fees. The above steps are necessary as the

St Mary Star of the Sea College Policy for fees


college has regular financial commitments to its creditors and does not wish to raise fees to cover unpaid debts. Fees for each year will be advised prior to the end of the school year.

REDUCTIONS The college provides for the following reductions in fees if parents enrol a child in St Mary’s College or in Edmund Rice College from 2009: Second child currently enrolled in either school: 20% reduction on tuition component Subsequent siblings currently enrolled in either school: 25% reduction on tuition component.

PAYMENT Compulsory and optional excursions are undertaken in each year. The account for each year group is divided over the three terms’ fee statements. These fees will vary each year according to the number and type of activities. The college has various means available for payment of fees, including electronic transfer.

FEES FOR ENROLMENT When applying for enrolment, parents are asked to pay an enrolment fee which covers the costs of processing the application for enrolment. When an application has been successful for Year 7 and the college offers a place for a student, a deposit will be expected. This amount is paid upon acceptance of the place in the college and is deducted from the fees in Term 1. If a student is withdrawn prior to commencement, the deposit will be refunded.

REVIEW This policy statement was approved on 26 November 2008 and is to be reviewed in 2011.

St Mary Star of the Sea College Policy for fees