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Here's s How T To Mas ssively y Reduc ce Line e Renta al Charrges on n Yo our Tele ephone e Acco ount T There’s one question that I’ve been asked countle ess times ove er the past 28 8 years… “Ho ow do I reduce or get rid of line rental ch harges? Theyy make up ha alf of my total bill!” If you can relate to this frustration too, then you’ll love l todays e email update… T Telco’s have e convinced b business own ners that theyy need to havve plenty of incoming line es to be sure no businesss o opportunitiess are ever missed. This offten leads to people overrspending on their line ren ntals. Getting g the balance e o of incoming lines l to call vvolume correct is a bit of a balancing a act. Unfortun nately, the Te elco’s usuallyy stack the o odds in their favour. We tthink this is p pretty unfair a and want to sshow you what you can do about it. A At T Gen we believe in ed ducating our clients. We’vve found thatt helping our clients make e informed de ecisions yield ds h the idea of education in mind, let’s h have a look a at an example e business and better resultss for us over time. So with ttheir telephone costs… ((By the way tthis example e is also expla ained on vide eo here…) T This example e business th hat I'm using has 12 staff,, 5 incoming lines for voicce calls, one fax line and one line for tthe A ADSL broadb band. That’s $250 every month before e you even m make a call (let alone leasse a phone system!). It’s little wonder why telecom mmunicationss costs drive business owners insane! In addition to o the line renttal costs, thiss small busin ness has average call cossts of $645 ea ach. Mobiless and ADSL plans have b been exclude ed from this e example. O OK now let’ss add in the p phone system m costs… A typical qua ality Digital Te elephone sysstem with Vo oice mail for a business w with 12 staff w would be arou und $250 perr month on a 5 year rental program (or $9K – $10K if you were to t write a che eque). T The total mo onthly costs a are $250 for line rental + $ $645 in call costs c + $250 monthly renttal costs on tthe phone ssystem. The e total is $1,145! That’s $9 95 per perso on in this 11 person p business. And tha at’s without m mobiles or A ADSL factore ed in!

Like you, we didn n’t like the e look of th his either a and decid ded to do s something g about it. w the new w T Gen Ho osted Bus siness VoIP P solution n compare e to our 11 Take a look at how pe erson business exam mple abov ve…     IP Gen Pty Ltd 7 78 Bundoo ora Drive Karana Dow wns, QLD 4306 4 www.igen

Ph: 07 3 3123 5555 Fax: 07 3056 3355

Line Re ental ==> $42 2 Calls == => $295 T Gen H Hosted Busin ness VoIP Te elephone Sysstem ==> $25 51 All hand dsets, installa ation and traiining ==> $199 Total ==> $787 perr month S So in total yo ou’d save $35 58 per month h (nearly $45 500 per year!). It’s certainly worth taking a look would dn’t you agre ee? As an exxtras special gift for you… … when you change c to a T G Gen Hosted Business Vo oIP solution we’ll w throw in a FREE 130 00 or 1800 nu umber. C Call us todayy, we’d love tto show you have to get m more for lesss when it com mes to your business ttelecommuniications. We e can be easiily reached o on 1300 889 8 887.

Greg Eick ke P P.S. To us y you’re a big fish in a littlle pond. You ur calls get answered a qu uickly in Au ustralia by Australians. Our dedicatted and quallified expertts will keep y you running g NO MATTE ER WHAT!

    IP Gen Pty Ltd 7 78 Bundoo ora Drive Karana Dow wns, QLD 4306 4 www.igen

Ph: 07 3 3123 5555 Fax: 07 3056 3355

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