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H How can c Mobili M ty ben nefit m my bu usinesss. bby TheTelepphoneGuy oon Februaryy 22, 2011 hhttp://www.pphonesystem IIt is no longger sufficiennt to simply provide moobile devices to employyees and exppect concrette business vvalue to som mehow maggically appeaar. With thee emergencee of new moobile platform ms, the infilltration of iindividual-lliable devicees into the w workplace and the rapidd growth of mobile applications, IT T and ooperations ddepartmentss are under iintense presssure to suppport the business benefi fits of enterpprise mobilitty w without threeatening thee security off enterprise data and inffrastructure.. E Enter Telepphony "Mobbility" T The pervasiiveness of em mail, the Innternet, mobile phones aand wirelesss connectionns continue to reshape hhow we work. Organisaations are ggeographicallly distributeed. People ccan work froom just abouut anywheree aand at all tim mes, whetheer they're att a customerr site, in the home officee, on the traain, in the caar or sitting in a coffee shoop. The alwaays-on natuure of work hhas allowedd organizatioons to createe greater business valuee, bbetter servee customers and stay competitive.

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