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The Greg Chapman is great, but not the greatest he doing work without ever requiring a single alteration or fitting!

While living in Bombay India in the late 1960's I had some suits made which gave me a look of success like I had never seen before? Although I didn't realize it at the time, I had stumbled on the authentic, now nearly extinct, approach to custom tailoring as it had been taught by the British to the Indians and the Chinese, when they colonized their countries. For centuries, custom tailors had learned the art of drawing a pattern to address the unique posture, shoulder line and distribution of separate measurements of an individual client. It was during the 1960's that tailors in the Western countries (England, Italy, Canada, America, etc.) began shortcutting their apprenticeship by modifying standard (off-the-rack) "block" patterns, a process that has come to be called "made-to-measure." Our trial orders to tailors in Europe, all who now use this short-cut approach, have never met the "fit" standards which I experienced in India and that we have developed to state-of-the-art.

Our Concept I believe passionately that it’s good business to look your most successful best! Always! I’ve had a front row seat in watching and helping thousands of people transform their lives. I’m convinced that one can literally change his or her life by changing their clothes! Mass produced clothing, however can’t make the necessary impact. What set’s you apart is the perfection of “fit”, the smooth drape that can only come with clothing cut to your unique shape and measurements, along with the uncommon look of “quality”, the hand “workmanship”, which is almost non-existent in off-the-rack clothing.

Why Custom? “Custom made” is the way clothing was made since the beginning of time! “Ready made” was never intended to replace the work of a fine tailor, but rather to provide inexpensive clothing at a fraction of the price, to those who needed a school uniform, and later to those who moved on from school and needed something presentable to wear as an office support staff. One could purchase 8 suits for the price of one made by a good tailor. Here are a few good reasons to support the case for our "Smart Approach" to our custom clothing business. Better Personal Service: “Custom made” offers more advantages than anyone can imagine. It puts a man or a woman in a relationship with someone who likes a private doctor, accountant or financial

advisor who gets to know that person and looks after their best interests, utilizing their talents in helping them to have a better life, looking and feeling their best and operating at the highest level. A Better Fit: The look and feel of custom clothing presents someone at their best. It determines in some part, their “class”! It attracts those who seek out someone who has the presence of mind to be the best looking most successful person they can be. A Better Value: Not only is the fit superior when it’s made for someone’s unique shape, posture and measurements, but the clothing can be so much better made, of better overall quality if the suit doesn’t have to be moved through a distribution system. More Convenience: Once a good tailor has an individual pattern on file, completed clothing can be delivered without requiring alterations or trips to the store for shopping and tailoring.

Style Collection

Our Fabrics & Swatches Suiting fabrics, Jacketing fabrics, Formal wear fabrics, Slack fabrics, Shirt/Slack Combinations.

Men’s Style collection Men’s Suit Designs, Jacket Blazer, Men’s Shirts, Men’s outwear, Men Formal wear, Leather Suede.

Women’s Collection Women’s fabric style

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The greg chapman is great Executive Tailored Clothes, Beverly Hills  

While living in Bombay India in the late 1960's I had some suits made which gave me a look of success like I had never seen before? Although...

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