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Extended Practice Module Brief Cover Sheet Module Code: OUGD603

Module Title: Extended Practice

LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART Student Name: Gregory Ball

Studio Brief Title

Brief 01 - Sunset Cottage Synopsis Part One: Create the Branding & Identity for a business located in the beautiful rural setting of South Lakes. Part Two: Develop a contemporary yet fitting website. The owner has specified she wants: administration rights/ ability to edit. The capabilities to upload high definition videos, and if possible a blog to keep customers up to date with their latest offers/ news.

List of Deliverables


- Logomark

- Logomark ~ Evidenced with business cards, letterheads and range of stationery

- Identity - Responsive Website with Booking System

- Identity ~ Evidenced with business cards, letterheads and range of stationery applications, and also carried through to website. - Responsive Website ~ Evidenced with fully build and working responsive website, accessible on the disc provided.

Evaluation This brief was the first collaborative brief I did of the year with Stephen Maher, it was for an external client and was the first proper paid design job I had done. At the start of the brief I felt quite pressured for the outcomes to be of an extremely high standard because of it being a paid brief, I also wanted to turn the brief around fairly quickly. So I decided to set out a project plan to follow that would have taken the project to be 3 weeks in length. But this turned out to be incredibly optimistic due to having to balance two peoples workload and also problems with the client and their contractibility and due to their age they're relatively primitive knowledge of technology. However from a learning point of view this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it taught me how to handle a different type of client and vastly improved my communication skills when e-mailing to explain certain things, and discussing the project as a whole. There where certain other problems during the course of this brief, to start the building of the website I needed to get all the content from the client, the details for her hosting account and also the booking system details. I was expecting to receive these in an email or a digital from but the client insisted on sending these on a usb stick by post and this naturally set the project back by about four days. After I had received the content the building of the site was a good experience, it was the first responsive website I was going to build so I was exciting about learning a different way of developing and working with the framework bootstrap. The building of this site has really excelled my knowledge and ability to develop to a better level and I feel much more confident in the developing side of web design because of this. We then sent the site to the client and she was pleased with the outcome and after a few amends the final site was send off and payment received. Working with Stephen on this brief I found an enjoyable experience as we worked well together, separating on certain roles and then collaboratively reviewing what each other was doing to achieve the outcomes we desired. Unfortunately, the site is not live yet due to personal problems encountered by the client. Overall, this brief was a good experience and taught me lots of things that you don’t get to experience from doing just self set studio briefs and working with clients and the sort of business side of a project was something I enjoyed getting stuck into.