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Extended Practice Module Brief Cover Sheet Module Code: OUGD603

Module Title: Extended Practice

LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART Student Name: Gregory Ball

Studio Brief Title

Brief 10 - Saracen Rye Synopsis To develop a branding strategy, corporate identity and marketing material for Saracen Rye Ltd. A new developing business intending to operate in the emerging cross over environment of street art and contemporary art. The objectives of the business are to promote a range of established and emerging artists in this exciting new field. The company will operate in both primary and secondary art markets and will represent some of the most exciting artists emerging out of this worldwide scene.

List of Deliverables


- Logomark

- Logomark - evidenced by the application to business card, range of stationery and website

- Business Cards Stationery - Poster - Catalogue - Website Design

- Business Cards & Stationery - evidenced by the submission of business cards and stationery ranges - Poster - evidenced by the submission of an A3 poster - Catalogue - evidenced by the submission of a 20 pages catalogue - Website Design evidenced by the inclusion of a website mock up on the boards and walkthrough film, accessible on the disk provided

Evaluation This brief is the final brief i undertook during third year and i feel that it utilises the skills i have built up throughout the year both within print and digital. The brief involved communicating and conveying ideas to a client which has involved using the communication skills i have built up throughout the year to convey different ideas and ultimately persuade the client to think differently about the possible brand identity and the perception of the brand because of it. It has also allowed me to demonstrate the considered and function approach i have developed towards print based branding and identity, creating a logomark that can stand the test of time and applying this to a range of suitable outcomes, outcomes that themselves are designed with a high quality brand in mind. The careful choice of colour and finishing shows my consideration and attention to detail, from the lined envelope adding brand colours and a high quality brand philosophy in an innovative way to the duplex finish of the business cards to add extra quality. It has also allowed me to demonstrate the web design skills i have developed, although i did not need to build this site, the design skills are something that i have shown, choosing typefaces that compliment each other and designing to popular web conventions for easy user experience, the integration of video and image in an unobtrusive way. Overall, i think this brief is a good end brief to the year i think it shows most of the skills i have developed throughout the year. I have enjoyed applying my skills to this brief and working closely with the client to develop a cohesive and an identity that is culturally relevant to the industry and the audience.