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Extended Practice Module Brief Cover Sheet Module Code: OUGD603

Module Title: Extended Practice

LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART Student Name: Gregory Ball

Studio Brief Title

Brief 13 - Karl Morland Synopsis Create a logo/identity mark that can be applied across print and digital applications. Design and produce a photo book of the photographers best work, that can be used to show prospective clients. Karl sees his photography as him questioning his own morals and the morals of others. So the concept was to take this mirroring approach Karl takes in his work and use that as the basis of the identity.

List of Deliverables


- Photobook

- Photobook ~ evidenced by the submission of a 10 page photobook

- Logomark - Final Show Promotion

- Logomark ~ evidenced by the application onto the photobook and final show promotion - Final Show Promotion ~ evidenced by the submission of a fold out leaflet promoting Karl’s final show

Evaluation I have really enjoyed this brief collaborating with my friend Karl on the BA Hons Photography course in creating an identity and promotional piece for his final year show. I had virtually all creative freedom on this brief which was brilliant, due to Karls laid-back nature it was a joy to work on the brief. Karl described his photography as the mirroring/quesitoning of his own morals and the audiences morals. So this was something that we wanted to convey in the design of his identity. Initially he wanted to go down quite a literal route and use physical objects to create something mirrored but i said it might be best to approach it more subtly and from a typographic view using just the two initials of his name. This also allowed me to develop my communication in talking about my concepts, work and ultimately convincing the client to go with my ideas. The final identity design took the form of the K from Karl and the B from Bradley (the second name he uses professionally) being reflected over an axis, with the B appearing upside down, this carried the concept of the mirroring throughout but also approached it in a more subtle way that actually making a reflection from physical objects. When it came to the design of the promotional item for his end of year show, i wanted to create something that functioned as a poster for whoever takes it away but also explains the concept of the show and shows some of the best photographs. So do this i decided on an A3 fold down newsprint leaflet, this allowed the front to be a poster with a large image and Karls name, whilst the reverse side functioned to give context to the show. I feel like this works well and the consideration of making something function for more than one thing shows the consideration i have as a designer. I also created a small photo book for karl, which was bound on the right hand side, instead of the conventional left hand side, this was for two reasons: to carry the mirroring the questioning concept through and also because i embossed each print of the book in the right corner so that every time the page is turned you feel the emboss. I think this adds an extra nice and tactile finish to the book, again showing the consideration for the details i have as a designer. Overall, i am really happy with the outcome of the brief and the collaborative working process was superb on this brief, i think we had a good balance between my respect for Karls input on his work but also Karl’s respect for my opinion from a design point of view, which led to some good outcomes and a good brief.