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Extended Practice Module Brief Cover Sheet Module Code: OUGD603

Module Title: Extended Practice

LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART Student Name: Gregory Ball

Studio Brief Title

Brief 09 - Journal Press Synopsis Launch an independent publishing house, publishing primarily self-initiated work with the ability to publish selected runs of other items. Focusing on primarily on zines and high quality journals. The concept for the publishing house was to focus on the design of limited edition zines and books. These would be primarily self-published by myself but it could evolve into the publishing of others. The concept for the banding was to create a simple and versatile logomark that could be applied to a variety of mediums and at varying sizes, due to the nature of it being applied across print books and web.

List of Deliverables


- Logomark

- Logomark ~ evidenced in the application to the website and print outcomes

- Identity - Website w/ E-Commerce - Journal Press - Volume One & Journal Press Volume Two

- Identity ~ evidenced in the application across all brand output such as: website and zines. - Website ~ evidenced through the mock-up provided on the boards - Journal Press Vol One & Vol Two ~ evidenced by the submission of two copies of each printed zine

Evaluation This brief is one of the most enjoyable briefs i have done this year as it really let me explore a new format i had only brief knowledge of working with until this point, i also nicely brought together most of the skills i have learnt over the past three years together. Working with brand and identity and then also working with web design made the brief a nice brief to get stuck into. Working with publications was familiar territory for me, but photographing all my own content and the content of the publication being conceptually mine as well was something that i had only done on a few occasions before. It was great to get back into photography again after two years of not really doing any, it was something i did massively before coming to uni. I feel that this also demonstrates another skill set i have as a photographer and the ability i have to improve these skills. Because i ran the brief throughout the whole year i was planning to do four volumes but i have only managed to produce two due to other briefs running over time and impinging this brief, this is a shame and really makes me need to concentrate on managing my time more efficiently. Although i am happy with the outcomes that have been achieved and i feel they are of a high standard and in my view they could be sold commercially as zines, and this was one of the points in deciding to do this brief. At the start of the year i was heavily interested in starting a small independent zine and photo-book publishers but as the year has gone on this side of the brief is something that doesn’t hold much interest to me anymore, although i would still like to keep outputting my own zines and published content. Overall, i feel the brief has been a success, it has allowed me to demonstrate and develop a broad range of skills from type and layout, brand and identity to web design.

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