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Programme Title: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Level: 6

Module Title: Extended Practice

Module Code: OUGD603

Brief Title: Personal Branding and Portfolio

Module Leader/Tutors: Amber Smith, Andy Lodge, Simon Harrison, Phil M

Module Credits: 60

Weighting of Brief within Module: 100%

Context Things to consider are that the previous branding hasn’t worked and doesn’t look right, it doesn’t convey what it needs to convey. You need to think about how the outcomes will be perceived by others and most of all you must be happy with them personally. Who is the audience? Clients, Studios, Employers? Part One of the brief Is print based and must contain a range of branded ephemera (business cards, letterheads, invoices etc) Part Two of the brief is to design and build a website for your portfolio and as a point of reference for the audience.

Brief or Tasks Design a complete range of personal branding that is cohesive across print and web. The branding must convey what you think about yourself as a designer and how you would like to be seen by others; whether that be serious, fun etc. Preparation/Research suggestions Exisiting branding, potential employers/clients, other freelance branding, other graphic designers branding Evidence – for this project students should submit Part One and Two completed to a high standard with fully resolved outcomes Printed Branding Portfolio Website Documentation on the relevant blogs Briefing: Monday 30/09/2013

Deadline: Thursday 22/05/2014