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Blog Address: Statement of intent: I’m Greg, a graphic designer focused on producing branding and editorial work across print and web for a variety of different clients.

Subjects / Themes Culture industries, private and public business, fashion industries Design Disciplines / Creative Development -

Branding Editorial Web Design Brand Strategy Art Direction Curating

Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? Web Design – In-depth workshops taking place after Christmas, to improve coding knowledge, which will enable me to design better for web and expand my skillset

Printing – using a professional printers, learning about techniques and prepping for print, and also how much things cost.

Brief 1: Southlake Cottages – Sunset Cottage



Rationale: Provide a complete redesign of the original website bringing it in line with the modern day and the possibilities of the modern web. Using new and existing content provided by the client. I aim to provide a new, comprehensive and useable website that complements the product and setting well. The website should be fully responsive and work across a variety of devices.

Brief 2: Saracen Rye



Rationale: Provide a complete identity, communication avenues and launch of the company and brand along with the company director. Needs to be effective and simple, good and open communication with the company director, possible curation of gallery shows.

Brief 3 Hopping Pig


Rationale: Design a full identity, branding and marketing materials for a new beer/ale and hotdog bar. The bar is to be a new and innovative concept, aimed at the 18-40 year old male, the bar has a wide range of appeal so the concept has to be suitable for that.

Brief 4: Journal Press



Rationale: Design the branding and web presence of an independent publishing house. Launch the publishing house, publishing specialist and high quality zines and publications. Forge connections with stockists on a local and national scale.

Brief 5: Linda House Chutney



Rationale: Design the branding and packaging for an organic and homemade chutney company. The brand does not want to come across like the standard organic foods company, it wants to have a cool approach aimed at a slightly younger audience than would be usual. Incorporating this view into the designs I aim to resolve the project, I will also be using some photography within this brief. Brief 6: Gifted (Collaboration)



Rationale: Design and produce a highly executed journal about culture and arts in the Leeds area. Work closely with Abbas on all parts of the brief from copywriting to design and art direction to produce a journal that could rival major players. Published through journal press and again working on establishing contacts with stockists.

Brief 7: Cuff&Collar



Rationale: Brand and launch a wordpress blog about menswear fashion and mens lifestyle. This will involve all branding, and all custom coding (using bootstrap) adapted for wordpress, to be launched just before christmas. Utilise beautiful photography to provide photographic essays and reviews as content for the blog.

Brief 8: Personal Branding and Website



Rationale: Design and code a new website for my portfolio and re-brand myself in a more professional way that reflects my practice more than existing branding. It is imperative that this reflects my practice and ambitions as a designer.

CoP / Research Theme Discuss how graphic design has influenced male purchasing habits from the 90’s to present. Research: - Metrosexuality - Celebrity influence - Advertising - Fashion journalism - Rise of British brands - Boom in purchasing premium product/independent retailers - Buying habits - Influence of social media


Deadline November

Discover relevant retailers to get information from about purchasing habits


Deadline November

Talk to Everton Campbell owner of Hip Store and influential man in menswear. Recommended as a possible source by Paul from fashion so hopefully this should be fairly easy to set up



Continue to read into the other research avenues I want to go down. Start writing the first chapters/sections

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS - (Harvard Referenced) Mark Simpson, 1994. Male Impersonators: Men Performing Masculinity. 1 Edition. Routledge. Jay Hess, 2010. Graphic Design for Fashion. Edition. Laurence King Publishers.

MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES – (include publication date and details)

ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES (include specific urls) London Collections: Men - Home . 2013. London Collections: Men - Home . [ONLINE] Available at: The Hip Store | Menswear | Established 1987. 2013. The Hip Store | Menswear | Established 1987. [ONLINE] Available at: The neo dandies: what does it take to be a modern man about town? | Fashion | The Observer . 2013. The neo dandies: what does it take to be a modern man about town? | Fashion | The Observer . [ONLINE] Available at:

OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL (Films, events, exhibitions, conferences)

Sartorial 7 – Oliver Sweeney ~ YouTube LC:M (London Collections Men) GQ, Mr.Porter Independent Blogs

ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Brief What do you need to do? 1

Continue research into dissertation, find more writings about the topic. I am beginning to realise there might be more primary research to be done on the topic compared to secondary research


Finish brief one by the end of the month


Organise the research I have already done into my dissertation and post to COP3 blog


Start compiling a list of articles and contacts for the gifted journal to start at the beginning of november


Post the research into publishing and journal press onto blog, compile and print first publication


Start networking and getting in touch with potential stockists for Journal Press publication




Greg ball statement of intent  
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