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Extended Practice Module Brief Cover Sheet Module Code: OUGD603

Module Title: Extended Practice

LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART Student Name: Gregory Ball

Studio Brief Title

Brief 04 - Dr Me Flag Synopsis In collaboration with one of your peers design a flag for an exhibition of flags by Dr.Me Salt Mills, Salford. The concept for our flag was illusion and creating something that messed with the viewers eyes and mind.

List of Deliverables


- Flag

- Flag ~ evidenced by a digitally printed poplin flag. This is evidenced by these boards.

Evaluation The Dr.Me flags brief was another good brief because it allowed me to improve and develop my collaborative practice with other designers. The workshop and collaborative outcome to the brief where something really positive. It allowed me to gain a knowledge into quick idea generation and producing something with guidance from people in industry. I think this was the positive side to the brief, but the brief was then let down with poor organisation and the disappearance of our outcomes. This is something i think brought the experience of the brief down from it being a good experience, but apart from this the ideals of the process where beneficial and it also allowed me to gain experience in working more different people. Overall, the brief was a good experience but i didn’t get as much as i wanted to get out of it i don’t think, and it wasn’t the most fun brief I’ve done all year but nevertheless taught me some good things.

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