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Extended Practice Module Brief Cover Sheet Module Code: OUGD603

Module Title: Extended Practice

LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART Student Name: Gregory Ball

Studio Brief Title

Brief 12 - Britt Lloyd Synopsis Part One: Create a logo/identity mark that can be applied across print and digital applications. Also design a range of related personal stationery, that is relevant to the clients profession and interests within the profession. Part Two: Design and build a simple yet effective responsive portfolio site capable of showcasing a variety of film and images. The concept for part one of the brief was to create a strong but feminine typographic logomark. The concept for the website was to keep it clean and allow plenty of space for big imagery and video content.

List of Deliverables


- Logomark

- Logomark ~ Evidenced by use on the website

- Website

- Website - Fully built and live website accesible at or on the disk provided

Evaluation During this brief i think my collaboration skills have really come to the fore, working with someone from another course has really given me and insight into how different people work. This has meant that i have had to organise and work in different ways to what i would normally do. Also having to plan time to do meetings and discuss ideas during this busy period of university has also been something that i have had to learn, plan and balance. Working with someone from a different course has also made me realise how much i know about graphic design, in particular web design, and how much people who don’t do this course don’t know about it, so learning how to explain and teach someone the capabilities and what is possible with web has also been a challenge i have enjoyed during this brief. I think i have certainly developed more patience when explaining my ideas and how things work to external clients, this is something that I’m grateful i have done. The outcomes to this brief are also something i am proud of, i think the website and branding really suit Britt as a person and also really complement her work too. She is overall really happy with how the site has turned out and thinks it is going to be an invaluable point of contact for her when furthering her career after uni. Overall, i think this brief has been a success and it has taught and honed many skills from time management, project planning, designing for web and also responsive web development.