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One Resolution  that  you  think  would  have  the  most  +  positive  impact   on   a   hotel's   Internet   success   -­   Why   do   you   feel   this   particular   Resolution  is  most  important.  

I   think   the   most   interesting   resolution   and   the   one   that   would   have   the   most   impact  is  to  publish/post  new  content  regularly.  By  doing  this,  you  ensure  that   your  followers  have  a  reason  to  keep  visiting  your  page.   Because  search  engine  like  Google  process  their  results  in  real  time,  social  media   posts   with   relevant   keywords   appear   in   the   organic   results,   hence   the   importance  of  being  “current”.     

For what  types  of  hotels  

This  resolution  is  a  great  one  for  any  type  of  hotel  but  it  is  particularly  beneficial   to  independent/smaller  hotels  that  cannot  compete  in  terms  of  budget.     

What additional   actions   would   give   that   Resolution   even   greater   impact  –  drive  more  impressive  results?  

To   ensure   that   the   resolution   drives   more   impressive   results,   I   would   do   the   following:   -­‐

Write engaging  and  interesting  post.  This  will  increase  the  number  of   pages  viewed  and  build  a  relationship  with  the  users.  


Try elicit   a   user   response     to   make   sure   there   are   more   interaction   on   the  page.  


Post “Social  Media  Specific”  offers  


Monitor my   “buzz”   so   that   I   can   respond   and   thank   to   positive   comments  and  acknowledge  and  address  negative  ones.  


Add pictures   to   my   facebook   post   as   they   will   be   added   to   the   news   feed.  


Add links  to  the  hotel’s  websites  to  drive  more  traffic.  


Engage directly  with  users  to  build  on  the  relationship.  

Research 3   examples   of   hotels   (or   other   businesses)   that   are   successfully   executing   this   Resolution   online.   Take   screenshots   of   each  example  and  comment.  


The Ace  Hotel  in  New  York  City  

The   Ace   Hotel   does   a   very   good   job   of   posting   regular   and   varied   content   including  links  to  event  pages,  promotional  offers,  re-­‐twits  and  direct  posting  to   users  to  thank  them  or  comment  or  comment  on  their  twits.     -­‐

The Morgans  Hotel  Group  

The Morgans   Hotel   Group   is   managing   12   hotels   all   over   the   world   including   the   Sanderson  &  St  Martin’s  Lane  in  London,  The  Morgan  n  New  York…   I  think  they  are  doing  extremely  well  managing  their  twitter  account  considering   they  have  only  one  page  for  all  their  hotels.    

Like the  Ace  Hotel,  the  morgan  hotel  group  is  posting  very  efficiently.  It  is  regular   and  relevant  and  it  has  a  distinctive  “voice/style”  which  leads  to  believe  only  one   person  is  looking  after  the  account.  Positive  comments  are  re-­‐twitted,  users  are   followed  up  and  thanked  regularly  and  nice  personal  message  are  sent  (ie:  “Have   a  good  flight  &  see  you  again  soon”)     -­‐

Tablet Hotels  

Tablet Hotels  is  not  an  hotel  per  say  as  much  as  a  collection  of  hotels  but  their   social  media  strategy  is  the  same  as  a  hotel  group  would  do.    

I found   the   Tablet   hotels   were   especially   good   at   posting   regular   offers   and   travel  tips.  They  are  also  very  efficient  in  terms  of  responding  to  comments,  even   the  negative  ones  (see  above)       2. TECHNOLOGY     From   the   article,   what   role   does   technology   play   in   a   hotel's   Internet   strategy   success?   If   you   are   an   independent,   limited   budget   hotel   (or   business)  what  steps  would  you  take  to  compete  effectively  online?     Technology   play   a   more   and   more   important   role   in   the   overall   marketing   strategy   of   an   hotel   (and   this   is   true   for   almost   all   businesses!).   For   example,   facebook   and   twitter   combine   over   700   million   users   worldwide.   They   become   therefore   an   extremely   efficient   way   to   reach   customers   far   and   wide.   With   consumer  habits  changing  fast,  technology  becomes  one  of  the  only  way  to  keep   up  with  the  trends  and  ensure  that  your  hotel  is  consistently  present  wherever   your  customers  are.   Social  Media  is  also  one  of  the  only  platforms  where  smaller  independent  hotels   can  compete  on  an  even  footing  with  the  larger  chains.  As  most  platform  are  free,   large  marketing  budget  isn’t  as  important  as  a  little  creativity  and  frequency  in   the  posting.  As  mentioned  above,  engaging  clients  is  vital  to  social  media  success  

and I  would  therefore  implement  the  following  steps:   -­‐

Regular &  frequent    updates  on  facebook  and  twitter  


Frequent offers  exclusive  to  SM  users  


Interact frequently  with  users  making  comment…  if  only  just  to  “chat”  


Make sure  our  account  has  its  own  “voice  &  Personality”.  This  is  a  lot   more  difficult  for  large  chains,  which  often  bound  by  corporate  policy   and  identity.  


Implement “Mobile  Promotions”  and  contests  (mobile  pictures/videos   contest?)  

Research 2   hotels   or   businesses   that   are   creatively   reaching   customers,   without   expending   large   resources   –   as   the   large   chains   are  capable  of  doing.  Take  screen  shots  of  those  examples,  include  in   your  answer  


The W  Hotels  

The  W  Hotels  have  produced  and  uploaded  short  videos  featuring    their  hotels  in   what   we   could   call   “inspirational”   ways.   It   certainly   fits   with   the   trendy/cool   image   W   wants   to   portray.   It   is   also   a   very   effective   way   to   convince   their   potential  customer  that  Ws  are  the  place  to  stay.  


The Standard  Hotels  

The  standard  hotels  have  created  this  blog/website  which  is  amazingly  “cool”  for   lack  of  a  better  word.  The  content  is  quite  fun  and  relevant,  full  of  nice  visuals,   pictures  and  videos.  Most  of  it  connected  the  art/  creative  world  in  general  and   very  subtly  to  the  hotels.  It  actually  took  me  a  while  to  realize  I  was  on  a  hotel   blog.       3. FROM  THE  BUILD  YOUR  OWN  BRAND  VIDEO  SERIES       

What are   the   KEY   elements   to   online   branding,   according   to   Loic   LeMeur?  

The key  elements  mentioned  by  Loic  LeMeur  are:   -­‐

Create account  on  social  platforms  


Share as  much  as  possible  and  as  often  as  possible  


Integrate social  platform  to  you  own  website  


Listen to   feedback   &   comments.   Answer   as   promptly   and   often   as   possible.  


Prioritize comments   to   ensure   users   recurring   comments   are   dealt   with.  


Organize meet  up  when  possible  


Know your  topic  




Use videos  when  possible  as  they  are  very  effective  


Reach influencer.  

Research 2   hotels   or   businesses   that   are   using   the   KEY   elements   successfully,  in  your  view.  Take  screenshots,  include  in  your  answer   comment  on  why  you  have  chosen  these  2  examples    


The Standard  Hotels    

  The  standard  Hotels  have  integrated  twitter  &  facebook  on  their  home  page  and   as  previously  mentioned,  they  also  have  a  very  interesting  and  regularly  updated   blog.    

The   standard   hotels   are   also   very   active   on   their   facebook   page   and   their   twitter   accounts  engaging  regularly  with  their  followers/fans.    


The Morgan  Hotels  

The   Morgan   hotels   is   also   very   effective   and   present   with   their   social   media,   which  are  truly  integrated  into  their  own  website.       4. FROM  THE  BUILD  YOUR  OWN  BRAND  VIDEO  SERIES       

Choose any  2  online  tools  that  were  mentioned:  Include  a  text  link  to   each  tool.  


Twitter –  


Uservoice –  

Describe how  a  hotel  could  use  these  tools  to  effectively  engage  their   customers.  

A hotel  could  use  twitter  in  many  ways.  For  one,  it  is  a  very  good  tool  to  keep  in   touch  with  their  customers  on  a  regular  basis.  It  is  also  a  very  good  medium  to   engage   their   customers   with   specific   “social”   promotions   or   time   limited   promotion   as   they   are   more   likely   to   check   their   twitter   account   than   the   hotel’s   website.   Twitter   is   also   a   very   effective   way   for   the   hotel   to   address   any   problems  that  may  arise  in  a  time  effective  and  less  formal  manners.  Just  the  fact   that   the   problem   has   been   quickly   acknowledged   and   is   being   addressed   is   often   enough  to  keep  the  customer  happy.     Uservoice   is   a   great   way   to   assess   the   good   and   bad   points   of   your   services.   Feedbacks  are  regular  and  you  can  easily  engage  with  users/customers  that  are   most   willing   to   be   engaged.   With   uservoice,   users   help   you   prioritize   the  

comments by  voting  on  them,  you  can  then  assess  what  needs  to  addressed  first   and  you  can  keep  communicating  with  your  users,  ensure  that  they  know  you  are   taking  steps  towards  fixing  it.     

What actions  would  be  needed  to  put  the  tools  in  place,  in  a  hotel?  

The first   thing   needed   for   both   tools   is   to   set   up   an   account.   However,   having   an   account  is  not  quite  enough!       

What problems  would  the  use  of  the  selected  tools  solve?  

Twitter is  very  good  at  keeping  in  touch  with  customers.  Twitter  users  choose  to   follow  you  so  you  know  you  are  reaching  people  that  are  actually  interested  in   what  you  have  to  say.  It  avoids  submerging  people  that  might  not  be  all  that  keen   on  receiving  constant  updates  from  you.   Uservoice  allows  you  to  take  care  of  issues  you  might  not  have  noticed  from  an   operational  standpoint.  The  feedbacks  also  allow  you  to  modify  your  offering  to   what  your  customers  want  or  expect.     

What problems  would  the  selected  tools  create?  

Both tools  are  fairly  time  consuming  to  use  to  their  full  potential.  It  often  means   someone  is  dedicated  to  them  almost  entirely.  This  might  be  a  little  inconvenient   for  smaller  hotel  who  might  not  have  the  man  power.     

Why did  you  selected  these  specific  tools?  

I found   twitter   is   a   very   good   way   to   announce   special   offers,   events   or   promotion.  Basically,  it  is  the  perfect  way  to  stay  connected  with  clients  and  keep   them  up  to  date  with  what  is  happening  in  your  hotel  (or  business  in  general).   Uservoice,   however,   is   better   at   actually   communicating   with   clients   which   are   actively   engaging   with   you.   It   is   a   very   good   platform   to   receive   more   detailed   and  specific  feedback  from  your  clients.          


Location based  services  

LBS is   a   service   provided   through   a   mobile   phone   (or   any   mobile   internet   connected  device)  and  based  on  your  location.  


White Label  

White Labels   are   also   known   as   “Own   Brand”   labels.   The   company   using   a   white   label  takes  an  existing  product  (platform,  service…)  and  stick  its  own  brand  on  it.     A  brand  might  not  be  producing  the  goods  it  sells,  the  company  buys  the  product   from  an  existing  manufacturer/producer  but  sells  it  under  its  own  brand  name.  

Ning  is  a  white  label  “social  network”  platform.    


PPC stands   for   “PAY   PER   CLICK”.   It’s   a   way   of   remunerating   advertising   by   monetizing  every  click  on  the  advertisement.     


Twitts are   short   messages,   no   longer   than   140   characters.   Also   called   micro-­‐ bolging.  


Aggregator site  

An aggregator   site   gives   search   results   for   a   particular   service   or   product   from   multiple   sources.   It   allows   you   to   search   on   one   site   instead   of   visiting   each   individual  site.  

Digital Marketing Final  

Digital Marketing Final

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