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events 13 Movie Night & Fireworks 21 Pensacola Humane Society Bathe In 24 Brideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Night at the Blue Wahoos Stadium 34 Celebrity Chef Cookouts 37 Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce Drive-Thru Networking Lunch 45 The Pop-Up Movie Tour 54 Sertoma Weekly Meeting 60 The North Florida Gun and Knife Show 63 Hot Rods & Hoagies

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Adventure Out May We Suggest Style Swizzle Coastal Cuisine Give Care Share Locale I Am Pensacola

features 27 Leading Ladies The Pensacola area has some of the top business owners and managers around... and many of them just happen to be women.

42 Best in Pensacola Winners The winners are announced for the Best in Pensacola 2020 Reader Choice Awards.


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!"#$%&'() Greg Alexander

!"#$%&'()6&/*&&%&.-1. Anna Stockton

*&&+,%-.(/!"#$%&'() Verla Price

7(&%21() Priscilla Atkins

0-1-2%12/34%.+) Steve Barber

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!)+4",.%+1/34%.+) Jessica GraĂąa

8+1.)%#".%12/9)%.()&: !'+.+2)-;'()& Greg Alexander Steve Barber Verla Price Anna Stockton Kristina Wright


*45().%&%12 Steve Barber Verla Price Penny Stricklin

<=!/>+"14() Jeff Watson September 2020 | 9

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8/30/20 1:55 PM

As summer wanes from us, I am reminiscent of past years fi lled with festivals, art shows, music events, networking, and travel. Considering the lack of activities and social gatherings due to COVID 19, it seems impossible to say, but the past few months have passed in a blur. Perhaps we have tried harder than ever to keep businesses afloat while working out new ways to fundraise and staying in close contact with friends under social distancing rules. I am proud to say in this issue of VIP Pensacola you will see how Pensacola’s resilient people have managed to do just that. You will read how the Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce introduced a new innovative way to network at a drive through luncheon. Coastal Weddings and The Bridal Loft hosted an outside vendor event for brides. The Pensacola Wahoos presented a community night. All these events promoted social distancing while having fun. September also features our Ladies’ Issue with Style kicking off to a couple pages of shoe fashions followed by May We Suggest with local items from bath salts to a girl’s best friend... diamonds. Leading Ladies, a presentation of local business profi les starts on page 27, and I must say we have some amazing ladies working in Pensacola. As you dig deeper into the pages, find that we have four main kinds of shrimp here on the Gulf Coast and learn the best seasons to catch each of them in Coastal Cuisine. Swizzle educates us on the history of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest and longest-running beer festival. I decided to share Montana’s beauty with you as described from the inside of my helmet in Adventure Out on page 16. You may decide you need this kind of excitement in your life, and if so, you will be on a dualsport motorcycle looking for a touring company like Rocky Mountain Detours. In this issue, Give Care Share tells us of a home of refuge and hope here on the Emerald Coast for girls victimized by human trafficking. I hope you enjoyed reading about the area’s accomplishments and upcoming events. Please shop local and be kind to the people who serve you.

photo by Kristina Wright


Have a Fantastic September.

Associate Publisher 850-502-7970


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VIP Pensacola at Blue Wahoo’s Stadium

Movie Night & Fireworks


photos & story by Kristina Wright

he Pensacola Blue Wahoos hosted a community movie night at the stadium on August 1. This family friendly event featured the showing of “Trolls World Tour” on the videoboard, and ended the night with a dazzling fireworks show. The community movie and fireworks night was made possible thanks to the support of Covenant Care, Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, WEAR TV, and Pen Air Federal Credit Union. No group larger than 10 people was permitted to sit together and all groups were required to sit a minimum of six feet apart in accordance with local and state physical distancing guidelines. Only 1,000 tickets were sold. Grab-and-go style concessions were available during the

Ashley, Ryan, Reya & Rose Rietz

event at multiple points throughout the stadium. The Bait & Tackle Team Store also offered Blue Wahoos apparel and glow-in-the-dark merchandise. No chairs or outside food or drink were permitted. Guests were encouraged to bring a blanket for their group to sit on. Fans had the option to sit in the stadium’s stands as well. Guest safety remains top priority for the team. All Blue Wahoos staff are required to wear face masks and gloves while on ballpark property, and all staff members have their temperature taken daily before being admitted to the stadium. Staff members were in place throughout the event to ensure guests practiced physical distancing while enjoying the movie and fireworks.

Declan, Rowan, Jennifer & Ian Kincade

Chrystelle, Brandon, Mark, Cynthia & Hayden Anderson September 2020 | 13

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8/30/20 1:57 PM

VIP Pensacola at Movie Night & Fireworks with the Wahoos

Vivian Kulak, Maren & Maura Hobbs, Evelyn Kulak

Karen & Kayden Green, Felicia Hobart

Back: Kristina & Zak Stefanko Front: Emily, Michael, Katy, Alyssa & Anna Stefanko

Cori & Leo Kincade

Amanda Lynch Elliott, Olivia & Mark Elliott

Samantha Thrush & Elizabeth Fenn

Jenna Jannazo, Jackie Murph & Donna Kleine 14


13-15 Event_Movie & Fireworks Night with the Wahoos.indd 2

8/30/20 1:57 PM

Brian, Krystin & Roan Johnson, Autumn Keyros

A small locally owned restaurant, where great food is paired with great wine. Thank you for voting us Best in Pensacola Place for a Date & Locally Owned Restaurant

Emily, Jay & James Granfield, Reese Rodgers

Reservations Accepted Private Dining Room · Large Wine Selection

HOURS Lunch: M≠ Sat. 11:00 ≠ 4:00 Dinner: M≠ Sat. 4:00 ≠ 8:30 Brunch: Sun. 11:00 ≠ 2:00

Allee & Eric Blay, Renee Reyes, Nina Blay & Molly Brown

Cordova Marketplace 4350 Bayou Blvd · Pensacola, FL 850.477.9120 · September 2020 | 15

13-15 Event_Movie & Fireworks Night with the Wahoos.indd 3

8/30/20 1:57 PM

!"# $"%&"'(")*&"+,# -&")+"+ !.'(")/0( story & photos by Verla Price

A Mike Georgeson


s a young girl, the Appalachian Mountains were my playground. With the realization that I could explore more places and see more things on a dirt bike, I organically developed a fondness early in life. My love for motorcycles went through stages, and over the years, I evolved into an adventure rider, the industry term for off-road exploring on a street-legal dirt bike - commonly referred to as a dual-sport. My greatest accomplishment as an adventure rider to date would be the Trans American Trail - riding rough unpaved roads running east to west crossing the U.S. through forests and mountain ranges while camping on the trail. One setback to being a female adventure rider is that riding alone is not recommended due to remote areas with little or no access to help for a mechanical need or mishap. The best way around this is to work with a touring company specializing in dual-sport adventure rides. Options to plan a trip range from hiring a guide for a day, to weeks on the trail. Some people use their own gear and ride their own motorcycles; others rent everything. I have booked a few tours and hired a few guides over the last few years with great success. This year, dealing with time constraints, I opted to leave my motorcycle at home and booked an all-inclusive tour for the first time. A quick search provided Rocky Mountain Detours, located in Columbus, Montana, offering a three day guided tour complete with camping gear, and a DR 650, my ride of choice. Beginning to end, Rocky Mountain Detours


16-17 AdventureOut_ Montana_revised.indd 1

8/31/20 9:28 AM

provided the best experience. The attention to detail, starting with the bike and camping gear, to the terrain we rode, was exceptional. I received excellent customer service from the minute I walked out of the airport. I was on the bike pre-packed with camping gear within two hours of landing and riding to the mountains. The first evening placed us in a remote camping area where the trees gave way for a beautiful Montana moon to shine on my first night in the tent. The ride started early Saturday morning with breathtaking scenery and a stop at Big Ice Cave, 50 miles south of Billings, Montana, in the Pryor Mountains. The cave is a single chamber with 2 openings, a traditional entrance, and a vertical entrance that ice and snow enter through. Cold air flows into the cave in the winter and gets trapped, forming thick ice that stays frozen year-round. We continued riding higher into the mountains, enjoying exceptional views overlooking Yellowtail Reservoir on the Bighorn River that are only afforded off road. A quick stop at Pen’s Cabin, constructed in 1925 in the Pryor Mountains’ Wild Horse Range, caused us to encounter a traffic jam … with a herd of wild mustangs. The day continued through some sandy desert riding, lush green valleys, and rocky mountain passes ending in Cook City for dinner at a small cafe. Here, I realized we were very close to Yellowstone, and I requested a visit to Old Faithful. Mike Georgeson, the owner of Rocky Mountain Detour’s, happily obliged the change in plans. Yellowstone offered the regular tourists sights and a lasting memory of riding beside a buffalo as traffic slowed for him to pass. As the day ended, my only regret would be riding Beartooth Pass in the dark. Standing at over 10,000 feet on the Montana and Wyoming

border, I can only imagine the views I missed by asking to see Old Faithful. Mike Georgeson and Jerry Gardner of Rocky Mountain Detours created a fun, challenging ride fi lled with unforgettable sights and scenery that could not be seen otherwise. The pace was always up to me, and there was never any pressure to do anything I was not comfortable riding. Whether you may be a female adventure rider like me or a group of men and women, these guys can accommodate. Rocky Mountain Detours also offers a unique winter experience on motorcycles modified with skis on the front instead of a tire. I will seriously be considering a snow bike moto camping weekend this winter. As John Muir eloquently stated, “The Mountains are calling, and I must go.” Rocky Mountain Detours llc. 1008 E Pike Avenue Columbus, MT 59019

!"#$%&'#()#*+,-#$.#$*+#/'0/-+#.1#$*+#2%&3+4#&.55# $*+#$*&.$$5+#6/-+#.7+'4#,'-#8&+,9#1&++#1&.(#$*+# 6.&5-#$*,$#,11.&-0#(+#$*+#7,00/.'#$.#&/-+:; September 2020 | 17

16-17 AdventureOut_ Montana_revised.indd 2

8/30/20 1:58 PM

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8/30/20 1:59 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Humane Society

!"#$%&'( photos & story by Kristina Wright


he Pensacola Humane Society held their monthly “Bathe In” on August 15, at their shelter and clinic location on 5 N Q Street. During the event, pup owners had the opportunity to bring their four-legged friends to get a $5 nail trim and a low-cost bath and flea dip ranging in price from $8-$11 for small, medium, large, up to extra-large dogs. Also, tickets were sold for a drawing to win a doggie spa day basket put together and donated by Everything’s Irie Doggie Salon! All funds raised from the Bathe In will help to purchase new kennels for the PHS small dog room in their adoption center. Mike Jacobs & Petya Hamilton with Bella

Kay Jones with Moose & Zina

Pamela Reed, Katelyn McCollum, Sabine Labonne & Perry Baniakas with Moose September 2020 | 21

21-22 Event_PHS Bathe In.indd 1

8/30/20 2:00 PM

VIP Pensacola at PHS Bathe In

Jozan Blount & Christy Rollins

Cara Kruse with Spike

Jacie-Rae Rivared with Milo 22

Lynne Darvis, Adele Lott & Jasmine Packard with Lucy

Joshua Moody with Ziggy

Latoya Price with Bean


21-22 Event_PHS Bathe In.indd 2

8/30/20 2:00 PM

23 tonya zimmern.indd 1

8/30/20 2:01 PM

VIP Pensacola at Blue Wahoos Stadium

Muneca Puetz & Sandy Presley

Margaret & Juston Takacs

Karissa Knight & Heather Lee


photos & story by Kristina Wright


Erika Nein & Sarah Johnston

special Brideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Night event, presented by Coastal Weddings and The Bridal Loft,was held inside the Blue Wahoos Stadium on August 13. The evening invited brides-to-be to come and explore the many incredibly talented wedding vendors on site; who all had displays, samples, and tips to help with planning their most special day. Vendors in attendance included wedding venues, photographers, florists, decorators, DJs, caterers, salons, formal rentals, and more. Future brides and grooms in attendance were also eligible to register for door prizes, including a grand prize honeymoon getaway.

Candra Hamilton & Alison Sardina

Jesse Sproles & Leo Lynne

Krista McGreevy, Kari Brown & Jan Brown

24 |

24-26 Event_Bride's Night.indd 1

8/31/20 9:37 AM

John Dean & Miranda Pfay

Cat & Breeka Chapron, Angela Benson & Breyanna Chapron

Michelle & Robert Bellanova

Tara Cook & Ashley Sloshbers

Bryan Fitzsimmons

Kelly Rhodes

Danielle Oplaski, Angela Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Alessandro & Andre Eimers

Jordan Fairhurst & Adrian Walker

Madison & Kim Rondeau Septembers 2020 | 25

24-26 Event_Bride's Night.indd 2

8/30/20 2:01 PM

VIP Pensacola at Bride’s Night

Spend your time enjoying life...

Leave your taxes and accounting to us.

We will take care of your accounting needs! Madison Setliff, Maureen Phetterplace & Leigh Green

Tax Preparation Bookkeeping Payroll

Call For A Free Consult Kendall Sainata, Aislinn Rehwinkel & Mel Knowlton

Professional Tax and Bookkeeping Services

✓ Business & Individual Taxes ✓ Competitive Rates ✓ Flexibility ✓ Tailored Services Charles Houston, Gracey McDonald & Macy Rhein

C:#D!!9D;;!9 Thank you for voting us Best Accounting Firm

!"##$%&'()*+,-$./$0-(+$1# 2'-345,64$78$$!9:#;

Laura Pinzone, Michelle Wardlaw & Dannon Hooks 26



24-26 Event_Bride's Night.indd 3

8/30/20 2:01 PM




!"#$%&$'()*$%+,,-%%.+/$/&,(/$0+%!)-%%-%$()1$&23()!4("!&)%$(2&+)1$"#-$5-)%(,&/($(2-(6$!"7%$)&$ %+282!%-$"#("$'()*$&.$"#-'$(2-$&9)-16$'()(3-1$&2$/-1$0*$9&'-):

0&(212&&'%6$()1$9-(2!)3$"#-$%"-"#&%,&8-%$#(;-$,-2"(!)/*$8+"$!)$"#-$"!'-$"&$02!)3$*&+$"#-$0-%"$"#-2-$ !%$"&$&..-2: &+"$9#("$"#-*$1&$()1$9#("$12!;-%$"#-'$"&$<--8$'(<!)3$($1!..-2-),-:


born and raised, roots-donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tget-any-deeper, 10th generation native of Pensacola, Vickie A. Gesellschap is the attorney heading up the new Pensacola office of Sniffen & Spellman, P.A. Vickie earned her law degree from Florida State University and followed it with an M.B.A. from The University of Alabama. Licensed to practice law in both Florida and Alabama, she has represented clients in a variety of areas over her almost 20 years of practicing law. Vickie left the beautiful Gulf Coast for North Alabama in Attorney 2006 where she served as Sniffen & Spellman, P.A. in-house counsel for an international company. 850.741.2510 But, home called, and 700 S Palafox Street, Suite 95, Pensacola she returned to Pensacola in early 2020 to lead the opening of the Pensacola office of her mentorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s law firm. Sniffen & Spellman is a top-rated, full-service law firm representing employers, school districts, and law enforcement agencies, among many other various areas of law. She is invigorated to be working with the great people in Northwest Florida once again, and is enjoying reconnecting with her old stomping grounds, friends, and family. It turns out that life is a circle, and you can go home again.



Gulf Breeze resident since 1988, Jackie Hayes has a unique passion for her position as Executive Director at The Arbors of Gulf Breeze. Jackie is a Registered Nurse and Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse. Her experience working with Assisted Living Communities in the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze area have provided her with a unique perspective on senior living. Being a longtime member of St. Ann Catholic Parrish in Gulf Breeze, Jackie takes being the Executive Director of The Arbors personally. Executive Director Making sure that the The Arbors of Gulf Breeze residents are safe, healthy 850.934.1018 and happy are her top 50 Joachim Drive, Gulf Breeze priority. Jackie loves Gulf Breeze and is proud that The Arbors offers Assisted Living, Independent Living and Memory Care to meet all the needs of the Gulf Breeze community. Jackie has been married to her husband Tom for 26 years. They have 2 sons, 1 attends Gulf Breeze High School as a Junior this year. Their older son is an Airman at Hurlburt Field. Watching the City of Gulf Breeze grow over the past 30 years, Jackie feels blessed and privileged to serve the senior community as The Executive Director of The Arbors of Gulf Breeze.


Leading Ladies 2020 | 27

27-31 LeadingLadies2020 - Pcola.indd 1

8/30/20 2:02 PM

Being a hypnotist is the best job ever!” claims Michelle Holman, who was always interested in hypnosis, but when experiencing it personally, she became hooked. Most people don’t understand how powerful hypnosis can be to change habits like smoking or phobias. Most of Michelle’s clients begin for weight loss but then discover how their self-esteem improves by resolving a lot of emotional baggage. Michelle served as an apprentice/intern for Owner /Hypnotist over a year observing Bayside Hypnosis and training with some of the best hypnotists in 850.347.5700 the world. A high level 700 S Palafox Street, Unit 200A, Pensacola of training and ethics are prominent in the association Michelle belongs to, called The Master Hypnotist Society. Her busy practice is also a school where other people can learn how to become hypnotists for fun or as a profession. Every single day Michelle assists people overcoming patterns and habits that they no longer want. Personal and professional experience has proven to Michelle that hypnosis isn’t magic, although it often seems as if it is. Being truly amazed and humbled at how much hypnosis can do to help people feel better, live healthier, and let go of things from the past that hold them back is why Michelle’s business thrives.



annon Hooks is the owner and founder of Tap the Coast, a mobile bar and beverage service. As a husband and wife team, Dannon and Chris launched the business in 2019 after discovering the growing mobile bar industry while planning their own wedding. They DIY’d their way through renovating a 1975 Scotty, converting it from a psychedelic vintage camper to an ultra-modern mobile bar and photo booth party combo. Tap the Coast launched last November with the unveiling of their signature bar in classic Owner & Founder blue and white. Since that Tap the Coast time, they’ve expanded 850.322.8579 the fleet to include a multitude of rental options for events of any size and/or occasion. Earlier this year, Tap the Coast was selected to participate in The Spring Entrepreneurial Hub’s pilot program, where Dannon is being mentored by a team of four highly experienced C-Suite executives who are volunteering their time by offering expert advice to help her business grow. Despite the pandemic causing several weddings and events to be postponed or cancelled, Tap the Coast has overcome these challenges and continues to move forward. Dannon and Chris have a 10-year old daughter, Shaylee, and a yorkie named Sushi. They also enjoy volunteering and are involved with several nonprofits.



orn on the south side of Chicago, IL, Mary Jordan has lived in Pensacola since childhood and considers Pensacola home. Holding both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from Troy State University, Mary began her career as an accountant and CFO for Advantage Credit International where she was instrumental in growing the company from 10 employees and $192,000 in revenue to 140 employees and $120 million in revenue. Drawn to entrepreneurship, Mary turned her focus to her mobile closing service, Exceptional Closing Network. In 2008, Mary moved into the insurance industry as the owner/agent of Gulf Coast Insurance where she helped to grow the office from 3 employees to 10 and tripled the number of insurance carriers. Mary’s industry and community involvement over the years has included treasurer of the local Women’s Council of Realtors, president of the Homebuilders Association Auxiliary, member of the Pensacola Young Professionals, member of the Boys and Girls Club of Pensacola, commissioner of Softball for Myrtle Grove Ball Park, and fire chief for Myrtle Owner/Agent Grove Volunteer Fire Department. Mary is also an Gulf Coast Insurance active member of her church, St. John’s Catholic Church, where she, her husband Robert, and three 850.497.6810 children are parishioners. 700 New Warrington Road, Pensacola




27-31 LeadingLadies2020 - Pcola.indd 2

8/30/20 2:02 PM


KAREN E. KENNEDY, MD 850.916.7766 1118 Gulf Breeze Parkway Suite 201 Gulf Breeze


r. Karen Kennedy has been in private practice in the area for 20 years. She manages any gynecologic issues and focuses on health and wellness to prevent disease. She is a member of the International Pelvic Pain Society and uses ultrasound greatly to guide pelvic pain and diagnosis. She takes pride in giving individualized care for each problem and wellness issue with each person because not every person responds the same to a treatment and managements vary slightly with each case. She also excels in offering different options for management of a condition, whether one wants to be more conservative or comprehensive. To clear her mind from dedication and extensive patient care, Dr. Kennedy turns to flying airplanes on the weekends. She equates flying to patient evaluation and management in that both require complete attention to detail. She enjoys navigating to area airports and flying formation with other local pilots. She finds joy in giving others the gift and experience of flight. It is also fulfilling to see our local area from a birds eye view. She is always looking for further accomplishments in flight; she is preparing one of her planes for aerobatics.

ethany Lauren is a genuine Pensacola native and a graduate from Savannah College of Art & Design. Bethany uses her artistic background in photography to reimagine memorable events for those seeking a fresh outlook for their next celebration. After spending 17 years capturing memorable moments for local weddings and unforgettable landscapes across the US, she then set her sights on building an event space which could be reimagined for themed weddings, seasonal events, and local galas. Voted best wedding venue by VIP Pensacola, Court of De Luna plays host to parties for up to 1,500 guests and is located conveniently in downtown Pensacola. In addition to having first class service and unforgettable entertainment, Court of De Luna is located on the backside of De Luna Winery, a local winery which offers seasonal wine tastings and tours by appointment for locals, visitors, and guests. When Bethany is not managing the area’s best wedding venue and local winery, she spends her time traveling to discover new cuisines and artistic inspiration which help her create the most epic parties in the Southeast region. You have to plan ahead to book a space with Bethany Lauren, as the calendar remains occupied 6 months in advance.

BETHANY LAUREN Founder and CEO De Luna Winery and Court of De Luna Event Space

DESHERI MCCLURE Owner DESHI 850.497.6954 5 W Main Street, Pensacola


eSheri McClure’s entrepreneurial journey was motivated by her personal search for a body scrub free from harmful and unnecessary chemicals. She couldn’t find what she wanted in the top brands, so she created her own--and the DESHI skincare line was born. Thirsty for more knowledge, she turned her attention to earning her aesthetician license while continuing her research into understanding ingredients needed to provide women with top-quality, effective, non-toxic medical-grade skincare products as well as seeing the importance of having these same values with creating nontoxic beauty services and so the DESHI brand was born. With the help of her amazing husband and their six beautiful children along with the DESHI team, the DESHI product line continues to evolve while the salon continues to gain popularity—garnering consumer choice awards for the past three years—and the journey has just begun!

850.712.1951 116 E. Gonzalez Street., Pensacola

Leading Ladies 2020 | 29

27-31 LeadingLadies2020 - Pcola.indd 3

8/30/20 2:02 PM


rittany began her nursing career working as a surgical nurse at Baptist Hospital and a clinical instructor for Pensacola State College’s nursing program. She joined the Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery team in 2014, serving as GCPS’s clinical director, as well as one of our experts in the use of injectable treatments and other non-surgical anti-aging therapies. Brittany practices at both the Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery office and The Skin Care Center. In addition to having one of the busiest injection practices in the area, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Brittany is also highly Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery skilled in Ultherapy and laser treatments. Among 850.476.3223 Brittany’s many gifts is 543-A Fontaine Street, Pensacola her ability to put patients at ease. “It is my job to listen to my patients’ concerns,” says Perez, “and then develop a personalized and manageable plan to achieve the patients’ goals.” Brittany’s favorite treatments include lip augmentation with Juvederm, Botox brow lifts, Kybella for pre-jowl formation, and cheek contouring using Voluma.



ichelle Salzman is an engaged community focused leader. For well over a decade she’s been involved heavily with local issues that affect our area. Her focus points have primarily been supporting organizations centered on childhood needs such as ECCPTA, the School’s Foundation, Gulf Coast Kids House, PACE Center for Girls, SCI, Rally Childhood Cancer, and many others. Michelle is also a small business owner with her husband in their jointventure Salz Studio that specializes in creative business and technology needs. They offer their Co-Owner clients award-winning Salz Studio photography, gorgeous web development and 850-207-5024 app hosting, marketing platforms, digital strategies, and custom software to streamline their operations and do it in an aesthetically beautiful way. Michelle grew up in the Pensacola area and attended Pine Forest High School. She’s the mother of three children, too many cats, a dog, and a saltwater tank with numerous inhabitants. Notably Michelle also just won the Republian nomination to be the candidate for State Representative in Florida’s 1st House District. She will face a Democrat on November 4th in the General election for the seat.



ulie grew up in Thibodaux, Louisiana, and spent every summer vacationing on the beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach. She moved here with her family in 2011 and wouldn’t leave willingly. Formerly an Account Executive in the subprime lending industry, Julie took time off in 2010 to stay home with her two children, Spencer and Samantha. In 2014 The Copeland Team was opening up the first Florida branch of American Mortgage Service Company and hired Julie as their first employee. Starting out as a loan officer assistant, Julie was quickly promoted to loan officer and then to senior loan officer. Almost six years later, Julie is a proud original member of their Award-Winning Florida Team. Julie’s been married to her childhood best friend for 13 years and together they have 4 wonderful children and one grand-child. She’s a crazy cheer Mom to her daughter’s competitive team at ZGA and avid fan of her son’s basketball and beach volleyball teams. She was last seen onstage as Tonya in PLT’s production of Mamma Mia. Known amongst her Realtor partners and clients for being available at almost any hour of the day, Julie prides herself on making each Senior Loan Officer home buying experience less stress and more American Mortgage Service Company joy!


850.501.5851 2401 Executive Plaza Road, Suite 2, Pensacola 30


27-31 LeadingLadies2020 - Pcola.indd 4

8/30/20 2:02 PM


rowing up on a farm in rural Kentucky, Suzanne Pollard Spann learned early the value of hard work. Her background in farming, building, and construction make her a valuable resource for agricultural and commercial knowledge. Suzanne has worked in the insurance industry for 13 years, three of which have been at Gulf Coast Insurance, and has been a Pensacola resident for the last 7 years. Suzanne currently works as the vice president of sales at Gulf Coast Insurance and leads a team of six individuals that spans two offices in the Florida Panhandle. Most recently, Suzanne has expanded her offerings to cover health and life insurance including group and individual policies. She also serves on the board of the Homebuilders Association of Northwest Florida and is the president of the local insurance and local claims associations. In addition to being an active member of her church alongside her wonderful husband Trey and three amazing sons, Suzanne also serves in several community, civic, and insurance related groups. She believes strongly that one can never fully achieve their dreams until they help someone else achieve theirs. Vice President of Sales


850.497.6810 700 New Warrington Road, Pensacola


nna Stockton is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, but after moving around the country for 12 years, she settled in Pensacola in 2018. Anna started with VIP Magazine in March of this year. She spends her time baking and exploring all the Gulf Coast has to offer with her three children and dog, Johnny. With a history in victim advocacy, Anna took a break from her career to raise her children before embarking on her new career with VIP Magazine. As the Publisherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Assistant daughter of a longVIP Pensacola time newspaper editor, media was always of 904.525.9258 interest to her and working at VIP gives her the chance to be part of the business side of the magazine as well as the creative side. Anna enjoys getting to know the local businesses and how to best serve their advertising needs as well as writing about local events and features such as Coastal Cuisine and Adventure Out. In addition to her work with VIP Magazines, Anna volunteers at her childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s schools, the National Naval Aviation Museum, and uses her love of baking to bring a touch of home to the sailors and marines on board NAS Pensacola.



r. Cynthia Urmos-Clements is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician who opened Urmos Chiropractic Health Center in Gulf Breeze in 1994. She is proficiency rated in Activator Methods Diversified Techniques and she continues her professional development through seminars and continuing education. With a desire to care for patients of all ages, her practice has helped alleviate headaches, neck and back pain, and spinal pains suffered from accidents. She understands that the pains patients are Owner experiencing are very Urmos Chiropractic Health Center serious and can affect 850.932.3565 so many areas of their 2870 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Gulf Breeze lives. Dr. UrmosClements is also an active and caring member of Gulf Breeze and surrounding communities. Through the years, she has supported our churches and schools, Zoo Lights, Caring and Sharing, Relay for Life and many sports teams. So for all your health care needs, come to Urmos Chiropractic Health Center where we add LIFE to your YEARS.


Leading Ladies 2020 | 31

27-31 LeadingLadies2020 - Pcola.indd 5

8/30/20 2:02 PM

32 Better Homes and Gardens 1.indd 1

8/30/20 2:03 PM

33 Better Homes and Gardens 1.indd 1

8/30/20 2:05 PM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Quarter

Marine Corps League of Pensacola


photos & story by Kristina Wright

eville Quarter hosted their new weekly Celebrity Chef Cookouts, beginning July 30. Each week, a “Celebrity Guest Chef” provides a delicious and educational culinary experience from 5:00 – 7:00pm in the End O’The Alley Courtyard. The featured Celebrity Guest Chefs create their own menu in collaboration with Seville Quarter’s executive chef, Cameron Mitchell. Guests can look forward to a different entrée and side dish of entertainment every week. Paul Hazucha was the celebrity guest chef on August 6, and his menu featured Panko Crusted Flounder, Southern Cole Slaw, Corn Fritters, Four Cheese Stone Ground Grits, Smokey Collards with Vidallia Onion, and Pecan Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce. Proceeds from the event benefited The Marine Corps League of Pensacola.

David & Karen DeLamater, Marilee Etier & Jonathan Martin

The Cpl JR Spears, Det. 066, Marine Corps League of Pensacola is more than a place where Marine Veterans and retired Marines get together to continue their camaraderie. They have pushed the envelope by accepting members from all the military branches, raised money, and created programs to help veterans-in-need through car shows, a 5K run (honoring fallen Marines in the barracks bombing), participating in festivals and parades, and have created a speaker series called Heroes Among Us.” They are the most active League in the US, putting on or being part of more than 15 events a year. 100% of the funds raised go to Veterans-in-need, local children charities, education or other special needs organizations. More details can be found at

Tom Fitzgerald & Karl Schwelm

David Trombly, Commandant Roberto Fernandez, Forrest Hold, Charles Hernandez, Pete Southerland & Ken Marrow 34


XX-XX Event_CelebrityChef.indd 1

8/30/20 2:04 PM

Cris Dosev & Shirley Roe

Chef Paul Hazucha & Kristie Anderson

-./01(234(*3#(536%07(8' 9"'6(:/;#3<<=>?(@%#A B(2"/#'(%0(/(?3C

!"#$%&"'()**"#"+, !"#$%&'()*+!"#$%!,-)*"./ 0-1,(''%2$,3")$4

Dottie Robbins & Michele Lombardo

!"#$%&'(%))*+)(%&(,-(."/(0"123&%+) 4%56(7(5"(78999(+12#":++); 355/305(3&<(/+53%&(5"2(53#+&58(3&<(13=%1%>+(:"*/( +12#":++(2/"<*05%$%5:;

!""#$#%&'(#)*+,-#%(./&'0*&#1#23"45634!333 77789+&*0.:;8'0< Edward Rouse & Don Roe September 2020 | 35

XX-XX Event_CelebrityChef.indd 2

8/30/20 2:05 PM

36 hurd realty.indd 1

8/30/20 2:05 PM

VIP Pensacola at Islander Food Shack


!"#$%&'(") *%+,-".#/012)/3( photos & story by Kristina Wright


he Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce hosted their Drive-Thru Networking Experience at the Islander Food Shack in Perdido Key, on August 6. Members and prospective members were invited to network with business professionals located in the Perdido Key Area. Members from the Chamber were in the parking lot to greet guests and collect business cards for door prizes. Pictures of attendees were shared on the Chamber’s facebook page, along with the company that they represented. An RSVP to the event delivered confirmation with instructions for ordering a meal during the event. The Perdido Key Chamber is composed of local businesses and professionals striving to create a healthy economy and improve the quality of the Perdido Key area. These dedicated members help each other and the community by working together through their love of Perdido. The Perdido Key area is thriving and growing now more than ever. Their calendar of events informs locals of activities for all ages, ranging from “After Hours” get-togethers, golf tournaments, to celebrations; and can be visited on their website at

Debbie & John Martin

Mandi Vancleave & Donna Adams

Machelle Woods & Fritz Larche

Tammy Thurow, Dana Pagador & Lori Raisch September 2020 | 37

37 Event_Perdido Key Drive-Thru Networking Experience .indd 1

8/30/20 2:06 PM

The ‘Rockaway’ Tote Bag by BedStu - $295 Lee Tracy Facebook @LeeTracyPensacola and on Instagram @LeeTracyPcola

The ‘Moto Jacket’ by Liverpool, Grey Python - $109 Lee Tracy Facebook @LeeTracyPensacola and on Instagram @LeeTracyPcola

Travel Bag - $36 Artesana

XX May We Suggest.indd 1

Arriving Home A Gracious Southern Welcome - $45 Artesana

The ‘Flowerchild’ Low Bootie by OTBT - $138 Lee Tracy Facebook @LeeTracyPensacola and on Instagram @LeeTracyPcola

8/31/20 9:46 AM

0/1.+'213.4 Monday ≠ Saturday, 10am ≠ 9pm Sunday, 11am ≠ 8pm


Back Row from left: Mike Davis, Carter Davis, Erik Davis Front Row: Zoe Davis, Peggy Davis


Pensacola Square Shopping Center

Mission Statement 850.637.1123 ∑ 6235 N. Davis Hwy ∑ Pensacola, FL 32504 39 petland.indd 1

8/30/20 2:06 PM

!"#$! %&'(5'*/&673'8

Your classic sandal, with just enough bling to make any trip to the sand stylish. Dress them up for a sea-side lunch, pair them with your hottest cover-up, or dress them down for a casual trip to the market.


A must-have... the classic heel. Not limited to, but certainly most importantly, in black. Understated, classy, sophisticated, uncomplicated- the shoe you can’t go wrong with. It comes in every color, and goes with everything!



Every woman needs a wow-factor shoe. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral and classic, and then hit’em with the statement piece! Whether you’re into animal print, studded-bling, or a bold color, this is the way to get noticed.


Perfect for out-and-about, on-the-go days, these simple canvas shoes come in every color and pattern imaginable. They’re a quick way to pull an outfit together- no effort, all cute!



For the days when you just need to be comfy. These natural slip-ons come in handy for family trips to the park, a quick grocery run, or even just checking the mail. Of course, they’re still just as fashionable as a fancier shoe, but without even having to try!

When you’re in between a sandal and a wedgejust a little boost, but nothing drastic. You can find these styled to your taste from simple, solid colors to bling and floral accents.


XX-XX Style_Style2020.indd 1

8/30/20 2:07 PM




Take your sandals a step further with a strappy wedge. These are great from spring to summer, and can be easily paired with shorts, skirts, dresses, or even jeans.

A sophisticated look for a sophisticated woman. The heeled boot kicks your outfit up a notch, with no apologies! Typically found in suede or leather, and in a variety of colors, these are the look for serious boss ladies.

Sometimes you just need to keep both feet on the ground. Flats are the perfect way to keep it fresh without killing your feet. They’re especially ideal for outdoor areas where heels wouldn’t fair well in grassy or sandy terrain.




Business with a high-brow vintage twist. This lace-up, formal footwear was originally meant for special occasions, but now has styles to fit more casual situations.

Every now and then, you just want to bring a little sass to the table. Finding a platform, peeptoe heel will definitely do the trick! Pair with a perfect pedi, and you’re ready for a girls’ night out.

Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can’t keep up appearances. Running shoes come in all colors and styles, so you can coordinate with your favorite workout wear.

September 2020 | 41

XX-XX Style_Style2020.indd 2

8/30/20 2:07 PM

Shopping & Retail B('(9$+$"%&@=(? HC;"3*6#"%O5*5#)=5#*) 57%L,@ C17'&@=(? H#*")/3/ D*98%9+6!"#-'8 !/1("+?)%E#5C62"%I%L6#)"#+ E1F*(9&@'(9% !/A-55K"%@13"%,13" I%91P65# 2(/%-G8&H$$%88(91%8 .1/5%!"((/%!56*1P6"%/3C%</(53 B%-G8&H??#9%" 853%H(/3) @=(%&@'(9% 8<,%8")143"#%<F5"%,/#"F56)" >*9-1'*9% C6F

I(/%&A%$(96H$$%88(91%8 C6F

@%-1(9&E1M1-.&4(//*-1'+ QF"%H#-5#)%57%>6(7%!#""K"

2#"5&N-&4"1-1$6O9.%-'&4#9% O"C12/(%."3*"#%.(1312

)(*'1F*% 860"%/3C%<*"((/

!"#8'1$&@*9.%(E"*"#%!6*("#G%O8%B%>6(7%.5/)*% E(/)*12%<6#4"#+

H"'%9-#'1M%6D#'*9#"&B%31$1-% .#+)*/(%<1(13)

,+%."#88%86@*-."#88%8 @17*+%85((/#%:+"%>6+ J%K%"9+&@'(9% &"'"("#)%Q#/C"%<F5= @%#7((3&B#95%' &5"%E/**1?)%<"/755C% !%'&@'(9% E"*(/3C 2(/%-G8&H??#9%" QF"%E130%E13"/==("%!56*1P6" 21-%&@=(? QF"%!5**("%<F5= E($#""+&LK-%3&0%'#1"%9 QF"%!6*2F"#%<F5=="

Wedding & Bridal !"#$%&'(&)*+&,-.#.%/%-'&01-. !"#$%&"'"("#)

0%$%?'1(-&:%-*% E"3)/25(/%J/2F*%.(6-

2%331-.&4#5%64(-7%$'1(-8 !"**+%,"-"#%./0")

2%331-.&!=('(.9#?=+ </(K%<*6C15

2%331-.&4#'%9%9 .(/))12%.1*+%./*"#134

&)913#"&@'(9% <1A=(+%:("4/3*%.56*6#" !#1C/(

4%9%/(-+&:%-*% .56#*%57%8"%963/%:;"3*%<=/2"% !"#$%&7(9&#&;*< >"3*?)%@5#A/(%,"/#%B%85'3*5'3 !=('(&)(('= >55C%D1-#/*153)%8&%/3C% EF5*5-55*F%<"#;12") 2%331-.&>"(918' &6)*%&6C+?)%@(5'"#)G% 952/(%H#*%I%>17*)

XX-XX Best In Pensacola winners 2020.indd 1

Health & Wellness

!"#$%&7(9&0%=%#98#"&A1--%9 <05="(5)%/*%L"'%,5#(C 2%331-.&!"#--%9 M"((+%NF5C")%B <56*F"#3%@#1(()% ,"CC134)%I%:;"3*) 2%331-.&0%-'#"8 ,"CC134%,/(()

B%31$#"&!9#$'1$% .("/#'/+%E/13%<5(6*153) 2%1.='&E(88&!9(.9#/ 852*5#?)%81"*%E#54#/A%57%@9 !=+81$#"&;=%9#?+ ./)"+%86((%EQ%B O"C12/(%."3*"#%.(1312 !#1-&B#-#.%/%-' 8+3/A12%E/13%I%,"((3")) @*9.%9+&4%-'%9 :3C5)25=+%."3*"#%57%E"3)/25(/ 2(/%-G8&2%""-%88&!9(M13%9 M/#"3%:R%M"33"C+G%O8G%EH ,+%&4#9%&!9(7%881(-#" N5-"#*%.R%S/#-56#G%O8 H-'1&H.1-.&@%9M1$% &8..%<013%./#"G%99. !(31#'918' O/**F"'%:*F"#1C4"G%8EO

!%31#'91$1#E"3)/25(/%E"C1/*#12) !%9/#-%-'&B#5%*? E"#A/3"3*%O/0"BT=%.(1312 H%8'=%'1$1#&5%N12F%!"/6*+ E/(/75U%>(/A56#%!/# >#/1"+&4#9%&!=+81$1#O/#0%N+/3G%O8 B%3&@?# <*1((%,/*"#)%8/+%I%O"C12/(%<=/ A%-'18' 8#R%<*"=F/31"%@R%Q1(("+G%8O8 A%9/#'("(.18' 8#R%M";13%9R%,"(2F B%31$#"&4%-'%9 ,55C(/3C)%O"C12/(%<="21/(1)*) L9'=(3(-'18'

Entertainment !"#$%&'(&!%(?"%&2#'$= ./)135%!"/2F%!/#%I%>#1(("%


!"#$%&7(9&PC19"8G&D1.='&L*'Q ./)0)%I%@(14F*) !"#$%&'(&@'#+ S1(*53%E"3)/25(/%!"/2F

H--*#"&,M%-' E"3)/25(/%O/#C1%>#/)

!"#$%&'(&;#5%&'=%&R1386>#/1"+& ,-'%9'#1-/%-' L/;/(%H;1/*153%O6)"6A

B*81$&:%-*% </"34"#%QF"/*#" C("7&4(*98% <2"312%S1(()%.563*#+%.(6!"#$%&'(&C(&A#-$1-. <";1(("%V6/#*"#

8/30/20 2:09 PM

Services !"#$%&"'() !"#$%&'()*(%+,-.%/(0-1) *(+,-.#/0 &2(%3)45260%57%8()0,254, 1'(($#)2 &2#%!%9455.-)1 *343$5%63/(.(7#'8%&"'8&47,%:5;(5%8()0,254, 98"'%:-/"/8%;$(<8--#()"'%=%18."'8 &;,)<,%+*.< >($/2"28%?( &;(.-2,)%=5.#1,1(%>(.'-2(%?5@ ;"5$(''@!9 &',45)%+: A8)8$"'%?()/$"+/($ A(,.%B()(.,4%?5)#.,2#5.0



?3-/(.8$%&8$G#+8 ?.,#(.0%M%9.(-1$#(.0

;$(B8$/5%>")"28.8)/ =,-)%>#.((#%8.5D(.#J% =,),1(;()#

1'($#-/ >5*#$(.)%B,.<()0 945.-0#%,)<%B-7#0

*")H-+"B#)2 /.(,;02,D(%/(0-1)0

1#)")+#"'%6HG#-($ K.5)%84,)%>54*#-5)0%B.5*DL%RR?

;'"+8%<($%"%>"--"28 >#-44%O,#(.0%/,J%M%=(<-2,4%>D,

*"E%1#$. C;;,)*(4%>$(DD,.<%M%?5)<5)

I("/%&"'8-%L%&8$G#+8 =,.-)(=,H%8()0,254,

;8/%A$((.#)2@I("$H#)2 C'(.J#$-)1N0%K.-(

D"#'%&"'() S,-4%R5*)1(

K#H8(2$"B08$ ?,;(.5)%X,)(%E >#5.J#(44(.%Y-0*,40

!(.873#'H8$ 94J))%A*-4#

K8/8$#)"$5%?'#)#+ T4-'(%A.,)2$%8(#%+50D-#,4%E% /.@%=,.6%>D.,JI(..J

F)/8$#($%C8-#2)8$ ?5)0#,)2(%?.50IJ%K)#(.-5.0L%K)2@ &44-(<%&@>@K@/@

!(.8%98B"#$@!")H5.") 9.((<5;%&DD4-,)2( &B8+#"'/5%?()/$"+/($

98"'%:-/"/8%?(.B")5 A(##(.%+5;(0%,)<%B,.<()0%:(,4% C0#,#(%=,-)%>#.((#%8.5D(.#-(0

63/(.(7#'8%98B"#$%&8$G#+8 B,.J%>,DD%&*#5;5#-'(L%K)2@



98"'%:-/"/8%;$(<8--#()"'%=%>"'8 A.,)#%8(,2$(.%E%,/55.%:(,4%C0#,#(

I"),@1#)")+#"'%F)-/#/3/#() +,)2526%O$-#)(J%A,)6

63/(.(7#'8%C8"'8$%=%D8E ?,<-44,2%8()0,254,

I"),8$ P(.-%?5H%E%>J)5'*0%A,)6 3)-'(.0-#J%A.,)2$

6++(3)/#)2%1#$. ?$.-0#-),%85F(.0%G,H

98"'%:-/"/8%628)/=%?(..8$+#"' P(00-2,%/*)2,)

*#.(@J$")-B($/"/#()%&8$G#+8 8()0,254,%8,.#J%A*0 J#/'8%?(.B")5 8()0,254,%G-#4(%?5;D,)JL%RR? 63/(.(7#'8%C8"'8$%=%;$8%ME)8H 8(#(%=55.(%?$('.54(# I"$78$%&0(B 8-42$(.N0%A,.I(.%>$5D ;(('@&B"%&"'8-@&8$G#+8 8554%>25*#0%57%8()0,254, ;0(/(2$"B08$ >,4U%>#*<-5 :G8)/%&B"+8 >2()-2%+-440%?5*)#.J%?4*I

98"'%:-/"/8%J8". G$(%+*.<%G(,;%E D5F(.(<%IJ%Q(44(.%O-44-,;0 F)-3$")+8%1#$. G$5;D05)EO,4<()%K)0*.,)2( 98"'%:-/"/8%628)/=98-#H8)/#"' G5)J,%X-;;(.) 6#$%?()H#/#()#)2%L%!8"/#)2% ?(.B")5 G.-)-#J%+(,#-)1%,)< &-.%?5)<-#-5)-)1%RR? :G8)/%98)/"'O(<<-)1%O,440%E C'()#%/(0-1)%M%/(25.%:()#,40 ?(.B3/8$@FJ%1#$. Z54((%>54*#-5)0 6'"$.@&8+3$#/5 Z5*.GCQ%8.57(00-5),40

A('<%?"$/@6JK Q554%Q,.#0L%K)2@

Cocktails & Cuisine ?08< &4(H%=28$,-4%E%:(0#,*.,)#%K:TS

;#NN" C,0#%+-44%8-UU,

&/8",0(3-8 P,2605)N0%>#(,6$5*0(

I"$ G$(%C0#,I4-0$;()#

F/"'#")%98-/"3$")/ &)1(4(),N0%:-0#5.,)#(%K#,4-,)5

98-/"3$")/%=%;8)-"+('"%I8"+0 9.,)6%M%R54,%R5'(%8()0,254,%?,7[

*(+"''5%ME)8H%98-/"3$")/ TNA.-()N0%A-0#.5

&8"<((H%98-/"3$")/ G$(%T,.%+5*0(

I'((H5%>"$5 &)5#$(.%A.56()%C11%?,7(

1((H%J$3+, 9.(0$%955<%9,2#5.J


I3$28$ G$(%G-)%?5F

I$8",<"-/ &)5#$(.%A.56()%C11%?,7(

I$3)+0 B(5.1(%A-0#.5%\%A,.

&B8+#"'%M++"-#()%98-/"3$")/ :(0#,.*,)#%K:TS

!"BB5%!(3$ G$(%O-)(%A,.%T)%8,4,75H

I"$/8)H8$ &0$4(J%P5$)05)%E%>,)<0$,6(.


98-/"3$")/%=%D($/0@D#)8%>#'8@PQ1 >,;;J%A,.6(.N0

Q#)8%*#-/ G$(%O-)(%A,.%T)%8,4,75H

?"-3"'%C#)#)2 ?,4'(.#N0%-)%G$(%+(-1$#0

98-/"3$")/%=MG8$"'' B45I,4%B.-44

I3-0E0"+,8$ >,)<0$,6(.

&B($/-%I"$ G-26(#%>D5.#0%A,.%!

C8--8$/ ?$.-05*4,N0%?$((0(2,6(%>$5DD(% ,)<%?,7[

I$8E8$5@?$"</%I88$ B*47%?5,0#%A.(F(.J

1((H%C8'#G8$5 >6JN0%8-UU,%8-(

1#)8%C#)#)2 Y@%8,*4N0%K#,4-,)%:(0#,*.,)#

IIO +5#%>D5#%A,.I(2*(

6-#") >*0$-%=,0,%+-I,2$-%&)<%B.-44

D8E%98-/"3$")/ O,26(<%T*#%O(-)(.%8()0,254,

D8#207($0((H%I"$ +*I%>#,2(JN0

98-/"3$")/%=%C(E)/(E) G$(%/-0#.-2#%E%>('-44( >#(,6%M%>(,755<

I88$%&8'8+/#() O5.4<%57%A((.

;'"+8%<($%?(<<88 ?577((%B*J%?,7( ?"/8$#)2 ?*4-),.J%8.5<*2#-5)0L%K)2@

XX-XX Best In Pensacola winners 2020.indd 2

&3-0# K2$-I,)

8/30/20 2:19 PM



44 ads flynn, dr. tilly, gary sapp.indd 1

8/30/20 2:28 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Interstate Fair Grounds

Becky Gant & Nikki Braler

photos & story by Kristina Wright

T Adan, Damian, Johanna & Aria Castro

Ray & Holden Wilks, Suzanne Encardes

he Pop-Up Movie Tour hosted a dual screening of “Aladdin” and “IT: Chapter 2” at the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds on July 26. Two inflatable screens were erected opposite one another, in order for guests to enjoy the two different movies, which started within 20 minutes of each other, on the same lot. Attendees were able to order food on-site from an app called “,” with several drive-in themed options including: hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn, candy, and Pepsi products for liquid refreshment all with contactless payment. Guests could enjoy the fi lm inside their vehicles, or set up chairs right inside their parking spots. Each car was directed by the staff to park with social distancing guidelines in mind. Since its debut on May 1, the Pop-Up Movie Tour has welcomed over 6,500 attendees to its drive-in theater. In that time, Drive-In Dudes has perfected the event’s operations by introducing inflatable 30- and 40-foot movie screens, upgrading sound systems, and developing a streamlined parking system. Partnering with other local businesses including Vista Event Pro, Pep’s Place, Data Revolution, and Social ICON Agency; it has created over 40 jobs for people in the area. “We are thankful that our hometown community in Pensacola has supported us, been patient with us, and provided feedback for us to create a better experience,” said Michael Silver of Drive In Dudes. “In less than thirty days, we were featured on several national news outlets and gave the people of Pensacola entertainment when there was nothing else to do.”

Bryson & Brandy Gier, Janice Spooner, Colson Gier & Mike Spooner September 2020 | 45

45-46 Event_Pop-Up Movie Tour.indd 1

8/30/20 2:28 PM

VIP Pensacola at The Pop-Up Movie Tour

Russ Roddy & Courtney Jeffcott

Zoey, Jess & Cameron Galindo

Shelby, Lana & Christy Malaise

Mackenzie & Mitchell Holz, Morgan Wright & Madison Holz 46


45-46 Event_Pop-Up Movie Tour.indd 2

8/30/20 2:48 PM

September 2020 | 47

47 ads welch, hummer .indd 1

8/30/20 2:29 PM

!"#$%&''(' %)*+,'',) story by Lana Stewart Harrington


o you notice anything? The clinking of steins, the oompah music and the sweet smell of grain in the air? Oktoberfest is near! But in September, you say? Yes! Traditionally, Oktoberfest begins in mid-September and runs 16 days, ending on the first Sunday in October. So, for all of you who have only been celebrating in October, good news! You can add another two weeks to your party schedule. How did the world’s largest beer festival and longest-running tradition begin? In the year 1810, Germany celebrated the royal

XX-XX Swizzle Oktoberfest.indd 1

wedding of Bavarian Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, who later became king and queen. The multi-day celebration included steins of beer, giant feasts, and horse races. Thankfully, the festivities were such a hit that they became an annual tradition. In modern times, Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, attracts up to six million people who gather together to eat, drink, and be merry. The mayor taps the first barrel of beer, which signals the official beginning of the festival: “O’Zapft is!” which in English means “It’s tapped!” Attendees consume roughly 2 million gallons during the festival. Yes, you read that right! There is plenty of fun to be had, including singing in the beer halls, dancing to Bavarian polka music and watching the parades. The original six breweries still brew beer for the event with a recipe from the early 19th century. Breweries include Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu,  Paulaner, and Spaten. Oktoberfest beers can be found under different names including the labels Oktoberfest, Festbier, or Marzen. The original style of Oktoberfest beers was Marzen or “March Beer,” which was beer brewed in March and kept in cold storage until the fall. It originated from a style called Vienna-style Lager. This beer was darker and maltier than what is served at the event today. Sometime in history Oktoberfest beer changed to a style known as Festbier, a lighter, more quaffable beer.  I love this season of beers because the flavors range from light, crisp, and nutty with a deep golden color to heavy malt, toast, and caramel with an amber-red hue. Topping your beverage off is a thick and fluffy white foam—perfection! Rule of thumb: the true German styles will be on the crisp and clean side, while the American styles tend to be on the malty, nutty, caramel side. Another reason I love this season of beer is the food pairings. Oktoberfest beers are incredibly compatible with different types of food but are a match made in heaven with German fare like Bavarian soft pretzels with grainy mustard, bratwurst and sauerkraut, Wiener Schnitzel, and basically anything fried. The beer also pairs beautifully with cheese—aged Gouda, Manchego,

8/30/20 2:30 PM

Gorgonzola. Create a charcuterie board, pair it with an Oktoberfest beer and prepare to have your mind blown. The key to pairing beer with food is that one should not overshadow the other. They’re partners. Flavors can complement or contrast with each other. That is what makes the pairing exciting and elevates your meal from “eating” to “dining.” Put on your best pair of lederhosen or dirndl and grab your liter stein. It’s time to celebrate the season! While you’re at it, support your local brewery and grab a six pack of their Oktoberfest offering. Drink, eat, and shop local!  Finally, drink this beer fresh. It is not meant to be aged. Prost! Lana’s craft beer & food pairing website: Follow her on Instagram & Twitter: @LanaDelBeer 

September 2020 | 49

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8/30/20 2:30 PM


IP Pensacola has always aimed to create covers which embody the true VIP spirit of socializing throughout the area. Choosing that one special photo each month is no small feat, but always results in giving readers a sneak peek into what the rest of the pages hold. From fundraisers to celebrations, and ribbon cuttings to groundbreakings, VIP Pensacola is the place to look when you want to see whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on around town. Take a look back with us at our September Covers as we look forward to making many more September memories with the community.

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8/30/20 2:31 PM

) , + * # ) ( ' " &

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% $ $ # " !

Handmade with the Freshest & Finest Ingredients Serving Pensacola Since 2007

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$56789"586#67 111:;<+='0>4*';<&&'&3*?&.<0@@&:30A

Award Winning Cheesecakes

September 2020 | 51

51 ads chrisoulas & sole.indd 1

8/30/20 2:31 PM

"#$%&'()*+, story by Anna Stockton


ubba Blue from the movie Forrest Gump said it best, “Shrimp is the fruit of the sea,” before famously listing all the ways in which shrimp can be prepared. Fortunately for those of us on the Gulf Coast we don’t have to go far to enjoy all the “fruit” the sea has to offer. All we have to do is stop in our local seafood market. The shrimp industry is big business along the Gulf coast. From the marine hardware stores to local restaurants to the actual shrimpers themselves, the impact of Gulf shrimp runs deep in our local communities. As opposed to imported shrimp, Gulf shrimp are highly regulated so you get a higher quality product from a natural habitat. Gulf shrimpers are focused on sustainability and are proud of the taste and texture of the shrimp they bring to the local markets. With the exception of a few changes to protect other marine life, shrimping practices along the Gulf coast haven’t changed much over the years. The trawl net drags along the ocean floor with tickler chains that cause the shrimp to jump.

52-53 Coastal Cuisine_shrimp.indd 1

8/30/20 2:32 PM

Along with the tickler chains, the bottom of the net has weights to keep it in place while the top of the net has floats to ensure the net stays open. The turtle exclusion device, or TED, allows turtles to escape the net and the bycatch reduction device, or BRD, enables other marine life to do the same. Both of these devices were designed by shrimpers to reduce the negative impact shrimping has on other marine life. There are four main kinds of shrimp that can be found here on the Gulf Coast. The local brown shrimp gets their name because of the iodine rich diet. This shrimp has a robust flavor that works well with shrimp forward dishes like local favorites, gumbo and jambalaya. White shrimp have a sweet and mild flavor, thanks to the low salinity water in the bayous they

52-53 Coastal Cuisine_shrimp.indd 2

call home. These shrimp work best for boiling and sautéing as they naturally soak in seasonings. Pink shrimp are even more sweet and mild than white shrimp and do well with delicate sauces such as shrimp and grits. And finally, we have the Red Royal shrimp, these rich and buttery crustaceans are the pride of the Gulf Coast. Often compared to lobsters, Red Royals can stand on their own or be used in a light dish. Much like fruit, the different kinds of shrimp have seasons in which they are harvested. Brown shrimp are best during the summer months while the best white shrimp and red royals can be found in the cooler months. Pink shrimp taste their best when harvested in the cold months. Whatever time of the year it is, it’s always a good time to serve up some Gulf Coast shrimp. As Bubba Blue said, “There are so many ways to make shrimp.” Whether you boil it and serve it as shrimp cocktail or as a meal in a low-country boil, fry it on up, put it on a kabob, or cook it in a pasta dish, this versatile crustacean can satisfy even the most discerning taste.

8/30/20 2:32 PM

VIP Pensacola at Scenic Hills Country Club

!""#$%&'""()*+ photos & story by Kristina Wright


he Northeast Pensacola Sertoma Club hosted their weekly breakfast meeting in a new location at Scenic Hills Country Club on August 20. The pandemic has forced the club to restructure their meetings in order to accommodate smaller groups and abide by social distancing guidelines. Northeast Sertoma has devised more creative ways to raise funds for their primary charity benefiting childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s speech and hearing. The club has raised over 100,000 a year, for over 30 years, by collecting donations from its members, which consist of local business owners, residents, and gracious individuals who want to help the cause. This meeting specifically brought into focus a brand-new raffle, which only 200 tickets were available for sale to the public. Northeast Pensacola Sertoma was founded in 1988 for the purpose of contributing to the Pensacola Community in as many ways as possible by raising money to support local charities. Their mission is to serve the community and engage in activities which helps the less fortunate. The heart of the club is attributed to the dedication of members, trained leaders, and experienced volunteers who engage in serving others in need. Sertoma is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit international organization. Every year Sertoma clubs around the country raise more than $20 million for local community service projects. Through these projects, as well as grants and scholarships, Sertoma clubs return those funds to their respective communities, while building life-long friendships.

Mike Findeisen & Louis Butler

Dr. Craig Henry & Rusty Mack 54

Billy Allen & Greg Litton

Channing Everett & Al Martin

John Snyder & Paul Muttutat

Scott Bollinger, Chris Bruner & Billy Hayes


54 Event_Northeast Pensacola Sertoma Club Weekly Meeting.indd 1

8/30/20 2:33 PM

s. a


)0)12)32+4$525*(6 )0)12)32+4$525*(6

! "#$% &' () * + , Features:

- ' % $ +. ( )* +,

!"#$%&&'() 100% Cotton - smooth, even ideal for decoration !"#$*+,-.& /%0 +knit * $ 1 () *+, !"#$*+,/&& $%&''(%")**)+%,%-.))*/0 $%&''(%")**)+ Clean lines for a classic fit 121+%3+4*%45167%8)9%51:)96*4)+ $%"716+%74+1-%8)9%6%:76--4:%84* Made in USA $%DE(%:).?15%6+5%94+B,-FC+ $%"716+%74+1-%8)9%6%:76--4:%84* $%;651%89).%<=>%86?94:0% Min 24 pcs with imprint :)**)+0%GH(%I)7J1-*19 $%;651%4+%<=> -1@+%4+%A4:696BC6


$%;651%89).%<=>%86?94:0% -1@+%4+%A4:696BC6



Call for more information

850-206-8379 September 2020 | 55

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photos provided by The Secret Place story by Greg Alexander


n an undisclosed location in the Greater Emerald Coast Area stands 10 acres of land that has been developed into a community that is transforming young girls who have been victimized by human trafficking. Most appropriately monikered The Secret Place, it is a home of refuge and hope for girls ages 12 to 17. At The Secret Place, healing takes place over time while dignity is carefully restored through a process with trained counselors and caregivers. Necessary medical and clinical services are provided for the residents and they are enabled to further their education and dream of a bright and healthy future. At The Secret Place, these victims are allowed to recapture their purpose and God given identity. The Secret Place is a faith based, state licensed program through a partnership with the Department of Children and Families. Residents will participate in the program for 7-9 months, before returning to their biological family or being placed with a specialized therapeutic foster family, to continue their journey of healing. Human trafficking is defined as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by improper means such as force, abduction, fraud, or coercion for an improper purpose including forced labor or sexual exploitation. A minor of sex trafficking is someone subjected to the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act, in which the person induced to perform such an act has not attained 18 years of age. Child victims of human trafficking are forced, induced, or coerced into providing labor, services, or commercial sex. A trafficked child may be compelled to engage in illegal activities such as prostitution or the selling of drugs.  Most often, Instead of being treated as victims, they are treated as criminals and are prosecuted accordingly. Arrest and prosecution can further traumatize victims and leave them with an ongoing distrust of law enforcement, which often prevents victims from seeking assistance. Additionally, the criminal record that results from being prosecuted can become a barrier for future employment and other opportunities. Thus, it is necessary for states to enact laws that both protect and assist children that have been exploited for labor or sex. The laws that provide this type of protection are called safe harbor laws. Children are fortunate to have organizations like The Secret Place take them in and give them a re-start from circumstances that were mostly out of their control. Please visit for more information about their services and for ways in which you can help this vital resource for victimized children. 56 |

XX Give Care Share.indd 1

8/30/20 2:33 PM

Interview with Kristin Lipscomb Founder and President – The Secret Place

What is the mission of A Secret Place and how long has it been serving young girls in our area? The Secret Place was founded in 2018 with its mission to bring hope and healing to survivors of human trafficking. The Secret Place has three focuses: • State Licensed Safe House Residential Program which includes a 7-9 Month live-in program; medical, dental, and vision services; individual and group counseling; continued education; life-skills, art, music, community garden, and sports environments; and survivor mentorship. • Outpatient counseling & wrap around services • Prevention and Training. What is the most rewarding part of your involvement with the organization? The most rewarding part of leading this organization is knowing that a child’s life can be dramatically altered for the good -- that children are learning that they have a choice for their future. Knowing that these young ladies can begin to walk in freedom and to realize they have not been forgotten is a further point that provides me excitement about the work we are doing at The Secret Place.

What size of staff exists? Currently we have 12 staff members and several lead volunteers who oversee outreach and volunteer initiatives . Are there volunteers? We have over 400 trained Volunteer Advocates. Is there a success story you can share? Every milestone is a success story for us as these survivors continue on their path toward healing and restoration. One special milestone was a survivor who we walked with and established a recovery plan, who is now in nursing school. What is one thing you want readers to know about A Secret Place? The Secret Place is here to be a survivor’s answer. We are committed to doing our part to see dignity restored and dreams recovered for every survivor we come into contact with. How can someone help your cause? Become a Volunteer Advocate. Become a Financial Partner.

What sort of structure exists, or is it individualized for each child? Every therapeutic plan is individualized as every individual’s journey is different. 70% of the children we work with are in and out of foster care so we work closely with the Department of Children and Families, lead agencies, as well as the client’s community to establish the best plan. How do you connect with your prospective residents, do they all live onsite? Residents that need safe harbor live onsite at the safehouse. How is the program funded? The program is funded by donations, state reimbursements, and grants.

September 2020 | 57

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8/30/20 2:33 PM

Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce Announces New Executive Director The Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce announced the hiring of Patty Spradling as Executive Director and Visitor Information Center Manager on Thursday. “We are very excited to promote Patty to the Executive Director and Visitor Center Manager position, she has done a phenomenal job in her previous role,” said Craig Weber, Chairman of the Board for the Chamber. “We know she will continue to help us grow the Beach Chamber to a new level and will ensure the Chamber is doing whatever it can to support local businesses, especially during these times.” Spradling brings with her over twenty years of experience in business ownership and operations. She was previously the Assistant Director for the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce and Membership & Events Coordinator. Spradling holds several certifications, including nursing and dental assisting. She is also a 2016 graduate from the LeaP Program offered by the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce. Spradling is very active in the local community and has volunteered and helped to raise money for numerous local charities including: March of Dimes / March for Babies, Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and Junior League of Pensacola.

Hope & Healing Campaign Presented Sandy Sansing Dealerships to Benefit Gulf Coast Kid’s House Gulf Coast Kid’s House (GCKH) announces the Hope & Healing Campaign


presented by Sandy Sansing Dealerships in lieu of signature fundraising events in 2020. All 2020 Gulf Coast Kid’s House signature fundraising events have been canceled due to COVID-19. These fundraisers were critical in raising funds to support GCKH’s mission to end child abuse and heal families through collaborative intervention, family support and prevention education. GCKH is encouraging donor support through their Hope & Healing Campaign, which will run from August 3 to October 30. Funds raised through the Hope & Healing campaign will ensure that Escambia County victims of child abuse continue to receive timely, effective and trauma sensitive services. GCKH thanks all past donors and supporters who made Chocolate Fest and Brunch & Bubbles such huge successes. Past, current and prospective supporters are invited to sponsor the Hope & Healing campaign. Learn more by visiting www. or by calling 850-5122754 and 850-490-9517. There are over 6,500 child abuse cases reported each year in Escambia County.

Feeding the Gulf Coast Announces New President & CEO

Feeding the Gulf Coast welcomes Michael Ledger as its new President and CEO. Michael Ledger has overseen the Florida Branch as the Florida Branch Manager since

June 2019. Under Michael’s leadership, the Florida Facility has distributed nearly 15 million pounds of food throughout the Florida Panhandle, equating to nearly half of the food bank’s distribution service area. Michael has consistently implemented strategies to serve those in need in the communities while overcoming challenges presented by limited facility space and ongoing Hurricane Michael response efforts. While serving as the Florida Branch Manager, Michael was responsible for setting the stage for expanding the Milton warehouse. “I am excited to welcome Michael Ledger as the new President & CEO of Feeding the Gulf Coast,” says Dave Reaney, retired President and CEO of Feeding the Gulf Coast currently serving as Interim CEO. “I have been impressed with Michael’s leadership over the past year and the broad range of experience in both business and organizational management he demonstrates. He’s a Navy Veteran and has been a private business owner as well as having experience in management positions in large warehousing and distribution organizations. I am confident in his leadership and capacity to continue the growth and good work of Feeding the Gulf Coast alongside our dedicated staff, volunteers, and supporters.” Michael Ledger served four years in the United States Navy as an electronics technician and then earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Illinois. He has previously worked as Director of Sales and Marketing and Director of Operations for Design Ideas, Ltd. in Springfield, Illinois, and Owner and Chief Operations Officer at Vine in Navarre, Florida. Michael has over 30 years of experience with business development and operational strategy and will bring food bank experience and diverse management leadership to this new position. “I have had the privilege to work alongside a very dedicated team at our Florida Branch. They have faced numerous challenges, and they continually rise to meet each of them from Hurricane Michael to the COVID-19 crisis. I have also had an opportunity to work with many others on the Feeding the Gulf Coast team and this experience has made me very excited for what we can accomplish


XX-XX Locale.indd 1

8/30/20 2:34 PM

together as we strive to serve our mission of helping those in need.” The board and staff of the organization look forward to Michael’s leadership in this new role as they continue to work through the challenges of COVID-19 while producing record levels of food support for people in need. Feeding the Gulf Coast serves 24-counties throughout the central Gulf Coast region including parts of south Mississippi, south Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida where 1 in 5 individuals struggle with hunger. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the food bank has distributed more than 11 million meals, a 48% increase over the same period last year.

Pensacola Children’s Chorus Announces Plans for 2020-2021 Season

The Pensacola Children’s Chorus (PCC) announces plans to move forward with its 2020-2021 mainstage season. Rehearsals will resume in-person and on schedule at PCC’s facilities in early September. “At all times, especially now, the safety and well-being of our singers, families, staff, and supporters is of the utmost importance.” says Alex Gartner, Artistic & Executive Director. “We will move forward with our Mainstage Performance Series, which includes Christmas on the Coast in December, as well as an added outdoor concert in October. We will continue to face the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic, and in all of our activities we will strive to offer the dynamic and beloved performance experiences that our singings and community have come to know and love.” Singers will have several membership options from which to choose, and parents

are encouraged to select the plan that best suits their family. Students who feel comfortable singing in-person can join in early September or early October. Those who join in September will begin preparations for a special performance, PCC in the Plaza, to be held outdoors October 4, 2020. For those who prefer to learn from home, PCC is proud to offer eSing, an online version of our choral program. Online performances will be hosted on PCC’s social media accounts every 4-6 weeks, and each will feature a different project. Projects include the world premiere of a newly commissioned piece of music, a recording project with other children’s choirs from across the state of Florida, and virtual choir pieces to be featured in PCC’s holiday performance, Christmas on the Coast. eSing will launch in early September. Participants may elect to join eSing for the month of September before transitioning to in-person activities in early October, or they may continue online participation through the month of December. Virtual programming for 2021 will be announced at a later date. “Our online and in-person programs have been carefully crafted with the needs and desires of our singers, parents, and community in mind,” says Gartner. “Despite all of the challenges, we are eager to continue our mission of using music to shape the lives of the young people of Northwest Florida.” Our audience will be treated to a festival fall concert, PCC in the Plaza, on October 4, in addition to PCC’s mainstage performance series. Christmas on the Coast, held on December 11-13, 2020, is a dazzling holiday spectacular that transforms sunny weather into a winter wonderland. One World, Many Voices, held on February 21, 2021, celebrates the power of what is accomplished when voices unite in song. Our final performance, Showtime, scheduled for May 7-9, 2021, is a Broadway-quality variety show featuring the best music from both stage and screen. Singers who are interested in participating in the 2020-2021 season of the Pensacola Children’s Chorus should visit our website ( and register for the start date of their choosing (in-person September, in-person October, or virtual). No prior experience or training is required.

For more information about the Pensacola Children’s Chorus, please visit www.

Scenic Hills is Presented Award from Folds of Honor

On July 31, 2020 Scenic Hills was presented the below award from the Folds of Honor for their 2019 inaugural Folds of Honor tournament performance. They chose to bring this very worthy charity, for the first time, to Pensacola. Even though it was their first year, they raised $20,000 that went directly to scholarships for the children and spouses of disabled and fallen veterans. This raise ranked them #2 in their Region, which is fi lled with some very large and prestigious clubs. They even ranked 135th in the Nation. This event was marked as one of Scenic Hill’s most well attended events of the year with a wonderful pre-tournament dinner reception, US Navy Honor Guard, UWF ROTC Color Guard, Blue Anchor Belles, scholarship recipients, and a fly-over of Sopwith Camel Bi-planes to kick off the tournament. As soon as the community safely gets through COVID-19, Scenic Hills will immediately release the dates of their next event. In the meantime, please come by the pro shop to see this unique Top Performer Award.

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September 2020 | 59

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8/30/20 2:34 PM

VIP Pensacola at the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds

Barbara & Naim Alherimi

Katelyn Williams & Nikki Morgan


photos & story by Verla Price

he North Florida Gun and Knife Show, held August 22 and 23 at the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds, gave attendees a chance to explore many personal safety choices. The showâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name does not lend credence to the different vendors displaying wares such as high tactical luminary flashlights, paracord survival kit bracelets, concealed carry purses, pepper spray, and stun guns. Serious collectors and novices alike browsed new and antique gun displays. Educational conversations could be heard throughout the day as questions were asked and answered by the experts. Learn more about personal safety and survival techniques by attending the next show scheduled November 14 and 15 at the fairgrounds.

Tony Outlaw

Jennifer Dickon & Michelle Nowalinski 60

Jimmie Loats

Grant Lambe

Judy Sewell, Ella Lambe & Richard Sewell


60 Event_The North Florida Gun and Knife Show.indd 1

8/30/20 2:35 PM

61 blab tv.indd 1

8/30/20 2:35 PM



62 ads dixie knits, sandshaker, so gardens.indd 1

8/30/20 2:36 PM

VIP Pensacola at Philly’s Cheesesteaks & Hoagies

Hot Rods & Hoagies photos & story by Verla Price

Doug & Patti Rittenberg


ocal car show, Hot Rods and Hoagies, rolled on over to Philly’s Cheesesteaks and Hoagies on 9 Mile Road Friday, August 21. This monthly car cruise, hosted by Philly’s, got attendees’ engines running with roadsters, muscle cars, and even antique cars. Philly’s, Ichiban, and Mr. Pollo helped fuel the cruisers with delicious fares such as hoagies, cheesesteaks, and beer. Door prizes were provided by Philly’s while Bruce Langford provided the music. A local artist displayed some beautiful pieces, including body art photos. There was plenty of space for the attendees to spread out and enjoy themselves while following social distancing guidelines. The Hot Rods and Hoagies event happens every third Thursday of the month at Philly’s from 6 pm-9 pm. This event allows local car enthusiasts to share their passion for these hot rods while enjoying good food and a festive atmosphere.

Chris & Jennifer Olshefskie

Nicki Stone

Haley, Presley, Bruce, Laura & Jason Hall September 2020 | 63

63-64 Event_Hot Dogs & Hoagies.indd 1

8/30/20 2:36 PM

VIP Pensacola at Hot Rods & Hoagies

Colby Cool & Gracie Black

Caeley Cahill & John Dreylick

Nomi Sweeney

Brian Jones, Ben Calloway & Bert Penegar

Peyton Stieffe, Tina Cozart & Shawn Handrahn

Victoria Cox 64

Gene Irwin

Bruce Langford & Ed Villar

Debbie & Tom Swingle, Mike & Rita Hayden


63-64 Event_Hot Dogs & Hoagies.indd 2

8/30/20 2:36 PM

September 2020 | 65

65 ads powell & hummer.indd 1

8/30/20 2:36 PM



What is your hometown, what brought you to PENSACOLA, and how long have you been here? I am a Navy brat who landed in Pensacola in 1969 when I was six weeks old. I was born in Okinawa, but I consider myself a native Pensacolian. I moved away when I turned 18 to travel the world with my husband who was in the Army and we returned to our hometown in 1999, I’ve never longed to live anywhere else. Pensacola is the best city. What is your profession and what led you to choose it? I am the Director of Booking and Marketing at Saenger Theatre. I’ve been in the entertainment industry most of my career. I started working with Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins presenting large motivational seminars in the early ‘90s and did that for about ten years. I’ve been at the Saenger Theatre since 2002. What do you like best about Pensacola? What makes it unique? Pensacola has so many things that makes it unique. All of the history that this city has to offer since we are the oldest city in America. The fact that for such a small town we have the four big arts available—the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Pensacola, the Pensacola Opera, and Broadway in Pensacola; all presented in a beautiful historic theatre! And I can’t miss mentioning our miles and miles of beautiful beaches. Give us three words that best describe you. Passionate, Motivated, Bold.

The fantastic dining scene and all of the talented chefs in Pensacola. Pensacola has a small town feel with big town options, and the wonderful people who reside here. Finish this statement, I AM PENSACOLA because… I embody the spirit of southern hospitality and the love of our beautiful jewel of a city, Pensacola.

66 IamPcola - Kathy Summerlin.indd 1

photo by Kristina Wright

What are some of your favorite things about Pensacola?

8/30/20 2:37 PM


Social Membership Benefi ts Starting at $85/mo, No Monthly Minimums, Club Charging Privileges, Member≠ Only Tournaments and Events, 10% Discount Food Purchases, 10% Discount Golf Shop Purchases, Preferred Rates on Golf, May Make Tee Times 14 days in Advance, Discount on Banquet Facilities.

Full Membership Benefi ts Starting at $145/mo, All Social Member Benefits, Unlimited Golf, Walking Option, Special Pricing on Lessions, Preferred Rates for Accompanied Guests, Club Cleaning and Storage, Member Locker Rooms.

Student Membership Benefi ts $150/Semester, Unlimited Golf Semester Membership is valid from the first day of classes of the membership semester until the first day of classes for the following semester. Membership dues must be paid in full at the beginning of each semester.

Scenic Hills Country Club boasts an 18 hole championship golf course with a wide selection of tee boxes to challenge players of all abilities. Scenic Hills has hosted many prestigious amateur and professional events and is currently the only course in Florida to host a USGA open event. Voted ì Best of the Bayî many times over, Scenic Hills is the perfect venue to play with family and friends, and for groups of any size and skill level.

Open to the Public

Scenic Hills Weddings • Accommodates Up to 225 guests • Free Champagne Tour and Consultation • Experienced Venue Manager • Ceremony Space • Reception Space • Custom Layout Options • House Linen (chair cover add on option available) • Dance Floor • In House Catering Menu(s) • Custom Menu Options Available • Cake Cutting • Bride and Groom Ready Rooms • Bridal Lunch • Grooms Golf Package (upgrade options available) • Free Guest Parking

Thank you for voting us Best Golf Course and Event Space 8 8 9 1 B U R N I N G T R E E R OA D | P E N SACO L A , F L | S C E N I C H I L L S .CO M | 8 5 0. 476 .0 3 8 0

67.indd 1

8/31/20 10:40 AM

68.indd 1

8/31/20 10:40 AM

Profile for VIP Destin, LLC

VIP Pensacola, September 2020  

VIP Pensacola, September 2020 Edition

VIP Pensacola, September 2020  

VIP Pensacola, September 2020 Edition

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