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Volume V • Issue V

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Contributing Writers/ Photographers Greg Alexander Alex Mason Verla Price Catherine Rowan Kristina Wright

Production Editor Jessica Graña Advertising Steve Barber Verla Price Penny Stricklin

VIP Founder Jeff Watson

May 2020 | 7

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VIP Pensacola at Covenant Care

photos & story by Kristina Wright


uring the beginning of the Covid19 crisis, Pensacola was scrambling to find ways to help local businesses, and help bring some joy to those otherwise unable to leave their homes. Covenant Care teamed up with Fiore of Pensacola to create a “Flower Flash� installment on the sculpture outside of the Covenant Care building to inspire hope during the next week for both drivers passing by, and employees heading into work. Fiore, like most businesses in the area, was rendered closed when the Covid19 situation took hold, and had so many flowers from cancelled weddings on hand, they felt like this would be a wonderful way to utilize the leftover product. Covenant Care staff members were on hand to help create the installment, staging flower sets, cutting stems, and practicing social distancing measures to ensure the protection of everyone involved. The display was slated to be up for several days, and seemed like a great way to bring a smile to the community in an otherwise grim situation.

Aaron West, Angela Bottesini, Christie Parker & Shannon Pallin 8


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5/4/20 10:04 AM

Shannon Pallin, Lynne Pittmen & Leigh Ann Mason

Vicky Wonders & Christian DeJesus

Aaron West, Blake Campbell, Brian Tieman & Jeff Rogers

Shannon Pallin & Leigh Ann Mason May 2020 | 9

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5/4/20 10:04 AM

letter from the Associate Publisher My mother always said, “Do not wish your life away.” I thought of her often over the last 4 weeks as I found myself basically wishing away the month of April, sending a month of my life away as well. Often we say, Mother was right. April turned out to be memorably filled with change, reminding me of my personal determination to remain positive and happy in all circumstances. In this issue, you will see pages of fun as we morphed and adapted into new ways of doing business, entertaining, and finding interesting and inspirational things to share with you. VIP Pensacola is known for photos of people attending events with stories of the occasion. This issue, while a little different, is actually quite the same. It is still filled with people of the Pensacola Area attending events, some new ones, and some classics as we swept back the pages of time to revisit 2019, sharing some of our spring favorites with you. As we zoom into May, see our first VIP Pensacola Virtual Happy Hour. What fun we had as we learned together how to share Zoom! The use of virtual backgrounds became quite competitive before the evening was over. VIP’s management team resorted to virtual meetings for planning and executing this issue with some exciting new things for upcoming issues as well. I am sure most of you are familiar with virtual meetings by now and we felt it only appropriate to showcase some of ours on the cover. Your mainstays are intact in this issue. We compiled enticing helpful hints for a perfect picnic in Coastal Cuisine and found a plethora of hats to hide our quarantined coifs in Pensacola Style. May We Suggest is filled with spring related products from Mother’s Day flowers to ThunderShirt’s to calm your fur babies. You cannot have a pet issue without some funny things popping up. A dog and cat in Mardi Gras attire in Krewe of Paws with the Pensacola Human Society, and I cannot stop laughing at the cuteness of Rico’s smile, captian of the boat, in Pets You Should Know. Meet Izzy, my constant companion, as we share our personal story of her transition from puppy mill rescue to royalty in Adventure Out. Best in Pensacola Voting starts May 11 as the top 10 businesses in each category move forward from the nominations period. Vote daily for your favorites at I am hopeful that this issue will share a little laughter, inspire some reminiscing, and lift your spirits as we face new challenges together.

Verla Price

Associate Publisher 850-502-7970


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5/4/20 9:55 AM

Have YOU been screened for LASIK?

May 2020 | 11

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5/4/20 9:56 AM

P PICNICS story provided by Steve Barber


icnics have a rich history as a fun social gathering where each attendee brings a share of the food. Originally picnics were developed as one would pull together a puzzle with each participant bringing a separate dish, with the results of a complete meal. With the coming of the 18th century, the picnic developed into a party theme with an elaborate or competitive sense in presenting the dishes by each individual. This was due to the very rigid, strict Victorian attitudes which prevailed and of course, stifled social contact by the young people. Not to be out-done, the picnic gave these free spirits an opportunity to express themselves socially. The youth headed to the outdoors, with all of the splendor and glamour of the formal dining room yet enabling them to set their rules. With the movement to the out-of-doors yet still to be refined, the youth developed the very fine crafted picnic hampers, complete with good china, linen napkins, tablecloths and champagne glasses. This was the era of finely crafted flatware, dinnerware and accessories. It also brought a fashion to the courting scene, young men in a crisp white suit, and the young ladies serving tea in a thin china cup and saucer, all outdoors. All of the comforts of home were taken out as the weather of spring encouraged the youth. As we moved outside, the food changed. The meals were of a lighter style with the majority of cold dishes and easy to eat simple plates. Convenience became the primary aim as the recipes dictated. Today, we still love the convenience attitude, but the romance of the picnic still is key.


12-13 CoastalCuisine_Picnics_May20.indd 1

5/4/20 9:57 AM

Helpful Hints TO COMPLETE YOUR PERFECT PICNIC Pick the right spot, somewhere scenic with plenty of shade. Pack correctly, wicker baskets are charming but not always practical. Try an insulated bag. Pick the right blanket, with enough cushioning and easy to clean. Pack throw pillows, to create comfort and seating options. Pack food in Mason jars, condiments, sides and salads so they won’t spill. Use a tray, it helps carry essentials from your car to the picnic spot. Clean up after yourself, bring garbage bags so you can leave your picnic spot as litter free as you found it. Don’t forget- napkins, flatware, glasses, paring knife, bottle opener, corkscrew, condiments, maybe a small table and bugspray.

Picnic Pasta Salad Serves 8 - 12 Ingredients • 1 pound seashell pasta • 1 cup chopped mushrooms • 1 cup chopped cucumber

Flexibility is important for planning a picnic. A picnic can be held almost anywhere: in the woods during a hike, at the beach or on a boat, on the roadside while traveling, or in a venue before a concert. At home, picnics can be casual, in the backyard under a tree or on a deck or patio. Picnics do not have to be complicated meals, just take the time to plan for best results. Once you have a location, date set and menu planned, go outside and enjoy one of the life’s simple pleasures…the picnic.

• 1 cup chopped broccoli • 1 cup white sugar • 3/4 cup vegetable oil • 1/4 cup prepared mustard • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise • 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar • 1/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese • salt to taste • ground black pepper to taste

Directions 1. Cook pasta in large pot of boiling salted water until al dente. Rinse with cool water. Drain well. 2. Combine chopped vegetables, sugar, oil, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, and shredded Cheddar cheese in a large bowl. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. Stir in pasta. Refrigerate for 2 to 4 hours before serving.

May 2020 | 13

12-13 CoastalCuisine_Picnics_May20.indd 2

5/4/20 9:57 AM



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5/4/20 9:57 AM

VIP Pensacola

V story by Verla Price

irtual happy hours have become the new going out. On April 15, some of our VIP Pensacola family and friends came together for virtual happy hour on Zoom. Computers from Pensacola, all the way to Tennessee, logged in to discuss Pensacola happenings and to laugh, talk, and enjoy a break from the mundane. Topics like working from home, grooming pets, and who would get the first hair appointment were covered. Children made quick appearances, pet introductions occurred, and the jovial discussions continued. Air tippings of wine glasses joined the fun as great ideas were cheered on how to adapt and gain ground in the temperate economy. The evening ended with a few trivia games. A weekend in an Alfa Romeo Giulia and dinner from Step One Automotive being the most sought after prize. Are you planning a virtual happy hour of your own? Here are some helpful tips: Dress up! This may be your only chance to wear real pants all week. Put up a fun virtual background. The beach, the Swiss Alps, the possibilities are endless. Everyone loves a furry friend, so include your pets in fun. Tidy up your area, it’s an excellent excuse to do some of those chores you’ve been avoiding.

Rafael Garza & Tori Jones

Greg Alexander

Verla Price

Steve Barber

Karen & Bobby Emmons

Chae Kyle

Martina & Mal Mason

Nichole Partridge

Debbie Sapp

Jeff Watson

Ed Villar

Doug Bunge & Carol Ettelson

Gary Sapp & Dolly Lucio

Jennifer Bitner

Anna Stockton

Linda Petty

Bob West

Penny Stricklin & Leo Lynne May 2020 | 15

15 VirtualHH_Pensacola_May20.indd 1

5/4/20 9:59 AM

Business Profile

photos & story provided by Pool Scouts of Pensacola


my Kuniyoshi, owner of Pool Scouts of Pensacola, loves serving her neighbors in the Pensacola area. Amy has always had a passion for water, starting with her scuba diving days that led her to become a Scuba Instructor and Divemaster. When she came across the Pool Scouts business opportunity, she knew it was the perfect way to combine her passion of water with serving her local community. Pool Scouts offers pool services for your every need, so that you can focus on enjoying your pool instead of maintaining it. Pool Scouts of Pensacola is taking the pool cleaning and maintenance business to a new level and quickly setting a new standard in the industry. With the hot and humid Florida weather combined with cooler temperatures in the evening and fluctuating rain levels, pool chemistry can easily get thrown off, resulting in a messy pool and the need for a helping hand when it comes to maintaining a healthy swimming hole. We’ve all heard horror stories from our pool owner friends, or perhaps from personal experiences, about unreliable pool care technicians who don’t show up on time or leave the yard littered with trash or cigarette butts. Pool Scouts is building a new reputation in the pool cleaning industry, providing a level of reliability you won’t find anywhere else. The company stands apart from other pool cleaning companies in the area, offering the latest technology and treatment solutions, clear communication and professionalism. They have a detailed checklist that’s designed to ensure consistency and accuracy, and they provide a post-service report to the customer once service is completed, so that you know

16-17 PoolScouts_BP May20.indd 1

5/4/20 9:59 AM

“I love this town. I love everything from it’s history to it’s people. I love the diversity, the military, the food, the beaches…” – Amy Kuniyoshi

exactly what was done during each visit. You’ll also receive text notifications before, during and after service so you’re in the loop every step of the way. Amy is hands on in providing quality pool care and customer communication, bringing her energy and commitment to get the job done right to each pool. Amy is a Certified Pool & Spa Operator (CPO), and Advanced Service Technician (AST), with both certifications received through the National Swimming Pool Foundation. She also manages a team of professionally trained technicians. With this level of knowledge and skill, customers know they’re getting the most reliable pool service. When she is not spending time servicing pools, Amy loves getting out into the Pensacola community to support other local businesses and spending time at the beach or diving. Amy stands behind the Pool Scouts’ promise: “Perfect Pools, Scout’s Honor.” She started the growing business almost 3 years ago and has already added a second van with another in the works. Pool Scouts is committed to bringing Pensacola residents the best pool care possible year around. Each of their maintenance specialists undergo thorough background checks. In keeping up with their goal of taking their pool cleaning business to the next level, they also make sure that technicians are certified and fully trained.

Getting outside to soak up the sunshine is healthy and therapeutic, and back yard pools provide an excellent escape. To ensure a clean and healthy pool, ready for swimming at all times, it’s essential for pool owners to properly care for their pools, including maintaining a proper chlorine level. Sometimes it’s simply best to trust the experts. Whether you’re looking for recurring cleaning service on a weekly basis, or a one-time specialty clean such as a kickstart service or a green pool rescue, now is a great time to call in the professionals. Let them take on the dirty work, so that the only thing you have to worry about is which pool float you’re going to spend the day lounging in.

If you’re in need of pool service, leave it to the professionals and call Pool Scouts at 850-637-8929. Perfect Pools, Scout’s Honor. May 2020 | 17

16-17 PoolScouts_BP May20.indd 2

5/4/20 10:00 AM

Re-visiting some of our favorite events from the past

Kick-off Pawty, April 11, 2019

VIP Pensacola at The Vineyard at 12th Avenue

Adria & Liana Raggio with Luna

Tom McClung & Phillip McClung

Ciera & David Crantz with Jarvis & Korra

Danny Zuver & Jenn Fink

Jennifer Jurczak & Cindy Milner

Deborah Dunlap & Kacee Bidnick with Danny Boy

Pilot Club Pancake Festival, March 2, 2019

Ginny Cranor & Chip Simmons 18

photos by Kristin Wright

Summer Jimmerson & Derek Pratt

VIP Pensacola at Cokesbury Methodist Church

Suzie Holzworth & Lynne Pinder

photos by Alex Mason

Morgan & Phillip Pinder


18-19 VIP_Classic1_Pensa_May20.indd 1

5/4/20 10:04 AM

Paws for Spring, April 7, 2019

Malgorzata Hoffman & Dave Mawhinney

VIP Pensacola at Springhill Suites Lobby

Steve Barber & Cynthia Arnold

Business After Hours, March 21, 2019

Jeff Martin & Sherry Moore

Jane Dowgwiillo & April King

Paige Cary, Gay Deese & Brandi Winkelman

VIP Pensacola at Woodlands Medical Specialists

Everett Lockman & Angei Morris

Bayfront Wine Festival, April 6, 2019

Joy Will & Jamie LaPoint

Marciella & Monica Sanford

Eric & Yazmin Brammer

photos by Kristina Wright

Liko Crump & Chae Kyle

VIP Pensacola at Jaco’s Bayfront Bar and Grill

Kit & Sue Nast

Emily McLane, Paul Bruno & Tiffany Haertelt

photos by Kristin Wright

photos by Kristina Wright

Kayla Jacoby & Lynsey Kmetz

Shanee Ducker, Holly Casart & David Spillers May 2020 | 19

18-19 VIP_Classic1_Pensa_May20.indd 2

5/4/20 10:04 AM

Lady Isabela Grace, Izzy Adventuring In, and Out, from Home


zzy came to me in the spring of 2011 as a scared, starved, mentally broken puppy mill rescue. The way she was forced to live the first two years of her life, appalled me, and words cannot describe my anger at her captors. Izzy shared a tiny cage with other dogs. The space was so small they could barely turn around, received no medical attention, very little food, and no exercise. Over time I came to realize the worst thing she endured was the mental abuse and lack of human contact. When the call came asking me to foster two dogs for a couple of weeks until they could be vetted and adopted, I went quickly to get them. I returned with a small black and white Chihuahua and a little brown and white Pomeranian with a beautifully speckled half-face. The day I met her, she was a growling, snarling, ball of fur and set of teeth. I walked over, picked her up, and walked 20

photos & story by Verla Price

away, talking to her softly. She shook uncontrollably but never growled, and she never tried to bite me. The little Chihuahua was adopted immediately, yet no one came for the beautiful Pom. I later realized she had been listed as aggressive on the website, diminishing her chances for adoption. The transition was not smooth for either of us. Izzy sat in my laundry room for weeks, utterly terrified to come out in the house to eat or play. The lack of human contact the first two years other than being thrown around and yelled at left her terrified of people. It took weeks before she came to me for a treat. That day I knew I would keep her and protect her at all costs. The puppy mill people almost killed her very soul, so I decided she deserved a little royalty. I scheduled a house party in her honor, drew up the official documents for her introduction, and with a ceremonious reading, presented Lady Isabella Grace, Registered House Dog - Izzy. Over the years I watched her blossom from a shaking, crying mass of fur to a very opinionated little lady. She barks and talks a lot when she wants something, demanding attention and playtime. She has become quite the socialite traveling, meeting new people, and being featured in magazines such as VIP and Pensacola Mardi Gras. She now eagerly jumps into her car seat, which is more like a high throne in the back seat, ready to roll at a moment’s notice to see new places and try new things. A normal day for Izzy is to wake up at precisely 5:30 am, stand up on the bed, stretch, and then launch into a round of high pitch barks until I rush to prepare her breakfast. She eats, goes outside, and returns to her bed for lounging most of the day while watching TV.


20-21 Adventure Out - Pets.indd 1

5/4/20 10:02 AM

Please support your local animal rescues with time, monetary donations, or by sharing your life with the love of a rescue. Adopt a pet, save a life. On March 15 all of our lives were interrupted and I was forced to work from home. Without warning, Izzy’s days of travel and leisure were over, leaving her to transition into her new position as my home office assistant. I am energetic and active, so I pace and talk on the phone. Izzy walks behind me to see if we are leaving. I sit in the office for a few minutes, and she lays by the window in her bed. I walk outside and sit on the patio while working. Izzy sits in a chair, frowning at the sun as she is always hot and does not like “working” in the heat. To break up the monotony, we moved to the front terrace for a while. She had never sat out there in the red chairs; she thought those were for decoration. I decide we are bored, so we walk numerous times each day, to her dismay. She has now become reluctant to come to the leash when called; some days, she simply refuses to go with me. I am reading her mind as, “Enough is enough; we do not need this much exercise!” As our days go on, Zoom meetings take up most of our time. Again, I am reading Izzy’s mind, “What in the world are all those people talking about, and are they here in the house?” After no luck finding the people behind the voices anywhere in the house, she was satisfied and now even participates in Zoom meetings with many clients and colleagues and has met quite a few other pets over virtual happy hour. I caught her zoom chatting with her friend Ziva the other day as she has taken to her own social media tactics (and, yes, I am one of those dog Mama’s who stages their pets for photos). On the weekends, with no work for me, I spend quality time with Izzy. We had a spa day, a fashion day, we cleaned the garage, which went over like a lead balloon. We practiced Izzy riding in a backpack for longer walks, which has been deemed no fun so we will not be going on longer walks. Like you and me, Izzy’s life has been turned upside down the last two months. She has become quite finicky and more verbal requesting treats and more playtime, but, alas, I am sure I have not been the happiest of roommates. I know she misses her day-long naps in front of the TV and I can’t wait to go back to working outside the home. It is time for our lives to go back to normal, and If she could talk, I think she might say, “I have had enough of together time with you, let’s hit the road and go see some people!”

20-21 Adventure Out - Pets.indd 2

5/4/20 10:02 AM

Business Profile


story provided by Yolee Solutions

riginally from New York, John Manzanet has been coming to Pensacola since 1985 when he was a Distinguished Naval Graduate of Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS). He received a degree in aerospace engineering and a second bachelors’s in aircraft maintenance engineering from St Louis Univerisity. His Masters in Business comes from our very own UWF. John has two grown children ages 23 and 19. Although a veteran who flew jets in the Navy, his last 10 years in service was Information Technology Project Management, predominantly here at NAS Pensacola. It was there where John grew very fond of the Internet and assisting people with their issues online. In 2013, he started toying with assisting clients to gain higher rankings in search engines and get more reviews for their companies. In 2016 John decided to launch Yolee Solutions, an Internet/Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, Social Media, and obtaining and syndicating reviews for clients. Yolee Solutions has clients in New Hampshire, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, and more. In order to get more calls from an online presence, businesses have to show up on the 1st page of Google for their best keyword. Once your business is found, users have to like what they see enough to review it. What truly makes Yolee Solutions different is that they take a business and look at it from the 10,000 feet and explore their entire Internet presence. They then decide what solution is best as no two companies have the same issues. They provide very limited cookie-cutter solutions for any companies.



22-23 Yolee_BP May20.indd 1

5/4/20 10:03 AM

When taken on as a client, Yolee Solutions provides the royal treatment. From the first day, continuing until your site is on page one, here is what John says Yolee does. 1. Google My Business: Notice when you do a search for your services, many times you will see what we call the 3 pack in the search results? Getting clients there is called Google My Business Optimization and is essential for any business. We make sure all your content is created and optimized on your site in order for us to get you ranked. 2. We analyze your entire website, then create winning solutions. The search engine marketing campaign to WIN RESULTS starts in the first week. We examine your current Web properties, fix any problems, and then optimize your website pages keywords and content strategy that targets your ideal customers who are looking for your products and services to solve their problems and meet their needs. 3. On-Page Optimization: We correct anything that’s not helping your site rank, including getting rid of spammy links and comments. If your site is damaged, or you want to upgrade and modernize, we build you a beautiful new website that preserves the trust and power you already have, with a structure made to rank, and with redirected links. We maximize page loading speed and optimize all the backoffice optimizations in the first month. 4. Off-Page SEO – This is the meat and potatoes of Search Engine Presence. We bring powerful backlinks to bring in the power to boost your site to the top. Not only for one of your prime keywords but for many keywords and city pages. We rock your social networking world and put your brand and contact information everywhere with business links. We get back to you with timely reports so you can see the progress and the results of our work. We do both local and National SEO Campaigns for our clients and we love it. In addition to what John does at Yolee Solutions, he also runs a networking group called THOR. Find them on Facebook and visit any Tuesday from 11:30 - 1:00pm. They have a very dynamic group of professional business leaders that want to do nothing more than to help you grow your business.

22-23 Yolee_BP May20.indd 2

“Yolee Solutions is a serious website/SEO company. These guys do not play, be ready for intense results. We have been with Yolee for about a year or so and have a significant increase in online presence. So nice to have finally found an awesome web developer!” Daniel Beauchamp - Beauchamp Pressure Washing Company “Yolee Solutions through their efforts of building our website and continuing to keep it up to date with the ever so changing market place has made a significant difference in our business. They are currently working on our Google page and other pages where we are also seeing significantly more traffic and higher ranking. I highly recommend this company if you’re looking to improve your digital marketing!” Terry Myers - Myers Yacht Sales “Yolee Solutions is amazing!!!! Blown away by the marketing of John and his team!! My mind continues to be blown with the new ideas they come up with and how they keep expanding brands. Never have I ever met so many friendly and knowledgeable people whose expert experience matches their incredible kindness and helpfulness. I highly recommend Yolee Solutions!! - Haley Hegetschweiler Haley & Alexis Band “John and his team were fantastic in creating our new website! We would highly recommend him to increase your business sales and needs.” Julie Saad - Zuka Beauty

5/4/20 10:03 AM

History The Krewe of Paws was started by members of the Pensacola Humane Society’s Board of Directors in 2018 as part of the agency’s 75th Anniversary. The 2019 Mardi Gras Season was their inaugural year and the Krewe debuted their Float during the Pensacola Mardi Gras Kick Off Celebration.

About Krewe of Paws The Krewe of Paws is a social club branch of the Pensacola Humane Society, whose mission is to build awareness for the agency through camaraderie and mutual love of animals. The Krewe profits go directly to the Pensacola Humane Society and its mission. Pensacola Humane society is committed to improving the lives of companion animals in the community through advocacy, adoption, education and sanctuary.

Membership Info Membership is open to all animal lovers and friends of the Pensacola Humane Society. They request participation in their special events and volunteering at the PHS shelter, as needed.

Events The Pensacola Humane Society host the annual Fur Ball. Krewe of Paws participates not only in PMG events, but also have a presence at Barktoberfest and Paws on Palafox, both of which are sponsored by the Pensacola Humane Society. 24


24 KreweOfPaws.indd 1

5/4/20 10:03 AM

May 2020 | 25

25.indd 1

5/4/20 10:03 AM



26.indd 1

5/4/20 10:09 AM

Pets You Should Know


Tia & Fred Robbins Mr. Robbins Neighborhood


Gracie & Sweet Pea



Shelley & Steve Black

Madrina Ciano Rollin with Madrina

Marty & Sheryl Stanovich The FIrst Tee of Northwest Florida

Bobby & Karen Emmons Thompson-Walden Insurance May 2020 | 27

27 PcolaPetsYouShouldKnow.indd 1

5/4/20 10:09 AM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Quarter

Gumbo YaYa! photos & story by Kristina Wright


he Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida hosts their annual Gumbo Ya Ya! each spring at Phineas Phogg’s in Seville Quarter. This year, the event has been re-scheduled for August 8, 2020. Amateur and professional teams will compete for the right to brag about the best gumbo in Pensacola. As always, multiple trophies will be awarded for the top three, plus awards for showmanship, decoration, and entertainment. Each team will prepare their gumbo from scratch, onsite. This fundraising competition for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida is always highly anticipated and many teams return to compete each year. To become involved as a sponosor or as a team for this year’s competition, visit Our coverage here from last year’s event provides a small glimpse of the many folks that came out to compete, eat, support, and have fun. We are hopeful that this will encourage you to put a team together and show off your gumbo skills at this spectacular event that provides so much for the children of Pensacola and Northwest Florida. see the full story online in the original May 2019 Issue


Melissa & Rodney Brewer

Tonya Zimmern & Greg Davis

Josh & Jennifer Belcher

Kathy Summerlin & Nyah Lewis

Jennifer Carter & April King

Thom & Melissa Keener


28-29 ClassicEvent_GumboYaYa_May19.indd 1

5/4/20 10:23 AM

Lauren Summers, Jesse Sproles & Brandon Nelson

Leslie Mullins, Melissa Arceneaux & Susan Summerton

Krissy Smith, Dana Hall & Paula Shell

Darlene Larkin, Curtis Krebs & Stephanie Moon May 2019 | 29

28-29 ClassicEvent_GumboYaYa_May19.indd 2

5/4/20 10:23 AM

Pensacola Humane Society T-shirt $24.99, Available in 5 colors, sizes XS-3XL Humane Society of Penasacola

Lemonade Sunflower Bouquet - $66.00 Southern Gardens Florist & Gifts Pool Scouts of Pensacola Weekly Service is $165/month | 850-637-8929 ThunderShirt - $24.99 to $34.99 Petland

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Starting at $74,500 Step One Automotive Group

30 MayWeSuggest_May20.indd 1

Pramosoothe + PS mousse - $25.80, Great for itchy animals Hyliderm + PS Shampoo - $23.92, Great all-around shampoo Coastal Sunrise Animal Hospital

5/4/20 10:12 AM

Karen E. Kennedy, MD, FACOG, RPh

Hormone optimization can help support the immune system, the body and mind through times of stress. Whether a person is undergoing stress and needs support, or if they are feeling run down and need a boost, hormones can often be the answer. Consider hormone replacement, especially pellets, for these functions. Hormone pellets can help manage fatigue, sleep, low libido, brain fog, weight changes, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, mood changes, muscle tone, and more. Supplements for immune system support:

This in-oďŹƒce laser procedure only takes a few minutes and improves dryness and irritation, painful sex, urinary urgency and bladder infections.

This is non-invasive laser body contouring is designed to reduce stubborn fat. It helps to achieve a slimmer, more natural-looking appearance without surgery or downtime.

May 2020 | 31

31.indd 1

5/4/20 10:12 AM


32.indd 1


5/4/20 10:12 AM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Little Theatre

photos & story by Catherine Rowan


s of press time, Pensacola Little Theatre’s fun fulled annual fundraiser Caberet is on hold. This year’s theme “Shaken Not Stirred” will be an event you will certainly want to stay tuned for. We will keep you posted on a future date, but in the meantime, enjoy reminiscing over last year’s Caberet: Phantom of the Masquerade, which was held on March 30, 2019, and transformed the theatre into one of the most iconic Broadway shows. Guests experienced live performances from Ballet Pensacola, Pensacola Little Theatre, UWF Music Department, Vertidcal Pole Studio, and Deja Vu Live Band. Guests explored experience rooms sucha as Christine’s iconic dressing room, the Phantom’s candlelit lair, the main ballroom, and the Paris Opera House Chandelier - all created by members of PLT. see the full story online in the original May 2019 Issue

Sid & Nicklaus Williams-Heath

Perry & Lori Zeringue

Craig & Tonya Powell

Leah Jones Young & Susan Clark Waters

Jermey Diamond & Dana Britt

Rachel Vrooman & Sandra Jones May 2020 | 33

33-34 ClassicEvent_CabaretPhantom_May19.indd 1

5/4/20 10:13 AM

VIP Pensacola at Cabaret: Phantom of the Masquerade

Lindsay Fryer & Jennifer McDonald

Jasmine Hunt & Amiee Dumas

Becky & Shane Hawkins

Cay Simpson & Pat Griffin

Caroline Peterson, Brittany Pannell & Missy Hogan 34

Carolyn Pugh & Joshua Carter

Elizabeth Schrey, Melanie Dillon & Audrey Preston

Jason & Rebecca Taylor

Bianca Villegas & Crystal Towns

Kay Joyce, Laynie Gibson & Christina Cusack


33-34 ClassicEvent_CabaretPhantom_May19.indd 2

5/4/20 10:13 AM



The Top10 most nominated businesses will move on to the voting phase from May 11-31.


5/4/20 10:14 AM






C A T E G O R I E S ENTERTAINMENT Annual Event Golf Course Music Venue Place for a Date Place for “Girl’s Night Out” Place to go Dancing Place to people Watch Place to Stay Place to take the Kids/Family Entertainment

Computer/IT Firm

Pool/Spa Sales/Service

Seafood Market


Property Management

Wine Shop

General Contractor

Real Estate Agent- Commercial

Women’s Accessories

Specialty Contractor

Real Estate Agent-Residential

Women’s Apparel

Customer Service

Real Estate Company

Event Rentals

Real Estate Professional - Female


Event Space

Real Estate Professional - Male

Bridal Store

Financial Advisor

Real Estate Team

Ceremony Venue


Staffing Company



Title Company

Place for a Tux

Golf Cart/ATV

Veterinary Clinic

Place for Rehearsal Dinner

Hair Salon


Place to Buy Engagement Ring


Home Repair/Handyman

Accounting Firm

Insurance Firm

Shopping & RETAIL

Wedding Cake/Confections

Air Conditioning & Heating Company

Interior Designer


Wedding Caterer




Wedding Florist


Law Firm


Wedding Photography

Automobile Dealer - New

Limo/Transportation Service

Gift Shop

Wedding Planner

Automobile Dealer - Pre Owned


Home Decor/Accessories

Wedding Rentals

Automobile Repair Service

Place for a Massage

Jewelry Store

Barber Shop

Mortgage Co

Liquor Store


Luxury Automobile Sales

Nail Salon

Locally Owned Retailer


Bank/Financial Institution

New Business

Men’s Apparel

Alternative/Natural Medicine



Motorcycle Shop

Anti Aging Service

Boat Sales & Service

Pet Grooming/Boarding



Charity/Non Profit


Pet Store


36-37 BestinPensacolaBallot.indd 1

Reception Venue

5/4/20 10:15 AM


Walk In Clinic/Urgent Care


New Restaurant

Eye Care Professional

Weight Loss Program

Casual Dining


Famiy Care Physician

Women’s Wellness Provider


Place for Cocktails


Restaurant - Downtown

Med Spa Medical Center

Cocktails & Cuisine

Place for Coffee

Restaurant - North/Nine Mile/UWF

Medical Practice



Restaurant - Pensacola Beach



Fine Dining

Restaurant -Overall

Pain Management


Food Delivery

Special Occasion Restaurant



Food Truck

Seafood Restaurant

Permanent Make Up



Sports Bar

Physical Therapy

Beer Selection

Happy Hour


Plastic Surgery

Bloody Mary

Italian Restaurant




Locally Owned Restaurant

Wine List

Senior Living Community

Brewery/Craft Beer

Place for cocktails

Surgery Center


Neighborhood Bar




20 17



T h e To p 1 0 business from each category will move o n t o the vo ting p ha se f ro m May 11-31. D o n’t f o rget to vo te daily.

36-37 BestinPensacolaBallot.indd 2

5/4/20 10:15 AM

Desperate times call for desperate measures- but when it comes to hiding those weeks-neglected roots, thankfully, there is a chic solution that has you covered... literally! We’re talking about hats. Sun hats, fedoras, big brim, cloches, floppy hats, baseball caps, Panama hats, and any other fashionable head-covering attire that will elevate your look while keeping your secret safe until your stylist is once again available to restore your “natural� look.



38-39 Style_Hats.indd 1

5/4/20 10:15 AM

38-39 Style_Hats.indd 2

5/4/20 10:15 AM

Dog-Harmony, a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to reducing the shelter dog population through ongoing humane education, has released a children’s book to further their mission of keeping dogs out of shelter’s through education.


ocally renowned artist Robin Wiesnthe recently collaborated with Dog-Harmony founder Nancy Bown to illustrate Human and Dog Harmony. “The book is designed to teach responsible dog ownership and will be used in our humane education children’s programs”, said Bown.

Bown was introduced to Wiesnthe during a book signing for Tails of the Imagination, Wiesnthe’s first book dedicated to dogs and cats in shelters everywhere; waiting for a chance to meet someone who will love and take care of them. Wiesnthe says, “that we are all underdogs in some way, even the brightest of us can feel small, helpless and lost. Shelter pets remind me that everyone matters.” Bown used the book in many reading programs with her therapy dog Sydney. Nancy had been trying to add a whimsical book to the current humane education curriculum when she received Wiesnthe’s offer to illustrate and layout some fun materials for the workshops. “The information in this book is so important for children to learn, by teaching responsible dog ownership at a young age we can cultivate adults that view dogs as family members not possessions, reducing the shelter pet population,” says Bown. The book will be used in programs designed for at risk youth, shelter workers and children’s reading programs. Civic organizations interested in sponsoring a workshop should contact Nancy Bown at www. Dog and Human Harmony can be purchased from the Dog-Harmony website or their kiosk in Grand Boulevard. Proceeds from the book will support educational programs in our community.

40-41 DogHarmony.indd 1

5/4/20 10:15 AM

Dog-Harmony Inc. is a different breed of rescue. Dog-Harmony is a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to reducing the shelter dog population through ongoing humane education. Founded by professional dog trainer Nancy Bown, CPDT-KA, the non-profit works to build positive relationships between canines and humans – preventing dogs from becoming homeless in the first place. What makes Dog-Harmony different? In addition to training dogs, they work to “train” the public and pet parents. For adoptions, individualized attention is given before, during and after to make sure the new family has the right tools to build a successful life together. The key element is education – of humans and dogs, no matter what age. The programs are low-cost or free, and include: Humane Education, Microchipping, Spay/Neuter Scholarship and Transport, Adoption, and Prong Collar Alternatives.

40-41 DogHarmony.indd 2

5/4/20 10:16 AM

Pensacola • Pensacola Beach • Perdido Key


Social & Lifestyle Magazine

calendars social events local cuisine community highlights business spotlights 42.indd 1

5/4/20 10:16 AM

43-47 DreamHome_Pensacola_May20.indd 1

5/4/20 10:19 AM

photos by James Avera | story provided by Elisa Macon


rom 1559-1561 Tristan de Luna y Arellano governed a Spanish Colonial settlement on a well-chosen site on the shores of Pensacola Bay. Approximately 1500 settlers inhabited the colony, known as Santa Maria de Ochuse, which was the first for Europeans in what is now the United States. A hurricane and storm surge destroyed most of the expedition’s supplies and ships shortly after their arrival. For decades historians studied Luna’s writings searching for clues to the site of the shipwrecks and the colony, and the mystery was solved recently when archaeologists uncovered artifacts from the expedition on the property of this Jackson Street home in East Pensacola Heights.



43-47 DreamHome_Pensacola_May20.indd 2

5/4/20 10:19 AM

The historic property, named an archaeological site by the University of West Florida, is believed by archaeologists to be Luna’s home and the town center of the colony. Charming Spanish oaks frame the home on a bluff near Pensacola Bay, within view of the site where Luna’s shipwrecked fleet lies beneath the waters of the bay. A newer construction home with two living spaces and upscale finishes is now for sale along with the property and artifacts; the sale is represented by Elisa Macon with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Main Street Properties. May 2020 | 45

43-47 DreamHome_Pensacola_May20.indd 3

5/4/20 10:19 AM



43-47 DreamHome_Pensacola_May20.indd 4

5/4/20 10:19 AM

Located at

3001 East Jackson Street, Pensacola, FL 32503

43-47 DreamHome_Pensacola_May20.indd 5

Pensacola is promoted as “Florida’s First and Future;” the First was this site. Santa Maria de Ochuse was the first multi-year European colony in North America and was founded six years before the St. Augustine settlement and forty-eight years before the English settled in Jamestown, Virginia. This is a one-of-a-kind offering allowing a discriminating purchaser to own the land where America began.

5/4/20 10:19 AM

VIP Pensacola at Skopelos at New World


Operazzi In The Amazon photos & story by Kristina Wright

atrons of the arts will be glad to know the premiere fundraising event for Pensacola Opera - The Operazzi Ball - Fire and Ice will be held on Thursday, July 16, 2020. This year’s event is themed around the cutting edge performance, “Il trovatore,” and is set to bring the vibrant fires of the performance to Skopelo’s at New World Landing. This black-tie affair will include a sit-down dinner, dancing to music by Reunion Band, and performances from this year’s Artists in Residence surrounded by fire and ice. This is Pensacola’s can’t-miss event of the year and tickets are on sale via pensacolaopera. com. If you missed last year’s event, Operazzi In The Amazon, which was themed around “Florencia in the Amazon, “ we re-visit it here and encourage you to make plans to attend this year’s event. Cody Martin, education director for Pensacola Opera noted, “we rely on local support to grow and develop the opera to better serve our community. The money raised during the Operazzi Ball allows us to fund our educational programs, and to further support the community events we conduct throughout the year. This event is also a fantastic chance for us to say thank you to the Opera supporters and to close out our season with a celebration.” see the full story online in the original May 2019 Issue

Scott & Rhonda Ford

Steve & Diana Gray

Marilyn Gleaton & David Northfleet

Verla Price, Marte Picker & Martina Mason

Don & Marny Needle

Bryan Gaston & Val Estoque

Chandra McKern & Don Ruth

48 |

48-49 ClassicEvent_OperazziBall_May19.indd 1

5/4/20 10:20 AM

Phillip & Michelle Salzman

Dee Green, Jim Einhart & Nan Einhart

John & Romana Lopez

Jennifer Carter, April King & Karen Huang

Brian & Harriett Wyer

Nathan & Jennifer Smith

Terri Levin, Jan Miller & Pat Windham

Laura Dees & Donna Pennington

Lyndi & Dave Kessler

Scott W. Haring, Roz Leahy & A. Mark Palmer May 2020 | 49

48-49 ClassicEvent_OperazziBall_May19.indd 2

5/4/20 10:20 AM

Feature Your Business in the June

Fashion & Style Issue

For More Information Call 850-502-7970 50


50.indd 1

5/4/20 10:20 AM



IP Pensacola has always aimed to create covers which embody the true VIP spirit of socializing throughout the area. Choosing that one special photo each month is no small feat, but always results in giving readers a sneak peek into what the rest of the pages hold. From fundraisers to celebrations, and ribbon cuttings to groundbreakings, VIP Pensacola is the place to look when you want to see what’s going on around town. May is the last month of spring, ushering us through transitions into summer with warmer weather and a full calendar. This year, while some of our usual spring events might happen later in the year, there is still plenty to celebrate during this shift into the coming summer months. Take a look back with us at our May Covers as we look forward to making many more May memories with the community.

51 MayCovers_Pensacola.indd 1

5/4/20 10:29 AM

Re-visiting some of our favorite events from the past

Seville Quarter Business After Hours, December 5, 2019

Ron & Patty Spradling

Sheila Williams & Kathleen Miller

Mackenzie & JJ Arball 52

Taylor Wilson & Melissa Garrett

photos by Alex Mason

Arngie Pope & Travis High

Pensacola Humane Society Fur Ball, February 1, 2019

Jack & Nela Wilkins

VIP Pensacola at Seville Quarter

Craig Henry & Justice Cox

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Yacht Club

Jennifer Bitner & Brent Lane

photos by Catherine Rowan

Bob Sass & Stephanie Oram

Kat Denkler, Lola Hogeman & Jane Merrill


52-53 VIP_Classic2_Pensa_May20.indd 1

5/4/20 10:34 AM

Fat Cat Fur Ball Social, January 17, 2019

Kacee Bidnick & Joshua Carter

Paul & Jasmine Silivus

The Golf Ball Gala, April 13, 2019

Claude & Melanie Duvall

VIP Pensacola at Skopelos at New World

Cinnamon & Henry Tyler

photos by Kristina Wright

Emily Etscheid & Dana Pagador

Michelle Salzman, Amanda Hurd & Bethany Lauren

Sea Turtle SoirĂŠe, December 15, 2019

Jim & Holly Forrester

photos by Kristina Wright

Steve Barber, Verla Price, Jennifer Bitner & Joshua Carter

Josh Gilmore & Gene Hurd

Ashley Taylor, Heather Williams & Mary Chastain

VIP Pensacola at The Palafox House

Tonya Zimmern & Greg Davis

VIP Pensacola at Hilton, Pensacola Beach

Chris & Bonnie Crawford

photos by Catherine Rowan

Neal & Lt. Kendra Johnson May 2020 | 53

52-53 VIP_Classic2_Pensa_May20.indd 2

5/4/20 10:34 AM

Spend your time looking at more interesting things...

Leave your taxes and accounting to us.

Professional Tax and Bookkeeping Services

Call For A Free Consult ✓ Business & Individual Taxes ✓ Competitive Rates ✓ Flexibility ✓ Tailored Services

850-332-4432 Please vote for us Best Accounting Firm

3700 Creighton Rd Unit 10 Pensacola FL 32504 54


54.indd 1

5/4/20 10:30 AM

VIP Pensacola at Skopelo’s at New World

ART OF FASHION hosted by Covenant Care photos & story by Kristina Wright


lthough the event for this year is postponed until July 30, we wanted to share last year’s Art of Fashion event with you again to allow readers to prepare for the new date and bring awareness to this great cause. Covenant Care hosted the 14th annual Art of Fashion event April 4, 2019 at Skopelo’s at New World. The art and fashion design themed luncheon was presented by Haute Couture sponsor the Kugelman Family Foundation, in conjunction with local fashion retailers, and was emceed by Cat Pack Morning Show’s Brent Lane. A VIP hour was sponsored by Peaden Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical; and featured a runway fashion show, popup shopping, and a prize drawing. In addition, a silent auction showcased packages that varied from health, beauty, fashion and art in all mediums. Good Vibrations DJ and Photo Booth provided on site photo prints from the event. see the full story online in the original May 2019 Issue

Beverly Vaughn & Alicia Ahern

Lisa Mai & Kimberly Watson

Rachel Gillette & Courtney Martin

Cristina & Brian Williams

Helen McDaniel & Paula Brash

Josh Gilmore & Angela D’ Alessandro May 2020 | 55

55-57 ClassicEvent_ArtofFashion_May19.indd 1

5/4/20 10:31 AM

VIP Pensacola at Art of Fashion

Thom & Melissa Keener

Christie Parker & Madrina Ciano

Truli Hartley, Krista Silverman & Tina Armstrong

Adrienne Maygarden & Brittany Simpson

Ashley Warner, Michelle Carlson & Carrie Lee 56

Shannon & Henry Weber

Cindy Kittrell, Angela Wierzbicki & Lynette Dewberry

Tia Robinson & Jan Miller

Rick & Dawn Fletcher

Mistie Beal, Robin Zimmern & Melinda Metzger


55-57 ClassicEvent_ArtofFashion_May19.indd 2

5/4/20 10:31 AM

Jennifer Bone & Margarette Johnson

Jessica Reeder, Maegan Leonard & Alison Westmoreland

Ashley McCormick, Jennifer McDonald & Lindsay Fryer

Kelly Emmons, April Lackey & Karen Emmons May 2020 | 57

55-57 ClassicEvent_ArtofFashion_May19.indd 3

5/4/20 10:31 AM

Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Water is Now the Only Florida Brand of Bottled Water Being Manufactured in 100% Aluminum Reusable Bottles MSP, Inc., a beverage supplier, announces

that Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Water is now the ONLY Florida brand of bottled water being manufactured in 100% Aluminum reusable bottles. “We know consumers are looking for alternatives when it comes to cutting back on drinking water from plastic bottles. We are meeting that demand in 2020 and beyond on a local, regional and national level, with our 100% recyclable aluminum bottles of water. So, Florida retailers can now bring in what consumers are looking for from bottled water options. Think Globally and Act Locally. “Yes, drinking an aluminum bottle of water may seem odd, but so was drinking water from a plastic bottle. Now that’s the norm”. The bottle keeps water colder for longer, is 100% Sustainable, 100% Aluminum and 100% Reusable thus makes it easy for those who want to make the shift from single- use plastic bottles. Daniel Rogers says, VP of Marketing. About: The bottle size is 16.9oz/500ml, made with 100% recyclable and reusable aluminum with a micro protective liner so the water doesn’t taste like aluminum. The lid is a reusable screw top. We use a 12 step fi ltration system to ensure the purest of water. We offer two versions of our brand just pure water or we can add electrolytes. Pensacola State College Saluted as Military Friendly School Troy Moon,Pensacola State College Once again, Pensacola State College has been acknowledged as a top school for military veterans. PSC was named one of 625 “Military Friendly Schools” for 2020-2021 by VIQTORY, a veteran-owned company that connects former military members to civilian employment and educational opportunities. This is the eleventh consecutive year that VIQTORY has named Pensacola State College as a Military Friendly school. In November, Pensacola State was named one of the 2020 “Best for Vets Schools” by the Military Times. “This community loves veterans,’’ said Bill Tice, director of the college’s Veterans Student Support Services. “Pensacola State College is very pro-military. We’re fortunate to have 58

two TRIO programs that focus specifically on veterans.” TRIO is a federally-funded initiative that includes eight programs targeted at specific demographics. PSC’s TRIO programs that assist veterans are Veterans Student Support Services and Veterans Upward Bound. “With nearly 20 percent of our total enrollment either veterans and their dependents or active duty personnel and their dependents, it’s extremely important for us to let the military community know that we have scholarships, special support services, grants – there’s a whole litany of services – that are here to help them succeed and move forward,’’ said PSC President Ed Meadows. VIQTORY rates schools as “Military Friendly” based on six criteria: Academic Policies and Compliance; Admissions and Orientation; Culture and Commitment; Financial Aid and Assistance; Graduation and Career; and Military Student Support and Retention. PSC exceeded standards in all six categories. The college scored best on “Culture and Commitment,’’ with the college rating exceeding the “Military Friendly” benchmark standard by nearly 95 percent. “I think this award is indicative of the success of the students with military affi liations that attend Pensacola State College, whether they are active duty, veterans, or dependents of someone with an affi liation,’’ said Michael Johnston, the College’s executive director of Institutional Research. “Our military students achieve great success while being enrolled, they have impressive graduation rates and have no student-loan debt. This allows them to enter the workforce or advance in their current roles with a quality education.” Because of the relationship of Northwest Florida to the military, PSC offers numerous services to help active duty military, veterans and military dependents to succeed: • Specific mentoring/onboarding programs for new military/veteran students • Formal mentoring or advising program in which faculty or staff members who are current or former members of the military mentor students who are military service members or veterans • A minimum of three full-time veteran counselors or advisors on staff. • Student Veterans Association (SVA), which is on campus, for military service members or veterans • Career planning services for military service members or veterans • Training of staff to support military/veteran students • Academic support/tutoring

• Academic advising • Study skills workshops • Financial aid counseling • Career planning services • Assistance in finding work-study opportunities • Assistance in finding non-work study employment • Assistance in integrating with non-veteran groups and services on campus • Transition assistance • Accommodations for military students with disabilities. Meadows said it is important for Pensacola State to earn the “Military Friendly” designation “because of the number of military that we have in our area and the number of veterans who have retired to Pensacola and Northwest Florida.” WSRE Announces Change in Top Management Pensacola State College has appointed Jill Hubbs to serve as interim general manager of WSRE and executive director of the WSRETV Foundation. She joined the PBS member station in 1996 and has served as director of Educational Services and Outreach. She is replacing Bob Culkeen, who joined WSRE in 2016 and has been named president and chief executive officer of WTCI in Chattanooga, Tenn. Hubbs is a graduate of Pensacola State College and the University of West Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development and Elementary Education. A former school teacher, she has successfully launched major early learning initiatives and teacher training programs during her 23 years at WSRE. Most recently, she led the opening of a neighborhood Imagination Station early learning activity center at Weis Elementary School. She is also the award-winning executive producer of several WSRE productions, including “Gulf Islands National Seashore: The Treasure of the Gulf Coast” and “Baseball in Pensacola.” She produced “They Were Their Fathers” in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, resulting in national broadcasts, screening events at the presidential libraries of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and last year’s week-long Reading of the Names at the Wall South in Pensacola’s Veterans Memorial Park, for which she is a founding board member. “Jill lives the mission of public television on and off the job. Her work at WSRE has positively impacted many lives in our community, particularly our children, teachers and military. Bob will be missed, and fortunately Jill is well poised to build upon his successes with a solid team at WSRE and PSC,” said Sandy Cesaretti Ray, PSC’s associate vice president of Community and Government Relations.


58 Locale.indd 1

5/4/20 10:31 AM

May 2020 | 59

59.indd 1

5/4/20 10:31 AM

VIP Pensacola at Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center



photos & story by Kristina Wright

allet Pensacola’s Ballet & BBQ is always a great time. The annual March event is reschduled for September 18 and will take place at Museum Plaza behind TT Wentworth Museum. Check out last year’s event recap here and you are sure to be encouraged to attend in September. Get tickets at Last year’s event on March 10, 2019, was filled with games, dancing, BBQ, drinks and fun. Guests were invited to compete for prizes playing games like bocce ball, yard dice, corn hole, and scavenger hunts. They were also able to enjoy a heaping plate of BBQ and a mason jar of sweet tea, while the professional dancers of Pensacola Ballet provided visual entertainment. A raffle was held for a chance to win several door prizes, donated by various community businesses. Ballet Pensacola serves more than 300 students each school year, ranging from age three through adult, beginner through professional. Ballet Pensacola presents major productions each season including “The Nutcracker,” which has become a holiday tradition for many in Pensacola. The company is comprised of professional dancers from around the world and talented student dancers who perform in all main-stage productions during Ballet Pensacola’s season. These performances are held in a number of venues, including the Saenger Theatre and the Pensacola Cultural Center. see the full story online in the original May 2019 Issue

Mike Bodie & Nicole Webb Bodie

Jessica Reeder & Helen McDaniel

Sue Tracy & Mary Chastain

Josh & Jennifer Belcher

Frank & Brittney Giammaria

James & Katie Theisen

60 |

60-61 ClassicEvent_BalletandBBQ_Apr19.indd 1

5/4/20 10:32 AM

Wendy & Mark Robinson

Michael Ellis & Katy McKenzie

Evan Jordan, Kristie Greenhut & Laura Russell

Ora Wills & Benny Taylor

Jennifer McDonald, Krista Silverman & Truli Hartley

Tony & Katie Garrett

Crystal Towns, Jackie Fielder & Bianca Villegas

Lindsay & Nate Durtschi

Annie Gray & Megan Eastburn

Sarah Hernandez, Gabbie Calhoun & Garrett Summitt May 2020 | 61

60-61 ClassicEvent_BalletandBBQ_Apr19.indd 2

5/4/20 10:32 AM


Dr. Mark Sprayberry

What is your hometown, what brought you to PENSACOLA and how long have you been here? My hometown is Fulton, Mississippi. I moved to Pensacola in 2001 when I bought my veterinary practice. What is your profession, and what led you to chose it? I’m a Veterinarian and owner of Olive Branch Pet Hospital and Play-N-Stay Boarding and Daycare. After practicing pharmacy for a few years, I returned to school to pursue my true calling. My favorite aunt and uncle owned a farm, I spent much of my youth visiting. Time there taught me the unconditional love of animals. What do you like best about Pensacola? What makes it unique? Small town friendliness with big town ameinities. Give us three words that best describe you. Dedicated. Kind. Generous.

Great People, Unique History, Wonderful Location, Fabulous Restaurants, and Entertainment. Finish this statement, I AM PENSACOLA because‌ Pensacola embodies all the ideal qualities of the place I was searching for to live and practice. P for Pensacola, P for Perfect!

62 IamPensacola.indd 1

photo by Kristina Wright

What are some of your favorite things about Pensacola?

5/4/20 10:33 AM

Golf Course • Bar • Restaurant • Events

Social Membership Benefits Starting at $85/mo, No Monthly Minimums, Club Charging Privileges, Member-Only Tournaments and Events, 10% Discount Food Purchases, 10% Discount Golf Shop Purchases, Preferred Rates on Golf, May Make Tee Times 14 days in Advance, Discount on Banquet Facilities.

Full Membership Benefits Starting at $145/mo, All Social Member Benefits, Unlimited Golf, Walking Option, Special Pricing on Lessions, Preferred Rates for Accompanied Guests, Club Cleaning and Storage, Member Locker Rooms.

Student Membership Benefits $150/Semester, Unlimited Golf Semester Membership is valid from the first day of classes of the membership semester until the first day of classes for the following semester. Membership dues must be paid in full at the beginning of each semester.

Scenic Hills Country Club boasts an 18 hole championship golf course with a wide selection of tee boxes to challenge players of all abilities. Scenic Hills has hosted many prestigious amateur and professional events and is currently the only course in Florida to host a USGA open event. Voted “Best of the Bay” many times over, Scenic Hills is the perfect venue to play with family and friends, and for groups of any size and skill level.

Open to the Public

Scenic Hills Weddings • Accommodates Up to 225 guests • Free Champagne Tour and Consultation • Experienced Venue Manager • Ceremony Space • Reception Space • Custom Layout Options • House Linen (chair cover add on option available) • Dance Floor • In House Catering Menu(s) • Custom Menu Options Available • Cake Cutting • Bride and Groom Ready Rooms • Bridal Lunch • Grooms Golf Package (upgrade options available) • Free Guest Parking

8 8 9 1 B U R N I N G T R E E R O A D | P E N S A C O L A , F L | S C E N I C H I L L S .C O M | 8 5 0 . 4 7 6 . 0 3 8 0 2020

63.indd 1

5/4/20 11:11 AM

just for her

About Us

Connect & Follow us 64.indd 1

5/4/20 11:11 AM

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