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5/25/21 11:21 PM

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Chimney Swifts are known to take up residence in chimneys and other chimney-like structures from March through August in the panhandle. They are a federally protected, migratory bird, and come here only to nest and stay long enough for their young to learn to fly. Chimney Swifts will return to the same chimney year after year. It is extremely important to have the fireplace and chimney cleaned to remove any nesting material or matter left behind, as it can cause a respiratory condition called Histoplasmosis. It is also important to have an inspection to evaluate what needs to be done to keep them from coming back to your home in the future. Here at ARC, we are experts in handling issues caused by Chimney Swifts and ensuring they don’t return to your chimney.

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5/25/21 11:22 PM


Volume VI • Issue VI

events 10 Member Social Derby Party 13 Croquet & Rose on the Bay 21 Burger Battle by The Bay 26 Clays for Commerce 29 36th Annual Pensacola Crawfish Festival 32 Glow Paddle Ribbon Cutting 36 The Special Event - PSOG Luncheon 38 Pensacola Chamber’s Open House and Ribbon Cutting 40 The Well Soft Opening 44 Carnivale Kick Off Celebration 46 37th Annual Pensacola Jazzfest 50 Fashioned for More 54 Junior Achievement Mardi Gras Bowl 56 Junior League Annual Meeting 58 10th Annual Krewe of Blues Pin & Bead Festival 60 Mother’s Day Garden Party

on the cover John & Romana Lopez Photography by Verla Price at Member Social Derby Party

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Style Straight Talk Swizzle Save the Date Give Care Share May We Suggest Locale Coastal Cuisine I Am Pensacola

VIP Pensacola Staff Publisher Greg Alexander

Art Director Priscilla Atkins

Associate Publisher Verla Price

Contributing Writers/ Photographers Greg Alexander Patti Hall Kevin Houghton Verla Price Anna Stockton Kristina Wright

Advertising Stephanie Alvarez Kristin Moffitt Kevin O’Rourke Verla Price Publisher’s Assistant Anna Stockton Graphic Designer Patti Hall

VIP Founder Jeff Watson

June 2021 | 7

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5/26/21 9:30 AM

letter from the Associate Publisher

As May started winding down and the process of putting the June issue together began, my mind briefly slipped back to last year. The June issue in 2020 came out fi lled with pages of zoom meetings and more editorial than typically found in a VIP magazine. You might have asked yourself what was missing? The people. When publishing a magazine based on events, charity functions, and people in general, it was hard to hold the course when the group events were canceled and the fundraisers that we support each month were not maintained. This brief trip down memory lane fi lled my chest with love for you, our clients, and readers who kept us in your homes and on your coffee tables when you could have found other things to read. As our city continues to recover from the economic impact of COVID, VIP Pensacola will donate numerous pages each issue to these goodwill happenings. If you are in charge of a fundraiser, I would be pleased to include the occasion in a future publication. Please feel free to contact me with the information. I think you will enjoy this issue of VIP Pensacola as we once again take you from evening gowns to krewe parties with the fl ip of a few pages. You will find details about Croquet & Rose on the Bay, Glow Paddle Boarding, and the 37th Pensacola Jazz Fest for a start. I would be remiss if I did not mention the fun I had finding a dress and decorating a hat for the Scenic Hills member social. The twist for the party was the Kentucky Derby and an honorary racehorse was brought out for photos which can be seen on page 10. Pensacola Style throws us into beachwear with hats and coverups while Coastal Cuisine is all fishy. Swizzle made me smile and think of the wine glasses in my cabinets, and Straight Talk by Tonya Zimmern eased my fears of inflation in the housing market. As you finish the June issue, meet Richard Crenshaw, owner of Gents Formal Wear downtown, who has supported VIP Pensacola from the beginning. Thank YOU for supporting VIP Pensacola; please be kind, courteous, and shop local.

Associate Publisher (850) 502-7970



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5/26/21 8:58 AM



i t w h y O a u l rP P e




Family Owned and Operated 6235 N. Davis Hwy Pensacola, FL 32504 (850) 637-1123 Mission Statement PetlandPensacola

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415 Mary Esther Cut Off NW Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 (850) 796-2424 PetlandFortWaltonBeach

5/25/21 11:23 PM

VIP Pensacola at Scenic Hills Country Club

Leo Lynne & Penny Strickland

John & Romana Lopez

Trey Meyers & Ed Villar

Member Social Derby Party photos & story by Verla Price


cenic Hills Country Club kicked off the first member’s social of the year on April 29 under the pavilion. A jovial group of people gathered, happy to see each other and share in the derby style happy hour. In bright dresses and decorated hats, ladies floated around amid men in derby hats and social attire, some even dressed as jockeys. Megan Gulsby brought her horse Yogi, who posed as the honorary racehorse for photos between sweet golf course grass bites. Mint Juleps were flowing along with Bourbon Tastings and delicious Derby Food. The hat decorating competition was immensely competitive. Live flowers and flowing scarves adorned the ladies’ hats, one gentleman had an entire race track glued on the brim of his hat, complete with plastic horses and a trophy. Thinking a membership to a country club is all about golf would be incorrect at Scenic Hills. There are many groups and member functions planned all year that do not include touching the course.

Erick Hansen & Brandon Nelson 10

Jennifer & Jeremy Reese

Verla Price & Debbie Schreck

Honorary Race Horse Yogi


Member Social Derby Party.indd 1

5/26/21 10:20 AM

Samantha, Dan & Catherine Storey

Paula Shea, Donna Glaze & Anna Lacy

Yogi, Trey Meyers & Bridgette Jenson

Susan & Bill Sears

Sean & Samantha Williams, Julie Danna

Jeff Gulsby & Vanessa Correia

Yogi & Megan Gulsby

Teresa & Mike Nelson

Arleen Lynne, Virginia Strickland & Penny Strickland June 2021 | 11

Member Social Derby Party.indd 2

5/25/21 11:24 PM

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All injections by Dr. Kevin Welch, MD 8333 North Davis HWY · Pensacola, FL



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5/25/21 11:24 PM

VIP Pensacola at Barkley House

photos & story by Kristina Wright


read and Table Club once again hosted their favorite fundraiser event, Croquet & Rose on the Bay, on May 8 at the Barkley House. This year, due to the Covid pandemic and the Pensacola Bay Bridge being shut down, they decided to do it a little different than previous years. “We knew a large public event was not going to be an option this year, but we also knew our members were wanting a chance to gather, share together, and enjoy the friendly competition, but as safely as possible,” said Shelley Black, President and Co-Founder. The B&T Board got together and came up with a unique twist. Attendees this year brought their own seating and their own culinary delights and adult beverages. The Club supplied the location, the beautiful decor, some fabulous raffle baskets, an amazing array of delicious desserts, a few unique wine tastings, and of course the coveted Croquet Tournament. The result was quite surprising. Attendees went above and beyond setting up elegant, fun and spectacular areas, bringing a variety of elevating dishes, rare wines, personalized cocktails, and truly enjoying themselves immensely. The competition was a fierce one, with 14 teams battling for the coveted title of 2021 Croquet & Rose’ Champions. Team Incredi-balls, David Dozier, Renee Montalbano, Charlie Smith and Sarah Wyatt Parker came out with the hard-fought win. In the end, the day was a tremendous success with all proceeds once again supporting Bread and Table Club’s charity, Feeding the Gulf Coast’s Children’s Backpack Program.

David & Renee Dozier, Sarah Palmer & Charlie Smith

Chris & Genevieve Kurpius

Nelson Munn & April Davidson

Shelley & Steve Black

Judy Dyer, David & Caty Savage, Cliff Favereau June 2021 | 13

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5/25/21 11:24 PM

VIP Pensacola at Croquet & Rose on the Bay

Roman Nowak, Ray Lee & Dolph Todd

Carol Stoot, Jill Stein, Michelle Patterson & Natalia Burroughs

Andy West & Shelby Hamilton

Holly Hayes, April King, Katrina Crowe & Rhonda Wehrenberg

Barbara Rogers, Tammy Timbi & Melissa Sidoti

Danny Dew & Karen Favereau 14

Ruth Holman, Rich & Rica Rogers

Elena Elkhoury, Kate Hamani, Wadih Elkhoury & Felix Ermolenko


13-15 Event_Croquet & Rose on the Bay .indd 2

5/25/21 11:24 PM

Richard & Allison Buckley, Katrina Crowe

Marcia Roshchin, Elena Elkhoury & Jennifer Belcher

Lindsy Olesky & Melanie Bakarian

Carrie Lee, Christina Todd & Robin Nowak June 2021 | 15

13-15 Event_Croquet & Rose on the Bay .indd 3

5/25/21 11:25 PM

Beachin Beachwear O

story by Anna Stockton

h beach season, we have such a complicated relationship. On one hand, I adore the sunny days with my feet in the sand and the sound of the waves gently crashing while I relax in a beach chair. On the other hand, maybe I don’t love the whole trying on swimsuits thing, maybe it’s about as much fun as doing all those crunches I was supposed to do well before the season even started. But fear not my fellow sun worshippers, we’ve got a little something for everyone to look their best as you enjoy our beautiful Gulf Coast beaches.

We’ve got you Covered

Perhaps traipsing around in your swimsuit isn’t your jam or maybe you prefer to protect your delicate skin, cover-ups are the way to do both while looking fashionable. Sarongs, a delicate gauze tunic or even a simply cotton pullover, all serve double duty as both style pieces as well as providing both modesty and sun protection.

Sporty Spice

In conversation with my friend the other day she mentioned a desire for a sporty swimsuit, one that moves with you as you run, jump and swim. Of course I looked at her confused as I don’t understand why anyone would be that active at the beach when there’s perfectly good lounging that can be done (see paragraph above) but alas, I suppose there are those out there. So, lines like Athleta and Jolyn are here for those overachievers who want to make the most of their beach time and look cute doing it.

16-17 Style_Beachin Beachwear.indd 1

5/25/21 11:25 PM

Hats Off To You

Is there anything more glamorous than a fabulous straw hat with a pop of color? Protection from the sun with the added bonus of style and a fashion statement. Some of these hats even have a dose of sass with sayings like “Beach Please” and my personal favorite “Resting Beach Face.” Let’s not forget the gentlemen, they need some fun sun protection too. Straw hats with under brim designs are all the rage along the Gulf Coast amongst fisherman and beachgoers alike. American flags, tropical flowers, and nautical themes are just a few under brim designs on these cool straw hats that keep your face and neck protected while looking your best.

Nobody Likes a Shady Beach

Another beach must-have are sunglasses, or as the cool kids used to call them “shades.” Now with all the “Mavericks-in-training” we have here in the Pandandle you might forget there’s options other than aviator sunglasses. Now don’t think we’re losing that loving feeling for aviators, we’re just pointing out that shades come in many styles and colors -- mens or womens, cheap or bougie, colorful or plain -- there’s something for everyone. Stylish, all while protecting your delicate eyes and maybe providing a little discretion while, ahem… checking out the other beachgoers. Great balls of fire!

16-17 Style_Beachin Beachwear.indd 2

5/25/21 11:25 PM

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5/26/21 10:50 AM

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5/26/21 10:52 AM

An Award-winning Senior Living Community in Gulf Breeze Proper


INDEPENDENT LIVING ASSISTED LIVING MEMORY CARE APARTMENTS Celebrating ARTFUL® Dining, ZESTFUL® Activities, and HEARTFUL® Care. Immerse yourself in new passions and curiosities, make lasting friendships and explore new opportunities.

Within minutes of churches, schools, and shopping! 6 minutes to Pensacola Beach, 4 minutes to Gulf Breeze Hospital

50 Joachim Drive, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 | 850-934-1018

Serving the Gulf Coast for over 40 years


Pensacola • Pace • Gulf Breeze

• LASI V • S

Robert C. Harbour, MD Voted Best Eyecare Professional 2020 Voted Best Eyecare Professional 2019 Voted Best Medical Practice in Pensacola 2018 Voted Best Eyecare Professional 2017 20


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5/25/21 11:26 PM

VIP Pensacola at Community Maritime Park

photos & story by Kristina Wright


fter having to cancel last year’s competition due to COVID-19, the Pensacola Suburban West Rotary Club and Pensacola Cordova Rotary Club teamed up to co-host the Burger Battle by the Bay at the Community Maritime Park on Saturday, May 1. Samples of grilled burgers made by over 20 cook teams were available, with various styles, toppings, and sauces. Some serious burger grillers competed for the Professional Team category, and all teams competed for the coveted People’s Choice vote. All teams prepared their Burgers on a real charcoal grill. Attendees voted for their favorite amateur team. The professional team division was judged by Sue Straughn from WEAR, Chip Simmons from ESCO, and The Moose from Cat Country. The Butcher Shoppe on Langley provided 50 pounds of beef to each amateur cook team, and Wind Creek Hospitality was the Double Decker Level sponsor of the event. Proceeds benefited Take Stock in Children – Escambia County and the other community service projects of the Pensacola SubWest Rotary Foundation. First place winners in each division were: Professional Division: True Grit American Bistro, Rotary Division: Pensacola Cordova Rotary, Amateur Division: Take Stock in Children - Escambia County.

Nancy Mendez, Alexmarie Tartarilla, Aidan Sidner-Palafox & Penny Jenkins

Steve McNally & Donnie Stokes

Will Dunaway & Cully Turner

Yuri Stibolt, Kimberly Anderson & Dr. Bill Spain

Chase Pisciotta & Alex Mason

Wanda White, Dr. Sally Lee, Bob White & Ann Yoshihashi June 2021 | 21

21-23 Event_Burger Battle by The Bay.indd 1

5/25/21 11:27 PM

VIP Pensacola at Burger Battle by the Bay

Hank Gonzales & Kirk Waters

Yaneickia Hayes & Angei Morris

Walter & Lalla Pierce

Dale Long, Jehan Clark, Patrick Price (front), Brent Videau, Pete Clark & Greg Digby Big Moose, Sue Straughn & Sherriff Chip Simmons

Jesse Sproles & Jacob Morris

Breeze Smith & Juwels Guerra

Joseph & Chloe Fulton

Bailey Poston, Centyah Moye, Elise Brandon, Allison Banks, Dayre Lias & Chuntell Patterson 22


21-23 Event_Burger Battle by The Bay.indd 2

5/25/21 11:27 PM

Juanita Harvin, Audrey Preston & Dr. Sandra Winborne

Best in Pensacola Place for a Date & Locally Owned Restaurant

Jan Pooley, Olevia McNally & Sally Fox

Large Wine Selection Full Bar NOW Open Outdoor Patio

Patsy, Anthony & Aaron Taylor

HOURS Lunch: M-Sat. 11 am - 4 pm Dinner: M-Sat. 4 pm - 9 pm Brunch: Sun. 11 am - 2 pm

Cordova Marketplace

David Beard & Lynn Waters

4350 Bayou Blvd · Pensacola, FL 850.477.9120 · June 2021 | 23

21-23 Event_Burger Battle by The Bay.indd 3

5/25/21 11:27 PM

Sip in Style


story by Anna Stockton

once had a set of wine glasses with the numbers 1-12 etched into the glass, a unique and fun way to ensure no one got their wine glasses confused at a party. Oh how I loved those wine glasses, somehow having barware with numbers on them made me feel like the “hostess with the mostest.” My run as entertainer of the year came to an abrupt halt one night at the hands of my friend, Angela…literally. As her spirited way of gesturing when she spoke sent glass number 10 flying through the air, crashing on the tile floor. Now 10 years and 6 moves later, only glass number 5 remains, she’s still my favorite and I do everything I can to protect her from the horrors that befell the other eleven glasses. While I admit I’m being a bit dramatic with my tale of wine glass woes, barware can be a fun and unique way to show off your personality while you serve your guests.

24-25 Swizzle_Sip in Style.indd 1

5/25/21 11:27 PM

rowback while you throw down ~ Mid-century pieces are all the rage right now, including the barware. Oranges, greens and funky designs can be found on glasses and ice buckets, all ready to serve your groovy guests. Most antique shops have a plethora of full sets to choose from or piece together a few different kinds to make a fun make-shift vintage set. A word of caution though, product standards weren’t the same then as they are now so do a little research before you sip from your vintage find. Contrary to what our grandparents thought, whiskey does not, in fact, cancel out harmful chemicals. It’s science y’all.

You So Fancy ~ While vintage and holiday barware

Holiday Spirits ~ Okay so I’ve become one of those

glasses in your bar, you have to have stylish accessories as well. Cocktail shakers in the shape of the Empire State Building, sugar cane stir sticks from a plantation in Louisiana, your grandmother’s 1950’s serving tray and monogrammed cocktail napkins, these are just a few examples of lively ways to add style to your bar. Especially unique items that have a backstory from a trip, person, or experience make a great conversation piece while you’re serving your guests.

people who change out my dishes for the holidays. I don’t know when that happened, probably around the same time I started putting plastic bags into other plastic bags. Anyway, doing the same with barware adds a festive feel to your get together. Whether it’s “Ho Ho Ho” on your highball glasses or a skeleton stem on your wine glass, getting into the holidays is a fun way to entertain. And just like those plastic bags, I can’t stop, won’t stop until I run out of room.

24-25 Swizzle_Sip in Style.indd 2

are fun, it’s a good idea to have some nice, upscale pieces in your collection as well. Sometimes you want to host a fancy dinner party or have your family over to a nice Thanksgiving dinner, you definitely don’t want to be serving your guests their cocktails in a glass that says “shut up liver, you’re fine.” Classics like Waterford and Vietri and more modern companies like Estelle Colored Glass are good staples to have in your collection. Check out some of your local high-end gift shops and jewelry stores to see what they carry.

Cocktail Curios ~ Now, you can’t have just stylish

5/25/21 11:28 PM

VIP Pensacola at Santa Rosa Shooting Center

Glenn Aderholdt & Justin Beck

Clays for Commerce photos & story by Patti Hall


he Greater Pensacola Chamber hosted a Clay Shoot at Santa Rosa Shooting Center on Friday, May 14. Both beginners and experienced sporting clay enthusiasts gathered in the early morning to shoot clays while building camaraderie at this popular event that benefits the Chamber. The event consisted of 40 participants. The day kicked off with a delicious breakfast followed by a few hours of clay shooting at the different stations offered on the course. The event wrapped up with lunch, a raffle, and an award ceremony.

Camaran Cook & David LaRock

Michael Anderson, Sean Anderson & Dave Cambron

Eric Buer, John Molcham, Jerry Unruh & Don Quinn 26

Captain Tim Kinsella, Dr. John Adams & Retired Brig Gen John Adams

Sara Lefevers & Breanna Clark


26 Event_Clays for Commerce.indd 1

5/25/21 11:28 PM

850-941-4444 7400 Pine Forest Road


Thank you for voting us Best In Pensacola 2020, we would appreciate your votes for best Florist in 2021. June 2021 | 27

27 ads thompson-w & SoGardens.indd 1

5/25/21 11:28 PM

Car Not Running Right - Run Right to Gary

Just added to the fleet. New towing service vehicle built specifically for this industry. The ability to carry more parts, tools and batteries allowing for faster roadside assistance.

ears perience erti cations


lass AS Master Auto Truc Tech

ine Forest oad, ensacola, F 28

“Very Pleasant to work with. Worked me in. Great place, good price.” - Gerald E.


28 ads silver pixel & gary sapp.indd 1

5/25/21 11:28 PM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Square


Pensacola Crawfish Festival photos & story by Kristina Wright


iesta Pensacola hosted their 36th Annual Crawfish Festival from April 30 thru May 2. This year the festival was held in Seville Square and Fountain Park, providing a wonderful new location to enjoy great food, live entertainment, and activities for all ages. Fiesta Pensacola was excited to announce the return of Cordova Crawfish Company as their crawfish vendor. The festival featured thousands of pounds of boiled crawfish provided by the Pensacola based company. Other delicious options included Jambalaya, Étouffée, Crab Cakes, Gumbo, Red Beans & Rice, Crawfish Bread, Shrimp, Bloomin’ Onions, Chicken Tenders, Funnel Cakes, Ice Cream, and several food truck vendors. Entertainment stages featured performances throughout the weekend by Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys, Gregg Martinez & The Delta Kings, Wayne Toups, Rocky Denney Brotherhood, Six Piece Suits, Spearman Brewers, Masterpiece, Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band, and Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble. This year’s Crawfish Festival sponsors included Bud Light, COX Communications, Pepsi, WEAR ABC 3, Independent News, Cat Country 98.7, News Radio 1620, Pensacola News Journal, Community Coffee, Lamar Advertising, Wind Creek Hospitality, Alsco, and Framing By Design. The mission of the Fiesta Pensacola is to celebrate the area’s heritage, promote tourism, and build pride in Pensacola through festive activities which enhance the quality of life in the community. For more information about the Pensacola Crawfish Festival or other Fiesta events, call 850-433-6512, visit or

Connie Morse, Nikki Fuqua & Matt Gaines

Stephen, Olivia, Ava, Isaac & Elana Hammock

Michael Kotter, Grace Meyer, Gracie & Michael Price June 2021 | 29

29-30 Event_36th Annual Pensacola Crawfish Festival 1.5pgs.indd 1

5/25/21 11:29 PM

VIP Pensacola at the Pensacola Crawfish Festival


Benny Gaines, Margaret-Anne West, & Peter Dyson

Zac Comeau, Rachel Van Wart & Brookland Gordon


POLONZA.COM (850) 912-6454 Instagram ~ Facebook

286 N Palafox St. | Pensacola, FL 32502

Aislinn, Maren, Reed & Drew Rehwinkel with Josie 30

Contact to reserve for wedding receptions, office parties, networking events and more!


29-30 Event_36th Annual Pensacola Crawfish Festival 1.5pgs.indd 2

5/25/21 11:29 PM

Energy Savers of Florida Creating Comfortable Homes Across Northwest Florida Since 1996

Coleman 10 year no out-of-pocket repair cost! Commercial & Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Services in the Pensacola, FL Area

We Can’t Wait to Make Your Home Safer, Cleaner, and More Comfortable

Call Now! (850) 983-6688 or visit 31 energy savers.indd 1

5/25/21 11:29 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Beach

Christina Leavenworth & Matt Powell

David Tiller & Grace Arneault

Bobby Burns & Elizabeth Williams

Glow Paddle Ribbon Cutting photos & story by Patti Hall


ensacola Beach Chamber held the ribbon cutting for the Glow Paddle on Pensacola Beach on Thursday, April 15. New business Glow Paddle, formed by Matt Powell and Christina Leavenworth, is the Panhandle’s most talked-about new adventure. Despite the rain, many people waited for the sun to go down to experience the glow kayaks. Kayak under the stars in the crystal clear kayaks with innovative led lights underneath you to be immersed “under the sea.” You can enjoy the clear kayaks enabling you to see the marine life as you paddle during the day. The kayaks will launch at the dock behind Margaritaville Beach Hotel. You paddle in the calm, crystal clear waters of Little Sabine. Glow Paddle will be open between 1:30 pm 12:30 am - 7 days a week. Come on out to get your Glow On!


Kevin Bryant & Brenda Purdy

Christine Brewer & Matt Clark

Patti Hall & Bob Sudnias

Ribbon Cutting

Patty Spradling & Brett Jackson


Glow Paddle.indd 1

5/25/21 11:30 PM

JUNE 5 Sea Turtle Baby Shower Casino Beach | Pensacola Beach 11:00am-1:00pm Shell-e-brate sea turtles with Pensacola Beach Advocates and friends. Raffle tickets for sale online, see flyer and QR code for details or purchase on site for a chance to be crowned Ms. Sea Turtle Queen of 2021! Various organizations will be on site providing free activities for the kiddos. For more info and ticket sales visit PensacolaBeachAdvocates.



Blues Angels Music on the Bay

Michael Jackson - A Thrilling Tribute

Community Maritime Park 301 W Main Street | Pensacola 6:oo-8:00pm

Saenger Theatre 118 S Palafox Place | Pensacola 7:00pm

Pack your coolers, bring your lawn chairs to the Hunter Amphitheater for this free concert series! Cross Town Band is a Classic Rock and Variety band comprised of five professional musicians: All members are experienced musicians from the Pensacola Area.

Falynne Lewing brings this fast-paced, exciting, highenergy 70-minute tribute show to the Saenger Theatre for a third performance featuring her team of highly skilled, professional dancers from Red Hot Productions! See for ticketing and details.

For rest of summer line-up, visit



Dinner with Strings Attached

50th Annual Pensacola International Billfish Tournament

Jacksons Steakhouse 400 S Palafox Street | Pensacola First Seating: 5:00pm Second Seating: 7:30pm

Palafox Pier & Yacht Harbor 997 S Palafox Street | Pensacola This event continues to take pride in presenting the most affordable and family friendly tournament on the Gulf Coast. The entire weekend is fi lled with events, and weigh-ins are always exciting for spectators. See full schedule at

An opportunity for newcomers and symphony enthusiasts alike - an evening dinner performance by Pensacola Symphony musicians. Musical selections for the evening will feature a variety of favorite classics and light pops. Chef Miller has prepared a special feature for the event. This event has limited seating. For reservations, please call Jackson’s Steakhouse, 850- 469-9898.

Visit for more events!

Event information may be out of date due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please confirm details with event organizers. June 2021 | 33

33 Save the Date DPcola.indd 1

5/25/21 11:30 PM

GI V E | C A R E | S H A R E

photos provided by Alaqua Animal Refuge


aurie Hood founded the Alaqua Animal Refuge in 2007 when she discovered that her county, and several surrounding counties, were without an animal shelter or adoption center of any kind. Animals were being picked up in a five-county area and transported to a facility that was not open to the public, where the euthanasia rate was nearly 100%. It was a defining point in Laurie’s life when she realized this was a huge issue, not only where she lived but all around her. She knew she had to decide to ignore it or to start doing something about it. Thankfully, she did the latter, and Alaqua was practically created overnight. All of Alaqua’s broad services were designed and built from the ground up. They provide for a wide variety of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, birds, pigs, rabbits, goats, turtles, geese and even emus. The diversity of their services comes in many forms. They rehabilitate animals that they rescue from cruelty or hoarding situations and take in animals from shelters to prevent them from being euthanized. They take in animals with mild to severe medical cases who would otherwise not have a chance to be rehabilitated. Alaqua also takes in animals from domestic violence victims so that they can leave their abusive homes and eventually be reunited with their pets. They also give animals that are trained by their staff dog trainer to families in need of a service dog but can’t afford one.

34-35 GiveCareShare - Alaqua Pcola.indd 1

Alaqua’s staff and volunteers socialize, love, and care for all animals that come through their gates as if they were their own, while working to find them their forever homes through their full-service adoption services. Alaqua is home to the largest volunteer network on the Emerald Coast that works effortlessly to support their mission. For all animals in their care, they provide day-to-day necessities for them to thrive including food, medical treatments, walks, socializing, and provision on individual care to those with special needs. Alaqua also assists law enforcement and the state attorneys’ offices by working abuse, neglect, hoarding, and puppy mill cases at no charge to the agencies, and they offer disaster rescue and relief work to many organizations and communities. Alaqua has some beneficial community programs that include working with handicapped and special needs individuals, along with PTSD patients in their equine assisted therapy program. Enabling the public to have the knowledge to provide proper animal care is also important to them, so they help educate animal owners on issues such as disease prevention and spaying/ neutering. Being a voice for animals is an important overlay of Alaqua’s ongoing work, both regionally and nationally, and they continually advocate for legislation to protect all animals. One of Alaqua’s goals is to be a model shelter, and sanctuary so that others can learn from them. They work with people all across the country to provide consultations so that others can start a shelter and/or institute programs similar to Alaqua’s where they live. Learn more about Alaqua and how you can help, contribute, or help fulfill the needs of animals in another community at

5/25/21 11:31 PM

Interview with Laurie Hood, President Alaqua Animal Refuge We are now adding that human aspect to our mission and will expand our programs and services to allow people to benefit from the healing powers and unconditional love that animals provide. What is the mission of Alaqua?

Ironically enough, we are in the process of modifying our mission statement. Traditionally, our mission has been to provide shelter, safety, and second chances to animals in need. After 14 years of operation and healing thousands of abandoned and abused animals, we realized that the animals were also helping to provide healing to the humans that work with them. We are now adding that human aspect to our mission and will expand our programs and services to allow people to benefit from the healing powers and unconditional love that animals provide. Tell us about the location and the property where Alaqua is situated.

Currently, we are located on 10 acres in Freeport, Florida, but we will soon relocate our shelter and operations to 100 acres of donated land just down the road! It’s an amazing opportunity to become a destination for animal advocates across the country, while providing adoption, rescue, and educational opportunities to people who visit us. The one-of-a-kind facility and sanctuary will be the first of its kind in the United States. Half of our new facility is dedicated to native, wild animals that cannot be released as well. How is Alaqua funded?

Alaqua receives no federal or state funding, operating solely on funds that are raised through private donations and fundraising, including special events, planned giving, and grants. What impact has Alaqua had on the community in the last year?

I may be partial, but I don’t know what our community would do without us. We

have become the “go-to” organization to help animals in our area. Our impact is immeasurable, and the animals and people around us have become dependent on us. What is the most rewarding part of your involvement with the organization?

I have the absolute pleasure of watching creatures who have given up on life find healing here and find a new loving home. I get to see animals who come in with horrific injuries get treated by our amazing medical team and have a second chance at life, happiness, and most of all love. I also get to hear from volunteers, staff, and adopters as to how this amazing place has changed their lives. Rewarding is an understatement. To know how Alaqua has grown and is so loved by so many truly warms my heart. How is Alaqua staffed? Are there volunteer opportunities?

Alaqua has a full staff that ranges from animal care technicians, to veterinarians, to adoption coordinators, and executive teams. We also have almost 400 volunteers that donate their time to us and it takes every one of us to make an organization like Alaqua thrive. We have many volunteer opportunities available!

100 Point and Cult Wine Dinner one evening, followed by a Barn Jam for the general public the next. What is one thing you want readers to know about Alaqua?

So many people tell me that they would love to come out to visit, but they can’t stand to see homeless animals and the sadness of it. I want all people to know that Alaqua is the opposite of that, and in fact we have been called heaven on earth for animals by most! It truly is a happy environment and it has become evident that there is no place quite like it. How can someone become involved or help with Alaqua?

There are so many ways to help! Adopt your next pet from us. Volunteer your time here on property or at one of our events. Donate! You can donate money, a car or boat you no longer need, and many people have decided to leave us their estate to help with our operations.

Are there any upcoming events?

As for most non-profits, COVID-19 took a toll on us. We have not been able to host many signature fundraisers that we depend on over a year and half. We have finally scheduled our Fall event, Animoré—A Weekend Benefit for the Love of Animals for October 8 and 9, 2021. It is an amazing and epic weekend long event that consists of our intimate June 2021 | 35

34-35 GiveCareShare - Alaqua Pcola.indd 2

5/25/21 11:31 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Yacht Club

The Special Event photos & story by Kristina Wright

Lindi Kessler & Lydia Abrams

T Sooz Cobb & Dana Tripoli

Jill Clark & Patricia Drlicka

he Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild met for the final luncheon of the year at the waterfront Pensacola Yacht Club with record breaking attendance. Led by Maude Sawyer and Ruth Stewart, members arrived wearing bright colors for Cinco de Mayo, and were treated to a Cinco de Mayo salad, Mexican lasagna, Spanish rice, Mexicorn, pita bread, and tres leches cake. 1st Vice President Lyndi Kessler and 2nd Vice President Sooz Cobb have made the PSOG themed luncheons something to look forward to each month between September and May at various venues. A trio of harps played by Cynthia Tappan, Bill Warren, and Dr. Sandra Durr entertained before and during the luncheon. A silent auction was held, with a sellout of all items that had been generously donated from the community and members, some honoring former Assistant Treasurer, Jo Jones, from her estate, lovingly donated by her husband, Bill Jones. Immediate Past President Roz Leahy and Directory Chair presented two Declarations of Appreciation and Gratitude to Chef Gus Silivos and Nancy Nestor for their all the support New World Landing offered during meetings and their annual fund raiser, Magnolias and White Linens. Honorary Member, Parliamentarian and Sunshine Chair, Dona Usry, used a unique egg theme for her clever officer induction. The incoming officers for 2021-2022 are Returning President, Trisha Woodburn, 1st VP Nan Destafney, 2nd VP Sue-Sue-Sherrill, Returning Secretary Ann Mitchell, Returning Treasurer, Janet Puskar, Assistant Treasurer, Charlotte Cheney. The mission of the PSOG is to support the musicians with the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. Memberships are currently being accepted at a cost of $50 for the year 2021-2022. Please contact the Membership Chair, Lynne Tobin by visiting their website, for further information.

Trisha Woodburn, Nan DeStafney, Sue-Sue Sherrill, Janet Puskar, Charlotte Cheney & Roz Leahy 36


36-37 Event_PSOG- A Special Event .indd 1

5/25/21 11:31 PM

Sandra Durr, Cynthia Tappan & Bill Warren

Joyce Schifiliti & Carol Petty

Ann Rohrberger & Ruth Stewart

Gene Olsen & Barbara Eager

Sue Flanders & Anne Hart

Lesley & Mark Lucas

Dick & Bonnie Bedics

Mary Ruth Dobie, David & Stephanie Vockell

Margo Broxton, Monette Payne & Wilma Steele June 2021 | 37

36-37 Event_PSOG- A Special Event .indd 2

5/25/21 11:32 PM

VIP Pensacola at Greater Pensacola Chamber

Pensacola Chamber’s

John McCorvey & Angie Morris

Open House and Ribbon Cutting

Todd Thomson & Ray Walker

photos & story by Patti Hall

O Willa Licata & Aaron Ball

n May 20, the Greater Pensacola Chamber siezed an opportunity to hold their open house and ribbon cutting for their new facility at 418 W. Garden Street and SouthTel, Inc. sponsored the event as the month’s Business After Hours. Guests were invited to an evening of mingling in a non-traditional, unique networking event set up as a mini expo of multiple vendors showcasing their businesses. Folks did not leave hungry as each vendor had snacks available. Charcuterie boards, Chick-fi l-A, brownies, and cookies were just a few of the options - and, of course there was wine! Curtis Cantrell with SouthTel provided the entertainment. It was a night of networking in a fun, relaxed environment, many business relationships were developed, and everyone was glad to see the Chamber’s new digs. Some lucky attendees even went home with fantastic door prizes.

Donna Pruitt & Suzanne Spann

Barbara MacNeil & Dennis LaMontagne 38

Jill Andrusko & Angel Allen

Michael & Faye Wampler

Taylor Bubert, Mary Jordan & Cassy Smith

Sabrina Simpson & Devin Walker


38 Event_Pensacola Chamber Open House and Ribbon Cutting -1pg.indd 1

5/25/21 11:32 PM

Non-TippingCAN COOLER simply the


The Toadfish Can Cooler has a patented suction cup that allows it to stay upright while being hit or rocked. Simply place The Can Cooler on any smooth surface and it will keep your drink in place (securely up-right). To remove simply lift straight up.




DOUBLE WALL VACUUM INSULATION: Keeps your drinks cold until the last sip STAINLESS STEEL: Made with high-grade stainless steel, making them puncture & rust-resistant.

RUBBER LOCKING GASKET: Removable rubber gasket to securely DOUBLE VACUUM INSULATION lockWALL in your can. SLIM CAN ADAPTER: Slim can adapter (available for purchase) that allows you to fit slim cans, bottles, and non-standard size cans like Coors®.

Min. order 25 pcs.

The Toadfish Can Cooler has a patented suction cup that allows it to stay upright while being hit or rocked. Simply place The Can Cooler on any smooth surface and it will keep your drink in place (securely up-right). To remove simply lift straight up.


Thank You for Voting Us Best Limo Transportation /Service


8 5 0. 5 2 9. 4 975 P E N SACO L A PA R T Y B U S .CO M June 2021 | 39

39 ads flip flop & Pcola party bus.indd 1

5/25/21 11:32 PM

VIP Pensacola at The Well

The Well Soft Opening photos & story by Patti Hall


n May 18, The Well, a vintage Florida-style taproom and cocktail lounge, had its soft opening hosted by co-owners and natives of Florida, D.C. Reeves, and Reed Odeneal. The guests were greeted at the door and given a drink menu featuring 10 signature cocktails that feature original names - “Panhandle Pie,” “Via de Luna,” and “In the Reeds.” The cocktails have clever flavor notes and are served thoughtfully in unique glassware with festive garnishes. The destination bar also features a funky barrel-aged beer program, and later this year, a food menu will be launched. “For more than five years, since the idea of Perfect Plain Brewing Co. was born, we have always tried to put our heart and passion into our projects with the hope of making Pensacola proud,” said Reeves. “The Well Floridian Lounge has been more than two years in the making to get it exactly right – a place that honors our home state, provides the hideaway vibe we love, a nationalcaliber cocktail and funky beer program, and most important of all, provides an incredible bar experience.” The Well is located in the East Garden Street District of downtown Pensacola, next door to sister establishments Perfect Plain Brewing Co. and Garden & Grain.


D.C. Reeves & Reed Odeneal

Jill Shade & Daron Bailey

Ali Taylor & Gavin McNeil

Teri Levin & Lindsay Fleege

Felicia & Adam Terhaar

Paige Mougey & Walker Wilson


40-41 Event_The Well Soft Opening.indd 1

5/25/21 11:33 PM

Phillip & Michelle Salzman

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Voted Best Dentist

Dr. Stephanie F. Tilley, DMD

William Porter, Gabrielle Nute & Larry Ball

3927 Creighton Road | 850-479-2525 |

Rebekah Castor, Amanda Johnson & Tanner Stewart

Brooke Mains & Jacob Mota June 2021 | 41

40-41 Event_The Well Soft Opening.indd 2

5/25/21 11:33 PM

Vietri Regalia Wine Glasses - $75 Artesana 242 W Garden Street - Pensacola

Hollyhoux’s Cool Liquid Cushion Flawless Skin Pact - $25 Hollyhoux

Z Supply Beverly Cloud Tie Dye Dress - $88 Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique

Gray Metallic Stripe Neoprene Tote $65 La Di Da Boutique

Tip Top Proper Cocktails - Canned Craft Cocktails Always Balanced -Never too sweet - $3.99-$4.99 ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

42 MayWeSuggest_PcolaJun21.indd 1

5/25/21 11:34 PM


Our Family Insuring Your Family 850-741-4200 |


7000 PINE FOREST ROAD SUITE C, PENSACOLA, FL 32526 June 2021 | 43

43 ads gents, travel leadrs, open.indd 1

5/26/21 8:49 AM

VIP Pensacola at Roger Scott Athletic Complex

Brian & Christy Davidson

Joe Casey, Melissa & Jacob Plack & Curtis Williams

Carnivale Kick Off Celebration


photos & story by Kristina Wright

ensacola Florida has designated May 21st through June 5th as Carnivale Season. Pensacola Mardi Gras events did not happen in the beginning of the year due to Covid-19, and Pensacola is following other Gulf Coast communities in re-envisioning a classic celebration of our community, krewes, and customs by rekindling the Mardi Gras spirt with a two-week special celebration. The 2021 Kick-Off took place May 21, at the Roger Scott Athletic Complex, and included the traditional Blessing of the Krewes, along with a concert style dance party featuring beverages and food. Socially responsible practices and procedures will remain. Attendance to the event was capped at 3,000.


Rosie & Jeff Lee

Michelle Mull & Grayson Stewart

Mark & Elizabeth Baer

Crystal & Richard Wagner

Christina Windham, Kim Flanagan, Scarlett Tullos, Wanda Perritt, Katie McIntosh & Cindy Smith


Carnivale Kickoff Party.indd 1

5/26/21 9:51 AM

Vickie & Dan Powers

Jennifer Hart, Tonya Zimmern & Sherri Ziegler

Ann Hill & Teníadé Broughton

Chip Simmons, Pearce Baker & Andrew Hobbs

Kristi & Greg Sivers

Lisa Long Lyter, Jeff & Carol Ann Rogers

Gabriel & Danielle Waterman & Fenoy Butler

Marie Wheeler & Susan Williams

Sharon & Tito Lopez

Tina Hernandez, John & Terri Misita June 2021 | 45

44.indd 2

5/25/21 11:39 PM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Square

37th Annual

Pensacola JazzFest photos & story by Kristina Wright


azz Pensacola joyfully celebrated their 37th Annual Pensacola JazzFest on May 15-16 in historic Seville Square, downtown Pensacola. Attendees were invited to enjoy fantastic jazz performances with a sensational lineup of musicians and vocalists. Jazz Pensacola provided a spectacular weekend, drawing thousands of jazz fans to this annual premier event. The two-day festival featured national, regional and local jazz bands. National headliners included one of the top recording tuba and acoustic/electric bass players in the United States, Joe Murphy, and his quartet; international jazz pianist Tony Viviano; and national saxophonist Doug Horn. Regional/local headliners include Freedom Jazz Dectet; Five Alive Quintet; Glenn Parker Band; Neighbors You Know; jazz pianist Alex Nollan; La’Roy Bodiford Quartet; Chip Herrington Quintet; Excelsior Brass Band; Isabelle Schrack Band; Nobius; Fais Do-Do; Jack Zoesch Quartet; and Dharma Beats. Pensacola JazzFest could not be possible without the kind and generous help of numerous great sponsors.

April King & Bennett Griffith

Mike Windhorst & Marty Libowsky

Brenda & Tom Bell, Peg Sheridan, Carolyn Tokson & Dave Schmidt 46

In addition to the sounds of jazz, Pensacola JazzFest posters, T-shirts, memorabilia, fine arts and crafts exhibitors were available, along with food vendors offering a chance to try some local cuisine on the go. Jazz Pensacola also announced their “June Jazz Jam” to be held June 2 at The 5 Barrel Brewery & Taproom in downtown Pensacola. Professional musician and long-time Jazz Pensacola member Roger Villines leads Jazz Pensacola’s monthly Jazz Jams. Jazz Jam is strictly for fun, an opportunity to play jazz with the best. Admission is free for participating musicians and vocalists, including high school and college students with a student ID. Jazz Pensacola is an organization of business and professional people, musicians, teachers, students and listeners working together for the purpose of advancing jazz music in Pensacola and the surrounding Gulf Coast region. Jazz Pensacola endeavors to provide a social forum for jazz performance, education and enjoyment for listeners and musicians. Memberships are available at all levels.

Kaitlin & Chris Graye

Pam Stout & Doug Christin


46-47 Event_37th Annual Pensacola JazzFest .indd 1

5/25/21 11:40 PM

Herman Errington & John Eisinger

Art Gibberson, Vicki Shankwitz & Dr. Tom Turner

Jihan & Kevin Cote

Myrl Eisinger, Donna Hyde & Connie Synco

Brigitte & Dion Moten

Margie & Henry Hobbs

Fred Domulot, Ali Egan & Ed Morrison

Stephanie Mickler & Krista Silverman

Clark & Cynthis Garrett

Angie Hafler, Angei Morris & Herman Hafler June 2021 | 47

46-47 Event_37th Annual Pensacola JazzFest .indd 2

5/25/21 11:40 PM

LOCALE O Margaret and Harry Stopp Donate $250,000 to Baptist Health Care Foundation Margaret and Harry Stopp have made a $250,000 contribution to support the new Baptist Health Care campus at Brent Lane and I-110.

Margaret Stopp has served on Baptist boards since 2009 and currently serves as the board chair for Baptist Health Care Foundation. She and her husband have chosen Baptist for their care for many years. They credit the organization’s culture, compassion and local engagement as their reasons for donating to Baptist, noting this is their way of giving back to the community. “The Baptist culture is really important,” Margaret Stopp said. “We see the leaders and team members striving to make a difference – to care for people. Baptist walks the walk when it comes to what Jesus taught, and we admire and appreciate that. No one is perfect, but we see Baptist working toward perfection, always trying to treat those they serve with compassion and dignity.” Baptist announced the new main hospital campus investment in 2019. The new campus will offer greater access, enhanced technology and a concentration of related services, making it easier and more convenient to deliver better care to those served. “Generous individuals such as Margaret and Harry are vital to help Baptist transform for the future so we can serve our community for generations to come,” said Mark Faulkner, president and CEO of Baptist Health Care. “We are incredibly grateful for the Stopps’ philanthropic gift and longstanding support.” ECSD Stellar Employee of the Year for 2020-2021 The Escambia County School District’s Stellar Employee of the Year was announced During the May meeting of the Escambia County School Board. Superintendent Tim 48

Smith introduced Suzanne Barnes who was also the Stellar Employee for the Month of February. She is the administrative school secretary at Brown Barge Middle School. She has been with the district for 10 years, and in her position for 5.5 years. He told those in attendance that to be stellar means to be exceptionally good or outstanding; Suzanne Barnes is far beyond a stellar employee. Smith continued to share that Suzanne Barnes is the epitome of the phrase: calm in the storm. Brown-Barge Middle School includes a passionate and energetic group of people teaching students in very unconventional, yet very effective ways.

“Ms. Barnes is an amazing ‘director of first impressions’ for all who enter the lobby at Brown Barge Middle School. She juggles parents, students, staff and teachers, all while carefully orchestrating the day-today operations of a very busy front office,” said Superintendent Smith. “Barnes is the absolute go-to person in any time of need for all of the staff members at Brown Barge. Barnes is unequivocally adored by the staff and students, and it shows in their actions, comments, little appreciation notes and pre-Covid hugs. You would not have known that a couple of years ago she was battling cancer and dealing with multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. According to Brown Barge’s Principal Joe Snyder,

Suzanne Barnes is his sounding board, voice of reason, confidant and complete rockstar! The administration of Brown Barge Middle School is proud of her accomplishments and the school is a much better place because of her presence. During the May School Board meeting, Ms. Barnes received a plaque from the school district and a check for $500 from Members First Credit Union. Gallery Night Events to Return in July 2021

The Gallery Night Pensacola Board of Directors is pleased to announce the return of its monthly Gallery Night events in Downtown Pensacola beginning July 16, 2021, Bringing Art on Street, Musical Performances, Food Trucks, and More Back To Downtown Pensacola Gallery Night will once again host its monthly art centric event on the third Friday from 5p-10p. The July event will coincide with the city’s upcoming Bicentennial celebration. “Our artists, merchants and vendors have waited patiently for so long to return to the streets of Downtown Pensacola,” said executive director Sydney Robinson. “We are so excited and grateful to be hosting our popular event once again.” Since Gallery Night events were suspended in March 2020, the Gallery Night Pensacola Board of Directors provided virtual and pop-up events to promote the local artist community and Downtown Pensacola businesses. The board is now confident, based on the most recent CDC reports and vaccine numbers, that this outdoor event can once again take place at 100% capacity. While CDC guidelines do not require a mask for any outdoor events for those that are fully vaccinated, the Pensacola Gallery


48-49 Locale - Pcola.indd 1

5/25/21 11:40 PM

LOCALE O Night Board does encourage mask usage for those who are not vaccinated or are at high health risk. The mission of Gallery Night Pensacola is an engaging cultural community event that takes the “Art to the Streets” where visitors can connect with the unique Culture of Pensacola. Through this 501c3 non-profit organization, individual artists will have the opportunity to showcase their talent, area arts organizations will host public performances and demonstrations, downtown businesses will enhance the downtown experience and other community non-profits will add to the Gallery Night experience. Gulf Power Foundation Contributes $100,000 to Help Victims of Child Abuse Grants have been awarded by the Gulf Power Foundation to children’s advocacy centers throughout Northwest Florida totaling $100,000 in support of victims of sexual violence and child abuse in communities from Escambia to Bay counties

The grant will help GCKH with immediate family needs such as counseling as well as child abuse prevention programs. GCKH teaches all students K-12 regarding child abuse and child trafficking prevention and has created online training “Know Child Abuse” so that all adults in our community can learn to recognize, report and respond to child abuse.

“Gulf Power Foundation is always so appreciated – and I can’t say how much so this year,” Kostevicki said. “We have seen a dramatic increase in child abuse cases as our community faces challenges from Hurricane Sally and the COVID-19 pandemic. We can never truly express our gratitude for Gulf Power Foundation’s investment in GCKH and the children we serve.” The Gulf Power Foundation has operated for 30 years as an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, partnering and investing in communities throughout Northwest Florida. Martina Mason Receives $5,000 Grant from the Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation

Between Hurricane Sally and COVID-19, it’s been a tough year. But through all that, Gulf Coast Kid’s House (GCKH) has continued to provide a safe place for children and families who are The GCKH is one of four centers in Northwest Florida to receive grants from the Gulf Power Foundation. The four – Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center, Gulf Coast Kid’s House, Santa Rosa Kid’s House and Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center – will receive $100,000 to support their efforts throughout Northwest Florida. “Agencies like the Gulf Coast Kid’s House provide a critical need in our community for those that are most vulnerable,” said Sandy Sims, executive director for the Gulf Power Foundation

GlobalGiving recently announced that Martina Mason of Dragonfly Financial Services was selected to receive a $5,000 COVID-19 relief and recovery grant from The Red Backpack Fund, an opportunity for small businesses and nonprofits made possible by The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation.

“My hope is that this gift will help alleviate some of the pressures caused by this pandemic. Twenty years ago, I started Spanx with $5,000 in savings, and I see this as a time to pay it forward. Small business is the backbone of our culture. I know what it’s like to be a small business owner, and I want to provide some relief to these entrepreneurs during this time,” said Spanx Founder Sara Blakely. Teaming up with GlobalGiving to establish The Red Backpack Fund, The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation donated $5 million to support female entrepreneurs in the wake of COVID-19.

Mason was selected for the grant based on her outstanding application, urgent need for COVID-19 relief, and demonstrated capacity to overcome COVID-19 setbacks. Mason noted, “It’s a huge honor and responsibility to have these funds and I feel that they need to be used wisely to help the community. 70,000 people applied and only 1000 grants were awarded -- and I received one. 42% of small businesses are female-owned yet only 2.3% of them receive any funding whatsoever. Only 15-20% of Financial Advisors are women.” “We’re proud to announce the grantees of The Red Backpack Fund. They have successfully undergone GlobalGiving’s rigorous vetting process, and we believe this grant will help them continue to thrive, despite the shifting economic circumstances brought on by this crisis,” said GlobalGiving CEO Alix Guerrier. “The world needs more womenled organizations who are a key force in overcoming COVID-19 and establishing a better normal.” June 2021 | 49

48-49 Locale - Pcola.indd 2

5/25/21 11:41 PM

VIP Pensacola at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church

FASHIONED FOR MORE photos & story by Kevin L. Houghton

Amelia, Sarah & Julia Lefevers

Kyle Hill, Christian Marvin & Christopher Browning

Linda McLamb, Shari Sahli & Julie Sahli

Sid Williams-Heath 50


he NISSI Project held their inaugural Fashioned for More – Runway Fundraiser & Awareness fashion show at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church on May 8. Some of the evening’s events included a runway of amazing models and clothes, along with a silent auction of donated items, and a star-studded invitee list, all to raise funds for this amazing cause. Sara Lefevers, president and CEO, along with Kelsy Hill, communications director, have worked tirelessly around the clock to make this event successful. The NISSI Project (Network of Immediate Services for Survivors Internationally Project) strives to partner and work to support existing services for survivors of human trafficking. Their mission statement is “Bridging the gap between a survivor’s rescue and restoration”, they work to identify gaps in services while working with various sectors to create sustainable and long-term solutions to increase the success rate for survivors internationally. To find out more about The NISSI Project and how you can help visit

Christina Ramirez, Amy Pernie & Alethia Crane

Crystal Silins, Kelsey Hill, Sara Lefevers & Gabbie Ueberroth


50-51 Event_Fashioned for More.indd 1

5/25/21 11:41 PM

Willie & Priscilla Kirkland

Melissa Parker & Lisa Avila

Keith Humphreys, Troy & Tiffany Ulshoeffer, Shannon Murray

Lindsay Rozier & Kelly Rozier

Virgen & Andrew Heuer

Sidney Ziglar, Jayden Lamp & Kelsey Cutler

Maggie Pearce, Cassady Harden, Isabelle Thurmond & Katie Oestricher

Natalia McCoy, Rachel Melton, Alicia Tappan, Olivia McElroy & Autumn Bess

Genna Barlow June 2021 | 51

50-51 Event_Fashioned for More.indd 2

5/25/21 11:41 PM

Oh Snap! It’s time to go fishing! story by Anna Stockton


long the Gulf Coast we have our own kind of four seasons, boating season, football season, Mardi Gras season, and of course, red snapper season. Few things evoke such excitement as the opening of the red snapper season. Bait shops and boat ramps fill up with hopeful fisherman, each one crossing their fingers that their sweet spot will deliver. The start of the Gulf Red Snapper harvest began in the Pensacola area around the 1840’s. Although fisheries were in the early stages and still working out the kinks AND since nobody likes rotten fish, the majority of red snapper harvesting stayed local until ice and trains made it possible to transport the fish safely and for longer periods of time. This allowed the snapper harvesting vessels, known as “smacks,” to seek out new fishing areas. By the end of the 19th century, overfishing had taken its toll on the snapper population in the local Gulf waters and nearly depleted it. So what did the fisherman do? Well, they took a trip south of the border and found success in Campeche Bank off the coast of Mexico. It wasn’t until the 1940’s and after giving the Gulf a 50-year break to replenish the snapper population that fishing in the Western Gulf picked back up. Gulf red snapper fishing is well managed now, thanks to highly regulated fishing “seasons” by NOAA Fisheries and other agencies. So what exactly is a Gulf Red Snapper? Well, as the name suggests, they’re red in color, but they don’t all look alike. The red snapper that happen to live in the deep depths of the ocean, up to 620 feet in fact, are a much deeper red than their shore loving 52

counterparts. They won’t be winning any beauty contests with their triangular face, protruding underbite and large canine teeth, also called “snappers,” but they probably have a great personality. Red snapper can live to the ripe old age of 57 years and can get as long as 40 inches and as hefty as 50 pounds.


52-53 Coastal Cuisine - Red Snapper.indd 1

5/25/21 11:41 PM

The females start to reproduce around 2 years and spawning season is usually from May to October. They don’t seem to be terribly particular about their dining preferences, shrimp, crab, squid and even plankton are all on the menu for red snapper, while red snapper themselves are on the menu for, well, bigger fish, marine mammals, barracudas, and turtles. Red snapper has a mildly sweet, nutty and gentle flavor that doesn’t have the “fishy taste,” making it popular even among non-fish eaters. While the meat is moist, lean, firm and easy to add to a variety of dishes. The possibilities are endless on how to prepare your snapper. Roasting, frying, blackening, and steaming are all good options as well as simply baking it. Some serve the fish with the head still on while others prefer their food not to stare at them. Whatever your preference, there are serving styles and recipes to suit everyone’s taste.

Grilled Snapper INGREDIENTS:

Whole Red Snapper- descaled 2 tbsp olive oil Salt and pepper for seasoning ½ lemon, juiced DIRECTIONS: Preheat your grill to medium heat. Season the Red Snapper with the salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Place the fish on the grill and cook until the meat is opaque (about four minutes per side). Serve with tropical fruit salsa, or your favorite summer salads, and enjoy! June 2021 | 53

52-53 Coastal Cuisine - Red Snapper.indd 2

5/25/21 11:42 PM

VIP Pensacola at Cordova Lanes

Kimi Thompson, Fenoy Butler & Monique LeClair

Pam Burke, Ashlee Warner & Misty Stevens

Junior Achievement

Mardi Gras Bowl photos & story by Kristina Wright


unior Achievement held their annual Mardi Gras Bowl on May 7-8. The Mardi Gras Bowl is one of JA’s most important fundraisers of the year. The event is a long-standing community tradition, originally started by the late Francis Yeo, former Executive Director of Junior Achievement of NWFL (JA), and supports a significant portion of the organization’s annual programming budget. Mardi Gras Bowl is a festive salute to the century’s old tradition of Carnival. It is a lively and fun-fi lled two days of non-competitive bowling for a good cause- financial literacy education. The event is fi lled with colorful tinsel and beads along with an irresistible and highly coveted moon pie for every strike in the house! 2021 marked the 19th year of the time-honored event and brought nearly 700 people together to help JA fund their good work teaching young people about jobs, money, and entrepreneurship in the community. Presented by Cordova Lanes and sponsored by LandrumHR, Meraki Solar, and Cox, JA raised over $30,000 over the course of the two-day event with sponsorships, a robust silent auction, and raffle.

Erik Goss & Dana Hall

Steve & Jane Reynolds

Ildi Hosman & Stephanie Alvarez 54

Phil Salzman, Kent & Belinda Herring, Todd Milleson & Michelle Salzman


54-55 Event_Junior Achievement Mardi Gras Bowl.indd 1

5/25/21 11:42 PM

Daniel & Dr. Lisa Joyner, Ildi & James Hosman

Brian & Cristina Williams

Tina Tortomasi & Stephen Simpson

Alicia Christy, Hank Carlstrom & Heather Lafevers

Gene & Amanda Hurd

Chase Heard, Katy Hendry & Jennifer Netzer

Mark & Elizabeth Baer

Sherri & Joey Ziegler

Leslie Lowery, Courtney Shula, JC Alboniga & Chelsea Whiteside June 2021 | 55

54-55 Event_Junior Achievement Mardi Gras Bowl.indd 2

5/25/21 11:42 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Yacht Club

Junior League Annual Meeting photos & story by Kristina Wright


unior League of Pensacola hosted their annual dinner for the 2020-2021 Year on May 18 at the Pensacola Yacht Club. Recognition of sponsors included Beachside Bingo, Crawford Law, Ever’Man’s, Hewitt Solutions LLC, Midtown Dental & Vision, Navy Federal Credit Union, The UPS Store Milestone, and Walmart. Amy Duncan, Spark Board Chair presented a $2,000 scholarship to Nadia Mrahi, as well as a $200 scholarship for the rest of the girls in the program. Sustainer Recognitions were presented by Brenda Summersell. All 2020-2021 Board and Committee Chairs were recognized for their dedication and service to the league and additional awards were presented, as follows: The Kendra Fendt Ray of Sunshine Award - Lori Brabham. The Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award - Katherine Murphy. The Emerging Leader Award, created in 2018, - Jennifer Wasilenki. The League Leadership Award was also created in 2018 - Shannan de Jesus. The Presidential Award, created in 1987, is given to a person or business for their ongoing support of the Junior League of Pensacola. In this league year, JULEP partnered with this organization for their annual Healthy Halloween event as well as their annual Evening In White Event. The award went to the Studer Family of Companies.


Eurydice Stanley & Grace Stanley

Laura Griffin & Dr. Kimberly Thomas

Shelda Broughton & Michelle Thompson

Lisa Mrahi & Nadia Mrahi

Ronnie Rivera & Christal Bell-Rivera

Catrena Fiegg & Susan Kingsbury-Ridgeway

Keisha Gainey & Caress Hudson

Lindsay Durtschi & Shannon Reeves


56-57 Event_Junior League Annual Meeting.indd 1

5/25/21 11:42 PM

Ashley Hawk & Jill Johnson

Amy Duncan, Jasmine Richburg & Crystal Jones

Mallory Bell, A’aliyah Nuniss & Hailey Lewis- Steffensmeier

Dr. Kimberly Thomas & Michelle Salzman

Lexie Thorsen & Tori Bennett

Contessia Gibson, Brooke Potrzeba & Katherine Murphy

Angel Bradley & Ashton Wilson

Brenda Summersell & Carolyn Brown

June 2021 | 57

56-57 Event_Junior League Annual Meeting.indd 2

5/25/21 11:42 PM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Square

Mike & Jessica Duncan

Robin Stuart & Barbara Coffey

Rebecca & Michael Sanders

10th Annual Krewe of Blues

Pin & Bead Festival photos & story by Kristina Wright


he Krewe of Blues hosted their 10th Annual Krewe of Blues Pin and Bead Festival and Charity Diaper Drive at Seville Square on May 23. This event is a great follow up to Pensacola Mardi Gras Kick-Off. It’s a krewe driven event and can’t be successful without every krewe. Krewes were invited to promote a favorite charity, krewe membership, krewe events, and krewe fundraisers, or just to celebrate Mardi Gras. Krewe Wars were back again, and of course, all the Pin and Bead trading! Many krewes entered the festival, including Krewe of Marionettes, Krewe of Parrotheads, Krewe of Daisy Dukes, Krewe of Warriors, Krewe of Karibean, Krewe of Lafitte, Krewe of Da Yayas, Krewe of SWAT, Krewe of Airship Pirates, Krewe of Vixens, Krewe of Von Prost, Krewe of De Whoux, and MOORs. This year added events were used to determine who went home with the Krewe Wars Championship Trophy (KWCT), Best Pin, Best Bead, Best Booth decorations, Krewe War Games winners and of course diapers donated. Diapers were still collected at the event and added to the diapers turned in by each krewe in January.

Mercedes Webb, Richard & Crystal Wagner

Kathy Klimkowski & Jennifer Hayden

Josh Regimbal & Danielle Bellolo

Brenda Zetelski, Linda Harageones, Patti Droese, Patti Ellington & Jeri Cox

58 |

10th Annual Krewe of Blues.indd 1

5/26/21 10:01 AM

Greg & Kristi Sivers

Katie McIntosh, Cindy Smith & Jen Wise

James Daugherty, Amy Proshek, Beverly Cooley & Dennis Rivers

Patrick & Amy Fitzgerald, Amber Lachance

Amy & Jeremy Binegar, Jennifer Gaffney

Terri & John Misita

Chet & Connie Rice

Rene Goff, Locks Gandy, Don Meyer & Heidi Rozga

Tami Sparks & Melanie Collins

Carla & Duane Watson, Joan Malley June 2021 | 59

10th Annual Krewe of Blues.indd 2

5/25/21 11:43 PM

VIP Pensacola at The Arbors

Jim, Joan & Jessica Browning

Jennice & Scott Barrow, Barb Garbell & Monte Barrow (Back) Lucy, Delores & Brett Barrow (Front)

Mother’s Day Garden Party


photos & story by Patti Hall

he Arbors hosted a Mothers’ Day Garden Party on May 7, the first family event that the Arbors has been able to have since Covid. Over 90 people attended, including residents and their families. Activities Director Carrie Dalton planned this event and wanted to go ALL out for the residents. Guests enjoyed a mimosa and dessert bar along with brunch appetizers. Jim Andrews played the saxophone as guests mingled and had their brunch. Felecia Hodge and Skye Warren with Bubbly Balloon Events arranged a balloon backdrop so residents and guests could take pictures. A wonderful time was had by all.

Susie Cosner & Carole Walker

Roger & Barbara Smith 60

Lee Hatt, Kristena Stevens & Judy Hatt

Cheryl Hudson & Lynn Jenson

Max, Pat & Lauren Kirchgessner, Maureen Hiln & Cathy Peterman


60 Event_Mother’s Day Garden Party.indd 1

5/25/21 11:43 PM

61 blab tv.indd 1

5/25/21 11:44 PM


Richard Crenshaw

What is your hometown and how did you end up in the Pensacola area? I was born and raised in Mobile. Back in the 70’s, my friends and I would come to Pensacola often for the beautiful water, the beaches and to hang out at Seville Quarter. I fell in love with the Downtown area. Pensacola had everthing I was looking for, the history, the arts, the music, great restaurants, and even Mardi Gras! After college I bought a little cottage in the Historic District and have lived here ever since. What is your profession? Growing up in Mobile, I worked at a local tuxedo shop. I always loved nice clothes. I learned everything I could about the business and in 1980 at the age of 25 I opened my first Gent’s Formal Wear store at Cordova Mall. Gent’s moved downtown in 1985 and we’ve been here ever since. Pensacola has more formal events than most cities it’s size. Mardi Gras, Fiesta, Debutante and of course weddings. Most of our customers are on fi le here and we are on a first name basis. I love it when a prom customer comes in years later and ask us to help with his wedding attire. It makes us so proud to be a part of these special occasions and we feel like they are family to us. 2021 marks our 41st year in business. We love Pensacola and feel like we are a landmark in downtown. What are some of your favorite things about Pensacola? My wife Angela is a beach person, happiest when she has shells in her pockets. She’s a Pensacola native and would never leave the beach. We love Ft. Pickens with our dog. We take all of our camping gear and make a day of it. Walking, swimming, grilling, bird watching. We love the Wahoos, the downtown vibe with all the great restaurants and bands. We like the Opera and all the Arts. Pensacola has so much to offer it’s not possible to pick one favorite thing. Three words that best describe you. Honest, Dedicated, Dependable. Favorite place for dining and entertainment? I love to cook and fancy myself quite the Chef, so we eat at home most nights. When we do go out we love The District. Chef Josh does everything great there. The Grand Marlin for the fresh schucked oysters and Ahi Poke. Sunday Jazz Brunch at Seville Quarter and of course Five Sisters. What is the one thing you do not go a day without? Morning coffee with my wife on the patio. We love to watch our birds and talk about the days activities. Finish this statement, I AM PENSACOLA because… There’s a Southern charm about it. We love the people here. When I see my customers outside of the store they always say hello and thank you. They always want to show me the pictures of how they looked wearing one of our Tuxedos for their special occasion. It makes me very proud to a part of such a wonderful community. photo by Kristina Wright

62 IamPcola - Richard Crenshaw.indd 1

5/25/21 11:44 PM

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