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Chimney Swifts are known to take up residence in chimneys and other chimney-like structures from March through August in the panhandle. They are a federally protected, migratory bird, and come here only to nest and stay long enough for their young to learn to fly. Chimney Swifts will return to the same chimney year after year. It is extremely important to have the fireplace and chimney cleaned to remove any nesting material or matter left behind, as it can cause a respiratory condition called Histoplasmosis. It is also important to have an inspection to evaluate what needs to be done to keep them from coming back to your home in the future. Here at ARC, we are experts in handling issues caused by Chimney Swifts and ensuring they don’t return to your chimney.

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Volume XIX • Issue VI

events 15 Down & Derby Fest 18 VIP Destin Magazine Cover Reveal Party 23 10th Annual Crawfish Bash 26 Tequila & Taco Fest 28 Destin Chamber Business Before Hours 35 Emerald Ball 38 4th Annual Hard Hats & High Heels Luncheon 42 Destin Chamber Business After Hours 44 Hurd Real Estate & Co. Ribbon Cutting 50 FORE! The Love of Animals Inaugural Golf Tournament 52 Young Professionals of Destin Sunset Social 56 Leadership Walton Graduation 59 Sip and Splash: An Aquatic Affair 66 Savor the Sound 75 Blue & White Gala

on the cover Ashley & Ryan Templeton Photography by Harley S. Sampson, Jr. at Down & Derby Fest

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Destin Style Swizzle Adventure Out May We Suggest Give Care Share Save the Date I Am Destin

features 40 Business Profiles Amazing Lash Studio Sunset Shoes & Lifestyles

VIP Destin Magazine Staff Publisher Greg Alexander

Art Director Priscilla Atkins

Associate Publisher Verla Price

Content Creator Anna Stockton

Publisher’s Assistant Nicole Partridge

Contributing Writers/ Photographers Maureen Bierman Zhalman Harris Alicia Noble Tyler Noble Harley S. Sampson, Jr. Anna Stockton

Advertising Stephanie Alvarez Kristin Moffitt Verla Price Graphic Design Brian Goins Patti Hall Alicia Noble

VIP Founder Jeff Watson June 2022 | 9

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letter from the Associate Publisher An Adventurous Life in High Heels My friend Todd Reeves says, “Personal style should reflect who you are as a person.” So, with fashion and style as our editorial focus in June, I started wondering about my style. As a child with flying pigtails and bare feet, I followed my brother through the woods of West Virginia to explore the unknown. I dressed nicely for church and school but found it hard to climb trees in a skirt and tossed them for jeans as soon as possible. Little did I know I was slowly building my personal style in life. The words fashion and style often send our thoughts to evening gowns and Gucci bags. However, I believe a person’s style is a composite of the daily life they lead. It starts with the cars you drive, the restaurants you frequent, and a preference for cappuccino over coffee. Some ladies won’t be seen in public without makeup, while others believe a baseball cap and sunscreen are perfectly acceptable while shopping for an evening gown. When embraced and built upon, your personal style defines you. I welcome varied interests in life, such as fine wines, elegant dinners, and the occasional opera. I also feed my rush for adrenaline with adventure riding on motorcycles and tent camping. When trying to decide what my style is, I decided there is no title for personal style. Nothing beats the feel of a silk evening gown swirling around my legs more than the grip of my motorcycle gloves on a dirt bike. What can I say -- I love my adventurous life in high heels! So my advice is to find your unique style and wear it proudly. Enjoy our June issue and if you know of a non-profit or charity holding an event you would like to see featured in VIP Destin Magazine, please call me. Our mission at VIP Destin is to support as many non-profit causes as possible. Thank YOU for supporting VIP Destin Magazine; please be kind, courteous, and shop local.

Associate Publisher 850-502-7970

Be on the lookout for our VIP Destin Ambassadors, Lea & Joe Capers, at area events. 12


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# 1 RE A L E S T A T E T EA M, 2 019- 2 1!

HURD REAL ESTATE & Co Bringing a Personal Touch to a Professional Service With offices in Gulf Breeze and on Hwy 30A, Hurd Real Estate & Co. serves buyers, sellers, and investors from Perdido Key to Panama City, and everywhere in between.

90 Spires Lane, Suite 6A Santa Rosa Beach Fl 32459 306 Gulf Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze Fl 32561

14 hurd real estate.indd 1

Give us a call! Gene ~ 850.565.0018 Amanda ~ 850.375.3570

5/30/22 10:31 PM

VIP Destin at Seaside Lyceum Lawn

T photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr.

he Junior League of the Emerald Coast (JLEC) held its annual Down & Derby Fest on May 7. Benefiting JLEC’s Child Clothing Project, Kentucky Derby enthusiasts and JLEC supporters gathered on the Seaside Lyceum Lawn to enjoy food, beverages, vendors, and an amazing Derby win by Rich Strike. Dressed up in their Kentucky Derby best, attendees enjoyed live music while sampling Derby fares ranging from donuts to shrimp and libations from area sponsors. Additionally, there was a photo booth and of course, live airing of the Kentucky Derby. For many people at the event, the highlight was the festive Derby hats worn by attendees. Every year the Child Clothing Project provides new clothes for children in Okaloosa and Walton County. Founded in 1979 with three dozen children, the program has served thousands of area children and expanded to local schools in 2016. By providing new clothes, this program ensures that a child’s clothing does not hinder their ability to develop a positive self-image or distract them from learning.

Miranda & Rob Jordan

Sylvia & Michael Webster, Haley Sment

Tonya Klaudi & Lindsey Kvaternik-Polk

Mark & Casey Hearn

Tanika O’Brien & Merry Morgan Holotik

Jeffrey & Christine Gottfried June 2022 | 15

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5/30/22 10:32 PM

VIP Destin at Down & Derby Fest

C.D. & Tracy Brown

Tammy & Kevin Myers

Ashley & Ryan Templeton

Ellie Irvine & Leah Ortenzo

Bobby Parker & Kelly Lathem

Kristin & Brad Dahler

Holly & Todd Martin

Donna & Doug Barton

Chenoa & Josh Norman

Tanika & Steve O’Brien

16 |

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5/30/22 10:32 PM

Jeff & Waverly Garnand

Let the


help YOU look Your BEST this year! THANKS FOR VOTING DR AMBER WIEBE AS BEST ANTI-AGING IN DESTIN ONCE AGAIN! Meredith Jones, Danielle Prieto & Laura Tramell

Dr. Amber Wiebe is a provider who teaches other providers Dr. Amber Wiebe DMD, MAGD, MAAFE, FICOI is highly trained in facial aesthetics. A traveling National Instructor for more 10 years in Botox and Juvederm Family of Fillers, she attained her Mastership in The American Academy of Facial Esthetics. Dr. Weibe is a graduate of University of Notre Dame, where she was a Division 1 athlete. She blends knowledge, passion, and artistry to help you defy your age and look and feel your best. Jason & Carrie McLaren, James Sater

The scope of practice includes both cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical facial aesthetics, which provides for a true “full-face” approach to cosmetic anti-aging treatment. Dr. Wiebe’s passion and drive comes from the ability to profoundly change lives and to defy the aging process through holistic approach to comprehensive facial aesthetics. BEFORE


Actual Patient ViPeel



Actual Patient Lip Filler


(850) 267-0777

Denise Walraed, Susan Haydel & Lee Williams

4942 US 98 W. Suite #19 | Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 @destin_botox | June 2022 | 17

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5/30/22 10:32 PM

VIP Destin at Fatboys

VIP Destin Magazine

Cover Reveal Party photos & story by Alicia Noble



uests gathered at Fatboys in Miramar Beach on the evening of May 4 for the cover reveal of the May issue of VIP Destin Magazine. May’s brightly colored Pets and People Issue cover featured Kim WardTurner, Suzy Spence, and Cheri Williams enjoying themselves at April’s South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival. Attendees enjoyed complimentary drinks and great conversation with old connections and new friends. Lively music played in the background as delicious appetizers were brought out by the Fatboys servers. VIP Destin Magazine’s cover reveal parties offer an opportunity for the community to get a first look at the latest issue of the magazine, all while networking in a casual and fun environment.

Heather & Ryan Holloway

Nicole Partridge & Steven Franco

Dan & Jessica Austin

Melanie Schweizer, Tim Susanek & Verla Price

Lea & Joe Capers

John Farrow & Melissa Fertitta

Susie Coffield & Patrick Liester

Layne & Debbie Eggers

Natalie Leon & Susan Young


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5/30/22 10:33 PM

John, Montana & JK Farrow

Carrie Ritchie, Bill & Jamie Graves, Todd Reeves

Destin’s premier luxury yachting experience. Thank you for voting us Best New Business! Enjoy the beautiful scenery Destin, Florida has to offer with a group or in a romantic setting. We have a variety of charter types so you can be sure to choose the one that’s right for you!

Lynn Wesson, Kay Phelan & Tabbi Howard


• Private ½ Day & Full Day Charters • Private Sunset and Dolphin Cruises • Thursday Night Fireworks Cruise


• European Luxury Yacht. Princess V72 • Professional Captain and Crew • Covered Seating on the Bow and Stem

New pickup location at Heron Harbor! Richard Bruce, Jenn Bailey, Ashley Bahian, Natalia Lucero & Shawn Holley

850-80-YACHT • June 2022 | 19

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5/30/22 10:33 PM

Shades of Summer story by Anna Stockton


ith the glorious Florida summer coming up, it’s time to start thinking about our sunny accessories. Much like swimsuit shopping, finding the right shades can be a daunting task -- only without all the crying (hopefully). There’s so much to consider when choosing the perfect sunglasses, factors like style, color, quality, and so on. While we can’t help you decide whether you want to be bold or sensible, or colorful or neutral with your shades, we can help you with the most important part, finding the right shape to accentuate your fabulous face.

SQUARE OR WAYFARER FRAMES Bringing out your features is the name of the game when it comes to a round face. Square and rectangular styles do a fabulous job of making those cheekbones pop and contouring your already beautiful face. Avoid round or soft edge shaped sunglasses as they can exaggerate the shape of your face in an unflattering way.


Your face narrows slightly at jawline and forehead and is widest from cheekbone to cheekbone.

20-21 Style_Shades of Summer - Destin.indd 1

ROUND SHAPED FRAMES For those with a square-shaped face, rounding out the edges is a flattering look and round shaped sunglasses are the way to do just that. Rounded frames soften any edges and smooth out the angles of your face. Steer clear of square or rectangular frames, you’ll get a look that complements your best features with round frames. SQUARE SHAPE

Your forehead is at an even width with your jawline.

5/30/22 10:34 PM

Don’t worry fellas, we have you covered as well. While there are some similarities, you all have your own set of rules....and face shapes.

MOST STYLES FRAMES OVAL SHAPE (face is longer than wide)


DIAMOND SHAPE (wide cheekbones, tapers at forehead and chin)


ROUND SHAPE (face is widest at cheekbones)



SQUARE SHAPE (forehead is even width with jawline)


HEART SHAPE (forehead is widest part of face and gets narrower at jawline)


RECTANGLE (similar to square shape but with boxy cheekbones and jawline)


MOST STYLE FRAMES For the lucky beauties with an oval shaped face, almost anything goes! Most frames are flattering to an oval-shaped face, so you have the freedom to try out different trends and styles. Of course, you’ll want to watch proportion and make sure the frame size doesn’t overwhelm your features or that the frame is wider than your face.


Simply put, your face is longer than it is wide.

20-21 Style_Shades of Summer - Destin.indd 2

Unlike round and square face shapes that are best complemented by the opposite shaped frame, styles that mimic the heart shape are the most flattering for well, heart shaped faces. Cat eye and aviator frames start wide then taper at the bottom, accentuating the best features of a heart shaped face. Proportion is key here too, if your features are more delicate, choose a smaller frame, while you can go bold if you have bold features to support the look. HEART SHAPE

The forehead is the widest part of your face and gets narrower as you get to the jawline.

5/30/22 10:34 PM

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5/30/22 10:34 PM

VIP Destin at Mezcal Mexican Grill

10th Annual

Crawfish BASH photos & story by Zhalman Harris

T Lockwood Wernet & Marcia Hull

Holly & Randy Davis

Tony & Bonnie Manthey with Charley

he Rotary Club of Destin held their 10th Annual Cajun Crawfish Bash on May 6 at Mezcal Mexican Grill located in the Towne Centre at Seascape. Guests enjoyed over 5,000 pounds of fresh Louisiana crawfish. The hot and spicy treat dished up with the traditional potatoes, sausage, and corn on the cob was prepared by Rhett Fontenelle and his team. For those who didn’t crave crawfish, grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and rotisserie chicken prepared fresh on-site were also served. This year’s event was a record breaking one, raising over $50,000. The event’s proceeds will benefit young families in need through Food For Thought, Harvest House, Boys & Girls Club of the Emerald Coast, Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation’s community outreach initiatives, and The Rotary Club of Destin Scholarship Fund. The Rotary Club of Destin is known for serving up the best Cajun crawfish, libations, and live music. This year Fais Do-Do Band returned by popular demand performing their unique genre of zydeco music. Integrating a blend of R&B, soul, brass band, reggae, hip hop, ska, rock, and Afro-Caribbean tunes.

Branden & Julia Crosby, Sarah & Scott Wasilko

Merrick, Mindy & Dion Moniz June 2022 | 23

23-24 Event_10th Annual Crawfish Boil.indd 1

5/30/22 10:34 PM

VIP Destin at 10th Annual Crawfish Bash

Jennifer & Wayne Bernheisel

Teresa & David Allen

Jason Belcher & Tami Groth

Mackenzie Mainland, Ali Laura & Lane Redding 24

Jessi Beauchamp & Nicole Browning

Jeff, Lillian & Sophia Garrard

Kristina Wallace & Brenda Pirani

Christian & Jenn Carlee

Teresa & David Allen

Steven Wright & Jessica Rice

Shanna Hanks, Les Porterfield & Beth Clavier


23-24 Event_10th Annual Crawfish Boil.indd 2

5/30/22 10:34 PM

850-897-6540 25 gulfshore air.indd 1

5/30/22 10:35 PM

VIP Destin at Village of Baytowne Wharf

T photos & story by Zhalman Harris

he 9th Annual Tequila & Taco Fest was held at Baytowne Wharf May 6-8. This fast-growing festival, which was founded by Carlos Shaffran, had guests from all over the South celebrating this unique event. There was fun for the whole family, some attendees tested their arms in the tortilla tossing contest, face painting for the little amigos was available, as well as music from Meringue 4. A variety of local restaurants and food trucks were competing for the “Best Taco on The Emerald Coast”, with a first-place prize of $2,500 for the winner. Different types of tequilas and margaritas from Blancos, Reposados, Anejos, and Mezcals were available for sampling. Proceeds from the event, totaling $15,000, will go to Fisher House Emerald Coast.

Judge’s Choice Taco

1st Place: Taco 30A, 2nd Place: My Ohana, 3rd Place: Slick Lips Seafood & Oyster House, and 4th Place: The Boat House

People’s Choice Taco

1st Place: Taco 30A and 2nd Place: Hammerhead’s Bar & Grille

People’s Choice Margarita (three categories)

Margarita with Silver Tequila: Slick Lips, Margarita with Reposado Tequila: Cafè Nola, and Margarita with Anejo Tequila: Pepper’s Mexican Grille

Toni Patton, Patty Asman & Lisa Kay

Nicolette Harrington & Karen Petersen 26

Colin Leonard, Leslie Labo & Heather Newsome

Alan Meyers, Kensley Brooks, Leighann Elliott, Kat Clower & Bryan Martine


26-27 Event_Tequila & Taco Fest 1.5pgs.indd 1

5/30/22 10:35 PM

Makayla Harris, Steve & Maria Gavin, Alicia Releford

Jessica Smith, Payton Anderson, Oria Bechtold & Isaac Gonzalez

Amanda Morzos, Julie Ray, Stephanie Hinojosa & Jenny Lus

Matt Fouchard, Gary Morrison, Matt Sparks & CJ Welsh June 2022 | 27

26-27 Event_Tequila & Taco Fest 1.5pgs.indd 2

5/30/22 10:35 PM

VIP Destin at Henderson Beach State Park

Steve & Wendy Wilson

Aleis Tusa & Ryan Evans

Gaby Sanchez & Veronica Deveau


Business Before Hours


photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr.

he Destin Chamber held its monthly Business Before Hours meeting on May 13 at Henderson Beach State Park. Sponsored by Visit Destin - Fort Walton Beach, attendees enjoyed a breakfast catered by Aramark. After the invocation and pledge, Jennifer Gutai Comella opened the meeting by thanking the sponsors and introducing the speakers. Veronica Deveau, Friends of Emerald Coast State Parks (FECSP), talked about the area and the mission of FECSP noting, “We raise money for Henderson and Rocky Bayou State Parks to restore and keep things looking good.” Melissa Reed, General Manager for Destin-Fort Walton Beach Convention Center, spoke about the improvements to the center and how businesses are rebooking and are even booking slots for the winter. Commissioner Mel Ponder then spoke saying, “When we look at the definition of hospitality, it’s not just how we treat visitors, it’s how we treat each other, our friends, neighbors, and people we meet in the community.” The Business Persons of the Month award was given to Steve and Wendy Wilson, former owners of Southern Star Dolphin Tours and Buccaneer Pirate Cruise. Closing out May’s Business Before Hours, the Ambassador of the Quarter was awarded to Brenda Gray of the Hilton Garden Inn.

Shane Weddle & Melissa Garza 28

Brandon Crosby & Jonathan Futrell

Kevin Price & Shanel Paulus

Destiny Lodge & Chelsea Law

Sally Mever & Dana Bell


28 Event_Destin Chamber Business Before Hours.indd 1

5/30/22 10:36 PM



A new synergistic partnership between Beachworx & VIP Destin Magazine is designed to support your business’s growth in a professional office environment. Your membership includes a dedicated workspace and value-packed digital and print promotions to VIP Destin Magazine’s audience.

Contact us:


Dedicated desk with 24/7 access Three monthly meeting room credit hours Advertising for your business on Inclusion in VIP Destin Magazine’s email blasts Invitations to exclusive events presented by VIP Destin Magazine & Beachworx Access to a community of amazing professionals

@thebeachworx 34990 Emerald Coast Pkwy. | Suite 300 Destin, FL | (850) 974-3435

June 2022 | 29

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5/30/22 10:36 PM

30 slick lips.indd 1

5/30/22 10:37 PM

Hip Hip Rosé story by Anna Stockton


hether you rosé to the occasion, rosé by the bay, or ros all day, chances are if you’re a wine drinker, you’re enjoying ros . This refreshing, pink wine has taken off in the past few years but it’s not new to the wine market. From its roots in Greece to its older relative no one likes to talk about ( hite infandel, shhhhhh) to becoming the trendy it drink for a summer day, ros wine is here to stay. The wines produced in ancient Greece were often pink. hile no one knows for sure why this is but there are a couple possible theories. The first is that wine was diluted because frankly, it was more civilized. ine would often be served at meetings and other gatherings, so diluting the wine was a way to keep tempers down and keep the peace. Drinking undiluted wine was considered behavior reserved for “barbarians” who wreaked havoc and brought violence wherever they went. The other theory, while far more boring but definitely more likely, is simply that the grapes were not macerated long enough so the color was not as vibrant. As time went on and advances were made with grapes and technology, pink wines became more popular although still not to the point they are today. During the 1950’s, blush wine made from zinfandel grapes was attempting to make a splash on the market. But it wasn’t until the 19 0s when Sutter Home, who had been unsuccessful with their recent attempt at marketing white zinfandel, accidentally made a batch of wine

31-32 Swizzle Hip Hip Rose.indd 1

where the sugar didn’t ferment all the way and left them with a sweeter version of the previously shunned wine. This version of white zinfandel was wildly popular with Americans and just like that, housewives all across the country had a sweet, refreshing treat to look forward to at the end of their day. hile white zin, as it was called at the Tupperware parties.... probably, remained the top dog of the blush wine world, it still wasn’t taken seriously by wine enthusiasts, who considered it to be of low quality. This prejudice still exists, thanks to its reputation of being sold in mass quantities, for a relatively low cost and pairing best with pizza and chicken wings (or maybe that’s just me). In the early 2000s ros wines became popular as a summer drink in resort communities. Finally coming out of the negative shadow of its white zin cousin, ros slowly became accepted as a legitimate wine and developed quite a following. Celebrities started creating their own brand and sommeliers quickly began taking it seriously. Experts and ros wine enthusiasts are quick to point out that ros and white zin are not one in the same though, explaining that white zin is just one kind of ros wine as it’s produced with zinfandel grapes exclusively. As with anything, popularity leads to options and luckily for us, there’s a ros for nearly every palate these days. It’s become the go-to drink for brunch, beach days, and summer evenings on a porch. The once-shunned wine is now hip, happenin’, and here all day.

5/30/22 10:3 PM

Rosé Your Way YOUR GUIDE TO FINDING YOUR PERFECT ROSÉ Grenache - A fruity rosé with a high acidity, bold in both color and body.

Sangiovese – A dry, copper red rosé with hints of berries, melon, and peach.

Syrah – A bolder, unconventional rosé with deeper

colors and hints of white pepper, berries, and peach.

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé - This rosé has deep

colors and red wine type avors like bell pepper and black currant.


The most well-known ros , this sweet wine has hints of raspberries, melon, and spice.

Provence – This is the most versatile of the rosés as it pairs with most dishes and offers aromas of watermelon and rose petals.

31-32 Swizzle Hip Hip Rose.indd 2

5/30/22 10:37 PM


We have moved to

Destin Commons

near Belk & Level 10 Salon Look for our signature pink awnings! We can’t wait to show you our new store!

y Parkwa Spence

We Have Moved New address:

4106 Legendary Drive, Destin (850) 837-5565


33 Todays.indd 1

5/31/22 11:14 AM



i t w h y O a u l rP P e



Family Owned and Operated 6235 N. Davis Hwy Pensacola, FL 32504 (850) 637-1123 Mission Statement PetlandPensacola

34 petland.indd 1

415 Mary Esther Cut Off NW Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 (850) 796-2424 PetlandFortWaltonBeach

5/30/22 10:38 PM

VIP Destin at Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa

Emerald Ball photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr.


he Emerald Ball, hosted by Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation, was held on April 30 at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa. Attendees were encouraged to wear a hint of green, and the black-tie event welcomed them into a ballroom fi lled with candles and flowers. The evening was fi lled with dinner, live music, and dancing. In 1984 the Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation was formed to enhance the future healthcare needs of the Gulf Coast and between FY 2017 and FY 2021, foundation donors and fundraisers brought in nearly 40 million dollars to support the community. With a vision to bring quality, compassionate care to Northwest Florida, the foundation uses events such as the Emerald Ball to fulfi ll that vision. The 2022 Emerald Ball’s proceeds were earmarked for the acquisition of a state-of-the-art CT scanner for Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast. Foundation Development Specialist, Lisa Wainwright, stated that she was, “so grateful for the sponsors and gracious patrons who attended the ball to directly impact advanced healthcare on the Emerald Coast.”

Robert & Amy Hoyt

Eric Sawyer & Lisa Wright

Wes & Abbie Boatwright, Jamie & Daniel Grant, Ashley & Casey Meeks

Carol Carlan & Janet Piepul

David Kirk & Caroline Brigman

Madison Johnston, Tiffany Kingrey, Jared Johnston, Michelle Gianlee & Olga Boistean June 2022 | 35

35-37 Event_Emerald Ball.indd 1

5/30/22 10:39 PM

VIP Destin at the Emerald Ball

Carrie & Brad Piettenger

Erika Greek & Justin Wright

Gene & Amanda Hurd

Michelle & Garren Shaffer

Jane & Mike Kerrigan

Crystal & Brandon Hillenburg

Lindsey & Chris Harp

Karen & Robert Emmanuel 36

Jordan Staggs & Kelly Curry

Kris & Megan Harrison

Steve & Kathy Manders


35-37 Event_Emerald Ball.indd 2

5/30/22 10:39 PM


Drew Carter AuD

Lisa Wainwright, Amber Lewis & B.J. Fontaine

Gabe & Bethany Campbell, Cindy Politte & Charles Pare

My name is Drew Carter. I graduated as a Doctor of Audiology in 2016 from the University of South Alabama. My family and I moved to the Emerald Coast in 2018, and we are very proud to call Santa Rosa Beach our home! I specialize in hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders. At Emerald ENT, we offer a variety of hearing aid options and fittings.

Drew Carter

Bryce & Miranda Jarvis, Pam & Gary Jarvis

We are taking new appointments..


(850) 797-6191

Matt & Melody Patton, Mandi & Michael Patton

141 Mack Bayou Loop, Suite 102 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 June 2022 | 37

35-37 Event_Emerald Ball.indd 3

5/30/22 10:39 PM

VIP Destin at Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort

Renee Krul & Pat Clay

Mendy Gregory & Megan Waldstein

Priscilla Bracken & Alicia Nirta


Hard Hats & High Heels Luncheon


photos & story by Zhalman Harris

he Merchants of Rosemary Beach presented the Walton County Habitat’s 4th Annual Hard Hats & High Heels Luncheon on May 6. The Annual Women’s Empowerment event was held at Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort in the Linkside Ballroom. The keynote speaker was Retired Colonel Gilda Jackson. The ladies took the opportunity to wear their favorite heels to network and celebrate the achievements of their peers. Games like the ever-popular “home is the key” and “she nailed it!” were played while enjoying cocktails, lunch, silent auctions, a southern wine pull, and other activities. Upon check-in, guests received a swag bag, generously donated by South Walton businesses, including Clay 30A, The Merchants of Rosemary Beach, Silver Sands Premium Outlets, Sandestin Real Estate, Bay Breeze Patio, and Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar. Prizes were donated by companies such as Embassy Suites by Hilton, Destin-Miramar Beach, The Hilton Sandestin, Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort, Silver Sands Premium Outlets, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, and more. All proceeds raised from the silent auction, games, merchandise, tickets, and sponsorships will go directly to Walton County Habitat’s Women Build 2022 initiative to help build homes for single mothers who serve as the head of their households.

Barb Abbate-Sipperly & Victoria Hutton 38

Teresa Jones & Heather Cleveland

Kathy Whidden & Tami Groth

Chondalese Muniz, Jennifer Jones, Emily Wik & Rosalyn Wik


38-39 Event_4th Annual Hard Hats & High Heels .indd 1

5/30/22 10:40 PM

Dawn Howell & Kendra Marasa

Lori Ward, Melanie Cuff & Yvonne Vd Westhuizen



12889 Emerald Coast Parkway Suite 113B, Miramar Beach, FL Lauri Markoe, Samantha McInnis & Angie Brown



2254 South Ferdon Boulevard Crestview, FL

Kay Phalen, Lynn Wesson & Donna Johns June 2022 | 39

38-39 Event_4th Annual Hard Hats & High Heels .indd 2

5/30/22 10:40 PM

Style Profiles Amazing Lash Studio now open in Pensacola!

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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. -- Rachel Zoe No one can put style in a box - it reaches to places ranging from what we wear to what we eat. One’s personal style can be exhibited by the jewelry they wear, the car they drive, the design of their house and landscape, and yes - by the clothes they wear. Style infiltrates all parts of our life- it is diverse and and we love to share that diversity through our many advertisers and their offerings.



40 1/3 profiles.indd 1

5/31/22 9:19 AM

41 pepitos.indd 1

5/30/22 10:40 PM

VIP Destin at BOTE Destin


Erin Marshall & Christy Rightly

Business After Hours

Brandon Nicholson & Springer Williams

photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr.

B Shane Moody & Suzy Hunt

usiness After Hours brought Destin Chamber members to BOTE’s Destin flagship store on Harbor Boulevard on April 28. Attendees enjoyed a sampler of delectable items from AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar and beverages from Destin Brewery while the husband and wife team from Flash Flood Duo entertained the crowd. The Destin Chamber of Commerce holds their Business After Hours events monthly. This event provides an end of the day networking opportunity to area businesspeople. Attendees are offered a relaxed environment to network with contacts new and old, share ideas, and promote their business, all while enjoying good food, drinks, door prizes, and entertainment. Locations vary so check the Chamber website for more information.

Donna Montalvo & Deborah Bruce

Joey & Christine Martinez 42

Brittany Passmore & Kelsi Hollis

Danette Goodroe & Jodi Beene

Cayce Collins & Rachel Green

Sally Mevers & Jenna Kilpatrick


42 Event_Destin Chamber April Business After Hours-1pg.indd 1

5/30/22 10:41 PM

June 2022 | 43

43 ads blalock, cbm mtg.indd 1

5/30/22 10:41 PM

VIP Destin at Hurd Real Estate & Co.

Ribbon Cutting photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr.

Ryan Jett & Edward Lannon

A Matt Coker & Haley Hegetschweiler

cross from Santa Rosa Beach’s Ed Whalline Regional Beach Access is Gulf Place. Noted as the place where 30a begins, the Gulf Place community offers colorful buildings housing short-term rentals, local cuisine, and small shops. Designed for a slower pace, Gulf Place’s wide sidewalks, nature trails, and palm-tree decorated streets witnessed a ribbon-cutting like no other on May 19 as Gulf Place welcomed its newest tenant: Hurd Real Estate & Co. With offices in America’s first settlement of Pensacola, and in Gulf Breeze, the Hurd Team brings their knowledge and energy to the beachy communities of 30a. Originally formed to be a guiding light to help buyers and sellers through the real estate market maze, Gene and Amanda Hurd announced in March the creation of their new, boutique brokerage firm: Hurd Real Estate and Co. Now they’ve grown to include an office serving the exclusive communities on 30a. Their 35 years as business owners with 14 in real estate, along with their team development, hard work, and leadership abilities, provides them with a direct line to success in this new branch. Gene Hurd noted, “It’s always been our goal to provide every seller and buyer with a personal touch to a professional service. We are in the relationship building business.” The Gulf Place come-and-go ribbon cutting was attended by friends and associates, lenders, and of course the Walton Chamber. When asked about the office opening, Sales Manager Jason Caddell said, “We’re proud to share our love of real estate in the community.” It is that pride in their work that keeps Hurd Real Estate and Co. growing.

Verla Price & Bill Blanken

Anna & Jason Caddell 44

Gene & Amanda Hurd

Ashley & Eric Turner


44-45 Event Hurd Real Estate & Co. Ribbon Cutting.indd 1

5/30/22 10:42 PM

Angie Resiak, Stacey Hoffman & Jennifer Cooper

Gerry Miles & Wadih Khoury

Allison Smith, Judith Watkins & Ginny Richerson

June 2022 | 45

44-45 Event Hurd Real Estate & Co. Ribbon Cutting.indd 2

5/30/22 10:42 PM


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Raw bar

Happy Hour $1 off all drinks and selected 1/2 price appetizers ~ Daily 3-6 Live Music Wednesday thru Saturday ~ 5:30-8:30 Sunday Brunch with Endless Mimosas and Bloody Marys ~ 11-3 Home of the 102 foot bar including 32 beers on draft. Some of our specialties include little neck clams, freshly shucked raw oysters, New England style clam chowder and jumbo shrimp cocktail! Austons on 98, of Nashville roots, also features its very own “Real Deal Nashville Hot Sauce”! 125 Poinciana Boulevard, Miramar Beach, FL 32550 | 850-842-3200 | | Hours: Sun-Thur 11 am to 9 pm; Fri-Sat 11 am to 10 pm 46


46 ads iz, austons.indd 1

5/30/22 10:42 PM

Defy the Ordinary

story by Maureen Bierman

| photos submitted by Maserati Pensacola


hat we choose to drive has a way of defining us. Bold, inspired, and unique - when you select the new Maserati Ghilbi, there is no doubt that you are making a personal statement. At Step One Automotive Group, the call to “Adventure Out” is more than a challenge; it’s an opportunity to distinguish yourself and Defy the Ordinary. After all, you are not like everyone else. The new Maserati Ghibli is a design-forward, performance machine with unmatched technology to enrich your driving experience. Passion meets the road with race-bred power and razor-sharp, sports-car-like handling. Dynamically sculpted curves and gracefully flowing lines make it impossible to go unnoticed.

June 2022 | 47

47-48 AdventureOut_Defy the Ordinary.indd 1

5/30/22 10:43 PM

Discover something truly unique in a world of standardized choices with three new trims. • GT: The GT trim elegantly underlines the original Maserati grand touring philosophy. Travel at refined speed in absolute comfort. •

Modena: Inspired by the land of fast cars. With the Modena trim, the Ghibli sporty character takes center stage.

Trofeo: The fastest Ghibli to express your boldest self. The coupé look of the Ghibli is intensified by race-inspired design elements.

The Ghibli offers everything you would expect of Maserati: massive power, snarling responsiveness, effortless longdistance refinement, and impressive efficiency. Equipped with a Level 2 Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS), the highest level of autonomous driving currently permitted, you have greater peace of mind in various traffic conditions. Customization at its Finest Every Maserati is constructed with care and attention like a work of art. Commission your own Maserati Ghibli and customize a dream to fit your needs. Connect with Ease The Maserati Connect App seamlessly links your car to your habits and needs, leaving you free to enjoy driving at its best. Accessorize Your Drive The attention to detail, style, and quality of each accessory reveals the very essence of the Maserati brand. Build your Ghibli at If you are looking for options, with Step One you have a world of choices with 17 new car dealerships in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, representing 16 brands, including Chrysler, Dodge Jeep, Ram Fiat, Volkswagen, Subaru, Kia, Hyundai, Genesis, Ford, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. 48

About the Company Step One Automotive Group is an American company based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, built on a singular dedication to empowering lives through smarter and easier ways of accessing mobility. Out of 18,000 dealerships in the United States, Step One ranks in the top 100 dealer groups in the United States and the top 10 in Florida.


47-48 AdventureOut_Defy the Ordinary.indd 2

5/30/22 10:43 PM

3 Locally Owned Restaurants 3 Different Experiences ALL BY THE SAME CULINARY PROFESSIONALS

Seafood & Sushi for the whole family

Fresh from the Gulf Local Ingredients Southern Hospitality

210 HARBOR BLVD. | DESTIN, FL | 850.460.8900 | BROTULAS.COM 56 HARBOR BLVD. | DESTIN, FL | 850.424.3507 | EASTPASSSEAFOOD.COM 36120 EMERALD COAST PKWY. | DESTIN, FL | 850.460.2909 | JACKACUDAS.COM 49 brotulas.indd 1

5/30/22 10:43 PM

VIP Destin at Windswept Dunes Golf Course


alqua Animal Refuge’s Inaugural Golf Tournament, FORE! The Love of Animals, was held at Windswept Dunes Golf Course on May 21. Golfers checked in and started the day with Chick-fi l-A breakfast biscuits then teed off to a shotgun start at 10 am. Ladies and men’s teams could be seen darting across the fairways for this charitable tournament. A boxed lunch was provided as they putted along to the finish line. Afterwards, Alaqua hosted a spirited tour of the new refuge with opportunities to spend time with the story by Verla Price rescue animals, which capped off the photos by John Hollan, Joe Capers & Mary Chris Murry day. Sponsors and golfers enjoyed the post-tournament ‘Yappy Hour’ awards ceremony complete with hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine, and a raffle at Alaqua. All for the LOVE of animals. If you would like to learn more about Alaqua, become a foster, adopt a pet, or make a donation, find more information at

Thomas Rudiger & Brian LoCicero

Rita & Curtis Gwin


Lea Capers, Johndra Culp, Joe Capers, Mary Chris Murry, Jill Richards & Laurie Hood

Tanis Patacky, Chloe & Nancy Stanley

Joe Capers & Megan Domenicone

Margret Luculano & Pam Bloom

Demetria McNeese & Laurie Hood


50 Event_FORE! The Love of Animals.indd 1

5/30/22 10:44 PM


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4495 Furling Lane Suite 150 • Destin, FL 850.424.7772 June 2022 | 51

51 ads cryo, lux exchange.indd 1

5/30/22 10:45 PM

VIP Destin at Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village


Sunset Social Shelley McDonald & Aspen McDonald

photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr.

Eric Gillum, Jr. & Kayla O’Leary

T Mara & Chad Marie

he Young Professionals gathered at the Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village on May 12 for the Destin Sunset Social. Sponsored by Corcoran Reverie, this event offered YP members an opportunity to unwind, network and listen to music from Yacht Rock Revue. Partying like it’s 1979, Yacht Rock Revue brought energy and memories to the Dugas Stage as they covered songs from the 70’s and 80’s. As one of the area’s top summer music venues, hundreds of people from all walks of life also attended the Thursday event. This was just one of the concerts offered by the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation’s “Concerts in the Village” series which offers residents and visitors alike an opportunity to enjoy great music, dancing, and fun. The Young Professionals are a subgroup of the Destin Chamber of Commerce offering members under the age of 40 an opportunity to network and expand their personal and professional connections.

Nicole Malley & Hillaree Durso

Mark & Sara Parish 52

Cheryle Maurer & Christian Smith

Carrol Pappano & Micah Magill

Kelsey, Hayes & Colby Lynch

Lance Patterson & Jill McEntegart


52-53 Event_Young Professionals of Destin Sunset Social.indd 1

5/30/22 10:45 PM

Sherri Springer & Bobby Wagner

Josh Cowsert & Dion Moniz



Bobby Parker & Cody Villano

Now offering carpet cleaning.


Dawnelle & Dennis Northcutt

(850) 376-6774

BEST Cleaning Service June 2022 | 53

52-53 Event_Young Professionals of Destin Sunset Social.indd 2

5/30/22 10:46 PM

Prada Turquoise Leather Hobo Crossbody Strap - $800 LuxExchange

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CALPAK Multiple Sunglass Case - $95 CALPAK

Alvarez Masterworks Grand Auditorium - $1199.99 Austin Music Co

2022 Maserati Levante - Starting MSRP - $81,200 Maserati Pensacola

54 MayWeSuggest_DestinJun22.indd 1

5/30/22 10:49 PM

55 westside psych.indd 1

5/30/22 10:47 PM

VIP Destin at Sunset Bay Cafe


GRADUATION photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr.


he 2021-2022 Leadership Walton held their graduation at Sunset Bay Cafe on May 16. The guest speaker for the evening was Brian Haugen. As a veteran of the Afghanistan campaign and a successful businessman, Brian boiled down years of wisdom into an insightful and humorous 10-point presentation. Introducing himself as a “bottom of the barrel” choice to be the guest speaker, he continued his humorous opening remarks by noting that he is probably the only person to have failed the Dale Carnegie Course. After several more jokes, Brian covered important points such as: set the right example; keep learning; lead with your heart; be technically proficient; always remember that even under pressure you do have more time to think before you make a decision; and keep a positive attitude because false motivation can lead to true motivation. This year’s Leadership Walton class gave back to Safe Connections, a local nonprofit that offers a safe environment for victims of domestic violence and child abuse in Okaloosa County. Executive Director Sharon Rogers expressed, “As a small nonprofit, we are thankful that Leadership Walton chose us as their class project. Over the course of several weekends, Leadership Walton students assisted staff with beautifying the grounds at the DeFuniak Springs location.” Audrey Frank, case manager for the site who worked with the class on the project, said, “We are appreciative of Leadership Walton for creating a beautiful space for families going through a trying time.” Leadership Walton (LW) trains leaders to improve their skills to benefit their companies and the surrounding communities. The program provides the opportunity to develop an individual’s leadership, entrepreneurial, and team building skills.

Jeremy Radney & Gabrielle Kilgore

56-57 Event_Leadership Walton Graduation.indd 1

Brian Haugen & Megan Harrison

Robert & Jessica Melton

5/30/22 10:48 PM

Christy Gibson & Angie Resiak

Matthew Carr & Nathan Cordle

Ginny Richardson & Dennis Wenrick

Jennifer Cosson & David Butler June 2022 | 57

56-57 Event_Leadership Walton Graduation.indd 2

5/30/22 10:48 PM


sunset shoes & lifestyles

sunset shoes

sunset shoes & lifestyles

sunset shoes

Town Square Shoes

400 grand blvd, ste T-100 Miramar Beach, Fl 32550 850-837-5466

15 hub lane Watersound, Fl 32461 850-832-0359

34 Harbor Blvd, #134 Destin, Fl 32541 850-424-5786

4134 Legendary Drive Destin, Fl 32541 850-837-9124

105 Central Sq Santa Rosa Beach, Fl 32459 850-399-4014


58 ads prog bank, sunset shoes.indd 1

5/30/22 10:48 PM

VIP Destin at Destin Aquatic Center

Sip and Splash: An Aquatic Affair


photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr.

merald Coast Fitness Foundation (ECFF) hosted a community fundraising event on May 14 at the Destin Aquatic Center. Presented by Tim Smith Acura, Sip and Splash: An Aquatic Affair transformed the pool deck into an elegant area for mingling and enjoying an Emerald Coast sunset. Guests enjoyed an array of hors d’oeuvres, including sushi from Camille’s, as well as a five-course seated dinner. Attendees bid on silent auction items such as a sunset cruise, a signed swimming cap by Olympic swimmers and a round of Golf at Regatta Bay. Additional activities included a cigar booth, live painting, a photo booth, and the entertaining music of Reed Waddle. The event benefited the ECFF’s mission to provide community aquatic facilities and programs for water safety, recreation, and fitness in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Crestview. Kathi Heapy, ECFF Treasurer noted that, “This project has been a labor of love.” She continued, “additionally, we are presenting the creation of the Okaloosa County Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame with 5 inaugural inductees.” Serving several communities, ECFF’s aquatic centers offer everything from summer swim lessons to Aquacize.

James Lopez & Angie Wright

Lea & Joe Capers

Sarah Stone & Corri Souther

Mark & Lisa Thompson

Wayne & Monica Myers

Tracy & Glenn Scharf

Joan & David Mosher

Vicki & Chris Camp June 2022 | 59

59-60 Event_Sip and Splash.indd 1

5/30/22 10:50 PM

VIP Destin at Sip and Splash: An Aquatic Affair

Matt & Patty Schwandt

Michele & Bobby Flynn

John & Tanya Collins

Conor Ryan & Earl Youngblood

Ryan Davis & Kimber Collins

Rachel & Bryan Jones

Earl & Lisa Parchment

Lauren & Lance Stokes 60

Rizz & Jon Howard

Drew & Linnea Colon


59-60 Event_Sip and Splash.indd 2

5/30/22 10:50 PM

61 10-4 wraps.indd 1

5/30/22 10:51 PM

62 hsb.indd 1

5/30/22 10:51 PM

GI V E | C A R E | S H A R E

photos provided by Greater Pensacola Figure Skating Club


he Greater Pensacola Figure Skating Club (GPFSC) is a local, volunteer-run non-profit promoting physical activity and improving ice sports accessibility in our region. GPFSC is a proud member of Learn to Skate USA, (LTSUSA) endorsed by Olympic National Governing Bodies- US Figure Skating, USA Hockey, US Speedskating, Special Olympics, and Move United. The organization has been in existence for 26 years with over 250 members. Their curriculum is designed to help skaters of all ages and abilities master the fundamentals of ice skating, while having fun in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. GPFSC’s program ensures that everyone from preschoolers to adults, beginners to competitors, and skaters with disabilities can learn to skate. Whether skaters want to achieve Olympic fame or simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating, this is the place where it all begins. GPFSC currently contracts ice from the Pensacola Bay Center. As the only sheet of public ice in Northwest Florida, skaters travel from as far as Mobile and Tallahassee to skate here. GPFSC offers group classes and private coaching for both figure and hockey skaters as well as practice ice for members. Each session generally runs 6-8 weeks. All coaches are LTSUSA certified with successfully completed background checks and National SafeSport certification.

63-64 GiveCareShare - Greater Pensacola Figure Skating Club Pcola.indd 1

The Club’s endorsement by USA Hockey paved the way for their new partnership with the Pensacola Junior Ice Flyers (PJIF). GPFSC is running their second year of LTSUSA programming for aspiring hockey skaters looking to learn the fundamentals of skating first to then move into the Pensacola Junior Ice Flyers Learn to Play program. Many skaters who are already in PJIF’s Learn to Play program take full advantage of the ice time and sign up for the Power Skating Skills class to get an extra edge up on other players.

5/30/22 11:05 PM

Interview with Missy Frisco, President Greater Pensacola Figure Skating Club It is GPFSC’s mission to ensure everyone can learn to skate! How did the organization come about? The formation of our Club began back in 1996, with Judy Holmes and Dr. Dan Summers joining forces to provide recreational skating opportunities on the Pensacola Bay Center’s newly installed ice. What are some challenges your organization faces? Now more than ever, the greatest challenge is the lack of year-round ice on the Gulf Coast. Figure skating and youth hockey programs are both nearing full capacity and thriving! To expand current programming and offer many of the new opportunities that would benefit our community, this area needs a small, yearround, dedicated facility providing much more ice time. A stable, consistent schedule, daytime and weekend ice availability, storage space for equipment, a designated off-ice training area, and classroom space are all needed and currently unavailable. We are looking to the near future and hope to make this dream a reality soon. What impact has your organization had on the community? Ice sports provide non-traditional physical activities and wellness benefits for our community. Some families choose skating due to health conditions that may be aggravated by heat, outdoor allergens, etc. Other individuals may have never found their passion before skating with us. Skating promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles while also improving mental health. This fall we will be offering an Adaptive Skating Program specifically for skaters with physical and intellectual challenges. Scholarships will be available thanks to a recent grant from the Kugelman Family Foundation. For the past several years our skaters have supported Santa’s Workshop at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Florida. What are some future Goals for GPFSC? Our list of future goals could without a doubt 64

consume this entire publication. GPFSC’s primary goal is to have a year-round, dedicated facility in the Gulf Coast to allow ice sports to be more accessible. A dedicated facility would open the door for so many opportunities for both the public and organized recreational and amateur groups (GPFSC, Pensacola Junior Ice Flyers, Emerald Coast Ice Hockey League, and Pensacola Ice Warriors). Such a facility is a necessity for after school programming for at-risk youth as well as the expansion of our new Adaptive Skating program, neither of which can occur with the current ice situation. Summer camps, specialized clinics and seminars for figure skaters and hockey players, U.S. Figure Skating test sessions, and regional competitions all would benefit our community. Our LTSUSA curriculum offers something for everyone. It is a progressive system that leads to many different tracks and allows skaters to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating, such as synchronized skating, ice dance, pairs skating, theatre on ice, and speed skating. We hope to one day soon expand into each of these within a dedicated facility. What is your position in the organization? I am the Learn to Skate USA Program Director and Events Coordinator for the Greater Pensacola Figure Skating Club and am currently serving my second term as President for the Club. How did you get involved? Our daughter began her first Learn to Skate Parent and Tot class when she was 2 ½ years old in Wisconsin. Eighteen years later she is a three-time U.S. Figure Skating National Medalist in Synchronized Skating, earning a National Gold Medal and two National Silver Medals. She has been a competitive synchronized skater since age 6 and we have traveled the country for Regional and National competitions. When our family moved to the Pensacola area in 2019, I discovered most people here were surprised to learn Pensacola

even had a Figure Skating Club and certainly no one knew it had been in existence for almost 24 years. It became my immediate mission to change the outlook on skating here since ice rinks are so prevalent throughout the remainder of the state. What events does your organization host? Our biggest celebration of the season is our Annual Spring Ice Show which showcases the talents of our skaters of all ages and abilities and even includes our skating parents who accompany their tots in classes. This season we plan to host “Try Skating for Free” and an “Adaptive Skating Kick-Off” event, both of which will be free and open to the public. GPFSC member skaters will have the opportunity to participate in a “Bring a Friend to Skate” event. We also have plans for Holiday and Spring Break Camps which are for all ability levels including beginners. Events are dependent on the Pensacola Bay Center ice availability. Registration is required for all events due to space limitations. What is the next event that’s open to the public? We will be hosting a “Meet and Greet “event in August where interested individuals and parents can learn more about our program and upcoming classes. What else would you like our readers to know about your organization? It is GPFSC’s mission to ensure everyone can learn to skate! We are working diligently to remove all barriers to participation. How can someone get involved with GPFSC? Whether someone wants to learn to skate or sharpen their skills, needs information, or would like to support our program, reach us at Follow us on social media or visit our website www. to stay up to date on classes and events.


63-64 GiveCareShare - Greater Pensacola Figure Skating Club Pcola.indd 2

5/30/22 11:05 PM

June 2022 | 65

65 ads comm bank, cox media.indd 1

5/30/22 11:06 PM

VIP Destin at Mattie Kelly Arts Center

Kathy Haugen, Tyler Russell, Page Dolloff & Brian Haugen

Amy Wells & Reagan Wells

Savor the Sound M

photos & story by Tyler Noble

ore than 300 tickets were sold for Savor the Sound, an annual concert event organized to raise funds for the Taylor Haugen Foundation. This year’s rockin’ event took place on May 14 at Mattie Kelly Arts Center’s outdoor amphitheater at the Niceville campus of Northwest Florida State College. Guests set up lawn chairs and blankets in the grass and enjoyed the sounds of local bands LA Strangers and Password Reset on the main stage. Food trucks were set up for attendees to purchase refreshments. People bid on silent auction items during the event, which all benefited the Taylor Haugen Foundation - a local organization which honors Taylor’s legacy, raises awareness of abdominal injuries in athletes, and works to protect youth athletes from those injuries. The foundation was founded by Taylor’s parents, Brian and Kathy, after their son passed away in 2008 after being injured during a high school football game. The 15-year-old played on Niceville High School’s football team and left a lasting legacy throughout Northwest Florida with his motto “Don’t Quit, Never Give Up.”

Terri Justofin & Dee Dauer

Heather & Jeff Jourdan

Scott Miller & Lori Smith 66

Keith White, Laura Blade, Mandy Odor, Demetra Sirmans, Vanessa Tefteller & Jacob Tefteller


66-67 Event_Savor the Sound.indd 1

5/30/22 11:06 PM

Suzzane Morrow, Mike Fite, Victor Bellion & Dave Morrow

Steve & Veronica Ertl, Kelly & Don Witmyer

Gina Romaris, Bethany Pope, Bethany Zaal & Tina Walsh

Brian Haugen, Jeff Fullenkamp, Ted Ablahat & Ann Shambo June 2022 | 67

66-67 Event_Savor the Sound.indd 2

5/30/22 11:06 PM

Luxury Yacht


Discover Destin’s Premium Luxury Motor Yachting at its Best.

68-69 ParrotHeadYachts_Jun2022_spread.indd 1

5/30/22 11:07 PM

Celebrate Your Special Day with Panache! Enjoy an Elegantly Catered Brunch or Happy Hour Cruise Delight Your Guests with Dolphins at Play Explore the Grandeur of the Emerald Coast

Welcome to Parrot Head Yachts! We offer tourists and locals the joy of spending several hours on an ocean excursion aboard a luxury motor yacht – manned by a US Coast Guard Certified Captain and Crew! We sail out of Destin, Florida and we are here to show you the BEST way to see the Emerald Coast through our unique and FUN pleasure cruise packages. Our luxury yacht experiences are for EVERYONE: from families, couples, retirees, and honeymooners – to corporate teams, wedding parties, and more! Let us take care of the details, all you need to do is show up ready to experience yacht life.

68-69 ParrotHeadYachts_Jun2022_spread.indd 2

“Explore. Enjoy. Experience Yacht Life!” PARROT HEAD YACHTS, LLC PARROTHEADYACHTS.COM (850) 980-5824

5/30/22 11:07 PM

JUNE 12 Step One Fest Fort Walton Beach Landing Park 139 S. E. Brooks Street | Fort Walton Beach 10:00am - 4:00pm Step One is celebrating their 5-year anniversary and want to share the celebration with you! A huge family-friendly celebration - there will be live entertainment, food trucks, a kid zone, over 20 non-profits and so much more. This community event is their way to say THANKS to their team members and their families, their partners and the amazing Fort Walton Beach community. Visit for more information.

JUNE 15 Ladies Who Launch - Powerhouse Women’s Series featuring Laura Hussey Destin Chamber 4484 Legendary Drive Ste. A | Destin 11:30am-1:00pm

JUNE 16 The Music of Led Zeppelin Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village 4323 Commons Drive | Destin 7:00pm

Ladies Who Launch Powerhouse Women Series highlights impactful women in the community. On June 15, Laura Hussey of WEAR Channel 3 News shares lessons learned during her more than 25 years of broadcasting experience, including her current role as morning anchor at Channel 3 News.

Enjoy a night under the stars at the most beautiful outdoor music venue on the Emerald Coast. Bring a bottle of wine, your favorite craft beer, some delicious snacks, and a blanket or chair. Food and drinks are available for purchase! Conductor/arranger Brent Havens presents The Music of Led Zeppelin, a program he scored to extend the listening experience of Led Zeppelin’s timeless tunes. Performed by Sinfonia Gulf Coast and amplified with a full rock band and vocals by Randy Jackson, Havens and his ensemble capture Led Zeppelin’s sheer blast and power.

Make your reservations at

Visit to purchase tickets and view other upcoming events.

JUNE - ALL MONTH LONG Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village 10 Harbor Boulevard | Destin

There is always something FUN to do at HarborWalk Village! Sundays - Sunday Funday on the Pool Deck Mondays - Monday Shrimp Boil on the Pool Deck Tuesdays - Fat Tuesday Parade Wednesdays - Dive In Movie on the Pool Deck Thursdays - All American Thursdays featuring an air show and live entertainment. Saturdays - Rock the Docks with a free live concert. Check the calendar of events at

Visit for more events! 70 |

70 Save the Date Destin.indd 1

5/30/22 11:09 PM

71 fatboys.indd 1

5/30/22 11:09 PM


72 boogies.indd 1

5/30/22 11:09 PM

73 ppr-market shops.indd 1

5/30/22 11:10 PM

74 30-a pontoon rental.indd 1

5/30/22 11:10 PM

VIP Destin at Legendary Marine

photos & story by Zhalman Harris


ocky Bayou Christian School held their Blue & White Gala fundraising event on May 5, under a tent of lights at Legendary Marine in Destin. The sold-out event, presented by Green Energy Contracting, featured keynote speaker Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and kicked off the public phase of Rocky’s Foundation for a Future capital campaign. The evening began with a VIP reception at Legendary Yacht Club, with a beautiful sunset view of Choctawhatchee Bay. Guests enjoyed a meet and greet with Robertson featuring a photo op by Epic Photo Co. The VIP hour ended with a short question and answer session with Robertson. The main event in Legendary Marine’s showroom featured an upscale buffet by Culinary Catering 365, the Foundation for a Future campaign kickoff, followed by the keynote address from Willie Robertson. He spoke about how Christian education is vital to planting seeds for raising future Christian leaders. Funds raised at this event will benefit the Foundation for a Future capital campaign. Rocky’s Board of Directors set a phased expansion plan in 2018, the first phase being a new high school building. This will be the school’s first new project in 20 years. The building will give Rocky the ability to house 250 more high school students and feature eight classrooms, two science labs, a state-of-the-art STEM lab and more.

Leslie & Bob Schmidt

Claudia Alvarez, Brady Bishop & Laurie Bishop

Toby Williams & Neko Stubblefield

Todd Royall & Heather Hintz

Leslie & Jack McGuckin

Miranda & Grant Graupmann

Christy Rowney & Sara Hill June 2022 | 75

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5/30/22 11:10 PM

VIP Destin at the Blue & White Gala

Kacy & Matt Turpin

Whitley & Trevor Cowart

Macy, Kyra, Michael & Madeline Wanner


Richard & Alicia Pruitt

Ashton & Andrew Beno

Cameron & Rachel Yordon

Heather & Hugh Williams

Austin & Maggie Black

Amy Carlin, Karen Teixeira & Jennifer Hewitt

Mike Clements & Hope McKinney


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5/30/22 11:11 PM

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Melanie Schweizer

What is your hometown and how did you end up on the Emerald Coast? I was born in Fort Walton Beach so I was lucky to grow up here before Destin was DESTIN. I got to see it grow from just a quiet strip of beach to a sought after #1 beach vacation spot. What is your profession and what led you to choose it? I own LuxExchange, a luxury, pre-owned handbag store in Destin. We buy, sell, trade, and consign authentic Louis Vuitton’s, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, and many other high end luxury designers. I started out 11 years ago with just a love and passion for handbags. I would host parties with my friends and family and everyone would bring their bags to trade out. It was so much fun I turned it into my career. What are some of your favorite things about Destin? What makes it unique? Some of my favorite things about Destin are the fresh caught seafood, and restaurants, and the fact that you can go in right off the boat in shorts and fl ip flops. Three words that best describe you. Mother, Problem Solver, Down to Earth. Favorite place for dining and for outdoor activities? McGuires Irish Pub. The food is amazing. The atmosphere is exciting and the experience is always great. For outdoors I love going to Crab Island on the boat and cruising back and forth between Norriego Point and Crab Island. What is the one thing you would say you do not go a day without? My cell phone. Finish this statement. I AM Destin because… I am Destin because being from this small town and watching it grow to what it is today makes me proud to say I’m from Destin. I love how the area has become a top vacation spot for families from all over the country. We get our small town to ourselves for a few months out of the year and then we share it with the rest of the world. photo by Zhalman Harris

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5/30/22 11:14 PM