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MARCH 2021


Congratulations TO 28 LOCAL AGENTS!

National Real Estate Sales Awards 2020 CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Diamond - Top 1/2 of 1%


Harry Bell

Waghalter Team

Simone Sands

Kathy Dreadin

Andra Morgan

Lorraine Brackin

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Small Teams Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual


Nancy Grogan

Kiel Rubio

Fraiser Phelps

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Jenny Rushing

Rob Rushing

Small Teams Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Small Teams Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Caroline Williams Reese Verschueren Small Teams Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Small Teams Total GCI - 2020 Annual



Randall Graves

Robert Bell

Kerrin Kostelic

Harry Bell

Linda Turner

Michelle Carlson

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Carrie Lee

Lauren Schneider

Jennifer Cobb

Shannon Kiker

Carrie Carver

Terri Davidson

Cait Gross

Kathryn Paro

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

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Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Agents Total GCI - 2020 Annual

Now with FIVE locations serving the Emerald Coast PENSACOLA GULF BREEZE

17 W. Cedar St. | (850) 434-2244 836 Gulf Breeze Parkway | (850) 932-6278

MIRAMAR BEACH 9375 Emerald Coast Parkway, Unit 18 | (850) 267-0050 SANTA ROSA BEACH 7684 W. County Highway 30A | (850) 267-0013 NICEVILLE 1073 E. John Sims Parkway Suite | (850) 729-0176 ©2021 BHH Affiliates, LLC. Real Estate Brokerage Services are offered through the network member franchisees of BHH Affiliates, LLC. Most franchisees are independently owned and operated. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServicesand the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServicessymbol are registered service marks of HomeServices of America, Inc.® Equal Housing Opportunity.

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Volume VI • Issue III

events 10 Cordova Mall Ball 12 Al Fresco Concert Series 19 Mardi Gras Sunday on Pensacola Beach 22 Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Presents Opening Night 27 For the Love of Opera 30 Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Dinner 37 Party Gras Weekend at Seville 40 Valentine’s Italian Wine Dinner 45 Mardi Gras Masquerade in the Beer Garden 50 Gulf Coast nWorking Ribbon Cutting 54 Double Bridge Run 57 UWF Camellia Garden Tours 58 Business Happy Hour

on the cover Leah & Ray Conti Photography by Kristina Wright at Mardi Gras Sunday on Pensacola Beach

departments 15 24 32 35 42 48 53 56 60 62

Adventure Out Swizzle Coastal Cuisine Straight Talk Style Give Care Share May We Suggest Locale Save the Date I Am Pensacola

VIP Pensacola Staff Publisher Greg Alexander

Art Director Priscilla Atkins

Associate Publisher Verla Price

Contributing Writers/ Photographers Greg Alexander Julie Connerley Patti Hall Clare Lee Verla Price Anna Stockton Kristina Wright

Advertising Stephanie Alvarez Kristin Moffitt Kevin O’Rourke Verla Price Publisher’s Assistant Anna Stockton Graphic Designer Patti Hall

VIP Founder Jeff Watson

March 2021 | 7

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2/24/21 2:41 PM

letter from the Associate Publisher

March brings with it the promise of warmer weather, sunny days, and most importantly, the return of Daylight Savings Time. “Spring forward” and set the clocks one hour ahead on March 14. As we dive into this month’s VIP Pensacola issue, we are excited to bring you pages fi lled with fun outdoor events, a few lingering Mardi Gras parties, and some intriguing editorial. Adventure Out brought back a rush of memories for me with “Going Topless,” a feature on convertibles, which threw me back to my younger years. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a convertible, but I did meet my future husband while driving a T-top Mustang, and our chariot to the prom was a bright red T-top Camaro. We were really styling in West Virginia in the 80’s. If you like Martinis, Swizzle on page 24 could take you to the floor. Martinis are not my favorite drink. However, I will indulge in one every now and then if the establishment adds blue cheese stuffed olives. Coastal Cuisine spotlights some luxurious kitchen appliances that are to die for. I may need to invest in one of the new espresso machines. Give Care Share introduces us to “Folds of Honor,” a non-profit that funds scholarships for families of fallen or wounded soldiers. If you would like to sponsor this patriotic event locally, Scenic Hills Country Club will host a golf tournament and concert with Lee Brice in May, with proceeds going to the charity. I was able to brave the cold in February and attend a few events. It was good to see some old friends and associates at Seville Business After Hours. If you are like me, I usually see something in our magazine and think, how did I miss that? Flip to page 60 and review “Save The Date,” our calendar of upcoming events. Maybe I will see you at some of the St. Patrick Day events or the Renaissance Fair. Let’s hope March comes in like a lion so it will go out like a lamb and give an early spring instead of a lingering winter. Shop local, be patient and kind. Thank you for reading VIP Pensacola.

Associate Publisher



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2/24/21 2:43 PM

HENRY CHIROPRACTIC Best In Pensacola nominations start in April. From sports injuries, to auto accidents...We've got your back! Best Chiropractor 2017

Best Chiropractor 2018

Best Chiropractor 2019

We humbly request your support again for Best Chiropractor 2021!

(850) 435-7777 . 1602 N. 9th Avenue . Pensacola, FL 09 henry chiro.indd 1

2/24/21 2:44 PM

VIP Pensacola at Cordova Mall

photos & story by Kristina Wright


he Cordova Mall Ball has been a staple in Pensacola during Mardi Gras season bringing in thousands of participants each year, which sustains fundraising efforts that support various children’s programs and charities in our community. This year, the ball looked very different due to Covid-19 restrictions. Les Petits Enfants and the Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation held their 26th annual Mall Ball virtually on January 30, outside the building, with a bit of a twist for VIP guests and sponsors. The same level of excitement, entertainment, and great experiences could be had by guests from the comfort of home, without even getting out of their pajamas. Proceeds from the evening benefited the addition of the Bear Family Foundation Pediatric Oncology Center for Hope at the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. A handful of Foundation staff members created this very unique event without a committee, brainstorming creative ways to carry on the legacy of this momentous occasion while keeping patrons and volunteers safe. Registered VIP guests and sponsors arrived at the drive thru line and were greeted by beautiful stilt and skate performers from the Luminary Entertainment Company. The next rolling stop was to pick-up their to-go meal provided by Café Nola, after which they were presented with a unique swag bag then directed to park in a designated area to watch the crafted content on a big screen right in front of the entrance to the mall, and broadcasted on the radio right into their cars. To date, this event has generated more than $6.4 million for the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart, a hospital dedicated to the care of children for more than 50 years. It is the only pediatric facility in the region.

Molly Holmes & Sue Martin

Ildi & James Hosman

Jenny Hunnicutt, Misty Gutshall, Lydia Gallup & Heather Smith

10 |

10-11 Event_Cordova Mall Ball.indd 1

2/24/21 2:44 PM

Claire Errington & Emily Ioakim

Maureen & Dennis McKinnon

Cortlandt Roces, Tarra Talbert & Hope Bradford

Ed & Trisha Morrison

Denise & Wade Wilson

Janet Piepul & Gillian Ward

Dave & Mary Hoxeng

Vikki Snider & Linda Dunwoody

Andi, Gunner, Tucker & Rindi Saba

Jenn Saba & Carol Carlan

March 2021 | 11

10-11 Event_Cordova Mall Ball.indd 2

2/24/21 2:44 PM

VIP Pensacola at UWF Historic Trust Museum Plaza

Al Fresco Concert Series photos & story by Kristina Wright


ensacola Opera is proud to return to the community with their special “Al Fresco” performance series. In partnership with Pensacola Parks & Recreation, each Saturday evening the AIR’S (Artists In Residence) gather at a different park around town for a live, outdoor concert like no other. Guests are encouraged to bring a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy favorite opera, musical theatre, and popular tunes in a safely distanced, outdoor setting. On February 20, the opera performance occurred at the UWF Historic Trust Museum Plaza. Performances are free and perfect for audience members of all ages. Pensacola Opera’s Artists in Residence program, now in its eighteenth season, continues to provide training and performance experience for young opera professionals. In residence from September through March, these artists perform comprimario roles and cover principal roles in the mainstage productions, sing for numerous educational and community outreach programs, and present an annual showcase at the Pensacola Opera Center. The Artist in Residence coach/pianist works as the music director for the educational outreach performances and serves as rehearsal pianists for mainstage productions. In addition to numerous performance opportunities, Artists in Residence also receive regular musical coaching from Pensacola Opera’s music staff, as well as guest coaches and voice teachers who work to prepare these artists for a successful professional career.


Julie Pecchia with Sir Bentley

Mike & T.K. Morgan

Theresa & David James

Nicole Radomski & Clint Silber

Nicklaus & Sid Williams-Heath


Al Fresco Concert Series.indd 1

2/24/21 2:45 PM

Anthony Benz, Alyssa Dessoye, Jack Chandler & Erin Alford

Chandra & Corey McKern

Tayisha Vilceus & Diana Tamburro

Gee, Ethan & Sarah Williams March 2021 | 13

Al Fresco Concert Series.indd 2

2/24/21 2:45 PM

14 petland.indd 1

2/24/21 2:45 PM

Going Topless C

story by Anna Stockton

onvertibles make a statement. Movie producers have been proving this for years. The cool kid, the mean jock, the corporate bigwig, the dad having a mid-life crisis, the homecoming queen, the scarf and sunglass wearing girlfriends driving down Pacific Coast Highway -- what do they all have in common? They’re all driving convertibles. Whether you go for the soft top, hard top, affordable, or luxurious, convertibles represent freedom, opportunity, and the wide-open road.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how convertibles came about. I mean, who decided to take the top off a perfectly good car? Well, they actually started that way. Henry Ford’s first stab at an automobile, the Quadricycle, was nothing more than a regular horse buggy with an engine -- no windshields, no doors, no windows, and of course, no roof. With the turn of the twentieth century, more powerful, faster engines were being developed and folding roofs and fabric tops became available to spruce up your ride. Now, these automobiles shared the dirt road with those who were still “kickin’ it old school” with their horse and buggies. This created an unfortunate problem for automobile drivers who were getting hit with dirt and other debris, including of the horse variety, so a need for an enclosed cover became necessary. Enter Henry Leland, founder of Cadillac and Lincoln, stepping in with his knack for inventing interchangeable auto parts and his mad engineering skills. He brought the first fully enclosed car to the public. By 1906, Cadillac offered the fully enclosed body as an option on new automobiles.

15-17 AdvOut_Going Topless.indd 2

2/24/21 2:47 PM

By 1910 this sedan body style became standard and by 1920, 90% of all autos on the road were sedans. By 1934, when roofs were standard on cars, some people felt a little claustrophobic or maybe they just had a desire to feel the wind in their perfectly coifed hair. So French automobile company Peugeot came up with the retractable hardtop design, which is a roof that folds down and is selfstoring behind the driver’s compartment. However, the French didn’t keep this design under their berets for long and this design crept its way into the American market fairly quickly. Leave it to the Americans to take this manual feature and make it power operated, allowing drivers to drop their tops fast and furiously. Since then, adjustments and tweaks have been made leading up the convertibles we know and love today. The popularity of convertibles in the United States has ebbed and flowed. American soldiers returning from France and the UK after WW2 created a huge demand as they fell in love with them while overseas, then those pesky new safety standards ruined everyone’s topless fun during the 1970’s. This, along with air conditioning becoming standard in vehicles and the popularity of sunroofs, the country’s

15-17 AdvOut_Going Topless.indd 3

love affair with convertibles took a dive. Enter the Mazda MX-5, or known to the common folk, the Miata. The tictac looking car debuted at the end of the 80’s and suddenly, convertibles were cool again. In fact, with over one million Miata’s sold, it’s the most popular convertible ever. The convertibles on the market today are better than ever and are available in all price ranges and levels of luxury. The squared away Mini Cooper, powerful Mustang, and the immortal Miata all offer reasonably priced, yet fun models. If you want to spend a little more, Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus all offer both classic and sport convertibles that will have you going topless everywhere. If those aren’t fancy enough for you, the exotic sport market has what you’re looking for. Both Audi and Aston Martin have sport convertibles that run close to a quarter of a million dollars. I mean, your kids don’t really need to go to college, do they? While all these ups and downs (ha), the fact remains, people love convertibles! They are engrained in our culture, representing freedom and opportunity, pleasure over practicality, and wide-open spaces. With safety features and technology improving, convertibles are here to stay and to remind you that the open road awaits.

2/24/21 2:47 PM

An Award-winning Senior Living Community in Gulf Breeze Proper


INDEPENDENT LIVING ASSISTED LIVING MEMORY CARE APARTMENTS Celebrating ARTFUL® Dining, ZESTFUL® Activities, and HEARTFUL® Care. Immerse yourself in new passions and curiosities, make lasting friendships and explore new opportunities.

Within minutes of churches, schools, and shopping! 6 minutes to Pensacola Beach, 4 minutes to Gulf Breeze Hospital

50 Joachim Drive, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 | 850-934-1018



erti cations orld lass AS Master Auto Truc Tech ine Forest oad, ensacola, F 18


18 ads arbors & gary sapp.indd 1

2/24/21 2:47 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Beach

Mardi Gras Sunday on Pensacola Beach photos & story by Kristina Wright

Leah & Ray Conti


ensacola Beach has been struggling with back-to-back, ongoing hits; first from Covid-19, then Hurricane Sally, then in September the bridge became inaccessible. Mardi Gras weekend however, brought everyone back out to party in style. On February 14, the local krewes packed out several restaurants and bars, including Crabs on the Beach with their Crab’s Mardi Gras No Parade Party, Flounders Chowder House with their Mardi Gras Party featuring Horseshoe Kitty and red beans and rice served until 6 p.m. Krewe of SWAT also hosted their social hour starting at noon. The Sandshaker hosted their All Krewe Party featuring Shazam performing on the oversized outdoor stage in parking and Class X inside. Bamboo Willies held their Mardi Gras Beach Party featuring a performance by Scenic Heights and special beads. Paradise Bar and Grill hosted their Shoe Box Float Contest, with the winner awarded a Grand Prize Beach Weekend. Dan Dunn also led a pack of bicycle riders on a Pub Crawl starting at Paradise Bar and Grill. All in all, it was a fantastic way to close out the season.

Sunnie McClung, Sheri Burton & Michael Cronk

Lani & Ted Noice

Elizabeth & Mark Bear

Aspen Lee, Grace Newkirk & Kailey Hayes

Kathryn Floyd & Sherrie Smith with Penny, Mike Floyd & Mariah Grieiner March 2021 | 19

19-21 Event_Mardi Gras Sunday on Pensacola Beach.indd 1

2/24/21 2:48 PM

VIP Pensacola at Mardi Gras Sunday on Pensacola Beach

Brad McCaffety & Brent Isbell

David & Therese Ritchie

Rusty & Janel Mack

Jeremy Lombardo, Rich & Linda Amato, Jamie Lombardo

Christy & Brian Davidson

Mark & Madrina Ciano

Dan & Cindi Harriott 20

Fenoy Butler & Jessica Duncan

Bonnie Green, Karen Kriegel, Ellen Hunt, Kay Rankin & Jo Dee Cattrell


19-21 Event_Mardi Gras Sunday on Pensacola Beach.indd 2

2/24/21 2:48 PM

Delayna Blankenship & Alyssa Nasto

Stephanie Hughes & Tammy Ayo

Patrick Fitzgerald, Brittany Wise & Joshua Reginbal

Monique Leclair & Melissa Arceneaux

Mary Kay Lamy, Patricia Russo & Sabrina Shaw

Anna Jones, Bailey Depriest & Dustin Depriest

Michelle Tombari, Becca Rutland & Jennifer Nagim

Brian Ramsey & Joe Hild

Paula Gallan & Patti Reed

Donna Wilson, Michelle Ray & Luann Joswick March 2021 | 21

19-21 Event_Mardi Gras Sunday on Pensacola Beach.indd 3

2/24/21 2:48 PM

VIP Pensacola at Saenger Theatre

Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Presents:

Opening Night photos & story by Kristina Wright

Shirley & Norman Holmes

Len & Lisa Griswold

Alla & Albert Bressler

Sue-Sue Sherrill & Michael Dennis 22


n February 20, guests were invited to the Saenger Theatre to experience Pensacola Symphony Orchestra’s Opening Night, either in person or virtually. The orchestra returned to the Saenger Theatre stage to perform the beloved music of Copland and Brahms. Capturing the sound and soul of America, Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring, Suite for 13 Instruments is one of the composer’s greatest achievements, a soaring masterpiece that offers a hopeful vision of our country’s greatest possibilities. Acclaimed violinist Jennifer Frautschi returns to perform Brahms’ Violin Concerto, a lyrically rich piece featuring the powerful interplay between the soloist and the orchestra. The Palafox Lobby was open for entering the building one hour prior to the concert, while seating was available once the doors opened. Socially distanced seating enabled all patrons to have unobstructed access to an aisle. PSO has continued to grow and increase its presence in Pensacola and the surrounding communities. As the Orchestra enters its 94th season, it is dedicated now more than ever to ensure live symphonic music reaches as many listeners as possible. Engaging enrichment programs bring the PSO to students of all ages, spreading enthusiasm through free concerts, special programs for families, and involvement with other community and cultural arts initiatives.

Robin & Emma Zimmern

April King & Bennett Griffith

Nancy & Guy Miller

Sandy Hires & Dr. F. Terry Bryan

Mary Denaro & Joe Madaio


1.5 PSO Opening NIght.indd 1

2/24/21 2:48 PM

Nora & Tom Bailey, Jessica Hyche

Tony McDonald, Mary Ruth Dobie & Ed Park

Jennifer & Robert McDonald, Dianne Bakarian & Jack Mobley

Marte Picker, Venezuela Carr & Bart Byrd March 2021 | 23

1.5 PSO Opening NIght.indd 2

2/24/21 2:49 PM

One Martini, Two Martini, Three Martini, FLOOR F LOOR !


story by Clare Lee

he drink may be clear but the martini’s origin is more opaque. Many stories exist, but still, at the end of the day, as you’re enjoying a martini, the drink’s origin probably doesn’t matter that much.

Sometimes, but usually after you have had a few, drinkers wonder how their cocktail of choice originated. New drinks are created daily but many are forgotten as quickly as they were consumed. The martini, however, has splashed around since the late 19th century and even has its own love language -- dirty, dry, shaken, straight up, or stirred. With a suave name and a pedigree, you might imagine that “martini” comes from some elegant European stopover, but the truth is, nobody really knows. One thing though, this truly American cocktail has a strong, sophisticated, and sexy swagger – everything that we want to project when ordering one. There is no certified story on the conception of the martini, but folklore alludes the drink was first drafted during the California Gold Rush when a miner struck it rich and was returning to San Francisco. Stopping at a bar in Martinez along the way, he celebrated by asking for champagne. With none available, the bartender persuaded the miner that he had something much better and served him a drink he called a ‘Martinez Special.’ It was such a hit, he ordered rounds for the house. Over a period of years, the name Martinez became martini… but, then again, this in only one of various tales after hours of celebrations. It’s no wonder the stories change – the next day nobody remembers. Others argue that the history of the martini name is simply a matter of branding. Martini & Rossi, an Italian sweet vermouth first produced in 1863, has been alluded as an obvious source. After all, asking for a “gin and Martini” could easily become asking for a martini. There are more variations on a martini than there are fables of how it was born. First, let’s get one thing on the table – apple, chocolate, espresso, and other modern drinks ending in “tini” are better called cocktails than martinis, as the only thing they have in common with a true martini is the glass. Despite these drinks’ questionable credentials as an authentic form of the martini, they convey how the martini name is so ubiquitous it has become synonymous with the word cocktail. Martini lovers have tweaked their concoctions to their individual likings and that is what makes the martini so fun. Alfred Hitchcock's

24-25 Swizzle_Martinis.indd 1

2/24/21 2:49 PM

famous martini recipe was "five parts gin and a quick glance at a bottle of vermouth." LBJ preferred to swirl vermouth around in the glass before dumping it out and adding the gin. Clark Gable merely ran a vermouth cork around the rim of the glass. While it's broadly thought that the martini is an American invention, the libation became popular in Europe. It was a favorite of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill but vermouth, usually made in Italy and France, became scarce during WWII. This did not hamper Churchill's martini drinking as he was quoted, "The only way to make a Martini is with ice-cold gin, and a bow in the direction of France." While many old school drinkers consider gin and vermouth with an olive as the only legit partners in this concoction, it has become acceptable to specify your spirit. Vodka martinis have taken hold and are here to stay. A dry martini has little or no vermouth, dirty is a reference to olive and olive brine making the drink less clear, and shaken means shaken while stirred means stirred. Whether you like it with gin or vodka, dirty, dry, shaken, or stirred, the martini is a treat at any day’s end.

24-25 Swizzle_Martinis.indd 2

Prince Phillip Martini Add a triple measure of gin to some ice. Leave for 10 minutes to chill. While gin chills, lace a martini glass with vermouth by stirring a slice of lemon and a small amount of vermouth over ice, then discard, leaving the glass wet inside. Pour the chilled gin, not ice into the martini glass. Add a skewer of olives and enjoy.

2/24/21 2:49 PM

• • • •


• • • •


Networks of Florida is now

NOF TECHNOLOGIES Same great company providing superior IT support since 1986.

Let’s make your technology work harder for YOU!

All injections by Dr. Kevin Welch, MD 8333 North Davis HWY · Pensacola, FL

Headquarters Located in Pensacola, NOF Technologies provides:

IT & Cybersecurity Managed Services Business Continuity | Cloud Storage | VolP Network Design | Installation | Management Consulting



25 W Avery St Pensacola, FL 32501


26 ads thompson-walden, welch.indd 1

2/24/21 2:49 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Yacht Club

Dana Tripoli & Rhonda Ford

Cody Martin, Jack Chandler, Alyssa Dessoye, Anthony Benz & Erin Alford

For the Love of Opera photos & story by Kristina Wright


he Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild held a special sweetheart celebration for the governing board and guild members at the waterfront location of Pensacola Yacht Club on February 3. Pensacola’s own local “Artists in Residence” (AIRS) from the Pensacola Opera, performed several samples from their current lineup of Operas and created a very festive mood for guests. Several members of the Symphony Orchestra also play for a number of the Opera productions held at the Saenger Theatre throughout the season. The February theme of the guild meetings, “For the Love of Opera,” was carried out in attire for the event, along with unique table centerpieces featuring antique family opera glasses, silk gloves, and, of course, burgundy-colored roses. Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month September through May, venues and menus are announced by postcard and at to members and prospective members, for which reservations are required. Current half-season membership and lunches are $25. Full season membership begins soon for the 2021-2022 season, which runs with the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra season. Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild members receive prime seating for the Masterworks series of the PSO. Traditionally, PSOG is a support for the musicians of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, providing refreshments at intermission, rehearsal dinners, and assisting guest artists as needed. Furthering Music in Education is another focus for members, by participating in a 2-county wide 5th grade concert annually at the Saenger Theatre. In spring, “Music for Families” is held allowing children and parents to meet the musicians, try out instruments, and enjoy a modified on-stage performance by the orchestra.

Anne Riddles, Barbara Eager & Gene Olsen

Marion Yetman, Trisha Woodburn & Dr. Howell Tiller March 2021 | 27

27-29 Event_For the Love of Opera.indd 1

2/24/21 2:50 PM

VIP Pensacola at For the Love of Opera

Bill Jones & Sue-Sue Sherrill

Bonnie & Dick Bedics, Dr. Nell Potter


Cindy Law & Sooz Cobb

Nan Harper & Shellie Isakson-Smith

Margo Broxton, Monette Payne & Wilma Steele

Lydia & Jeff Abram

Dona Usry & Marcia Enquist

Marte Picker & Rita Meyer

Jill Clark, Stephanie & Dave Vocker, Lynn Tobin

Lindi & Dave Kessler


27-29 Event_For the Love of Opera.indd 2

2/24/21 2:50 PM

We proudly support our Armed Forces

Mildred Price & Roz Leahy

Sandy Palmer & Kay Lemons

Thank You for Voting Us Best Insurance Firm 4 Consecutive Years!

Bobby Emmons Owner/Agent

Carter Lackey Agent

Home • Auto • Life Business Owners, Condo Insurance, High Value Homes

Kathryn Beall & Joyce Schifiliti

994-9520 March 2021 | 29

27-29 Event_For the Love of Opera.indd 3

2/24/21 2:50 PM

VIP Pensacola at Holley By The Sea Beach House Recreation Center

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge

Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Dinner


photos & story by Julie B. Connerley

ho doesn’t love a mystery--especially when the invited guests are the entertainment! The Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge hosted a Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Dinner fundraiser at the Holley By The Sea Beach House Recreation Center on February 1. Where Ya At? restaurant provided a full course, Cajun themed dinner, and the Navarre High School NJROTC assisted with parking. The fictional murder took place in New Orleans, with acting roles assigned to all attendees. Numerous silent auction and raffle items, along with a photo booth, provided opportunities for guests to support the ECWR while role playing in the “who done it.” “Our first Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Fundraiser was very successful,” said Dr. Natalie Dyson, ECWR Board of Directors President. “We raised almost $5000 thanks to the generosity of all who attended. These funds will go directly to our rescue and rehabilitated animal care, including much needed supplies as we prepare for the upcoming baby season. We have such great supporters and are so grateful for every single one!” For more than 20 years, ECWR, now located at 3051 Clopton’s Circle, Navarre, has provided rehabilitation and release of orphaned and injured wildlife indigenous to Northwest Florida. The Refuge provides wildlife rescue services, and environmental outreach to five counties in Northwest Florida. With several resident ambassador animals at the facility, visitors are welcome.

Bill & Carol “Stormy” Andersen 30

Dr. Mike Hartzell & Kathy Krafka

Dana Cassady & Sandee Tolbert

Ashley & Adam Bement

Dawn & Rick Neitzey

Janelle Jalil & Mika Watson

Ashley & Adam Bement


30-31 Event_Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge_1.5pgs.indd 1

2/24/21 2:51 PM

Jordan Spencer, Denise Song, Crystie Baker, Dr. Natalie Dyson, Morgan Pelfrey & Michelle Pettis

A small locally owned restaurant, where great food is paired with great wine. Thank you for voting us Best in Pensacola Place for a Date & Locally Owned Restaurant Paige Lorenz, Jason Cook, Caressa Conway, Jason Brown & Nicki Vanderhovel

Reservations Accepted Private Dining Room · Large Wine Selection

Jimmy Jalil, Chris Breed, Dawn & Rick Neitzey

Look for our “New Full Bar” opening Late March! HOURS Lunch: M-Sat. 11 am - 4 pm Dinner: M-Sat. 4 pm - 9 pm Brunch: Sun. 11 am - 2 pm

Fred Abbott, Jayne Carpenter & Birdie Carpenter

Cordova Marketplace 4350 Bayou Blvd · Pensacola, FL 850.477.9120 · March 2021 | 31

30-31 Event_Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge_1.5pgs.indd 2

2/24/21 2:51 PM

The Luxurious Heart of the Home story by Anna Stockton


itchens are often the heart and control center of the home. Whether its kids making lunch before school, the family cooking dinner or guests all congregating during a get-together, kitchens are always brimming with activity. So why not make it the most functional, beautiful and luxurious part of the home.

I Followed My Heart, It Led Me To The Fridge The “center of the center” of a home is usually the refrigerator. Where else does e eryone go first in the itchen here else contains all the good food here else can my ids stand in front of and claim there is nothing to eat Fridges come in all styles, sizes and of course, price ranges. But if you really want to make a statement in your kitchen, you go big and you go home. These restaurant quality beasts are a whopping four feet across and se en feet tall, many ha e wifi monitoring and control and even a sabbath mode for our friends who celebrate Jewish holidays. Now I’m not proud of the feelings this refrigerator invokes in me and I absolutely did NOT double chec my ban account to see if I had an extra fifteen thousand dollars or so just hanging around, but this refrigerator makes one major statement in the kitchen.

32-33 Coastal Cuisine_luxury kitchens.indd 1

Gimme Some Oven Now you can’t have the refrigerator of all refrigerators and just a basic range. No, you need THE range. Like fridges, there are many different price-points and styles of ranges. In recent years, ranges have become the focal point in kitchens, and the colors…. oh, the colors. Deep blue, graphite gray, cypress green and reduction red are just a few colors that are available these days, each one more eye-catching than the last. But these festive focal points aren’t just for show, with 4, 6 and 8 burner models available and either single or double ovens, they’re made to keep you and your family stylish and well fed.

2/24/21 2:52 PM

"Espress" Yourself

Ice Ice Baby

If you’re like me, you have family and friends who live for their morning pick-me-up. You can treat them to barista quality espresso or coffee in your very own home, without the judgement of their overly complicated order. These new, modern machines do it all, and most have a touch screen to make it as user friendly as possible. You can grind the beans as fine or coarse as you’d li e, adjust the texture and temperature of the milk and the strength of your coffee. Of course, you can save your setting so your “order” is always accurate, and feel free to mis spell your name to gi e it that true coffee shop experience.

A Happier Hour hy waste room in your luxury refrigerator with beer and wine when you can have a separate beer/wine fridge combo? This ingenious fridge is dual zoned to keep wine chilled at just the right temperature and a separate zone for beer and sodas to keep them ice cold. It’s a good appliance for any itchen, luxury or not, and helps free up space in your main refrigerator while allowing you to have cold drinks available anytime, especially for that friend who always seems to drop by around happy hour time.

When I was younger my neighbors got an ice machine and in my young mind, I thought that meant you had made It in life, it was the epitome of class and sophistication. Now, thirty something years later, I KNOW that means you’ve made it. People who have ice machines drink wine that isn’t twist off and ta e their car in for ser ice when the first warning light comes on. In reality though, ice machines are a functional and helpful addition to any kitchen. Always having plenty of ice for your family, guests and parties is a convenience that’s well worth the investment and especially important for preparing when we have one of our hurricanes swirling in the Gulf.

Bring it Outside Now all the good cooking doesn’t just happen inside, outdoor kitchens can be just as luxurious and functional. ith our wonderful weather here in Florida we can enjoy the outdoors most of the year (sit back down January, you’re not welcome at this party), and that includes cooking and entertaining. Outdoor refrigerators and dishwashers are placed alongside built-in grills big enough to feed the entire neighborhood, while you ha e e erything you need at your fingertips in the custom cabinetry and bar. Install a tele ision for the ultimate outdoor itchen experience that will ha e your friends floc ing to your place for the big game and a strategically placed sprinkler system nearby will ensure they don’t overstay their welcome.

Love what you see here? You can check out many of these appliances locally at All South Appliances in Miramar Beach or online at

32-33 Coastal Cuisine_luxury kitchens.indd 2

2/24/21 2:52 PM

34 tonya zimmern.indd 1

2/24/21 2:52 PM

35 tonya zimmern - straight talk.indd 1

2/24/21 2:53 PM

Christina Powers Tax Professional Tax and Bookkeeping Services

Looking for business promotional products?

Isn’t it time you had an experienced tax professional on your side?

With a Selection of over

80 thousand

promotional products if you can think it, we can make it! Have you tho of anythin ught g yet?

Stainless Steel Drinkware Keeps Hot and Cold 20 oz Tumbler

Tax Preparation Personal, LLC, Partnership, Corporation Bookkeeping Full service bookkeeping and QuickBooks training Payroll Full service payroll from preparing paychecks to filing quarterly reports 10 oz Lowball

Call For A Free Consult ✓ Competitive Rates ✓ Flexibility ✓ Tailored Services

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Double wall vacuum stainless steel with copper lining Press in, twist closure lid Keeps Liquid hot for 5.5 hours Keeps liquid cold for 24 hours Mininium order 48 pieces

Call for more information 850-206-8379

850-332-4432 3700 Creighton Rd Unit 10 Pensacola FL 32504 36


36 ads christina powers, flip flop.indd 1

2/24/21 2:53 PM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Quarter

Party Gras

Weekend at Seville photos & story by Kristina Wright


raditionally, the second week in February is all about Mardi Gras in Pensacola; but this year, some adjustments had to be made to proceed with the celebrations. Seville Quarter is the hangout hub for Mardi Gras Kick-off weekend, as well as Fat Tuesday and Priscus festivities. The typically grandiose party had to change shape a bit in order to comply with the new Covid-19 restrictions, hence the Party Gras Weekend was born. From February 12-14, Seville Quarter opened up all seven rooms to allow socially distanced celebrating all weekend long. A special “Krewe Appreciation Show,” featuring a performance by The Time Travelers was held for all Mardi Gras krewe members, family, and friends on February 13 from 7 - 10pm. Since most of the large-scale local events have been canceled or postponed, this show was established for Mardi Gras krewe members. Guests gained free entry by showing their krewe beads or Mardi Gras attire. Phineas Phogg’s showcased most of the action, but each room held its own special touch of the seasonal flair.

Valeria Hatton, Chelsea Whiteside, Karen Fleming & Monica Farisa

Misti & Nathan Stevens

Dana Hall & Eric Cross

Crystal & Richard Wagner, Will Walker & Marty Edwards March 2021 | 37

37-39 Event_Party Gras Weekend at Seville.indd 1

2/24/21 2:54 PM

VIP Pensacola at Party Gras Weekend

Nelson & Pamela Wendell

Mike Kelly & Joshua Roth

Justin Spence, Alicia Christy, Clif Head & Chris McIntosh

Jennifer & Kevin Morris

Rick Simpson & Colleen Radford

Robert Andrade, John Braden, Bill Leathers & Dayon Sheppard

Christina Windham, Selisa Daniel, Robin Leathers, Laurie Luke, Karen Askins & Tiffani Harper 38

Katie McIntosh & Robin Kelly

Wesley Lukasek & Stephen Shackleford


37-39 Event_Party Gras Weekend at Seville.indd 2

2/24/21 2:54 PM

Becky Braden & Samantha Fupler

Scott Storm & Melanie Johnson

Brenda Dimos & Greg Smith

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Voted Best Dentist

Dr. Stephanie F. Tilley, DMD

Debbie Hyman, Bonnie Mowrey & Sarah Hyman

3927 Creighton Road | 850-479-2525 | March 2021 | 39

37-39 Event_Party Gras Weekend at Seville.indd 3

2/24/21 2:54 PM

VIP Pensacola at Bodacious Shops


Italian Wine Dinner photos & story by Pattti Hall


he Bodacious Shops hosted a special Valentine’s Italian Wine Dinner on February 12. There is something about Italian wine that takes you immediately to the table. Images of fun gatherings with family and friends or romantic dinners for two come easily to mind. At this cooking class, Impero’s Fabio de Filippi was engaging as he presented his hand-picked pairings to accompany Executive Chef Nick Farkas’s incredible 5-course Italian dinner. The guests were able to enjoy a night of fine food, wine, and shopping. The Bodiacious Shops, which has a collection of distinct shops – a café, an olive oil shop, a kitchenry shop, a chef’s kitchen, and a bookstore, remained open so the guests could make purchases if they wished. Guests were impressed with each of the 5 courses which included Shrimp & Artichoke Salad, Fresh Fettuccini, White Truffle Risotto and Braised Short Ribs, followed by a Spring Berry Tart. The dinner was the perfect way to spend an intimate evening out to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

Executive Chef Nick Farkas & Fabio De Flippi 40

Macy Rhein & Kathy Kellett

Ed & Deborah Drozdowski

Heather & Fed Barona

Frank & Charlotte Holler


Valentines Italian Wine Dinner.indd 1

2/24/21 2:54 PM

JD & Sally Sue Smith

Karen McClendhan, Megan Hansong & Caroline Hansong

Leigh & Jeff Sanders

Stephanie & Michael Rafferty

Carla & Kias Sorensen

Maja Salton & Joe Peterson

Keith & Jinger Ingram

Pamela & Chad Steenbergen

Margie McKinnon & Bob Holmes March 2021 | 41

Valentines Italian Wine Dinner.indd 2

2/24/21 2:54 PM



HOROLOGIST? story by Clare Lee


nce upon a time, we had to wear a watch to know what time it was. Innovation and technology chimed in over the last two decades and re-conditioned us with additional ways to tell time. Those once watchless souls asking a stranger what time it was, now just rely on everyone’s new BFF’s – “Hey Siri, what time is it!” or “Alexa, set a reminder at 9am.” What we consider a wristwatch began in 16th-century Europe, where watches evolved from portable springdriven clocks. Wristwatches (aka bracelet watches) were only worn by women until the 20th century. Gentlemen sported pocket watches until WWI when soldiers strapped them on for warfare strategy and the style stuck becoming both preferred and fashionable. Early clock-watches were not worn to tell the time. The accuracy of their movements was so poor with errors of perhaps several hours. They were worn as jewelry and novelties for the nobility. Today, we could compare notes with our ancestors as many of us wear our fun or fine watches as much for jewelry as we do to tell time. With many evolutions of watches over the years (pun totally intended), the old adage – “the more things change, the more they stay the same” might be in check. As hot as smartwatches are today, jewelers are selling as many or more high-end luxury watches than ever. earable technology has had a re olution since ei o introduced the first iteration of smartwatches in 198 . Folks were amazed by the ability of this wrist gadget that could help with schedules, calculations, take memos, all while still telling us the time. ithin a decade, they were communicating with P s which led to the first watch/phone combo in 1999. Apple’s initial smartwatch was released in 2015, the same year as Samsung’s water-resistant Gear S2. Smartwatch features continue to become more robust with each much anticipated release and several models function as standalone phones compatible with volumes of apps, and others are scaled-down for a sleeker, more luxurious appearance. 42


42-43 Style_Timeless pieces.indd 1

2/24/21 2:55 PM

There’s absolutely no doubt that smartwatches are here to stay, but that’s enough about this disposable ‘timepiece’ with its everchanging technology that will probably have us time travelling before long. Let’s get to the good stuff. Rolex, a mere latecomer compared to some, may be one of the most widely known luxury watch brands, and a well-earned title that is. But many others with pedigreed lineages line the lighted glass cabinets of the world’s finest jewelers. Patek Philippe & Co., founded in 1845 when a Polish and French watchmaker combined their expertise, continues to be a prominent watch label. Proving their worth as some of the most coveted and exclusive luxury watches, in 2016 their stainless steel Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 was auctioned for $11,136,642 and is said to be the most expensive watch ever sold. Watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre began in 1833 and spent a century reinventing horology by developing 1,242 different calibers and registering hundreds of patents and inventions which, today offers some of the most artistic watches on wrists. From 1860 until 1993, Officine Panerai watches were unavailable to the public. Panerai had been exclusively designing timepieces for the Royal Italian Navy thanks to Giovanni Panerai’s 1916 patent on Radiomir which made the watch dials glow, especially in the depth of the sea. Sold today as updated tributes to these WWIIera watches, Panerai are elegant but functional pieces that reflect maritime history with fashionable Italian flair. Traditional watches with intricate moving parts are technological marvels in their own right that adds a welcome touch of class to the wearer’s wardrobe. Add some sparkling diamonds to the precious metals and the delicate features are enhanced. Like a beautiful piece of jewelry, a luxury watch is unique, special, and long-lasting. A well-designed watch never looks outdated and is often described as wearable art. As one famous watchmaker’s slogan states – “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.” While smartwatches don’t hold their value like traditional luxury watches do, there’s certainly a place for them in nearly any wardrobe. Modern times call for modern measures as smartwatch revelers can be content with their technology and also find passion with a traditional luxury timepeice. The two are coexisting in some cases on a shared band. These innovative bands allow die hard horology lovers to wear the traditional watch on the top of the wrist as usual and the slender face of the smartwatch is on the underside of the wrist where the clasp would normally be found. Style plus technology makes the wearer happy and makes others around them ask “where did you get that!” March 2021 | 43

42-43 Style_Timeless pieces.indd 2

2/24/21 2:55 PM

Glamorous Wash laundry detergent is the perfect way to pamper your delicates, bedding and other fine washables. Available in several enchanting scents.



44 ads Nail lounge & southern gardens.indd 1

2/24/21 2:57 PM

VIP Pensacola at Coastal County Brewing Company

mardi gras masquerade in the Beer Garden photos & story by Kristina Wright


ardi Gras celebrations are looking quite different this year, but Coastal County Brewing Company decided to offer a more socially responsible solution, while still celebrating the season. On February 13 they held their first Mardi Gras Masquerade in the Beer Garden. Guests were invited to enjoy many traditional festivities while celebrating Mardi Gras with a masquerade party, featuring great food, live music, a bounce house, specialty beers, and of course, all the masks! Several Pensacola krewes displayed their floats in the beer garden backyard, including Krewe Von Prost, Krewe of Airship Pirates, and Krewe of Lafitte. Floats were set up on site to host bead tosses at 8 and 10pm. The Coastal County crew was also stationed on the roof to offer all attendants plenty of chances to take home some great Mardi Gras souvenirs. During the event, CCBC sold custom Coastal County light-up pints to add a little extra ‘bling’ to the usual craft beer drinking experience. The 20oz glowing glasses were $12 each, and the first fi ll was free. Guests were invited to wash their cups and bring them back on Fat Tuesday, Feb 16, where they would also receive a free refi ll.

Jay & Danielle Martin

Richard & Crystal Wagner

Patrick Fitzgerald & Rick Downs

Richard & Teresa Gray

Scott & Kimberly Thomas March 2021 | 45

45-47 Event_Mardi Gras Masquerade in the Beer Garden.indd 1

2/24/21 2:58 PM

VIP Pensacola at Mardi Gras Masquerade in the Beer Garden

Luis & Donna Beltran

Terry Acosta, David Brown, Jon Hernandez & Mark Brisch

Matthew & Michaela Milner, John & Bekah Carver


Keith Carson & Charla Palmer

Dorrian & Tony Vance

Darlene Behr & Heidi Rozga

Chris Burt, Micky Hernandez, Lisa & Nic Embers

Greg & Kristi Sivers


45-47 Event_Mardi Gras Masquerade in the Beer Garden.indd 2

2/24/21 2:58 PM

Tammy Kassebaum & Scarlett Frank

Anna Carlson, John Misita & Tina Hernandez

Andrea Comeau & Melanie Collins

Sunnie McClung & Karen Young

Madison & Jackie Acosta

Stacy Ferguson & Anna Jones

Josh Reginbal & Brittany Wise

Kari Scott, Tito & Shay Lopez

Amanda Monk, Amber LaChance & Amy Fitzgerald March 2021 | 47

45-47 Event_Mardi Gras Masquerade in the Beer Garden.indd 3

2/24/21 2:58 PM

story by Greg Alexander


| photos provided by Folds of Honor

t. Colonel Dan Rooney was on his fl ight home from his second tour of duty in Iraq. As his fl ight landed, the pilot announced they carried the remains of Corporal Brock Bucklin on board. Lt. Colonel Rooney watched as Corporal Bucklin’s twin brother walked somberly alongside the flag-covered casket to meet his family on the tarmac. Among them was the deceased Corporal’s young son, Jacob. As an F-16 fighter pilot in the Oklahoma Air National Guard, Lt. Colonel Rooney became painfully aware of the realities families face when a loved one in uniform is fallen or disabled. The impact of what he witnessed on his fl ight home from Iraq led him to start Folds of Honor over his garage in Oklahoma. In the last 14 years, Folds of Honor has provided over 29,000 scholarships totaling $145 million. Among the students served, 41 percent are minorities. This year 292 scholarships were awarded equaling $1,424,660. Now that number sounds impressive, but just in the State of Florida 128 fully qualified applicants went without scholarships this year because the needed $609,615 could not be funded.


With about 30 chapters nationwide, Florida is the 4th largest recipient state in the country. Folds of Honor’s long-range goal is to have chapters in every state in the country. Chapters can mobilize at the local level, raise money, and provide scholarships in their local community.Rooney is a Class A Member of the PGA of America. He partners with the PGA and the USGA to host Patriot Golf Day on Memorial Day weekend, the Folds of Honor’s largest national golf fundraiser. Patriot Golf Day is the nation’s largest grass roots golf event and has raised over $50 million to benefit Folds of Honor. Lt Col Rooney is the founder of two nationally acclaimed golf courses. The Patriot, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a Robert Trent Jones II design and the home of the Folds of Honor headquarters. In 2020, Rooney partnered with golf icon Jack Nicklaus to design and build American Dunes, Grand Haven, Michigan. American Dunes honors the birthplace of Folds of Honor while providing hope and healing to military veterans. Locally, there is currently a Folds of Honor golf tournament that takes place each year to assist with scholarship funding. Again this year, the Folds of Honor tournament will be held at Scenic Hills Country Club in Pensacola on May 17. In addition to the golf tournament, the Folds of Honor committee in Pensacola is bringing in Country Music superstar singer/songwriter, Lee Brice for a Patriot Party in the Panhandle all to benefit Folds of Honor held on May 16 on the Scenic Hills Golf Course.


48-49 Give Care Share_Folds of Honor.indd 1

2/24/21 2:59 PM

Interview with Larry Robinson, VP of Development Folds of Honor- Florida Chapter What is the primary mission of Folds of Honor? The unwavering mission of Folds of Honor is to provide academic scholarships to the spouses and dependents of America’s fallen or disabled service members. It is to Honor Their Sacrifice and Educate Their Legacy. Scholarships are available to support private education tuition and tutoring for children in grades K-12, as well as higher education tuition assistance. Where does scholarship funding come from? Funding comes from generous individuals and corporations. Two popular opportunities to get involved are by joining the Folds of Honor Squadron, a $13 monthly commitment to help provide scholarships (the American flag is folded 13 times at a burial before it is presented to the family of a fallen service member) and by participating in Patriot Golf Day, held Memorial Day weekend in partnership with the PGA of America and is the largest grass roots golf fundraiser in the country ( Folds of Honor has earned the top fourstar rating on Charity Navigator as over 90 percent of donations go to scholarships. “Kind and generous individuals and our corporate partners help continue the legacy of those who served,” said Lt Col Dan Rooney, founder and CEO of Folds of Honor. “Through their donations we are able to assist the families of the service members who protect our country. These individuals and companies provide funds that create scholarships for spouses and children for the betterment of their future.”

How large is your staff? The headquarters staff is located in Owasso, Okla. and there are chapters throughout the country. Volunteers play an important role in fundraising activities.

How does your organization connect with veteran’s families, how do they learn in the scholarship opportunity? Folds of Honor stays in close contact with scholarship applicants and recipients. Scholarship applications are currently available through March 31 at The greatest challenge is unfunded scholarships. Due to high demand and limited funds, there are qualified students that are unable to receive a scholarship. The goal is to provide every deserving student with an opportunity to attend school. Fundraising and donations make that possible. What are the types/levels of scholarships available? Scholarships are available to support private education tuition and tutoring for children in grades K-12, as well as higher education tuition assistance. A portion of those receiving secondary education scholarships are first generation college students. This changes the student’s life, his or her family’s and future generations. Among the scholars served, 41 percent are minorities.

What is one thing you want readers to know about Folds of Honor? Since its inception in 2007, the mission of Folds of Honor has never wavered: to provide academic scholarships to the spouses and dependents of America’s fallen or disabled service members. These scholars need and deserve our help. And while Folds has provided nearly 30,000 scholarships, the need is still great. Every qualified applicant should be provided a scholarship. How can someone become involved with or support Folds of Honor? Please visit the web site foldsofhonor. org for more information or to make a donation. Are there any upcoming events? On March 21, the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 will be held at Atlanta Motor Speedway. On May 3, American Dunes Golf Club in Grand Haven, Michigan will have its grand opening. American Dunes honors the birthplace of Folds of Honor while providing hope and healing to military veterans. Jack Nicklaus designed the course and waived his $3 million design fee as his contribution to the project. Patriot Golf Day will be contested over Memorial Day weekend. Folds of Honor hosts the event with the PGA of America and it raises necessary funds for educational scholarships. Patriot Golf Day is the largest grass roots fundraiser in the country.

“Every year I feel so blessed and am thankful for the support we receive and what we’re able to accomplish. Our goal is to continue to grow and to provide scholarships to every deserving student.” -- Lt. Col Dan Rooney, Founder - Folds of Honor March 2021 | 49

48-49 Give Care Share_Folds of Honor.indd 2

2/24/21 2:59 PM

VIP Pensacola at Ideal Balance

Mike De la Rosa & Ellen Damaso

Gulf Coast nWorking Ribbon Cutting


RIBBON CUTTING photos & story by Patti Hall


n January 26, The Greater Navarre Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for Gulf Coast nWorking. Businessmen and women came out for the event to be in on the first meeting of an exciting new networking group. After the ribbon cutting, Jill Andrusko, the founder of Gulf Coast nWorking, thanked everyone for coming out and explained the format of the networking group. The format is designed to build relationships, support professional development, and develop introduction generating affiliations. The networking group provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to promote their business and showcase products. Some lucky winners went home with door prizes. Gulf Coast nWorking will have weekly meetings held on Tuesday evenings at Ideal Balance located at 8418 East Bay Boulevard in Navarre.

Laurie & Jake Cavender

Kristen Deese & Natasia Champion

Loreen Skobel & Caitlin Love

Jill Andrusko & Tracy Bragg

Shana Roberson & Vanessa Porten


Gulf Coast nWorking Ribbon Cutting.indd 1

2/24/21 3:00 PM

Dr. Paul Britt & Courtney Bryant

Airell Mazer & Josh Champion

Amber Carr, Eileen Harrell & Melissa Furlong

David Hoar & Jay Wingfield March 2021 | 51

Gulf Coast nWorking Ribbon Cutting.indd 2

2/24/21 3:00 PM

52 blab tv.indd 1

2/24/21 3:00 PM

5-Star All-Inclusive at Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos 4-Nights, Round-Trip Transfers - starting at $2,799.00 for 2 Travel Leaders Vacation Center

Point to Point Jet Charter Service - Pricing Based on Route Verijet

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESVRWD Sport Platinum - $107,840 Buick GMC Cadillac Pensacola

Injectable Dermal Fillers: Juvederm. Radiesse. Restylane. - Starting at $550 per syringe Welch Skincare Center

53 MayWeSuggest_PcolaMar21.indd 1

District Smoked Dome Old Fashion - $24 The District Seville Steak & Seafood

2/24/21 3:01 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Beach

Matt Miller & Kian Jones

Jonathan, Peyton & Marcus Fedorkowicz



photos & story by Patti Hall

n February 6 approximately 2,300 walkers and runners from all over braved the cold and wet weather to run the Pensacola Double Bridge Run, starting in Pensacola Beach. This is one of the premier 15K races in the country with the usual racecourse starting in Pensacola, over the Three Mile Bridge through Gulf Breeze and onto Pensacola Beach. With the new Gen. Chappie James Bridge (3-mile bridge) damaged from Hurricane Sally, Pensacola Sports created an alternate course. The new route still

included both bridges and Pensacola Beach but started at the Casino Beach Pavilion and continued over the Bob Sikes Bridge twice and into the City of Gulf Breeze. The 15K participants ran on part of the south section of the Pensacola Bay Bridge. For social distancing, the race had staggered starting times, based on pace. The race ended at Portofino Boardwalk with awards and an after party at Sandshaker. The runners enjoyed the tunes of the Jay Williams Band while celebrating the completion of another successful run.

Kaley Morris & Mallory Beck

Will, Caitlym & Landon Moore 54

Kelton Blue & Kimberly Stewart

Micah Paulec, Kaleb Lawson & Charley O’Brien


Double Bridge Run.indd 1

2/24/21 3:01 PM

Teresa Morris & Quintin Law

Nick Skewes, Ross Davis & Taylor Davis

Shmeala & Ryan Linder

Dave Saliga, Vikki Park, Jane & Jim Renna

Tucker Williams & Dave Kennedy

Brenda Newman & Lori Ptacek

Carrine Bourgeoius-Faggiono, Brenda Westfall & Debi Bock

Steve Reynolds & Jimmy Williams

Lisa Locklier & Candice Binson

Daniel & Brittany Oakes, Megan Schrimsher March 2021 | 55

Double Bridge Run.indd 2

2/24/21 3:01 PM

Bailey’s Produce & Nursery Announce One-Year Anniversary of New Ownership with New Nursery Structures and Hiring of Pensacola Garden Manager Bailey’s Produce & Nursery celebrated the one-year anniversary of new ownership with the construction of a new nursery structure. This major milestone for Bailey’s enhances its mission to build on its local foundation as a regional destination for high quality produce, nursery, and local cupboard items.

“We’ve dealt with significant challenges this year,” says Dan Thero, owner of Baileys. “Covid-19, Hurricane Sally, and a fire last week in the market. But we’ve remained focused and our team responded quickly to keep operations up and running. We were not planning a nursery renovation until next year, but the garden structures sustained significant damage from Hurricane Sally. We saw this as an opportunity to accelerate those plans.” The new structures will include two indoor bays which will provide additional space during the cooler seasons. Joining the leadership team as Garden Manager is Sheryl Morris, a fourth generation Pensacolian with extensive experience in the business. Corderro Whiting, also a Pensacola native, is the Produce Manager and brings thirteen years of produce experience at Baileys. Kala Bloxham is Customer Service and Cashiering Manager, is also a Pensacola native with ten years’ experience in customer service. Dan and Alison Thero purchased Bailey’s Produce & Nursery from Don and Cindy Bailey on February 15, 2020. Bailey’s Produce, a Pensacola tradition, can trace it’s beginning to 1936 when “Doc” Bailey began selling crops grown on his family farm in Jay, Florida. Don Bailey worked with his parents after graduating from college and become their 56

business partner. In 2004 Bailey’s moved to the current location at 4301 N. Davis Hwy. in Pensacola. Pensacola State Moves Closer to $11M Capital Campaign Goal The new year is beginning on a very positive note for Pensacola State College as they recently announced surpassing the midway point in an $11 million “Your Community Your Legacy” comprehensive campaign. “We have $6,207,047 in confirmed gifts,” said Pensacola State President Ed Meadows referring to the capital campaign, which began in December 2018. “The College turns 73 years old this year, and this marks the second capital campaign in our history. We are grateful the community values our work and has responded to our needs so quickly.”

College administrators revealed a planned gift from the estate of the late Ralph and Elizabeth “Libby” Ruyle with approximately $140,000 gifted to the College. Ralph Ruyle, a former Pensacola State math instructor, died in 2014. His wife, Libby, passed in August 2020. The couple were members of the PSC Bell Tower Heritage Society – and recorded their intent to make a gift to the College to memorialize their love of the institution. Donald “Donnie” McMahon III, who’s initial $127,500 gift will go toward a $250,000 pledge that supports students pursuing cybersecurity or computerbased degrees. A former member of the PSC Foundation Board of Governors, McMahon distinguished himself by leadership that included his role as president and scholarship donor. In 1999, he established the McMahon Endowment to support a broad range of students. Gordon “Flash” Sprague, “Your Community Your Legacy” campaign chair, said funds are earmarked for

workforce program development, student scholarships, a conference center and the Fund for Excellence. Susan Davis and Richard Henley Make a Significant Contribution to the Prevention Education Efforts of Gulf Coast Kid’s House Currently Escambia County ranks as number four for reported child abuse cases in the state of Florida. GCKH has seen a 57.81% increase in new child abuse investigations by the Department of Children and Families from July to October 2020. “We really wanted our gift to Gulf Coast Kid’s House to serve as a challenge to the Escambia County community. Children in our community are our future – there is no better investment for you to make, especially with the challenges kids today are facing. We hope our $100,000 contribution will be leveraged into a $1 million campaign to end child abuse in Escambia County,” says Davis. GCKH recently launched their new “Know Child Abuse” campaign in partnership with idgroup. This campaign aims to educate Escambia County adults about recognizing, reporting and reducing child abuse in our community. With the support from Davis and Henley, GCKH will further their prevention education efforts within Escambia County.

Davis is the former CEO/President of Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital and her husband Richard Henley, Managing Partner of Healthcare Strategic Solutions. Both Davis and Henley have a heart for philanthropy and have supported numerous organizations in Northwest Florida. GCKH mission is to end child abuse and heal families through collaborative intervention, family support and prevention education.


56 Locale Pcola.indd 1

2/24/21 3:05 PM

VIP Pensacola at University of West Florida

University of West Florida

Camellia Garden Tours photos & story by Kristina Wright

John Daley & Paul Bruno

Melinda & Greg Taylor


he Pensacola Camellia Club hosted their annual tour of their on-campus camellia garden. Enthusiasts were invited to explore the garden, featuring over 140 different types of camellias. UWF Ambassadors were on site to drive guests to the garden via golf carts. Pensacola Camellia Club members developed the garden with UWF Retired Teachers Association in 2007. Members demonstrated how to prune and air layer camellias. There were also camellia plants for sale from 12pm - 4pm. This was a great opportunity to take photos or relax on the park benches among these camellia plants known as winter roses of the South. Established in 1937, the Pensacola Camellia Club focuses on carrying on the tradition of fostering the education of camellia care, propagation and exhibition for generations. On the third Tuesday of the month, club meetings offer speakers and demonstrations with many opportunities for hands on experiences. The 2019-2020 Camellia season began in September and goes through April, with programs on gibbing, air-layering, grafting, companion plants and bonsai camellias. The Pensacola Camellia Club is a non-profit organization.

Lauren & John Mate

Brenda & Gene Elebash

Sharon Maloney & Debbie Brown

Patty Moran & Louise Seitz

Lee Vanderpool & Trumin Brown

Oaks, Neil, Monroe & John McDonald

Vicki Schell, Rita Perling & Billie River March 2021 | 57

UWF Camellia Garden Tours.indd 1

2/24/21 3:06 PM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Quarter

Gary & Debbie Sapp

Xxxxxxxxx Warren Carrancejie & Belinda Manix

Craig Henry & Justice Cox

Business Happy Hour


photos & story by Verla Price

ary Sapp Automotive and Southern Gardens Florist hosted their Business Happy Hour at Apple Annie’s in Seville Quarter on February 3. This monthly Happy Hour, sponsored by local businesses, affords business people the luxury of networking in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. At this month’s event, a large number of door prizes were


donated from area businesses who are patrons of Gary Sapp Automotive or Southern Gardens Florist. Business discussions as well as personal chatter could be heard while everyone enjoyed the finger foods provided for the event. The Business Happy Hour at Apple Annie’s is held the first Wednesday of each month. If you would like to sponsor one of these events contact the Seville Quarter marketing department.

Dolly Lucio & Cindy Woodward

Kathleen Danghy & James Hutto

Jonathan Bowers & Stephanie Alvarez

John Manzanet & Chae Kyle

Jeri Cox & Robert Hazewinkel

Xxxxxxxxx Kristie Anderson & Patti Hall


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Mal & Martina Mason, John McCorvey

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MARCH 6-7 20th Annual Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire & History Fest Santa Rosa Fairgrounds 8604 Bobby Brown Road | Milton 10:00am – 6:00pm This 20th annual event celebrates our heritage. The fun, fresh air event is great for every age. Many patrons wear costumes as the event forges new bonds between past and present. Watch jousting, exotic birds, dancers, and more. The earliest foundations of the Gulf Coast lie within the Renaissance Era - come check it out. More information can be found at

MARCH 12-13 Food Truck Fest

MARCH 10, 12, 14 Pensacola Opera presents H.M.S. Pinafore Saenger Theatre 118 S Palafox Street | Pensacola March 10 at 7:00pm, March 12 at 7:30pm, March 14 at 2:00pm Caught between her love for a lowly-born sailor and the unwanted attentions of the repugnant Sir Joseph Porter, Josephine’s future happiness rests in the secrets revealed by a mysterious bumboat woman. Gilbert & Sullivan’s beloved comedy of class distinctions promises hilarious high-jinks on the high seas for audiences of all ages!

Community Maritime Park 301 W Main Street | Pensacola Friday 5:00-10:00pm Saturday 11:00am-8:00pm Local Pensacola Area food trucks will feature dishes from a variety of cooking styles and flavors coming together for Pensacola’s original food truck festival benefiting Pensacola Habitat for Humanity. This event features a diverse mix of food trucks featuring their signature dishes, live music, a tasting competition, and more. For additional details, visit

MARCH 13 44th Annual McGuires 5K 600 E Gregory Street | Pensacola

For tickets and other performances, visit

McGuire’s St. Patrick’s Day 5k Run is a Pensacola tradition and is known as the largest Prediction Run in America. RUN or WALK! Everyone is Welcome! In keeping with tradition... the show must go on! The Run will look different this year with Covid precautions.


To see the safety protocols, schedules, and to register, visit

O’Riley’s 5th Annual Grog March 321 S Palafox | Pensacola 4:00pm – 11:00pm O’Riley’s downtown hosts their annual Grog March to benefit Manna food bank. Last year the food drive brought in over 400lbs of food! That’s nearly 110 days-worth of food for the hungry in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties! bring 2 or more non-perishable food items or cash donations. Find out more at

MARCH 17 St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl Pensacola Beach The annual St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl, hosted by the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce, will feature more than a dozen participating beach bars, restaurants and hotels serving up Irish drink specials, music and mischief all day long! New this year, in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, there will be no set pub crawl schedule and will take place from opening to closing times at all locations. Participants are encouraged to crawl at their own pace. Visit for a full list of participating locations.

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White Tie Ensemble

Gumbo YaYa

Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds 6655 Mobile Highway | Pensacola 7:30pm

Seville Quarter Downtown Pensacola Public Tasting 4:00pm-6:00pm

White Tie Ensemble pays homage to southern rock! This socially distanced event will feature the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Eagles and the Allman Brothers.

Amateur and professional teams will compete for bragging rights for the best Gumbo in Pensacola. Each individual gumbo will be judged on taste, smell, color, and consistency. Trophies will be awarded and will also include a Showmanship trophy and the coveted People’s Choice trophy! All proceeds will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida.

Ticket info and additional details at

For more info or to enter a team, visit or email

MARCH 20-21


Pro Bull Riding

Who’s Your Caddy? Charity Golf Tournament

Pensacola Bay Center Saturday – 7:00pm, Sunday – 2:00pm Hang on to your hats, the bull riders are back in town! Join the bull riders at the Pensacola Bay Center as they “unleash the beast” and try to stay on for the whole 8 seconds! Find out more at

Tiger Point Golf Club 1255 Country Club Road | Gulf Breeze Check In- 9:00am | Tournament- 11:00am This inaugural golf celebration will be a fun one – just as the name suggests. Krewe of SWAT has selected Mr. Robbins Neighborhood as the beneficiary of this year’s tournament. Regardless of your golf skills, this will be a fun and entertaining day for a great cause. To learn more and to register, reach out by email to:

MARCH 27-28 2021 Pensacola Tribute Fest

MARCH 26-APRIL 3 Short Attention Span Theatre Pensacola Little Theatre 400 S Jefferson Street | Pensacola 7:00pm Short Attention Span Theatre is a fun evening of short plays revolving around love and relationships. You’ll see three stages in one couple’s relationship spanning 3 decades, an improbable illfated Zombie romance, and conversations between two paintings hanging in the Louvre. Tickets and additional info available at

Community Maritime Park 301 W Main Street | Pensacola Saturday – 11:00am – 11:00pm Sunday – 11:00am – 9:00pm Rock out as 11 tribute bands take you back to your big hair and stone-washed jeans days. With tribute bands to AC/DC, Journey, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses and many more, this event has something for every rock fan. Food Trucks and local vendors will also be on hand to enhance this outdoor experience. For full lineup, details and tickets, visit

Visit for more events! Event information may be out of date due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please confirm details with event organizers. March 2021 | 61

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What is your hometown and how did you end up in the Pensacola area? It was sort of a counter clockwise tour around the U.S. Born and raised in Nutley, NJ, 10 minutes outside of NYC, I went to college at University of Southern California, where I studied finance (and sailing). I founded a commercial finance company in SoCal and NYC… later sold it and moved to the Caribbean to become a yacht captain in the winter. During summers I followed a friend to Pensacola and, after having some medical issues, I decided to make Pensacola my permanent home in 2014. What is your profession? I still have some connection to the finance community and that interest stemmed from my father’s career on Wall Street. The ‘Captain thing’ was simply due to the love of the ocean, and the ability to throw weeklong parties in the Caribbean (and get paid while doing it!). Unable to captain anymore, I created a company called Caribbean Charter Yachts where we book all-inclusive vacations. In 2017, I purchased a house on a golf course here in Pensacola and was quickly presented with an opportunity to become a managing partner of the Scenic Hills Country Club, which now gets most of my time.

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Leo Lynne

What are some of your favorite things about Pensacola? Southern charm meets white sand and turquoise water. Three words that best describe you. Driven. Fair. Principled. Favorite place for dining, entertainment and for outdoor activities? Scenic Hills Country Club, of course. We have an award winning culinary staff who provides creations from casual to exquisite depending on the occasion. Our golf staff has our course in excellent condition and our PGA Pro manages events that cater to all levels of play. On the social side, I get to meet all kinds of wonderful people. It’s all about having fun. Finish this statement, I AM PENSACOLA because… I am part of incredible team at Scenic Hills Country Club that is focused on reviving the facility as the social and recreational hub for N.E. Pensacola. It’s a safe and beautiful place for people of all ages to gather, share, and grow, welcoming everyone since 1958.

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