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Greg O’Donnell Land Planner and Designer

How can we decrease static design habits while maximizing human life?

A perpetually positive outlook to sustainable progress is once societies realize resourceful consc entertain and enliven the masses, then we can tie buildings to the land, communities to cities and pe environmentally intelligent way.

cious design can frankly improve, eople to one another in an

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“1949� Urban Renewal Piedmont Re framed Municipal Greenspace

Civic Flow Legislative Campus Block

Urban S.C.A.B Community Healiing


Name: 1949- ‘The Hidden City’ Location: Beijing, China Type: Urban Mixed-Use Phase: Completed Project Role: Studio Leader for 2012 ASLA General Design Competition.


Urban Analysis China

Beijing’s Urban Core

How do you generate economic and social cohesion without compromising historical character?

Conceptualizing a progressive design

SoHo Business District

idea and then executing it as a model for other urban establishments is unique. 1949 “The Hidden City” is a Brownfield site on the western side of Beijing that underwent an intensive urban rejuvenation. Built in the 1940’s for the Beijing Machinery and Electrical Institute, this 3910 square meter industrial campus contains factory edifices intermingled with preserved Chinese elm trees and angular open space. Now the surrounding area is home to sleek new developments like the SOHO Business complex and Sanlitun shopping village which contains zero historical significance. But 1949’s transformation has delicately calmed the see-saw of Beijing’s thirst for expansion with the need to maintain the old character that is dissipating quickly in this capitol city.

Sanlitun Shopping District

Residential Mixed Use


Spatial Analysis & Pedestrian Mobility

Main Entry

How do you generate economic and social cohesion without compromising historical character?

Reused Building Footprint

Outdoor Greenspace Dictated By the building space.

Balance of the Formal Eating and Informal Entertainment Areas


User Analysis

Spatial Analysis through Process Renderings helps to understand mobility, scale, and

d sustainable renewal of the site.

Graphics in collaboration with drew furmanski

“Piedmont Reframed�

The most provocative landscapes are often radical reinterpretations of

traditional urban spaces.

Name: Piedmont Reframed Location: Atlanta, Georgia Type: Urban Greenspace Phase: Conceptual Urban Plan

“Piedmont Reframed”

Alter Perception

The new master plan of the Meadow at Piedmont Park is Radical and forward thinking. Two of the most imminent site constraints deal with social grid lock and natural Topographical depressions. Analysis has showed us however that social perception and expectation can be altered and tailored to meet natural enhancements. This multi-layered cohesion is evident through the bio-retention entertainment areas which are located at the lowest elevation point within the meadow to help filter and reduce excess rain water. In addition to the bio-retention stage festival tents will rise out of the curbside and open up for use during times of festivals and events.

Piedmont Reframed

User Analysis







1 to 4 shows the process of the festival tents that will rise out of the street side and provide more pedestrian space for events throughout the year. The curbside stalls are a sensible alternative to the chaotic motion of piecing together and taking apart fesitval booths multiple times per year.

Piedmont Reframed

Perspective of the multi-purp

pose entertainment stage.

Existing Site

Civic FLow

What are th generate cha Without the

Name: Civic Flow Location: Athens, Georgia Type: Urban Phase: Conceptual Plan

he underlying currents, tectonic forces, and ambient factors that ange in the design of landscape? capacity for radical thought, evolution would not occur. -Jane Amidon

Civic FLow

Urban Analysis

City Hall (project Site) Government Zone University Campus Commercial/Business Zone Residential Zone

Civic FLow Master Plan

“Civic Flow”



major progression within the city hall block is the installation of a civic Think tank that will flow ideas between athen’s citizens and the governmental officials. Ideas for improvement regarding social, and monetary policies will be color coded and dropped into a large tank where citizens can visibly see. its simple, the more of one color in the think tank means the more citizens want change regarding that policy or issue.


Urban Scab

Name: Urban SCAB Location: Athens, Georgia Type: Urban Phase: Conceptual Plan





A public Light Display will light up the streetscape using a stationary bicycle that will be power night as there will be more people who ride the bike and better lighting that will enhance the sa

Urban Scab

red by anyone who chooses to “hop on� and ride. It will provide a safer setting during day and afety of the environment.

Naples, Italy

Rome, Italy

Cortona, Italy

Acadia, USA

Phuket, Thailand

Atlanta, USA

Shanghai, China

Travel Photo graphy Beijing, China

Beijing, China

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