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01 H&H International JULY 2008


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A collection of bits of news, events and

Orders have been combined from 5

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informative. Let us have your input and ideas

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for future publication.

placing the final order now and you should receive confirmation soon.

EMAIL PROBLEMS Missing emails? You may have an

New products prove to be winners.

over active SPAM filter. Go to the

Written In Stone continues to perform very well in

fill this demand, the team there has both

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handle them properly in future.


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already though so, again, don’t delay ordering China have been working hard to keep the

or expect to jump queues. Sorry!


product flow coming through and so we have The recent quality issue has been resolved by ensuring the PVC

greater capacity than for any earlier ranges.

names are cool before insertion.

Current lead times for WIS are only 8 weeks

We believe this issue has gone now

between order and factory departure. However the

and are moving towards launches

number of racks in the market is set to expand as

in our North American markets

more new countries launch in the next few weeks


relaunches. If you want to look at freshening up your

wanting “rush jobs” so our advice is to place your

and, teething problems aside, the new Bouncy Ball

orders early and expect to be disappointed if you

range is turning very well indeed in its launched markets

request emergency top-ups.

of Germany and Holland. Later in the year we hope to work with each of you to plan your product launches for

Signature Pens are also proving already to be a

2010 with the stated aim of simplifying the development cycle whilst increasing flexibility. But at the moment if you


strong item with good repeats. UK and Europe are


have been helping distributors with a refreshed range and

range drop us a line. OCC Mugs are steady turners

instant messaging.


Magnet Range are going strong. Indeed we are just

and every week we have to disappoint distributors

free PC to PC phone calls,


same pressure. Old favourites like the Sentiment

opening a major new supply of magnets in China and

Skype ( enables

International calls at local rates and

Lead times for most other products are not under the

+447958660051 gregnsr +448701236400

being followed by launches in the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa. This will boost the

plan to launch a range in your country with your own selection of titles you should be getting your list of titles to us at least six months before you want to see the product.

demand on China even higher. To be able to


snippets SWAP SHOP Let us know what you want to advertise here

Canada has surplus 2007 Christmas Baubles and stands, Candlepots, OCC Coaster attachments and stock UK has loose stock of 2007 baubles. South Africa wants mini-candlelights, has some Zippers and OCC keyrings.

Shout up if you have a match

The new pricing structure for H&H



varies price according to the size of the order. The intention is that for



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purchasing takes place at the Ex-

The Role of the UK continues to

highest turners. In addition we have

evolve and they are now very much

access to a wealth of sales data

focused on their “patch” and on

from the UK which, whilst not

bringing new products to market.

directly comparable, will be strongly

Direct customers such as yourselves

indicative of performance.

will increasingly find your enquiries

You can split personalized ranges into

referred back to us. Supplies of “new”

A’s, B’s and C’s by expected turn rate.

China or Premium 1 prices. This means we try to set MOQs per order and per title at a level to support this. The amended price list will be available shortly

Under this approach Forecasting

of demand becomes very important to ensure that you order the right quantities and titles. If necessary we

HELP YOURSELF You make new range design easy if..

Sales data to identify the likely

Monitoring (and predicting) turn

products will only be available ex-

rates so as to rank each title A, B or

China. However there are some “old”

You have list of names ranked by

C allows you to tailor your initial back

products that we are unlikely to

popularity based on previous sales.

up orders to meet likely sales, Once

require in sufficient quantities to meet

This can include country specific titles.

the product is in the market you can

China MOQs and the UK has agreed

revise the rankings to ensure you

to provide small quantities where

You can tell us how many racks you

have the right levels of stock coming

they can. Sadly, small top up orders

WILL need in the first 12 months and

through. We are introducing smaller

of top turners are not likely to be filled

also how many more you MIGHT

box sizes to enable efficient inventory

from a UK warehouse hard pressed


levels and order sizes.

to meet its own requirements.

can assist you in analyzing your past

Terminology H&H International and ELE

Christmas is coming In fact Christmas 2008 is all ordered and in production now

We will continue the 2008 bauble

What used to be called “H&H Export” through Christmas 2009. However we

is split between three parts of H&H. will be adding the Waiting For Santa Our Christmas product is the 2008 bauble. This

H&H Europe and H&H UK look after range as well. This is a counter rack of

is a variant of the 2007 product. We can’t take

Europe and the middle East. H&H resin fireplaces with personalized

any more orders for this year as the factory

International looks after the rest. stockings to hang. Trials in the UK of

capacity is now booked out. However there are this product were very positive and we still a few of the 2007 baubles available from

H&H International’s English Language are launching this in one market this

our Canadian distributor if anyone needs them

Export customers are known as ELE year which will prove the concept again.


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