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How is Halloween Day Celebrated? Halloween Day is a day observed by the people all over the globe when the boundary between the world and the other world dissolves or grows thinner so that the living and the dead can be together. According to a myth, when there is thin line between the ghostly spirit and the dead, both evil and good spirits enter the world. The people who believe on observing this day welcome the spirit of their ancestors or deceased relatives or friends and ward off the evil spirits. This festival is celebrated with fun and gaiety across the globe or around the world. There are many different ways or traditions followed to make this day a memorable and happy one. It is because this is the day when the living beings on earth are supposed to meet the souls of their loved and dear ones and keep the evil spirits at bay. There are many interesting and fun-loving activities performed on this occasion such as wearing witch costumes, carving jack-o’-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, playing pranks, trick-or-treating and much more. Nowadays, many people also send greetings to their friends, relatives or families as a mark of respect and love. Halloween greetings cards are also embellished with glitters, attractive and comic pictures. There are a number of affordable Halloween templates available over the Internet for creating striking cards. The houses are decorated and many keep jack-o’-lanterns at the corridor or entrances of their houses. On this occasion, the children wear costumes of witches, ghosts, skeletons or vampires and visit houses asking for gifts. If the gifts are denied to them, they threaten tricks to the family members of the house. The people believing in this tradition wear costumes of the evil spirits or witches with a belief to trick the harmful spirits and ward them off. The people play with fun and use their creative as well as innovative spirit to prepare costumes, gifts, cards and organize costume parties.

How is Halloween Day Celebrated?