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Celebration of Easter- Variance in Nations! Easter represents that time of year when hope and joy are at its peak. Family gatherings and fun, coloring eggs, and kids on the block accumulating sweets by welcoming the Spring is one common thing to any and every family. Even though the time is designated as Christian holiday but it has deep roots in the Anglo-Saxon mythology. It is as well timed to coincide with Passover which is a Jewish feast celebration. According to Christian beliefs, the time commemorates resurrection of Lord Jesus which is observed on the foremost Sunday after the full moon and the Spring equinox is over which could fall between March 22 and April 25. The holiday period is associated with colored eggs, chocolate and feast. Kids wake up early in the morning and search the house to look for treats left by bunny. Let us see how some people across the globe celebrate this time. In France, traditions are centered around the rabbit. Since kids are told that the rabbit hides sweets and chocolates in garden so they look for the same. In Austria, celebrations begin on Palm Sunday. The palms are decorated with stuff, such as oranges, apples, eggs that are colored, nuts, non-real flowers and even ribbons. Bayonne in France is where a ham fair is organized, taking place from Holy Thursday to the Eve of Easter. This is a boneless ham that is cured with wine and produced near the town by the same name. The flavor when tasted, which is somewhat smoky and air dried, is influenced by the curing process in which wine is utilized. Being superstitious, people of Corscia always prefer chestnut in their pockets; this is so because they believe that an illness that may have been caught from someone would flee off soon because of the chestnut. In Germany, the egg is considered as a symbol that represents life and kids there love receiving handmade truffles in their baskets which they carry during this time to receive something or the other. A dish that is commonly prepared at this time is the lamb. People as well send Easter greeting cards to their loved ones. On this religious festival people exchange gifts, offers treats but cards have its own significance. Cards are the only medium to show the gratitude of love and care. That's why mostly people believes to send cards to their loved ones to make them more special.

Celebration of Easter- Variance in Nations!