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THE ROTUNDA, Ai'RII. 14, 1923

PUPPY LOVE There is a malady more widespread than measles. And far more dangerous. In the terrors which ii holds for its victims it is more deadly than smallpox, yet in its humor for onlookers it is rivalled only by mumps. < Inly fools are stricken with it. yet having had it, one ceases to be a fool automatically with its cure, i have heard many who were once afflicted so in youth speak of it. and such see to be the consensus of opinion. li i> no respecter of age, although among ado lescenl youth it i> perhaps most prevalent. I have seen, however strong men and able women stricken down as mercilessly as the most hlatont


word right in my mouth!" My father seemed on the point of explosion hut thought better of it. and took to his bed instead, from which he did not rise again for many days. | \v said that it was hard to find in his old age that one of his children was an imbecile. John committed poetry. All Puppy hove victims do. Write would be perhaps, a more ]MIliu- term, but commit i> more appropriate. Vesundoubtedly commit i> the only word. For the poetry of Puppy l.ove is crime. It is gloried with a purple freedom one seldom finds elsewhere. It is profusely decorated with rosebuds and small gooey hearts, h i- populated to overflowing with obese eupids and woiidroiisly beautiful maidens and round, fat. pumpkin colored moons. It oozes with sticky words, h j> unthinkable. It is painful. It should he punishable by law. John suffered spasms of exquisite torture as well as moments of unlivable bliss. lb- sighed—vast, gusty sighs that seemed ambitious to carry house and all away on their capacious bosoms to some distant, romantically gloom) Arcady. He was melancholy with an inconsolable gloom and tragic darkness. He was happy to simple mindedness. Funerals seemed to fascinate him. He would attend every one anywhere within a radius of twenty miles. >it through the service with a sickly and watery smile, and return home, to sit in the pale moonlight and commit more ]*>etry, commencing "If I should die, wouldst thou forget me?" He did nothing but mope and clutter up the house with himself and his eternal ravings which he would write on paper and then leave to he blown about and read by every one who came by and disgrace the family. He was forever in the way. and when one would remind him of this, he would move away with such a pathetic look in his eyes as puppies have when they are turned outdoors mi a cold morning. < toe couldn't kick him. He was too pathetic. Truly, be did those things he OUght not to have done, but more truly, he left undone everything he by any remote chance should have done. | have painted this picture of a sufferer from Puppy l.ove in too dark tones. I shall splash vivid sunshine across the dark canvas: ( >ne always recovers. John did. Some one laughed at him. He became cynical. He is almost normal now.



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Did I mention it-- name: There is no need Stationery, School Supplies here to mention its scientific cognomen, that being long at:d painful to tin1 ear. We shall Fraternity and Club Jewelry speak of it by its fervently, sometimes even vioSTATIONERY lently bestowed name of Puppy Love. A parWE MAKE THE DEGREE CLASS RINGS ticularh appropriate name, it seems to me, tor man) reasons too dark and deep to divulge L. G. BALFOUR CO., Attleboro, Mass. hei e SOUTHERN BRANCH OFFICE l once knew an individual who was Buffering from this strange disease. He was my brother 401-02 Methodist Building. Richmond, Va. [ohn. I did not know then what was his trouhle. although I pondered on il many times, someCONSERVATORY OF MUSIC times mirthfully, and sometimes distinctly othAffiliated with the S. N. S. since 1907 erwise, lie wore, I remember, a flowing tie, Gives modern instruction in Piano and Vocal long flopping hair and a pained expression. Theory, Harmony, Aesthetics, &c. The>e characteristics probably had nothing to At reasonable tuition rates do with the malady, Puppy Love, although 1 am not even yet lure, I have never broached the question but once. Since that attempt to clear up what was a deep mystery to me, I PHOTOGRAPHER have been possessed of a singular delicacy on OVER GARLAND & McINTOSH the subject, which has caused me to retrain OPEN ONLY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY from any mention of it. He ha> since reformed. SPECIAL PRICES TO S. N. S. STUDENTS Mv brother John firsl evidenced symptoms of I'uppv l.ove at the table. neibund then that it was necessary to Mieani three times before he FOR could be persuaded to pan the butter. Not that LUNCHEON AND PICNIC he was partial toward the butter. He simply NECESSITIES declined to pas- anything. It did not seem to be LET US SUPPLY THAT FEED stubbornness on his part, but rather a deafness of the brain. This grew more noticeable as the trouble grew worse. Toward the end no FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA amount of screaming seemed to have any el feet. This was true also in ordinary conversation. I remember my father grew quite vistent. He had been asking John about pruning some fruit trees. After waiting some moments in vain for a response, lie shouted: MRS. A. P. MONTAGUE, Business Manager 503 Krise Bldg. Lynchburg, Va. "Well, you blithering moonstruck fool, can't Chas.: "Have a good time in Ktlicl's tar last you talk at all?" It was then that John turned night ?" around eagerly, his face alight with the expres"ATTENTION LADIES" las.: "Xaw. she's too ambiguous." AT LAST sion one puts on upon finding, at last a kindred Chas.: "Howzat?" spirit. My father's mouth gaped. John was GUARANTEED SILK HOSIERY las. : '*\\}lien she asked nie it" I minded if shegoing to answer! He did. He said: had to take a crank along, 1 didn't know she 4 pair for $5.00— See Miss G. Bonnewell— "Yes, I think 'moon' would he miuii better meant her aunt.'' Room 122 in that line than '.stars,' too. You put the verv Froth. The Real Silk Hosiery Mills


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Rotunda vol 3, no 25 april 14, 1923  
Rotunda vol 3, no 25 april 14, 1923