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Member Southern Inter-Collegiate Newspaper Ass'n Everyone possesses a name. It i> one thing Published weekly by the students of The State Normal we have in common with our neighbors. If conSchool, Farmville, Va. Entered as second-class matter March 1, 1921, at the versation lags and we have exhausted the pospost office of Farmville, Virginia, under the Act of sibilities of the weather as a topic, why not disMarch 3, 1879. cuss names? Nearly every locality has names which to outSubscription $2.00 per year. siders seem queer. In Florida I know a Miss ROTUNDA STAFF Silvertooth. It seemed incongruous thai she C^JUMJU should possess perfect teeth with not a trace of Editor-in-Chief silver about them. Assistant Editor DOHOTIIV EwMfWB t=^w 1 have a friend who seems to fear that some UOARD OF EDITORS: News *^.&?4£rr? \uu» MauiurTH day a dire calamity may overtake her she may Athletic X. '^rr* Nn.i, UadtMB* not have anything with which to cover her head. Joke Jjl.-. b<J*M**S UMII.^L-CAIJWTT To offset this possibility she married a Mr. Hatt. Literary fr £*MmMft....~ P*ui,ivii BBHW I MB Exchange ... Ar..i 3»r>»>**/>!'. CJHIOMTH MORROW lie died and for a long lime she mourned the loss vAlumnae Miss BROWNIE TALIAFERRO of her Mall, hut after a while she was convinced MANAGERS: that a Roof offered even greater protection to her ^Business Manager CI^IST^NILABMSTRO,NG,A than a Hatt. so now sin- is Mrs. Root. Assistant Business Manager ' hrniWfljr^m-f^ff^T^* The names of colors are used for family Circulation Manager /UEtaMM i—iitHM Assistant Circulation M..nager.^i>.....4iu>^°,ll.'iiiv is«wn names. No doubt many of its could construct \ni Uinl I'lii iilnhi II i\l in i i r ii 'i flaMWHfcJjSMBj Advertising Matiager#tiMGiiL!gi#a»igy...CatgMMMt Hno a rainbow from our acquaintances with color Typist MARTHA PHILLIPS names. In my home town we have a druggist named While, a dentist named I Hack, and a merchant named Brown, all of whom are Knighl Templais. They went to a convention in San Francisco. When the train stopped at a small Kansas station a man rushed in and said he wished to meet his brother Templais. Mr. White began to introduce himself, Dr. Black, and Mr. Brown. The man broke out into a hearty laugh and said, "My name's Green." 1 once taught in a school when' every morning the principal called the roll of the entire school THIS STAFF'S LAST WORD at the opening exercises, lie called the family Tlii> week is the last week that this staff has first and went all the way from Anderson, Anna, the privilege of working for the ROTUNDA. It to Ziggler, Mary. In my room were two girls, ends our newspaper work at S. X. S. We take Annie I'.die Sane and Kan- Gofortti. The calling this, our last opportunity, to speak to our readers. of these two names amused me very much. The We wish in 'hank the- faculty and student body principal would pause for effect between the for their aid in making the ROTUNDA what it is. names. When he reached Sane. Annie Belle, 1 looked around to see whether some unfortunate We wish to thank Dr. Jannan for his kindni in furnishing the ROTUNDA office in such a man occurrence had driven Annie Belle insane. Evner that it has been a pleasure to work in it. It ery time his voice boomed out "Go forth, Kate."' was because of you thai this staff was able to 1 expected to sec Kate rise and go forth, for add another sheet to the paper. Through the our principals commanding voice was one not reorganization and enlargement of the staff, the likely to be disohexed. Sometimes we think it unfortunate that we extension oi the advertising and subscription list--, the enlarging of the exchange li-t, the prac- cannot choose our own names. ( iftcu we think tice of having various cuts and cartoons, the in- them inappropriate, hut after all, what's in a troduction of the Christmas gift shop, and pub- name? Is it not what we put into it? < >UT lishing the best material which we could obtain, names represent US and we can make them mean what we will.


DA VIDSON'S Department Store "Farmville's

Largest and • Store"



The Finest in Wearing Apparel. Millinery and Footwear

207-209-211 and 213 Main Street FARMVILLE, VA. "WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS"

First National Bank FARMVILLE. VA. Every Convenience Offered Women Depositors

MISSES DAVIDSON The Ladies' Specialty Shop Suits, Coats, Dresses. Blouses, Dry Goods and Notions FARMVILLE, VA.

Gray's Drug Store The Drug Store with the Personal Touch Carrying an Up-to-date Line of

Toilette Necessities and Stationery FARMVILLE, VA.

R. W. Garnett & Co. Leaders of Fashion IX

Ladies' Tailored Suits and Millinery FARMVILLE, VA.

OGDEN STUDIO Portraits: All Sizes and Styles School Work a Specialty Amateur Work Finished


Go to THE EACO THEATRE Farmville's New $50,000 Play House DR. L. D. WHITAKER, Manager

Good Things to Eat Just Across the Street AT


we have tried to make our paper better and prove worth) of the trust you placed in m b) making Jim: "I heard you talking in your sleep aboul Fountain Drinks. Confectioneries, Canned us metnbeia of the staff. something 'sweel and Irish.' " Goods. Olives. Pickles. School Supplies As the time comes to leave this work, we do so Hill: "Oh yes; | dreamed I was selling potaFARMVILLE. VA. with hesitancy, because we realize what a great toes." opportunity we have had in serving the school. I'.oil Weevil. Tin- advantage will go to the new staff next THE COMMITTEE OF 39 ON PUBLIC week. They arc full of ideas for making the Ted: "d suppose you're fond of golf?" SCHOOL METHODS ROTUNDA I better paper. It is up to you, student Xed: (Fingering his watch chain). "Yes, you AT YOUlt .SKKVICE. bodj and faculty, to help them attain their goal -ee. I (;,ny the links around with me." Material covering all aubjecta In the courae of atudy. "I what the Km i\n\ should be.



I'.oil Weevil.


Departments on proj'- nethod. motivation, the socialized recitation programs .. special daya. Write for Information to Ft. O. WICKHAM. Organizer for Va.. Hampton. Va.

Rotunda vol 3, no 25 april 14, 1923  
Rotunda vol 3, no 25 april 14, 1923