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The author’s mother, Laura Taylor Pope Day driving a horse drawn cart with an unidentified relative.

Glimpses of Life at Greenwood Gardens in the Day Era Mary L. Day, Joseph P. Day’s unmarried sister, was a regular visitor to the Day Estate from its beginnings (1910–15) until JP Day’s death in 1944. She was called “Aunt Mame”, and helped raise all the six Day children, one of whom was my mother, Laura Taylor Pope Day, who died in 1941 when I was six. Subsequently, Aunt Mame wrote a biography of my mother for me, her grand-nephew. All of the material which follows was excerpted from that biography.

Most grooms drink and smoke and loaf on their jobs. Laura and Fairfield have come to me in Short Hills weeping to tell me the groom swore at them and refused to harness their ponies and he was just smoking in the barn, a dangerous thing to do. Well, I took the children to the barn and read the riot act to the groom telling him what he was hired for and that Grandfather bought and improved Pleasant Days for his family’s pleasure. I let him know that he was not the only groom available. He had $55 monthly, excellent riding habits, room and board as good as the family. His only other job was to bring 110 to 120 quarts of milk from Grandfather’s dairy farm in Livingston 3 miles away and use the little ponies in the pony carriage so that they would not be too frisky when your mother and Fairfield were ready to ride them.


continued on the next page photos courtesy of James E. Barrett family archives

This article was compiled by James E. Barrett, Jr. and Arthur T. Vanderbilt II. One day, when Fairfield [Laura’s younger brother] was attending school, Laura annoyed me to drive with her in the four-wheeled pony carriage with both ponies. I was busy opening your Grandfather’s [Joseph P. Day] mail but she persisted and we drove around the estate and down the steep hill to the greenhouses [near the farm area today]. Laura was in great humor and purposely drove on the brink of the awful slope. I warned her and said, “Keep away from the edge or we may fall down the bank and I will fall on you and you will be flat as a pancake!” She laughed heartily and said, “Laura Pope Day, Laura Pancake Day” and again went into peals of laughter, and still keeping the ponies and carriage on the perilous edge of the steep road. I had to jerk the left line to prevent an accident. I was fearful for her safety.

..... Greenwood co-founder and trustee Sofia Blanchard and Tim Hartman, Director of Special Projects, with Betty Woodman’s Bronze Bench #1

The Garden will be open 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 4 through November 19, 2017


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New Hours for 2017

Four Day grandchildren. From left: The author’s sister, Laura Barrett and her cousins, Joanne Day; Linda Day; Thyrza Day.

Glimpses of Life at Greenwood Gardens—continued from page 1

photo by vicki Johnson

Board of Trustees Elaine Becker Peter P. Blanchard III Sofia Blanchard Henry P. Johnson Cynthia Kellogg Susan Lowry Louise Moos Andrew Permison Lezette G. Proud Alexa Scordato Marco Polo Stufano Arthur T. Vanderbilt II Carl R. Woodward III Contact Us Greenwood Gardens 274 Old Short Hills Road Short Hills, New Jersey 07078 Telephone: 973.258.4026 Fax: 973.258.9244

One time Grandfather [Day] and Grandmother were away and the day they were expected to return to Short Hills, Laura was dressed first in a pretty white dress and her hair was flowing and she wore a headband of velvet with rosettes and looked as she does in her picture in the sitting room on the second floor. She went out in the garden near the dining room and her chow dogs ran to greet her and her lovely clothes and even her socks were badly soiled in no time. Mrs. May [Laura’s governess] saw her and scolded. I ran to the rescue and Grandmother Pope rushed from her room to know what caused the crying and loud scolding. Mrs. May was yelling and acting like a wild woman denouncing little Laura for ruining her clothes. I told Mrs. May to stop scolding and get the child another outfit. All were washable and I began to remove the socks and the patent leather pumps. I mentioned that I could wash and iron all her clothes while Mrs. May was bawling and frightening Laura and so I could. The best trained nurse in Christendom loses her head over trifles like this. Mrs. May never had to wash the child’s clothes. There was a laundress and an up-to-date laundry downstairs; copper boilers, steam rollers and ironers and drying lines and steam heat to dry clothes quickly. Well, Laura was redressed and calmed.


When Grandmother Day died, Grandfather told your Mother and Auntie Pauline to close their separate homes and move into the mansion and manage it for him with Mrs. May as housekeeper. They did so and each brought three servants and her husband and [children]—Angus and young Pauline [Muffy]; and your sister Laura and you [James Barrett]. Your Mother was the only one who built your home on the plot [on Fairfield Drive] Grandfather gave her. He gave land to all, but Auntie Pauline and Uncle Fairfield got rid of theirs and Auntie Pauline photo courtesy of James E. Barrett family archives bought a house on a smaller plot that some contractor erected for sale. Uncle Bernard and Uncle Fairfield took adjoining cottages [on the estate] near the mansion. A new stable was built and large box stalls for saddle horses and the ponies and your mother had a cocktail room upstairs with every convenience and a splendid floor for dancing and all the parts of an organ are there, but it was never set up.


Greenwood Gardens is one of only 16 gardens endorsed by the Garden Conservancy, a national, nonprofit organization founded to help preserve America’s most exceptional gardens.

Also Grand Dad had materials for a patio on the estate and some columns have since been given to the Catholic Exposition Church in the Rosary Shrine in Summit on Springfield Avenue. He also gave a beautiful triptych made by the late Mr. Renwick an artist who lived next door and built Grandfather’s mansion, before World War I.

Funding for the restoration of Greenwood Gardens has been made possible in part by the Garden State Historic Preservation Trust administered by the New Jersey Historic Trust/State of New Jersey. Pauline and Joseph Day




Letter from Peter P. Blanchard III Chairman, Board of Trustees photo by Nina Drapacz

Dear Friends, Sofia and I have some bittersweet news to share. After four years of service as Executive Director of Greenwood Gardens, Liz Johnson has decided to retire. The news is bitter because of the Garden’s loss; it is sweet because Liz will finally get to rest on her laurels and enjoy time and travels with her family. Appointed Executive Director in March 2013, Liz spent four dedicated years at Greenwood’s helm. Combining prior experience in the non-profit world and in state government, with excellent administrative skills, Liz has been instrumental in Greenwood Gardens’ emergence from a private estate—a quiet and secluded corner of Millburn Township—to a magnificent public garden of the Garden state. Liz has led Greenwood in many areas—ongoing site restoration, expansion of programs, exhibition of sculpture in the garden and the development of a strategic plan, which will serve to guide Greenwood well into the future. Most importantly, she has developed an inspiring rapport with the entire Greenwood community: staff, board, garden members and the visiting public. She has readily shared her conviction that Greenwood Gardens will play an essential role not only in educating visitors about nature and the past, but in motivating and nurturing the human spirit. The Board of Directors greatly appreciates Liz’s four years of service and reluctantly accepts her decision to retire. The good news is that Liz will remain in her present role until a suitable successor can be found, and a search for the new Executive Director is currently underway. We are confident that the next leader will build on Liz’s exemplary work and that there will be a smooth transition in leadership. We gratefully acknowledge Liz’s many contributions, congratulate her on her many successes, and wish her well in the next chapter of her life. Warm regards,


Letter from Liz Johnson, Executive Director Dear Friends, To everything there is a season… You may recognize that my letters tend to start with a reference to the season and the changes afoot at Greenwood Gardens. What an honor and thrill it has been to experience the seasons here over the past four years! While Greenwood is beautiful in every season, spring is magical. English bluebells form a carpet under the entrance alée, the scent of the lilacs is intoxicating, and the flowering crabapples bring a lovely fragrance along with a cascade of pink petals. You don’t want to miss May and June in the Gardens! As Peter writes, there are other changes happening at Greenwood. Later this summer we will welcome a new Executive Director! When I first arrived here in 2013, I was asked to serve as a short term, interim director. Short term turned into four years, and what a wonderful time it has been for me! As I grew to know the extraordinary board, staff, volunteers, and members who give so much of their time and resources to this oasis of beauty and nature, it became my second home and family. While it’s time for me to move to my next chapter, Greenwood will remain in my heart. We’ve accomplished a great deal. Our staff, board, volunteers, membership and financial health are stronger. Our buildings and grounds are being restored, and after a year of intensive work, we recently completed a 7-year Strategic Plan. The Planning Committee of Greenwood’s board guided the process and oversaw consultant, Hargrove International who helped develop the Plan. We evaluated our own capabilities and learned how we compare to other public gardens. We reached out to many stakeholders—including the growing number of diverse members of Greenwood and the public. We thought hard about construction priorities and visitor capacity; and we re-wrote our mission statement and created vision and values statements. We’re proud of the Plan, and hope you’ll read it on our website. The Plan charts a general course for Greenwood’s next 7 years, so the time is right to turn the Executive Director’s reins over to a successor who can implement (and as needed, improve) the Plan. I’m so lucky to have had the chance to serve as Executive Director at Greenwood Gardens. I’m honored and humbled by how the staff and board—under Peter and Sofia’s strong leadership—have brought us to this very exciting time in Greenwood’s history. This is a great team, and we’re developing a legacy that will make us and future generations proud. To reach its full potential, Greenwood needs your support more than ever. Please feel free to call on any of us if you’d like to be more involved! I’m thoroughly enjoying my last spring season as Executive Director at Greenwood, and I will miss it deeply. However, the real beauty in seasons is that they change, and I know the best is yet to come at Greenwood Gardens!


photo BY joy yagid


news 3

Elaine Becker

When asked why she volunteers, Elaine simply stated, ”People don’t always understand the personal benefits of volunteering. I find that you receive as much, if not more, than what you give. My volunteer work is very satisfying.”

Profile of a Trustee Millburn-Short Hills has a long history of strong citizen involvement in its organizations, and Elaine Becker, a Trustee of Greenwood and former mayor, is surely one to be recognized among the most committed and celebrated. After a five-year stint at a pharmaceutical firm in marketing and research, Elaine and her husband Carl settled in Short Hills and started a family. While busy with their young sons, Andrew and Stephen, Elaine devoted herself to a career in civic life. Encouraged by neighbors, she joined the Short Hills Association Council, and was one of the first women to serve. With leadership roles in various parent-teacher associations under her belt, Elaine was eager to try something new. Her 10 years of experience on the Council led her to the Republican County Committee, the Township Environmental Commission, and then

photo BY joy yagid

the Township Committee, where she served for 11 years, 4 of them as mayor. In addition to these many significant posts, Elaine is also a current member of the Millburn Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee and Planning Board. She has received many well-deserved awards for her outstanding service, including the Millburn Township Community Service Award.

Elaine first learned about the vision for Greenwood Gardens in 2001, when Peter and Sofia Blanchard met with her to share their plans for creating a public garden at Peter’s family home. Elaine believed it was a “meaningful, worthy endeavor” and offered her support. In 2005, she joined the board of trustees, where she chairs the Finance Committee, and with fellow trustee, Andrew Permison, fosters a partnership between Greenwood and the Millburn Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee. Peter P. Blanchard III, chairman of Greenwood’s board, notes that “Elaine’s service to Greenwood has been invaluable. Her extensive experience with town government and her network of colleagues has been essential to Greenwood’s success”.

Rich Murphy, Director of Operations, recently arranged for a complete reconstruction of the retaining wall around the “First Tee”, a remnant of the golf course that once existed at Greenwood. With a varied range of responsibilities, Rich also purchased six Chinese geese to add to our collection of farm animals. The animals recall a time when Pleasant Days had a working farm. We keep a small group of animals to remind vistors of our past.

photos by Vicki Johnson




photo by Vicki Johnson

This winter, staff and Green Team volunteers completed an extreme rejuvenation pruning on overgrown boxwood on the crabapple slope. Years ago, boxwood had been planted as an understory shrub beneath the crabapples to shade out weeds on the slope. Over the years, they had reached for the light and were devouring the landscape. It can be a challenge to decide whether to let something grow or reduce its size; in this case the decision was easy. The boxwoods were growing into the crabapples and blocking light and air circulation. Nothing was thriving in this environment.

Flowering crabapple trees at Greenwood Gardens

Rejuvenation in the Landscape by Sonia Uyterhoeven Head of Horticulture With spring around the corner, the thought of rejuvenation is on everyone’s mind. Rejuvenation is the process of making someone or something look or feel better, younger or more vital. People rejuvenate by taking long vacations. Gardeners, not surprisingly, have a hands on approach to rejuvenation. They pull back their sleeves, sharpen their blades and go in for a deep cut.

a gradual rejuvenation pruning would involve cutting one third of the stems down to the base of the plant on a three-year plan. Ultimately, all of the old stems would be replaced by new ones. An extreme pruning would be to cut the entire plant 10–12 inches down to the ground. In the first instance, rejuvenation is done to preserve the nice red color of the dogwood’s stems. In the second, a gradual pruning reduces the height of the plant bringing the scented blossom down to nose height, as well as encouraging vigorous new growth.

We had limited choices with our pruning cuts. The boxwood were pushing growth at their bases, completely bare in their mid-sections and lush and green on their tops. It was heartbreaking to cut them back hard, but over time they will fill out into their former beauty and create a nice, low-growing understory for the crabapples. As we pruned, we heard the crabapples sigh with relief. You can now see their form and their beautiful lichen-covered bark. Phase two of rejuvenation will be to work systematically through the crabapples and give them a good haircut. Crabapples love to be pruned and will reward you with flowers. Come visit us in the spring to see the progress we are making, opening up new views and encouraging flowering back into the landscape.

In the gardening world there are three main pruning cuts: heading, thinning and rejuvenation. For heading cuts, you remove the tips of the stem. It encourages dormant buds below the tip to leaf out. An example is pruning a hedge. Thinning cuts improve light and air circulation. You remove dense or congested branches by cutting them all the way back to the base of the plant. Rejuvenation pruning can be gradual or extreme. For multi-stemmed shrubs such as the red twig dogwood or a lilac, Rutgers Cooperative Extention Fact Sheet FS 1221


news 5

Night Voices of Wilderness: Owls at Greenwood by Peter P. Blanchard III A haunting thread of an owl song can easily weave its way into the fabric of childhood memories. In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, nighttime at Greenwood brought emphatic reminders that wilderness lay close at hand, even in the heart of suburban New Jersey. I will always associate the Cottage Woods (east of the 1925 and 1926 Cottages) and the adjacent Reservation with a fervent question: “Who cooks for you… who cooks for you all?” This is the resonant song of the Barred Owl, an entrancing song that reverberates through the forest. Barred Owl song has more than purely pleasurable meanings and implications. It can be a nocturnal hunter calling to his mate or perhaps establishing a foraging area. Shrews, mice, chipmunks and even squirrels keep a low profile lest they be suddenly grabbed by great curving claws as an owlish meal on a lofty perch. Hunting at dusk and descending noiselessly on unsuspecting prey, owls are harbingers of night and mystery. A Screech Owl, a diminutive species with tufted ears, once played a memorable trick on me. At the time (mid 1980s), the Carriage House belonged to private interests, and even though the horses which had once lived in it were gone, I nevertheless imagined horses were still in the stable or tethered to the hitching posts. I was startled one dark night, by a high-pitched whinnying sound at the edge of the woods, permeating the spring night. It took a few moments for me to realize neither horse nor pony had cried out. It was a Screech Owl communicating with a mate or rival. From my perspective, both as a child and later as an adult, the duet of Great Horned Owls




photo by Bill Dix

produce the most memorable and haunting of owl songs. Echoing off the parallel ridges of the Watching Mountains, the vocalization of a mated pair resonates from the very heart of wildness and of wilderness. The deep register of the male is followed by moments of silence before the female replies with her own higher pitched version of the song. The owls may be separated by miles of forest but their communication is measured and repeated, evoking eternity. Over the centuries, owl song evoked associations darker than the night enfolding the singer, to forebode tragic events or imminent death. But in our modern-days, hearing owl song inspires. It celebrates the natural ties that, miraculously, remain between human beings and their environment—ties that have not been lost through the enormous greed and recklessness of our species.

Greenwood Gardens Recurring Programs Bird Walks Thursdays, April 6, May 4, June 1, 8:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. Join NJ Audubon Naturalist, Dave Hall, for a birding tour of Greenwood Gardens. Explore habitats of hardwood forest, conifer stands, ponds and meadows and venture into South Mountain Reservation. $10 members; $15 non-members. Meet in Greenwood parking lot. Registration required.

Chair Yoga & Tea Mondays: April 10, 17, 24, May 1, 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. Join Debby Kaminsky, founder of Newark Yoga Movement, to learn how simple stretching from your chair can benefit your overall health, flexibility and well-being. This class is for anyone interested in yoga and perfect for beginners, or anyone with limited mobility. Enjoy tea after class. Meet in Greenwood’s Main House. Weather permitting, class will be held outdoors in the garden. Registration required. See pricing details below.

Yoga Mondays: May 8, 15, 22, June 5, 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. Join us for an all-level yoga class where we will flow with our breath, nature and the sun guided by Debby Kaminsky, founder of Newark Yoga Movement. Weather permitting, class will be held outdoors in the garden. On rainy days, classes will be held in the comfort of the Main House. Registration required. Single session of either Yoga or Chair Yoga: $15 Any 4 sessions (Yoga and/or Chair Yoga combination): $40

Plant Walk Wednesdays, May 10, June 14, 11:00 a.m.–Noon; July 12, August 9, 6:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.; September 13, October 25, 11:00 a.m.–Noon Learn to identify plants, trees, shrubs and flowers with Sonia Uyterhoeven, Head of Horticulture. Sonia will discuss plant care, maintenance and more. Free to members; $5 non-members. Registration required.

Twilight Tours Tuesdays, May 9, June 27, July 11, August 15, September 12, October 10, 6:00 p.m.–7:30 p.m. Twilight is a magical time in the garden! Enjoy wine and cheese on the East Terrace at 6:00 p.m. and a guided walk through the gardens that begins promptly at 6:45 p.m. Rain or shine. $15 members; $20 non-members. Registration required.

2017 Spring/Summer Programs April Beekeeping Workshop Wednesday, April 5 7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m. Learn the fundamentals of keeping bees from professional beekeeper, Eric Hanan, Owner of Bee Haven. Delve into the real issues of what’s harming our bees and what we can do to save them, including tips on how to start your own hive, what plants support bees, and how to care for these top pollinators. $15 members; $25 non-members. Registration required.

Honey Extraction Demonstration Wednesday, April 12 7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m. How does honey get from the beehive to the jar? Expert beekeeper, Eric Hanan of Bee Haven will demonstrate how it’s done from frame to extruder. Eric will bring a live observation hive, discuss why bees are vital partners in the world’s food supply, and invite us to taste samples. This event is sponsored by Overlook Hospital. $10 members; $15 nonmembers. Registration required.

Cooking with Honey: Chef Todd Daigneault Wednesday, April 19 7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m. Learn the beneficial properties of honey and delicious dishes for your everyday cooking. Executive Chef at Overlook Hospital, Chef

Todd, teaches nutritious, healthy options that you can replicate on your own. This event is sponsored by Overlook Hospital. $20 members; $30 nonmembers. Registration required.

Owls, Rails, and Nightjars Birds We Love but Seldom See Thursday, April 20 7:00 p.m.–8:30 p.m. Learn from bird expert, Pete Bacinski about our treasured owls, rails and nightjars with a PowerPoint presentation discussing their natural history, where to find them, and interesting facts about these secretive and amazing avian creatures that seem to fascinate us all. The program features excellent images of all of New Jersey’s owls, rails and nightjars. $10 members; $15 nonmembers. Registration required.

Chinese Cultural Evening Friday, April 21, 6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m. Join us for a celebration of food, tea, music, dance and fun of Chinese Culture! Limited to 60 Guests. General admission $25; seniors and students with ID $15; members and children $12. Registration required.

Please register at or phone 973-258-4026.

Garden Conservancy Open Days Sunday, June 11, Saturday, September 17, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. This family-friendly event is a special opportunity for visitors to experience Greenwood Gardens. Explore the historic landscape, and meet our Tennessee Fainting goats. Refreshments will be served on the East Terrace with a view of the South Mountain Reservation. Free to members; $7 non-members. Registration not required. photo by vicki johnson

Greenwood Gardens 274 Old Short Hills Road, Short Hills, NJ 07078 | 973.258.4026 |

Greenwood Gardens

2017 Spring/Summer Programs chocolates. Enjoy sips of wine and learn which wine pairs best with each chocolate. A selection of wonderful dark chocolate will be available for purchase. Enjoy a 20% discount on all purchases made at this event. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Greenwood Gardens. $25 members; $30 non-members. Registration required.

May Members Preview Day Monday, May 1 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Be the first to see the garden before opening to the public. At 2:15 p.m., Executive Director, Liz Johnson will share exciting new plans for Greenwood’s future and at 2:30, Development Associate, Stephanie Murphy will explain member benefits and share details of our 2017 programs and events. Stroll the gardens and enjoy refreshments. Free to members. Registration required.

Opening Day Thursday, May 4 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Stroll the grounds, enjoying the views, and spring flowers in the garden. Learn about upcoming events and workshops from Greenwood staff and board members as we celebrate our spring opening! Free to members and children under 12; $10 nonmembers; $5 for seniors 65+ and students with ID.

Journaling & Sketching from Nature Sunday, May 7 10:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. If you are a beginner or think you can’t draw at all, this workshop led by our founder, Peter P. Blanchard III is for you. Experience the joy and serenity of close observation and record your response to nature through journaling, using sketches and brief written descriptions. More experienced journal keepers are also welcome to share their perspective. Sketchpads, pencils and pens will be provided. “Day after day, never fail to draw something which, however little it may be, will yet in the end be much, and do they best.” — Cennio Cennini c. 1390 $10 members; $15 non-members. Registration required.

Mother’s Day at Greenwood

photo by vicki johnson

A Reminiscence Walk

National Public Gardens Day

Sunday, May 7 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. A leisurely tour of the Greenwood landscape with an emphasis on the childhood experiences of Peter P. Blanchard III, a founder of the present day public garden. We will try to fully address the question: “What was it really like growing up at Greenwood?” Participants will be invited to explore the nature of memory and to dive into their own childhood memories. Limited to 15—$10 per person. Registration required.

Friday, May 12 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Celebrate the day with free admission to the gardens. Extended hours until 6:00 p.m. for Essex County teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day.

Place-making: The Art of Capability Brown, Lecture & Book Signing with John Phibbs Thursday, May 11 7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m. Greenwood Gardens and The Garden Conservancy invite you to an evening with John Phibbs, garden consultant, author, and renowned authority on Capability Brown. Enjoy an illustrated lecture by Mr. Phibbs. A wine and cheese reception and book signing will follow. Lecture and reception: $30 members or $95 with book; $35 nonmembers or $100 with book. Place book order by May 1.

Herb & Flower Containers Friday, May 12, 10:00 a.m.–Noon Usher in Mother’s Day weekend with a treat that will last all summer long. Join Greenwood’s Head of Horticulture, Sonia Uyterhoeven for an exploration of some common and uncommon herbs. Create your own container of herbs and spring flowers that will be functional as well as beautiful. $30 members; $40 nonmembers. Registration required.

All About Chocolate Friday, May 12 7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m. Susan Fine, owner of The Chocolate Path will guide us into the world of chocolate in this educational class. Learn to pair wine and chocolate in time for Mother’s Day! Learn where cocoa comes from, how chocolate is made and best of all, sample a variety of different premium

Sunday, May 14, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Celebrate that special “mom” in your life with a stroll in the Garden. Enjoy light refreshments throughout the day, and live music from 1:00– 4:00 p.m., with Richard Reiter on steel drums. Free to members and children under 12; $10 nonmembers; $5 seniors 65+ and students with ID. Registration recommended/not required. NEW this year: In honor of someone special, make a $10 donation to help us add spring color to the historic Tea House garden. Pre-order your tulip donation online, or order onsite during your visit to the garden over Mother’s Day weekend. Come back in the fall—if you wish—to help us plant the area. Planting dates will be posted on the website in September and honorees listed in the fall 2017 Greenwood Newsletter.

Cell Phone Photography Workshop Wednesday, May 17 9:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Led by local professional photographer, Joy Yagid, this class will improve your skills with the phone you use every day. Learn to take better portraits, still lifes, photos of your kids, and action shots. Learn valuable tips for storing and backing up your favorite images. Download the Snapseed app prior to class

Greenwood Gardens 274 Old Short Hills Road, Short Hills, NJ 07078 | 973.258.4026 |

Greenwood Gardens and come with plenty of storage for taking photos. $45 members; $55 non-members. Registration required.

Invertebrate Trails at Greenwood

Saturday, May 20 10:00 a.m.–Noon Discover who and what has been bugging you! Invertebrates– animals without backbones– including insects, spiders and crustaceans make their time-honored living on the Greenwood campus. Come lift a leaf, roll over a log, look through a magnifying glass and meet some fascinating neighbors. $10 members; $15 non-members. Registration required.

Spring Luncheon Saturday, May 20, Noon Details coming soon.

dSLR Photography in the Garden Sunday, May 21 9:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Have a dSLR? This class is for you. Learn technical and artistic skills beyond the auto function with local professional photographer, Joy Yagid. Joy will teach you about your camera’s functions and ways to capture moments like a pro. Class comes with free email tech support. $50 members; $60 non-members. Registration required.

Meadow Madness

Thursday, May 25 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Join us for a morning of total immersion into the world of meadows. We will begin with a lecture on meadows and explore some of the best plant choices for creating your own meadow. After we have mastered the basics, we will move down to the meadow and put into practice what we have learned. We will design, lay out and plant a quadrant of

2017 Spring/Summer Programs

the meadow. Wear comfortable clothing. $20 members; $30 non-members. Registration required.

soft drinks and cupcakes. Valet parking available to first 70 cars registered. Guests $15 per person. Registration required.

NEW for Kids: Cell Phone Photography Workshop

Tour of NYC Highline

Wednesday, May 31 3:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. Submerge your kids in nature through this one hour, informative and fun workshop with local professional photographer, Joy Yagid. Learn to use your cell phone’s camera functions and techniques on how to store, edit and more. Take a family photo among the beautiful flowers at Greenwood. This class is for cell phones—but if you have a point and shoot or dSLR, please feel free to bring it! Ages 9–15, parents welcome. Limited to 10 students. $55 per student. Registration required.

June Nature’s Wellness: Rejuvenate at Greenwood Gardens: Tips and Tools to Access the Gardens’ Healing Power Tuesday, June 6 10:00 a.m.–Noon Do you often feel over stimulated by our modern-day world? In the tranquility of the gardens, join wellness experts Miriam Belov, MAT, RMT, and Melissa Brown, MD, CPC in this twohour retreat for mind, body and spirit. $25 members; $35 nonmembers. Registration required.

Members Jazz Picnic Saturday, June 10 6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m. Rain date: Saturday, June 17 Reserve early for this popular event. Bring your own picnic, blanket, beverage and seating. Picnic display competition this year. Greenwood supplies

Thursday, June 15, 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. Soar into summer with a tour of the High Line. Explore New York City’s trendiest park with Greenwood’s Head of Horticulture, Sonia Uyterhoeven and Development Associate, Stephanie Murphy. We will explore the history of the High Line, admire the neighborhood’s architectural wonders and study the ecology and dynamic design of Piet Oudolf ’s elevated urban landscape. The tour will be followed by lunch at a local venue. $100 members; $125 non-members. Limited to 20 guests. Registration required.

Nature Writing Saturday, June 16 10:00 a.m.–Noon Capture the natural world in words. Explore the craft of nature writing through exercises in written observation and expression and through readings from the works of established authors. Weather permitting, this workshop will occur in the garden. Writing pads, pencils and pens will be supplied. Also, bring works or passages from your favorite author(s) to share. $10 members; $15 non-members. Registration required.

An Evening with Kelli O’Hara Friday, June 16 7:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m. Limited to 22 Guests, ticket price is $100 and includes transportation, plus a reception following the show where Greenwood Guests will meet Ms. O’Hara. Transportation departs Greenwood promptly at 7:15 p.m. and returns at 11:00 p.m.

Windows on the Past: Home Movies of Pleasant Days in the 1930s and Greenwood in the 1960s–70s Sunday, June 25 8:00 p.m.–9:15 p.m. A selection of Day and Blanchard era home movies will shed enchanting and unexpected light on the past at Pleasant Days and Greenwood. Join founder, Peter P. Blanchard III for an evening of wine, cheese and reminiscence over home movies. $10 members; $15 non-members. Registration required.

En Plein Air Day Wednesday, June 28 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. Join the New Jersey Society of En Plein Air painters for a day of painting and drawing in the open air. Watercolors only. Please bring drop cloth. Come and choose your perfect space in nature. Free admission. No registration required.


Bees, Birds & Butterflies

Saturday, July 8 12:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. So much fun and learning happens at this annual event. Have lunch, interactive play, demonstrations, hands on activities and more. Finish with our popular butterfly release at 4:45 p.m. See website for more details.

Visit our website to learn about the rest of our summer and fall programs.

Greenwood Gardens 274 Old Short Hills Road, Short Hills, NJ 07078 | 973.258.4026 |

photo BY joy yagid

Liz Johnson and Peter P. Blanchard III met with Brad Greer (left middle) and Frank Cesaro (right middle) of M&T Bank/Wilmington Trust to accept a $1,000 grant. This generous gift will help support community programs. Thanks to member Anne Levinson for recommending us for this gift!

Unique Volunteer Opportunities at Greenwood Gardens! Volunteers are highly valued members of Greenwood’s team. We depend on volunteers to help in the gardens, act as docents and lead tours, help with administrative duties, conduct research, and much more. If you are interested in being part of an energetic and knowledgeable team, contact us and we will be happy to find the right place for you and your talents!

The Green Team

Garden Docent

The horticulture volunteer program is well-suited to individuals interested in gardening. The Wednesday morning ‘Green Team’ begins work (weather permitting) at 9 a.m. and individuals work for 1–3 hours. Work activities include general garden maintenance, planting container displays, special projects and more! Open to all ages and levels of experience­­—it is a great way to relax in a beautiful garden and enjoy the company of a good-humored group of individuals. Basic instruction is provided along the way.

Trained Volunteer Docents help educate the public and enhance the visitor experience by leading groups of 10–12 on 45 minute walking tours focusing on Greenwood’s history, conservation, horticulture and stewardship. Qualified applicants will attend a day of training and work with a mentor until they are comfortable to lead tours on their own. Docents enjoy spending time with others, and sharing our beautiful garden with the public!

Interested? Email us at 10



Our Generous Supporters

photo by vicki johnson

Greenwood Gardens thanks the following individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies for their generous support during 2016. The following list acknowledges all gifts received, including unrestricted, restricted, and gifts in-kind. $500,000 and more

Mr. and Mrs. E. Freeman Bunn Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cash Mrs. Jennifer A. Chalsty Mrs. Barbara Kernan and Mr. David Ciavarella $10,000 to $99,999 Mr. Paul Farhi Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Francis Mrs. Patricia Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Gates Hawn Helen Clay Frick Foundation Ideal Jacobs Corporation Mrs. Gail Kellogg Elizabeth and Martin Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kellogg Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lepow Mrs. Patricia McGinley Ms. Marianne Mason Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moos Mrs. Mary Olsen and Mr. John Opar Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Overdeck Mr. Andrew Permison $5,000 to $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Phelan Ms. Susan Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Roger Nortillo Mr. and Mrs. Ceyan Samson Birney Mrs. Maureen Ogden Mrs. Diane Genco and Mrs. Justine O’Malley and Mr. Eugene Schaefer Mr. Greg Outwater Mrs. Anne Sidamon-Eristoff Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sanborn Mr. Donald B. Stott Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shilling Mr. and Mrs. Winston Sutter Short Hills Home Garden Club Mr. Arthur T. Vanderbilt II Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wong $1,000 to $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Woodward Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Yarnell Ms. Laraine Barach Dr. and Mrs. James E. Barrett, Jr. $500 to $999 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barry Mrs. Elaine Becker Mrs. Inge Reuter and Mr. Vaclav Benes Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Bertner Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bourke Ms. Hollace Bowers Dr. Valerie Brackett and Mr. I. Townsend Burden III Mr. Nikolaos Monoyios Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Blanchard III The Dendroica Foundation

Mrs. Unni L. Cooper Mr. Nicholas Danzis Ms. Mary DiRico Mr. John S. Eddy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferdman Mrs. Emily Frick Mr. and Mrs. Guilford Gaylord Mrs. Betse Gump Mrs. Linda Landy and Mr. John Haley Ms. Cynthia Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Carl Klemme Ms. Anne-Charlotte Krantz Ms. Cecelia Maher Ms. Pamela Manice Ms. Helen E. McGinley Mr. Robert A. Pfenning Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Pomerantz Ms. Lezette Proud The Richard R. Howe Foundation Mr. and Mrs. J. Sandrian Mr. and Mrs. Garret A. Sayia Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schaible Siebert & Rice The Garden Club of Somerset Hills Mr. and Mrs. James O. Welch, Jr.

$250 to $499 (2) Anonoymous Mrs. Cheryl Hargrove and Mr. John Bauser Mrs. Marta McDowell and Mr. Kirke Bent Ms. Marjorie Billington

Mrs. Joan Borneman Drs. Melissa and David Brown Ms. Leslie Bryan and Mr. Charles Luce Mr. Michael and Mr. Laurence Capone Ms. Victoria Carter Mr. and Mrs. Cal Carver Mrs. Gayle Chamberlin Hoyt Mrs. Joan Daeschler Mr. Ronald T. De Blis Mr. and Mrs. Pierre de Vegh Mr. Tom Ditosto Ms. Julia Dorn Ms. Nancy Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Philip Eisner Ms. Sheilah Flynn Mrs. Susan Ford Mr. and Mrs. George L.K. Frelinghuysen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hillenbrand Mrs. Nina Hoban Ms. Kalya Jacobs Ms. Helen H. Miller and Mr. James L. Kerr Ms. Deana Lazaro Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Leck Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Leitner Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Marsden Mrs. Benjamin McCleary Mr. and Mrs. John Melligon Ms. Michelle Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ian J. Mount Ms. Barbara B. Murray


news 11

Ms. Jan Nicholson Mrs. Janet Mavec and Mr. Wayne Nordberg Ms. Margot O’Neill Mr. Robert M. Pyle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Philip Round Rutgers Gardens Mr. and Mrs. David Satz Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sethness Short Hills Garden Club Mr. Matt Smollon Mr. and Mrs. John Snyder Mrs. Maida and Dr. William Tansey Ms. Adelaide F. Trafton Mr. and Mrs. James Weill Mr. and Mr. John Westfall-Kwong Ms. Beverly Williams Ms. Ione Wilsmann

$100 to $249 Ms. Shirley Aidekman-Kaye Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Asarnow Ms. Rachel Astalos Ms. Mary Babiarz Bank of America Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barba Mr. and Mrs. S. Bauer Mrs. Amelia McGovern and Mr. Jess Berkowitz Ms. Inez Bershad Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Bintinger Mrs. Erica Renteria and Mr. Edgar Blaya Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bliss Mr. and Mrs. David Bondy Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Borneman

Mr. A. Dennis White and Ms. Ellen Boylan Mr. and Mrs. M. Boyle Mr. Matthew Braverman Ms. Mary and Ms. Katie Brennan Ms. Myra Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. W. Brewer Mr. Sanford A. Bristol Mr. and Mrs. Miller Bugliari Professor Andreas Buja Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns Dr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Busby The Honorable and Mrs. Brendan Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cadranell Mr. and Mrs. Curt Cariddi Ms. Sallie Carothers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Casella Mrs. Mamie Tam and Mr. Michael Chen Mrs. Patti Manzi and Mr. Paul Ciraulo Ms. Lancey Clough Ms. Margaret Codey Mrs. Helen D. Coen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Colicchio Mr. and Mrs. Bheng Cornin Mr. Bruce Crawford Ms. Katherine Crenshaw Ms. Karen Cummins Mr. John Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Davis Ms. Rosamay L. Davis Mrs. Ada Day Ms. Miyuki Dellarso Dr. and Mrs. Michael Diamond Mr. Vladimir Dinets Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duggan Ms. Jenny duPont

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Ellia Ms. Ursula Enderlin Mr. Sam Everett Ms. Michele E. Fabrizio Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Feder Mrs. Marilyn Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ferrell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fishman Mr. Jason Pucci and Mr. Michael Foncannon Ms. Deborah Frank Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fratello Congressman Rodey Frelinghuysen Mr. and Mrs. Childs Frick Burden Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Friedman Mrs. Holly Gauthier Ms. Nancy Gerber Mr. Jim Gladson, Gladson Landscaping Mr. Stephen Meierding and Ms. Jesalee Go Mr. and Mrs. Brad Golding Ms. Cheryl Goldring Mr. Jon Gordon and Mrs. Jordanna Horn Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John Goyanes Mrs. Lisanne Renner and Mr. Adam Grace Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gruscynski Mr. and Mrs. Joe Guariglia Ms. Alexis Gubbay and Mr. Alex Ritter Ms. Susan Haig Ms. Melissa Hames Mr. Sam Hamill Mrs. Kathleen Harte-Gilsenan Ms. Mary Heinen Ms. Marie Hollenhorst

Ms. Kathryn Byrnes and Mrs. William Hopler Ms. Amy Howard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howe Ms. Karene Infranco Ms. Katherine Y. Innis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Iommazzo Dr. Michael Jaffe Mr. Wayne R. Jahns Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jernow Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Joseph Ms. Elaine Junguenet Ms. Judith Kantor Mrs. Meredith Kieser and Mr. Andrew Kapyrin Ms. Anne Kehl Mr. and Mrs. William Kelman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kendellen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keyles Mrs. Emelyn Kirkland Mr. and Mrs. David Klein Ms. Susan Kogan Mr. Scott Koniecko Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kram Ms. Patricia Krevans Mr. Bob Krupkas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuhl Mr. and Mrs. Theodor Kundtz Ms. Hilary Lafferty Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Larson Ms. Janetta Lee Mrs. Kelly Leight Mr. and Mrs. William Leland Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Levey Ms. Tongxin Li photo by vicki johnson




Ms. Trisha Lister Mr. and Mrs. Mark Litwin Mr. David Logsdon Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Lopes Ms. Yvette Lucas Ms. Ruth Macpherson Ms. Jonnae Maggio Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Magrane Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mainiero Ms. Diane Mammon Ms. Sue Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Ron Marx Ms. Rosemary Mattson Mrs. Gulsah Mazellan Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McClanahan, Jr. Ms. Margaret McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. James McNulty Mr. and Mrs. Bijoy Mechery Ms. Margery Mellman Ms. Amy Melody Mr. and Mrs. John D. Merimee Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miggins Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miller Ms. Cindy Miller Mr. Daniel Mohr Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moran Mr. and Mrs. James Morreale Ms. Laura Mosberg Mr. Silas Mountsier III Mr. Neil Moylan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Murphy Ms. Patsy Nance Ms. Joyce Newman Ms. Sarah L. Nolin Mr. Michael Noll Ms. Susan Olson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Osur Mr. and Mrs. Adam Parnes Passion For Spices LLC Mr. David J. Pugliese Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Quinn Ms. Jahlay Rae Ms. Prathibha Ramanathan Rolling Hills Garden Club Mr. Robert Morrison and Mr. Joe. H. Ruach Ms. Linda Rubin Ms. Arminda Rubio-Pitio Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rudd Mr. and Mrs. John Rudder Ms. Stacey Rudin Ms. Joan Ryder Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sagorin Dr. Arnold Saslow Mr. Darrell Sasso Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Saudino SavATree Mr. and Mrs. William K. Sawyer Ms. Lisa Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Phil Scott Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Seelbach Mr. Faisal Shaikh Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Shalit Mr. Bruce Shapiro Mrs. Prathibha Ramanathan and Mr. Sandeep Sharma

photo by vicki johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Shaw Mrs. Joanna Shirin Ms. Leslie Shulman Ms. Yolando Silverio Mrs. Kristin Maynard and Mr. Mark Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Siracuse Mr. Greg Smith Mr. W. MacDonald Snow Ms. Dilys F. So Mr. and Mrs. Louis Solimine Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sprung Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stallsmith Mrs. Charlotte Stifel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strickler Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stuart Studio 1200 Mr. Marco P. Stufano Suburbanites of Morris Area Ms. Patricia Swan Mrs. Kay Swindell Mr. Jonathan Sym Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Tansey Mrs. Chiani Teng Mrs. Ellen Tham Ms. Patricia Thornton Ms. L. Gaye Torrance Mr. and Mrs. S. Gilmer Towell Ms. Franca Tutela Mrs. Barbara Van Orden and Mr. Carl Schueler Mrs. Debora Van Orden Ms. Karlyn Volk Mr. and Mrs. Simon Wang Mr. Bill Wangerin Mrs. Adrienne Weill Ms. Susan Wellsthompson Ms. Patricia A. Wiley Drs. Tina and John Williams Mr. David Wise

Mrs. Ann Wiss Mr. Donald Wiss Ms. Caitlin Womersley Dr. Donez Xiques Ms. Joy Yagid Mr. and Mrs. John E. Yingling, Jr. Mr. Louis T. Zawislak Mrs. Patricia Zirul

Under $100 Anonymous Ms. Mary Kay Adams Ms. Lydia E. Andersen Ms. Yelena Angelback Ms. Patricia Angus Ms. Elisabeth Antoine Mr. Michael Ashley Ms. Melanie Atkins Mr. and Mrs. Patricia Babb Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Bauer Ms. Miriam Belov Ms. Marie Bennett Mr. Andrew Bernosky Mrs. Valerie Boyle Ms. Mindy Brainum Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Brunini Mrs. Cheryl Campbell Ms. Amy Cantor Ms. Linda Carrington Mr. and Mrs. Everett Carson Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Carter Ms. Mary Cartwright Ms. Cynthia Casale Ms. Rebecca F. Clemente Mr. Michael Cohn College Womens Club of Cranford Ms. Tara Colton Ms. Camille T. Conde Ms. Susan Covert Ms. Carol Crawford

Ms. Marilyn Crofton Mr. Cosmo D. Cuocci Ms. Amy Dahn Mrs. Anne Dean Ms. Ruth Dobrowski Mr. and Mrs. Ted Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. du Busc Mr. Geoffrey Dunham Ms. Christine Ertle Ms. Suzanne Fast Mr. Wade Fawcett Mr. C.E. Fegley III and Mrs. R.N. Fegley First Impression Cleaning Service Ms. Mary Ann Fischle Mr. Alan Fisher Mr. John Ford Ms. Marianna Frerecks Ms. Stephanie Fritsch Ms. Jane Gaertner Mrs. Purba Ganguly Ms. Asawari Ghude Mrs. Roxanne Giacalone Ms. Carolyn Gittleson Mr. J. Scott Glascock Mr. and Mrs. Max Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Ned Griefen Ms. Donna Hall Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Heintz Mrs. Fran Henig Mr. Dennis Hillerud Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hovi Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Inglese Ms. Christine Ippolito Mr. Ingrum Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kalmanek Ms. Karen Kaplan Ms. Lynne Z. Katz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaufmann Ms. Day Keel Mrs. Terry Kennedy


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Mr. Jeffrey D. Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lagreca, Jr. Ms. Diane Larkin Ms. Eugenia Laufer Ms. Faith Lefkort Ms. E. Betty Levin Ms. Laura Levine Ms. Anne Levison Ms. Beth Lipman Ms. Jane G. Lichtman Ms. Maria M. Lupo Mr. Bedford Lydon Mrs. Patricia Maguire Ms. Elizabeth Manley Mr. David Marshall Mr. Carter Marshall Ms. Ileana Martin-Novoa Ms. Jane McNeill Ms. Margaret Meyer Ms. Ann Michels Ms. Mary Carol Nostrand Mr. and Mrs. John J. O’Connor Mr. Robert Ohlerking Ms. Lynne Oliver Ms. Ginny Panzer Mr. Roger F. Pasquier Ms. Carol Paul Ms. Elizabeth Perry Mr. Charles Peters Ms. Beth Placke Mr. and Mrs. David Proud Mr. Robert Rahnenfuhrer Ms. Beverly Reilly Ms. Sharon Richman Ms. Margo Rishe Mrs. Oren Root

Mr. James P. Sammartino Mr. Randy Samuels Ms. Michelle SanFillipo Mrs. John Santoro Ms. Daryl Savage Ms. Dana Schweinler Ms. Susan Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Simmons Mr. Jonathan Simmons Mr. Jason Singer Ms. Marie Somers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spar Mrs. Alma Staehle Steinberg Family Mrs. Peggy Stengel Ms. Carolyn Summers Ms. Heidi Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Thayer Talcott, Jr. Ms. Darcy Tierney Mr. Charles Trivisonno Ms. Laura Usin-Verhoff Ms. Marilyn Van Orden Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Orden Mrs. Nathan VanMeter Hendricks III Ms. Joan Walsh Ms. Margaret Whiting The Window Box MG LTD Ms. Sandra Wulach Mr. Eric Yagoda Ms. Janet Zuckerman

Gifts in Kind Ms. Laraine Barach Basilico’s Restaurant Ms. Joyce Bertner Mrs. Joan Borneman

Ms. Hollace Bowers Ms. Sallie Carothers Mrs. Barbara Ciavarella Ms. Cathy Deutch Goldberg’s Deli Mrs. Nina Hoban Ms. Mara Kukra Mr. Joseph Mainero Millburn Free Public Library MSH Chamber of Commerce Mrs. Louise Moos Overlook Medical Center New Jersey Audubon The Raptor Trust Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sanborn Santagata Landscape Mr. Gary Shilling Mrs. Judith Yarnell ZO Landscaping

Tributes In memory of Edmond Borneman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Babb Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Borneman Ms. Julia Dorn Barbro and Tonis Ennet Camilla Ennet and Family Peter Ennet and Family Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Fegley II Mrs. Marilyn Feldman Ms. Deborah Frank Jim Gladson, Jim Gladson Landscaping, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hovi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaufmann

Mr. and Mrs. William Kelman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lagrecca Ms. Jane McNeill Ms. Amy Melody Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connor Ms. Mary Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. James Weill In memory of Rose Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Weill In honor of Sallie Carothers Mrs. Cheryl C. Campbell Ms. Ione Wilsmann In honor of Lezette Proud Mrs. Deborah Van Order and Mr. Carl Schueler Ms. Marilyn Van Orden Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Orden

Event/Exhibit Sponsors Ms. Laraine Barach Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bourke Victoria Carter Mrs. Barbara Ciavarella Mrs. Patricia Donovan Kings Supermarkets Mrs. Nina Hoban Ms. Susan Lowry Mrs. Patricia McGinley Mrs. Louise Moos Dr. and Mrs. Roger Nortillo SavATree Trader Joe’s William’s Nursery

photo by Liz johnson

Lucas Ferreira, Facilities Assistant, in front of the beautiful new shelving he built for our greenhouse.




Membership Matters! Please Support Greenwood Through Membership and Gifts As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous support of the public through memberships and gifts. These funds directly support operations, programs and care of the gardens. Are you a member? Do you know friends, family, colleagues that would enjoy being members? Please help us build our membership base. The more members we have, the stronger Greenwood becomes. Call us to learn more about your benefits and all Greenwood has to offer. Here are some of the benefits of membership:

Greenwood recently received a $10,000 grant from The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation, made possible through the recommendation of the Honorable Brendan Byrne. Governor Byrne and Ruthie Byrne are longtime supporters of Greenwood. We thank them for their commitment and good counsel over many years.

• Free admission during our regular hours • Invitations to special members-only events and programs • Advance notice of and discounted tickets to programs, workshops, and other events • Acknowledgment of your generous support in the spring edition of Greenwood News • Reciprocal benefits at more than 300 participating gardens and arboreta nationwide through the American Horticultural Society’s Reciprocal Admissions Program • A subscription to either Better Homes & Gardens or Martha Stewart Living magazine • New! 20% discount on orders from White Flower Farm Give the gift of membership to friends and family! Help to ensure the future of Greenwood and enjoy the benefits of a tax-deductible contribution. Become involved and feel great about helping to preserve this unique public treasure. Please complete the form below, or call 973-258-4026, ext.10 for more information.


photo by vicki johnson

Membership in Greenwood Gardens For more details on the membership benefits associated with each category, please visit our website at or call 973-258-4026, ext.10. You can also complete your membership online at

YES! I want to join as a member of Greenwood at the following level: ___ Individual $60 ___ Contributor $100 ___ Benefactor $250

___ Patron $500 ___ Greenwood Society $1,000 ___ Garden Fellow $5,000

I would like to give a gift membership to:

Name _________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________ City State Zip ___________________________________________ Telephone ______________________________________________ Email __________________________________________________ Membership Level ________________________________________ Gift from: _______________________________________________

I would like to donate a gift to Greenwood: Amount $ ________



Name _________________________________________________

___ Check Payable to Greenwood Gardens ___ Visa ___ MasterCard ___ American Express

Address _______________________________________________ City State Zip ___________________________________________ Telephone ______________________________________________ Email _________________________________________________

q I prefer to save paper and receive news from Greenwood electronically. Please add my email address to your list.

___ Discover

Card No._______________________________________________ CSC CODE _________ Exp. Date __________________________ Signature ______________________________________________

Please mail completed forms to: Greenwood Gardens, 274 Old Short Hills Road, Short Hills, New Jersey 07078 Greenwood

news 15

274 Old Short Hills Road Short Hills, New Jersey 07078 Greenwood Gardens’ mission is to connect people with nature in an historic garden oasis.

Plan your visit now! Gener a l admission Thursday 10 am–5 pm Hours: Friday 10 am–5 pm Saturday 10 am–5 pm Sunday 10 am–5 pm Members Adults Seniors (65+) Students with ID Children under 12

Free $10.00 $5.00 $5.00 Free

Gardens are open from May 4 to November 19, 2017.

Monday, May 1 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Members Preview Day

See the Gardens before they open to the public. 2:15 Executive Director, Liz Johnson will share exciting new plans for Greenwood’s future. 2:30 Development Associate, Stephanie Murphy will explain member benefits and share details of our 2017 programs and events. Stroll the gardens and enjoy refreshments. Free to members. Registration required—please visit our website to register.