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Art in Nature: A collaboration of Greenwood Gardens and Studio Montclair

photos by Vicki Johnson

Turning Points by Jon Isherwood

Hot Tamale by John Clement; Background: Ancient Goatie Boy, Goat as Wolf by Ruth McKerrell

In August, Greenwood Gardens forged a new path. Partnering with Studio Montclair, we mounted an extraordinary exhibit in the gardens featuring 38 sculptures representing 31 artists. It was Greenwood’s first sculpture exhibit and the first time that Studio Montclair curated an outdoor exhibit. As Karen Wilkin, widely respected curator of the exhibit noted, “The conjunction of the word “sculpture” and the phrase “Italianate garden” conjures up—not without reason—images of stone nymphs, demi-gods, and urns among symmetrical allées and parterres. How interesting, then, to confound expectations by installing contemporary works in the formal, Italian-inspired setting of Greenwood Gardens. “Art in Nature” punctuates the splendid terraces and walks of Greenwood Gardens with works by distinguished current sculptors

ranging from expressive figures to stylized animals to geometric abstractions—and a lot in between. Unexpected harmonies are revealed, as a provocative conversation develops between works of art and an elegantly disciplined natural world.” The exhibit opened on August 3 to a large gathering of artists and supporters of both non-profit organizations. We were excited to introduce new sculpture to Greenwood, although we worried over how art and the garden’s spirit would “mesh”. Greenwood is

such a unique and exquisite oasis and we knew that sculptures would impact the visitor experience. We couldn’t have been more delighted when compliments poured in! Visitors expressed excitement over the surprising new vistas, bright colors and unique textures the art added to Greenwood’s natural beauty. As Lisa Sanders, one of the curators, remarked, “Greenwood Gardens is the perfect environment for sculpture because it was designed as a series of outdoor rooms which flow beautifully from one to another but retain their unique character”. One visitor expressed delight that several of the works are “playful, and bring joy to the garden”. This ground-breaking exhibit was made possible by the generous support of primary sponsors, Investor’s Bank and Investor’s Bank Foundation. Other sponsors included McCarter and English, G.R. Murray, Susanne N., Millburn Short Hills Art Advisory Committee, Thomas Baio, Architect, Millburn Guides, Terrance Dotzler, Alan Trembulak, Esq., Andrew W. Permison, and Print Media. On September 6, Studio Montclair and Greenwood gardens hosted a benefit continued on next page

Art in Nature continued from page 1 evening, where guests enjoyed music, food, and an art sale. Laraine Brennan, chairperson for the Millburn Short Hills Art Advisory Board, reports that “they were thrilled to support the exhibit”, and that “the use of public space for art and teaching art was embraced as a key goal for the Advisory Board over 10 years ago.” To facilitate visitation during the exhibit’s duration, Greenwood added six Saturdays to its schedule of open days,

and we were pleased to see a 30% increase in visitation in August. In addition, we benefited from articles in the Star Ledger, Hyperallergic, the Item, the Montclair Times, and in spring 2015, an article will run in Sculpture Magazine. Greenwood gives a big “thank you” to the dedicated, hard working staff and volunteers, and the remarkable, talented people of Studio Montclair for all of the long hours they gave to make this extraordinary exhibit a success.


Ask OUR Horticulturist photo by Joy Yagid

Board of Trustees Elaine Becker Peter P. Blanchard III Sofia Blanchard Timothy Hartman Henry Johnson Louise Moos Lezette Proud Marco Polo Stufano Arthur T. Vanderbilt II Contact Us Greenwood Gardens 274 Old Short Hills Road Short Hills, New Jersey 07078 Telephone: 973.258.4026 Fax: 973.258.9244 Greenwood Gardens is one of only 16 gardens endorsed by the Garden Conservancy, a national, nonprofit organization founded to help preserve America’s most exceptional gardens.

Funding for the restoration of Greenwood Gardens has been made possible in part by the Garden State Historic Preservation Trust administered by the New Jersey Historic Trust/State of New Jersey.




Dear Brendan, I thought chrysanthemums were hardy perennials. I’ve planted several in September the last two years, so why haven’t any of them survived? Lauren H. Dear Lauren,

Often we gardeners read a plant label that says it is hardy to zone 4 and assume that planting it in the fall will be fine. Typically this is true. However, with fall blooming plants this is not always the case. Fall blooming plants are focusing on growing flowers late in the season instead of roots. This causes problems in colder climates, where temperatures can reach into the single digits and below. The freeze-thaw cycle can expose the roots, which have not grown down into the soil to anchor the plant—most often killing fall planted mums. To avoid this, plant mums in the spring and pinch them back every 2–3 weeks, through July, for a nice full plant. Be sure to check the plant’s label to assure that it will be hardy here as well. For marginally hardy plants, be sure to place them in a protected area to ensure their survival through difficult winters. photo by Vicki Johnson

Focus on Volunteer: Louise Moos

photos by Joy Yagid

Letter from Peter P. Blanchard III, Chairman of the Board

Letter from Liz Johnson, Executive Director

Dear Members and Supporters of Greenwood Gardens:

Dear Friends,

As the broader world becomes ever more complex, interdependent, and—at the same time—more vulnerable, the need for public gardens becomes more evident; the value of sacred green spaces becomes more compelling. To read the current news, it’s hard to imagine so many crises occurring at the same time: ebola and enterovirus outbreaks; the brutal rise of ISIS; Russia’s expansion into sovereign nations reigniting the Cold War; terrorism and the threat of nuclear material getting into the wrong hands; global warming and inexorable sea level rise are all threats to the stability of our world. Even if we believe that change is the only constant, existence in this world would be very difficult without the ability to ground ourselves, from time to time, in beauty and peace. A quiet stroll through an old garden with summer’s green in full retreat; a moment’s rest overlooking field and ponds grading into forest; a walk down an allée scuffling leaves… All are antidotes to the stress of daily living and the onslaught of calamitous news. Furthermore, amid the technological din of our times, Greenwood Gardens offers dazed visitors a clear and invigorating view of life’s priorities. So please join us this fall for the view of autumn’s progression and our holiday open house, December 4–7. Warm regards, Peter

In his Chairman’s Message, Peter reminds us of what feels like an increasing level of world-wide chaos, and of how critically important the natural world is to our well-being, even as it is threatened. Being “grounded” in nature has always been my salvation during life’s challenges. I love the word “grounded”, and the image of being grounded in the earth, as plants and trees are. It reminds me of the importance of honoring and staying connected to the earth, and how grateful I am to be connected to the particular piece of earth that is Greenwood Gardens. How wonderful that our connection to Greenwood also keeps us connected to one another as we work to protect and restore this remarkable place. As the year comes to a close and we count our blessings, I want to thank all of you who continue to support Greenwood Gardens in your own way. Many thanks to our loyal members for your continuing support and involvement; to our volunteers who donate countless hours to weed, staff the Visitors Center, lead tours and help with events; to our trustees for your commitment and guidance; and especially to our staff who always give their utmost, many, many thanks. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and all best in 2015! Warm regards, Liz

Longtime volunteer and Greenwood Gardens board member for 6 years, Louise Moos has been looking for adventure and setting high goals all her life. At 23, with $50.00 in her pocket and a berth next to the engine, she sailed from her home in England to New York City. Louise had no contacts in the U.S. to “open doors”, but soon she was teaching and managing a pre-school in New York City. And before long, she met and married her husband Ed. When their children were 6 and 3 years old, they moved to Westfield, and then to Short Hills. Along the way they adopted a son, and cared for foster children. Always a teacher at heart, Louise made time to home school her granddaughter for a year. Louise and Ed have traveled the world together, exploring the countryside on foot or by bike in some very remote places, including trips to the Himalayas, Antarctica, New Guinea, and Africa—always enjoying the spectacular beauty of nature. As the children grew and went off to college, Louise began looking for new challenges. With a lifelong love of gardening, she took horticulture courses at New York Botanic Garden and, along with two colleagues, established a garden design business, “New Leaf”.” We had a lot of fun designing gardens for clients,” says Louise. When her friends moved away and the business wound down, she began looking for a new adventure. That’s when she found Greenwood Gardens. She has worked on the “Green Team” and as a docent, helping orient visitors who are “stunned to find a place of such unspoiled beauty”. Louise is “happiest when outdoors in nature…I feel at peace here [at Greenwood]. Apart from the occasional plane, you don’t sense the outside world”.

photo by Liz Johnson


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Maureen Ogden, Our Hero! On October 17, Greenwood Gardens hosted a luncheon in honor of Maureen Ogden, celebrating 50 years of her public service. Maureen, a longtime supporter of Greenwood Gardens, is known as a champion of open space, farmland and historic preservation.

photo by Maren Less

An Afternoon With Dr. Bob Lyons Gardeners have always known what research has confirmed: gardening and/ or being near a garden is good for the soul. But what happens when—unimaginably —we lose our primary source for solace and inspiration? On Sunday, October 12, Dr. Robert E. Lyons, award-winning educator and former Program Director, Longwood Gardens Graduate Program in Public Horticulture at the University of Delaware and mentor to Brendan Huggins, Greenwood’s Horticulture Manager, shared his journey following the tragic loss of both his home and garden to fire.

Gardens of The Garden State On Sunday, October 19 authors Nancy Berner and Susan Lowry celebrated the release of their beautiful book, Gardens of the Garden State with a slide presentation and book signing at Greenwood.

photos by Vicki Johnson

photos by Vicki Johnson

A New Jersey native, Dr. Lyons attended Morristown High School and was delighted to meet up with fellow alumni, including Greenwood’s Heather Emelander (not pictured). From left: Dr. Lyons, Debbie Gottsleben, Jay Delaney, Pam Nixon Brillon, and Roberta Burcz.




Top photo: Nancy Berner and Susan Lowry with Greenwood Gardens founder, Peter P. Blanchard III. Bottom photo: Greenwood’s Excecutive Director, Liz Johnson introduces the authors to a sold out crowd.

History & Harvest Over 600 people came to enjoy our second annual History & Harvest Celebration held on October 18. A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers, vendors, musicians, farmers, bakers, artists, crafts people, families, ponies—and all who came to make it a Great Day! photos by Joy Yagid

The Garden may be closed — but workshops are still happening! What’s In Your Cornucopia? Saturday, November 22 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Holiday Della Robbia Workshop Tuesday, December 16 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Holiday Greens Workshop Saturday, December 13 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Register online at, or call for more information 973-258-4026


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Louise Moos Joyce Bertner photo by Bob Rinklin

Thank you Investor’s Bank and the Land Conservancy of NJ! Investors Bank employees recently traded their business clothes for jeans and work boots to help The Land Conservancy of New Jersey celebrate its 500th Partners for Parks project, held at Greenwood Gardens. The program builds alliances between nonprofit organizations that preserve open space in the Garden State and businesses whose employees assist in beautifying parks, nature trails, and public gardens. In September, over 50 men and women from Investors helped Greenwood Gardens horticulture staff clean out overgrown areas, trim shrubs, and spread wood chips to reduce weed growth. Shown in the photo from left to right are Investors Bank’s Dorothy Butler, Livingston Branch Manager; Robert Rossi, V.P. Loan Serving; N.J. Land Conservancy’s Barbara McCloskey; Greenwood Garden’s Chairman Peter P. Blanchard III; Omari Frazier, V.P. & Market Manager; Razie Dauti, V.P. & Market Manager; Brian Turano, Director of Government Banking; and Robert Zajac, SVP & Regional Manager.

cele Maher

Betty and Ted Dougherty

ned and angela Griefen photos by Stephanie Murphy

Volunteers are highly valued members of Greenwood’s team. We depend on volunteers to work in the gardens, help with administrative duties, conduct research, act as docents and lead tours, and much more. If you are interested in being part of an energetic and knowledgeable team, contact us and we will be happy to try and find the right place for you and your talents! Call 973-258-4026 or write to


photo by Vicki Johnson

Three cheers for the hardworking seasonal garden staff for all of their hard work and upbeat, “Jersey Fresh” attitude! We wish them well as they continue their horticulture studies and other endeavors. From left to right: Justin Lombardoni, Intern, entered his junior year at Cornell where he is studying plant science; Amelia Parker, Intern, has started her sophomore year at Eastern University studying philosophy, but hopes to transfer to a program in plant science; Manager of Horticulture Brendan Huggins; Kristen Schmitz, gardener, will be returning to her garden seed company, and Mike Rolli, horticulturist.

photo by Mike Rolli

Thank you, Garden Club of Somerset for your donation of $500 toward new plants in the Greenwood Gardens Meadow that will support endangered bees, butterflies and other pollinators! 6



Ellen Stover Eddy Friend of Greenwood Gardens Ellen Stover Eddy, of Short Hills, New Jersey and Bayville, Maine passed away recently. A graduate of Smith College, Ellen had a career in publishing before she and her husband John made their home in Short Hills, where they lived for 49 years. Ellen was a member and former president of The Short Hills Garden Club and a lifelong, avid gardener. In sharing some thoughts about her mother, Hilary Eddy Lafferty recalled that Ellen enjoyed walking the reservation trails around Greenwood, and was able to visit Greenwood in spring, just a few weeks before she died. As members of Greenwood Gardens, Ellen and John

Please Support Greenwood Through Memberships & Gifts Greenwood Gardens is a nonprofit organization, open to and supported by the public. Your membership and gifts help to ensure the beauty and preservation of this treasure for generations to come. As a member, you will enjoy benefits throughout the year, including:

Eddy Family Archive

contributed to the restoration of the garden. In memory of Ellen’s love of gardening and Greenwood, Hilary and John requested that donations be made to Greenwood in Ellen’s name. Nearly $5000 was received and has been designated for repairs to the Teahouse roof. Ellen believed that “a life without friends is like a garden without flowers.” She made friends wherever she was, and stayed in contact with them as well as connecting them with each other. We at Greenwood feel very fortunate to have known Ellen, and to be the recipient of the generosity of her family and friends.

Membership in Greenwood Gardens Members enjoy many benefits including free admission, discounts on programs and workshops, invitations to special Members-only events, and more. For more details on the membership benefits associated with each category, please visit our website at or call our office at 973.258.4026, ext. 10. You can also complete your membership online at

YES! I want to join as a member of Greenwood at the following level: ___ Individual $60 ___ Contributor $100 ___ Benefactor $250

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• Free admission on any of our open days. • Invitations to special members-only events and programs. • Advance notice of and discounted tickets to programs, workshops, and other events at Greenwood. • Acknowledgment of your support in the spring edition of Greenwood News. • Reciprocal membership benefits at more than 300 participating gardens and arboreta nationwide through the American Horticultural Society’s Reciprocal Admissions Program. • A subscription to Better Homes & Gardens magazine. A membership for yourself or loved one gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to ensure the future of Greenwood as well as enjoying the tax benefits of a charitable contribution. Please complete the form below, or call 973.258.4026, ext. 10 for more information.


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I prefer to save paper and receive news from Greenwood electronically. Please add my email address to your list.

photo by Vicki Johnson


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274 Old Short Hills Road Short Hills, New Jersey 07078 Greenwood Gardens is a public garden and historic site preserving and enhancing its gardens, architecture, and landscape for the education and delight of the public.

Join us

for our Holiday

Thursday, December 4 – Sunday, December 7 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Members Preview Evening Wednesday, December 3 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Visit the interior of the Georgian Main House with rooms dressed in fresh greens and flowers to get you in the holiday spirit. Sip cider and shop the unique boutique! $5 general admission; free for children under 12 and members of Greenwood Gardens. photo by Stephanie Murphy

Greenwood Gardens Fall & Winter 2014 Newsletter  
Greenwood Gardens Fall & Winter 2014 Newsletter