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The Dawn Redwoods at Greenwood by Peter P. Blanchard III There is something fundamentally encouraging about finding a life form, long believed to be extinct, not only surviving but thriving in a neighborhood back yard. Dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) provides a stunning example that dates from the “dawn of time” and that persists and triumphs despite scientific expectations and pronouncements to the contrary.

Dawn Redwood at Greenwood Gardens

Dawn Redwood

Like other neighbors on the Greenwood campus, ginko and London plane, the dawn redwood is a holdover from when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The first fossil evidence of Metasequoia dates to the Cretaceous, some 100 million years ago. From the Cretaceous to the beginning of the Miocene (a period of approximately 75 million years), the dawn redwood was “the most abundant conifer in western and arctic North America” (Raven and Evert, The Biology of Plants, 1981). The species name is derived from the Greek “glypto”(to carve) and “strobus” (cone), a reference to the distinctively sculpted female cones.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Until recently, the dawn redwood was viewed as a vanished species. During graduate studies at Yale and most memorably during a course in paleobotany (the study of ancient plants), I literally ran headlong into an old, old friend. In the vast collection of fossil specimens, including microscopic material mounted on slides, I encountered numerous specimens from ancient dawn redwoods. Under the label “Dawn Redwood” was invariably written the word “extinct.” This was sure proof that the collection (or a portion of it) had been assembled prior to World War II.

During and immediately after the war, a suite of discoveries began. In 1941, Shigeru Miki, a Japanese paleobotanist, first described the genus Metasequoia through the use of fossils. Within three years, a Chinese forester, Tsang Wang, discovered a giant living dawn redwood in Sichuan Province. A temple had been built around the base of the tree. The collection and analysis of needles and cones from that tree confirmed that the species still existed! The discovery in 1948 of a thousand dawn redwoods (last remnant of an ancient forest) in a remote valley in China led to attempts to propagate the species both by vegetative cuttings and by seed. Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum was instrumental in collecting and disseminating the seeds. As a result of the propagation efforts, dawn redwood now appears and prospers in parks and gardens throughout the world. The conservation success story continues with Greenwood Gardens’ own dawn redwood trees. Paleontologist, Childs Frick, who was associated with the American Museum of Natural History (NYC) and who had sponsored animal continued on next page

Dawn Redwoods continued

Board of Trustees Elaine Becker Peter P. Blanchard III Sofia Blanchard Timothy Hartman Susan Lowry Louise Moos Lezette G. Proud Marco Polo Stufano Arthur T. Vanderbilt II Contact Us Greenwood Gardens 274 Old Short Hills Road Short Hills, New Jersey 07078 Telephone: 973.258.4026 Fax: 973.258.9244 Greenwood Gardens is one of only 16 gardens endorsed by the Garden Conservancy, a national, nonprofit organization founded to help preserve America’s most exceptional gardens.

Funding for the Restoration of Greenwood Gardens has been made possible in part by the Garden State Historic Preservation Trust administered by the New Jersey Historic Trust/State of New Jersey.




fossil collecting in China, had ready access to Arnold Arboretum’s seeds and planted them on his Long Island estate at Roslyn. Upon Child Frick’s death in 1965, and long after the death of his daughter, Dr. Adelaide Childs Frick Blanchard in 1956, my father obtained a number of specimens from Roslyn. I remember the long flatbed trucks carrying 20 plus foot high trees arriving at our door. The lovely story that the two redwoods at the base of the Cascade were wedding presents from Childs Frick to his daughter and son-in-law must remain a myth. Moreover, the dawn redwoods at the edge of the Front Allee were later additions, following the planting of rows of London plane trees by Peter P. Blanchard, Jr. in the early 70s. •

Unlike its taller and older western relatives —the giant redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) and the coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)—the dawn redwood is a deciduous conifer. In November, before needle fall, dawn redwood foliage takes on a glowing burnt orange to cinnamon-red hue, usually well after the deciduous trees have passed the peak of fall color. While the Metasequoias of the Cascade were bypassed by Hurricane Sandy, they were damaged the year before by an early October snow fall, which struck while many trees still held their leaves. The southernmost of the pair was particularly mauled, with many of its main branches shorn off. This tree, however, is making a valiant effort to regain adequate foliage and is expected to survive and catch up with its more vigorous neighbor.


Greenwood Invites You to Join the Team Volunteering at Greenwood is a great way to expand your knowledge of plants, architecture, local history and to share your love of Greenwood with others. This spring, we launched an expanded volunteer program. Volunteers were trained to greet and orient visitors, guide tours, and support educational programs. The training included instruction in Greenwood Gardens’ history and horticulture, as well as training in visitor services. As always, we continue to welcome those who love to get their hands in the

soil! Whatever your age—from students to retirees—if you possess the desire and time, we invite you to be a Greenwood Gardens Volunteer. For more information, contact us at or 973.258.4026.

Focus on Volunteers: Lezette Proud

Letter from Liz Johnson, Executive Director Dear Friends, Have you ever been happier to welcome spring? The frequent snow and intense cold made us wonder if spring was ever arriving. But sure enough, the hardiest of spring flowers, the snowdrops, pushed through the ice and snow! We’re thrilled to welcome you back to the beauty and serenity in Greenwood’s magnificent gardens and natural areas. Please visit our website, for a list of workshops and events happening this spring. Of special interest is a tour of the Great Swamp on May 31, led by Peter P. Blanchard III. This year there are regular tours on Sunday afternoons at 1:30 PM. We are also scheduling private tours for groups of 10 or more throughout the week. With each newsletter, we plan to share insights into Greenwood’s fascinating history. In this edition, Peter P. Blanchard III shares the history of our dawn redwoods, two of which were planted at the base of the Cascade in 1965 by Peter’s father, Peter P. Blanchard, Jr. As Peter noted in his article, “There is something fundamentally encouraging about finding a life form, long believed to be extinct, not only surviving, but thriving in a neighborhood backyard.” Do you know that many species of insect pollinators are threatened by loss of habitat and pesticide use? All of us can play a role in solving this problem, so we are planting a section of our meadow, adjacent to the farm ponds, with twenty-seven new species of prairie and meadow plants to create habitat for

One of Greenwood’s most dedicated champions, Lezette Proud was a student at Michigan State in 1940 when she noticed an unusual course listing that piqued her interest: Conservation 101. “Back then, no one knew what the word ‘ecology’ meant,” she said. “How could I know that this would shape my life the way it has?” Lezette met her husband in college and his job brought the couple to New Jersey where they would raise a family. She always had a garden, and once her children were older, she enrolled in a training program at the Hartshorn Arboretum in Short Hills, NJ. Under the leadership of Maureen Ogden, she became a volunteer with the Millburn Township Environmental Commission and helped compile the Natural Resources Inventory Report in 1974. From this point, “things just mushroomed,” explains Lezette. She helped found the Township Beautification League and has been president of CLEAN, the Citizen’s League Environmental Action Now, which created the first recycling program. Working with “The Green Team” from the Short Hills Home Garden Club has helped clean and reclaim Brookside Park, Tailor Park, and other public spaces in Millburn and Short Hills. In recognition of her dedication and leadership, Lezette has received the Garden Club of America Service Award and

these important insects. We are doing this as part of our efforts to be a good steward of not only Greenwood, but also the earth that we all depend on. We’ll keep you posted as our renovated meadow develops. Many thanks to all of you who support Greenwood Gardens with your volunteer time, talents, and resources. A special thanks to our loyal Green Team members who devote every Wednesday morning to garden work at Greenwood, and to the new group of volunteers

the Millburn Township Community Service Award. “It was while we were working to fix the pond at Short Hills Park that I first met Peter Blanchard [Greenwood’s founder] who was there, painting,” she recalls. “He called me a couple of years later, and when I saw how overgrown Greenwood was, I suggested to the club that we take it on as our next project.” Lezette and 12 other intrepid volunteers joined former Director of Horticulture Louis Bauer every Monday for one hour to begin the daunting task of clearing brambles and poison ivy. “I’ve always said, ‘If it isn’t fun, don’t do it’ and I think it’s fun! It’s amazing what 12 people can do in an hour. We had such a feeling of accomplishment every week. And now people from all around have joined Greenwood’s Green Team.” Lezette also serves on Greenwood’s board. Why is she so passionate about Greenwood? “It’s like you’ve joined a family, all working together to make something beautiful.”

that will lead tours and help with visitor services. We think you’ll enjoy the article that features a long-time volunteer and board member, Lezette Proud. We are only able to preserve, improve, and educate with your support. We look forward to seeing you in the garden and hope you’ll introduce a friend or two to membership at Greenwood this season! Best regards,


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Peter P. Blanchard, Jr. on his tractor, circa 1967

Our Generous Supporters

Greenwood Gardens thanks the following individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies for their generous support during 2013. The following list acknowledges all gifts received, including unrestricted, restricted, endowment, and capital campaign. •

$500,000 and more The Dendroica Foundation

$100,000 to $499,999

Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Blanchard III

$10,000 to $99,999 The Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation Mrs. John Donovan Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation The Janine Luke Fund William R. Vanderbilt Charitable Remainder Unitrust

$5,000 to $9,999 Frances & Townsend Burden Foundation Mr. Jerry Carannante Conservation Resources Fiduciary Trust Company Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Francis The Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation, Inc. Mr. Ron Marx and Ms. Michelle Gudema E. A. Moos Foundation The Linda Sue Pfarrer Nortillo Charitable Foundation Mrs. Robert Ogden Short Hills Home Garden Club

$1,000 to $4,999 Elizabeth & Mark Anton Charitable Gift Fund Dr. and Mrs. James E. Barrett, Jr. Mr. Vaclav Benes and Ms. Inge Reuter Howard S. Bunn Foundation Mrs. Jennifer Chalsty The Jennifer A. Chalsty Foundation Investors Bank Mr. and Mrs. James Denton Mr. Paul Farhi The Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth C. Gump Mr. and Mrs. Gates H. Hawn Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Johnson Ms. Susan Lowry Ms. Marta McDowell and Mr. Kirke Bent Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. McGinley




Mrs. William McLean The Valerie Brackett and Nikolaos Monoyios Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moos Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ranieri Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sanborn Mr. Eugene Schaefer and Ms. Diane Genco Phyllis Fox and George Sternlieb Foundation Dr. and Mrs. William A. Tansey, III Mr. Arthur T. Vanderbilt, II Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Yarnell

$500 to $999 Hollace Bowers Cooper Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey Mr. and Mrs. David K. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Gary French Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ginsberg Mr. Sam Hamill Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hillenbrand Ms. Pamela Manice Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Marsden Ms. Justine O’Malley and Mr. Greg Outwater Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Phelan Mrs. Lezette G. Proud SAD Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schaible Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sethness Mrs. Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff Mr. Donald B. Stott

$250 to $499 Mrs. Karl H. Becker Mr. Ron Bentley and Mr. Salvatore LaRosa Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R. Carver Ms. Jane Derickson-Friar Ms. Julia Dorn Ms. Heidi Glickman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goltra Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Graff Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Heintz Ms. Elizabeth Irwin and Mr. James F. Friedlander Ms. Elizabeth Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Carl Klemme Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Lepow Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. James McTernan Mr. Carlyle Newell


Ms. Jan Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Robertson Short Hills Garden Club Mrs. George E. Staehle Mr. Marco Polo Stufano Mr. and Mrs. James Weill Ms. Jeanne Will Ms. Sharon Wyse and Mr. David Satz Mr. and Mrs. John Zweig

$100 to $249 Ms. Shirley Aidekman-Kaye David M. and Barbara Baldwin Foundation, Inc. Ms. Judy Banks Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barry Ms. Inez Bershad Ms. Paige Betz Ms. Marjorie Billington Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Bintinger Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bolan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bonner Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Borneman Ms. Barbara Bour Ms. Adrienne Bliss Brown Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Brunini Mr. and Mrs. C. Austin Buck Mr. and Mrs. Childs Frick Burden Mr. and Mrs. Coleman P. Burke The Honorable and Mrs. Brendan Byrne Mr. Nicholas Camera Ms. Sallie Carothers Three Seasons Mrs. Helen Clay Chace Ms. Nancy M. Cicchetti Ms. Lorri Ann Colis The Community Foundation of New Jersey Mr. Alfred H. Connellee Ms. Linda Crane Ms. Ada Beth Cutler Ms. Joan H. Daeschler Ms. Linda C. Daniels Mr. Rick Darke and Ms. Melinda Zoehrer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davila Mr. and Mrs. Michael Byrne Davis Mr. Ronald T. De Blis Mr. and Mrs. Allan deCastro Mr. Joseph DePlasco Dr. Michael Diamond Ms. Mary DiRico Mr. John W. Draper Mr. and Mrs. John S. Eddy Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Eisner

• Ms. Lynda Feder Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ferrell Mr. Josh Fields Mrs. Susan F. Ford Ms. Deborah Frank Mr. Joseph Fratello and Ms. Laura Fricchione Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen Mrs. Lisa Gadsden Mr. and Mrs. Ciro Gamboni Mr. Travis Gering and Ms. Barbara Salz Mr. J. Scott Glascock Mr. Randi Glickberg Mrs. Jeremy Gordon Ms. Angela Griefen Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Gross, II Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Gross, II Mr. Matthew Gundy Mrs. Geralyn Hagemann Mr. Tim Hartman Mrs. Stewart Hartshorn Mrs. Nathan VanMeter Hendricks, III Ms. Molly Henick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howe Mr. Thomas Howe Mrs. Gayle Chamberlin Hoyt Mr. Hunter Hulshizer Ms. Karene Infranco Ms. Cynthia Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jernow Mr. Steven Jones and Ms. Mary Nohara Mrs. Robert L. Kane Ms. Daina Kantor Ms. Carol Keating Mr. Philip Kehl Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kerstan Ms. Kristin Kligerman Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Konopko Mr. Robert Kopech Ms. Millie Kressner Ms. Allyson Krowitz Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Larson Mrs. Nancy Leck Ms. Janetta Lee Mr. and Mrs. Tony Leitner Mr. Will Leland Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Levy Ms. Julie Liepold Mr. and Mrs. Mark Litwin Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Lopes Mr. David Lowenstein Ms. Ruth MacPherson Ms. Sue Marcus Mr. Stephen Martin Ms. Julie Maybee and Mr. Roosevelt Porter Mr. and Mrs. R. Christopher Melendes Clover Mellen Mr. and Mrs. John Melligon

Mr. Donald Meserlian Ms. Mary Meyer and Mr. Karl Garlid The Honorable and Mrs. Herman Michels Ms. Margaret Miggins Ms. Cindy Miller Ms. Michelle Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Morreale Mr. Robert Morrison Mr. Neil Moylan Mr. and Mrs. Kilian Muller Mr. and Mrs. Gregory V. Murphy Mr. David Murphy Ms. Susan Norkin Ms. Margot O’Neill Rolling Hills Garden Club of Short Hills Ms. Carol Phelan Jordi Prat Mr. and Mrs. David Proud Mr. Robert M. Pyle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Raithel Bedford Garden Club Ms. Lisa H. Reed Ms. Ann Reynolds Mr. Thomas Romeo Robert and Joan Rothberg Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Rudder Ms. Susan Sabatino Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders Mr. Matthew Saudino Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sawhney Mr. and Mrs. Garrett A. Sayia Ms. Carol Schlitt Ms. Lindsay Scott Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Seelbach Mr. Bruce Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Shauger Ms. Anita Shearan Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shilling Mr. and Mrs. W. MacDonald Snow, Jr. Mr. Jon Somer Mr. Andrew D. Sprung Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Stifel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strickler Elie Sullivan Ms. Teresa Swift Mr. and Mrs. John Swindell Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Tansey Ms. Sara Thom Agress •

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thornton Tillotson Design Associates, Inc. Ms. Judith Tornick Mr. Thomas Toronto Ms. Joanne Torrance Ms. L. Gaye Torrance Mr. and Mrs. S. Gilmer Towell Ms. Adelaide F. Trafton Ms. Rebecca W. Trafton Ms. Ann Trindell Mr. and Mrs. R. Charles Tschampion Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vaccaro Mrs. Maurice Weill Ms. Beverly Williams Mr. and Mrs. John Willian The Window Box MG LTD Mr. Donald Wiss Withey-Price Landscape Design LLC Professor Donez Xiques Ms. Joy Yagid Ms. Xiaoluo Yuan Ms. Joyce Zemsky Ms. Yi Zhu

Under $100 Mr. and Mrs. Todd Abney Mr. and Mrs. David Abrams Ms. Wendy Andrus Mrs. Joani Ascher Ms. Joan Asher Mr. James Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Berkery Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bertner W.W. Betteridge Ms. Liya Bochkis Ms. Diane Bonavota Mr. David Bonynge Mr. and Mrs. Sherman T. Brewer, Jr. Mr. Sanford A. Bristol Ms. Michele Pierce Burns Ms. Kathryn Byrnes Ms. Linda Carrington Mr. and Mrs. Everett Carson Mr. Stephen Casella Mr. Michael Catania and Ms. Jan Rosenfeld Ms. Sarah Chapman Mr. Bill Clinton Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cohen


Mr. Marc Colton Ms. Carolyn Comiskey Ms. Amy Dahn Mrs. Lyall Dean Ms. Ellen Dimm Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. duBusc Mr. Edward J. Duggan and Mrs. Christina O’Connell-Duggan Ms. Karen Duncan Mrs. Donna Engel Ms. Tina Faurot Ms. Kelly Fiore Ms. Karen Fischer Ms. Sheilah Flynn Ms. Marianna M. Frerecks Ms. Jane Gaertner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gandel Ms. Kristi Ganton Ms. Maggie Geiger and Mr. Barry Turner Mr. Terry Glover Dr. Stephanie Goldenthal Mrs. Fran Graebner Ms. Naomi Gruer Mr. and Mrs. Ed Henig Ms. Karen Horton Mrs. Amy Howard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Iommazzo Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jahns Ms. Rita Janus Mr. Frank Juliano Ms. Judith Kantor Ms. Patricia Turner Kavanaugh Mr. Harold Keiser Ms. Hope Kerr Ms. Alice Kiseli Mrs. Iris Leonard Ms. Laura Levine Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lewis Ms. Tricia Lister Ms. Geri Livelli Ms. Sara Lybeck Mr. and Mrs. Bedford Lydon Mr. Ronald Manning Ms. Melissa Manning Ms. Gail Marentette Ms. Claire Bay Marsh Ms. Jennifer May Ms. Coleen J McCaffrey Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McClanahan, Jr. Millburn 339 LLC

Ms. Teresa Miller Mr. Nicholas Morris Mr. Bruce H. Morrison Mrs. Paul Mortimer Mrs. Patsy Nance Mrs. Dara Near Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Needham Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Nevola Ms. Mary Carol Nostrand Ms. Barbara Oberle Mr. John O’Leary Ms. Susan Ortner Mr. Scott Oshea Ms. Marilyn J. O’Shea Mr. Roger Pasquier Ms. Nancy Perlman Ms. Jahlay Rae Mr. Robert Rahnenfuhrer Mrs. Catha Grace Rambusch Ms. Margaret Raywood Mr. Ahmad Raza Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Reed Ms. Linda Rizzon Ms. Karen Rodgers Ms. Zehava Rosenberg Ms. Diana Sachs Dr. Arnold Saslow Ms. Daryl Savage Ms. Katherine Shepperly Ms. Ruth Simon Ms. Regina Skorge Ms. Margaret Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Soper Ms. Kim Spar Ms. Helen Stack Mr. Ray Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. Thayer Talcott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Macauley Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Brett Thomas Ms. Darcy Tierney Mr. Michael Tomlan Mr. Joseph Valencio Ms. Marilyn VanOrden Ms. Joan Walsh Mr. Peter Wheadon Ms. Margaret Whiting Mr. Eric Yagoda Ms. Janis Zaveri


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Horticulture Staff Receives Valuable Training This winter, Greenwood’s Horticulture Manager, Brendan Huggins and Gardener, Michael Rolli attended two seminars where they gained valuable training that will benefit both Greenwood and our communities. Louis Bauer photo by Joshua Bright

Staff Transitions We bid a fond farewell to Louis Bauer, who served as Director of Horticulture from 2003 through 2013. It was Louis’ horticultural and artistic vision–and his indefatigable body, mind and spirit–that transformed the gardens from their overgrown state into a place of beauty. We will miss his good humor, his eagerness to share his knowledge of plants and architecture, and his marvelous gifts for making a room or garden more welcoming and beautiful. All who love Greenwood owe so much to Louis’ heart, vision and untiring dedication to excellence. We wish him well as the new Director of Horticulture at Wave Hill in Bronx, NY. We are very pleased to welcome our newest gardener, Michael Rolli to our full time staff. Mike grew up in West Caldwell and attended Penn State University where he earned a BA in Sociology. After “stumbling upon Greenwood” and eager to work out of doors, Michael worked alongside Louis Bauer and Brendan Huggins first as a volunteer, then as an intern. In January 2012, Mike was accepted into the rigorous, 2-year academic and hands-on Professional Gardener Program at Longwood Gardens, which he completed in December. Mike remains an eager student of plants and the environment: “I love our native woodland plants, and I do my best to learn whatever I can about permaculture (a self-sustaining ecosystem) and mycology (the study of fungi).” Michael Rolli and friend




Rudbekia maxima, Giant Coneflower

The 25th Annual Winter Landscape Design Symposium focused on specific strategies for using native plants in a variety of garden settings. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the way Greenwood supports butterflies, moths, and bees—beneficial insects that are currently threatened. Plans are in place to add more native flowering plants to the meadow area above the ponds.” Brendan explains. “The goal is to establish self-perpetuating communities that will provide a bloom cycle throughout the season.” Some of the species to be planted are ironweed, agastache, butterfly weed, milkweed, Joe-pye weed and several varieties of black-eyed Susans. Brendan also received training from the Sentinel Plant Network (SPN). Working with the National Invasive Species Council, the SPN

trains public garden professionals who will, in turn, teach garden visitors and volunteers to be First Detectors on the lookout for signs of dangerous insects—like the Asian Longhorned beetle—that threatened our woodlands. Brendan will conduct a workshop in August where he will explain how to look for signs of destructive insects. The goal is to train a corps of citizens to a) detect signs that destructive insects are moving into an area, and b) know which agencies to contact so that a threat can be managed with minimal impact on our communities and environments. If you are interested in becoming a First Detector, sign up for our E-newsletter to receive notification of the date and time for this training.

Programs and Workshops

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Our workshops and classes provide hands-on learning experiences in horticulture, photography, birding, and nature studies. Greenwood Gardens’ glorious setting offers the perfect setting for inspiring, educational programs: • Did you know that you can grow your own healthy and delicious tomatoes, lettuce, squash—and so much more—in pots on a patio or deck? Learn how to plan and grow an abundant harvest using the best organic gardening techniques from our professional staff. Workshops and classes continue through spring, summer, and fall. • Discover and learn to identify the fascinating birds that live and visit our region with experts from the Audubon Society. • Sharpen your camera skills under the tutelage of professional photographer, Joy Yagid, then explore Greenwood Gardens in your viewfinder.

Greenwood Gardens is a nonprofit organization, open to and supported by the public. Your membership and gifts help to ensure the beauty and preservation of this treasure for generations to come. As a member, you will enjoy benefits throughout the year, including:

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