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Age: 39

City of birth: Millersport, Ohio

Spouse, her hometown: Jenna Arnold of Dover Plains, New York Occupation: Percussionist and associate professor of music at Mississippi Valley State University, 14 years

Higher education: Bachelor of Music Education from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio; Master of Music, Percussion Performance from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville; Doctorate of Music Arts and Music Education from Boston University Hobbies: Reading

Professional, civic and religious affiliations: The Percussive Arts Society. Arnold is sponsored by the SABIAN cymbal company. Volunteer involvement: ArtPlace Mississippi

What are your long-term goals? “I would like to open a small drum shop in Louisville, Kentucky, which is a cool place to live.”

What led you to your career choice? “I have been a professional musician since I was 13 years old, so it seemed like the right career move.” As a teenager, he performed in restaurants and bars and at social events.

Who has been the most influential person in your career? How did he or she influence you? “Guy Remonko, my teacher at Ohio University. He gave me a wealth of knowledge that I use every day. ”

Name a person in American history you most admire. Why? “Hal Blaine. He played drums on 150 No. 1 hits, among many other albums. He died March 11, 2019, and left behind a legacy of American music unlike anyone else. ” What could the community do to attract more young professionals and their families? “It needs a movie theater.”



_ê~Çó=`~åêáÖÜí cáêëí=_~éíáëí=`ÜìêÅÜ

Age: 25

Age: 32

High school: Mississippi School of the Arts

High school: Mansfield High School, Fort Worth

City of birth: Greenwood

Family: Parents Troy and Curressia Brown of Greenwood; siblings Troy Brown Jr., Solomon Brown and Kayla Brown. “I am single, and my children are all students at Threadgill Primary School!”

Occupation: Performing arts teacher at Threadgill Primary School, where this is her first year Higher education: Bachelor of Arts in drama from Spelman College, Atlanta

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, networking, brainstorming and planning ways to make the world around her better Professional, civic and religious affiliations: Member of Providence Missionary Baptist Church Volunteer involvement: Team leader with Here We Stand, a mentoring organization

Awards and honors: Threadgill Primary’s March 2019 Certified Staff of the Month What led you to your career choice? “My passion for the arts, my parents and God led me to my career. I had no idea I would be back in my hometown doing something that literally gives me a reason to wake up in the morning.”

Who has been the most influential person in your career? How did he or she influence you? “My parents are the most influential people in my life. They both have different perspectives of choices I make. That provides a good balance of advice before I make a life-changing decision.”

Name a person in American history you most admire. Why? “I admire my favorite artist, the singer Erykah Badu. She has such a free spirit, and she’s not afraid to use her voice. She’s unapologetically African and simply one of a kind.”

What makes our community attractive to young professionals? “ I think Greenwood is finally starting to take initiative to move the city forward. Do we have a ton of work to do? YES! But as long as we keep pushing, this town will keep rising. The hospitality here is also unmatched. It feels good to be home.”

What could the community do to attract more of them and their families? “We need better jobs and jobs where the majority of black folk aren’t getting paid crumbs. It’s 2019, and the visual of one side of the track versus the other is gut-wrenching. With that, we need better systems in place to dismantle generational poverty in this town. We need to make adjustments in our school systems so that our students are more excited to get an education. ... We also need more things to do recreationally. If we focused more attention on ensuring that EVERY citizen has access to the same opportunities, we would be much better off. Young professionals would want to come back. It’ll take a little willpower, but we will get there.”

City of birth: Fort Worth, Texas

Spouse, her hometown, children: Katy Canright of Rockwall, Texas; daughter Taya, 15 months

Occupation: Pastor, First Baptist Church of Greenwood, two years

Higher education: Bachelor of Arts in business management from Ouachita Baptist University, Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Hobbies: Golf, hunting, reading, jogging, working around the house and grilling out

Professional, civic and religious affiliations: Greenwood Kiwanis Club, Mission Mississippi, president of the Greenwood-Leflore Ministerial Association

Volunteer involvement: Greenwood Mentoring Group, First Baptist Church service projects including housing projects, park cleanup days, partnership with Threadgill Primary School

What are your long-term goals? “I just want to be faithful wherever God leads me: to preach the Bible, love people well and be a blessing to the community.”

What led you to your career choice? “I grew up in church, and I began to sense a burden and a passion to see the church be more effective at reaching people. I started out working with teenagers, and I felt that I could be more effective in the pastor role.”

Who has been the most influential person in your career? How did he or she influence you? “I have had several great mentors over the years, but Dr. Rex Horne has made a tremendous impact on my life. As a retired pastor and former university president at Ouachita Baptist, he has a wealth of information and wisdom to offer. He has made himself available to me 100 percent, for which I am so thankful.”

Name a person in American history you most admire. Why? “Jonathan Edwards (18th-century theologian and revivalist). He was an amazing man of God and an incredible pastor. During the Great Awakening, he provided a passion and fire for God and His Word, a great love for people and a crystal-clear set of beliefs, which helped guide America and the church at that time.”

What makes our community attractive to young professionals? “The best thing about Greenwood is the amazing people in this community. They are kind, generous, and so welcoming. The added bonuses of low cost of living, opportunities to serve, and community revitalization provide a great place for a family to call Greenwood home.”

What could the community do to attract more of them and their families? “A Chick-fil-A and a coffee shop would be an awesome start! A huge need for young professionals is good jobs. Young professionals are also very concerned about social justice issues.”

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Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019



_Éå=tÉëäÉó=`çñ _ó=íÜÉ=_êáÇÖÉ=_áëíêç=

^ÖÉW 33

^ÖÉW 26

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=S.V. Marshall High School, Tchula

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Carroll Academy

`áíó=çÑ=ÄáêíÜW=Fort Gordon, Georgia

péçìëÉI=ÜÉê=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Portia Collins of Grenada; daughter Emerie, 1

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Senior accountant/accounts receivable supervisor at Mississippi Valley State University. He has been in that position for five years and worked for MVSU for 10. eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Bachelor of Science in computer science from Rust College, Master of Business Administration from MVSU eçÄÄáÉëW Traveling, youth mentorship, YouTubing and singing

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI=ÅáîáÅ=~åÇ=êÉäáÖáçìë=~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, 2019 president of Greenwood-Leflore Young Professionals, Mississippi Association of Financial Aid Administrators, Mississippi Banner Users Group, New Green Grove Church of Faith

sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Greenwood-Leflore Young Professionals, American Cancer Society, Mileston Cooperative Association tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “My long-term goal is to become a college senior-level business officer/administrator. I also have an aspiration to attend seminary to better equip my desire to lead church worship and biblical studies.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I have always desired to have a career where I would be able to mentor students. However, it was not until my student worker experience in the financial aid office at Rust College that I discovered my passion for college administration. ”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “Honestly, it is very difficult to pinpoint a single most influential individual. However, my parents, the Rev. Tom L. Collins and Mrs. Dolly M. Collins, both have been the most instrumental to my career choice. They always stressed the importance of both education and paying it forward. Also, as educators themselves, they helped to introduce my passion for cultivating young minds.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK= tÜó\ “Recently, I watched a documentary detailing the life and legacy of Sam Cooke. It was not until then that I learned that his music was not just mere entertainment and soulful ballads (but) ... at such a chaotic and shunned time, he bravely and creatively addressed the need for harmony amongst all mankind.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Our community has a unique, hospitable essence that appeals to the hearts of young professionals and their families.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“Community leaders, administrators and others with platforms should continue bridging gaps and fine-tuning the countless, impactful social events, programs and other community efforts to draw young professionals.”


^ÖÉW 22




eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW J.Z. George High School

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Restaurateur. He and his brother, Caleb, are partners in By the Bridge Bistro, Station 222 and Cox Hospitality and Catering.

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Business owner and chef at By the Bridge Bistro, Cox Consulting Group and Station 222. He is a partner with his brother, Ben.

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Calvary Baptist Church, vice chairman of the Greenwood Tourism Commission

eçÄÄáÉëW Traveling, cooking, fishing and experiencing new restaurants

eçÄÄáÉëW Travel, aviation, dining, sporting dogs, shooting sports, camping and wildlife/nature hiking

sçäìåíÉÉê=áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Que on the Yazoo volunteer

^ï~êÇë= ~åÇ= ÜçåçêëW Eagle Scout, Congressional Award for community service


tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “My long-term goal is to build a hospitality brand that operates restaurants, entertainment venues and lodging.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “The exorbitant cost of college coupled with a challenging local job market and entry-level wages led me down the path to self-employment. Choosing to open a restaurant was a more natural niche to expand on our catering business.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Orville and Wilbur Wright. I truly believe the Wright brothers laid a foundation for growth for the entire world. Aviation connects culture and thus far is the pinnacle of humankind.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “We live in a community of amazing people, but I say that we are currently not attractive to young professionals seeking corporate employment because we are not attractive to the businesses that hire young professionals. We have a number of great employers in our community that are growing and expanding, but we as a community need to grow with them! Please support local business owners!”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã= ~åÇ= íÜÉáê= Ñ~ãáäáÉë\ “Let me say that I believe Greenwood is the best small town in our state by far, but first we need to admit that we are not attractive to the businesses that hire young professionals. The only way we will grow manufacturing and tech jobs in our community is to provide employers with staff that are ready for the workforce. This problem is not unique to Greenwood. “We must inspire the kids in our schools or we will never succeed. Parents have to teach their kids the importance of education and community. We must encourage young adults and high school students to learn trade skills and become involved in their community. We have to stop telling kids that formal education equals success and teach them that hard work and motivation equal success. “I am so excited to see the growth of tourism in our area but I look forward to a return of manufacturing jobs and a new era of technology jobs. We are on U.S. 82 within 90 miles of four amazing universities and 30 miles from Interstate 55. We are geographically well-situated, but we have to fix our underperforming schools and change the mindsets of the students, parents and teachers. We have amazing teachers, but they can not do it alone. It takes a village.”

eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Pursuing a degree in business administration

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, past member of 4-H sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Que on the Yazoo board member, past volunteer at the Greenwood Food Pantry

^ï~êÇë= ~åÇ= ÜçåçêëW 2011 State of Mississippi 4-H Poultry Champion, ranked 10th in the nation in poultry competition, numerous barbecue cooking contest trophies, featured in Leflore Illustrated, the Top 30 Under 40 by the Winona Times and The Conservative newspapers, and honored by the Carroll County School Board for 4-H accomplishments

tÜ~í= ~êÉ= óçìê= äçåÖJíÉêã= Öç~äë\ “To help grow Greenwood and the Mississippi Delta by creating numerous businesses in the hospitality and entertainment fields. I want to continue to support the towns that have supported me continuously.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I won my first barbecue contest at age 9, and ever since then I knew I would be in the restaurant/food/hospitality industry.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “There are two individuals who have influenced my personal and business successes. Dinesh Chawla gave me my first job in the hospitality industry and has mentored me continuously. The Chawla family has shown the Delta and the world that the American Dream is alive and well for those who want to work hard to achieve it. Matt Gnemi gave me my first restaurant job and has guided me along the way. He taught me dedication and work ethic for the business.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “The ones who keep us safe abroad and here at home are whom I admire the most. Those who lay down their lives to protect our daily freedoms.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Our community attracts young professionals due to all of the social clubs, civic groups and the different restaurants and live music venues to gather at. We also host awesome events and festivals.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“We could attract and retain more young professionals and their families if our public schools were top-performing and successful. The recruitment of industry helps naturally because of the jobs. Great schools and health care are the factors that bring young professionals in.”

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Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019

sÉêçåáÅ~=`Éäáå~= i~sÉêÉJa~îáë

^ÖÉW 35


`áíó=çÑ=ÄáêíÜW=San Salvador, El Salvador eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Glendale High School

péçìëÉI= Üáë= ÜçãÉíçïåI= ÅÜáäÇêÉåW= Christopher Jerome Davis of Greenwood; daughter Aria Regina LaVere Davis, 3

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Baker and cake decorator at Veronica’s Custom Bakery, 14 years

eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Associate’s degree, Le Cordon Bleu certified in culinary arts eçÄÄáÉëW Drawing, reading, watching movies and spending time with family

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

sçäìåíÉÉê=áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Working with teenage girls on principles and values and visiting the elderly in nursing homes tÜ~í= ~êÉ= óçìê= äçåÖJíÉêã= Öç~äë\ “One of my longterm goals is starting cake-decorating classes. I would also love to teach sugar figurine work.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I was involved in a bistro program in high school. That led me to seeking an education in culinary arts.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My mother, Regina LaVere, has been my biggest influence. She has gone through so much in her life, and with her example she has taught me about hard work, strength and determination.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Maya Angelou. I admire her for all the trials she overcame in her life and for all the wisdom she gave to the world. To quote her, ‘We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.’”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “It is safe to say there really is hospitality in the South. I have met so many great people who have welcomed me to Greenwood. There are opportunities provided in a smaller town that would be harder in a bigger city. ”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“Listening to the youth who are here and full of ideas. I believe there is so much that the youth can do to liven our community; all we need is an open mind.”

hÉåÇêÉää=aê~âÉ ^ÖÉW 35




eáÖÜ= ëÅÜççäëW=Attended Amanda Elzy High and Greenwood High schools, graduating from Greenwood High

péçìëÉI=ÜÉê=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Shulundia Drake of Greenwood; daughters Sekayi Jones, 20, Khamya Drake, 15, and Kendall Drake, 13 lÅÅìé~íáçåW Owner and operator of Drake’s BBQ for four years eçÄÄáÉëW Fishing, tailgating, cooking and watching New England Patriots football

sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Fed the Greenwood High school football team, gave away 500 plates to the public for free on Sept. 30, 2018, and fed the Salvation Army bell ringers in 2018

^ï~êÇë= ~åÇ= ÜçåçêëW Greenwood Commonwealth 2018 People’s Choice Award for Best Barbecue, Greenwood Commonwealth 2018 Top 30 Places to Work, and the 2017 Delta Phi Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity’s Bigger and Better Spotlight tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “To own more than one Drake’s BBQ in multiple locations and to make Drake’s BBQ a household name.” tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “In 2015, my vision began in the back of a trailer I built to tailgate. The need for a good barbecue eatery in my community propelled me to start my own company.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My wife is the rock of my business and my backbone. She never made me feel like I had a crazy idea, and she stood by me through the failures and the success.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Bo Roach and Johnny Edwards. Both ran an exceptional barbecue business, and I’m proud to continue the legacy.” tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Greenwood is on a path forward. The revitalization of the city is what’s going to keep attracting them.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“We should bring more kidfriendly attractions and better jobs to the community. We also need better housing and more mentors for the youth.”

^Çî~åÅÉÇ=oÉÜ~Äáäáí~íáçå ^ÖÉW 34


eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW= Pillow Academy

péçìëÉI= Üáë= ÜçãÉíçïåI= ÅÜáäÇêÉåW= Josh Fair of Avalon; sons Ryals, 7, and Jack Porter, 6 lÅÅìé~íáçåW Physical Rehabilitation, 9½ years




eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Bachelor of Science in exercise science from the University of Mississippi, Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of Mississippi Medical Center

eçÄÄáÉëW Spending time with her family, being involved with her children’s school and their extracurricular activities, running

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI=ÅáîáÅ=~åÇ=êÉäáÖáçìë=~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Vestry member, Outreach Committee member and Nativity Day School board member at The Episcopal Church of the Nativity

sçäìåíÉÉê=áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Various activities as a member of Junior Auxiliary, youth sports coach, Vacation Bible School volunteer

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “To continue to grow in my faith, my family and my career to be the best possible version of myself.”

tÜ~í= äÉÇ= óçì= íç= óçìê= Å~êÉÉê= ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “As a high school athlete, I saw many of my friends suffer injuries. I was always amazed at how quickly they could recover and return to their sport with the help of physical therapy. It was then that I began to ponder the idea of physical therapy and imagine it as a possibility for me. I knew after taking a few exercise science classes at Ole Miss that I had chosen the right path.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “I would have to say my parents. They have always 100 percent supported me in every possible way. Dale Morgan also comes to mind. I have worked with Mr. Morgan since my first day as a physical therapist, and the knowledge I've gained from our hours of working, talking and bouncing ideas off of one another is truly invaluable.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Greenwood is such a great small town. The camaraderie of Greenwood is second to none. It’s big enough to support a new, young professional, though small enough to stay connected to the community.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã= ~åÇ= íÜÉáê= Ñ~ãáäáÉë\= “I enjoyed my childhood in Greenwood and am very pleased to be able to raise my children here as well. However, Greenwood could always benefit from more quality activities for kids and families.”

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aêK=o~ÅÜ~Éä=c~ìÖÜí dêÉÉåïççÇ=iÉÑäçêÉ=eçëéáí~ä

p~ê~Ü=oÉÉëÉ=cáåÅÜÉê dêÉÉåïççÇ=kìíêáíáçå

^ÖÉW 36

^ÖÉW 29

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Pillow Academy

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Pillow Academy


péçìëÉI=Üáë=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Danny Faught of Greensboro, Alabama; sons Randle, 6, and Ryan, 3

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Pulmonology and critical care physician at Greenwood Leflore Hospital for three years eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Bachelor of Science in biological sciences from Mississippi State University; Doctor of Osteopathy from Nova Southeastern University; internal medicine residency and pulmonology/critical care fellowship at the University of Mississippi Medical Center eçÄÄáÉëW Snow skiing, swimming with her boys and following famous chefs

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Junior Auxiliary of Greenwood, Greenwood-Leflore Young Professionals, Delta Garden Club and the steering committee for The Seeds You Sow capital campaign for Camp Bratton Green and Duncan M. Gray Center

sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Junior Auxiliary of Greenwood service projects, including volunteering at the Greenwood Mentoring Group; serving Camp Bratton Green as camp doctor and adult staff ^ï~êÇë=~åÇ=ÜçåçêëW “Spirit of the Program” award for internal medicine residency; board certified in internal medicine, pulmonology and critical care

tÜ~í= ~êÉ= óçìê= äçåÖJíÉêã= Öç~äë\ “Raise my handsome boys into successful men, continue to provide care for the people of the Delta and encourage people to quit smoking.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I was inspired early in life by my dad, who is also a physician. That was combined with a love for studying the human body growing up. I also found that I loved learning to care for others while volunteering at Special Session Camp Bratton Green.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “Dr. Gutti Rao has been one of my recent influences. He helped me acclimatize to being in practice on my own. He always had an open door and calm spirit to help me through my nerves.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. She was the first woman to graduate from medical school in America.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “We are a community that cares. There are infinite ways to volunteer and feel like you are making a difference.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“Continue to build industry and jobs. Create a welcoming environment for new professionals and their families.”


lÅÅìé~íáçåW Owner of Greenwood Nutrition

eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Bachelor’s degree in dietetics/nutrition, University of Mississippi; dietetics internship, Delta State University eçÄÄáÉëW Tennis, traveling with friends, concerts and Mississippi State football and baseball

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI=ÅáîáÅ=~åÇ=êÉäáÖáçìë=~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW First Presbyterian Church and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Relay for Life, Bolivar County Special Olympics

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “My goal is to continue to grow in my career by providing Greenwood with products that are beneficial to their health.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I have always been extremely health-conscious. Once I became a dietitian, I saw firsthand how poorly Mississippians, especially those in the Delta, take care of their nutritional health. Once the opportunity arose to open Greenwood Nutrition, I knew that I could make a difference and help others live a healthy lifestyle.” tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My mom and dad have been the most influential people in my career. They provided me with the best education I could have received and have supported me every step of the way. I was terrified to open a new business, but their encouragement and guidance have gotten me to where I am today.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Barbara Bush. Not only was she the ultimate definition of class, but her values of family and Christianity were top priority in her life. She was an advocate for many great organizations and projects in the United States, earning her the respect and love that she so greatly deserved.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Greenwood is a very tight-knit community, full of young professionals who support one another. There are also many great organizations to be a part of, all that strive to better enhance the Greenwood community.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“Have more family-oriented extracurricular activities available, such as a movie theater and bowling alley. I have also heard multiple people express interest in activities and events for newcomers to the Greenwood area in hopes of meeting locals.”



^ÖÉW 35


eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Pillow Academy

péçìëÉI=ÜÉê=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Angela Hammons of Lexington; daughters ElysaBeth Floyd, 14, and Bristol Hammons, 6

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Staff accountant at Orsborn, Sutphen & O’Neal, P.A., almost five years

eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Associate of Arts from Mississippi Delta Community College; Bachelor of Business Administration from Delta State University; and Bachelor of Accounting from Mississippi Valley State University eçÄÄáÉëW Spending time with family, grilling, traveling and church league softball

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Greenwood-Leflore Young Professionals and Westminster Presbyterian Church

sçäìåíÉÉê=áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Held various volunteer positions at Greenwood Little Theatre, including co-chairman of hospitality for three years and treasurer for two years; co-founder/co-commissioner of the new Greenwood Church Softball League that started three years ago and coach of the Westminster Presbyterian Church team; coached T-ball the last two years in the Greenwood Exchange Club youth baseball league ^ï~êÇë=~åÇ=ÜçåçêëW Selected to the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society and to the Golden Key International Honor Society while at MVSU

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “I want to continue to grow and gain knowledge in my profession and to provide a good life for my family.” tÜ~í= äÉÇ= óçì= íç= óçìê= Å~êÉÉê= ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I enjoyed accounting at Pillow Academy but went a different direction after high school. After getting married and having kids, I decided to go back to school and get my accounting degree.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My wife, Angela, by being supportive and encouraging me in my decision to go back to school.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Thomas Jefferson — ‘All men are created equal.’”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “The small-town feel and growing downtown area are attractive to young professionals. If someone is new to town or just visiting, there will always be somebody local to either show them around or offer hospitality in any way.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã= ~åÇ= íÜÉáê= Ñ~ãáäáÉë\= “It can continue to show Southern hospitality and make all families feel welcome.”

Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019 PageT qlm=PM=rkabo=QM =======================================================================================================================================================================

We are proud roud to have have y you ou as our Greenwood od President President and chosen as one of the “T “Top op 30 under 40 Young Professionals.” ofessionals.” nals.”

PageU Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019 qlm=PM=rkabo=QM =======================================================================================================================================================================

_Éå=e~êÖÉíí ^ÖÉW 34



eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Pillow Academy

p~ê~Ü=fï~åëâá ^ÖÉW 31


`áíó=çÑ=ÄáêíÜW=Portland, Oregon

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Lake Oswego High School, Oregon

péçìëÉI=ÜÉê=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Stribling Whites Hargett of Greenwood; son Henry, 6, and daughter Jane Reynolds, 4

péçìëÉI=Üáë=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Stephen Iwanski of Tiverton, Rhode Island; son Nathaniel, 2

eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Bachelor’s degree in business management with an emphasis in human resources from the University of Mississippi

eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish from Northeastern University in Boston; master’s degree in nonprofit administration from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Human resources director at Wade, Inc. for eight years

eçÄÄáÉëW Family, friends, sports and cooking

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI=ÅáîáÅ=~åÇ=êÉäáÖáçìë=~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Delta Human Resources Management Association; Society of Human Resource Management; Northwest Mississippi Community College Ag Tech Advisory Board, president; Greenwood-Leflore Young Professionals; GreenwoodLeflore County Chamber of Commerce, board member; Leadership Greenwood; Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Vestry Board member tÜ~í= ~êÉ= óçìê= äçåÖJíÉêã= Öç~äë\ “My goals are to help improve all those involved with Wade Inc. and to strengthen and expand our workforce by creating programs that invest in our employees to enhance their skill set.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I wanted to be involved with people and to assist in selecting and developing the best of the best. Human resources has the structure that I was seeking while allowing me to interact with my fellow co-workers.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My wife and kids. I see how successful my wife has been in her career, and it drives me to work as hard as she does to gain the respect of all those I work with. For my kids, I want them to appreciate how hard their mother and I work to provide a quality life for them. We want them to know the value of a hard day’s work and to instill the desire to accomplish something that may not always be easy.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “The ultimate purpose of a city is to provide comfort, security, safety and utility to its residents. Greenwood does a fantastic job of offering everything someone needs. People can immerse themselves into Greenwood in many ways. Whether it be professionally, socially or spiritually, Greenwood has something for everyone.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“Create a marketing strategy that shows why Greenwood is so great. We need to reach those outside of our town to promote Greenwood and lead them to finding out what makes it such a fantastic place to live.”

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Executive director at ArtPlace Mississippi, one year; business manager at the Episcopal Church of the Nativity, five years

eçÄÄáÉëW Family walks, organizing and singing

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Rotary Club of Greenwood; Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, board member; Junior Auxiliary of Greenwood, treasurer; Delta Garden Club, president; Greenwood Chorale; Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church sçäìåíÉÉê=áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Various volunteer activities through Junior Auxiliary of Greenwood ^ï~êÇë=~åÇ=ÜçåçêëW Leadership Greenwood, class of 2017

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “My goals are finding balance between my family and career and being the best wife and mother and nonprofit leader that I can be.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “Nonprofits fill a necessary gap between government and the private sector and therefore have an amazing ability to navigate complex issues and provide support where it is needed most. After living and working in Greenwood, I knew that the nonprofit sector was the right place for me. Leading a mission-driven organization is both challenging and fulfilling, and I love it every day.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “One of my professors at Notre Dame, Roxanne Spillett, shared her wisdom about leadership, women in the workplace and setting goals. Her guidance continues to help me develop as a leader and lifelong learner. My father has also been amazingly influential. As a small business owner, he has shown me the benefits of hard work, dedication and the importance of putting family first.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “There are so many good people working to make Greenwood a better place; the energy is infectious. There is always something to do; our local events and projects are a wonderful part of the Greenwood community.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“There are so many wonderful things about this town, but the current educational landscape is holding us back. We must strive to ensure that every student in Greenwood has access to an excellent education.”



^ÖÉW 34

`áíó=çÑ=ÄáêíÜW=Las Cruces, New Mexico

eáÖÜ= ëÅÜççäW=Clear Creek High School, League City, Texas péçìëÉI= Üáë= ÜçãÉíçïåI= ÅÜáäÇêÉåW= Chris Jones of Greenwood; daughter Reese, 4 lÅÅìé~íáçåW Counselor at Community College for four years



eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Bachelor of Science in education and a Master of Science in counseling, both from Mississippi State University eçÄÄáÉëW Running, reading, cooking, listening to podcasts, traveling and watching Mississippi State sports

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Mississippi Counseling Association, American Counseling Association, Episcopal Church of the Nativity, where she is a Vestry member, head of outreach and teaches Godly Play (Sunday school)

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “I am committed to seeing Mississippi Delta Community College grow by fostering relationships with our students and empowering them by helping them identify their interests. I am also completing my LPC (licensed professional counselor) in aspiration to one day offer a counseling service to the community.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I always knew I wanted to help people; I just wasn’t exactly sure how. My personal and professional experiences helped me to narrow to the field of counseling.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “Whether or not she knows it, my mom. She left her family, moved to the United States and worked as a midwife in the 1970s. I draw from her strength and independence as a professional, but mainly her model of motherhood as she balanced family and career. She was always kind and an exceptionally hard worker.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK= tÜó\ “I’m not sure this is considered ‘in American history,’ but I'd love to sit down with (soccer player) Mia Hamm. I was pretty sure I wanted to be her until I was about 18. Her work ethic and dedication and ‘Anything you can do, I can do better!’ attitude was just magical through my formative years.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “The community embraces new transplants and has a lively downtown community. Greenwood has a unique brand for hospitality and the ‘Delta’ lifestyle, which transcends all socioeconomic backgrounds. Lastly, it’s been a wonderful place to raise a kid.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“I think we can continue to invest our time, love, energy and money into the people here with the goal of attracting new folks. There are some exceptional things happening here in Greenwood, and I foresee those and new efforts to continue to grow.”

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Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019

`ÜêáëíçéÜÉê=içÖ~å jáâÉ=oçòáÉê=`çåëíêìÅíáçå=`çK

qÜçã~ë=iìÅáÅ sáâáåÖ=o~åÖÉI=ii`

^ÖÉW 37

^ÖÉW 33

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Cruger-Tchula Academy

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Pillow Academy


péçìëÉI=ÜÉê=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW= Lee Lee Logan of Greenwood; daughter Sara Crawford, 11

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Project manager for Mike Rozier Construction Co., where he has worked for 17 years

eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Drafting and design associate’s degree from Mississippi Delta Community College; bachelor of science in construction engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi eçÄÄáÉëW Farming with his father and grandfather, hunting, fishing, cooking in barbecue competitions, outdoor photography and spending time with the family

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI=ÅáîáÅ=~åÇ=êÉäáÖáçìë=~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW West President Church of Christ, Greenwood-Leflore Young Professionals, the MSABC Associated Young Professionals and the International Council of Shopping Centers sçäìåíÉÉê=áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Works on projects that are set up through the church and other local churches and volunteers with Delta Streets Academy ^ï~êÇë= ~åÇ= ÜçåçêëW Lifetime member of Sigma Lambda Chi (International Construction Honor Society)

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “Retiring early from a successful career in the construction and development industry and step into farming our family farm in Tchula. Farming, for me, would be bringing a fourth generation into the family business and fulfilling a childhood dream of mine to farm the same dirt that my father, grandfather and great-grandfather farmed.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “Both of my grandfathers had and have a work ethic instilled in them like no one else I know. Roy Pullen made building houses look like the most enjoyable profession in the world. Crawford Logan Jr. made plowing the fields and chasing tractors all day seem like the only way to enjoy this world we live in. Their influences were more about how to work than what to work at. The old saying of ‘If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life’ could not have been taught any better than by these two men.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Samuel L. Clemens — not for any thing that he did but rather the way that he interpreted life. I find many of his quotes to be humorous but very true. Some of my favorite quotes: ‘The secret to getting ahead is getting started’ and ‘Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.’”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “I feel Greenwood is a community that is small enough to foster young professionals into positions that would not be attainable in as quick a time frame in larger cities with more competition. We are blessed with companies that will invest in the younger generation.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã= ~åÇ= íÜÉáê= Ñ~ãáäáÉë\= “As Greenwood moves forward with its already laid-out economic development plans, the growth will sponsor more employment opportunities. Those jobs and the willingness to invest in the younger generation will attract many to Greenwood.”


péçìëÉI= ÜÉê= ÜçãÉíçïåI= ÅÜáäÇêÉåW= Patricia Lynch Lucic of Memphis; daughter Margaret Lucille, born March 20 lÅÅìé~íáçåW Industrial designer for Viking Range, LLC, seven years eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Bachelor of Industrial Design from Auburn University

eçÄÄáÉëW Shooting guns, hunting, woodworking, metal craft and design

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Leadership Greenwood, Class of 2019

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\=“Raise a family in the community where I grew up and build up Viking’s Design Department.”

tÜ~í= äÉÇ= óçì= íç= óçìê= Å~êÉÉê= ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “Viking Range’s Design Department and science teacher Tonya Waldrop’s roller coaster contest at Pillow Academy.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\= eçï= ÇáÇ= ÜÉ= çê= ëÜÉ= áåÑäìÉåÅÉ= óçì\ “Brent Bailey, Matt Ortner and Ray Neilson taught me all the facets of being an industrial designer for Viking Range. I have worked with all of these people at some point in my career there.” k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Melvin Johnson (U.S. firearms designer). He embodied the spirit of American innovation and never stopped pursuing his passion.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “We need to grow our community professionally, therefore providing a platform where young professionals have the freedom to design exactly what that looks like for their career.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“Better customer service all the way around and a variety from local businesses. It is important that we get better public schools and better local government, one that doesn’t bicker and argue so much amongst itself. Also, we need to add more concerts or outdoor festivals like the Balloon Classic that was once held here.”



^ÖÉW 34


eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Canton Academy

péçìëÉI=Üáë=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Tripp McCarty of Camden; son “Stock” (Henry Stockton), 2

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Media and public relations coordinator for Families First for Mississippi, one year, eight months

eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Bachelor of Arts in English (journalism/public relations minor) from the University of Mississippi; Master of Science in public relations from the University of Southern Mississippi

eçÄÄáÉëW Cooking, traveling, attending as many plays and concerts as possible, and spending quality time with family

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Episcopal Church of the Nativity; Nativity Day School, board president; Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, executive committee member and Women in Business Council chair; Special Blessings, board member; Greenwood Convention and Visitors Bureau, previous board member

sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Main Street Greenwood, Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, Nativity Altar Guild and Episcopal Church Women ^ï~êÇë= ~åÇ= ÜçåçêëW= Marine Corps League Distinguished Service Award tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “Health and happiness.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I didn’t know immediately ‘what I wanted to be when I grew up.’ I was the person who changed their major in college every semester. However, I have always been very social as well as a ‘people person.’ I started event planning in junior high school assisting a family friend and fell in love with it. Writing has also been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Eventually I found my way to the Journalism Department at Ole Miss, where I emphasized in public relations.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My husband (Pillow Academy head football coach Tripp McCarty). He is the hardest-working individual I know, aside from my father and grandfather. His job demands long hours away from his own family, while being extremely dedicated to the futures of the students he coaches. Not only is he my biggest supporter and cheerleader; he also motivates everyone around him.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “It is not necessarily one person but the United States military collectively whom I admire. I feel like the most selfless act a person can make is to risk one’s life for another. Our military is severely underrepresented, underappreciated and undercompensated for the sacrifices they make. Another disservice is the lack of resources provided for our military spouses and families.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Aside from having some of the most welcoming people, Greenwood offers the best food, local shopping and great community engagement.”

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Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019


^ÖÉW 38



eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Cruger-Tchula Academy

péçìëÉI= ÜÉê= ÜçãÉíçïåI= ÅÜáäÇêÉåW= Mary Gregory Porter of Schlater; sons Benz, 11, and McCraw, 8

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Self-employed farmer, Porter Planting Company, for 20 years

eçÄÄáÉëW Hunting, fishing and watching his sons participate in 4-H livestock shows. He also enjoys watching his boys play baseball, soccer and football.

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Delta Farmers Advocating Resource Management and Leflore County 4-H

sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Has helped with the Museum of the Mississippi Delta and Habitat for Humanity as well as the Nativity Day School Fish Fry Fundraiser and Men’s Steak Night at the Church of the Nativity. ^ï~êÇë=~åÇ=ÜçåçêëW 2016 Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce Young Farmer of the Year; 2019 Top Ten National Outstanding Young Farmer

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “My long-term goal is to survive in this industry by increasing yields, decreasing inputs, implementing new technology and hopefully seeing prices rebound.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “Farming has been in my family for as long as I can remember. As a child, all I wanted to do was go to the farm and drive the tractors. I think my first word was even ‘tractor.’ I became a farmer because that has always been my dream. When I graduated, there was no other option for me in my mind. I was born to be a farmer, and that is what I am to the core.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “I began my agricultural career at the age of 8 driving a tractor and leveling land for my uncle, Mac McNeer. In 1998, after I graduated from Cruger-Tchula Academy, I began farming alongside my father, John Doty Porter. I credit my father and my uncle for teaching me the vast knowledge of skills required to raise a crop.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “There’s something very special about living in a small town. It’s a great place to raise a family. The people in our community are always ready to lend a helping hand for most any cause.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã= ~åÇ= íÜÉáê= Ñ~ãáäáÉë\= “Young professionals are attracted to communities with not only job opportunities but also with attractions for their young families. Neighboring communities have indoor sports facilities, bowling alleys, arcades, movie theaters, etc. Greenwood has lost both its bowling alley and movie theater in recent years. I think our community could benefit from providing these attractions locally by both drawing people in and having them spend their dollars in our town.”

eìåíÉê=pãáíÜ ^ÖÉW 38



eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW= North Delta School, Batesville

péçìëÉI= ÜÉê= ÜçãÉíçïåI= ÅÜáäÇêÉåW= Lisa Smith of Sandy Hook; daughter Emma, 7, and son Hayes, 4

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Accountant with BFMW Group, PLLC for four years; owner of Anderson’s Pharmacy and Canaan Holdings

eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Bachelor of Arts from the University of Mississippi; Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Mississippi; Master of Business Administration from Delta State University eçÄÄáÉëW Participating in barbecue cooking competitions, hunting, Ole Miss sports and reading

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Greenwood Rotary Club, Twin Rivers Board, St John’s United Methodist Church and its Day Care Board tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “Become a partner at BFMW Group, purchase another pharmacy and purchase farmland and farm in some capacity.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I love to read, but I only read nonfiction. I got on a big reading kick roughly 10 years ago on investing. I read every book that I could find on Warren Buffett. All of his books discussed balance sheets, income statements and other accounting terminology that I had no clue what he was talking about. I have always loved numbers, and this got me interested in accounting. In undergrad, I was a chemistry major and then went to pharmacy school, so I had never taken a business class. So I had to completely start over in school by taking a lot of business classes and obviously accounting courses. I have always dreamed of owning my own business, and I knew that the best way to make that happen is to understand the accounting aspect of business.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK= tÜó\ “It is easily Abraham Lincoln. I admire Lincoln because he was focused and determined. Most importantly he never let his failures define him. Instead he allowed his failures to strengthen him. If there is one thing that I could instill in my children, it is that you never give up on your dreams and don’t let failures in life discourage you from your goals.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Greenwood and the surrounding community are a great place to raise a family. Lisa and I are not from this area, and we have been accepted with open arms. The people in this community have supported us and made us feel welcome from Day One.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“We have to have jobs available for people to move back here. Young people are looking for opportunities/jobs and entertainment. Greenwood is great for the person who loves to hunt or fish, but what does it offer for the person who doesn’t enjoy the outdoors? That is why there has been such an influx of young people to Nashville, Birmingham, Atlanta, etc. Greenwood is going to have to find a niche and figure out a way to attract young professionals back to our community through jobs and entertainment.”

a~åáÉä=e~êîÉó=péä~áåÖ~êÇ= _É~êÇ=H=oáëÉê=^êÅÜáíÉÅíëI=mii`=

^ÖÉW 37

`áíó=çÑ=ÄáêíÜW=Houston, Texas

eáÖÜ= ëÅÜççäW=Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin péçìëÉI=ÜÉê=ÜçãÉíçïåW=Rachel Harvey Splaingard of Lebanon, Pennsylvania

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Architect at Beard + Riser Architects, PLLC for 1½ years

eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University; Masters of Architecture from University of Cape Town (South Africa)

eçÄÄáÉëW Songwriting, bird-watching, watercolors, portraiture

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW American Institute of Architects, Wesley United Methodist Church sçäìåíÉÉê=áåîçäîÉãÉåíW ArtPlace Mississippi, board member; Wesley Youth Garden; Greenwood Little Theatre ^ï~êÇë=~åÇ=ÜçåçêëW Rose Architectural FellowshipChicago 2009-2012; Wesley UMC Man of the Year 2018

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “I often think of the famous words of Mother Teresa to do ‘small things with great love.’ I hope to spend my time and energy making things I find beautiful that help people live better together. I would love to design a public library, a public transit facility, a headstone, and to one day be a musical guest on ‘Thacker Mountain Radio.’”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “The desire to become an architect stemmed from volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Oxford in 2002. A woman named Macel Juergens ran the construction site and was really generous teaching and giving me opportunities to lead. I realized I had always loved to draw and that well-designed buildings could positively affect people’s lives.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “It may be strange, but Mississippi architect Samuel Mockbee, whom I never met, has indirectly had the biggest effect on my career. ‘It’s not about your greatness as an architect, but your compassion,’ he said. I studied and worked for several years at the Rural Studio program he founded at Auburn University, and it transformed my thinking.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK= tÜó\ “One person I have admired for many years is American architect Louis Sullivan. He was a keen observer of nature who synthesized natural forms and structural ideas to design buildings of exceptional beauty.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “The scale and location of Greenwood are really attractive. The downtown businesses and parks were really attractive to Rachel and me when we chose to move here.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“We’ve got to take stock of the things that need to be lifted up and invested in. I’ve visited schools that are doing great things but have facilities that are outdated and are underresourced, and this should be addressed.”

PageNO Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019 qlm=PM=rkabo=QM =======================================================================================================================================================================

aêK=bêáå=g~ÅçÄë= pí~ÖåÉêI=a`= ^ÖÉW 34



eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Strider AcademyI=Charleston

péçìëÉI=Üáë=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Randy Stagner of Meridian; daughters Maggie, 12, Abbie, 9, and Lydia, 7

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Chiropractor at Drs. Pernell and Jacobs for 12 years

eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College, Master of Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan College, Master of Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction from New York Chiropractic College eçÄÄáÉëW Reading, baking dog treats with her daughters and traveling

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Greenwood Chorale, College Drive Seventh-day Adventist Church, Special Blessings of the Mississippi Delta, Women of Impact, business coach for Simple Solutions for Success sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Nursery worker and Sabbath School teacher at College Drive Seventh-day Adventist Church, content contributor for Chiropractic Coaching Services

^ï~êÇë=~åÇ=ÜçåçêëW Church Music Certificate, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; Webster Certification, ICPA, 2017; Advanced Proficiency Rating, Activator Methods, 2017; Ballet Fitness Instruction, American Sports & Fitness Association, 2018-2019; Yoga Fitness Instruction, American Sports & Fitness Association, 2018-2019 tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “First, to empower professionals and families to expand their concept of optimum potential regarding special needs children. Secondly, to allow my children to be global citizens. Lastly, to serve mankind and to leave a lasting legacy.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I grew up in chiropractic, and there is no doubt in my mind of the positive impact that it has in the lives of others.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “There are many professionals who have been instrumental in my growth. Perhaps, the most influential would be the ones who have taught me what I didn't want to do in my career. I am thankful to all those who have enlightened me. ”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “Temple Grandin (professor of animal science). She took her so-called disability and turned it into something that revolutionized the cattle industry.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Our community is a thriving area that offers a plethora of opportunities for young professionals to grow their families as well as their professional lives.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“This community should find a better way to network businesses for growth and commitment to the population of the area.”





^ÖÉW 34

^ÖÉW 30

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Pillow Academy

eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Pillow Academy



péçìëÉI=ÜÉê=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Katie Toomey of Mobile, Alabama; sons Tanner, 3, and Duke, 6 months

péçìëÉI=Üáë=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Martin Tribble Jr. of Greenwood; son Louis, 17 months

eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Delta State University

eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Bachelor’s degree in special education from Mississippi State University; master’s degree in speech-language pathology from Mississippi University for Women; pursuing a specialist’s degree in education with a concentration in psychometry from Jackson State University

lÅÅìé~íáçåW President of Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. for one year

eçÄÄáÉëW Hunting, hiking, anything outdoors

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW St. John’s United Methodist Church, member of Finance Committee; Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, board member; Main Street Greenwood, board member; Greenwood Kiwanis Club; Greenwood Rotary Club

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “I would like to continue growing with Guaranty Bank and Trust Company and progress my career in agricultural and commercial banking. I would like to continue serving my community’s needs for many years to come.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “Before banking, I was selling medical equipment in Nashville, Tennessee. When a job in banking became available in Greenwood, where I was able to work with farmers, I knew it would be a good fit for me. This led me to where I am today, merging my two interests of banking and farming.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “Don and Gwen Toomey, my parents. Both of my parents had a strong work ethic that they instilled in me at a young age. They taught me perseverance, the importance of integrity in the workplace, and how to make ethical and moral decisions in my life.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “To me, Greenwood is a great place to start and raise a family and to advance within your chosen career. Greenwood is a place that exudes small-town values that can be appealing for young professionals.”

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Speech-language pathologist for the Greenwood Public School District for five years

eçÄÄáÉëW Spending time with family and friends, reading, traveling

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI=ÅáîáÅ=~åÇ=êÉäáÖáçìë=~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW North Greenwood Baptist Church, president of Junior Auxiliary of Greenwood, Leflore-Carroll Mississippi State University Alumni Chapter, Mississippi Teacher Corps Support Team, American Speech-Language Hearing Association

sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Greenwood Mentoring Center, Boys and Girls Club, ArtPlace Mississippi, Greenwood-Leflore Public Library, Special Blessings of Leflore County

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “I hope to continually broaden by knowledge of special education in the public school system and of speech-language pathology. I hope to always be a strong advocate for my students and provide them with the best possible services. I hope to continue to grow in my faith, love and serve my family well and invest in the future of Greenwood.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I have always loved working with children, and through volunteering at Beacon Harbor in high school, I had developed an interest in working with the special-needs community.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My special education director, Mrs. Linda Payne, has played a huge role in my career. She has encouraged me by valuing my ideas and opinions, has pushed me to learn and grow in my field, and has challenged me to work outside of my comfort zone.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK= tÜó\ “Not a historical figure, but Samantha Ponder with ESPN is someone whom I do admire. She has risen to the top of a male-dominated field and has remained true to herself throughout the process.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “The growth, the creativity, the inclusiveness, the opportunity for involvement.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã= ~åÇ= íÜÉáê= Ñ~ãáäáÉë\= “Supporting the resources that we have in Greenwood is crucial. If we aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to us here, we cannot expect for Greenwood to continue to be marketable to young families.”

Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019 PageNP qlm=PM=rkabo=QM =======================================================================================================================================================================

PageNQ Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019 qlm=PM=rkabo=QM =======================================================================================================================================================================

iáåÇëÉó=ráíÜçîÉå ^ÖÉW 32



eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Olive Branch High School

péçìëÉI=Üáë=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Luke Uithoven of Jackson; son Hatch, 2

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Sales and event manager at The Alluvian for 5½ years eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing with a minor in leadership studies from Mississippi State University

eçÄÄáÉëW Mississippi State sports, spending time with family and friends, traveling, concerts, fast food

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Greenwood Convention and Visitors Bureau, chairman of board; United Way of Leflore County, member of board and executive committee; Westminster Presbyterian Church; United States Tennis Association sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW United Way All-In Event, Drive 4UR Community, Greenwood Airshow

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “To be able to look back and say my husband and I raised a family that makes us proud and to know that I worked to make my community and the Delta a better place (and to see the Bulldogs win a championship).”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I have always considered myself a people person. I enjoy being around and meeting new people. As a self-proclaimed ‘city girl,’ working in hospitality allows me to have different interactions with people from literally all over the world.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My father, Michael Hatcher. He is the epitome of hard work, perseverance and setting and achieving your goals. He started and grew a business that has seen abundant success, and at the same time, he has never been above doing the dirty work. He taught me to never be too good to get the job done and to always be thankful for the people who support and encourage you along the way.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK= tÜó\ “Pat Summitt (former University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach). Coach Summitt was a powerful woman with an intensely competitive spirit before it was mainstream. She fought for coverage and equality and inspired thousands of women to strive for excellence and to believe in their ability to lead.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “I believe the sense of community is the biggest attraction. You can always find someone to have dinner or drinks with, drop off medicine on your porch or watch your child in a pinch. Our small-town culture and neighbors make it very welcoming and an exceptional place to raise a family.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“More investment in education ... and a Papa John’s would go a long way.”

t~äí=s~ìÖÜ~å ^ÖÉW 28



eáÖÜ= ëÅÜççäW=Houston High School, Houston, Mississippi

péçìëÉI=ÜÉê=ÜçãÉíçïåI=ÅÜáäÇêÉåW=Elizabeth Woody Vaughan of Greenwood; expecting a daughter in September

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Banker with Bank of Commerce for 2½ years

eáÖÜÉê= ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW= Bachelor’s degree in business administration, majoring in finance, from Mississippi State University; Southeastern School of Commercial Lending, Nashville; FDIC Schools in Banking Examination, Arlington, Virginia eçÄÄáÉëW Golf, hunting, attending sporting events

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW St. John’s United Methodist Church, member of Finance Committee; Greenwood Lions Club; ArtPlace Mississippi, board member; Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, member of Agriculture Committee; Leadership Greenwood

sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Treasurer, GreenwoodLeflore-Carroll Crime Stoppers Inc.; Bikes, Blues & Bayous

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “I would like to further my career at Bank of Commerce. I also would like to further my education in banking, starting with attending the Louisiana State University Graduate School for Banking starting in May. My wife, Elizabeth, is expecting in September, so I want to be a great father to my new daughter.”

tÜ~í= äÉÇ= óçì= íç= óçìê= Å~êÉÉê= ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “I always enjoyed learning about finance and investing while in college. Bank management was one of my favorite courses. In banking, you’re able to help people with their finances and help them succeed and achieve their goals.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “I would say my father. He was always encouraging me to do the best possible, and he has continued to support me throughout my life.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK= tÜó\ “George Washington was a great American. He was one of the Founding Fathers and helped lead the American Revolution.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “Everyone, including the local businesses, support the community.”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã=~åÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñ~ãáäáÉë\=“The community needs to provide families with the best health care and best education possible.”

j~ííÜÉï=t~äÇêçé ^ÖÉW 28


`áíó=çÑ=ÄáêíÜW=Athens, Tennessee eáÖÜ=ëÅÜççäW=Pillow Academy

péçìëÉI= ÜÉê= ÜçãÉíçïåW= Sarah Barnes Waldrop of Marietta, Georgia

lÅÅìé~íáçåW Senior manufacturing engineer at Milwaukee Tool for 3½ years. Other business affiliations include Station 222, Mississippi Meat Company and The Curve Learning Center LLC.

eáÖÜÉê=ÉÇìÅ~íáçåW=Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and Master of Business Administration, both from Mississippi State University eçÄÄáÉëW Running, golf and hunting

mêçÑÉëëáçå~äI= ÅáîáÅ= ~åÇ= êÉäáÖáçìë= ~ÑÑáäá~íáçåëW Greenwood Lions Club, vice president; United Way of Leflore County, board member; Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, board member; Pillow Academy Alumni Association, president; MSU LefloreCarroll Alumni Association, president; MSU Young Alumni Advisory Council, board member; Westminster Presbyterian Church, deacon. sçäìåíÉÉê= áåîçäîÉãÉåíW Delta Streets Charity Weekend Golf Tournament

^ï~êÇë= ~åÇ= ÜçåçêëW Milwaukee Tool – Emerging Leader

tÜ~í=~êÉ=óçìê=äçåÖJíÉêã=Öç~äë\ “I want to live my life with passion and purpose no matter what I’m doing. I don’t want to measure success in my life based on my job title but by how much of an impact or influence I had.”

tÜ~í=äÉÇ=óçì=íç=óçìê=Å~êÉÉê=ÅÜçáÅÉ\ “My parents always pushed me to technically focused jobs. My dad was an accountant, and my mom was a physicist (she is the smart one!), so I had good examples to live by, too.”

tÜç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=ãçëí=áåÑäìÉåíá~ä=éÉêëçå=áå=óçìê Å~êÉÉê\=eçï=ÇáÇ=ÜÉ=çê=ëÜÉ=áåÑäìÉåÅÉ=óçì\ “My dad, hands down. He has been successful in his career and has always shared his knowledge with my brother and me to help set us up for success in our careers. It wasn’t a rare thing to discuss financial statements, investment strategies or world history at our table growing up.”

k~ãÉ= ~= éÉêëçå= áå= ^ãÉêáÅ~å= Üáëíçêó= óçì= ãçëí ~ÇãáêÉK=tÜó\ “John F. Kennedy. I have always been fascinated by the Kennedy family, but JFK was such a great leader who challenged the American people and the status quo.”

tÜ~í=ã~âÉë=çìê=Åçããìåáíó=~ííê~ÅíáîÉ=íç=óçìåÖ éêçÑÉëëáçå~äë\ “I lead recruiting at MSU for Milwaukee Tool, and my big selling point to recruit people to Greenwood is how great the young professional community is. You can get involved in the community and quickly meet people, and everyone in our community will be quick to welcome you into their home and family. ”

tÜ~í=ÅçìäÇ=íÜÉ=Åçããìåáíó=Çç=íç=~ííê~Åí=ãçêÉ=çÑ íÜÉã= ~åÇ= íÜÉáê= Ñ~ãáäáÉë\= “Tell the story and market how great our community is here. If each individual person can recruit and advocate for our town, we can get people here. Also, I would challenge everyone to get involved with something in town and to meet new people.”

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Greenwood Commonwealth / Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Age: 34


City of birth: Greenwood

High school: Pillow Academy

Spouse, her hometown, children: Courtney Walker of Yazoo City; son James, 6, and daughter Margaret, 4

Occupation: Physical therapist with Advanced Rehabilitation of Greenwood for eight years; contract physical therapist for Continue Care Home Health via Integral Therapy Solutions Higher education: Bachelor of Science in exercise science from the University of Mississippi, doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Tennessee

Hobbies: Exercise, visiting with family and friends, barbecue competition, “unfortunate desire to attend and follow Ole Miss sports”

Professional, civic and religious affiliations: American Physical Therapy Association, First Presbyterian Church Volunteer involvement: Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce; Bikes, Blues & Bayous

Awards and honors: Elder at First Presbyterian Church; Greenwood’s Favorite Physical Therapist in the Commonwealth’s People’s Choice contest What are your long-term goals? “To continue to broaden my knowledge with additional treatment methods, and strive to go beyond in every aspect of patient care with the desire to help others meet their goals and feel appreciated.”

What led you to your career choice? “As a child, I was exposed to elements of physical therapy due to my father, John Walker, working as a physical therapist at Greenwood Leflore Hospital. However, the field of physical therapy was more intimately introduced to me while rehabilitating a surgically reconstructed ACL by an excellent physical therapist, Trey Hodges, who is now a co-worker. This experience afforded me the opportunity to get an indepth view of physical therapists’ ability to help restore and transform their patient physically, emotionally and psychologically.”

Who has been the most influential person in your career? How did he or she influence you? “Growing up, I was blessed to watch and hear stories of my father, John Walker, use his job as a physical therapist to be a vessel of kindness and compassionate care to the people of Greenwood and all over the Mississippi Delta. He showed me a physical therapist’s potential to make a profound impact and be a bright spot in our patient’s day.” What makes our community attractive to young professionals? “The opportunity to work hard, earn a living, start a family in a safe community where your dollar goes further, you rarely meet a stranger, and someone is always there to lend a hand.”

What could the community do to attract more of them and their families? “I believe young professionals will continue to migrate to Greenwood to join professionals here. The city needs to investigate ways to create economic growth and a strong, educated workforce.”

j~êÅìë=^åíçåáç=tÉëí qÜêÉ~ÇÖáää=bäÉãÉåí~êó=pÅÜççä

eÉ~íÜÉê=táäâÉó bjp=`äáåáÅ

Age: 38

Age: 36

High school: Greenwood High School

High school: Pillow Academy

City of birth: Greenwood

Spouse, her hometown, children: Dawn Valene Stamps-West of Starkville; daughters McKinsley, 7, and Autumn, 3, and son Marcus II, 6 Occupation: Art teacher at Threadgill Elementary School, 12 years

Higher education: Attended Mississippi Delta Community College and Mississippi Valley State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Hobbies: Photography, graphic design, singing, playing drums

Professional, civic and religious affiliations: Hayward Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Volunteer involvement: Musician with Hayward Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

Awards and honors: Nominated for Golden Triangle Awards as graphic design artist of the year

What are your long-term goals? “To own my own photography studio and eventually offer photography classes to young people interested in the field. I want to open their eyes to the photography arts and give them an idea there is a bigger picture in life.”

What led you to your career choice? “My love of art and graphics. When I started classes at Valley, I went to the Fine Arts Department and met with a friend who showed me what he could do with a computer, and that sparked my interest in computer graphics.”

Who has been the most influential person in your career? How did he or she influence you? “Mr. Warren Jennings, my high school art teacher. He was truly a teacher who encouraged his students and held them to high expectations. He fostered my love of art! He took the time to show me the details of artworks.”

Name a person in American history you most admire. Why? “Former President Barack Obama. He is an intelligent African-American man who continues, even though he is no longer in office, to inspire young men like myself to be great fathers, providers and leaders in our community.”

What makes our community attractive to young professionals? “Housing in Greenwood is affordable, and there are plenty of great places to eat and socialize here.”

What could the community do to attract more of them and their families? “To attract more young professionals, we need to improve the school district and develop a closer connection among various races of people. We need to build beautiful and diverse neighborhoods. And we could also use a major shopping center.”

City of birth: Greenwood

Spouse, his hometown, children: Austin Wilkey of Greenwood; daughter Mere Austin, 10, and son Anderson, 5

Occupation: Nurse practitioner, EMS Clinic (2½ years, full time), Halcyon Hospice (three years, part time), Greenwood Leflore Hospital (eight years, PRN), Crystal Health and Rehab (part time)

Higher education: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing; doctorate in nursing practice from Delta State University Hobbies: Reading books, playing tennis, spending time with the kids and watching them play sports

Professional, civic and religious affiliations: Mississippi Nurses Association, current District 32 president; American Academy of Nurse Practitioners; North Greenwood Baptist Church Volunteer involvement: Board member and U6 coordinator for Greenwood Youth Soccer Organization; Greenwood Junior Auxiliary, active member 2010-216 and life member since 2016 What are your long-term goals? “I would like to eventually open my own clinic to serve our community.”

What led you to your career choice? “As a child, I wanted to be a veterinarian. As a junior in high school, my godfather was killed in a car accident. Seeing those caring for him in the ICU really caught my attention, and I decided then that I wanted to be a nurse. ”

Who has been the most influential person in your career? How did he or she influence you? “The most influential person in my career would be one of my nursing instructors. Dr. Audwin Fletcher of UMMC School of Nursing. He was my adviser during nursing school and was always pushing me to exceed my own expectations as well as his own. He encouraged me to take the GRE and go back to school and before graduating with my MSN encouraged me to continue and get my DNP. ”

Name a person in American history you most admire. Why? “Linda Richards. She was the first professionally trained nurse in the U.S. She enjoyed learning and furthering her education. (She traveled to London to train under Florence Nightingale.) She helped found several nurse training schools.”

What makes our community attractive to young professionals? “I love the small hometown feel of Greenwood and the laid-back atmosphere.”

What could the community do to attract more of them and their families? “We need to offer more activities for children. Young professionals want somewhere to raise their children. I would love to see the movie theater open back up, better park facilities, bowling alley/arcade or some other activities.”

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