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Success Mathra from Green Wind Solutions Often we wonder how successful people got to where they are today.. Often the growth and achievements of some surprise us.. Life has the best for each one of us. It just takes us to have the best interest and a driving force to be successful. Success is not a magic word, there are neither shortcuts to success, nor is it measureable.. Success may be measured differently for different individuals.. But one common aspect used to measure success is happiness. If you are happy about where you are and what you do, it means you are successful. Success is not a destination but a journey. Success and happiness goes hand in hand as success relates to the achievements of the person, the state of mind and the life he lives.. We at Green Wind make this journey called success easier.. We make sure you achieve the success you dreamt of for your company leading to your happiness. Thus in your happiness we find our success!

Success manthra  

Success is not a destination but a journey