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Symbol of Greenwich’s proud past faces demolition

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how a dog leash did this to cyclist ridingSeeonP11heath

1880s gasholder was biggest in Europe It was in the classic Britpop video by Blur It could become amazing apartments Stop it being flattened for big new blocks THIS piece of our amazing industrial history is threatened with demolition...but YOU can help save it. Built in the 1880s by celebrated Victorian industrialist George Livesey, the gasholder on the Greenwich Peninsula is one of our most visible links to a proud past, when our maritime position helped us take the Industrial Revolution across the world. But Greenwich Council is considering knocking it down to make way for

traditional apartment blocks. Thousands of new homes are already being built there in London’s biggest development for years. Campaigner and industrial history expert Mary Mills is appealing for people to add their voice to her campaign for a rethink. She hopes the gasholder – which also featured in Blur’s iconic Britpop video for Parklife – can be adapted to provide stylish new homes or have a new community use. What we could do - Page 5

BIT OF A BLUR: In 1995 video for Parklife

FULL CIRCLE: Apartments in gasholder


A unique destination for a different form of artistic creativity.

Visit for Art | Design | Accessories | Gifts 36 Greenwich Church St. Greenwich Town Centre. London SE10 9BL.

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Greenwich Council’s consultation document and respond. People need homes – and affordable ones – but building more and more similar blocks at North Greenwich is not the answer. We’re concerned about the short window offered for comments, and the lack of publicity. But most of all we believe this landmark should be rder your shopping from used to do something brilliant. Ocado? It could arrive in a revolutionary robot style this here is a conservation victory month. Self-driving CargoPods are to report. The historic former being tested at the Royal Arsenal Dairy at 1 Hyde Vale has been in Woolwich (although hi-vis-clad saved from demolition for a second overseers are in the cabs for now – automated vehicles” will help cut that we reported last month time thanks to the work of new owner with some see above). Over 100 customers campaigners galvanised by author amazing books that congestion in even busier cities of has been cancelled...but for a should receive their order from the the future. One thought:. The Paul Trynka. “This was a tough great reason. A commercial we get donated to us autonomous vehicles in “real fight,” he told us, “but the buyer has made an offer for the CargoPod can only carry 128kg. So every month. Thanks world” tests. Robot trials have conservation aspect was stressed shop in Blackheath Village, says for the support and if you want a robot delivery go been going on in Greenwich – a throughout our co-ordinated Eco Communities CEO Daren easy on the barbecue sausages! pledges, it meant so much to see designated SmartCity – for two representations. The community came Taylor. “I wanted to do this to people giving to our project.” years, run by the Governmente’re delighted to learn that keep an amazing asset in together to save this rare, old building. a crowdfunding bid by Eco Blackheath, so I am happy this funed GATEway project. Simon f you think the historic gasholder in We really appreciate everyone’s help in Communities to buy the Tong, Principal Research Scientist, Greenwich is worth saving (See P1 preserving this unique, all-Georgian amazing shop will be staying. I says the “quiet, zero emission, landmark Bookshop On The Heath am hoping to partner with the and 5) please take the time to read corner of Greenwich. Thank you.”

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here’s what YOU ask US Why is Greenwich called Royal Greenwich? We have system were being trialled. But a lift failed last month 1,000 years of Royal links – Henry VIII and Elizabeth and the tests have been halted – see our story on P3. I were born here and christened at St Alfege Church. E m a i l y o u r e x p e r i e n c e s t o M a t t @ Their palace, Placentia, was here. In fact Elizabeth played under the oak that bears her name in Is anyone using the cable car yet? Cheek! Greenwich Park, one of London’s eight The Emirates Air Line isn’t much use Royal Parks. Queen Elizabeth II granted for getting about – although we’re us Royal Status in February 2012 to assured some people use it to mark those links. reenwich isitor commute to work – and often shuts I read that Greenwich is a World in high winds – but is a futuristic WANT TO ADVERTISE? Heritage Site? Yes, it won World attraction we love. Heritage Site status 20 years ago – HAVE A STORY? one of only 29 in the UK which visiting. What should we do Call Matt on 07802 743324 tWe’re means our treasures are so good, o d a y ? Yo u ’ v e p i c k e d u p a they’re protected by the United Matt@TheGreenwich Greenwich Visitor – good start. Next Nations. visit the Tourist Information Centre. Greenwich Market is famous isn’t it? It’s award-winning staff has just Yes, it’s one of the oldest in London. relocated from Pepys House into the There’s been a market here since the 1300s – and Discover Greenwich centre next door at the Old a year ago the Duke of York officially unveiled a Royal Naval College. Get advice, buy tickets for major renovation. A new smaller Pavilion Market boats, tube, DLR, rail, buses and coaches, book tours, caters for street food fans while the main one buy tickets for London attractions. concentrates on arts, crafts, designer-makers and Are museums free? Yes – except the Fan Museum, collectibles. Is the Foot Tunnel working yet? There was a rather which has no public funding but has a world-leading badly handled £11.4m refurb in 2012, but problems collection of fans. And the Wernher Collection of art persist in the 114-year-old tunnel...including relations at Ranger’s House, run by English Heritage. There between pedestrians and cyclists. A friends group are some paid for shows at the National Maritime Fogwoft has pushed the Council for improvements. Museum. You’ll need to pay to stand on the Meridian Lifts were said to be working better and online lift Line inside the Royal Observatory too. And it’s 20p alerts and a new interactive movement management to use the loos in Greenwich Park!



This is the place where groups and people tell us what they do, why, and how you can help.

Tinnitus Rooms

TINNITUS is a condition without a cure. There is no magic off button for the noises that people hear in their heads. For some people tinnitus can be debilitating and isolating. We know from experience that support from like-minded people, education and understanding is crucial. I was diagnosed with tinnitus e i g h t y e a r s a g o . Te s t i n g showed congenital hearing loss and heralded many life changes before I could find acceptance. After working in the music business, the diagnosis was especially devastating. I met audiologist Adam Chell when I began the search for hearing aids. Some of the latest ones have Tinnitus support programmes built in. They offer the chance for sufferers not just to live with Tinnitus but to thrive. Adam and I discovered a shared vision of offering holistic support to those experiencing tinnitus. And last month our vision came to life with the launch of Tinnitus Rooms – a free support group in Greenwich, held every two months. There are guest speakers at each meeting, and you can share a relaxed chat with your peers over tea and biscuits. Our first meeting is on July 13 (2.30-4.30pm) with guest speaker Dave Carr from the British Tinnitus Association. Come and join us at my shop, Dragonfly Lifestyle, at Greenwich Market. Info: LOUISE HATCH

£10 OFF With this voucher. Vaild till 30.9.2017. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

JUST OVER THE BRIDGE: 10, Little Thames Walk, Greenwich Creekside, London SE8 3FB. T: 0203 417 6160

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FAMILY’S INSPIRING BIRTHDAY GIFT HITS BULLSEYE ALBERT Absalom takes aim on his first archery lesson – at the age of NINETY!

The nonagenarian was given a lesson at Archery Fit in Greenwich as part of an inspirational birthday treat. Daughter Jill Ladd told The Greenwich Visitor: “Dad was 90 on December 31 and for his birthday we gave him a box with 90 clues of different activities and places. “He had to guess them all and we put them up on a big chart and now we are working our way through the list “It was the first archery lesson that he has had – the guys at Archery Fit were brilliant and Dad did really well. “He is definitely planning to do a few more...when we can fit them in with all the other activities. “Last weekend we went to Bicester where Dad had a ride in a tank then flew in a Tiger Moth and took control flying for a while. Albert still works part time as an accountant, goes to the gym every week and does boxing to keep fit. “Dad lives in Bromley now,” said Jill, “but as a family we have always loved Greenwich and Blackheath and our other activities in the area have included visiting the Cutty Sark, the Emirates AirLine cable car and the Queen’s House. “Another activity coming up is the climbing wall in Woolwich. We’re so

tunnel out of action (again)

FOOT DOWN Greenwich Tunnel:

Despite £11m refurb

FOUNDERS: Roman and Kate

GREENWICH Foot Tunnel has been hit by another lift breakdown.

Albert’s first archery lesson...aged NINETY proud of everything he does.” Archery Fit was opened by Roman Godkin and his wife Kate Zalyubovskaya, a former Russian National Champion. Their purpose-built centre has two 18metre world championship ranges and opens seven days a week. Roman said “We have a 74-year-old who shoots with us regularly using a traditional British longbow but Albert is the oldest person to have shot with us so far. “Archery is very flexible in terms of age. We even have a couple of six-yearold boys, although usually our age limit is eight. We’re delighted to have broken our record with Albert.” Info:

July 2017 Page 3

...he’s also flown a Tiger Moth, ridden in a tank and is going climbing!

The histo ric walk way had a tr ou bled £11.4million refurbishment which finished three years ago. It was hoped that the work would end recurring lift problems. But on June 10 the south lift at Greenwich failed and has been out of action since. Ian Blore, of Foot Tunnel user group Fogwoft, said: “After a few years of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel lifts working far better than when they first opened, we have now been faced with a three-week period when the lift has been down.” “Nearly 6,000 journeys are made through this essential river crossing each weekday. Users deserve better than this especially after spending £11.4million on refurbishment.” An experiment with an interactive system to manage flows of cyclists and walkers in the tunnel has also been suspended. Last summer there were reports that drawing pins had been sprinkled on the tunnel floor to sabotage cyclists. Some have ignored displays asking them to push their bikes if there are pedestrians nearby. A Greenwich Council spokesperson said: “We are sorry that the lift is currently out of order and we are working to fix it as quickly as possible. “Damage is more excessive than first realised as the lift’s cables will need repairing or possibly replacing. The lift can only be returned to service once it is safe. The tunnel remains open 24 hours a day and the the stairs are unaffected.” Info:



Simply Superb



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Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

Nearest Station Cutty Sark



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July 2017 Page 4

Miles Hedley’s pick of this month’s events. Our unique 3-month listings begin on P18


A series of concerts covering almost every musical genre at various venues throughout the month, including Mozart’s Requiem at Holy Trinity, jazz at Eltham Warren Golf Club and Eltham Palace, Folk Mob at Blackheath Rugby Club and an outdoor concert at Well Hall Pleasaunce. July 1-30


The Friends of Greenwich Park again revive the fine tradition of summer Sunday afternoon music with - this month - Silver Ghosts, National Jazz Youth Orchestra players, Belvedere Concert Band, Crystal Palace Band and Lewisham Concert Band. More in August too. July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

CORONATION OF POPPEA Trinity Laban marks the 450th anniversary of Monteverdi’s death with a production at Blackheath Halls of his operatic tale of lust and corruption set in imperial Rome 2,000 years ago which still resonates today. It also has wonderful tunes for the orchestra, singers and audience to revel in. July 5-8


Vast shimmering wheels will roll through the streets of Woolwich town centre for the grand finale of this year’s Greenwich + Docklands International Festival. The lateevening procession also stars a small army of dancers and a pulsating soundtrack by Shri Sriram. Unmissable. July 9



Award-winning arts organisation Heart N Soul celebrate their 30th birthday with an evening of performances, live music, visuals and a host of surprises at the Albany. Among those taking centre stage are Lizzie Emeh, Pino Frumiento, The Fish Police, Too Hot For Candy and Tilley Milburn. July 13


There are few more heroic failures in British history than Sir John Franklin’s disastrous expedition to find the North-West Passage which ended in madness, cannibalism and destruction. The harrowing details are revealed in this exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. July 14-Jan 7

we live by the sea

Moving story about autism and friendship follows Katy, her imaginary dog, her sister and a lonely teenager who moves to their seaside home town. It’s already been a hit at the Edinburgh Festival and as far afield as the US and Australia – you can find out why at Greenwich Theatre’s studio. July 14-29

£14k crowdfund bid for street art fans You can help unite new and traditional artists for unique show

FAN-MAKING was included on a list of endangered crafts this year – but our unique Fan Museum in Greenwich is fighting back.

The world-leading venue aims to raise £14,000 on the Art Happens crowdfunding platform for a pioneering project called Street Fans. It will unite two apparent opposites – traditional fan making and contemporary street art. Thirty international artists – including RUN, C215, Nathan Bowen, Sr. X, Himbad, Otto Schade and Dale Grimshaw – will team up with leading fan maker Sylvain Le Guen to design and create one-of-a-kind folding fans which will be shown at the Museum later this year. Himbad said: “I like that fans can be used to convey expressions in Donate at a subversive and www.a clandestine way. To street-fans be able to collaborate or scan this QR code on your with a master fan smartphone. maker is an amazing opportunity.” Sr. X said: “Linking the expertise and tradition of The Fan Museum and Sylvain Le Guen with some of the very best street artists of the current scene is what makes this project so exciting, innovative and unique.” The Museum, in Crooms Hill, has more



PUBLIC FACE: Street artist Dale Grimshaw

than 5,000 objects from the 12th Century to today, including works by Gauguin, Dali and Sickert. Curator Jacob Moss said: “Street Fans offers us a unique chance to collaborate with an exceptional group of artists, who we believe could bring a unique and transformative perspective to the historic craft of fan making which is in real danger. “ T h e p u b l i c ’s b a c k i n g o f t h i s

pioneering project is the key to its success and we’ve had a great start. I’d encourage everyone to donate and help put fan making back on the UK’s cultural map.” Donors receive exclusive prints,, champagne afternoon tea, workshop places and even hand-crafted fans by Sylvain Le Guen featuring the artists’ designs. The biggest will have their own mural created by UK street art star Artista Backers so far include Greenwich Market. Spokeswoman Jennifer Hall Thompson said: “As London’s leading designer maker arts and crafts market, we think events like this will both educate and inspire all generations of visitors to both the Market and Greenwich.” The Fan Museum – founded by Helene Alexander MBE in 1991 in two listed Georgian townhouses in Greenwich – receives no public funding. Money raised by the Art Happens campaign means each artist will be fairly rewarded and help the Museum and partners stage events to reach new audiences. There’s a two-day Paint Jam and dropin fan-making workshop at Greenwich Market, a masterclass led by Sylvain Le Guen and a competition for students at Lewisham and Southwark College, and at t h e H e r i t a g e G a l l e r y, G r e e n w i c h University. Info: Donate:

Through the eye of the needle


Eltham Palace and its beautiful gardens once again host the annual artistic celebration which features dance, theatre, music and circus from around the globe as well as creative activities for all the family. What’s more, it’s free and includes the chance to visit the magnificent Great Hall. July 16


Rising star singer Tavia tops the bill at a daylong event at Mycenae House as part of a London-wide initiative to spotlight the capital’s astonishing and numerous green spaces. Mycenae’s grounds are small compared with, say, Kensington Gardens. But they are perfectly formed. July 23


Severndroog Castle and its tree-fringed garden is the south-east London venue for Changeling Theatre Company’s touring outdoor production of Shakespeare’s tragic masterpiece. It’s difficult to imagine a finer setting for actors to speak some of the most famous lines ever written. July 19

THIS wonderful artwork is the result of FIVE years of sewing by a group from historic St Alfege Church in Greenwich… and you can see it close up this month. Called Christ in Greenwich Now, it comprises four triangular needlework panels representing stories about the life of Jesus, set in modern day

Greenwich. One panel shows Jesus preaching from a boat on the Thames to crowds at the Old Royal Naval College and Greenwich Park. The idea was born during preparations to mark the 1000th anniversary of St Alfege’s martyrdom at Greenwich in 2012. Sewing took place

each week from 2011 until 2016 by members of St Alfege Church, the Old Royal Naval College Chapel and the wider community. See the panels in the Church till July 9 (weekdays 11-4pm, Sundays 124pm). They go on show in other locations later. Info:

World-class dance, music and street theatre on your doorstep. Family-friendly and free! Part of Greenwich+Docklands International Festival | @GDIFestival

6-8 July | @GDIFestivall

GreenwichVisitor THE

Tree cheers for our Mulberry CHARLTON House’s famous M u l b e r r y Tr e e i s b e i n g celebrated as part of a Londonwide project on the species. It was planted by Adam Newton, who built the Jacobean mansion, around 1610 in a bid to bring the silk industry to Britain. Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust is taking part in Morus Londinium, a celebration of the mulberry tree across London. There are free guided walks, and online map and the chance to explore the Charlton tree’s history using mirrors to look up into its branches. David Shreeve, Director of The Conservation Foundation, said: “We’re delighted to be hosting the installation at Charlton House. It is one of the oldest mulberry trees in London and, like the house, has witnessed centuries of history.” Info: www. www.

Boxing fit club is unbeatable A FORMER GB athlete has launched a boutique boxing fitness studio in Greenwich. Natalie Gyte – a Junior Olympian at basketball – began boxing in 2015 and competes in national competitions. A trained fitness instructor, she has opened Punch Club – mixing boxing skills with strength and conditioning. “The aim is to help people get stronger, feel fitter, and be healthier,” says Natalie, “while learning a skill and having fun.” There are no contracts or joining fees “you pay as you go, and there are three classes a day, seven days a week. Info:

MyLife RITA CARTA-MANIAS business coach – P22

July 2017 Page 5

If others can do THIS in a historic gas structure, why don’t we? THIS is what could be achieved at the threatened Greenwich gasholder landmark – a beautiful glass and steel apartment complex INSIDE one in Dublin.

MODERN TWIST: The Alliance

Architects O’Mahony Pike designed the glass and steel building in 2008 at The Alliance holder, built in the 1870s. There are 240 apartments on nine floors. Inside is a courtyard inside with gardens and greenery. It has underground parking with a spiral ramp. And it is said to have helped attract business to the area, including Google. In Copenhagen a gasholder has been converted into the city’s new theatre. Closer to home, at King’s Cross in North London, Gassholder No8 has become a parks and event space. But unless you speak up George’s Livesey’s revolutionary gasholder could be lost. Greenwich Council says “the site could accommodate alternative, and more intensive uses” next to the proposed new Silvertown Tunnel if it is demolished. But industrial history expert and former councillor Mary Mills insists the gasholder should stay and be adapted. She told The Greenwich Visitor: See consultation at: “The East Greenwich gasholder is www.consultations. one of the largest ever built. It was the second of a series by the or scan this QR code on your smartphone. extraordinary industrialist Email your response to George Livesey which were planning.policy@ revolutionary in design and or call them on 020 8921 6235. construction. It was deliberately left very, very plain with no decoration and set a bench-mark for gasholder design which exploits the beauty of pure structural form. These ideas were beginning to be embodied in industrial and domestic design as the modern movement. “Around the world architects, and designers are working out exciting ways of re-using the frames – and this one has huge merit in its innovative design and dramatic raised setting. There is no reason why something could not be done which would be economically productive. Something could be done here which would add excitement and interest to the changing landscape on the Peninsula, conserving an important part of our heritage and bringing credit to Greenwich for doing so. “We need people to respond immediately to the Council consultation – which has a box for comments. It would also be useful to hear ideas from developers, artists and designers.” The council consultation opened on June 14 and ends on July 19, with results due in August. The East Greenwich gas holder was one of two built there by Livesey, making up the largest amount of safe gas storage in the world. The gasholder was bombed by the IRA in 1979 but survived. The second was demolished in 1986. Tell us YOUR ideas: Email

beauties in the eye of the gasholder



GIANT DUO: Two gasholders here

GENIUS: Livesey

PARK LIFE: King’s Cross

Explore London with MBNA Thames Clippers

With 21 piers across London, travel with the fastest and most frequent fleet on the river to discover the capital’s iconic attractions Save up to 20% at

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July 2017 Page 6

miles hedley REVIEWS: THE summer solstice, the hottest June day for more than 40 years, my granddaughter Maisie’s 11th birthday and two hours of fabulous music from around the globe. What’s not to like? GFMA’s world music celebration – part of the 2017 Greenwich Festivals – in General Gordon Square, Woolwich, began with chill-out vibes of Bossa Bandits, whose series of clever selfpenned songs which wouldn’t have been out of place in Rio. Clive B Bossa’s lilting guitar and Iain Cameron’s mellow flute were perfectly counterpointed by Ant Henson on cajon and Freddy Macha’s percussion. Always-enchanting Cheng Yu, mesmerises me whenever I hear her play the pipa, a sort of Chinese lute. Her hands become a blur as she strums, picks and taps like a virtuoso flamenco guitarist – yet the pipa has only four strings. She gave us four

Congrat... ululations GFMA World Music gorgeous tunes - White Snow In Sunny Spring, Dance Of The Ii People, The Jasmine Flower and the amazing Dragon Boat – and made my day. Bantu Arts, a Ugandan sextet brought the lunchtime gig to a joyful climax using harp-like adungas, a xylophonic amadinda, a one-string fiddle called an endingidi, thunderous drums, two women vocalists, lots of ululating and fantastic dancing. A perfect end to a perfect gig – and another triumph for Greenwich charity Global Fusion Music and Arts.

for sale: sprea Unique set of 130 artworks auctioned off

Brilliant Monk revamp THERE are plenty of jazz veterans who would shy away from playing the complex syncopations, polyrhythms and time signatures of Thelonius Monk, let alone have a shot at recreating the spirit of one of his most legendary albums. Yet the youthful and relatively inexperienced ten-piece from Trinity Laban did precisely that to mark the centenary of one of America’s greatest ever composers, in any genre. Its senior jazz ensemble, directed by Gareth Lockrane, took the brave decision to deconstruct and reorder the 1959 live recording in New York of The Thelonius Monk Orchestra At Town Hall. It could have been catastrophic. But in the hands, mouths and hearts of this ensemble it became a fascinating new take on an iconic work. The revamped track listing Thelonius, Crepuscule With Nellie, Friday The 13th, Off Minor, Monk’s Mood and Little Rootie Tootie – relied on brilliant musicianship to overcome

monk: trinty laban the sense of disappointment any change to a much-loved and longfamiliar set will cause. This was fine ensemble playing, with even finer solos by trumpeter John Woodham, trombonist Madeleine Dowdeswell, Jim Rattigan on French horn, Martin Thomson on euphonium, Alice Leggett, Rob Griffin and Lewis Borland on alto, tenor and baritone sax respectively, Huw Bennett on bass, Charlie Maguire on drums and James Pettinger in Monk’s role on piano. If Pettinger felt terror at standing in for genius, he hid it well. The rest of the evening saw further deconstructions of – and new works inspired by – Monk with compositions by Heather Stephenson, James Taylor and Aurora Nishevci. It rounded off a gig that summed up Trinity Laban’s approach to jazz: Take a masterpiece, revere it, feel it, understand it - then play it from the heart. Monk would surely approve.

Est: £3,000-£4,000 The Trafalgar Tavern by John O’Connor (1830-1889)

22 July 2017 Choose your distance and run, jog or walk for Mencap Register Now! rungreenwichpark

p u n g i S Now!


Mencap registered charity number 222377 (England and Wales); SC041079 (Scotland) 2017.038

THESE fabulous paintings of Greenwich could be yours – the famous Spread Eagle Art Collection is being auctioned off this month. Works stretching back around 300 years are being sold by experts Gorringe’s after the collection was put up for sale by owner and former Inc Group tycoon Frank Dowling. The art was on the wall of the Spread Eagle restaurant before his group collapsed in 2013 and it has not been seen in public since. Estimated prices range from £50 to £10,000, and Gorringe’s estimate the 132 lots could fetch a total of up to £250,000 in the sale on July 4 in Brighton. Artists range from George Samuel (1785-1823) to John Bratby (1928-1992), who would pay for meals by drawing on napkins. Did you buy one? Let us know. Email Matt@

GreenwichVisitor THE

July 2017 Page 7

ad eagle art treasures Est: £1,500-£2,500 John Sutton (1935-) The Cutty Sark Passing Greenwich

Est: £7,000-£10,000 Greenwich Park around 1816, with Trafalgar veterans. Attributed to George Samuel (1785-1823).

Est: £3,000-£5,000 Sunflowers with a view of The Royal Naval College by John Bratby (1928-1992).

GreenwichVisitor THE

July 2017 Page 8

run IN park for charity

miles hedley REVIEWS: GREENWICH +

Join first Mencap race here

KEEN to take part in your first charity run? Mencap is holding its inaugural race in Greenwich Park this month – and there’s still time to take part.

There are 1km, 5km or 10km courses and you can walk, run, jog or even push a buggy. It costs just £10 to enter (U11s £5; U14s must be Greenwich Park accompanied by an adult) – Bandstand and you can even register on the morning from 8.30am. If you have a disability, a Sat July 22 support worker runs for free. (from 8.30am) Races start and finish at the bandstand from 9am on the UK today live with a Saturday July 22. Learning Disability and all Mencap hopes that each funds raised from this event entrant will raise £100 in will help provide access to sponsorship. Organiser Amy services such as early years, Williams said: “This is the friendships, employment, first event of its kind for housing and health.” Royal Mencap Society and Entrants receive a free what better place to start than T-shirt and finishers medal. London’s most historic Royal To register in advance and for Park. We have 250 people more details call Amy on 020 signed up to take part so far.” 7696 6949 or email events@ “Over 1.4million people in


athletics centre ceremony A NEW multi-sports facility in Kidbrooke has had a unique topping out ceremony as it nears completion. Wildflower seeds were sown on the green roof of the new facilty at Sutcliffe Park. The centre has improved the old athletics track at the site and added year-round indoor training facilities “for other sports to competition and elite level” including a 60metre sprint track. It is due to open in January.

GRIPPING: Human Body Parts grab visitors’ attention


EPIC drama, eye-popping visuals, steampunk inventiveness, hands-on interaction and sheer silliness have helped make this year’s Greenwich + Docklands International Festival the best ever, showering us with events from the sublime to the sublimely ridiculous.

Huge crowds thronged Greenwich in the opening weekend of the 17-day celebration and even occasional outbursts of heavy rain could not dampen their spirits. And their irrepressible enthusiasm was hardly surprising given the amazing quality on offer – almost all of it free.

GDIF kicked off triumphantly with a production of A View From The Bridge, Arthur Miller’s great play about New York dockworkers and illegal immigrants, which internationally acclaimed Belgian company de Roovers staged beside the Thames with the towering giants of Canary Wharf as the backdrop. It was an inspired setting – and the subject as relevant today as it was when it was written in the 50s. The cast, supported by a fine live band and a splendid old MGB sports car, were pitch perfect as tragedy unfolded and even adlibbed brilliantly in inevitable interruptions caused by planes at City

Airport and rowdy pleasure boat parties. The highlight of the following evening was an extraordinary French extravaganza called FierS a Cheval in the lee of the Cutty Sark. Nine dancers mingled with the crowd and then, as if giving birth, inflated huge white horses made from a silk-like material hidden beneath their tops. What followed was a sort of equine ballet mesmerising not only in the fluidity of its movements but in the way the horses’ manes and tails absorbed pink, violet and orange light while their internally lit bodies remained pure white. Gorgeous! Korean artists featured heavily, including

GreenwichVisitor THE


BRAWN WAVE: Strong Lady,

REltEham E H W , ich Greenw

HAIR RAISING: Street art

LUNAR LAND: Royal Observatory

and Woolwich town centres

WTillHJulyEN 8

the lovely The Border Of The Water; The Song of The Wind, a performance by dancers immersed in a tall, transparent cyclinder of water by Wolfe statue in Greenwich Park. At the Royal Observatory Gardens Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon, a 20ft sphere adorned with the latest NASA images, left onlookers gawping, particularly after dark when it shone above us, serenaded with music composed by dance duo Humanhood. The modern reboot of historic Greenwich Fair paid its respects to its Victorian heyday with steampunk takes on subjects such as astronomy (How I Hacked My Way Into Space) and underground exploration (The

Insidian Line). There was also plenty of family fun such as the fabulous Baba Yaga’s House – a hut walking on giant chicken legs – and a virtual reality playground in Greenwich Park. My own favourite acts of the weekend were to be found back by the river. Sur Mesure, a trampoline act featuring an all-girl brass band with a great sense of balance, brought the house down at the Old Royal Naval College after a rope-dancing trio called Corazon a Corazon had performed gravity-defying acrobatics that echoed skills sailors on the Cutty Sark

catch US while you can!

once learned. They were followed by Human Body Parts, a monstrous ear, snotty nose, weeping eye, leering mouth, groping hand and clumsy foot mingling with crowds, causing screams of excitement – especially from kids. Best of all was The Primitives’ Three Of A Kind, a trio of surreal, sad-faced, suited, middle-aged men who had watchers at Cutty Sark Gardens weeping with laughter as they mimed, clowned, grimaced and grunted their way though pratfalls and clever choreography that relied on audience participation. The public rose to the challenge. GDIF is on until July 8. Don’t miss out!


Read Mile arts blog on hedintheclouds.

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To picnic ...or not to picnic

ENJOY TWO fabulous Shakespeare plays performed in very different open air settings this month. The Crystal – the futuristic expo centre promoting a sustainable future – has an intriguing all-male, bicycle-powered production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The eco-conscious HandleBards company brings the magical forest to Royal Victoria Dock – a cable car ride from North Greenwich – on Friday July 28. Shakespeare’s complex but beguiling comedy plays out in the nights before the marriage of Theseus, Duke of Athens, and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. You can bring a picnic to enjoy before the show starts at 7pm. Find out more and book advance tickets (adults £16; U16s free) at Combine the show with a trip to The Crystal – opened in 2012 by Siemens as “a global hub for debate on sustainable living and development.” It has displays, events and conference rooms for hire. You can see Hamlet in a perfect location – Severndroog Castle, a Gothic tower set in ancient Oxleas Woods, high above London. Hamlet, a wealthy prince, is abroad when his father dies. He returns to find his mother has married his uncle and his succession has been snatched from under him...does he accept the reality or rebel. Changeling Theatre promises a “brilliant ensemble cast, original music, a unique atmosphere and infused with wit and dark humour.” The show is on Wednesday July 19 (7.15pm). Tickets are £20 for adults (10-18yrs £10, U10s free but must have a ticket). Bring a blanket or chairs. Book:

A unite at the opera

HIGH FLIERS: Acrobats from Corazon a Corazon atrract crowds at Cutty Sark

BLACKHEATH’S Summer Opera brings professional and amateur singers together for the first UK performance in 18 years of The Enchanted Bullets. Weber’s Der Freischütz – translated by David Poultney – was last performed in 1999 at the English National Opera. Original cast member Andrew Greenan is back as the Hermit at Blackheath Halls on July 18, 19, 21 and 23. The chorus includes members of the community, Greenwich and Lewisham school pupils plus fine young vocal talent from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Last year was the 10th Community Opera, with Bizet’s Carmen and Britten’s Noye’s Fludde performed by 300 people aged eight to 80. Music Director Nicholas Jenkins said: “Working with Blackheath Halls Opera is continually rewarding. I’m overwhelmed by the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm of all taking part.” Info:

hear women’s works SKY HIGH: Trampolining from Sur Mesure

WORKS by women composers will be championed here in From The Depths – part of a ground-breaking series of concerts. The London Oriana Choir will perform work by young British composer Rebecca Dale, Ailsa Dixon, Kerry Andrew and Dobrinka Tabakova at the Sammy Ofer Gallery under the Cutty Sark on Wednesday July 5 (8.15). It’s one of a series of five15 concerts which launched here last year. Info & tickets:

GreenwichVisitor THE

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revealed Bronwyn Hill has lived in Greenwich for 30 years and last year joined the board of the Royal Parks. She tells GEORGINA ROGERSON why Grenwich Park Revealed is so important.

IT’S a real privilege to have such a wonderful green space so close to where I live.

Help make Park great for future generations

I love seeing how Greenwich Park changes through the seasons – cycling along Blackheath Avenue to see the daffodils in Spring, walking through the rose garden in Summer and seeing the open views in Winter. It is a lovely place to take friends and family. I enjoyed taking my mum for a cup of tea in the Pavilion Cafe. The Park is a great asset for the local community as well as a major visitor attraction. That’s why I’m so pleased now to be involved in it as a member of the Royal Parks board. My previous role as Permanent Secretary at Defra (the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) has given me a unique opportnuity to bring my skills to a place I love and to contribute to Greenwich Park Revealed – a multi-million bid for Heritage Lottery funding to protect, preserve and enhance it. It means I understand many of the challenges, including tree diseases. As a keen cyclist and walker, and a former transport policy adviser, I a l s o u n d e r s t a n d t h e d i ff e r e n t interests of people using the parks. The added bonus of being a

Says Greenwich Park fan and board member Bronwyn Hill Greenwich resident is that I have got to know the people who look after the Park and work with them on developing the ideas in Greenwich Park Revealed. The project is designed to improve everyone’s experience and to ensure that the Park is here for future generations. It will help to restore some of the features which make it a unique historic landscape, and to help people discover more about its history, wildlife and hidden gems. The Friends of Greenwich Park give impressive support, from organising bandstand concerts to

wildlife walks and talks, and their newsletter is great at keeping people in touch. If our bid is successful, we will build on this to get more volunteers involved and to offer work experience opportunities for young people interested in tourism, gardening and events management. We are now a charity, independent of Government, and we need to ensure that our parks continue to make London such a great city to live, work and play in. Please take part in Greenwich Park Revealed so we can improve this Park for generations to come.

What is Park Revealed? GREENWICH Park Revealed – launched in November’s Greenwich Visitor – is YOUR chance to come up with ideas to make it better with Lottery funding. Strands are: PAST: Better view points; uncovering historical features; increasing education. PRESENT: Improving existing buildings and protecting features. FUTURE: Making it more sustainable and planting disease-resistant trees to make it easier for people, including those with disabilities, to use. Our stories have revealed how 400 of its historic trees could die bec ause o f di seases, plans to let more people know about deer which have lived here since Henry VIII’s day, a scheme to rescue its leaking boating lake and the idea of rebuilding Charles II’s Grand Steps plan? Have you got more ideas? There is an online survey at www. greenwichparkrevealed. Give us your thoughts too. Just email Matt@

ParkLife Graham Dear By Greenwich Park manager


ou can’t teach an old dog new tricks‚ they say. I disagree. Take The Royal Parks – for years we have been the government agency responsible for managing the Royal Parks which belong to the crown estate and ultimately the Queen. In April we become a charitable trust. This gives us much more flexibility in how we manage our money. We can build up a reserve. In the past annual underspends went back to the Treasury. The Royal Parks Foundation – a charity established to raise funds from donations, will soon join us to form one organisation. It’s a good thing I think for Greenwich Park. If our Greenwich Park Revealed project is to succeed we must raise money – which the Foundation has lots of experience in. e? I love learning new things. Last month I tried to improve my use of digital media with a bit of help from my daughter Karen, an art student. Karen has just been offered her first job, a year placement as a technician in the art department at her University. Well done Karen! What better way to celebrate than to spend the weekend with Dad and teach him all about social media! My sisters and I now have a Whatsapp group called Wharleys, named after the place we were born in Wharley Hook (Hookers wasn’t an option). Having the group site is a great way to keep in touch. I am quite taken with Instagram too. he great contemporary Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudorf and leading English designer and garden writer Dan Pearson – whom I studied with at Kew – have lovely sites, giving inspirational ideas for Greenwich Park and my own garden. And Lovegreenwichpark,



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Jude backs free tickets for kids

Taj Mahal Uttar Pradesh INDIA

A CAMPAIGN to encourage kids to develop a lifetime love of theatre by giving every fiveyear-old a free ticket to a show has been launched by the Albany – and is being backed by Hollywood star Jude Law. Organisers reckon crowdfunding and business donations will pay for the scheme, which will give £10 tickets to 4,000 Lewisham schoolchildren in the first wave. Albany chief executive Gavin Barlow is co n v in ced it can q u ick l y expand to become a nationwide educational movement. L a w, w h o g r e w u p i n Lewisham, said: “I’m delighted to support this terrific initiative. Theatre has the power to inspire children and must be encouraged.” Help at: www.

Cyclist injured as he rides in to dog owner’s retractable lead stretched across path on Heath

THESE are the injuries caused when a cyclist was caught by a long, retractable dog leash stretched across a cycle path. Robert Perkins was hurt as he cycled near the Pond on Prince of Wales Road in Blackheath last month. “I was completely unaware that the dog leash was stretching across the path until colliding with it,” Robert told us. “The friction of the moving cord cut through my clothing and the cord jumped to my face causing the injuries shown. The dog’s owner was also injured by the leash. “I’m likely not to be the first cyclist involved in such an incident and fear I won’t be the last. I realise green spaces must be shared by many users but my understanding is that dog owners

HURT: Marks on Robert’s body

are legally obliged to keep their dogs under control at all times in public – something which isimpossible with the use of these types of leads.” Robert has contacted London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Greenwich and Lewisham councils to highlight the issue. Has the same thing happened to you? Email Matt@

stylish way to raise money

STYLISTS often suggest what colour to have your hair…this month turn the tables. Staff at The Curious Comb have each chosen a charity they would like to help. Customers donate £1 and the stylist with most cash by July 17 will have their hair coloured pink or blue and give all the money to their cause – Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (Chris), NSPCC (Ellis) or the Alzheimer’s Society (Selena). Donors go in a draw for a £50 voucher. The salon – at Greenwich Square – is rated one of the top five colour change specialists in London. Info:

July 2017 Page 11 a-theatre-trip-for-every-child

mahalVELLOUS! INDIA doesn’t get much more iconic a wonderful holiday in India.” She than the fabulous Taj Mahal…and here’s added: “I think The Greenwich Visitor is a fantastic paper and wish we had the Greenwich Visitor in its shadow. Anita Miller and Brian Doig posed for the same in Bromley.” Thanks Teresa. this snap with us in front of the One day, maybe… We love to see your pictures of marvellous marble building our paper somewhere exotic. which, like Greenwich, is Whether you live here or a World Heritage Site. have found us on your They were in India travels, pack a copy and with friend Teresa send a pic. Email Matt@ Stones, who told TheGreenwichVisitor. us: “Anita and Send us a photo. Email: com with your photo. Brian joined us for


Woodlands Farm celebrates 20yrs BRITAIN’S biggest city farm right here in Greenwich celebrates its 20th birthday this month with special events. Woodlands Farm Trust began with 89 derelict acres on Shooters Hill scarred by joyriders and facing the threat of the East London River Crossing…now it has nativebred animals, wild grasses and education and conservation projects. Info: www.

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Tourist Information/ Visitor Centre at Old Royal Naval College




7 7a

University of Greenwich Stephen Lawrence Gallery

Swing Bridge




Vintage Market



Trinity Laban

New Haddo Community Centre GREENWICH GALLERY

Creekside Discovery Centre




Advertisers not on map








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Greenwich Centre


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food music THE

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Advertising Feature

Launch of Eltham Arts’ culinary-flavoured CD SOUND CHECK: Folk duo The Gillies inspect album (far left) PERFORMERS: Pytchwood

ELTHAM’s folk and blues family and contribute to this amazing project which friends were out in force to launch a explores personal, historic and often nostalgic views on food and our relationship with it.” collection of music with a foody flavour. The Bob Hope Theatre bar was packed to toast A Plateful of Songs – a CD featuring fifteen original songs on a culinary theme, and the second one from the Eltham Arts creative network, writes REEVA CHARLES. Songs include a mix of thoughtful and playful lyrics. Singer and guitarist Tony Clarke’s I couldn’t Eat A Horse was inspired by his veganism. He said: “The idea was the dilemma facing two cowboys snowed-in with their horses and running out of food.” John Hollingum told us his comical mamborhythmed Turnipstrack was “based loosely on the diet of a 14th century peasant.” More reflective was Joanna Girdlestone’s Slow Cooking – a ce l e bra t i on of he r “unforgettable Zen Grandama.” Serious points about the need for food banks are delivered with “irony, humour and swing” by Stephen Brayne and Nick Bidgood while nationally-renowned folk singer and peace campaigner Jim Radford, whose vocal track The Galleyboy’s Song features on the CD, said: “I am thrilled to have been chosen to

Other appetising tracks include riffs on pasta, bread and ale, and the perilous joys of having a sweet tooth. The gourmet collection is the result of a musical challenge made during the successful 2017 Eltham Arts Winter Festival for people to compose and perform songs related to food. Eltham Arts committee members Zahira AlZahira and Dave Kenningham – organisers of Eltham’s Folkmob – had galvanised the singer/ songwriter fraternity, first performing some of their songs to the public at the Festival Finale in Eltham’s White Hart last November. Encouraged by the response, they met again to record their songs in a session arranged by Eltham Arts. Founder and Chair Gaynor Wingham said: “This CD has been an incredibly exciting project to be part of. I think it represents well the range and diversity of musicality in the area as well as the sense of community we have in this part of London.” Buy A Plateful of Songs for £8 by emailing Life In Eltham - Page 22

Secret of Leah Lodge is out OUR MAGICAL GARDEN EVENT AT Leah Lodge we believe you are never too young or too old to embrace your inner child. That’s why we held a themed event last month based on the classic novel The Secret Garden. We invited all residents of our boutique care home in Blackheath to bring friends and family to immerse themselves in a day of enchantment, with captivating and creative cuisine. The Secret Garden was written over 100 years ago by Frances Hogson Burnett. But this classic story is a favourite of our residents – many spent their childhoods uncovering the magic with every page turn. At Leah Lodge, we bring that magic to life. Opened in November 2016 after a major refurbishment by new owners the Cinnamon Care Collection, we’re a community that offers the very best high-quality, tailored residential and dementia care – long term, short term and respite – for 48 people in wonderful surroundings, with landscaped gardens that are a secret world all their own. Hidden from street view, stepping into this haven brings peace, tranquillity and nostalgia. It’s our own secret nirvana. Beautiful Tasmanian Fern trees share a history with Maritime Greenwich – their

trunks were used to stabilise cargo on ships like Cutty Sark. Although the trunks were discarded their feather-like tropical leaves remain, and are in our garden. The ferns and botanical flowers and shrubs, vegetable plots and pot plants all warmly welcome you to our garden which feels quintessentially English – refined, elegant, understated. It helped make our Secret Garden event – one of many activities and outings here – a huge success. Wonderful props, table decoration and layouts were developed to bring the theme to life as a multisensory experience that can be fully enjoyed in the moment as well as creating memories to treasure. Guests included Deputy Mayor of Lewisham Alan Smith and President of South East London Chamber of Commerce President Helen McIntosh. Our passionate and highly-motivated team brings the best in care and expertise to Leah Lodge every day. We know we have built a special and close community where new residents flourish and really come into their own, even after a short time. We feel truly blessed. Keep up with our news at www.facebook. com/leahlodgecc/



reenwich isitor F_CINN_0504 Leah Lodge – The Secret Garden Press Release Upcoming Events (GREENWICH VISITOR – July) V3 events..qxp_Layout 1 29/06/2017 17:56 Page 1 THE

July 2017 Page 15

LUXURY CARE HOME in Blackheath

We are the difference between quality and excellence and between caring at work and caring like family.

Residential Care | Dementia Care | Respite Breaks

If you need help finding care, we will do whatever we can to be the difference you need. Call our team on 0208 318 2272, visit or email

Blessington Road, Blackheath, London, SE13 5EB Antique Event

Friday 7th July, 3–5pm Ever wondered what your favourite ornament is worth? Bring along your possessions for the Antiques Expert, Michael Laikin, to value! Refreshments will also be available.


Everyone’s welcome at Leah Lodge! In addition to our extensive activity programme we also have regular events, which are open and free to all and are a great way to meet like-minded people and new friends. The more the merrier, so relatives and carers are very welcome to join in too!

Jewellery Auction

Wednesday 26th July, 2–5pm Join us for our special Jewellery Auction! There will be many beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery to buy, with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Society.

French Bistro

Friday 14th July, 3–5pm We’re transforming our beautiful home into our very own French Bistro! Enjoy a delicious selection of cheese and wine as well as live entertainment from an accordion musician.

GreenwichVisitor THE

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The White Hart Pub Carvery & Steakhouse AvAilAble for your funCTionS AnD PArTieS


2 eltham High Street Se9 1DA

0208 850 1562

he Gurkha’s Inn in Colomb Street is the Curry Club’s most visited restaurant over the years, so it was no surprise that it was chosen as a venue SUNDAY again when we recently asked members: “Where shall we go for a curry MARCH next?” It was also no surprise that 6TH Giri and his team again came up owner trumps. We all have a friend who orders the same thing every time and the Curry Club is no different. But apart from Biryani Man the rest of the gathering was determined to avoid the old school favourites and try lesser known (mostly Nepalese) dishes. And so the table heaved under plates of Tareko Squid (spiced and battered), Sekuwa (lamb cutlets) Khasi Bhutuwa (lamb with garlic, green peppers, spring onion, ginger, tomatoes, fresh coriander) Hariyo Chicken (a green curry of fresh mint, coriander, green chillies), Keema Kukhura (chicken and minced meat cooked with garlic) Gurkhali Lamb (lamb with mint and chilli) as well as an array of nans, veg and rice sides. The Khasi Bhutuwa is as multi-layered tastewise as its ingredients suggest thanks to its rich sauce. And Keema Kukhura is a delight, with the mince adding a fantastic thick texture to the sauce that covers the chunks of chicken. The Hariyo Chicken delivers an amazingly fresh taste thanks to the amount of mint and coriander used, even if the green colour is a bit unusual visually. Sunday lunchtime curry from the buffet, followed by a cold pint in the pub on the way home, used to be a much-enjoyed weekend tradition a few years back. Buffets are not for everyone and I certainly wouldn’t overdose, but on a lazy summer Sunday it can be nice to work through a variety of dishes as you decide which pub to head to afterwards. But sadly, due to food wastage on slow days I expect, this particular offering has dwindled recently. Coriander by Westcombe Park Station still calls Sunday afternoons (till 6pm) Buffet Day - however you actually choose a whole range of dishes for £11.95 a head and the food is then freshly cooked to order. Excellent nonetheless. But if you prefer catching a few rays in the park before your spice then I’d recommend Darjeeling in Lewisham, which opens at 5.30pm on Sundays and continues to offer incredible value. How does a Tandoori King Prawn for just £7.15 or Chicken Madras for £4.25 sound? Who needs a buffet at those prices. espite rumours to the contrary Curry Royal Tandoori in Woolwich Road is open again and serving takeaways seven days a week. Some recent building work to the entrance had some curry lovers believing they’d lost a long-time friend. The takeaway celebrates its third decade in business next year and has been run by the same family all that time. inally, voting for the 2016 Greenwich Curry Club Awards, in association with The Greenwich Visitor, opens in September, with details to be announced in these fine pages. We are happy to receive nominations for the following categories: Best Restaurant, Best Specialist Takeaway, Best for Value, Best Newcomer, Outstanding Service. Please email us your favourites to be considered for the shortlist.

a New King Christopher plans food revolution at historic Severndroog

IT has all the ingredients of one of the finest food venues in London. I think I’m going to be a regular. And it hasn’t even opened yet!

Severndroog Castle, the 18th Century Gothic tower in the striking setting of Oxleas Wood at Shooters Hill, has been known since it reopened to the public in 2014 as somewhere to go for a simple cup of tea, a slice of cake and a walk. But that’s all about to change. From July 7, its café reopens as The Terrace Tearoom. It’s a sister to the highly-regarded Terrace Café at Woolwich, where Head Chef Christopher Hackett is making quite a name for himself. And with the addition of Severndroog’s unique romantic atmosphere – including these stunning views of London from the top of the tower – it could be even better. The Tearoom will have a lunch menu that will not be very different from the current offer, although regulars might notice the changes. Basic core dishes will be lighter, GREAT OUTDOORS: Severndroog café fresher and with gluten-free options. Expect


y & d ll ed One u f nS iti ce d li On c r ai

Chinipan exceptional inDian


15 Old Dover Road, Blackheath SE3 7BT Open seven days including Bank Holidays Mon-Sat 5pm –11pm. Sunday 5pm-10.30pm 020 8853 5800 Artwork ©The Greenwich Visitor. Not for publication elsewhere without permission.

tony festival date




Sunday & Monday

5-30 till 10.30 20% Off Food Bill

Senoritas Cocktail Night Thursday


Exc Ice tea, Sangria, Margarita When you buy Main Course

Daniel Ford @greenwichcurry

YOU’VE seen him on MasterChef... read about him in The Greenwich you can see Tony Rodd in the flesh at OnBlackheath. The talented chef is curating the demonstration stage at its John Lewis Food Village in September. The two-day music and food festival has attracted an array of kitchen talent. Jane Devonshire – MasterChef 2016 champ – is there on Saturday. Her recipes range from the modest Roast Chicken to the Fresh Lobster Pasta with Tomato Chilli and Tarragon. MasterChef: The Professionals winner Gary Maclean won with a razor clam starter, Highland Roe Deer main,

and a chocolate pistachio ganache for pudding He was praised as a “gentleman of the kitchen” by Marcus Wareing, his is a demonstration. On Sunday don’t miss Michael Bremner, BBC2’s Great British Menu contestant, and owner and head chef at critically-acclaimed 64 Degrees restaurant in Brighton where diners share small plates of food in a social dining atmosphere. It’s not just about food, of course. Headline bands include The Libertines, Travis, Metronomy and KT Tunstall. Info and tickets to the festival – on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September at

12 WELL HALL RD ELTHAM LONDON SE9 6SF 020 8850 2270 Artwork ©The Greenwich Visitor. Not for publication elsewhere without permission.

GreenwichVisitor THE

of the castle WHERE

WHEN FOLLOW @Terrace Tearoom

HISTORIC SIGHT: Severndroog Castle has sweeping views

come dine with GV

open sandwiches on great bread. And top quality coffee. And, in the evenings, what can only be described as Dinner Happenings are planned. Christopher learned his skills as an apprentice with the Conran Group before working for The Fat Duck, Bluebird and The Savoy. He was mentored by Raymond Blanc. He tells me: “It’s important to keep the quality of the offer consistent. So, we will prepare the food for the lunch menu at our catering site in Woolwich and in the evenings we will have a cross between Pop-Up night and themed Supper Club. “It will be tickets-based only. We’ll make the most of the local fresh produce and the place is fully licensed. We get some of our wine at the Mount Vineyard in Shoreham.” He promises fine dining at keen prices – expect to pay £25 to £40 at night. We can expect barbecue evenings with grilled fish and pulled pork Severndroog Castle, and even foraging nights. Sounds Shooters Hill SE18 3RT like, it’s going to be delicious and fun. And totally unique. From July 7


treet food has become a staple of Greenwich Market and is one of the reasons millions visit us each year...last month saw the first Friday Street Food Fest. Food from around the world – from the Phillipines to Peckham – was served up by traders including Pesky Buns, Pig Dogs and Brisket, Pimp My Ramen, No 57A, Lam Jam and Big V London. And they were joined by The London Brewer’s Market and the The LP Cocktail Bar for food adventurous food pairings. And there was plenty for Vegans and fans of organic. he Queen’s Orchard is buzzing. Strawberries and pine-berries (white strawberries) season is drawing to a close. Cucamelons have been planted. Not a lot of people know about cucamelons. Small edible fruit which looks like a tiny watermelon and tastes like a cucumber. I’m told by a reliable source that it can be used in just the same way as traditional cucumbers. Pimms all round then! You can join our volunteers in this amazing and historic corner of Greenwich Park. Contact me to find out more. aspa’s – the nationwide dessert chain – is expanding with new shops in Blackheath, Woolwich, Greenwich, Bexleyheath and Erith. The Greenwich shop will stand where tapas restaurant San Miguel was until May when it closed after 12 years here. Even more for sweet-toothed food fans to enjoy in Greenwich. wo MasterChef finalists and MP Matthew Pennycook were the lucky judges of a cake contest at the excellent Great Get Together in Charlton Park. Matthew said: “The whole Great Get Together weekend was about celebrating the life of my friend and colleague Jo Cox (who was murdered one year earlier), and to bring people together to remember what unites them over what divides them. So it was great to be at the Great Charlton Cake-Off, to see people from across the community come together.” My favourite was Daisy Drewry, winner of the bestfilled chocolate cake category. Yum! he Foodies Festival on Blackheath from July 7-9 promises a delicious




MARKETING: Craft Brewers at Greenwich Market

time lead by a fabulous line-up. Charlotte White, of Restoration Cakes, who hosts the Theatre on Saturday at 4.30pm told me: “It will be high energy, a little anarchic and a lot of fun.” Asked how she defined her creations, she said: “I bring glamour and excitement to baking. These are not your everyday bakes, these are treats for special occasions and should wow everyone lucky enough to eat them!” Tickets start at £12 (£10 cons) and a three-day ticket is £25(£18). VIP day tickets are £48/£45. Friday - includes a welcome glass of bubbly, use of the VIP area with private bar and refreshment, priority entry to food and drink masterclasses, exclusive new VIP only food and drink masterclasses, showguide, and a tote goody bag to take home. Latest big names annonced include Great British Bake Off winnner Candice Brown and internet sensation Deliciously Ella. Info and tickets www. ou know I can’t resist the silly food calendar: July is Ice Cream Month and...Horseradish Month. Horseradish Ice-Cream anyone?


edited by

solange berchEmin Solange Berchemin, writer and blogger, is from Lyon, French capital of food, and has lived here since 1993. Send news to pebblesoup@gmail. com. Read her blog at www.



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I AM sitting in an empty, freezing dining room at the cheapest hostel in Amman, trying to enjoy a plate of pasta in a peculiar spicy sauce as the man on reception watches me from the hallway.

I pick up my guidebook and flick through the pictures – rose-coloured stone, ancient monuments carved in rock, tea lights glittering in front of marbled facades. These are the iconic images of Petra, the otherworldly dreamlike scenes that I’d seen on Google and which convinced me, impulsively, to book a trip here. Yet right now, in this miserable room, I just want to be back in London. I am crazy, I realise, for coming to Jordan on my own. I’m shaking my head – just like a colleague shook hers when I told her what I’d done – when a man appears in the doorway. A Westerner, tall, with a mop of brown curls. “Ah, hello,” he says, as if he’d been expecting to see me. He must be 26 or 27, around my age. He is wearing army surplus combats and a faded green jacket. “I’m Christian. Can I join you?” he asks in a thick Swedish accent, pulling a chair out before I have a chance to respond. “Sure. I’m Zoe.” “Cool.” He eyes my pasta and calls over to the man on reception to order a bowl. He tells me his traveller backstory as we eat. He’s from Gothenburg, but took a month off work – IT for a fashion brand – to travel across the Middle East. He’s already been to Turkey and Syria, and he’s due to visit Iraq and Iran before heading home in two weeks. I can’t help feeling impressed. Now this is a solo traveller, I think. Bold. Fearless. Enthusiastic. “What are you doing tomorrow?” I blurt out. “I’m thinking of going to Petra. Want to come?” “Sure.” He shrugs. “That was my p l a n to o , ” h e te l l s m e , be fore suggesting we take a local bus rather than the ones offered to tourists because they’re a “tenth of the price.” The next day, after a night spent in an inhumanly narrow budget bed, I trail after Christian as he hauls a giant camouflage-print backpack on to a rickety old minibus that’s flaking with four layers of paint and is upholstered with gaffer tape. “Is that a tent pole sticking out of your bag?” I ask. “It is. I’m going to camp in Petra,” he tells me, matter-of-factly. “Isn’t it… locked up at night?” “Yes. That’s why I brought wire cutters,” Christian tells me. He unzips a side pocket and pulls out a chunky pair of wire cutters, keeping them low behind the seat. “Oh my god!” He grins. Is he wildly adventurous or just completely mad? “So do you camp in UNESCO World Heritage sites often?” He laughs. “Well, there’s this

ENTER SHAKIRA: Zoe with Bedouin guides...and donkey

surprise trip of a lifetime


YAloITne: BU am Ro

Inspiring Tales by Reluctant competition,” he Solo Travellers. says, explaining by hed blis Pu how the company Bradt Travel that makes his tent .99 £10 s. ide Gu are challenging

customers to snap themselves camping in the most unusual and daring place possible in a competition to win 5,000 euros. “Won’t you get arrested though?” I press him. “They have security.” “I’m not going until late. The guards will have gone home,” Christian insists. The bus weaves through Amman and, eventually, chugs along isolated roads carved into the barren landscape of lumpy rock. We stop every now and again to pick up locals, who cast us wary glances. At Petra, where a small cluster of hotels and restaurants emerges from the desert like a mirage, we lug our bags off the bus and go for dinner, finding a cosy restaurant where we play cards until the sun sets. Christian looks at his watch. “Petra’s closed now,” he says. “But I’ll give it a bit longer just in case.” Half an hour later, we’re standing in front of the restaurant. “So, are you coming then?” Christian asks, gesturing down the darkened road to the ancient site.

For a second, I imagine waking up and watching the sun rise over the desert. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. But then I think of the wire cutters, the guards (who I’m not entirely convinced will have all gone home), the cold tent, the danger. “It’s okay… I’m going to the hostel,” I reply, glancing up the street towards the brightly-lit tourist bubble. “Text me if you need a room later. I’ve got twin beds,” I call after him as he bounds into the darkness. Back to the hostel my phone buzzes. It’s Christian. “Hey, so I set up my tent in Petra but this Bedouin guy came along and told me I’d get arrested…And now I’m staying in his cave! Want to meet us at 6am? He says he’s going to take us on a private tour of Petra.” I fall asleep feeling a little thrilled about this adventure that has dropped in my lap, simply because I came to Jordan alone in January. The sky is still dark and cool, shrouded in grey mist, as I enter the 20m high, narrow gorge that leads to the heart of Petra. It’s completely silent. Apart from the occasional stray cat crossing my path, I’m alone. I feel a twinge in my chest, a swell of wonder. The sun has risen by the time I reach the Treasury, which is instantly

recognisable. It is beautiful, majestic and deserted. I find Christian sipping tea, sitting on a tarpaulin spread out in front of a cave. “Morning,” he calls, his lips twitching as he struggles to suppress a self-satisfied smile. “So where’s your Bedouin friend then?” I ask, sitting down next to him. Ahmed emerges. “Marhaba,” he says, “Hello’, taking my hand, his eyes distant, misty with sleep. Another Bedouin comes out of the cave. He’s in his early 20s, and wears a Hawaiian shirt, denim jacket and a green patterned headscarf. He looks like an eighties rock star. “Hi, I am Masoud,” he says, with a big smile. “You want to see the real Petra?” he asks. “Definitely!” We begin our tour, walking deeper into Petra. “I am from Petra. The sky is my blanket, the earth is my bed,” Masoud tells me, reeling the line off like a lyric he’s used many times before, but even so, his eyes sparkle with pride as he delivers it. He stops to untether a squat donkey. “And this is Shakira.” The five of us visit the amphitheatre, palaces, and dozens of caves carved into the desert rock. Ahmed quietly points out things we might otherwise have missed – the faint shadow of a lion carved into a cliff face, irrigation drains carved into the stone – while Masoud chats away, telling us stories about desert life – families with fifteen children, religious ceremonies, goat sacrifices. And then we begin the 850-step ascent to the Monastery, hidden at the peak of a mountain. “The most beautiful part of Petra, but the hardest to reach,” Masoud says, before letting me ride poor Shakira up the crumbling, path. Eventually, we reach the Monastery, a smooth, classically pillared façade carved into a pitted peak of rock. It stands tall and ornate, in stark contrast to the unruly landscape below, where misshapen mounds, like the sloppy sandcastles I made as a child, emerge from the dry expanse. Masoud greets a woman sitting on a blanket by the entrance, with a giant curved black teapot, no doubt waiting to sell tea to tourists. Fatima pours tea into small glasses and gestures for us to sit down. I look out over the desert, an endless shade of rosy orange like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I take a sip, relishing the warm, incredibly sweet liquid, and I don’t feel so crazy to have come to Jordan on my own, after all. I may not be the most intrepid solo traveller and I certainly don’t carry wire cutters, but I don’t need them. In fact, all anyone really needs when they’re travelling alone is to be open – to new people and new adventures. Because then being a solo traveller really isn’t very solo at all. “Cheers,” I say to Christian, tapping my glass against his. Journalist Zoe Efstathiou lives in Charlton and is finishing her first novel – a romantic comedy set in London. Twitter: @zoe_writes

Tavia in the House MYCENAE House has secured a coup for its annual ParksFest event...a performance on her debut British tour by rising American singer/ songwriting star TAVIA. The Sacramento, California-based performer – inspired by her childhood heroes Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy – has just released her first UK EP Everything is Wrong, writes MARK JOHNSONBROWN. It’s an Americana and pop record that reflects not only her unique gift as a storyteller but also her fluency as a singer and guitarist. They are solidarity songs, inspired by stories of grief and healing. Speaking by phone from California, TAVIA explains how she grew up in the historic scenery of wagons and wooden sidewalks, and soon began to craft her own stories against this evocative backdrop. Growing up she reached for the songbooks of King, Mitchell and Cassidy but has taken these influences and become one of those essential vocalists who reach their audience through purity and grace. She tells me: “I’m so excited to play in London with my band for the first time. I cant wait to play at ParksFest – I hear it’s a great event!’ Mycenae House’s ParksFest Summer Sunday Festival is on Sunday July 23. Everything Is Wrong is out now on Snowbird Records and available to download digitally. Info: @tavia_official

Ese, ER H W Hou ae cen My

Blackheath SE3 7SE

EN Hday WSun July 23

World-class dance, music and street theatre on your doorstep. Family-friendly and free! Part of Greenwich+Docklands International Festival | @GDIFestival

6-8 July | @GDIFestivall

GreenwichVisitor THE


Want thousands of residents & visitors to know about your event in the local listings guide around? Email matt@TheGreenwich

July RICH WAY: Greenwich Peninsula In 20 Stories With Rich Sylvester. Sunday July 16.

Tuesday 4

CONCERT Alexander O’Neal Greenwich Music Time Festival, ORNC PLAY Hamlet GLYPT production, St George’s Garrison Church, Woolwich 7 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter

Wednesday 5

TALK Meet The Experts Queens House 1 COMEDY Good Mourning, Mrs Brown O2 7.30 OPERA Il Coronazione di Poppea Blackheath Halls 7 MUSIC London Oriana Choir Cutty Sark 8.15 JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

Thursday 6

OPERA Suor Angelica St Alfege 1.05 CONCERT The Jacksons Greenwich Music Time Festival, ORNC DANCE/MUSIC All Roads Lead To Woolwich Woolwich Town Centre, part of GDIF MUSIC Chaka Khan Indig02 LECTURE What Are You Made Of? Royal Obs 7 DANCE Belonging(s) Promenade performance in Thamesmead from 7, part of GDIF OPERA Il Coronazione di Poppea Blackheath Halls 7 COMEDY Good Mourning, Mrs Brown O2 7.30 DANCE Tomorrow’s Stars Today Laban 7.30

MUSIC Icarus Club Pelton 8

Friday 7

MUSIC Royal Greenwich Brass Band Charlton House 1 MUSIC Trinity Laban recital ORNC chapel 1.05 ANTIQUES VALUATION Michael Laekin, Leah Lodge, Blessington Road Blackheath 3-5 DANCE/MUSIC All Roads Lead To Woolwich Woolwich Town Centre, part of GDIF CONCERT Little Mix Greenwich Music Time Festival, ORNC DANCE Belonging(s) Promenade performance in Thamesmead from 7, part of GDIF OPERA Il Coronazione di Poppea Blackheath Halls 7 COMEDY Good Mourning, Mrs Brown O2 7.30 DANCE Tomorrow’s Stars Today Laban 7.30 COMEDY Ian Smith, Paul McMullan UTC JAZZ Nicolas Meier Oliver’s

Saturday 8

BOOK SALE Age Exchange 10-4 SOCIAL Coffee Morning Bob Hope Theatre Bar, Eltham. Chat, crafts, jewellery & bric-a-brac. Free 10.30-1 TALK Mike Thomas, Jim Marrett Woolwich & Dist Antiquarian Soc, Charlton House 2 COMEDY Good Mourning, Mrs Brown O2 2, 7.30 DANCE Belonging(s) Promenade performance in Thamesmead from 3, 7. Part of GDIF DANCE Children’s Classes Show Laban 3, 4.30 IN RUSSIAN Kapusnic London Theatre 7 OPERA Il Coronazione di Poppea Blackheath Halls 7 MUSIC Philharmonic Orchestra of London String Quartet Part of Greenwich Mozart Festival, St Alfege 7.30 BARN DANCE Woodlands Farm Trust 7.30 PLAY Goody Greenwich Theatre 7.30 COMEDY Inel Tomlinson, Jen Brister UTC CLUBBING Kisstory Indig02 JAZZ Marco Marconi Oliver’s

Sunday 9

COMEDY Good Mourning, Mrs Brown O2 2 MUSIC National Jazz Youth Orch Academy Band Greenwich Park Bandstand 3 FILM/OPERA Sofia Coppola’s La Traviata Greenwich Picturehouse 5 IN RUSSIAN Kapusnic London Theatre 7 MUSIC Ghazal Bahaar Indig02 TALENT Something For Sunday Vanbrugh 7 PARADE The Colour Of Light Woolwich Town Centre 8.45. Finale of GDIF

Monday 10

FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre

Tuesday 11


FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre TALK Richard Buchanan: Cables At Telcon Greenwich Industrial History Soc, Bakehouse 7.30 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

Wednesday 12

TALK Meet The Experts Queens House 1 FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre MUSIC Chaka Khan Indig02 WOOLLIES Knitting club Pelton FILM/PLAY Julius Caesar Donmar link-up Greenwich Picturehouse 5 COMEDY Tony Law Up The Creek JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

Thursday 13

MUSIC Stephanie Pavia Viola St Alfege 1.05 TALK Tinnitus Rooms Dave Carr of British

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GreenwichVisitor THE

July 2017 Page 20


Albany, Deptford Lounge: Douglas Way SE8 4AG. 020 8692 4446 Bakehouse Theatre: Age Exchange, Blackheath Village SE3 9LA. 020 8318 9105 Blackheath Conservatoire: 19-21 Lee Rd SE3 9RQ. 020 8852 0234 Blackheath Halls: 23 Lee Road SE3 9RQ. 020 8463 0100. Bob Hope Theatre: Wythfield Rd SE9 5TG. 020 8850 3702. The Centre: New Eltham Methodist Ch, Footscray Rd. Charlton House: Charlton Rd SE7 8RP. 020 8856 3951 Churchill Theatre: High St, Bromley BR1 1HA. 0844 871 7620 Clarendon Hotel: Montpelier Row SE3 0RW. 020 8318 4321. Creekside Discovery Centre: Creekside SE8 0208 692 9922 The Duke: 125 Creek Rd SE8 3BU. 020 8469 8260 The Eltham Centre: 2 Archery Road SE9 1HA. 020 8921 4344 Eltham Palace: Court Yard SE9 5QE. 020 8294 2548. The Forum: Trafalgar Rd SE10 9EQ. 0208 853 5212. Greenwich Communications Centre: 164 Trafalgar Rd SE10 9TZ. 020 8269 2103 Greenwich Dance: Borough Hall SE10 8RE. 020 8293 9741 Greenwich Heritage Centre: Artillery Square, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich SE18 4DX Greenwich Theatre: Crooms Hill SE10 8ES. 020 8858 7755. Greenwich West Community Centre: 141 Greenwich High Rd SE10 8JA Guard House: No1 Street, Woolwich Arsenal SE18 6GH Laban Theatre: Creekside SE8 3DZ. 020 8463 0100 London Theatre: 443 New Cross Rd SE14 6TA. 020 8694 1888. Made In Greenwich: 324 Creek Rd SE10 9SW Mycenae House: 90 Mycenae Rd SE3 7SE 020 8858 1749 National Maritime Museum: Romney Rd, SE10 9BJ 020 8858 0045 02, Indig02, Building 6, Brooklyn Bowl: 0844 8560202 Old Royal Naval Coll, Discover: SE10 9LW. 020 8269 4799 Oliver’s: 9 Nevada St SE10 9JL. 020 8858 3693 Pelton Arms: 23-5 Pelton Street SE10 9PQ 020 8858 0572. Prince Of Greenwich: 72 Royal Hill SE10 8RT 020 8692 6089 St Alfege: Greenwich Church St. 020 8853 0687. Severndroog Castle: Off Shooters Hill SE18 3RT. The Star And Garter: 60 Old Woolwich Rd SE10 9NY. 020 8305 1144 Steinberg Studio: 137 Vanbrugh Hill SE10 9HP. Tramshed Theatre: 51-53 Woolwich New Rd SE18 6ES. 020 8854 1316 Trinity Laban: King Charles Court SE10 9JF. 020 8463 0100. Up The Creek (UTC): 302 Creek Rd SE10 9SW. 020 8858 4581. Woodlands Farm: 331 Shooters Hill Rd 8319 8900

MUSIC blink-182 O2 FILM/PLAY Millennium Approaches From NT Greenwich Picturehouse 7 COMEDY Robert White, Edd Hedges Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 DANCE Graduate School Showcase Laban 7.30 PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 7.30 MUSIC Icarus Club Pelton 8 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 JAZZ Frances Wise Oliver’s

MUSIC Moreira Nascimento Souza Song recital. Charlton House 1 MUSIC Trinity Laban recital ORNC chapel 1.05 FRENCH BISTRO Leah Lodge, Blessington Road Blackheath 3-5 FOOTBALL Live Sixes O2 6.30 FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre COMEDY Rob Broderick, Elf Lyons Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 7.30 JAZZ Barbara Snow Mycenae Hsuse 7.30 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 PLAY The Crows Plucked Your Sinews Albany 7.30 DANCE Graduate School Showcase Laban 7.30 PLAY Blower’s Ark New Stagers at Bob Hope Theatre 7.30 COMEDY Barry Ferns, Kate Lucas Up The Creek JAZZ Cath Longbottom Oliver’s

OPERA The Old Maid & The Thief St Alfege 1 MUSIC Sacha Rattle Clarinet. Charlton House 1 TALK Bee Informed Bakehouse Theatre 1 £5, Friends of Age Exchange free FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre OPERA Enchanted Bullets Blackheath Halls 7 COMEDY Paul McCaffrey, Angela Barnes Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 7.30 DANCE Graduate School Showcase Laban 7.30 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 COMEDY Rhys James, open spots Up The Creek

Friday 14

Rapid iPhone repairs with Lifeeme Warranty Red telephone box (next to Mitre Pub) 291 Greenwich High Rd SE10 8NA

Saturday 15

SEMINAR Writing Alternate History NMM 10.30 FOOTBALL Live Sixes O2 11.30, 6 PLAY Blower’s Ark New Stagers at Bob Hope Theatre 2.30, 7.30 PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 3, 7.30 FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre COMBAT Muay Thai Indig02 COMEDY Mark Dolan, Red Richardson Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 Summer Concert Blackheath Centre for Singing presents English Choral Classics at Charlton House. £5/£12. or 07986 582844. 7.30. DANCE CAT End Of Year Show Laban 7.30 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 COMEDY Marlon Davis, Kate Lucas UTC

Sunday 16

CULTURE G’wich World Festival Eltham Palace WALK Greenwich Peninsula In 20 Stories With Rich Sylvester. North Greenwich Tube 10.30 FAMILY Low-Tide Walk Creekside Centre 11 MUSIC Belvedere Concert Band Greenwich Park Bandstand 3 MUSIC Greenwich Concert Band Eltham Park South 3-4.30 FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 5 FOOTBALL Live Sixes O2 5.30 FUNDRAISER Music For A Summer’s Evening St Luke’s Church, Charlton 7. Tickets £12.50 inc refreshments from 020 8856 7373 TALENT Something For Sunday Vanbrugh 7 COMEDY Felicity Ward, Masud Milas Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 GONGS Int Bhojpuri Film Awards Indig02 DANCE CAT End Of Year Show Laban 7.30 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30


MARKETS Greenwich Market: 10-5.30. Sat and Sun: Arts & crafts, food, fresh produce. Tues, Wed: Food, fresh produce, homewares. Thurs: food, antiques & collectables, crafts. Fri: Food, arts & crafts, antiques & collectibles Greenwich Vintage Market: 8am-6pm Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun. Moonlight market 8am-10pm last Friday of the month Clocktower Market: 166 Greenwich High Rd. Sat, Sun 10-4. 50 quirky stalls specialising in vintage, retro and antiques. 07940 914204 Blackheath Farmers’ Market: Blackheath Station, 10-2 every Sun. EXHIBITIONS/CRAFTS/COMMUNITY Royal Observatory: Photographer Of The Year, till July 23. Fan Museum: All Creatures Great And Small, till Sept 16. Closed Mondays. 12 Crooms Hill. 020 8305 1441 Old Royal Naval College: Discovery Centre, daily. St Margaret’s, Lee: Arts & Crafts Movement workshops, talks, exhibition by Talk About Art. June 17-July 8. Mons & Weds, 10-4, Sats 10.30-4.30 Blackheath Halls: Age Exchange: Carers’ group Mon, knitters Thurs, preschool rhyme-time Fri. Old Bakehouse, Bennett Pk SE3 9LA. National Maritime Museum: Death In The Ice, Jul 14-Jan 7. Made In Greenwich: 324 Creek Rd SE10. 020 8293 9823 Blackheath Bowling Club: Practice every Thus 2.30 nr Ranger’s House The Forum: Disabled drop-ins, mums’ groups, kids’ classes, advice. Trafalgar Rd SE10 9EQ. 020 8853 5212 Greenwich Heritage Centre: Artillery Square SE18 4DX. 020 8854 2452 West Greenwich Library: 146 Greenwich High Rd SE10 8NN. 020 8858 4289 WALKS Greenwich Guided Walks: Local experts. Walks daily at 12.15 and 2.15 from the Greenwich Tourist Information Centre. £8, £7 cons. Greenwich Tour Guides Association 07575772298 Rich Sylvester: Guide, historian, storyteller. 07833 538143. Dotmaker: Alternative guided walks. FAMILY ACTIVITIES National Maritime Museum: Explore Saturdays. Free. Performance and storytelling for over-5s from noon. Discover Sundays. Free. Activities for families from 11.30am. Play Tuesdays. Free. For under-5s from 10.30

Tinnitus Association 2.30-4.30. Dragonfly Lifestyle, 6 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich. FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre FOOTBALL Live Sixes O2 6.30 MUSIC Good Times 30th anniversary of Heart & Soul. Albany 7 PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 7.30 DANCE Graduate School Showcase Laban 7.30 MUSIC Jazz Club Eltham Warren Golf Club 8. Part of Eltham Arts’ Summer Festival

Monday 17

FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre PUB QUIZ Vanbrugh 8.30 JAZZ Ladies Night Oliver’s

Tuesday 18

FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre OPERA The Enchanted Bullets Blackheath Halls 7 PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 7.30 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

A Fabulous night of 70s & 80s soul, funk & disco - for people who remember the tunes fIRst time round & still want to party

Wednesday 19

SAT ocT 7

BlAckHeATH HAllS, Se3 £15 ( £18 Door) 7.30pm - mIDnIgHT

SAT Dec 2

ISlIngTon ASSemBlY HAll, n1 £15 (£18 Door) 7.30pm - mIDnIgHT

SAT Dec 9

BlAckHeATH HAllS, Se3

As featured on

rADIo 4 and in prImA and STellA mAgAzIne

£15 (£18 Door) 7.30pm - mIDnIgHT

• VInYl DJS • DISco DAnce lIne-upS • glAm up! - prIzeS For THe BeST ouTFITS • BAr • Free SweeTS & Ice popS ☎ call 0796 716 3247 for more info

10% proFITS To Follow us on Facebook: Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet!, Instagram: @haventstoppeddancingyet and Twitter @H_S_D_Y

A4_Oct_Dec2017.indd 1

05/06/2017 11:19

TALK Meet The Experts Queens House 1 FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre NATURE Wildflower Pop-Up Creekside Discovery Centre 6-8 YOUTH PARTY Out of Hours. Music, Art, Games For ages 13-18 Queen’s House 6-8.30 OPERA Enchanted Bullets Blackheath Halls 7 PLAY Hamlet Severndroog Castle 7.15 MUSIC blink-182 O2 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 WOOLLIES Knitting club Pelton PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 7.30 MUSIC Folk Mob Blackheath Rugby Club, Well Hall. Part of Eltham Arts’ Summer Festival COMEDY Daniel Simonsen, Phil Ellis UTC JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

Thursday 20

MUSIC Alice Thompson, Antero Pellikkag Flute & guitar recital. St Alfege 1.05 FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre

Friday 21

Saturday 22

CHARITY RUN Mencap fundraiser Greenwich Park from 8.30. COURSE Gods & Heroes Queen’s House 10.30 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 2.30 PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 3, 7.30 MUSIC Hola! London O2 FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre FILM Star Trek Generations (1994) Royal Observatory 6.30 COMEDY Andrew Lawrence, Saskia Preston Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 MUSIC CD Launch & Finale Greenwich Mozart Festival, St Alfege 7.30 COMEDY John Hastings, Chris McCauseland UTC JAZZ Nicolas Meier Oliver’s

Sunday 23

FAMILY Summer Parksfest featuring Tavia. Mycenae House, 12-5.30 FAMILY Community Fun Day Global Fusion Music and Arts event, Charlton Park OPERA Enchanted Bullets Blackheath Halls 2 MUSIC The Crystal Palace Band Greenwich Park Bandstand 3 MUSIC Los Dawsons Eltham Park South 3-4.30 FESTIVAL One-Hour Plays London Theatre PLAY Chinese Whispers Greenwich Th 5 TALENT Something For Sunday Vanbrugh 7 MUSIC Roop Kumar Rathod, Sunali Indig02 COMEDY Jan Ravens. Ken Chang Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30

Monday 24

COMEDY Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Daniel Cook Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 PUB QUIZ Vanbrugh 8.30 JAZZ Ladies Night Oliver’s

Tuesday 25

KIDS Pond-Dipping Woodlands Farm 10-2 SEMINAR Sir John Franklin’s Arctic Expedition NMM 10.30 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 COMEDY John Robins, Chris Stokes Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

Wednesday 26

ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 TALK Meet The Experts Queens House 1 TEA DANCE Blackheath Halls 1.30 JEWELLERY AUCTION Leah Lodge, Blessington Road Blackheath 2-5. For Alzheimers Society COMEDY Catriona Knox, Russell Layton Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 LITERATURE Claire Tomalin: Jane Austen - A Life Blackheath Halls 8 COMEDY Geins Family Giftshop Up The Creek

Thursday 27

KIDS Mad Hatters’ Tea Party Woodlands Farm 10.30, 2 YOUTH MASTERCLASSES Poetry and Climate Change NMM 11-3 TEACH-IN Mission: Invertebrate Greenwich Park 11-3 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 TALK Dr Twigs Way: Victorian Botanical Artist Marianne North Blackheath Decorative & Fine Arts Society, St Mary’s Church Hall 2.30 FILM/PLAY Perestroika From NT Greenwich Picturehouse 7 COMEDY Tom Allen, Phil Jerrod Cutty Sark studio theatre 7

GreenwichVisitor THE

PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 MUSIC Jazz Club Eltham Warren Golf Club 8. Part of Eltham Arts’ Summer Festival MUSIC Icarus Club Pelton 8

Friday 28

VOLUNTEER Dig-In Greenwich Park 9.30 TEACH-IN Mission: Invertebrate Greenwich Park 11-3 MUSIC Clare Deniz Cello. Charlton House 1 MUSIC Trinity Laban recital ORNC chapel 1.05 PLAY A Midsummer Night’s Dream The Crystal, Royal Victoria Dock 7. COMEDY Jayde Adams, Sarah Keyworth Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 MUSIC Cheng Yu Global Fusion Music and Arts event. Mycenae House 7.30 PLAY Chekhov Double Bill London Theatre 8 COMEDY Rich Wilson, Tom Ward Up The Creek JAZZ Tom Harrison, Felipe Manteiro Oliver’s

Saturday 29

TEACH-IN Mission: Invertebrate G Park 11-3 FAMILY Drop-In Wildlife Centre, G Park 1-4 COMEDY Samantha Baines, Alice Marshall Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 MUSIC Céline Dion O2 PLAY We Live By The Sea G Theatre studio 7.30 PLAY Chekhov Double Bill London Theatre 8 COMEDY Rich Wilson, Michael Legge, Johnny Cochrane, Andrew Maxwell Up The Creek JAZZ Francesco lo Castro Oliver’s

Sunday 30

MUSIC Lewisham Concert Band Greenwich Park Bandstand 3 MUSIC Summer Concert Well Hall Pleasaunce 3-5. Part of Eltham Arts’ Summer Festival COMEDY Dan Antopolski, Mae Martin Cutty Sark studio theatre 7 MUSIC Lazy Jazz Sunday Eltham Palace. Part of Eltham Arts’ Summer Festival MUSIC Céline Dion O2 TALENT Something For Sunday Vanbrugh 7 MUSIC Greenwich Blues Band The Guard House, Woolwich Arsenal 7.30

Monday 31

FAMILY Holiday To Space With Q Pootle 5 Royal Observatory 10-12.30

Tuesday August 1

FAMILY Animals Around The World NMM 11, 1.45 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter PLAY A Letter From A Ponygirl London Th 8 JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

Wednesday 2

ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 TALK Ancient Greeks In Greenwich Painted Hall, ORNC 1 WOOLLIES Knitting club Pelton PLAY A Letter From A Ponygirl London Th 8 JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

Thursday 3

ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 FILM/OPERA La Clemenza Di Tito Glyndebourne link-up. Greenwich Picturehouse 6 PLAY A Letter From A Ponygirl London Th 8 MUSIC Icarus Club Pelton 8

Friday 4

JAZZ Live Music Oliver’s

Saturday 5

KIDS Sea Monster Puppets Cutty Sark 11.30, 2 FOOTBALL Charlton Athletic v Bristol Rovers. The Valley 3 FILM Sunshine (2007) Royal Observatory 6.30 CLUBBING Eksman Birthday Building Six 10

Sunday 6

KIDS Intrepid Explorers NMM 11, 1 KIDS Sea Monster Puppets Cutty Sark 11.30, 2 MUSIC The Lambeth Wind Orchestra Greenwich Park Bandstand 3

Monday 7

JAZZ Ladies Night Oliver’s

Tuesday 8

FAMILY Extreme Fashion NMM 11, 1.45 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

Wednesday 9

FAMILY Orienteering Woodlands Farm 10-2 KIDS Floating Sea Creatures Cutty Sark 11.30, 2 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 TALK Amazing Animals Painted Hall, ORNC 1 WOOLLIES Knitting club Pelton


PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 7.30 PLAY Blood Wedding London Theatre 8

FILM/PLAY Titus Andronicus RSC link-up. Greenwich Picturehouse 7 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 7 JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

Thursday 10

FAMILY Fascinated Abour Farming Woodlands Farm 11-3 KIDS Floating Sea Creatures Cutty Sark 11.30, 2 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 TALK Gaia Royal Observatory 7 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 7.30 MUSIC Icarus Club Pelton 8

Friday 11

KIDS Make A Cress Head Woodlands Fm 1 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 7.30

Saturday 12

FAMILY Low-Tide Walk Creekside Centre 11 FAMILY Sinestesia Albany 1, 2.30 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 7.30

Sunday 13

KIDS Marvellous Maps NMM 11, 1.45 MUSIC The South London Jazz Orchestra Greenwich Park Bandstand 3 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights

Friday 18

MUSIC Cece & Friends Albany 6.30 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 7.30

Saturday 19

FOOTBALL Charlton Athletic v Northampton Town. The Valley 3 JIU JITSU Polaris 5 Indig02 MUSIC Bros O2 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 7.30 PLAY Blood Wedding London Theatre 8

UP THE CREEK: Low-Tide Walk at Creekside Discovery Centre Sat Aug 12

July 2017 Page 21

Out of Hours Youth Party

The Queen’s House, Romney Road Greenwich, London, SE10 9NF Wednesday 19th July I 18:00-20:30

Sunday 20

An out-of-hours event exclusively for young people to explore the spectacular Queen’s House in Greenwich.

Monday 14

Monday 21

Join us for a fun-filled evening of live music, art, competitions, activities and much more! Plus: find out about summer holiday activities from arts and youth organizations.

Tuesday 15

Tuesday 22

Greenwich Park 7.30

JAZZ Ladies Night Oliver’s KIDS Intrepid Explorers NMM 11, 1 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 KIDS Paper Plate Weaving Woodlands Fm 1 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 7.30 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter PLAY Blood Wedding London Theatre 8 JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

Wednesday 16

FAMILY Story-telling & Crafts Woodlands Farm 10-3 KIDS Once I Caught A Fish Alive! Cutty Sark 11.30, 2 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 TALK Princes & Princesses Painted Hall, ORNC 1 PERFORMANCE Tales From The Arabian Nights Greenwich Park 2, 7.30

FAMILY Extreme Fashion NMM 11, 1.45 MUSIC Galaxy Big Band G Park Bandstand 3 PLAY Blood Wedding London Theatre 5 MUSIC Bros O2 PUB QUIZ Vanbrugh 8.30

FAMILY Animals Around The World NMM 11, 1.45 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

Wednesday 23

HISTORY International Slavery Remembrance Day NMM 11-5 KIDS Intrepid Explorers NMM 11, 1 KIDS Sea-People Finger Puppets Cutty Sark 11.30, 2

Thursday 24

KIDS Sea-People Finger Puppets Cutty Sark 11.30, 2 MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 LECTURE Professor Gerry Gilmore: Gaia Royal Observatory 7

Friday 25

VOLUNTEER Dig-In Greenwich Park 9.30

Saturday 26

FAMILY Drop-In Wildlife Centre, Greenwich Park 1-4 FAMILY Teddy Bears’ Picnic Greenwich &

Thursday 17

KIDS Pond-Dipping Woodlands Farm 10-2 KIDS Once I Caught A Fish Alive! Cutty Sark 11.30, 2 ASTRONOMY Daytime Venus Watch Royal Observatory 12.30, 1.10, 1.50, 2.30 MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05

FREE but booking essential. Exclusively for young people aged 13-18. Book online at:

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Bexley Community Hospice fundraiser 1.30-4.30 Bostall Heath SE2 0GB

Sunday 27

KIDS Intrepid Explorers NMM 11, 1 MUSIC Greenwich Concert Band G Park Bandstand 3 MUSIC Greenwich Blues Band The Guard House, Woolwich Arsenal 7.30

Monday 28

MUSIC Mardi Gras Jazz Band G Park Bandstand 3 SHOW Billionaire Boy GLYPT production St George’s Garrison Church, Woolwich 3

Tuesday 29

FAMILY Extreme Fashion NMM 11, 1.45 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

Wednesday 30 JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 FILM/PLAY Yerma Young Vic link-up. Greenwich Picturehouse 7 NATURE Bat Walk Woodlands Farm 7.30

Friday September 1 Saturday 2

DANCE Paradiso Albany 2.30

Sunday 3

MUSIC MyCool Singers Albany 8

Monday 4

Tuesday 5

MUSIC English folk Star & Garter PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 8

Wednesday 6

PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 8

Thursday 7

MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 8

Friday 8

PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 8

Thursday 31

JAZZ Live Music Oliver’s

COURSE Muslims At Sea NMM 10-12.30

Saturday 9

MUSIC OnBlackheath Travis, Metronomy, De La Soul, Steve Mason & many more KIDS The Wind In The Willows Blackheath Halls 11, 3 FOOTBALL Charlton Athletic v Southend United. The Valley 3 MUSIC The Analogues Indig02 PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 8

Sunday 10

MUSIC OnBlackheath Libertines. Seasick Steve, KT Tunstall, Fun Lovin Criminals & many more NATURE Low-Tide Wade Creekside Centre 10 PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 5


Monday 11

JAZZ Ladies Night Oliver’s

Tuesday 12

MUSIC John Legend O2 FOOTBALL Charlton Athletic v Wigan Athletic. The Valley 7.45 PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30 MUSIC English folk Star & Garter

Wednesday 13

PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30 PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 8 JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

Thursday 14

MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 COMEDY Micky Flanagan O2 PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30

Friday 15

PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30 COMEDY Micky Flanagan O2 PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 8

Saturday 16

TOURS Open House London ORNC and Charlton House PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30 COMEDY Micky Flanagan O2 MUSIC The London Lasses, Chris O’Malley Blackheath Halls 8 FILM Stargate (1994) Royal Obs 5.45 COMBAT Cage Warriors 86 Indig02 PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 8

Sunday 17

He lives on the river and writes about the river. His blog is free for all to see take a dip

TOURS Open House London Charlton House PLAY The Collective Collected London Th 5 TALENT Something For Sunday Vanbrugh 7

Tuesday 19

PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30

Wednesday 20

PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30 JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

Thursday 21

MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 COMEDY Micky Flanagan O2 PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30 MUSIC Icarus Club Pelton 8

Friday 22

COMEDY Micky Flanagan O2 MUSIC Julie Felix GFMA International Day of Peace event, Mycenae Hsuse 7.30 PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30

Saturday 23

NETBALL British Fast5s All-Stars O2 FOOTBALL Charlton Athletic v Bury. Valley 3 COMEDY Wahala Indig02 PLAY Howerd’s End Greenwich Theatre 7.30

Sunday 24

BASKETBALL British All-Stars O2 TALENT Something For Sunday Vanbrugh 7 MUSIC Greenwich Blues Band The Guard House, Woolwich Arsenal 7.30

Monday 25

PUB QUIZ Vanbrugh 8.30 JAZZ Ladies Night Oliver’s

Tuesday 26

MUSIC English folk Star & Garter JAZZ Corrie & Co Oliver’s

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What’s great about Greenwich and Blackheath? NIKKI SPENCER asks a local

Wednesday 27 WOOLLIES Knitting club Pelton JAZZ Jam session Oliver’s

Thursday 28

MUSIC Trinity Laban recital St Alfege 1.05 TALK Christopher Garibaldi: Treasures of the Turf Blackheath Decorative & Fine Arts Society, St Mary’s Church Hall 2.30 COMEDY Micky Flanagan O2 DANCE/SPOKEN WORD Shall We Take This Outside Albany 7.30 PLAY Life Boat London Theatre 8 MUSIC Icarus Club Pelton 8

Friday 29

VOLUNTEER Dig-In Greenwich Park 9.30 MUSIC Chorus Albany 6, 7, 8 COMEDY Micky Flanagan O2 JAZZ Mike Westbrook & The Uncommon Orchestra Albany 7.30 PLAY Life Boat London Theatre 8

Saturday 30

FAMILY Drop-In Wildlife Centre, GPark 1-4 MUSIC Chorus Albany 1.30, 2.30, 3.30 MUSIC Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds O2 PLAY Life Boat London Theatre 8 CLUBBING Pure Silk Indig02 10





inally...the exams are over. So families can kick back and enjoy the summer – especially here in Eltham where so much is going on. July is Eltham Music Month with music, festivals and family fun in the parks. Eltham Choral has a classical concert, Eltham Palace has Jazz afternoons and the Greenwich Cultural Festival, FolkMob has a special night and Eltham Jazz Club again has wonderful Jazz Nights. highlight will be the Eltham Park Festival at Eltham Park South in Glenesk Road on Sunday July 30 (12-5pm). Organised by our local police for the last few years, we have joined them this year with more music and crafts to add to the activities. Everything is free or affordable. Free bouncy castles and a 45ft long obstacle course will be great fun. Like furry animals and reptiles? Animal Days Out will be there, as well as community groups including the South East London Meccano Club and Demelza Demelza Hospice Care for Children. A Music Tree will provide live music for everyone to enjoy and you can have a go at everything from crafts to soccer darts. Historic Police Vehicles and not so historic police officers will be behave! There will of course be food, including an Indian food stall. A great community event! he launch of our Eltham Arts CD A Plateful of Songs was a great success. It shows what talent we have in South London and how Eltham is becoming a creative hub. (Full report – Page 14.) e have been very creative in our writing in Eltham this term. Lond o n South East Colleges has organised free Creative Writing Courses in the Eltham Centre with an excellent tutor John Paul O’Neill, a professional poet and writer and co-founder of Farrago Poetry. He has been inspiring us all. We understand more sessions are planned for September, so if you are a writer or would like be one join in. At Eltham Arts, we are planning another creative community writing competition Writing on the Wall in the Autumn as part of our WALL project, so go along to the courses and you could be a winner and be published! ltham Arts exists to “Connect the Community through the Arts” and we love to hear from people who are involved in any creative activities or want to join in and be part of the SE9 arts scene. Get in touch. And have a great July!




This column is your chance to share your passion for the arts in Eltham. Tell me your news and views on 07976 355398 or email elthamarts

rita carta-manias training EXPERT y sister was living in London,


so in 2004 I came here to join her from the small town in Sardinia where we were born and grew up. It was quite a culture shock and although I had learnt English at school it was hard at the beginning to understand what people were saying. Everyone spoke so fast and with different accents, but luckily I learnt quickly. or years I worked in human resources and I became very interested in helping people grow and improve their careers. Two years ago I started my own training company (www. ). We work with companies all around London to deliver courses in management and leadership accredited by CMI. We also run English language courses to help our learners to communicate efficiently in their everyday activities. I know what a challenge it can be finding a job or going for interviews or even just opening a bank account or shopping when you first come to the UK. met my husband, who is also from Sardinia, through friends. We both lived in East London and finally came south of the river about 10 years ago when we moved to Deptford. People were a bit rude about South London saying it was rough and not nice but we love it here. People have been very welcoming. e love walking along the river to Greenwich and then going up to the top of the park for the fantastic views. Greenwich has a nice villagey feel and it is so green. When friends come to visit we always show them around and often stop off at The Trafalgar on the river for a drink. I especially love walking past the Old Royal Naval College as you can hear all the students from Trinity College playing music. I also enjoy wandering around all the stalls in the newly redone market on a Sunday. The vintage market by the NatWest bank is fun but I can’t buy that much as we only have a tiny flat and not much space. t home we often cook Italian food so when we go out we like to have something different like fish and chips or Sunday roast. We love Goddard’s as they do traditional English pies. I really like their beef pie with mushy peas. e usually visit Sardinia every summer to see old friends and our families but London is very much our home now, although we will have to see how it goes with Brexit and if we are still welcome here.






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pedalo power in greenwich park THERE’S nothing quite like being near water to stay cool in a heatwave...Photographer Mike Purdy, a regular contributor, took this classic picture of people on pedalos in the boating lake in Greenwich Park. It’s a timeless scene and one that shows how lucky are to have such a magnificent Send us a photo. Email: we green space on our doorstep. Thanks,


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streets in Blackheath: Coleraine Road. This carefully extended classic 1920s semi is available for £1.35m. Call Brown & Brooke on 020 8858 0200.


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1 What were the character names of the two hitmen in Pulp Fiction? 2 Who wrote the children’s book The Gruffalo? 3 Who had a hit single in 1981 with Romeo And Juliet? 4 What do the names Charlie, Oscar, Victor, Mike and Juliet have in common? 5 The original Live Aid concerts were held at Wembly and Philadelphia on July 13 in which year? 6 Who captained Jules Verne’s submarine Nautilus? 7 Which famous fictional character was born on July 31 1981? 8 Which two months are named after Roman Emperors? 9 Which war was ended by the signing of an armistice on July 27 1953? 10 Who is the only American President to have been born on July 4? Answers: 1 Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. 2 Julia Donaldson. 3 Dire Straits. 4 They are names in the NATO phonetic alphabet. 5 1985. 6 Captain Nemo. 7 Harry Potter. 8 July and August. 9 The Korean War. 10 Calvin Coolidge.

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TINIE TEMPAH TALKS Page 3 STANDING on the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory will cost £10 from next month.

Around 1.58million people each year visit the Greenwich attraction for free to put one foot in the Eastern Hemisphere and one in the Western Hemisphere. The charge comes weeks after the Government said museums would stay free because cuts were smaller than expected. But managers at the National Turn to Page 4


GOLDEN GIRL: The refurbished Cutty Sark

SHE’S back...and after six long years since closing for an ill-fated refurb, The Greenwich Visitor was the first paying customer on board the reopened Cutty Sark.

FREE We’re first to pay POSTER INSIDE for Cutty Sark trip. Here’s our verdict...

The ship was launched by The Queen on a stormy but historic day in Greenwich last month before opening to the See Pages 12&17 public the next morning, writes MATT JARVIS. And I was first in the queue to step aboard and experience the new attraction. Would the £50million project be value for money? Or a costly damp squib?

My verdict - Pages 4&5

iggLepiggLe & upSy daiSy at In the Night Garden Live...coming to the O2 this month. See Page 26 & Back Page ad

10 royaL tHingS to do aMazing a to z of tHe today...for free! - p7 painted HaLL - p20&21


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