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Safe and Effective Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation Fat grafting for breast augmentation is a safe and effective alternative to implants. Women who have liposuction surgery to eliminate excess fat can have these fat tissues injected into the breasts to improve volume and shape as well as to correct defects with breast reconstruction.

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augmentation. However, there are many complications associated with implants such as risk of rupture, loss of sensation in the nipples, and more. Plastic surgeons have now discovered that fat grafting is a very viable alternative as the procedure can overcome many of these implant-related issues.

                                                                                             Greenwich SmartLipo                               Call Us:  203­769­1200 A breast enhancement with liposuction procedure is ideal for women who have excess fat deposits in areas such as the stomach, thighs and hips. Fat harvesting is performed using advanced laser liposuction technology. Smartlipo Triplex is a popular laser-enabled modality that employs energy from three laser wavelengths to melt and suction off excess fat easily and effectively. The fat that removed is immediately processed to remove unwanted fluids and blood products. The healthy fat cells are then injected into the breasts. As fat grafting is done using the patient’s own fat, it offers a completely natural outcome with none of the risks associated with artificial implants. Fat grafting works well to augment small breasts. Leading plastic surgery centers also offer the procedure following a capsulectomy, which is surgical treatment for implant contracture. The implant is removed, and instead of putting in a new implant, the liposuctioned fat is injected into the breast.

Fat Transfer Surgery – Many Advantages Fat grafting for breast enhancement is safe and effective. As it utilizes the patient’s own fat, there are no immunity problems – the body does not reject it. This option also helps women avoid many implant-associated issues such as risk of contracture, collapse, leaking, nipple sensation changes, reduced sensitivity to mammography, and more. While the donor site benefits from fat reduction and improved contour, lipotransfer results in breasts that feel and look more natural. The transferred fat is easily absorbed by the body, ensuring long lasting results. Laser liposuction surgery using the latest technology ensures patient safety, minimal discomfort and fast recovery. Fat transplantation is small quantities involves no complications and can be done under local anesthesia.

                                                                                             Greenwich SmartLipo                               Call Us:  203­769­1200 Women who are healthy and have no medical issues are good candidates for breast augmentation via lipotransfer. It is important to locate the right plastic surgeon for the best results – one who is board-certified and has experience in performing fat grafting for breast augmentation. For more details visit

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Safe and Effective Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation  

Women who have liposuction surgery to eliminate excess fat can have these fat tissues injected into the breasts to improve volume. Fat graft...

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