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Plastic Surgeons at Greenwich Smartlipo Provide the Latest in Plastic Surgery Procedures Plastic Surgeons at Greenwich Smartlipo, a leading plastic surgery center in Greenwich, Connecticut offer a variety of plastic surgery procedures that are designed to enhance the overall body contour. The latest advanced techniques are utilized in performing the procedures. Greenwich, CT residents now have the convenient option of undergoing the cosmetic surgery procedure of their choice at Greenwich Smartlipo. The plastic surgery center is run and managed by two noted plastic surgeons -- Dr. Sandra Margoles and Dr. Elsa Raskin, both board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. They are specialized in offering Smartlipo laser liposuction procedures, using the advanced body contouring device Smartlipo Triplex from Cynosure. They provide individualized Smartlipo laser liposuction for both men and women for the back, face, chin, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, male breasts, mons pubis, upper arms, knees, and hips. Smartlipo Triplex is the first and most sophisticated laser assisted lipolysis system that provides the benefits of more effective fat removal and less down time and side effects compared to traditional liposuction. Other benefits include collagen stimulation, skin tightening, and permanent destruction of fat cells. Smartlipo liposuction is known for

the immediate results it offers. It enables high definition contouring that ensures patient satisfaction. The procedure is safe, especially because it is carried out under local anesthesia. Moreover, the incisions made are very small and therefore bleeding, pain and trauma are negligible. The system features controlled energy delivery that improves patient safety. Another revolutionary procedure offered at the center is fat grafting. Greenwich Smartlipo offers this new procedure for aesthetic breast enhancement. Adipose tissue from the patient’s own body is used instead of implants for primary breast augmentation or for rectifying defects with breast reconstruction. Apart from these procedures, a variety of other procedures are offered at the center. These include lightbased treatments, injectable therapies, restorative treatments, and more.

About Greenwich Smartlipo Conveniently located at Greenwich, Connecticut, Greenwich Smartlipo is a plastic surgery practice providing advanced Smartlipo laser liposuction treatments. Greenwich Smartlipo offers a complete line of customized cosmetic procedures to help patients enhance their beauty, look years younger, and boost their self esteem. To schedule a consultation for any of the cosmetic procedures, call: 203-769-1200.

Location and Contact Details Greenwich Smartlipo 2 ½ Dearfield Dr Suite 102 Greenwich, CT 06831 203-769-1200

Plastic Surgeons at Greenwich Smartlipo Provide the Latest in Plastic Surgery Procedures  
Plastic Surgeons at Greenwich Smartlipo Provide the Latest in Plastic Surgery Procedures  

A variety of plastic surgery procedures to enhance face and body contour.