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December 2013

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Kingston Native Lauren Herfindahl performs in Boston Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”

Caroline Bradbury Staff Writer For most people art is a canvas on a wall, but for ballet dancer Lauren Herfindahl, art lives within movement. This Kingston native is taking the ballet world by storm through hard work and commitment to her art.

Dawn Atkins, Lauren Herfindahl, and Ekaterine Chubinidze in Boston Ballet's The Nutcracker (by Rosalie O'Connor)

Lawrence Rines in Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker (by Gene Schiavone)

constant movement and precision that show how much she truly loves her craft. These skills will all come in handy when she appears in “The Nutcracker,” November 29 – December 29 at the Boston Opera House. Herfindahl will dance as a party woman in the Party Scene, as a snowflake in the Snow Scene, as flower and a lead flower in the Waltz of the Flowers, and she has learned the role of Pastorale.

Herfindahl earned a spot in Boston Ballet‟s apprentice company (Boston Ballet II) when she was just 15. Now, at age 18 she is a member of the full company. And, in addition to her talent, it must have taken a lot of inspiration and dedication to ―Its motivating get there.

to dance with the people I watched growing up.‖

“I watched „Riverdance‟ when I was about two or three, and knew I — Lauren Herfindahl had to dance,” she explained during a recent interThe Boston Ballet has view. “My mom then put me recently revamped their into ballet class, and I‟ve version of the popular loved it ever since.” From there she went on to The Bos- holiday ballet. Mikko Nissinen is the artistic ton Ballet School from 2004director of the company, 2011 until she was accepted and is widely credited for into Boston Ballet II. making this classical ballet into something even “I‟m pretty busy,” said Herfin- greater than it dahl as she spoke of her was. ”Mikko has made crazy schedule. Sometimes, everything his own,” said she has class from 9:00 AM Herfindahl. She espeuntil 2:30 PM, and then recially likes what he has hearsals and shows later in done visually. “All of the the evening. That is hours of new costumes and sets

are beautiful,” said Herfindahl. Herfindahl finds performing well known ballets inspirational. She performed in parts of Marius Patipa‟s classic, “La Bayadere” earlier this year, which was her first official performance with the company. She also danced in the first ever “Night of Stars on Boston Common” in September. ”Its motivating to dance with the people I watched growing up. And it‟s satisfying how we all rely on each other throughout a performance.” She also finds a lot of inspiration through other dancers and music. ”I even watch dances on YouTube!” said Herfindahl. She says the best part of being a dancer for Boston Ballet is “performing with the home company.” Since she grew up in the Boston area she thinks it is a huge privilege to dance for her city. If Herfindahl could give advice to any aspiring dancer she would tell them to simply “love their art.” This article also appeared in the Patriot Ledger

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Drones At Your Doorstep Are you ready for flying unmanned package delivery? Mike Donaher Staff Writer

A RAPTR drone helicopter is displayed at the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference in Washington, DC. (Maggie Clark/Stateline/MCT)

―Bezos’ bold idea is a breath of fresh air and an indication of hope that drone technology can be used for economic innovation and not solely for death and destruction ‖ — Mike Donaher

During a December 1, ”60 Minutes” interview with Charlie Rose, CEO Jeff Bezos announced that his company hopes to deliver small packages via unmanned drones within five years. The service would be called “Amazon Prime Air,” and would have the small aircraft flying from an Amazon distribution center to one‟s home to deliver packages of no more than five pounds in 30 minutes. The idea could very well revolutionize the American economy, and with that the use of drone technology for years to come.

mittee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, confirmed a hearing would be held in 2014 to ensure the program meets certain regulations. This is a crucial time, because of all the possible limitations, the legal issues regarding drones may be the biggest hurdle. Overcoming Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations that haven‟t even been established yet could mean years until “Prime Air” is implemented. Many questions still need to be answered. For starters; what is the timetable for


Bezos‟ bold idea is a breath of fresh air and an indication of hope that drone technology can be used for economic innovation and not solely for death and destruction as it is known for today. That being said, the federal government is not staying away from Amazon‟s idea. According to Fox News, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), chairman of the Senate Com-

Spirit Week and Classy Thursday (More Pictures at

implementation? It would be a bit of a tease to announce the idea but wait to implement it. Furthermore, what is the likelihood that the program succeeds? Many technology experts have expressed doubts towards Bezos‟ plan. In an interview with CNN Bill Gates said he likes the idea, but has concerns that it may be “overly optimistic.” However, even if the experiment fails and Amazon is not able to implement this idea, it could open the door to other companies making innovations in drone technology.

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December 2013

Gadget Gifts for Geeks Technology Gift Ideas for 2013 Jake Snyder Staff Writer Two thousand and thirteen is the year to fill up your gift list with electronic and technology gifts for both home and school. Below are our top four picks for either giving or receiving this year! Our number four pick for this year is the Google Chromecast. It is a simple to use and inexpensive device that allows you to stream videos from your iPad or your Smartphone directly to the TV. All you need is Wi-Fi and you are good to see all of your YouTube videos, Vines and Instagram posts on the big screen. Our number three pick is this year‟s two biggest gaming consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. These two consoles will be difficult to find this year, but if you do, it will be worth the effort. New to Xbox One is the built in ability to Skype through Kinect. There is also a brand new dashboard that allows you to “pin” or bookmark any of your content and allows you to sync your

games up with your friends. PS4 houses some of the biggest hardware to date in video gaming systems. This new system will streamline all of your apps quickly and will become your one source for viewing media of all kinds: videos, movies, Vines, pictures, and Netflix. Some games out for these next generation consoles are “Titanfall,” a multi-player game for Xbox One where the players fight giant Mech Suits and “Infamous: Second Son” for PS4 which is the third game in the “Infamous,” series where you can control a super powered graffiti artist who uses smoke and ash powers in a totalitarian version of Seattle. With these games and many others, you will have a great time with either system. Our number two pick this year is the Fitbit Flex. This device is great for the fitness expert or just the person trying to lose those last few pounds. It helps you manage your exercise by keeping track

of your steps, distance, and calories burned. This is all done on a device that goes on your wrist and provides you all the information you need through the use of LED lights. You customize it yourself using a daily dashboard and you are good to go for the day. And finally, our number one gift pick for 2013 is the GoPro Hero 3+. With this camera you can capture your adventures in larger than life quality. This camera can mount to anything: your bike, skateboard, or just onto your baseball cap. It is a waterproof camera with built in Wi-Fi that allows you to take pictures and make videos from a much different point of view than a normal camera. The person watching these videos or looking at these pictures will feel like they are taking part in your adventures.

Google Chromecast (MCT)

“Our number four pick for this year is the Google Chromecast. It is a simple to use and inexpensive device that allows you to stream videos from your iPad or your Smartphone directly to the TV.” - Jake Snyder

YouTube Stardom From YouTube to Television

Amanda Beaver Staff Writer It‟s hard to believe YouTube is only five years old. It‟s already the third most popular website in the world! YouTube has about two billion views every day. It has advanced so much, allowing anyone to make videos that can end up going viral and kick starting the careers of actors, comedians, musicians and all sorts of entertainers.

―It’s amazing. Shane Dawson started off with a few simple skits, and now might have his own network TV show. ‖— Amanda Beaver There have been numerous “YouTubers” who now have their own TV show, or have gotten their big break in the music industry. Shane Dawson a director/actor/ comedian has been on YouTube since 2008. He has become so popular that he now has the 33rd most subscribed to channel on YouTube. He is also developing a new show called “Losin‟ It”

for Sony Pictures that has a chance to be picked up by NBC next year. Other YouTubers who started off making silly videos include Dane Boedigheimere, the creator of the “Annoying Orange” show. It features talking fruit and corny puns. Its YouTube success led to its own show on the Cartoon Network. Another YouTuber, Toby Turner, better known as

“Annoying Orange” (courtesy of the Cartoon Network) Tobuscus, is also on the show playing the only human who can interact with the fruit. It seems as YouTube expands, the possibilities are limitless. If you have an idea for a video to showcase your talents, now might be a great to time to give it a try.

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Top 5 Holiday Movies Nicole Bradbury Staff Writer It‟s the most wonderful time of the year to give thanks and appreciate your family and friends. So why not spend time with loved ones watching a movie that puts you in the holiday spirit? Pour out some hot chocolate, change into your favorite holiday sweater, and get comfortable, because we‟re counting down our top five holiday movies of all time.

―Pour out some hot chocolate, change into your favorite holiday sweater, and get comfortable, because we’re counting down our top five holiday movies of all time.‖ - Nicole Bradbury

At number five is something that will please the entire family. ―New Year’s Eve‖ (2011) starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, and many other Hollywood favorites, is sure to bring a smile onto the face of even the pickiest family member. This movie follows a huge cast of interesting characters, all with different stories, set on the night of New Year‟s Eve. A sappy teen romance, a heart wrenching tale of love and loss, and even a hysterical story of an expecting couple can all be found in this unique movie. The events leave you guessing how all of these stories are intertwined until the very last shot. This is definitely a movie to put on your must see list this holiday season. Coming out at number four is ―Four Christ-

mases‖ (2008). This comedy follows a couple, Brad (Vince Vaughn) and Kate (Reese Witherspoon) as they‟re just about to leave for a charity trip to Fiji on Christmas day. Through a few unfortunate events, they have to cancel their holiday plans and visit both sides of their crazy families. Except there‟s a catch; both of their parents are divorced. This movie will not only leave you with tears streaming down your face as you‟re laughing at all of the ridiculous problems this couple faces but will also help you to better understand the true meaning of love and relationships. This movie isn‟t for younger children due to language and a few upsetting comments, so I‟d suggest watching with your older family members. Number three is a classic that plays non-stop on Christmas day, so be sure you catch this unforgettable film! “A Christmas Story‖ (1983) follows a young boy, Ralphie (Peter Billingsly) and his dream of waking up on Christmas morning to find a Red Rider BB Gun under the tree. However, he runs into the disapproval of his family and members into his community. His father, played by Darren McGavin, even wins a leg lamp, which he displays in the front window to the horror of his wife (Melinda Dillion). The popular phrases, “You‟ll shoot your eye out!” and “I triple dog dare you!” come from this loveable movie that will leave you reciting these lines and many more for days to come. ―The Santa Clause‖ (1994) takes second prize, because of the brilliant images and imaginative themes that will make even the Scrooges of

Christmas believe again. Starring Tim Allen, his character Scott Calvin finds Santa Claus dead after frightening him into falling off of his roof on Christmas Eve. As he and his son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) investigate, their adventure eventually leads them to the North Pole where Scott finds that he now has to take the role of Santa Claus. This heartwarming film portrays the North Pole so realistically that anyone would want to visit this magical land. The Santa Clause also has two movies that follow that are just as good. Be sure to catch this trilogy before Santa comes to town. Earning its rightful place at number one is ―Elf‖ (2003), and I‟m sure no one would argue with us on this one! Buddy the elf (Will Ferrell) was brought up in the North Pole with no knowledge that he was a human adopted by Papa Elf (Bob Newhart) when he somehow snuck into Santa‟s sack one Christmas Eve as a baby. Finally an adult, Buddy realizes that he‟s different than the other elves and begins a journey to find his true father Walter Hobbs (James Caan) in New York City. Throughout his hysterical journey Buddy, who acts like the Christmas elf he was raised to be, spreads Christmas cheer to everyone he encounters, even though most of them thinks he‟s crazy. Elf is guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, and fight the urge to “spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear.” Well there you have it! Now it‟s time to grab that remote, gather the family, put on your Rudolph pajamas and get watching. Happy Holidays!

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December 2013

―Unbroken‖ – Jake Approved A True Story of Courage and Survival Jake Snyder Staff Writer At the beginning of this year every student at Abington High School received a free copy of the book “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand (“Seabiscuit”). I started reading this book during my free time, including the “Unbroken” designated advisory periods on select Wednesdays: but I noticed that many people were not. I am hoping that after reading this review, your opinion of this book changes because I strongly believe that it was given to the entire student body for a reason. “Unbroken” is the story of Louie Zamperini; a delinquent turned track star, turned air force bomber, turned survivalist, turned prisoner of war. There is something in this character that will ap-

peal to almost everyone. Laura Hillenbrand researched so heavily for this book that it feels as if she had actually been a part of the setting. Her descriptions and facts are clear and accurate which gives the reader the feeling that they are right next to Zamperini on his unbelievable journeys from the Olympics to a prison of war camp in Japan. The book contains pictures of the actual events as they hap-

Joe’s Craz-zy Critters Kailey Campbell Staff Writer Joe‟s Craz-zy Critters is a business started and owned by a very dedicated man named Joe Kenney. On Friday November 29 we had the pleasure of meeting him and his younger brother Devin (Abington High School Class of 2011) at the Hanover Mall during one of their shows. It was captivating and interesting; their love for animals is evident through their work. Even though it all seems to be going well now, Joe Kenney expressed that balancing schoolwork and the business is a major challenge. He created Joe‟s Crazzy Critters when he was just a freshman at Abington High School (Class of 2009). Back then, there was always homework to complete or a test to study for. “Everything

pened and the imagery of the events draws you into this story. The book begins with a reflection on Zamperini‟s childhood and follows the rest of his life, chapter after chapter. Most of the story is set during the time of the World War II, and focuses on Zamperini and his friends‟ survival. “Unbroken” is being made into a movie which will come out in 2014. This book is perfect for a movie adaption because of this man‟s unbelievable story, as well as its historical significance. I believe this book was given to us because it is such an emotionally powerful story with a strong appeal for readers of multiple genres. I urge you to pull this book off of your book shelf and start reading it today; you will not be sorry!

―It is such an emotionally powerful story with a strong appeal for readers of multiple genres‖— Jake Snyder

I learned in school went into the business,” said Joe Kenney. As you might expect, the classes that interested him most were science classes like biology. Kenney is currently attending college at Bridgewater State and plans on majoring in Bio Med. When asked if he plans on doing this in the future he said, “Yes, but not as my primary job.” But, if given the opportunity, he would gladly expand the business to other countries. Joe and Devin are not the only ones in this business. Most of the Kenney family works with them including two brothers, Joe‟s girlfriend, and their parents. Joe‟s family has also fostered monkeys for many years which would explain why they are his favorite. He

claims they have characteristics unlike any other animal. The show lasts about an hour and a half. They inform people of all ages the traits of many different animal species. Some of the animals we learned about and held were the boa constrictor, pixie frog, blue headed pionus, tegu lizard, bearded dragon, hedgehog, rose haired tarantula, and a desert hairy scorpion. While showing everyone each animal Joe would allow them to touch or hold them when it was safe to do so, and explain whether or not it would be a good pet, or what to do if this animal was seen on the side of the road. Overall this was an unforgettable experience, and I have a new found respect for animals.

Staff Writer Kailey Campbell with Joe Kenney and his boa constrictor .

Kids gather around Joe Kenney at a recent show. (courtesy Kenney Family.)

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―Catching Fire‖ is a Must See Movie Number Two is Just as Good Maggie Cawley Contributor Just like the “Hunger Games,” “Catching Fire” is a huge success, earning over $8 million more than its predecessor (per Entertainment Weekly) in the first week alone. It‟s guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat. “Catching Fire” follows Suzanne Collins‟ book quite well. It takes you back to District 12, the home of Katniss and Peeta as they go on a Victory Tour throughout the 12

“Catching Fire” movie poster

districts of Panem. President Snow (played by Donald Sutherland) orders Katniss and Peeta to show Panem (their country) that they are in love. He is a heartless ruler, with a hatred for Katniss after her acts in the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss is a defiant symbol to the people in the districts, and President Snow believes she has started talk about rebellion of the districts against Panem. In order to stop this rebellion, President Snow and head game maker Plutarch Heavansbee (Philip Seymour Hoff-

man), have to come up with a plan for the 75th Quarter Quell Hunger Games. The victors from the previous Hunger Games are now back to “the Reaping.” Katniss and Peeta are headed back into the arena. In the midst of all this, there is a love triangle. Katniss is caught between her love for Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and Peeta. Gale isn‟t on screen a lot in “Catching Fire,” but is still a major part of Presidents Snow‟s twisted plot.

―Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson put on another suspenseful and thrilling performance.‖ — Maggie Cawley Disney Actors Are Making Music her heart in all things. Zendaya‟s music could be called modern pop. It has a unique quality that draws In September of 2013 Zendaya (Coleman) released her you in. Zendaya works hard to create her own style and self-titled debut album make the statement she which includes the single “Replay.” Of course, Zendaya wants. Her single “Replay” is also known for her leading is not what you would expect from a 17 year-old. It role as Raquel “Rocky” Blue sounds more mature and on the hit Disney Channel reminds you of older singshow “Shake It Up,” where ers like Michael Jackson or her character could be seen Lady Gaga. Her triple threat going through the ups and skills are sure to develop downs of teen life with her even further. On top of best friend Cece. She was that, she‟s also written a also featured in Season 16 book and designed a clothof “Dancing with the ing line. Stay tuned for Stars” (second place and more from Zendaya. youngest contestant ever) and the 2012 film “Frenemies.”

Brianna Medeiros Contributor



Zendaya has grown up surrounded by theater and music, having studied at six different schools of theater. She is ambitious and follows

R5 is another musical act featuring at least one member from a Disney show. The band is made up of the Lynch family including Ry-

del (keyboards/vocals) and her brothers Riker (bass/ vocals), Ross (lead vocals/ guitar of Disney‟s “Austin and Ally”) and Rocky (guitar/vocals). Their good friend Ellington Ratliff handles drums. R5′ s album “Louder” was also released in September of 2013. It has 11 tracks that are perfect for singing along to in your car at the top of your lungs. After all, the album is called “Louder.” Their latest single “Pass Me By” is a summer love song with catchy lyrics that you will love to sing over and over. Ross sings most of it with a everyone backing him up in perfect harmony. Check them out!

December 2013

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Spreading Good Cheer AHS Cheerleaders visit the Cardinal Cushing School Mikalya Rooney Contributor Senior Mikayla Rooney is a Co-Captain on the cheerleading team This fall the Abington High School cheerleaders took part in several community service projects. The most memorable was a visit with the special needs students of the Cardinal Cushing School in Hanover. The Green Wave cheerleaders had the opportunity to show their routine to the students as well as teach them a few of their cheers. In return,

the students showed off a few cheer moves of their own. During the event, Abington cheerleaders and the Cardinal Cushing students took part in many games and a crazy round of freeze dance. Before the Cardinal Cushing students left they gave each cheerleader a piece of felt with a word or design on it as a token of their appreciation for spending time with them. As we left, many of my teammates could be seen with their felt attached to their

bags, proudly showing off their gifts to everyone. “It is a great experience to spend time and bond with these students. We look forward to it every year. Nothing is better than seeing the smile and glow on their faces,” said co-captain Shannon Cardinal. The happiness and joy that comes along with visiting the Cardinal Cushing students made this event an everlasting memory for the Green Wave cheer team.

Courtesy Green Wave Cheerleaders

―It is a great experience to spend time and bond with these students. We look forward to it every year. Nothing is better than seeing the smile and glow on their faces‖— Co-Captain Shannon Cardinal

Cheerleading Success The Green Wave Girls are headed to Nationals Vinny Picardi Contributor

yet another challenge in the regional meeting.

The Abington High School cheerleading team marched into competition season with high hopes and confidence. The girls are led by Coach Kim Hicks, now in her fourth year as coach at AHS. There was something different about this group of cheerleaders. In their first two invitationals the team placed first in both competitions. This energized the group to capture an impressive third place spot in the South Shore League competition advancing them to

Going into the competition held at Dartmouth High School, the Green Wave Cheerleaders were ready to take on the best from around the state. Unfortunately the girl‟s dreams of going to nationals in the spring were cut short by just half a point at the regional competition. “I was devastated. We all were. But, I was proud of the season we had and everything we accomplished,” said Senior Co -Captain Shannon Cardinal.

The very next day in school the team received a text from Coach Hicks that preserved their season. The text assured the cheerleading team they got a bid to compete in the state competition. Co-Captain Mikayla Rooney said receiving that text felt like it was meant to be. “We worked too hard this season for it to end that quickly,” said Rooney. The Green Wave used this fuel to take home sixth place in the state competition at Wachusett Regional High School and booked them a flight to Nationals in Florida this spring.

The Girls Get Focused before a competition (Courtesy Green Wave Cheerleaders)

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Winter is on the Way: Get Ready for the Snow Show! Katie Rust Contributor Can we predict what this winter is going to be like?


―Whether you enjoy winter or not, it’s going to happen.‖

Katie Rust

Last winter was full of snow and ice, with frigid weather that bit any skin that was exposed to the outside. It‟s hard to predict what the weather is going to be like this winter before it actually happens. Winters in New England are always cold, due to the way the sun hits the earth. The rays of sun hit New England at a shallow, spread out angle. The level of heat affecting our state is much less than it is in any other season. Everyone expects winter to be chilly and snowy.

Although it‟s difficult to predict what weather is in store for us this upcoming season, the Farmer‟s Almanac is correct 80% of the time. They calculate predictions by analyzing sunspots, tidal actions, lunar cycles, and planetary positions to have a somewhat

firm hypothesis of the weather. “The days of shivery are back!” exclaims the headline on the Farmer‟s Almanac website. This year they proclaim that we‟re in for a harsh winter, with forecasts of below average temperatures. “Mild air will overrun cold air and produce widespread wintery precipitation, just in time for Christmas.” Although it is anticipated that there is going to be a white Christmas, the worst of the weather should arrive in February, right around the time of the Super Bowl. Some people think that this winter should be mild, because last year‟s winter was horrific. Some weather stations predict that this winter will start up mild and slowly build up, yet it won‟t beat last year‟s weather conditions! Opinions on winter differ. Some people love the winter and everything about it. Other people strongly dislike the white, chilly weather and go on vacation during the dreadful months to escape the cold. Yet whether you enjoy winter or not, it‟s going

to happen. Why spend all the money it takes to go on a vacation when you can make the best out of what you have? Winter is a season with many activities at reach. You can go sledding, skiing, snow shoeing, tubing, or have a snowball fight. You could also stay inside and relax while sitting around an open fire with hot chocolate. If none of these things appeal to you, find creative ways to do what you like and enjoy the scenery! White, fluffy snow is beautiful. Maybe snow doesn‟t seem too pretty when you have to scrape it off your car or shovel it out of the driveway, but while it‟s silently falling and dusting everything outside, it can be one of the most beautiful views around. Predicting what will happen in the future can be an intricate and tedious task. There‟s no definite way of telling what‟s in store for the winter in New England, but there are good guesses out there. Whether you have trust in a source or decide to just go along for the ride this winter, make sure you enjoy every minute!

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Contributors: Maggie Cawley, Brianna Medeiros, Vinny Picardi, Katie Rust, and Mikayla Rooney Adviser - Mr. Dorman, Please contact me if you have any comments or questions. Visit us at and check out an article about us in the Abington Mariner. It was on the front page!

The Green Wave Gazette Staff Busy Editing the December 2013 Issue (Nick Freberg, Matt Burbine, Jake Snyder and Associate Editor Ian MacLeod

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December 2013

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Salvetti Science Department Head and Teacher Alyssa Devlin Staff Writer How long have you been teaching at AHS? Eighteen years What is your favorite part about AHS?I work with some very talented teachers and staff. I meet some great students too that make my job fun and rewarding. How did you decide that you would become a teacher? What inspired you? I had a great biology teacher in high school and great teachers in college that really made me glad I decided to major in biology. I really didn‟t know until after college that I wanted to teach. I loved science so much that I wanted to share my passion in hopes to inspire my students just as I had been inspired. What is your favorite area of biology? It‟s biochemistry for sure, and genetics. What is your favorite element and why?(It‟s) carbon, the element that is found in all organic compounds that make up all living things. Where did you go to college? Quinnipiac College (It was a college back then.) What was your favorite class in college and why? It was marine biology with Ken McGeary, the most interest-

ing professor I had. He could make a lecture on marine polychaetes (worms) come alive and sound more interesting than anything I knew. What are the best memories that you have had in your time at AHS? (There are) too many to count! There was badminton with Ms. Doherty, she and I trying to play jokes on Mr. Moore over the years, (he always found out), the time I wrapped a former teacher‟s car in saran wrap, and the school‟s security got a little concerned, spending time with my teacher friends, open mic nights, and all the musicals and presentations (by kids) I have attended. The list is endless! Why science? I have always loved being outdoors. I grew up in a rural part of Marshfield next to my Salvetti grandparents. They were Italian immigrants who made their way to the US through Ellis Island. My grandfather farmed many acres of land, growing produce to sell at the Boston markets. My two brothers and I helped out on the „farm,‟ Ploughing the fields with my grandfather was always a blast! My mom also grew up in a similar situation, so she and my dad had similar values. We ended up on a property in which we raised our own animals to eat and had huge gardens that we also helped out with. I ended up in the 4-H project as a teenager, showing sheep at fairs during the summer. I wanted to be a vet but I don‟t like the sight of blood and I probably would have cried every time I would have treated a sick ani-

Word Search Answer Key from Page 12

mal. I lived at Ms. Salvetti enjoying a the beach during recent vacation the summer and -Courtesy Ms. Salvetti I was always outside during the nice weather, working outside with the ani―I feel very mals, gardening, helping my parents blessed to do a split wood to feed our three job that I stoves during the winter. Why scilove.‖— Ms. ence? It was and still is such an inteSalvetti gral part of my life. Whenever I travel, I am always interested in the vegetation and habitats of the different countries I visit. Anything else you want to say? I feel very blessed to do a job that I love. I have always and continue to enjoy my time at AHS. I hope to inspire many students, to have them work hard and NEVER give up their dreams.

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Unsung Hero: Nick Sideropoulos — aka Nick Sid Kim Phan Associate Editor This issue‟s unsung hero is junior Nick Sideropoulos. To make life a bit easier in the spelling aspect, he goes by Nick Sid. Q: What sports or extracurricular activities do you do? A: I run cross country, and track. I‟m part of the AntiBullying Club, YouLead, and I was recently inducted into the National Honor Society.

Nick Sideropoulos

―I want to study architecture, or at least something involving architecture; I have always been interested in it.‖— Nick Sideropoulos

Q: The Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) is a new club this year, is there anything you would like to share about it? A: We are trying to do this new program called Peer Mediation, where students and teachers will be trained as something close to counselors. They would mediate in situations where two people were in an argument with each other, or if someone was getting bullied. It‟s kind of like therapy in a way. It‟s still a work in progress; the teachers will be trained from Bridgewater Raynham since they have a similar program to what we are trying to do. We also had a survey during advisory last month having to do with bullying so we could work with what problems are present in our school. Q: Back to sports – this year you decided to run cross country instead of playing soccer. Why did you decide to make this switch? A: Last spring one of the track coaches said that he was going to be a coach for cross country, and he suggested that I would do well in it if I joined. So, I figured “okay,” since freshman year I‟ve always wanted to try cross country, since I like running.

A: After a successful season this year, most likely.

A: Oh, that‟s a tough one – not band. I‟ve always liked math, but I don‟t know what my favorite class is this year. I guess my favorite class was Spanish II last year; I thought that was fun; we had a great class and there were some great people in it.

Q: What do you plan on studying in college?

Q: Who is your favorite teacher and why?

A: I want to study architecture, or at least something involving architecture; I have always been interested in it.

A: Even though I don‟t have her, Ms. Doherty is the best. She‟s a really good teacher, and she‟s really funny, plus, math team (she‟s the adviser).

Q: Does this mean that you’ll be doing it again next year?

Q: Have you taken any steps to get closer to that goal? A: Over the summer I did a six week program at MIT called Urban Frame, and that was nice. I‟ve also done some research for colleges that have good architecture programs. Q: What do you do after school? A: Occasionally I work; I actually work in the school with the Tech department. Or I just go home, which is what I do most of the time, and I do homework. Sometimes I stay after school to get extra help from teachers or I go to meetings for extracurricular activities. Q: Why do you think you deserve to be the Green Wave Gazette’s Unsung Hero? (Question from staff writer Mike Donaher) A: I‟m honored. I was surprised that people suggested me to be the unsung hero. I guess it could be because I like to do a lot of work helping the school and the community. I always work hard, so I think that helps. Q: What is your favorite class and why?

Q: What are some memorable moments you’ve had at Abington High School? A: For sports, making it to states in track was awesome. In school, last year in English I got a 90 on a timed writing, and I never get A‟s on essays. So, it was a great feeling. I can‟t English. Do not quote that. Q: What is your opinion on Klondike Bars? Just so that I have a scale to work with for my next question. A: Klondike Bars are great. Who wouldn‟t like Klondike Bars? Q: What would you do for a Klondike Bar? A: Hmmm… what would I do for a Klondike Bar? I would walk to the freezer and get one. Q: Just that? A: I would; even if the freezer was in Antarctica.

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December 2013

Taming the Mid-term Monsters By Amanda Doherty, Staff Writer Most high school students know that once holiday vacation is over, it‟s time for mid-term evaluations, the 90 minute, brain racking, chill inducing, multiple choice question heavy, essay laced tests that cause most kids to just give up on studying and take whatever they get. But, there is a way to prepare. And, it isn‟t some miracle, 24-hour cram session. It‟s a semester long process that anyone can do. Here are the steps: Note Cards - Make note cards at the end of every week. On the weekends, or maybe Friday night, gather up all the readings and work done during the week for each subject. Make five note cards with the most important information and keep them somewhere safe (like a folder). This prepares you for smaller tests and exams as well as mid-terms. Timeline - When you start vacation, don‟t leave your book bag in your locker. Take it home with all of your notebooks inside so you can reorganize your work. Make a timeline. Put all the papers in order from the first day of school up until then. This will refresh your knowledge of all the topics that have been covered. And, you can make sure you have all the relevant materials. Outlines - If a teacher gives you an outline, treat it like a gift from above. An outline tells you what is on the test and what you need to know. Praise it; love it; use it. Start Early - Start looking over the information early. You can‟t study half a year‟s worth of information in six hours, the night before the test with no sleep. Start at least a week before mid-terms and study an hour each night. Hopefully by this time you have all of your note cards and past quizzes in order. So, these are some simple tactics to help you tame the mid-term monsters. Hopefully you will do well. But if you don‟t, remember mid-terms only count for 10 percent of your grade.


―There is a way to’s a semester long process that anyone can do.‖ Amanda Doherty

Too Much Focus on Grades, Not Enough on Learning A rising issue in school systems today Alyssa Devlin Staff Writer

to thoughtfully reflect and learn from their mistakes.

Imagine you spend hours studying for a huge science test, staying up late to ensure that you do

This is a problem. Why do many students care more about their grade than what they learned? It could be the pressure to get into a good college, pressure from parents to do well, or trying to pass so that they can play sports and participate in clubs. Any student can memorize the information, take the test, do well on it, and then completely disregard the information until they need it again for mid-year and final exams. Perhaps the student did not understand what they were memorizing, but rather they memorized potential test questions based on what was discussed in class.

well. You feel confident, but when you get the test back, you find out you failed. Does your grade make you upset? Are you mad that your average will decrease and you might get in trouble with your parents? Or, do you realize you didn‟t know the material as well as you thought? You could review the test and look at the questions you got wrong, but a lot of students will be too obsessed with their failure

And, from a student‟s perspective, it often seems as though teachers don‟t recognize the fact that their students

not only have to complete the work for their class, but for the rest of their classes too. This can cause an overload of work, and cause students to become stressed. The stress can lead to a student cheating or not doing the work at all. With all this stress, a student may want to pass the class by whatever means necessary. An overload of work may make a student give up on the class, and not have any desire to learn. If education systems relied less on testing and grades, and more on allowing students to explore their interests and thoroughly learn material, they would yield more successful students that value the education they are receiving.

Word Search by Kim Phan (Hint— It has nothing to do with the holidays.)

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