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==== ==== Would you like to no more about the people around you? ==== ====

Computer security software helps you detect unsolicited use of your computer and misuse of private information. The information extracted by unfair means can be used to the hacker's benefit and may result in huge monetary and privacy losses. These people will go after your hard disk space, computer processor and even your Internet connection. They will infect as many computers they can by spreading disastrous viruses. Companies like Microsoft spent a lot of money and resources to come up with effective and affordable computer security software. These software programs prevent and detect the misuse of your computer. Preventive software curbs hackers from accessing private data, while detection software helps you detect any damage done by the intruding virus. In the current scenario, where we use computers in almost all essential activities like investing, purchasing and chatting, it has become imperative for us to regularly update our computer security software. You may consider yourself to be not important or rich enough for hackers to choose you as a target, but these people may not be after your information after all. They may use your system to attack other computers. Under your false identity they may use your email to get into other highprofile computer systems like banks or government records. A seemingly harmless activity like playing a poker game on the Internet may get these hackers on your computer trail. It is not a very pleasing thought that all your moves on PC are closely monitored, so it is advisable to get computer security software. Purchase or download the anti-virus products that will provide protection for your systems. You will have to install the latest software, since new viruses are floated on the net every day.

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==== ==== Would you like to no more about the people around you? ==== ====