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Service Awards, Retirements, New Hires, Promotions, & more

Summer 2011

Dear City Employees: On June 9, 2011, the City Council adopted the annual budget ordinance that officially made changes to the second year of the two-year budget adopted in 2010. Due to the continuing impact of poor economic conditions, more changes were required to the budget than in previous years. Of interest to City employees were several changes that involve salaries and benefits. The adopted budget includes funding to implement the recently completed classification and compensation study, a one and one-half percent acrossthe-board salary adjustment, an increase in contributions to the State Retirement System, an increase in the employer contribution to the self-funded health insurance program, and additional payments for retiree health insurance. One position was eliminated from the budget and three new positions were approved (two of these are primarily grant funded.) The approved budget again contains no increase in the property tax rate. The City has not increased the tax rate in ten years. All other taxes and fees were also retained at existing rates with no increases. My presentations to the City Council throughout the budget review process stressed the lack of growth in City revenues. All revenue sources have remained basically the same with very little growth for the past three years. This lack of revenue growth reflects a national trend. Like most other government agencies, the City has had to adjust our spending to accommodate the lack of new revenues. I appreciate the efforts of all City employees in this effort. I also emphasized during the budget process that the two-year budget that began on July 1, 2012 may prove to be the most difficult budget that the City has experienced. Pitt County is in the process of re-evaluating all property for the 2012-2013 budget year. Preliminary information from Pitt County indicates that for the first time total property values will decrease. Since the property tax is the City’s largest revenue source, this decline in values could have a significant impact on next year’s budget. Sincerely,

Wayne Bowers City Manager

2 • greenville employee messenger • Summer 2011

Congrats to Diertra Crandall (RP) for being named the The 2011 Special Olympics North Carolina Area Coordinator of the year. Congrats to Gwen Turnage (CD) on her appointment to President of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, Greenville Chapter. Congrats to Sylvia Brown (CD) for submitting the winning name of The Association of Housing Counselors’ newsletter: Housing Counseling Today!

Congratulations to Alvaro Elias (PD) on becoming a U.S. citizen on July 22, 2011

Golf & Gym

Trial Period: August 15, 2011 - January 31, 2012 Wellness Program

Bradford Creek Golf Wellness Program (call the Pro Shop) - Employees of the City of Greenville and GUC play free if they walk the course - Must have a tee time after 2:00 PM daily or times established by the Golf Pro - Employee ID badge must be shown - Every employee playing a round of golf must sign in and indicate the agency they are from and how many holes of golf they are playing Gym Wellness Program (call Recreation & Parks at 329-4567) - South Greenville Gym (Howell Street), Boyd Lee Gym, Eppes Center (City of Greenville and GUC Employees) - Reservations must be made at Jaycee Park between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM weekdays with your ID badge - The Basketball Court Reservation times are available after normal hours of operation (Call 329-4567 to reserve 2 weeks in advance with payments made to Recreation & Parks) - If you have 3 - 5 employees to play, then it’s a half-price rental fee. (Employees Only) - If you have more than 5 employees to play, the first hour is free, then half-price after that. (Employees Only) - Employee ID badge must be shown to the gym attendant on duty and employees must sign in indicating which agency they are from and how many employees are playing and the amount of court time requested - Interested in creating some League Play between the City and GUC? Call Frank Salvato at 329-4493.

Summer 2011 • greenville employee messenger • 3

New Pay Options by Jennifer Banks (HR) Setting money aside for your retirement or special rainy day fund just got a little easier! You may now have your paycheck direct deposited into multiple banks, credit unions, and/or other financial institutions. You may designate a specific dollar amount to be deposited into up to two different institutions or accounts and your remaining net pay deposited into a primary account (total of up to three different accounts or institutions). Some advantages of multiple direct deposit: • Safe, simple, and extremely convenient • Deposits are made automatically without any effort on your part (after your authorization form has been submitted and processed) • No charge to you for this electronic deposit service

new service, simply complete the direct deposit authorization form (document #893624) and return it to the Human Resources Department. You may enroll at any time. Your completed form, however, must be received by the HR Department 10 working days prior to the scheduled payday to be effective for that payday. For example, your form must be received on or before Friday, 9/2/11, in order for your pay to be split between multiple accounts on the 9/16/11 pay date. CITY





Type of Tran






Last 4 digi

ts of Social New Security #  Change acco Telephon unt number( e# Important: s) and/or Do not list financial insti must do so the tution(s) directly thro GUCO Credit Unio  Change amo n belo ugh the GUC unts O Credit Unio w. Employees inter ested in setti n. #1 DIRECT ng up a GUC DEPOSIT O Credit Unio Check the n savings “Bal account between mult ance” box if you would like iple accounts to have all , enter the Name of Fina of your net dolla r pay amount to ncial Insti be deposited deposited into one tution account. into account If you wish #1. Type of Insti to split your tution net pay  Bank Type of Acco  Balance  Savings (100% of unt & Loan  Other net pay)  Credit Unio or  Checkin n g  Deposit Routing Num a fixed amo  Savings ber unt of: $ Account Num PRI ber



If you


wish to box. If split split your net pay between 2 ting between accounts, 3 accounts Name of Fina prov , provide ncial Insti information ide information for tution second finan and enter the dollar cial institutio amount to Type of Insti be deposited n and check the “Bal tution ance” into account #2.  Bank Type of Acco  Savings unt & Loan  Other  Deposit  Credit Unio a  Checkin n (Provide $ fixed amount of: $___ g Routing Num amount only ________  Savings ber deposits; ____ if you will otherwise have 3 direc check “Bal Account Num  Balance t ance” box. ber )




OSIT If you wish to split your box. Any net pay betw remaining balance (afte een 3 accounts , provide Name of Fina r deposits information are made ncial Insti for third to accounts tution #1 & #2) will financial institutio n and chec be deposited Type of Insti k the “Bal into this acco tution ance” unt.  Bank Type of Acco  Savings unt & Loan  Other  Balance  Credit Unio  Checkin n g Routing Num  Sav ber ings Account Num IMPORTANT ber NOTICE: includes You MUS your nam T attach e, account a voided number, By signing routing num blank check or corr ber, and understan below I authorize type of accoespondence from d the City your fina unt for each of that I mus that direct deposit ncial inst account is mandato Greenville to cred t maintain itution that listed. ry and this an open acco it my acco my account( authorization unt with s), I auth unt(s) to the finan change orize the cial institutio acco City of Greewhich my pay will be will remain in effec understand unts and/or fina t until n(s) nam depo nville to direc ed above. ncial inst that failu t the finan sited. If funds to I submit a change I underst I itutions, re to prom form whic cial institutio and that it is my ptly com n(s) to retu h I am not entitled . I understand changes regularly plet resp e ons are a rn to account new auth scheduled orization ibility to complet said funds. In the deposited to info payday to form may e a new be effectiv rmation must be cau authorizatioevent that I received e for that by the HR se a delay in rece n form. payday. Signature: iving Department I ________ 10 working my total net pay. ________ days prio ________ r to my ________ ________ ________ Date: ____ ________ ________ ________ ___

You do not need to complete a new direct deposit authorization form if you do not want to • Encourages saving…you can designate part make any changes to your direct deposit. of your pay to go directly to your savings Please call Cecilia Cutler at 329-4490 or Robin account(s) Edwards at 329-4492 if you have any questions. If you would like to take advantage of this

Tuition Reimbursement Program

in your grades and receipts to HR in order for them to reimburse you for all or part of the eligible costs.

by Gerry Case (HR)

Did you know it’s possible the City will pay for you to go back to school? If you want tuition assistance/reimbursement, please remember that you must submit an application PRIOR TO TAKING THE COURSE. A copy of the course description should be attached. Your department head and Human Resources (HR) will then review and approve/ disapprove of the tuition assistance before you take the course.

The application form is in document #89665 (an on-line version is on the HR page of COGNET under the Human Resources Forms link - document 16 on the list) The ETAP Policy is in document #84421. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO READ THE POLICY CAREFULLY.

Our educational tuition assistance program is a very popular benefit available to City If you are in a degree program, an employees. If you’ve been thinking application is to be completed about going back to school or just for each semester/quarter; one taking a couple of courses, consider initial application does not work for taking advantage of this valuable the entire curriculum. Applications submitted program. For questions, please after taking the course will not be accepted. call Sharon Warner at Ext. 4496. Once the course is successfully completed, turn 4 • greenville employee messenger • Summer 2011

Fire/Rescue Employee of the Year by Shannon Terry (FR)

The Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce recognized Lt. Greg Hardee as the 2011 Greenville Fire/Rescue Employee of the Year. Lt. Hardee was selected because of his involvement in numerous professional activities and academic successes that hold clear benefits for the community served by Greenville Fire/Rescue. In December 2010, he graduated from Davidson Community College with an AAS in Emergency Medical Services. This was in addition to numerous technical classes and certifications he obtained over the last year. As a new member of the State’s Hazardous Materials Regional Response Team, he has agreed to rapidly deploy to hazardous materials incidents with this elite team of hazardous materials professionals. As an active member of the Urban Search and Rescue team (USAR), his most recent USAR deployment was the response

to Greene County‘s tornado destruction this Spring. The Greenville Fire/Rescue Department is very honored to be recognized by the GreenvillePitt County Chamber of Commerce for the professional emergency services we provide.

Firefighters Relief Fund Scholarships Each received a $2000.00 award

Ashley “Brenna” Owens (ECU) Parents: Chuck & Lisa Owens

Casi E. Strickland (Campbell University) Parents: Stephen & Toni Strickland

Savannah C. Winters (ECU) Parents: Steven Winters & Kathy Tripp

Summer 2011 • greenville employee messenger • 5

United Way Campaign

go to the United Way; the winner gets the other 50 percent.

by Dale Mills (PD) Our United Way Employee campaign has passed its midpoint this month with a great deal of fun and employee fellowship still to follow. I am very excited about the charisma and effort our committee has put into making this a great campaign. The committee is made up of representatives from each City department. They meet monthly to brainstorm ways to raise money for the United Way of Pitt County through employee participation. The great ideas are so many this year that you will surely want to be a part of the action. Ice Cream at City Hall made a cool return this summer. Committee members sold ice cream in the lobby of City Hall on Wednesdays in June and July. The annual hot dog sale expanded this year with hamburgers available for purchase as well.

E m p l o y e e pledge forms will be distributed in the month of September. This is where our greatest opportunity is – with the employee. A golf tournament is scheduled for September 9, 2011 at Bradford Creek. Victor Long from Public Works will be distributing more information about this event soon. Also in September, employees will have the opportunity to pay $10 to wear jeans to work each Friday in the month of September. The boat raffle is our largest attraction this year. With only 1000 tickets being sold at $5 each, it is sure to be a barn burner event. It is scheduled to be raffled off at the annual Chili Cook-Off on October 19, 2011.

The committee held Payday Bonus Fridays on both paydays in August. They were 50/50 raffles with The Chili Cook-Off is our largest event with a tickets for $1 each; 50 percent of the proceeds friendly competition among City employees

Printing Services

2. Submit your Print Request Form to Wanda House, FS/Purchasing Division.

Does your department need printing done or do you know where to request printing services for Upon receipt of the Print Request Form, Wanda will obtain quotes from vendors. After evaluating the your department? quotes, Purchasing will work with the department Look no further because the Financial Services to select the best vendor. Department’s Purchasing Division is the place to go for printing needs like business cards, After your print request is complete, the Stores letterhead, envelopes, brochures, multi-part NCR Clerk will let your department know your print request is ready for pickup. forms, and receipt and inspection books. The printing services are outsourced to various If you have any questions about our printing vendors and the cost of the print requests services, please call Wanda House, Stores Clerk, depends on the type of printing your department at Ext. 4461 or Angelene Brinkley, Purchasing requests, quantity and the outsourced vendor. If Manager, at Ext. 4462. your department would like to request printing They will be glad to assist you with all of your services, you should do the following: printing needs. 1. Complete a Print Request Form (Document #852127). The form is also listed in COGnet under the Purchasing Division link.

6 • greenville employee messenger • Summer 2011

for bragging rights of who makes the best chili. I warn each participant that the Fire/Rescue Department takes this chili title seriously and will often become a little upset when their title is in jeopardy. This year we will be giving 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.

United Way helps fund. Our job is to raise the money and entrust the United Way to continue to distribute the money where needed. If you are an avid giver to a specific organization, that option is still available to you. If you cannot give by payroll deduction, a onetime gift of any amount is appreciated.

We realize that the economy has a great deal of improving to do, but its times like these November will mark the end when the community’s of the campaign for us. Each needs are the greatest. city employee who gives The City of Greenville is will have the opportunity steadfast that the United to attend a celebration Way continues to be the best distribution point to and enjoy some refreshments at City Hall to many charitable organizations. thank them for their support. We will also have I can assure you that your money is hard at a drawing for assorted prizes. It’s simple to get work trying to improve the community. Ask your an invitation to this great time of fellowship and department representative about the tour we to get your name in the drawing for these great took in April to various facilities (from the homeless prizes; all you have to do is give through payroll shelter to the family violence shelter) that the deduction or a one-time gift to the campaign.

Classification and Compensation Study by Gerry Case (HR)

that meeting, City Council voted to approve the Classification and Compensation Study recommendations, adopt the new pay plan, For more than a year, the City and GUC have and authorize implementation of the pay plan undergone a comprehensive Classification and retroactive to July 2, 2011. Compensation Study to ensure that employees The pay for those employees whose pay was are classified and paid fairly and the City and below the minimum of the new salary grade GUC are competitive for recruiting and retaining has been raised to the minimum of the new employees. salary grade. No employee’s current salary On May 10, 2011, the City Council directed the was reduced as a result of the study. In order Waters Consulting Group to meet with employees to address potential pay compression issues, the and provide a position review process. The City Council also approved time in position (TIP) review process allowed employees to have the adjustments based on .5% per year for eligible placement of their positions reviewed if they were employees whose pay is at or near the minimum not satisfied with the recommended placement. of the new salary grade. Waters’ consultants reviewed the Requests for New job descriptions have been prepared by Review and submitted their recommendations Waters and will be issued to departments for to the City Manager. review in the coming weeks. In the meantime, The Waters Consulting Group presented please contact Human Resources if you have a Classification and Compensation Study any questions or concerns. briefing to City Council on August 22, 2011. At Summer 2011 • greenville employee messenger • 7

In the next GEM... of employees working through and after Hurricane Irene.

Wanted: Water by Barbara Avery (RP)

drinking water before you even head outside. Monitor your fluid loss during hot weather, illness Water is a critical element of the body – or exercise, and drink enough liquids to replace accounting for up to 75% of your body’s weight. what you lost. Adequate hydration is a must for the body to Your best bet is to drink water function properly. – from the tap or from a Dehydration is a subtle bottle. Need a sport bottle problem that affects many of to refill with tap water? Head us. It occurs when your body over to City Hall and pick loses more water than it takes up a free GTV9 water bottle in. perfect for bicycling, working The effects show up initially out, or taking with you to a as thirst. Some other effects ball game. of include diminished mental Sports drinks are good if and physical efficiency, light you’re very active outside headedness, nausea, and or working out; they can muscle cramps. replace your electrolytes and With summer in full swing, help reduce cramping. They the probability of becoming can contain a lot of sugars dehydrated becomes much and things you don’t always greater. It doesn’t matter if need, so use them sparingly. you’re exercising, working Whatever you do, just make in the yard, or just out and sure you drink enough water about. during the summer and all The safest approach to year-round. prevent dehydration is to make sure you’re 8 • greenville employee messenger • Summer 2011

Wellness Cycle Program

Human Resources has come up with a list of rules for you to follow while riding the bike, so Want to get in some exercise but you’re not into you must read through the instructions, watch a treadmills? Don’t like the ellipticals or want to safety video, and wear the proper clothing (like do weights? Stationary bike leave you wanting a helmet). more? Don’t own a fun way to ride the new Complete rules and procedures are available on greenway? COGnet. Now (well, probably by the time this GEM comes out) you can check out a bike from City Hall to get healthy. The Bicycle Post donated the women’s bike during the Bicycle Safety Week events back in May. A few weeks ago, CIGNA donated money to pay for half of another bike (for a man’s bike that wasn’t pink) while GTV9 paid for the other half. Interested in checking a bike out? See Christine Wallace (CMO), the receptionist at City Hall. She will walk you through the process of checking out the bikes.

The Community Development Department’s Housing Division staff poses in front of a rehabbed home at a CDBG week celebration and open house in West Greenville. Pictured are (l to r): Mike Watson, Scott Eaton, Betty Moseley, Linda Mims, Sandra Anderson, Gloria Kesler, Karen Gilkey, and Sylvia Brown.

Summer 2011 • greenville employee messenger • 9

Op en Enrollm ent

Ben efi t s G ui de Open enrollment for your health insurance and other benefits is coming up soon. To get you prepared and give you more information about your benefits, Human Resources has developed a Benefits Guide for you. Keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks!

E m p lo y e

e Ben efi t s C i t y

o f

G ui d e

G r e e n v i l l e ,


Free rides on GREAT! YOU can ride the GREAT buses FREE!

Here’s how the free benefit works: 1. Go to City Hall and see Human Resources on the first floor to pick up your free bus pass. 2. Show your pass and City photo I.D. to the bus driver when you want to ride. 3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! You get FREE unlimited rides on GREAT through the end of the year. Ride to work or anytime you need a ride. Program notes: • Pass available only to full-time City employees and is not transferable. • Bus schedules available at Public Works, City Hall, or online at • Contact Human Resources at 329-4490 if you have questions.

great | Safe | Reliable | Free

10 • greenville employee messenger • Summer 2011

Annual Benefits Open Enrollment Fair & Flu Clinic

One Stop Shopping for all your Benefit Needs. Please mark your calendar for one of the dates below and make any change to your benefit selections or make your 2012 Flexible Spending Declaration. Flu Clinic - For CIGNA Card Holders and Covered Dependents 18 years and older • Tuesday, September 27, at Police & Fire Rescue—Training Room C, 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM • Wednesday, September 28, at Public Works—1500 Beatty Street, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Benefit Open Enrollment Fair— Annual Open Enrollment for changes or additions to your Health, Dental, Life and Long-term Disability plans. Flexible Spending Accounts will need to be declared for the new year at this time. • Monday, October 17—Police & Fire Rescue Training Rooms, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM • Tuesday, October 18—Greenville Housing Authority Meeting Room, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM • Wednesday, October 19—Department of Public Works Auditorium, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM • Thursday, October 20—Jaycee Park Auditorium, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM You can come to any one of the above-mentioned locations. Come and meet the ECU Cheerleaders , Pee Dee the Pirate Mascot, or the ECU Dance Squad. Vendors will have give-aways and drawings for valued prizes. Enrollment opportunities that will be at the fair are: • CIGNA—Medical, Dental and Wellness • CIGNA—Biometric Screening • North Carolina Supplemental Retirement 401(k) • Flexible Benefit Administrators (FSA) - you must declare your savings amount for 2012 • Mark III—Life and Long-term Disability Insurance • ICMA-RC North Carolina 457 Deferred Contribution Program Summer 2011 • greenville employee messenger • 11


New Family

May to July 2011

Congratulations to:

Kevin Taveirne (FR) for marrying Julie Meyer on June 8, 2011

and to Jonathan Edwards (CMO) and his wife Brittaney on the birth of their daughter, Bella Johnnie Butler (PD) and his wife, Kim, on the birth of their daughter, Kyndall Grace Butler Scott Eaton (CD) and his wife on the birth of their son, Hudson Scott Eaton

Paul Armstrong (PD) and his wife, Melissa, on the birth of their son, Easton Reid Armstrong Jeremy Anderson (FR) and his wife, Jennifer, on the birth of their daughter, Macy Claire Gwen Turnage (CD) on the birth of her grandson


May to July 2011

Catrice Randolph (PD) completed her Masters of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix Matthew Brown (son of Christine Clift (PD)) graduated from NC Wesleyan College with a B.A. in Justice Studies

Our Condolences George Strickland (FR) on the death of his father James Ormond (FR) on the passing of his mother-in-law Paul Ahearn (FR) on the death of his father Eric McLawhorn (PW) on the passing of his father Chris Newkirk (FR) on the death of his grandmother Karen Braxton (PW) on the passing of her mother Carolyn Horton (PD) on the death of her sister

May to July 2011 Bill Little (CAO) on the passing of his father-inlaw Charles Peaden (FR) on the death of his mother Felix Harris (PD) on the passing of his grandmother Gwen Turnage (CD) on the death of her father Henry Best (FR) on the passing of his sister Choyou Gardner (FS) on the death of his grandfather To the family of Franklin Barrow (PW – retired) To the family of Eileen McInerney (FS)

Service Anniversaries

May Dept. Years Patrick House CD 5 Michael Most PW 5 Denisha Harris FS 5 Kenneth Jackson PW 10 John Kay F/R 20 Ronnie McLean F/R 20 Charles Peaden F/R 20 Tony Dixon PW 35


May to July 2011 Dept. Years

Corey Clemons Eric Carter William Anderson Geraldine Teel Rick Jackson Sandy Edmundson

12 • greenville employee messenger • Summer 2011


5 5 5 15 15 25


Dept. Years

Kristin Gibson Seth Laughlin Mark Smith Dean Foy Benjamin Moore Billy Leavy Samuel Walker Richard Allsbrook


5 5 10 15 15 15 25 25

New Employees May - July 2011

Theresa Basden (PD)

Jason Monroe (PW)

Laura Searfoss (CD)

Billy Colon (PW)

Gary Outlaw (PW)

John Steigerwald (PW)

Carlos Colon (PW)

Gail Owens (IT)

Jeremy Stokes (IT)

Kinsey Holton (PW)

Chris Padgett (CD)

Dana Tabron (PD)

Personnel Transfers

Rodney Wood (PD)

Sgt. Nick Lucas to Patrol Bureau, Platoon C Sgt. Mike Ross to Investigation Bureau, Gang Unit Sgt. Tara Stanton to Patrol Bureau, Special Operations Officer Scott Lascallette to Patrol Bureau, Traffic Safety Unit

Summer 2011 • greenville employee messenger • 13

May to July 2011

14 • greenville employee messenger • Summer 2011


May to July 2011

Computer Fair On Wednesday, August 3, computer vendors helped City employees hold the first-ever Computer Fair for City employees. The Fair, held in conjunction with the Employee Computer Purchase Program, was an opportunity for employees to see the wide variety of computers, printers, and other computer components. 62 employees attended and had the opportunity to learn about the City’s Computer Purchase Program as well as the latest and greatest in the computer world. IT employees were even on hand to help answer general questions about technology. 10 employees won either gift cards or vouchers towards the purchase of a new computer. This event was such a success that it will likely be held next May or June as people begin the shopping process for computers for the next year’s cycle of the Computer Purchase Program. Summer 2011 • greenville employee messenger • 15

Protecting Yourself Against the Flu Protecting Yourself Against the Flu Did DidYou YouKnow? Know? Influenza, Influenza,oror“the “theflu,” flu,”isisa aset setofofhighly highlycontagious contagiousrespiratory respiratoryviruses virusesthat thataffect affect 5-20% 5-20%ofofthe theUnited UnitedStates Statespopulation populationeach eachyear, year,according accordingtotothe theCenters Centersfor forDisease DiseaseControl. Control.InInany anygiven given year, year,200,000 200,000people peopleare arehospitalized hospitalizeddue duetotoflu-related flu-relatedcomplications complications(pneumonia (pneumoniaand andsecondary secondaryinfections), infections), and andabout about36,000 36,000ofofthose thosesuffering sufferingcomplications complicationswill willdie. die. How Howisisitittransmitted? transmitted? The Theflufluisistransmitted transmittedfrom fromperson persontotoperson personthrough throughcoughing coughing ororsneezing sneezingofofpeople peoplewith withinfluenza. influenza.People Peoplemay mayalso alsobecome become infected infectedbybytouching touchingsurfaces surfaceswith withflufluviruses virusesononthem themand andthen then touching touchingtheir theirmouth mouthorornose. nose.AAperson personwith withfluflucan canpass passononfluflu from from1 1day dayafter afterinfection infection(before (beforeone oneeven evenfeels feelssick), sick),until until5-7 5-7 days daysafter afterbecoming becomingsick. sick. What Whatare aresymptoms symptomsofofthe theflu? flu? Many Manyviruses virusescirculate circulateduring duringthe thewinter wintermonths monthsthat thatcan canmake make usussick, sick,but butthe theflufluhas hasa adistinct distinctand andsudden suddenonset onset with withsevere severesymptoms symptomssuch suchas: as: Prolonged Prolongedhigh highfever fever Headache Headache Extreme Extremefatigue fatigue

Muscle Muscleaches aches Sore Sorethroat throat Dry Drycough cough

The Thesingle singlebest bestway waytotoprevent preventseasonal seasonalflu fluisistotoget getvaccinated vaccinatedeach eachyear. year.However, However,good goodhealth health habits habitslike likecovering coveringyour yourcough coughand andwashing washingyour yourhands handsoften oftencan canhelp helpstop stopthe thespread spreadofofgerms germsand and prevent preventrespiratory respiratoryillnesses illnesseslike likethe theflu. flu. 1.1. 2.2. 3.3. 4.4. 5.5. 6.6.

Avoid Avoidclose closecontact. contact. Avoid Avoidclose closecontact contactwith withpeople peoplewho whoare aresick. sick.When Whenyou youare aresick, sick,keep keepyour yourdistance distancefrom fromothers otherstoto protect protectthem themfrom fromgetting gettingsick sicktoo. too. Stay Stayhome homewhen whenyou youare aresick. sick. If Ifpossible, possible,stay stayhome homefrom fromwork, work,school, school,and anderrands errandswhen whenyou youare aresick. sick.You Youwill willhelp helpprevent preventothers others from fromcatching catchingyour yourillness. illness. Cover Coveryour yourmouth mouthand andnose. nose. Cover Coveryour yourmouth mouthand andnose nosewith witha atissue tissuewhen whencoughing coughingororsneezing. sneezing.It Itmay mayprevent preventthose thosearound around you youfrom fromgetting gettingsick. sick. Clean Cleanyour yourhands. hands. Washing Washingyour yourhands handsoften oftenwill willhelp helpprotect protectyou youfrom fromgerms. germs. Avoid Avoidtouching touchingyour youreyes, eyes,nose noseorormouth. mouth. Germs Germsare areoften oftenspread spreadwhen whena aperson persontouches touchessomething somethingthat thatisiscontaminated contaminatedwith withgerms germsand andthen then touches toucheshis hisororher hereyes, eyes,nose, nose,orormouth. mouth. Practice Practiceother othergood goodhealth healthhabits. habits. Get Getplenty plentyofofsleep, sleep,bebephysically physicallyactive, active,manage manageyour yourstress, stress,drink drinkplenty plentyofoffluids, fluids,and andeat eatnutritious nutritious food. food.

Flu Shots

Clinic ClinicDate, Date,Time Timeand andLocation Location Tuesday, September 27, 12 noon - 5 p.m., Police & Fire-Rescue Training Room _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Clinic Clinic Date, Time Time andLocation Location Wednesday, September 28,Date, 11 a.m. - 4 and p.m., Public Works Assembly Room

Contact Contact _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Summer 2011 GEM  

City of Greenville, NC employee newsletter for summer of 2011

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