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  LSTF  Workshop  Programme     Using  New  Media  and  Marketing     to  Deliver  Behavioural  Change     Tuesday  16  April        



  Organised  by  Greentraveller  Limited    




A  word  of  support  from  Norman  Baker  MP,   Parliamentary  Under-­‐Secretary  of  State,     Department  for  Transport:     The  Local  Sustainable  Transport  Fund     provides  new  and  improved  infrastructure     and  services  that  benefits  the  travelling  public   –  these  benefits  can  be  greatly  increased   through  strong,  clear  marketing.       Effective  information  schemes  can  ensure  more  usage,  which  in   turn  supports  local  economic  growth  and  helps  cut  carbon.       I  welcome  all  opportunities  for  local  authorities  to  develop  their   operational  effectiveness  through  training  and  sharing  best   practice,  so  was  pleased  to  hear  of  Greentraveller’s  conference.     Please  accept  my  best  wishes  for  a  successful  event.     Norman  Baker,  18  March  2013.          

Programme   ==========     10.30am  Registration,  Tea  and  Coffee.     11am  Welcome  and  Introductions  Richard  Hammond,  Chief   Executive,  Greentraveller  Limited  followed  by  a  Video  Address   from  Norman  Baker  MP,  Parliamentary  Under-­‐Secretary  of   State,  Department  for  Transport.     11.10am  Opening  Address  from  Jane   Urquhart,  Portfolio  Holder  for  Planning     and  Transportation,  Nottingham  City  Council.   Jane  has  been  a  City  Councillor  since  2000     and  has  served  on  the  NET  (Tram)   Development  Board  for  most  of  this  time.     11.15am  The  Role  of  a  Marketing  Programme   in  LSTF.  Gary  Smerdon-­‐White,  Chair,  Greater   Nottingham  Transport  Partnership,  a  transport   advisory  and  consultation  group  of  businesses,   local  authorities  and  transport  operators  that   promotes  sustainable  travel  with  businesses  and   the  public  with  its  BigWheel  branded   programme,  and  provides  sustainable  travel,   active  travel  and  cycling  services  in  urban  Nottingham.     11.35am  Shared  Journeys:  Social  Media     Best  practice  in  Public  Transport.     Mark  Frary,  former  Business  Travel  Editor     of  The  Times,  and  currently  Editor  of  Public   Sector  Travel,  an  online  publication  for   procurement  managers  in  central  and  local   government  looking  at  travel  and  fleet  issues.     Mark  also  organises  the  annual  social  media   conference  at  World  Travel  Market  and  is  a     regular  speaker  on  the  conference  circuit  on  digital  media.  

12pm  The  Role  of  New  Media  in   Inspiring  Car-­‐free  Visits  to  the  New   Forest  National  Park.  Chris  Gregory,   Sustainability  Manager  at  the  New  Forest   National  Park  Authority,  a  role  which   includes  the  Project  Management  of  the   Two  National  Parks  LSTF  Programme.   Chris  has  over  15  years’  experience  in   sustainable  transport  across  local  and  central     government  and  the  private  sector.       Travel  behaviour  change  is  a  key  part  of  Chris'  current  role,   achieved  by  creating  memorable  travel  experiences  across  all   modes.  One  of  Chris'  more  significant  achievements  has  been  to   transform  recreational  bus  travel  in  the  New  Forest  through  the   expansion  of  the  New  Forest  Tour,  recognised  as  the  most   comprehensive  recreational  bus  network  within  England's   protected  landscapes.  Chris  also  runs  New  Forest  Inclusive  Cycling,   a  programme  designed  to  deliver  cycling  experiences  to  young   people  with  disabilities  and/or  additional  needs.     12.30pm  iTravel  York,  Promoting   Sustainable  Travel  with  Social  Media.     David  Short,  Sustainable  Transport   Service,  City  of  York  Council.  David’s   position  is  funded  by  LSTF  and  he     has  a  remit  to  work  with  businesses  and   organisations  assisting  their  development,   delivery  and  monitoring  of  travel  plans.       As  part  of  the  iTravel  York  programme,  David  has  developed  a   range  of  videos  and  has  used  social  media  to  promote  travel     behaviour  change.  David  served  in  the  North  Yorkshire  Police     Force  for  31  years  and  is  a  former  Chief  Superintendent.  He  is  a   keen  cyclist  and  cycle  commutes  to  work  on  a  daily  basis,  a  round   trip  of  38  miles!    

1-­‐2pm  Lunch,  provided  by  Greentraveller,  in  the  Old  Library:       Lunch  Menu     To  start   Fresh  carrot,  coriander  and  orange  soup  with  baked  rolls   Selection  of  fresh  salads  with  dressings,  croutons  &  mixed  seeds       Main  course   Kashmiri  style  beef  cooked  with  apricots  and  toasted     almonds  &  served  with  braised  pilau  rice,  kolongi  seed     Naan  and  minted  cucumber  raita     Breast  of  chicken,  leek  and  parsley  pie  with  fresh  mash,  roasted   roots,  steamed  cabbage  and  chicken  gravy     Pithivier  of  mushroom,  leek  and  Brie  with  fresh  mash,  roasted   roots,  steamed  cabbage  a  thyme  scented  vegetable  jus     ♦♦   Chocolate  marquise  with  raspberries     Bramley  apple  crumble  with  custard  sauce   Fresh  fruit  salad  scented  with  star  anise   A  selection  of  English  cheese  with  grapes,  crackers  and  chutney   Homemade  fruit  yoghurts        



2pm  An  Introduction  to  Greentraveller  and   The  Opportunities  for  Video  &  Social  Media   to  Play  a  Role  in  Marketing  for  LSTF.   Richard  Hammond,  Chief  Executive,   Greentraveller  Limited,  a  new  media  agency   that  specialises  in  producing  sustainable   transport  videos,  green  city  maps  and  leaflets,   responsive  web  &  app  design  for  desktop,   smartphone  and  tablet  access,  and  social   media  campaigns.  Richard  will  focus  on     how  to  make  the  most  of  new  technologies     for  marketing  LSTF  programmes,  including     short-­‐form  video,  Facebook,  Twitter  &  Google+.     2.45pm  “Build  it,  and  they  probably   won’t  come”  –  the  importance  of   marketing  to  create  behavioural   change.  Phillip  Darnton  OBE,  Executive   Director,  Bicycle  Association.  Phillip  has   30  years’  experience  in  multi-­‐national   consumer  goods  companies,  including   Unilever  and  Reckitt  and  Colman.  Since  2000,  he  has  been  actively   engaged  in  the  world  of  cycling  –  initially  as  Chairman  and  Chief   Executive  of  Raleigh  industries;  as  President  of  the  Bicycle   Association  of  Great  Britain  2002-­‐2006;  as  a  member  of  the   National  Cycling  Strategy  Board,  becoming  Chairman  in  2004.         From  2005-­‐2011,  Phillip  was  Chairman  of  Cycling  England,  an   independent  group  set  up  by  the  Minister  of  Transport  to  promote   short  urban  trips  by  bike.  In  2011  Cycling  England  was  abolished  by   the  coalition  Government.    Since  then,  Phillip  has  taken  on  various   roles  –  as  Executive  Director  of  the  Bicycle  Association;  Chairman  of   the  Cycle  Rail  Working  Group  for  the  Department  of  Transport,  and   Chairman  of  the  Association  of  Bikeability  Schemes.    He  chairs  two   commercial  organisations  –  Brompton  Dock  and  Challenge  for   Change.  He  was  awarded  an  OBE  in  2010  for  his  services  to  cycling.    

3.15pm  Using  Marketing  to  Campaign  for   Better  Transport.  Stephen  Joseph,  Chief   Executive  of  the  Campaign  for  Better  Transport   (a  post  he  has  held  since  1988).  Stephen's   many  successes  include  persuading  the   Treasury  to  cut  the  road-­‐building  programme     in  the  1990s,  campaigning  against  the  privatisation  of  the  railways,     and  running  a  Sardine  Man  campaign  to  highlight  the  overcrowded   state  of  this  country’s  ‘sardine  tin’  trains.       Stephen  was  a  member  of  the  Commission  for  Integrated  Transport   from  1999-­‐2005,  and  more  recently  he  has  been  a  member  of   challenge  panels  or  advisory  groups  for  Government  plans  on  high-­‐ speed  rail,  eco-­‐towns,  transport  appraisal  and  LSTF.       3.30pm  Tea  and  Coffee  with  cake.     3.45pm  Round  Table  Discussion.     An  opportunity  for  delegates  to  discuss  the  issues  and  challenges  of   LSTF  teams  in  using  marketing  and  new  media  to  drive  behavourial   change.       All  of  the  speakers  will  be  at  the  front  taking  questions  from   delegates  and  we  hope  that  as  many  delegates  as  possible  will  take   part  in  the  discussion.  This  is  your  opportunity  to  quiz  the  experts!     5pm  End  of  Workshop.                 Greentraveller  would  like  to  thank  Trisha  Allen,  Department    for  Transport,  and  Rasita  Chudasama,  Nottingham  City  Council    for  their  helping  in  organising  this  LSTF  workshop.  

To discuss working with Greentraveller or to enquire about webinars and social media training, please contact: Richard Hammond, Chief Executive, Greentraveller Limited Tel: 020 7561 7481;

LSTF Workshop Programme, Nottingham, April 2013  

Introduction by Norman Baker MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Transport. The aim of the conference was to show LS...

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