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JULY 2014

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>>> A huge thank you! >>> Keep the Formula Student Spirit! Dear friends and supporters of the Green Team, On May 24th our big dream, the successful participation in the Formula Student Germany, seemed to be over. That day, the E0711-5 was destroyed by fire. Soon after we decided that we want to continue and to build a new car. Thanks to the great support from other teams and our sponsors the rebuilding of the car went ahead quickly. The team decided not to be defeated by this misfortune. After only 17 days the new monocoque was finished. Fiive weeks after the fire the new car drove for the first time.

At this point we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came by, sent us urgently needed parts or supported us in any other way. It has been an invaluable help and kept the motivation and morale of the team. The University of Stuttgart, to name one example, has shown great flexibility and has already given us their annual support. Thanks to the incredible support over the past few weeks, we are able to attend the upcoming competitions in Hockenheim, Austria and Spain. We look forward to meeting the other teams and our sponsors in Hockenheim. We hope that the new E0711-5 will prevail there as hoped against strong competition.

May 26th: We inform our sponsors and fans about the accident. The reactions are overwhelming. The facebook post is shared all around the world . Teams from everywhere write us to support us and to offer their help. #fsspirit #0711 #FSG2014 #phoenix

May 24th, 2014

Car number one is destroyed. The team decides to build a second car. One day after the fire the team meets up with its alumni to discuss the next steps.

5 weeks to go...

We receive support, food, parts, material and motivation from our sponsors and friends from the Formula Student community.




Thanks@Kai! Thanks@municHMotorsport!

4 weeks to go...

Several barbecue and party revenues are given to us. Thank you to Eindhoven Open and our alumni for organizing this! To get the new car ready in time we are very busy with rebuilding all parts such as the monocoque and the wiring harness.

Thanks@Ecurie Aix!




Thanks@Eindhoven Open! Thanks@our alumni, Alpirsbacher & Ensinger!

Thanks@ATHENE Racing Team!

Thanks@KA RaceIng!

3 weeks to go...

Only 17 days after the fire the new monocoque is finished. We begin to assemble the car again. Some parts are still missing but we follow our tight time frame. We wanted to begin testing in the end of June.

2 weeks to go... Let‘s get this car rolling again!

June 29th

It only took us five weeks to build a new car. This was only possible due to the overwhelming support of the Formula Student communitiy.

See you all in Hockenheim! We can‘t wait!

1 week to go... Some last things to do...

>>> Why did the car burn? For our sponsors and all other FSE teams it is important to know what could have triggered the fire. In numerous discussions with experts and alumni we have checked all possible causes. We have examined all parameters to their effect on the battery and reconstructed the sequences of the accident.

After the accident we talked to our alumni and experts and undertook an error course analysis. The conclusion of this analysis was that we most possibly used a pre-damaged cell. We cannot reconstruct the exact reason, since all cells were fused together and all data logger were destroyed due to the tremendous heat.

On the day of the accident we charged the accumulator after the first round of testing. After charging we disconnected the HV power supply and we inspected the accumulator. We did not notice any unusual defects. About five minutes later a sudden flame from the ventilation holes surprised us. We immediately began to fight the fire with two CO2 extinguishers and four Class D extinguishers.

We hope that this explanation helps other teams to avoid an accident like ours. Keep up the Formula Student spirit!

Unfortunately, all attempts to stop the fire failed. After the fire extinguishers were depleted and about three minutes after the first flame, we had to move away from the car due to the heavy smoke. Shortly after several professional firefighters fought the fire. After the fire the battery had to be cooled for another 30 minutes. The testing crew was investigated by emergency medicals and fortunately no injuries or poisonings were noted.

GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V.

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