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(k)larity Quotient

The revolutionary tool that makes 401(k) plans work better for companies and their employees

Does offering your employees a great 401(k) plan seem a lot harder than it should be? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pinpoint the specific areas of your plan that needed improvement? What if you knew exactly how to fix them?

Introducing the (k)larity Quotient.

How does it work?

Based on nearly a decade of research, experience, and innovation, the (k)larity Quotient offers plan sponsors a simple, yet profound method for quantifying the most critical aspects of a successful, high performing retirement plan.

The (k)larity Quotient combines both diagnostic and benchmarking capabilities to help plan sponsors clearly understand and measure the critical drivers of retirement plan success.


Areas of Focus




Key Performance Indicators

Simple Concept

Compare Measure



The (k)larity Quotient makes it easy to focus your efforts and attention on the four key areas of your plan that really make a difference and drive plan success. ®


Fiduciary Responsibility

vs Plans within

Plan Design & Performance

your Industry

Within each key area, the ® (k)larity Quotient tracks and analyzes 35 key performance indicators (KPI’s) that impact plan effectiveness.

Each KPI is weighted and scored according to Greenspring’s proprietary methodology to create your unique (k)larity ® Quotient between 0 and 100 with a breakdown of scores in each area.

The (k)larity Quotient also has powerful benchmarking capabilities that let you compare your score against similar plans and industry peers.

Fees & Compensation

(k)larity Quotient®

Employee Engagement

vs Plans of

Similar Size

vs Greenspring



What are the Benefits?

The secret of the (k)larity Quotient is its ability to pinpoint the specific aspects of your plan that need to be addressed. Simply target the areas that need improvement, take the appropriate action and monitor your progress. 速

Knowing your (k)larity Quotient takes the guesswork out of improving plan performance, yielding unsurpassed benefits for both your participants and your company. 速

Benefits for Your Company Reduced liability due to breaches of fiduciary responsibility Lower likelihood of penalties, fines and corrective contributions for improper plan operations Increased ability to attract and retain talent Greater employee appreciation and satisfaction with retirement benefits A plan you can be proud of

Benefits for Your Participants Increased retirement readiness

Greater likelihood of sufficient savings rates and income replacement ratios Better decision-making Potential improvement in work quality and effectiveness from less financial fear and stress A plan they can understand and appreciate

Let’s Get Started Using the (k)larity Quotient is the simplest, most effective way to design, measure and manage your corporate retirement plan. ®

(k)lar•i•ty \’kler-ә-tē\

Does your plan have a high (k)Q®?

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The state or quality of excellent decision-making by combining clarity of purpose, structure, and measurement with a commitment to “best practices” and continuous improvement resulting in high-performing corporate retirement plans that meet the needs of both participants and plan sponsors.

Retire with (k)larity



©2014 Greenspring Wealth Management. All rights reserved. (k)larity Quotient , (k)Q , (k)larity are service marks of Greenspring Wealth Management. ®



(k)larity Quotient℠ by Greenspring  

The revolutionary tool that makes 401(k) plans work better for companies and their employees Using the (k)larity Quotient℠ is the simplest,...

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