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New Solar-Powered Drones Will Provide Net Access To The Far-Flung Places!

Facebook has determined plans to get in touch with the two-thirds of the world’s areas where there is no net access. The company is planning to use satellites, lasers, and drones to make this plan a success. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement on the social media platform. It will be a direct competition with Google as Google is thinking of using balloons to deliver net access to the remote areas.

Purpose The main purpose to using such kind of innovative thing is that Facebook wants to increase the number of its audiences, particularly in the developing nations. There are very limited details about this move by Facebook, however, it will comprise a fleet of solar power driven drones along with low-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites. In order to elevate the speed of internet connections, invisible infrared laser beams can also be used by this social networking site. Previous year, Facebook and a few other technology firms introduced “� to help get net access to the vast areas of the globe that do not have net access until now.

Aerospace Professionals Facebook has already joined hands with telecoms operators in Paraguay as well as Philippines to increase the number of individuals using the internet in that area.

Experts from Nasa To bring the mission to end result, Facebook has established a Connectivity Lab that will comprise specialists in communication and aerospace technology, from jet propulsion lab of Nasa and from its Ames research centre.

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Skilled From Ascenta Facebook has also appointed a five-member group that has worked at British firm Ascenta. The founders of this company have developed the Zephyr-the longest flying solar-powered unmanned aircraft.

Is It Altruistic? Ovum analysis Mark Little thinks that this step is a part of accomplishing Facebook's ambitions, which is to widen its reach ahead of 1.2 billion spectators. He thinks that Zuckerberg is trying to achieve his target with the help of an altruistic method of getting in touch with more number of people across the world. By perking up the total number of net connections, there will also be raise in the members of Facebook along with the amount of sharing done by them. It will be helpful in creating more space for advertising and will elevate its revenues in an amazing way. Last year Google had also announced similar plans to build up solar-powered balloons to bring internet access to the far-flung areas of the world.

Concerns for Governments Mr. Little also thinks that for both Google and Facebook, the technology in their missions might prove to be "the trouble-free bit", but the actual challenge will lie in convincing the governments of all the nations that its optional networks will be feasible. He also said that the mobile operators would also be under the threat from other ways of providing net services. This will become a concern for governments when their entire communications will depend on an outside provider.

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New solar powered drones will provide net access to the far flung places  

Facebook has determined plans to get in touch with the two-thirds of the world’s areas where there is no net access. The company is planning...