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How Much Does Solar Energy Cost In Different Countries? Lives of modern men are completely reliant on different equipment that is regulated by electricity. This is produced by non-renewable sources. Solar energy is the ultimate source of renewable sources of energy. Let us have a look on different cost parameters for solar equipment establishment in different countries. Modern western society is extremely dependant on facilities, equipments and gadgets. All of them are anyhow related to electricity. The major source of producing electricity is coal and oil that produces harmful gases and destroys the nature. There is only one alternative that can help in providing energy without harming nature i.e. solar energy. The Sun is an abundant source of energy. It does not possess any element that causes pollution. Fossil fuels are present in a finite amount while sunshine is available for today and present. It could get through various equipments. Like:      

Solar panel Photovoltaic panels Solar heating Solar thermal electricity Solar artificial photosynthesis Solar architecture and more.

Now, let us consider the cost required to set this amazing technology at your place. Let us discuss the price for establishing solar equipment in different countries. Price in U.S.A: United State of America highly supports the use of solar power. You cannot distinguish the actual cost because it relies on production and it is not possible to pre assume the production accurately. Still, according to the national average, the cost per watt is between 6$-8$. Most of the time, the cost of power is decreased with the increase in purchasing of solar panels. The cost per watt goes to 7.65$ for 5 solar panel system and goes down to 4.85$ for 30 solar panels system. It even decreases up to 3$ for mega system. Price in UK: Government of different countries of U.K is encouraging its citizen to go for solar elements. You can easily get a fully installed system for just £5,495. U.K is strongly establishing number of power plants to provide growth to their citizens. The average cost for a typical domestic solar PV system is around £10,000.It saves around £90-£180 per year. The average cost of a solar thermal panel system is £4800. This saves around £50-£90 per year. There is a master plan to generate high revenue from solar elements. It will be great source of income in a couple of months.

Greenshine New Energy

Price in Europe: EU is providing 1/3 solar panels without any subsidy. There is an estimate of around €90c/W in Rome for establishing it. It has delivered around €80/MWh (€8c/kWh) reduction in electricity cost. Price in Australia: In Australia, you can get a rooftop solar for 1.90 $ per watt for the residential area. It was quite high before subsidy. As, now all the world is focusing on solar development, cost per watt is reduced at this continent as well. Price in Germany: The average solar PV price in Germany is 2.08$ per watt that too without subsidy. Few months back it was less but, the rate has been hiked in February. It was the simple analysis of different cost parameters. It is only the solar power that can save us and earth from the harmful gases. Establish solar system and say eco-friendly and economical.

About GreenShine: Greenshine New Energy, LLC. Specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar powered lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. At Greenshine we specialize in solar street lights, garden lights, and lawn lights for outdoor applications. Our lights can be installed anywhere, especially areas where grid tied electricity is not available.

How much does solar energy cost in different countries  

Lives of modern men are completely reliant on different equipment that is regulated by electricity. This is produced by non-renewable source...

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