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Since 2018 we have... 14

We currently export worldwide to 14 different countries

We respond within 24 hours to quotes and service issues


We have an annual capacity of 50,000 tons that’s the weight of


Automated our stock systems to provide customers with daily updates

HGV lorries

We have over 150 years’experience within our management team

We are the UK’s largest producer of Cold Heading Quality (CHQ) and spring wire

We make in excess of

350,000 km of wire annually that’s enough to go almost 9 times around the earth


Focussed on ensuring the right stock is available to meet our customers’ requirements Introduced guarantees for 3 month rolling ordering/ supply schedules


According to data from UK Steel

Strengthened our management and operational teams Added latest coatings to our surface treatment range for greater productivity and environmental friendliness

Significantly improved our product quality Broadened our supply chain for additional flexibility

Benefited from investment by Rcapital to improve our manufacturing facilities

Wrexham Wire has been a leader in the wire drawing industry for more than 40 years and supplies bespoke products to meet customers’ specific requirements. We pride ourselves on meeting demanding production and delivery deadlines, providing cost-effective, high-quality products, comprehensive testing facilities and excellent customer service. Our key target sectors are automotive and construction. It also provides wire for other applications including springs, engineering wires and electro galvanised wires.

Our customers are Europe’s elite fastener manufacturers who supply automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors with advanced and technically challenging bolts, screws, rivets and modern fixing solutions.

Wrexham Wire employs 80 people and handles approximately 30,000 tonnes of steel annually. All products are manufactured in strict compliance with relevant European standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 03


COLD HEADING WIRE With over 40 years’ experience in the cold heading industry, Wrexham Wire has developed extensive technical expertise and market knowledge of this specialist area. We have a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, purpose-built facilities and specifically designed manufacturing processes. We supply cold heading wire to the exact quality and performance parameters required by our customers. This includes a wide range of heat treated conditions in an extensive range of boron, aluminium killed and alloy steel grades.

ELECTRO PLATE GALVANISED WIRE Electro plated galvanised wire allows for a much more controlled application of the zinc coating on the wire surface making it suitable for more technically demanding applications. The surface finish of the wire is also much brighter and cleaner than hot dip galvanised wire.


We supply galvanised wire for a wide range of uses including rivet mandrels, control cables, mechanical springs and spoke wires. Depending on the application and customer requirements, our electro galvanised wire can be produced in various sizes and carbon steel grades in diameters from 1.5mm to 4mm.

PRODUCTS ENGINEERING WIRE Our engineering wire is used across many industries for a wide variety of products including: • Plating quality wire • Fencing wire • Chain wire • Roping wire • Hose clip and washer wire • Masonry nail wire • Hose reinforcement wire • Polished copper coated wire • Mesh and conduit wire Size range 1mm-14mm

SPRING WIRE Drawing wire for mattress and furniture springs is one of our main areas of expertise. Produced from high quality carbon steel, our spring wire products are drawn in a range of sizes, tolerances and coatings. Our spring wire can be used on most mattress and seat spring machines including Spuhl, Fides, L&P, Infinity and Miracoli. Applications range from Helical, Pocket, LFK and Bonnell mattresses, to edging wires and wires for zig-zag furniture springs.

BALING WIRE We are a leading UK baling wire manufacturer for various applications to customers in the UK and abroad. Used for both manual and machine baling, our wire is suitable for cardboard, textile, plastic, paper and other materials, as well as packaging and waste management. 05


Our chemical cleaning lines provide a variety of coatings and finishes to meet customers’ specific requirements. We offer HCI pickling, zinc phosphate, polymer, copper wash, reactive soap, lime and non-phosphated coatings. POLYMER INLINE COATING Wrexham Wire was the first company in the cold heading wire industry to introduce polymer inline coating from our UK facility. This process is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to soap and solid lubricant-based coating processes and also facilitates more complex heading applications. Polymer inline coating is water based and is free of heavy metals and VOC (volatile organic compound) and causes no dust or contamination of heading oils & lubricants

Benefits to our customers include: • A more uniform and consistent coating giving greater performance • The ability to control and adjust coat weights to suit customer needs and product demands • Improved output compared to batch coated material • Reduced tool wear and increased lifespan • The capability to produce more complex parts in fewer stages • Reduced energy consumption

GARDO HYBRID COATING Our gardo hybrid coating is a direct replacement for zinc phosphate and offers additional benefits. Unlike phosphate this coating does not require removal prior to heat treatment reducing the processes and therefore cost. In addition, it does not contain heavy metals or CMR substances making it more environmentally friendly.


MECHANICAL CLEANING As an alternative to chemical cleaning, we offer mechanical cleaning of the wire surface prior to drawing on some processes.


We offer a range of packaging solutions to suit the product and customers’ requirements. All materials used are environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainably sourced. COILS Coil Specification

Coil Specification Outside dia


Inside dia

36” Drawing Block Outer dia. Inside dia. Finished wire dia. 30” Drawing Block Outer dia. Inside dia. Finished wire dia.

1066/1143mm (42/45”) 736/762mm (29/30”) 4.8/22.0mm

22” Drawing Block Outer dia. Inside dia. Finished wire dia.

609/635mm (24/25”) 457/482mm (18/19”) 1.2/5.0mm

26/28” Drawing Block

Outer dia. Inside dia. Finished wire dia.

838/889mm (33/35”) 635/660mm (25/26”) 4.7/15.0mm

762/812mm (30/32”) 558/585mm (22/23”) 4.7/12.5mm

FOUR LEGGED FORMER WITH ROUND BASE Former Specification Identification colours Base ring outer dia. Base ring inner dia. Leg width (outside) Leg width (inside) Former height

1219 mm

1219 mm

508 mm 432 mm

762 mm

Top ring outer dia. Top ring inner dia. Max weight

915 mm

Silver with red top 915mm (36”) 835mm (33”) 508mm (20”) 432mm (17”) 1219mm (48”) 1016mm (40”) 66mm x 66mm 40mm x 40mm 1200kg (2645lbs)


Former Specification Identification colours Base ring outer dia. Base ring inner dia. Leg width (outside) Leg width (inside) Former height Top ring outer dia. Top ring inner dia. Max weight 915 mm 1219 mm

1219 mm

406 mm 336 mm

762 mm

Silver with red top 762mm (30”) 546mm (21.5”) 406mm (16”) 336mm (13.25”) 1219mm (48”) 66mm x 66mm 40mm x 40mm 1000kg (2204lbs)


1450 mm

Height Base Bell Tube thickness Max weight

1450mm (57”) 1220mm (48”) 710mm (28”) 42.4mm (1.6”) 2000kg (4409lbs)

1220 mm


Core Specification Core No. 1 Outer dia. Inside dia. Length Core No.2 Outer dia. Inside dia. Length

394mm (15.5”) 381mm (15”) 508mm (20”) 394mm (15.5”) 381mm (15”) 862mm (34”)

Package No.1 Outer dia. Inside dia. Length Max weight Finished wire dia.

724mm (28.5”) 381mm (15”) 508mm (20”) 550kg (2101lbs) 1.2mm - 5.0mm

Package No. 2

Outer dia. Inside dia. Length Max weight Finished wire dia.

724mm (28.5”) 381mm (15”) 863mm (34”) 950kg (2090lbs) 1.2mm - 5.0mm 07

To find out more about our products and services or to arrange to visit our UK manufacturing and support site please contact Wrexham Wire Ltd Ash Road North Wrexham Industrial Estate Wrexham LL13 9JT T: +44 (0)1978 666800 E: Follow us on LinkedIn

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Wrexham Wire - leading UK manufacturer of premium wire  

Wrexham Wire - leading UK manufacturer of premium wire  

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