Page 1 You are looking for foods that reduce belly fat? Foods choice is a very important step in reducing belly fat. So are you sure you have chosen the suitable foods for nutrition menu for a reasonable diet? You can refer some of the foods following which are very good for a person wanting to reduce belly fat 1. Green Tea: Green tea is rich in antioxidants and ideal for flat belly. It has mild diuretic properties and helps regulate blood sugar and helps you reduce appetite. 2. Fresh milk: Fresh milk can prevent cholesterol depositing on arterial walls, limit the activity of the enzyme of cholesterol in the body and lower cholesterol born. 3. Chives Besides calcium, iron, sugar, protein, vitamin A, C chives also contains some beta carotene and is rich in fibre. Therefore, chives has laxative effect, can help to discharge extra nutrients including fat in the intestine. 4. Squash Regularly eating squash can help to eliminate the element of water and extra fat in the body, bringing significant weight loss effects. 5. Carrots Pectic acid in carrots will stimulate the production of much gallbladder fluid. So, we have to consume much blood cholesterol, thereby reducing the level of cholesterol in the body. 6. Apple Apple is rich in pectin, fiber and vitamin C, so reducing extra fat very well. If you eat two apples a day in a month, the amount of LDL in the blood will decrease, which makes your body thinner 8. Kiwifruit Kiwi has effect of promoting absorption of vitamin C. Eating it in the morning will bring remarkably good result. Other fruits such as strawberries, grapefruit parsley, green peppers, citrus fruits ... also have a similar effect. 10. Asparagus Asparagus contains compounds called Atparagin - a form of alkaloids 動hichgood for kidney ,so accelerates excretion and improve blood flow easily. This substance has the ability to consume extra fat, limiting the formation and accumulation of fat in the body 12. Sugar beet Sugar beet is diuretic, supports activities of the liver and kidneys during detoxification and excretion,and limits the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. It is the ideal food on the menu of those who want to lose weight quickly 12. Cabbage Eating cabbage helps to reduce extra fat in the waist and abdomen. Sulfur in cabbage is good for purification and detoxification of the body. 13.Cucumbers contain sulfur and silicon - the ingredients are beneficial to the kidneys, helps the kidneys excrete uric acid and limit the production of fat cells in the body. In addition, cucumber nature heat, more water, very good for health. 14. Garlic, which functions like a drug, effective treatment, detoxification, reducing fat in the liver. Also the improvement of their vegetables, but white cauliflower and broccoli can eliminate the negative factors of estrogen (female hormone) to the body, drain excess fat. 15. Lettuce contains iron and manganese is beneficial to liver function, reduce abdominal fat by stimulating the metabolic process in the body, removing fat cells. In addition to the amount of fiber, vegetables should also be capable of resolution quality and type of fat soluble. All those food will help you effectively in reducing belly fat. If you are intersted in these food, I am sure you can lose weight as well as well reduce your belly fat and have a beautiful body. For more interested information, you can visit: You would find your best way as well as foods to reduce your belly fat.

Are you looking for foods that reduce belly fat?  

Foods choice is a very important step in reducing belly fat. So are you sure you have chosen the suitable foods for nutrition menu for a rea...

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