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Enumclaw Campus Find your interest at GRCC in Enumclaw

GRCC’s Enumclaw Campus offers college level courses in math, English, science, and history, as well as computer classes for beginning and more advanced users. We also offer a wide variety of non-credit community education classes on weekdays and Saturdays. The Enumclaw Campus office hours are Monday–Thursday, 9 a.m.– 8 p.m. When classes are not in session, the Campus closes at 6 p.m.


Green River Community College Enumclaw Campus 1414 Griffin Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022

Call direct:

(253) 288-3400 Enumclaw or (360) 829-2450 Buckley

Off-Campus Locations

Enumclaw Ski and Mountain......................240 Roosevelt Ave E, Enumclaw

Registration—Credit Classes

Credit classes begin June 25, 2012. Tuition is $96.39 per credit for Washington residents. Additional fees apply. Students may register in Enumclaw, at the main campus in Auburn, or by Web registration.

Math and English Assessment

Assessment is required for placement in math or English classes.

Registration—Non-Credit Classes—5 easy ways to register Non-credit classes are self-supported by class fees, not tuition. Students can register any of the following ways: Online: Phone:

Call direct to the numbers listed.


Download the class registration form at www.greenriver. edu/ce/registration and mail to the address listed.


Download the class registration form at www.greenriver. edu/ce/registration and fax to the number listed.

In Person: Come to any of our site locations and register in person by cash, check or credit card. Class fees for Continuing Education classes are not refundable unless student cancels 24 business hours prior to the start of class. Full refunds will be made if the College cancels a class. Unless you are notified otherwise, your registration is confirmed upon receipt of payment for class.

Academic Advising (Please call for appointment) May 30.....................................5-9 p.m. June 6......................................5-9 p.m.

Green River Community College has made reasonable efforts to provide in this catalog information that is accurate at the time of publication. However, the college reserves the right to make appropriate changes in procedures, policies, calendars, requirements, programs, courses, and fees. When feasible, changes will be announced prior to their effective dates, but the college assumes no responsibility for giving any particular notice of any such changes. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to create any offer to contract or any contractual rights. Green River Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, religion, age or any other unlawful basis in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Vice President of Human Resources, 12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn, WA 98092, (253) 288-3320. To receive this information in an alternative format, please contact Disability Support Services at (253) 833-9111, ext. 2631; TTY (253) 288-3359. Limitation of Liability: The college’s total liability for claims arising from a contractual relationship with the student in any way related to classes or programs shall be limited to the tuition and expenses paid by the student to the college for those classes or programs. In no event shall the college be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss of earnings or profits.


Register Today! (253) 288-3400

Summer 2012 CREDIT CLASSES BASIC 032-076

Provides instruction in basic reading, writing, critical thinking, and math to help students acquire fundamental academic, vocational and adult life skills. The GED Preparation course helps students master the skills required in writing, critical thinking, social studies, science, reading and mathematics to pass the GED exam. This is a pass/ no credit course. $25 tuition will be charged for any combination of BASIC classes each quarter. Courses are offered Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30–7:55 p.m.

Business Lab

These courses are in a combination lecture/lab setting. Students may work on assignments when lab is open. Faculty available Tuesday and Thursday, 4–7:15 p.m. Lecture times established at start of quarter. Open lab time: 10 a.m.–7 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

BUS E 101

Math and English Assessment

Adult Basic Education/GED Preparation ( 6)

Beg Typing/Keyboarding


Assessment is required for placement in math or English classes.

ENGL& 101 English Composition I

Mathematics—Lab Hybrid Courses

Recommended: Eligible for READ 094 and BUS E 102 for those with a keyboarding speed in excess of 40 wpm. Additional fee of $30.00. (NR) 2019 EU Enumclaw TTh 4-7:15p

Computer-Mediated Learning Lab

BUS E 103

MATH 062

Advanced Keyboarding


Prerequisite: BUS E 102 or equivalent. Recommended: BUS E 112 or equivalent, and minimum typing speed of 50 wpm. Additional fee of $30.00. (NR) 2047 EU Enumclaw TTh 4-7:15p

BUS E 107

Typing Speed/Accuracy 1


Recommended: Knowledge of the keyboard and typing speed of 30 wpm. This is a pass/no credit course. Additional fee of $15.00. (NR) 2059 EU Enumclaw TTh 4-7:15p

BUS E 108

Typing Speed/Accuracy 2


Prerequisite: BUS E 107. This is a pass/no credit course. Additional fee of $15.00. (NR) 2067 EU Enumclaw TTh 4-7:15p


Prerequisite: COMPASS placement or a minimum of 2.0 in ENGL 100, and college level reading skills or a minimum of 2.0 in READ 104. Satisfies a basic skills requirement for AA degree. 3659 EU Enumclaw MW 4-7:15p

These courses will be taught in an independent computer-mediated learning mode. There will also be a fee of $8.00 per class. Attendance the first week of class is mandatory and also required for submitting homework and testing.

Review Of Arithmetic


Prerequisite: BASIC 053 or appropriate placement score. Additional fee of $8.00. (NR) 5001 DEU Enumclaw MW 4-7:10p

MATH 070



Prerequisite: MATH 062 with a grade of 2.5 or higher, OR appropriate placement score, OR high school transcript evaluation. Additional fee of $8.00. (NR) 5033 DEU Enumclaw MW 4-7:10p

MATH 072

Elementary Algebra


Prerequisite: MATH 070 with a grade of 2.5 or higher, OR appropriate placement score, OR high school transcript evaluation. Recommended: Eligible for READ 104. Graphing calculator required. Additional fee of 8.00. (NR) 5073 DEU Enumclaw MW 4-7:10p

MATH 097

Intermediate Algebra


Prerequisite: Either MATH 072, 085 or 116T with a grade of 2.5 or higher, OR appropriate placement score, OR high school transcript evaluation. Recommended: Eligible for READ 104. Additional fee of $8.00. (NR) 5121 DEU Enumclaw MW 4-7:10p

Register Now! Some classes fill quickly and other classes with insufficient enrollment may be calcelled. Register eary to ge the class you want!

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Enumclaw Campus CO 0339 Computers For Beginners – 4 Class Series


Business/Vocational/Computers The Foundation For Business Writing

w Ne If writing clearly and effectively is a challenge for you, our hands-on grammar workshop will help. Topics include grammar basics, spelling, usage, punctuation, sentence structure, word choice and more. Learn about helpful online resources to maintain your skills and get tips you can use. Fee $49 • CEUs: .2 Y715 EU Mucke K Enumclaw-16 Th 6-8p Class begins 07/26/12 and ends 07/26/12.

Generational Learning Styles For K-12 Teachers


This course will focus on the influence of generational characteristics on learning styles. Come away with our top 20 generational techniques for helping your students learn more! Optional $40 paid later for graduate credit from the University of South Dakota. Fee $245 • CEUs: 1.6 Y770 EA ARR ARR ARR Class begins 07/02/12 and ends 07/27/12.

Social Media And Online Tools For K-12 Teachers


Many of your students are already on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Have you been curious if any of these tools might keep them engaged in your class? Do you ever wonder if there might be some time effective ways to communicate with their parents? GoogleDocs, Adobe ConnectNow, iGoogle, Flicker, animoto, earth album, TeacherTube, blogs, virtual labs and yes, even Facebook and Twitter can help you add dimension and interest to your class. Fee $145 • CEUs: 1.6 Y772 EA ARR ARR ARR Class begins 07/02/12 and ends 07/27/12.

Barista Training Learn to make the best espresso shots, velvety foam, flavoring techniques, grinder mastery, final presentation, and ensure a consistency in your product. Course includes: coffee history, bean varieties, brewing variables, espresso extraction, dairy products, recipe varieties, presentation, and equipment maintenance and cleaning. Fee $89 • CEUs: .3 Y781 EU Alexander C Enumclaw-15 T 6-9p Class begins 06/19/12 and ends 06/19/12.

Flagger Training Training consists of classroom instruction and state certification in flagging, traffic control and safety. Upon successful completion, participants receive a picture ID card with certification valid for three years. Fee includes textbook. Must be at least 18 years of age. Fee $59. Y792 EB Smith S Enumclaw-16 T 8a-3:30p Class begins 05/15/12 and ends 05/15//12. Y783 EA Smith S Enumclaw-16 T 8a-3:30p Class begins 07/17/12 and ends 07/17/12. Y785 EB Smith S Enumclaw-16 T 8a-3:30p Class begins 08/14/12 and ends 08/14/12.


Save $41 by taking the series. Register for Y720. Fee $139. CEUs: 1.2

Understanding The Basics Of Your Computer Getting a handle on your computer can make your work a whole lot easier. Learn the system components, what they do, and how they interact. Learn about directories, drives, keyboard/mouse, disks, printers, monitors and scanners. Fee $45 • CEUs: .3 Y721 EA Roberson G Enumclaw-13 M 9a-12p Class begins 07/16/12 and ends 07/16/12.

Creating, Finding And Organizing Your Files Learn the basics of Windows 7 such as customizing your desktop, working within a windows environment, using the taskbar, and working with the Start Menu and its many options. Once you start using a computer regularly, you will find out that all those documents and pictures need to be organized. It’s easy using Windows features like folders and files. Learn to create and save files and documents in different locations on your computer. Fee $45 • CEUs: .3 Y722 EA Roberson G Enumclaw-13 T 9a-12p Class begins 07/17/12 and ends 07/17/12.

Introduction To The Internet The internet is your gateway to a whole new world of information. Learn the basics of how to search for information, read the news, get directions, print a map, book a hotel or airline reservation, research medical issues, or shop for everything from cars to groceries. Learn to download information and how to save it to your computer. Fee $45 • CEUs: .3 Y724 EA Roberson G Enumclaw-13 W 9a-12p Class begins 07/18/12 and ends 07/18/12.

Introduction To E-Mail Learn to create your own e-mail, add attachments like pictures and documents, manage the address book, and how to outsmart malicious spam. Create and save documents to attach to an email, then to attach that document to an email, open attachments that have been sent to you and save them to your computer. Fee $45 • CEUs: .3 Y723 EA Roberson G Enumclaw-13 Th 9a-12p Class begins 07/19/12 and ends 07/19/12.

iPad For Beginners Bring your iPad to this three-hour class that will provide hands-on training in set-up, organizing, and connecting to the Internet. Review existing applications on the iPad including calendar, iBooks, mail, notes, photos, maps, iTunes, iPod, and video. Learn about a few of the thousands of applications available for users to add. You’ll leave the class ready to use your iPad the way that you want. Basic computer skills required. Fee $49 • CEUs: .3 Y720 EA Roberson G Enumclaw-13 T 9a-12p Class begins 05/29/12 and ends 05/29/12. Get additional Continuing Education class information and expanded course descriptions AND register online at

Register Today! (253) 288-3400

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Summer 2012 Facebook 101 Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. Learn how to set up an account, upload a profile picture, add photo albums, write on a wall, send messages to people, become a member of a group, protect your privacy and more! Fee $35 • CEUs: .2 Y719 EU McIntosh D Enumclaw-13 M 7-9p Class begins 06/25/12 and ends 06/25/12.


Creative Arts And Crafts Cave Paper Covers And Decorative Stitches

Learn to create a basic worksheet, perform calculations, modify a worksheet, change the appearance of data within a worksheet, manage your workbooks, and print the content of a worksheet. Workbook included. Fee $129 • CEUs: .7 Y731 EA Larson G Enumclaw-13 T 8a-4p Class begins 07/24/12 and ends 07/24/12.

w Ne Work with Cave Paper, a beautiful and durable handmade flax paper for book covers, and colorful waxed linen thread for sewing. Using “sewing cards,” learn six different decorative spine stitch patterns that will then be used to make a sampler of three single section books. This structure works well for calligraphers, writers and visual artists looking for a simple binding with fewer pages. Materials fee of $15 payable to instructor day of class. Fee $45 • CEUs: .4 Y702 EA Lindgren M Enumclaw-14 W 10a-2p Class begins 06/27/12 and ends 06/27/12.

Excel Charts And Graphs

Drawing Basics

Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 1

Learn to create various types of charts and apply elements and formats. Chart templates and SmartArt graphics will be covered. Workbook included. Fee $89 • CEUs: .4 Y732 EA Larson G Enumclaw-13 Th 12-4p Class begins 07/26/12 and ends 07/26/12.

Pivot Tables And Data Analysis With intermediate-level knowledge of Excel 2010, including experience using functions and creating basic charts, build on those skills to learn how to effectively analyze and report data by using pivot tables. Workbook included. Fee $89 • CEUs: .4 Y733 EA Larson G Enumclaw-13 T 12-4p Class begins 07/31/12 and ends 07/31/12.

Mastering Mail Merge Learn to create labels, letters, e-mails, and envelopes in a fraction of the time it usually takes. Use the data you already have in your Outlook address book, Access databases, or Excel spreadsheets and start saving time today. Workbook included. Fee $89 • CEUs: .4 Y730 EA Larson G Enumclaw-13 M 12-4p Class begins 07/23/12 and ends 07/23/12.

Microsoft Word 2010 Level 1 Learn to create, edit and enhance standard business or personal documents. Topics include editing, formatting, creating and modifying tables, controlling layout, proofreading, and more. Workbook included. Fee $129 • CEUs: .7 Y734 EA Larson G Enumclaw-13 T 8a-4p Class begins 07/10/12 and ends 07/10/12.

Selling Your Stuff Online What is the best online market for selling your items? Learn what things sell best on sites like eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, Amazon, etc., and the pro’s and con’s of each site. Learn to open an account, create and post desirable listings, and how to accept payments (i.e. PayPal). Fee $45 • CEUs: .3 Y771 EU Arndt K Enumclaw-13 M 6:30-9:30p Class begins 05/21/12 and ends 05/21/12.

Learn the four elemental shapes that are the base of everything we see; basic perspective which gives depth to your drawings; negative space drawing which develops eye and hand coordination; and composition which puts all the pieces together. Materials list provided upon registration. Fee $99 • CEUs: 1.4 Y704 EA Lynest E Enumclaw T 10a-12p Class begins 06/19/12 and ends 08/07/12.

Secrets To Understanding Digital Photography Move beyond the “auto” mode and take great photos! Through this hands-on course, explore modern photography in simple terms. Learn about exposure, shutter speed, focus, flash, aperture, depth of field, ISO, and more. Requirements include a digital camera (and user guide) that is capable of full manual control. Using Adobe Lightroom (and a free 30-day trial) will be discussed in class. Fee $115 • CEUs: 1.4 Y706 EU Young R Enumclaw-4 W 6:30-8:45p Class begins 06/27/12 and ends 08/08/12. No class 07/04/12.

Secrets To Understanding Digital Photography, Level 2



Go beyond the basics! This class includes working with RAW images, advanced camera controls (exposure lock, spot meter, exposure compensation, advanced flash), using manual controls, shooting for HDR, retouching images in Lightroom or Photoshop, and composition. Three outdoor shooting labs included. Fee $115 • CEUs: 1.4 Y708 EU Young R Enumclaw-9 T 6:30-8:45p Class begins 06/26/12 and ends 08/07/12. No class 07/03/12.

Register Now! Some classes fill quickly and other classes with insufficient enrollment may be calcelled. Register eary to ge the class you want!

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Enumclaw Campus Lightroom 4: Bring Out The Best In Your Photographs Lightroom is Adobe’s image management and enhancement program designed for photographers and makes managing, enhancing and sharing photographs easy and efficient. Learn to organize, back up, manage, and enhance your images. Move between Lightroom and Photoshop or Elements and gain insight into the benefits of shooting RAW files. No prior experience with Lightroom is necessary. Laptop recommended but not required. Free 30-day trial available. Fee $79 • CEUs: .8 Y710 EA Young R Enumclaw-14 Sa 9:30a-1:30p Class begins 06/30/12 and ends 07/07/12. w Ne

The Art Of Photography: It’s Not About The Camera

Learn the art of photographic composition. Train your eye to find the beauty around you and capture it in a compelling artistic way. Photo enhancement techniques including HDR and portrait retouching will also be covered. Class will cover portrait, macro, and landscape styles with weekly photo assignments and detailed critiques. Good working knowledge of your camera is required. Camera with manual control is recommended. Fee $95 • CEUs: 1.0 Y712 EU Young R Enumclaw-9 M 6:30-9p Class begins 06/25/12 and ends 07/23/12. No class 07/02/12.

Gourmet Cooking School Cupcakes Are Hot! In this basic cupcake class, learn how to prepare these popular cupcakes as well as cover and decorate with fun designs using rolled fondant. Materials and tools provided. Bring 2 wash cloths, apron, small rolling pin (if you have one), and a box to take home about 8 cupcakes. Fee $49 • CEUs: .3 Y740 EU Larson L Enumclaw-15 Th 6-9p Class begins 07/12/12 and ends 07/12/12. w Ne

Barbecue Basics

In this introduction to slow smoked southern BBQ, learn to select the best cuts of meat, create your own dry rubs and sauces, different smoking woods and techniques, and safe food handling procedures. Learn how to prepare the four basic meat categories for competition: beef brisket, pork butt, pork ribs and chicken. Bring your own smoker (not required) and prepare to cook your own ribs and chicken. Taught by Big Daddy’s Family BBQ competition pitmasters, PNWBA members and judges. Materials fee of $50 payable to instructor day of class (includes all meat and rubs). Fee $99 • CEUs: .8 Y742 EA Shields Enumclaw-9 Sa 8a-5p Class begins 06/30/12 and ends 06/30/12.


Health HIV/AIDS Certification Students check out and independently watch DVDs with reference notebook. Meets the HIV/AIDS education requirement mandated for certification by the WA State Department of Health. Fee $55 • CEUs: .7 Y750 EA Enumclaw ARR ARR

First Aid And CPR Approved by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry and the American Heart Association. Student handbooks and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification included; pediatric certification also available. Bring sack lunch. Fee $59 • CEUs: .8 Y752 EA Leitner A Enumclaw-14 T 8:30a-4:30p Class begins 07/24/12 and ends 07/24/12.

Home And Garden Creating Arrangements From Your Garden

w Ne Get tips and techniques for creating stunning arrangements and bouquets from your garden (or from a local farmers market). Bring in a variety of flowers and greens and your favorite container or vase. Get tips on what flowers are great for a cutting garden. Go home with a beautiful arrangement! Fee $29 • CEUs: .2 Y753 EU Dubsky S ARR T 6:30-8:30p Class begins 08/07/12 and ends 08/07/12. w Ne Gathering Basket Arrangements These beautiful old-fashioned Victorian arrangements are created in a low, open basket and mimic just picked flowers laying in a basket. These make great centerpieces for showers, parties or special events. Leave class with a beautiful arrangement. Materials fee of $45 payable to instructor night of class. Fee $29 • CEUs: .2 Y754 EU Dubsky S ARR T 6:30-8:30p Class begins 07/24/12 and ends 07/24/12.

Youth Classes Vehicle Engineering (With Legos)

w Ne Build up to 13 different vehicles capped off with a final project using unique LEGO kits. Includes everyday vehicles, concept cars, construction machines and more. Concepts covered include basic engineering principles, gearing and gear ratios, electric motors and energy, friction/force/motion/aerodynamics, problem solving and communication skills. Class geared toward 4th-8th grades. Fee $119. Y755 EA Staff Enumclaw-14 MTWTh 9a-12p Class begins 07/30/12 and ends 08/02/12.

Register Today! (253) 288-3400

Summer 2012 Video Game Making

w Ne Learn to design and modify your own exciting arcade style video games on the computer. Learn how to control characters, objects and outcomes in your game, then increase the difficulty level and add more features. Graphics design and graphics animation topics will also be covered. Learn how to design your own version of PacMan and several others. This class is appropriate for ages 10 and older. Fee $119. Y756 EA Staff Enumclaw-13 MTWTh 1-4p Class begins 07/30/12 and ends 08/02/12.

Babysitting Responsible Way Designed for the 11-16 year old, this class will provide an opportunity to learn the basics of how to care for children in a babysitting situation. Topics include home and child safety, what to do in an emergency, getting babysitting jobs, and ideas to keep the kids busy. Fee $35. Y758 EA Winslow K Enumclaw-14 T 9a-1p Class begins 06/26/12 and ends 06/26/12.

Fishing Alpine Lakes

w Ne The Pacific NW is blessed with an abundance of alpine lakes that have good populations of trout. Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Eastern Brook trout are found in hundreds of high mountain lakes in WA. In the classroom session you will learn where, when and how to fish these beautiful alpine lakes. We’ll discuss tackle and equipment for both fly and ultralight spin fishing including the essential lures and flies. Get resources to help you find lakes that are accessed by vehicle, mountain bike, horseback and hike in only. Y764 EV Fiskum J Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Classroom session only. Class begins 08/15/12 and ends 08/15/12. Fee $29 • CEUS: .2 Y763 EU Fiskum J Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Fiskum J ARR Sa 7a-1p Classroom and lake session. Class begins 08/15/12 and ends 08/18/12. Fee $109 • CEUs: .8

Writing Fiction Writing Workshop

Outdoors For outdoor trips, cancellations are required 48 hours prior to the first day of class. Call (253) 833-9111, ext 2535.

Bicycle Maintenance Learn about the bicycle and its parts, flat tire removal and repair, tire inflation, derailleur adjustments, basic tools necessary for home repair and tool kits to travel with, emergency road repair, on bike wheel truing, brake adjustments and more. Instructor is Joe Weber, owner of Enumclaw Ski and Mountain. Fee $25 • CEUs: .15 Y760 EU Weber J ARR W 6:30-8:30p Class begins 07/25/12 and ends 07/25/12.

Fishing Dry Flies For Trout Join us for an “on the water” crash course in fishing dry flies on rivers and streams. Class will be held on the Green River or Cedar River depending on water conditions. Covers how to present dry flies upstream, across stream, downstream, and how to deal with challenging situations. Learn about the essential NW dry fly patterns, and how to use dropper fly strategies. Rods, reels and lines are available for use from instructor. Fee $49 • CEUs: .3 Y762 EU Fiskum J Enumclaw T 6-9p Class begins 07/31/12 and ends 07/31/12.

Get additional Continuing Education class information and expanded course descriptions AND register online at

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This workshop will guide you through the basics of fiction writing through exercises designed to stretch your creativity and develop your own writing style. Topics include: writing terms, preparing a manuscript, outlining, story setting, conflict, plot development, characterization, view point, show don’t tell, style, research, rewrites, query letters, and markets. Your instructor has been a published fiction writer for 14 years. Fee $89 • CEUs: .8 Y790 EA Pollard L Enumclaw-16 TTh 1-3p Class begins 07/10/12 and ends 07/19/12.

“Get Published” Basics You have an idea and are working on a story—now what? How do you know if your idea has been done? Should it be in a magazine or a book? How do you find a publisher? An editor? An artist? An agent? How long does it take? How much cash can you make? These questions will be answered, and many others, in this basics publishing class. Fee $35 • CEUs: .3 Y792 EA Pollard L Enumclaw-15 Th 1-4p Class begins 07/26/12 and ends 07/26/12.

Do You Have Knowledge or a Skill You’d Like to Pass On? The Continuing Education department at Green River Community College is looking for instructors who would like to teach business, computer, technical, and lifelong learning classes. If you are interested in teaching a course for Continuing Education, please call (253) 833-9111, ext. 2535 to request an application and course proposal form or go online at and click on “Teach For Us.”

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Enumclaw Schedule Summer 2012  

Green River Community College Enumclaw campus schedule.

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