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JUNE 2017 In just 3 weeks time in May and June 2017, more than 430,736 people joined Greenpeace to call on the largest global book publishers to not only stand up for free speech, but also to live up to sustainability promises made years earlier. This book is a physical reflection of this powerful and global message. The confluence of these two issues occurred when Resolute Forest Products, one of the largest logging companies and producers of book grade paper in North America, was found to not only be destroying key parts of the Canadian boreal forest, but also to be threatening free speech as Resolute went to extremes to silence critics of its controversial logging operations. Freedom of speech and of the press, are the cornerstones of democracy. Industries and organizations that challenge political and economic power are only able to do so because the freedom of speech has enshrined their right to exist. The book publishing industry has long recognized the importance of free speech to its existence and place in society. While producing millions of new titles and editions around the globe every year, publishers have also been steadfast defenders of the freedom of speech as it fosters an active exchange of ideas, open debate, an informed public and the quest for solutions. Greenpeace and 430,736 people ask for this leadership to continue and for book publishers to not stand idly by as threats to this fundamental value, originating so close to home, take shape. Additionally, great strides have been made in recycled and sustainable production of paper, as well as a heightened awareness of the forestry issues linked with paper production. In recent history, book publishers have become better versed in environmental issues and vowed to make sustainable choices and enshrined such in numerous corporate policies. When a paper producer is found to no longer represent the same values and is exposed to be destroying intact ancient forests and threatened species habitat, it is these corporate policies that should determine next steps and drive engagement between publishers buying paper and that producer. Greenpeace and 430,736 people plead with book publishers to not turn a blind eye to what is happening in the Canadian boreal forest. Each publisher has a responsibility to examine their supply chain and where Resolute is a supplier, speak with them about delivering book grade paper that lives up to the promises publishers already made. If that is determined to not be possible, publishers must explore alternative ways to keep their sustainability promises. This must happen urgently. Living up to promises made in corporate environmental policies and standing up for free speech is not a business decision that can wait until there is less controversy. Book publishers must see through the noise, pay attention to the best science and follow their values; this is about corporate integrity and doing the right thing for the future we all strive for. There is a global movement of people represented on the pages of this book that care deeply about the Canadian boreal forest and about free speech. This book delivers the message of 430,736 readers and citizens, speaking directly to book publishers, asking for public statements to be made denouncing Resolute Forest Product’s SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) against environmental groups and asking each publisher to work with Resolute to ensure the paper bought is in compliance with corporate policies and not contributing to the destruction of the forest.

Free Speech: How Resolute Forest Products is going to extremes to silence critics of its controversial logging practices


Canada’s Great Northern Boreal Forest, stewarded by Indigenous Peoples since time immemorial, includes some of the world’s last large expanses of undisturbed natural forest1, is home to threatened species,2 and is one of the largest terrestrial stores of carbon globally.3 It has also become the site of a battle over free speech and advocacy.

Improved forest and wildlife protections, including caribou range plans, from CANADIAN PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENTS could better enable the forest products industry, and Resolute, to meet global demand for responsible forest products, sustain a healthy forest for future generations, and resolve challenges amongst stakeholders across the entire boreal forest. CORPORATE CUSTOMERS OF PRODUCTS FROM CANADA’S BOREAL FOREST, INCLUDING GLOBAL BOOK PUBLISHERS have a responsibility to keep sustainability promises and invest in collaboration to achieve lasting solutions; meaning identifying where Resolute is a supplier and communicating both sustainability requirements and concerns about attacks on free speech directly to the company. RESOLUTE FOREST PRODUCTS can embrace solutions that respect Indigenous Peoples’ rights, save jobs, and conserve forests. This means that the company should: adopt Free Prior and Informed Consent as the basis for engaging with Indigenous Peoples; suspend logging in and sourcing from High Conservation Value Forests (including intact forests and woodland caribou habitat) until science-based conservation planning takes place; publicly support large-scale protected areas; recommit to the FSC system and regain lost certificates; and work with environmental organizations, unions and communities to address legitimate economic concerns and ensure jobs are maintained.







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Woodland Caribou © Markus Mauthe / Greenpeace

Caribou Forest, managed by Resolute Forest Products. Northern Ontario. © Daniel Beltra / Greenpeace


Resolute has also abandoned its commitment to get the vast majority of its forestlands certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).25 Since 2013, Resolute has had three of its FSC certificates terminated, covering more than 6 million hectares, after independent auditors found environmental and Indigenous rights nonconformances.26 The most recent audit for the Caribou Forest in Ontario was sealed from public scrutiny after Resolute took the unprecedented step of suing its own independent auditor before it could be released.27

Greenpeace does not advance our own prescriptions for conservation, but rather seeks to join in the collaborative building of conservation plans with Indigenous Peoples at the center. Decision-making authority for what happens on the ground in these areas and across Canadian boreal forest must rest with Indigenous Peoples.


Resolute is attempting to silence legitimate public concern, all the while ignoring scientific recommendations8 for the health of the globally significant boreal forest. 3Many areas within Canada’s managed forest have a long history of forestry, however Resolute is also actively logging in and sourcing from some of the last large intact areas free of industrial disturbance. These large swaths of ancient forest are critical habitat for threatened species and other wildlife,9 contain a large share of the world’s forest carbon,10 and are known to be more resilient and better able to adapt to climate change than fragmented and degraded forests.11 The threatened woodland caribou requires large tracts of undisturbed forest to survive,12 and is often viewed as a leading indicator of the overall health of the forest and other species.13 Eight of ten caribou herds that overlap with Resolute’s operations in Ontario and Québec14 have less habitat remaining than the minimum recommended by government science. The science is very clear: Resolute is harming a threatened species’ chances of survival.

Resolute has a choice: to continue to put its shareholders’ money towards public relations attacks and meritless lawsuits, or to take real action to conserve Canada’s boreal forest and secure long-term prosperity for communities and workers. Greenpeace will continue to have an open door to work together with Resolute for lasting solutions for local communities, workers, First Nations, and the forest.


Behind the lawsuits

Despite challenges in the forest and the difficult legal situation with Resolute, there are fortunately a number of proposals from First Nations, workers and environmental groups that offer a path forward.


This situation creates a paradox for authors and many of the largest global book publishers, who have long been active agents fighting to protect free speech rights, but who buy and use book grade paper from Resolute, including from Canada’s boreal forest.


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Resolute’s meritless lawsuits have far reaching ramifications – if successful, they could make it too expensive and risky for individuals, communities and civil society groups to engage in free speech and speak out on matters of public interest. Over 100 independent nonprofit and media organizations have already rallied against Resolute’s anti-racketeering lawsuit and the threat it poses to free speech.7

© Markus Mauthe / Greenpeace

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Greenpeace and other public interest advocacy groups have been speaking out about Resolute Forest Products’ controversial forestry practices for years. However, instead of working collaboratively to find lasting solutions, Resolute filed two lawsuits: a $300 million Canadian dollar (CAD)4 anti-racketeering lawsuit against Greenpeace USA, Greenpeace International, Stand. earth and individual activists,5 and a CAD$7 million defamation and economic interference lawsuit against Greenpeace Canada and individual activists.6

undisturbed habitat Ontario 2012


THE GREAT NORTHERN BOREAL FOREST • Canada’s Great Northern Forest, also known as the boreal forest, has some of the the world’s last large

expanses of undisturbed natural forest, is home to threatened species,28 and is one of the world’s largest terrestrial stores of carbon.29 Canada’s boreal forest includes the traditional territories of the majority of the 600+ individual First Nations in Canada,30 who have been stewards of the land since time immemorial. Tens of thousands of plant and animal species are found within the Great Northern Forest.31 As many as five billion birds, comprised of hundreds of bird species, spend part of every year in the Canadian boreal forest.32 The woodland caribou species is a key indicator for the health of the forest and other wildlife, as they require large areas of mature and intact habitat to survive. Caribou serve as a warning sign for the impacts of industrialization on the overall health of the ecosystem.33


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The CAD$300 million Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit that Resolute filed in the US uses laws designed to prosecute the mafia, and labels Greenpeace USA, Greenpeace International and as ‘criminal enterprises.’ Over 100 independent nonprofit and media organizations have already spoken out against Resolute’s RICO lawsuit and the threat it poses to free speech.34 Resolute tried to broaden the scope of its Canadian lawsuit to encompass the 45 year history of Greenpeace and its international campaigns. In 2016, the Ontario Superior Court struck out those parts of the company’s pleadings, ruling that while Resolute had attempted to “greatly expand the scope of the litigation and transform the trial into an inquiry into Greenpeace,” certain allegations were “so devoid of particularity as to be scandalous and vexatious.”35


The Association of American Publishers and almost a dozen other media organizations filed an amicus brief in support of Greenpeace in the RICO lawsuit, stating that free speech “is essential to ensuring a flourishing marketplace of ideas” and “publishers of all types rely on these broad protections to provide illuminating information to the public.”37 Many of the largest global book publishers buy paper from Resolute and thus support the very company that is actively threatening free speech rights fundamental to their own existence.


In areas where Resolute’s operations overlap with caribou habitat, 8 out of 10 Woodland Caribou herds have had their range disturbed beyond the maximum that government science indicates is tolerable for their long term survival.38 (See Table.) The Canadian government’s scientific guidance says Woodland Caribou need at least 65% of their habitat left undisturbed – and even this only gives a Woodland Caribou herd a 60% chance of survival.39 Legal loopholes have allowed years of caribou habitat destruction to take place. The forest industry is exempt from Ontario’s Endangered Species Act.40 Neither the governments of Ontario nor Québec have provided concrete details on the measures they will take to recover their Woodland Caribou, despite an October 2017 deadline. Under Resolute’s management, more than 41,000 hectares of Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs)41 were destroyed in two Ontario forests between 2000 and 2016. This includes over 1,500 hectares of IFLs destroyed between 2013 – when Resolute filed its lawsuit against Greenpeace Canada – and 2016.42

“Resolute’s claims appear to have have no legal merit and if so are archetypal examples of strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) intended to silence Greenpeace.” — Rodney Smolla, award-winning author, First Amendment scholar and current dean of Widener University, Delaware Law School.36

Intact Forest Landscape Loss from Logging in Forests Managed by Resolute Forest Products. Ontario. 2000-2016.

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Caribou Forest, managed by Resolute Forest Products. Northern Ontario. © Daniel Beltra / Greenpeace

Since 2013, Resolute has acquired three harvest blocks through Quebec provincial auction sales44 inside the Montagnes Blanches forest.45 The Devau,46 Bonnard47 and Tremblay48 sites total 3,719 hectares and included intact forest49 and caribou habitat.50 All three sites have been logged; the Tremblay site most recently, with logging completed in winter 2016-2017.

Three of Resolute’s FSC certificates, covering more than 6 million hectares have been terminated since 2013.51 In all three cases, independent auditors had found environmental and Indigenous rights non-conformances.52 The area of FSC-certified land managed and/or harvested by Resolute in Canada has fallen by nearly 50% since 2012.53

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All major environmental organizations have cut ties to Resolute. In 2013, seven environmental groups suspended work with Resolute under the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA), citing the company’s lack of commitment to science.54 Resolute’s partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) also ended in 2015.55

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The Tremblay, Bonnard and Devau auction locations serve as examples of Resolute’s controversial operations. These areas of intact forest and caribou habitat were actively sought out by Resolute despite compelling science highlighting the cumulative impacts that logging in these areas, year after year, can have on threatened Woodland Caribou. Greenpeace does not advance our own prescriptions for conservation, but rather seeks to join in the collaborative building of conservation plans with Indigenous Peoples at the center. Decision-making authority for what happens on the ground across the Canadian boreal forest rests with Indigenous Peoples.


“We believe the behavior of Resolute threatens the overall protection of the Canadian boreal forest; accepted practices of the FSC system; and the capacity of civil society organizations to engage in and broaden sustainable forestry practices in Canada and around the world.” — Natural Resources Defense Council, February 2017.56

Caribou Forest, managed by Resolute Forest Products.

6Northern Ontario. © Daniel Beltra / Greenpeace

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Linda Wilson Marie & Alf Mann Gloria Muir Peter brown Hazel Green Sarandia Pagonis Lauri Wearme Monica Dunstan James Houston Liz Bassett Anita Sekely Peter Swalling Lynda Yates Greg Whitten Karin Olah Frances Hugo Daniella Scheelings rosemary toogood Therese Ormerod David Corkindale David Buchan Peter Marshall Anna Everts David Patrrson Hilary Lloyd Debbie Shipp Christine Hales Susan Love Dianne Speck Gary Brooker Veronica Mahoney Susanne Sheridan Caroline de Jongh Helen Kelly Vic Eberle Di Meile Ruth Morley Glenda Planten Tom Heeren Colin White Mary Edwards Lenoma Jackson Geoff Osborne Kylie Willows Una stephenson Nick Goodman Julie Rosiere Katrina Beale Donna Gahan Bernadette Green Annie Bilton DIJANA Jevremov ingrid frank Gabrielle Robinson Steb Fisher Michelle Duncan Nicholas duncan Vicky Ryan Dennise Terry Eva Gregorich Anurago Reichelt David O’Brien Janeen Sharp Mike Page Janette Huston Gail Campain Carolyn Diamond Jo Doble Monika Hollander Ray Harding Shirley Peake Sara Stubbington Aaron Jones Kath Nicholls Jeremy Grogan Trevor Parry Ruth Franck Jill Thio Monika Herrmann Friend Reich Coral Johnson Dave Thompson Alex Gardner Ralph Henderson Wally and Carmel Bennett Alex Morrow Monica O’Leary Paul Carruthers Karen Hinds Kevin WHITE Lydia McNicol Virginia Tropeano Lynn Gauntlett Cynthia Howard Frank Stilwell Anne Welby Gabriella Smart Tjoan Lie Daniel Burn Lyn McMurdie Greg Dodd Joanna Bolte Lisa Godwin Veronica Barbeler Friend Korevaar kirsten macleod Beverley Powell Sarah Neal Stephen Williams nancy vozoff Bianca Horsfall Erik Schlogl Rosemary Bruce Robyn Colquhoun Sue Strodl Deviani Segal Catherine Gladman Navilly Renald Evadne Lewis barbara Notley Brigitte Watkins Marian Lane Lyn Douglass George Dion Anthony Wright Mary Macrae Friend Mitch David Long josh moore Stephanie King Heather Browning Hein Sturmann Mayuka Juber Tao Weis Robert Apse Alex Wright Dianne Hore Sue Duckett Lil Cullen jasmin frontiere Helen & Sean Woittiez Jane mitta Claudette Wadsworth Amanda Yorke Barbara Evans Jos Tait Ivan Lloyd Michelle McCann Lindsey Paget-Cooke Lisa Young Robert Lamb Karen Stuart christine jennings Clive Judkins Kojo Owusu Sally Schauble Susan Seymour Jane Clifton-Bassett marianne Hall David Rudd Andrew McCarthy Paul Herman Cecilia etulain Wil Powney Pamela Boyd Carol Walczak Beverley Crossley Peter Kuestler Juliet Stratton Joe Chindarsi Christopher salmon Kathleen Bailey Toni Robson Lynn Mcrae Lisa Golden Trevor Penn Annika Jende Patrick Herrera Clover Brown Sylvia Groh Juliet Hollingsworth Janine Pierre Rebecca Robinson Elisabeth Entraigues Lara Sekhon Pam schirmer Michael Norris Peter Tosi Patricia Goldsack Ruth Thompson Julie Schar Evitsa Aleksandrov Andrew Carson Tim Scrace Terry O’Shane Richard Heagney Peter Tonkin William thomson Judith Frankel Cydde Miller STEVE RESSOM Kate DAVIS andrew hope DARRALL ARMSTRONG Elisabeth Koch Tania Armstrong Amanda Lay Kane Lunn Timothy Phillips Coralie Harris Raymond Kennedy Lesley Hughes Friend K David Goss Michelle Worrall Jo Young Nicolette Boaz Naomi Davine Fiona Priskich Sharleen Burns Jo Squire Debra Kake James McDonald Chris Dorrian Sue Leith Guy Malet-Warden Kerrie Baggelaar Alison Macdiarmid Grant Boucher Robyn Goikoetxea Brett Montgomery Jean Rogers Judy Morton JV Forest Anthony Hunt Catherine Woodward Helen Wirtz Paul Duncombe Michael King Brendan O’Connell Tonguc Uysal Vanessa Lake G WRIGHT bernie smith Belinda Woods Iain McCallum Hewina Jackson Kim Fitzpatrick Pavel Niemczyk Ivor Morgan gemarja lomas Rosemary Toovey Fergus FitzGerald Catherine Wright Craig Marlow Jennifer Furber Peter Ewer Lucyna Adamaszek Rosanna Linden berry jones George Jepps Victor LETO Friend Hankel Michael Afentopolos Yemaya Holliday Deanne buckley Toni Appleton Ben Sass David Burstin Robert Smiles Marian Meider Michael Menso Steven VELOVSKI kathryn mcmillan Elizabeth Sarah Scott Miller Victor Clough Donna Smullen Daniella Davi Heinz Huxholl Jalalo Macintyre Kylie Stafford Jenny Powditch Nicole Evans Tabbatha Gallagher Michelle Fredricks Anastasia Potiris Jonathan Francis Mark Robertson Rob Newton Susan Magarey Mrs. Ruge Peter Farmer Lisa McCafferty Julia Wakefield Amanda Sapienza Megan Hyatt diane leonard Des Fleming Kerry Press Elena Porta Jules Morton Brenda Liebhold John Straatsma Menno Smits

Jennifer Kennedy Jan Docherty Sylvi shayl Amanda Looney Vanessa Yee Brian Cryer jane pettersson Tracey Wing Lana Kleemann Sharon Millyard Roman Antoniuk Sylvia Ramsay Steven Abramovitch Belinda McIvor Helen Cole Peter Doherty Dora Berenyi LEONIE LYALL Jane Edwards Bettina Bufe Pam Peters DC Goodwillie Phil Smith Chris Neumann Kim Duffy Daniel Holness Margaret Lemon Lenore Campbell Leiza Ranson Cheryll Gardner Elke Link Dal Timpanaro desley davis Denise Eagle Sarag Kilgour John Biggs Sharon Hipper Anne Marie Threlfall Suzanne Dagseven Daniela Bradley Michael Hennessy Kathleen Kerwin Charles Sprague William Roberts Kristen Date John Spencer matt cantley Karina Villegas Michael Bowman Adrian Rogers Kim SIBLEY eileen bridges Aaron Coote Jennifer Martin Marion Christie Meredith Stanton Colin Ball Irene Saurenmann Martin Hawes Salome Argyropoulos Susan Bush Diana Palmer Mary Gambles Randolph Koch Helen Fischer Alan Park Paul Riggs Barker Tracy Barrie Anne Crockett Margot Green Judith Phillips Howard Pierce Catherine Mckenna Elana Welsh Donna Mayes Olivia Williamson Jim gallagher Rosemary Kochevatkin Jeff Chaffey David Austin roderick campbell Alexandra Leafe Christy Kelly Colleen South Fiona Manning Shannon Kinsella Peter Wyllie Anna Davies Christine Procter Joan Calcutt George Ross Denise Weber Annie Harris Richard degille Renee Mogg Philippa Cutter estelle ross Michael Morrison-Story Lars Weber Matthew Kelly John Cannon Matthew Whitingbird robert wesley-smith Jason Sylvester Ken Phillips Lindsay Shurey Melissa Brown Angela Wade-Steiner Kellie Otes Helen Ritter Keith Roberts Sarah Smith Stephen Doolan Lorna Hempstead Paul Schwabe Sharon davies Paul flood Julie-Anne Thompson Cyril Grey Vary Dale Christopher Ristevski Susan Ambler Meave Ramsay Peter Krinks Cara Horner Marcille Cameron michael kilby Alexandra Konstantinidis Sergio Santos jocelyn saunders Frank Zelko Thomas Kingston Lea D Paul Jensen Margaret Graves Bec WHITE David James Kylie Berry Elke Stegemann Rebecca Davey JENNIFER LEHMANN Christine Doyle Ann Gugler Belinda Key Warren Read Michael Noon Patrick and Julia Bestwick Christine Allan Erika Stahr Phillida hartley Katie Allwood JP LEBLOND Willa Hogarth Peta Crogan Ron Keogh Jacinta Meireles Richard Norton Reyna Hadley Margot Kiesskalt Julie HORNE Jacqui Gibbs Samantha Hille Anneli Kaendler Maree Holton Bill Carney Margaret Nichols Sian Oliver Despina Karlsson Margaret Malone Beck Tully Richard Cortis Kym Dixon Carol Dorn Matt Emmerson Deanna Earp Tom Davis Jennifer Naylor Meryl Greig Livia Iacovino Andrzej Markiewicz Sheriden Tate Tanya Smith Tony Green Vlad Deperas Melissa Thompson Andrew Rollings Dean Corcoran Hilary Ericksen John Turbill Roger Huth Ray Loader Nadine Cameron Estelle Benfield Hanni Gennat Deborah Buller Glendon Wesley Laura Roy Greg Howard Raymond Duance Catherine Dorward Peter Campbell Matthew Potts Edmond Yan Laura Williamson Rosemarie Spottiswoode Melanie Birkbeck Stephen Jones Angie Sturz Erin Kennedy Sonia Taylor Ruth Franklin Elle Walker Harriet Rockafellow Susie Bunn Cheryl Barry ian stevenson Ula Majewski Stuart Telfer Alice Cairns Meika Foster Maegaret Papalois Debbie Waugh Fiona Vosti Palitja Moore Louise Pollock Wendy Delaney Juan mulcahy Troy Dawson Lucia Fischer Dani Angel Ian Woff Terence Miskimmin Peter Tipping Miriam Botman Stewart Wilkinson Ann mellish Belinda Rankine Steve Halis Bobbi Church Barbara Glenwright Lucy Greenwood Jolyn Hersch Robyn Francis Michael Byrne Jason Marshall Randy Tester Paul Rogers Friend Newbery Scott Turner Michael McCabe Katherine Fairbrooks Robert Campbell Dean Grant Margaret Opie Michael Russell Carla Hetherington Suzi Tooke Ciaran Summerton Rebecca Kalianiotis Deborah Carpenter Jocelyn Dunk Rose Valenzisi Patricia Berry Carolyn Cooper Doris Unger Jelica Sajnovic raylee myers Cheryl morris Christine Carmichael Laurel Bendrey Keith Williamson Suzanne Lowry Rode Marsh Leigh Smith Marjorie Streeter Sonia Davoine John Baird Glenn Ward Ananda Disanayake Roger Campbell Joanne Graham Beattie kostera Ilona Renwick sher canny Wolfgang Warzecha Janet Mitchell Kaye Barr John Conway Ray Welsh Pal Fekete Jonathan Davis M La Rooij Kylie Seldon Robyn Miller Adam Mann Felicity Stewart Pam McLaughlin Carole Bracken-Capri John Judge Meredith Chidlow brett o’donnell Pat Francis Mike Viviers Traci Genders Marita Macrae

Barbara Poytress Simon Sonter jj miller Richard Jessop Mark Hollins Paul Wedge Zoe Yates Wendy Bender Gordon Rivett Barbara Folkard John Flatman Violet Gonzalez Joel Newman Kathryn Smith Rachael Wauchope Ange Perez Paul Paagani Lindy Allen Adele Collins Dagmar Steiger Jaimie Rivers Lara Lukich Diana Kellett Katherine Denney Sonya Manzalini Margaret Rodgers Trish Horinishi Belinda Clapham Elizabeth Moore Michael Munson Rosalind Wigham Michelle Dambergs Niki Owen Terence Williamson Jon Hanger Roy EDWARDS Raeleyn Politis Maureen Laidler Michael Brown Gerda Mjadwesch Anne Marquis Margaret Tam Elise Buncle Debbie Gorman Maurice Halder Stanley Sim Beth McGennisken Ros Escott linda shaw Ros Fasham Kathy Tetu Ross Giles Therese Kutscheid Doris Delgado Susan Poole-Johnson Chris Aldridge Fredric Cook Gunhild Lehmann Nicolas Rasmussen Paul Baylis Sarah Fisher Marika Sivertsen Sue Whare Jane Newsome Kimberley Hemphill Barbara Akhurst Mel Blain John Collingridge Carolyn Nowicki Michael Burns Debbie Sleigh Penny Russell Shirley Valentine James Prout Maria Jedensjo Rhonda De Stefano Katy Martin Sara Westcott Maria Garcia Peter Mckenzie Karen Taylor David Bailey Andrew Darling MELSISA DANCE Jan Massey Karen Scobell Dawne Domah Ruth Barney Margaret Watkins Sally Walsh Christel Leyendecker Meini R Glenys Brown Scott McCabe Jason Orr David Hermolin Helen Georgiou Beverley Stevens Michelle James Diane Gibson Sally Disler Sheri Adams Wayne Worlock Allan Giddy Lara Pendle ian banks Elizabeth Wilby david browning Tiyana Maksimovich-Bnno Virginia Gawler Craig Furmage Anni Olsen Jan Robinson chris and sue chapman Viki Cox Jeanne Appleton Hilary Moyle Li Liu Roger Budarick Rachel Fitzpatrick Maarten Van Yzendoorn Jo Drew Meng Metta Raymond kleyer Maureen Fitzgerald Rhondell Maguire Jane Alger Paul Van Judith Dinsdale Jesper Hansen gillian champion Michael ODoherty Belinda Allen Dirk Biddle Peter Roberts Tanya Wilson Deborah Harcourt Barbara Hanley Morine Buer Kurt Wilson Nadia Murphy Jacqueline Gardner Andrew King Debra White Kathryn Burton Richard Leech Cheryl BETTRIDGE Laura Giles Jo Robinson Nicholas Vandenberg Paul Thompson ELIA SANMARTIN Megan Hannes Jenny Varian Barrie Frost Pamela oakes Terry Green Tracy Hatton Elle Kaldor John Kahler Jo Hughson Madge Brown Lauren Valentine Ingrid Rodden Horacio Barreiro Colleen Robins Dawn McLeod LINLEY GRANT Nikki Rataj Penelope Morrison Donna Ebsary Tamsin Kelly Teana Amor patricia jacobs Nicole Rodger Jeremy lu Glenys Davies Jenny Kent Tracey Atkinson Mary Friday Helga Burry Maggie Fooke david boggiano Gary Moncrieff Helen Thomson Wendy Lycett peter walters Suzannah Jones Louise Young Barbara Moore Lynda Roach Kathy Horan Wendy Watt Robin Carroll Friend Lange Anne Denham Benjamin Cherry Patricia Bourke Les Peters Karen Hodson Douglas Kolisnyk Samantha Barratt Siam Lauw Zofia Dauksza Rosemary Haas Danielle Turner Jennifer Trueman Maeve O’Driscoll eric vallric Suzanne Toscano Helen Mitchell Glenice Ballantyne Ivan Steward Ingrid Kennedy Rose Graley Cariad Kilby Laura Bishop Julie Sheppard Robert white Chris Jonkers Sean Burton Rosie White Mark Vickery Jan Lavis Robyn Ginty Advaita vander Georgina Byrne jeff hopkins Jael Johnson Raoul Abrutat Jessica Jones Marj Apthorpe Kerrie Steele Sue Cook Margaret Blair Graham Hensley Muffy Hand Kevin Maguire christine waldron Anne Crema Denise Lytle vanessa mignon Alice Lindstrom Mark O’Brien Margaret Hilder Kristin Schneider Ian Jaeger Denise Nixon Kirsty Elliott Cathy Knoles Gillian Blair Paul Wilson Adrian Ingleby Angela Ziebell Anne Closter Anne Edwards Barbara Giles Brad Williams cara kennedy Cherry Jackson Cheryl BROWN Meg Frugtniet Marion Latchem Danielle McHugh David Thomson Dorothy Loughton Dorothy White Felix Calles Fiona Ninnes Gail Ryan Geoff Morton Dawn Williams Colleen Williams Jack Strom Janet Parfitt Janette McGregor Jayde Coyne Jill Parker Jill Pether Joelle Cullen John Fitzgerald John Tapper Judith Sampson June schneider Jutta Liehr Maisie Statham Mark Carroll Melinda Chambers Mick Pope Mona Nicholson Nicki Vinnicombe Nynke Haseler Norma Swain Rafael Palacios Rein Kruusmaa Ross Lietzow Rupert Macgregor Skye Davis Slavka Vagnerova Vivienne Putland Yasmine Miles Yula Blecher Heather Tanser Jill Clothier Daniel Lipman

Richard Barnes Sue Thompson Bradley Baxter Bret Davis Bruce Hancock Ciaran Frost Dimitri Kozlinski Francois Verpaelst Gunter Swoboda ian harding Jy Leary Kerry Thomas Michael Corley Emma Fell Steven Allen Angelo Torcasio Rebecca Vantol Dereka Ogden Sally Vance David Seymour Dirk Goes Alan Jones Julian Bull carole segur Melody Halligan Weir WEIR Dianne Cook Elaine Taylor Jennifer Cameron Juliet Driver Karen Hunt Leeana Raj Liza Heslop Clare Holland Murray Kirkland Alison Pritchard Mike Macaskill Stacey smith Stephen Thurstan Thomas Franklin Wilhelmina Richardson Bronwyn Davies Mary Cribb Narelle Foxe Tracey cooper jillian finnie David moore Jillian Kearney Frances Browne Rachel Debono Andy Robilliard Jason Guiver Marj Bullivant Den Cairns Irene Macmorran Reremoana Rongo Veronica Boncey Ray Purves Judy Koves Fiona Kay Gina Krohn Nikki spijkman Rina Cohen Carole Cabrey Jo Thomson Marcus Barber Marilyn Bird Derek JONES Mike Adamson Andrea Liebert Elysia Viles Lyn wingrave Rachel Foong Kylie Hull Dindi Montagne Dale Hilson Victoria Heaney Grace Wilson Tihomir Marsanic Jennifer Gage Gregory Box Maureen Tyshing Cheryl Shine Margurette Abraham Bianca Turabi George Oertel Patrick Kelly peter barnett David Gardner Andrew Dixon Matt Williams Marcuse Sarah Kristina Kossack Jose Petrick John Coats Athony Hunt Babette Bruders Glenda Shulman Leanne Weber Andrea Strack Strack Laurel Castiglio Catherine Kloos Shelley rowntree Emma Pittaway Rick Cavicchioli Kiera Perrott Terry Sullavan Emma Jacobs Jean Doherty Peter and Sue Metcalfe Joe Wolfe Naomi Dampney David Kault Paul Cockburn Patrick and Lois O’Shea Nick Theodore Denise Brown Wendy Shaw Andy Grodecki Gail PARKER Heather Stolle Peter Fairlamb Martin Wesley-Smith Leslie Bowker Wendy Fetchet peter waburton Dr John Sheridan Michael Peel Jessica Cresseveur Jennifer Cuthbertson Nicolas Wilson Irene Moser Louise Firrell Anne Young Leni May David Williamson David Hirst Kristina Warton Steve Hibbard Friend Breheny Leopold Freeman Jean du Ross Kym Schenk Peter Thompson sophie adams Janine Gledhill Margaret Carey Geraldine Mccorkill Amelia Thorpe Denise Hynes Vivien Elleman Elleman James Sillence Janet Cameron Geoffrey Ellison Anita Bacic Shelley Booth Colin Purdy Angela Clayton Donna White Elke Kloos Graham Markwick Grant Evington Helen Wadsley Jennie Kyles Jurgen Malina Judy Harvey Marj Wyatt Lorraine Spring Rita Duarte Marija Bradfield Michelle McCann Natacha Suttor Peter Egan Phoebe Vincent Rowena Morrison San-Dee Plachetta Susan Barratt Susan ljubicic Jessica Martin Deirdre Leslie Elizabeth Barrett Paul Hawke Kurt Svendsen Judy and David Ferguson Rosemarie Griffiths David Smythe Katherine O’Brien Fenella Probert Leonie Main Rhys Cornor Sue Wild Paul Rawson Greg Dodds Brendan Tait Linda Ward Lyndal Baradinsky Edna Hime Catherine Guest Ann Locke Kate Hutchinson Rosemary Dahl Susan Hayward Ted and Ngaire Ryan Lyn Ansari Anne Van-Brunt Juliette Laird Brenda Robinson Beth Finch Narelle Huxley Lachlan Camm Anthea Rickard Glenis Lobb Ollie Langridge Chris CAMP Joanna Piekarski Gary Mutton Nancy Tigwell Bec Wu Angus Muir barbara copper Jacqui Brimmer John Masarei Andrew Bartlett Trish Lane Deborah Saffir Jacqueline Russell Peta Cox Andrew christiansen Pam Woolnough Marion Glover Allan Briggs Margaret Berry Peter de-Ryk Bis Thompson Jeanette Mills Rolf SORENSEN Heidi Kenyon Gill Kilb Liz Walton Karen Hughes Julie Braden Brigitte Heyer John Maddocks Zoe Fletcher Catherine Selden Camille Chesterton Dean Davidson sarah miller Margaret Johnson Mark Sidebotham Margerete Tilders Christine Lambie Anthony Petrolo Patricia Collins Michelle Teunon Warrick Guthrie Frank Bowman Roma guerin Mark Wigley bronwyn Baillie Helen De Faye Elizabeth Worth Nikki Anderson Amanda McInerney Rosemary Blemings Diane O’Mara Liz Baxter JO Macdonald Ann Simpson Heather Coeland Robyn Clarke Diane Gascoigne Karen Windsor Lisa Kamphausen Lynnette Quinn Shonadh Toon V Rentsch Vincent Wong Johanna Selleck Sandra Sewell Alexander Reid Amanda Goodge Leah Slater Cindi Chwang Pamela Brookes Belinda Sheekey Yvonne Johnson Nikki Treanor Jane Rowland Julie Woods Elyssa Kowalinski Sue Jackson Miguel Pez Marion Drennan Ross battisson David Ratkowsky Lynette McLennan Bruce Jackson Deirdre Quinn-Allan Carol Brooks Barbara Elkan Marg Lamerton Brian Snedden Kris mcquade David Hall

Peter Smith Anna Connolly Claire Deverson Leonnie Blumson Alison Walker Brian Judd Lucy Potenza Helen Willis-Smith Edward Marynowicz Ann Moore Belinda Wright Britt Erken Cheryl Baxter Lin Walden Valerie Deeth Friend Boshart Liam Goldie Jessica Vis Stefania Bocchi Antoinnette Bentley John White Mr Cuppleditch Cuppleditch Ashley Porter Sharyn Munro Graeme Jessup Carrie Russell Robyn Tennant Samuel Martin Angelika Knoerzer Ana barros Ana Pereira Friend Rodrigues Carla Cardoso Jennifer Sumiyoshi Beverly Johnson Wanda Brito Catarina FAria Royer Royer Celia Gomes Gerda chapuis Carol Murawsky Conny Cams Custodia Mendes Dany Baert Janet Petermann Daniela Hetzel andrea vazquez Lynn Walker William Piper Friend Mittler Elzemarijn Daniels Sergio Faria Goncalo Duarte Helena Vilaca hilde verhaert Maria Laranjinha Isabel Nunes Irene Montenegro Isabel Abreu Maria Isabel Silva Janine-Helene Janine Jose Carvalho Cristian Perez Jorge Gomes Joao Crespo Friend Rahn Jose Monteiro ANA COELHO Kostis Papaioannou Leonor Calaca Lorenzo Martinelli Luisa Covas Luisa Leao Luis Ribeiro Alexandra Soares Madalena Feio Magda Silva Manuel Esteves Marc Roux Maria rosado Maria Riobom Marina Santos Martine Heymes Joana Goncalves Maurizio Martin Marilene Moura Marta Ribeiro Maria Costa Nair Lopes Nuno Correia olga ribeiro Paula Alfaiate Magda Matias Paula Costa Paul egan Paulina Perpetua Rodrigues Paulo Nupi Pedro Martino Jennifer Lanham Paulo Figueiredo Carlos Bento Maria Priscila Soares Rachel Allen Rafaela Dinis Rainer Gatz Rosalie Kowal Roy Yau Stephanie Abbing Maria Domingues Carol williams Alex Saraiva Susana Soares Sofia Morgado Stefanie Heilmann Jonathan zamos Teresa Ferreira Tom Damm Antonio Boaventura Veronica Siragna Mr Callaghan Callaghan Matjaz vovk Peter Miu Torsten Landwehr Alana lucas Claudia Ferron Luis GuedesdeCarvalho Jose Costa Joao Capinha Margarida Soares Kenneth Martin Toby Thain Sharne Fielder Morgana Robb Ursula Mainard Narelle Skinner Dianne Koser Andrew McEvoy Jenny Dewhurst Carl Anderson Owen Brown Liz Lamicela margaret shugg Clinton Smith Richard Haskett Irenie Skiathiti BERND THEO SELENTIN Attica Broderick Penn Short Judith Miles Ana Neto Nazmul Islam Lance Chapman Kristen Grant Anthelme Collardeau Steve Denshire Birgit Graefner kenneth hastings Wendy Austin Iain Fyfe Penny Gillard Teresa Marques Alison Corley Ana Medeiros Maria pagnoni Karin Kilian Ursula Canto Catia passaro carla madeira Daniela Silva Catharina Didelet Joana Diniz Filipe Catry Helena Granjo Hugo Paviana Mafalda Freitas kerry McGrath Maria fernandes Luciana Linhares Matthew Simpson Maria Elvira Oliveira Sandra Marques Luis Melo Paz Paz Paulo Ferreira Paula Homem Paulo Gomes Regina Pereira Rosa Gamboias Rui Marques Sandra Correia Jorge teixeira Tony Dias Victor Rodrigues Dimetre Triadis John Murray Wally hueneke Patrick Conaghan William Lawson Sergio Santos Lyndel Ronan Tim Boydle Lidya Machado Linda Murray Chas Stabler Sharon vanUrk Waters Waters Verena Homberger Kim Robinson Michelle Brownlee Gareth Woodham Karen Abbott Dael Allison Tessa Smith Nila chambers Don McArthur Mark Hayden Friend Wright gael ireland Henry smith Anette Lahaye Michelle Blakeley Julia Groening leanne wykes Irene Giannini Otakar Priboj June Dryburgh Roy Collins matilda polanetz Alex Solonec sharon Rodziewicz Heather Johnston Martha Lord James Bonnett Sam Halliday Joe Bruce-Walsh Davine Blakeman Cristina Couceiro Ross Rapmund Petra Campbell Antonio Valente Rebecca Gibbs Paul Stephen Annabelle Pontvianne Geoff and Pam Pendlebury Allen Moore Patricia Bleuel Michael Tuckson Melissa Usher Fiona Moran Lyn Pettman Mandy Eagle Magda Tranin Kerry Laws Jean Smith Deidre Taylor Michael Braithwaite Lauren Smith Vanessa Jull Paul Bourne Chris McMillan Walangari Karntawarra Adele Geraghty Colleen Cunningham Karina Andersen Stefan Hasenohr ROWLANDA ORCHISTON Gerry Jung freddie hill Jenny Gotham cecilia freeman Rui Arco Helene Leaf Joe Gehrke Ryan Hopprich Matt smedley Deborah Menner Sarah Stanbridge Donna James Helen Parsons Kris Mountford Elvia Espinosa Chiron M Chris Hale Linda Curnow Paula Ewingron Alastair Irvine Stefan Becker Samantha Fisher Violetta Strabic Louise Edney John vandeMeene Patricia Earnshaw Cleo Pochee Kaye Brister Belinda Perryman June Hooper Alan Wain Stacker Lea Susan Miller Jan Heald Teresa Barker Manfred von Tippelskirch Jose Carlos Ferreira Kent mathews

Lona Parry Caroline Langer Rocco Muscara Belinda Hosking Susan Allen Thomas Timpe Karen Carter Carolyn Jarrett Melody Gray Monique Lukatela Alexandra Smith John Sanderson Kate Golson Peter Bainbridge Peter Frith Maryanne Large Raham READETT Berenice sagardua Robert Green Pia Arrien Michael Light Lesley Pocock Simon Braxton Braden Cresswell mary ann sorokie Marianne Wiseman Steven Mccullouch Paul Conboy Caitlin Hall Karen Howie David Leigh Immanuel Suttner Brenda Rule Stuart Baird Brandon Guarrera franco bernardini Maria Masutti Mark Merritt Rhani Cracknell Steven Sharp Jim FitzSimons marianne burton Merrilyn Barnes Donald Newgreen Cameron Fearnley Tobie Patrick Megan Corlette Robert Szarka Angela Wimmer Alain ROUTIN Alexia Nicholson andy olah Tehiva-ellis TEHIVA-ELLIS valerian fermi Lakia Pattinson Alex bargibant JOHN John Marcey Lachance Amina Ivan Paulina Lee Sue Tamani Yun Perez Helene Deliat Dawn Kneen Annie Koch Frederick Reed Dr Sue Schofield Josh Kenk Florent Rigaud Gordon Gus Glenn Tiaon Roman Suwald Marion Poke Mike couch Richard Light Alan Street Steve Pearce Calogero Panvino Valerie Wales Rosemary Frood Lisa Murray Mandy-Lou DumesnyBlahut Richard Raines maurice edwards Michael Healey Robin Pomfret Annabel Bucknall Diane Gilbert Karen Brettner Tony judd Pasul Osborn michael deacon gill boehringer Sabine Weichselmann Lucille Nolan Jenny Heming Lynne Lancaster Tony Bartram susan brinksma Alan Drummond Adele Pignolet Alicia Bee Ann Reynolds Annie Huntley Anthony Klein Ben Hockings Brenda Jones-Sanusi Cally Templeton Cath Keese Chris Barker Christine Valentine Cora Lansdell Dario brollo Debbie Hollis Debby Paskal Deborah Lancaster Dena McAbee Dianne Lowenthal Donald Marmara Eileen MacManus Emma Clifford Francoise Sauvere Franklin Hynes Graham Evans Heather Smith Ian Stahnke Ildi Ehsman Jan Schneider Jeff Morris Jennifer Lyndon Jessica Robertson Jessica Thomas Wendy Dugmore Jim Hammerton Jo Kotchie Friend redd Jo Smartt Julie Lincoln Kajol Eagle Katherine Carr Katrina Emmett Katrina Melnyczyn Leigh Johnson Linden GILLBANK Lorraine Toone lorraine yeatman-grant Marion Chapman Mark Freeman Melissa Lane Michael Smith Monika Doepgen Myra Burgess Natalie Ciric Neil Walker Pat Battye Patricia lea Peter Bosland Peter Green Rachel love Robin Arnot Rob Soxsmith Robyn Youlten Ros Johnson Ross Hunter Sandra. irvine Satima Neist Terril George Thaer Burgif Anton D’Ambra Tracey Holmes Tracey Larkin Tracey nixon Ursula Long Virginia Duigan Will Pascoe Wendy Foster William mildren Anda Banikos Andrea Budde Anne Stadler Annmarie Pendleton Susie Kynaston Bianca Kallenberg Carolyn Archer Christiane Garcia Charlotte Rischbieth Debbie Brown Emma Mclennan Fredi Hartsch Grant Morrison Gregory Jenkyns Hazel Hayward Heather Servais ian mcpherson Kerry Ophel Judy Blundell Jutta Caldwell Peter Mackey Kate Arnold Kirk Ireland Katherine Teroxy Kailani Holmes Laura Blitz Liz Loewensohn Liz dean Thorsten Tepper Garcia Marion Bennett Mark Hutson Martyn Littlechild Mary Back David McMaster Paul Blucher Byron Lerner Annie Lakidis Rosalind Walters Rachael Tommasini ranjana whall Rick Drummond Samantha Semmens Sarah Barker Shandi-rai Juengling Catherine Steel Sue Chadwick Jacquie Spiers Ryan Vujcich Suzie Coen Tobi Nagy Tom Tze Ian Stavert Anthony Purcell John Dawes Nancy Chen Mahmut Yalcin Yoland Wadsworth Louise Macaulay Rachael Buzio Bianca MacLachlan Tobias Hartmann Malcolm pumpa Jan Lalwless Trisha Brindley Brian Fleming LINDA NEILL John Diesendorf Ian Ellis Sharon Steenhuis Penelope Clark Andrea Stafford Pam Kerr Peter Johansen Antonio Realinho Martha Bakhtiari Adrian Nicholas Hilton Willeston Paul Drake Thomas Snook Bert Johnson Julia Negg Sigrid Bethe Elizabeth Gordon eddie aerts Liz McLeod Norman Hammond Sue Reece Barry Breen Susan Richardson Gabby Isaacs John Maskell Helen Smith Ross Gilmore jessica adams Marigold hayler Lauren Mills Bron McNab Ute kARLAVARISBREMER Piquet Copeland leszek golec Sharyn McGuire Renato Veneroso M Borremans Josephine Petrov Laurie Lawrence Lyndon DeVantier Terry Townsend Peter Robinson alisha dyer Philip Cleaver Steve Shenn Elizabeth Saxton Jeremy Hoare Marion Clarke lyn P Sue Mathews Diana Langley Cassie macalpine Felicity middleton Arvind Sivaramakrishnan Claire Gordon Steve Beagley Ant Aggs Natalie Kovacs Susanna pearson Marianne Smith

Avelina Pereira Brendan Bolger Mark Devenish Norm Rohde David Kent Marc Marseveen Jon West Terry Woods Felicity Cahill Colin Alagich Mitchell Beness Ann Whelan Alison Walsh Colleen Bowers Maria Lang Robyn Hooker Karen Schulzer cath hudson Leisha Fair Isoline dainesi Gerd Linberg Ganna Sorokina Philipp Pamminger Anne Kilborn Emma LIVINGSTON RoseMary Warrington Kristof Bauwens Christine Bowman Julliette Zavala Claire Hill Zoltan Kiss Katharina Beckord Claudia Stange Ingrif Svensson Adam Roylance Andreas Sander Rebecca Weiss Claire Campbell Debra Dowdell Nadine Hecker Patrick Kumpa Janet Berketa Jon Preston Maria Garcia Marilyn M Heinz-Dieter Tritt marilyn zeller Elizabeth Watts Malin Stensson Julia Italia Dora Napolitano Sez Cornwell Nicole Page Kaya Shlomi Cook Cook Dianne Filipenko Karen Rooksby Simone Stockl Alice McDermott Sophia Guest Christopher LeBreton Eva Braunegg jepke goudsmit Helen Meany Jane Yorkston Wolfram Gerold Daniel Schoenfelder Genevieve Wells Adam Borowski Jenny Nilsson Tanya Scott Juliane Thulesen Elinor Cserhalmi Claudia Uberti Rita Griffiths Albert Lightfoot Micah Chataway Jeff gielen Glenda Clarke Katherine Connor McKee Christine Trimborn Douglas Brown Joseph Erdeljac Colin Imrie Kate Fisher Lorrie Kazan Rita Squuire Noel Grivas Mike Davies Nancy Peterson Helen Auzins Nava Wahl bryan nelson Olga monika Fiona gilbert Angelika Schluetter Nicholas Keynes Tim Doyle Cherrida Hardaker Christine Spreiter Claudia Grimm Denise Thomas Lynda Prior Wendy Goldstein Maureen Cooper Elisa Casey robin percy Sebastian Hobbs David Beck Beavan Peel RUSSELL TAYLOR Ieva B Hans Keller Helen Goodall Janice Sloan Pam Fergie-Jackson Tania Giles Maria Papaly Erin Gieder Michaela Krause Arno struzina Richard Goudie Lisa Goudie Evan Christen Michael Leggett Lynda Constable Konrad Hense Vicki de Bruin David Wagenfeld Ralph Bottrill Camilla Torsander Niki Bignell Bonnie Cassen George Bacskay Mathlini-Rosze Cernigoi Dr Rod Anderson Claudia correia simona Scarparo Joanne Cregan Cornelia Ruehr Glenise Moors Allan Marsland Kay Murray Brenton rittberger Fabrizio ferraro Maria Magdalena mestre vicedo Da Feng Ian Grosser Helga Keglowich Sarah Cook Jigme Balasidis Wyllow Galvin Kelsey Laubenstein Caylynne Symes Irena Pernickova Daniel Spicer-Wensley Victoria powell ruth howard Valerie Hildebrand Megan Hyatt Lamis Kazak Deanne Clarke John Bates Kerri Hampton Christine Dreuw Peter Gleeson John Eldridge Susan Girard Deni Carrington-king Kahlia Wilson Heather Nott Corrina Laki Ryan O’Shannessy Brett Dee Axa Tolonen Jo Dolittle Klaudia Kukereit Jason Fowler Di McGauran Kate Stokes Bettina Pearson Gaye McDermott Mark Gilbert Christopher Jennings Neil Walshe Penny Guilfoyle Anne Wyman Michael Brown Lesley Morgan Bruce McKelvie lorraine Weaver Mandy Wright Mani Leth Caroline Goosen Meredith Williams Peterl Lublin Claire cousins Uta Wight Christine Quin Virginia Giles Gina Jones Dianne J Lionel Freyer David Scott Dori Cole Ronald Lemmert Maura Parolini Carroll Harris Birgit Walch Karla Devine Leyre Sanchez Romola Newport lydia garvey Ghilaine Deschaumes Ester Fuchs Lorraine Surringer Sheila Desmond Sharon Nicodemus Dorothea Stephan Meryl Pinque Jess Lyford Ken Hall Russell Diery Nicole McGregor Yasemin Belkiran Robert Sieminski Wendy Lowe Ramona Headifen Philipp Wohlgenannt Paul Fisher Amber Coverdale Sumrall Chris Washington Rachel Deitcher Margaret Ryan Margaret Keane Kym Skinner Alan Williamson Marko Simatkovich Judyy Noble Noel Braun Maxwell Dong David Newcombe Hero Macdonald Iris Bergmann Linda Lacko Elizabeth Collard Mal Odgers Bill Shields Danielle Mansfield sally lawther Maria peteinaraki Karin Lindberg Marta Morelli Jasper Foley Karen Brassington Karen Grant Karen Inglis Michael Thompson Julie Hood Maureen Crow Andy Yeomans Eileen Thorpe IKaren Murphy Kit Lam Jane Canaway Danielle Graham George Neste Denise Davies Jacob R. Raitt Caitlin Morgan Anne Lebas marina jirotka Deborah Brooks Jan Robbins louise Rudge Roberto Ruggiu Julia burke Paulo Monteiro Ingrid Hoffmann Lesley Oosterbroek Paul Connellan Jari Hakkarainen Pamala Smith Judy Seymour-Ure Kaatje Adams Garth SPOONER Claudia Gabriela Olvera Claire Wilcock Simon Barrett Artemis Siourthas Susan chapman Neralee Houston Thomas Trescone Kirsten Ricquier Heidi Tribolet Nora Shayeb Brendan Archer Kees Hulsman Caroline Wood Julie Wreford Cheryl Scott Dianna MacLeod Fred karlson Rui Gordino

Stephen Bailey Pamela Ireland Janine Melis Judith Parker martin tucker Robert Howell Katrina Shadix Stephen Bourner Lisa Mortimore Robert May Janine Bean Billie Abbott Bronwyn Bell Richelle Donohue Axel Husung Jim Whitworth Nichole Crowl Selena Braund Phillip Robinson Strwart Turnbull Annet Stomph Phoebe Bognar Jane Matthews Sebastian Geers Michele Thompson Keila Waksvik Steven Robinson Laura Polack John MacInnes Corinna Vermeulen Aaron Gronn Samuel Bongartz Jennifer Fraser l dyson Maria Magdalena Cubas Carlin Bernard Laidlaw Sophie Templeton fay forman Cathy Dickson Chris Beard Dindy Vaughan Andrew Davey Evelyn Parnassus Katherine Schon Lydia Sturton Ron Miller Shane O’Keefe Sandra Cullen Beverley Symons Stephen Daughtry Tashi Oakland Anne Balmer Adam Davis Richard Madigan Mary Bush Edward Burke Sheila tchisto Rachel Rodriguez-Jackson vesta rivers Merry Robertson CAROLE WORTHY Ken Wilson Marianne mcmillan Barry Toll Colette Moorhead helen taplin Murray Griffith Marian Wicks Naomi Purtell Jean Bell Michael McPhee Marie De Monchaux Julie Adler Quill Howard Janice Banner Pierre Rehnlund robyn mcintosh-shoesmith Michael Williams Jennie Davis prudence Trinca Caroline Craig Iain Pritchard Nicola Miller Phill Johnson Herta Koppel matthieu macron Gisela Peake Fabio Capelli Karl Retter Aymeric Bruzzo Gerri Nicholas marina Kartelia Carole Lubbock Terry Keegan Susan Kohn Pamela Abideen Marie Cleary Katie HICKS Robyne Smith Andi Ross carla thackrah vito cirillo Renate Hottmann-Schaefer Tali Filip Arnaud Valcarcel L Park Pedro Ramos Peter Harling Hilary Wood John Paterson Cathy Picone Mick arnold Joy Shepperd Clémentine sergent Suzy Manigian Wayne Hatch Noel Wilson Elizabeth Weiss Jane Kelly Fiona Collyer Amber Lou kelvyn Gellie Robyn Dann Craig Stevenson Lorraine Antonini Cliff Harrison Christopher Grogan leon mackiewicz Stef Fetzer Geoff Martin Valerie Beugnier ian catt Max Walsh Lenore Roberts Jan Gifford Lennart Holmgren Angela Wimmer Wimmer Maria Valsamis Susan Stevenson Andrew Barr Leefor Au Keli Myers Cheryl Adam Jackie Bartlett Wilfred Benitez Lynndy Bennett Alan Bottrill kerrie brown Paul Bryden John Buttigieg Lynn Calluaud Hayley Charlton Jamie Colquhoun Jaimee Coombs Muriel Cordemans Bethany Corner Melissa F Penny Finlayson Aaron Fox Janet Greenslade Tom Grimshaw Ian Hainsworth Christopher Hancock Naomi Henry cathy hewitt Jane Howat Lee Jeffery Steven John Derek Johnson Penny Johnson Toshi Kajiwara Justine Kirkpatrick Ewen Kloas Trisha Kotai-Ewers Cathryn levvey Susan MacDougall Noeleen Marmont Kerry McKernan Michael Meszaros Donna Dean tracy morris Marilyn Murphy Suzana Nemet Sandra O’Flynn Janet Oliver Jessica O’Sullivan Elizabeth penhale Jason Perry ANTHONY PLACE Lolita Plajbes ROBYN POLLARD Eirlys Pomfret Tom Price Diana Reynolds Jacinta Rice Christine Roberts Greg Rush Ronan Ryan Fran Sanders Walter Simpson Keith Smith L Walker Adrian Watkins Alexia watling Judy westcott Sue Williams Loni Wilson Anne Wilson Tracey Wilson Cat Wright Tashi Serry Tracey verkroost Anthea Smith Andrew Berlach Lynnette Cowans Tom Gillard Fumiko Head Monika Gutte Jill Parker Elisabeth Holmgren Mischa Nester Cristy Brown Theodore Bambacas Cath Bourke Kaye Bailey Andrzej Rusian Lynn evans Wasmaa Turky Neena baker Uma Dev Sue Collings Julie-Ann Robson Davve Smith Carina Sjunnesson Ian Edwards Karen Ezart Kim Zilliacus Sue-Ellen Kirby Ray Mehta Janet miller James James Genie Kim Paul Jacobson Lynn Scott-Cumming Graeme Buckley Rudi Gerhardt Justine Stratton Heeday Francis Shane Nolan Jacqui Bate Al Pattullo emmy vos-rouwenhorst Brian Andrews Bob McLean Acacia Fitts Maxine Godley Karen Rendell Barbara Thornton James Tennant Eileen briggs Sera Kant Sheri Lochner angela cattana Frances Eklund Katharina Rapp Jennifer Jungheim Ann White Adam Horvath Volker Leimbach Joyce and Geoff Morley Jane Marriott chris pinner Maria Bernthal dawn goyeche Barbara Wolff Kay Hallewell Reg van Buuren Amber Ross Susan mitruk Veronika Toncheva Anthony Bischoff Anne Svare John spark Katie Brosnan Guilene Lopes Leigh Ryan Sheree Anderson Brandon Valley Barbara Lunn Teresa sanz Dawn Goebbels Valeriy Koshelev Sarndra Steel ian harding Adam Harvey Rainer Ellinghaus Joanie Roberts LYNNE ELSON Cindy Charlton Shick Ann Howell Stephanie Hartl Friend Knirsch Dattila Dattila Jennifer Sanchez

Cheryl Sharma Daniela Rossi Charles Rablin Ross and Betty Ellis Margaret Henley Susanne Geier-Pittaway Ruth goller Christina Stevens Giovanni Bonfanti Thelma Gunn Melissa Bauer Eileen Burke Jayalakshmi Jayaraman Muriel verstraete Jamie Eberle Andreas Rossing Angeltveit Emma Charles andreas vlasiadis Mark Knight Anna Collar Irene Soulsby Mathilde Jensen Karen Jensen Carsten hansen Christian Westergaard Birgitte Pedersen Jeffrey Booth Robyn Aldrick Stephen Samuelson Linda Rewbridge John English Rosalie Schultz Ronald Damen Carol Hands sybil Ungar Rosalie Fitzpatrick Gavin Imhof Eduardo Perotti Julie Kavanagh Storm Kennedy Diana Tod Sue Huisman At Dyer Janet Chivers Gabrielle Hogarth Sara Gutierrez Alastair Leask Ray Timms Louise Donegan Bronwen Stinson Carys Demko Philip Pitt Jill Green Deb Darke Herb Radish Lisa Armstrong David Mason Margaret Brown Jane Parker Catherine Kermeen Annie Toller Mark Bundock Jane Birmingham Tony Smith andrew marriott Lucy Anthonisz Mark Radford Gracie Denison Heather Mar Doug Roaten Kate Hore-Lacy Kyle Bracken Lisa TRENDALL Angelika Postl Linda Thorne Kylie Ellis Elizabeth Bourke Caitlin Ziviani Renee Bryant Jenny Lewis Meg Oh Ron SAlz Helen Dillon Balazs Horvath Noel Pascoe Vicki Smith Tim Maricic Laura Shallue Julie Malet Elisabeth Schmidt Mikey Abbott Ian FARRELL Bill Kuhse Jillian Salz Jordanne Haddad Lotta Norberg Marten Larsson Thomas Esamie Sofia Recksen Shirley Benlow Jessica Pettitt Dan Hynes Lisbeth Fletcher Dorothea Frink Samantha Marshall Catherine Mairs Jill Taylor Gwen Atkinson Darius Kedros Dr Gaby Naher Garry Owers Lydia Lessing Sarah Marshall Retep ALLEN Shelagh May Vicki Renner Stan Davies Michael Hobday Suzi Tyson Roy Fuller Sebastian Zamora john gatto Agnes Toh Hilbert Gorte Brigitte Zimmermann LENA DRYSDALE Angela WILLIAMSON Rigoberto Acevedo Gayle Archbold Jennifer Browne Gerry Butler Robert Byrnes Paul Davison Bill Dessauer Jeff Doormann RUTH FABRIKANT Suzanne Fiebig Michael Furtado Marie Geiger Catherine Gunn Terrence Jordan Mark Kaufman Tony Konjarski Helen Lack Mark Manson Susan McLean Wyn McLean Lisa Nunan Guy O’DONNELL Robyn Reed David street Peter Tapp Suzanne Turner Gary Vaughan Flpcy Vidot John wedlock Charlie Younger Suzanne Creedon Mareta Eagles Denis Coppe Bev Woodburn Wendy Whiteman Emma Gentle Jenn Price Ian Decker Kym Henderson Jennifer Kemp Derek Hartfield Gudrun Colbow Judith Wakeman John chulio Tim Smithers Helen Marsh Zoe Dodds John Stowell Rhonda Ohlson Rhonda Silver Donna Krause Kathryn Khamsone Jan Turner Marianna reid Naomi Edson Greg Faulkner Pam Webster Yashoda Ramzan Yvonne Langshaw Janet Stacet Helen Tehan Deidre Hayden Judith Parker Tony Ingersent Naomi Perry Anand Rao Shoukot Osman Diana Tuleja Christine Marie Sarah Whitelegg Graham Hoad Michelle Britton Michael Oliphant Katherine Wilson Marilyn Steward Robert Oliver Debbie Hajduk susan dickens Vyonne Mulrooney Michael Power David Waters Pierre Lord Alan Stephenson Duncan Markham Anne Barnett Anna Pemberton james grubb Alan Stuart Shirley Whitton Ian Wilson Kenneth McLeod Friend Baader Mark Stoner Peter Moore Fariba Saadvandi Peter Green Joan Burton-Jones Tony Petch Conchetta Zuvela John Bell Paul Blainey Fiona Bellman larry apedaie Patricia West David Fallick DAVID TRENOUTH Stan Matthews John-Christian Klumpe Judith Hobson Kerry McMahon Patricia Foy Russell Davis Trace Streeter Therese Bolt Ella Dixon Keshia Cooper Marc Sweeney Matthew Carson Norma Day Jodi Dunn Ben McDonaugh Ella Stenning Andrew Booth Peter Fackender Graham King Anthony Webb Anita Field Lesley McFarlane Ella Meads Cornelius Saunders Clare McKay Terry Ware Catherine River Michael Brandwood Aldo Sesta Tony Robertson Kiara Pearce Max Gettler David Reynolds Darani Lewers Noel Smith Shannon Walsh Julia Tomkinson Sue Scott Friend Williams Roger Pain Ana Creevey carmine cicchitti Danja Derkenne Christine nolan Helen Adams Jeff Taylor Steve Johns Rik diamond Stephen Dewar Ian Cowden Gillian joiner Brian Visser Graham Proctor John Cashion Woody Hulst Ingrid loewy Robert Grosvenor Tricia Nugent margaret knott Friend Gill glenys jarvis John Weate Loretta Dunn heather ruth farrent Andrew Shaw Margaret mooney Zac Chodat Paul Bainbridge Stan Tabain James Forman Mary BAILEY Marlene Innes

Eric Schell Michael LILBURN Kylie Pedigo Jennifer Lenard Sarah Woodward Chris Coghlan Raymond Bisiker Nicholas Siafakas Thijs Rozeboom Duncan Brown Trina Schrafft Andrew Tune Geoffrey Badger Colin handley Merrick Hilton Hilary Elder Catherine Scott Sheila Zeeman Chris Andrews janet forman Meryl B Talia Hoysted Rikkili Clark Robyn Wallis Peter Bostrom Manuela Arioli ricardo jesus David Castillo Estelle Lazer Lorraine Lees Gillian Bisiker Walter Loquet Kay Waddell Liz Manning S Jitreun Catherine MCculloch Rachel Gee Veronica Miles Abigail Ryburn Nicholas Parker Joachim Staats Glenn MacFadyen Geri Roggiero Kirsten Ockenden Julie Hocking Elizabeth Schluter Aizhana Boranbay Tereza Kasparova Marlana McCarthy Eva Luursema Daniela Marzola Michael Antares Revelly Robinson John Caldwell Stephen Bradford Janice McEwen Sara Eisner David Sutton jillian white Michael Cuthbert Michel Collin Ken Williams Jessi Mervyn-Jones Kial Keyworth Simon Lilly Caroline Westin Chris French Joanna McMillan Dudognon dudognon Nina Hubbard Jorge Sobral Niti Tischner Jessica Mitchell Bron Bell Vanessa Rodriguez Miranda Smith Pete Marshall Armin Mueller Simon Anthony Fiona McMullin Jacksin Marzouk Camilla Dadson Gary Lord Suzanne Arbon Kerry Best Fred Birkbeck Scott Brady Monica Brindle brindle Tricia Cleary Leandre Cowan John duggan neville gardiner Barbara Horwood Annette Inwood Margaret Lowry Mary Manigian Kim McGrath Gregory Miles Tony McGilvray Zebedee Nicholls Rilla Oellien John Palmer Elizabeth Press Stephen Redman Wolfgang Rieger Madonna Turner Rex Wardell Ian Weston Robert Wilson Mark Wright Paul Young Neil Skilbeck Duncan Felton PATRICIA WADE Melinda Jobbagy Kat Martin Rosalie Counsell Mickey ohaher Nicole McIvor-Francis Jan rodda Friend W Annemie Zenner annie crane Renee Shammall Helo Bethge-Rieger Simon Lawrence Colin Newton Geoffrey Gibbon john bailey Judith Penelope Stephanie Tartan Jeremy Wright James Travers Ian O’Reilly Helen Heathwood Rita Dando David Marburg Suzanne Stevens Peter Masters Dave brewer Curzio Bruni Olivia valentine Loris Kingcott Jacqueline Taylor Patsy Lisle Anne-Charlotte Roussel Carla Blonde Simon Dye Adele POZZALI Simon Williams Julie Bray Bob Tuckett Alison Roache Angela McCaffrey Janine Szylo Ken Harrison Rudy Robinson Janene Lumley Hana Chvojka Adrienne Oaks Ben Woods David Waters Robin Boord Christopher Calver Rebecca Dominguez Helen Jolliffe Lorraine Danos Matthew Smith Lyn Bell Judy Skes Simone Walsh Cosmas Makamet david Rogers Romola Martin Sue Brown diwani Oak William Sargent Elizabeth Ryan Paz Domeyko Julie Senior Christina Kennedy Frances Dedrick Beth Harris Greer Taylor Suzanne Gilkes Michael Roper Eldon Rosenberg Deborah Moran Jenny Radcliffe-Smith Carol Appelt Jenny Barnett Dorothy Hosking Catherine Miller Lana Nesnas Mireille Urbain Yvette Taylor Teresa Martin-Lim Kerry Sutherland Jeffrey Bains ann atkin zalan glen Don Ratcliffe Camilla Roberts joanna parkin Marcus Cremonese Richard Smart James Cassidy Bridget Irons lynette WILSON Antoinette dennington Carol Thompson Beth Dulin jane Flanders Judi Smith Kate Eckermann Sidney Matthews Annette Lovitt Patricia Nazzaro Lindsay Doniger Lee Miller Janet Keller Lynne Hynes Susan Federighi Pamela Rothfield Robert Gordon Heather Chadwick Maurice Jones Jones Natalie Craig-Vassiliadis John Marthiick Franziska Wagenfeld Anne Wilson John Krzywokulski Rucha Harde Jo Saxton Marty Poorter David McIlroy Jenny Francis Bill Thomas Frank Inga Marita Lukies James Couston Brian Johnston Roberta Abba anthony martin Anne Crawford Adrienne borszeki Doreen Howard Lizzie Troup M Vanderhave Jane Durkin Roslyn godyn Mark McCartney Robin gillis Peter Bacon Rosalind lawson Antonia Dick Paula Wilson patrick Mooney Vcitoria Myers Lars Karlsson James Kenny Neill Butler Georgia Vantoorn Anna Klovdahl francesca niranjan Michelle Rose Seigneur Seigneur Phil Loughhead Karen Fildes Sharyn Cambridge Sue Lamberts Chris KINGSBURY Rhiannon Young Patience Hook Paul Anderson Andrea Hunt Ted Donnelly Rob Rich Antony Muir Malcolm Rickarby Andrew Marshall Mark Sigley Liz Phelps Jan Keentok Wendy Crockford Paula Cooper Mirjam Holthuis CHRISTIAN JAMES BENNSTT Sunila Supavadeeprasit Catherine Buddle kahlia fletcher Teena Murdoch Vikki Shaw Anthony Johnston Susie Clarke Lea Casey Andrew McKinney Joost Kuckartz Nora Osanna Carmen O’Hara Jennifer Jau James Henriksen Lin Bradfield Benson Raptigh

Gins Pierre Lori Stayton Julia Johne Patrick Armstrong Katherine Lyall-Watson John Alden Rebecca Newlands Vicki Francis Chantal Spiteri Peter Gilfedder Susan Adams Barbara Marsh Jenny Ilasi Bernard lee Matthew Callaghan Marie-Michele Galarneau Mel Frousheger Michael Quinn Lori Dyer Brian O’Brien Keryn Walshe Murray Hargrave Anita Murphy Ebrahim Seedat Grazyna Majchrzak Hamilton adnil ramos Diana Crombie Nicole James Jan Gray Chris Flynn Sue Mackenzie john hollywood Greg Roberts Lisa Mackinnon David Drage Ian Carr Denise Brown Ern Meharry Friend Cosby Sharon Weinert Leonie Ebert Wolfram Appaz Robyn Adams Diana Crewes Peter Heading dave Jenkinas Alan Stancombe Steven Doyle kim uildriks Richard Peddie Allan Browne Jeanne schreurs Eva Court Del Hughes Helen Davis Penelope Grose sieglinde Karl-Spence Lucinda Tucker En Wilcox Lucinda Cas Mafalda castro Chris Nicholls Jochen Nickel Imogen Lane Mark Shiels Mary Busteed Friend Hogel Luis fialho Katherine McLeod Casey Atkinson Rebecca O’Keeffe clinton borchers Tangala Wilson Dennis Wolff Mark Emerson maxwell ackerman susan de pater Peter Brooker Pasu pasupathy Maryclare Anson Siegfried Gutbrod Alex Edwards Tamsin Baker Peter Wilson Joanne Campione Georgina MacGillycuddy Jane Ross Ann Valos Barry Bloor Jonathan Lubofsky marianne salvatore glenda maxwell dean brampton Katherine Shapcott John Young Karen Bull claudia udink vanna rodda Alan Barlee Marilyn O’Dowd Joy Coatalen Patricia Ellison Josi Mifsud joan delaney Jacques Rohen John Hill Nick Redmond Clare Crunden Richard Tuma Nadine Harvey Helen hiranandani Bjorn godske Jenny Higgins janet maker Duncan Stitfold Ema Camara Barry Poppleton Kevin Molloy Kerryn Sedgman Belinda Bourke Mitchell Johns Leesha Kane ANDREW FLETCHER Monica Popescu Hardeep Dhanoa Sararh McCulloch Ian Anderson Koula Papamarkos Deborah Guilford Martin Thrower Fiona Family Ian and Brenda Walker penny mcbride Tim Wright Bev Bishopp Graeme Tychsen Fridelle Stanyer Ann Bresnan Jacqueline Dedecius Eric Pearmain Juliet Sheen Ilona Papajcsik parmella valdebenito Arthur Rosenwald peter lenz Christopher Monie Christine Marley virginia sliedrecht Robert Blair-West Val Bland Peter Wells Lynn Barnett Myra Merriman Lloyd Fisher Pierrot Aram Rafael Wynn Laurajane smith Grahame Crosbie Susan Pirie Malcolm boughey eamon rooney Nadene O’Connor Kate Healey John Lyell Greg Stats Sally Morgan Chris Trickey Isabel Lengyel David Watts christine cappello Tao Browne Mel Gillott Andrea Gillespie Melissa Kline Joakim Uddling Amy Jeffcoate Kristina Glover Gregory Glazov Hannah Thornton Sidse trier Eleanor Curavic Carol James Clara Breier Janet Patterson Ian Fallon Julia Millner Amar Bhardwaj Denise Martins Brenda Taylor Christina Schwanitz Deborah Peters Dida Neirotti Waltraud Paul Michael Lam Kayla Freshwater Sophie Lee Wayne Milner Katie Manson Jacob Webb Seth Etchells Jodie McColl Lucy Markwick Toby Elliott Elin O Nelson Hain Byron Kooper Denise Wilsberg Bill McCracken Laura Morley Stephen Eric Serati Bec Koper Eilish Doran Maria Bon Isabella palmer Ollie Ferguson Alannah McPherson Marcel Duruisseau Jing Ting Tan Thea Bridger Denz Helena Romero Aleksandra Staszewska Bernie Turvey Charlotte Ottwald Har Pluijmakers Margaret McClurg Shannon Constance warwick Hempel Adrienne Pye CYNTHIA ANTULOV Margaret McDonald Virginia Thomas Gerard Wilson Stephen Smith Carol Lizmore Abbie Messiter Marie Veek Jodie Omeara Emma Johnson Ylva Morley hkjhkh kjhkjhkj Allie Pitman Bronwyn Snow Mark Duffell Tom Watson Jo Stocovaz Clyde James Roberts Daryl White Linda Haigh Ruth Orpwood Dawn Curzon Betty Young James Gillet Valerie Barnes Andrew Page-Robertson Kaye Dobbie Deanna Sonter Erich Volschenk Kieran Hogan Brian Sprigg David Volk Josephine Humphrys Simon Wetz Leone Clifton Phillipa Cannon Venessa Skye Margaret Kennedy Joan Suchoronczdk Frederick Hamden Christian Pickett Gayle margaret Susan Tocchini Lyle Gonchee Matt Cowan Tracy Vliek Charles Paine Jeanette Watson Graham Whittall Peter Emerson Louise Forbes Stewart thompson Dav Howard Cathy Parker Abi Cornah Gilat Shani Ewen Coyle Fabienne Drinkwater Shane Drinkwater Shane Baker Margot oliver Gabriele Thomas Terry Morgan Ron Deane Ronda Freeman Christine Allsopp Ines Machuca-Sharpe Jennifer Caller Leanne Aitken Linda Reid Barry Page Carlo Antonio Martinelli peter Lockyer Rosa Potter Max Rosette Susan Munday

Jeanne Robson Jurek Toczynski Patricia Falcao Davida Sweeney Gillian Rayner Teresia Vermaas Sam Herczeg Heidi Berger-Bartlett Helen Broadhurst Donna Thompson Bruce Munro Karl Tischler Rod Hunt Tony Edwards Steve Jones Hilke Legenhausen Terri Rattray Bill Newson Magdalena Fremback Shaun Hooton Barbara Baillie Amisha Patel John Lazarus Dawn Carmichael Caryl Sheffield james waugh Miguel Lopes Fernando braga whiteway wills Isaac Lorca Maia Mackenzie Tom Cole-Hunter Catherine Hearse Kevin Hughes David Hudspeth Burgwinkel Francesca Matsuda Fischer fischer Chris Illidge Sarah Rose Elisabeth Richter Donald Skerman Peter Buch Karenll Tramacchi Jason Lewis René Bachmann Marnie Van der Walt Tim Stokes Goumand goumand Siegfried van Malderen Alison Raven martin howard Julie Morgan Jennifer Anderson Alan Tucker Daphne VAN DER OORD Joyce carlson-leavitt Steve Graham Ken Foster Rosie Platts Elizabeth Gallois Regine Ruelle Shelley Bartley Phillip Foster Patricia Cheesman Helene Andersroed John Shaw Rachel Coffey-Brittain Cassandra Cox Sylvia Mather Maria Costa Maartje Zwier Barbara Levick Elizabeth Elliss Valerie Bosher Monica Ng Selena Webber Julija Bassil Anna Osboldstone Adam Ledden Lisa Brinkley Tom Cliff Katherine Pryor Cesidio Parissi Graeme Hall Mark Hawken Lee Kemp Allwynne Hume Daniel Cunnington Eva SEMPE John Turcotte Claire Jolliffe Ella Hayden Gemma McLeod Lai Gibb-Cheng Anthony caines Teseo staffilani Steve Allison Johnny Raniolo Jo thompson Lisa Moor Clinton Moloney Gemma Mirenda Carolyn Lee Vicki Innes Francine Mackay Meredith Brainwood Caroline Forest Gabriele Hartle Kati Gorgenyi Mark Bennett Robert Forgacs Laura Shore judy steward Garry DOuglas Bertil Lindberg Judith Lees Glen Laraghy Joy Scott Johan Sjostrom Narelle Smith Jane Massuger Maria Almeida Libby Matthews Vsevolod vlaskine Koralia Kountoura mike hyde Raelene MacKellar Nick Watts Troy Rowland Brian Fraser Ben Swan Will Pearson Phillip Anderton Me

Hannah Chick Juliana Santos Robyn Craig Clare Muniz Kevin Pope Bettina Niemetz Eddy Sorber Kirsty Wolfenden Christiane Benedix Geoffrey Johnston Nadirah Hibatullah Vicki Wilczek Ric Ow Julie Parker Hartmut Werner Tim Glover Sue Gribble Samantha Traies Paul Bevan Lindy Gerber Michael Hopwood Simone Mitchell-Nolan Myrto Anfelouli Mark Diesendorf Jo-Ann Keen Bronwyn Warden Heidi Cooper Ashleigh Hughes Marcia Batton Gow Gow mostyn veith Andrew Lucas Peter Scott Lee Dean Laura Pellitteri Kato Matthews Ian Johnston Robyn Coleman Maria quemada Carmen Riordan Cynthia Harris Craig Fisher Dahle Innes Ros Hoatson Brett Matthews Lisa Musgrove Susie Poole Julie Bennett Steve Greensill KC Peggy Fisher Angela Frimberger Tony Soffer Christine Thornton Bruce Glover Penny Gay Paulo Dias Marc Bell Andreas Dalman Leonard Reilly Alan Cameron ilona harsanyi Chelsey O’Neill Alice McGough Suzana Megles Penelope Harvey Rosslyn Rix L’Annette McRae monika ball Adrienne Townsend Megan Waters Ed Abdool Angela Johnston Beryl Bartacek Esther Skarboe Charlotte Hanson Ged Maybury Sheena Worrall Jane Seaman Joyce brown Margaret Blair Sue Gleed Mary Bracken Anne Donnelly Hessel Kaan Melita Shaw Stephanie Welsh David Schaller Catherine Beck Sylvea Corrie Lynette Sinclair Mark Mills lynne mccabe Rodney Jefferyes Mark Else Elisabeth Bechmann Leola Tacey Lina Conti Rachael Williamson Amparo Llanos ROBERT AND VIVIEN WILLS lee phillips Michael Buellingen Louisa Laing Benjamin Olston Malcolm Stephenson Daniel SOULAS Connie Dunn Ewa Piasecka Julien Parcou Sue McLean Mary Ferraro Bonnie Barfield Janice Bernard Lorenz Steininger mauricio carvajal Kirsten Simpson Yvonne Beynon Linda Jones Clare Jones William Statham Frederick Worboys Alex Blin Viv Elliston Marianne Rink Paola Scodellari James Tetlow gabi smalley Nell Thayne Zoe Brereton Olivier Adair Alex Westin Neela Sarkar Lynne Hingston Izabella PLich Raewyn Benten robert ferrara Grace Neff Richard Eng Heather Cross Lenore Reeves john pasqua Lilliana Hajncl Andrew Innes Jane Caffrey Max Gregory Jeff Mitting Lisa Hayes Sandra ROCHA Terry Tedesco-Kerrick Brent Calcutt Phil Jones Elke Eckhard r manek Gillian Miller Ryan Park felicia melillo Diane Kent kim neil Sally Chapman Dana Fleming Sianna Lee Laurie Hodge Elvira Pappalardo Tao Alberdingk Steve Overton Alison Batten Zachary Smith Luke Hutchins Kersten Tuckey Tina Ball Lynda Fox Don Mantack Clare and Ian Strickland Rebecca Stant Rose McMillan Joshua Grant Tim Mulligan John Blyth Elizabeth Gander Marcelo Mirabal Katherine Angelov Petrus brenters Rafael Fabris Caroline Williams Ben Girvan Christine Scott Kenneth Lapointe Lynette Oswald-Jacobs Gabriel Crossan Claire Milet rena shein Keeley Player Elizabeth Fox Petra Gradinger Vanessa Carbia Ailsa Lord Will Jones Camilla Mutton Robert Kresanek Sharon Dalgleish Cinzia filoni Alexis Mohr Garry McKenzie Janice Atkins Gabriele Morsiani Rosana Smith Marta Maia Diane Davies Martin Barnard Peter Souvatzis Kevin Gray John Mapley Rhonda Collins Edward Taylor Denise O’Hern Jennah Simpson Andrew Clarke Emily Steele Robert Te Annie Boman Rebecca Langlands Stephen de Tarczynski Tanja Wingenbach Klaus Jaritz faye joy Emese Virag Jessica Boyes James Brown Sophie Stephenson Ray Mundy Derek Holland Ti Coleing Myriam Pelkmans Manolo SeguraMacDonald Maaike deJong Jessica D’Arcy Neville Raven Kerry Dawes Roxanne Lazarus Kerry Petherbridge Garvin Crozier Marie Jack Lisa Knight Alan Glover Leonie Lea bert grift Jose Correia Harry VanMoorst Joanne Ottesen Alan Marston Jennifer fiddian David HUMPHRIES Carol Curtis Deryn Alpers Gail Landry Jennifer Derrick Colleen Phelps Llorens llorens Stephanie Grant Alan Greenhead Rockley Boothroyd Carl Slocombe Karen Slote John Spira rod neville Jeanette capotorto Laura Manges Jill Hirschi Hal Trufan Sharyn Smith sandra arapoudis Lies Paijmans Carolyn White Louisa Hopw Charlotte Davis Nico Pye Christella Jayawardena Renata Colwell erica stecher Sharon Taylor Patricia Armour Emma Reardon Peita Mazaroli Patricia Jessen Margaret Walters Robert Davies Petra Berninger rita warleigh Roy Hall Sma Wilce Kristen Chisholm Lorraine Campbell Linda Orgill Timothy Bennett Nick Cregan Susan Olarenshaw Jacquie Sheils Sharon Wallent Anthony Chan Beryl Swan Rick Norman Sue Rogers Skye Hawkins

Kate Nairn Katie Munkres Kelly Bracy Kellie Vella Tara Griffiths Anncharlotte Wallen Judith Sinnamon Nicole Spreitzer Sally Moir Jessie Borrelle Carol Stephens Georgie Glover Nathan Fives Rob Batchelor Alan Whitmore Ivan Kovacevic Jo Blundell Andrew Clarke Daniela Passini Deirdre d Vivienne Caleo Greg Gill Chamali Egodagamage Ira Pollock Catalina Gouverneur Peter Howes Friend Tranzillo Sue Robertson SUSAN BROCKSCHMIDT Emma Lane Louise Souter Simone Reiche Praveshnee Naidoo Caroline Mcdee Elizabeth Moodie Esther Lyons Joyce Chiu Kerriek Dunn Richard Davies Brian Garrett Denise Salk Daniella FORGET David Goble Eva Meland Sharyn Smith Friend King Guillermo Romero Jennifer Hall Ewa Pardo Shan MacPherson jill turco Mariela Barraza Herlinde Verheyden Gloria Orillosa Mal Colman Nathan Land Louise Holmes Jenny Garrett Robyn Tracey Val Conboy Diane Pagel Jill Chamberlain Sherrie Simms-Farmer Mary Nemeth Russell Luck Ian Thomas Sveva Guidotti Julie Kersey Nick Engelfried Matthew Hollis Jacob Merkin Judith Hazes Adam Bennett cristina niccolini Dos Winkel Emanuele Di-Marco Filimon Malamas Kurt Flueckiger Jo Pan Jeremy Reid Jolene Soares Jennifer Michelsen Justine de Herder Lois Griffiths Remco Poelstra Renata Wolff Trevor Dix Wayne Bourne Zdenko Pokorny Annie Bowdler Candice Young Chantal Dransart Linda Barnes Christine Moyle Sonya Duus denise wilson Erin Whitehead Peter Vail Jila Baker Mary Bomford Richard Hieber Jill Allen Brad rogers Stephen Mapley Matt Bloor Janni Goss Donatella Rossotto David Piggott Tammy Holz Glenys Hierzer Andrew Telfer Mario VanBiljon Marisa Sauret Jillian Woods Mark Ward Ravi Samson Andr? Clausen Elise Atkinson Paul English Tracy Abdallah Jessica Gerger Tim Witney Lorris Jones Maria Hoch Heather Plunkett Ireene-Sointu Xxxx Judith Robison Wendy Stokes Neil Cross Keith Altmann Marian Caldwell Hanne Nielsen Michael hunter Desmond Carroll Jamie Crickmay Andrew Gibson Debby Ledbetter stephanie stewart Zoe Miller charles nagy Shirley Alford Margaret Hamon Brenda Heywood Olivia Antonic Heather Hintz Adriana Hudson Daniela Bress Jon Hartley Bee Morgan Adam Broinowski Nanette Danks Pat Coleman Paul Hargreaves Lucie Alexander Dorothy Brockbank Geoffrey Grocott Sybil Free Anne Bell Laurent Jospin Rosa Moya Enrique Loubiere lilo rauh Stefanie Koenig Rachit Garg Ester Aldred Donald Smith Diana Ward Michele Turner William Gower Julian Dawe Ms Paluch Paluch Maria Chatzikonstantinou Friend Baladimas Melina Leinoudi Max Bloomfield Helge Hudel Lena McGregor Sanna Kall Leibetseder Leibetseder John Brumfield Brian Vilcins Knud Hansen Hellen Leevers Dietmar Brisker Sarah Radcliffe Magnus Aycox greg sherwood John Franceschini Susan Bracey Anna Murphy David Whyte Andrew Mitchell Judy Lujan Judy Coles LJ McM Phil Alderton Vera Sprothen Frances Goodwin Helle Mortensen Julia Weisz David Johnston Glenn Wilson Malcolm Minino Wendy Carroll Anthony Mason Fernanda Pompee Kristina Lamons Anita Ahlstrom Clemence Brosy Olive McIntosh Megan Ralph Hamish Danks Brown Kate Ausburn Joy Linton Lotte St Clair Brian Rowland Alexandru Miroiu Damian Prestidge Alana Lee Barbara Boulter Kerry Forrester Juraj Micek Andre Maasjosthusmann Sarah lam felicity boath Jacqui Horwood Bianca W Vickie Yorke Karen Johnson Tadeusz Davenport Neisha Cook Richard Jones Jacinta james Eliza G Sheena Grahame Delma Barwise Mark Dixon Daryl Merson Steve Knight Katrina Campbell Sarah Katz Anara Carroll Angelique Stefanatos Arlee Bryant Ava Whetton Carl Gosper maureen watson Dilip Pallapothu Dunya Akdagcik Gillian Wilde Helen Wurth Ian Wells Jeremy Tager John Blair Kenneth Hall Luna Cameron-Parrish Mary Cotter Marita McGuirk Girts ozols Patricia Green Phoebe martyr Alan Reynolds Russ Jewell Annie Wei Tria Manley Timothy Stork Wayne Brummer Susan Ross Yvette Watt Cristina Rocha Edoardo Tescari Meri Boyle Sven Hammer Melinda Menzies Gerry King Jean-Luc Wilhelm Taylor Taylor Gillian Reffell marlene Kriehn Zuzana Aujeska Sharon Bond shane mole Helen Saville Julie Butler Nik Lawson Elise Phillips Margulis Sarah Howard Kira Hahn Kate Stewart Marlene Nuttall Jan ejsymontt jonathan press Nancy Smith Daniel Firth Jennifer Ross Rosemary Skelly Jackie Keyt Rosada Hayes Gary Kilian Jules Kajtar Monika Winchester Christine Bassett Leanne Bennett Neale Ricketts Jacinta Brondgeest

Sarah Appleton Maureen Austin Karen Baker Michelle Ball Yvonne Bouwman Sally Collyer Nick Cowell Jo Cummins Shane Curtis Sandra Dara Kim Davie Anne Devine Valerie Doherty Sharon Donovan Susan Edwards Olivier Fahy Erica Fosbender Judith g jedsted Andrea Goudie Anyaa Gritten Sheila Hosie Leila Huebner Julie Jeans Deborah Jordan Morgan King Russell Knock Belinda Lang Marina Lezos Sundar Mahtani Susan Maling Maggie Mann Wendy Marsh Helen Martin Jenny Mason Duncan Matthews Kevin McDonnell Arthur Mckerron Wakako Motoike Ron Nicholls George Ohanessian Michael Pearson-Smith Ian Price John Raymond Frances Reid Vishnu Sasisekaran Alec Stewart Darrin Thompson Wayne TURNER Antiga Jones Andy Hine PJ Darling Jacqueline Puz Geoff Kayum Marni Jackson Shirley Parsons Dev Mukherjee Gabrielle Widmer Vivienne Benton Francisca Blanco Christopher Wright Daisy Burgoyne Lee Brighton Grant Elliott Kate Murphy Judy Childers German Mendez shirley mills Nuno Veloso Karilyn Shephard Natalia Melville Nick Jeffrey Anja Bless Libby Corbett Paulus Kruijer Claire Oelrichs Martin Lerche Nancy Westerduin Jasmin Rosenberger Robert Smart Adriano Regano Renata Musolino Stephen Dedman Trudy-Anne Doyle Maria Hardorp Anne Myerscough Di Faulkner Cristina Casey Ray Jackson Armin Kofler Michael Webb Will Douglas Adele Armin Anna Tungusova Annette Murray Philip Stevenson Ebony Alexander Julie Croft Parris Alexander Theresa Leard Sarah Dow debbie spafford Sara Percsy Greig Little Rob Keniry Jonathan Wills Lauren Caramella Sa Muschter Silvia grassi Ben Bennekom Debra bailin Steve Tremmel Nancy Fuller Kirsten Ealand Wendy Wright Colleen Foley Claudia Stephenson Anna Harpley Tashi Martel Natalie Warren Kelly Dauginas Jodi Pattinson Rachael Roberts Rachael Lahiff Bubaloo Fahy Conrad noad Rudra Chattopadhyay jacquie zimmerman Miriam Straub Veronica Klein Navez Sandrine Jacqueline duToit Angela Robinson Lawrence Sjoberg Pam telin Emily corrigan Andris Abolins Rob Harvey-Hunter Barbara Abery Joan Bowker Sam Goble Chris Marr Lea Paton Tim smity Kirsten Oliver Suzanne Spiers Merrilyn Dorn Chris Lee Marina Demchenko Suzanne Degnats Richard Weller Jens Didriksen Maya Pujol Helli wolf ann mawson Robert Stockham jan Myers Laura Palmer terezia ildiko fogarasi Marela Vuckov Wendy Ross Jill Mayo Elizabeth Khouri Joanne Mills Mary Boland Keith Woolsey Robin Giles Frances Bell Heather Cooke Simone Wilks Rodney Drew Cheryl Hughes Paula Dugmore Raya Stanford Phil Beggs Robyn Hooper June Ryan David Coombs Justine Blackwell Ben Child Sherrill Glasser Nicole Page Roslyn Tilley Jacqueline Marks Judith Leslie Tanya Bask Lorraine Lane Michael Wasiliev kiri robbins Yvonne O’Connell Robert Lankeren Rana azzam Nadia Strahan Alasdair Edom suzanne flamand Rhonda Prensky Susie Bishop Jose Dinis Inge Schmitz Afke Huldrike Hiemstra Ofelia andersen Basia Kutnik Ian Finch-James Dameon hansen Carol Clethero Bruce Champion bernard duparc Dianne Hopewell Anne Keniry Marijke Kuipers Mario Schmuck Vicente Giner Romero David Lindsey Gypsie Duncan Luciana Vissirini Jane Vidgen Marilyn Allardyce Lois Hudson Julie Fletcher Ellie Wyatt Jennifer Neale Judy Onrust Nigel James Diana Davis Ellen meredith John Moore Jubilee Turi Hollis Tanya Cheyne Ching-Lueh Chang Christine Roeffen paul cole Lulu Hermans Chris Drumright Angela Brooke-Ward Willem Wachtmeester DIANA MCNAIR Jinx Hydeman Patricia Grames Joann Koch Paolo Hooke Josh Curtis Julie Ostoich Sylvia Cooper Nick Goldwater phillip omalley josh pelleg Pete Star Gillian Ulyate aida jenkins Lizzie cole Mercedes Stewart Vera Koller Janet Neihart Silke Moolman russ richards gerard Finn Ulrich Pluddemann Carol Knight Carly Cameron Bill Carson Brian Stevens Lisa Davidson Penny Rushby-Smith Rudi Clarke James Zanotti Angelina Zhang Eugene docherty Harry Farah-Staff Margaret Bailey Elisabeth Smyth Val Barrington Tim Drewitt Milly Olifent Laura Caine-Sheath ann burton Andrew McLeod Francesca Thorn Penny Rafferty Lynne Holley Sandra Seary Praesens Absens Ben Taylor Gabriela Urbanski Monique TONET Zelos Osborne Carlos Santos Hannah Tutt Nancy McManus Kathryn Gray Jessica Smee Emma Kemp Anne-Greth Garmland Carlee Singh Muy Lao Ashley Lehmann Kareen Charpentier Roger Rajaratnam Regine Bartsch Robyne Hobson Daniel Kilp Colin Hutton Mary-Anne Saunders Lizzy Gorczyca Ada Johns Peter Bennett Ellen Barker

Karen Stiles Stuart Tolliday Prue Bickerton Deborah Muffet Marianne Latham etab trah Cherryl Fleming Michelle Kraatz William Murch Joy Taylor Robyn Walsh Alan Distel Maude Smith robyn Scott Friends Renshaw Gerald Smits Janie Burry Angela Davies Fiona Dick Craig Lester Naomi Ullmann Helga Ballin Johanna Heetkamp Alistair Knox Priscilla Gallou Patrik Lofgren Lyn Pressman Lyn Shiells Denise Thompson Tamsin Yorston Katie Jefferson Sheila Tuffham Penny hunstead Dominic Kitching Peter Fraser Adrian Menhennitt Georgette Allen Martin Powell Paul Sowter Gai Strakosch Will Appleford Sue Ganz mirjana durovic Michael Dwyer Ossi Anttila Glen Holmes Terri-ann White Karen Bourke Peter Boyd Ian Johnson Laraine Ruthborn Lindsay Johnston Steven Bellman Ian Jackson Muchael Teleshoff Natasha Gard jeremy hulin Jane Doubleday Susan Rankin Peter Crick Nalini Scarfe Pat Keevers Brigitte Goetzl Susan Lodge Marilyn Taylor Steve Bellew Stephanie Leishman Sondra Boes george mercier Jennifer Allison Andrew Fraser Jo Lewis Nicola Palmer Colleen Laking Elvin Csizmadia Patricia Hirsch Louise Sharp Didier Richeux Jim Crawford Jurgen Knorr Alison Bremer Chris DANNE Daniel Gallagher xavier petit Warren Hastings Peter Termars Anne Termars Judy Paske Derek Stockdale Kellie Thompson susanne wolff Olivia Elliot Paul Vale Barbara Potton Jan Nolan Alison Charlton Emma Fitzsimmons Mandy Nicholls Pierre stokx Roselyn Druce Jennifer Stephenson Janel Compton jon ashmore Umberto Ferraro Sam Matthews Brigit Ayers Carmel Lakey Greg Nash Colin Andersen John Seaman Luke Robinson Greg Jones Bente Petersen Roy Dundon Tilda Dalunde Karen Makkai robert hannaford Penelope Drake-Brockman Helena Magalhaes Mark Peirce Rosalind Halton Lyn Butler Stephen Craven Ruth Haig Erynne Conyard Irene Worthington Ian Hamilton tom renk Reagan Oneal Helen Laird Jane Costigan Nikolai Dragnes Anne Dowling Steven Raguenet Russell Hayes Colleen Friel Maria Wilson Sherrie Yeomans Sarah Waddell Greg Oates Zoe Legge Mikaela Savory Shirley Penhallurick Bob Wiseman Colin Sutton Joe Wilson Kim Banffy Monique Monnier Mike Heap jacqui Smith Olivier Hoarau Jacki Sherrin Robert Cantwell David Jakubiec Helen Troughton Kylie Ford Linda Pratt Leanne Sternbeck Sharon parsonson Diane Scott Amanda Millichamp Pauline Forrester Susan Burt Maureen Porcelli Peter Henderson Fiona McGlynn Julie Gilles Jenny Sharpe Jenna Miles Lynette Freestone Donna Barrett Garth Drake Eleanor Teuten David Sindel Carey Williams peter Musson Chris Greive Greg Melloy Andrew Rogers Caroline Shaw Nikki Oughton Vic Bostock Sophia Rosa Belinda Vidurrizaga Travers Gray Roslyn Hancock Lee White Sandy Cardow Vanessa Lighton Nick Langley Chantale Taillefer Maj-Lis Lindholm Taylor Carr Knut Mueller Stefan Krebs ana maria de la fuente Jeanie O’Donovan raymond Haagensen Natalie White Denis dawson Kirsty Hughes Ray Rushton Erin Kennedy Tim Connell tonia van straelen Jane Tiley Bill Huxley Tina Florell geraldine crapuche Ren Evanoff Mary O’Kiersey Michael Heinrich Todd Puchalski Robyn McMicking Amanda Healy Maureen Winn Alessandro Maisano Joanna Huckvale Victoria Edwards Tony Yeigh Margaret Van Kleef Sandra Nagle Kelly Newton-Bacon Robyn Manoy Gethin Davison Diane Glenane SUSAN RUSSELL Linda Church Michelle Connors D’Arcy Mayo Frank Cotterill Belinda Krajina Ian Winterflood Rosanna Perillo-Boutin Maurice Mooney ivanka miljak Michael McCrone Dianne Goodwin M? del Mar Guimoye Toni Reineke Catherine Smith Jason Cabarrus Steve Saunders Kerry Scarlett Mike Foale John Mitchell Rob Andrew Lysiane servais Anna Winroope Simone wackenhut Daniel Wilkinson Samar Singh Timothy Larkin Mike Lanka Nicholas Lloyd Sandra Murphy Sheila Hill sharon zelei Chelsey Dyer Rose Treilibs Jeannine Hedley Kristian McInnes Lisa Parker Thanassis Kounelis Andrea Zinn angela humphries Laura Leon Brian Sheldrick Kari Lindewirth Nuria Toutain Bruce Sadowskas Craig hollis Denise Breit Anna-Rosa Baker Bryan Dyball Brian Sawyer Kirsten Gabel Karen Armitage Miia Suuronen Rob Shield Mina Connor Brigitte Baumann Michelle Collar Elisa Katz Lisa Butterfield Tibor Gacs Mads Holvik Gaby Rojas Carol Espinoza Annecatherine casteres Rachel Savory Sam paton helen cavill Denise CLARK Tanya Tiedje Matthew Kirsch Marion beens Jeni Wilson darryl edwards Tika Bordelon James Lee Amanda pointon Sarah Culverhouse Daniel Fischer Sarah Townsend

Fernanda Leite Erin Kenny Cat Lee Cheryl Arnott Esther Arumugam Lisa Fahy Yuri Adolf MIchele Johnson Louis Sant’ Angelo Shaun Watson Lynne Holian Anne Jackson David Roach Elizabeth Lok Warren Davey Ray Cowling jennifer huaa Anpeo Carpenter Deidre Rubenstein Moritz Sticher Pete Burns Anneliese Mack Judith Hansell Tim R Matt Buckmaster Tim Galli Nigel Dique ruben cameron Christiane Bruch Sebastian Nordstrom Eva Eddy Christopher Boggs Lawrence O’Brien Laus Jacques Peter White Silvia Zans Mark Benson Lisa Japp Lanier Hines Minette Davis Nicki Scott Mark Lucas Giusy Flore Rhiannon Paget Mandy Zafiropoulou Peter Petch Beatrice Travis Karen Spradlin Scott Pingel Judith Werkstell Pat McNamara Susan Wechsler Terence Brown Vera Elvery Stan Janczuk Lola BENEGUI Ben smart Christopher Joyce sonnta simon Janet Taylor Tim Heron Marion Horton Stephen Byrnes oli Roberts ROSA FERNANDEZ John Teevan Andrea Pessler Nathalie Quesnel Margaret Lockyear Yael Shimshon Patricia Rahikainen Hildegunn Jensen Cecilia Novero Laurie Ryan Steve Romig Bradley crouch Ludovico Dottori Ava Peattie Jude Logan Richard Heffernan Samantha Lucas daryl morris David Lowe Kris Strate Miguel Rodrigues Nanette Oggiono Robert Hasell Julie O’Dell Kaley Frank Seth Tyrssen Borbala Kaltenecker Rita Euziere Linda Casbolt Julie Sanford Fabio G. Liantonio Nikki Nafziger Cathy O’Leary Anouar Bannouri Theresa Thornburg Shelley Martin patrick beaudry Kelly Kelly Richard Hambridge Kevin courtney Brenda Psaras Carolyn Massey Camille Cox Martina Holbach Jeanette Holmgren John Prendergast Gill Hills Kalinke ten Hulzen Jean Polous Wynn Chapman Buddy Delegal Lucy Alijk Patricia Sanchez Rachel Gregg Kate Burry Andre Meaux SHIREEN MCKEE Satya Bosman Christopher Shirley Cynthia Springer Lisa Clancy Leilani Swafford Mariana Vanderburg namita dalal Robin Soletzky Pilar Barranco Maritza Azaneth Joshua Lyons Ivana De Colle Bridget Hughes Sherry Weiland Bruce Barber RASHREE RAMPHAL Beatriz Zebadua Camille Gilbert Heather Ducharme Tatiana Gomes carol broll Marta Costa Garcia Gunnar Ryrholm Mary Bissell Kerry Rensonnet Maxine Palmer Dr Ivo Draganov Pam Niemann Jason Nichols Tessa Hofmann Ann Bicking John Fenton Noa Schiller Alessa Flewin kathleen ryder Sue Resner Gina Megay PETER IRELAND Josef Barker David Laramie Kim sears Lena Kall nancy clingan Sally Landon Lesley Blissett Gary Simpson Marleen Verhoef Keith Jenkins Wendy Hartwig Lonchay Mat Steve Cook Vera Jarrett Roland Ng Ann Crosby Harvey Newson Richard Vaughan Felicity Jewel Janet Hicks Phoebe havyatt graham snell Stephanie Stone carrie west Deborah WynneHestermann Jules Goodwin Harmony Walsh Michael Draack Orejano Chucaro Barbara Minotti Beverley Fox-Pearson Eileen Wagner Tony Tsang Renate Klinksieck Colin Ford Kimberley Garratt Margaret mandeno Elisabeth Niesing june whittaker Emily Cirona Matthew Wright Achini Alwis Philippe Ressos Joyce Lahna Christopher Clarke Christopher Pain Simone scholte Lise Brooke Maurice mishriki martin sieber Ilze Gorell Chris rainbow Janna Neperud Merryn O’Brien Robin Arts Ilke Opperman Lizz Gill Sevin Lindsay Adelle Timmins Keith Beamish Cathy Laughlin Martin Regelsberger John Deadman Pierre debisscop Anne Maree Hall Harro drexler Cecily Horne Riccardo Pierantonietti Ryan Carr Nikki Sanger David Abel Peter CLAIR-BAKER Johann Schoeman Nadine Peetermans Peta Nutt Linda Bennett Geoff Staker maria soares Matilda Werner Dave gale Adrienne Rowell Jan Ohlson Philip Hewett Robert Bell Wil Kars Susan nicholas Dorothea Foertsch Kaspa Fiebig Lapsley Lapsley Michelle McGann Manfred Tettweiler Pilar quintana Stacey Walker Marion Corbin Janie Viner Jean Symes Lisa Perks Vera Karan Matthew Allen Alison Galbreath Susan McLeod Harry Stulajter Paul Breakspear Helen Hoffman Marisa Besteiro Ninna Michaelson Rae D’Esprit Melanie Fitzgerald Wilma Horsmans-Zaad Sophie von Boeckmann Anders Gunner D Farrimond Simon Reynolds Katherine Hornby Lissy pawelka Lara Assaad Michael Hassett Bozena Ziobro Pamela Hirst Donna Deland Leo Kerr Alan Taylor Soozie Wray Sharon Khanna Leila Davis Susan Arrowsmith Janine Mason Patricia Crotty Karen Booth Barbara J Fraser Marilyn W Yve Buttenshaw Martin Devine Martha Paitson Louise Bottega Darryl Nelson Thomas Taylor Anne Jones Vanessa Wighton Felix Prael Gregory Elms Gary Smith Laura Baker Geraldine Cahill Anna Harrison

Nino Iaccarino Matt Turner Claude Chilton Patrice Mack Tim Dean Trish Keen William Magowan Bradley darragh Andres Moresco Sarah White Liza Pezzano Juanita Cucinotta Gabriele Jordan Ruben Klaphake Cheryl Duffin Tina Richmond Paul Walton David Markovich Eric Vollmer Helena Mills Valentina Vignevich Grainne Wall Silvia Martinez Silvana Faulkner Dita Holcmannova Arthur Plottier Sophie De Troyer Francois-Xavier Walter Ines Adriaens Linda Karafili Jenny Vanderhoeght Susan Andrews Peter Korsgard Terry Barratt patrick o’rourke Brigitte Pirker Kerrie McElroy Tessa Khan Annelies Fouquaet Britt Driesens Christophe Uytterhaeghe Hannes Ledegen Warren Wilson Jocelyn harris Mark Kraayenhof Ingrid Schneider Blake Dobbie Karen Brookes Emma Friedman Philippe Dubois Holly Winters Heather Rodbourn Lieke Buelens Wilfried Smet gabrielle abood Sharee gallacher Tania Rossiter Robert Briggs Jan Vangansbeke Philippe Smet Curtis Tomlin Alex Brandi Barbara Cusack Fiona Mak Erin O’Brien Monika Kolacek-Kern Janine Simpson Anina Rich Pierre luniere Anne Martin Ali Keen Richard Whittington Scott O’Keefe Richard Marshall Angelique Croker Jo Howard John Viacrucis Kay Lai Theo Birouste Diane Pease Martin Costello Meik Schulze Oliver Murbach Magali Frederic Colleen BERGH claire cittern-jones Melanie Telford Jessica Wiest Mark Holsteens Gabrielle Fogarty Eva Sencic Peter Jack Ray Cox Susanne Rix Tim McLennan Margaret Butcher Roberto Medeiros Lionel Beugnies patrick de vos Mark Dykstra Sheridan Kennedy Jane Axon Irene Gale Marie Hyder Janet roddy Thea Bourmer Tony Sutcliffe Adrian Bright Ken Hales Malcolm Bannerman Wendy Birch Gill Dowker Ingrid Messner Marie Lewin Michael Hunter Yana Dirkx hersilia valentini Sarah Wolter Alex Bell Sue Tame Vera Laukemper Arthur Minto Simon Martin Pauline Johnson Angela Fiddes Estelle Hudson Glenda Rufus Anwyn Chapman Annie Roberts Peter Reynolds Ale Robles Nathaniel Lee-Ran Patricia Hull Jacky Dixon Wendy LeBlanc Philippe Raway Tracey Zargarof Hans Amstel Filipe Rodrigues Jacinta Unmack Kimberlee Pierce Franziska Norman nikki ludlow Ashley Browse Kristin Fildes Jill Goodwin Alexander Schaeffler Mona Braun Liz Thorpe Naomi moodie Eddie Seymour Jurema Pimenta Hannah PLUMRIDGE Carol Wood Lynne McDonnell Michael Latta Ana Maria Mainhardt Carpes Mattia Madami Alison Bolton Vivi Amundsen Tim Brothers Tony Baron Pete Dingey Joy Black Richard Gyoerffy Blair Mahoney Lucinda Maunsell Donna Monish EmmaDavid ThomsonSones Marrejan Oepkes Alain Trembleau Mark Hofsteede Quentin Duquesne Laila Tome Thomas Eysermans Teresa Stone Rene Horton Shanelle Scott Peter Burge Friend Peeters Claudia Klusmann Dougal Wilson Nicola Reid Keren Stead Bomfim Karin Jonas Elisa Vandenbussche Charlane Simpson Nyarie Hassal-Abbey Paul Calvert Zach Folan Sandra Orme Olivier Marganne Caroline DeGroote Ian Peattie Karen Brennhofer emilia boccagna Marlene Mayne Kylie White Mitchell Nugent Katie Lindsay-Smith Alecia Christy Claire Daines marianne foley Laura Jones Stefano rossi-santoni Walter Ramsey John Janzen Bee Denham Jane Butler Mary Kelsey pilinka wiseman Claudia Ruede Richard McIntyre Barb MacKenzie Harri Timonen Steve Vicino Don Morris Lyda Jamie Green Kathleen Tuohy-Main Scott Hohne Dan Jenk spiro Kanellakis Jemma Stirling Phoebe Baldwin Martyn Brogan Robert Muir Mary Mannison Michelle Rowe Maria McClive Jennifer Shield Antonia Dvies Elizabeth Waugh Vivien Graham Matthew Arnison Norbert Finger Ed Maas Robyn Backen Roger Serong Corstiaan Staaij Margaret rath Chris m Sandra Lankester Patti Mckinley Mark Ferrington Kate Summers Paul Dundas Vanessa Smith Margaret Menzies Cath Matthews RACHAEL COTRA Alexandra Schulz Arden Down Colette duriez Misha Schoemaker Roelf Grasmeijer Lindy Jones Geoff Maddox Vicki Mitchell Mary Caine Trish Chadwick Bruce Thurtell Francis Linden Marian Cruz Laurie Lang Mike Patterson Anne Wilson Margaret McGrath Karen Wilkins Diana Svendsen Mark STANEK AR Polack Annette Berghammer Rob Burger Dominique Vanerdelen Dondie Cox Cassady Southern Sean Burke maria lopes Rhonda Willersdorf Trish Rogan Gerald Houska Gerie den Besten Steve Levakis Helen Corney Jolyon Bromley Chris Stiles Veronica Naylon Ken Dally Linda Morton Anita Ouwerkerk Caroline Cook Vivienne Callender Kathleen Matthews-Ward Joan Cootes Christina Hayes Thank Alan Rorke Lachlan Warren Julie Ivy Fabio King Ian McGregor Jeni Nathanielsz Anita McIntyre Sara Bergenmo Liz Hill

Jodi Melville Keith Roberts Peter Young Warwick Sickling Galen Townson Jill Van Es David Faber Ebi Schmid Mick Piggott Jenny Balshaw Ann Hill Nick Andreas christine lefoulon Michael Woosnam-Mills Robyn Muller Lindy Price Darren Savory Michael Leitner Annette Wiesner-Albat Michelle Parsons Ingeborg Bohlscheid Lynn Colson Courtney Hirsch Jana Boltersdorf Knut Kloeser Astrid Bjoervik John D’hondt Filipa Macedo peter spilsbury Adrienne Doig Patrice Dawson Helen Joakim Quentin Hanich Elena Campiotti Barbara Denton Lydie Buckova Patricia Wood Janet Mayer Amira Hashemi Jenny Egan Tom Lyon Crystal Wolf Michelle Brennan Kathy McMorrow Elliot Gingold Graeme Green Suzanne Ball Taleah Pizzi Lynn Childs Elaine Waldron Jeffrey Ormsby Dean Mortimer Pete Johnson John Griffin manfred Cunnington Aaron Slape judith gatland Sarah Jones Stewart Conning Mary-Ann easton Meredith Williams Amanda Beadnell Tara O’Connor Belinda Davis Ben Johnson Ruud Repko Josephine Firns Geoff Stacey Gilberto Olimpio Max Kruisbrink Libby Stenning Peter Walsh Janice collins nina smith-birch Sarah Cripps Blake Doering Lucinda McGuire Maria Giacon Daniel Firth Adam Wagenknecht Angus Clark Jenny Johns Estelle Garstang Melanie Drake Emma Innes Lynette Chen Rachel Handelman Christine Lynam Simon Mallender Andrea Trebaticka David Ely Ross Headifen Teresa Ellis Cate Mussared Jo Davidson John Ransley Shirley Ferguson Andrew mccoy Deborah Lemm David Rowlands Misha Crafford Lorraine McDonald Stefan Vogel Doug Piper Michael Waters Arnaud Bernard Janett and Russ Jackson Merle Thompson Graham Storrs PETER READ Bill Mcguire Pete Nutchey Robin Fischer Michael Porteus aslög Bergman Rosie Albanese Peter Hetherington J McDonald Christian Novoa wendy jones Lorna Hawkey Jennifer Ashcroft Brian Winn Sue Strutt Jean-Pierre Jacquet Susan Brown Fred Hunt Daniele Halle Jillian Beston Julia Laidlaw Parnee Bonson Andy Lee Ron Chitters Juana Estrella Geoffrey Ford Elaine deSaxe Nola Pearmain Trevor Skinner Jutta Warzecha Neil O’Sullivan Laura Murray Marilyn Tabatznik Carolyn Wallace Elizabeth Gray David Darlington J angell Robert Ortiz Wayne Bridge Kerry Fowler Stephen Powell Sally Swinfen Thomas Toepler Diana Rich Miriam Solomons Amanda Harvey Lyn Muller Cathleen Staats Gordon Young Dave Tooley Barry Walker Gar O’Hara Rebecca Kochanski Daniela Shield Maureen Jaeche Katja Jezewski Cindy Lee chris ryding Carolyn O’Sullivan Ann Tait Geoff Taylor Rob Parker Paul Aburn John Greenwell theodora price Jane Stewart Richard Moody Luis Faim Manuel Barros Nuno Franco Evie Hamilton Xenia Leonhardt samir Touma Melissa Nouel Narelle Gillett Brian Hewson Kosta Blyznakov Roanne Pye Ratan Gor James Fitzgerald Judy wall laura lecis Kim Jenkins Leslie Goodman Melissa Freeburn Dirk Bromley Regine Dieringer Marie Lamb edward pyke Clair Bonarius Anne Terrell Ivor Blanche Lindy Kerr Chloe Cassabois Lars Holm Mary Kalinowski Campbell Griffin Stephen dwyer Carolyn Gibb Marissa ILSLEY Ebony Skene Jenny Stoneman ana stuart Tim Head Michael Hoey Bianca Smith Claudio Pizzinga Anthony Owen Eileen cartner Elizabeth Hancock Robert Bell Liz Baxter Blake Stephens Merania Karauria Carolyn Turner ron blake Nancy Wahlquist Jennifer Hackney Pascale Dube Eric Allas Jamie Le Rossingnol Brigette Pilkington Mario Santos Wilma McLean John Heriot Anya Rowlands Elizabeth Laurie Rolf Wood Julia fechner Elmer Ten-Haken Kathleen Hughes Malcolm Stewart Deidre Raward Elaine Trotman Kathrin Allen Gail Bell-Booth Allan Robertson Roshana Kyd Jaala Malcolm Hsien Teh Terence Breen Christopher Harrison Kelly Penn Peter Black Anu Grace Kerrir Chandler Leslie Shirreffs Paul Firkin David Pickles Nick Antonoglou Christine Bennett Helen Daniels Kyle rollinson Barbara Nielsen Eliza Mcniven Sharon King John Webster Jamie Dunk Corr Piccone Mary Anne Ayliffe Ian smith Jesia Berry Justine Connors Joanna Kabanoff John Garnett John Binks Richard Jones Adam Foster Alexandra Douglas Alyssa Limberg Ann Pickering Andrew Scott Ashley Bender Angela Snarskis Barbara Evans Barbara Piper Pieter Heemstra Pia Bjorstrand Raffaele Cammarano Ruth Vassao Rhonda Rance Robin Mycock Sieglinde Dorsch Julia Helgesen Julian Roleff Barbara Pecze Briony Kalleske Campbell Willis Christine Axon karl kleemann Kylie Marriott Elizabeth Laidlaw Marina Lewis Sarah Valentine Sasha Parkin Regina Semper

Shanti Woodward Philip Stewart Sue Lindsay Aydan Tamay Anna Hurst Dale Sach Dianne McMillan Deborah Rothschild E Lloyd Eleny Skevos Ian macintosh Elli Vallinoja Peter Farnham Annalisa Koeman Margaret Nurse Mark George Michael Begg Graham Lalchere Glen Groves Graham Durrant Helen King Tertia Hogan ted rees Hanne Marks Lorie Frost Wayne turnbull Suzanne Knowles viola Hemm Judith Andrews Jennifer Maulsby miro krajnc Theresa Campbell Monique Gay Morar Douglas mim Bois Norma Daisley Pam Lorimer Paul Saintilan Andrew Marks Amy Parker Anne Norman Belinda Haughey Beverley Tremayne Cathryn Lyall Cathy Smith Isabelle Zomer Janet Champion Chris Eckstein Mark Cain Catherine Jeanneret cat cown Derek Morris Dale Winckel Damayanti Lakey Dorit Herrmann Wendy Smith Is Connolli Dave Jones Evan white ej wilson Fabiola Berry Desley Graham Geoff Cameron Leslie Sharlock Simon Gibbs Glenn McEldowney Greg Clitheroe Gunda adrian Heather Blackwell Judith Odgaard Jacob Allen Nyree Hall Campbell Dickson Jennifer kuyper Jennifer Westwood Jo Kirk Chapina Sonias Kevin Grimmer Liz Pope Barbara Rokesky Marie Lyall Mike Brownlow Neville Jackson Phill Devery Devery James Plav Pauline McCarthy Bob Ramsden R Morden Helen Renehan Jayne Stokes Robert VANKOESVELD Friend armstrong Sytse Jong gidget lang Thomas Faber Tim Weeks Ulla Lincoln Nicola Horder Vivienne Nielssen Amanda Johnston Abigail Ricica Amy Malin Alan Snashall Francois Bezuidenhout Brett rovnyak Brenton Mann Catherine Coorey Lynette McCauley Charles Farah Steve Cooper Jean Hou Gregory Keppie Ian Debenham OAM June Hisselli James Lindner john ebner Jaring Schreuder Jeff Dallinger Shari Moore Jill Stephenson Jo Lee Judith Vardy Karen Johnston Karen Scriven Olwen Blyton Paul Stoker Kim Cofield Max Lanser Lesley Hoye Denelle Kennedy Maryhellen Segatta MReedit have Bayly Michele Jankelow Mike Glorfindel Mirinda Boaz-Cole Fiona Graham Angela Penrose Neal Henderson Nicola Yosha Norma Calcutt pagnoncelli mattia Paul Morgan peter Kesby Linda Andersson Roberto Gnecchi Rachael Wilkinson Virginia Lang Roger Salkeld Shae Toogood Natasha French Sieglinde Hopkins Ali Marshall Shannon Milhaupt Stephen Silver Simon Wood Sue Rendell Susan Wilson Thomas Henderson Patricia Gimpel Andrew Smith Warren Smith Wendy Brindley aaron mcdonald Malgorzata Wisniewska Graeme Baker tuesday browell Fernanda caseirao Kenneth Wilder henry Sehgal Mike Greenslade Phillipa Jennings Chris Gallagher Anne Mark James Brown michelle taylor Jacqueline Glyde Katrina Mentis Janelle deSoza Kathy Faldt Beverley Alderton Amanda i irving Phillip Robinson Riley wilson Jenny Smith Dr Lee W Andresen Janet Dearden Vince Murphy Mary Norman Paul Sullivan susan cairns Dianne Parkes Gordon Garradd Baljeet Degun Michelle MacEwan Anton Curnow Joanne Rowley Martin Oliver Jennifer Hua Chris Benson Mike Gordon Catherine Stephenson Louisa-Jill Fowler Celia King Sumeena Keshow Emma Stacker Hilda Williams Wyn Hawker Mr Mario Bernardi Bernardi jutta weber-holmes Lyn Eccleston Maggie Holland Ro Bailey Malcolm Coram Lisa Bayley Carla Esteves Maria Odete Pinto Emma tchisto Sally Fryer Linda Lee Oivi Walsh Sandra santos Janice Skillen Kevin Cato Lois Katz Margaret runfors Nicole Knauber Margaret Bushell Irene Lessons Rossella Elia Mike Van Der Zwart Funck Michael Craig Clarkson Eric Keidge Cafer Oz Andrew Mounsey Philippe Charrier Sally Gray Bronte Laffin-Vines Paul Humphreys Tim Evans Karin Hart Shanon Bell Clare Holdaway Jim Maiolo Phyllis Mollen Kirsten Stacey John Harrison William Fitzgerald Bob Sitsky Christine howle Trish Murray Graham Wrightson Mica Mick David Jack Toni Trent robert bruinewoud lisa siegel Margaret Clift S Griffin Kelly O’Reilly Lisa Lorimer Trish Torenbeek Kathryn Adams Jo Cosgriff alan hill Kylie D’Alessandro Janine Hutt Marcus Coghlan Beth Jane Freeman Susan Schmidt Hamish Fairbrother Leigh Straker Marian Tucker Beverly Morris rebecca tippens Lindsay Holmes James Mulcare Tina Hanneman Bonna Mettie Lawrence Crowley Christopher Panayi Jim Brunton Anna Jasiukiewicz Leigh Saunders Freddie williams Ingerlise Armand Nasia Gregory Aiko Devriendt Alison Rodway Ash Bradshaw Caroline Labataille Caroline Horobin Cathie Pym Aimee Duffy Anne Taylor Elizabeth Ross EK Fiona Wahr Guy Hartcher Gloria Rohov Gail Roberts Alunni ilaria Isabelle Piller Jennifer Hagens Andrea Chisari

Kate Ferguson Katrina pennock Kerrie Davis Kim Johnson Kerry Hallett Kerstin Hinrichsen Mary Obrien Myles Brown Misa Carroll Nina Schlaepfer pam parsons Pamela Blake Polly Ashburner Philippe signer Mark Male Rob Bradley Roger Howard Ruth Griffiths Simon Miles Abby Spitzer Stuart Wearne Sylvie Salade Tricia Dejersey Terry Sousa-Pinto Tegan Clark Tracey Stewart Troy Cranefield Valerie Sylvester Vivienne Barrington Anita Pleming Dorte Planert Jess Brown Michael WHITEWAY Tiffany Dryburgh arnold jm Anne Dalton Angela Stewart Antony Jurlina Ashley Wilcox Barbara Geisenhof David Barnott-Clement Pia Haneweijman Carmel Lumley Christine Becroft Paul Chapman Chris Leigh Christopher Crome Christine Graham Clare Nubel Colin Noble Danielle Hutter David Gallagher Richard Davies Denis Richir Cliff Ball George Kyprianou Hilary Stiel Monica Schwarz Ivona Mendelova Raylene Salter Janet O’Sullivan Sam Triglone Jeannet Bertelsen Joanne watters Karen Payne Karin Stronkhorst Lisa Cliff Elizabeth NAYLOR Lyndell Whyte Lynda Lutner William Robertson Louise Beauchemin Lynda Hession Maria Harries Marygai Hayllar Matthew O’Dwyer Marilyn Parker Joan Meecham metti nordin Marie-France Pasquier miguel yuste Marilynne Kirshbaum Odelia Shimhon Pamela Clark Penelope Gebhardt Pete Condon Peter O’Connor PHILIP GRAHAM Roslyn Hunter Maureen Whitton ross clendinning Robert Learmonth Ruta Minde Susan Bagheri Rebekka Lehmann Christine Robinson Su Garfinkle Sylvie Hannam Terri Henry Kim Tooley Teresa Ordorika Friend Poll Victor Hoisington Vikki McGarva Sonja Oeltjendiers Yvonne Diethelm Terry Hall Lynda Fletcher Olivia Weston Bronwen Evans Val Braun AMY FLEISS Alexis Arblaster Anita McLachlan Susan Glarum Bibiana Hagan Carol Boaden Chris Nevin S Natour Emily Walker Sonny Watte Ray Boseley Greg Dudgeon Gary Moloney Gordon Bossley Gertrud Bessai Greg Lester Heleen Groot Helen Plunkett Hugo Stehle Ian McGuire Ingrid Hutchings Jaguar Kukulcan Jara Blanes Julieanne Catinchi Jennifer Thurgate Jeunesse crane Joanne Haines Jolie Boyd Jorge Mayer Charles Jos Biviano Jo Steiner Joy Burman Julia Davies Julie Cugurno Junett Davis Justine Atkinson Kaliopi Tsousis Kate Ravenstein Kathryn Forster Kelvin carnegie Kerrie Pierce Kirsty Macpherson Kristy Lawrence Karen Vegar Louise Tardif Nina lambert Larisa Bakonyi Leonie Gill Estela Pombo Marjorie McBroom Melissa Lockwood Patrick Devine Margaret Brindle Veronica WITTEVEEN Heather murray Neisha Mclure Nelly Merkx Nicole Stephens Paul Erricker Evelyne Lapouge Rob Clancy Sam Greenfield Sheleyah Courtney Richard White Sophie Wiglesworth Stephen Robinson Stephanie Tow Terence Adams Terry Csonka Timana Hossack Anthony Buckley Tracee Miller Tracey Tomtene Christine Tyminski Ulises Lares Vivien Bretherton Graham Warburton Wendy Champion Andrea Coffey Helen Moriarty Jo Flood anita moss Patti Pennisi Robert Yates Buck and Joan Emberg Christopher Patton David Rogers Said Ellouz Buck Emberg Sharon Foley Graeme Bates Phil Hobbs Josie Lander Elizabeth Stock Lopo Dias Marina Evriviadou Matthew Flynn Michaela Neumaier Laura Daniel Frederick Naughton Olga Levitt Betty Durack Tamara Parr LAUFILITOGA LANDRY Rodney Tait samantha carlile Lila Schulz Terence TURNER Terry Chadban Tobias Titz Wendy Galichet Ma Mo Jason Popplewell Susan Jameson Nick Young Susanna Stromberg Evgenia Levant Anthony Ransley Sharon Derby John james Alvart Apoyan Kylie Hanson bev hardenberg Makushla Bourke Margaret Cramb Tom Hoffie Julie shames-rogan Rose Gerovich Rosa Kullstrom sue tweg Anna Sri Nicola Furlan Josephine Over Andre Walter Eileen Wunderlich Joan Kilby Marie Scholes Hilary Grubb Chris Ricardo Alexa Cloud Roland Schuller Kim Knights Belinda Rankine Susi Touma Emily Kiddell Nigel Atkinson Jon Pedersen Els Colemont Colleen Pearce Diana Gerbec Debbie Lynch Guy Tr Christophe BAYS Maxine Harber Kerena Lam Christine Chiavassa Kate Huber Jacob Chizik Mark Glickman Mike Gardiner Christine Roehm Karina McLachlain Rowan Misso Morag Stone Rikki Chant John Drysdale Maddison Ramadge Nicky Fell Mandy Gibson Joel Goodchild G Hutchinson Alistair Gunn Melissa Kung Josh Mitchell Hannes Juergens Gordon Kerr Sybil Miller Bruce Jarvis Rory Cole David Harper Sandra Stuart Liesha Hanekroot Alicia Guevara Powell Heuer Robin Speed Robyn & David Caddy Sam Wilson Chrys Fernando Tanya Bosch Ingo Czieschke Andrew Simons Jo Sutton Cassanda Agius Cliff Clohessy

Lasha Wells Stephen Hoskin Elaine Doling Fernando Ferrer Julie Garcy Barbara Leighton Jodie Peacemaker Karen Beauvais Margarida Lima Michael ausma CHRISTINE CLARKE Hannah Lethlean Harriet Ling Malolm Robins Stefan Quinn Aaron R Beth Parker Friederike Schulz Greg Owen Johan Meyers John Cary Christopher Thompson Paul Rourke Alexandra Haynes-Hildyard Alex Stevens Cheryl Bousfied da vina Joshuah Crisp Erin MacLatchy Stephanie Habib Lily Lily Clare Howden madeleine mccristal Sam Bester Valerie Oliver Bill Heaven Bronte Evans Rayward Celin Buonerba Eliza Woodward Mo Hewitt Jo McEwan Suzi Mezei Robert Kruger rod cheyne Seema Singhs Stephen Mitchell William Whitfield Zanne Harvey Zena pergyl Dee Klibbe elke mauer holler Phil Long Tanya Dalgleish Brett O’Halloran Cherie Coppins Jeff Creech Anke Somers Barry Melville JohnClayton Wilson Peter Reid Dawood Massoud Maureen Gallagher Gordon Milburn Greg Newall Joan Rossington Kingsley Allen Fran Pennay Friend Simmons Michele Pollock Skye Mitchell Otto Okidoki Donald Baker Jacoba Thomas Helge Schlosser Sirkka-Liisa Vaeaenaenen Anne Brammage Chris Teagle Joseph Castley Jordi Estruells Katarina Terning Kath Becker Samantha Turetsky Vicki neville Luke Christiansen Laurence Jadouille Regina armstrong Andrea wilson Andrew Powis Anita Heughan Bernard peroux Susan Hodges Fraser Gibson steve Baker John Bolitho Kate Sellen Lisa Maltby Marjorie Anderson Mateo Marin Noelle johnston Michael Doherty Lynn-maree Danzey Debra McIntyre Steven Lewanski John English Alec & Shelagh Coleman Ali Medlock Anita Panikkar Annette Weizsaecker anthony barker Asta Skirbekk Elizabeth Kemp Carolina Cox Chris Cunion Christopher Ross Debby Eubanks Deanne Hinder-Hawkins Dianne Wicks Loz Jordan Ian Earnshaw Pascal Kerner annne marie christopher elias shabot Ian Wicks Fiona Rimes Gertrudi Geuns Hannah Dunstan Ian Robinson Irwin Hoenig Janet WALLWORK Jen Oliver philip mcallan Jose Proenca Joanna Thorpe Joni Ylivainio Leif Hoglund Lisa Schwabe Maddy Barry Margarita Estevanovich Marja Lilljegren Mario Wilbert Noelia Garcia-Rojo Marilyn Timms Michael Nolan Robert Stroozas Sarah Isaacs Sarah Barry Leah Power Sarah Malacari silvio jemma Sophia Kevans Stina Odlinder Tanya Simpson Sophie francis Colin CAMPEY Debbie Davis Dene McMillan Lesley Digby deborah walton Elizabeth Luby Linda Wood Karen Fletcher Gazza Kowal Rob MICHAEL Hannah Byrne henry picton Jane Lazaroff Marion Kraus Bridget Mills Pamela Vincent Shane strong Sian Bach Lizzie cjzaand Susan Ayres Thea Stanley Denise Lenardson Ursula Heilmann Wendy Spencer Des Knights Marsha Howe Mark Justice Rahmey Rastaji Joanna Sayers Denise Hammill Danny Ormay Nicola Norris Janelle Robbins Jillian Fiedor Sharon Wynne Jodie Hemer Jill Shepherd Cindy Ryan Paula Harkins Nicole Tribolet julia upton Marilyn King Kay Vernon Steph Glasgow Pauli Bakker Barbara Box dave bright ron murray Jim Fenner Janet Porter Joan keijer Kath Leahy Natasha Staples Julia Penfold Paul Dickinson Ron Hampton Sally Cavanagh Tim Rattigan Linda Szymoniak Rachel Hudman Lucy Shaver Shannon McCauley Bryan Hunter Christine Brooks Marie Broussard Pamela Rutherford Ben Stern Roz Scoles Debbie Fraser Jane Cochrane Charlotte Riley G Gall Ines Raimondo Chantal Dransart Mike Culmsee Val Torode Tony Higgs Cynthia Alexander Norman Jackson Maxine Whitlock Patrick Basset Chris Hall Christine Percy sue barker Mark Harvey Ingela Ahlstedt Rebecca Hall Justin Emery Amanda Johnson Cristina Economides Michael Jessen Anna Roing marion harukaze eva van mieghem John Watmuff Kathie Takush Nancy Hoerman Fiona Sim Bill Wiglesworth Lynette White Maureen Sladdin Elizabeth Verschuer Gisela Gama Kate Bourke Es Warwick Diamond Love Tony Gliatsos Lyle passfield Noel Blencowe Andrew Langford Michel Bill Gordon Stenning Greg Brockway Pat Reynolds Charles-Etienne Bill Peter Husek Jonathan Burgess Satya Turner Bob Elliston Antony Brooks cyrielle vintrigner Pamela Molony Bruce Haines Sarah Temmerman Robyn Bellamy Bronya Lebrun Gaye Hall Robyne Stamey Kellie Olarenshaw Sally Melzer Lyndall Abbott-Young Kia Fay Christine Maudy Dragana Dominovic Jill brett Niel Lambert Grant Morgan chris weiss Angela Miller Judith Ewer Jill pearce Taryn Haynes Adele Liebelt Amelia King Ana Barnjak Brett Fisher Bonnie Matthews karen robertson cecile bon John Reilly Christopher Boseret Derek WILKE

Dexter HOYOS Jessica Apthorpe Gleb Vlasoff Janette Eade oren k Katerina Zrneckova Lauren Boland Lauren Street Matt murphy Patricia Tonkin LIZ WILSON Noel Broomhall Efi Sutton Priscilla Park Rebekah Robinson Shane Parkinson Steve Eather Susan Cotterell Vincent Oratore Debra Singer Rosie Grace Monica Soto Peter Souvatzis Sarah Gunn Sharon Cannon Cathy Hollies melva truchanas George Fletcher Beverly Kunz Trish Bavich David Woolley Deb Daniell Vivien O’Leary Amanda Parker Carlos Janes Glennis Patston Barry Virtue Sue Lyons Helena Mueller Paul May Lesley Beltran Ralf Jahraus maristella Dall’Osto Hanna Parviainen jennifer gill Nicolas GERARD Susie Hutson Debra Walker Chandra Woodhouse Diana Beamish Mariana Salles Frances Moon Charis Whitaker Rob Bonar Bill Newton Glen Daw Lynn Killam Jo Kennedy Karoleen Couture Angie West Adria CORDERO Tandi Spencer-smith Katherine O’Neill Judith Howlett Dennis Underwood Angela Price Allen Hilton Rob Clifton Rbina Chaffey Judith Baldwin Michele McGrouther Betty Kowall Suzanna Hagglof Janice Banks Jan Marshall Dinesh Moylan Christie Cama Jackiej MITCALFE Gillian Simpson alexandra ethell Natasa Makarovic Catherine Abbott Lynn R Jane Perera Sergio Padilla Dinah McCleland Ellie Rowsell Gill Gan Friend Davies Joseph Ashley Blair McDonald Jen Newton Steven Bird lyn Stephens Mark stewart Shirley Williams Tom rowston Tracey Smith Patricia Grahsl Doreen Forsythe Bruno Zacke Carolyn HAYWOOD Alex McGinley Jennifer Lawrence Celia Andrews Constance Davis David Furley Andy Yeomans Ben Thompson Gerard Niemoeller HILTON BROWN Juro Divyi Katy Bell Margie Figtree Anette Ready Neil Nivison-Smith Peter Moore Ron Lopert Sean Maher Fiona Porritt Lauren Crew Quinn Gibbes Sanjana Maruvada Elizabeth Strahan Cameron Marlowe Brent Cahill Catherine Merrigan Gary Wilson Cameron Parker Jasmine Tan Caroline Shone Carlos A Torres Elizabeth Antheunis Emma Freemantle Evan Smith Federico Gulino Beau Frigault Geoff Bradford Friend King Dave Archer Iris Boulton Agnieszka Jurek Lesleyjane Clifford Julie Toth June Clancy Aikaterini Pargana Laurie Robson Mark Anderson Mark Bean Monica Ravalico Robert Gotch Nick Rowley Erik Karlstroom Nina Bisley Paula Chatfield Perry Welsh CSC Richard Parncutt David Lister Americo Ramos Sarah Pieters leonard dowsett Steve Callanan Sherri Hilario Andrea Power Vania Benedet Wendy Doery Peter Cooper Ken Turner Margot Meredith Abhishek Chauhan Glenn Woodford Anthony Beutelschiess Alan Hume Claire Mawdsley Daniel Pierce di brown Edward O’Connor Jennie DalBello Jenni Grace Kaye Lindsay Liz Bonsey Lorren James ANTONIO GONZALEZMANCEBO Ravihari Gamage Rohan Kilby Sam Harvey Solomon Brown therese milanovic William Jansens Charles Nixon Leanne DeMamiel Trish Candeias Douglas bell Elfriede Morrow-Wuigk HELEN MOFFITT Carole Allwood Joellen Lily Ken Booth Kathleen Nettlefold Roel Sergeant Jamie Flinn Rosa Vocino Joke Elst Etienne Elst Glenda Odgers Andrea mindell Victor Harris Jane Stevenson Emma Wilks Shelly peddicord Patrick Edwards Maria Constantinou Carol Berkeley Friend Lucas dorinda kelley Laurel COVINGTON Gregory North Edeltraut Renk Annette Spear Kiya Breward Brigitte Clarke Chay Khamsone Cristan Taylor Gail Ryan Robert Howard Kailee Moss Neil ROSS Rebecca Saunderson Sampaguita banta Sonia Kuenzle Su Spence Gilly Hutchinson marc schoenberg Kirsten Mackenzie Karen Murch Claire Johnson Alison Jones Raechel Wallace Christine Owen Chelsii bear sally vivian Barry Kean Paul La Fontaine Bridget Carr colin stokes Gerry Samuel Sue Dennett Miranda Brockman Brooke O’HARA Alicia Guevara Ewa Korczynski Margrit Lack Eppi Caines Kathleen Smyth Liz Beavis Moira Newman Nicholas Scott-Mills Michelle Goss Roger Hughes Abbi Fenton Colin Aburrow Kiki Gurp Alison Arnold Amabilia Wanderley Amelie Laube Allison Wall Andrea Szabo Angela Philp ANGELO INDOVINO Angela Palmer Judy Milling Anna Gregg Anna Fontaine Anne ROUBIN Andy Sussman Jenni Bailey Jeremy Thomson Barbara Cameron Barry Dickson Antonio Boaventura Teresa Blann Ben Stafford Maureen Magee Callyn humphries Carl Freeman Carole Cilia Claire Bettington Kate Jones Chris Heavens Christine Slatter Christina Macdonald Christine Newman CLAIRESHARRYN ROBERTO Claire Harvey Claudia Werner Christine Coates Colin Apelt Colleen Williams Craig Davey Clare Sunderland Dianne ShunWah Linda DalCastello David Thomas

Delyth Owen Dugald Jayes Debra Cunningham Eilidh Kennedy Emma Cline Erin Short Fiona Childs Donald Read Frayne Dyke-Walker gareth farr George Theobald Joanne Christon Lesley Skellly Jill Hartley Gwen Roberton Helene Hebbel-Klose Helen Ollerenshaw Shelley Gillespie Sue Henderson Hans-Joachim Kurth Harriet Hromas Oriel Paterson Jenny Tsilfidis Jack Mercer Rocky Henry Jaime Neumann James Callander Jane Myers Jan Gillies Janine Height janette bull John Delfgou Jessica Barrows Jim Urch Joseph Birckhead John Swainston Janet Mila Mcclarren joan nicholson Steve Johnston Jonathan Davis Juli Lee Kate Sealy Kai Schwenke Kategrooveroptusnet.Com. Au Douglas Kate Yanz Kay Bradfield Kaye Monro Ken Haydock Kimberley Bassett Kirstine Blok Lyngsoe Margaret Klucis Deborah Andrews Jennifer Kenna Lesley CAMERON Jason Makeig Lisa Del Riccio Liz Libling Elizabeth Conlan Elizabeth Story Loretta Turvey Louise Shields Luke Burden Ruth Aylott LYNDA WHITEWAY Lynne Johns Kevin McCarthy Maddy Butler Mick Abberley Magda Cordingley Maia Lalwani Margaret Clinch Marianne Augot Maris Wild Martin Ruhland Margaret Byron Melissa Dimond Melanie Colling Margaret Hender Marta Mochales Michael Mildenhall Melissa Smith Garry Moffatt Monica Tan Michael Tarrant Margaret StLeger Nanna Tronhjem Neil Gill Tania White Pamela Collett Pat Tyrie Penny Cook Penny Carrier Susan Babbitt Phil Wood Tom Gledhill Peter Reay Richard Barlow Rebeca Steinberg Ron Maskell Jan Mitchell Michael Rommelse Ruth Quinlivan Shane Drew Sarah Gable Shaun Pollington Siobhan Paget Steven Smythe Stephen BLAKEY Linda O’Hara Sue Mclennan sue lewis Anna Dahlberg Maria Svorenova Sylvia Jackson Terry Coles Frank West Derej Branagan Janice Ashmore Maria Schneider Trish Keneally robyn langford Tracy Cockerton Tristram Morgan Warren gamack Vanessa latorre kath alderwick Lenore and Kim taylor Wendy Greenhill Sue Horwood Suneet Srivastava Volker Pfannenberg Milena Alippi Anja Djebali-Wielandt Anna Clarke Cedar Prest Claudia Radu Deborah Berwick Elise Lamort Emmq Whitley Giada Pezzini Friederike Gut Jonas Seidler Giovanni Andreotti Iris Odlum Geoffrey Toombs Isabel Ebner Izabela Pozar Ivan Duran Janice McIver Jean-Pierre Otis Julius Oschmann Kate Anson Eva Light Mathias BONAL Helen Boyd Nanette Bersselaar Niels Vogelaar Patricia Rasmussen Pam Reny Pierre lafontaine Ken Underwood Renee stever roy faas Samira Villen Terry Schwimmbacher Surya Sharma Thomas Sabatier Thomas Mond Vicki Stacy Alina Axt Alasdair Scott Alison sloggett-earl Alcibiades Niavis Cindy Allen Allison Cox Allison Hunt Ally buxton Ami Bostock Amy Crouch Andrew Simper Angela Osborne Annemarie kofoed Annick Wilting Annika Roberts Anthony Akers Judith Smith Beatriz Roca Bernadette Keenan Bernadette Madden Britt-marie Andersson Vera Petrij Bruce Stewart Craig Bryant Kerry Walker catherine schaichet Chris Berrill Cait Wait Carolyn Scott Andrea Guardascione Cassandra Stutchbury Christine Bruin Carolyn Gilpin Christopher Riti Cecilia Moller Mark Belanger Joy O’Farrell Catriona Sens Christine Kwan Claire Rainey Cristian Acosta Cristina Burello Cody Skinner Daniel Foden David Ikin Daniel Jones David Dight David Diaz Charlotte Adshead Dean Winwood Debbie Hanlon Debbie Jolliff Delaney Martin Steve Hislop Dane Frick Diane Baird Deborah Dickens Simon Ray David Kirkpatrick derek robertson David Scotman Danijela Todan Graeme George Eliot Sandberg Ellen Freeman Emilia Mildmay Emily Best Erik Hillblom Wendy Sharples Peter Feldhammer Felix Rauch Valenti Rosário Figueiredo Fiona Penfold Flo L Clayotn Hairs Sarah Mooney Gab Haumesser Gabriel Heider Gayle Freemantle Geoff Lambourn Geoffroy Laumet Geoff Tosio Glenda Shelley Galia Nikolaeva Grace Weir Graham Butt Lorraine Cook Kirsty Robertson Gillian Whitworth Ann Hayward Hazal Doruk Helene Gaul Veronica Hendrickson Mark Hutchison Ilka White Isabeille CHARBONNIER Jalal Thompson Jamie Edmonstone Jan Twomey Jan Gillbank Jan Peterson Jennie Kavanagh Jessica Fealy Jilly Lycett Jo Bower Johanna Ungeheuer Jodie Catherine RJohn Carter John Newman John Wong Cathy Brown Jan Sullivan Julia Squires David Crotty Joanne VanOs KAI TANE Kate Forlong Katharina Paul Keith Tunnicliffe Kelly Rose kathy haverkamp Katherine murdock Kathie Strickland Kye Macpherson Laura Brustolin Leah Rumble Julie Leman Ken PORTER Levi Cranston Robert Lisztes lori conley Louise Brandt Lynne Twaits Lou Flower Monique lousberg

Hannah Harwood Lynne Waddington Miriam Rotstein Matthew Stanton Marco meucci Caroline Rowe Marion Maddox Marisha Bergmann Megan Bartley Martin Rush michael asbridge Matesse Wood William Jeffreys Max Hamilton Rita Poll Megan Davies-Cotter Melissa Potter Jennifer Messer Merrill Hogan Michael Hillas Michael Stranger Michelle Mayur Michelle Neaylon Mitty williams Mladen Obradovic Margaret Dudley Mona Smedsrud Matt Cadusch Michael Zangmeister Noel Rabajante Nick Piper Paul Noone Caroline Robertson Pascale Simon pat carey Paul Audcent Gabrielle Pavicic Peter Burgoyne Philip Simon Phoebe Stenning Pilar Pringiers Peter Moraitis Pol Bernardus Mike Purtell rebecca kerr Becki Williams Colin Wright regina clark Rachel Gibb RhondA` Rashleigh Richard Thomas Richard Dunn Glenn MADDOCK Rob Hunt Robin Crump Rohan Story Ronald Blom Rosalind Gittings AminaRoselyne LAFRANCE Rosemary Smallman Rosie Brilliant Rowen Legge Ruth Barcan Sally Scrivens Samuel Stewart Sarah Rickard Jayeeta Sarkar Nina White Shane Hayes Cathrine Plumridge Ruth Siems Simon Pugh Lana Field Sarah Snook Stella Ramos Steve Mitchell Christophe De Groote Joanne Andersen Manjari Sunder Maya Richmond Tania Lewis Tanja daCunha Thomas Gomersall Tiago Rainha Tim Cook Tony Kiers Tatiana Overduin Dave Wood Patricia Fraser Patrick Tung Libby Morris Vaughan Elphick Vanja Ivanovic Venus Kondos Victoria DiCesare Adriana Ramirez Valerie Weldrick Alex Kardona Glenys Watt Annette Weaver Rob Dexter Bob Woodley wout willems Will Raisin-Shaw Rosie Young Yousha Ahmad Roberto deMedici Alejandro Sevilleja Amanda Bohlscheid Anne Dever Anton Koninckx Aysmy Quraishi-Rewaj Barbra Norris CINDY AUDSLEY Brendan Cookson Brian Barnes Clay sparkes Connie Lammertse Catherine Spiberg SANDRA ZAMBON Dane Lovell Gavin Templar Lisa Godeby Graeme Heald Elizabeth Handley Ian Harris Erik Dalhuijsen Ann Lockwood James AYLING Jane Reading Jay Chauhan Julieann Kinsella Jena Woo




Peter harbord Peter Wallace Richard Hallam Simonne Marrant vasco martins Susannah Frith Sally Posselt Susan Doyle Bruce Parmentier Helen Hayler Kym Kubank Peter van Laarhoven Leonie Walters Tom Roughley Beth Darlington jade kemety Deirdre Ball Julie Mattocks Kay Byrnes Lesley Hurley Manel Fuentes Ramon luciana percovich Vijiay Naidu RIZWANA WARASALLY Sylvia Martin Reet Stewart Susan Fennelly Ayman Nashashibi Anna Baggallay Ali Najm Alice PEARCE Abigail Metcalf Vicki Audley Barbara Jordan Dave Bodley Christine Cummins Celine Poncy Christina Vincent Clementine Oliveau Daniele Courrieu Deb Ingersoll debra olsson Hamish Dixon Donald Welch Doris Biester Darren McLuckie Elri Horner Frederik Bakker Fiona Ingram Gabriela Samcewicz Gilda Carrington Jennie Turner Barbara Jones Jo Tarrant Jon Cassell Karen Tomlinson Lesley Stegman Colleen Young Lynn Brodie Mary O’Dea Miira Kostava Tilly Sanchez Mary White Talia Ward Natalie Hedges Heather McC Kathryn Hughes Philippa Javkson Raju gupta Jack Shiner Rik Porter Russell Cameron Chris Batty Sonia Sanchez Tom Cooremans Sandy Symes Victoria Jerome Viv Young Laura West Brooke McGill Georgia Basist Christine Read Melanie Brodie Danielle Feerick Mari Zerr Brett Mackay Wendy Wedge Andrew Webster Susan James Greg Walsh Friend redlande Maurita Harney christov manhal Neal Salan David mills Stephen TOWERS John Davies Les Johnston Alice Bannan clem murray David Segall Lisa Miller Michael Cramphorn sid constantine Colin Roberts Richard Martin Rhonda Russell Andrew Barnden Rebecca Walsh Edain Reilly Kerwyn Foo Melanie Friedlander Stephen Long Peter Barker Anne Randall Linda Ivin Peter Burnett Gareth Rego Brian Henderson Douglas Nash Vivien Smith Graham ellis Katharine Kozlowski Pauline Bleach PAUL SMITH Neil Lindsay Peter Spain Peter Maddock Doug Hamment Judy Walker Graham Taylor Peter Brown Sophie Hatcher Ben Crosby Margaret Power Howard Jones Ian Bull Anton Ingarfield Helen Fraser John Mester Leanne Ruditsch Heather Macauley Dayna Parker John Duggleby brian fleming Andrew Troedel Razia Ross Peter Carthew Jon Temby Judith Simpson Jonathan Wholohan Annette Treasure dennis robinson Erica Churchill Trevor Ash Nola Firth John Gale Friend Hackett Wendy Chapman Rob payne Ray Turner Jim Erskine Alex Saffigna Coral ison William Fitzwater Jeremy Eccles Gary Stocks Richie Hughes Nigel Howard Leif Lemke Fred braat Joanne David Eliot Fowler John Cooper Stephen Crawford Jerome Fink Dr.Donald gutteridge Doug Mein kleete simpson David Thrum Anne-Marie Denny Alison Uren Andrew Mackenzie Elizabeth McCullough Brad Clinch Linda Martin Maria SANTOS Constant Kiffer Barbara Tapia Ethel Lidgren Paulette Begon Gemma Dickson Geoff Berry Kirsty Grabham Holly Matterson Ic Klaver Leena Rahja James Duffin Jane Trengove Virginia Brett Jens Nyman Judy Medway julie nicholson Kadri Mikkor Kim Locastro Kim Meyer Matias Porce Fiona Ferguson olaf zaworski Michael Bernard Helen Fawell Peter Smith patricia umbeer paul bull Rachel Bellos Richard Gillaspie Sara Ramundo Robyn Schumann Brian Shepherd SIMON FOLKARD Wendy Williamson Williamson Gian Franco BUSSACCHINI Sue Jenkins Sweis Meijers Zoey Nightingale Liz Schettner Patricia Dinon Teoman Yilmaz Ute Makhloufi Uwe Dotzauer Venessa Ramos Leigh Gainor Wendy Renders Xaveer Ridderbecks Rod Thompson Freebird FB Leo Pitts ANNE NIELSEN john Gray Danae Thorp Sandra Gilding Joseph Demko Bob Wade Robyn Gill Hilary Crawford Geoff Brown Gabrielle Arnold Leonie Pfaffle Gregory Graham Don Thomson Philip DeJong Ashley Boon Christine McDougall David cranswick Angela Di Pasquale Eva Sanchez Fern Linden Gaik Khong Helen Keating Howard Robinson Jane Freed Kim Thomas Laurie Storm tony moore Lynne Stokes Michael de Swardt Parissa Rahimian Sonya Lippold Anthony Norris Andreas Gilb angelina crutchfield Eleanor Forman Pascale Galarneau Gabrielle Ackland Steve Carre Damien Ziebell Vanessaa Elphick David Whistler Victor Johnson Gwen Higgins Andrew Frost Heather Goddard Richard Beavitt julie ellis Carmen Ortiz Pierre Crevenat Robin Trouchet Robert Wells Richard Radley Theresa Dee Maureesa Walsh James Smart Margaret Bluett Aisea kaloumaira Ben Murdoch Gary collie Kerrry Broadbent Anne Leonard Cathy Galey Dario Rabasco Eli Picker Friend MacMillan Jj Potin


Patricia Reeves Matthew Ryan Madeleine Green Man Kit Lam Adri Suykerbuyk Aileen Hood amanda carrupt Annelies Heeres Anne Sahlstedt anne waters Annie Wahlund Arkady Vyatchanin Birgitte Schmidt Louella Mainka Cordelia Mayfield Cachelle davison Carina Chinchilla Carolyn Billingsley Chloe Faton Kenneth MacLennan Corinna Boughton delia mosi Daniela Duarte Darren Staszak Dawn Barber Angela Happel Delphine Morel eddy French Eirini Drakaki Elisa Gamberini Emma Lewis Mark ferrante Maia Aarskov Florent NIEDDU Gerarda Boor Gabriela Bruckner Gaia Dell’Ariccia Greg WATERHOUSE Jade Hudon Pam Griffin Helen Snooks Hannah Smith Harald Vergeiner Harry Mahieu Hermann.Koenigstorfer@ Koenigstorfer Carlos Garcia Inge Gevaert Isabella Eksteen Jacinta Stone jake wolfhart Jane Scott Janet Richardson Janine Burdeu Jerry Rivers Nikita Reichelt John Heagney Johanna Maringer Johannes Knupfer John harrison Jack Stansfield Juliana Harris Debbie Haman Kelsie Jesson Karyn Andreassend Karen Wolf Kasia Richer-Juraszek Kathleen Bagguley Kevin Bloxam Kealey Farrow Kelsey Millar Karen Camp Kirsten Kanstrup Caroline Waugh Laura Weh Les fenney Lien Libbrecht Lorenzo Bernardini lucy skelton Luigi Vescio Maja Krishnabhakdi Jordi Groeneveld Marc bastiaens Madelin Reape Margret RoadKnight Marianna Mikus Marie Beardmore Mario Castillo Marion Sehr Martine Noppe Matthew Dale helene matz Denise mathers Mervin Nethercoat Daphne Cavanah Michaela Rosner Michelle Dickx Mary Johannsen Eva Mundprecht Nicole BH Ratel Fiora Nielsen Seth Tatler Noel Pascale Pat Carter Peter Kilpatrick Petra Brinkert Philippe Borg pierluigi iacono Patricia Lee Ross Andrews Rachel Hill Rebecca Anderson Hsin Huang Rhonda Woolnough Gianluca Riccardi Richard Bayliss Ricki Newman claudette rioux Roger Kofler Roberta Janson Brigitte Rosenbrock Robyn Caton Cornelia Werner Sarah Linauer Scarlett Isabella Baldhoff sandra Lazaridis Sharyn Broni Simon Aeberhard Surinder Kaur Sofia Sevon Sophia Lysaczenko Rachel Simpson Stefan Brunke Stephanie Chetwynd Stiene Caestecker Matthias Gehri Susanna Stefanos Eszter Gabriella Szabo Shaun Taylor Miriam Malecova Thomas Talbot Ursel Meier Valerie Leonard Wendy Bennett Jacqui Willett Wendy Pearson Yannick Omnozez Yvonne Falk David Jones Margaret Cooper Mercedes Logan Ken Ward Harry knapp Micheal Bushby Kai Mundprecht Leanne Bird Fernando Wintermantel Isa Jehle Julie Schatzkine Karyn Healy Michael Camphin Hallaux hallaux Alexandre Plewinski Alexander Horst Rachel Purvis Sandra Buts stoyan grenacher Wayne Lucey Diane Whitfield Veronica Ambler Cara Templeman Wendy Tuck John Courcier liz findlay Catherine Robinson Rohan Bacon Colin Mirgis Robin Davis berne nightingale Ruhee Farooq Karen Brosnan Susan Machan Priyan Weerasinghe Annette Frankel Elaine Pullum Margaret Black Javier Rivera Gloria Hafner Donald Schwartz Karen Kelly Kim Watson Michael Page Teresa Barton Eve Anderson Herbert Staniek natalie faulkner Monika ueltschi Daniella Billus Matt Freedman dee scharer Frank Styler Anthony Church Ian Hands Imogen Clark Simon Bukhave Ben Cope Jacqueline Payne Margaret McKee Kristine Kriner Luiz Araujo Marion Speyer Sandra DiGiantomasso Siska Kroondijk Thanh Le ivonne Adrichem Erika Ranzi Elizabeth Haller Jenny Haydon Francine Dessaix Lori Phillips Robert Chapman Mandy Hodson Neil Lambert Friend Mayo Richard Leppitt Jade Guitera Annie Duncan Rho McNeill Chris Draper Joerg Fuchs Julie Ellis Alicia Fox Jeanne Odom James SWIFT Sue Byrne Louis-Armand VIREY gloria child Lea Wachtler Andrea Fontani shelley kay Sylvia Clark Andrea Pearce Geoffrey Morgan Adelaide Desmond Christy Suzette Barbara Blackwood Brigitte Martin Annie Woodhouse Lorrain Ali Amber Williston Maria Griffin Angela Boothman Thomas Koppen Bruce Keir Derek Wiltshire Mary Murphy Garry Cooper John Oleani janet johnson Ilsa Pole David Clarke Keren Witcombe Alberto Fiorito Christine Bennett Nikki Graham Joeri Verlinden Janet Anthony-Buck Don Godden Julie Shumack Monique Flanigan Isabela Viana Ellen DeLange Alicia Addeo Szigeti Emmanuel Joy Ritchie Robert Adams Anthony SnellingBerg John bach Hazel Booth Danny Dupont Liz Martin Eileen Webb juan martin Rosemary Charles Michael Downs Rita Jennings Graeme Whitlock Kerry O’Meara Beatrice Madalina Jo Wills Roman Dinslage Philip Woffinden Alix Riley Roberto Segre Hester Scott Roy Garner Sharon Sadler Marga Toorn elisabetta tamiazzo Arati Iyengar Sue Picot Sally Tripp stefan wells WENDY CHUCK Kate Bernhart

Jon Frost Jean lucas Georges Jourdain Jill Westendorp Tristram Rosati Chris Moores Serena Cairns Nicole RIERA David Maxwell Kristina Kalman Elaine Diffey John Hale Brenda Greaves Susan Wright Steve McNeill Carol Kite Sandra Green John Martin Catriona Burgess Laila Olsen Fallgren Peter Grange Ken Langford Deb Pearce robin grimmond Mick Lee Olga Tresz Peter Scholes Justin Davenport Melinda Perez Cynthia Wildman Lynore Avery Karun Kaur Bill Ramsay Ruth Miller Irene Sulzenbacher Robert Humphrys Richard Ruffin Alex Maisey Petra Snellingberg Gorge Prokojes Peter Hinton Michele davis Francesca Zazzera Tony Hampton Alan Storer Alexander Zimmer Antje Weber Robert Sims Ruby Cartledge Carol Drake Catherine Mitchell Cherag Mistry Liz Faulkner Alison Soden Eliseo Arellano Didier Crombez Daamon Parker Felix den Hertog Dale Allen Dianne Wall Katrin Koehler Doris Weigl Marcia osterberg-olsen Estelle Simonis Georgina Juckett Garth Holloway Germano Brandes virginia gallo Alex Harrison Heike Trottmann Helen Joyce Thomas Krajewski John lambert jim wilson Julia Stockhausen Kat Jackson Lesley Howard Lisa Reily luka borscak Sarah Davies Margaret porritt Walter Moreno Nina Eikeler Nicholas Peruzzo Nick Walsh Laurie Parker Patricia Silva Penny Gorman pietro stefanoni Renate Weinhappl rhonda chapman Ross Lincolne Rosemary Ryan Sally Linder Simone Weber Siobhan Wooster Sibylle Schnell Steve lucas Stella Westmacott Stephen Mills Steven McFadden Sylvia escalona Vanessa McMillan Victor Marques Elaine Winter Katie Harris Rex Graham PAKY CLEMENTE Gay Arnold ELENI DEMETRIOU Gillian jones Pamela Paskell sara carroll Ulrike Preiml Julia Haines Patricia Allsop Brian Muddiman Maja Rauchle Michael Nightingale Lynne Sweetman Lynette Sunderland Tani Richards Patricia Olsson Charles Woodhouse Samantha Juchem Alison Moultrie Udo Meuthen Susie Flanders Teresa Logan tim charbonneau Graeme Cheverton Julaine Morley Jane Humphrys Clare Skates Chiarita Tarroux Catherine Jordy roger claessens Stuart Surridge susan nicholls Jozef Lesaffre Georgina Bjelic rita Isaacs Benoit Duhourcq Jeff Nadler Laurin Halada filipe Correia Kris Sheather Clare Disano MariaPaula De Meyer Jeanie Burfoot Hertha demaerel Rachel Stace Debbie Martinez Josh Hopkins Suzanne Davies Angela Chynoweth Gary Enzweiler Iris Schouwenburg Bolette Lauridsen Pieter Douma Sybille Zeeb Sarah Griggs Joe Clark Dianne Sillitoe Friend Jezierski Aimee Hoppe Lyn FitzGibbon Janet Campbell Ivan Crost carol jackson Ninel Fernando Tracy dove James Fromont Tony Bell Ragnhild Sollund Tim Downes Caitlin Philipps Robyn Weber Lena Bodin Shakir Saeed Kathryn Maiden Graeme McLeay Heather Gordon Edward Daniel Barry Baudains Robert pomie Andrea Chisari Bob Gould Tom Owens Jane Pidgeon Claude Mittelmann Bruce whiddon Angie Hermoza John Hain Robert Boyer Gregory Caplan John Guest Jim Flanagan Carolyn Bury Laura Archer Peter Kenmore max Turno Drew Henry Melanie Nisbet Jo Errey Reuben Sharpe Sally Claydon Libby Vogt Toni Osullivan John Brown Hanna Cuno Rian Bruurs Rodger Smith Allice Gable David Paterson Sara Longwood Theresa Fox Laraine Redman Morgan Griffiths Mindy Leitch Zoe Lawlor Hester Goedhart ross palmer Richard Tremewan Margaret Eyre Marine Verdeaux Sarah Bindges Julian Fowler Mit Paewai Vernadene Smith Jocelyne Behr Garry and Anne Kelly SALLY Ball Cheryl Erskine Hugh Fraser Roberta Dixon-Valk Tania Brown Chester Stadler Barbara Colborne Jemma Meecham Angela Pok Brett Kerrison Katy Weiks Robin Guthrie Bron Hump john Clack Brian Woods Sylvia Hrovatin Miranda Waterman Michael Austin Jacqueline Tessier Rachel Diamant Barbara McGilvay Iva drganc PANTELIS CHARALAMPELIS sabrina voss Gillian Plummer Judith Gunn Pat Hanshaw Marian Hussenbux Mikki Aronoff kathy harrop Jutta Koch Dhanraji Ramlakhan Gaye Jack Bernard Dunne Robert Fillies Debbie Reynold Sinead Finegan Ricarda Barbisch Galinat laetitia Norbert Thieren Cleveland Wheeler John Moon Emma Carvell Jacques Dujardin Kelvin Wellington Sylvie Constantine Ann Lefevre Jacqueline Faridani Aza Saint Thomas Goodwin Friend Liddell Susan Murray jim mills Celestin Royon Becky Solomon Julie Bober Peter Berry Simon Ellis Redmond Green Bastiaan van Dalen Bridie O’Reilly Rachael Vincent Geoff McGregor Mirjam Novak Stuart Drummond Sena Kuzum Derek Kelsey Hetty van Zee Leona Laing michael bordenave Susan Neild Penelope Bullis

Serena Kim THIBERT Alain Anthony Scotland Monica Jacobsson Peter Murray pamela case Andre Siegenthaler Samra Kovacevic Richard Thurston Lynn Elliott Herbert Gerhardt MICHELE CROSLEY Laurence Gluch Clive Vernon Tanya Burrows Dayalan Ramasamy Veronica Mcafee Carla Torti Chania Adam Gillian Dar Wendy Phang Bach Phone christian Boury-Esnault Katie Butcher Thomas Reynolds Nicole Conner Deni Mckenzie Andrea Ives Denise Mullen Jillian Edwards Brittaina Goffy Marina Varda Jane Mcbride Andreas Giraudi Jonathan Waites Lou Hollis Colin McNeill Maximilian Xxx Sandy Trust Viviana Nunez Ilya Denchev Catarina Sinde Kevin Van Bael Alexandre Leblanc Dino Mangion Theresa Ress Maxine Maierl St Ayden Karolien Goethals Michael Brosribb Diane Mouchot Mark O’Brien Ruth Martin Terry Sandon Gwen Verdun Stacey Turner Rebecca Wood Christina Crossman Moira Davies Patrick Green John Bestevaar Amanda Webb Greg Steuck Bronnie Anderson-Smith Marijke van Iperen Rosemary Jacob Ann Jones Julia Ilich Bev Jacobs Helen Rey Steve Thorsteinsen Carolyn Ellis Ineke Horstman yvonne west Jan Harvell Rhianna Berrigan matthew Grice Dan McClory Gwilym Fawcett Roslyn Fielding vera Gerber Cathie Clatin S Whitbourn Belle Moss Carla Cutrone Jess Kost Michael Lake George mcloughlin Vadim Wayne Kyle Wiebe Chris Nicholson Anthony Jebb Graeme Channells Meryl Joyce Manwel Falcon mick colliver Josephine Tariang Emma Ryan-Reid Esme Zarins Kay Glennon Herve Coureau Kelly walsh Ashley Saies Gillian Hand RUPAYAN BHATTACHARYYA Francis Thompson Graeme Rust Calle Preston Georgia Took Susan Todd Manou Schreiner Belinda Inwood Robin Leake Harriet Gaffney Phillip Monk Charlotte Johansen ada Klootwijk Anne Pask Kevin Craft Lisa Pope Paula Dugin Jill Wolgamott Bianca Kyburz Simone Marsh Angela Dallas Female Vera Voegele Marsha Roberts Thomas Wagenknecht Diana Gerard Barbara Werner Sara Lindbaek michael bell hugo cuellar Nicole Dowde Nick Keely bheng Garcia Elorin Grey Janet Peterson Mario Petrella Astrid Schmier Christine Donneberg Susanne Fernandez Manfred Gerschack Pat McCarthy Elle Owen Marion Pierschkalla Margaret Ferguson joy wildland Elizabeth Vaulkhard steven Solomon Lorraine Norton Martinus Gerber Emma Washington K Massmann Sofia Steinhagen Caterina Sforza Bert Lauwers francoise Martin Jenny Rumpelt Emile Morel Heather Jameson Samuel Sweeney Martin Skeels Christopher Rutnam John wall Graeme Wilson Jill James Rachel Howell Alan Dammers Paul Hellard angie pisani Sally Kerns Chris Temple-Watts Barbara RIESS Hugo Loquet Evan Croker Gerard gardner Janet Wynne Peter Holcomb ernesto meloni Carole Cutcliffe Peter Fox Linda Bescript Albin Gustafsson Tara Glasacb Thomas Keller Timothy Ramaekers Victoria Demby Jocelyn Fairley Ceri Kitely Olympia Denton Brett Langridge Celia Jellett Stephen Lewis Peter Hill Alexander Noakes Imogen Tutty Nancy Sarre John Hudman Jan Flint Mark McLaughlin Anthony Helm Matt Walsh David Henry Jill Dobbie Jennifer Kremmer Patricia Bugeja Nicole Leuning Maxwell Kitto Rachael Edwards aleph fool Bob Hanney Adrian Holland James Cox Greg Sims Diane Williamson Stephanie Hartl George doro Eric cross Gabrielle (Gai) Smith Dorthe Jantzen nick garrett Randall Curry Rachel Falconer James Koehn Sean Tougher Muyy Chaing Christopher Macmaster Rae Gill Hilary Freeman nikki mcneill Jo Hansen Leanne Sullivan Lyn Maciver Pete Malicki Karton Weston Shayne Byer Louise Broomfield Alina Astudillo Philippa Hamilton Colin Grant Elizabeth Evans Jessica Pym Lindy Hare Ivo Nagels Janine Ball John Cochrane Jen Green Kate Wilson Carmine Nigro Ken McCarthy Leonie Stubbs Leo Wezelius Lesley Morrell Mirko Jouamer Monica Bois Nicole Miller Penelope Goldhagen Paul Tuttlebee Red Newstead SCHEIDECKER DORIS Susan Branch Sue Wise Rami & Wendy Sorial Davey Lucky Lorraine Wakefield amanda graham Berthold Gartmann Brian Colcutt Claire Lindsay Leonie Small Julie Kraak Helen Hauff Jenny Wainwright Jackie Robinson jill Uhr Judith Peppard Frauke Chambers Lee-Anne Swanson Marlene Shepherd Mary Radavich Melissa Jenkin Phil Evans Rebecca Yuncken Jonathan Joyce Silvia hirsbrunner Sophie Cross Rosalie CArter Darren Burton Andrea Venturini Jaque Bannerman Belinda Ramsay Carolyn Cutjar chilla bulbeck Lauren Cullen Joanna Read Kathy Delaney Dulcie Sneesby DK Michael Connolly Erica Gray Gayle Stanaway Hennie Bezuidenhout Lyn Benson

Mauriice Beinat Sally Borkowski Pema Gossip Ruby Brady Samuel Bartlett Sue Grrguson Corin Lang Helen Atkinson Vivienne Porzsolt Kevin Donegan Linda Ashkanasy Alex M Valerie Russell Ebony Holmes Aaron Petruzzella Abby Banker Alli Taylor Neil Woodcock Joan Capalleras Christine Murawski Chris McCormack Daniel Moreau Elli Emanuel Fanny courry Dirk Gielen Greg Smith Irene Bouslama Jacqui Bulmer Jane Ambrose Mel Tabart Milos Maggiore Maureen Stewart Molly Beales Melanie Tognela Nonie Ressler Pallav Chakraborty Douglas Cooke stefanie King Susan Spangler Simone Perriello Tim Freeman Jennifer Hallinon Di Wheeler Wendy Flannery Wendy Payne Mathis Engel Jane Patel Alan Ching Ann Ouchterlony Chrisitna pafitis Ray Briffa Connie Kenos Farangis Taji John Winter Lrae Tawse Maggie Strode Liz Mann Meredith King Martin Garry Michelle Crocker Michel Hatchett Mandy Turner Sophie Askew Kevin Thoresen Peter Thunder Vern Lloyd Maureen Winn Clare Maclean Margaret Barnes Dianne Lynch Tony Garman Kristian Pedlow Michael Dowson patrick Vasquez Helen Proud Renee Mouritz ryan henson Peter Russell Sotiria Katsikas Stephanie Rosier Tracey Moyle Ben O’Connor Angelica Machowicz Bob Crispin Sha Cordingley David Passmore Dennis Bannan John Schneider Jillian O’Hara Joan Walker John Ausburn Lesley Saul Lisa Mazzola Yasmin Samarawickrama Susanne Skates marie Stikova Robert and Ingrid Hindell Candace Sinson lisa metcalfe Anna Marinovich Belinda Coldhill Ursula Brandt Pamela Ellen John Brack Kerry Andrewartha Martyn Hiley Samuel Hardie Susan Davies Denise OHara Tamala Atkinson Erin Vereker Jenine Martino Martha Ban Daniel Brogden Manuela Goncalves Tracy Kent Lesley Kingsbury Peter duffy Andrew Alcock janice hill anastasie Warnet Gracie Guerrero-Bustini victoria moore Sop Po Lilian French Alvaro Ascui Ashley Harris Bernard Richardson Bonita Ryan Cameron Stirling Darryl Armistead daryl murphy Dean Beaver dru marshall Esabel Henry Phil Barnes Helen Yallop sue Habib Ben Ng Jane Gordon Kiama Lisani Kim Begus Les Chard Lori Abell Louise Townend Manfred Riegel Marilane De Mello Jane Morrow Karen Collins Esther Nixon Nisse Kirk Phillip R Robert Wagstaff Robyn Chamberlain Rosemary Volpa Stuart Kinner Terry Bibo Tony Baldwin Linley Adams John Stephenson Lindy Frazer hadi val Kerry Davidson Jane serafini Glenda COOEN Walter Bulyga Alison Horsley Corrie Verbeeten Brayden Cockerell Carla Decrona Donald McCombe Elise Muuri Gill Houghton Hayley Aldridge Kaz Morley Iona Brennan Janine Zuljan Kate Bennett Mark MITCHELSON Lionel McLaren Lisa Semmens Liz Hind Melanie Ledgett Pam Brown Pam Konecny Pam Hunter Peggy Frew Cat Gough Richard McCarroll Saraswati Calder FLAVIA ALVAREZ Stacey Wilks Sue Jefferies Susan Cartwright Susan Anderson Tony Thomas Sylvain Coudurier Merryn Davies Sezgin Ismail Carey Arber Dorothea Osland Jade Hillier Kerry Kilner Sharon Neeson Petar Vodogaz Susan Braun Nurit Kellman Victoria bail Tracy WAke Trevor Davis Leonie Goodwin Atina Hrstic Joshua Richards Cathie Lehnert Gwenyth Day Chia Moan Chris Cloran Dalma Bugg Dorothy McLean Fiona Rawson geoff wallage Hilary Paine Jane Gibian Kimberly Setosta Lara Vance Cindy O’Neill Lin Langford Lynette Beacham Mark mckernan Paul Craig Priscilla Clare David Pepper Rachel Rider Simone Ormsby Tanya Wittwer Vanessa Zampech Nancy Parker Joel Brown Helen Coy Alanna Lorenzon Donald McLean Barry Clark Glen Houghton Debbie Laing Mark Purcell Katie Simmons Frits Aarden PatriciaPatricia Denny Stan Florek Susan Stewart Mike Robinson Michael Cooney natasha ridge Lenore Keough Annabelle Lee Laure Legros Marjorie Boden Sharyn Pringle John Blagden Simon Schaub Chantal Knowles Davina Hudson Barb Shearer-Jones Mr Armstrong Armstrong Jane Lazzari Jenny Cavallaro Charles Sandford Tamara Murphy Kathryn Grime Iva Kadiyska Tonya McIver Penelope Hunt Kristof VanRansbeeck Christophe Demets Ian Smith Dos Winkel Julio Goncalves Julie Turpin Eva Iken Keith Doyle Christine Mcleod Vivien Pugh Dany Cote Hazel Veitch Wendy Lacey-Williams Kay Birkinshaw david Godbout Mandy Prinn Jonathan Wong Pamela Maynard mike angel Mary iliadis Alison Lukianiuk SK Cato Esther Fischer-Homberger Andrew Hardie Ian Hicks Jason Peters David Overton Marlane Newbury carolyn ienna Annabel Quiquempois Mary Saunders Sarah Lynn Maggie Thirlway

Hannah Deuss Adrienne Soles Marilyn Linley Victoria Wright Myriam Strumane Lisa Bosshard Isobel Jolazza Jocelyn Murgatroyd ursula Schmid Jeremy Evans Chris Gerrans Diana Cowie Duncan Robb Julio Lecaros Gail Rielly Ian Waite Julia Mascadri Kate McHugh David Pedersen Nicolas Jones Roslyn Dorrington Lynda Tuttle Doug Frood Ondine Guillaumin Yinarra Dowsett Timothy Mcgregor Adrian Medcraft ?n Aroni Brianna Dorrough Carmelina Hodgson Catherine Guy Deepak Chohan David Inkley Bronwyn Kelly Elyse Miniken Jacqui Carter Janie Beckhouse Julian Kenny Vanessa Barbay Melissa Stahl-Blood Mojtaba Ghadimi Peter Murphy Robyn Coppola Roseanne Warren Samuel Savage Bung Hoolio Sophia Lim Angus Moore Marco Brutschin mark stewart Philip Armit Ciro degeorgio Kim James Michela Cadone Julie Stebbings David Wadey Lynne Prior Tricia Turner Mary Johnson Lesley Worthington Verena Barthel Samantha Hall Christina Howley Clive Bristow ianneD Mandragona helen Johnson Helen Lees Janice Tuena Julie Billebault Amanda Askew Mick walshaw Michael Worthington Clara Wong Ravinder Sidhu TONI NOLL Yani Dawe Chris Rawlinson Denise Davidson Elian Pusceddu Maaike Veenkamp Theodora Tsimachidou rosslyn baynes Russell Best Robin Korsmit Carolina Bulhosa Suzie Ahern Alan Brennan Andrea Wilson Denise Prowse Ebony Matthews Brooke Glassford Helen Rowe Jason albury JENNY EDWARDS Joanne Szabo Jodine Muir Kim davidson Kirsty McCahon Lena Lowe Lesley Cannon Victoria Lundin Michelle Kinman David Landgren Nicola Caprino Nicola Hartley Nina Bondarenko Annie McNamara Paul Gatt Rafik Tanious Ruth Krolzig Stephen Green Sheila Siggins Thomasine Maye Timmy Alexander Vimala Colless Tracy West Hayley Davis Beverly Wright Alisa Shuker An Pa Emma Peters Carol Miskell Aden Cutmore Braydon Davies Cameron Tapp CJ Williamson Callum Greenshields Sheree Risbey Denise Campbell Demi Liapis Diana Baltrusaityte Donna Muntz Emily Balmaks Fabienne Oubrayrie Alison Garrett Grant Brooks Bec Foster Helmut Reuter Rosi Sirsch Hans Bothe Iri Stafford Jacqueline Stein Jackie Wilson Jacob Endean Jane Meiklejohn Janet O’Donnell Jennifer Irving Jessica Holz Penny morgan Justine Webse Jutta Seidl Lesley Logan Margaret Iacangelo Katrina logan Margaret Hogg Niche Hofmann Natalie Reidy Natalie Cursio Nicholas Cram Nicholas Dening Angela Heywood Petah Sharp Cristina Martinez Ranthi Whesi Ruth McCance Robyn Allen Rowena Sloan Will Turnbull Sylvia Bothe Yana Romano Mei Lin Simon colman Iulian Stefanica Therese Kempf Ute Euler yasmin irani yelle reychler Margaret Hodgkins Wendy Mason Angie Piantadosi Noel Will Andrew McCutcheon Gavin Matthews Ros Craig Joshua Felton Katharina Reis Liz Wright Naomi Aitchison Christa Hubik betsy gibson Bernhard Hoessler Ray Chell Adrian Cave Assaph Mehr Baris Guner Camille Gaudio Tom Cresswell Corey Price Emma Cotterill JACKIE LOULOU Grant Briggs Jack Furner Horst Thiele Carolyn Shaw Mark Kilgallon Mary Rivett Pamela McHardy Naarah Sukkel Nando Witowski Nicolas Flament Warren Cooke Steve Halliwell Jess Hillan Tracey Gord Zoe Roxon Angela Bucci christine butler Howard Cassidy Emma Hofmann Frances Todd John Scanlon Jennifer Partridge Briege Mcconville Grace Tibbles Keith coombes Stacey Hile Lynette Martin Steph Jones Betty Pilon Samantha Dixon Jacqui Allen Richard Clarke Sharon Wickham Jane Heard Hannah Goddard claudine schneeberger Michael wayne xenia NETTLETON Jill Dixon Adrian Partridge Marie Reeve Joy Loggie Liam O’Gorman Leah John Zachary Kirkham Ross Drew Emilia Petherbridge Amanda Bathani Paul Morgan Vivian Smith Peter Temby Mariesa Greenwood Kate Marshall Helen Perry Denise Kaitira Jax Bergersen Stephanie Croisdale Jenny Brunton Sandra Byers-Evitt Dee Sunyata odette sempere Mary-Terese Bourke Syed Aijaz Naqvi Nelly Vasquez Elvira Buechner Leeanne Emresoy Margareta Landquist Karen Waters Sally Millar Peter Burling James Willis Richard McQuade Lee Mowbray Ray Clark Sue White Rob Dalton Jenny Norton Maureen Alderman Robyn Noel Claudia Griffin Roslyn Kushinsky Tom Newman OAM isabel sleiman Tatiana Mercuri Jo Green URSULA Spokes rhydian lewis Ronda Green Anne Batt Alba Vignolo Lu Salter SUZANNE TAINSH Claire Edwards William Leavenworth Michelle Berkon Kerry Strzina Jennifer Clements Lorraine Irwing Patrica Bakewell Eliza Feely Maria Fernanda Sanders Lynne Boyd Julian Robinson Heather Evans James Hackett-Smith

Julia Frecheville Anke Scheinert Jonas Haefele Mark-Oliver Fischer Erich Kager Marina von Ketteler Michael Wright Linda Sroa Jackie McGlade James kass Patricia Cole Smith Sane Heather Beamish Penny Ireland Jules Shakira Mary Grey David Crabb Beth Tarilton Lisa Stephens Astrid miller Chrissy Laurikainen Adeline Wong Catherine Chambers tracey Cavenett-Kaleta Francescia Crowe Jackie Chung Anne-Marie Gardner RACHEL PAGE Gus Alvarez Helen Sheppard Emily Fewster Peta clark Richard Larsen Tia Field Tyson McEwen Helen Bailes Merri Randell Dale Hansen Dense Parsons Lillian Cottrell Anita Triado Heddy Way Alan Bamford Judith Bancroft Blydie Meiring Martin Lind Miriam Kuttner Elizabeth Wangman Gary Barton Geeta Maini simon Grosser jonatan gravsholt zethner Louise Burnet Tracet Mietzke Philip Howe Wayne Dixon Yulande Tiplady Yehuda Harmor Paul Harley Anton Gorlin ashley lockhart Kat Payne Lucy Williams Martin Hills Peter Barkla Selah Albrightson Jerry Johnson Yvonne Fisher Anna King Gemma Stanford Harry Goldman Hilary Hobart Kim Murdock Marta Merino Milla Aarnio Rob Cottrell Tony Hayter James Henry Zoe Adrian Margaret Phillips Robert Brown Melanie Rabie Anita Dawson Anita Peura Francis Pierce Alison Midgley Amaia sanchez britnee amos Cameron Brown Elle Whittaker Katie Middlemast Trish Knox alec bennett Suzanne Meyers Jordan Faull Ruiseart Alcorn Sarah Anderson Virginia Hurdon Coco Goldacre glenn blitz Peter Collyer Chris Johns Lori Robinson Mairim Garrett Marie-Anne Lees Marie-Jeanne Somville Iuliana Bisca Jolanta Gallagher Tracey Pfeiffer Iris Schluesener Katerina Manou John Petteford Karin Rettig Blair Ross SUBHRA Goswami Max Epstein Julia Scutella Ella Frood Francois Montagnon Julie Oliver Louise Taylor Narrell Barclay Prudence Scriven Michael Howlett Tracy Maxted Abby Reynolds Julien Rodriguez Tom Wilson Sally Wilson Anne Clark Brian Cleary Craig Sharpe Chris vanRaay Emma Swann Jemima Manokore Jen Quigley Lori Young louis elias Nikki Graham Olaia Brugada Megan Williamson Jennifer PETTERSON Victoria Jeboult Dan Katz Jack Emerson john jeayes Verna Carlisle Claudia Poncelet sandra wallace Paula Collewijn Nathan Blanco Emma Waelput Amber Heynatz Sandra Thompson Lesley Tighe Theda Haehl Margaret Fooks William Potter Catherine Ryan Janet Murray Kathleen Clements Janet Campbell Bob Auld Barry Dobson Robyne Neal Serina Thompson Diane sandford Joy Forrest Tabby Dougall Sophia Bruna Janet Richardson Margaret Perger Cristina Casey Karsten Wurzinger Iona Mackenzie Maren Heinig David Furphy Rebecca Hilder Helen Meggs Gallagher Gallagher Elena Garcia Christina Petersen Sonia Revenstorf Mikayla Brighton Des Cousens Karen Cosson Xavier Berthelot Louise Best Kylie Thurley Antony Luesby Susan Lisson Roberta Gordon Carmen gunter Matt Chaplin Julie Cleator Robert Edwards Samantha Stevens Alison Bird Annabel McLisky Rod Ward Stephen Bisiker Vicki Griffin Rainer Wannemacher Sophie Goddard Richard Hunt Lynette Chamas Niel Tritton Ruth Stafford Chrissy Djakovic Rhonda Coleman Annette Schmaltz Ann Eldridge Cristina Cilla Errol Lizamore Angela Heard Matthew Gerard maria sciacchitano Ian Hunkin Gisele Gilfillan Gordon Lyall Sally Bray Matt Reed Rosemary Nott Rico Garilli Rae Desmond Jones Peter Shepherd Maria Sanz Sara Fogan Robert Best Melinda Rippe Beverly Tyler Chris Ayres Christine Hornby deborah clarke Gilbert Porter Kathryn McKee Amrei Bertelsmann Lilia Carvalhais Patricia Rovik Maurice Perry Sandra Lewington Philip Smith Patricia Preston Rebecca Cox Paulina Macias Teresa Martins Alex Henderson Vera Saldanha Elizabeth Farrington Kaisa Maenpaa Gladys Calderon Laura Wennekes Anne Taylor Susan Chung Jenny channells Lorraine Paul RITCHARD MIFSUD Mary Duckett Chrystene Conder Shirley Wallace Bran Hirst Derek Tys Juliana Crisostomo jan lovgren Lesley Goldacre Jan Cloke Cian voets Freya Hadley Cilio Moreira Dayle Barnett Rosa Shea Anita Weinberg Rebecca McBride Amanda Bill Brett Lazarides Bryce McCarroll Maya Melamed Daniel Bikas Duncan Yates Fabian Byrne Jeanne Stern Geoff Lamb Hoffmann Hoffmann valerie kost John Caley Jacqueline Long Jacqui Marlow Jade Dewi Dewi judith murray Kent Geaney Lauren Williams Les West Marice Knapman Malcolm Orchard Malin Stensson Mo Orkiszewski Margaret Brown Phyllis Jaramillo Paul Sayles Sharon Filippi Steven Childs Susan Wright Anna Thompson tatiana podesta Rico James

Robin Rhodes Yen Wong Yvonne Penter Jinsong Park Frida Elf Allison Rosen Rebecca Lambe Linda Hansen Jess Kitching Leo despains Renouard de Valliere Miyamatsu Julie bolduc Victor Larsson Adam Mitchell Melinda Keith-Singleton Sophie Huet Tom Dixon Lynne mead heather Foster Tom Mueller Amanda Mills Adrienne Hesford Jasmine Hawkins Barbara Garris Bernard vanRijnsoever Maxine Robson char Koblick Rob Anderson Jillian Coussens Michaela Schmidt Dal Strutt Jan Novotny pamela kotttaras Amanda Tait Barry Anderson Bedir Kanmaz James Dixon Bruce Zhang claire church Danika ripper Kate Marsh Eve McWilliams Fanny Herisse Jen Hua Joan Griffiths Kat Low Lora Hoppo Margaritis Couris Mia i Naomi Grant Pamela Jones Andrew jackson Philip Collings Richard Keir Ralph Webster Seanna McCune Stephen mackerras Tania Kunst Terri Wootton Valerie Staddon Viv Glance Cyndi Thompson Richard Dorais Tarja Sim Diane Moyle Janine Vinton erin oataway Anthony symmons Philip Pointer Anisha Anta Annie Vaughton Alex Wall Susan Ewing Bridey Lokhorst-Blight emmanuel bouleau Diana Deeley doortje cook Dylan M Emma Mainsbridge Gretta Hope Ian Edwards ian James Irmina Zalewska Isabel Patonai James Kellner Jane Brunero Jennifer Day John Falconer Jo Hope Kaye James Keith Smoult Eulalia Martin Liam Orchard Carla Sartori Magdalena Toth Maggie Green Michael Ballantyne Friend Cummings Nicole Bergersen Paul Hunt Sandie Wright Seak Manor Sharon Way Sheri Haby Daniel Talko Andrew Tedder Virgene Link-New Sandy Lucas Michael Branaman Eve Delmonte Maya Hibri Mishael Jay Dolores Amos Ariane Jimenez Marnie Jurkowski Hannele Takkinen Tammie Higgins Tara Murray Grace FaydHerbeRodgers Arthur Cantrill Amanda Grinblat Anne Ralph Alan Morris Jen Roby Colin McLaren Daan Spijer Dianne Bourke Clara Jennings Jenni Thomson Jennifer Axtell Julie Fennell Lesley Hunt Roz Phillipson Richard Lea Robin Gregory Renae Moulden Robyn Neeson Sandra Boddington Scott Kachad Steve Sutton Sue Howlett Jan Molenaar Ulises Demeneghi Vicki Bosworth Vivienne Lane Patrik Klages Louis Schornoz Fern Robinson Michelle Gibson Rita Scholliers Caroline Barraket Lorraine Taylor Garo Kassabian Annie Roberts Laura Owen Steven Caddy kathryn fabian Stephen Teather Adrian Boss amanda Hicks Alys Francis Amanda Walton Bastien cordier Benjamin Culmann David Marsh Diane Smith Eric Delaney Gabriel Sibley Maria Grazia Gismondi Harlan Cooper john Moir Joshua Gowers Jeanette Inglis June Brown kelvin Shaw Kristin Headlam Marilyn Smith Lynette Faragher Martin Potter Mary Fisher Dawn Mason Marie-claude Favier Sandra Tucker Martin Woods Leoncia Riascos Peter Green Marilyn Niland Michael O’Donoghue Neil Shirtliff daniel ott Tara Badcock Philip McCrea Raymond Ingwersen Robyn Lindquist Rosemary Plumb Roy Sonnenburg Sandy Trollope Suzanne Naseby Christine McNeil Julie Boustead Rhonda McMaster Dimitar Smilevski Wang Yuan Jenny Wallis Derek Scott Sue Meyers Antonis Tsiftsidis barry buttigieg Alexandre Rijo Julie-Anne Clegg Suzanne Hamman Martin Eigenmann Mari Hiim Sindre Theo Treffers Chester Merrick Geoff Bradd Gayle Cross James McMaster Quentin Besuchet Antonios Birpanagos Emilia Serruya Susan Cook Judith Gough julien cahn Linda corcoran Kinga Deli Merrilee Baker Christina Rygiert Dave Ellis Lisa Blain David Dawes Jo-Anne Curry Sandra Shrubb Laurie Westcott Michael Barnett Andy Parkee Annette Amor Brenton OConnor Fred Cahill Cari Schuster christine mcalpine Brett Williams Elizabeth Noden Emma Turner Erin Garth Mirelle Jans Anne Forrest Glenda Datson Giri Mazzella Horst Cords Janne Izett Janice Hyatt Joanne Reichelt Jude dennis Kate Westlake kerry thorne Lena Fiahman linda Mort Lynne Coombs Margot Allatt Moira Bishop Moira MCFARLANE Eileen M MOORE Nerida finch Ghillian Sullivan Richard Hodgson Michelle White Adam kelly Stuart Fry Tony Hayward Tiny van der Linden Naomi Sloan Dau Ajak Emilie o’connor Heath Cook Pamela Woods Kristy Hunter Ralph Johansson Sam Gee Leeuwin prince-ruiz Joanna Roe Cheryl Maddocks Anne Wright Nikki Boys Stephen Savage Nolubabalo Ntunzi Karen Cleary Andrea Schmutter Camilla Gregory Mandy Watson Astrid Blin Amanda Hickey Honor Beckingham lynda turner Gemma Kershaw Champ Ekana Margaret Tasaki Paula Hermann Wendy Lukowitz Sherwin Peterson Kees Aerts Camilla Serup Cornelia Haas Chloe Williams

wendy Binstead Natassija Watson Carole Blakey Bev White Meredith Box Jane Lethbridge Marilyn Gaunt Rosa E Hernandez Anuschka Von Czarnecki YVONNE ELLEN Phoenicia Altaire Elena Luuk Pek Pek cristina gonzalez Lois Kugel Jennifer Rae Noel Baker Jackie Cassin Barbara Doo Soelvi Loevendahl Kevin Hargreaves carmen droll dan johnson Guy Kirwan Anita Morse Mustafa Butt Ethan Decaprio Fayrouz Fayrouz Angel Orona Kirsty Dixon Richard Chadwick Christopher Little Lindsay Adams karen Langelier Yvonne WEDGWOOD Peter Voulgaris Donny Lamboo Ivan Chandler Barbara Archer mark Riemersma Clara Morf Stephen Studach Michael Stewart Ian Dews Alexander Hood Ami Grover Libby Andersen Anne Monk Annie Burns Beth Gugerly William Freeman Chris Kemmett Chris Jones Christine france Deb Listing Frank Sykes Derek Burgell Liz Crowley Donald McAlpine ELLIE HARPER Sian Faber David Stonier-Gibson Felicity Spear Francine McDonald GENEVIEVE YOUNG Graham Lang Trevor Greenwood Max Peters Jennifer Detlefsen Iona Brennan Jan Clarke-Potter Jane James Jeanette Hotop Jodie T Lois Doeven Joy Rhodes Julia Horton Julie Hall Julie Hallett Kate Blacket Rhonda Hochwallner Jack Swainston Kristen Sloan Kevin Streets Louise Comino Lynne Zatta Marcus Barton Mary Ireland Mary Conlan Miriam Wan Megan Casey Morris Stiecke Mary Tapsall maurice waingold Nathaniel Cox Natalia Bradshaw Annette Matthews Nicky Page Pamela Young Peter Graham Polly Campbell Rosemary Dwyer Reta Marie Ross Frieden Glenis Marshall Glenda Rodrigues Serana Hunt Shellie Star Steve Colahan Sue Reynolds Theo Peeters Shayne Breen Wayne Fox Wendy Beasley Friend fitzherbert Zoe Moxon Millie Heywood-Morris Layla Huber Jemma Meecham Neil Tolliday Kasper Engholm-Keller Yvette nielsen Dominique CREVECOEUR Leo Wagenaar Merinda Kyle Sally Doyle Liane Mayer Nathalie Marcinkowski Leeann Cruz Katherine Seppings Panagiotis Bartzos Helen Dring Karin Engel Francis Barrow Miguel BRITO Maddie Renaud Tim Box peter owen Paula nelson Manon Tremblay Majella Nugent Terry Sessford Andrew Paterson Maddy Grimmond Robbin Remers Michelle Curtain Kay Oliver Erik Edstrom Charlotte Gray Henk Brusse Jo Ryan Kevin Friswell Derek West Gertrud rehfeld Mardi Croke Sandra Nathan Linelle Stepto Nikki Carabetta PHIL REES David Kiddle Russ Bowers Scott Campbell-Neale Vic Davies Liam Harrison Alexandra Cichon Julia Blandford Robyn Hansen Kerry Northam Ina Kornblum Tracey Russell K Holmes Audrey Arbogast Lesley McKaig Dominiqye Joly Liza Butcher CERI JONES Amanda McIntosh Peter Reuvekamp John Grace Liz Eviston Victor Gray George Ross Angela Fry Charles Lovitt caroline schmidt Susan Mueller Martin Antonio Abad Santos Deepa Wima Dave Palmer Nico Font John Borstelmann Beverley Armstrong Georgie Taylor Michelle Stathakis Lieven Totte Keith Perger Anthony Baker Brian Hassen Jocelyn Gardner Josephine Wuensche Stephen Savage Greta Seavale Silke Henningsen Sabine pinon Jean-Philippe Grange Ljiljana Holmes Eddi Stiletto Brian and Gael Norton Helen Staniskov Ann Grant George Gordon Andrew Cummings Maydia Parry Annabel Chen Barbara Hill Hilary Brakewell Bronwyn Cass Pam bennett Angel Baby Corrie Mullin Danica Pilgrim-Younger Debbie Wilson Diana DeVries Elaine Walters Myra Flynn Harry Howard Gary Jackson Gaye Erwin John Hassall Helen Dugdale Helen Kasses Hazel Roper-Power Judy Davies Jeanne Nel de Koker Jennifer Bell Julie Barnes Kathleen Peruzzi Kathy Bluff Kelli Jones Kristina Gwynne Kristy Knight Kathleen Staker Libby Weir Mala Sujan Malika Jegasothy Marilyn elson Margaret Matters Margaret Corbett Trev BROWN nanette Hall John Nelki Marilyn Noble Helen Johnson Erin Walling Peter Singer Ria Holubecki Robyn Levey Rom Bersani Stephen Kimber Sam Bowman Kevin Hemsley Steve Newman Shailee Rochford Stefan West Susan Starr Susan Tanner Tanya Vanderiet Thomas Phillips Katherine Lynch Viki Rutter Vlasia Antoniou Robin Walker Talitha Roberts Wendyu Auton Penny Quarry YiZhong Zhuang Yvonne Eade Camille Jeboult Andrew Davidson Michael Baute Dawie Jacobs Dilyana Filipova Penelope West Frank Phillis Marian Baker Serena Stuart Friend Skoglund Tanni Kristjansson Audrey Burking Sonia Neville Robina Maitland-Smith Sam W Tracey McKie Brett Cooper Patrik Olsson Eric Kay Sara Powell Lucie Lucas Hossein Zare Louise Graves Phoebe Marks Emma Marks Amol Nilpawar Maya Manandhar Lindsay James

Stephanie Cummings Leonie Bambrick Dominique Harris Fanny Skirbekk Vik cooke Karen Crawford Andre Ferro Adelaide Saxton Allison Morris Anna Weston Annie Mitchell Anne Bentley Fiona White William Armstrong Bill Knowler Bodhi Kawulia Rob Marr Carolyn Lamour Dan Bonham Dan Sala dawne santopietro Diane Martin John HOLMES Victoria Downing Elli Schlunke Lindy-Jane Porter Frank Briggs Jane Finlayson Agnes Foyster Jacqui cardilini gai anderson Gary price Gayle Cole Robar Bawden Ginny Neighbour Glenys Walker Guler Peker Hamish Riddell Heather Kerr Helen luttrell-kidner Helen Stephens eilis Maher Jaeme Last Larry Vincent Jamie Witchard Jenny Law Jean Tarratt Jerry Remkes Jo Bolam Jo Johnstone Joy Blore Kammy Cordner Hunt Kat Spark Lauris Jones Louise Brogan Lindy Johnston Liz Stevens Louise Fox Lucy Worgan Mandy Middle Mark Francis Nicole Collins Nonavee Dale Marianne Holzherr Peter McKernan Phil Reid Amanda Rosenfeld rachel temper ralph horn Rhys Thomas Robyn Clark James Owen Maria C Ferreira SUSAN AUSTIN Mystique Walbutton Shirley Duncan Stephen Pennells wayne grant Susan Little Christopher Daw Tom woolman Antoni Palou Tony Bolton Tracey mccarroll Varley Gill Bron Smith Shiasta-Anaka FriendPereira Hoi Jackomos Dan Pusey Vanessa Bonney Judy Browning Nicole Gueissaz Nicola Hamilton Amanda John Kristan Ramsden myra Seddon Ine Lauwers Rose Kocak Aways Maow Christine Freer Diana Phillips Ian Cross Maureen McManamny sandra kennedy Janet Byrnes Helen Palmer Christine Potter Kirsten Morreira Keiko Barrett Sandra Boylston Peter Maggi Patrick Lane Roxanne Cote Laurie Hein Gordon Shaw Nadine vergilia Lana Atkinson Carley Norrie Dirk Focke Isobel Robinson Michelle Blight Mark Turner Melanie Beach-Ross Ria Ford Carol Jacklin Diane McMahon Amanda Wrigley Amanda swaney Annica Odina Sim Rapeport Julian Balkin Brodie Lee Caroline Cree David Carpenter Catrina Bleicher Chris Gray Hans vonChrismar Lauren Clark Dijana Zabic Danyal Bloomfield Gypsy Malcolm Frank Sauter Joanne Petersen Mark Walton Robyn Hynes Imogen Wall Ian Payne Jean Crawshaw Jennifer Whichello jessica christie Jo Grisard Joe Bragg John Jones Kerry Dixon Klara Janickova Lara Escane Courtney Lee Lisa Vantanen Lynn Brake Lody Levy Louise Allen Lucy Gooley Luke Tieppo Jacques NEMORIN Mark willetts Susan McLaughlin Michael Breen Michelle Stanes Marcus Ludriks Moira Burke Kay Bristow Narda Campbell Raewyn Glasscock Paul Beech Phillip Walker Paul Heywood Quentin Kynoch Raelene Millington Raymond Brack Rosemary Headford madeleine richard Rosie Jacka Roxzan Bowes Rosemary Tomkins Sandra Chan Joshua Page Sherie Holcombe Sheryl Venables Silvia De Franciscis Phil Steele Stefania Del Prete Sue Hedley Sue Shearer Susane Eade Susan tauber Susan Ryland Tamara vanNoort Tanja Durackovic Anton Goodchild Toni Pollard Ann Verlaan Lisa Webb Warren Peter Olive Yvonne Kane Lily Rowles Takisha Santos Jason Doust Laura-Maria Waldner Kitty Muntz Kesaia Vosa Maggie Davey Mikkel Christensen hugh ferrar Gail Courtney les batty Lucinda Plowman David Baldock-Ling Judi Callan Chi Wa Iao Dr Annetta Mallon Hugh Bragg Stephanie Vorse JACQUELINE GLYDE Angela Saunderson Matthias Fehr Ranbir Sandher Charlie Hunter Ursula Stubbings Edward Sadler David Waters michael steinke Heidi Barwick Aaron Goyen Aline Chiron Anne Moran Andrew Lange Ann Potter Bob Palling Maxine Clark Pam Bell Ben Bader Peter West Campbell Thomson Carlene Fuchs Carmel Toohey caroline rothwell Carolynn Bellantonio Christopher Chevalier Mrs Warren Cyd Tripp Christin Down Lucinda Southell Gary Riches Corinne Parkes Bill Cox craig murphy Colleen Stewart Dan Pugsley Dan Wade David Yeing Debra Staun Diane Atkinson Deb Kelly Caroline Jackson Eva Palko Elizabeth Craven Eugene E-NRG Fiona Halliday Anna Povey Helen King Gaye Witney Sue Sullivan Shanta Gerbi Harvey Raven Helen lang Janina Price Hillary Monckton Kerry howlett Heather Shimmen Marieluise Schmidt Isobel Humphreys glen brady Jake Bassingthwaighte Jen Mather Janelle Morris Janelle Webster Janet King Jill McPartlane Joselle Bulford Joanne Dullens Judith Finch Judith Baker Julie Bowley Julie Coleman Justine Wahlin John Weightman John Karhula Kerry Small Kerrie Gordon Kira Jantzen Lester Maino Lambert Davis Leila Ragg Leonie Peasey

Lorelle Sellick Lorrain Riley Louise Banks Lyn Ryan Lucy Geddes Lynda Hollis James Mackay Jo McDougall Jo Jordan Megan Reid Marg Winning Merrill Findlay Michelle Schofield Suzannah Mee Mischa Jas Kenneth Morton Glenn Hand Narelle Taylor Nigel Smith PATRICK PATULLO Patricia Vazquez Paul Bushe Paula Roberts Allana Jellard Michael Price Petrina Slaytor Rhonda Dallas Kouzan Robyn Habner Rosanna Shepherd Joachim Roxin Eva Krasnici Ryan Armour Denise Massuger Paul Birkwood Scott McLeod Sharon McMahon Sharmin Chocholowski Jorge Guillen Anne Smart Simon Bednarek kon manousakis Stephanie Quirk Jacob Stam Stephanie Bull Sue Carrigan Susan Allen Genevieve Barker Susan Buchan Susan Hultner Susan KERR Susan McCarthy Taree Brearley Tashiya Captain Teora Ward Kristin Volkmer Sam Blackshaw Tracey Biggs Anita Elliott Tony Twining Tullio Bogatai Valerie Brown Wendy Goss Wendy Martin Wesley Spencer Wendy Roberts Sandy Goldsmith Zac Bush Zoe Manning Solaye Snider Greg Chidey Graham Bulmer Barbara Boxhall Avis Jeffares Daryl Vaughan Wendy Windebank Jiver Freecloud John Nimmo julia durance Jay de Silva Fabe Pitt Barb Zulsdorf Kayleigh Reid Joy Dahl Miquel Alonso Chris Snyman alex heal Diego Horta Karen Dreessens Janet Grevillea Bob Crudgington ian lewis Josie Carrigg Raymond Mc Guinness Deb Archdeacon Anita Masson Anita-maria Szabo Laure Krause Carol Amos Karen Ireland Eleanor Wagner Glenda Meir Natalie MacLean Hendrika van Dyk Hilary Probyn-Smith Indigo McKinnon John Wenitong Jan chisholm Ken Phelps Kristin de Vargas Kristina Vonsel Peter Martin Lesley Johnston Sonya Burey Maggie Newman Murray Davies Jemima Whitford Mia Robertson Nicki Hill Terrence Page Paula Paul Stewart Johnston Sue McFadyen Sue Oakley Susan Turner Terry Martin Caroline Britton Wilbur Whitta Zoe Jones Lance Turner John Piper Lee Camenzind Angus King Laura Bernay Susan Hayes Nicolas Barbe Lisa-Marie Burrichter Amanda Bowman Andrew Percival Dominika Arseniuk Barry Keen Judy Butler Mike Cleary Xavier Levaux Nunzia Casuscelli Bevianne Fitch Rebecca Colless Kirsten Schwab Eva Pick James Lillis Cooper King Maureen Flowers Meredyth Woodward Emma Crunkhorn Tomo Lssx Samanth Walstab Silvia Luethi Alexandre Bonnet Isla Kirk James Swift Joanna Keenan Ricardo Costa Amanda Grist Heidi Patsi Tina Parr Greg W Jamie Jones Cedric Cannard Miguel Calado Andrew P Anderson Alex Laermans J-F Tellier Anna Murphy Olivia Polydorou Ruth Robinson cristina Xavier Joanne Morgan Lauren Dill Christian Gerdum Brett Huntly Brigitte McCartney Pam Dinucci Crystal Peterlin Daryl Bird Lyn Trad Miriam Farrington Maggie Borger Michael Shea rani Raymond Alona Kanigher Mary Ahern Lyndall Merry Vivien Mitchell Alan Stennett anne cowley Nicholas Burghuber Kathryn Green Jasmine Pranskunas Marnie McDonald Fiona Henry Katarzyna Popiolek Matt Price Evan Maclean Frank Box Bruce Frost Lyndel McGorlick Danielle Bentley America Saenz Christopher McAviney Elescia Reid John Sands Jack Golson Barbara Ryan Jonathon Tree Lisbet Lind David Perkov Christine Russell Liz Kochergin Benjamin Erben Maxi Barth Danielle Pirrie Ruth Michell Anna Freyne Paul McMullen Jesse-Bree Candusio Flora Tsiouli Sterre Maier Guy Innes Carrie-Ann Luna Erik Schanssema Cas Chohdri Julia Moore Bernard Jean Ryan Bartlett Michelle Offen Johanna Schmid Belen Carrizo Chris Young Stefano Roos Lynn Eason Katharina Kammerer Helene Blochlinger Helmuts Grikis Kit Logan Margaret jenkinson Harriet Clarke Anne Roberts Aisling Gallagher Heather Passant Nigel Wright Rahul Swaminathan Emma Moir Sarah Wassermair Dianne Pymble-Ward Ankea Kkoutas Paul Brennan Roeland bosmans Alexia Kitching Paul Kitching Sara Occhipinti Fred Eriksson Paul Johnson jim ross Clare Leonard Rachel Nicol-Smith ana vukasovic kate crosby Carly Vandergriendt Bertrand Baudin Mathilde Dehairs Ann Parker Andrea Hetherington Johanna Dittmann Galina Giannikopoulos Patricia Evans Blanche Jacquinet Britt Owens Kay Wheeler Sharon Sharon Katherine Moore Win Gibson Fiona Oei Cynthia Stamy Giacomo Aguzzoni Jos?phine Ingelandt Lauren Kassulke Shane Toohey Judi Hurle Alije Birang andrew elleray Adrienne Green Azza McDermott Alicia Larkins Amalia Pearson Amos Shapira Amy Marriott Anita Coghill Anamaria Correal Anita Durno Anna Sturman Ann Theodorakis Anne Crawford Anne Williamson annette padovan Arben puta Ashley Law

Bhaval Chandaria Diane Ulrick Barbara Jaeckli Barbara Elliott Cathy O’Neill Barry Brenner Beat Bruner Benjamin Lane Bernadette Green Susannah Earl Susan Collingridge Lesley Blissett Janet boardman Bob Shepherd Rebecca Boult brian girard Brigid Gregg Bruce Nicholson Bruce Zhang Brynne Jagoe Callum McCaskie carmen Rovi Caroline Denigan Margaret Wing Celeste horn Cheryl Cooper Cheryl Long Chris McGowan Cindy Kelly Carolyn Langenberg Carol mclean Colleen O’Brien Daniele Dallari Daniel Rosado David Ollett Deborah Leedham Deborah Sinclair Deb Stringer Dede Callichy Dianne O’Sullivan Denise seabright Dennis White Diane McLeod David archer Donna Read Matthias Schulz Dorthe Hansen Dave Barwick Ela Salamucha Eric Heystraeten Ella Seaver Tony Morgan Emily Larsen Emma Moustakas Errol Gunn Chris Coddington finlay Harris Fiona Hall Fiona Campbell Felicity Dick Frank Bunney Stephanie Schirmer Garth Alperstein Geraldine Foster Geoff Hiddleston Gill Seels Virginie Bonett Boisseranc Glenn Ireland Graham Miller Tony Samin Greg Deacon lesley higham Gregor van Emmerik helen stuart Helen Oxnam Helene Zampetakis Ian Cleland Ian Brown Alicia Mishinski Ivo Kolinsky John Ashford June Lennie Jacky nissen James Fitzgibbon Jan Anderson Jasmine Graham Jasmyn Ellis Jason Rowe John Bellingham Jonathan Chapman jeremy arnold Jessica McGowan Jim Gaylard Jacinta Halloran James Foster Jennifer Wilson Jolanta Ducker Joanne Morton Jocelyn Harewood Joanne Joyce Jonathan Hughes Carla Thiveos John Wilde Jenny Wilson Kim Farrant Karen Lockyer Kate Smorty Kathryn Guidotti Ken McMurtrie Kerry Wilckens Kindred Gardens Kay Michel Francois Tanner Lee Crispin Lee McIvor Leighton Howes Les Reed Peta Lewis Lily Parisi Lindy Damoulakis Lisa Schouw Lucas Bustini Laura McCauley Elle Jackson Lynn Flanagan Maureen Hyndman Emily Molloy John Madden Maisien Vuong Maree Chapman Mark Isles Mark Therese Sheehan Matthew Woodford Matthew Hartley MEERA KHOOSAL Meggan Hameiri Meme Ryan Marianne Pietersen Michael Douw Michelle Fatur Mireille Coolen Melissa Ledwich Naomi Beer Neil Rasmussen Necia White Nicole johansen Nizza Siano norbert Mjadwesch Lynette Dickinson Andrew Kelly Patricia Asari Patricia Guest Glenda Paul Peter Bauer Anastacia Hennings Phil Burch Pat Coleman Pete and Kaye Nelson-Davis Peter Pape Peter Allen Petra Kick Peter Gellert Pip Knowler Pippa Stafford Paul Cunningham Richard Curtis Trish Arbuckle Rebekah O’Leary Narelle Williams Raymond Spree Robert Blaine robert shand rex Willox John Roebuck Ronelle Brossard Ronice Goebel Rose Kerr Rosetta Palermo Ross Brown Rowan Gibson Ryan Oostryck Simone Gibbs Sam Dyson Loz Hunt Sara Vass Sue Buchanan Seychelle Brown Sarah King Shelly doogue Scott Mandragona Mandragona Caroline Ripton Simon Stantiall Steve Nieuwhof Steven Kennedy Sue Bray Sue Attreed Sue Dodd Susan Peel Susannah Blair Sue Bishop Tamara Segavcic Tanya Philip Tarpan williams Luke Taylor Stacey O’Brien Lea A Tina billing Tina Lace Antonius Reynierse Tony Stott Tracey Um Ann Trow Tye Bronneberg Valeria Page Vaughan Newman Brett Eichmann Steve Mitchell Vibeke Stafford Kathy Bolton Warwick Tweedie Suzanne Taylor Mark Wellard Wendy Wright Margaret McRae Helen Wilson Tim Wood Yvonne Horsfield Yvonne Butler Zoe Armstrong Michelle Barendrecht Carolyn Sinton Betty Evans Elaine Terrell Vicky Mayer David Westerhout Ingo Burghardt Daniel Koller Gary Bettega Mick McLaughlin Pascale Eigensatz Meuli chris Raines Peterdi Adam Jadhe OUNNAS Silke STIENEN-DURAND Eliska Blattner-deVries Eva Feletto Terry Ingram Janna Maria Nandzik Anouk Van Bruchem Oscar Montagne Bridgette Welsh Raquel Paixao Katja Weichelt Brigitte Babiel Eril McNamara Carmen Capendale Stefano Gaetani Ania Fernandez Cathryn Bone Andrew Cronshaw Nathalie Pellegrinelli Johanna Leonhardt Patricia Smolinski Audrey commault Michelle Couwenberg Kathy Bevans David MartinezAlvarez Lotta Rodin Sarah Kelleher DANIEL CHICOINE Sue Ford Pleuni Pyfferoen Joep Keuzenkamp Kathrin Lang Bengt Karlsson Stephen Canham Serey Suon Matthew Wickenden Alina Jitaru Edith Charles Linda Burgess Allison Tyra Andrea Johnsen Campbell Stubbs Anthony Douglass David Kramer Jan Eriksen Grace Anderson Hayley Kerr Jason Stoker Jonas Kraus Karen Andersen Laurent Cantat Linda LeDoeuff Lee Sakrzewski Anne Stephens John Mardell Lynette Gillespie Martin Leckie Melody Cooper Natalie Webb Pam Atkinson Peter Lane Phil Kosky

Rex stemko Rose Cooper Andrew brown Tim Landells Tony Kempnich Mike Cleaver Gunvor Markgren Lynne Lund Kathryn Edwards Sara Katz Daniel Janosi Rachel Kelly-Hall Balazs Szalai Gabor Gallai Ana-Maria C Rita Kiss Aaron Devitt Krizsik Andrea Jennifer Green Kasper Byskov Emma Graveling Crimson Rising Eszter Tombor Alexandra Papp Neil Patterson Antoine Houdaille Judith Strahan Bronwyn Carver Karleigh Holdom Connie Murphy Teas Ritchie Sylvan Browne Gary Noble Philippe Lemaistre Ellenore McLennan Jessica Jones Shaughan Abbott Emma Dobbs Anja Wetering Brenda Lines Jonathan Mathis Fran Lee Jacqueline Clare jennifer bellingham Joan Spittle John Peacock Kristina Ilisevic Nicole Castle Rikki Band Sarah Brisbane Thomas Rose Simon Martens Hardy Brink Dave Perry Aaron welsh Jamal Al absy Andi Willis Angela Briant Angela Baugh ann reeves Arrin Daley Barbara West Ann Fereti Chris Brunskill Maureen Weier Claudia Alessi Candice Loopstra Charlotte Prinsloo Christine Fry Chris Cass Carole Baker Ethel Smith Karen Milligan Carole Jackson Shirley Cannon Charbel Taouk Dale Edwards Deborah Rusbourne Dianne Wakefield Donna Gibson Doreen May Ellen Male Fiona Parminter Francis Deary Gary McFarlane Irene Gleadhill Inge Hanke Jan Turner Jason Gustaff Jehan Zaib Jenelle Smith Jenny Harding Jo Illingsworth Joel Garton Josh Willie William Wright Kate Alexander Kerry Leafe Kate Webster Leah Hughes Leonie Morgan Paul Hsiao Lilith Waud lucy mcgin Marcia Britos Scott Campbell Lynne Baldock Marie Meynadier Shirley Dunn Rebecca Nash Nigel Tanner Kim Madden Susan Young Christine Lucas Rachel Medley Rob and Toni Hill Robyn Kinnes Roger Irving Robert Stephen Stephanie Ford Sascha dodds Sarina Beirman Sean Poyser Esther Shackleton Sharon Duncan Shelley Alcorn Michelle OFlynn Steve Bailey Susan Davidson Suzan Dickson Friend Harvey Trieste Whareaitu Tom Byers Robert Vermont Rosemary Bezu Nevill Neliman RICHARD WEBB Friend T Krystal Mather Despina Drakos Debbie Somersall Jacob Davis Ben Carr Donna Filson Karin Ma carla weerts Rosie Michaelis Shelley W David Williams Diana Kraft Tracey Condren Patricia Bentley Daniel Lee Julie Krausz-Rogerson Philippa Archdall Cod

Paul Walker Paul Attard Pene Liddicoat Penny Hamilton Pam Swain Rachel Dight Rachel Needoba Dave Ritchie Nancy James Robert Hatton Robyn Reichman Jeff Telfer Robyn Smith ROD MITCHELL Rod Balaam Rod vanin Ross Kingsley Maree White Sandra Rumbelow Sacha Pulsford San’dra Marinier Shae Karringten Sharon Mullin Scott Henderson Shirley Claassen Clara zahadek Ante Bilic Susan Thorman tamara dimattina Tash Dowbnia Tim Carroll Christine Nicholson Peter Toole Vanessa Stroebele Peter Hull Anthony Wagner Margaret Kellett Alan Peterson Yvonne Harmer Yvonne Blow Gz Z Rosie Thomas Zachariah Barry Quentin Dunn Andrew Derrington Kathy schirmer Kim Erbe Meighan Combe Merle Proudfoot Roma Monaco Sheri Evans Teila Lennon Steve Artiemiew Lynette McLeod Lyn McLeavy Gloria Nicoll Susan Howell Alan Gibb Lisa Campbell Alfiah Blond Ana Orduz Anne Sims Anthea Wynn Greg Whittle Barbara Pollard Beverley Bailey Cheryl Cain Chris degenhardt Christine Wilson Denise McGrath John Gregory Gail Wickham Gonda Hekkert Glenys Schiavi Kathryn Windahl hayim d Hazel Moore Henry Lucas Henry Holgate Jean Brown Jim Goodall Susan Veness Kristina Kardum Kylie mcLean Maddie Ross Matt Chan Mike Watt Nancy Faust Petros Americanos Melissa Parke Georgina Paterson Paul Baker Peter Kay Peter Gerard Ron Paratene Shane Martin Simon Fitzpatrick Sharon Apgar Sophia cheung Michael Stone Susanne Mercanti Suzanne Miller Tara Beska Timothy Martin Tony Milic Mellissa Woodhouse Wayne MacCombie Wayne Santleben Zoe cooper Christopher Denes Ad Hartl Genevieve Navarre Nicola Reed Fred Fawke Kath Vivas Lucian Raicu Suzanne Rumney Mahalia Barter Sara Hammer Stephen Sandilands Robin McNaughton Dale Rattle John Bloomfield Waltraud Schneider ken lomas Miriam MARMOLEJO Friend Clark ian plant Evan Hughes Stephen Flora Brenda Francis Catherine Knott Dorothy Kiers Denise Gardner anne vranes Brooke Harding Kerry Campbell Chris Taylor Cristina Brigham Danilo ZIVKOVIC Darren Perry David Hollands Jennie Dibley Samantha Ace Margaret Headley laura mansfield ernest mansell Julie Savage Kimberly White Gabriella Tagliapietra Elsy Shallman Hazel Gribben Helen Parish Lisa Black Jackie Ireland Janine Burke Joanne Weymouth John Coates Jon Rowdon Joyce Rowe Catherine Kennedy Kathleen patitsas Konstans Ostreva Daniel Kurka Linda Berlach Elizabeth Whitton Michael Sala Mick Gallagher Molly martin Karen Collins Margaret Stanger Olivia Walsh Pamela McAllister Paula Arc Pippa McIntosh John Prats Richard Kowalczyk Sheona Robertson Susan Jane Lowe Sophie Ozkan Susan Wareham lili lim Slavko Arko Vivien Holyoake Susanna Miller Ella Crowley Margaret McGrath John Brewer Regina Renner Martina Capannini Rachel Makepeace Carl Cree Natalie Mamone Kathryn Tubb Ella Wilby Natalie Joyce Stephen Mott Donald Baumgartner David miller Jacqueline LonsdaleCuerton Lynda Foot Marilyn Buckerfield Gael O’Donnell Vera Lynne richard smith Amy Rose John Lewis Belinda McKeown Bronwyn Ellens Bob Russell Bryan Knight Carmen Baysari Carol Jones Carol Eiser Catherine River Carolyn England Cheryl Kemp Chris Mallet Chris Ward David Clemente Colin Gillam Dsnn May David O’Neill David Garratt liz lokhorst Fenn Martin Jade Mendez Ian Wallace Jacqueline Woodland David Gillan jeremy flanagan Jan Diamond Jan Watson Jenny Rosewarne Jennifer Gambrill Jan McLean John Stanley John Rodgers Justine Malingrey Karen Debono Kerrie Sanderson Kevin Long Elysia Wicks brooke vogt Lyn Turner Michael Knopf ann-louise walker Michael Pritchard Ann-Sofi Svendsen Nicole welch Janice Oliver Jenny Owen Martin Owens Peter Innes Peter Montgomery Grant Pleass Patricia Urani Robyn Warwick Ronald Bellchambers Tania Magennis Jamie Schwear Stephanie Poleson Sarah McMullan Barbara Struthers Susan Teal Ildiko Fazekas Susan Hobbs Sushma Ganesh Suzette Worden Brian Cotgrove Val Marsden Wendy Correlje John Cox Erica Seton Carolina Gumz Kirsten Duncan Jasmine Cronin Elanor Mitchell Pamela Rose John Kelly Sandi Finn Carol Derbyshire Tai Truong Manfred Knorr William Nicholson Peter Hyland Colleen Rohan Katrina Byrne Richard Whitebrook Ulrike Weckes Karl White YuYun Shih Suzanne Flanegan Neil Faichney Vivienne McNeil sonja weinberg Ines Bechameil Alison Read alice leavy amanda Mair Astrid Gates Benita Parsons Bev Jan Bruce White

Bhushan Joshi Kim Venning Brenda Smith Bridget Ralph Arthur Webber Calida With Chris bishop Christopher McGuire Anthony Pricolo Michele Pearson Ian Collishaw Di Clancy Maurie Cuskelly Emma West Michael Ghalayini Peter Charles Naomi Bicheno Francesca Stahlut Ann Kearney Gary Hancock Lindy Howard Diane Grant George Oneil Hananh Phillips Hayley Randall Hermanus doorn Helen Koustas Ilona Monteforte Jaime Worters Janice Hamilton Janice Thomas Jenny henson Jaie Mauger John Taylor Julie Gledhill Kate Setchell Kathrine Grant Katherine Castellanos Kim Mclauchlan Friend Malik Leanne Jeffrey Kate Fernyhough Vanessa Pitt Kath Balson Marilyn Moran Gesthimani Mihailou Richard Marais Margaret Vischer Margaret NOWLAN Martin Dalfsen Gary Clark Michael Ellison Pablo DeVicente Neelima Surapaneni Neil Evans Nikki Pricey Naomi Onley Paul Hick Paul bowman Pam Wilkie Pearl Tabart Rose Margesson Ruta Vilkaite Severine Bompoint Shae Maris Kay Shields Sophie Laguna Scott McClelland Mark Mann Sue Russell Tania Mazzotti Michael Brooks Terrence Keen Tony Hosszu Marni Raprager Vivienne Laterre Kristyna Malinova Noelene Ulrick Aaron Benham Allen Hattaway ernie coulton Lynne Marshall Thomas Weir Rochelle Rodier Kuatarina Mount Eloise Fetterplace Tracey Grima Jenni Cargill Evalyn Curtis james Marten-coney Maxine Fourmy David Ma Vicki Carman-Brown Emma Mccambridge Julia Holmes Mandy Moss Ange Cecco Leo boscarini Carolyne Mitchener sue Roffey Jacinta Kocek John Curran Amanda Ladds Andrew McNicol Andy Lees Ariel Turner Annette Brown Philip Lim Bradley Cook Cameron Marshall Carissa Hartig Carra williams Caspian Batory Catherine Trevillien Clive Humphreys Colleen Roche Corinne Hall Christine Tomczak Alena Jirasek Mike berguig David cornock David Coffey Darryl Hayden Derek Williamson Don Elmer Dorothy Bottrell ted hill Elaine Acworth Eleanor Hutcheon E Cameron Anja Eriksson Finn Kelly Michelle Willis Jan F Geoffrey Spence Elepi Raftery Grahame James Carolyne Forte Marisha Arnold Helen Barnett Helene Herbert Helen berry David Adams Hughy Whitfeld Martin Hurley Janet Dynon Jeanette Lecaros Jacqui Hiwes Julie Hopper Karmayogini parker Karyn Sanders Kate Gibbs Kevin Taylor Laura Wolstencroft Laura Unicomb Leo Kilbey-Jones Leyla Moncelet Linda Visman Loretta Stadler Jason Lorch Lorna Garry louisa noffke-south Lynette Roberts Marguerite Morgan Malcolm Marshall Mandy Rhind Marilyn Weaver Maria Michailidi Matt Pearson Meigan Lefebure Irene Mewburn Michele parker Renazzle T Celine Ronce Maree Kratzer Miree Le Roy Monika reber Narelle stace Neil Curry Paul Saunders Pete Warren-Smith Peter Dickson Pim Muter Peter Elliston Raven East Juli gassner Rowan Monks Rob Reeves Ron OWEN Ryan Tyrrell Ryan Hobma Saul Mordaunt Jenny Prior Sharon Annesley Sharyn Lituri sylvia Mcclay Judyth Salom Claire Stewart Toni Hoekstra Toops Bridges Jan Lindsay Wendy Ellis elizabeth meman molly moate Tilde Andersson Nikki Saxon Jenny Zeinstra Maura Dand Mike Holland Paul Dennis Barbara Evershed Sofie Thielemans Liette Boisvert Melissa Hessing Gregg Flanegan Karen G Maria Pusic Tim Carrington Jenny Hobbs Patrick Li Lucy Zarb Dolores walsh latticha lerdwichagul Kevin Crombie Jane Daniels Rowan McAuley Wendy wenhuda Toni Simioni Madhur Sethi Sharron Garrett Anthony Collins Alicia Camenzuli Adam Fitzhenry Alan Bidwell Anna Glancey Anthony Daniel Rick bailey iAN pETERSON Jennifer Powrie jo harris Robert Bucinskas Courtney Sauer Caite Adamek Kate Casley Catherine Jeffs Chad Stephens Christine Hampshire Christine Hay Chrystle Brooks Danneil Ryan David Somerfield Dave lang Greg and Karen Douglas Karen Dawson Ellie O’Halloran Faye teusner Lynda Tyson Angie Walton Fox mccrossin Franceska Jordan Franki Elliott Alison Girvan Gillian Love Gillian Marks Gwyneth Evans Heather Spencer Satoko Kato Jane Radcliff Jane Anderson Janine Rainbow Jasmine Comber John Callahan Jaynaya Travis jack shepherd Jeff apps Jeremy Klitzing Joanna Hill John Watt Katia Brs Kevin McLaren Penelope Keys Kim Lowe Kirstie Dux Karl Schurr Mark Vosilla Lisa Steffe Maria Roeckmann Michael Dare Maree Klinac Maryann Selleck Matthew Mcfarlane Melanie Bryant Merryn Tune Michael Simon Mike Grant Mahmoud Mirzaei Michael Zilibowitz Sharon Smith Ngawang Pema Peta Bindoff Paul Bosio Philip Hepner Mel Ball Barnacle Bracewell Lisa Everett

Richard Candy Rebecca Krauss Rohan Madison Roy Forward Ruby Ioppolo Sarah Browne Wendy zheng Shiry Klipstein George Michelsen Sandy Eun John White Stella Randell steff scott Sue Miles Isabella Sawatzki Raizha Kasasih Tony Walters Cassie Uretir Valerie Evans Vicki Tamandl Margaret MURDOCH Nada Steele Petrina Elliott eliane thomas Antonia Mocatta Jan Wilkinson Philip Stowell Lisa Scotland Ben Dempsey Taya Nielsen Salar Alehossein paul gadsby Rik Jurcevic Claire Cochrane Sid French Tiberius Williams Elizabeth Ellen Anna Basten Fran Mumford Milan Hepner Justin Estreich EB Ong Jeni Mancini Sean Beresford Beryl Watts Franziska Eber Ross Lindsay Debz Jones Maren Arndt Alison Davidson Rai Fergusson Maria Rummery mihaela gongescu Isabelle Briginshaw Frank Burke Kath Chandler louise meloche Marisa Allen Gill Willis Caroline Dinnage Riikka Poulsen Alex Verguchten Kathryn Sandland Stephanie Bullock Dianne Douglas Lisa Wild James Brown John Moszyk Lynne Lewis Abbey Gibson Al Capel Andrew Higgie Anne DePina Aylee Rankine Michelle georgiou Balazs Boros Graham Austin Brendan Carde Carol Gordon Caterina Scalzo Flora Chew Chris Jacklin Susan Patiniotis Craig Cameron Sherry Thomas Dan Hablethwaite Dorothy Pritchard Stephen Patat Elias Imperial Elisabet HELLSTROM Fiona Mcgarva Norman Mendonca Gemma Ryan Genevieve Barclai Georgie Opie Yani Hernandez Gaye Gorman graham bell Hannah Rowe Helen dowland Hein Htet Kevin Payne Josh Hutchinson Ian Hodgson Jackie Kearns Jade Burtenshaw James Kiefer Jan Jansen Jay Yurdakul Jayden Tangye Jane Hudson Jen Midgley Jenny Scarlett Jesse Gerner Dianne Schahinger Jodie Valpied Kiera-Lee Doolan Kim Ferguson Kirsten Read Kirsty Young Kritsana patthamang Elaine Gale Lynne Clausius Linda Plowman Lisa Siganto Lyndon Samuel Joshua Manning Mariella Olea Marilyn Domenech Merren Ricketson Marie Harris Michael Gaffy Nigel Barber Nikee Tierney Sally McMahon Rachael Wood Rachel Whitworth Rachel Daly Rick Hart Rosemary Latto Sarah Baffi Audrey Semon Rhys Smith Friend Hands Stephen Fanning Tracey Maiden Franklin Peters Tonia Brown Rob Theobald Lisa Wales Rebecca Webb heather gee Angela Hembroff Joanna Prendergast Ian Watson Craig Clere Scott Marienau Jackie Tryggeseth Giulio Perona Jamila Bektenova Jesus Meraz Nicolas Guzman Rizk rizk Kathleen Brown Daniel Jani Chris Bellman Vilma Kaikkonen Dee Faulkner Felicia Williamsson Susanna Ernvik Petri Mai Erlend Korsnes Craig Bassett Beatrice Cal Catalina Hendrickx Pertti Palo Steve Laws Tina Venclova Alexane Martin MaryCarol Dart Josh Hadden Carina Braeutigam Stefano Monti Michela Obinu dave smith Cecily Anderson Josefina Jaakkola Edward Baker Sandra Lopez Andrew Knoll DHRTI sharma Alexandra Stedman Kerryn Bell Lynette Miles Ross Copeland Oriana Ortiz Susan Doye Vicki SCHILDER Margaret Widuckel Asher Christophers Jenny Dupree Maree Schell Helen Anderson Matt Teffer Joe Bird Linda Tagliaferro Paul Dyer Michelle Bell Mark Lockwood-Porter Jodie Dunning Michael Perrpux Margaret Pont Andrew Berlach sandra marshall David Bibo Leanne Evans john hocking Marybeth Sarran Scott Schrieke Trevor Omara Timothy read Alison Petrou Teena Kats Kim Rogers Mike Lu Katherine Rushby Dianne Schahinger Thuy Dang Bud Coe veronica stephenson Janet Dawson sophia fowler Robert Mullan Ian Marshall Tobias Bender Melanie Sweeney Lawrence Peake Danielle Carr Clare Smith sacha ventura Kaz Monty Markus Mielke Freyja Nielsen John Russell Gabriella Shreeve errol firminger Kimberley Robertson Paul Davies Olivia Hacker Mark Belfanti Robyn Maddern Minna-Kerttu Vienola Tricia Dearden Margaret Paton Mo Lok Rachel Summers Dominik tAISCH Emilia Cebula Pat Belyea Sindre Huseboe Rosemary Cordy Susan Morris Larissa Toft Christina Maliariti Brianna Delaporte Pauline Schofield Roz Elkington Lorna Macdonald Shona Muller Jennifer O’Reilly Vanessa Bateup Anita McClintock Hayley Wallace Anne Clutterbuck John Larter Tamara Wilkinson Allan Bell Paula Ericksen Lesley Moody Shaye Mead Brody Pattison Glenn Linstead Leanne Laverty Jennifer Noble Alison Fizelle jann milickan Marilynne Cahn Shoshana Faire Lee-Ann Monk Robyn King Amber Whitehouse Ann niehof Ruby Stephens Shelly Barber Dominic May Louise Egerton Russell Knight Rebecca Barry Kiera Halpin Sandra Allen Sonia Martinovic Victoria Kaye Kamaria Parkin-McCoy Julia Monk Sarah Shephard

Annette Schieler Patrick Guthridge Carolina Camilo Mary O’brien Christopher Cass Adrian Dormer Richard letts Tania Zhang Daniel taylor Melinda Millen Jason Kenna Fiona Scott Susan Radley Aimee Underwood Maria Draak Vikki Mytruk Shadia Ibrahim Alison Trigg Mary Esperanza Elle Ninnie Mary Hopley Glyn Avery Kym Mogridge Graeme Hadfield Julian May Maryanne Anderson Jessie and Paul Wells Ross Fletcher Nicole Howard Mirjana Worrad David Waters DARREN JOHNSON Amanda Clark Stafford HALL Carolyn Tester Dr John Schutz Sally Morgan Susan Ferreira Colin Page Kerry Stubley Phillip Parker Rosanne Munro George Yung Martin Weishaupt John Nelson Daniel Wojciechowski Catherine Reid Mark Nelson Stephen Nelson Jason Connolly Paula Farrugia AG Judit Kacso Joshua nunez Judit Murvai Giuseppe Masi Danielle Wilkinson Lynda Smith Naomi Mawson Sam walkre Emily Fell Robert Newell Alysa Greenland Hollie Smith Jenny Fowler Sharon Guy Vicky Heitman Walter Bock Shelley Lewtas Mitchell Wheeler Alexia Day-Roche Goran Ivancev Malcolm CHEW Matia Stevenson Sherrie Hadland Kim Lomas April Wright Colin McKellar Aimee Said Luke Haag Mark Fernando Lauren Pritchrd Anna Dimou Deborah Pillay Frances Lu Evelyn Bleuel susan ross Patrick Kosky Antoinette Rees Helen Vines Greg Robertson Lyn Eyles Judy Knowles Stephanie Clark Maryjeanne Marshall Susan Australia Sally Pound Sylvia Constantinidis jeremy kiraly Siobhan Meaney Jodie Winnell Margaret Perusich Amanda Kinsley Nicholas Hill Vivian Jensen Liam Casey Vivien Ray April Wakefield Alan Gent Alexandros Baramilis Alice Edgerley Anita Gerding Anna Besser Annalise Drok Anne Simpson Ansgar Hoeckh Aoife O’Nolan Gordon Paul Angela York Leyal aksu Birgitta Mudsam Graham Murray Brianna Sawyer-Crawford Brian Clarke Brodee Augustine Bronwyn Harrison Brooke McGlashan suzie clarke Caitriona NicGhiollaphadraig Carl Berland Caroline Bentley Cassy Fenton Cinda Manins Claire May Clare White Lia M Colin Kleinig Yvette evans Dawn Matthews Denise Jones Denise Davies Derek Cunningham John DeWitt Daphne Lemonis Ken Fisher Ed Love Steve payne Emlyn Owen Emily Townsend Erica Mclure Erika Sumby-Hug Fabio Serra Mihail florea George Miller Geoffrey Russo Glenda Briggs Grace Ramsay Dana taborsku Heinz Ewald Helen Day Karen Le Roy Suszan Rogers Hayleyjfr Franklin Heather Chaplin Holly Ingram Ian Hastings Imogen Gosling Jaguar Lacroix Jacinta McLennan Jake Doyle James Black Jane Murphy Jan Dallas Jari Vipele Jay Arthur Jenny Guadagnuolo jessie frost Jean-Marc Lestavel Janelle Robinson Jamie Morgan Jo Casserly John Worrall Jonathan Wood Joseph Breheny Jason Thorne Judi Reid Julia Fischer Julianne lord Karen Gifford Kaya Gromocki Sabine G Keira Tweedie Kerri Wolfin Kylie vitale leslie Mc Mahon Leonie Johnstone Leticia Worley Lev lipkin Liane Corbett Linda De Jaeger linda hunt LISA JAMIESON Louise Taylor Louise Shiers Maggie Tallerman Sara Martins Mary Reynolds Mayriel Luke Barbara King Meagan Nash Michelle Murray Julieta Mirall Michael Macken Maggie Keegan Margot Morgan Nanise Bulainamana Naomi Ross Anneliese Simke Nick Vannan Nick Leeuwerink Nicola Hamilton Nigel Sharpe Nigel Crawford Noel Stringer nolan tyrrell Jimmy Thompson Peter Pain Pernette Wijnen Pauline Cornell Pelin Agaclitepe Emily Jones Pascale Millim Poolo Jothy Paulina Valdes Peter Mumme Paula Stevens Ricky Berghofer Raelee Gorring Ranka joyce Rebecca Stevens Riki Eketone antonio quigley Rosemary Livingstone Rob Eyres RooiPing Lim Rose Marie Ronald Read Ian Bates Samyra Tavares Sarah Rigg Sarah Holt Saskia Curtis Brent Cash Steve Jodrell Joshua Wallman Harmeet singh SHARON HEINJUS Sheri Robins Sheryl MacKenzie Simon Hunnam Simon Pailloux Simon Campbell Sophie SB Susan Hancock Suzanne Murphy Tara Cullen Tashi Wainwright Tess Mullin Trevor Davis Ulani McManus Vasilo Nihas-Bogiatzis Miriam Verbeek Matthew Simpson Rob Loveband mary stewart Kiki Loch-wilkinson Amelia Easdale Colin Chenery Jayanthi Rajendran James Lascelles Steve Meerton Sacha Cairns ingrid vandijken Geoff Rich Erica Hunt Juliana Glavimans Ms Lily Chrywenstrom Karin Engel Katie Harris Kim Turner Michael Liapakis Gloria Davis Andrew Lade Peter Milles Cat Romano Ray Edwards Wendye Kolles Donna Lupson Greg Vanschie Tommaso LoGiudice Tina Hs Roger Seccombe Eliane Bailey Sophia Sakellis

Felicity McArthur carol hong Stephen Atkinson Damian de Alwis Dianne Drake Doreen Borrow Lindsey Ellis Susan Sanders Regina synnot Megan Deacon Jan Prior Lynn Bell Elly Williams Derek Amey Karen Sadgunn Tamara Donnellan Dawn Trakman Neil Kemp Monica KLOPPERS James Lockwood Ian Smallman Karlo Bozic Sue Blanchfield liz Macdonald terri batten Roland Bannister Liz Allen Manon Walquemanne Julie Walker Annie Dunne Anthony Santoro Julie Ginbey Edda Gerdau Nicola Haywood Jocelyn Williams Janis Copping Peter Lipscombe Sky Flores Rebecca Wooster Myra Opdyke Pam Ison April Randall J Hamilton Caitlin Provan Garry Denton Kelse Baines Nick Bradford Susan McMichael Tanya Markman Simon Furness Greg Warwick Dominique Wells Jose Ramos Bo Kofod Werner JUESTEL Rebecca Stewart Andrew Weatherill Luk Daems Heidi Parvela Mike Trim Annika Nack Helen Millar christina pafitis Bonnie Sadowskas Jerome Lambert Jack McCaffrie Nan McCallum Karl Schaerf David Powis Anthony Priddle Lynette Rackley Kirsty Peta Barrett Sarag West Andre Hageman Spyros Topalis Des Townsend Jeff Dallinger Gillian Tofferi Noor Petersen Anna Linsel Annalise Piotrowski Grace Billington Ben Patterson Biljana Rufati Caitlin Westlake Camilla Fava Casey Cummins Colin Clark Dan Summerfield Emma Canaway Elise Wilkinson Emily Sheehan Ernst pfenninger erin warner Eve Boase Graeme Forsth Gregory Oates Gregory Hagger Amgus Simpson Hiroshi Hamasaki Helene Lunde Charmane Hollyock Jaz Zak Jackie Jones Jacob Jones jacqui sheales James Paull Jamie Russo Jade Walker Joseph Bradford John Upson Jayne Hall Jane Wallace Mitchell Katherine Huggard Katherine Page Kathleen Roper Katrina Shaw Liz Arnold Leila Westrope Madeline Horton Mait Ho Marina Korica Mark Lemesurier M Selleck Lisa McLean maryellen flynn Miriam Frommer Mia Seefeld Nicole CLOITRE nicola Ray Nikita La Baysse Stephen O Brien Paivi Ylinen Pia Gaardboe Peter Dawes Robert scholes Robyn Molloy Roy Wilson Sally-anne James Sam Watts Courtnay Power David Spencer Patricia Stone Summer Boogaard Susan Dent Tess Noonan Trevor Armstrong Tracey Skelton Gracie Mutton virginia wallace-crabbe Wendy Pollack Zoe Gallent Sharyn Deane Belinda Wright Geoff Hunt Kathie Strickland Claire Loridan Elizabeth Goitia Jacquie Monti Dorothee Babeck Lin Braun Jess Bouman Aaron Cosier Ajla Vasiljevic Andrea Shoebridge Alex McFadden Aleksandra Grabowska Alisa Rudolph Amy O’Brien andrea dunphy Anja VanAswegen Anthony Dwyer Attracta lagan Brendan Cooper Barb Adams Graham Buderus Allen Lyne Rebecca Lenc Bernadette Shanahan Therese Matson Jenny Sykes Catherine deBoer Catherine Lynch Cathrine Saint Chelsie Nosworthy Cherie Pont Christine Eyres Cilla Kinross Clare Guthrie Gillian Clark connie schembri Heather Coombes Coral Tulloch Corinne Sellers Dakota Janeiro Damien Robinson Daniel bedford David Turnbull David HAYNES Eliza Wilson Lauren Grace Christopher Welsh John Fenech Francoise Muller-Robbie Lisa Fusinato georgia roberts Luciana d’Arcangeli Gina mcFadden Ben VanTrigt Ann Griffin Hamish green Lizzie Wright Gillian Hanna Helen Sheil Morgan Kingsley Ian Benning Ivana Maree Nakhle Iris Beekman Jack Campbell Janet Clippingdale Jane deBretton-Gordon Jane O’Sullivan Jane Cunliffe-Jones Jason Kienzner Jaylee Poole John Kirkwood Josie Mackay-sim JO-ANNE TAYLOR Kathy Inverarity Kat o’Reilly Ken Hall Ken Karikas Kevin Barker Kiah Gardiner Kathryn Marshall Julie Wilcox Lauren Schneider Lee Williams Lenny Leonedas Leon Smith Lorraine Frew Lisa Nelson Liz Brady Vanessa Smith Louise Pollard Lynette Hein Anthea Uebergang Anne Msher Maree Hanson Margaret Biddles Margi Cruickshank Mark Harrison Martin Scheirich Mateusz Blaszczakiewicz Matthew Black Matt McCahey Jeanne Campbell Margaret McMahon Megan Saw Melinda Donaldson Melinda Gibb Mary Exel Michael Randall Millie Ayton Michael MAGGIOROS Monica Webb Karianne Pettersen Nicolas Mialaret Nikky Stonr Niyaz Ivanov Nora Gomez Nicholas Fox Olga Tishkova Patricia Fraser Tricia Sharples Philip Johnson Prue Mcauliffe Peta Burchell gregory purcell Patrick Wagner Rob Passey Rachel Galvin Richard Redman Rhonda Smith Roger Whittaker Rose Ashton Sally Hanreck Sam milidoni Sara Pearson Sasha Yarwood JOHN HERVATICH John Schubert Scot Farley Shannon Harvey Shelley Scown Sarunas Bandinskas Sue Kavanagh Marty Cooke Sophie Miller Sarah Jones Brian Starr Stella Cella Stephen Westbrook Matthew Barker Sue Hayes

susie sedgwick Sue Lawler Susan Cobham Sylvia Gillespie Tara Walsh Tom Hodges Lynda Tomlinson Vacy Vlazna Veronica Lawson Vida Shahamat Vikki John Walter Hes Wendy Alford Ann Garling Susan Young Emma Williams Jack Xin Nitu KC Graeme Booker Jacqueline Vassallo Gary Smith Maxine Rowley Marco Moya Fiona Courtis Joanne Valvekens Janette Allison Jamie Payne-Dave Emma Mertens Erna van Zyl Mia Marr David Wright Caroline Bambrick Vienna O’Sullivan Elle Mullen Helen Dwyer Nola Taylor Ooi WeeLiam Ray Lister Polly Musgrove Phillip VandeHaar Neil van den Hoek Zahra Ismail Hardy Fabien Greg Joho Oliver Francis Paul Hemery Lily Mickaill Avi Berman Doug Aitken Adrienne Liebmann Alan Gill Alexandra Gray Alexander Schroeder Alysha Bagster Amina Price Anneliese Gale Arsh Kaura Ava Turnbull Barbara Williams Lidi Stroud Danielle Berto Adrian Scott John valuch Bradley hicks Judith Buttery Emma Barham Caroline Moses Chris Snell Carole Wood Chris Slater Leah Clayton Linda Chalmers Colin Cashman yvette grandjean Daniel van Kollenburg Diahnne Berthold Dialaba Palfy Dylan Kramer Eila Vinwynn Erin Redmond Ern Reeders Eve Rabi Louise Robinson Darryl Fourter Frances Swan George Scrivener Kathryn Litchfield Geoffrey Grigg Georgia Nelson Gertie Brunner Adriana Russo carol O’Sullivan Annie Llewelyn Laura G Laurence McDonald Ingrid Pich isabelle lee Jack Watkins Jaid Dawson Janine Anderson Jennifer Gilchrist Jennifer Ford Jessica Peterson Joeline Hackman John Odgers Joy Allison Kristian Stamenkovic Kathleen Mitakakis Karma Randall Karmun Phoon Kate Hughes Kate Belfield Kathryn Torpy Kelly Bon Laura Bellis Laura VanLoon Lillian Cordell Lindsey Horton Melanie O’byrne Mael Hartl Marion Dick Marissa Egan Vincent Marliere Marnie Walshe Ana Matias Bernadine Kelly Mary McKay Kristy Vincent Nella crosiglia Nicole Angst Paige Bostock Luke Roberts Anna Preston Priscilla-jean Priestley Rachaell Crawford Paul Raftery Rebecca Sinclair Rhiannon McLeod Richard Person Mel Farnbach Robyn Mayne Rosa Klinger Ruth McClelland Sara Hilgendorf Sarah Deed Scott McDonald Shirley Thyer Shaun Hallinan Pamela shearer Sandra Heiner Cat Silver Tiana Chezzi So Pet Sophie prietto Sousi Topal Stacy Anderson Kerri Bradbury Suzanne Cullen Tailoi Chan-Ling Tamsin Hong Marion McPherson Tammy Bennett Thom Hiscock Toni Bell Tali Dror Tori Nisbet Wendy Paterson Matt Wild Jocelyn Wrench Cuiqun Wu Yvonne Coleman Zoe Campbell Yvonne Fessler Wana Omid Lauren Maron Kirsty McIntosh Ute Hitschfeld Catherine Grant Damon Patane Sherry Eastwood Jaime Garard barry moreland Jan Benton Florian Thoma Jazmin Wilkins Noel Holland John Raymond Susanne Timm Lisa l Jade Hibberd Mary Petr Simon WOOD Jeff Whittle Tania Albertini Jenny Duncan Matt Major Ella Cleal-Cook Sarah Belton Kate Giles Linda van den Hoorn Lyn Snart Anthony Wilson Anthony Howell Janette Asche Giam Damico Chris radnell Dewi Utomo Don Gibson Janet way Jacqueline O’Gorman Mardi Free Michael Scheuring Aki Faamau Priscilla Guest John Hardaker Rosemary McKenzie Sean Waters Darren Spargo Robert McKenzie Rachael Vincent Sarah Mares Elenie Poulos Bibi Hashimi Joanna Tovia Ali Sammel Alex Dell’Anna Alison Sinclair Andrey Dinov Annette Olle Anouk Pinchetti Jeff Armitage Ashlee Morton Athena Kontjonis Karen Adams Beau Cameron Rebecca Watkins Benjamin Campbell daniel endicott Brad Powe Bronwyn De Fraine Bronwyn O’Neill Bev deSilva Nicolina Chartorisky Cameron McCawley Capucine Germain Carol Earl Cheryl Butns Cheryl Hamence Chris Lamb Christie Bence Jennifer Godfrey Colleen Lloyd Connor Douglas Tony Croft Ann Tierney Debra Hampton David gomer Don Petersen Donella Johnston Jame Ho Ann Elkington Elliot Burn Eliza Morisset Emma Thompson Evelyne Adam Evie Fazekas Fiona Lynch Fay Nicholls-Holt Belinda Jordan Georgia Carthey Glenn Barry Geoff Rutherford Graeme Dopheide Angela Alksnis Hayden Pritchard Helen Charles Jennifer Wallace Ilaria lagomarsino Iri J Jessica Farley Jack Hampson Janine Comer James Sloan Jan Basterfield Jane Marstrand Jeanette Haley Jacqui Bermingham John Kelly Jillian MacDonald Jodie Sheedy Jeanie pecats Judith Kurzman Judith Reynolds Kate Bills Karen Jackson Kate Hale Kieran Perry Korena Miller Kristine Shaw Lara Moor Lindee Cam Helen Davison Luise Pearson-Bernoth Luke Shelley Mel Trotter

Madeline Corben Maree Daley Alexandra Marks Martin Robertson Matilde Ravizza Mark Churton Melinda King Miriam Laister Michelle Miller Michael Pace andrew wilson Morris raphael Beverley Moss Michelle Hendy Murray Lee Margi Whitfield John cielinski Nya Dennison Ocean Wemyss cheryl mallinder barry proctor Lisa Perkins Petra Klein Emma Ferris Prudence Watson Paula Hedemann Rhys Sherring RACHEL Korinek Rachel Cuthbert Rebecca Buttenshaw Rebecca Bradley Nerida Edgar Robert Dawlings Ruth Schoenheimer Salli WATSON Sandy Winstanley Sara Dianati Sarah Vascellari Scott Rashleigh Sean Pearson Shane Kilby Sharon Swartz Shaynee Tranter Silvana Apolito Simon Farrow Brady Meyers Deb W Sofie Lines Marco Soffritti Sona Huberova Steph Luke Steven Mitchell Sue D Sylvia Mair Thelma Smalley Linda Tipping Ted Ripon valerie Bourke Victor Lisacek Wendy Elks Wendy Cowan Louisa Wise Yvonne Torn-Broers Nick Beck Rupert Grout Aidan Cavanagh Linda Mallery Trevor Corkill Madeline Hemsley Martine Brieger Lars Lynden Henk Raanhuis aidan mackell-wong henri bartholome Annette McLeish Michele T Tuckert Davina Gunn Deborah Ubert Stafford Whitwell Elfriede Rieder Geoff Lee Karmen Hughes Louise Cartledge Alexis Rooney Gregory Nelson Lyn Wilson Tracy Mackaway Nanci Nyols Robert Hall Emma Phillips Wendy Lwin Richard Hirst chantal sinclair Renee Mealey Teresa Hicks Erin Moore Vickie Yorke James Gilbert Del Hughes Eve Morton Glenys Gayfer Lisa Debande Daniel Ferguson Cody Skinner Alexandra Champion Emma Savage John Durmus Paul Higgins Heidi Dokulil Elle Lee Marcia Grace David Hobley DAMON CARROLL Philip Cocker wendy hird Mark Alchin Gary Smith Bev Isaac Niels Hansen Eugene McCann Ben ZHANG Nathan Lo Jason Field Leah Neary George Sanderson nicola brusatin Holger Stein Kevin Brennan Jillian Burdak Pauline Garde Bernard Kelly Jasmin Bishop Mark Simpson Rob Breuer Natalie Lloyd Leanne Keane Rae Mail Lairel Lewis Fiona Grahame-Davis Krys Taka Adam Vrandich Joe Howells Mark Crossley Lisa Sclafani Clement Clarke Friend K Dave Kisor Anthony Carew Angie Deloraine Boris Desmond Marian Kiely Ailsa Williams Scott Arnold Anita Clarke Glen Walls Julie Esdaile Janette Stuart Thomas Rayner Jay Jayawardena Megan Hyatt Lucah Scott Nichola Scott Gary Scott miriam steenhauer Shirley Higgins Ian Slater Anna Douglass Frank Lee Shaun Regan Giselle Martinez Lance Collins Donna Friedl Lee Simpson Judith Plumpton Kezia Bolitho Marc Wisniak Jonathan Viana mark rath Jill Storer steve donald John Whelan Amanda Sutherland Erin Puckeridge Elise West Janet Massey Craig Sutton Patricia Stein Don Spencer RICHARD KELLY Olivia Walsh Vera McVeagh Shayne Breen Cassandra Pisarskis Tim Quarry Johnny K Klaus Schrader tony russell Beth Hyland Johanna King Sarsha Rio Avril McQueen Julie Munns David Street Patrick McHale Hanna Nassar Paul Bruty Fiona Barker Kerri O’Brien Jane Linstead Don Saxby Marcel Muller Katherine Lynch Nieves Rivera Carrie Barham Natalie Watts COLLEEN CLEAVER Raf C Malcolm Youd Gerard McKay Phil Allen John Weaver Ian Grady Emma Johnson Michael Dalton Oliver Kerr Stefan Nus Jody Johnson James McHugh Suzanne Holden Pia Lietoff Pol Ribas Margaret Taylor Francesca Raft Marvin Masson Ros Betts Georgina Cordes Colm OMahony Ty Henschke dell farrell Janine Hall Ray Brown Paul Dean Jason Swiney Ellie Gillespie Anthony Boza Ana Klonkova James Davidson stephanie teasdale Wendy Nyangoro Eric Findlay Jennifer Rutherford Helen Laidlaw steve C Garry Owers darryl edwards Colleen McGrath Torben Olsen Jimmy Rey Nicole Kieven Ashley Love Chris Worrall Camille Bauer maria kowalski Tony Durrante Monica Svanberg Nick Jones Graham Brierley peter Kesby Ky Lee Alex Aliaga Geoff Norton Danny Junor Tony Ahearne Phillip Smiles Natalia Denham chris cronin Charissa Harris Lenny Aronsten Lily Rolfe Katherine Bright Suzanne Young Narelle Gordon Brett Sparkman William Fox Tom Maher David Anderson Steven Barrie Trim Benz marion soncourt Amelia Emerson David Reed Josh May Sylvia McArthur Marlene Oliver Michael Burns Alan Whittaker Brett Morgan eileen erguson John Carbines Mary Heath Sarah Davies Kim Portlock Pierre Drion paul weir Trish Melasti

Sam Rosich Rob jones Nikki Steele Joy saraswati Isabella Mcewan Sandra Short Eileen Collins Huy Le JC Nougaret Laurent Billot Jaslyn Swavley Wendy Tubman Mich Foster Gillian Davis Amy Butterfield Roberta Weissglass Simon Burns Margaret King Shoaib Noor Robert Stephenson Beverley Myburgh Jesse Graham doris james Sue Stoner Joseph Farrelly barbara paterno Scott Palmer Edward Brown Gillian Cottle Danie Kingf Teja Johns Maggie Barrett Dr Watson Michelle Baldock Jeremy Spencer Sam Pojar Paul Turner les graham Trish Vandyk Andrew Withers Paul A Bryant esq Rosalie Vanhoof Kanwar Plaha Leeanne Tyler-Olsen Claudia Zeitz Shane Martin Daniel Taylor Ola Krog Madeleine Green Sarah Pickette May-Brit Akerholt Rune sponberg Aleese Catcher Michael Knopf Ben White Celeste vanGent Michelle Wright Sara Andersson Eri Nakada Carol Menzies Julie Parker kirsty pittman Maria Kennedy Chris Ward June Kiff Melanie Joosten Tomasin Cuthbert Suszan Rogers Henry Williamson Leanne Tate Nathalie Bahala Chris Judd Paul Grillo Susie Russell markku vierula Benny Pettersson Kevin Wright Narelle Craig Beverley Chance Pavan Chandrala Ian Menzies Luke Francis Jonna Konstantinidou rhonda lawford Jessica Goodall Trish Johnstone John Sheppard Thomas Fikentscher Alex Chapman Wayne Hall Peter Gardner Marion Latchem MASOUD NODOUST Christophe Viala William Holland Josh Radford Frances Holland Stephen Evans Stuart Chadwick Geoffrey Davis Leighton Taylor Carol Cech Phil Powis david archer Ariah Goodluck Kevin Bolz Joan Dugdale Peter Spear Jennifer Watney Elizabeth Parbury Beverly Hayes Jenny Hampton Diana Rich debra olsson Gwen Keena Carol Robertson Phillip Benson Joy Daffurn Ingrid Daniell Simon Fraser Frank Stafford kevin brown ROY SCHMIDT Gaye Oakes Valerie HADFIELD Sue Hayter Lola Chretien Max Gambrill Celeste Ryan Eloise Hazlewpod Alex Ansett Yve Baldle-Agboton Paul Savage Mark Voir Regina Tees Ilse O’Reilly Greg McCallum-Rowe Nina Fudge Diana Savchenko Julie Cogley Sabine Cinner Helen Marshall sanja lalic Janet Lythall Nick Roskelley christine johnson Wendy Adams Rachael Dupre Jeppe Milthers Anne Sinclair Jenny Forward Gavin Mosher David Campkin Paul Vale Karen Sanders Amelia Arranz Babs Kingston-jones Jacquelyn Miles Vicki Delpero Jana Paetzold Bharat Mehta Peter Barnes Stewart Brown Kasia Jagiello Nita Ellul Sandra Johnston Robert Tombeur Gordon Alick Cellene Hoogenkamp Anu Bickert Peter Schmuck-Poschl Nicole Smith Sarah Kush Di Easton Irene Justiniano Karen Griffiths Dallas Robson Helene Willach william hipkiss Anne Close Navaz Dakin Amanda Saban Skye Hunter Patricia O’Driscoll Marie Werrebrouck Kristel Habing Lisa George Michael Wilson Chris Coulson Eric Cother Martin Suber Sophie Sheehan Stefan Frick Phil Thomas Michael Slater vicki nulty jerome sottaz Celestin Royon Paula Wittich Steffi Sprunkel Ann Lean laura baroni Glynn Stiller Susan Thomas Irena Nieslony peter MILLER Graeme Watt Alice Copsey Joyce Overton Bradley Nolland Claire Barry Phil Shingler Craig Heitmann Francesca Sasnaitis Tadej Kreft Lizzie Hughes Alan Selby Natasha Clark Peter Robinson Warwick Stubbs margaret Berney Pania S Michaela Baulderstone Tilman Ruff Emily Heath Robert Nunney Diana Gillies Kellie Thompson Deb Sue Merrilyn Birt alicija strkalj George Cazilieris Chris Siouville George Dodd Greg Whitten Victoria Streeter Yolanta Guthridge Gillian Carlin Roger Holcroft Cecilia Arsenovic Linda Fodor Simon Lavery bruce holmes Rita Bradd Fran Stone David Lee Helen Kirsopp Nicki Elkin Lorri Scott Susan Mot john hervatich Emma Tilden Susan Farr Karen Warbrooke Ruben Seco Harry Smith Pia Potonik Laura Sykes Manuela Berardo Jonas Haefele Jim Maiolo Catherine Burman Carla Varagnolo Jill Ferguson Ingrid Gusdorf Louisa Yim Brian Everson Carli Herbert Jane Oliver Lynette Reed Lara Armes-Venter Jessie Fountain REBECCA LEIGH Mary Lewis harry gardner Heather Brown Mignon McHendrie Michelle Ingram Pete Pike Carli Steffens Beryl Dix Jonatgan Wynne william pitt Georgina Eastwood Rhonda Banditt Liz Boss Eileen Wayre Michael Brown Emma Prendergast Michael Doherty Atanaska Palasheva Steve Meleady Peter Koppes David Cleveland William Fisher Maria Vieira Monika Bergler Ianne Haynes ombeline eckert Deborah Stockham Ian Newton Nancy Blake Stephanie Lanzetti Kalin Gibson larry gullick

Friend Magne Trace Cavaretta Susan gardiner Karen Chizik Elizabeth Walsh Isadora Fitzgerald Sultan Vurgun Chris Lomax Farabhi Khan wendy weaver sue wansbrough Brett Tate Jodie Arrowsmith janrt Burke Sue McCallum Lynda Campbell Phoebe Marks Helen Pedersen Grace Kett Peter Deane Julie Turpin Kylie Hemphill Robyn Coffey Julie NichollStimpson Benjamin Martin Tess Dunlap Steven Woods Mary Hodgson Kyria Frame Justine Goehrke pierre madl John Nightingale Nicky Lodi Phil Son Clive Stott Jo Rogers Penny Altman Terry Nagle Joyce Lowrie sj wright Muriel Passmore Monique Moylan Ana Santos Dorothy Zazelenchuk Naima Bouraba Timothy Perry Marianne Bonaldo Kirsten Anker terence rabbitt Rachel Fry Brendan Rome Natalie Stonier Laura Shapiro Lisa Howell Pablo Aguilera-Cartes Ana Matos Alexandre Rijo Janice Lamb Toni Smith Evelyn Farbman Martine Dupont Dojka Echeandia Lysbeth Donelan Lisa Forsberg Corentin Deserranno ivan nethercoat Nathalie Rijckoort Stephen Martin Elizabeth Marriott Danielle Mills Jan Nieuwenhuys Alexis D Natacha Guillaumin loris davidson Elena Lippe Gerardd Beckers Helena Moura hope roberts Elena Iacoboni Elke Schmidt Neagu Layla Kirstin Vanlierde Neena Beeharry Gioia Theler caroline salfati Jeffrey Dahlberg Heather Priems Bostjan Podosjtersek Gareth Brown Kira Klein Sandra Tomaz Christian Boshell Anna Rose Sheila Shannon Leeanne Emresoy emma shearer Michael Hillas Ebony Burgess charlotte scott Hayley Johnston Susan Nielsen tim webber Esther Bailey Mindy Klotz Barbara Downs Rik Suijs Michael Roper Meg Renton Claudia Cimino Diana Pinho Tiahna Tomac Karen Rendell Helen Devereux Peter Roberts Rachel andrew Liz Hanna Ann-Marie Tripodi Damaris Torres Dave Kearton Karen Freeman Heather Sebo Susanne Koen Betty Hobbs darren koetsveld Les Whale Marilyn Gaunt Patricia Evans Leah Katz garth stevens john Edwards Zeena Haniffa Jacqui Howard Marian Howard Ella Bourne Steve Page Adam Phillips pauline hosking Jane Gilchrist Colin Ball Helen Lu stephen cains Helen Hoelscher Fay Kolpin Gordon Israel Khris Sellin CHRISTA PAPWORTH Mairim Garrett Lyn Serventy Kendall messer Carolyn Switzer Michael Kerswell Val Monu Catherine Miniken Darrianne Blieschke Earthly Crone Hertha Collin Friend Welch Anne Wood Nathaniel Walsh simon vive David Arkins Craig Lewis Tim Wood daphne williams Pamela Young Mary Sturmer Debby Snape Debbie Maieroni Megan Peach Victor Bernal Rebekah Williams Bill Lawrance Trudi Lawrance Anne Denis Treya Brad Nathaly Jones Shirley Penhallurick Kira Wright Natalie Barry Caroline Reich Roy Bradley LIDIA RASIC Trish Howard Nick Koster Deanne Drury pat fitzgerald Alexander Moersdorf mihail florea Keenan Edwards Merilyn Lock Phil Auld Adam F Judy Stewart Sophie O’Leary Wendy Flanagan Anita Hartl Hurmus Sonuc Bruce Buchan Tim Jeffries Alex Thornton Carol Williams Auri Fehlberg Grace Brannigan pieter labrooy Deborah Bartlett Kara Anacleto Miriam Bronkhurst Bella Ashley Sergio anacleto Robin Ashley Jakey Ashley Sue Bursztynski Owen Anacleto Shanteya Lancaster elizabeth antunes Laurence Buckingham Linda Watkinson Brian Gorton Galyn Clarkson-Farrell Javier Fischer Kayla Manie Martina Schmidt Hilary Trotter Bea Soss Jean-Philippe Oggier Sol Payne geoff brookes Peter Gavin Sirkka-Liisa Vaeaenaenen Susan Hirst Robin Dinh Bec Suardana Tammi James Maureen Fitzgerald Tom Brown Dennis Silver Susan Lenehan Diane Ulrick Brigid Trotman Debra Lambert Ian Darling Darling Ingrid Yngstrom Nelia B Yvonne Dols matthew hayes Amy Johns Suzanne Ryan Annette Donlan Alan Bedford Alan Rudge Alex Wales Anthony Peeters Brendan Kirk barb whyte Bella Baccino Bernd Hollander Ben Geurtsen Blake Burningham Beverley Cantle Carolyn Layton Cassandra O’Keefe Catherine Robinson Chris Stacey Christopher Parker coralie Palmeri Catherine Dahl Daniel Welsh Devon Christie Dianne Best Deogracias Vinola Diane Dounas DIANNE SHOOBRIDGE Dirk Botje Dan Pace Dominique Quayle Lesley Short Fiona Curtis Victor Filmer Beverley Ka Frankie Sullivan-Wood Franziska Niessen Glenn Radford Neil Campbell Greg Macmillan Hiten Vinchhi Ryan Hudson Ian Overheu James Menzies Jan Ottrey Jason Swan Jen Conaghan Jane FitzGerald Willem Westerbeek Karen Davis Keiran Damen Kerry Wailes Kerry Rodgers Lacey Levitt Ellen Holdsworth Bec Jay Leeanne M Henry Linda Mcpherson Lisa Sheedy bob and sue llewellyn Matthew Sproule

Mary Ann Wright Medyhne Lebachen Megan James Megan Connell Michael Crofts Mark M Nazario Tedesco Lynette Singleton Richard Eaton Pamela Walker Logan McLeod ROSEMARY GRAHAME Rowena Gough Rob Mcleod Robyn Brown Camilla Rountree Renee Rowland Roxanne Colchester Mila V Samantha Ibrahim charles chadwick Sara Cabral sarah greene Belinda Gillam Derry Sue Lang Sandra Beck Stacey Haines Stacey Hummer stefan spescha Chanel Sani Steph Shell Thierry Masquilier Rachel Herbert Tony FAURE Tom Whitehorn Toni Brisland Tony Evington Scott Errington Tracey Woods Trina McMillan tristan omeara Teresa Eyre trude ellingsen Cheryl miller wayne boyde Wayne Perkins Wendy Lunn Yvonne Smith Christine Kelly Yve-berlin Taylor Barbara Wilkinson Angela Willett Melissa Blain Kit Willow Joanne Austin Nikki Brown Franco Cazzolli Lewis Macmaster Anne Pickett Jane Ferro Melanie Cena Isa Delezenne Giulio Perona James Lofting Hilary Ford Sintra Zorlu Janet Depiazzi Abdullah Rauf Neil bowman judy mccarron Rachel Russell Georgia Dunwoodie Catherine Filgate Claire Larroux Charlie Wilkie Sarah Medway Darci ein Lucy May James Carr Kirrilee Phillips Rup Rahman Helen Crombie Frances Smail Kelly Butcher Lindy Buckley Pia Ennedy Diann White Anne Dumas Martina Simbolon Susan Dixon Kazuya Wright Gabby Burke Paul Hopley Marimba Wilkie Rachelle Olsson Mitchell Rogers Mike Delaney joseph crowe Penelope Sands Kim Harding Jenni G Danielle Clarson Katie Jones Grace Chapman Lesley Heslop Robin Ressayre Eliza Appoo Claire Martin Kristen Montgomery Friend G Christy Wachs Patricia Scott Natali Cava Matthew Alexander Kirstie Hawes Janette Adams benny weine Ella Barry Xsarea Power Helen Tauchert Sophia Gutierrez Kelli Lincoln Jorn Straten Lucy Kazda Isabela Roper Anja Graeber Ian Wallace Louise Cavanough Emma Bean Pauline Hamilton Raeesah Rana Brianna Maley Melany Foot Vikas Tripathi Jan Albert Tilai Clifford Camilla Sullivan Norman Neate Tricia Davey Marion Burles Keahni Reichmuth Jared Hemmings Barb Belanger Leigh Wood Dan Solomon Zahli Fourmy Eve Schoenheimer Terina Isaakl Fiona Pringle Amanda Watson Jax Smith Tim Glover Triona Diviney Linda Harries Charlie Armstrong Rachel Maddison Emma Lanhams Donna daCosta Greg Stephens Tammy Sherar Jonathan Chong Virginia Lloyd-Tait Chris Morris Dan Wilcox David Milburn Justin Julicher Grant Armstrong Danilo Paes Julie Pederick Anneke Gyulavary Ashleigh Richards Uzma Choudhry Toni Edwards Bill Crowle Saretta Wells Sophie Correa Richard Nicholson poo bum beau plowman Adam Ostler Roslyn Alexander sara denny David Millward Janette Jacob james finney Olivia Mayer mason Dean Julia Marshall Kaye nichols Maria Miloserdova Anna Osadcha Tayla Jennings Ross Bradbury p power Robert Widin Greg Sperling Julie Tait Nick Carter Elsa de Froberville Caitlin Arcus Erica Mclachlin Lynn Roach Natala Stuetz Maireen Welch Julian Hare Kristi McConnell Geoffrey Wilkins Riku Kurosaka Mel Floyd Alexander Morton Ruth Wilkinson Tamara Binder Tanah Velterop Diane Whitehead Elske Muis eugene docherty SIMM Merrett Therese Matthews Vicki Long tamika hanson Aiden Bell Jennifer Hodgson jeanine richards John Moran Pamela Verrall John Hughes Dale Doust holly weston Erica Holman Joe Nguyen graeme kentish maria rodrigues Bob Morgan malcolm bride Anne Learmonth Patrick Cora Dayle Purcell MARY HALL John Irvin MISS SOFIA RITA BELMONTE Cameron Smith Anne Burke Jean Hamptonj Helen Stone Nikia Renton Paula Collett Delia Lang Nancy Watson Judy Thomas Robert Morrison Trevor Smith Naomi Wild Skye Baldock Marie Aaltonen Lara Landgren Harriet Richards Lewis Schiralli Vicky Holloway Susan Sinclair Jenny Hotham Evy Aarts David Tallerman Lynn West Rosemary Peddle David Whiteoak Andrew Strickland Jennifer Dickinson Charlotte Tacquet John Deed Debbie Rosa Malcolm Wallace Richard Pearson Charles Shipway Ken Morgan John Wilson Nora Tchekmeyan Brian Edwards Michelle S Marc Pengryffyn Regina Scullion Reinhard Kluge Julia Burns ramkrishna raja Belinda Trainor Murray Bannister Susan Kelly Marion Gray fiona wood Meg Burland Bryce Duggan Irena Majdanik Trish Knox Adrian Breakspear Angelique Gellert Alison Collins maureen taylor Amy Foreman Andrea Greig Anne-Marie Binnie Annie Byrne Arnhem Hunter Alev Saracoglu Courtney Reed Brook Andrew

bekkal m’hammed Bhavna Gopal Celia Connor naomi swift Jeremy Booth Brenna Pavey Wayne Walker Lynne Filtness Christopher Sutherland Christal Medrano Pauline Christie Christine Schleid Chris Backhouse Colleen McDonall Rachel Kilbourne Remy conescu Olwen Blyton samantha coulson Courtney Perryman Christine Thorpe Catherine Cussan Daisy DeWindt David Woods David Hanna Andrea Turner Dee Arr Denise Deerson Denise Cowl Diana Barry Dianne Dryden Diego Ramirez-Lovering Diipali Lilburne Diana Nezovic Duncan Parker Gerald Duncan Elisabeth Kuiper-Piek Emily Crowe Elizabeth Wakeling Fiona McRae Frank Jansen Gerard Doorakkers STAN GADDIN Geoffrey Manning Georgina Smith Geraldine McSweeney Greg Dive Thomas Conlan Grace Gempton Hannah Evans Hannah Patrikios Hugues Deraps Lili Scout Helen Bamforth hildy varney Hannah Lewi Campbell Hynam-Smith Brina Osimitz Isabel Perez Robyn Scheiber James Wheelock Norma McDonald jeff lemon Jemima Brady Jennifer Robertson Jeremy Hedley Jessica Hooks John Grayndler Judy Reed Julie Close Juliette Roberts Kirsten Jorgensen Katie Mooney Franz Kammerhofer Karen Stephenson Katlee Aguilar Kate Prestt Katherine Knight KAYE PATON Kaz Martin Kerry Beahan Klaus Kaulfuss Kerry Jones Lesley Crofts Kim Jackson Karen Boyd Lachlan Bailey Laing Stokes Lara McKay Leandra Coffey Leanne Rule Leeanne Aitken Liiek Soemarlono Lillyanne Bell-Senaratne L Smith Lorraine Evans Laraine Turner Luke Selleck Luke Flanagan Lynette Rooke Keira Lyons Mshmoud Youssef Mandy Geddes Margaret Berryman Margo Willox Mark McGough Matt Huxtable Maxwell Warren Megan Ward Meg Williamson Mia Wood Michael Loftus-Hills Jennifer Hallett-Smith Mark Richards Jenny Henry Murray Butler Marionne van katwijk Nick Hannaford Melissa Young-Florence Robyn Day Maurice ODonovan Pamela Baxter Paul Appleton Paul Baks Paula Mondlane Phoenix Severin-Wiseman Desy Rikayanti Richard Mueck Rob Cleeve Robyn Auld Rosa McDonald ROSEMARY PETERSON Robyn Whitehead Samantha Karolyi Samantha Slade Sami Burston Sandi Lucock Sandra Auld sarah richards Sue Severin Shelly Kaas Sophie Holleley Olga Fogarty Svetlana Manns Greg Sweeney Brittany Sweet Gary Symons Tara Cuerden Bronwyn Smith Veronica Norton tim steward Tarni Fairfield Timothy Jones Tom Nikitin Tracy Clark Trisha Douglass Valerie Long Vanessa Fitzmaurice Victoria Broad Virginia Joy william giles Wayne Galvin Yolande Stone Pamela White Macgregor Forbes Said Ellouz Marion Paul Wayne Osborne Brian Munn Carlos Whiley Jane Jahn Patricia Brooks Andrew Smith John Mollenhauer David Adams Simon Davis Lynn Gailey Peter Thurgood Patrick Bonne Cheryl Barker Emily McNally Wilko Wilkins Josh L Christine Cook Reba Woodwiss Tess Corbel dana pendlebury Jan Cox Margaret Ryan Alban Aslani Lone Hansen BILL MACK Paul Smith John Kemp Marie Curnick Dana Quirk Ryan Palmer Irene Black Philip West Helen boehm Robert Harris susan varghese Kat K Corina Grey Roger Hass zahra nazari hajakake fgygejjc Heather Martin Donna Stone Gins Mutch Adam Knight Adeline Regnault Aleisha Mcdonald Amanda Wu Andrew Bradley Andrew Hewitt Anisha Okpalanze Anna Caleo Annika Bates Anthony McCarthy Aurelia Pichay Alabama Rowe barry cook Bertha Duek Benjamin Moon Dean Beveridge William Nolland Jane Bird Birte Weck Chrissie O’Neill Briana Knight Bridget Tronnolone Narelle Ladd Coco Bullock SONJA MUELLER Cat Madden Celia Craig Cecilia Xu Christine Gamble cheryl obrien CHLOE MALMOUX-SETZ Khodor Ismail colleen connolly Carolyn Palliardi Carol Lewis Rory Cummins Dale Hocking David Gooch David Norris DEBORAH CRESP Delaram Sani Kermani Dorothy Ng Dylan Scothorne Ed Zuzic leah o’neill Ellen Fraser Emily Nelson Emily Vanston Erica Peters Fran Chambers Deanna Schwarz Gavan McDonell Gemma MacArthur Gemma Vinciguerra GT George Giannakos Grace Pratt Gustav Herrman Hector Harley Ben Ando Jon INGUNZA Jacindie Jackson Lisa Parker Jade Kurzke Jan Bourke Jane Dinsdale Janine Jones Joanna Glazebrook Jodi Ward Joe Buettner John Enright Joan Skewes Judith O’Neill Johanne Buckley Kay Hage Kevin Curran Kelsey Attwells Kamola Khushvaktova Kimbily Ora Kristen Dunphy Kelly Stjernqvist Kylie Milosh Lachlan Hughes Deborah Williamson Lisa Gervasoni Lesley Cragg Olivia Campton-Smith Lois Wishart Louise Gleeson luca pasquale Madeleine Archer Madeleine Robson Mandhir Dhaliwal Tamara Grams Katherine Marchant Mark Staniec

Margaret Barbalet Mary Thompson Merryl Humphreys Michrle King Michael Featherstone Morgan Granger mozelle labouchardiere Mahina Shaw-McHenry Myra Trudgen Nancy Paolini Nathalie Farah Nemanja Madzarevic Nicole Willis Niki Mahaffey Amber Kemp pamela judd Pam Jordan Stephanie Pearce Penny Cass Helen Macguire Peta Miller Peter Rudledge Pamela Maddock RACHAEL TRAINOR Rachel J Rachel Masotti Anne Mackay Sue Morris Rich Rudder Rigby Taylor Rob Johnson Rohan Cass Samantha Migone Sarah Rabbidge Sarah Scriha Rosemary Brooks Sharlene Zeederberg Sharon Burke Shirley Becke Jackie Smith Stella Puente Anthea Struck Susan Armer Susan Carroll tallulah lock Tanya James Christine Green Terese Henning Natalie Bull Tanya Howard Valerie Farrimond Dick McCOLL Ursula Gardem Vanessa Capstick Victoria Ryan Nikki Devis wendy kurka Willow Jones Wolfgang Seemann Zayn Abbott Rachael Clifford Annabel Ritchie Matthew Smith Sophie Barnett Meg Huppatz Tanya thomson Susan Myers Ellie Monro Jo Walters Alfonso Pena Carina Bossu Colin Payne Gail Grogan holly barratt Yvonne Honey Mignon Kemke Marion Barker Holly Richardson Mollie Morgan Kay Caddy Michelle Wells Jodie Croton Mitchell Dawes Claire Mansveld Dulcie Ross Jess Lee Renee O’Reilly Lauren Garcia Lesley Marson jeremy blake nicholas duncan GAIL PARKER Tamara York Kery Tubb Anne Wyman Steve Davies james barrie Ulrike Sehy Meron Looney Ellen Connett Marie Bergendorff Anne-Marie Ryan Leeanne Tyler-Olsen Sue Kerville JB Ben Gauld Rachel Power Jane Foster Paul Koller Juliette Murray Lizz Sumner Penelope Bell Clare Chambers Fiona Ball Kate Gorman Maddie Bills Judy Charles Amanda Cicero Christopher Shoulder Marcus Hasting Albert Penn Catherine Hughes Jazmin Cooper Sam Griffin Ingrid Anderson Christine Bozkewycz Denise Grebnee Jody Penning R Anderson Rhonda Farrell Carolyn Stewart Endre Skogen Margaret Menzies Jill Nickson Beth Reynolds Rosemary Lynch Kathy Macalister Carol Houston Matthew Cadusch Nikolaj Frey Rosy Maccarrone Chantelle Joseph Rich Darby Jim Allen Cate Hutchinson Belinda Bastow Sandra Horwill Sean Kelly Alex Gartly Sean Fitzgerald John Amadio Teresa Martin-Lim Ellen Cliff Nadene Jones monica alcock Lynne Clement Amy Brown Patrick Armstrong Rose Hinz Mark Ellis Jenny Devlin Bernie Malzal Louise Mulligan Norman Jackson Christopher Pattison kym krummel vassallo romain Martin Potter Dallys McCombe Natalie Rivers Carlos Ribeiro Thomas Kent Julie Cody David King Jenni Hider-Smith Vera Martins jenifer rahmoy ella whateley Sam Falk Clare Bond Justine Mathieson Nicky Marlow Laurence Croydon Nadia Gasparetto Daniel Aydin Jasmin Aydin Ian Tate Julie Beeforth David Whelan Bronwyn Lewis Ann Chamberlain Enrico Hahn Alicia Gadd-Carolan Graeme Forsyth Peter Kabanoff Marian Stoney Fernanda Morais Laura Merle Monique Bossie Annie Drummond Sivan Bolger Pamela Copley Lynley Brennan Scott Wallace Ali Hudson Jake Hipwell Gillian Paxtpn Clive Ross Amelia Sturrock Anna Zak Ann Howett joe Bragg Gael Armour Danielle Lloyd Caroline Bukhari Melanie Lunny Bobbie Maton Delia Harry Gary Johns Pete Dacy James Beck Hope Calvert Hylram Viana Annabel Southcombe Michael Ackerly Paul Gillen Kay Harrison Jen Lamont Karin Fassbind Xavier Bowen KL Tessa Ward Edward Spencer James Foster Amelia Gleeson Astrid Koizar Sonia Westell Cheryl Allen Ian Priddle paul warrillow-williams Judy Gunson Helen Lu Lee Lemmer Ann Kinross Catherine Reynolds Ian Ward Janine Boyle Mark Austin Pamla Peterson Mark Horner Nina Allen Sean Wotton Sharon McGovern Mardi Ramadge Moroianu Maria Tom Adams Lucia Bourke gretta cuming Anne Cleverley Anna Henriques Abraham Ashr dan pena Mihai Cristina Lynn Ockenden John Fisher Christine Smith geoff robinson Morgan Tanswell Gisela Werner Ralph muller Kay Burton jan Scharringhausen Geoff Mann Anna Pedersen David Smith Leigh Tran Leanne Boucher Adriana Mosor Leonie Morgan Melanie Faulkner Hugo Race Kaz Lefave Caro Soles natalie bate Murray Alfredson Margaret Nurse Bernhard Pichler Mary Efthymiou Ruth Gibbs Joy Dahl Jean simpson Luis da Costa Mara Braun Rico James Brenton Prigge Liz Williams Joanne Fabling Geraldine Milton Sheila Gilbert Doug Frood Jillian Rice Frank Joussen Sylvia Zolly-Dauer Grace Saji Sindhu Daly

roseline cohen Corinne Gaulon Kyle Haines Graham Nichols Inez Barron Thomas Mason Mara Weisz Mickey Brewer Toni-lee Morrison Hugo Wauters Isla Kirk Anne Robbie Judith Cavey Sybille Zang-Scheibel Don Dudan Vulpe Andreea Hilary Ford Margurette Abraham Inger Edholm Marielle Heessels Gavan Royce Tony Jenkins Franziska Eber Sara Bissig Peter Grove Claire Legrand Margaret Spencer Anton King Karen Picton Kym McDonald Christine Silverlight william austin Trisha Lynn lea brand Ken Rookes maria peteinaraki Ulla Kall Marie-Claude Pessey Alicia Storr Heidi Cheeseman Frans de Herder Vera da Graca Beverley Armstrong Lesley Beards Florence Guyot Glenn Smith sue mcwhirter Verna Blewett Pam Gilliland Shelley Newlove Jo Kennedy Michelle Grant Michael Gardener Lynn Tizzard Jill Overton Lynne Grieves Yuri Bolotin Franscois McHardy Carole Booth Sonja Howard Chris McKimm Kerry Sax RAFAELA MELO Nathan Palmer Che Trendell Kelley Moss Oliver Draxl julia latchford Daniel Palmer Peter Sinclair Tama Neill J Jyakin Leigh Bredhauer Anne Graham Sue Calder ABRAHAM AVILA judith taylor chris edwardz Sue Connell Ari Wilson Natasha Morrell Paul King Marika Simpson Stephanie davey Megan Kalucy Graham Griffith Kris Carlile Catherine Stone Eva Gersbach Tom Marwick Caitlin Gregory Phoenix Eden John Bardsley Rebecca Birch Peter Brandscheid Rosalie Skinner Claire Cheeseman Ted Smith E Leung Jennifer Orsi Sheila van der Westhuyzen LEONNIE Gleeson Gillian Milrs Joanna Iliopoulos Valerie Volk Gail Poulton Fernanda Fartes Julian Maze Mandy Brown Jenessa Tran Dermot Danagher Lance Kerwin Pippa Pirie Angela Davies Phoebe Morrissey Estelle Mendelsohn Sarah Stevens Dr Clive Calyle Megan Halbert Susan MacGill Angel Gauvin Matt Noffke Rohan Burgess Lina de Boer Ian Ralph Jan Oliver Ann Franssen Carol Dover Peter Orre Adrian Simon Kristin Wohlers Joseph Scardino Amy Deane Robert Balbi Pat Lee Kate Smith Aileen Susan Jeffery geoff major Susan Taber Sophie McGrath Alison DAlyell Jakes Marais Naomi Clasohm Renate Moellenhoff Elizabeth Halliburton Jacqueline Franklin Virginia St Hill elisabeth knight Carol Cuthbert Jeannie Reichow Sabrina Gray Joanne Austin John Fielder carmen conway Merryn McKinnon Janet Lake Geoff Simpson Peter Stanley Freya Townsend Kathy Medbury Raelene Heston Ranjith Pathirana Anna Hull Chris Mason Rebecca Martin aimee hall Elizabeth Lee Paul Dignam Stephanie Smith Jodi Vial Russell Carter Harry bouchier Helen Worts Janan Balendran Jacinta Legge-Wilkinson Peter Gamble Leisa Klingbiel Josephine Brown Merri Paech Brian Cabot Gareth Kelly Helena Read Neil Longmore David Moulsdale Wilma Bicanic Raymond Howell Barbara Dunn Cara Skelsey Anthony Lavelle Peter Fleming David Douglas John Chabowski Jackie Sturgess Pete Dynes erina reddan Ian Birdwheel-Frights Steven Barrie Jeffrey Passlow karen lloyd Goncalo Silva Di


Sebastian Rerak Christopher Panayi Robynn Kaiser Miranda Parkinson Eve Abraham Monique Groot-Gagg Dorothea Stephan fay forman Judy Krach Maurice Costa Chris Drumright Hans-Joachim Kurth Christie Driscoll Daniel Bottomley Rimas Kudelis Virginia Bennett Thanassis Kounelis Pervez Abdulla Maria Petrou Dorraine Job Renat Uzun-Pogosov Les DeVine Ula Elliott Patricia Rasmussen Cameron Zavattero Diane Orvalho Inge Schmitz Larry Olivier Heinz Burow Karin Beeler Dori Cole Max Wootton sandra arapoudis Laura Guerra Hilary Bird Spela Ocepek Lagoja Bill Fernhill Michael Hendry Kate Kenner Philip Hurd-Wood Heide Breuer Marcus Hasting Catherine Rieckhoff Simon Potter Wendy Hartwig Margaret Ruddy Dagmar Dr. Gambichler BARBARA THIEL Jose Barry salvatore cento Debbie Pretorius Esther Van bergen Glynn Straton pavel Itskov Edna Mullen Rosemary Caolo Rowena Quantrill Myriam Pelkmans Francesca Lando Marco Brenes Karen Newman George Pavlinos frederic labarthe Ron Berliner Arjan Heetla Kate Hogarth Michelle Holdaway Kenneth Lapointe Brenda Robinson Zoltan Kantas Ronald Lemmert Lorraine Williams Irina Borisova William Sharfman Nikki Graham Valerie Hildebrand Oksana Zhukova Carol Thompson Jeanne Davidson David Hope Nicoline Paul Janne Bonnett Luke Alexander Margaret Bloor Renee Oelschig Glen Owen Erin Bourke sam mcfadzean Albane Roques Suleyman Kopru Thierry Ouvrard Shaileen Shah Jackie Jones SANDRA CONLEY Jam Ashby J. Hornig Jeriene Walberg Alejandro Munoz Joel Vincent Isabelle VITASSE KINDA RACHID Patricia Fuller OUEDRAOGO GILLES SABA NAKANDE Alassane Gihugu Baptiste Richard NDABATEZE Crispin Assimbo JOHN MWANDAZA Margarida Videira Tsiba-ngolo Armel GUEI SONZANAN JULIEN Patrice-Eric Klani Loua N’goran Franck pacome KOUAKOU Ntomnifor Richard Fru Akwe Korias MAKOGE Suh Cheo Cyprain TCHOUALA WABO Jean Marie Jacoby Joseph Elsan Tetang Noutcha Issoy Lubiche Prudence otele jean jacques cyrille Issack Ali RENAMY Serge legleye fx Henri AUGUSTE ABOUBACAR BIRO KOUYATE Diallo El hadj Aliou Abdourahmane Diallo Salomon Ramamonjisoa Rado Razafimahazo RAVELONARIVO ANDRIAMPARANY Ahmadou DOUMBIA ongapfe taleb ely victoria desvaux Bigaignon Laurent Annick Cayeux Rooksen Atmaram Ratin Baldeo Nicolas Devion Gapany Rodolphe Christine Poilly Ash Bhuvaneshwari Marie Demaire Virginia Lamarque Paul Stephan Nathalie Harris bonnard christelle Prashansa Kooshna Nundish Ramkissoon Divakar Moodhoo camille barbot Soumaila Bagna virginie pesme V ronique CORBIN Joyet Martine Ludovic Rousselle serge blanchard Pierre BOUGOURD Mich le Chollat-Traquet Lois Kugel Bruno COLAVIN Shanti VIRACAOUNDIN Bernard JORRE DE SAINT JORRE Michelle Faucher Teddy Magris Le Bonniec St phanie robin jay GWEN LE FLOCHMOEN Dominique SUDRE henry lena patricia crosson karine vernerey Fabienne GALLON ALOUCHE Sabine Dominique Blad maryvonne loupy Morisse Val rie Nina Hey fanny dubart Fr d rique Gaumet Yann Mouello Jean-Fran ois RIVIERE Caroline BOUIS NIYIBIZI ANANIE Gladys Grondin Oumar FALL Kaly Sow KOFFI DEGBE Jean Baptiste TIGUIBE Paulo Brinca Joao Sousa carlos soares Joseph DENOUGBETO Dineo Maine danny wilson Jessica Diano Hussen Ahmed Abseno Dominic Zagkum Seidu Kumbil Kusum Salley Lang Sabally Gibril Sanneh Naima Olivier Kanan Bid Luciana Parazzi sylvester woga Andrew Mwangura Joram Mathenge Linus Ndonga Martin Brown Munene peter wanyiri Omesa Samwel Nanjinia Wamuswa Alan Paul Okore George Julia Toomey FIdelia Diane Manuel Cardoso Carolina Policarpo vanessa cabanelas Keilah Silva Teresa Gomes Wildlife Defense Society Bamibia Sandro Schilliger Andreas Herrle Sr. Mary Thomas Prado Jim Kairu Emmanuel Bwala Thlama Chukwuma Franklin Okoye Bola Bhadmus RASAQ AYOOLA Dakeyi Mologe Jonathan Ogugua desmond majek Dandy. Mgbenwa Abdulrahman Abdu Godwin Etuk Yakubu Jimba John Maduka francis onianwa Tayo Yusuf Justice Job Akanimo Sampson Yusuf Bashir Ola Thompson Adewale Popoola BARNABAS OYEYINKA samuel adebayo Philomena Afaha Comrade Nelson Nnanna Nwafor Alexandra Delcroix Christiane Soarez Arthur Da Costa Campos dom damb Dayib Mohamed Cat Vincent Monika Mraz Elaine Baker Magnus Larsson Bukulu Haruna freddie tibesigwa John Byalebeka Bagalana Latifu mukaaya leila Bili Ganor Liz Coates Terry Raloh Terry Hodson Michelle Mostert Candice Rowe Anne Muir Carola Meyer Heilet Rudolph Nici Clarke Kim Canavan Robert Bass Lynne Franks Timothy Casteling Karin Fuchs Jannieq Smith Keith Logan Whitney Lee Govender Ross Jacobs A M Taylor Irene de Moor Bernice B Dipen Patel Justin de Beer marissa weideman Caylynne Symes Theresa Smook Cassandra Boshoff Jane Surerus Tawedzerwa Zhou Leon Clingman


MICHAEL BOTHA Ian Jamieson Zelda de Groot Lynda Jones Ceferino Cenizo Steven Ehrman Melissa Schreiber Sara-Jane Cairns Hannah Roberts Francine Dieckmann Wiebke Loubser Sally Argent Bridget Pitt Trevor Payne Kirsten Reen Diana Blatchford Caroline de Braganza Ralph Pina Lesley Marchant Amalia de Abreu Mauritz Moolman Moira Irlam Jennifer Thord-Gray Anne van Vliet Laura Summs Joe Dos Santos Stacy Geduld Lynne Gordon GILLIAN Van Wyk Dianne McAlpine Jonathan Mostert anne eneman Veronica Wang Colleen Crawford Cousins Athalie Crawford felix Henning Megan Bornman Erika Bostock Ann Carstens sibusiso michaels Sugan Naicker Keith Dietrich Antonio Caetano Linda States Stephanie Ford Brian Jenions hein stander Hanna Hack Vernon Roodt Wendy Vermeulen Paul Fleischack Bruce Boxshall-Smith Susan Goslin Jon Gibson James b Mark Attwood Loraine Louw Anne Hill Chris Parsonson Debbie Cave Linda von Holdt Jane Turner Adrienne Kieslich Lilian Fielden Judy Finch Sonja Bense marlene schmidlin Peter Rhode William Maliepaard Donnee Mac Dougall Philip Zietsman Ken Reid Talfryn Harris Ginny Sassen Jeunesse Park Alison Elgin Beat Peter Haefeli Gabriel Mizan Nick de Rauville Cheryl Jans julie eneman corinne bly Barbara Harland Nolubabalo Ntunzi Gabri Rigotti Dave Leatt Manuela de Lima Gina Hall Dagmar Ham Don Pearce Gill Simpson louise du Toit Jedi Hattingh Tanja Wegkamp Meghan Tomlinson Julia Smuts Carol van Hoogstraten Dylan Tupper Cecilia Brophy Lorane Phipps Max B Niki Khan Chris Jeffery Don Diana Elle Rochelle Redgard sadasivan balakisten Fiona Pickett Caylee-Jane Evans Debora Clark Errol Gunn Lisa Bayliss Frank Mitchell Keri Muller carla collins Lara Pollastrini Preanna Naicker juliette roos Desiree Laverne Orca Coetzee Paul van Dyk Chipangile Musongole Paul Chibamba Carole Wales-Smith Anthony Antoniou Muhammad Umar peter Rice Sara Arial Margarida Pinheiro Julia Grottker Gill Dean Felicia Konrad Carmen De Arce Guerrero Josune Arzalluz Jennifer Nolan B O’Doherty Annie Mcdonald Sarah Bindges Jane Masterman Carl Dick Sanja Dzalto Janice Creed J.J.G. Geus Alex Marr Jack Binder Agnes Urban silvia giuliani Constantin Balmaga alessandra zantedeschi Christiane Luke Gabrielle Duigu Elaine Matuszewski Sylvia Brend Emilie de Loes Radim Falout Kate Meyrick St phanie Turner Julia Golz Rita Karwinski Augustin Chen Franziska Hansen Michelle Neaylon Martine Hubin sara vroman elodie rodriguez Maxine Maierl Pier San Ankur Shah Sylvain Ganet Daniel Popa Cristina Cilla Ibrahima Mbaye alexandra lolivrel Gustavo Alvarez Silvana Munivrana Caroline Casado Eric Soyeux Savna Ramautar Dumisani Zungu Eugene Dlamini Kirsty Naicker Thush Naidoo Tracy Wells Fernanda Baravalle Alejandro Di guez Mary A. stephanie doelling Sonja Fiedler Michael Hadl Franz Kriftner Sonja Richter Wolfgang Sinz NICO TATIL Emanuel Toifl Gregor Urban Judith Baldwin Sjirk Bangma Amy Barrientos Indovino felicity boath Dhyani D’Souza Cathy Fowler Louisa-Jill Fowler Mark Goodman Anna H Eloise Hazlewood Darren Holmes Annelisa Johnson Ruth Johnson Vikki King Vicki Lennon Jas Makeig Erin McNeill Maurice Oldis Naomi Oliver Michelle Parsons rose pavey oli popa Judy Rees Sue Rienks Helmut Schaider Taylor Sharp sylvi shayl Tristarnya Sheridan Jeanie Snow Garry Starkey Eliabeth Story Sean Tapper Richard Vaughan Sam Watkins Justine Webse Hilda Williams Nikola Kolobaric ALAIN CATRY Nele Algoet Anne-Laure Roussot Ewoud Baeckelandt viviane balthazar Ben D’Hoore Chris Delcourt Yo Detemmerman Sarah Driesmans liliane emmerechts Karl Everaert Claudia Gaballo Greet Swaegers Thomas Janssens Jozef Kempen Laila Tom Malschaert Veerle muriel verstraete Anne-Marie Neckebroeck Johan Peeters Fourieka Reyneke Mark Roberts Mark Roberts Natacha Rosseel Renaud Schoonbroodt Alexis Seynaeve Tom Mulier Marleen Van Poeck Francoise van Straelen Gwendolyn Vankeirsbilck Dirk Wuyts Dobromir Manev Catherine Descroizilles Nu Suhaili robert curtin Viviane Oliveira Beatriz Fanton Miguel Groisman Daniel Ferreira Chris Dale Nicky Woodburn Nina Kvasovets Lyndsay Alexander Lea Bayliss Karo Belfo Anita Black brian Boelman Kelley Box Shira Chalmers Amitav Dash Frank Florio Diane Hardouin Sue Hutch Greg Jaski Simon Jauvin tina kraal Georges Labelle ashley marshall Sheril Mathews gm Lynn McIntyre Harley Miller Mike Nestor Marc Noiseux Marie-Line Sabbagh Margaret Sorken Mary Stewart Valerie Sylvester Pauline Thornham Patty Young Heidi Blesi Fabrice Bongard Claire Girardet

Olivia Gremaud Laura Martinoni Anna Pearson Louis Schornoz Matthias Werder daniela zumsteg Francesca Matsuda Rossana Prado Veronica vergara Joseph Thangasamy Jabez Thangiah Thomas Nchotebah malle adolf ngany Aicha Sani silvana bustillo Alvaro Gutierrez Daniel Pinilla ANGELA RODRIGUEZ Mariana Varela Sonia Bogantes Allan Mora Abarca Elisabeth Romano Maricel Serrano academic Ivan Pavlovic Marie Grycova Patricie Hajdova Jana Ruzickova Hana Zemanova Jana Zverinova Dagmar Bajinski Jigme Balasidis Silvia Beaury Verena Bigalke CB Ines Christ Eva Christen Franzi Blida Birgit Fischer peter fitzke Silke Geiger-Gidaui Nicole Hartmann Rebecca Hellwig Anja Hoheisel Juliane Hunka Nick Klueckmann Julia Knispel Torsten Kremser Wolfgang Krumpmann Manuel Kuss Sophie Markl Annemarie Meinold Sigrid Dr. Neef Martin Nel Kalle Oefele Ariane Paetz Andrea Priller Hannah Profitlich christine rubin Alexander Rybacki Barbara Schmidt Maria Schneider Cathleen Spohr Inge Stadler beata varga-petes Silke von Smekal Anja Wanka Bruno Zacke robert zank Peter Zwaans Thomas Arildsen suzanne flamand Johannes Juul Benjamin Larsen Gitte Loeyche Lone Maimburg Kirsten Nielsen Sonja Nielsen Jane Poulsen Kasper Schramm-Hansen Poul Erik Soerensen thor soele Tod Alan Spoerl Frank Svendsen Karin Dahl Svendsen Susanne Svendsen Uli Casares Corinna Kues Birgit Elu Karin Helstein Riina Mikson roberto abela serra Pablo Bernabe Jacobo Garcia Morales Teresa Greenwood Alba Juarez Bourke Marian Madsen marcos mallo leira Liliana Vasconcelos Paulino Real Chryssi Rollinger Margarita Rosberg Arja Kantele Auli Kautiainen Antti Laakso Riina Mikkonen Heli Perala Reija Rasinkangas Ida Suninen Riika Vilkko Nathanael Didillon M. Doyer Rita Gries Isabelle Lallemand Alienor Paguessorhaye Hugo pierre Emma Jackson Catherine Somerville Kwaku Adjekum Danladi Anagi Colin Charles Fonore Kanvole Emmanuel Peter Yamborigya Nikolaz Sebastiano Constantinos Baladimas Thomas Kotaridis Andreas G Eleftheria Hatzitheodoridi Stef Eco Maria Kerpinioti Vassilis KILIKOGLOU Kleoniki Tsitsani Christina Kolokotroni NIKI KOTAKI Mihalis Lahanas Demetrios Lekkas PANOS LOUIZOS Margarita Louzi Anastasia Mantzari Myrto Papoutsaki Apostolos Patsinakidis Andrew Ph dimitris potidis Xrysa Rigo Nancy Skilodimou Sophia Chatzinikolaou kiki stachtidou VANGELIS FOTINAKIS Marie-Helene Zavras STAVROS ZOGOPOULOS Athena Lambrinidou Andres Lainez Eric Hui Eliberto Mencia Iva Gojkovic Sian Lewis Petra Pletikosa Iva Turato Gergely Egyed Dezso Fekete Donna Ansley Teresa Clatworthy adrian commins Eric Conroy Roberto Gambi Garry Hall John Haughton Niamh Horgan Padraic Larkin Ciaran MacNamee Paul Maher Lindsay McConnell Neil Mulholland Claire Murtagh Joy Larkcom Jennie Ridyard Conor Scott Barry Steen Michael West Kavin Aadithiyan Rudra Chattopadhyay Amit More Jayeeta Sarkar Rahul S Giuseppe Albanese Anna Alberghini letizia balsamo Maria Benciolini Silvia Bertano Raffaello Burnazzi Tommaso Carbone Nicola Cerato Elena De Fanis fabrizio de lisi anna di blasi Marta Dorigo Cinzia Dottori Marta Garzotto ISABELLA GIUSTI Wu Joong Debbie Martin sara massaglia nicoletta polon Giuseppe Onufrio Martina Panozzi Alessandra Paolini Edeltraut Renk Vittorio Ricci laura russo Rita Sabbatini Paola Scodellari teseo staffilani Camelia M Tabacaru Marina Trova valentina venuti Anna vergnano Damir Babanazarov rana azzam rana azzam rana azzam Maria El-Kotob Ninel Fernando Jolanta Lauk Vitalija Pabreziene Aivaras Palubinskas Pascal De Rond Evita Gosa SHIREEN MCKEE CLAUDIA DEL CARMEN DEL CASTILLO Cinthia Gadd Ma. Elena Guillermo German Mendez Melissa Urbina Clare Galloway Lizelle Miller Suzanne Beck Jantien Bethlehem Leela Reimer Jacqueline Blom Paula Collewijn R de Blaey Frits de Vink Petra Demmers johan Geerlink arvid hagen Stefco Klaver L A Kloosterman dees mertens Bram Schotte wilma slomp Kalinke ten Hulzen Carlos A. Torres Linda Verstraten Annick Wilting Kerstin Blodig Ioannis Roussakis Gerald Rudolph Yvonne Amery Sarah Anderson Tom Anderson tom appleton Annette Baxendell Max Bloomfield Matthew Bowes paul braxton colin Chinnock Jill Cooper Jenny Couper Maxine Cross Marika Czaja Mario DeBono Charlie Devenish John Draper Anthony Froude Simon Gosling Raymond Herber Craig Hines Celia Jennings Margaret Johnson Riki Joyce annette kampen klara kiss lyn koppes Roland Langworthy Jo Macdonald Alastair D McAlpine Pain Jamie McCarthy Mike McGlynn Linda McNabb Kate Morgan Sally Randell Chris Rodliffe Margaret Scott Deb Sims Mary Southerwood Michelle Sternberg Marian Stronach philip wellington Mary Wilson Rochelle Wilson William Young Birgit Dr. Mershen Sebastian Dumler dan pena chay santi

Christine Cerqueda Pervez Abdulla Eugenia Kiesiak Kathleen Crespo Eliseo Echegaray Carmen Zeta Ana Aguiar Ines Ana cristina Barbosa Maria Barreto Joao Bernardo Luis Brancana Mafalda Castro Susana Sanches Luis Gaspar jinnie ehlers Maria Marques Ana Esteves Margarida Esteves Andre Faria Antonella Gilardi Vera Xavier Ana Gregorio Luis Filipe Guerreiro Albino Susan Hawkins Jose Sousa Estela Lamas ricardo jesus Susana Marques Cristina Mendes rita mendes Maria Palma Luis Ribeiro Ana Pires Nuno Veloso ana prieto SANDRA ROCHA Antonio Rodrigues jose santos Jorge Sa Alexandra Sequeira Joseph Serrao Cristina Silva Maria Silva Maria Teixeira maria teresa teixeira maria teresa teixeira eusebio manuel vestias vestias V.Hugo Soares Bruno Miguel Machado Silva Alexandru Miroiu Maria Schulz Marijana Demajo Aleksandar Jovanovic Tijana Lendvai Aron Sebestyen Radomir Stankovic Andrey Korobkov Max Poberezhnik Lars Blank Per Chrisander Kerstin Edman Bibbi Engberg Inger Ingmanson Ann Jardmark Yvonne Jergard Sonia Json Ryen Seija Kasvi Dina Kontaris Mia Lipfert Isabelle Midy Hannah Milton stig persson Lotta Rodin Lundberg Margaret runfors Anna Johannesson pirjo sundqvist darko debevec Michael John Smith Nicholas Ditri Rebeka Valovicova monika zazrivcova Alex Wellenbeck Attapun Anivat S Jitreun HALIDUN YILDIRIM Hsiao-chian Chen Chiaowei Hsueh Jessica Kim Vladyslav Galamaga Julie Atkinson Gill Baker Theodore Bambacas deasy bamford Elizabeth Barrett roger bennett R. Susi Bland Carol Borroff Vic Bostock Adam Brown June Brown Julie Browne Louise Buckle Trish Burns Linda Campbell Ann Chapman ANN CHAPMAN Darren Clayton Diane Corbett Bob Cotter ill Mike Coulson Al Creighton William Cumming avena davis Brian Dewis Jane Doubleday Norman Dugdale Graham Durrant Elizabeth Edwards Sue Ellery-Hill Jean Elliott lynne evans Ruth Evans Lucy Flint Amanda Giles Colin Glazebrook Rosie Godfrey a gordon sherie haines NIGEL HANMORE Micaela Haslam David Heath Lois Heath Trevor Heaton Thomas Henry James Hewitt Chris Hunt Mark Hutchinson Donna Iliffe-pollard Derek Jinkins01752 Nigel Jewison Carole Jones Siobhan Keaney Steven Kirby David Knight Jennifer Lanham Louise Lee Martin Lee sue lindley Nigel Lingley Dom Louks r manek Dylan Martin Sam Matthews Fiona Millward Neil Morley Jill Munn nick pearson pamela moore Christine Pedder John pettigrove Hilary Pollard Louise Priest Alex Ramage Lisa Robertson Dee Roye Nancy Schneider amy scott Lyn Shinie Ken Simkin Maggie Smith Allan Smyth M Spiers Nick Stockbridge Derek Stockdale JENNIFER STRAY anthony symmons simon tame David Taylor Reiner Tegtmeyer Ben Terry Mary Thomas Hans Tober hugh tunks Vanessa Van Eecke K Van gulck Claire Vinters Steve Wagland Cornelia Walker Jean Ward RoseMary Warrington Francis Wells Paul White Malgorzata Wilarska Barbara Wood Alison Wright Andrew Wright Zsanine Alexander Ana Alvarez Christeen Anderson J angell Celeste Arzuaggah Yvonne Barker Melinda Barnett Judith A Baxter Janice Bernard Robin Bliet Lael Bradshaw Sandra Brady ginger brewer John Brewer barbara burghart Nancy Burton Gloria Cameron STACIE CHARLEBOIS Nancy Chismar Lisa Clark-Kahn Lori Conley NECOLE COOK Sandy Dollar Chuck Donegan Tim Duda Judith Embry Nick Engelfried richard espuga Marcelo Ferreyra Joshua Fleagle LeAnn Fox Bad van Schooten Melissa Gaskins Judy Genandt Priscilla Gilbert Mark Glasser Ellen Goodman Elizabeth Greim Nikolaus Gruswitz Jamie Harrison Paul Hawley polly haynes Stephanie Henry Martha Herrero Wanda Huelsman Diane Kent Randy Ketchen Jana Kitzinger Deborah Labb Rebecca Lamoreaux H kan Larsson Micki LeCronier Patricia LoVerme Anthony Macagnone Barbara Maddux janet maker catrinka marvis janet t mason Janice McIntyre Jean McNeill michael meredith Pamela Miller Nicole Michalec John Moszyk Donald Murphy Erin M charles muturi Janet Neihart George Neste Deanne O’Donnell Kelly Henderson Cinzia Paganuzzi Carmen Pang Susan Perry Linda Phelan Susan Purcell Ronald Ratner Lenore Reeves Kevin Reynolds Gail Roberts maureen roche Sheila Spencer Rosemarie Sawdon Dorothy Schaeffer Jill Sheridan margaret silver ron silver sonnta simon Mari smet K. Smith daniel sterner Jennifer Sumiyoshi Renee Tantala Ron Thomas M Topping Tia Triplett jill turco J. Valentine Amy Veloz Brandon Wade brigitte and John wallace Erika Wanenmacher Diana Ward Sheila Ward Lasha Wells Laura Wheeler Ted Williams

Todd Wolf Dennis Wolff Guy Zahller Caroline Zhang Graciela Bettoni Elena Campiotti alexia abnett jacques homan mark adcock Irene Ansems Caroline Ardbo Aleya R Banwari Maria Barnard Anna Battersby Sally Batteson Marion Baumgart dos Santos Toni Bauwens Venessa Berry Vanessa Beukes Wilfried Bohm Carina Borralho Karin Boshoff Ruth Bosman Chris Botha Nicole Botha Zirk Botha claudia bothma Natalie du Preez Gilly Bowen jane bramley Paige Bramley Julie Brand Margaret Burckard Riekie Burger-Prinsloo George Burton Craig Durham Fay Byrne Christine Cameron-Dow Richard Cammell DF Casalin Pradesh Chanderpaul Sarah Kantey Eileen Chapman Alisha Chatrooghoon Cindy Hoffmann Cathy clark David Clark Malcolm Cochrane Jane Coetzee Kris Coetzee Tanja Coetzee Vincent Coetzee Barb Cohen Mike Cohen moyra serret Erica Conradie Meg Cowper-Lewis Denis Coyne Kathleen Cullen Pat Dacey Katrin Damm graham Danney dolores darst David Bradshaw Bonnita Hill Hazel Davies Avril Dawson David de Beer James De St Pern Jeremy de Tolly Work de Villiers Fran De villiers Marieta de Waardt Kivash Deepanand Ellie Dent Natasha dhaver monica diruvom Alexis Diack Paddy Donnelly Joao dos Santos Julie Duglas Patrick Dowling Lorraine du Plessis Billi duPre Michela du Sart Manjunath Dundur Laura Dutheil Viviane Eeraerts Elaine Kool Adrian Ellenberger Candice Ayer Janine Fanucchi Henriette Faurie Brenda Fedeli Norma F Sherry Feuilherade Heather Finaughty Christine Finniss Patricia Flentge Vanessa Ford Francine Merlin Hilda Fraser carol friedman Frikkie Meintjes Nadine Gabriel SHARON GALBRAITH Mark Garden Zoe Gauld Bernard Gaum Clare Gaze Doreen Gaze Erna Geldenhuys Marjorie Gettliffe Rod Gilmour Olivier SAINT GIRONS doreen gough Liesbeth Gouws Denashree Govender Indira Govender Lesly Graham Lungani Gumede Val Haddad Michael Hardwick Eva Harrison Richard Harrison Phyllida Harwood Suzette Hattingh Clinton Hempel Christopher Higgo Grant Hogan Caroline Hope Michelle Hope-Jones Warwick Houreld Natalie Howes CAROL HUNT Karin Huyssen Ingrid van Heerden Monique Ingwes Debora Irish Ray Jacobs andrew jensen Judy Bird Julia Davies Julie Davis Juliette Jenner Helen Karathanassis glynis keet Frederique Kelly Anna Kent Craig Kilfoil sakeenah king vanessa Kirtley Shaun Kisten Debree kluge Reynier Krause Vera Kriel Melissa Krige John Kruger liv edwards Linda Fochessati Tanja Lategan Anthony Lavoipierre Ray Lazarus Willie Lazenby Natasja Leach Barbara Lellyett Lesley Steele Olive Lincott Jenny Longworth Emmeline Love Deirdr Lubbe Hardus Ludick Jane Maasdorp Pino Maggi Linda Malone Leon Marais Margarita Tellez Yvonne MARKGRAAFF Diana Nogueira Edgar Martin Alexandra Kilian Colin Masurik Moses Mathuse Phillip Mbusi Marge Mitchell Fadila Mohamed Nthato Moledi Wendy Mollink Devandren Moodley Jadene Lee Moodley Christine Morling Charles Morris Kim Finkelstein Tracy Moyo Martin Murphy Dean Naidoo Siyamthanda Nakani Paula Naude Giangi Negra Phillip Newmarch Niko Van Rensburg Knut Normann Michael Nyenes JEANNIE OLVER Phyllis Orner Lorna Paisley Liz Palm Rachel Peacock Tanya Percy june perrett Frances Perryer Mark Phipson Sonja Pienaar Janet Pike Marlaine Pretorius Jean Ramsden Max Ramseier Hedda Rheeder E Richards Caryl Richmond Kirsten Louw Simona Rinfreschi Andrew Robertson clem robertson Tina Robinson Anne Ronnenbergh Taryn Rose Nicola Rushin Claire Ginn Jennifer Russell Peter Rutsch Assunta Sagnelli-Olivier June Sanson Leigh Saunders Patsy Saunders Lloyd Schiffelbian Antonia Schiller Mart-Mari Rocher Marlies Scholten Jill Searle Alexandra Seiler Luke Seocharan Elaine Sepulveda Eileen Shepherd stephen shipside Kogilambal Singh Sabrina Smart Barend Smidt James Smythe Gill Spargo Bernadette Stafford JR Stofberg Peter Stringer Sandy Struckmeyer Ingrid Svensson amos tapile terance tashiro Wade Taylor Jenny Thur money tiloki Darren Turnbull Etienne Uys irene Valentine marC van tubbergh Leigh van den Hurk Matthew van der Dussen Elize van der Knokke Simone van der Merwe Annemie van der Meulen Mary Van Nijnatten Lynda van Rooyen Reinette Van Rooyen Ockert van Schalkwyk Leo Kruger Gys Verwey Volker Vierhaus Barry Visser Jane Visser Viv Mostert Artur Vock Barbara Volbrecht Astrid von Kotze RIZWANA WARASALLY Monique Warns Helen Warren Michael W glenda webster Klaus Wehrlin Ingrid Weideman Antoinette Westaway Catherine Westra Leandra Wicks Karin Wiesler Ralph Wigzell Melody Williams Eitan Wugalter Anny Wulffers xolile xulu Paul Zammit penelope zeffertt Michael Zowitsky Alan Kennedy Anthony Cusick Joy S Louis Opperman

Robert Patmore Samantha Haselau RAIZA JANE LOTIVO Raven Aiyer Mbong Akiy Andrea Allegrone suzy amoils areshna anantha louise armstrong Bev Arnold Louise Asmal Margie Asprey Zeynep Azsizan Keith Brown Bill Bachellier Madeleine Badenhorst Audrey Barnes Sarah Cooper Carol Barrett Heidi Baumgart Colleen Beck Heinz Beckedahl Sabrina Beeler Luca Beldi Chris Bellingham Chris Bellingham Wilhelm Bensberg Leonora Bentley elisaveta berger Mwana Bermudes Hannes Bernatzeder Marianne Bertrand Stephen Bethke Charlene Beukes Leon Bezuidenhout Maitane Bidasoro Renie Biledgaard Rodger Bishop Lee Black Martin Black Brigette Blaeser Kylie Blundell Sofia Bonacchi Sujatha Boodhun Norbert Borsi Noel Bosch Vanessa Boshoff Satya Bosman Tarryn Botes Mike Bothma Jessie Bottcher Catherine Bradley Gisela Brand Jana Brannon Iris Bravo Rene Bremner Belo Brescia Emma Briggs Carl Brook Kathy Brookes Gavin Browne Anne Bruntse Bucher MARTINA jeanie Burfoot John Burke David Butler Sebastian Callow Moira Campbell Maria Campher daniela cardenas ramos Paul Carmi Hedy Carmody Samantha Carr Valle Cava Esteban Dimitris Charizanis Samantha Cheyne Laurence Chisholm Sean Chisholm Pauly Christiiiii Linus Claassen Nicolette Clarke Sian Clement Janet Clipsham Lisa Cloete Sias Cloete Dean Coetzee Suzanne Colley Rolf Collins Anna Connolly Beverly Conway Anita Coolidge jonathan cornell Maureen Cram Margaret Crockett Marie Cronin Marian Cruz Drew Cucuzza Phil Cudworth Jacqueline Curtis Michelle Daddy Bev Daniels Brittany Davidson andrew Davies Bradley Davis Geneth Dawson Andre De Kock Cheryn de Bruyn Dawn de Beer Marinda De Lange Katherine de Tolly Eugene DeVilliers Marlene De Witt Adrian Degenaar Caden DeLoach Nancy DeLong Greg Demetriades Yasha Dempsey Surjeet Dhanji Rowland Dicks Lara Dickson Etresia Diedericks B. Thomas Diener Winston Divane Sylvie Djacbou Themba Dladla Justin Donnellan Nico Dreyer At du Plessis Ginny du Toit Vanessa Du Toit Helen Duigan Sam E Skye Eagles annabella Eatherley Eve Edwards Henk Egberink Alison Eo Shani Eisenmann Braam Ekermans ELIAS SONNYBOY Johan Els Mercedes Escribano Marco Espirito Santo Joanna Fahlen Maria Alice Faim Susan Farquharson Dave Farrer Abdoul Faye Bernardette Feehan Caro Feely Daniela Fernandes Lourdes San Jose Anthony Field Helen Field Oliver Field Bert Rutten David Fisher Fiona Fitzgerald Gail Fleming Philip Flight Warrin Flores Richard Fornefeld ANNA FORTUNY PEREZ Charlotte Fournet lyn franks Roxanne Freeborn Joanna Freedendal deirdre Frost Emma Frost sue fry Pauline Fulcrand Oliver Funk Eva galani Sophia Gallina anai garza Naeefa Gasant Derek Gavin George Gdysis Dee Geddes Tony Geldenhuys Seema Gibbs Joanne Gibson Matthew Gindin Laura Gintalaite Peter Gisler Kelli Givens Sarah Godfrey Roger Godwin Shelly Goldberg Malcolm Goslin Jan Graf Elma Greyling Christiana Groenewoud Nadine Grua Wayne Grummitt Alicia Guevara Alicia Guevara Stephanie Haahjem Lize Habig Linda Hall Billy Hall-Jones Pia Hamalainen Reinhardt Hanel A Harms Libby Harrison Laura Harrod Claire Hawkes Jacqui Hawtrey Terry Hay Adam Hazlewood carmen hearne Wayne Heath Liezl Russell Stephen Hendrikse Dave Hermanson shane hervey Chad Hill Heather Hill Tony Hoare monika hofmann Ashley Howarth Joanna Hsiao HuaYu Hsiung Denise Hughes Denis Hunt Janice Hurly Tom P Nancy Issenman Jocelyne Jacoby Kit Johnson Mags Johnson Susan Johnson Caroline Johnson-Marshall Edward Jones Freya Jones Steph Jones Simon Jonsson Joseph Koetsier Jurgens van de Vyver Ann Kalish Leon Kaltwasser Gustave Kankisingi Wil Kars Reena Kashiram Bronex Kathyola S. Keedian john kelly Lucy Kelly Sandra Kenny Heather Kensley sean keogh Melinda Keyt Johan Kallstrom cathy kieck Christo Kleinhans Lynne Kleve dorte kodron Efthimia Komi Johann Kotze Michelle Kourea Nikola Kress Henter Kriel Glaudin Kruger Paul Kruger Kathryn Kruyshaar bruce lakie gabriela Lalor Alho Siobhan Lambert Gerhard Laniewski Aislinn Last name Carin Laan Fatima R Terrance Newton Stephanie Last name Kiara Latchman Andre Laubscher Geoffroy Laumet Sandra Le Blanc Simon Leadbeater Chasity Leigh Lethabo Lekganyane Marie Lemay Doug Lenier Clive Levin martha lewis Tuija L fgren Benjamin Lied Tessa Lillie Anel Van dyk Paola lipari Federico Lopez David Lipschitz Christos Logothetis Elza Lorenz Hamilton Loudon Cheryle Louw Judy Louw Carla Luis Gunilla Lundahl Kyle Luus Memory Woodford Lynne MacKenzie Virginia MacKenny Manuela Mackowiak kate macleod

Christine Malan Phyllis Maleche Eusebio vestias Maria Virginia Marcote Vanda Mariano Heather Marwick Pierre Massyn NATALIE MAVRIDOU John Mawbey Seja Mayaba Sarah McAlpin Josslyn McAuley Robyn McCormick Caitlin McDonald Johannes McDonald Vivienne Mckinlay Dayle McLoughlin Peter Meic Lydia Mellet Luca Melli magriet mertz Maria Magdalena mestre vicedo Helge Metzner Caz Meyer Elizabeth Mifsud Barbara Milano Wendy Mills Jens Miltner Robin Mitchell Sello Moche erna moller Shirley Moon Tayira Mora Black michael kaoma Brett Muller Camille Mulot Anona Murphy Telesia Mutua Kinsern S.T. Muzvidzwa Gene Myburgh Joseph Mwangi Creesen Naicker Ragini Naidoo Valda Naidu Rene Navarro Barbara Nawara Princess Ndawonde guillaume nel Sanette Nel Fred Nganga Bafana Ngubeni mark nicholas Megan Nicol reed Miriam Niehaus Pierre Nieuwoudt Doreen Nixon Cristy North Amy Nortje Mint Ely Cheikh Nounou James Nye Nicodemus Nyongesa Liz O’Shaughnessy John O’Connor Monika Olicher Ron Olivier Dorette Oosthuizen john Oosthuizen Lizette Ord Lisa Overy Beniamino Paganini EVGENIA PALAIOLOGOU madelaine palframan Di Palmer Peter Palmer Tania Panfilo Jane Parker John Parkman Arlene Patoray Ursula Paulsen Carol Payne Luciano Pazzi J M pearce-dickens Lyle Peters Laura Petersen Kathy Peterson John Pettigrove Danie Pieterse S PILLAY Helen Piquito paul pope Joelle Porter Rika Preiser Tinky Pringle Diane Pugh Claudia Pursals Olivia Mercedes Figueroa Quevedo Rohan Quince Barry Quinnell Rosa Ramlakan Noreen Ramsden Aislinn Redbond Colin Redmond Gwilym Rees Carolynne Rehm Charlotte Reynolds Heather Rhind Kate Rowntree Janeen Russell Linda Saal Trevor Sacks Mathew Scammell Anne Lise Schmidt GLYNIS SCHMIDT Samantha Schneider C Schuster Phebe Schwartz Mike Scott Ian Scrimgeour Tumisang Selepe John Baptist Semanda Melanie Sember Jessica Shaw David Shields Matteo Sisti Fanny Skura Sheila Sloane Joanne Smetherham Steve Smith Steve S Teresa Smith eugene sogas Kashrina Sookraj Martine Spencer Darren Squibb christa starke Laila Steele Cynthia Stephens Jenny Stoneman Gika Strand Susan Strickland Yvonne Sullivan Amber Coverdalef Sumrall Ingrid Suratny-Atay Michael Swanepoel Oltman Swanepoel marie and ray sweetnam Chantale Taillefer Jasmine Takaki Elena Tamalio Dale Taylor Judith Taylor Rita Thomson Le-Anne Timmermans Maria Tischhauser Julie Toerien Sipho Toko Margie T Alexander Tresch Brenda Troup ricardo trujillo Ailsa Tudhope Inge Tulleneers Lisa Ullmer Penny Urquhart Cassie van Rooijen Siebrig van Heel Jo van den Heever Cindy van Osch Amanda van Rensburg Melandri van Rensburg Celine Vanhoenacker Robert Veldman Sean Venske Patricia Vice-Theron Mike Viviers Peter Vlok NATALI VOLLEKOUVALCHOUK Karrie Vrabel Brian Walker Donnie Walker Judith Ward Ken Ward Nan Warner Sophie Warren Adrienne Warricker Hans Webb Amos Wekesa Anna Whitehead Laurence Whitfield Henri Wiechers mariejo wiehe Robert Wiehemeijer Marisa wilcocks Shelley Wildeman Joan Wilken Rob Williams mary williamson David Wilson Julian Wilson Tom Wolf DJ Wood Heather Wood Debra Woods MIchele Wright koulla xinisteris Magda Zakrzewski Elizabeth Zaloumis Jennifer Zeiss Lia Mauney Ang le Mann angus mcfadzean Barbara Court Biddy Greene Brendan Dean Bryan Hiles christine mclaren christian faloppa 18/07/1972 Claire Kockott Craig Taylor Cstic Arce Dorian Connor diana lysholm elna maree Emese Moldovan Ernica Stanford Fiona Cochrane Francis Mc Cann Gerald Lane Glen Olsen guri-kristine mundal Hessel Kaan Janine Stephen ewan anderson Julia Alleson Justine Mwanje Karel Bruwer Katrin Pobantz Kelly Castelin Kolbe Cooper Krishna Rabilal Foundation Kunene Peter Lilly Seidler Lin Bauer Loes Overeem Lucienne Nobes Maggie McCurdy Malcolm Coxall rennie paul maria lopes Matthew Robbins Mpule Mantu Ndabaezinhle Joel Nkunsane Nicky Nina Kvasovets rabindo maitha Ricardo Gamboa Richard Andrew Rowen Loretz Sarah Veronica Niespor Shannon Mcgough Sharon Bekker Sumaya Mahomed Tanya de Villiers-Botha Toni Rennie fernando lopes Lynne McNulty HENRI GUAZZONI FORESTIER Fran oise bernadette chevreau Andrew Harris Lucas Degr ve Ida Gerdemark maria grazia bocedi Rajen Ramnath Maria Bon Joan Peralta Yousha Ahmad Stewart Wade Daniel de Brett Kathleen Mireault Brenda Gilbert elayboud mbarek Ellen Van Ighem Margaret Wheeler Lucie Maguire violeta svabauskiene MIKE SMITH Barbara Trim Lizzie Turley Marc Pell Shirley De Silva Neville Bruce Margaret Underwood John Darlington Daniel Larsson Luke Johnstone Margaret Green Gillian Hogg Patricia Grillo Nikki Sutherland Nick Duncan

Melvin Brennan dennis kreiner Vera Baldwin Hans Verhofstadt Sanette Maria Patricia Pedro Ormungandr Melchizedek Andrew Tiernan Wolfgang Preiser Mark Purrmann-Charles Lee Bailey mark vanlangendonck Rida FARES Johann Boshoff Douglas Williamson keith lewis Lisa Neste Paul Stocker Peter Schmelz Eoghan Daltun Simone Grant Sara Esteves Graham Parslow j lavender Nicholas Thorp Frederick Richard & Cynthia Joan Bing Sergio P. xavier theret Martin Costello Olaf groeneweg Colin Hedley Adam Tywoniak Cheryl Scher Laurence Wuillemin Anne Le Guilly William Cromwick Choral Eddie Barbara Kuhn Reimers Linda Brunner Paul Dorman Steven Holloway patty hardy Malambo Nsanzya Lauren Loxton Bunty Condon Koen van Seijen Roger Brown claudine Bance melanie chanat Jeanette Scheepers Noelia Garcia-Rojo Padilla Aly ATTYE WALLA Esso-Simna Adel Karrit Michel Marsault olivier bernard Helene Heitz Thierry Stasica christiane mątre Birgit Sergeant Guillaume Clair Isabelle DELOMENIE DELMOTTE JeanChristophe Carol Martin Pascal Meersman audrey dumur danielle floquet ABDOURAHMANE DIOP Aliou CISSE Zeyna Ndiaye cheikh faye Souleymane Sagna Dianke sonko el hadji ndiaye Hadji Diallo cheikh sadibou DANFA Baba VILANE el hadji boubacar traore Dado Ba abdoul aziz top djitt& cheikh ahmed tidiane Awa loum DIABY Moussa Abou Ndongo cheikh ndiaye Abasse Thiam Boubacar Buro DIALLO Mbaye THIAM Modeste FAYE Boubacar Tall Cherif Sow Christophe LUSENGE Francine Pluot Estelle Sagna Noemie Gadessaud Raphael Melin Daniel MORGAN Enrique Richard Charles Hega Etienne Thoreau OLIVIER ARMANI Lyliane MILANO Jeanne-Marie Gouyet binder nathalie agnes agnes SARR Babacar FALL Cheikh Tidiane isabelle heintz Etienne Ndiaye Amadou Lamine Fall raki wone Kane Halima Jean Pierre Barboza bocar diallo Oulimata PADANE SALL MOUSTAPHA Fousseynou Ndiaye Omar SALL Ibrahima Niang Blachier Christophe Damien Besson Amadou Mar Fall MANE Aminata Dr Babacar Fall Birame FALL sidibe moustapha Mamadou Diop Boubacar MAIGA MATHIEU DUBREUIL NADINE DAO Mamadou Seck Abdou Sagne Iris Klose Rocha Sabrine didier zambon SASSY DIOP Ndongo ibrahima sabbah wael Harry knapp emilia boccagna Joyce Schwartz anthony Montapert Anna Jasiukiewicz John Welsh doug krause Grace Neff Thomas Reynolds Javier Rivera Cecilie Davidson Vic Norris rita uljee Winifred Schols-Nanninga Susan Magliolo christopher gammon Linda Hubbard Dirk Knoesen Matthew Sleigh Jason Armstrong Belinda Fellion Marcus Henning Thomas Jeffery Faeeza Fortune Karin Hannah Margaret Daymond Beverley Stunden Dora Cepelakova Peter Bester Rory Short Selvan Pillay Frances Bell PIERO MALFATTI salome de flamingh Luanne Myburgh Dianne Douglas Jelica Roland pamela case Geoff Blount jemimah birch bachelet MANON Jan Novotny Julie Martin p perron Ruth Griffiths Laurel COVINGTON Nikodemis Van Rensburg Ainga Dobbelaere David Whitelaw Erica Griffiths Wendy Watson Federico Bortoletto Kira Leeon Getruida Zowitsky Cecilia Moore Sheilagh Bill margie donde Souleymane Mamoudou Tony Orchard June Bellamy Talissa Le Breton Leotien Parlevliet sorin lisker Wendy Truyens Steve Blake Cecilia Latella oyimangirwe bashizi Barb Anne Loreto Vargas hmida kotama Julie christenson Bassirou DIARRA Nawal Ndiaye gendry gaelle lale giotta Jean-Marc Bernard Han Janse van Rensburg Billy Meyer Mark Edworthy Natasha Diedricks Johann Abadie Adeline Cartier Bertrand NOUVELOT Isa Ruiz Hanh Dam Mathilde POURCHERON Isabelle Muller ZUNAID KARA Abiedah Matthews Alphonsus Biba Andries Fick Anthony Van Rensburg stephen baldwin Barry Kavanagh Bheki MSEZANE Caron Tfwala Dakalo Munyai Debbie Grundlingh dominic virgil cloete Doris Sinclair Abdurrazak Ebrahim errol liebenberg ruwaidha muhammad Fred Ferreira GEORGE SAKALA Hans Loenen Aziz Hashim POPOOLA ABIOLA Bella Silva Jody Eksteen Jennifer Moss Johan Cilliers Mpondo Konanani Constance Krishna Rajcoomar Cayley Van wyk Londolani Nesengani Loraine Peverett Meshack Mogotsi Nelly Qwabe Bhekifa Nyembe Patrick Ndlela Pearlene Louw Wensil Plaatjies Slimani Slimane Sampie Mahlangu Steyn Erasmus sharon putter Simthandile Mandla Susan Prinsloo Solly Naidoo kgashane.stephen monyela William Lamola Vincent Witbooi Wendy Kruger Willie Kanyemba Xolelwa Maqenukana Danie Muller Ugo Biamonti Engela Steyn Christian Jooste Moustapha Fall Izak Smuts Ibrahima Diaw Jose Carreira Amanda Davis Cheikh YAGUE ndiaye ndiaye Dame Ndiaye Stephane Berthot Nivann Govindasamy Mame Thiaw Nqabisa Nyushman maman SECK Nikki Vakis Abdou San Pam Mello Kerri Dunshea C lestin MULWA TANZI alun solomon Solly Ngapi Benoit Duhourcq Richard WYWIORKA YULANDE TIPLADY Gantshe Molaba Rashidah ABDULQUADRI

Belinda Booker Pat Hoare Owen Dixon-Paver Elmien Becker Rodrigue Saker Kema Peter Truby Nomenjanahary Niaina Fetra Abdel Kader Mboup abouya cyrille ako Elies de Jong Sphume Msomi Thami Mkhize cleo Fitzgerald Sphume Msomi Yvette Mehl Nokutula Mhene Lesley I’Ons HALIDUN YILDIRIM P reddy Lindsay Powell Jenifer Blatt Ramesh Montazerolghaem Maria Baur Riina Mikson Roger Paul Mills Maureen Janis Bunn Coelho Hilary Jacobs Linda Bescript Timothy Wigley Sandy Lotz alejandro williams-monreal Daniel Schulte-Hillen carolyn massey Dianne Crooks Glenn Ashton Leire Bilbao Jersey Mpanzu Gill Allderman ABDOU AMADOU Mahamadou Robert Zipplies Rajarshi Ghosh Colleen du Plessis macushla falkiner Louella Haenel Kobus Visser ETONDE EYOUM Pierre Dominique TINDEDJROHOUN Jean-Baptiste Tamsyn Prior Narcisse OUM Alphonse Lee Lloyd Naomi Van dyk Pieter Denicker Colleen Saayman Ann Peniston james magabe Dinesh Chetty Melanie Fourie Thato Mangope Alastair Wilkins Keletso Bethuel Manaba Janet Christina Bezuidenhout Derek Sansbury Richard Mokgata Johan Oosthuizen Jess Fick Lorraine Bailey-McLean Lorraine Arntzen Nick van Rhyn Dudley Lee joe mpungo Vincent Mbamba Simphiwe Lekalakala carol fynn Tina Wallace Modiegi Motlogeloa Veronique Robertson Tseko Ramphora Gerrie Hartzenberg Christian Thamsanqa Hlongwane Francine Seymour Samson Maphanga Comfort Dalasile Donald Collins James Struthers Sonet Peens Dianne Moffett Liz Samuels Cindi Alborough Matthew Davey Denise Gunner Gillian Wilde Barry Olivier Thandi Pretty Karen Reinertsen maryke pretorius Jowannie Moolman masehla shai ISAAC MEYER VILJOEN vivian nonyana hermien poynton Simon Chauke Nelsa Sadie Sandy De Bruin madeleen Thomas Du Toit janet van den heever Shirley Mellon Beatricia Francis mogomotsi mosobe Virginia Scharneck Duma Hoffman Lucky Mohudi Clairedene Johnson Gail McAlpine Anne Morgan Gunter Hundsdorf thabo nkosi Rod Hemphill dimakatso kwababa david stentiford Leon Meadon Ledile Thobakgale Johnathin Pieterse Gerhard Du bruyn Glen Pike moira murray Daniel Legodi Nelson mnguni kwadibane abram jacky breytenbach Tiaan Taylor Velile Hoza Zoe Puntis Leslie Harry Tindale Thobile Grace joseph byron Bell Nasieba Klassen Mandla Sepeng Barney van Rooyen Barbara Joubert naseema khan Gary Daniels Diane CAMERON Ernest Petlele sereme kgosi 614345466 Hetisani Khosa Roger Peters0741146094 Jane Nell Lorinda Bossenger Simangaliso Nxumalo Paul Jarvis Yasmin Keyani Kenneth Mbendera Adrian Fielding armelle glon Marloes Sonke Lorraine Tennett Nigel Hawker Hilary Hegarty Jenny Ilasi Timothy Beattie Judith Smith Elizabeth Taylor Andrea Martha Becker yvonne curtis Sarah Ryan Peter Beck Christiansen Adrian Saunders rene jochems Bracious Kondowe D Koolmees Smickey Chiula Henry Mwikhoma Richard Bliault Duncan Jago shanon hudson Sihle Sokhela Pamela Mcnamara Luis Basilio Ronel Rocher Tracey Hattingh Elzie Fritz adri Papakonstantinou glynis stevens Micky Brand Nicolette Steenkamp Pomeela Moodley Farhanaz Joulay Alexandra Wheeler Shamin Basday Peter Smith Azelle van Niekerk Richard Harvey Renee Lotz Jackie Hayward Steve Brown Noelene Cook Angie Leslie Tracey Cole Jarrod Rohland Jessica Hope Shelly Richardson Jennifer Radloff Harry Shaw Glenda Olwage Wade Venter Guy Spiller Irene Rossouw Martine Sanderson Terence Daniels Charmaine McCance Marita Westenraad Deann Warman Valeta Leigh Jamiela Kasper John McKay Tyler Yeo Amy Warner Gee Battiss Paseka Makoti Francois Greeff Rum Dotan-Love Lisa Adams Fiona Southwood sherelee odayar Carmen Slabbert Sue Mills Erina hozier nana AKWO FELIX CHUO Ngono Romuald NSAME PAUL abdoulaye diallo Colette Hulett Matthew de Kretser Ilana Uys L0rraine Greyvenstein adrien diatta Roderick Bossr Charlotte Berndt vanessa schempers Dorothy Roux Sandra Els Tanya Roos Luyanda Mthethwa Cynthia Bradley Sharon ffoulkes Paul Rossouw Jean Pierre Batshingi Welo Philippe Hurlaux Andre de Klerk Matthew Armstrong C van Lier Corrie-anne Howard julia strydom Eric Ini Elizabeth Kleynhans michelle downey Kathy de Wet Annette Brachini Anneli Knowles Rowena Seabrook Tracey Williams Marlien DAGLISH jeni fleming Lesley Donnelly Anne-Marie Le Roux Tess Austin Cingiswa Mtabati Sibusiso Mimi Frank Molteno Tomas Yoko George Kilian chetty koloba Boitumelo Sehlata Anjulize Herselman John Ellis leon de vries Petros Duma Marius Theodore Botes Andrea Walters Eric Nobbs Tebogo Moremi Linda Versfeld Maryna Dooge Carl Gustafsson Rabia Somers Lynn Wood Julia Garcia Camara Fatoumata Thembekile Buthelezi graeme bald Deanne Kieser Samantha Nel Cindy Deysel Themba P V MotaungMndaweni Jerome Kileo Tyler Berkenshaw Eleeman Sahib

Anirban C Mohammed Alaouna Elizabeth-Ann McConnell Nikki Malcomess sonna kadie Joy Alcock Sarah Farrell Dominique Kashama Mbuyi Kalonji Bernice Lass Gretel Gomez Mamosa Motholo Tshepo S Dlamini Charles obol KAMBALE LUVAGHO Dee Schroder Arnold Moremoholo Jenni Underwood Steven Stead Roslyn Drury Hilda Hecker Peter Walsh Christopher Abbott Jackie Daniel Gilly van de Vyver Hans Heuschneider Talmadge van Heerden Peter Viljoen Dan Govender Sylvia Martin Paul McGowan Gerald Freedman franziska keresztesi Chantel Swart Naresh Keshav Massimo Zaccaria Nazaire Nduku Chanda Brozio Maria Marais Louise Wyldbore kalebe karel mantlole trishu thapa Mitchell Whiting Jeanette Swart heinrich venter Ronny Nijimbere Angela Bester Sonya Theunissen Christine Nelson Motlatsorefillwe Molapo Peter Machen Jennifer Ferguson julie clarke Erastus Wayne Jana Rau Nadine Duke Helen Ferguson Hein Viljoen Alexis Wimmerth Nkamga Gwladys bassafoula jahima gautier boinet Medard MAVOUNGOU Renate Oostmeijer Morag Turnbull djibo seyni Ali Kiprotich augustine kisorio Ronald van blerk Jakawere Richard Eliud Ngari ERICK MURILLA kamau wilsonkamau Maureen Okwar Anne Kinyua julius mwenda Thumatia Roderick Nyamae Timmeh Ibrahim Arnold Argertta Titus Njambi David Mbuthia Mathieu Karumugabo robert kemboi Benta Bwana Kayla Joubert Gabriel Munyao Jedidah Ntoyai Christine Ombima Peru Naidu Michelle De La Guerre Saleem Jonker Willys Okeyo GABIN TATSIFOUO OUATIO Naman Obuyi Joseph muigai Wamunyiri David Mugambi Robert Kibet Romain Gicquaud Mo Beilby Cantoni Valerie Soozin Marshall Botella patricia Jean-Pierre Plunus Tracy Frayne Zala Goupil Marie-Christine THERISOD henri delion anais martin eliane menarini Gander Evelyne Margaret Tasaki Isa Jedi Maud BAURIE Nadine Girard Jinsong Park Yohan LORREYTE huguet christophe Nadezhda Razumeichyk Anquez Anquez Audrey Gervasi james todino Pippa Hill Cornell van der Neut leger odile Steven BRAESCH Carmen METZGER Anne Debord Sylvie Chabbert bertel bertelsen Ziegler Michel SYLVIE PETIT MAURICETTE FEREYRE Matthieu Brillet Sina Lorenzen Juliette Maupas Khoufara Moukhaddem Felicia Holm Serge RICARD Nicola Botha jean CONSTANTINIDIS Johanna Le Gallic BONNET Julien Sylvia LANGIN Alexandre Borcic Marie Raffin catherine may atlani Anne Boissel Vincent Pereyre rosse rosse Luc Casagrande Steve Black Mathieu REUZE Lorraine Condy Harald Schirge francoise pasquier Claudio Dosa DUPAIN Catherine Linda Wright Siobhan Mcmillan christine mathis elisabeth targe Johan Simonsen Theo Treffers Vadim Richon France de La Fontaine Katie Rees Frank Boonstra alda coelho Trina McKee Enrique Talavera Matt Flattley Jesse Beaumont Susan Gordon Susan Kalan Federica Allasia Aleta Chappelle uly silkey Adrienne Hesford Ronald Racine Norma Ramirez Elisabeth Holmgren Debra Herst Dominika Arseniuk fa dard Sarah Linauer Fatima Mohamed Camille Tanguy Cathrine Ingebretsen Bosco Leung Digna Amil Susan Cornah Karl Delandsheere Johan Smith Stephanie Roberts Nerina Tringham Samuel Larsson Paolo Tonelli Linda Hansen Maureen Stewart Aida Lukic Carlos Silva Luca Vaioli Maarit Kreus Nathalie primault Lucy Nimmo Tania Martina Lola Doitteau Claudia Poncelet Paola roberta Davico William Leavenworth Elena Ivotchkina KELLY ATTRILL Lauranne Chapelle-Barry denise muhlethaler Jo McEwan Meredith Key Jamie Flinn sylvie marquant Amin Usman Denis Bonsergent Ian Napier Aphrodite Stathopoulou Jane Allighan Katherine Dean Jessica Kitching Katy Fox Alan Marchal Srdjan Malesevic Alessio Piro Iris Horton clementine phi Kirstie Dellow Brad Hestir Antonis Tsiftsidis Liljja Gabrusevicius Hanna Kondelin Kristine Bollerup Lina Silvera Yvonne Hiemstra Kim Pramanik olwen williams Renata Wojciechowska DANIEL FISCH Laurraine Barrington Camille Coad Christa Antas Viv Moore Ceiteag Sinclair Philippe courtier 422. West Rd Kathy Karn Cynthia Davidson Susan Cox James Paton Lamar Grube Sean Menzies Petrusia Deacon Carina Edholm Galagnon Gaye Linda Barham Ruth Crumpton robert lyle bellinda rolf-jansen Eva-Maria Egger Nabhat M’houssini Pia Weidinger Sanand D Iain Robertson Keijo Ahlqvist Ana Jato Dr. Carmen Irma Garcia Fernandez Bernard Gay Babette Lewis Jacky Op ‘t Eynde Stijn Callebaut Sabine Oppenlander Inger Helgesson Eldyne Cooper David Johnston Timothy Dodman Danny Chan Janine Vinton Claudia Simmons murry. Caetano Jean Stanton Stephen Napier-Jameson Shaun Kramer Isabelle Raynaud alexandra athanassouli Keshia Reddy John Campbell Husayn Moola Marwaan Isaacs robyn Botha Maelie Bugat Stephen Barrow Vanessa Marks Rita Higginson Raymond Debntridder Maggie Gorman Sylvie Laurencin Barbara Garris

Deanna Taylor Gill Jordaan Lesley Watson C le Roux Craig Armstrong Melinda Botma Barbara Strauss Elsa Muller Judit Katona Steve Overton Liza Greyling Noel Doyle Mendrady Sakaya Caroline Shepherd Krizsik Andrea Krisztina Dobos Charmaine Buitendacht Tamas Szecsi Hain Steynberg Shana Beirne Mishka Ojageer ELAINE AL MEQDAD Tracy Gilbert Kim Nicolay Elke Heye Ayuk chantal Mary Fairon Paul Budden Patrick Reid G Paine Cheryl Fosse geoffrey Hall Ann Stout monica sutherland Samantha Mowat Addy McMillan Doris W. Trixi Junge Rosemary Mossop Minouchel Piedallu Pelser Jacobus Johannes Andrew Clements dawne santopietro Kerry Cormac Dirk Botha Kirsten Zellmer Elizabeth Dreyer Merrill Easson veronica schoultz Angela de Klerk Andrerw Davis Tanguy Depiesse Vicky Hunt Marianne Munck Jeanne Koopman Paul Flynn Tove Hassel Jason Darham Pia Kemble Stefano Roos Fredrika Van der Merwe Karin Straka Monika Gutte Basil Mashanga Toni Woodgate Eva Poss Joseph kagodo Joana de Lima Elizabeth Croukamp Heinz Duenser Paula Cardoso Athalie Russell Besseling Peter Watson Joyce Schwartz Mel Deo Linda de Courcy Dieter Holm Lillian Winter Gert Nel Lorraine Dumas Evanthe Schurink Martin Obermaier Marina Bell Alice Maes CLAUDIA BASSI Alexandra Cordeiro hadi val Hester Goedhart Mark Cowan Shirley Walters Sandra Frow John Onyango Stephen de Tarczynski Dr. Karin Paasche Navi Pillay Paul Lipschitz Grahame Hayes Veschini Maharaj Gordon Ellison Taylum Meyer Alexa Orsi Rulan Griesel Karin Holtzhausen Tracy Taylor Alisande Bradshaw Bradshaw Dave Pope Tiziana Vitali neil davies Jeanne Closson M. J. Lopez F. Lorraine Wilson Sonia Hurley Mashiashiye Phineas Malapela Dipanjan Mitra Andre Ferro Gal Urban Zupanc Matthew Carlyle esther kemperle Ian Hands Pauline Scott Greg Steuck Mark Billing chris shaw A Opperman Petula Bush Julia Hill Annaria Pennazza Raymond Goes Christine Truter Liz Martin Anthea Harper Simon Lawrence Anne Moeller dee Mitchley Megan MacDonald akira hasimoto Youldon Youldon Chris Kairuz Kissne Mayer Ildiko Wendy Forster Allan Swart Marius Rossouw Charlotte Brockbank bernadine wilken Jacqui van Niekerk Jant Fouche Marlene Francia Lisa Hammermeister Ernst Bauer Ann McMullen Arnold Graaff Dian Hardy Mary Detrick Aleah Sommers Holly Quinn Louise Ambler Akiko Frid ep ralph price Marjorie Streeter Mari Mennel-Bell Pamela Jiranek Erik Schnabel Jim Forbes amy schumacher Mikki Chalker Kathleen Medina Joan Serda Tamara Matz Pascal Molineaux ronald brown Thomas Brenner Dan Silver jeffe Castan Dee Randolph Daniel Yokota Samuel Durkin Susan Watts Marianne Freidberg George Ordal John Hill Steven Fenster Luis Gracida Susan Walp Dawn Odonnell ardaga widor Bonnie Faith-Smith Dora Biasio Julie Skelton Mha Atma Khalsa Kat Morgenstern Phyl Morello Paul Moss Wm Briggs Chioma Ikoko Elizabeth Watts Bernice Vogel Martha W D Bushnell Roz Allen Polly O’Malley Emelia Brena Valle Rollin Odell bernardo alayza mujica Hugh Norris Maryellen Redish Robert Ross Mercedes Lackey Rick Heller lopamudra mohanty nancy ngigi Magoo Shoulderblade susan chapman Jim Steitz Patricia Always Filip Alexandrescu Jan-Niklas Wallbraun Johnny M rtensson Gail Caswell Geoffrey McCorquodale Hermann Klosius Jean Paul Halloy Lou Cassivi emilia novo Claude Robert David Miller Eloise Horn Keith Woolley Steve Lacroix Deborah Cunningham Werner Jadasch Marina konstantopoulos John Whitcher Stephanus Lourens Cronj Clive Hatch Steven Vermeulen Mari Rothmann corine fyfe Mark Spence Adele Phayane Christian Neuherz Jill Borrett Ellen Poist judy bier Paula Dunham Karen Kirschling Diane Gunston Albert John Julia Glenday Dieks Theron Manfred Golda Jan Minnie Rodney Liebich Barbara Drower-Copley Ignatius Petersen Joe Weis Davida Smith Frank Benjamin Adeline Wong Lieze Oertel Frank Burke mick clinckspoor Tom Lowe Aaron Foley Ruth Smithson patrick ross Carol Murphy Moira Henderson Niels Liebisch Kouroche FATEMI Colleen BERGH Jane Carr Leila Jackson Jean-Fran ois Morin Tony Flude Nancy Yarosis Lis Rehl Arthur Rogers Petra Schischke Margaux GALLENNE Maria Rubio Dr Sarah Goode Francine Gauthier Manon Boulianne Miklos Bosarge ludy feyen Beth McHenry michele rule Louise Haxthausen Joanne Cere Roger Ball Donna Berwick SANDRA SHERMAN Peter Askling Dr.Fak Falk Ingrid Meng Jackie Loulou sam tse Cordula Paul Maria Vekemans Asa Wikman Stefan-Sebastian Udrea Margaret Bluett Itala Rutter George Amoako

Ntando Mguga Anne Griffiths Simon Buti Msiza Sontu Vilakazi cadrick Muringani Marilyn Sesi Mahlogobogoane malete michael Lekoloane aaqeel chinian Mpho Ditshego Ferdi De Witt Johann Venter Pule Magodiele Monica Jordan Nazily Mzukiseni Bikitsha Francois Smith Wyatt Ferreira RP de Villiers alan gerrish Tanya Toto Eziel Esterhuysen Nelie Swart Bevon John Goodall Kelibone Cholo-Yalezo Cathy Steyn jonathan BANDA Celeste Slabberts Roshen Ramnath Christina Lourens Bongani Ngobeni Kenosi Mokale Jabulisa Ngubane val van heerden Lucia Edom Wilna Degenaar Jan van Zyl Geraldine Voges Theresa Lutge-Smith Reggie Naidoo Khumbulani Ngwenya Maleka Tibane SIPHO DERRICK BIYELA BELINDA DA COSTA Ramarwaneng Bodibe shawn naicker Mike Mahase Niekie Rothmann David Els Bheki Magagula Mapula Rakubu Anneke van der Vegte Natasha Krishna John Moore Nosisi Tshisikule Jeanette Antrobus Charles Gibson Karla Erasmus Anja Dedekind Chalmane Lucia Kruger Godfrey Monyami Magopane Annette Noble Salsa Ketlele John Howard victor sikhege Margie Godfrey Ehon Terblanche Tseko Elias Mokoena First lynn pillay Mthokozisi mkukhwana Elizabeth Richards Darren Roseveare Colin Taylor GOMOLEMO NTLHAILE Brenda Kawungwa Johan Venter gabriel Lee James Maneveldt Nomfundo Qubeka Zaheera Haroon Riaz adnaan ebrahim joss mcgillycuddy June Watson Dominique Lecordier Kabelo Olekeng Connie Walling Brodie Taylor Laurie Storm Caroline ESTEVES Crystal Brochard Carol Broom Barbara Brown almut knecht Ylva Lyander Solange Paquette Christina Kitsopoulou wombom Louis forfuh Dawn Dowsett Gabriella Ciancone Micheline Motouom Kathy Gynane Estera Moscal Diane Berliner Sean Denny Ntui michelline Anakayan Banaken Diane Lucie Alice Croci Yobet Franklin Elaine Kikkert safran Bizier Akame Joseph David Burrow Wendy Gichuru Rahier Pascaline Anatole Frank Alex Savory Robyn Strampel Rose-Marie FRICOTEAUX Barbara Rosenkotter Rebecca Neely FOUEJEU NADINE maxwell cho Tsiporah Grignon John Orbell CARLA PINHEIRO arsene gaetan EKAE ESSOMBA Soaz Boulic Ollivier Evelyne Emilien SCIACCA Blandine Gazal Marie Vinatier KERVAHUT Joelle odaray disotuar Laurence Robineau Tomo Lssx patrice allibe ngwa patrick shu Lalah Bardail Kougoum Demano Steve Lucile Courriol Jerome Le Deley Mathilda Ally marie-agnes moreau Pierre Chesnoy Cassia Blondelot Elisabeth Diquelou Celine Bortels laurette AUFFRAIS Mathieu Martine yves elias Decoopman Claire Rachid DAHMANI florence gauthier Rombaux Tam Nicole Duboux chantal carminati joseph Luna de Kerchove Jeannine Thomas Khulekani Mjwara Nathalie Giraudeau Salome Marchal Micheline Reboulleau Alexandre Brand Leika Fobia Ildiko Fonad Tristan Horton Martyne Morin richard ngong In Oz Wernher Schiffer Alice Murgier yolande calleeri Anani AGBOH Monie Francois Marilyn Neale Dhasigan naicker Liby Nel Rona Crow sab ben Mathys Venter Sara Hayes Hilary Kirsch Goitseona Molefi Patrick Nonclercq Sipho Makhubela thanduxolo ngubeni suzanne o’meara kathleen dibb Jytte Nhanenge Dimakatso Dhlamini debi ford Toni-lee Cheiman TAIBI Nacef Lukra Sirok Chris Kelly Arthur Aloncle Tireau Maxile Douillard Lou Vandaele tania el fassi Rietta Oosthuizen Andrew Deftereos Petra Jones Richard Dixon Mthunzi Msimang kennedy Mwiindi Abdinoor Hussein Lois Sturm Rono Davis Hesborn AYUB Conrad Chia Guillaume EKOUME Steve Griffin Mel Hesse Harrison Mlamba EKOE TETANYE jean pierre Mboubyh Jan Terjung Ross Milne myriam osmont Rosemary Haughey G rel Sandstr m Joan How Martine Makounte NGONO Sosth ne Hugues Kevin Guemto Doris Clark Maria de Sousa Dantas Lynne Thrower Fulvio Fiorentini ANGEV-PRO.CIV. SEDE OPERATIVA Daniel SOULAS Amanda Grist Daphne Mayor thierry pette virgilio caragan Henri Lumbu Susan Atkinson Frances O’Connor karin nilsson maria soares Marika Maidla Lori Shannon Yvette ROUMIGUIERES Marat Nevlyutov Olga Kaigorodtseva Rena Heitmann KENZ SOO Hardy Brink Gregor Mactaggart Jonas G rgen Lisbeth Kallaes Miquel Alonso Richard NGAKAM NOUMANJE Stanl


Jo Rapier Lauren Lauren Paul Ahmed Diame Alberto Borges Ruth Lozi Ana Carvalho Neto Stephanie Jaeger Jonathan Kyle Meshack Modise Susan Seraphin DOREGO Milene Batista Jonas Everaert Abraham Ekeno Susan Hauswirth SECK Ababacar Laye Momodou Cheikh Ndiaye Sharmila Perera Ben Pridonoff Tumi Maboea Monica Pym Miheso Israel Lindsay Lundgren Candice White Ann Njogu Letizia Tony Gibbs Calvin Green Samantha Marriott similo majoka Sarah Williams Elsebe Vetten michele munro Teresa Settas Maria Gloy Jill Murray Stefanie van der Westhuizen Phillip Jackson celeste horn Kristin Greene Chantale Taillefer Renee Fuchs-Matthiessen Debbie Stewart Peter Shaw pedro de Bettencourt Donald Skinner Abdulazeez Ameen Peter Babic Sonja Schiessling Carol Carol Emmanuel Alan Holly Shaylin Pillay Sheridan Marks fatoumata dicko Howard Mojalefa Samuel Motloung fatoumata dicko Ingo Mutinelli raissa ngnapayo Bastiaan Krantz Phumlani Ximiya elaine russell Simon Libafu Heumou Biloa Julie Hall Kim Schroder Neville Durow karabo kgoleng jabulani mahlangu Ebba Tanya Viljoen Raymond Struikenkamp Hayley Baranyay Wesley Potts Sonja von Eichborn ZADI ABDELHAK Carlos Ziliani Cinda Hunter Lumley Hulley GERARD FABIANO Marc-Andr Ledoux Trevor Wells Susan O’Kennedy Rsy Reider Anthony Pape Antonio Caetano Ani Kay Wandile Kallipa Sophie Brook-Hart Ahellie Collier Thush Changou R n Dumond carl francis Abeda Bhamjee clara deray Daniel Larsen Beverley Nelson Bonna Mettie Rita Staempfli Marcia Contreras Camille Sevestre Korbinian Hard Ibrahila Diop Juan Pablo Rodriguez Sandoval Amadou Lamine Thiam Maria Zsuzsanna Fortes Ana Zalgado Callie Lewis Jason Ruger Bianca Marascio Michelle Stuart Andy Raveloarison Victoria Ottilie Neser Youenn CREAC’H Louis Holtzhausen Simon Darnay valentina cavagnola Elhadj Malick Gaye Andrea Venturini Mademba Niang Juliette Lamibrac Maria Rodriguez Liliana Petri Jill Lotheringen anne Ryen Raphursi Lehabe ILR Dieudonn TSHIMPIDIMBA Katie Spackman Mandill Norman kerry grant Sharifah Farah Debah Syed Mohammad Ubwiza Chiyungi aurore Feer Christophe Barrau Marilyn Thompson Jocelyne Lawrence Burdin alain Christine BRUAND Sylvie Drouet Daniel Drouet Anthony Rowan Cheikh Abdel Ahad Christian Tsiakaka Cissoko Dialimady Maleye Ahmadou DIAGNE Pro Dominique Belec Janet Smith Mark Jacobson Coumba Diop Daffe Aminata Sow Pat Strachan Adeline Antoine Jean-Jacques Manzanera DIAGNE Momar Belgasmi Sadok Emilia Siwingwa Fouad Nanfame CHEIKH TIDIANE DIA Lungisa Mpolweni Mohamadou Moustapha SY Bernice Vandenberg Maurizio Di Berardino Ramadimetja Lebese mdiop diop BERTRAND DELAMARE Thabo Rameetsi Tr sor Losale marina lahana Eloi Ndaba Marc Oudejans stanislawa rozdeba Guillemard Anthony nicholas mutua Caswell Bjalane Brade Touhey Marissa Naude Subash Beharie Erika Blida Eveline Ebert Heinz Peter Blida Brigitte Ringe Carol Nicholl Sharron Laplante MD Yanick Muntwyler Francine H bert Charmaine Korff Maria Castro Masesi Ncongwane Joel Catapang vero robe Gaia Heart Garren Dare Heidi Kirchner NDIAYE SIDY BOUNA Bellonnet Maxime TAOU AFRI S Skoglund Dave Moldenhauer naomi cohen Sofia Marini Serge Sabin Ngwato Reece Giles Diogo Mendes landry fieni Matias Lizana mohamed safieddine Pauline Wanjiru Gail Courtney Andrea Fontani Maria Ann Villani pierrick LE JARDINIER BIO Nicolette Patterson Lee Griffin Gabriella Pisanello Richard Field Jacqueline Geerlings Neville Austin Bryony Joscelyne Karen H ll Cynthia Lewis Michael Gloster Farida de Villiers Coral Louw Susanne Brummer Vinesh Nankoo TCHEKOUNANG Josiane winnie Loabe Alexandra Pendlebury Kym Hill Karen Ramsay Aillie Smith Susan Peter Darshana Bhana Tatiana Tarassova Sonia Miot Fiona Valk Charmaigne Bos colleen watson Linda Arenstein Rosemary Burt bronwen latimer Kidzie L onard Sandra Henning Lovette Powell Genia Whatley John Van Leeuwen Joanna Kiggell SHARON GENLLOUD Jorge Aguiar Sanushka Naidu Maurene Medway Joy Adri Pii Camille Daumas Maureen Smith Antony Ngure Sandra Heinzelmann Sharne’ Gerhardt sophie segreto miriam kalela blaise Iyeli G d on Katembo souleymane cisse Alan Wilson Ibrahima Bocar SOW Kate Wells Phillipa Lewer-Allen Lesley Barkhuizen Aubry Camille Iona Munro Anita Walker Bev Paverd Genene Bruwer Val Jackson Marshall Lamont Miryam Falkonerth Heather Hawke Jenny Kling Angela Reyneke jabbar corrales Estie Muller Mia seydou man Linda Diop Papis Jacqui Thompson Linda Gail Bean lucia van eck Danny Henriksen Jackie Barbara Ludman Anne Jennings Sonia Kuntonda

Leon Eady Rebecca Haynes Isak Tait Pat Wannenburg Caryn Louw PINEAU Mariwenn Lou Timbert Lynette Pachappan Peter Blake Eveline Piaz Linda Selai Eckart Schumann Mireya Palomo Cobus Koeke Paulaw wood Barney Vurgarellis HOTMAIL.COM WADE Barbara Leonard Carl Coetzee Ren e Wright Chantelle Maree Marise Otto Kita Williams Enelly Mandinda Ephraim Ndegwa Georgia Lawrence Karen Heron Janet Caroline Paupiah David Aryere Andre Maree Lynn McLaughlin Tiina Georg Renate Thomas benghazi nissia Matt Shelley Lungisa Ntshengulana Alexandra Frey Agatha ERIKSEN marco vaccaro Marius von Romburgh Jane Davenport ali alal Anny NZAVUGA Stephan Treurnicht Zinhle Nyathikazi Antigoni Neof Blaise BILEMBO Rosie PIOTH DT Fasedemi Suraya Moola Pia Haecky Liz Te Roller Christian MENDY Ana Goncalves Cheryl Malgas Susana Barnett Pascale Simon ISRAEL Lorraine Banks michael schirmer Jens Hagelstein Francina Nkosi Lisbeth Scalabrini Sophie Korenhof Lakmini Wahalathanthri Guy Bragge Dauber Pascale Bakthi Maharaj fabio friscia wally sykes Kirsten Henry O.Gabriel OJO Mickey Brewer Pippie Lombard Sally Jorge Lopes Taleb Abeidy Sidi Mohamed Gisella Wertheim Aymes didi Kriel BOULLIUNG Nathalie Wendy Ambler Chantal Govender Janet Thompson Jean-Louis DELONCLE Zonal Tchad Khadim Diagne Ivan Muller Cecile Botha Bulelani Mahlabela Nkosinathi Emmanuel Jacqueline Russell Sondra Boes Caroline Bravin nana kuloshvili Dino Giovannoni Ni Finsi Nancy Nyaguthii Mohammad Sizwe Jessica Hazlewood David Roger Laura Smith Clara Jones Stephanie Brancaforte maria peteinaraki Leanne MacDonell Miquel Marie Ruth Isenschmid Mariela Molteno Marco Brian Austin Kai Horsthemke Marianne Valentine Maria Prazeres DAN LEON Lourelle Lawrence J o Ferreira NDENI Nestor Jane Lundqvist Lacey Velvet Solange Bely john Tomlinson Alex Masai Allen Van der walt Gert Pretorius Koen Monteyne Belinda Craig Josette Oberholzer Noelle Garcin Myles Lutheran Denis Beukes Barry Gettliffe Melanie Carstens Ann Elizabeth Peniston Arlene du Bois Nomakhosazana Khambule dheeran singh Lawrence Kekana Obakeng Tolo Adaire Bekker monnique bester jean-cyril dagorn MARGIE JARVIS Christine B H Tolderlund Noluvuyo Sigonyela Aniela Flo Joan Cameron Maja Noelden BIANCA VAN ROOYEN Alison La Grange justice radebe CAROL PEARCE Madine Tyson Andy Mc Letchie Nouk Sue Roux FEUBI Steve Inbal Hancock Christine Hutchison Kumaran Govender Dani le SAVI Hugo Otto sibusiso fokwana Ebrahim Moola James Olls Cathy Slabber ABDOURAHAMANE ALI SOUMANA Vera Ikejiobi Natalie Raymonde Proulx Rosa Cabrerizo Nicholas Gettliffe Samy MANGA Adrian Engelbrecht phetoho Rasebechele andre bruno Ayoubissie gobinda bose michael Martinot eve dlamini Alice sibongile Moeletsi hendri dubi R Barrett Richard Jackson Alison Rees Carol Williams jonah russell Tim Howard James Williamson John HILL-DANIEL warren smith Nancy Cook ROWENA MAFHAM Alison Birrell Kiriakos Poulos Elizabeth Hanson Denise Hargreaves karen mcindoe Kate de Selincourt Antoine Josserand Felix Black Ruth Mullins Curtis Lawrence Elizabeth Macaskill Patricia Benfield Maria Gehrels Victoria Paine Dominic Davenport Andrew Parker Jessamine Stathatos H Larkins arnedin ahmi Jean Edmiston Tom Clover Alison Morrant Beryl Twemlow Rachel Peacock Mary Neave stephen rae Anna Frost Silvie Kubesova christopher houston Karen Felix Ellie Jeffries Jason Martin Alex Young Mark Kiszely harriet wood Georgina Steadman michael defroand Caroline kordecki Melissa Joy Stuart Cairns Ruth Bowker Sian Virk Ann Phelan Laura Guerra Christopher Hewitt michael oneill Tracy Mills margaret hennessy Tony Cook Joanne Paterson Ellie Vowles Fern watson Kate Impey Cheryl Birchenough Joana Sequeira Steph Glanville Julie Jarvis James Fox-mabe Veronica Prince Nicola Hawkins Lucy Griffiths Harry Bailey Victoria Edwards John Davenport Stephen Ward Phillip Watson Joan Abbatt Chloe Ogilvie Sarah Bleach Carol Knight Patrick Smith Rachelle BROU Jessica Price Rose Kearsley Catherine Johnston-Larsen Victoria Payne Roisin Cuddihy Simon Gray Daniel Outram karen alqasem neil sparke marilyon matthieson Ruth Coombs Alex Papamichael Jay Chauhan Joy Griffi joy corrigan Clare Price Judith Sturge Jamie Draper Laura Neilson Gwen Ellison Jane Irving Jonathan Emmerson Christine Wood Rosemary Fisher Les Parker James Williamson Viktorija Semjonova June Dodds Tim LeRoy Carrie Eddison Jarka Sekhon Anne-Lise Lancaster Tess Howell Claire Rudkin Lynne Bullock Caroline Staines Verity Miles Lynn Grounds Jo Campbell Fran Southall

Alice Sinclair Sian Bentley nicky warwick David Lewis Liz Blake Mechelle Sweeney Amanda Jones Karen Greenwood Sonia Norris Emma Young Jeremy McCluskey Judith Tigerschiold Katrina Woods Sarah Cooper Hayden Howells Lynn Lawton Monika Klos Peter Gray Amanda Walters Kate Tweddle Gail Mahon Gillian Fisher Barrie Broadley Giles Cooper Katherine Church Frank Todd jane eades Suzanne Jolley Siwan Rhys Julie Hall Sarah Voss Amanda Hatch Heather Young Titus Leskov Jay Kelly Lindsey Jenkins Karen Cooper Lynda O’Donoghue Sally Pearson Elizabeth Harley Drew Bell P Lynch Bethan Dalton Thomas Picknell Clare Wratten Gary Haggar Kathy Ogilvie Lindsay Hagan Rose Ravenscroft Richard Mills Vicky Millar Mairi Stewart Darren Burling Helen Gunton Lucy Kenyon Ann Preuss Richard Martin Test McTest Akshey Kalra Daniel Bohill JD JD Jamietest Draper Jamieoptout Draper Joe Coney Joe C jamiedrprthisisfake D J Draper marilyn matthieson ANdy Hine vivienne Leijonhufvud Tiggi Kempe Carole Arbour Kate McNaughton Lyn Kenny Tara Kelly-hulbert Caroline Hilborne-Clarke Paul Sefton Fernando Benito Agnieszka Szymaniak Will Soar Molly Beales Anna Kozerawski Eva Spevack Tim Armstrong-Taylor kym hazzard-garne Roger Wells John Lynn Rachel Kelly tom vaughan Lana Bullimore Kelvin Cooper Darren Lynch Kate Baxter Judith Ekins Catherine Forshall A Heap Robert Wingard clive weatherstone Sezgin Ismail Linda Sharp Carol Fry Michael Erskine Thaer Burgif Kerry Burbage Tania Twigg Debbie Hughes Francesca Gracie Robert Kingsbury-Barker dave yeomans Krystina Kellingley Pilar Garcia Rosalind Munro Martin Jefferies DON GIBSON Chris Hawes Timothy Newell Michael Byram Sarah Mallows Robert Wingard Richard Leskin Thilo Kumbernuss Daniela filipescu David Raskin B Gilder Alan Smith Thorkil Svensgaard Ian Heath Kate Chapman Mike Conway David Zinkin Lisa Buckingham C. Eggins Sarah Oubridge Roger Wells Trudy Allen roger turner Chris Domegan Richard Babbage Debbie Cox Vicki Hardy Sally Quilter Justin Uttley Teresa Rogers Pat McAnally Gillian Horsley Kevin Cockburn Helen MacLeod Lara Murray Rob Wills Thorkil Svensgaard Joanna Habgood Renda van der Burg Alex Jerman Klyve Dawson Anna Davison Hugh Newton Michael Wright Mike High Debbie Thorne John Goodall Amy Pickford Jessie Saul nicholas Stacey Sylvia Smith Dawson Anne Mader Marc Adams Kenneth McGuire Pete Burrows Gerry Mckinlay Olof Nilsson Bronwen Edwards Simon King-Spooner Garry Vickery Caroline Couch Susan Ansell ann lec Jeremy Broad beryl edwards Alon Cohen Penelope Bulloch Siddhi Sundt Jeremy Doust Barrie Higginson Christine Chrystal Steven Munro Larry Tabick Sara Bishop C I King Anne Cleary Pedro Candido Alan Brown Elizabeth Otway Joanne McMillan Rosemary Shaw STEWART EDMUNDS tom lees Ian Boreham Twinkle Troughton Emmanuelle Julia Joy Hayes Luke Jones Josephine Bird Gill Smith Jo Ramsey Peter Lockyer Judith Clark Jude Jelly Karen Thurman Christine Mouser Patrick Green tom johnston Karin Styrvoldt-Chaigneau Peter Rawcliffe Ed McAvoy Karen Mills Joe Salmon Charles Beal Simon Thompson Pamela Ross David Hurford Claire Griffiths linda bradley Henry Sly Anne Sullivan Lorraine Moore marta paradowska Dr Jo Tomes Patrick Lester Angela Summersgill Tim Fagan Ben Williams Stephen Pastoriza Anara Durand amanda coppard Erika Marchal Melody Neukomm Jane Garner Joy Roscoe Ian Kinns Amy Sinclair Gillian Smith Janet Holden Nessie Hunt Craig Brown Lynne Chambers Audrey Raine Kaisa Kangro Christopher Probert Erin Callaghan Lucky Dissanayake STEPHEN HAWTHORNE Tristan Ash ben lord milica nikolic STEPHEN MITCHELL ellen af Geijerstam sasha scott Deborah Sazer DAVID MCNALLY Nicola Murphy Catherine Brown Marietta Smith Frank Scarborough Alistair Gemmell Robert Palmer Rosemary Lindsay Adrian Yardley angela docherty Becky Johnson Ray Morris Tom MacLean Eileen Penn Filomena Almeida Daniel Rollison Rebecca Urch Neil Abbott Wilson Logan Dawn Hoggart kevin blackmore MATTHEW BISHOP Linda Catton Wendy Allison Elaine McVicar Wendy Pointon M. HAWKYARD john Errington Ricardo Medeiros James Frost Judith Fox Peter Osborn Susan Sharples Franziska Eber Jethro Linley Ruth Torres Sandra Von Riekhoff ALEX MC GREVEY Meryl Honey Ben Clayton-Jolly Andrew Adamson Stephanie Burton Steve Kesterton Yousha Ahmad Frank Parry Paul Balmer

Laura Welti Esme Taylor Maria Lekva Chris Alton ruth shepard Michel Delvael Robert Smith Dominic Winter Dan O’Sullivan AGNES MC GREVEY Elizabeth Bourne John Makey Keith Armstrong Sue Bigg Charlotte Loftus Jane-Marie Stocks Lisa Jones Donna BALL Leigh Strong Graham Clark Clare Mackie Angela Hardy Susan Winter Helen Wilson sarah woodhead Sarah Tolley Toni Hart David Salgueiro Teodora Bokonyi David Howell Daren Baker Edward Wilson Ed Frith Nicola Walker Ursula Kraus-Harper Jenny Smith siobhan hanlon Nicholas Jones karen Campbell Fran Stevens Jenny Macgregor Elizabeth Treherne Dorian Samuel francis sewell Louise Denton Spencer Reid Ian Fleet M COLLETT Neil Cain Jill Rhys Denise Bowler Graham Barry john harris Geeta Kasanga Hilary Werker Rob Dimery sylvia baker Rod Walters Mauro Buonomo Brian Davies Stephanie Wheeler Martin Brindley phil kirkley Martin Tedd Nancy Yarosis John Penny Sean Harty Maria Doherty Richard Hutchins Kathryn Nixon Louise Osborne Emma Dawnay Liz Monument J Scollen Peter Deans Sylvie Brasier Roy Petrie Michael Davies Ruth Lovelock Erik van Dommelen Dee Barber Mark Waterhouse Nicola Longfoot Cindy Ribchester David Westgate Valerie Lane Robin Bell Jackie Hancock Alison Whybrow lynne summerfield Juan-Carlos Wendt Tallulah Harvey Samantha Kinghorn Laurence Collings Jamie Woolley ali reed Richard Burgess Pauline Blackwell John Salloway Thoreya Swage Elizabeth larkin Janet Deans neil hanman Renata Bartoli, PhD Wendy Mann Serban Condrea Clare Adams Lee Tweed Matthew Livingston rebecca mclaren David Purchase vince watts Peter McGowran Megan Kirkwood Baz English Hilary Axelrod Roderich Heier Michael Hopkins Les Hogg Alan Rogers Allan & Pat Wright Rosie Mason Daniel Flanagan ella decker Amelia Campion Sofia Nogueira Kate Addison Becky Clarke Mikael Eklund Shane Hardy Simon Green Joanne Parkin alex cooper Malcolm COWARD Elaine Spencer Debbie humphreys Gema Gonzalez Mike Heseltine Lisa Jones Kurt Ballstadt James Dale Tessa Webb Karen Benjafield Chrissy Bridge Lucy Ashman Beverly Nelson Rosanna Hunter Leigh Burrows Jeremy Brown Lynda Kirby Nicola Smith yosel mouzo John Mortimer Emily Robbibs DeeDee Doke Alison Corley Mark Horder Tommaso Brambilla Andrew Hill pamela quinn john Wilkins Graham Griffiths Abi Gil TONIA ILIA Rachel Horder Robert Vrydagh Sarah Adam Stephen Durose Alyson King Paula Elton Helen Brooker Melian Jarvis Juliet Steyn Helen Todd David Hughes Ruth Hall Elliott Peckett Peter Silva Derek de Souza Matthew Webster Natalie Steed Barbara Martin Ann Goldthorp Robin Clubb Anna Highcock Richard Carmichael David Allen Josh Turner Barbara Richmond Sean Ellis Finlay Buchan Gary Buchan Richard Beard Jim Buckley robert nichols Jenine Smink Marit Metz David Brazendale Ahmed Takriti John Thomson Marco Ferrucci Carol Griffin Sheila Wilkins Ben See Roger Goddard Pearl Harper Marco Ferracci Deepak Joshi Ian Pennington Tara Gullbrand janice rouse Ewa Wojtkiewicz Daniel Hilton Joshua Jones Wendy Letch Diana Denton Guillermo Menendez Dominic Lynch James Robinson Joanne Priest Jean COYNE Celine Chies Muriel Leite Elaine Allan Allan Gray James Wilkins Josie Concannon RUDY rocha Carolyne Culver Rod Varley Wendy A daniela TENAGLIA BOB ELSTON Maureen Tuffrey enrico iuliano Lyn Brayshaw Susie Hewson-Lowe Abigail Day COLIN KELLY Philippa Lanchbery Nick Jones Kirsteen Stevenson Trevor Jones Ange Stringer Sussie Bell Aubrey Brazier karen Bartle Pat Hart Peter John Ainscough Margot O’Keeffe Mairi Stewart Michael Pattinson azra Nuhefendic joanne toomey Andrew Mackenzie Elizabeth Caton Sian Saunders Christopher Wakeley Tudor Hammett Diana Barnes Joan Hawes Lauren Mackenzie David Werner Martin Davis Alice Jackman Pablo Montano Sioux Legg Fred Cook Rebecca Bluett Sam Mackenzie Derrick Smith Rod Belt Etienne Roth Pete Beech Shelly Moram Lauren Ensor Salvatore Filippello Anthony Morton David Millar Lillian Billing Jennifer Kendrick Emlyn Miles Bob Andrews Gavin Hamilton Rita Wstson Maike Pohl peter robertson M D Jones Marina Bolton Abigail Walker Laurent Marmocchi Ioannis Lionis Jeanette Lowley Alan Jones Adrian Russell Paul van der Heijden Mike Mitchelhill keith vaughton Anais Begemann Bob Snashall Andree Kemp Richard Harris Harri Francis Charles Mitchell Carole Garfoot

Madeleine Eames Mark Kilburn Katherine Lubar Thomas Gladstone Jane Roffe David Degani Johann Schoeman Keith Flint roger Couling Peter Hill Penny Boyd Matthew Spencer Louise Kelly Tim Payne Emma Wright Michelle Harrison Helen Guy Catherine Cooper Clare Guthrie Jan Hampton richard van der eykyn Helena Carless James Greaves Fleur Webber ingrid bertrand Shola Charles stephen brown Lydia Laurence Roberta Parisio Helen Goate Vance Harvey Hannah French Graham Kenward Anne Prost Hilary Lawrence Gavin Wright Peter Neal Simon Starr Catherine Mander Luis Jorge Rivera-Herrera Christine Robinson Nicole Minogue Ling Trieu Heather Styles Euan McIntosh Rosemary Glendinning Marek Jakub Veronica Lane Rebecca Wildsmith FC James Hardie Julia Swales David Churchill Jonathan Weatherill-Hunt Nick Stinton Marita Thurnauer John Woods Douglas Bunnage-Flavell Christine Forrest Keith Lane Sara Pulford Josh Hall Alf Stripling Sheila McAnulty Caroline Bennett Bruce Hodson Gerald Osborne Jeremy Dymond Sharon Orton Jon Sheehan Paul Brewer Carles Canyamas Donnelly John Carden Karl Jackson Ingrid Tagesson Nigel Pollard Cecil Kennedy Alejandra Guibert Bethany Horton Janet Duran Laura Roberts ANA TERESA FONSECA Lisa Cordier Vanessa Cory Jonathan Ablondi Marie Taylor David Knowles Dorothea Stephan Chad McCail CL Matt Betts Helen Venn Ailsa Floyd Grace Courtney Clayton Cunha Filho Pauline roby Amy Ridout Emily Lunn michele lonergan Karl Hart Julia Garner Malcolm Fitt wendy ANTONIADIS miland suman Julie Fitzpatrick John Robinson Jenny Rowson Alastair Grimshaw Dinah Botting Justin Whitehorn Sheilagh Quaile Padraig Hart Dwight Bodycott Lisa Larizadeh Julia Cook Iona Main Stewart Beth McGuinness RICHARD KLINKO Laura Stanley Sharon Hart DP joyce bolchover Rhian Williams Sue Crooks Richard Braybrook John Lennard Leah Hart Daniel Krebs Christian Bates Aislinn Bowler Peter Smith Beryl Moppett Doreen Hosking Imran Troncelliti Charlotte Ambrose David Snowdon Craig Darmon Marie Newman Douglas Porter Reg Parker Sue Turner Pauline Jennings David Ross Chiara Sheaves James Ball Simon Frampton jack davis Linda Woods Tim Kearsley Fiona Gomez DEREK ELZ Sandra Garcia judith sabaton maggie B gina maria Sue Nash Anne Beales James Joseph Netto Gemma McKay Paul Atkin Mikel Calderon Merlin Ward Bill Henderson Ruth Bradshaw Simon Potter Stuart Turner Jodi Gunning Jason Sturrock Bernard Smith Sonja Shortman Graham Waterhouse mike and miriam kurland Amanda Vance Linda Wood Paul Upton LL.B. M Green Deborah Mills Kimmo Tahkapaa Lisa Bennett Francoise Welter steve Dreher Yuliya Ivanova Shirley Andersch Tony Parkinson Peter Yarrow Mary van Riemsdyk Lynne Peacock Virginia Brett Katrin Fleck sondra smith Sarah Baalham Alison Bainbridge Colin Meredith Barbara Harrison Tom Povey Fiona Millward Joel Dobb Karen Wallace Alison Hicks Andre Bearne marc Jones John Russell Hilary Robinson Lewis Lansford Daniel Howard Stephen Watson Craig Brereton Claudia Grimm robert Norman-Reade Mary Saunders JONATHAN RICHARDS I Horsburgh Antony court Fleur Edwards Trasna Palmer Lorna Peacock Roger Butler Karen Cole Zeshan Akhter Jonas Clough Emma Wilson matthew burridge christopher porter Linda Walker Becky Chunisingh Bonna Mettie Emma Arling Caz Cook Louise Secker Bridget Taylor Richard Tinto Susan Robertson Harry Breach Elaine Evans Matthew Slade Jill McCallum Steve Ashenden Ian Hubbard Angie Thomson Ross Watt John E Lynch Fleur Assemakis Jane Patchett Anna Linsel Jon Prowse mike knoth Maureen Prince James Northing Silvia Gut Phil Heenan Robert Pretswell Mark Goodliff ANIL BAPPOO Paul Bory Rebecca Chesshyre Mike Cope Donna McCarthy Mary Bailey Aurienna Dunbrook Paulette Lappin Lorna Hamilton paul vrabie Antonia Corr Mark Mathews Harry Labbett Gillian Ledwell Sky Flores avola lancaster Niki Allen Mabel Egberink Wayne Harrison Dale Race Marcia Gilbert Patricia Asari Beryl Jones Jo Pepper Sarah Coleman Trevor Boardman Jenny Goble Margaret Lock Milly Agnew Irene Kleiner Sally Constant Barry Rowley xanthe simpson Jan Tavares Roland Chauville Sue Waring Thiago Cabrera Garrido Laura Prinz Fiona Robinson Alastair McIlwain Marilyn Jarrett Dagmar Anders VWIRAVWAHALI KAPOSHO Michael Ingrid van Gemert Casim Crites Patricia Gow Sharry Puttock Penny Graham John Levis Simona Cooke Angelique Senff Rita Granger

Kerri Marsh Henna Kevin Nicholas Smith Vanessa Stevenson Astryd Jamieson marion jones Gavin Spittlehouse Alan Waring john everett ian hughes Meryl Cumber John Christopher Oliver MBE Natasha Gamble Michael Loughlin Anthony Parris Sarah Trehy Guilherme Maganino Peter Paul Hayes Anna Linsel Susan Hookham Mary Lass virginia Birkett Ian Cameron Gabriela Gervasoni Gary Kingsbury Geraldine Bouchet Jennifer Johnson Anna Linsel Jane Shaw paul fry Christopher Armstrong Jennifer Meredith Lizzy Pollard Francesca Vinti M. van de Laar Joao Paulo Colnago Leslie Johnson Chris Glover Octavio Lima Maureen Matthews Biddy Barclay Maria Grizi Celine Filippi Nan Waugh Sarah Fromming L Warren Adam Baldwin john bristowe Celia Waterhouse Thomas Veall Joseph Johnson Sofia Toscano Averil Pitman Sarah Restorick Pauline Ruth Judith Howell Chris Heinitz Rachel Deitcher Eileen Beswetherick Eleanor Anderson Scott Aldersley Mary Griffin roland power Janice Banks Dermot Barrett fay forman Dominique Romon Emmet Devlin Nicole Hammond Colette Cummings Ian Sycamore karen Hough David Priddle Reg Patten Chris Colborne anne lampela Annie Maddison Warren Ruth Beeley Martyn Collett Barry Dore Carol Ann Noble Julie Holden chris Hough Silavadin Vasen Charlie Higgs jen lindsay Bella Lowes Astrid Madden Judith Swinden Ben Cochrane Stuart Surridge Rebecca Appleby Patrick Allan Rowan Anderson Stephen Silver Lesley Dickson Linda Singh Gillian Holley lesley hall Linden Crowley Annette Chivers Nadia Cole Susanne Weber Ronald Mason Terence Fann Abigail Park Jim Rattigan Joseph Shulman John Lancaster Sue Walters Anna Solano Kavitha Vaenthen Daniel Purvey Rebecca Wade Iwan Corcoran Jonathan Powell Terry Willimott Alex Redwood Jane Ford Nicki Little Richard Green Donald Clarke Peter Buckley Diane Roberts Melissa McLaughlin Serena Jemson Neil Dixon John Davies Veno Taufer Sheila Pearce Lee Vincent MICHAEL Nicholas Gaye Herford Hazel McMichael Bridget McKenzie Carol Ann Noble Jez Appleton Nick Kelly Jeffrey Brodie Rob Gray Penny Dobbinson Shirley Monahan Alan MacDonald Manuela Maria Ines Arioli Nyree Stanley Mark Lewis N Banks Michael McCarthy Ian Gray Emma Fairweather Iain Sangster Sean Smyth Barbara Tansey Andy Swapp Matthew Miller John Partridge Alan Chapman Sarah Docker Adam Reed Graham Dauber Christine Martyn Christine kendall Pauline Lord Elaine Wright Christine Cowan wendy lindsay Mary Dunn Christopher Nicol Andrew Gardiner Peter England Wendy Spriggs Jane Edwards colin bagnall Abbie Yaxley Stephen Smith Iain Crampton Trevor Williams David Martyn Janet Clark Tuula Canavan Marina Laval Cascales Peter Aldington jaroslavkazda jaroslavkazda Sam Bloomfield Romeo Tango Ann Hagen John Purdy tim Daniel Amber Cornish Gill Andrew Dee Hall Carolyn Jones Sharon Short Patric Balz Katrina Ghent Emma Byrne Duncan Gisby Adrian Large Jeannie Burt Ross Joseph Jo Jackson Zoe Pearson Jan Parker Cristiano Chiarin Eric Haendler paula whatman Joyce Gray Liz SULLIVAN Michelle Ward Marthe Whitehall Fco Javier Galarza Altube Katia Herault Bruce Hewat Marion Rowlett Barbara Bolstridge Jeannie Burt Dorothy Pipet Michaela Andrews Barry Stableford Enys Davies Lucy O’Hare Thomas Bourke Ruth Bradshaw David Best Pauline Nunn jane thompson Nuno Baptista Richard Mason Jane Park George Collins Robin Faichney Gillian Brydon Geraldine Scott Susan Makepeace Billy Thomson L HINDLE Tessa Dickinson Sarah Brotherton Mark Jenkins Ian Iosson Alison Manning Vicky Powell Colin Hadley Susan Ryland Louise Saubolle Paul Hartley Stephen Strutt Agnieszka Bialek Finn James karel de ridder Ron Valentine Steve Hipkin Eileen Grant Freda Bunce Paul Martin Julius Stasiukenas Mick Paskins tyan lee carla howard Jane Sadleir Andrea Lawson Julie Anderson Peter Abbotts Alan Huckle Anita Weston Alice Grange Juliette Swindells Joan McDonald Grindl Dockery Nick Baker Issy Kenney-Herbert Nutan Joy Margaret Shearer Rob Wishart Belinda Allen Sylvia Oland Faye Bowers Sara McLean Anne Langan Diane Bowler Elizabeth Hole Emma Garioch John Waldron Gwyneth Grahame Rod Logan Bianca Esteves Patrick Barrett Kevin Johnson Andy Burford Richard Jones Fariha Quraishi Caroline Edwards Paul Taylor Michael Lewis Joanne Holt Luke Wigley alan elliott Sabine Nacke Gareth Jones valeria iovane Samantha Clarkson Elaine Blackman Joan Flynn Charles Hanshaw

Laura Tolley Katie Kkafas Matthew Burns Benjamin Molineaux Joao Martins Steven Davies Andrew Hutton Geoff Buss paula roscoe Rose-Marie Finlay Elizabeth St John Chris Benbow Michelle Thomasson Hannah Grace Charpentier Caroline Scott Claire Pennack Sarah Langdon cynyr hamer Blaire Isleib Carol Jones William Morton Sally McIver Neil King David Foley Thomas Leharne Peggy McKeown Byron Chadwick william ormerod SALI BARTER Anna Selmeczi Tom Kurtz Stefan Hoppe Debbie James Clare Smith Stephen Mirfin Tom Southgate jo yoong Jacqueline Clifford Christine Senchesen Joseba Andoni Zabala Eguskiza Robin Shannon Neethu Mathew Tim Byrom Lindsey Williams Rosalind Salter joan evans Richard Broadley patricia moreton Susan Smith Pamela Bean Sarah Ingram Ron Earth richard laprade Mark Tiramani Trevor Smith Doreen Small Trudy Ballantine Sergio Pascali Helen Payne Andy Marnie Geoff Parr Melinda Severn ian Robinson Beatriz Blanco Jamienewst Draper Mirko Naguel Sophie Naguel Lu Large Joshua Beale Marcelo Muscio penny russell Rob Reeves Sheena McGaulley Carl Humphrey Jackie Senussi Renata Jegereva Tania Muscio Liz Howard Jamienewest2 Draper Anthony Cleary Jacob Cnattingius Alexis Hewlett Romina Muscio D Smith Chris Brown David Matts Graham Howard Michael McDowell Alan Gowland Hilary Fuller Cristiano Valder Jamie132451235 Draper Iris Hill Jill Webb Ben Elliot C Welsh Catarina Farinha laura tomas Jeremy Harpur Lucinda Harding Janice Taylor mary jackman Gary Simpson James Ferguson Jacky Shepherd alan young John Macdonald Martin Chapman Martina Lucia Marsi James Blundell Faye Henderson Melanie Trout patricia whitaker Robert Newton JANET ALTY Maggie Stopard Nancy Bertenshaw Michael Caplan Glen Allramseder Andres Risso Courteney Lerums Kenneth Allen Richard Hoyle Lajos Tolly Philip King David Hereaux Spike Hill marilyn Sims ingrid drexler Lora Faye Ali Gillies Angie Affolter Soizic Jouault Angela Emuss Karalyn King Liz Newman Laura Jones chris vanLynne White Daniel Read Hilary Done Benjamin Bryn Jones Sophie Lyle Susan Slack Danielle Seal Jane Terry Edit Selmeczi Diane Millard Katarzyna Sikorska Philip Savas Jonathan Greenslade Carol McCall Sue Eccles Matthew Maria Tom Evans Samuli Kaislaniemi Michelle Gane Scott Sobel J. Cloves Laura Centore Louise Morley Manuela Gonzalez Vega Steve Wilson Dilys Guildford Dawn M Linda Montgomery marg nugent Ray Snell Barry Pierce Roberta Morris Dan Pettitt Jurgita Palavinskaite Fiona Swan Sarah Richards Stefan Thiele Raoul Perfitt Jon Rattenbury Claire Castell Alexandra Soares Peter Malley Stefanos Xaritos akshaya satheesh Edward Weber Lindy Frey Sophie Pelland Michal Dacko Edward Baughan Jackie Ives Marieke Ayoub Suzi Pullan Yvonne Elvelund Alston Rankin Kerry Hull Montserrat Cid Garcia Mona Herborn Peter Gray Zoe Warren Michael Rennie Terry Tedesco-Kerrick Suella Cave jamiey Draper Paul Robinson Tim Padmore Klemen Vatovec Corina Mirzoi Tony Yates Anthony Langan Frances Henderson yazmin mann Sandra Watson Cristina Tirelli Susan Friend ioana scholler Nicola Hollis debbi Strongman Jon Flannagan d evans Angus Robertson Nancy Poulten Stephen Greig Kellie Shirley CATHERINE VAN VRECKEM Dan rees Eleanor Sterk Nadira Wallace anna urban Silke Kitwood DAVID ACKROYD Maggie Hardy Kat Nicholson Nik Rodden Stephen Pope Darren Earl chris harper Rachel Hine Stuart Riches Ruth Saxton Neil Thomson Lorraine’s Stanley Paul Mcnee Wendy Halford Elspeth Barraclough Isabella Sumsion Margrit Jukes Delphine Sherwood Wendy Tozer Arlene Francis Mark Perry Daniela Rossi Nadeen Khalifeh Tereza Debarros Marcus Siewert Francisco Mico Martinez Shirleen Stibbe George Morley Janie Thomas Paul Weal Margaret Pennington Annette van Hartevelt Yvonne Keay Sophie Pope Linda Ambrose Martin Batty Kaatje Adams INA ESKILSSON Rachel puckey Lottie Cousens Robert Parkin Helen Pope roger van vreckem Colin Watkins Tracey Kerr Linda YOUNG Anna Mitchell Valerie Nordberg Jake Edwards Stuart Bentley Rebecca Bedford Malcolm Kershaw Kristine Boykin Dennis Mason Ala Anvari David Quartermain Nicholas Holmes Sallie Lines Grant Freeman Jeanne-Marie Bini Henry Jones Kiera Grant Abdi Rakna Dave Bennett Zoe Davison daisy connor Elaine McGowan Sarah Dutton Olga Nycz-Shirley Gary Badham Tony Seddon John Tippins Sharon Bernard Miss S Taylor Tom Moriarty Sofia Di Caterino

Emma Jenkins farah orths Christopher Sharville Juliette Haverly Jackie Johnston Luke Cashmore Pamela Burdett Keith Humphreys L Robertson Franchesca Phillips Revd. Luke Holden Liga Eglite Laura Ryan D. Robinson Carol Taylor Lee Irving Kate Kinchin Robin Haydon Allen Howell Therverson Kanavathy bianca bulloch Jill Henderson Issy Pugh Liz Rolls David Webb Geoff Lewis Vicky O’Connor James Mark Collett John Adams luc Melis Louise Cooper Lauren Mccann Gillian Tenneson Tim Gourle clare brass Benedict Terry Sarah Campbell Christine Spain Lyndsey Antrobus Judith Walker Bec Miles Richard Marshall Trish Vernon Peter Terry Victoria Reed Rachel Wood Fruzsina Kemenes Fiona Bradley Tim Hudson Chris Bennett Jenny Stansfeld db Dave Porritt David Robinson Elizabeth Thomas Alex Gunn GARETH WILLIAMS J Hacche MARTA DIEZ Peter Smith Molly Crook Teresa Allen Fay Funnell Richard Doan James Brakell Esther Anderson Karin Dahl Svendsen William Begg B Wilson David Knox Sophia Pettit NIk Antoniades Jude Biscoe Jill Rakusen Robert Miall kristina hrovat Jane Harland Matty Clarke Therese Beaumont Aileen Newbury Linnet Boyle Sarah Ferrari Rebecca Rock Callum Farry Beza Mbeboh VICTORIA Moore Shannon Cooper Annie Freeman Patricia Daymond Simon Bromilow Anne Marie Tovey Paul Mabbott Emma Thorpe Martin Aitken Jean Cook Lisa Tye Jenny Johansson Piet de Nennie Louren Knopp-Wilson Jorgen Kronback Carol-Ann Irwin Neil Mackay Julian Bates Kristina Franke Grace Allen Carolyn Woodward Laura Rudge Jenni Kenneally Pippa Mitchell Carmen Finotti Jacqueline Watson-Moul Ivette Reyes Margaret Classey Stephen Heycock Tim Thorn Linda Lennard Nicki Zander Kim Maccorin louisa drakou Helen Elcock Ann Simpson Ann Poulter Julie Ata-Amonoo paul tomlinson Yolanda Spencer Michael McMulkin Rachel Oldridge Joan Wallace Sharon Baines Caroline Jones John Petty Stephen Docherty Jo Carter Amanda Nicol Peter Roberts dean woodford Chris Abell Patrick Empsen michael Edwards Linda Jenner Gail Nagle Janet Pike clare mcdonald Marc Smith Holly Savage Dagan Smith Barbara Waters Michelle Hill Beverley Heath Raymond Spraggett A. Wodarg Arthur Westbrook Holly Savage annette thompson Stephen Ballard Tamara Buchan Alison Sowerby James Burden Joseph Love james allen Elaine Butler Samuel Thompson Keith Streb Stephen Hands roger crabtree Joe Price Keeley harper Bradley Godridge jana lyon Lilian V Peter Harvey peter King cynthia leslie Chris Hardy Andrew Boyle Brenda Stokes Ruth Reid Tracey Duckett Eoin Houlihan Ragul Mohan Alan Pepper Andrew Mills Lyn Fredericks Barri Hitchin Alicia Okines Mhairi Higgins Sam Hubbard Laura Candy Janet Shepherd Sharon Ellis Hollie Hutchison Daisy Dalton Alan Bradford Gary Speller Sheila Brasileiro Les Gaston-Johnston Helen Gabriel Heather Pepper Louise Hughes Susan Monteiro Stacy Gilbert Thomas Carberry Colette Pfeiffer Clive Pickthorne Dorothy Treasure Pippa Kishon simone salvini Michael Alacapa alice alzina Rosemary Chapple Roger Wright Mary Bowden Mariana Galante MARCO TOMBESI DeborahGrace MontagueWhite Amy Finlayson Sarah Hannon-Bland Sue Hollands corinne jordan Isabelle Vinet Manon Jones martin connell Juan Carlos Mieres Rivero Graham Reid Daniel Montague Abby Mason Anthony Dixon Janet Nethercott-Cable Dorka Gadus Evan Stuber Jameson King Alison Franks STACEY FOSTER Shaun Lowry jeremy leamy Corrina Cordon Sherald Lamden Florian Giraudeau Barbara Pickthorne phoebe morgan Claire Gilles Paul Clark David Brown hanako footman Debbie Wilson Linda Stringer Alice Hovanessian Abigail Ireland Lou Leask Michael Sharpe Mira McMullen Donald MacMillan Sue Harwood Eddie Lopez John Maclean Fiona CRABTREE MJ Chilton Vincent Forde Nasir Hussain Annette Sharpe Ian Elvar Scott McDermott James Livingstone Erika Bunao Simon Way Elliot Druce David Rozwadowski Steve Hanscomb Tom Walker Chris Wigg Joanna Ham Susanne Scherer Marie Lemay Brady Webb Eleonore Pironneau Goi ASHMORE Julian Self Yuen Ling Natasha Calvert Pavlina Watts Michelle Gavin Natalie Stubbs Matthew Charman Karen Love amber letts michael Sparks Mark Watkin Sarah Almy Darren May julien thivin Chris Auld Nathan Leigh Nigel Barber Tim Richards Joe Hoper Patsy Hollingum amanda lane Sandra Chester Mellissa Bowen Charley Perace Chris Pinkham Keith Elliot Mark Tweedie David Kane

Lynne Franks Phil Hembury Rachel Shannon James Hudson Carole Cutcliffe Andrew Corser Kaisa Astikainen Maria Speake terence curran Stuart Coggins Ina Osborn Riana Grey Joanna Barton Claudia Donati Luis Lopes Jenny Harris Myrthe ten Pas Teresa Whitehead andrew evans Callum Smiles Sarah Murden Greg Miller R Chohan Genevieve Overy Carole Lowe Joss Linney Deirdre Callan Peter Bush Isabella Cangiani Jenifer Flintoft catherine bellinger Andrew McIntyre Tracey Dessoy Keith Reed Mustafa Kapasi John Parker Paul Holmes ibrahim aksu Lynne Wills Nick Andon Ella Watkinson Michael Young Joanna Griggs James Cawley Sonia Goicoechea Nicole West Martina Koepcke Liz Richardson Maddalena Pallotti Janice Lawer Martine Nijhoff Samantha-Rose Parvin Tracey Rampton Jon Howes Ifor Williams Christine O’Keeffe Quentin Sattentau John Bacon Filippo Moretto June Gibbs Marianne Glon-Villeneuve Daren Waite Ruth Evans Kirstin Brown Mitchell Ferguson Mark Burns cave man Frank Langbein Anthony Page Jonny Greene John Mallaburn Eveline Mutsaerts Naomi Rouse Clive Alexander Ramin Khoshchin Hugh Davies Tim Fearon Karin Kaatz Joanne King David Platt Karen Butler Priya Surendra James Quinlan Peter van der Klugt Jan Tucker Richard Irons Nicola Harwin Veronika Statkova Nathalie Markiefka Julia Sedley Mark McAllister Steve Maggs gerard gardner Tristan Corp Robin Draycott Lou Baxter Heilet Rudolph David Taplin Timothy Hutchinson Matthew Pinto Priya Aswani Jake Tansley george appleton Antony Flower Twinkle Troughton Estelle Brendon Anna Connolly Elaine Kent James Reeves Alison Brown marcus railton R Coysh Amanda Rees Per Bojsen-Moller Jessica Darby Jenny Jones Lynton HERBERT Anne Butler Dara Grehan liam king Calum Leahy Marcus Leigh TRACEY CLARKSONDONNELLY Rebecca Allen Linda Cumming Steve Huggins Rebecca Barlow-Noone Kristiyan Bonev Victoria Cohen Louisa Coleby Chrissie Cotterill Olwen Lachowicz SINAH blohberger Brice Marchal Gail Leach Vivien Dawson Jilly Hunt Ivan Zhyvolup Richard Weeks Oliver Bamford Trevor Pannell Paul ODoherty Aubrey Waddy Philip Pemberton Chloe Williams-Wynne Horst Kopleck Richard Nicholson Oriole Hall Daniel Koehler james eden Simon James Collier Victoria Vilas Handan Senyuva Steve Day L Kenny Maureen Curtis Paul Ladd mandy lawrence martin parkinson Greg Moore Ryan Aird JOHN DOCTROVE Philip King ANSELL Dribbell Lucy Jennings Ed Fursdon linda wearmouth Paul Tansley Simon Locke Ian Scrimgeour Cathy Ash Richard Kassir Liz Carmichael Nele Vertommen Myles Bevan Belinda Wade Mark Hay Dave Hobbs Kathleen Foster Daniel Wasner Tony Brand susan brook John Nightingale John Horton Gerald Woolridge Robert Partington Rebekah Cumpsty Mark Hatwood Jeff Tan Melanie Stevens James Barling Andrew Grahame Jody Mardula Beth Starling Martin Jenkins Lesley Roulstone Eloise Bouron Umberto Albarella David Thew David Wade Alastair Machin David Kew Malcolm Inglis Owain McNeill amy wold Aaron Cupples Craig Carter N Holmes Andrew Barker Cody Dolnick Jerry Butson Sarah Penney Simon Postgate Lola Balaguer Mike Wade Kerrie Vogt Sian Burns Mark Hellaby Virginie Liess Liam Bluer jane parrish Jennifer Gold Chris Sutcliffe Carol Inskipp Josh Agasee MW Brian Preece Richard Hancock Wes Wrigley Gus Mitchell Marion Bennett Rebecca Keenaghan ben barter Andy Berry Karolina Haas Ken Baker Sylvia Werner Amelie Guyot Simon Webb Susan Sun Peter Swan Abbey-Anne Gyles Joshua Harrison Richard Stainer Tom Lenartowicz Linda Clarke Xavier Boeynaems Georgina Wong Mikael Marberg Jennifer Herbert Evgenii Bolshakov Kevin Varley Gvin Wainwright Kevin Thaw Karim Zouein Amy Vinicombe julian doyle Sam Kent Pierre Ribaud Jonathan Ogborne Annette Hudson-Dean Nell Pearson Catherine Nicholson Bob Dennison Matthew Saunders Chris Bulow David Banting Amanda Black Sue Oppenheimer Hanna Lawrence David Carter Peter Maingay Susan Dann Elliot Lambell Ivan Semenov John Spanswick Joyce King Francesca Balestreri clare shearer eusebio manuel vestias vestias Anthony N Redman John Fox John Tracey Luke Pattison Roger Labbett Donall Cross Pip Wallen-Priestley Ashley Kay Helen Graham David Williams David Howells Lian Hutchings FREDRIK KINELL Ed Holding Mikkel Hamar Richard Woodward Natasha Monks James Bailey Andrea Cencioni Vanessa Duquesnay Joy Fieldsend Ian Thomson Alison Clarke

Alex Glavas Gabrielle Granofsky Robert Hina Cheryle Casher Chris Tanner Suzanne Ellison Peter Hoebeke Katharine Barrett beverley Charles Julie Hay Josh jones Shane Cassidy Janice DiBiase Stephen Plummer Marianne Hoogeveen Amanda Cruise Philip Ramsell Beatriz Luraschi David Barrow Paul de Wit Bryn-Rhys Shannon Nikoletta Psychogiou Steve Askew Katrin Brubakk William Cocks Rosalind Fell Debbie Waters Peter Latham Meg Palmer John Halladay Nikhil Sharma Jay ley Catherine Lynch Janet Bradley Ivor Burrow Gary Hill Rob Wells Simon Jones Charles Davies Louise Cullen Julia Pilgrim Ian Atkins Ingunn Bohmann Stef Folmer Nick Middleton Richard Malton Cameron Lalor Leon Sendzikas Luci Phipps thomas hart David Swain Divia M Jade Anastasi Serena Allery Chrissy Levett jacqui carey David Bowes John Hammond Mr M Sissons Susanne Tinley Julia Speechley Martin Pedrini Chloe Frayne Jock Orton John Pearson Holly Playle judith hinman John Pochribniak Renaud Cruvellier Liz Hyder George Bunkall David Hunter julia may Jacki Bulpin Jonathan Derrington Sue Dawson Anthony Grinter David Shorthouse Rod Dalitz Ann Cullen Carlos Vessoni Jake Attree John Longhurst Alex Taylor Beryl Gray Naomi Dewdney Anita Griffin Wendy Saunders Lisa Barrett Paul Cook Alister Wise Clifford hayward sarah downing Eric Bouwknegt Benjamin Byrne Samantha Flavell Paul Ahmed Fiona Gardner Tuuli Orunuk Debbie Reed Trudie Richards Prof Mike Franklin Simona Ginkute Mark Tiffney Christopher Lloyd Mike Jozefiak Jarek Lodzinski Emma Eager Simon Balcon Joann Brewer Claudia Eckardt Ann Sullivan Graham King Brian James Andrew Jamieson Rodrigo Kerr Michael Bossom graham stewart Neil Armstrong Jonathan Roberts Claire Marlow joanne MORGAN-PERRY Allison Rensch Alison Bean May Griffith DR ANDRE HEDGER Paul Kuin Johan Svard Donald Anderson William Kenealy Nigel Holleran Rebecca Frayn Christine Walton Patricia Smith Theresa Ganley Gareth Hoskins James Clay Lisa Neste Stefan Majer Simon Simpson Will Hudson David Alcock Luke Dale-Harris Liz Stephens Norman Rees Jim Speed Paul Skelton stuart oliver Zohar Lavie Ruth Calder-Murphy Valeria McCann jenna obie Ed Brentnall Michael Fleming Nancy Frankel Diana Ilenkiw Zoe Lawlor Nicholas Howell Melissa Sirol Jenny Adie Sean Redmond margaret birch ravi Dube Kendal Greaves Gavin Douglas James Grisdale Angela Slater Tracy Cooling Ivor Davies Veronica Cameron Susan Wood Guy Johnson Robert Rampton Aafje Rietveld Michael Sandland Nigel Archer Howard Hunt James Plumtree Alice Pitney Mike Holden Sarlota schmidt avril marriott liz Osullivann Charlotte Bates Bryan Hogwood Louise Barron Bojan Subotic Linda Mcminn Charlotte Ducker Sabrina Cox Steve Smith Eleanor Chandler Leilani Banks claire blanchet Christine Picard Pauline Davies Joelle Bataille Karl Evans Janet Kennedy Barry SHAW-WILLIAMS Gerald Bennett Francis Marshall Sarah Blaikie Jay Gray Mary Slater Gilles Delcourt Cameron Rougvie Charles Westendarp Ann Woodley Alva Lockett Almona Choudhury Hans Vogel Richard Bultitude Jaime Pereira Iain Marchant Su Gilroy Helen Hall Dawn Borg Costanzi Angela Whitehead Jacob Luscombe Tony Byrne Phil Taylor Vikki Jones Simon Pickard Belinda Milner Stephen Surpless Hitesh Trivedi Grace Bell Maureen Haworth Paola Ceccarelli Susan Titherley Jonn Farr Ginger Ginger syrie johnson Elaine Richardson Geoffrey Close Mike Tuffrey Iain McDonald Will Hancox Brian Sheen Anna Norgate Keith Collishaw Ana Corvalan Antonio Uriarte Sophie King Mark McKendrick Frank Etchells Leonie Raw Karen Chapman Lisa Lambert Anthony Carpendale Harold Langford anne-birgitte mullins sophia Maxx John Nye Robin Winfield Sarah McDade Rashmi Jaipal Mark Piercewright Martin Wargent Jill Evans sarah fastrez stephen barrett Kelly Weustink Sally Andrew David Roberts Kevin Bond Mateusz Jedrych Nicky Brown Joe Eason Sarah McLean Annette Bell Christine Saynor Ann Walker raleigh muir Michael Hardy Aprylle Stuart Stephen Hewett Maria Lorenzini Mary Woolmer neil sessions Stephanie Feyne David Archer Stuart Panter Candice Joao judith greenwood Michelle calabrese Lee Dalton Adam McSorley Maren Meinhardt Phil Beattir Donatella Lecci Linda Stone Botho Schink Maya Van der Galien Meral Badik Giulio Agostini David Riebold Paula Key Steve Baker Alexia Collen Adrian Bentley Zoe Hudson Joanne Wild Jenny Sinclair

Deborah Stroud David Krolak steven fitton Jean-Claude Issa El-Khoury Emma Brady Jacqueline White Carol Laslett Darren Gillingham Ian Hornby Alice Bandiziol H Dagg Cherry Waters Patrick Rice Jen Murray Brian Ogden Janet Norris Ben Colbeck Gabriella Parry Lois Sealey Monika Lenox Riet Simons Yasemin Barlas Corrie Namink Neilza Polidore Misho Gogitashvili Ian Miller Meg Collier Catherine McLoughlin Jack Benson Ty Jeffries Tony Campbell Mike Wootton Judy Williams Simeon Arnold Greg Hamlin Ella Quincy Luke C-Y Ann Harrison Cecilia Alvarado Santoro Mary Carr Yoana V Daniel Miclette kristina millman Pip Tabor Charlotte Thornton Kerr Ross nic hitchens Vicky Moore Lisa Rollings M Huggett Hazel Cribb Ann Horne Kay Oliver Kate Lohr nigel rogers mary Wilson Lynda Thornton Nathan Glyde Kim Randall Joanne Thomas Kevin Simmons Shelley Gale Mihnea Chiujdea Sonya Millman Gail Pearce Phill Butler Alison Hall Anita Devi Mark Whitaker Suzanne Hutchinson Bob Jones Nicky Lovegrove Carol Conlon RICHARD Espuga mark Sloan Jenny Chapman RICHARD LANGLEY Jorrin Massingham Josephine Bird Lindsey McLean B. T. B. Kate Rainbow Ryan Hatton Graham Whitwham josh pelleg Debi Alper Simon Kartar Kathleen Gibbon Ceri Moxham IAN DYER sue Jolliffe Janice Millington Harriet Busby Derek Kidner Jelle Goossens Matthew Stone Sarah Van der vlist Martine Robson Ian McGaw Peter Winchester danielle devaux Stephen Collins LEESA WOOD Joe Pfister Ibi Saunders Michael Humphries Jonathan Wright Stewart Bevan Ken Thompson Maureen kemp Mandy Goodwin Doreen Clarke Ekta Trees Lungs of the Earth Hul-lo-oh?? A.V. Avani Lynette Stone Catherine Hurley John Baxter Anne Stewardson Barbara Bolestridge Emily Poole Neil Culank Andrew Temple Smith Jill O’Brien Asim Jalali Blue O’Connor Tarkan Bozkurt John Pallister Julie Sims Catherine Hale john magill Elsa Zenatti-Daniels William Donelson Sheila Trachsler Sue Maher Paul Fudge Philip Hyde Andrew Swain Kevin Klenner Gail Stride DANIEL PONS liz wheatley Timothy Colley Haydn Pope Kai Ul Victor Meadowcroft Jennifer Miller C. Anthony Lewis kadri Mikkor Emma Shiekova K E Pearce Moira Brock Maria Puentes Dominic Islip Elizabeth Sayers Gergely Kodolanyi Susanna Santarelli Stuart Young Dominic Riordan Amy Ellis Andreas Nest Anna Slomka Simon Heney Stuart Brown PETER MATSON michael shaw Peter Hiam Marlies Kroese martin heaps Lesley Wright GORDON JAMES Julian Branscombe David Hodges Carola Moon Amanda Jacobs Christopher Parish daniel harding B C Douglas Charlotte Zakss Lacey Levitt Bernard Ralph Richard Gammons Gemma Jones R F Hill Paul Griseri Pat LaStrapes Paul London mavi cantarini Penelope Pinn Emily Kirby Tom Leahy Carole Tucker Kristina Brnin Nick Statham John Slight Irena Funk Paul Grime Gil Haynes Karen Britton Sue Cardiff Heather Walsh margaret Harvey Joan Pujols Cindy Evans Shani Terblanche Geoff Kennedy Peter Hrovat Stephen WILLIAMS Nathan Dearn Thomas Edmunds Stephen Goodare Joan Reed F Lorimer Angela Skelcher Nigel Tasker Antonios Koutsounouris Claire Alford David Kahn Pru Foster Sam Ogunpehin Luke Strickland Luke Massey Chris O’Donovan Jo Herbert Robert Lovett Angela Davies Geoff Puplett robert williams Jennifer Basden Julian Gamble Steve Thorpe Caroline Sauret Mora McIntyre Delenn Etches Dodie Mac Deborah Tomkins Gill Fernley cristina atofanei Kate Dougherty andrew foan Kadri Just Peter Hodkinson James Pelham Dian George mark barfoot melvyn crowther GRAHAM HILL Emma Brading Diane Collins David Lawson Jane Olliff Cath Rasbash Peter Skelton Tom Hoyle Jo Rooney Nicola Maynard nigel cardew Ian Douglas Patricia Bell Vania Ferreira Celia Burgoyne Sarah Dekeyzer J Jones JOHN LEIGHTON Nigel Raby Kuba Granicki John Hirst Gareth Davies Marianne Wilson Iwan England Peter Lamont Ian Bonner Helen Finch Tom Watson Michael Chevalier Rose Constantine paula moss Alexandra Young Simon Gwinnett Wendy routliff Diane Worsfold Pieter Veltkamp Annette Eagle Jon Gething June O’Keeffe Sarmad Shargool Teresa Baron Melinda Nicholls Moshik Kop Nigel Miles Katya Puhalo Christine Bowles Sharon Lawson Nemone Caldwell Peter Schneider Juliet Heathcote Cynthia Stamy Jeanne Lebow sam Greenhill Ali Lloyd Keith Dettmar Matthew Richardson Alex Langford Javier Villalba Garcia Rob Young

Lindsay Pryor Ivan Pavlicek Maria Arrillaga Charles Croydon Peter Harris Christa Mardon Keith Hall Susan Raphael Laurie Dowler M Landy Nasreen Bahadur Pat Walker Richard Harvey Jo Saunders Lynz Clarke Amanda Moss Nina Kvasovets Dave Kerr Xavier Navarrete Farreras Simon Ottaway Sarah lyst Steve Ellis Paul Johnson Chris Riti William Kerr Daniel Lewis Renate Lawrence Pille Varmann Sherrie Panda Sarah Wylde ken Ainsworth S (Mrs) Teff S Aylward Catarina Furtado Cathy Want Antoine Salafia Lucinda Bicknell Elle N Derek Allum Annabelle Gray Colin Kassies Jack Elliott Kate O’Brien Pamela Whitehead Claartje van Koppen SUSAN COTTRELL John Glyde ALICE WHITE Brian Hoskin Peta Alexander Charles Goulden Paula Costa Hazel Davies Yiota Panayi Davis Erik Harperink Richard Marsden Claire Mathews Violette Aubry Nima Tabatabai Sonara Millwood Gemma Bowness Shannon Brown Dawn Dorrington Lesley Mallyon Michael How Sarah Kipling David Fielding John Mcilveen John Barrie PAUL JOYCE Joy Fernandes Geraldine Gallagher Bridget deGavre Hanna Kopp-Young Naomi Awre Steven Peters Jacquie Henly Shirley Carbonara Peter Taylor Jules Millin Patrick Ring Brian Dewis Gill Newham Bill Page Tytus Murphy Jane Spacie-Gray Nikolas Bartley Melanee Siebert Fraser Collins David Ross Lyn Ellis Gertrude Reiss Steve Deeble Jan Perry Neza Novak William Sharfman steven gluck Adam Davies Maisie McDavid Emma Walker John Wright Caroline Hall Robert Carter Elwyn Hopkins David Livingstone edward lusardi Uell Kennedy Paraman Panther Carol Baker Tracey White Georgia Hubbard Cull Nick Roughton Howard Peltan Roger Heming Aly Macgregor keith mcbride Jacqueline Evans Mark Hallworth Kate Start dawn l’estrange Dom Goymour Christie Naismith Catherine Powell Catherine Olver mim bois Mandy Tucker Julie Walters Vic Chappelle Ethna Lelly Colin Giddens Udo Grashoff jenny langridge Constantin Grywatz Terry Wilson Natalie Mills Fiona McLatchie Ian THOMSON Frances McLennan Ellen Langley Merthyr Stevens Greg Myles Adnan Tambawala Nirupa Rao Ajay Singhal Peter Compton Adam Hanslow-Smith Graham Campbell Ray Borra Anouk Van den Brink Colin Perree James Bartley Simon Nash Miriah Reynolds Estelle Wilson Fiona Stevenson Stephen Spencer Libby Wood Simon Skeet Yuval Gerstein Rachel Prosser emma May Tony Ruckledge Brett Cowie Aleen Sheikh yvan miron JAMES REEVE Georgie Bell Alison Finch Phil Johns Stretch Merrington Suzy Lines tatum devlin Madeline de Berrie Brendan Casey Baptiste Dio Peter Williams David Thompson caroline mcharg John Lyons Ian Underwood Mary Whiting Natalie Wynn RICHARD CALLIS Eileen McCarney Sean Wilson daryl harper Jefferson Lounds David Roberts Marc Legrand Marie Lyne Sarah Reid Deborah Finkelstein Claudius Zibrowius Trin Stamp Richard Law Steph Glasgow Barnaby Adams Stephen Payne John Hewson Faye van Hull Nina Schroeder Terence Roberts Dan Pridmore Debi Maclean dave parker Alex MacDonald margit fassbender Bex Northman Robert Bogatic Tom Haines David Hopkins Nigel Carter Victoria Gunther Amanda Holden josephine sheridan Geraldine Chorley Stacey Cook Andrew Lewis Ann Mcguire Sarah Harper Revd Graeme Hancocks Leon Reis David Perrott Peter Florence Elizabeth Bruning Lizzie Webb Lars Laamann Kathryn Richardson Cjon Dey Stuart Wright Mary Banting Kirsty Broderick Jonathan Hunter Jon Tarrant Lauren Birks Gary Noon Guy Wood Bertie Baigent Emma Cabrol yb Daniel Bottomley Dorothy Wilson Martita Manrique Elaine Fallan Owen King Ian Fox Patricia Mc Gonigle Christine Parkinson alistair mclaren Fred Powell Kate Newton bruce macaulay Lucy tucker Jamie Taylor Stephen Emmett Neil Gibson Adrian Newton Rebecca Brewin Charles Edwards Miguel Manrique Peter Shaw ole forde caroline fredriksson Con Gibbens George Saunders Nia lewis Nick Fraser Catherine Young Tom Hardaker Maggie James Clare Thomson Alfred Munden Tim K chris dyer-smith Louis Motaal Amanda Douge Alexandra Seiler Dan Harrison Jennifer Lunn Ron Atkins Lorraine Deacon Heidi Kirchner Jon Davis Bob Terry Judy Waller Sam Delderfield Mathew Ray David Hiel Alexi Francis DEMIAN BURGER Olivia Rossall carol blumenthal Dennis Harrison Philippe Charrier Mary Shephard Steven Swainston shaun teale Mascha Angoscini Natasha Soliar Anna Sekou Malcolm Surridge Damian Lowe Charlie Duffield Mike Wheeler Diann Turpin

Keith Pearson norah button Helena Magnusson Clare Wallis Jo Ripley Bradley Nixon victoria hayward Kevin Gallagher Simon King Colin Ward Ray Bryant Jessica Teague Diana Disney-Coker Sam Mitchell marlene schmidlin David Arnold Julien Jacquin Richard Grace Christopher Little Peter Cullis Andrew Roberts Gigliola Brintazzoli Judie and Paul Taylor Patricia Broadfoot Neil Anderson Kim Wheeler Stacy Callaghan Terence Totty Reuben Garrett Ruth Edwards Johannah Buchan Nicola Tyrrell Kim Martin Susan Sowell Paula George Joanna Mackie Jim Hopley John Low Stephen Pinkerton Courtney Mitchell Kevin Sheffield Thomass Goldstein Chris Rhoades Malcolm Cotton roslind mclellan Gail Collins Ian Wingfield Sue Quinnell tony o’connor Janet Gouw Richard Pickering James Begg Keith Penton Paul Judge Jack Bosworth Michael Nightingale Ann HUNTER Steve Kelly charles mould Trevor Holding Neil Purcell claire stranney jan lewis Sandria Artingstall Christine Hartmann Su Rogers Stephanie Perkins Stephanie Heney Joshua Dyson Ceris Evans Mandy Beattie Beverly Gilhooley Peter Cadger Steve Ledger Michael Donohue Cherry Bailey deric payne Alex Templeton Karen Syson Mary Spain karen buckley jane frances Lisa Berry Marc Scheffler Mary Picone Helen Mattis Mike Pedler Tim Mottershead Jim Rylatt James Speirs David urwin Theresa Friend Carmen Jane Hughes Sarah Gilston Albert Caan Rosie Chell PAUL BURDESS Suzanne Watson Neha Singh Samagita Ratnaike Leda Rasmussen Stuart Lorente-Cronin Mark Johnston Rachel Knott Sharon Mcilveen Glenda Power Lois Cuthbert Linda Gourlay Joan C Ayre Paul Hancock Kelly Dunn Karin Rainbird Ann Gawthorpe Peter Taylor Shirley Foster Lucy Gough Steve Bradshaw Ashley Standidge Bartlomiej Rakocinski Joanne Sweeney Ken Clark Ruth Brandon Robert Woodford Alison Mitchell Sue Tomlinson Gaynor Glyde pauline richter Michael Taylor Celia Fanstone Dick Finch Veronica Evans shira m Olwen Jones Ama Menec Lilla Horvath Jason Kania Peter Abernethy Alison Drury mary spratt Conor Clune Joel Pereira Jenny Russell ray sandom John Drysdale Stephen Ison Lucy Gough Doreen Taylor Heather Garbutt Martin Kojtal Chrissy Bywater Megan Read Gabrielle Clowe Libby Mor Hans van Epen Robert Jeffery Katharina Waldner Patricia Judd Mandie Osborn Alam Dyer Darius Norowzian Anthony Bradley Maryon jean Malcolm Danny Chivers John Butler Hugh Baldry Angela Hor


Tracy Thatcher Glenn Local susie lynch Ian Watts Rebecca Warwick patricia hallam Peter Dalton cindy eisenhuth Gordon BATTELL Warwick Moreton Robin Knight ANTONY Mcewan Carys Bailey Andrew Hill Tom Rooney Paul Robinson Alan Bartram Alison Stevenson David Lightfoot Mike Laycock Chris Thompson Dave Harrison Jos Meijer molly bolder Mattia Giussani Nathan Lewis Betty Tsang John Richardson Jimmy Levy richard anderson Steven Kennedy Carolyn Breslin Caroline Mikhail Dale Rouse Kamil Jakubowicz Judy Brown Alyson Downey Susan James Suzanne Oliver Jan Marshall Ann Jones Jennifer Mountney sarah withers Andy Tindale Sheila Walton Angela Trevers Terence Freedman Joanne Wood Samantha Moore Diane Levett Kenrick Dance Jody Jeffcoate Lorna Ferrans Brenda Powell Paul Fadden John Charles christina schmidt Chris Reeve Sarah Davies Karla Raiss EL Fenni John Rawles John Parker William Hume adrian Taylor DOUG FROSTICK Eldon Hinchliffe Gez Lemon Rachel Ord Jack Thompson Doug Harvey john powell Juliette Skeates Marie Allen Jean-Michel Leblond Ian Grant Mclean Jo Hastie Jon Pickard Hilary Torrison Owen Newman John Taft SHARAD AWASTHI Piotr Korabel Aileen Rankin Megan Waters John Milauskas Jeremy Wilkinson angela o’dowd Gerald Hallam Graeme May Adam Jeal Katie H catherine Robin William Allbrook Laura Gethen Smith Ronan Vibert daisy walker Nicola Bampfield Bas Steemers HELEN REYNOLDS Emma Angelosanto-Roberts richard maclaurin Colette Gardner John Marson Jeff Creech Carey Finn Alan Sieradzki Dawie de Villiers Lawrence Ward Rob Hayles Sally Maynard Juliet Morton Caitlin Pinner Helen Harrison Jeremy Smith Carolina Villanueva Mathias Neyrand Peter Trueman Luc Hurt Shelagh Hodgson Onkar Randhawa Geoff Flower ROSEMARY DULAKE Zoe Geal Christopher Melvaine Eva Aleixandre Costa eleanor stephens Tracy McAvoy Ray Cowan utpal das Bjorn Blomqvist Fay Hutchcroft Yvonne Spencer Irene Davis Graeme Stanley Jane Owen Laura Mosedale donald turnbull Ros Bush David Booth LESLEY HUNWICKS Ben Biscoe James Johnston Timea Millei Suzanne Coombs Carlos Augusto Mitraud Mark smith Linda Warman Fiona Phelan Lynne Bowers John Healey Molly Lautier Lee Winter Frances Davies Andrew Smith Alison Ogden Alison Rowley SS Ian Rosam Dom Gocher Rikke Feltmann John Farmer Elaine Long Tamsin Stirling Santi Molina Katie Miles Ewald Widiner Kay Richards William Mcloughlin Richard Woods Werner Macho Gary Pallister Luis Roldan Alan Manton Richard Bloore Penny Philcox Marsaili Mainz EMMA MACFARLANE Justin Green Georgina Buck dolores darst Bill Bimson Joanna Saxby Marcin Kubala Alan Andrews lynda easton Katherine Horton anna harvey Roddy GrimesGraeme Susan Beaven James Nicholls Lynn Joyce Will Smith Peter Louw Paul Costello Ian Gemmell Aimee Southern Ils Cools Maria Karlsson Stephanie and Jim Lodge Peter Weightman Norman Wijker Joanna Young Belinda Francis Mary Nazareth P Slootje Paul Burgess Deborah Perry Darren Walsh Carlos Filipe Reis Alves Costa Lima John Dunmore MICHAEL RAZZELL Will Marsh Jennifer Rowlands Taliesin Horton-Horsman Susan Blott Rod Lawrence Antony Penrose Sophie Currier Karen Harris Simon Venus Brian Taylor Linda Spencer Anna Hussein Justine Norbury Andrew Hook Ian Mullan James Wallace Maria Schiller Flo Studdert-Kennedy Jocasta Roper Natalie Silk adam klink Phil Leask Elizabeth Lees Maggie Dunn Helen Bantock David Ashworth Patricia O’Mahony Georgia Parker David Knowles Theo Jackson Jonathan Harris Elizabeth Adams mary Adams Graeme Johnson Wayne Hatch Peter Humphreys Linda Ashken Dan Baverstock Chas Spradbery Mena Hamer John Cooper Sharna Ebanks Julian Burn martin Buchanan lisa bickerstaffe Tom Aitchison Yvonne Ryder John Elliott S Hicks John Doh ceri williams Nick Cable VINCENT HOWSE John Crosbie Colleen Daniels Tony Easton Emma Langan David Reid Nancy Harrison carolyn ienna Jac Volbeda Stephan Barker Tim Hamlyn Victor Weston John Lamingman Jonathan Solomon Vandermeir Marc Lindsay Neil Angela Mcclure Allison Repke Adam Jones Claire Morley Helen Reynolds Carole Robert Arthur Rimbun Verity Richardson Steve Francis eddie marshall Devansh Mittal Charlotte Milne Carol Longbottom Philip Huckin Malcolm Stones Andrew Ahern Ingrid Heckl Jennifer Poole Catherine Wright Sara Shatto Arden Holford Julia Smith Kundan Pitrola Ben Marshall Christine Lillywhite


Silas Lane Howard Rees Katy McCalister Deb Coles Paul Chalmers Sheila Raznick Cassandra Soo Christopher Barry Ken Murray Martin Stevens Peter Hussey Neill Talbot Anna Xydeas Rikke Franziska Feltmann Mafalda Aguilar Rory Edwards Jamie Pinnock Xenia Popova Glyn Williams Jon Bailey nigel wellings Helen Kawachi Chris Printall Michael Simmonds Tomasz Janus Marianne Craig Margaret Moore Alani Keiser Lynda Spires Amber Hunter-Love Michael Barreto Anthony Davies Anna Winter Jane Barnard Maria Alexandra Castro Anne Venables Jeff Parker Monica Cafferky Barb Kerr Claire Brines Izaskun El Busto henrik envall Anne Morgan Thomas Sean Ganley Amanda Buyukertas Sarah Donaldson Jacqueline Mullard Diane McGregor Debbie Webb Agnieszka Jurek Alistair Thomas Peter Walton Rachel Jones Barbara Gallagher kevin peto Jacques Gregoire Monica Dunstan Martin Bleasdale Helen Maxwell Bert Johnson Ricardo Pontes John Nicol Diane Roberts Panja Gobel ana freitas Sarah White James Barratt Ruth Jones Jane Braybrook Barbara Martin jeremy moore caroline brammall Rafael Holt Chris Veale jacob lewis Ben Broughton G.A.M. Huveneers PASCAL CHECKLEY Gina Grove Shaun Woodcock Mark Claxton Christian Clausen Suzanne Tait Lol Hardiman Marjorie Fletcher Fran Bowhay Hans Herrmann Benjamin Walch Charlotte Dale Laurence Hussey Colin Taylor felicity carson Louise Tatam Wilson Geoff Mason Ann Brewer Daniel Nicholls Dominik Hoff mary Watkins james Hewitt john gonzalez Elena Massucco Sharon Butler Vanessa Harbour William Third Alistair Pratt Roy CULLIFORD susan van meter Frank Sheppard Ian Jamieson janet maker Nicholas Green Kerry Humphries Patricia Hogben Nigel Cochran Carol Shaw ian harris Ian Anderson Filomena Mantio Luisa Grieco Merran Sell Karen Sanger Chandni Patel Paul Gamble Fredrik Eidesen Justin Holmes MICHAEL POORE anna gretton Ben Meadowcroft Mark Raverty Leen Tack Olly James Martin Hills Jamie Andrews Louise ffoulkes Romany Simon p de jongh Susan Lee Tamsyn Cowden Mona Marklin Hazel Turner Massimo Giannuzzi Sandra Smith ben gill Graham Turnbull Roger White Kren Coutts Tim Battle Cressida Langlands James West Christopher Edwards Ekatarina de Rodzianko Jonathan Bobin Catherine Barrett Tom Currant Steve Scotson Patrick FitzSymons Dera Bodo Philip Murray Rowena Clark kim taplin Allison Morris Tony Liew Mara Salminen Bronwen Evans Paula Bullimore Julian Vine Marcello Guidetti Chris Mitchell linda reilly Valerie Lirakis Tessa Lavery Pamela Goodliffe Vic Johnson Di Johnson Rodger Parker Keziah Morgan Louise Ribbens vikki rashid Reginald Pritchard Madeleine Herkes Ed Shaw John Masters Jenny Musker Sophie Lewis Gordon Kent Jakob Wisse Angela Jones Steve Connolly Julia Lynds Ryan Mizzen MICHELE HANCOCK Martin Jones jan Frankl NJ Brockway Helen Banks Erika Urquizo Anna Dahlberg Felicity Marston Mark Thomas Andres Gomez An Cliquet Jason Barnett Jim McCarroll phil stone gavin allen Joe Saunders James Stewart Steve Townsend Ken Mullen Mary Turner Bold Creature Alison O’Brien Christel Haupt sheryl Faulkner Dennis McWilliams Elliott Rodgers Susie Stockton-Link Irvin Carl Jackson Sarah Flynn mario herreros recasens Alan Bennett Caitlin Nash Andrew Urquhart Madeleine Cook Ruby Hazael Alexandra Burr nicole keddie Judith Acevedo ukasz Korpalski Patricia Davie Simon Schweighauser gordon bamford Alice Rowan Andrew Hearse Michelle Atkinson Graham Valentine Anna Law Tristan Allen Sarah Axon Carl Howard Liam Hardy Michael Hopkins Christine Farmer victoria byrne Holly Bigmore Ronnie Cowan Richard Nicholls Prue Lambert Clive Hill Martin Roberts june colclough Barbara Lewis Susan O’Driscoll Ineke Durville CATHERINE FREMY david EDMONDS Ian Troughton Anna Hope Ian Swift Marion Ellis David Trainor Darren Collier Fanny Charles Neil Chappell Paul Crossley Gordon MacMillan bill k Zal Wou luke tumelty Ruth Williams Gareth Griffiths Stephen Thomas Gergely Egyed Andrew Nance stella james pauline adams Nick Hodgetts Ramzy Alwakeel Angela Showdery Jane Macintosh David Mathieson Nicola Hoang Laura Hutchinson Allen White Sean Fenerty Victoria Spendlove Paul Eason Christopher Hill Iain Campbell Debra Barrett John Arnold Bar Jennings Chris Clothier Harry Kershaw Jamie Ide Sean Carter Belinda Loftus Tim Johnson Doris Gray Matt Burton Ann Astrop Tim Pavey Giovanni Simone Roman Troetschel Patricia Youtan

Dee Darwell Clifton Lynsdale Kevan Paton Steve Williams Marguerite Penny Iain Kelly Norman Jones Ian Barnett Julie Ellis olivia flenley Maarten Heckman William Meadowcroft Reka Vincze Johan Wildhagen Malcolm Henderson Nick Bishop Polly Orr-Ewing matt leam Oliver Fox Leon Emmett Wilfred Overson Pauline Kilburn Manuela Jimenez Steve Crown Will Askin Thomas Sullivan William Robinson Chris Bond Penny Smith Graham Woodfin Brigitte Hiller Jane Simmons Richard Michael Thomas Ade Greenwood Claire McGrath Theresa McDowall Stephen Webster Christopher Gray Frances McEvoy Steven Wood Ed Robinson Nicola Mulcahey sarah tarmaster Kristina Phelan Daisy Lee Neil Robinson Mercedes De Alba Gonzalez Mark Reidy Colleen Sambrook John Boldison alisha mannie Vitor Rodrigues Kirsten Zellmer N Thomassin Robin Wyatt Jeffrey Hedquist Lorraine Hamilton David Simm Thomas Bayley Phil Barber Mark Brown Mika Johannes Virtanen Ulf Sellergren Paul Barry Richard Kendrick Jayne Pritchard Bridget EGAN Peter Nicholas Kelly Bronwen Hinton Jane Bayley Ian Myatt Ian Croad Robert Korodi G Mekvin Katherine Jones Joy Lock Margaret Al-Jabban Jonathan wingeatt Sarah Bender Sandra Barnett Anthony Webb Charles Robertson Diana Black Sandy Sharples ROBERT ETHERININTON Nigel Heptinstall Peter Evans Mark Grundy tania zaslawska Mirella Nalder charles johnson karen coutts Ruth Stanier Elizabeth Heptinstall Teresa Dwight Alan Boyd Christopher Quested Roxy Thomson Chris Ive Bernard Devine Alice Tyler Anne James Linda Alcorn Nicola Doyle Christine Newman Richard Shallcross Paul foden Steven Hamilton Irene Noble Lynda Kandler Chris Mcilroy James Morris michele losse Anthony Naylor Helen Crawford Richard Menari Raffaello Giuseppe Rosa Dave Simmers Judith Smith Jonathan Phelps Julie-Anne Whittaker Valerie Burrows sharon moore Heather Nicholls Eleanor Miller Jennifer Blant Malcolm McMinn Penny Stables Sarah Boddy oliver brundin Jon Digby Henry O’Tani Agnes van der Wooning hester watson Catherine Harkness Phil McKinnon Rebecca O’Connor Shlomo Dowen Karilyn Shephard Simon Leonard Ian Thompson Roberta Drake Sarah Martin John Watson Lindy Lodge George Butler Jane Mackarness Sandra Petersen fran gilbey Ritama Flood Rufus Boulting-Hodge Martin Williams Laure Dupraz Janis Crook Mark Hatton John Franklin Karen Bennett Keir Harness Faye Vella Emma Shoard Darius Sebastian Alan Hughes Jacqueline Langford John Pilkington James Faccinto James Ross Peter Macleay Kay Watts Tom Harbord H Dhinsa Thomas Braide S Luther Wayne Jarvis Jim Malone Chara Mae Parmar Derek Abel Barry Edwards Lisa Roberts Chris Hollebone Thomas Williams-barrow Deepthi Wickremasinghe Roslyn Hackshaw Kristina Joksaite Simon Molloy Sean Standing gill barnard Nils White D Kitchin Anne Denis J. A. Hughes Fayling Sung Doug MacLeod Frank Sharman Lesley Rickard Lissette Roberts Thorne Smith Margaret Goodman David Beard Michael Liston Lynda O’Brien Paul Webb-Jonesq Miriam Binder Audrey Fardanesh Ken Hesketh Lynne Lord Nigel Jewison Andrew Zielinski-Raynor Vivian Morris Hemalatha Kappagoda Nat Bowers Sandra Morgan Jane Flint rosi langford sarah nelson Ruth Cawley Estrella Reparaz Iain Gutteridge Paul Hinam Bret Ellis Allan Ferrans James Johnstone Peter Feldhammer Alexander Cortis David Salmon Tina Whicher Luiz Lima Neil Wylie murray wilkinson Jason White Ju Herrin Susan Hick Caroline whitehurst Emile Streicher rachel pool Alvaro Giraldo-Gomez Susan Crombir Andrea Ferran Clement Huret Kevin Wooff Steve Dua Daphne Williamson Sandra Leek Ben Dawson Anders Nygaard Jenny Gibson David Bailly Peter Nunn Sophie Griffiths hilary bradshaw Susan Fuller Peter Thomson Clair Higgon Francis Eaves Andrew Simpson Ottavia Mazzoni Suzanne Baxter Daniel Kmet Mark Ilbiry ELIZABETH HASLAM Elisa Bellina David McGrath Glennis Pollard Rick Crane Terry Leach Walter Bulloch Geoff Barnes Brian White Guy Halsall Barbara Orton Maire Smith Colin Eastwood Paula Macfarlane MICHELE CROSLEY Keith Scott Barbara Brice Kathleen Lambie Christine Dechert pete john Gracie Reeder Rodrigo Costa Mike Traynor Keith Taylor Alice Bondi Alison Keen John Sargent Ian Shields Skye Roberts Laurence Fogg Michael Madgett John Stringer Jennifer Penny Karl Lindgren Dave Bakes Susie Batsford Jennifer Dealtry Khalid Malik Jayne Gardner a g logan Arlo Driscoll Patricia Ashton Rajkamal Srivastava jack turley Rich Bagnall Dorothy Fagan Raoul De Villiers

Dianne Flath Astrid Haydon Debby Martin andrew harrington susan Crawford Terry Buss Catherine Haigh Marion Thomson Laura Brewer Karin Hansen David Wackett Jon Baggott Richard Milsom Pauline Mosesson Samuel Baker Jonathan Pagden Jonny Haygreen Sarianne Durie Zsara McEwan Stefan Bodnar Sara Byworth Malcolm Elliott Rob Macklin Annamaria Marzi Ruth Hills Ian Winstanley Hugues Le Roy Tatt Briscoe Martyn Tevendale Andrew Lejeune Robert Bruton Abigail Crofts Rosalind Stoddart Dan Eagleton Lyn Read Nicholas Sheppard Hennie Beavis Conner Merry Louise Marr maureen bainbridge Chris Crosskey Stephanie Whitehead James Wynne Clive Nancarrow Leroi Mclawrence Joyce Townsend Barbara Vaterlaws Ann Mooney Andrew Davidson stephanie mcknight Charlie Cobb Dennis Crawford Paul Bowerbank Virginia Joaquin Mark Hirst liz Attfield Emma Evans lauren gamble Errol Gunn Paula Atkinson Huib Remmel sylvia corbett Roland Scales Kevin Downer Martin Tonks Christopher Luche Graeme Glendinning Alasdair MacKenzie Paolo Tonelli Ines Lebre Charles Stemp Fiona Cairney Sam Fereday Helen Crawford-White Colin Dale Linda Evans John Wattis Brian Sutherland Danielle Cosh Hugh Morgan Antonio Rodrigues Maria Maguire Helen Broom James Chipps Janet Taylor Brenda Bayne Alice Taylor Ben Dodgson Cecily Eaton James Price Sandra Murray Maggie Tallerman Peter Giles Trevor Simpkin Richard Bowell Caroline Taylor Claire Knapton James Achilleas Gioypi Ann Tean Robert MacLean Philip Brannan Ranbir Nanuan John Pamplin Mark Bennett Adam Piette Oliver Horne Michaela Jackson Jenni Harris malik suleman Freda Mulvany Jacqui Mayo Sue Douglas kevin griffiths Amaraghosha Carter Marisa Crimlis-Brown D Hill-Ryder Irene Auerbach Michael White kate broadhurst David Ridley Adefemi Kujore-Taylor Mariann Tovizi Lachlin MacKenzie Leanna Macaulay Isabel Stainsby MARJORIE WALKER Holly Smith Gordon Waring constance mcnulty C Hayward Angela Smith FIONA Whiddon Peter Brown Peter Dipnarine Herman L’Allemand Payam Bagheri Stefanie Zehl Karen Harper Lambrakis Lambrianou Samantha Hearn B Vida Ornella Trevisan Peggy Aylen Mhairi Macdonald stuart rayner Eliena Luurs judith tatem Alex Collier Martin Jones John Hughes Julie Phillips Caroline Miller Phil Hopkins Paul Devine Sue Quin Tom Sainty Harry Silverman Bethan Cobley Nicholas Mullin Clare Auchterlonie Irene Marshall pat edgar Avril Harville Jude Hunt Linda Pring Colleen Kelsall Elaine Rush michael rose Martin Scutt Alegria Cupit Terry Iddenden Alastair Shiner Tracey Cronin Emma Barber Fiona Walker Christine Quinn Crispin Atkinson James Smith Martin Maywood Peter Howat Judith Wool Angela Christopher Stewart Cuthill Roger Levett Sandra Correia dennis mellor David Lance Andy Brook fiona Perkins Rose Dale Koenraad Van Schuylenbergh Steven Foreman Delicia Burnell CATHY SBERNARDORI Liz Medlyn Yvonne Payne gosia meikle Robin Pridy Ormungandr Melchizedek Carol Richardson John Mendoza Kostas Sakellariadis RAYMOND LONERGAN Julie Sproule Westrow Cooper Aslihan Gedik Deborah Grant Francis Blake Alan Goldring Oenone Barnes Sarah McGreehin Garry Preece Emily jenkinson Terry allatt Ross Cowie Kirsten Hellier Marie Irvine MacDonald Julie White Alice Barrett hasina kooreyshi Pauline Fraser neil devlin Sharon Bugg Timothy Heffer Judith Sharp Kelly Jones Daisy Nicholls Rosenlund Forlag Publishing house Kiran Jatania Fionna Wire alain Lemieux Linda Shockley Jant Kent Carl Hargreaves Suzy Eckford Heath Lowe Shondra Snodderly Simon Westermann Anthony Bird En Clements Sophie Haughton Brett Busang Bethan Thomas Nancy Gumm cheyrl baker Mario Barata Beth Porter Anthony Ingle Kevin Walker Jackie Wickham Robert Jolley Annalyn Swan Hannah Chen Aren Roukema mark truesdale Susan Allen Nico Baker Sophia Cope-Tylee Gerard Murphy Anita Sachanska Vicky Patterson Anne Stobart Helen Cranston David Warner Ryan Aitkenhead Simon Jenkins Jennie Campbell layla haidrani Arkadiusz Kaszynski Tristan Foster-Collins Catherine LAMBIEL Kim Shields Rich WALKER Guy Borremans Andrew Drinkwater Robert Ferguson Daniel Cooke JOHN DAVIS Chris Bostock Martin McCarthy John Wrightson Carrie-Louise Hingston Mark Young Allison and Ray Macpherson Paul Manington Maddy Bowker John Wells Sarah-Jane Andrews Roger Peatling Duncan Lingard Raymond Pringle Mark Lowe Sean Rocks Gabriel Bayliss Jen Mitchell Cath Graham D Green Alastair Collyer Sur Sur Karl Leibfacher sjoukje robben David Abbott Milly Burton

Janet Berny Penny Georgiou Alicia RIVOIRE Nick Francis Alexandra Stara helen BARRETT Ruth Baker Steve Gore Ziyad Yamut Lorraine Aveling Charl Kroeger Julie Turney Grettl Hughes Pamela Lawn Taina Pearson Rachael Thomas Richard Murphy Julie Reid Betsy Germanotta Rob Hinxman Hilary Hart Jenny Levitt Bernard Cronyn Marc Ellis Jim Sprague Jeff Golightly Alison Clarke Tim Boardman Hubertus Goerke Hilary Hurd William Bates Richard Miller-Smith Allison Mountford Elizabeth Craigmyle Dulcie Cowling Jonathan Rodgers Valentina Barbacci Petra Salari Dawn Bowdidge Gale Maurice philip hardie Yannick Docq Ruth Avey Pamela Hughes Jenny Percival Jekabs Zarins Elspeth McManus Mari Kerge Lindsay Attrill A M Poppy CAROL WORTHINGTON Penny McLellan Tracey Capes Luiza Varovici Jennie Osborn Anthony Mace David Ladbrook Paul Scarrott-Jones Andrew Reeves Margaret Mccaig johnny fisher AS Mick Lee Jane Aaron Bev Warburton David Mitchell Sonia Heller Schulthess Matt Edwards Lesley Saul Arvind Bhambhri Graeme Blake Catriona Padmanabhan Ana Ford Samantha Browne James Brockington Claire Craig Gareth Starkey Fiona McLeary Gillian Hill REBECCA GINN dave kemp G Dennis Laura Baxter Amanda Young Kelly Garrett Ann McAlister Catherine Draycott Jenny Jones PETER MILLER Jeanette Nickson Alen Kayne John Moore Neil Crompton Johanna Wild Brian Smith Fred Bridgland Will Fraser Aliz Vanilia James. Young Gemma Kent Linda Mitchell Carol Weingeist Mike Fleming Mohammed Seghir Nicolai Meinshausen Jason Flynn Kate Dewey constantinos Zegos April Parkins Yvonne Greenaway Lesley Prosser David Price Brian Richardson rose brooks Iain Fergusson Peter John Bates Heather Atchison Giorgio Foschino Kim Rogers Penny Jolly Noel Dillon Coral Lines Gillian Phoenix Anna Ford Tony Harris Elizabeth Billington Bobby Brady Morette Thompson Trevor Rabet helen Warren Chiaki Atkins Maggie Simpson glyn moody Jon King Sophie Emery Linda Milne Jimmy Stanley nils kaplan Keith Nicholson Clare Eaton Stephen Roberts Barbara Lally Janet Cowan Maria Sironi Lee Willocks Ruth Polden Benjamin Dawkins Iain Duke Loren O’Dair Bill Shaw Aline Jewell Rosemary Gillman Richard Gledhill Sabrina Robson Joseph Weiler Mick Dann Julia Baines Nicola Merton-richards Liz Kearney Gerald Fisher Keith Oborn Thomas Rogers Paula Morgan richard jones Belinda Mills Tam Widdon Dorothy Emmett Daniel Lim Maria Espinisa willie catchpool Callum Bailey Gemma Harvey Steve Macfarlane Rod White Lawrence Norfolk James Hirons Rob Cripps Sean Macintosh Trisha Brutus PETER SOYE Annie Hanson jeremy hart Clare Stewart Sarah O’Steen Simone Jaeger Andrew House Jennifer Coatsworth Wanda Ballentine PAUL Sinfield Kimberley Epton Peggy Jones Colleen Johnson Sharon Rushen Joy Biswas Lindsay Wright Jennifer South Joanna Simpson Douglas Edwardes-Ker Sandra Nicol Jack Stone David Aldred Giulia Baldoni Margaret Barrett Jessica Magill Paul Jardine Chris Coelho Christine Chambers Anne Standbridge Peter Herbert David Durham Susan Beattie Jagoda Danielak Jim Bedford Paul Winterford Jan Malmberg Mary Oldham janet maggs Amanda Bailey Monica Mesikapp Ian Laurence Barrett Matthew Hyatt Sam Wardhan Claire Stevens Vibeke Kaupert Lindsay Wakeman Katie Langley arianna patterson Judith Gretton-Dann Eddy Bewsher Prof Mark Hobart A.J. Mitchell Donald Park Patrick Maynard-Smith Rachel Page Erika Bostock Torsten Krebs Dan Tomes Aneta Ko Nick Cochrane Me McNamara Gail Smith Pamela Church Bill Erdis Edward Paxton Hamish Reid Teet Raudsepp Paul McCoy Jacqueline van de Velde Christiaan Moes Lyndsay Wheble Maxine Double Susan Jobbins Marion Wright Steven & Sally Seeds James Luck Thomas Burstyn Kevin Cuthbert Chloe BARBIER Mary Belyea Gareth Williams Gill Duffield David Wood john flaherty serena king Penny Foskett Paul Crane Roxani Tsirides Jason Rae Alichia Peters janet maker francesco meneghini steven peet Helen Haller Parag Kulkarni Beverley St Hill Caroline Wynn thomi wroblewski stella maria gradwell caroline boucher Christopher Inglis Traci Zinkann Paul Hunt Beth Keys-Holloway Yvonne Osborne Steve Harding Richard Weare Ernie Strachan Terry markham Brenda Charlwood Vivien Vincent Dennis Elphick Hayden Lee Davet Treacher Tristan MacIntyre-Read Christopher Harvell Larry Wang jenny wyness Jenny Newman Helen Cramp David Simons Sarah Berry Val Jones Birgitta Stensdotter Didier Danillon Stephanie Le Turgeon

Diana Luther-Powell David Clyant Matthew Wintersgill Teresa Gowan Zoe Beckerleg Marian Crosbie Peter Taunton Benjamin Harley john Cooper Carinn Seabolt Paul Harris Antonio Picozzi Lee gibbs Sheila Harkness Sasrah Montgomery Eileen Milton Malcolm H Whitehead T. Isaacs Sara Scott James Greenhalgh Jane Wingfield John Walker Lynda Durrant John London Laurie Bradley Janet McLeod Martin Taylor Lucia O’Donovan Louise Caldicott Jane Chittenden Greg Taylor Jennifer Acquaye david perazzolo Daisy Flynn Ibrahim Yosma Claudia Andersch pete leeson juan garcoa Pam Burke Deb Williams Nicholas Jones Mary Brodie Tony Bettger Dale Hemenway Miss Friends Rupert Mason John O’Connor Wendy Bohme Chris Eve Mercedes Miceli Stephen Hagland Jen Graham Valerie Bowen Richard Sharp Hannah Rumsby Susan Thomas Linda Hall Jean Blackshaw Helen Smith Anthony Lewis Delia Brauer Carole Stevens Moris Farhi Adam Singh Charlene Murphy Sam Tottenham Lisa Farrell Judith A Baxter Adam Tice Elizabeth Molloy Shelley Voigt John D Anderson Simon Spencer Suzanne Hydes Marie-Jeanne Proctor Chris Syme Bernice Pethica David Smith Phyllis Barker David Powell Ilaria Lazzari Marian Hussenbux Sarah Lawrence Simin Ou Janet Treacher Mark Collingwood laurie gabay Rosemary Kelly Edmund Caird Indhi Gupta Caroline Humphrey Timea Mate lorraine parry Elzbieta Susmenda matthew tagg Mary J Murray ANNA Cole kerry bennett Petra Bucenieks Jamie Costello Jennifer Smith-Daye sarah frankland Randi Gustafsson Michelle Elphinstone-Walker Oscar Kennedy-Blundell Esme Needham Caroline Dicken Mary sommerville Mor Vimmer Alan Summers Elizabeth Meister Daniel Agar IM Shelley Darren Fellows Hannah Payne Nanette Bersselaar Suzanne Baldwin charlotte chappell Heather Webster Jason Foyle Dale Webb Rosy Hall Bessie Chapman max haymes Alie Schwartz Richard Naylor Andy Webster Birgitta Palmborg Tamzin Oscroft Louisa Young Cristyn Lloyd Erdick Dunstonne Jenni Bessesen Valerie Bolton Les Wallace James Dale magdeleine mauclaire Gudy Terenzio Gary Jones Gary Green David Brown Stephen Sykes Mike Sherno Catherine Agniez Hazel Dawson Minday Plauska Sarah Verney Jennifer Madden Alex Barton Emma Brookman rhonda goodridge emma jo June Hicks Arnaud Ripoll Jon George Winifred Dalby Walter Simms Emily Randall Judy Davies Pamela Barlow Laura Hollingbery Thomas Dickson Barbara Stott Adam Newton Roisin Coyle Ondrej Curilla Mary Jones Anne Legoux David Connor Jai Norton Lorraine Lowry Ken McCarthy Christopher Mallinson colin bradshaw Phil langslow Tom Elliott malka Bernard Pascale Eigensatz Meuli Amanda Chinery Deborah accos Alex Newell Deborah Meyler Ali Carruthers Nick Doylend Gina Risby Katie Gruber Jeremy Johnson Tiina Georg Lesley Lacey-Smith michael jasinski carole clairet Victoria Matthew Rebecca Mayhew Jack johnson Silvana McAuley Rich Carter hein stander Neville Akroyd Caprio Samantha Helen Streames jacqui elton Marilyn Walmsley Imogen Curran Ruth Miller John Solomi sarah woodiwiss John Weddell Dyann Healey Milan Hepner Raphael Leblois Dione ORROM Konstantin Oetker Stephanie Farrar Wadhah Salman Charlotte van der Tak John Tallamy Sarah Price Lillis Janicki Simon Shenton-Tan john blackwell frank jamart Elena Kravchenko Anthony Bailey Philippe Kernivinen Tina Holiday John Mackintosh tom kenworthy Abigal Cruttenden Sue Hamilton Sue Austin Chris Smith Thom Board Julia Meyer Daniel Payne CLAUDIA BASSI Andrew Butler sharon goulden Rosa Gibby Ruth Elliott Peter Laskie Deb Bannigan Solen Le Lannou Sarah Macdonald Alun Davies Sally Allen Mike Loye Djihan Skinner Sam Wilson Simon Pilling Konstantina Zarnaveli Trevor Wilson Jon Urry Rebecca Cunningham Maire Mayne Tom Gueterbock Livia Nemeth CARLA PINHEIRO Rosemary Speed ilaria Meliconi Judith Stergios Paul Marchant Anna Blackburn Eileen Trewhitt Keith Simister John Horan Sarah Lane Anthony Lovelace Ross Taylor Adrian Smith angela Mcbride Lynne Crawford Andrew Lawrence Lisa Hoftijzer Jason Wood Michael Coffey Pete Simpson Paul Stevenson ANGELA HUNT Mark Ellingham Eleanor Hayward Jana Hesse Kristen Lowry Reece Archer John Taylor John Hart Graziano Delmenico Lauren Basson Susan Tibbles Rachel Shiels John Cordingley Glyn Morris karen Sutherland Mike Cook Jade Siciliano Jens Bruun Baldo Lucchese Claire Caparco Racquel Iglesias Arthur Burrows Jenifer McKee Dr. Charlie Beil Gino Roberto Groppi Siim Kuresoo stuart robson Anne Aylor

Andy Thorley Ben Keatinge Sarah Bridger Susan Joy Joyce Evans Wendy Butler Andre Coroado Karen Walton Gillian Rothwell John Spencer Alice Judge Elaine Russell Sylvia Edvinsson Lucie Begin Raphael Whittle Sarah Bishop Jon Greaves Harry Shepard Jennifer Dessauer Manuela Piotti Dave Crowder Borka Maxim Margaret Bhudoye Judith Wall Jenny Bleasdale Liesbeth barclay Linda Kay Stevens Justin Frewen Tim Forster Joe Bates frida kieninger Giancarlo Sciama robert g Sandall Sian Eames Gillian Broaders Fiona Sampson Julia Fryer Angie Bentinck Kavae Loseby Arthur Burrows Marjorie Spence Tobias Aldon Natasha Cutler Louise Hewitson Joseph Reay Alexandr Yantselovskiy Luke Whiting Linda Fitzpatrick Geoffrey Manning Michelle Perry Debra Robinson Bowfie Baird J Morgan Ali Ariss Laura Wignall Elizabeth Fletcher Chris Gregg Peter Miller Alan Feest Megan Thielking Joan Msynard Peter Bellingham Nat Ellis Jeff Bernard joelle sasson Matt Woods David Sharp Oliver Dimic Douglas Park Frances Runciman Chris James Maggie Allen Tom Mc Nulty Jack Gardener Kriss Atkin Brian Sear Darren Berry Tracey Tegg Donna Draper Mark Girard Julie marshall Livia Luzzatto Adam Bone Paul Kirkby Malcolm Howard Ralph Ashby David Price Frank Lloyd Lucja Kalkstein David Cook sally may Dominic Kerridge Mark Tatlow Elizabeth Bruce Emily Fowke Catherine PAge Patricia Cornell Edward Hodgkinson Chiara Borgonovo Helen Barker Simon Congreve Nelson Goncalves Sanne Thierens Jennie Summerfield Becky Galvan Judy Reeves Rob Leeney marguerita brunt seymour Marc Steinberg Melanie Ketch Simon Thomas Brian Topley George Bailey Jean Seymour Nicole Bussiere Jennifer Kidman Tabea P. FIONA Baker Steve Savory Lee Dean Stansfield Vanessa Senior Garry Dalton susan plowman Cat Gummersall Hannah Kirby Alex Athanasopoulos Laura savill Colin Cooper ROSALIE SUTISNA Zoltan Pongracz Matthew Tucker Mark Falica Alistair Melville Louise shambrook Nelly Jane Broughton Abbie Raynes Claudia Castle Jessica Morlid Alienor Paguessorhaye Lottie Svensson Wendy Rowe Stuart Murdoch angus Macfadyen Milene Larsson Robin Gardner P J Bunker Sheena Wurthmann Philip Miller nelly hermanne Martin Charlesworth Claire Arnold adrian shepherd Janet Newell Judith Smith Elizabeth Bartlett Pat Bromley Linda Perkins s willard Michael Shryane Robin Aaronson Rachael Pouncett Neil The-Hippy Deborah Gordon Judith Hawley Simon Morse Ben Rivers Martin Brown Derek Duffield Lisa de Lang Jennifer Pearce joe carter Sandra Phillips Jacqueline Robson Mark Phillips Elaine Beach Joe Fallowell Teresa Smith Paul Keld Carole Henson David Dixon Carol Latchana Jonathan Wicks Joanne van Kleef Patricia Klerk Kate Denny nathaniel walters Geoff Patmore Fiona Jaffe Dorothy Marrriner Deborah Smith Dave Treacher Steve White Daniel Towers Angela Allen Emma Wright Henrietta Gregory Li An Barry King Richard Gilbert Andre Gross Kathryn Summersell Rick Jacobsen Bob Lowe Paula Baker James Eaton-Brown Amanda Collins David Hardy Bodil Tjensvold Jonathan Hill Gareth Clayton Philip Nash Niels Henrik Hooge Margaret Anderson Sarah Warren Bernard Radel BD Gi Neve Robert Wolf Petersen ian tingle ELIZABETH HAYNES Christian Woof Ismael Marin Jenny Maxwell Michael kerridge David Gabbitas Angela Pickles Lynda Walker Nicola Barker Louise Newbitt Dafydd Huw John Fiona Hall Kathleen Elkin Fiona Swinhoe Vivien Haggarty Bob Najam monica mcgregor Robert Forde Tony Cooke Ben Hart Thomas Mitchell Keli Myers Margaret Beach Paul Mills Patrick Joyce Terry Thomas Katy Jenkyns Jane Hayes Vi La Nigel Fox Mrs Julie Diane Bell James Blake Darren TownsendHandscomb Karen van Niekerk Moya Pearson Juliet Bell Sebastian Heidbrink Roger Patrick Ian Farmer Karl McCreadie Lorna Hanna Jose Costa Fg LYNESS Lenny Hurrell Niki Thompson Ed Fletcher Dan Brown Elizabeth Baker Georgina Foley Philip Brown helen boyd David Howse Martin Archer Renata Corado Ann Radband Ben Gosling Paul Jeffery Ursula Knapp Erica Dobie Helena Levett Patricia Keiller Ron Burden Petko Tashev Gordon Barker michelle owens Chris Edmans Belinda Bluebell Zdena Tettelaar Helen Smith Hanna Fodor Claes Gellerbrink Simon Fibbe Carrie Carter Joanne Smith Finley Adrian Heeler Mary Harwood Kira Bowen Darren Weale Stephen Jones Colin Good june baxter sally gimson Rachel Hannam Douglas How Axelle Blanc

Nerys Lloyd-PIerce Richard Carr Elizabeth Thain Warren Kendall helen Crawford Janea Treacher Christopher Stansby Alan Seymour Sharon Mcgregor Janice Gale Terry Jellis Mary Hanly Brian Daines Katie Smith Guy Vollemaere Louise Gaynor Fredi Teale Sue Harper Arne Strate Gary Tyldesley Roland Henry David Carroll Claude Robert Georgina Llewelyn Howard Rye Graham West Patricia Heayberd Nicola Purdy Roxanne Handforth Robert Howlett Sara Brockbank Flavia Santini Samantha Holland Martyn Kille Peter Gallon Nicholas Cook Melody Schoenfeld Michael Best Mary McCarrick John Coote Clive Semmens Dave Robilliard Julian Peach Elizabeth Gilarowski sabine Laemmel Michael Bambrick Cyn Najor Ray Valentine Nicolas S. Catherine Binnie John Mumby Peter Roberts Aled Jones Trudi Grossmith Harris Keillar wiiliam andrews Caitlin Lupton Rikky Shoker Matt Binns Nigel Gilley Alison Davis Mike Fox Dr Grahame Blackwell Michael Clasby Pamela Walker Frank Miller Deb Wyatt Alistair Perkins Nuno Dias Ian Cliffordq Robin Jones Richard Giles Margaret Quinn Ross Golder Andy Hunter Corina Logan Lesley Hawthorn Jo Oakes Emily Brewster HEATHER GRINTER Phil Buckley Nigel Harwood Lynn Mills Steve Candler Lucie Manheim john ashton Christian Purcell David Williams William Keeping Fiona Greig David Saker Natt Montgomery Maria Jose Caballero Paul Roper pat french Emma Pellegrini Moon Rahman Monica Carpenter Clara Gouveia John Wright Rob Eggers Nell Power Tian Richfield Caroline Carty Lol Sanford Mark Knowles Susan Rix Aliki Danou Matthew Cook Jinnie Schiele Rebecca Stanton :Ireneusz-Jan :Kryczka deborah lancaster Robert Chamberlain Steven Metcalfe Steven Scrutton Sarah Platt Jorim Muller Karin Venekamp Rebecca Garforth Shelly LeMottee David North julian goldsmith Teresa Malyon charlotte richardson andrews Michael Wingenroth James Bayley Callum Hendry Catherine Cartwright Andrew Davidson Ken Scowcroft Tony Fregoli Francis Debrabandere Marianne ten Kate Martin Redfern patricia gascoigne Laura Fain Jane Braham L VAUGHAN Christopher Baldock Moira McKenzie Luca Fioretti Marie-Jeanne Christie John Friend Harry Campbell Ann Clift-Matthews Dorota Mrozowicz-Grodzka Joe ellison James Montague Christiaan Pole Valerie Greaves JOHN HALL Josephine Lucke Ben Shepherd Lizzie Hunter Jorge Almeida Freddie Douglas Jessica D’Amore Ray Stein Michelle WrightT Mark Somervail Mary Woodward Tim Reynolds Di Hemmings Lang Liu Giles Blackley Paul Moulding Carol Rintoul Paul Robson Danek Piechowiak Suzanne Clark Calum Lithgow-MacLean Polly Thomas Enrique Calvo GJ van Veggel Chris L Ailie Tam Ian Jenkins Christina Allen Margaret Walker Laura Bowers Christopher Coneybeer Peter Zuffa Carol Hopwood Alexander Mertsch Lewis Miller Trevor Sherratt Colin Powell Clare Ashcroft Donna hopton Judith Todd Mariette Hoff Simon Robinson Kay Jenkinson Daniel Johnson Adrian Devlin aizhana ariano Zena Ahmed Nick Lee Don Gamble keith powling Anne Plowman Sally Fisher Leoni Paton Emily Guthrie Harry Reddick Polly Robinson Eugene Yakub Jay Hooper Veronique Kirby Clare Morris Dot Thorp Frank Fuller Deborah Feldhaus Pauline Wimpory Natalie White Miriam Margolyes Eileen Young Paul Homer Guido De Bruyker Sara Walden Marek Steven Rebecca Oaks Simon Webb Philip Ashill vicente monsonis Helen Nicholson Peter Roberts Vanessa Bicknell Steve Howarth Lisa Linford Marike Borst Sam Parker Stephen Murphy JASON SPURWAY sarah allen Michael Middleditch Robert Leong Siobhan Rayner Andrew Walker Casey Dickson Brian Turnbull Ruud Bemelmans Francis Morris Ryan Blake Nancy Aukin Mary Bruce John Murray Cathy Naden Peter Adkins Daniel Ellis Pam Watson Mark Park-Crowne Vera Jarrett Simon Leather Kate Ruscombe-King Mark East Daniel McBrearty ash Ruebens Romano Demicheli Uwe Paschen Gerry Loose Agnieszka Ulbrych Liba Hoskin Ephraim Davis Lorraine Felstead Janice Blower Steve Clark mike smith keith reeves jennifer wheeler Giles McCormick Smith Qasim Ulhaq ROGER COMLEY Linda Parkes Pamela Lucas Peter Haines Peter Wilson Gillian Roberts Judith Orr Anne Lennon Malcolm Chenery Gill Jowett Susan Chester Anne Clark Colette Reynoso annabel gerbi Michael Harrington Simona Vigil David Apthorp David Willis Blaz Kranjc Jeffery Hurran Steve Baker Chris Tonge Em Reid Kevin Rowe Roosje Barr Sarah Prentice Graham mitchell Jacqueline Green Giuliana Lomazzi Carol Sneddon Christine Charlton Mary Johnston

Angela Panks Elizabeth Armstrong Christopher Nash Giles Bell June Buckle alicia quero Tom Mexicancheyenne Angela Crofts Meryl O’Keeffe Geoff White John Royal Brenda Eldridge paul Thirlaway Elizabeth Waite Gary Shukie David Merriman Lyndi Chapman Sheril Leich Toby Atkins Joey Clifton John Capel Linda Jackson Emma Watt Thomas Eccles Hilary Glaisher Louise Butler Vanessa Allen Anni Williams Ross Smith Dom Gent Andrew Palmer Kate Hedley-Boxall Thanasis Dimakis Tom Forrest S Ingham Alex Witton Geoffrey Bourne Raymond Cansick Annie Hill ferenc komjati Myra Bennett Marlene Stephenson Peter Heywood Victoria Hands Iain Day Rosemary Munro amy roberts Craig Peckham Anthony Cartwright Pauline Fitzpatrick tracy davies Jean Gregory Joel Kosminsky Brenda Briggs linda francavilla Linda North Karl Flinter Karl Ruschak Jeremy James Jeffrey Wood Richard Cox Bridgette Browne Brendan Taylor simon das Daniel Child Alan Gladman Mike Peacock David Nice Charles Lindsay Ieva Jociute Pablo Nader Chris Dunsby Rafe Fitzpatrick Anne-Marie Lafond Rye Eden Jude Ashley-Walker Robert Hartman Wouter Geerts Brenda Robinson Rowland Naiken Karin Morian Laura Brustolin gill hyland Julietta Schoenmann Caroline Warriner Zoi Kotzampasi Jean Cheesman Claire Jones rachel hunt Lynn Esslemont Alberto Venturino Ray Chapman Marjorie Adams Hilary Murphy T Anderson Verity Carr Dudley Hackling lyndon whitney Niloufer Kazmi Alistair McLean Zack Andrews Ben Bazalgette Hallam Murray Christine Johnson Ken Dearsley Simon Murphy Suzanne Miller r dean james Anne Morrison Elisabeth Newman Lucy Robinson patricia millner Angela Morris Derek Smith Rene Watts Andrew van der Merwe Susan Norris Peter Holman Amanda van Rooyen Catherine Butterworth Erik Kupila Meryl Pinque Mark Burges Watson Matilda Wilson Margaret Clarke James Harper Emma de Silva LINDA BRANT Susan Fairweather Marieke Medenblik Paulo Prado Serena Roney-Dougal Ian Carter Alex Clayton Hywel Satherley Bianca Joce paul loney S Paterson Daniela de Paulis Edmond Rube John Rhodes Eddie Leslie Clairette Rheault Felicity Middleton Panayiotisp Loizou Neil Palmer Lisa Clarke Julie Hazelwood Richard Linnell Ben Cadwallader claire Harris Diana Quinn Ian Birchenough Sarah Dinwoodie Astrid Milner John Darlington Jonathan Gottlieb Togo Igawa Anna Serke Craig Matthews Maite Esain Robert Clark Jo Smyth Geoff English Neil Pretty Ashley Mills Omar Docherty Sam Clarke Jonathan Alston Victoria Lewis Magiee Georgieva Georgina Hayhurst Larry Diffey K. McNulty Julia Jessup Agostinho Sousa Marion Marshall Maryann McCabe Alyson Gooch Katherine Allen-Mtui Jan Harvell Mirjam von Bechtolsheim Steven Mccaw Les Wilson lisa Fisher Diana Crone Robert Relph Barbara Lindsay Sarah Lemmon Gill Newbold Des Mills Mike Crompton NELSON THOMPSON Andrew Mann debbie townsend Alicia Turnock Roger Francomb Alison Cox Irma de Vries John Hill Lauren Guillery M Elena Laguens-Capablo Karen Conroy Loyd Harp Kate Clarkson Padraic de Bhaldraithe Ulrike Roloff-Standring Carol Mansfield Roger Thompson Linda Daffy Rebecca Oflinn John Morgan Chris Donovan Witold Wawrzyniak Anya Klostermann neil oram Jane Cameron Robert Smith Dr. Gustav Barnard Steve Foster Jenny Peel Mary Begley Chris Heavens Yasmin Shah Rachel Marsh Kerri Dobbins Isabelle Tompkins john Trotter Janine Lemire Simon Rowney Joanne Hathaway Jean Hickton Vanessa Burroughes Sandra Walline Margaret Holmes Victoria Heffer Sonja Jueterbock Judi Poulson Misty Moorhouse Stephen Hamp Eva Sanchez Steve Gormley Ingrid van Heerden Gail Moss Howard Kemp Bill English Andrea Greenaway Julia Tindall Steve Smith Sheryll Punneo David Roberts Stuart van Rooyen Janet Page Bernadette O’Brien Tamzin Ferdinando Anthony Godsell john heagney Darren Gough James Donnelly Michel Koelega izabela spero LYDIA FULLEYLOVE Adrian Dyke Angie Palacios Jesse Thompson john o Vicky Gallacher Paul DeCouto Bernard Love Stefany Moore Svend Hansen Collette Johnson Geraldo Vecchiato Caroline Hitchcock Kaeyla McGee Dave Beszant Richard Hillery Eoin Dempsey Nick Broadbent paul hubbock Steve Brickell Agnes Orosz Colin Grech Stephen Jarvis Deborah Soper Sue Moorhouse jenniann Davies Glyn Parkes Mark Treffel Andrew Collis Stuart Mclellan Joan Garner Christian Geldsetzer Rosemary Porter Adele Tyler Peter Basterfield Adem Couper Faith Anstey Laura Ahmed Christine Williams Chris Dale Andrew Savage Robert Jarrett Barbara Schwarzwaelder Andrea Hamblett

Annemarie Otte Jose H Torres Figueras Nick Anderson Nick Vannan Mary Kinnell Lesley Kazan-Pinfield Vicki Aust Martin Bates William Corthine Tony Layard Sally Oldfield Richard Turner Susan Ridgeway Balan Ruxandra Patrick Baird Alex Sarll Peter Stanyard Kate Cowin Liz Faherty Sarah Spilsbury Stephen Lancey Patrick Muscat Justyna Kolowrotna Forbes McNaught Heather Brown Christine Bradbury Belinda East Damiano Gaudenzi Alexandra Kanitz Audrey Ellis BARBARA TEMPLEThurston Roi Robertson Christine Simms Laura Wagner Diane Smith Lucie Johnston Charlotte Cook Gruffudd Williams Kate Baker callum miller Roger English Daniel Costagliola Inger Haldis Svensen Keith Spurr Christina Lee Jonathan Webb JUANITA HUMPHRIS olwen smith Karin Paschen Richard Wilson Bruno Miorin Doris Habisohn John Stryczek Martin Conlan Michael Du Pont Andrew Fahey Sheron Hujair Vitor Mendes Kev Chappell Mike Bow SHERVIN Alaki Paul Bryan Louise Duffield Ross Gosling David Plimmer Anthony Burton Stef Bettens Victoria Jelinek Cath Harris Jeannine Mansell martin mcnamara William Collier Jenny Nichols David A. Woolsey Robert Jewitt Sylvia Edwards Agota Kaszala Jo McKerr Sofia Gesang Nick Frewin Richard Biddle Lorraine McDermott Jorinde Brokke Sue Lee-Richards Jess Hamer Mike Clark QUEIJA DOMINGUEZ anne marie Michael Cheesman Susan Crozier Cari Carter CharlesAndrew Rose Heather Barnes Nicky Trussler Carrie Chadwick Ciaran Mcguiggan Carys Lawrie Kenneth Smith pamela kovachich Steven Eldridge Kirk Hendry Daphna Arod Jay urquhart Rebecca Taylor William Wright Janneke Hogervorst Rita Wale Lisa McCormack Tayira Mora Black Michael Rose Emma Weale Tami Palacky MARTA RUZZIER Aubrey McKenzie Paul Harding Gary Russell Marie Winter elena caton victoria Bell Tamsin Yates Sean Hazlewood john hadden H Woergaard Nigel King Alexander Herridge marcus robertson Alun Williams Emmanuel Xirogiannis David Stephens Lyndy Bishop Susannah Williams Tessa H Adam Powell Mary Tolson wendy blackham David Hanlon Steve Edmonds Lisa Topping Anne Brown Sallie Cooper Karl Maule N Wearmouth Lisa Prior Don Brown Elizabeth Stevens ronny de clercq Jj Taylor Angela KIdner Johanna Snel Elena Saenz Patrick Tung Graeme Bernard Pam Yuille Alastair Bartholomew Michael Collins Leo Shearing Chiara Barbieri nick hart Maureen Bird tim charbonneau C Wrad Bryan McRitchie Ronald Burrow Jean Hazel Bailey Mirja Manninen Jude Birdsall-Williams Caroline Wedmore N Robinson Liz Marsh Lucy Todd Roger Druitt Rachel Sinclair Denise Gunn Heather Lofthouse Tom Whyte Carl Adam Iveszics Eszter Ian Neal Peggy Tileston Whetham Allpress Shaun Fincham Carol Henderson Sarah Reynolds Annette Lie Paula Lawton William Baston jane solomon Fran Halsall Richard Bell Alexander scott Anne Williamson Simona Vaitkute John Rowlands Vanessa Brown Stephen Parsons Shirley Stoten Oliver James-Flatt Valerie Goulden Suzanne Waring Stefan Ball maureen wyatt jduy lee Nick Atkins Bodil Tjensvold Matt Steele Bill Neven James THURLOW Nathaniel Wallace Cornelia Brendestam Ann Robertsson Mark Wadsworth Christine Austin Martin Inglis Lisa Kahlen Alex Proctor Lauren Hughes Helen Bow Henrique Olifiers Jan Bartlett Catherine Barrow pablo sanchez Carolyn Perry Gillian Catlow Annette Byram Jeffrey Allinson Lyn Whitworth Patricia Harper Sally Smurthwaite Margaret Westwood Terry Jackson heather chipperfield Nick Boyle Nicole Tonitto Brian Baxter Leen Van Melle Gunter Hoppe Julian Miller Adriana Boscariol David Jennings claire falconer James Verrill Doreen Brand Steve Heigham Elaine Morgan Louisa Komninos Andrea Graf Gwenda Bennett Christa Gilbert Arran Hunt Amie Cranswick Tiffany Stemp Dave Bown Myra Brauer Chris Munton Rick Sweetnam Carol Foussat Carole Stephan paul tibbey Peter Dewey Alison Savic Lisa Johnson Jeremy Long Elizabeth Fuller Roseanne Gough David Mackrell Christopher Rowland nishtha chugh Gavin Giddings Tim Freeman Marion Baumgart dos Santos Michele Beers Tim Amor Doro Marden Daniela Campbell Sarah Russell Elfed Jones Alice Randall Emma Gardener Alison Turner Jake Launder Dan Free Adrian Perry Sebastian Beaumont Max Pieters Elizabeth Wilston Robin Crick Lindi Potgieter Peter Walvin Rosemary Cochrane Paul McNeilly Thomas Stanfield stuart mcwilliam julia POTTER Catherine Cawthorne Craig Donovan Ingo Boltz connie scorgie Catherine Jackson Neil Marchant Christina Lunn Lee Monks Doug Jobling Guy Myhill Agata Kubiak

Peter Rice Noel Ayling Antonia Ashford Pete Randall David Aspland Katrina Mitcheson James Wyatt-Lees Antonella B Clive Wren june whittaker viviane durand Diogo Rodrigues Michael Holmes James Schumann Martyn Taylor julie boddington Issie Ryans Steve Hayes Anthea Stewart Charmian P Vicky Sholund Julie Ellison Alison Pollard Alan Curson Tom Stroud michael moliner Lesly Graham Alex Lotman Jill Taylor Grant Hughes Helena Granjo Antonio Vetere Robert Bromhead Richard North Nanna Kristiansen judy ludlow Stephanie Reynolds Amanda Pagay Jennifer Pommer Sibylle Schwarz Till Hackler Simon Streatfeild Julia Idris Tom Killick Dan Larke Elizabeth Kennedy Andrew Smith bryan ford Linda Fox Pete Donno David Newman k r jones Catherine Franklin Greg Keenan Wilf MOUND Paul Morgan Sylvia Ward Yvonne Campbell Helen Peters Samantha Slocombe Nick Coe Ishbel Macfralane Neil Anderson Mark Giddings Adrian Taylor Adam Moriarty Julian Garner Veronica Jones Micky Naylor Nigel Duffield Brandie Deal Dione Roach Lawrence Sisitka TRACY KONDRATIUK James THURLOW Felicity Davies Tim Turnbull Hayley Tolley Annie Solomons Courtney Winstone Anne-Marie Brown Robin Evans Michael Branney Andrew Scott Katie Jones Rebecca Lee Bryony Smith Paul Bridges Adam Sharpe John Yorke Freni Chinoy Delshad Panahi Charles David Foulstone Phillip Houghton Steve Jones claire hawkes Rita Whisker M.A.E. Commandeur david lee-boutcher Glynis Fenner Martin Watters Gina Butler Lori Armstrong Jim Tulloch Margaret Falconer Simon Robson Caroline Cansdale Susie Leblond Ian Anderson Marc Jones Liz Morgan Mark Murphy Geoffrey Jones Martin Moss John & Elizabeth Mumford Anna-Lena Adamsson Fiona Wilson Anthony Dalton Francine Hamelin Sarah Medlin geoff edwards Kevin Skilling Dan Willis korinna Shan Rebecca Parnell Kevin Davies Joyce Roll Gillian Campbell Stuart Roe Elaine Willett Mike Jones David Judge Derek Barnes William Butler Hugo Henriques Phil Rabbitt sue parker May Baxter-Thornton Maria Pedrosa Christina Miles Karin Berg Simon Walker Maria Kielty Erin McCauliff Mulle Price Bryony Richards Glynn Stockton Eileen Wright Sandra Maclean Max Poberezhnik isabelle golion Isobel Deeley Marie-claire Oliver Graham Knight Justin Moor Rebecca Lawson marc davidson Jes Hunt E Harman Kate I Sara Livesey Frances Edwards stephanie James robert field Mike Bekin Craig Fletcher Jackie Mansell Caroline Ward K McLauchlan Ben Edwards Susan ABRAHAM ute trowell Linda Rosland barbara hyde Peter Strother colin robertson Nicola Gambaro MARGARET BEALES lisa howells Richard Jinks Natalie Simpson Martine Kirkbride Michael Traynor Paul Blomfield Julian Vincent Claire Nolan Dick Millard William Main Judith McLoughlin Gemma Blythe Astrid Clifford Shirley Cowshall Luke Dack Paru Thakur Julian Nichols Susan Murray Ana Braga David Hetherington Tom Westmoreland David Walker Eric Serebro Mike Roberts Isaac Stovell Kathleen Pagan Theora Turner Gillian Fleming Justin Nugent Martin Olsen Peter Roberts Steve Labib beryl forrest Jane Faulkner Bez Cuss John Cunnison Michael Howse ROBERTO VERDESI Jason Jackson Alexandra Stuart-Hutcheson Simon Barnes Paulo Costa Joanna Macdonald Matt Dunn Marilyn Hull Ian Hart Andrew Myatt Stephen Driver Christina Cosgrove Adrian Williams Simon Jackson Robin Railly Jo Boorman John Andrews Stephan Van der sluis Raymond Welland John Allen Val Deacon Paula Webb Luis Silva Michael Reid Marij van Helmond Lesley Chiles Lucy Hills Louisa Meyer Richard Hazlehurst Clive Lacey Rocky Andrews June Conway Avril McDowell Axel Heidenreich Louise McCafferty Liz Mylne Julian Jefferson Laila Steele Tim Devereux iason coriolano Tony King Jochen Lude Andrew Meehan Sarah Menzies Donovan Munn-Barron Patricia Urani Tamala Van Dierendonck Ian Parkyn Sam McDonald Sonja Kittelsen Brent Cutts Zebastian Larsson William EDWARD Franks Freda Kelsall Heidrun Atherton Jane Downes Sue Barnes Don Walker Michel La Rue Tim Thompson Christine Covill Brian Astbury Jayne Scott Rob MacGrory Peter Klepsatel Bill Leadbetter Camilla Gregory Karl Jones Eve Rossor Louisa Gould FionaLynne Edwards Toby Clark Lawrence White PAOLO PEPE Janice Bridget Beth Davis-Hofbauer Chris Rose john burns Alex Brew Sarah Stanton-Nadin Pete Wilson M Riley Joao de Sousa Mary Gell Michael Lythgoe Charles Byatt Richard Ashworth Amelia Parkin Margaret Morrison Philippa Benson

MsHannahJane Beaumont Winifred Anderson Timothy Mullen tony carter Dianne Westrup Sarah Edwards Rebecca Linssen Darren smith Fatma Kamel James Marshall Lucy van Praag Julia Wilde Brian Coope Liz Larcombe Maria Costa Daniel Thurlow Michelle Baldwin louis meunier Denise Gregory Mike Bees Lucas Pitcher Marlow Purves David Noone Betsy Campbell-Craig Henrik Stenerud Andrew Lawrence Patrick Keohane Sian Blanchard Katherine Begg Catherine Wilson Henryk Jarzyna Lieve Galle Shereen Denton Laura Mulvey syed Qazi Lynn Jones Mark Frith Kruti Varia Kate O’Connor Jean Hannah maxime arnoldi Clare Wilding annette salamone Sally Goddard Andis Seilia Robin McGuinness Matthew Burdock J Kelly Lynda Crisp Eamonn Leonard Fiona Lawrie Renee Birks Calum Reynolds Joanna Breese Pieter Palm Gwynne Hetherington jeff chadwick James Thompson christina Pafitis Lisa Filippini David Gowenloxk Richard Ashworth Simon Cross Jonathan Armour Tim Dallman Anna Gardiner Rodney Ovenden Kia Cranwell Annette Jo es Rob Walton Carol Horne Harriet Bradnock Michael Gay Sylvia Clare lorraine smith Lauren Clay Richard Dunning monica croydon Stella Wright Paige Panter Rose Rouseau Anthony Matthews John Spencer Martin Kerrison marcin ullman David Radley Guillaume Mercier Christoph Weiller Phil Pearce Nicolas Monguzzi JURAJ KRIZANI Lesley Tompkins Christine Kalyni N Bendall Paul T Smith john berry Alison Risby Liam Griffith Emma Joy Sally Page jegot alain Sally Thorne Bridget Ingle Xaviera Ringeling Nicola Stevenson Neil Booth Tom Morgan Mike Airey Katrina Symonds lucy byrne Marye Smith Jonas Svoboda Jones Liz Kirkby Claire Grover Lucia Doni Huw Robson polly morgan Shraddha Bhagalia Barrie GRANT Claire Williams Cheryl Mackay Kay Pothecary Kevin Lotter Adrian Baker Leanne Hazell fionna wallace Roger Berrisford Alan Roche Rob Dooley Simon Hillman Renna Creighton Christine Horsley Robert Newman Julie Estelle Zoe Hewitt Stephen MullaneyWestwood andrea roberts Andrew Plumridge Emiliano TEsta Francisco Colarich Grace De Luca DT Pitcher Adele Kirk Rowan Grove Renate Tischler Matthew Morter Jane Ibarz Jane Kinsella Susan Teper Carole Collier bernadette tunney Julia Marsh Lyn DTietjen Christine Feline Peter Crossley Sally Craig Oscar Balfour doug armstrong Victoria Smith Elliott Thomas Richard Grist A Gunn Andrew Taylor Rachel Bell Rachel Greef GIAN FRANCO BUSSACCHINI Nicki Foster Katharine von Schubert andreas ohland Roger Orgill Simon Donald linda Gillingham Oliver Eade Janice Phillpot Charity SG Natasha Dorr-Kapcynski Sandra Saddington Charly Gorski Pranas Gudaitis Jim Farrell Ray Smith Daniel Szajdek peter beddow Christian Rordam Ken Warburton elisabetta tamiazzo Gary Douglas Monica Murray Ray Trebilcock Bob Whitehead Carole Whitehead MARY RAYNES Geoff Brown Stephan Conaway Pierre-Henri Musiedlak Myriam Vanderzwalmen Ben Jackson eve tatham Kathy Kroll Rahel Weiller NATALIE SULLIVAN Stephen Usher adam marshall Alex Adkins Sarah Derrick Sarah Cunningham rodrigo de la huerta Mary Desmond Sean Burke DavidJames Tyson Joan Macleod Aline Robinson Lauren Williams Chris Seddon sarah mayman Simon Beresford Paul Dart Richard Checkley Rob Wealleans Christine Hay Ian Pope Bo Hanson Duncan Brown Catherine Lester Owen Davies Christel Schneider Dennis Ansell Swee Im Ung Sophy King David Farley Penny Parnell Sue Livsey Sonia Rego Sian Collins Steve Rosin CHRISTINE COLLINS Laura Evans Irving Jones Amis Goldingham Colin Snook Duncan Murray Joseph Jacquesson Roger Dearden Chris Barry Chris Thornton Peter Edwards Nick Jagger Debbie Thornhill kevin & kim luscombe Nick Robinson Rachael Castle Chris ATKINSON Helen Neave Richard Ardagh David Mulvey Jim Wood Janine Wichers Lisa Ingram Cathy Plewman Sarah Small Sasha Hollis Dale Boroviak Gintare Vaiciulyte Tiegan Mansfield Steve Congdon Gordon Daffen Rose Davies goji leakey Mandy Le fondre Ian McDonald Fred Barter Figen Manzoor Sandy Thompson Sarah MacCormick Wayne Hurren Hugh Stiles Peter Crowe Allison Barton Barbara Jacquesson Christopher Gascoyne A McGarvey Pam Rouquette Catherine Farror Ellie Stockwell Sanderson Topham Valerie Bywood Rob Bryer Monica Callanan Mandy Roland-Smith Joanne Gibson Julie Oliver Karen Ell Samantha Campbell David Fletcher James Diston Sonia Mitchell Helen Parker Baxter Tocher James McNeill John Dovey Eszter ri J Mistry Elisabeth Jordan

Pernille Chapman Kim Hodgson Tracey Ward lambert wolthuis Ute Sebald Eleanor Kiy Jo Roberts Rebecca Bradley Linda Whittern Tina Winstanley Phryn Dickens Justin Thomas-Leo Paul Turner Susan Smith-Wild Tanya Percy Olivia Foster David Cross Charlie THOMPSON Symon Mellows Ian Davies Tim Harvey Katie Brunt Jon Crowther Susan Hopkinson Amelia Coleing Trevor Blythe J Kortach Ros Hilson Fred Leland II Kirsty Buxcey-Cook Graeme Binnington Roberto ALLEN Sue Spence Matt Doggett Kathrina LeQuelenec Gerald Irvine Ena Dawson` Gordon Mcglasham Duncan Woods Patty Morris Przemyslaw Kotwicki michelle wilson Brenda Lock Melissa Makan Sandra Burns Alice Vincent-Piper roy marriott Susan Woods Constance Stubbs Michael Kaufmann Sarah Edwards-Johnston Peter Muirhead Joceline Triner Elea Wheeler Roger Collins Peter Tibbits Piers Warren Philip Sharrock Julie Walkington Eloy Santos phil Branch Rob Sheldon Anne Halpin Alastair Bell Laura Trevelyan Mike Hannis John Perry Jessica Read Marian Slater Ian Lawson Len Howell Annie Haycock Honey Jerram David Topham Lynn Skinner Julie Alexander Helen Liversidge Beth Keirnan William Esser Jamie Purnell John Dean Catherine Hardman Lizzie P David Johnson Jeremy Doe Nicola Edwards Enid Pinch Jessica Aarbodem Tom Howard Caroline Danks Paul Quigley Lisa Hill Angelika Pawlowska Gwenaelle Chebassier Irene Golding julie Oldham Rachel Lambert D Frank sue duerdoth Jon Aveyard clive Cavanagh Gareth Griffiths Peter Edwards Charlie Sinclair Delton Jackson Ewout Demedts Marilyn Robinson Bianca van Luxzenburg Paul Dredge Lesley Lakos Katharine Wale Sam Barber jacqui sutton Sunny Din Anne Harrop Lorcan Whitehead John Wilson Lukas Senepart Valerie Sykes Michael Hill T Dooley harold richardson David Arnold David Oakley LuLu Hajdukovich Catherine Pawsey Jenny Jacobs Mitchell Barlow Alison Hobbs Jennie Tomlinson Jerry Jordison Dale mathers Roger Mackenzie Rod Parlee CHRIS JOHNS Donna Dees

Karen Emblin Dave Presland Margaret Alcock Geoffrey Grey Orrie Dolman tracy gould Anne Bekkers Kat Ramsay Laurence Court David Rickson Vanessa Suri Kathrine McAlpine Michael Collier SJ Bradburn James O’Donovan Ian Kerr Eleanor Mcalpine Heather Russell Studer Jonas Jacquie Nunn Samantha Fry Ian Wood Rhea Bawden Holly Chadwick Anthony Wright gina dunstan Patricia Wormald Julia Birkett maria venter Kirstie Coxon Maike Lehmann-Sander Dean Pyle Bryn Smart Timothy Dennis Iain Green Madeleine Conway Ronald Mardell Amanda Page Abdul Hai Deborah Pattinson James Tomlin Maureen Bisset Lauren Henderson Ben Swan Kathy Grant Lionel Burman Lynda Borszcz David Whitfield Paul Mcgair Christine Dore Hans-Curd Welsch Sulemana Abudulai sally aspinall Jayne Lewandowski Julia Burkett M ichael Dickson Simon Bruni David Viner Manel Lessan David Lally mathieu de muizon imogen ORorke Nigel Bryant Jan Elford Paul Shearsmith Joan Airey Malcolm Levon Adrian Murphy terza veevers chris finch Martin Hofman andy saunders Carol Clempson Paul Ferguson james davidson Bryan Johnson peter Baranek D.Janet Clay Emily Willmott Allison Reid Beverley Santiago John Moore Gowan Hewlett laurie barnett June Cooper Julian Higman Catherine Lister johanna Alberti d carr Costes Jm Zdenka Priehodova Marco Tonelli Jane Holland Tessa Elliott Sandra Hill gwendoline clare blatchford Abigail Hayward John Steed Ian Schagen Karoline Slavicka Alexandra Eastaugh Christopher Howard Will Hughes Donnie Lochhead Barrie Dix Andrew Long Alison Taylor Maggie Evans Gilles Morin George Pinnell Debbie Brown Samantha Ballington Derek Perry Paul Roddy Olly Alcock Robert John Carol Burnside Jane Oliphant G Hampton Daniel Beilinson Thomas McLaughlan Miroslav Todorov Virginia Denham SARA SEYDI Felicity Collins Mike Cloonan Carrie Brooks remya nair Evan Kitely Julia Caliari Jenny Suffern jens keller Daniel Hickling Rob Good M.E.A. de Vries Farah Iqbal Jan Lilley Mandy Carver Stephen Garner Simon Belfield Curd Welsch Clare Hempenstall david prince Silvana Rosi Hugo Schonbeck Matthew Scully Chris Robbins Chris Pryme Michael Murphy Howard Johnson Soledad Belingheri Paul Kelly Tim Came irene walker Andrew TUCKNOTT William McLaren Alan Kirby Mark Phelpstead Melanie Morroll sandra boreham Tom Keenoy Laura Thompson Sally Wilde Denise basso Bronya Lebrun Chris Voisey Mark Maurice Jack Kirwan Brendan Sheehan Rose Gill Nigel Sterry Joyce Gartshore Robin Brandon Deborah Harding Philippa Jackson PENNY Bainbridge Poppy Muirhead Jacky Parker Neil Biles Laurinda Young Elizabeth McCullough Dave Lukes Paul Taylor Barry Taylor Jack Payne Arvind Sivaramakrishnan Matthew Yull John Millson Leila Davis Mark H Brittany Saunders Helena Clark Linda Wheway White Mark mills Shirley Crenshaw Martyn Russell Antonia Ineson Maura Canavan Christopher Harley Charlotte Ames-Ettridge Susan Strickland Caroline Shearing Jennifer Black George Blair Claudia Bellassai Nick Roberts Andrew Smith Jean Anderson sue Crump john jones Riina Mikson Caroline Smith Sten Malmlund Carole Andreas Daniel Grundy Christopher Burrows Pamela Harrop Floris Tomasini GB Paul Tanswell KT Wilkinson JORDI CAMPS BERTRAN David Thursfield Anthony Jones Sarah Dexter Blair Anderson Wade Taylor Kumar Chinnaswamy Christopher Cooke Kathelin Gray Katharine Cooke Edward Saul Richard Atkins Mark Savage Geoff Cummings Tina Tyrell Neil Crawford Diane Troake Claude Olivier Simone Noakes Sue Skinner Carolyn Markson marg je ottevanger Samantha Smallwood Christine GLENNIE Jennifer Mathieson Steve Faraway Hilary Macaskill Ioanna Dourou brian Tucker Jane Phillips David Kirkman Maya Alvarez Susan Lowe corinna sutherland Annette Chidgey Amir GILES Anamaria Popa Christopher Meldon james lawson Daniel Smith P Quinn robin parrish David Robinson Paul Purnell LeAnn Fox Cady Dodds-smith Gemma Frost Stuart Priest Debra Hertzberg David Lewis Vicky Arcaro Gillie Scherr David Burgh Kay Dyer Caroline Duque Ailsa Newcombe Vance Wilson LISA KOPPER Anne Keenan Alison Bowles Philip Bolt Carole Fairless Mark Chacksfield Mike Gregory Steve Irwin Annabel Wace Sizwe Kemmel Dan Hockley Beryl Cooper Karyn Melbourne-Thomas Simon Blackhall Margaret Cook Barbara Pritchard Sarah McInnes Barry Waldren Lynn Orrey Trevor Herndon James Cripps Dave King Anneka Nicholls Alban Guyard John Ryder Fotis Maravelias Nesoe Butler

Richard Hawton Alan Howe John Wright david cotterrell Julie JOLLIFFE claire debenham MARK SOPHER Heather Slater Jack White liz Eddy Maralyn Jullienne Jenny Craddock Mark Wicketts Georgina Berry Roisin O’Connor Robin Burks allan davies Greg Horner Julia de Bharra e large Simon Rossi Chris Hobson Nell Aubrey Roger Nisbet ELAINE WESTON andrea Taylor Linda Eagland Ian Hunt Stephen Wragg Chris Cox Virginia Utt Pam Gregory Stuart Houchin Greg Hartley-Brewer Rita Potter Heather Thomas Martin Saunders Nicolas Consantinou Ione Karney kerry smith Aurelie Van Droogenbroeck Padraic Hickey Charlotte Roberts Catherine Bunce Heather Dicker Markus W. Daniel Cooper Sharon Maxted Julian Gretsch Linda Giblin Alan Pearce jacinta macdermot Helena Worthington Sandra Watson Dennis Wilby Patrick O’Ferrall Jacqui Hart Ilona Marchant Sheny Marks Patricia Scammell totie Driver Jon Baily Catherine Rea Elizabeth Welch Betsy van der Lee John Thompson shirley darby Jacqueline Palphreyman Louise Etheridge Doug Cattermole Michael Dale Helen Bennett Anthony Toole michael whitworth Will L Stephen Laverack David Savage Teresa Hardy Gavin Manthe david william Maybury Joy and Don Pollard Sam Joyce Chris Norris Monique Tavares Marie Durcan Michael Mullan Sarah Geeson susan withers Howard McWilliam Mark Hepworth clive stallwood Ms. JM Kelly Jan Voisey Eilidh Vandome Raymond Blackhurst Lesley Watson Peter Daw` Gintare Zigaite Stephanie Urban Cary Stafford Peter Johnston Levi Cordell Sue Watson Liliane Lijn Wendy Saunders Henry C Gardiner Faith Brackenbury Simon Fraser Malcolm Elliott Heike Macht Sharon Stewart Natalie McConville Daisy Church Luke Noonan Vivien Jones Lisa Williams Elizabeth Alston daisy coombes Pedro Correia Maryline Maillard Peg Holden-Peters David Earl Diane Osborne Gabriella Lanzo Anne Clarke Mike Turriani Val Taylor Margaret Sellwood Jenny Bryant Brigid McKenna Anna Finch Steve Lee DERMOT BARNES Giuseppe Iozzia Martin Hamblin Mary-Jane Eklund Steven Neville jane McDonnell Huw Coxon Rosemary Galli Malcolm Gluck Carl Elkins Chris Richards Giles Mountford Eva Jonsson John Fitzgerald Bechi Currier Debbie Flower Andrew Roberts Malcolm Hale Suzanne Sheriff Philip Damen Carolyn Gurney BRIGITTA AXEL Kerrie Barker Mike Gurd Simon Wright Sue Greenop roger quilliam Matthew Thomas Hannah Edwards Katrijn De Backer Amelia Wellings-Thomas Katia Geada Bill Langmead Katherine Bell ANNE MILLS Dave Loewy Babette Pinder Martin Weller Tony Hutchings Edward Kendall Seonaidh McDonald John Cox-Woolven Patricia Higgins Steve Bloomfield Judith Spicer Serena Gough LaDonna Dee Douglas McMillan Georgina Whitmore Malcolm Rothwell Chris Clarke Jasiek Bednarski Emma Bridges Gloria Sturges Colin Peterson David Bartle Stephanie Johnson Claire Chapman Melissa Briggs ANDY FLETCHER Dave Bullock Stephen Fletcher Suzanne Battison Anne Webb George Allan Don Brewin Tricia Walsh Angela Solomon Ruth Fry Graham Oglesby Alan O’Connor Claudia Rooke Helen Parker Laura Nicholls Karsten Koehler Stephen Jarvis Helen Anderson Carl Griffiths S Salmon Andrew Aitchison Claire Felton Jake Ireland Luke Pendrell karen kirk Alex Worrall Maureen Dunlevy Sandra Hain Christine McKenna Iancu Barbarasa Philip Gaut matt brooks Ilsa Fatt Jonathan Richards Marcel Lenormand Jennifer Merriman Paul Missen John Hinchliffe Sally Ogg Helen Tremeer Kerry Osborne Mark Regan Karina Sadler Jeanne Rathbone Daniel Choo Jonny Bridgwood Victor Harbour Linda Taylor Ronald ritch susan wilson Fiona Tyrrell Deb Rindl Sharon Stinson Rory James Stephen Townsend philip Chapman Craig Scudder Alan Bell Chris Carley Ailsa Wilson Paul Lang Rose Karensa A.c.m. Neijman Anke Bremer James Marshall Steve Edgar Claire Nahmad Roger Southall Sarah Chudleigh Henry Steele Mas Weeb Margaret Conaghan Wil Phillips Zoe Groves Andrew Morris Carole Derry Philip Saxton Rebecca Cattell Julie Harrald Ian Hargreaves Diana Borbinhas Anthony Durand-Grace Alma Lo Riddersand Nat Paterson Christiane van Santen linda plummer Linda Macniven Valerie Mortlock Phil Burgess berit pedersen Claudia Horta Jonathan Stevens Cindy Barbour Bobbie Clutterbuck Susan Aubrey Collette Dale Kelvin Fenn Lucy Felthouse a gordon Sallie Germain Rowan Maidment-Eve Darwin Smith Jason Lindemann Mary Gilbert Peter Martin Stephen Lowe John Moore Deborah Hofman Ed Hurst Louisa Angioni Diana Letchford Katharina Gellein Maureen Edwards John Smith

Alison Clarke Marjorie Drysdale Bethan Miles Elaine Cottenham Kevin Sears Paul Ferguson Shala Hardy Marie Snavely Jane Cowan Peter Fossey Donna Cox Max Lyne Lesley Penn Eva Janssens Mike Atkinson John Cottrell Kim Preston Abby Jones Julian Ellis Emily Wood Neil Brine Kate Thomas Bridget Wyn-Jones Maureen Akintewe Michelle Laufer Nina Gibbins Alex Boecking Chris Parkinson Marie Rooke Nick Kidby N Kosar Tracy Wenczka Hayley Intress-Franklin Deena O’Brien Alice Webb Phillip Scarratt Sam Jones Nicholas Snaden Mark Titman Vicky Garforth Lynn Burrows Karen Yorke Ruth Oakley Sigrid Houston Laura Vazquez Emma Barker sonja carigiet Eric Donovan Lyn Wright David James Edwina Rowling nikki dixon Diane McGhee ian cameron Cecelia Conover DAVID SAUL Matt Lord Derek Thornton Delia Stapleton Terry Callaghan Frank Leighton Susan Mooney Chantal Marcq Simon Shore Rytva Soni Bill Andrews Carolyn Upson Jeanne Warren Elizabeth Morris Iris Coppard Aj Ryan Melody Donnallie edgard venant Satu Salo-Bosley Terence Clark maria luisa martinez Steve Lilley-Hopkins Georgw Thurley Jean Borland Julia Seymour Cathel Hutchison Jane Goddard James Ross Claire bending David Ison david Stephen francis mastri William Billing Anita Dines Alfred Andris Mike Carter Alan Godfrey Dennis Green Emma Dibben Colin Allen Kerry Shepherd Robert Robertson David Read Georgi Ivanov Una-Jane Winfield Jennifer Burrows Eileen McConnell Laura Easingwood Jacqueline Phelan Andy Mullett Barbara Skakle Paul Beevers Nicholas Tarry Hugo Cuellar Uku Soot Della Hayne Gary daLuz Vieira William Boteler Christopher Trappe Kerry Stewart Joanne Sides Steven Fletcher Don Murray Belinda Sartori Nick Winship Michael Walker Sandy Loney Clare Saxby Hans-Ulrich Kalweit Thomas Dyer Fritz Curzon Jennifer Akhurst Nicholas Christofides Lawrence Kosedy Chris Willing Andy Davis Tomas Skandera Mark Rogers Judy Matthews Wild Thing Simon Evans Lesley Livesey David Ellison Gloria Geller rachel kaleta Daniel Hamblin Jane Lunt Dominic Read-Jones Deirdre Wilkie Dilys King Megan Seymour izzy seddon Chris Robertson Mike Wright Caroline Harper Andrew Bull Laurence Chisholm Jessica Barrows ellie drabble Clare Cottreau Jemima Hunt keith wallington Stacey Hammond helena borges marion howard Gay Webster John Cairns Tim t O’Connell Aidan Goddard Sharon Faircloth clare burch NICKY HYMAN Catherine Hedges Matt Baker Runa Rich Peter Taylor suzanne blows Catherine Beuzeboc Juliette Baigler Katherine Pugh Julien Collignon Eve de Meza darren silcox Andy Rutherford ROBERT WHITE David Rockey Prof John E Merritt Rosy Leigh Jessica Lynde Ken Semper carin gittings Mark Cocker Amanda Toms Madi Myers Catherine Authers Libby Inglis Deborah Webb kay mingo Victoria Salt Jodie Dinham-Milner John Rosser Jamie Sheehan john lee Julie Baker Peter Spitzform Mansel Nott Alex Simmonds Trish Mensah Gary Robinson Chris Atkins Geoffrey Marsh Robert Jamieson felix reeves Whymark Julie Depledge John Blomfield Thomas Harvey-Smith Gary Love Sarah Clarricoates Peter Buist Bob Taylor Carol Sewell Tom Barker Holly Meese Alan Crombie Matthew Parker Andrew Overall Roger Plenty Lou Patterson Rebecca Goswell Robert Maidment-Wilson Stephen Rowcliffe Fotini Pipi gary Brennan A. M. Reeve Graham Brownett Dorian Healy Tamara ALFEROFF Victoria Makinson Samantha Moscrop Debbie Lewarne Alistair Meikle Brian Shepherd Nicki Spicer irene stanulis Alex Gutteridge Manon Kaptein Andrew Grace helen fielding Christine Hornsby Merrill Herbert C Berry Jane Stone bob kennedy Paul Mather Kristof Bauwens james barron brian appleby John Ward Nia Cherrett Eric Rimmr Maggie Schofield Karen Till Emily Buchanan Milo Sumner Ann Hetherington ANNE ANDERSON Mark Elliott Wendy Harbour P. Vlasman David Leadbe Monica Burgos Geoffrey Taylor Paddy Barnes Chris Bailey Alexa Seagrave John Wheeler Mary Rawson Wellington dong Ms Kit Cartier Patsy Slew Caroline Roberts William Simpson S Waddell Frances Blackburn Louisa Caine Rick Walker Karen Sampson Margaret MacMillan Cilito Brookstein Neil Armstrong Charles Marsh Tracy Murinik Katharine Bradley Lincoln Clarkes Mike McCaffrey Angela Hudson Dafydd Humphreys Lynne Selbie Lindsay Reid Charlie Jones SUSAN SMITH Peter Long Scarlett Chester Roberts Andrew McGillan Quentin Henderson Clare Desmond Daniel Steward Kevin Rees Richard Bellingham Philip Porter

Jay James Zoe Grindle Catherine Canham Stephen Upton Duncan bray Carl Hough Gemma Dibbs Mike Lucas Amanda Cannan Lee Norcup Barry Skinner Evelyn Welsh Jenny Fenn Mitzi Broom Philip Cook NEIL COLLINGSWOOD Serena Cortesi oliver harrison Jason Brooks Jakobus Steyn Sheila Ashworth Chris Cumberpatch christiane franck elena walker Margaret Booth martyn lewis Peter Miller martin smith Victoria Fairbrother Judith Plenty Jane Hunt Katherine Zien john margerison Neil Thomas Ruth Packham John Murphy Adrian Hodges Ann Ellen Rafael Zarza Bridie Melkerts Carol McIntosh Frankie And Phil Badcock Hilary Boulton Oliver Vinney Pierre Santschi Sheena Thompson thomas orr wendy sheader colette cottle Cathy Caldie Tony crowther0 June stubbs Suzanne Gough Tim Strahlendorf Mandy Ollis Martin Zaludek John Walford Jenny Peel mitch turnbull Ruth Hargreaves Illiam Quane Petra Schicht louise harris Paul Wolstenholme Brian Gray ron molloy Colin Seale hugh russell Jill Irving Hanna Peters Lynn Carter Mark Laws Katie Steel gemma child Dunja Ribaric Stephanie bell Paul Newman James Frost Nigel Skews Margaret Walden Ada Mirasol Navarro tessa norris Suzanne Beaton Colin Kirkpatrick Martin Palmer Carol Venables Maria Mason Julian Marshall Vicki Leddington Cristina Langley R COPLAND William Montgomery Duncan Watson-Parris Shefali Malhoutra Huw Jones Jenkins Tiiu-Imbi Miller Andrew Blackman Peter Allen Bryan Pownall Angi Lamb martin moore Alister Murrell Josh wimsey S Mumford Christopher Forde Gaynor Peel Emma Crossley Elly Bolter Simon Banks Sarah Clarke Keith Norman Karen Harper alison butler Laura Collins Pauline Colsell Stuart Lawrence Louis Dallara Adam Melling-Smith Paul Watson Charlie O’Connor Helen Welsh paul price Dominic Dibble Paul Rogers Gunilla Larsson Chris Rolls Christine Burton Anthony Fitzgerald Gillian Tewkesbury bettina Furnee Jessica D’Arcy Lydia Bower Lucy Lontay shelagh Weeks Lisa Hart Patricia Hoare Andrew Campbell-Waite Roberta Maroni Alice Rollinson Jennifer Whittley KATERINA VARELA Peter Webb Cam Bell A Heath Thomas Teubner Merlin Sheldrake Patricia Lynott adam hudson Margaret Simmons Cathleen Baldwin Margit Lindner Anne Chapman Maurice Bower Sandra Domizio Jonathan Parsons SJ Hannahs Ken Roberts kim ashill-ross Andrew morrison Joena Scott James Westcott Rosemary Almond Claire McIntyre D Wallace Steve Hindle Klas Amvall Emily Diamand Nicola Evans Hayley Ashford-bown Rose Trezise Liane McFetridge Christophe Ebro Osian Rees irene roberts John Sherwood michelle ivers Richard Hendry Nina Newton Chris Merry Yvonne Hiemstra Rachel Steele Tony ad Ann Taylor Lionel Hatch Sarah Warren Robert Duncan Dr Timothy Bartel Cedric king Richard Raynor Inge Heumann Amy Cassar Sheila Nyman Sam Ramsden Mark Webster John Wilton Georgina Maxwell Kevin McNamara Joshua Harvey Dennis Bowers Samantha Czwordon Linda Whittle kirsty kent Carlton Smith Wendy Adams margo kennealy Nick Obolensky Sandrina Gay David Salt Anthony Parish urska pompe Thomas Arno Cath Hopkins Sheila Smith Emma Nash Ross Bateman Margaret Lemon Cheryl Ireland Shaun Askew Nicolas Broadbridge TRACY BROWN Anne Marshall Danny Fitz Jill Matthews Zalihe Collymore-Hussein Ian Hart Sam Hornsey emilly medina Andrew Hull Christine Josselin Liz Merchant david morgan Gary Lee Richard Howarth Jane Weller Andrew Cooper Isabelle Burnet Ulrich Kaiser Andy Thompson Jenifer Rudski lydia hallis Tobias Zeidler John M Chisholm Zdenek Hrabec Maureen Edwards Nicole Best Karl Melkerts Ellen Harte Mandy Pullen Dionysios Vroulias Peter and marilyn Davis anna taylor Anton Gerritsen Susan Burns Edward Whiteaker Maria Casey Les Rees theresa grant Kai Morris Carol Cruickshank SEAN HAYES Ron Westmaas geraldine cook Vernie Stone Andrew McKellar Patrick Cleary Colin Rafferty Susan Sowerby Stephen McFarlane Lee William-Davis Douglas Tilbury Sheila Babington julia saunders martin yates Georgina Smith Keith C. Mace Helen Collins David Leng Helen Dodd Peter Redfern Lynda Hackett Mary Gibbs Fred Pickering Kate Whittle Vanja Orlans Shelley Esposito Satsuki Goto Aidan Peake Hilary Geppert Mark Leese Mattias Cederstam Michael McLaughlin KELVIN STOCKWELL Kelly Long Simon Thyer Agnes Dubois Helen Pearson Susan Baker Jakub Sernecki Gwenda Pandolfi Kit Dinnewell Ed Taylor Cameron Dagnall Rosanna Rabaeijs Teresa Crockett Christian Bukovics BRYCE CLAYTON

Peter Hofmann Phil Harrow James Reay Ann Whitehurst Steven Hyde Livio Ravetto Linda Mcloughlin Clive Southern Chris Phillips Brigitte Kaltenbacher Peter La John McGlynn Cliff Warwick Viv Robertson Holli Scott Molly Taylor Simon Nicholson Jenny Williams Susan Harrison Mayor Julian Dunn David Landy Richard Crane Lucy Seidler Cara Rees Adam Davies Nancy DeMarco Gary Holland Alex Martin Anne Geraghty Jane Clark Darren Tucker Alice Noyes Aletta Leitch Jas Dhaliwal Peter Newton Phil Langran Jackie Staite Anna Battersby Hugh Nettelfield Margaret Atkins Ruaridh Macaskill Fernanda Cavalli juliet Laurie Mark Turpin Danielle Kowalski Sandra Bilsborrow Paolo Deyes Janet Lee Mike White Lucy Nuttall Gill Barlow Daniel King brigit campbellmcardle Aliya Tobatayeva Kate Bonhote Ann Turtle Christopher CameronMouat Terence Edwards Jeff Kim Luisa Domizio justine gillan Graham Minenor-Matheson Julie Turner Don Fraser BRYCE CLAYTON Marlene O’Neill Mike Low Angela Jefferies Patricia Watson Edwin Dhliwayo Rohan Mehra William Spragg Wayne Davis Janet Cameron Robin Hemming Colin Shaw Debbie Snook Margaret Turner Gareth Evans Martin Blackman Rodney Ridge David Woolley Win Smith Roxali Bijmoer Michael Riley Kevin McSweeney Derek Pawsey-Zgraja Phil Ware julian kinghorn Andoni Sanchez Amanda Thompson Robert Smith Tracey Robertson Simon Gamble Richard Scutt Niall Murphy diana szeplaki Joanna Ball David Palmer marc biddle Sarah Siminska Donna McCormick Terry Lloyd Vicky Moteane Brian Bowness Sam Quinn Emma Rea Nesreen Shah Anne Graham Peter Warren Quenby Morrow Dave Jenkins William Chicken Aris Ioannides Michael Head Sam Lawson Vicki Harding james saunders Ian Mallett Tanja Saunders Hedda Grew Roger Harris Tracy Hill Edward Tidy Carmina Blythe Mary Nardini Helena Cilliers Kasia Richer-Juraszek Brian Webster Alicia Holliday Simon Barrs Ross Foakes Didi Baldwin James Middleton Tony Martin Stephanie Lewis Gillian Brydon silvia maiocchi Dianne Maher Henry Ajder Kerry Holden Roger James Scarrott Amanda Ebdon David Cowperthwaite Jon Plumley Nicholas Butler Glenn Howe Michael Skinley Debbie Knutson dudley Taylor mike bowden Thomas Wilcox Olivia Drake Nick Goddard Jonas Grimas Gysbert Bos Olivia Charlesworth Jason Paul deirdre morrow Gareth Zimmerman Jenni Tahmassebi Alastair Menzies Colin Rees Celia Holmes Heather Evans Kate Beaven Andrew MacLean Liz Farr Amaranta Williams Reg Collins James Chapman pete williams Pedro Rodrigues Nicholas Kulkarni Nipunika Kabadi Tobias Ryen CAROLINE SUMMERS jean stockford Kevin Hely Emma Denyer Katherine Burr Calista Williams Eileen Hobbs Peter West Ian Wyatt Jakub Rokicki Sheila Kirk Jan Moravec Mark Gibson Rakesh Maharaj Joan Orman Jacqueline Stone Roddy Kensett John Hartill Ruth CHAPMAN Melvyn Lindley Karen Hartley Joe Middleton Jo Corrall Sally Dean Bernard Fildes Jessica Jones Karen Eden Georgie Turnbull Jennifer Walker Suzanne Dixon Cya Parker Kanita Dogra Bridget Widdison Jeremy Cowell Matthew Morris anna Valvona Helen Ware Avris Wakefield -Sutton Julie White Jesus Perez Tillmann Taape Rebecca Wood Elsa Griggs Jayme Elkins Veronica Fraser Vera Cameron Gareth Waters Claire Longney Marko Jouhki Kim Creasey Philippa Graves Steve Mabin Menna Hitchings Bob Jarrett Derek Coleman finn Thornton Szymon Piasecki Imke Rubel Adam Gough Colin Sage Denise Cuthbert Reuben Santamaria Ian Petrie Marc Boniface Chris Bettles Martin Coe Kay MacDermot Nicci Lewin-Poole Anne Thompson Tony Watts Chris Foley Monica Holton Marisol Ares Tracy Coetsee Ruben Van de Velde Adam Shearn Alex Crawford David Gaskell Lynne Higham Elisa Rose Lucia Szabova Richard Fillenham Annie Ogle Andrew Sibley Inge Panneels Annie Lord Margaret Burden Jake Brumby Sally Howe GD Simon Ford Vanessa Smith Paul Williamson David Powell Roderick Leys Alexandra Scott Lorraine McAuley Rebecca Gibson Susie Flanders Monika Aranha Ruth Turner Ninette Sapir Sarah Whitehouse Stephen Forshaw Tania Edwards Pan Saladas Jean Ford Frank Neumann Eleni Ingham Kazi Estiak Sazol Aaike Flo Tessa Stewart Elizabeth Wilson Sam Langton Julian Gallop John Mulholland Ruth Eagle Christopher Healey Caroline Foulis Doreen Murgatroyd Marilyn Montclare Maggie Tookey Trevor Mepham Kiril Kamenev Alan Parris brigitta cseh Suzanne Barnes Robert Hanney

Simone Todd Robert Malos Sharon Owen Craig Empson Michael Hughes Christine Gower ANN BLAIR Isabelle McNeill Sylvain Savoia Christine Hughson Laurien Berkeley Steven Nicholson Ann Farrer tom Marshall Carly Dean Richard Ker Petr Hlavizna Chris Sexton Sally Young Annabel Stockman Paul NEWPORT jenny ryan Peter James Steven Reynolds linda snell Jane Griffiths Mhairi West Shaun Hulme Robert Burke Iain Davidson Elle Batchelor Peapell Elizabeth Campin Helen Xenopoulos Ian Davidson David Hawker Roger Bates Beata Bishop Lesley Lomax Kerstin Cox Raymond Quessy Lois Foulger Sue Williams fred muskett May Wood Matthew Burniston Chris Stockford Dee Sweeney Pam Zinnemann-Hope Jayne Sorge Gerard Swan Guyaux Claude Lorraine Wood clive richardson eleni vlazaki Ryan Forrester Susie Bruffin Rebeccah Morton Sue Steele Nick evans Michael Spencer Rhys Ap Dafydd Catherine MacDougall David Evans Joe Dentith Elizabeth Alway Chloe Fitzsimons Adam Barnes Charlene Tan Jackie Patrick Brenda Woolcott J Chu Aileen Wallace jean velecky MAURIZIO DI CARLO Margaret Robertson Matthew Zimmer Julie Lomax Mary Harrison A. E. Morton Steven Hawkins Madeleine Truman marcel delrue Daniel Bardsley Gujju Razak LEAH ROUSE Andrew Sutherland Anne Sheppard jane robinson vanessa browne Richard Howard Dorothy McKay natalia ferrer Katrina Zolyniak Sueli Renate Koblitz Alasdair Bailey Jeff & Maggie Wood cristian popa Cari Caldwell Ruth Chittock Ben Warton Wendy Mathison Izzy James Teresa Evans Ann Ford Ann Sessoms Katrina Taylor Careena Bruen Michael Wall Molly Matthews Judy Shute Graham Jackson Martin Russ Anna Di Francescomarino Joanne Crawford Alison Peirson Irene Silberstein Kristin Honor D’ArcyWilson Andrew Paige Trevor Yorke Brian bateman Marilyn DAW Clive North Chris Coles Ian Foulds Zoe Boyd Pat Wood Rob Higgs Mark Saunders Jan Koreneef John Langley Zachary Fall Dani Scales Michael Devlin Tamara Sabesan Kay Arthur Nigel Smith Chris Morris Ellen Perrin Pascale Colin Janet Sisson PAUL BLAIR Cynthia Wilson Kev Walsh Mark Jago Trevor Ogle Sebastian Dove Peter Guesford Anne Graham Taryn Haynes Joan Smith carolyn shapiro Roderick Pow David Button Willow Songsmith Dr F Tuffen Lucy Betteridge S martin Thompson Charlotte Schoeman Ian Haydock Michael Birch Diana Roberts Rachel Bracher Chris Whittaker Guilherme Silva anne bull Christopher Nixon Carol Ward Amy Castle Susan Haase-Derrett Jane Embury Lauren McGlynn Philip Hall Jenny Clowser David Thomas. Jacky Jobe Thomas Carter Clodagh Phelan Jan Saunders Sophie Colthurst Doreen Bernard Jessica Furlong Victoria Norton Eileen James Lorraine Malton Kerstin Wolf Colin Preston Merlin Eden Simon Girling George Bulmer Cath Jones Adrian Finch David H. Webster Florian goutte Bob Gaffey Patricia Webb Kellie Warner-Keith Shreya Chakrabarti Rosie Clarkson Kristin Hutchinson Dominic Mackenzie Diane McCarthy Elizabeth Bennett Alice More O’Ferrall Martha Yoshida Jackie Buckle Sandy Velez MICHELE DA SANDERSON Jason Gough Janet Guy Sandra Jones Jenny Radley stephen oades Simen Marki Paola Brkic Bertie Cairns Kathleen Chadwick Tami Richardson Helen Falconar Dean Bristow Sandra Morrison Juan R Ponce Jim Kilby DUNCAN HALE Stefania Santone Stuart Brooking Keith Jacobs Rocio Lalanda William Barratt Edward CRAWFORD JULIE LAWSONMCDOWALL John Wilding Sam Baly Paul Huxley-Grantham Harriet cotterill janet ashworth Pamela Simmons Andrew Tanser Anders Larsson Rex Mottershead Ian Sephton Virginia French Kitty de Bruin Steven Carr Jennifer Douglas Craig Sifleet Josephine Clarke Lee Fitzgerald Marika Farr Nick James Maricel Serrano Archie Cook Rosalie Parker Freddy Edmonds Will McLean Simon Bonnick Andrew Pearson-Gee Bess Miles-Duncan Cecil van Onselen Leona Graham Zoe Dundas Brenda Wishart Anne Platts Nick Winnicott B Levene Katie Pearce Sophie White Eleanor Burton Thomas Chillcott Sree Hari Eloi Cruz Jo Fox Barbara Hillyer Jade Bown Frank Peeters Roslyn Naylor Dave Unwin Duncan Fletcher-Brown John Follows MILENA BELLONI Tessa Dunbar James Sutherland YVONNE GARNON Mike Cooke Richard Lock Joel Blumert Kate Horner Stephen Scaysbrook Hazel Veitch elizabeth magill JOHN RUSSELL tom kielty Claire Isitt Robert Williamson Christoph Wagner Michele Faisey Elizabeth Hart Christian Graber Helen McGuire Kathy Nalson Livius Bozga Stefan-Sebastian Udrea Craig McDonald

colin hall Maria Teresa Agozzino Jane Gordon Wilson Katie Davis Robbie Evans Philip Bradshaw Pascal Trogoff Jane Cannon Camilla Gavin Terence Boss Annn Clarke Mike Preston John Scullion Tony James Michelle Goodman-Harder Jerica Davies Kathleen Pye Jean Baylis Kerena Fussell Herdis Ingvadottir Elaine Brittan Sally Garland Veronica Clark Sally Rylett Elizabeth McGowan John Miles Valerie Cailean Paul Sidle Margaret-ann Roberts Stuart Pritchard Antonina Odescalchi Paul Alway Charmian Larke Jason Noble Katharina Heinrich Kimberley-Jane Youens Katharine Simson Colin Litster Lorelei Smith alison orland Theo Towson RONAN DALY H Stewart Ann Eastham Anna Pilon Melese Winn Claire Sanderson Anne Temple-Hall Judy Ransley Nancy Curtis~Strange Stuart Chiesa Helena Ferreira Boen Thio Tino Rawnsley Edith Hargreaves Holly Clarke Peter Thompson jenny sharp cecile malaspina Cathryn Grenfell HAZEL KNAPP Chris Parker James Mackintosh dennis dyson Diana Wanless paul taylor Caroline Moreiras Patrick Drury Janet Hobbs Annaliese Reid Paul Robertson Peter Doherty Marcus Blunt Craig Morgan Angela Green Alexander Howie Jane Strachey bob rose Phil Martin J Lewis Jonathan Cheesman Daphne Jackson Naimj Gambi Susan Coulson Pierre Reynes zoe cameron basia kay Rachael redfern Elaine Stockman Lisa Jane Symons Tim Bamber Sam Davis-Harding Karl Roebuck Marko Pavlin Sarah Barfield Marks Pauline Morrod Angeliki Zisi David Johnson Anthony Hopkins Chris Stares Carol Johnson veronica tinney Lisa Stephen Julie Shackson David Hatter Jan Hollis Greig Miller D Bagnall James Harris Wendy Hague Dee Newton Marguerite McMullin Carol Scott Simon Richardson Ken Williams Adrian Lea Rui Pires Eileen Postlethwaite Elizabeth Lawrence emily anderson Rachael Windle Linda Blacha John Evans Hiltrud Hartmann Catherine Griffett Janet McClean Paul Godley Sergio Morella Badillo allen nesbit Harry Back Daniel O’Brien Julie Collings Jamshid Namin Rhian White Deborah Clarke rob parry Shelly Barratt Generson Lurenana Ella Booth hugh pennycuick Patricia Osborne Lotus Tay John Rocks Graham Newman Elizabeth Webb Jeremy Williams Yvonne Kwok Judith Taylor Chris Stephens Danielle Molyneux John Walder Lucy Aspray Di Le Croissette Billy Stanhope NIck Langridge Christina Smith Mair Evans Peter Bos Rupert Marshall Faye Gatenby Dorothy Armstrong William Barribal KIMBERLEY WESTERN Avani Gupta Jackie Robinson Janet Woods Iain McCallum Steve Long Gwendolyn Eder Kathy Mitchell Mark Bobbitt Pamela green liz johnson Teresa MASIA PERALES Nick Longland Irene Thomas Paul Ellis Paul Morgan Louise Lackovic Nigel Wakefield Lance Bell Simon Smith Simon Brookes Theresa Streete Diana Harman Isobel Stokes Ollie Hendy Derek Jones Jed Warman Annabel Hinchliff Angela thomas Niall Sookoo David Marsh Clare Smith Sian Rolls David Burrell Monty Boswell Ruth Rennick Abigail Burlington-sharp Leo Sutcliffe Caroline Doyer rona lee nik lane Dominik Legault Susan Farquharson Ben Clarke Evelyn McGregor mario gol Jacqueline Charters Greg Hastings Graham Sharples Caroline Gasson Ann Wright Susanna Czapska Richard Parker Ianthe Alexander Isobel Lucy Barter Andy Hoskins Hein Sweerts de Landas Margaret Rusby Nola Poirier Edward Spicer Alexandra Steiner Heather Traynor Josh Petzoldt Vivien Richter Alice MacLean Susan Rees Catherine Grun william clark Chris Henderson Judith Wright Stewart Clare Kathleen Lamb Linda Wood Jenna Larke Nathalie Vento Clare McCotter shi goslin David Hodgson Joanne Bonnar Goff Cantley Oliver Bradbury Roselille Pedersen Amanda Adams Dawn Blomgren David Bray ALICIA HACK Hanna Marti S turner Phil Tuckley Olivier Brunel Nick Hards Sofie Edwards Sara Kelly Carol Steinhart Adam Faja Demelsa Coleman Brendan Neeson michael kerton Robert Pascall Jean Nichols Jamie Moloney Karl Wilcox Brenda Pugh Anita Laban kirsty Durman Deb Williams Wayne Groome Cormac Browne Stewart Windsor Donne Marshall Jack Turnbull Tomasz Swierzewski Roger Challans Alexandra Kennedy-Stamos Helen Seal Patricia Wightman P Burton Christine Manie Nicola Lucas Alexandra Bardswell Jennifer Carr Nadia MacCall Barbara Durbin Gareth Williams Sean Earlam Allan Graham Naomi Swain Tim Siney Serena Wagg Thomas Collett Hilary Robinson Maureen Wilson Amanda Wright John Mellor Laura Raison Simon Browne Andrew Dempster Hanne Dauwe Elizabeth Wright Sue Cullip Eve Radford Nick Hoffelner Hollie Devitt

William Sanders Don van Heerden hazel teape Martin Gladwell Pete Feehan Heather Everley Terry Warren Jouni Nikula Andres Lopez Kim Ayres Steven McKinlay Ernie Braithwaite Julie Paskin Cairine MacBrayne mary brown Jacqueline Dart Allan Allsopp Patrick Lane Diana King Jacqueline judge H Purssell Thomas Walters Marc Thom Ross Macaskill Alvaro Ribas Leonard Ozeel Roger Bingham Rory Baldwin John Lewis Andrew Franks Carolyn Cox Jane Allport Jimmy Thornton Anne Trebus Deborah Wells Eve Tunney Jade Wilding Davina Blake Karen Cragg Karen Brusch GEORGE GILLIES Rachel Osborne Irina Ozerkina Chris Gossard CLIVE EDEN Sam Webb Linda Withington Philip Herridge Murray Carden Rachel Edwards Margaret Wheatley Sue McNab Alison Wilkinson Gerard McEtaggart Simon HULLE Gemma Archer Emma Cameron Gillian Horrocks Brian Senior David Allan Virgil Ierubino Richard Billam DESMOND Stafford Bob Windsor Zoe evans Karen Horne Nick Lawrence Andy Paciorek Carole Parnell Cafer Oz Elizabeth Klyne Jane Walton Wilfred Duckworth Fiona Graham Paul Holman M. De Cock isabel jaime tamayo Lee Knowles Bonnie Cracknell Eleanor Bullimore Carol Roberts Faye Beaver Kiera Russell Bill Vincent Julia Byrne Matt Desborough David Colin Wilson Lizzie Flint jerry saunders Janet Pearce Jennifer Reynolds Sam Smith Michelle Newton Freddo During Hugh Burton Mick Humble NEIL MARR Rebecca Torpey Stephen Wilkinson Juliet Segelov Adrian Lambeth Karen Hall Sarah Lasenby Aine Morrison Anthony McDonagh E Sian Williams Lauren Bennett Sheila Hawkins Andrew Wilson-Dickson Ann Hicks Mike Tyzack Kathryn Edwards Katie Robinson David Hunter Myriam Coulstock Anthony Bancroft Olga Ruocco Daley Anna Watkins Michael Overbury Helen Armet Sandra Black Kate Rowland Francis Morgan Franny Schlicke Linda Ward Jess Reiss Mark Jones Denise Hayes Chris Littlewood Rachel Oram Rob Curtis Marie Faulkner Susan Palmer Janet Edwards Jan Cunningham Patricia Payne Manuel Castelletti Helen Bamber Lynn Rawlings Adam Kay Luis Filipe Guerreiro Albino Jennifer Mundy Emma K Jeff Baker Leo oz Linda Quinet Alexandra Ionita John Mulheron Dominic Reynolds Gabrial Deacon Lesley Bryce Gillian Long Penelope Fry Robert Traquair Adam Stritten Kevin Innes Will Brandon lynda oakley Dylan Barsby Anouk Spilsbury Jenny Milton Daniel Dalton Kevin Stokes Heather Lucas Kim Barber Sarah Lucas Anika Berndsen daniel brasero Phil Neal Danette O’Hara Susan Turner Michelle Matthews KEITH BURTON Paula McGowan Ruth WHITE GUILLAUME DOHMEN Judith Tolley Eamonn Barry Melissa Bester Shirley Clough Liz Booty Hazel Carr Suzanne Hamman Alison Carter-Goulden Liz Payne Helen Stephens Luke Simons Paola Goundry JSY Chu Iza Zawadzka Neil Dymond Ana Cleja Emma May Meg Oliver Silvia Xicola Mike Habermehl Ruth DeVall Helen Robertshaw Barbara Hickmott Sam Luxton Chris Loxley-Ford Jana Baird Lewis Evans Richard Shrubb Alistair McKenzie Franc Holliman Chris Tidy Leila rumble Sylwia Weber Leah Neal Paul Manini Judith MacOmish Kathryn Harrison John Long Robin Waters Alida Epremian Rob Matthews Ruth Griffiths Donald McPhillimy Alex Howe Elizabeth Crookston Richard Robinson Jamie Ambrose William Godfrey Florence Bloomfield Anthony Scratchley isabel tamayo Chris Doar BILL shelton Patricia Duran Linda Hancock Catherine Moore Ian Campbell Richard arnold Robin Schaef Angela Jenkins Margaret Lockyer Christoph Marx Mike Abbott Louise Attwood Sian Griffiths Annie Wild Nathalie Coulomb Joan Columbus Ann Jungmann Katrina Seton Susie Wardell Roger Hoodless Colin Powell Daniel Hayward Elaine Hunt Perrine BOILEVIN Juliet Thorne Alison Lambert Paul McGriskin Peter Collins Rebecca Royds-Gosney Tim Rose Bob Kemp Martin Crothall Emma Clarence Berkin Y ld r m Mike Bush Paul Hopes Michael Reid John Long William Taylor IVAN MUNOZ Chris McCaig Chris Pollock Tricia Pearson Jacky McFadden Fiona Hollinger Max Phillips mike sharman Robert Lamoon Clare Jones Bryn Jones Peter Perry Harriet Stone Aaron Wills Rosalind Hyde Gillian Cleverley Andrew Fox julia beer Keith Withall Roger Laird Ares Zaimes Mayra Vega alan butcher Charul Joshi Frank Bungay bengt eriksson Heidi Lange Gareth Kett Hodaka Murata Sam Beath Phil Hounsell James Aldridge M.-L. De Cock Liz Holt Steven Cocker Caroline Reuter Luca Beldi Raita Sawyer

Nuri Genecos Kristian Bird Suzanne Friemann Mathias Hillebrand Paulo Dourado mark humphreys Laiba Ahmar Pam Frigo Rosemary Milligan Javier DE LA CAL PEDROSO shaun wyatt gary steer jennifer willett Lawrence Railton STEFAN RIGBY Andrea Mabyana Elisabet Mitchell Andrew Kerr Laura Pearce Colin Fyfe Doreen Rayner John Landau David Lindsay Martyn Cross Lavina Snoek Joe Tindale Peter Ford Emma Meunier Nicki Coulter simon taylor Matthew Dustman Katie Blood Caroline Low Aurora Zylaj Karen Drayson lin lobb Lesley Woolley Rosalind Gauci Aneta Stawczyk Lisa Johnson Rayah Feldman robert cantwell Lea Sergeant John MacLeod BEV Warren John Fenton Audrey Vaughan John Wallace CHRIS DUNN. Jo Seegers Gale Murphy Carolyn Wiggins Diane Walsh Iona McLeod Hanni Autere Linda Kay Karen Rhodes Kath Ettenfield Angelika p Laura Canning Josh Dudley Tina Bennett Cheryl Bryce Will Miller Anna Smith arthur glendinning Carol Ogden Ruth Hoskin Lucienne Noontil Margitta Davis Cara Dickerson Pauline Simpson Leonie de Young Bridget Palecek Una Bradley Sonia Slimmon Patrick McCarthy Gill Germain Marion Claxton David May Alessio Pigliacelli Val Hopson Geraldine Gagnerot Ivan Ruiz Lopez Shaun HAYDON Pauline Fryer Helen Peterken Lyn Gallimore James Lee Linda Clutterbuck Alan Knight keely moriarty Jean Braybrook Filip Stedt Mark Kater Sally-Anne Brady jan Orlandini David Coleman Rachel Boulton clare stevens kathleen whitlock Rolf Ivarsson Thomas Studer Arthur Luscombe Adam Reynolds John Fordham vanessa winchester Nick Seabright Cristina Fiorillo Ilse maitz Cynthia Johnstone Helen Baldwin Seyfettin Karaayvaz Lea Morgan lorraine thomson Jacqueline Slatcher Susan Louch Paul Thomas Caroline Mckeown Paul Dineen Philip Floyd Leon O’Neill Jason Riddell John Drowley Henry Miers Manuel Esteves Raid Khayat Dale Sumner Doe Crosh Kate Hallett Lisa Atkin Chris Cotton Adrian Machiraju John Mitchell Pandora Bharti Simona Schirinzi Leo Milbourne Rebecca Taylor Mark Leech Joanne Hewison Surya Osborne Emma Rees Bryony Abis Phil Bowyer Joy Ingle John Sharples carl murr Leo Verling Stefan Grey Jane Edmondson’s Alex Ramsay Fiona Dove Ruth Mckeating kerr wales Zehra Khoja Evelyn Stace Gerard Ambrose Averil Hazell Nicola Hansford Daniel Mizrachi BRIAN LEVER Louise Crook Michael Bridger James Grundy Richard Lawrence Frances Hollamby grant abbitt mark Taft Gabrielle Nolan Ande Freeman JOE Whiting Jennifer Crouse Judith Hodge Noelia Gallego George Brown Alexandre Vandenberghe Jodi Canti julie cole Helen Saunders Stuart Peasley Margaret Reynolds Elizabeth Kinder Rosalind Harrison georgia smith Jackie Money Elizabeth Coles Helen Moore Janet Houghton Claire Bell Amelia Crowley Julia Harrington Kirsty Black Chris Robinson Mike Mitchell keith bell Andrea Jones Bronwen Willis Andy Yates Jane Wilbourne Scott HASTIE Krystyna Jane Durrant Peter Young guy clarke Marilyn Davidson Gareth Roberts Daniel Funnell Andy Guile Clare Jones Kathleen Wright Johanna Saunders Ute Woermann-Stylianou Matthew Ward Hugh Price Jane Roberts Helen Pether Kathryn Edwards Dr. Tom Neilson christina exarchou Lucy Flett Bob Munby Charlotte Friend Brian White Chris King Natalia Jesenska Anna Bellafesta John Elford Rebecca Lewis John Broome Sarah Mason Josephine Betteridge phil MORGAN Debbie Ailes Edward Liddle Nicole Baughan Margaret Brazier Colin Fletcher John Liechti Jane Maggs Karin Ross Alex Benyon Alick Munro John Carr James Clarke Ben Coombes Bill Dunlop Adam Hepburn Tim Thomson Trevor Hubbard John Korn Mary Stastny Alexandra Adborn Susan Duff Vanessa Vasic-Janekovic Ruth Funnell Elaine Taylor Nelle Stocquart Jayne Heaney Maggie Sayfritz Sarah Jaggers Caroline Judd M Dawes Sean Smith Joan Lodge Bill Linton Alastair Rennie Laura Holmes Patricia Hackshaw Sharon Hadfield Emily Swain Rosie Bird John Rhead David Jones Bernard Fildes David Brede Sara Garcia David Wherry Richard Burt DS Harry B Suzanne Edge Fiona Waller Nele Czerwinka Glenn Boschmans Carla Kinnibrugh Aileen Morris Molly-Rose Crossley Gill Holmes Matt Powell Monica Bashford Joyce Rutherford David roper Ann Chapman Polly Meyrick Anthony Farman Arjan van muyen Gillian Stolwood Penny-Jane Cooke JOHN PIKE Dorota Dobbek Pamela Green wendy mead Martin Barnard Peter Dixon John Neath

anya beatty Stephen Arnold Dawn Spencer Jennifer Carpenter Daphne Cotton Naomi Carson William Staines Sharon Skingley dean mursell Alessandra Bretti Natasha Donovan Jamie Foster Lesley Vaughan Michael Draper Derek Gendvil Claire Deiller David Stobie Natasha Spiller Laura Heybrook fiona thomson Colin Wood Jon Press Taimur Alavi Alan Ralph Andrew Soudbash Lucio Angnes Matti Ukkonen Moyra Ruffell Greg Roberts Oliver Hill mollie somerville Mary Jane Mowat Mook Bangalore derek savill Edward Angelo Arsenio Solovyev Jasmine Chinnery Clare Haslett mona lecourt Lea Cook Donna Tanner Anthony Gray Andrew Cameron Jill Evans Garry Simmonds Elaine Robertson JOHN RAMSDEN Megan Le Doare Patricia millard Rosa Flores David Acosta jessica hodge shakireh ispahani Gemma Street Simone Solon Charlotte Allen mick schrey Michael Gould chris miles Mary Woodings Marcus Speer David Tipping Ben Sampson Mark Lofthouse Heather Morgan David Neno Maria Cal David Topliss Maria Jefferis Elaine Matuszewski Frederik De Wachter Tony Parsons Kevin Longman Dominic Ashmole Alan Wignall Dee Coombes Alessia Quaglia John Crispin Agata Rerutko Ric Brice Rob Foxcroft Gee Moore edward Pitcher Kerrin Lyons Johan van Montfort Antony Silson Kenny TAIT Tony N Adrian Birch Judith Mandefield Shirley Reyes Monica Horn sarah guerrero Teresa Torriero Huw West Jim Duffy kim pragnell teseo staffilani Christopher Brockwell sakari lindhen Virginia Morrow Tom Groves John Massey Florbela Torres Andrew Hewett Sharon Worth Sandie Exley-Watts Mary Coleman Daphne McAdam Gerard Watts Judy Lubow GAVIN WEBB Richard Vick Richard Price diana hansen Amanda Street Jocelyn Watson Marta Nunes Suman Lata Amy rummer Thomas Larmour Edith Young George Mathers Sebastian Uchwat Rebecca Bater Jonas Golland Liz Edwards Liz Elmhirst Helen Cowie Petra Sedlak Valter Prodanovic Pamela Thakrar Ann Southern Rupert Pugsley lesley cooper Martin Read Caroline Wijetunge Naomi Hamilton Jeff Grandfield Dorothy Ismail Jaroslaw Nowinski eustace joseph Elena Marinaki Kris Lopez Chris Bhamra Lisa Nash Roberta Hoekstra Simon Rice James Crowley Adam Gorman Maureen Stewart Erich Wanner Soraya Lavery Klaus Kruse Jenny Dee Alison Roberts Elizabeth Lewis-Cracknell ROBERT NOLAN Peter Andreas Mellbye Jacqui Wall Julia Kozaryn Richard Bentley Leonard Williamson Dsvid Williams Catherine Fforde Annie Poireau Paul Foskett philip coulthard Celia Williams Dominic Weaver Helen Millar Mark Robinson Donald Maclean Nicholas Georgiou Kaloyan Paunov Peter Robertson Sue Barnes Helen Havill Irina Melkonyan Nicky Instan Sheila Bennett Tim Hunter Aleya Banwari Callum Shipley Elizabeth Grummitt Mal Appleton emma halls ed griffin Elizabeth Harrington Maja Odendaal Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz Melanie Marlowe Ian Lynas Ken Riddell Aliyah Ramdin Molly Howard Philip Newton Illia Rosenthal Caroline Malone Kate Roberts Lisa guenther Robert Brown Cam Bowie Joanne Scott Frank Thomas Nadia Amara Glyn Jones James Rooke Kathryn McCann Alan Coates Geraldine Bridges David Kelly Alison Wiper Paloma Sparrow Jenny Wheeldon Brigitte Dunais Doone Cooper Laura Cox Borys Tyszecki Monica Lawrence Christopher Meyer Tony Sharp Susan Grainger Faye Richards Christine Roberts Kirsty Craig John Hirons Clive Baseley James Kerr Alison Sutton Alan Taylor FRANCIS VOISEY Tim Seddon Sandra Dooley Gwen Kenny Monica Chatterjee Liza Boogmans Elizabeth Swift Martin Murray Robert Dowling Julie Martin Barney Rosedale Juliana Grundy james stewart Paul Saddington Marian Nicholson peter amsden Natalia Onisk Matt Jackman Judith Ryan Johanna Bennett Sylvia Owen Philip cleary H R Payne Melissa Dennison Ian Marsh Richard Whincup Diane Sterne Colin French Les Duggan Jane Brooks Ingrid Ohlsson Cathleen Collins Susan Goslin Martin Fabian Caroline Jackson Rebecca Parford benjamin heinig Shama Alam Geoff Stephens Maxim Shaw Janet Wellings Natasha Dobrinen Carmela del Moral Amy Mower Lisa Kemp lisa jolliffe Catriona Pritchard Victor Diaz G Lee peter lawrie D Fielden Richard Clemens George Pike Jo East Fred London Margaret Clifton Clare Hughes Peter Grant jane clayton May Bullock mark dowsett Tawhidur Rahman Dear Angela Bovo Will Greener Christy Barnett Stephen Hough Jo Robertson Ariana Chamberlain Keith Longmore Monika Kubieniec Jean Aldrich David Sherlock Maureen Brazier Heather Mundy

Juliet Carter Ivan Daly Hilary Norman David Pascoe Maeve Wright melek korel david gold David Gil Pam Grant James Hickman Lynnette Hare Terry Egan Janet Pedder Wendy Teall Melanie Pearce Herbert Regan Sophie Barber paul fauvet Alex Roberts June Hughes jeremy cresswell Ceri Elliott-Yates Alison Templeton Celine Havn J Bowden Herve Moquet Dawn Brooks R. Vergie margaret connelly Chris Gardiner Sarah Edwards Frieda Cawthorne Chris Hawkridge Sven Van Roy Paul Moorhouse judith smith Aver Ballantyne Dee Martin Ernest Effer Tom Quinn Tim Pickles Jo Shacklock Sarah Pearson Timothy Dodman Frankie james Richard Craggs Nigel de Berker Diana Stevens simon bird Richard Hinder Sandra Lazaridis Alan Copperwheat Joseph Coyne Sophie Seguin Janet Furness Laura Ward Beth Putnam Megan Burrell Jacqueline Connolly Graham Bodenham marilyn hopkins Chris Everitt Terry Stone P.D. Elson Sheela MacLean Lucy Miles Val Zakian Maria Chevska Veronica Grint james Ord Jo Otero Doug Simpson Tom Williams William Pearson Meriel Craddock Philip Porter Charles Dye Karl Palmgren Tracy McCormack Lowenna Baggaley Teri Ayngel- Summer Susan Bench nick helweg-larsen Carl Bridgnan Barbara Hughes Brian Herman Ave Mets Vinnie Johnson Billie Rose Paul Nicholls-Whiteman Vern lindon Chris DAY Stuart Tye Malcolm Duncan Evie James ingrid Hedman Annie Lachance Adam Lea Sam Manye Kristin cain Thalia Counsell John Plummer Judy OCarroll Marlouise Ferreira John Mainwaring Monika Bassani Claudia Urvois Sarah Steer sophie pinel Philip Bayes Kim Boon Leo Amery Isabella Palmer Elena EnMauve louise smith Pete Webb Annette Johnson Pam Hartley Corin Ranson vladan bozovic Jane Curran Torge Steffen Kerry Brotherwood Adrian Bull Jayne Grant Stu cardow Bruno Ferreira Helen Burley Jessica Saulle Jean Anderson Francisco Javier Molina Gil Ann Williams Mark Hudson burcu yesil Sharon McGovern Leon Kiss Trevor Foster Thupten Adunbi Matt Wright Esme Jones sam stewart Stephen hartgroves Brian Etter Liz Dargan Han Dorussen Stuart Wood Martin Pilcher Penny Ozanne Miranda Midgley Meg Hamilton Ron Woods Stephen Sayers Les Ketteringham Alison Petrie Janet Smith Chris Penfold Berenice Meier Paul E G Cope Jonathan Rackowe Susan Twyman Lynda Urhobo Marianne Grover Bridget Barling Sonit Nangia John Kinsey Anie ... catarina brinca lisa smith Harry Watts Pat Kennett liz allen John J Finazzo Sr Kate Hulbert Denise Barton David Wilson DANiel Malcolm Steve Corbett Maria McDonnell Boyd Vincent Michael Dye Ruth Telfer Laura Williams Jeanne Davidson Powell Le feuvre Martin Konstant Richard Lewis Peter Lay Andy T cyril hunter Val Spouge Sylvie Mailloux H Larsson Valters Rudzitis Caroline Milsom Tim Dingley Bobbie May Roger Amos Alison Coates Diana Murfin Eliane Vicente Tsarouhis Joan Fenge Victoria Heath Laura Atkins Nic Loz Carmen Pitts Eric Manners Marilyn Anderson Aver Ballantyne Marianne marianne.grover@ Chris Kilby Annie Audsley Stephen Jones Sue Thurston Patrick Chronnell Pam Craggs Maria Franchini Vili Ivanov philip dawson Robert Torrens Glynne Raspison Andrew Pickering Alice Begg Anna Pulkka Keith Hutchison teresa angulo martel Richard Pelto Eva Macfarlane Chiwai Tsang Matt Bennett Arturo Corro Kathleen Graham Jules Rollason colette lynch Steve Bell Paul Rodger Annette Machin Mary Tod susan wooden Tamara Horbacka John David Parker Bee P. Chris Ottosen AMANDA HAWES Tomur Hairettin Jessie Kolvin Jennifer Boncey Gemma Grass Orkin B O’Doherty Mary Goodall Stella Taylor Joe Gilmore antony barrett Martin Clark Matthew Shillaber Kerry Blewett Jane Rogers Tricia Hanson Peter McLoughlin Jo Shaw Hannah Nicholas Natalie Hoad Giles Goudge gaynor hughes Christine Jordan Julie Yaunches Christine Denning William Luscombe Simon Beaty keith wright Giustina Danisi Rochaix Stuart Hollis Tom Piper Jacques Boucher Eilidh Carmichael Thomas Keenes Carole Uttley sheila dent Jan Penrose Diana Purvis Iolanda D’ambrosio Joseph Struthers George Ttoouli Martin Phillips Stephen Haslam Jennifer Matts Heather Walley Vivienne Edgecombe Michael Hepworth Julian Caddy Darren Mallette David PRICE Matt Lake oriol callejo Natasha Perryman Peter Lorimer Tony Hale Judith Blaker Maggie Gallimore John Hinshelwood Belinda Thornton-Bunn Vivienne Steels JOHN COVILL Stephanie Bradley Honorata Lozynska

John Newberry Ellen Silverberg Monica Ek Gareth Jones Chris Dymond Allan McAllister jess foggett Gavin Eves Karen Williams Benjamin Thomas Charlie Ashton John Hutchin Steve Nannery Wendy Armstrong Judith Pettersen Christine Clavey TP Christina chipp Janet Cradock-Lee Kevin Nash Mitch Buchan Jill Eddison Tony Dickens Michael McMullen Branislav Pakic roberto ciliberti Dave Gibson Gloria Kisembo John Barkham Christine Tidswell Rose Bunker Paul Cullen Christine Martin Paul Wilkin Gillian Hurle Anthony Claydon Lily WHYMER Tav Ratcliffe Alexandra Williams Mira V Ann Mahon Tristan Cole Simone Cronje Ricky Lowes Martyn Wheeldon James Dunn Nicholas Simms Arminda Santana Gillian Redshaw Andy Meikle Alan Rollings Sofia Landin Robert Parkin-O’Brien Stephen Kelly Neville Kemp Abi Price sue Proctor DANIELLE NEEDHAM Tijana Vukicevic Hilary Billing Stephanie Papworth Alison Kilpin Don Mason Wim Stevens Christine young Fern McCauley Gwyneth Harrop Lynton Davidson Jean Watson vicky jacobs Aleyna Murty Ian Tomlinson Elaine Anderson JACK DUSEK Nick Thompson Susan Beetlestone Jonathan Helyar Geoffrey Allen chloe brenta Harriet Clarke Matthew Smith Paul Mcsweeny fran schofield Andrew Cross Gedi Campbell Marcus Pitcaithly Hester McDonald Jean Friedli Terence Turner Padraic Boocock Robert Tippett Kathy Hills Julie Evans-Egerton LISA YATES Linda Thorpe Dennis Phillips Peat Fitzpatrick Linda Brett Sheila Page Karen Quested Steven Alexander John Harris arn dekker Simon Vincent Mark Crofts Jan Carnahan Teodora Begovska Olwen Savage Gary Buckett Vivian Scott Michael Wyatt John Roebuck Claire Briggs tony wickham Anna Weuthen Lynn Reid Mel Boz Jacob Finnis Rev Hazel Barkham Graham Bennett Freda Rimini Mary Davies Adam Norgn Sheryl Hann john McNeill roger greeff Paul Woolstenholmes george stewart Richard Brown Mark Huxley Ed Billeaud Dee Whittle Mihai Boc Joan Anderson Robert Driscoll Steveh Herring Richard Wigley Jane Gorton Jeff Henry Anne Phillips Daniel Seed Joanna Hogg Dominic Claxton david boudon clive pavely Cassandra Serafin Paul Ferguson Luis Fontes AMANDA BRODEN Rosalind Derici Agnes Darazs Ian Clarke Jane Colbourne George Lucas Kerry Philip Wulfric Blackwell Pernille Lund Lynda Deans Nigel Gent Arja Kantele Sunil sharma Oliver Henderson ricardo trujillo Elizabeth Davis amanda barr John Abbett Lynn Booth Rosie Pagenkemper Richard Marsh Alison turner Grace Emmerson Julie Sowerby David Camm Paul Yate Rebecca Brogden Andy Tutton Sheelagh Stoffer Flora Collingwood-Norris Tony Rice Taina Pemberton Abigail Woodman Daniel Dyer Jessica Lockhart Susan Lygo Peter Reisdorf Rose Quinn Marilyn Gough Colin Cooper Susan Millodot Kevin King Hanna Heissenbuettel martin hill Judy-Anne Offerman Mario Mata David Linnell John fellows Morag Burton Alice Hunter Ruth Paisley Colin Hayward Mary Donald Jane Metcalfe Joe Lillis Sebastian Wilde Ann O’Toole Tim Allenby Rod Macdonald Donald McGill Glenn Isaacs Libby Baker sam Bennett Natasha Murray Koren Mcvey Christopher Lawson Elaine Charlson F S Berg Zahara Khan Harriet Hammans John Riggins Alyson Ross Jean Richardson Carey Abbs David Harris Patricia Gracey Ian Shepherd Dee ann BAUER Patricia Swain Neil Shearn Joan Forehand Carlos Fain-Binda H Avery Andy Barber Chris Harlow Chris Hayes Jim Sullivan Simon Sparrow Susan Crosthwaite-Wright scarlet Maguire Ben Dyson Carole McLendon Lorraine Ascough Angel de la Torre Garcia Lizzie Route Robert Rutkowski Keith Edwards Sheila Gage Rachel Williams Shirley Jordorson Miles Clark Mike Pollard John Stott Martin House Sylvia Kemp Mike Yeadon Kam Choi Lynne Harvey Jennifer Little Katy Butt Cherry Robbins Angie Wardle Jennifer Cashman Ian Dench Martin Large John lythgoe P. Mihalic William Ward Brigitte Scott-Florek Marine Epailly Alex Blin tony evans Janise Smith Peter Sercombe Paul Watson Sarah Moore Molly Taylor GEETANJALI Normandale Louise Barton Judith Nichols Louise Spicer Isabella Guerrini de Claire Colin Winter June Trask Andy Morrison Marianne McGoldrick irene de Caso mark mcquaid Angela Littlefield Frederic Walker Amy Jenkinson MALCOLM WILSON Alison Gabbitas Gavin Jones Cara Lockhart Smith tina mitchell Kierstin Hall Mike Nelson Elizabeth Davis Sarah Shelton Nicola Houlihan Jo Taylor Martin Tremethick Daniel Lindeque Magali Cheynet Inga Lightley Ian Willsher

E Smith Paul Rickard Oli Klima Roy Blackburn Jenny Key Ann Canning John Ashforth Sarah Ratcliffe Gareth Jones Mike Brookes Martin Baker Jan Stone Tania Meakin Helen Wallace Mary Friend Rose Hoare Camilla Papaefstratiou Kirsten Gelsomini Elaine o’loughlin RAJA TAMARAN Gill Liebeck Elizabeth Lane Lesley Collett Karen Dewdney Chris Winterhoff Joya Sarkar DAVID BUCK Rosalyn Kennedy Daniel Latham Sue Walker Dan Micklewright Keith Miller Goran Ahlen Philip Lloyd Jacqueline Turnbull Pamela Freeman Diane Soames dayo abayomi Steve Smith Allison Dickson Louisa Beighton Julie Walker Julia Andrews Daniel Farrow Phil Towers Martin Andreas Hagen Clare Homer LEA BALL steve hilton brian Roberts David Spershott Martin Hussey Linda James-Anderson Alasdair Hawkins Don Colby Joe Bulman Sandra Yee Ken Hughes PAT HOWARD Katy Harris Frances McCart and Joyce Felton Phillipa Absalom Jane Morgan Jay Sparrow Jane Davis BARRY SWAN Catherine Mason Isabel Goodman Kate S Cecile Stacey Jennifer Sendall andres bonomo Su Parmenter LEMUEL DIX Adrian North Suzanne Santurri Angie Frank Judith Counsell Paul Hague Clare Crombie Kenneth Christie Isabelle Villancher Steve Waller Liza Englander alice rose George PETER Glover Nigel Nichols Nigel Stanbridge Marta Jachimowicz David Hunneybell kevin foley Helen Ansell Sue Wilson aaron quinn Chris Couch Michael Green Ronny Syben Kate Andrews Jonna Nordenhed Anna Wright Helen Naylor Katherine Ma Valerie Stoneley Huma Khan adrian vilas Lisette Mackenzie Linda Petrosino susanna hall Anton Marais Howard Bigg Christine Coupe Emilia Kosinska Elizabeth Mitchell Frances Davis Christine Thompson John Hilsdon Hazel H Peter Lane Margharita Rainbow Graham Wilson Georgiana Marian Chloe Jones John Creighton Marko Kaasik Tim Gibbons Karen Walker Hamoudi Shubber Penelope Goodare Doke Ostle Carole Angier Ivan Daggett Joy Winterbottom Malcolm Bull Sarah Reilly Samantha Heathcote RAYMOND DUCKER Andi Elsmore Alison Hay ingrid bertrand Jean Taylor Angelika Elsebach-Macey Jim Huxter Brian Wood Jamila Schwart Nell Bridges Max Johnson Leonora Walters Mike Hawes Ann Turner Trevor Herdman Ken Slade David Palmer Yona Wiseman John King Max McKenna Martin Lugg Joseph Joyner Alice Soler Thais Leandrini Brand Margaret McSeveney Pam McNay Annita Signorelli Glyn Collis Penelope Pinder Warren Eloff Melissa Borris Teresa Russell Sharon Lord David Hood Shirley Sato jb Stephanie GoldstoneCreasey Nicole Girrbach Judith Stammers Leigh Smith Anna Nicklin Ti


Adrian Barbrooke Beatrice Clyde-Smith Michael Groenewald Anika Makanda James Crayton Duane Hopkins Andy Morris Sue Carroll Ken Lapsley ROSALIND BURRAGE Vivienne MacLaren Julia Clegg Diana Grant Ron Sellen Michael Stowell Dan Woodard Breda Kingston Gerry Abbott Paul Cooper Craig Gaskin Heike Phelan Andrew Heathcote RICHARD HIRD Madeline Macphail Sarah Wooding Tricia Galpin Gary Bridgewood Ian Jones Signe Hedegaard Rose Byfleet Kath Singleton Joan Brierley claire whetton Joe Griffiths Debbie Seal Carole Marinovich Helen Rogers susan lea Godfred Acheampong Brian Jones john savage Darren Lucking Darren Frost Chrissie Bean Vivien Mountford Rebecca Cox Joy Pitman Inga Bullen andrew thomas Barry Chandler Katie Preston mike trevorrow Jane Pollard Pia Benaud Boryana Lopez dan jarvis Pamela Marchant Andrea Dexter Susan Hackney Fi Chappell Oliver Hutton Ursula Maslarz ian Cooper david wickham LINDA JOHNSON Linda Thomson ll Simon Harries Graham Hillman Tim Snell Maria Tavora Graeme DeLyons Dorothy King Nikki Elliott Digby Jones Julie Clements Jenus Friesen Patricia Robinson Felicity Hughes Elaine Crayton nerea amoros Claire Hirsch Amanda Watt Radiguet Astrid Tracy Gaffney Jens Nielsen Brian Mackrell Hilary Weston Kathryn Davis Jona Eichner Shivam Kumar Sara O’Dowd Wendy Herniman david mcgavin Barbara Richards Anita Dickinson Andrew Porter Mark Hewlett Chris Allen RIAT PATWA robert james Carole Penfold susan sanders Brigid McConville Yvonne Williams Janna de Braal Lucien Lindsay-MacDougall Elaine Stockman Liz Quigley Richard Collins Anna-Liisa Tarvainen Jo Matthew Alison Smith Lisa Sinclair Laurent bayard Lambert Kleinjans Josephine Watts Jacob Kindred Jan Hughes jeff hopkins Matthew Hepworth Nathalie Avignant Paul Dennett Emma Long felix byrne Elizabeth Brown Julia Strickland Peter Rope Victoria Oldfield Brian Woodgate Tae Mawson Charlene Taylor-Gibson Alexis Duran Mollie Hayward Kate Scarratt Pauline Bates Jessica Tooze Kazim Khans Laurence Coupe Andrea Deakin james grant Gita Gyorffy Anthony Collins Peggy Schultz Neeti Anand Joanna Tilley LEE HOLMES D Dube Paula Linton Michael Lewis Rob Simpson Mike Pattenden Angela Young Gillian Almond charlotte McGillivray Lin Richards Helen MacDougall Ralph Dexter Michael Wood Jack Semple Mairi Rennie Meredith Muirhead Oskar Bukolt Peter Lidstone Annabelle Reid Ian Barrett Joan Smith Judith Ross Deborah Spencer Eddie Farrell Andy Tsintas Caroline Peck Katherine Riley Kim Heatley Pam Mason Philip Leavey sue hall Fiona Weir Paul Smith Terence Harris Richard Bland Therese Woodcock ROGER WHITE Erica Wilkinson David Perrow george drakopoulos Elwyn Johnson Susie Elwes Sue Bennett Danielle Innes Steve Penfold Ben Shoesmith Howard Abrahall DAVID ROBERTS paul Hardacre Anna Maria Irace Melanie Wood Caroline Dunn Julia Duffy Amanda Parr Doreen Pretty Christopher Crosby Martin Robinson Caroline Wright Michael Charij Steve Ryman Will Drayson Brock Elder Fred Foxon david whittaker Leah Williams Nick Pini Joanna Wickson Eliane Clarke dottie mac Charles M Daxon Naomi Kodo Stephen Liuzzi Michelle Seaton Maggie Holdsworth Julie Forster Jo Waterworth Wendy Baxter Kennedy Shaw Harper Marie King arne mohr David Cody catherine henderson Val Bodels Dirk-Jan van der Zaan Catherine Spiberg Elaine Davy Edwina Ashton Julie Caws Dawn Bean Joan Dilkes James Lovekin Penny Eginton Carmen Ungureanu Tabitha Jonrs Patricia Edwards Matthew Fagg Jacob Stow Jack Cockburn Roger Luffman Colin Toogood Carmen Henderson Jane Yonge Joanna Miles Chantel Van Wyk Angela Wilkinson Ketil SKOGEN Anthony Carr Tom Hollis brian roberts VAL DAVIES Diana Renwick Rosy Wilson MARIA CHAMBERS Anne Harley Laura Brammeld Dave Kennerley Elvis Moore sarah Clarkson Richard Aldous David Taffs James Sherburn Michael Steinhardt Ron Wade Pauline Wilson Steve Trodd John Commins michael roper Janice Nye Phil Kerr Gill Roth Eva Cosme Preston Heyman CRYSTAL GENE NICHOLAS Lynn Lawlor Pip Ward Nathalie Foy Simon Rogers Laura Hemmington James Edmondson Wendy Partridge Claire Stephenson Peter Teasdale Rat Banton Avie Vasili Alex Rice Deborah Dudman Gwyneth Rushton Jane Leach Robert Bell Graeme Fleming Jane Taylor gail pickett Sue Roberts Paul Sackin Mary Roberts Joanna Hanson Pedro Zornoza Claire Parsons


Martin Sewell James Robb Ian Chambers chris mclaren Eleanor Bravo Simon Houlahan Stephen Campbell steve parker Narisa Chakrabongse Kelvin Thomas Samuel Wood Rosalind Cooke Alice Valdes-Scott Paul Burall Paul Gibbs Andy Bostock Cecile Camisa Kate Woolley Madeleine Erbe michael gittins Chris Diplock sam dodson Fernando Garcia-Herreros Melissa Shinn Martyn Davies Susan Dickson Clare Kennington Jo Hewitt Paul Kubalek Paula Killick martin timms Kes Grant Jennifer Bryant Juan Gomez Valdebenito Ralph Stokes Mary Wrightson Joanna Becker Nathan Buckland Paul Donnelly Peter Smith Neilson Duncan Shaun Crittenden Peter Clarridge Liam Turner Christine Walker Kevin Dixon Teresa Forrest Debi Heath Kate MacDonald Anna Vallario Annick Wilting David Bailey Derek Adamson Anne Hagarty Darren Lawrence Clive Poulton Barbara Jones Anatole Beams GEORGE MORRISON Sally Hills Nikoletta Gavlider Liliana Olave Rojas MEHVAN HUSSAIN Nico Wassermann Ian Hebden corrine Maguire Chris Wright Linda McCarthy Judith McArthy Lisa Lesniak-Smith Jacky Butler Lars Migge Lisa Christmas Gareth Jones Catherine Williams Joe Durrant Sue Butler Rob Walker Elvie Crowe Anette Pinny Keith Mundy Jonathan Perry Ian Walters Alison storer sarah le vay Ruth Tosh Lindley Owen Helena Lowe Odile Webberq Anthony McMahon William Jones Leonie Ewing william mac Nick Thompson Matthew Gill Ian Minogue Lynda Evans Mina Sheppard Gill hawker Marco Biagini John Vincent Katie Templeman Rob Fraser carolyn field Phil Greenslade Deb Truin Susan Cracknell Martin Savage Marilyn Stevens Shannon Perkins Carr Megan Redekop David Singleton Eva-Maria Wendhausen Pip Al-Khafaji Scott Barrett Eiluned Morgan Angela Bailey Roddy Adams colleen scholefield Karla Ortiz Gil Susan Mcloughlin Judith Dodds John Staniland Fadi Sultagi Jennifer Vanderland Kathryn Esselbach Jane Boden Hamish McDougall Suzanne Harris Ennio Nobili Nick Humphrey Michael Holden Ian Woodmansey Wendy Tutty David Schenck Lorna McAllister Everett Jaime Diego Ortega Anton Page ian sharp Lavinia Georgescu paul hartles Clare Weze Tim Gourley Peter Gregory Bernard Mothes Alison Marchant Hellen Hornby Helena Shore Maureen McCartney James Yelland Jane Shackleton Laura Garcia Thomas Gilchrist Ruth Ker Dora Rebola William Spalding Hilary Day Moira Ashleigh Steve Ward Joel Bentley william baker Abdalla singer Joules Taylor Jonathan Stoppi Jolijt Wolting Philip Gillen Kellie Searle-Webb Gordon Sprott Paul Coldwell Shamika Biswas Antonia Daglish Pauline Barrie joshua Griffiths Paul Chilcott mary cutts John Adams Steve Campbell Sarah Sheehan Rob Last Peter Day Chris Brennand Lionel Pharo Barry Gillespie Heather North Callum Watson Seamus O’Connell Martyn West paul spiers Teresa Fudge ANN ROSENBERG Pamela Darby Ian Taylor Chris Jones katie javanaud Connor McKitrick Laura Truman Carole Waters fran brackley Phyllis Mertens Alexander Balls Garry Brown Helen Edmund David Fitzsimons dominica Warburton Benson Downey Ken Rist Mt English Len Herbert Layla Pankhurst Ron Sweeney Phil Anderson Chereale Cormack Robert Turner Sue Thorpe Christopher Rogers Hanna Neidhardt James Ryder Tad Davison Jacqueline Rogers John Dewhurst Matthew Mallett helen russell Paul Gothard Alice Hardwell Miriam Ryan Norman Haikney Philip Marsland Julie Henry Roger Olive Lucy Kent NB Dan Renton Richard Littlejohn Charlotte Dauzat David Cole Sally Revell Holly Wootton David Woolley George Every Geoff Vande Velde Julie Levack Samuele Sulas Alec Hitchman chris verschoyle Linda Russell RK Valerie Clack Andrew BIRTWELL Pratap Antony Alan Borgars Irene Stowe Gillian Sumner Mary Mitchell Angie Burns Karl Barnes Stacey Foldes Phil Hooper Christopher Waddell Gabriele Rauch Tom Lawrence Iain Stormont Anya Gwiazda Andrea Haigh David Foster Percy Kelland Fatima Flores Jennifer Hall keith Barnett Mike Lee LINDA HALL Eileen Newington Marlene Beatrice Pena Finol Chris Mchugh Steve Morrison Ian Wilko Judith Odgaard Julia Spragg dawn dearden Margarita Guillen Ben Tetlow Mary McNeil Rachael Hutchinson Barbara Wiles Alex Reid Elisa de Grey Ken Hickson Phil Reed Patrick Roberts Thomas Sanders Eric Alston Ruth McCluggage Evelyn Tirosh Rebecca Moore Alan Kay Andrew Gad Jessica Mooney Richard Lowe Peter Kohn Tim Caldicott Richardm Meyer Roger Hammon resina chowdhury Lorraine Swoboda Anne Allen

Nigel Hart Liam Crowley Gillian emerick enid marl Christopher Hand Alexis Edwards Adam Fairgrieve Felicity Bush jim tutnbull Roger Boulton Joanna Roberts Jon-Mari L’Anglois karl domeracki priscilla Worsley Catherine Scriven Margi Palou Susan Burt Gareth Jones Cara Hewitt jo thorne john stafford carlton sandercock Dundy Smith Susan Murphy Charlotte Trouillard Carolyn Scotton Robbie Logan Roslyn Baker Andre Silva Jenny Bowers Klaus Graichen Paul Dannatt Luke Murray Philip Burton Dorothy Bryden Jill Goodman Patrick Bingham Saviour Agius Lucy Clarke Mary Liverton Elizabeth Ustic Margaret Mills Sheila Roberto James McAulay Lina Amitrano Ian Cuppleditch Nicholas Cole Susan Kendall Linda Blocksidge Joanne Kingston H Fawcett Janet Hamblin Sally MacEachern G M Butler Mike Martin William Lambton Pauline Stott Mo Mcginlay Richard Ball Mayne Sundewall Hopkins John Byford Rob Burns Sarah Dixon Simona Tatulescu John Beauclerk Heulwen Baworowska Steve Smitheringale Jane Clark Anna Roberts Frances Wicks Eric Hurner Colin luckett Elizabeth Baker Paris Ackrill Vanessa Dore Freya Hesse Rowan Smith Berriff Vaughan John Westbury Gemma Ball phil sheardown Simon Noble Andrew Collins will new Joanne O’Hara Hazel Morgan thomas ottosson Nic Knowland Rosemary Ashworth Jackie Thurlow Kerry La Porte Julie Darsley Hazel Jones les grills Janet Bakelmun Chris Davey Anthony Boshell Jude Crawshaw Richard Jupp Gerard Moran Steven Pearce Barry Meatyard Richard Milo Jane Webb jan hunter Jan Jones john hope Martin Lithgow Chris Corbin marilyn SCOTT Joanne Maxwell Kathryn Colling Alison Wilkie Doreen Chisnall Ruth Huneke Jill McAnally Robin may Ellie Silcox Jacqueline Rogers Natasha Rowe Tanith Stevens-Walker Helen Townson julie vanberkel Graham Mant Robert Parkinson john brookes joanne horton Neville Budd Janet bartley pedro ruiz Zack Townsend Jude Glover Jean Virk Philip Nash Simon Cox Catherine Chapman Sally Plowman Lynn McCrory Gerald Stuart Burnett John Linnell Alys Innes Christine Thuring Kenneth Allen Harry Fuller Michael Neal phil duf Steven Lenza Sue Povall Simon Turnbull Colin Dawson Suzi Davies anders andersson David Moore Rachael Melton Michael Hodkinson Averil Lamont Barbara Gardiner Jon Marcus Steve Jones Philip Buddell Jane Bursnall myke vince Nigel Canter Earl Guernsey Jr tom doe Peter Worley Steve Sheppard Jim Watson Stephen Stansfeld annika goulding Dan FitzGerald Paul Kingston David Blakeley Sheila Dutnell Daniel Wilkinson Miguel Oliveira e Silva Tim Box Phillipa Absalom Manoj Bhola Tesca Osman peter walmsley Jane Duff Joan Warriner Darren Campbell Geoff Roper Patricia Riddell Tareshvari Robinson Clem Wigley Ann Kew A T Richardson Shona Wilson Peter Stevens Peter Firth Simon Anritage Mireia Curell Benjamin Gillett Hilary Stephens Lorna Allen Lucy Hinton Christine Phipps alex shalts Richard Coyle Christina Treadwell Lisa McGinnis john clemenS Frank Carrick elisabeth guss Alicia Manduca Chris Morris STEVEN BRADBURN Marian Hutchins Gerith Eden Edward Delicata Lorraine Williams Mary Phelan Nina Kilmurry-Webley Kath Macmahon Julie Luckett Esther Pawley Rick Cocker Richard Halvorsen Joan Taylor Jose Barry Nicolas Ayala Pete Weston Suzanne Thomas John Bailey Carl Williams Maureen Hodgson Stephanie Hodge William Ellison Linda Douthwaite Sera Llopis Sandy Duncan Colleen Costell Stephen Capus Gustav Kilman Patricia Brown Michael Read Michael Huxley-Evans Darren Slevin Sohaila Inglebright Celia Williams Patricia Jenkins Jan Parry Greg Smith Claudio Solano Margaret Le May Lottie Hindley-Lange Len Massey Terri Laws Lisa Stockley Priya Shah sam daniel Cheryl Andrews Gayle Campling Paula Foulsham Johanne Ostendorf Annette Madsen Shirley Davies Helen Ashworth Gillie Guest Caroline Whitaker Robert Dray Anne Bott Juliette LEMOINE Lydi Sno Russell Eke David Carver richard adam Edward Bulwer-Long Carol Craig David Rhodes Graeme Wearing Rida FARES Mary Furlong Peter Ashwood Sarah Barnard ann woodcock susan sharples Suzanne Hay Fernanda Cordeiro Wiebke Niether JEAN WHARRAM Julia Mills Neil Thomas Stephen Dickson Robin Roberts Jacob Corn Michelle Macdonald Emma Morello Bruce Forster Ernie Scales Andrew Whiting Bridget Irons Nicholas Baylis Delia Lomax Robert Lang Michael Finch Jenny Campbell Maria Borlinghaus Max Nathan Ellie illing Peter Bishop Carol Kambites

Amy Brown Judith Billingham Paul Murgatroyd Kevin Gurton Chris Lawman Ewa Maydell Stephen Wolstencroft Alasdair MacLean Diana Ward Joe Kelly Paul Hughes Joel Clarke-Davey Ljiljana Holmes Tim Marshall Julie Whitley ATR Helen Talaga sharon jones Kerry George Matt Ballu Simon Barrow DANIEL MARRAST Timothy Petty michael fyall Csilla Keresztes Steve Weeks Edward Courtney Jinny Marshall Helene Marks wayne bryant Rowena Harris Malcolm Kennard Michael Kowalski GERRY MCMENEMY Alan Southall Helen Francis KEN Vipond Roger Giles Jude Gwynn John Horton Iain Sutcliffe Julie Hatch Derry Robinson Friedrich Schuster paul dawson irving Wardle Elizabeth McLelland magda van hoyweghen Mordechai Katzman Maria Ribeiro dave don Ann Ross John Loydon Jane Benstead Alli Mawhinney I Taylor DAVID BAINES Marc Frank Debbie Turnbull Rosemarie Morgan sam hayward Tim Raymond Lois White Robert Tossnie Irene BARker Dena Blakeman Theresa King Jose Miguel Exposito Afiammetta Monicelli Eilidh Forster Caroline Wilson Hayley Sanghera bel dur Sylvia Bledow Allyson Crawford Paul Whitehead Matthew Potts Annalise Austin Martin Garnett Jeremy Mears katharine paterson Miriam Bennett Zoe Burr Bridget Shersby Anne Harvey Pat Armstrong Neil Harper wilma sutherland James Mclaughlin Emilia Worrall Ken Scoble C Greenwood shane miller Ross Urwin Teri West Darren Lines Michael Bernard Michael Whitehead Michael Carmichael linda sandison John Scott-Baird philip smith Lynda M Nolan M B E Lucian-Robert Negut Katarina Vinegrad Sophie Evans Maggie Richards rog sana Lucy Metcalfe Peter De Rouw Diane Ketcher Jan Gillon Kevan Potter David Ovenden-Hall Karen Vowles nicholas cohen Marc Portch Andrew Hay James Stubbs Rich Singh Em Gee Sarah Chamaillard Sarah Govia Nerys Pipkin Judith Samuel Saea Pascoe Ian Petrie Simon Hempenstall Juliet Hawkins Dipanjan Mitra Raymond Smith LUCY PAUL Lindsay Gunn-Ouellette Phil Dixon Katie Robson Helen Alves Leon Turini Richard Doble robert oddie Louise Burrell DAVID Lewis Noelle Goldman-Jacob Maureen Cox deborah massie David Culver Jamie Kirkwood Barry Neilsen Helen Singer John Johns Caroline Taylor JILL HALL Larry Grimes Malcolm Smith theresa bartlett Steve Elsworth Katrine Pye Robert Stiggelbout Hanna Elder Eddi Gregg Kari-ann Jagger Lin Henderson Jim Darnill Davin Palmer Jerome O’Mara Georgikopoulou vasiliki Rosemary Anderson Juliet Court Joan Tsalikis Graham Morris Kay Baldwin-Jones Jo Gillman Vanda Playford Thomas Wilson Leszja Babij Moteh Parrott Justin Littlewood Alicia Everitt Carol May Jonathan Terrett John Ingamells Jackie Bagnaro Rosemary Richards Franck Kerisit Wierd Folkersma Patricia McNulty Vicky Whenham Alexandra Gilbert-Lee Joanne Hudson Ferdinand Ouwehand Pia Amies Mike Renton Nicholas Hill Dan Carse dave curry ana fernandez Mariko Frame Stefano Farina Sharon Farley Samuel Mould Lin Webb ann JAmes Patricia Duncan Malky Cunniffe Matthew Hale james folkes Jill Gordon David Thirlwall SC Pauline Bradley Avril Malec Liz Thesen Susan Bower Peter Battelino Mark Smith Mike Overgaard Geoffrey Evans Doug Foster Beryl Williams Paul Henninger Ruth Pearce Alexander Smith John Block Nicholas Franklin Helen Keates Neil Atkins Paul Bilby Elaine Davidson John Staplehurst Jack Whorton mandy cotter Andy Scargill Christopher Wooldridge Christopher Tompkins Janet Collier Anthony Horrell Lurdes Bures Paul Block Jayne Ptolomey Roger Hopkinson Leslie Brandon Elizabeth HARPER Evan Morgan Tessa Singh Candice Shaw Rachel Lowther Marilyn Cutts Ionut Artarisi Rebecca Lyne Brian Sutherland Martin Harpham Pauline Stott Daniele Frau Janet Graves Ashley Baird Stuart Brierley M. Paz Nava Julia Kerr Glenys Timson Jude Temple David Frayling Benoir Rees Carol Wrist Sally Hick Tony Navin Anna Lawrence Kenneth MacKinnon James Nolan David Metcalf Stuart Pett Peter Cox Priti Singer Lawrence Sandford Julieann Barker Ralph Hailstone Juliet Hogg gerald clarke Jess Dixon Bernd Jahnke nicky durbin Rosie Stewart Mark Christensen Toby Garrod Stewart Cresswell Denise Templeman Betty Rathbone Laura Creed Rita Aldridge Michael Davies Finbar Boyle Peter Morris Frank Bechhofer David Webber Marian Wisem Vitalija Pabreziene Frances Scott christine tansley Graham Peacock Alan Mason Aamyr Hamid professor John Hunt FRGS. Nadia Cameron-Blakey Rod Hine Robert Martin Paul Johnson Dominic McCabe

Jake Eager Paul Towle John Garner Elaine Cain Colin Ainley Martin Wilson Carole Haynes-Curtis JEFF O’BRIAN Matthew Bridge Catrine Rogers Natalie Goodwin Mark Northrop Gregory Nixon Ros Mcgowan Ian Bennett Peter Romanik Elaine Collado-Dower Kengo Kurimoto Roger Turner Fiona Glanville Colin Ellis Josh Raymond Christine Neeson Josie Reynolds Johanna Carrie Maureen Reynolds Emmanuel Clancy Liz Mead laura ornstin William Grout Marion Eaton Michael Tull Adina Boardman Jacqueline Bailey Shafiq Butt Veronique Stone E Daxter Andrea Driffield Claire Perry Andrew Casserly Ben Gibbard G Coates Keith Schoen Kira Terry Steven Savage Des Berry Nina Tolleret Beatriz Sevilla roland powell Kate Brenchley Matthew Collier Rikki Richardson Zoe Chundun Clarissa Mueller Patrick Long Daphne Groves matildae elias Kristine Mackenzie Emma Holmes Pamela Roberts PAMELA HICKS Kate Groves Yavanna Arnold blanchard NAHEED KHAN Richard Rattey April Phillips Ann Crutchlow Patricia Perrett William Cain Philip Coughlin Ray Walker Carol Milner jeffrey clarke Barbara Jenkins Lauri Vares Guy Morse-Brown Dan Cash Vanessa Palmer Cat Schaupp Laurence McGough George Anderson Laura Rossi Jenny Ludman Claire Brown Bev Mansbridge Olga BLUTEAU Ralph Sperring Rina Harris Nyinje Osel RI Eagland Sue Sessions ian perry Alison Henry Peter Berryman Philip & Ross LUCKHAM BULMER Des Prestidge S J Perry Isobel Macdonald Richard Williams Karen Mitchell STEPHANIE debere Angelica Quintero Janet Stevenson Alana Giuliani Stella Wall Daniel McNulty Janet Laurie Jamie Rickers Brian McCintock Barbara Hester Claire Pike Eileen Wise john tarttelin Alison Hill Mike Fish Lynda Matheson Chris Bailey Annwareen Ramdin Genevieve Gerrard Jim Jennings Tim Frost Frank Light Shirley Huddart Julie moss R Procyk Steve Carlsson Charlotte Evans Bernardo Figueroa Nigel Hamblion lorraine annandale Zuzanna Koziol Fred Walkden Maureen McLean Paul Neeve Mike Jackson David Mudie Betsy Vriend Barry Norman robin holtedahl Elena Tsitsou Abigail James Heather Golding geraldine longson L Daniel Jonathan Taylor Mark Suppel Jane Leatherman Van Praag Sara Bouremoum TIMOTHY Southwood Joe Bastos Bob Russell Carole Fairweather Michael Estall Ann Barlow Jonathan Ross Kirsty Kidd norman brown David Christopher Stephanie Herd Roger Pearce Nick Colin Iris Mardon Maureen Sharpe Louise Harris Mark Ely helen HUDSON Rory Scarffe Stuart Dick David Bateman Katherine Miller Emma Temperton Peter Powis SAM JONES Sharon Messinger David Mortimer William Weston Lake Matthew Selfe Ross Humble Jacco Oskam Dorothy Joseph Lynda Jessopp Ela Psnik Martin & Joyce Dorling Patricia Whittle Patricia Eagland Alison Williams Rebecca Bower Peter Towner Jean Malik Anna Lomas Lisa Whittick Ellis Linders keith barker Debbie Knight Elizabeth Price Jennifer Humphries Shaben Begu Madeleine Jones John Hunt edward sackstein Erich Hertel James Lightfoot R Wainwright peter norris Gary Oakes Linda Stone Peter Parry Allan Corduner Alexia Philippou Frances Rice Gary Robertshaw mike surman Sylvia Tansey Anita Redwood Jacob Walsh Rachel Street Nigel Raby David Brantley David Kennedy peter brewin Gerry Fox Adele Wolstenhulme Frank Hawley Phillip Manvell ana waissbein Peter Sharp Caroline Stringer NICK Warburton Larry Johnston Helen Stone-Johnston Peter Wood Cotterill Richard Cork sue waller Uta Demontis Stephen Thomas Sandra Domizio sally davies Elizabeth Mason A J Jones Hugh Harris Donald Vasco Holly Beards Tony Moutzouris Bernard Kirkham Roxana Freeman Rachel Corbin Eleanor Cripps Agnieszka Jankowska Pauline Maddison Keeley Simpson Jess Latham Roger Kennealy Bridget Gross Lois kirby Chris Holland Howard Thomas Sarah Coles Scott Leang Carol Williams Katina Mallad David Dawson Rebecca Lambert Veronika Kim Jools Chesters Clara Colvin Diane Wilson simon Hiscock Lucinda Emanuel Oliver Carson Elizabeth Croft Joy Ginn david cox James Harrison Christine Davey Johannes Wist Gregor Reid Kathryn Hogan Wendy Boyd Matt Haggett Jan Vriend Toby Trembath N J Street Laura Daniella Kekuti Petra Post Lee Halsall Shirley Nelson Amanda Lyons Eileen & David Nash Urska Jurak Celia Hinton Guy Seinet jILL Welham Joy Lakin Catherine Rose Andrew Grout Andrew Luke Minna Alanko Caroline Morgan Judy Connor Scott Hopkins Alistair Roxburgh James Turner Michelle Drysdale geoffrey walton

Delilah Gardner Doug Binmore Kay Anderson Paolo Nutile Paul stannard Nancy Kennedy Jon Butt Pete Davies Chris Stoneham James Grealy Chris Robins Ellie Hodgin Stephen Gilbert Kerstin Doerenbruch joanne buchanan Sue Price Elizabeth Roberts James Firth Patricia Cooke Tomasz Przybyla Irene Stanley Sarah Haigh Harry Barnitt Micheline Burow Lesley Downes Paul Singleton Achsa Griffiths Paul Stone Gordon Howlett Melfyn ap Iorwerth Thomas martin mitchell Catriona Donaldson Anthony Russell Cherry Osborne-Brown BoB Howson Peter Horne Ginny Moore Chris Fry Ian Guthrie Tim Carson Trevor Horner Martyn Jones David Wilson Giulio Salerno Steven Sugarman Kristof Szoregi Pattina Haynes Paulina Bystritsky ALISON MACKENZIE Claire Burdett Rosie Mackay Patricia Ward Simon Paterson anne watt Charlotte Suthrell Azja London Morgan Rushton Andres Roberts Juliet Simpson Lorna Ginette Harrison Sheila McEwan Samantha Quinn Patricia Howard Jackie Lamb Richard Hayward Gabriela Nemcikova Becky Prall Michael Latham Ian Tweedie Pam Davies daniel vega Wim Van Gorp Nicole Karpf James Addison Shirley Lefort John Andrews Lyn Gibson hazel hamilton Kat Bishop Linda Lee Welch Jan Hadley Ben Gallagher Kristian Baker Sarah Farrar Stephen Manning Elizabeth Watts Janie Easton Alison Leonard margaret foster Wendy Palmer Claire Maroussas Norma Crellin Ian Barnes Samuel Lane Maggan Alm Sheila Howard julie smyth Chris Dodd Rosina Harter Sally Mcmanus Malcolm Keeble Georgina Doble Nick Fellows Kimberly Reyes Sheila Owen Rebecca Binns Sandra Howard Jennifer Hicks Fay Pascoe Phil Lee Julian Calvert Bryan Hewitt Jane Rooth Nicola English imti choonara Tim Richardson Jonathan Cox Hilary Corbett John Horsfall Pete FIRMIN Tony Leigh Jessica Kimber Sabine Sturm Heather Bryant paola domizio Anne Gwynn Richard Crossley Anthony Royle David Butler Jane Bartram Ali Keech Harold Bland Vicky Matthews Nick Burfield Aileen Raven laura tucker Elizabeth Arnold Jo Webb Carol Somper Cocky Diepeveen Stephen Monsell Susan Sewell Malcolm Wood Dan Bartlett Anna Jamieson John Ince John Gaze Linda Melton-Brooks Fran Pearce Patrick Fox Deri Lindsay ursula deniflee Annette Kelly Ben Ram Amanda P howard driver rehana vn Rachel McGough Michael Eastham Sally Spencer Kerrie Pimm Nick Beresford Poole Nicola Packer Robin Attfield Gill Upson Joanne Bacon Marilyn Barry Vincent McDonnell Alex Blair Martin Fern Mike Andrews Derrick Williams Thomas Smillie Bogi Barany Rebecca Hiscock Anne Symons Ana Filipa Neto Trevor Fletcher Emma Black Peter Byworth Robin Campbell cecil bosher Linda Mosley janice schneider Anna O’Donoghue Joyce Oxley John Collier jay jayaseelan Sarah Menin Gary Lister Marilyn Branson Gary Parker Peter Stopp Deirdre Bruce Martha Taylor Jules Charrington Robert Nicholls Kate Chaplin Kaapro Law Angela Cotton Ann Loveday Peter Oliver Michael Rogerson Elizabeth Noble Sandra Billingham Melissa Chan cheape David Lloyd Peter Lacey Georgina Day Carol MacQueen Niall O’Callaghan Simon Barker Fay Watson J Davis Gill Williams Clare Best Steven Jones Vincent Falk Stanley Middleton Kelly Mason Christine Wilkins rezarta nasto Heer Mann Peter Steepe Adrian Penna Martin Rowan Joan Meecham zeta hall Jessica Matthams Irene Maddocks Douglas Stuart Jo Connelly STEPHEN PARNWELL Bianca Spencer Martin Stirling Yvonne Elvin Tessa Davidson Simon Allen Jenny Thorneywork Pamela Lindars David Baines Peta Morgan Maria Urrutia Ainz McMaster Christy Pennoyer max smyth Chris Adams Mo Walsh Michael Haycroft Carl Frederik Fynboe Matt Wyatt Julie Slumbers Ulrich Teitz pauline brown Mick Sargent David LLoyd-Griffiths John Hounslow Richard Meyrick Ghulam Yar Sally Young Philip Spellacy nigel barnacle Peter Green Joseph Serrao CHARLES MERILL Bohumira Neal Michael Williams Helen McGowan Lynwen Davies Alistair Davies Ann Songhurst Stephen Guy Jeanette Bromage Dianne Doekes Darren Clarke Sam Oates Alex Kozobolis Elaine Jones John Reid mike clarke simon Goodwin Nicola Brown Julie Wilkinson Faye Lowe Pawel Czesnik Sally Lester- Shaw John Hubert Lynn Paterson Nigel Letheren Scott Harcourt Whiting Louise Cresswell Elaine Young Beatrice Le Turcq Victor Bortas Rydberg David Cawley John Atwell Jo Clewlow lisa Gillard Helena Gardiner Michael Waller Fergus Stone marion price C J De Lacy Craig Tett Joanna Pazucha

Alison Parkinson Hara Arvanitaki Jacqueline Noble Martin James Victoria Price Megan Walsh Merilyn moos Stewart Hill Monica Suter Robert Arkell Babs Crook Kathleen Archibald Susan Gassaway Catherine McCallum Andrew Thorne Lloyd Gifford Tessa George Patricia Spencer Patricia Inman Tim Heeley Julie Barnett Ann Withers Rosemary Leathard Z Johnstone Inez Woodhouse Mick Godwin Carl Winter Stuart Marpole Jenny Barrett Cathryn Pitman Nicola Faye Mark Ross Bryn James John Sloman Elizabeth Cullen Tracey Ferguson Kevin Snow Richard Slater Tegwen Parri anne eneman Sheila Walton David Hone Terence Hounsom Gerald Atkins Leslene Dunn John Burrows Beverly Ball Chris Vardy Jim McGinnes john humpston Helen Rule Amanda Robertson Shirley Moon MARGA GONZALEZ Maura Richards Tony Robinson Judith Bura David Snapes gillian hearn Lucy Vanderham P. Snyman Clive Stevenson Eunice Kenny Andy Dennis Charles Brand Ivor Humphries Anthea Dickie charlotte harley Angeles Rodenas diane wicker Michele Vincent duncan Mcintosh Philippa Caville Anne Wake Rosmarie Epaminondas Charlotte Yalcin chris berten Christian Ledermann Margaret Hendra B Vyas Paul Cairns Matthew Checker David Wood Peter O’Neill janet Prescott Lee Stubberfield Robert Agier Ani Kim Alan Robertson Lorraine and David RAGLESS Carole Bartolomy Sandra Carty david brown rosemary fitzpatrick Sue Colbeck John Gallimore Jean Constable Annabel Hindmarsh Brian West Eric Wittenbach Phil Baverstock Michele Whitehead Jane Treadgold Eddie Seymour Gavin.F. Burgess Michele Campbell Julian Everett Sarah Harding Jess Price Sant Boparai Alzira Rebelo Pamela Hosey william thomas Chris Barber BERNARD HULSE Janette Ckark Pauline Macdonald Paula Barraclough-fox Paul Rigby Chris Brady Andrew Orchard John Price mary taylor David Brown Gary Howells mary Whelan Shona Scatchard Tony Salway Martin Taylor Collin Deurance Jonathan Schmidt Martin Robinson Karen Murphy Rebecca Rimmer Allison Crumley Miss H Warwick John Ranton Susie Trezise Chris Roberts Nigel Shore Ronelle Evans Esther Simon Laura Claxton Helen MacKinlay Bruce Tofield Marjorie Whyberd Mi os awa Wojtasik Brian Gorton colleen faulkner Helen Davy Richard Foster Terence Crago Diane Wood Adam Jarrett Margaret Minards Barbara Colley Stuart Grundy Sandra Beck rob hubbard Leona Nicholl Thomas Farrell lotte paludan Graham Smith Frank Roe Kathryn Santana Amanda Ault Mark Rotherham Geoff Robinson Amanda Kirschner Philip Hayllar Chris Batchelor Michaela Wehner E Burch Clive Walker Nicholas White Sara Staunton Nina Pennell Marilyn Munro Sandra Money Tina Richmond Raymond Healy Coralie Ward Mary Gledhill Norman Cesar Lawrence Markwell jones Natasha Coombs carole waring David Braunholtz Michelle Cunningham Marrium Fatima Kath Cripps Trish Jamieson Jake Pearce Sarah Maris-Shaw diana szeplaki David Mactaggart Mirabel Helme Rebecca Ellis Michael Jones Andre Barallon John Handley Julienne Love Stephanie Holroyd Sharon Brooks Nigel Wellings Helle Collin dj robin baker Paul Tobia Athi Arumugam Matej Lorencik Amy McDonnell greg lambe ed T Cunningham David Baness Veronica Mockler sharlene jones Fiona Crookes Chris Budworth Matthew Johnson Lisa Osborne Ricarda Barbisch Digby Wetherell Seamus Ward Shane Clark Mark Bowman Anne deBuisseret Jon Stubley trevor ebbs Mila Y Nicola Lawson Rachael Peacock Kay Anderson Philip Clarke Jennifer Mole Steve Mallett Judy Seymour-Ure Luke Lovell Richard Andrews Catharine Kingcome Edeltraut Renk Lisa Peacocke Kay Foulds Sue Burchell Daniel Bird Lucy Drake Geoffrey Eggins P Passage Barbara Drinkwater Mary Davies Duncan Wheatley Dean Buckfield Phillip Matthews claire evans Caro Urquhart Malcolm Budd Christine Papadakis Joyce Mahon Aileen Goodman Hermione Frankel Thierry Le Borgne Joanna Kirk Guy Pitchford Tom Locke Jennifer Cathcart eleanor telford Caroline Jefferies RITA MARCH Monica Nazare john seeburger Jacobo Jover Castiella Adeline de Lamar Giles Orr-Ewing Lorraine Powell Sarah Branch Peter Forsberg Emma Menhinnitt Kate O’Callaghan Louise Chadwick Sajeda Pendlebury Melvyn Thorn Peter Crofts Hannah Griffiths diana martin Mark Parris Stephen Howard Luke Purdye Scott Cameron Mark Fellows Zandra Roberts Rosie Roberts Diana van Eyk Ian Kimberley George Stradtman Charles mcallister7 Alyson Jones Rose Hadley Brian & Josie Collings Carolyn Hodnett Philip Green William Perrett Kim Ashworth Franck Bottero

Emer Sneddon James Snape Morris Kara Cristina Colli Kenneth Farrington Randall Hardin Clare Pringle Janice Costello Anna Timperley Janet Hallwood Jane Williams Derek West Chris Hunt Peter Williams Frazer Jones Niek Bevers Pam Berry Moray Allan Sabra Noordeen Adnan Yildiz Charles Soden-Bird Richard Newton Chance Ian Elphick Charles Slater Janet Osborne Sally Linder Anthony Kay Charlotte Kenchington Donna Wolfe Conor Watson Ian Hughes Kevin Cawser Verner Gorman Philip Meadows Moira Hardy Jeff Crowe Helen Evans Oliver Kirkham maria nascimento David Andrews philippa Harrison matt hardcastle ruth friedman Julie Hayes B Mostert liz crisp Lloyd Penfold Norma Dalziel Luke Feetham Barry Selby Kathryn Davidson Mary Scott Clare S Simon Hill Roman Sakovich Arthur Cronk Julie Pearce faith fhain Joanne Santini cath Davies Kate Seaney Deanne Hansford Tara Ferguson Peter Callan Sarah Moon Mary Watt Liz Galley glynis robertson Margaret Bennett mark ehrnreich E Talbot Andrea Mendel Sue Ingham Andrew Meek Antonio Bayona David Quinn Colin Amos Lewis Silberbauer Steve Saxon Jennifer Simmonds Patrick Morgan Peter White Michael Richardson Gwyndaf Evans John Nyboer tracy nunns stacy rands John Robinson Mike McCartney Alex Kirby Matthias Achleitner Gareth Williams georgina stokes Mitch Keenan Paul Scott Nat Bredenkamp Teresa Hackett Chloe-sophia Spencer John Quigley Neil Downie Rupert King Andrew Mart Jac Holmes Anne C Susanna Arrow Anna Gristwood Paula Drage Deborah Gaudin Pauline Higgins Paul Hindle Oliver Darlington Wynne Lewis Ian Laschke Heather Sayles Simon Ward Taryn Page Robert Morris Sue Jones Janet Scott Steve Howlett Paul D’Arcy Hatim Bharmal T Mills Zenna Zwierzchowska Catherine Bisset Shirley Battie Elizabeth Butterworth Gaynor Dean David Tew Kate Edge patricia whelan Mark Johnson Daniela Witte Sarah Ashmore joaquin serrano barquero Edward Stevens Maria Masso Duxans Jemma Harding Ans Stoub D Barnes judith raeburn Rod Clempson Meg Pahad Jean McSorley Ella Fern Tanner Pam Hulme Kathryn Coburn Joarc Geelen Anthony Phelps Charles Walmsley EA Claire Beaton A Bhatt shaun hollern Peter Scott Roz Okatan joan armitage Claire Hayzelden Peter Butcher Catherine Phipps Brad Webb Anne Sharp Ellie Cummings peter gray Vicki Homan David Hoadley Pelin Tunaydin Sam Osborne STEVE PARRY Elena Mingas Diana Taylor Marcus Christo Gillian Kerr Frank Barnes David McArthur Joe Davies Samantha Floyd Mina Oliveira Barbara Josefsson tom shellens Sylvia Barrow D. G. Weiland ralph Castledine Angie Harris SHARON HOPWOOD Emily Hudson Sadie Haley Maureen Southern Hilary Lang Jacki Woolmington Dimitrios John Lemon Kieron Goulden Ambra Garofolo Alice Woods Lindy Lindy Iris February Axel Wannag Patrick Davy john browne Charleen Agostini Birgit Leitner Rebecca Wright Valerie Wilkinson Jennifer Brockhurst Sarah jane Fenton Carey Dent B Vale Angela Cain Doug Peacock Daniel Demmel Sheila Ferri Francis Cooper Rhona Vose Diana Perry Nigel Adkins Geoff Tomlinson Martin Rochford Polina Karkina Sharon Mugford Chrissie Jackson June Davenport Brian Cherry Albert Huizing David Wright Katie McHardy Antony Wakefield Rebecca Haywood Rob Smith Barbara Boettcher Charles Dickson Sally Steggall Andrew Barker Tom Mulrenan mark Tebbs Lori Whalley Lynn Ross Vivian Zywicka David Allcock Nadia Isakova Karen Britton les still Cate Davies annemarie Cavell Matthew Darby Ray Tokely April De angelis Virginia Rankin Tim Dalling Davina O’Mara dawn peterson Wilfried Hansen David England James Weaver Lionel Clovee Sophie Horton Neal Livingston Zuzana Kaffanova Ian Clatworthy Agnes Onayemi mary brunning Sarah Bestwick Henk van Driel Maria Mountain Maria Leotta Sandra Daniels-Janse Sharon Ilstrup Ambra Caroni Louis Howard Keith McGlynn Anthony Crowther Chris Featonby Barbara Kelly malcolm downing Derek Hart Helen Talbot Susan Holtz Sandra Schur Zoe Pearson Nick Boddington Christian Van Flute Jackie Hendra Barbara Tinto Oban Jones Peter Bissell Ann Stockdale Kevan Whittingham Keith Weymouth Gyuri Csete Dave Munday Agne Miestauskaite Paul Gammage Henry Hawksworth Graham Rowe Hilary Lang Krisztina Kolosy Laura-Daniela Elencu Caitlin Moore shannon rancourt Rosanna de Lisle olga ribeiro Hayley Lynch A MCGARILL Ingrid Ellis Claire Mires Jane Willey

Lucy Hallas Gail Marcuson James Dickson Tom England Kate Horton Jonathan Wright Gerry Gallacher Sushila Dhall Kat Lee Jacky Lock Cameron McCrory-French Brenda Hopkins Ratan Gor Louise Chang John Scott Maureen West Pablo Camiletti anna coburn Alison Bauzys Nina Stevens Ursula Bayer Judith Olivier Pippa Lee Brenda Cambridge ian Mcneill E Storey Stuart Winckworth Pedro Pires Hugh Blackman Cate Stanley Rachel Carrington Ralph Dennison Chris Robinson Valerie Lanagan Jeff Hodson chris Thomann Helen Moizer Patricia Clementson Kathryn Hinton Katie Harris Melanie Gedye Stewart Smith Diana UHLENBROEK Christos Ioannou Richard Leonard Lynn Alcock Julie McManus Michael Tayler Diane Harker Paul Hooke Hasse Nyman Sean Wisher Cecilia Gallagher Sandra Hesten DANNY lissenden Cecile Gallini Oliver Brown Pierre Vicary Denise Jones Tracey Green terence buckle Caitlin Gilchrist Malcolm Coulthard Richard Graham Ines Garcia Lorena Secades Roger Woods Ian Thurston Sandra Arroyo Chris Masella Mandy Speakman Raymond Long Ian Parkins christine johnson Wicki Nielsen donna j wagner Derek Plowmande Jan Chamier Michael Williams Bob Barker bernard elliott Jane Cook Hazel Weston Bernadette Chainey PC HARRIS Lea Cowan Wynne Edwards Colleen McDuling Barney Sloane John Peck Barbara Clegg Mary Crush Alan Keenan Liam Toms Patrik Bruelisauer Rachel Hiulberg Mark Scatchard Natasha Jafri Theo Koi Madeleine Evans Beate Nilsen Lesley Ward Peter Russell mark arden Sonja Mostarac Claudia Rivera stephen owen Leslie Peterson Imogen Terry Warren Perkins Alan Coles Judith Marquand Kimberley Thomson Amanda Ariss Stella Gambardella Jacky Westoby Jean Guest Marie Mattsson Caroline Morrison Lee Wallace Ralph St-Rose Meng Lim Anne England gerald hartley Alex Horwill nivard van Gerrevink Clunie Fretton Dennis Gower Julie Wooldridge Jane Williams Lorraine Matthews Marlene Sim Linda Cox Adair Paez-Bastia David McKelvey julie bullen Jenny Lihou T Casswell Keith Turner William Challis Kay Allen Paul Alexander Monique Buchli Angie Walker y Fenyw DAVID REED Heather Little Rebecca Angel Melissa Summers Rhiannon Lloyd Alan Frank John Armour Jaak Leenknegt Stephen Morgan Jacqui Farren Helen Wright Jacqui Salmon geri laithwaite Doug Kelman Francesca Vavotici Thomas Dardanne Sarah Critchley Pete Bevington Vicki Bolsover John OWEN Annabel Jackson Marie Darrah Nolan Jones Debs Best Paul Arnesen H banrard Edward Walters Rosemary Firth Heather Atkinson BRIAN KING Susie Rowles Jessie Manuel Javier Balaguer Liz Moon Claudia Wulff Lindy A John Williams Roy Chapman Daisy Edwards andrea richards Matthew Harrison J. Swinford Kate Luscombe John Sephton Rachel Piper Nigel Gibbs Ann Goodburn Nellie Lyon Jennifer Nicholas Luis Varela Mara Bortea Kieron Slater Samantha Rivers noemie lanos Richard Peacock lizzy Mccann Romek Chylinski Leo Cookson Gwen Vardigans Brian Walton david gundry Aidan Lean Keith Chadwick Kurt Hansen Paul Eversden Pat Flowerday Karen Richardson Daniela Pepe Miguel De Lara Ces Davolio Julie tanner V Baron James Nicholls Dave Ballaam Tom Giorgi Susan King Richard Adams Rachel Roberts Michael Watters toni monson Emma Smyth Myrtle Chadderton Ian Chatterton Michael Darfield Pam Chartres-Allan Marion Keens Lars Wass Frann Leach David Stevenson Chris Moore Williams Lorraine Carroll Jane Wood Zaynah Khan Douglas Riley Sally Clarke Stephen James garrie dunk Neville Dick Philip Howarth Andy Bragg marek kozak michael l d down Jacques Op de Laak Fran Robinson Hilary Ruston Steven Fletcher Rosalind Rathouse Bob Clifford Raymond Wark Marguerite Oliver Susan Loose Christine Blackwell Tim Jarvis-Rouse Barbara Weightman Tim Vick Tag Lamche Christopher Browne Anne Gray Christine Beazer Michelle Mostert Maxine Shaughnessy Richard Creutz B.L Muijzenberg Hauer vd Ann Seddon paul stapleton Angus Oswald Paul Sotiriou Ian Brackenbury Lynn Love Michael Lenehan Robert Green Anne and Stephen Johns morag bradie Gail Nunn Jurek Narozanski David Corry Kathleen Bury James Firmin Teresa Folhadela Sheila Ward Fraser Allan Petra Di Nicola Kenneth McMurtrie Mavis Clark Gina Gallo Amy Kennedy Anke Freeman kathy harrop Mat Ananin Alice Pettit Frances Scott MICKEY GIBB David Richards Meriel Boyd Arlette Graven diane jensen Dawn Christopher Bruce Joslin Vivienne Farris Katherleen Heatley William Hill

BLAKE MINTON isaac marks John Orbell Alistair Macfarlane Emma Reid Amy Collier Martin Smith Alison Ohr Susan Ward-Booth linda ellis-williams Charles Hunter Roger Cracknell Sandra Glanfield Zena Gordon Dana Bleckinger Gerald Murphy Janet Chatterley Alison Frydman Tamsin Scholar Jane Weeks Robin Flowers Patricia Cole Eric Tessier-Lavigne Thomas Mulligan Tony Thorne Carolyn Moody Andy Daer Matthew Barrand Jan Harvie-Clark Tyler Stephenson David Robertson Tricia Scar Carol Fido Philip Osborne pete cole Katherine Beaven Louise Todd vanessa vouilloz Lynett Matthews Judith Figuiere Anne Morgan Neil Chappell Chris Jones Sarah Tallon Patrik Haltia Hannah Fenton Nigel Mccrery Matthew Cleaver paul blackwood Jill O’Kelly Chris Young Ian Blair Garry Hughes adrian briggs Margaret Vernon Rhiannon Pugh John Boothby Alison Woods Catrin Lewis William Gallon Jason Luke Lesley Collins Jenny Lapetina Gillian Miller Sue Richards Simon Venner Tony Gibson Ben Parkes shayne bramall Ed Maas Robert Philip Samantha Baron Christine McGovern Margaret Pardoe Anna Hittrich Manuela Goncalves Paul Rothbein Diane Ashford Joy Abbati-Yeoman Dave Garcin Anne Harvey Terry Wright Peter McLeod Michelle McGrath Jason Rusby Katherine Baird Gillian Beath Lynne MacNicol Kay Arblaster June Norris Ross Sinclair Barbara Seymour Raymond Wilson Amanda McCormack Catherine Gaze Snjezana Marojevic Kevin Quinn Steve Rawson Jennifer Tucker Kevin Hollywood Zac Yeo K Meddings Adrian Kendon Denise Denis Lisa Sibbons James Arrow Mark Simmons-Jenkins alison bowler STEVE RAJA Sue Salt Norman Acs Paul Forinton Martin Bedford Matthew Wallis Kathy Martin Christina Greene Emily Wilkes Louisa Littler Donna Cooper Kevin Thompson Eilidh Dunlop Dennis Twist Jenny Hartley Douglas Dobbyn Richard Wright Andy Micklethwaite Jan Nuttall Carol West Paul Watkins Dale Barker Tom Hurst Simon Sleath Katherine Yeo Sally Randall Edward Warne Mike Woolley Thos Oates Terry Donovan Annie Waters Barry Nessling Simon natarajan Ioannis Antonakis Susan Mc Hugh Steven Hague stuart mccrae Victoria Birkbeck George Crawley Colin Goble Mark Richards vanessa stevenson Jaco Grobler REBBECCA TILLEY Jane Carter Mare Cromwell Caroline Hodgson Anne Coles Barb Fitzgerald Michael Lawson Kirstine Blok Lyngsoe Clive Litchfield Kirsten Davis Jim Neal Lisa Carter Elsabritt Calamnius Kathryn Gildea Clive ardagh Anne Larsson Duckworth Graham Appleby Orsolya Kormendi b britton Sharon Hollomby Peter Zajac Adrian Fourcin Mike Sutherland Alan Porter Holli Kilburn Jan Brookes Tony van Nooijen Sherna Gorse Stephanie Linek geoffrey waring Tony Lyle anne Stirzaker Steve Hutchings Teresa Carpenter Paul Newcomb Pat Chorley Kevin Odriscoll Nicola Davies allan watters Mary Lowe Thea Gregory Janette Sims Rose Medlam C Manickam Sam klasen Sandra Hutchinson Andreas Rieder Paul Waring Ian Bell victor seed munnich Tavia Swain Colin Heapy Sula-May Maggdelana Rose Baverstock Mick Whittaker John Henley susan SWALLOW Cathy Meredith Paul Sharman Peadar MacMillan Sally Stanley Carol O’Toole Susan Ward-Booth Eleanor Cameron Lorraine Smart Cynthia Blackhurst Steven Kehoe Maggie Clark Joe Black anton Lappin Colin Sparrow Anne Gentenaar ruth hayward Andrew Roy Vincent Bull R Maynard Lili-mai Ashley Laura Hylkema Alex Kunicki Abigail Morris Glynis Howarth Tomas Bendik Clive Lindley-Jones Katherine Custard Jacob Leese Keith Ravenscroft Stephen Street Laura Green FERGUS DIGNAN Jim McHugh John Walmsley Ian Robinson Jules Gaskin Paul Benton Mary Cammack Deborah Dawson BARBARA DAY Denise Tuttle Irene Smith Georgia Collins Catherine Harlow Peter Parsons Ruth Goffe David Tomlin Alan Smith Jo-ann shepheard William Dennis Davies Penny Fell Brian Sanderson Edwina Horn Bev Rommens Dave Chappell Katie Burgin Claire Porter Beryl Collins luciana Abrantes Ryan Jones Bob Katz Christopher Burden Dan Andrews Olga Banas JEANIE ELFORD Fiona Dishington Bob Grandfield Zoe Cooke Caroline Footman DAVID HERBERT Christine Davis Marianne Jacobsz Kapp Hector Mallet Kate Raymond Bernard Stebbing Robert Randall Angus Macdonald Marie-Anne Organ Emma Gao Danielle Adams Paul Johan de Graauw Graham Kerr-Morgan Lynne Collins David Bruce Belen Lopez Bloor Jonathan Maus Paul Hyder Eileen Roberts Debra Halford Keith West Huw Oliver Nieves Lopez Steve Gibson Elayne Nunan Tony Cutting Thea de Boer Jayesh Gor

Charles Lean Bill Bryce Graham Davey Sheila Burton Padraig Denley Edith Reyntiens Carol Yates Alison Cummings Joseph O’Rourke Toby Doyle Ceferino Cenizo Bernard Smith Karen Warrington Andrew Norman Nicola Rance Sarah Hunt Philippa Smart Neil Townsend Elena Riolino Carol Yeadon Mary Everrett Patricia Jenkins john osborn Sarah Adams Riikka Merikanto Martha Simons Lisa Brown Phoebe Wood Naomi Francis Maggie Kirby Peter De Santis Trudy King Daniel Coward Sean Lippett Laura Bradford Jeanne James john mcmahon Sue Winter RICHARD ELLIOTT Reginald Slade Roland bol Peter Mulshine JF Turner Anders Kumkien William Hardiman michael earley Jacqueline Roberts John Wilks Paul Green Brian Clegg Catherine MacDonald Colin Rose Joost Hamel Ray Khan Birgitta Myhrman Donna Kadi Isabel Pearce Fergus Chance Devin Van Deventer Martin Cardy Lesley Hall-Barton Ken Thomas Johanna Weaver Ken Snaith Derek Richards Jack Meredith Alan Folly Marie-Luise Winz pierre menard Richard Buckley John Dickerson Kamil Kustosz Susan Landau Yvonne Renshaw Janet Smith Ian Currie Isabel Mclean Sandra Fierens Malcolm Hoare victoria petherick clarice fells Pippa Hyde Curtis Lowe Toby Brazier Sara Allison Patrick Doherty Harry Berridge Pam Wortley Bill Braddick John Tacon Kevin Haydock Biz King Harry Hardwick Jb Tonn Gill Broadbent Heather Ripplinger lindsay mackie Johanna Freeston kath elbra Leanne Hammond jacqui manwaring Gery koumi Mark Broscombe Zizi Relton Sarah Cardwell Davies Roger King stuart wise Narinder Madhar Mary Condrad b hall Ally Breingan Dr Elizabeth Young Debra Rees Daniel Smith Cat Richards-Kastelic Tom Newton Walter Attwood Ashley Price-Sabate Dil Rat Catharina Didelet Jacqueline Menday Berenika Dabrowska Stephen Burgin Jill Faulkner Carol Livings Ewan Stirling Carlo Ombello Nathalie Houdret Patricia Wright noel hughes Simon Carroll Alex Ott Sarah Collier Dawn Grieve Lily Kecheran Monique Brignoni Colin Williams Philippe Vallee Kathryn Wells Veronica Villa Dina Cunha Andrew Abrahams Pamela Langfield Judith Pollock Nige Webb Liliana Gaitan-Wilson Helen Evans Ross Taylor James Clark Oier Etxebarria Gutierrez Rose Taylor Katie toone Oliver Haden owen davy Barry Metcalfe Felipe Iragorri Sophie Bialek George Metcalfe Hilda Flint norman o’brien Jenny Langran Brian Smith Liz Pomeroy Andrew Dickinson mike jones Emma Wise lucy Travaglia Julian Hight William Johnson Pat Walsh Leah Thomas Dorota Hajdukiewicz Ekin Aydin Simon Towle Andrew Smith Diana Kelder Linda Parker Caroline Kerkham Gail Greally Lisa Mohammed-Irvine Janet Jones Diann Dudley Ben van Bennekom Sheila Taylor Shaun Flynn Jess Macdonald Nick Weir Peter Jones Franklin PONTON Sue Martlew Peter MacMillan Nora Rathzel John Rae David Penrose peter saywood Meg Jemison Sigfrido Losada Torreiro Karl Burry Stephen Parris Elaine Burnett Ian Hall philippa crawford Gary Jenkins Kelley Cavan Wendy-Ann Attenborough Calliope Georgousi Peter Marshall Sarah Reynolds mark Ackroyd brian rooney MICHAEL CARPENTER James Dawson Marcela Jimenez Harry Heathcoat Amory Jane Wheeler Steve Paynter Kathleen Davies Jacky O’Callaghan Pedro Osorio Tina Jenkins Maria Bates benjamin irles Brian Hodgson Clare Gould Hester Moore Lindsay Clark Dylan Hubble eifion jones Tony Dean Jo Barber Maurice George Simon Tozer Tony Redding Jane Allcroft Louise Griffin Elizabeth Spandley Jason Wrightam Jane Day Antonios Birpanagos Sheila Davies Susan Lonsdale Belinda Paikkos Kay Hutt Barbara De La Rue Mike Hardman Anthony Nelson Bryan Timms Line Ringgaard Christian Chemin Iain Baker Suzanne Connolly Rory Rochat deb warren Deborah Gatty Amanda Martin Martin Palmer Tracy Ward anne cowley Annette Hicks Gig williams George Ayiotis Gary Mock Sophie Taylor VEEE LAVALLEE Tad Godwin Sara Stevens Helen Cordell Sabine Cooper Jane Harris Ulrike Gerhardt David Wharton Debra Edmonds Wendy Gonsalkorale Susan Marchant Austen Spruce Matt Woolner Janet Illidge Melanie Barraclough Charles Bishop Michaela Houghton CHRISTINA CROXFORD Bernard Scott Peter Hunt dave taylor Susan Westlake Martin Lane Ken Freeman Daniel McLaughlin susan sherratt Gillian Brett Phil R Karl Johannes Bauer Nesta Ross Sandy Peddie Jon Shepherd Clara Grant Mavis Mayers Angelique Williams Liz Pannett Tom Wilkins Karin Howells Marilyn Edwards Abigail Matthews Louisa Tsougaraki Victoria Streinu

susan shreeve Sheena Fraser Penelope Cramphorn BROD BYLETT John Gibbs Sheila Hilton Dave Robb Sarah Werrell Helen Balcombe Daisy Hooper mark robert Les Warren warren Lozz Starseed peter Bland Helen Larder Victoria Bate Andy Grogan tim knowles David Sheppard Michael Stevenson Amadis Cammell Gerald Power ishy walters Loc Nguyen Jean Eckett Rebecca Tilley Annie Rew Shaw Dave Poulton Justin Hughes Keir Polyblankp marco ladetto Hoonie Feltham gail thompson Herrat Young Carolyn Schofield Tim Bennett Ian Boulton Lucy Savage Harry Smith Brian Gilbert Emily Whiteley Linda Hall SHEILA ROSE BRIGHT Anne Lyburn Carol Ring Phil Morris Carl Elden-Ford Peter Topareff Gill Kitchener Kia Vosoughi Ronald Stein Peter Clay Sally Attfield John Knight Harry Dunsmuir Jay Wallis joseph mcmahon Claude Brand Graham Simons Pam Bennett Jenny Cater Josephine Farrell Lisa Watt Lesley Dobson Anna Jane Davies Diana Crampton David O’Donnell PAULINE GALLIE peter payne Trevor Palmer Graham Jones Steve Thomas Margaret Woolley Chris Sansom miriam shepherd Andrew Stuart Helen Graham Ivy Smith Smith John Persey Avril Smith Guy Newell william winstanley Margery Lee John Humphrey Clara Ros Tony Cooke Steve Walker Russel Blackbourn Christine Higgins Daisy Beaumont Ann Combes Shona Churchman Andrew Stacey Pippa (Phillippa) Mukherjee Lindy Banks karen armstrong Christopher Sordyl Peter Harris Greg Staniak Veselka Minkova Ian Cook Wendy Jones richard brett Martyn Hodder Alan Kirkbright Gregor Macgregor N Young Sharron Fortnam Joanne Matheson Sara Cech-Lucas Sally Owens Anna Kent Mervyn Carson Pat Randall Cheryl Wilde Stuart Carden Helen Pope Elaina Roilo Sara Anttila Vince Smith John fail Katrine Collins Nikki Trowers john milner Caspar Whitehead Paul Parker Lisa M Sheena Ross Mark Beveridge Jean Lee Simon Clements Marta Correia Jane Ratcliffe Andrew Murdoch Tina Knights David Heath Jenny Cook E Liepins Clare Benfield Jo Tobias Sabiha Westoby John Docherty Francesco Torazzo Elena Lengthorn Corinne Charvet Lynne Stokes Peter Scott Monique Jordaan Tim Griffin Christina Luest Linda Jeffes Matthew Smith Andrew Walton David Hawes Andrew Middleton Nicole Yde-Poulsen Ant Soultatis Zip Masters Christine Brittijn Elizabeth Williams Alex Christoyannopoulos Beverley Foster Patrick Cosgrove Helene Leese Michael Nicholas Simon Wright Nic Harrington Kelley Blacker Alrun Davies Lisa Timbs Anna-Lisa Lanz Avril Goodall GILES gallie ralph hall Kate Ellis Marina Marler George Radley Clifford Canty Ian Prendergast Mirka Salmi Payal Montague Emily Bellomia Anne Le Gal Jenny Stoneman Deborah Dunn Edzard Loesing pam barlow Johan Heino Susanne Hauser Althea Nguyen Lynn Rishworth Sally Lincroft John Chudley anne gilmour Ian Brown Kathy Moore RP White tony moore Susan Eckholdt Nia Loots Janet Campbell Richard Belding Adam Mills John Piper Ann Hopkins jo blundell Victor Bristoll Jane Wolstenholme Christine Smith Peter Lee Roy Middleton anita loveday Muriel Soriano Jon Andrews Martin Wassall Ben Woodhouse Christine Lynskey Susan Groom Stephanie Jenkins elizabeth sinclair-house Joseph Morris Nicos TAGARAS Cynthia Fuller Margaret Rowsell paula Jackson Philip Lucking Rosemary Bowen Sacha Cloake JOANNA SPENCER Tony Smith Nicky Stitchman Denis Westpfel Brian Smithies Doris Allen Pat Jones Tom Graham Paul Hollin David Smith barbara wojtanowska Kate O’Neill Michael McGrath Susan Sollazzi Phillip Anderton Keri Howe Robin Thomson Suzanne Lo Mia Schmidt-Hansen Geoff Burnes John Sullivan-Blakeney Andrew Bonnet Bryony Graham Alexandra Milenov Marion Lindsay James Page diane hardaker Dorothy Charnley Myriam Bell Nicholas Lane Will Lesniak At Lindenbaum Alan Johnson Len Marlow mike north Jennifer Russell Taina Berg Toby Malamute Salvador Coelho Brian Beamish Fiona Hayhurst mat hodso Bertrand Courtot adrian barton Rosemary Clunie Lisa Wood Richard Perkins Christina Hales-Tooke Wendy Renier Meic Haines Vi Higgs Jenny & Raymond Gray Chrissie Ashworth Mick Otten Lynne Hughson Louise Burton Trevor Wickham Paula Keeley Robert Richards Sonia Spinks Margaret Mathias Marianna Balwierz steve Curry Kenneth Foster Sophie Martin Brian Whall James Renton lindsey March Diana Spencer Jennifer Dickman Margaret Simpson Karen Spring-Stocker John Maiden Mike Farrow Janet Foster Doreen Stewart dewalt steenberg

Steve Marshall Michiel Struijk Natasa Economou Julie Venner Mary Gambles Lucy Stott Stephen Baxter Amelia ELLIS Juan Bolivar Emma Downing Warren My Hedblom Amy Meeussen William Blomfield Diana Tyler Maxim Rowlands Susan Jones Alison Gittens Michael Lyons Brenda Hart Lynne White Michael Harper Elaine Vickery Jason Dunham Simon Grey Andrew Chapman Rob van Nues Anne-Marie Farcy Marion Sossen Mona Lange Douglas Cunningham Jacqueline Robinson Lorraine Haggarty Aoife Kelly John Chapple Anne Dowling Mandy Tshibangu Jack Jamieson Louise Saltmer Zoran Mojsilovic Lorna Megan miranda walker chantal de pierres Magdalena Pikus Enid Anderson Kim Chenoweth Frances Hooker Dom Bryan Indara Pania Rachel Walker Kathryn Turner Jackie Dexter Aneta Juszczak Elliot Clarke Bernard Catterall Karin Lambert Dawn Lyons Michael Carter Barry Elms A.syl Painter DAVID WATTS Iris Leask charlotta skule Sara Neill Edward Watts Chris Gardner Pamela English louis gamblin Andrew Brown Gerrard Rafferty Ann Fletcher Jerry Porter Keri Stephenson Daniel Rogers Simon Geoghegan Ronald Stuart Rhonda Marrone Justine Fletcher Clifford Griffin kevin maskell Paul Trimby Petra Von Abendorff Jill Lance ALAN SMITH Peter Wilcox Shelagh Ashe William Lambert Shaaron Robbins Patricia Anderson michela mancini Derek Selden Maciej Turzynski Robert Lewis Danny Agarwal Gustavo Sebastian bill beckwith Elizabeth Crosland Raymond Groom Ritva Roesler Carole MacLaren Chris Pollard Susan Nicholoy Laura Jones Suzanne Ellis Grahame Jones Lesley Evans Glendyne Dewhurst-Cox susie Burrows Miia Huikuri David Worrall Janina Hossbach Hilary Robson Josephine Downs Josie Stratford Natasha Varley Martin Hughes Diana Webb Gillian Buckley Mike Marriott IAIN GARDNER Carole Bourne Harry Parsons Kath Briers Mhairi Salmon Philip Shaw Hilary Wright Alison Hart Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty Aarran Burby Steve Rogers Martin Cutillo-Rigby Peter Kurton Karen Mechan Elaine Pratt Walker Cherry Sudall Diana Evans Ann Muhlenbock liz Hanchet Simon McLoughlin SIV CARLSDOTTER Victoria Russell Sarah Walsby Sarah Sex Stephen Williamson Lee Tooley Maxine Gray Jacqueline Greene Sue Palmer Jeremy Sleeman Angela Guerzoni Adele Parry Charity Stow Bob Parslow Michael Bassey Karen Norman k David C Roscoe jeffrey clish Margarita Mitchel Pollock Jackie Watson Julia Bush Alison Perkins Wendy Barzetovic Njaru Philip Anne Lawson Julie Coates Angela Cowans Miguel Goncalves Marcellino Siddi Jodie Elley Susan Ho

Mark Whittle-bruce Lesley Roberts peppy ulyett Chris Rowland Danielle Griffin Gemma Miller Andrew Smith Daniel Stock Bernard Grey Derek Morris janine hartley Moira Uddin Shirli Mallon Pauline Ramsey-Brown Richard Ireland Patricia Hodgson Sophie Whalley Andre Ferro Oliver Beardon Mae Ellis David Fleet Sally Jane Marsh Sharon Perreaux Charles Hendzel Amanda Johnson Anthony English Mo Petley Laura Passey Susannah Morrison Lucy Downes Rachel Iredale Wayne Gilbert Sarah Lancfield Vivien Fowle Heather Crowley Clare Downing Monika Brunda Chris Evans William Hemmings Lyndon Driscoll Jacky Smith Michele Game Lena Leenders merrill spooner Roy Procter Lee Tweed Anna Cordell B Barber Susan Bramall Rowland Carson Ray Luxford Debbie Gough Karen Evans rachel meredith Andrew Maudsley Gerry Parker Caroline Champion Craig Warren Rose Blake Martin Yates CHRISTINA GOOZEE Real Reid Maria Baur Carol Smart Jean Fooks Gill Skipworth William Fenton Sofia Passos Helenor Calaby Carola Diettrich Antonio Damato Maria Lucas Gynette Lefebvre Peter Holland Terry Gallager Frank Heald jacqueline ashworth Neil Sturch Chris Humphreys Diana Holder Michael Herbert Paul Bunting BSc MSc Astrid Haase-Tsouloftas Rose Flint Robert Wilkinson Janis Gatfield Shailen Patel Jessica Card Lucinda Gabriel Eeva-Liisa Jokela Andrew Taylor Cassandra Rainer Silvia SCANAVINI chako t kohsaka June Metcalfe Szilvia Remenyik Cheryn de Bruyn Sarah Kittrell Edward Flory Amanda Arthurton Michel Vichat Richard Holt Alex Evans Maria Henriques Clare Harrison Huw Williams Debbie Milbanke Lyndall Merry Jane Hawley Peter Thompson Karen Rowberry Lance Brown Mirka Abelova Cerlin Karunaratne David Ward Johannes Albers Guillermo Rmz Leigh Melvin Brian Howard Charlotte de Blois Janet Gazard Francesca Hayman Erick Kamphuis Anna Mullin Julia Thorley Dirk Dienders Nicole Rougemont Jude Trescatheric Sally Bowers Anne Thomson Adrian Shaw Christine Reeves LYN HUNTINGTON Brian Ingram Jacqueline E Brown alan hodson David Cade Derek Coultherd Sarah Hopkins Geoff Foster Andrew Aikman Anfree Nssh Sandra and Tom Unite John Wevill Ray and Pat Midgley Jaime Acosta Amanda Geeringh Paula Dall David Porter Naureen Craig simon kitchen Elizabeth Westaway tony longden richard taylor Johnny Kramer Elaine Scarlett Catherine Vernarelli Alexander Holdom Peter Godfrey Dave Bellis Ian Leck Joe Edwards Lowell Michalove Carole Mole Helen Kent Virginie Adamski Gillian Andrews Ruth Howard Tim Feely Ian Parker Sue Baker Madeleine Spears Ross Compton Tim Purnell Joh Charlesworth Diane Spalding Jane Sugarman Megan Doolittle Robert Willans Laure Paterson Maureen Stewart Nigel Willits Karen Bartlett Robert Bierman miguel valentini Angela Sibbald Lydia Hall terry Hodgkinson Chris Gibbs Paula Fyans Jeff Burden JENNY JEMISON Christine Holland CJ Evans Charlotte Saben david johnson Anna Matos Melgaco Marie Mock Dorothea Moerer Anthony Watling Suzanne Campbell Rachel Parmee Lara Duke David Heath Peter Murphy Alma Harrison Eddie Jones Shane Daly Helen Coulson Jerry Simcock Jane Langdon Catherine Shiels Bernadette Willis Mark Lauterburg Leah Allcock Rebecca Bowen Dominique Briey Mark Mcmanus Emilyrose Scott Steve Mullins Gail Roberts Jo WHITE ABBOTT kathleen walker Stephanie Howlett richard bennett j John Downing Richard Smithies Gillian Douglas Barbara Harrington Terry McKee Wendy Boyd metti nordin Nicole Marie DeSpain Kate McBride Stephen Penny Peter Haddon Harriet Mackenzie Rafael Davies corinne Holmes Mehtap Ak Sisman Mary Crowther-Alwyn Nigel Morley leigh Cleary Jennifer Forrest Isabel Cameron Geraldine Robertson-Brown Guy English Vicky Morgan Jeffrey Hastings Stephen Morris Lindsay Edmondson Kathryn Chellenbron Brenda Collins William Thompson Julia Birchall Bill Melville Ian Kelt Julian Brazil John Hunter Andy Blockley Peter Lewis Karen Boughton Peter Gilbert Lauren Dixon Roger Townsend Sarah Wellard Samantha Burton Geoffrey Taylor Elizabeth Saben Brett Westmore Gordon Lowes Max Dolan MARGARET BARKER Sandra Ballantyne w tauxe george stimpson John Dickinson Allan Jones Jason Pinder James Proudley Tam Hatton-Brown Janet Gold Ian Jones Nicholas Bayley Kerry Partridge Martin Oneill rebecca travis joe heritage Dawn Hind stuart fernie Lee Buchanan Desmond Mottram Susan Wylie Patricia Cronin Janice Claxton bonnie wright Carlos A. Torres Senga Harrison Uolivia Hudson Rosslyn Hudson Rob Wachowski Robert Wren Agathe Pachnis Ray Pook Nick Marshall

Gordon Dargie Barbara Shackley Ian Pounder margaret brookes Cathy Cripps Peter Jessop Em Boiling Veronica hinterwipflinger H Beckett Jacqui Reeves Dave Townsend Ian Costain Eirian Glennie Keith Turner Ella Ford Aubrey Moore Colin Usher Norman Longworth Cheryl Shelley Eileen williams Old Wolf Sam O’Grady Antony Makolski Sallyann O’Reilly Susan Tomlin Hannah Scott Donald Lomas Abi Purkis stephen prince Sheena Rae Francesca Dewhurst Eleanor Ferguson Tim Lewis John whitehill Dee Anderson Martin Blain Anna Pelly Phil Jordan Karen Chambers Jayne Routh sam lynn-evans Hiroshi Kato Helen Briggs Jackie Stevens Jan Hartell Norma Kinnison Jose Lagayada Lynne Miles Federico Falletti George Buck Margaret Adams Susan Dilley Katrine Brynildsrud Denis Rondeau Richard Leyshon Ray Halliday Helen MacKinnon Catriona Phillips Liz Jackson Sonia Johnstone Jane Cholmeley Gary Thompson Hilary Flett Brian Swinbourne Alan Stovell Liam Martin Susan Hull Valerie Pritchard Catherine Cruz Bret Willers Yvette Uren Ellen Nairn helen ghylfert Henry Ferguson David Meaden Johannes Gysin Paul Coddington stephen haynes Joanna Pollard Nina Crummy david colsey Theodora Bayly Clive Robinson Barbara Killey Dafydd John Griffiths Michael Wood Wendy Cotterill John Record Jennifer Cameron Neville Dalton David Young Javier Alvarez Cobb Stephanie Stretton Sherron Eves Phillip Graham Heather Harbinson Janet ROBINSON George Burton David Sutherland Omar Marquez Milla Timmms Anne Saunders Frank Morris Pam Evans Rebecca Smithson Bowen Song Kevin McCann John Campbell Camilla Cresswell Paul Savage A Stojil eddy curtis Richard Kulczak Rishi Mehta Susan Ponton Patricia Vineski mark francom Claire Brownless Terry Donaghy Keith Holleyman Emma Brettingham Margaret Paul Judith Cook Lyn Burton David Davies Gordon Mcnamara Sue Bloxham lucy nunn Julia Wickham Jason Neate Carol Bunting Janet Blackburn Melanie Jane Hanson Mary Davies Anne Thomson Pamela Price P. John Frankis jo watson Paul Jackman Robin Gill Susan Barkes Fiona McDonald Eileen Bebbington Stella Marchant birgitte errendal Graeme Docherty Heather Cross Sarah Gray Jessamine Ainsworth Lisa Hope Maureen Tzitzas ade hall John Drinkwater John Scrivens Elizabeth Thorpe Anne Preston Marie Blades Sam Fox John Whitley Diana Santos Georgina Hanbury Trevor Honychurch Howard Avis AITOR RUIZ LACASA Annabel Richardson Zerrin Ekinci Andrew Tullis Alice Butcher Maaike Warnau Kim Speller Anne Ballinger Peter Bailie Piers Elias Alan Wright Jeremy Holland Elke Ritter james downie David Lowe Rachel Page Paul Sandover Shirley Tessari Graham Harper Matt Ferguson Margaret Bullock Margaret Hayes Catherine Brennan Ann Molloy Arthur Welsh Nicholas Kirwan Keith Moore Tumble Bone BRYAN CHALKER Pauline Kean Carolyn Dawson Chris Croissant Jim Younger John Eklof Unn Sand alan Dixon Dee Taylor lucinda rodgerson Neil Coutts Bernard Morgan Pat Robinson Peter Sparrow Jonathan Wong joyce leeson Darren Webb Roland McCabe Graham Whitelaw Kate Calvert janet stenner Michael Vine Brian Hopkin Hans Dekkers Penelope Farmer KATIE Speed Gavin Bolton Mary Carson Jaana Raitio Christine Dodson Peter Almond simon williams Paul Neaum Heidi Parvela Vanessa Chapman Pete Grayson Lydia Cunningham Stewart Proudley Sarah Crowder Heather Blackett Rod Dowler Radojka Quail David Aspinall Kathleen Burley Frederique Kelly Michael Amos Henk Loots Sylvia Parrott Jean Routledge Tony Jeffery sheila jackson Peter Ryder Ella Johnson mrs n Leyland Laurence Pearce cathy darby David Rapson Ursula Parry Richard Wilson Margaret Davidson Sharon Cumming Christine Morrison Sophie Crosswell Maura Graham Yvonne Fast Mark Storrie Tina Adams N deif Michael Greenhill Malcolm Wragg Emma Houldsworth Jonathan South Shaun Galea Stephanie Newing Lynn O’Callaghan Patricia Fleming Felix Haslam Clare de Villanueva Paul Shevlin Kirsty Straughan David Eccles Lauren Sagar Cathy Phillips christine wiltshire Serena Holmes Ross Marnie Sarah Binns Ottilia Westskytte Kathy Aveyard Mary Booker William Ogden John Emery Aline Barnett Hilary Kenyon-Vaughan Alex Morris laurie clegg Delphine Tighe Han Andre ILUK Lorenza Brock Mia Boman Jessica Gioia David Hoskins Peter Phillips Dave Draper Victor Smith Grant McIntosh Aaron Parker Lesley Smith Gillian Kilroy Fiona Jamie Narinda Griffiths Heidi Campbell anne spencer Clarisse Combe

michael cowley William Chappell Marie Abbott Daniele Boldi Cotti Leon Medhurst dana rothkop Janet Anslow Alison Morrice Dominic Baci Brenda Megennis Claire Turner YVONNE SHOEBRIDGE Concepcion Lopez Janetta WILLIAMS Tim Foster Chas Griffin Bridget Hunter lola elario Alan Killip Aileen Pragnell Joshua Foster Andrew Bickerton Penny Mahon kathryn morton FloraMay Waterhouse lyn williams Iwona Wasyk Clive Dunkley Dimma Molinari Kate Spicer Shivaun Hayes-Coles Lucy Jenkins Peter Juerges Carol White Julian Boote Deb Hunter Josephine HARTLEY loretta d stephen woolfenden Joanne Gollins Jane Sidey Ian Frame Adrian Corlett philip pownall Rekha Khatun Annali Grimes Danny Gordon David Smith Mark Nethercott Gabrielle Barker Nicolette Stan Antony Challenger Wayne Baker Gloria wallace Rebecca Williams Helen Rouse ana ramirez Jennifer Bailey howard garde Audrey Cotterell Keith Oakden Jane Sweetman Pam Cawthorne Benjamin Greenham Adrian Hepworth Kate Edmonds Aileen La Tourette Rowena Sloan Colin Ryall Jennifer Dellar Robert Hayes Carey Ehrenberg Celia Rutt Clive Talbot Kunera Moore Joe O’Connor Catherine Brown John Percival David Doody Denise Gillies Stephen Hoe Graham Dodd David Bousie gerard rice Lane Arye Carol Carter Sue Phillips Ben Brock Simon Webb Duncan Ranger Brian Salter Sally Bybee Gearoidin Nic Giolla Eoin Alastair Brown Athena Bautista John Macmillan Andy Brown SUZANNE Watts Helen Marsh Paul Thornycroft Cathy Baileff Bill Weir Christine Parker jayne jones Eileen Browne Sam Watts Heidi Walker Guy Jowett Yvonne Davidson Barry Maidment Jon Shallis Andrew Green Leonard Van de Ven Liz Taylor J Raines James Hankin Jakob Tuffin Donnevert chris myhill Richard Cooper Stephanie Stacey Laura Archer Carey Girling Cyan Bill N Evans Jonathan Kyle Ruth Trout Michael Neumann Beata Carolan Kate Fletcher James Jakeman gerald shoesmith kenneth roberts Simon Allen Rachael Sharples Paul Lutman Andrew Simpson Julie Smith Michael Campbell Ronald Racine panayiotis constanti Anne Waters Nora Matthews MARTINA BIGUZZI Andy Coveney Dianne Smyth Candida Spillard nicky sparkes Patricia Clutterbuck Astrid Harrison catherine edwards Roger Thomas Marie Coley Ann Allen Luisa Oliveros Anna Robertson Margaret Murison Clare Caless Paul Norris Nicola Nugent Antonia Page Paul Baker MORAG MONTGOMERY Izzy Moore John Thompson Karen Swan Gary Cooper Jamie Osborn Dan Green linda Sammonds Ian Mack Helen Hirst Lorcan Clarke Gay Jones Kathryn Hector Sheelagh Hill Jen Phillips Kev Walsh Paul Facer Roz Loveday Nuria Lopez pari white Phil Sedler Lorraine Selby Dave Digby Valerie Cross Margaret Lovett Mary Ratcliffe Toby Boucher Alexandra Parrish Octavia Austin xim blancot Patricia Metcalfe jane bowler Lynne Aitchison Rosie Devaney Holger Schmidt David Speakman fearn lickfield anne drayton Jayne Clegg Sam Gardner Murray Pearson Pauline Bradford Anette Jansson Ann Edwards Heather Bacon James Clark Matt Streeter jack Atkinson Mike Poole Remmert Schouten Renton Righelato Helen Johnson Frank Lazarus Ellen Cooper kirsten schulze Stephanie Thompson John Every carol lodge Tony Watkin Mark Austin Di Gammage Sean Phillips Serena Linley-Adams Geoff Pooley Brian Hepworth sonia fargue James Wynn Linda Kirkwood Chris Hardy Chloe Sayer Roy Smith-Fields Hilary Axworthy Steph Kimsey Iris A Duran Jinty Goodson Sandra Boylston Tim Watson Carolyn Balls rachel Wallis Gareth Newbery Jay Moore Chris Wood Geoff Ruddy James Harper Deva Smith Marion Joanny Mary Misic Delphine Zuccarelli Cristina Santos Rebollo hayley jenkins David Prosser Janette Sibley Wendy Brook Kate Gibbs Philip Morgan Tracy Pereira Jane Craig Tabitha Lending Sam Fraser-Barraud Paul Eden freddie williams Carol Westwood Ciaran Donnelly Helen Parkinson A Evans Adrian Salt Daniel Enache Andy Kerr craig harler Denise Blake Jackie Kitchen Graham Hayes Janice Morritt Scott Caines Karen Nickason Alan Vose Patty Cushion Mary Browning Beryl Bluemel John Brewer Katherine Pavlou Norma Mack Sharon McMullin Joseph Angela Ian Robertson Richard Brown Stephen Sproates Jackie Newton James Turner Anke Gross Natalie Hogg Phoebe Mason Edward O’Brien Gareth Glynn Brian Leslie Nicola Christie Carl Trainor Lee Lamont Ken Allen mark elsworth Laura Parsons Stephen Price Patricia Robertson Robin Jacob-Owens

alan harley Rita Ribeiro Robert Angood Patricia Hamilton Sascha Ott Angela Marshall Rach Fendall Cathy Wilde David M Francoise Bencke Susan Bruce Steve Calderwood Camilla Reeve Christian Simmons Kevin Barham Stephen Saunders Hazel Heritage Thorsten Bartz Jon Chadwick jane Price Graham Stockill Alexandra Lawes Michele Rhodius Faye Booth Terry Whitlatch Alison Walker trish christie Jan Hicks Sharon - Anne Street Eva-Maria Mansell R G Quail Daniel jenkin Fiona Wolverson Gustav Szauer Alan Kemp Charlotte Dawe Stuart Roberts Siobhan Mckenna Ken Campbell Julie Hickmott Catherine Parker Emory Cunnington David Burwash Aileen McDowall john porcelli Isabel Fernandez Abril Jennifer McQueen-Riedy Rosemary Morgan Deirdre Seymour Claire Walker Caroline Mawston Alison Easton Dave Reynolds Anne Hignett Frances Dickens Barbara Hall Brian Blignaut Blake Williams Robert Colby Tom White Nicholas Bowry Maz Rai Tamsin Howe Joel Cutting Nicole Barton Terence Knell Lisa Lehrle Phil Leighton Tanya Sweeting Chris Abrams anne greig Dominique Martin Ana da Gama Oskar Daniel Helen Read Kim Bernard Nick Crocker Anne Chernett Andrew Bowers phil miles Barbara Lewis karen davison Maureen Curran anne adams Elsie Vessey James kay Georgia Llewellyn Keith Johnson moira howard Louise Wheatley Connie Winter Marilyn Hunt John Philo Rebecca Lancaster allen j George Elworthy Claire Garrett Robert Boyle Linsey Pluckrose Jackie Caldbeck-Meenan Marvin Paape steven lalley Christian Spence Angela Smith-Morgan Jennifer Millership Robert Janssens Steve Tolan sylvia finnemore Marian Hoffman Emma T Alan Sims Nigel Johnson martin Lay philip chambers clifford chapman Adriana Hamorova Juliet Parsons Will Smail Tracey Pritchard Tanya Matharu Jennifer Norman-Green Susan Tonge Steve Brown Natalie Smith Judith F Hubbard Barbara Cates Joyce Pryde Peter Robinson Josephine Zuccarelli-Tighe Alex Cota Kevin Woodcock Chris McNaghten Fred Parrish Nathan Morgan Caitlin Leney Tillett Tanya Ronder Gareth Nash Jenni Sutcliffe Margaret Scott Melvine Davies Jan Seenan Christopher Abura Rebekah Wild Shirley Price Anne-Marie Richardson Leone Cockburn Andrew Herbert Neil Buchanan Richard Potter Roger Anscombe Tero Helin Barbara Lenthall Ann Merriman jagoda puczko Heike Rann Wendy Wilkins Matthias Reichl Vici Leggett zen leech Kirsty Campbell Amy clarke Holly Waller Malcolm Evans John Augsburger Rosalie Martschenko Paul Hellawell sue dawes Vivien Morgan Sally Fryer Deborah Cameron Diane Gibson Christopher Rossi Vicki Smith jane lloyd francis julie kitchener Jennie POWELL Freya Madeley lesley freeman Rosemary Flegg Philippa Janson Ranbir Sandher Patricia Fowler Robert Nussey Melanie Seacombe Victoria Halliday Adrian Crump Richard Mantell Nick Thorne sally Leat Jenny Wilkins pat lovell Tyl Norland Joseph morris Edward Wilson Ted Williams NICHOLAS AKAM Sally Agarwal Douglas Clive Robertson Diana Korchien Francesco Piffari joanna cronin Anthony Cooper Gabrielle Haynes Tony Nunn Martha Creasy Marion Silverlock Beate Cassau Juliet Kay Peter Mullen Tessa Lannin Nikki Titchard Ronald Stapleton Gordon Williams fozila chowdhry Grace Surman Elsie Donald Jenni Gough Marcus Carter David Burton Jan Mear Rhys Owen Jasmina Redzepagic Rosemary ANDREW Sheena McGowan peter-andreas schillack John Ridley Sarah Lambert Carol Mathews Wayne Powter sally mawson Simone Valerio Lisa Hall Emma Hunter jose miguel ochandorena Kevin Ritter Colin Gallagher Alison Kennedy Harry Bridge Keith Dods Jennifer Ball Ann Fisher Jacqueline McCannon John Campbell Matthew Griffin Heather Whittaker W Robin Boston Amy Richardson Janet Hu cf Nicola Johnstone Andrew Carling Anne Mcquade Karen McFarlane Eddie Wearing Steve Diamond Adam Mars-Jones Brenda Creed Sue Greenall Samantha Wannop Paula Heath Alan Locke Kate Caine richard hall Josiane Van Melle Angela Matthews India Curtis-Donnelly brian merritt c Russell josephine odonovan Danielle Riddel Arend Colle Helen Wraight Janet Keene Marga van der Schalie John Holt Amanda Callow Laura Bond Ken Baines jenny smith Marjan Teal KAMIL BES Sohail Yusuf Margaret Robinson Beatrice Boyatt Trish Dooley Danielle Van Son cindy chan Suzanne Bristow Mike Fish Laura Collins Andrew Garner Jane Stokes Cathrine Keller Robert Smith Emma Dillon Steve Lytton Conor Scott Danuta Hart Robert Elliott Joan Doherty David Moroz Diana Beamish Carole Denny Claudia Dumitru Pauline Markovits

Keith Metcalf Christine Crowley Barbara Cairns Grace Murphy ursula irvine Barbara Galassi Deborah Mortimer Joanne Burnett Luke Roelofs Robert Chase Gary Ward Richard Radford malcolm brindley Emily Mitrea Sue Lee Mick Braddick Ilana Estreich Georgina Carney Danielle Bye Rick Allen P McCarthy Suzanne Waterworth florencia baez Nick Le Mesurier Amy Nash Carol Cohen madeline burke susan Stockwell Andrew Marks Miklos Bosarge jacqueline corkish Phyllis Hyde Alan Picton Ulrika Schulte-Baukloh Rosemary Harvey Deborah Medway Mimi Kelly Thelma Jones Joseph Quinn Clara Z david ring rita efferies Paul Darlison Lynn Leigh Huzaifa Essajee Georgia Murdoch Annie Noble Howard Young Helen OBrien Mary Able Alan Hollands suna Kinnunen Steve Taylor Molly Barrett Margot Sims Tess Lewis David Barnshaw matthew woods Zoe Gowans christine ryan Alan Gale adam morriss uzma byrne Ann Lambsdown Polly Bluck Peter Hollis Laura Bray Cherry Townsend Andrea Zinn stephany pettinger Jane Matthews Jackie Howlett Wendel Heron Ana Barros Bernard Joy Roslyn Langdon David Price Alex Glover Amber Douglas Gary Parker Cecile Graven Rick Cross Carolyn Belcher Chris Miller David Hawkridge Annabel Andrews Ruth hoskins Kay Fountain Annie Slomma Barrie Slipper David Sadowski Hilary Mahoney Peter Jones miggy mavrommatis Derek Thomas Syed Shah Tracey Wood Isabel Macpherson Maria Palmer John Hadden Ann Chippendale Siera Scillitoe Stella SMYTH Lizzie Rhodes Kim R Keryn Paull Dorothy Richards Dan Wallington Carmen Gregory molly gibson Ben Target Bartosz Tkacz David Gingell Catherine Griffiths jean ramsden Margaret Francis Synne Freberg Philippa Franklin Hana Ray Margaret Scrivener Chris Pagan Liz Griffiths paul allison Sid Gould Caroline Cass Sylvia Lumley Robert Schambach Sian Rule Steve West Beryl Puttock Elena Biton mark Wainwright Jan Thomas Judith Whitehouse Ken Rowan Jane Stokes Sarah Rigg Tom Rugg Margaret Johnson Michele Debroize Geoff Wallis Thomas Lyon Terry Wilby Jay Hearn Clare Harrington Heidi Edwards Evelijn Tielen Laura Corballis Heather Hounsome Jan Peterson Justine Balaam markson Omare Jennifer Morgan Sally Wilson Phyllis North Steven Croft Pamela Brennan sue barker Gerald Shaia elisabeth rennie Caz Humhreys Karen Mallinson Caroline Murphy Mary Sealey Lesley Clarke Omer Collins Paul Darby ray Debroize Ann Allison Genista Wheatley Alex Wardle Helen Wallis Gemma Hunt John Hughes Sue Thompson John Leece pam thompson Olwen Fordham Rachel Adams Claire O’Heron Tom Grady Charmian Morgan Sylvia Gill Tom Whyte Mark Davis Ian Lymer Nicola Harris Geoffrey Cobb Nina Curtis Stephen Potts Maria Coyle Sue Steed Jennifer Hutchison Sheena McKendrick Jean Norris Robert Grierson mark robinson Keith Goldup Angela Hardstaff Gillian Laws Judith Earnshaw Louise Lee Chrissie Wylie Fariah Syed Alan Macgregor Jurgen Oskamp Jennifer de Casterle Catherine Fisermanis Eleanor Conaway Simone Woods John Hope Richard Phillips Ella Benami Dolly McCormick Seb Gardner John Ball Margaret Morris John Morland James McCorry S Bishop Kim Fenton Linda Radford Gilly Montgomery Mark Bell andres natte Lesley Day Jean Cole Layne Odam Natalie Gilfillan Morag Parnell Joe Lord Cynthia Stonall john taylor Emma Allen Philip Alford Steven Mead Roderick Dunn Sue Knight Sophie Pringle Liz Allmark David Rock Lana McIver Jo Van Damme Michael Stone Peter Leanse Richard Keep Peter Wallace Roger Gall Amy Reilly Michele Kondakor Roland Kaye alexandra stubbs Jan Newbury Heather Morley Patricia willis Helen Wyard Paul Hughes Sinon OConnor Ruta Vitkauskaite Julie Schofield Gill Sumner Christine Jeffery Terence Mohan Hayley White Veronica Goddard Joanne Page James Belkevitz David Stevens Judith Walters Laura Watson Samantha Krenski Caz Mowe Martin Bell Enrique Hidalgo Jennifer Ferguson Krisztina Vanya Jean Neal Sam Raynnjek Stefan Lange Ian Clarke Nancy Katz Patricia Rydell Allan Bloxham Robert Cook Eveline Nicolette Hilary Swain Adrian Lilly Natalie Gray Jennifer Ferguson Anthony Pennells Ann-Joyce Peters Rebecca Hill Kasia Warchalowska Michael Becker Karen Russell paul Lamkin Terry Jones Jane Burford Lynne Fowler Julie Stone Tasneem Ganijee Isabella Collins Joyce Cox Pauline Greenhalgh Patrick Morel

Salvatore Forte Susanne Armstrong Alan Bridgman Chiara Tironi Ellen Clayton Mark Walters Marcos Perez John Gatehouse Janie Whyld Zoe Gannon Janet Cooper Katharine Mair Harriette Trew Brian Carrington Matthew Ryan Patrick Duffin Judy Mitchell Wendy Bullar Jessica McNay Sanand D Revd Tim Seago Christopher Howe Nina Singer Karen Howell Rosie Mullin george anderson Ann Langton Ken Lee Philip Henning marie van leckwyck Sandra Sampson Stephen Lawson Diana Ball Sherry Gaul ll Leigh Bosch Gerry Wilmer Surinder Marshall Peter Pratt Adrian Sargood Graham Fitzgerald Kevin Spicer David Martens David Wittrick Tim Thomas Katherine Garnett Spike Webb Marie Barros Patricia MacDermott Adrian Ross Gerry Keenan Jennifer Buckle Peter Gray russ burton Phil Smith Rosie Marsh Betty Jackson Alison Chubb KT LC Sanders Martin Docherty Ben Heron Shirley Cantello sam robinson Daire Corr Shelley Grainger Colin Swain Robert Hildesley Richard Lander Jim Fothergill Katrin Nicolajsen Helen Smith Elizabeth Colebrooke Andrew Beswick J Cawrey Johan Thygesen Veronica McClune norman albon Lin Paine Linda Sugar David Polgreen Bernadette Jackson Pete Creech Jonathan Singh Jon Thurman Amanda Wiebe David Place Andy Dye Christine Harman-Collins Suzanne Rian Barrie Creed Caroline Cattermole Joanna Loxley Ruth Petter Byron Hammond jayne mcfarlane Cass Miller Emma Rix stephen wozniak David Howard patricia sanderson Caroline Cawte margaret SCOTT George French Mike LYND ELISA GERPE MARROZOS Catherine Gilder Linda O’Brien Ken Sparks Bill Cahill Adam Rowan Graham Chaplin Ron P. Marchand Izabel Broad Victoria Prieto David Emeny Denis Rondeau Evelyn Van Dyk Jane Manners Katharine Barrett Chris Holloway Margaret Cable Susan Regnart Fiona Hill Doug Parr Keith Walby jean whiteway renate botzler Gavin Hudson Robin Murch Geoffrey Isserlis Tree Hall Rajaratnam Sadasivam Athena Kiapekou g richards Jim Bonham Greg Falder Jill Bennett Sonia Davey Bridget Robinson anne Rignall Richard Bornat Alan Purser Elisante Urassa j hosking Nora Boyle Kathleen McDermott Daniel Gormley Pippa Richardson Jane Fieldsend Harry Barclay sue Lloyd Gerwyn Moores Lee Ward Regina Irvine Allison Downie Gillian Millard Faith Barton Linda Amos Carmen Perera Robert Flann Deborah Loe Ralph Richardson Matt Sanders Sarah Cannon Zerda Barlow Simon Lambert Jennifer Luxford Glenn Warwick Jony Russell Pete Klosterman Frances Scott Michelle Pennells S Hetherington Inigo Townsend Kate Cassidy janet roberts Frances Williams Peter Kikic Felix Gonzalez-Noda Julie Atkinson Aidan Dillon John Hartley Peter Freshwater Stefan Bodmer John Bradfield Elfrid Walkingtree Aphra Evans Clare Harvey Isobel Howe Mary Austin Anne Collie Paul Bunch Carl Frick A Redfern Richard Bunn Guy Wallbanks Katharine Cartwright JC Eva Webb GAIL PATRICIA WILSON Michael Davies Karen Bidder Michael Robson Sheila Peck Margaret McGillen Ross Hopkins John Beam David Austin John Michael Burns Giovanni Perna Gail Gail Nairn-Carmichael Donna Ripley Agnes Szucs Joanne Maybury Helen Carton Dean Bowles Susan Hartley-Smith Beth Walsh Linda Ketteridge Peter Ellis Mia Lawrence Dorota Warchol Mark Eaton Peter Rogers David Derham Libby Hunt Damian KInsella Jocelyn Simms Niall Hollaert Paul Ashworth Paul Evans Dorothy Comish Carol Whaley Andrew Dunlop Luiza Rosado MARISA FERREIRA Zuzana Rodak-Drapalova Dan Tudhope Geoffrey Pimlott michael uren Alida Casale Gary Eden Will Lewin Rachel Lesal Thomas Waksman Jill Robinson Mike Rigby Norma Holmes Adam Loxley Ronnie Rees Vivienne Vick Diane Durell Richard Goulborn heather tisdale Jo O’Farrell Deborah Tullett Jeni Swift Gillett Jim Fish Sarah Davy kirsti luoto angela starey Anna Ryder Mary Walker Emma Cameron Abigail Metcalf john cullen Caroline Tomlinson Iain Arnott Angela Doughty Ruth Calway Elizabeth Nobbs James Gidman ANN SMITH Joyce Cleveland hilary cooper Shirley Blackburn Julia Leschke TONY DUSTAN-SMITH Daniel Shoemark Jane Campbell Jenny Turner James Lillie andy sweet C Dennison Dirk Roeser Jane Petley-Jones JASON YATES Christine Haft Barry Slaymaker Dave Montreuil Rob Jones Scott Johnson Sean-Anthony Sutherland Judith Croasdell Nathan Faulds-Adams Amy Norton mary kennedy Kennedy Rebecca Nicholson Philip Butler Kevin Piper Lynda Henshaw Julia Strong Yasmin Ahmadzadeh

Elisabeth Macdonald Richard Pelling Christine Chamberlain Roger Vick Vera Batey Doris Stewart Andreas Rossing Angeltveit Christian Benoit Mary Haverly Grant Beckerleg Roy Vicki Jater Rita Fox Julian Maynard-Smith Carla Beard Kestutis Kvietkauskas Rita Wallace Kirsty Noble carol broll James Hudson Lee Morgan Rita Uljee Claudia Lindemann angelina neves joanne Brumwell Sharon West Margaret Ann Worrall Jacqueline Hull PHILOMENA GRIMLEY Richard Abercrombie Rachael Howorth Loris Jaccard Wendy Murray Christopher Lewis Kay Barron elaine cairney Lis Ledger Grant Annal Jan Hardy Mandy Stahl-Redder Neil Clowes Grayham Moon Hilary Thripp Fabian Schmidt William Proud ryan filer Sheena Brockie jacqueline dixon Anne Smith Pascal Jordan Mark Muldoon Adam Laycock Phil Higham Judith Riley Dorothy Kirby peter allen Liz Rice Margaret Davison John Veale James Fleming Stephen Williams Maureen Anderson LEE MIDDLEHURST Rob Hawdon Celia Harris Nina Line Chris Whittaker Sarah Pitt J Ross Bin Bailey Paul Gore Ovidiu Sarbu Jane Law Robin Acock Stefani Monteath-Wilson David Newell Charlie Game Maurice Lennon Sue Dodd Mark Beer Margret Cadman Terry Whatson Vivian Fox SOPHIA RAHMAN Joanne Wakelin Donatella Stroud Amanda Meadows Ian Turnbull Tracey Ward Duncan Clements Allan Gault Rosemary Pettit Lynne Knight Sheila Lisster Helen Tiley Roy Anderson Patricia McCartney Lyn BARNARD-HILL Rishi Trivedi Malcolm Theodoreson Derry Jones Luiza Geanoglu Chris Crocker Pierre Teodori Chloe Anthony Leandro Feldman simone meyer mark kendall gale light Irfan Husain Joan Jackson Pauline Stevens Lisa Bohlin Jason Marchant Cedric Knight Mark Meijer Carrie Clarke Nico Ramsden jennifer juckes Inge Diverio Martyn Caira Pauline Baudry Agnes Saxon Oliver Burton Mark Hagon James Rawle Liz Powell melvyn dare Annabel Clark Ulla Oudrup Teifion Hughes Andy Robertson jill Pettigrew Philip Terry Margaret Burgess Matt Koulloupias Liz Kerr Mike Grigg Belinda Martel Chani Courtney Rosemary Bentley Donatella Campbell L Sherratt Stephen Bartley Caroline Robinson Jill Panaretou madeline mackay Cathy Gilliat Gillian Green June Cunningham tom cooper Govert Van Noort William Norwood Daphne Kilner wendy0 warrington Jeffrey Bains Nikki Watson Paul Hypher Rebecca Hitchon Kevin Rooney Hilary Long Mike Butler christopher charnock Alma Selander Paul Ruddock Michael Betoin Sue K Sarah Mitchener Eleanor Austin Andy Fletcher Steve Litchfield Tessa Bull Jody Morgan David Ward Cathy Carstairs Mat Gardiner George Howe Shirley Jacobs Jim Dignan Maggie Madin Adrian Burfoot Carol Burdess Frank Riley Mary-Eileen Needham Georgia Burns Suzanne Cossey Natalie Collins Jean Coope Martin Robinson Bev Wells Sherry Stalley Jackie Price Angus McKinnon vincent smith Roberto Ribeiro Raitis Rams Nico Thenu Diane Bayliss anthony cooper Ilias Crehan Ian Mulroy Rachel Martin Edward Miller Christine Harrild Debra Manickchand Tony Bowman Peter Meier Annie GERGAUD colin clayton Marie Politou Mark Witney beth mccoy Sarah Fennell Liz Coltham Nicholas Harper linda lawrence Christina Baines Richard Jordan Alastair Duncan Johan Taft Bill Tingley Iga Januszek Peter Anderton Nick Dimitrakakos Robert Johns steve Williams Daniel Butler Eileen Partington David Clarkson Johanna Wallis Heidi Cooper Gray Newell Robert Young Catharine Robinson Gill Seymour Giorgio Acciardi Alex Liddle Athena Cassar Michele Stone William BARTON Diane Oak Timothea Armour Gerry Casey Sigrid Heuer Christopher Parker Susie Anderson Matthew Hargreaves Graham Ifill Penny Church James Mylne Clive Collison Catherine Norris Sean Sullivan Phil Whiting David Marsden Nick Hutchings Sean Orchard Ruth Tetlow Joan Cordingley Audrey Sinclair Denis Rumbold Leith Catchpole Edward Long Chris Maume Susan Thompson Christos Theodoroglou Juliet Evans Joan Lowther Alan Thorpe zara Dickerson Nick Bennett-Britton Valerie Kirkham Colin Lown artur kyselov Diana Brown Joanna Hogg Frederick Wiseman Andrei ASHFORD Roy Taylor John Brattle LIZ ROGERS Lukasz Gryzbon Karen Berdou Derek Close Faith Kremler Roger Gordon Anthony Duffin Tony Shorter Jenny Hawkes Paul Budden Hilary Biswas dorothy maxwell Kirsty Ward Ian Trewin Doreen Allerkamp Gloria Bristow Ben Miller giselda phillips James Healy jo moules James Vipond Robert Flay Constance McIntosh Smith Ruth Penny Moira Lee

philip thorley Johan Allen Judy Powell Janet Thomas Paul Record Louise Mock D Goldie Stephen Burns Caroline Aperguis DEREK RICHARDS Trevor Barrett Charles Hill Paul Halton Rosemarie Eccleston Jonathan Wakefield Ann Wittrick Granville Stone Marinus van den Berg Georgina Theobald Kate Hooper alex board Andrew Maines michael walters Julia Strange Liz Gower sindy hull Michael Cattermole Andrew Hynd Kate Midjek Judy Divall Charles Grayson Paul Fulton Adele Warren Jeff Hancock jessica allcock eric mulvihill Jill Davies Wendy Scholes Nico Heins patricia Dixon Malcolm Walker Elizabeth Gonzalez Madeleine Moore Leonie Ash Sowmya Muniraju Gordon Mackenzie Vere Smyth Honey Russel Fabia Di drusco Lynne Lloyd-Jones Stephen Wagg Carolyn Shirley Sean Murphy mILENA Traykova Pennie Turrell Peter Chappell Luke Page Paul Tymon Ann Richards mandy oxtoby Kate Doubleday Lydia Rollings Sue Bishop Sheila Milne Lindsey Hodkin C Brown Christine Reed stephen west Rani Patel bernard mccoy Alan Debenham David Hampson Rich Hope Katie O’Neill Catherine Howe Liz Howard Trevor Lewis Suzan Bishop Sarah Parrott Simon Brown Mark Heap Helen Burton Maggie Finch Ben Brooks Laura Murray Peggy Busby Phillip Copeland Helen MacGregor Glenis Howshall Ruth Mattock Peter Kilvert Jennifer Gould Susannah Crook Barbara Hempenstall Melandri van Rensburg Joy Dee Kathleen Harding Stephen Cooper Stan Noakes Mick Crane Mel Jones Lawrence Casserley David Abbott Andrew Bennett Sue Brailsford Stuart Andrew James Francis J Marlew nikhila ludlow Paul Gardner sandra spencer Ian McLauchlin John Scott Stephen Rush Cosme Somogyi clement dartigues Jessica Harrison Alison Goodhew Simon Lunn David Beal Richard Stubbs Robert Crabtree Charlie Jones Gillian Vance Myriel Mathez Lorraine Kelly Anne Harrison Emma Baker dawn casey Janice Kordek Pauline Rouse Anne Field Riin Oispuu David Chadwick Peter Rae Sylvia Dicken Timothy Edwards Val Common David Markham verena bigalke Nicholas Bardsley Di Beacom Chris Chattam John Lea Clive Andrews June Dearstyne Adriana Zalucka Laura Beynon Jeremy Gibson Aikaterini Ioannou Rita Wisniewski Marianne Celia Crosby Samuel jenner Paula Bolton Liz Merrifield-Jones Helen Pemberton Samuel Richardson roger spencer Elisabeth Dicapua Benedicte Becker Helen Lennard Rosemary King Shikai Zuiko Andy Allinson Cheryl Desjardin Jennifer Bredesen Julie Close Debbie Hall Robert Adams Zoe Gerrard Cella Grobben Andrew Moleta Don Chetland Jennifer Parsons Janet Larson Maggie Horton Alison Douglas Gunnar Edsborn Colin Matts Oli King Charles Becker John Smith cath lancaster Marion Wyllie Andrea Cathers Karen Taylor Laurence Copleston Chris Fellowes Jennifer Ross Ashley Ball Paul Finn Sergi AP Jacqui McCoan Michael Ballard Derek Whitton Sophie Shaw Alexandra Veres Conor Goldsmith Robert Lewis Matt Hasson alex McBride Emily Doherty Ann Clark Francesca Kenyon Fred McEvilly Lawrence Greasley David Stewart Janet Bott Bea Dienst Malcolm Busby Hannah Sutherland Jo Clayton patrick bennett Muriel Rogers Anna Edmonston MB Koromzay Sam Wilson William j Elizabeth Matka Lesley Forbes Bryan Bullen bb weav VIVIANE TITS Jane Robinson Javier Atxurra-Gandara Nadine Chatel Peter Williams Caroline Whiteson Isabel Martins Chris Bush Jennifer Hayes Sarah Fagan Edward Szakal Ken Ramsay marilyn reeves Laetitia Martin Petra Pipkin Claire Morgan Jane Kraunsoe Vic Piper Conor Scott Rhonda Gregory Sid Wearing Jean Frew Edward Bennett Rod Bennington Joan Petrie emerald shama Greenwoodforest Saeed patrick corr David Boothman Michelle Parlett Selwyn Morris juliet maclean Rhiannon Evans VASILIS KILIKOGLOU Duane Leitch Michael Langtree Richard Blair Sue Humphries Michael Luckett Susan Boorsma John Radford Barbara Foster C Morrison James Reisz William Neate Monique Long Colin Dilcock David Coward Michael Faux Jane Milton Anne Saywell Jeremy Hughes Ante Spajic Tim Thirlway Sarah Coleman Ann-marie Beard Jackie Clark Nicholas Cook tony cutler Hilary Llewellyn-Williams Sigrid Hausmann Fiona Ormiston Craig Berryman lynda rushton Wendy Ekbery Jane Ponton Evelyn Hallford Jane Richmond Simon Hastings Alan Miggin Mahfoud Bettine Sue Baker Barbara Wright Raakhee Tailor Carol Maindonald Pauline Povey Karen Staples Susan Cooper James Tattersall Philip Evans Nicola Peacock maureen evans James Gardner

Jackie Lewis Christina Phillips Susan Smith Conan Jenkin Diana Granger-Taylor Nicola Hopkns Ian Williams David French Robert Muldoon Johanna Beynon alessandro tavoni Tomasz Walat Stuart Bramford Annette Beynon Jane Smart Alun Roberts Brian Thomas Michael Smee Helen Wallace Janice Miller Philippa Clarke Daniel Pink David Williams John Reed Hugh Warwick Jesse Bennett Darragh Fleming Karen Babbage Heather Anderson Sarah Collin CONRAD WHITE Louise Moore Jan Benton Jean Golding #NAME? Marian Skeen Peter and Margaret Stevens jon raimbach Harry Mitchell Mike Westley Lorraine Katofilou Rebekah Maxwell-Atkin Doreen Newton Brett S Lockwood douglas wawman Eileen Fallows Joan Fisher Jim Grover Vikki lawman Alan Beattie Sonia Ingamells Lee Harris Toby White Joshua Wilson Jeremy Stavenhagen David Baldwin Paul Shaw Stephen Hackney Alan Gilchrist Lyn Imeson Janette Dorrell Brian Stote James Singer siu chan Amanda van Rensburg Rachel Pearce Kate Griffith Victoria suffield Meredith Alexander Claire Ballantyne jill chambers Penny Clark David Byrne Ruth Gibson John Gibbon Sherry Scorer Averil Otiv Vanda Venn Sally Dalton Peter Webb Dee Wray Dawn Shorten Vanessa Kerrigan Genevieve Mason vivien holden clive allsop Bethany Fleming Danielle Tran Jonathan Walker Michael Beale SUZANNE BUTT Maria Kodaratou Hannah Searle Julie Sheppard Maddie Renaud Mark Revell Alison Goodyear barbara burghart Emma Whittingham Amy Growcott Andrew Rayner Heather Boraston Catherine Debbage Peter Mackridge Kelvin Richards Ann Williams cb Nicholas Burdett Margaret Martindale Nicky Richards Charlie Macnamara Lee Short David Thompson Barry Preston Fiona Sumner Ben Pike Dennis Watkins PW Isabelle Van de Wouw Olly Olsen janet hills chris Harper Austin Sayer Jos Beyens Laura Caradonna Maggi Reston Anne Jefferson ken clive Sarah Lucas Susan Redshaw Alison Darby D Waplington Jill Durham Janice Holohan Roger Bennett Antoni Pont Casademunt Paola Oliver-Serret Michael Tasker Linda Otridge Nav Hundal Gloria Brooks Virginia Smith Eileen Jolly Clint Budd Angela Jensen Thomas Meltzer Katja Nikula Victor Kenneth Oldham Kevin Kelly brian phillips richard Hornby Carol Hill Stephen Parker Piers Powlesland Rod Corbett Keith Walton Peter Mayner Louie STUART Susan Lancaster Ursula Fuller Nicola O’Byrne Emma Watts Louise Pemberton Nick Bradley Nick Macmillan Stig Hansen Marcus Frewin-Ridley lynn thompson Annelies Bos Ben Pacey Har Pluijmakers Mike Dawson Jacqueline Wright Reinhold Kraus Malcolm Goodare Sue Johnson Toby Clark Calvin Bernard Jeffrey Phelan veronica mary short David Holloway roger whetton Eleanor Salter Barclay Langridge Laura Todd Jodi Le Bigre Jane May Morrison Zac Etheridge Suzy Kelham Mick McGillion Melissa Brown Dick Onians Monir Zaman Pam Reid Sarah Margetts andrea gonzalez Catherine Thomas Katie Leacock Eleanor Colclough jill crawford Stephen Dalton Robert OConnor Margaret Tuccori Susanne Wolf William Evans Quentin Morrissey Graham Ellard jan shopland AGNES McMahon Giulia Ferrara Ian Hankinson Valerie Hopper James Cooper daniela james Lucy Bailey David Juster Encarna Cantos Tim Johnson S Fulford Clare Strange Heather Cresswell Mike Longdon elysia womersley Veronica Lee Jackie Parker Derek Marcus David Ward Carol Laverick Sarah-Jane Gray Vanessa Valentine Jackie Booth Robert Thomas Eric & Olive Woolley Hannah Lockett Michael McNamara Charles Herbert Kodikara Eileen Gaiger Matthew Geen Rudi G. Bernie Rowan Darren Callaway Bambi Newport Susan Fryers paul mitchell Diane Causer Geoff Young Timothy Conradie Larry Orr Leejay Campbell Sheila Kesby Debra Kallina Brian Holden Danuta Karpinska Sally Berry Marjorie Manley Caryl Carr Margaret Roberts J Deeble Margaret Chan Christine Whitney-cooper nadezhda zviaduina monica rosberg Susan Pugh Annette Hensel Stephen Kear Martin Stowe Richard Harman Judith Witts howard gill Anne Booth Elaine Dugdale Kate Bruce Mel Eaton Tisha Brown Deborah O’donoghue David Jordan Jessamie Tonkinson Eldar Edlarov mavis pocock Tekla Toppari Ana-Marija Spajic francesca serpell Mary Holden Jane pullinger Lawrence Millar Chris Green Keith Baker Jo Davies michael prowse Christopher Garland Stuart Johnston Moira Gilmour Betty Rubio Sandra’s Cornelius Oliver Brennan Caroline Robson Marion Kemp VALERIE NORDEMAN Jesse Beaumont Denise Hall Rebecca Illsley Robert Petherbridge Lorrie Coupland David Porter Grace Chisholm

Teresa Robinson Rupert Veitch Jasper Selwyn Peter Bulloch Joshua Doran Roberto Bandiera Bryony Gordon Petra Pletikosa Jo Brown Ann Blundell Nic Stubbs Mike Walters Esma Leymun sarah elizabeth graham Geoff Petty Mrs Jane Lane Alan Staton Xavier Mahele David Barton Gerry Clifford Dirk Knip Susanne Hockley g field John Rogers Su Laureston Julie Higgs John M Niven Kevin May Katerins Ioannou John Ingleby Oriana Barkham Kathleen Gray Rachel Hendron libbie Gleed Edward Gildea Melanie Modelon Christopher Nickolds Marijana Milosevic Daniel Wesker William Cook Edlar Eldarov Harriet Latham Isabel Nelson Faye Pritchard David Porter Skye Alba Dawn Lewis Meike Stepp cathie higginson Susan Child Pollyanna Haylett Andy Field Peter Moore Chloe Reeves Richard Creightmore Matt Harper Kate Mcburnie Marjorie Beebee Peter Penrose Bridget Matthews Ruth Dyke Heather Crisp Elaine Lloyd sarah cadman Gillian Cleave Irene Juurlink Eleanor Day Adriano Mangogna Pam Causer Flora Swartland Joe Spencer john lamin Peter Bradley JON CROSS Charlotte Saben Brian Schaffer Heather Smith JM STinglhamber Christopher Jones Sue Leney John McCoy Becky Sanders Josef Schuster Andrew Wilson Mary Edmunds George Ashworth Beverley Harmer Christine Bradly Susan Richardson Mari Dominguez Peter Ellis Janet Dyczek Clare Mc Hugh Alan Gwynn Belinda Canevali lynn gill Liz Jones Kate Masters Pamela Gawler-Wright John Pearce Kate Russell Mark Facey Mark Cheetham Denise Rankin Polly Spice Rosemary Burgess Kevin Hills Eva Mota John Hinds Sandra Cornelius Haydn Jenkinson Adam Cole George Neste Katie Waterhouse Tracy Smith Polly Denny Gerry Davis Mike King Sven Holmberg Brian Woods Catherine Dobson Dave Jones Margaret Venmore Christina Spencer Trevor jary Charles Watson Miriam Burman Jonathan Ketchell Kate Hamilton-Hunter Eleni Antoniou peter Lloyd DENNIS JENNINGS Sally Burch Ralph Charles John Melville Jeffrey Higham Ruth Romano David Fisher Carol Kennedy AMY SULLIVAN Kristina Mateikiene nigel goulding shirley swan Spettante Isabelle Robert Barnes Brenda O JANET HARRIS Nigel Durban Craig Baker paul leonard John Sparks Pamela Martin Kevin Maddock Ken Stott Sheila Tremlett Aqsa Zafar Martin Evans Anne Holland Joanne Phelps Ruth Davidson baptiste auzou Terence Hill Douglas Archibald Simon Meredith Abi Monaghan Mary Price Chris Stoneham Sarah Humar julie phillips kevin cresswell Katy Askew Gillott James Morrow sera Parry Doug Astill Hefain Bygrave Mary Winter Emma Goodhand Abel Ellis Rebecca Mathers K Notaras Debs Foster Lee Ambrose-Williams Cindy gulliford Suleyman Kopru Mike Lloyd Terri Whiteacre Domokos Vancsa Nicola Ansell samantha read Denise Hill Hilary Levan Anne Ridley Gary Matthews Damon Hunter Simon Hoult Jill Jilani James Dunne Carolee Katt-Davis Beryl Clifton Tom Toomey H Brogden Ann Chryssis Charles Winstanley Jane Evans Gerd Guntermann Stephen Nice Staffan Saxunger Louise Billingham Geraldine Witcher Lisa Mazzola Steve Powell Nick Hindley Larry Gumbley Tim Valentine sally jones Astrid Keup Paul Barrett Al Sutton Lucinda Strong David Spiller Keren Kossow Jennifer Walter Michael Madden Ian Gowland-jones mark jones Anya Hastwell Wendy Strathdee andrew panes Lindsay Fieldhouse Monica Ayliffe Thea Stevens Edward Spencer Raymond Cantin Harry Jacobs Oona Menges Jamie Young Jenni O’Halloran Ann Kesteven Marianne Andersson Judith Morgan Corinne Dowd Mike Rice Eamon O dwyer J Ablett Phillip Hornby Emma Symons Susan Neville Elisabeth Pettit Fiona Westlake Diane Baxter Jonathan Benn Sarah Robinson Dan Chacon Heather Smith Dawn Hindby-Smith Charles Lorimer Deborah Appleby Gloria Savoy-Voller Douglas Herdson Alma Walker Antony May Florent Heintz James Lindop Sheila Price Malcolm Clark Nigel Wilson nico mcafee Denis Ackerley Val Donnelly Alan Kettle Helen Palmer Laura Wood Jill Broughton Elena Kranioti Michelle Embleton Rick Brown Paul Hobbs Tanya Brown Joanna Eden Julie Price Graham Venus Roger Stevenson Ian Beattie Rajmil Fischman Tracy Leedham Keith Fairley Lou Hammond Andrew Gould Rob Turner Aila Bruce Fran Francis Francesca d’Enno David Frost leo cave Tess Declaudure Mo Williams Emile Azan Cathy Curtis Nigel Ipp Rachel Harrison Eefje Timp Susan Davie Gill Richards Jonathan Craven maurice irwin

Len Newman Martyn Gallacher Bruce Rutherford KEVIN HARVEY Christine McNeill Rosalind Pearson Patrizia Cuonzo Jeff Battersby Hilary Stephens Howard Kendall Melanie Hodgson Marie Farrow Ann Davies emily best Catherine Russell Peter Foster Mark Thomas Derek Smith Jeffrey Wood Valerie Currie Sarah Burton Susan Wilkie Jacquie Ashworth Brad van Scriver Ena Dilley Maelys Hordies Karen Toyohara John Hayes Clare Dawson George Watermeyer Kathleen Atkins Adam Tyler Paul Mobile Maloney Andrew Parsons Tony Cawley Camille Henry Peter Power Jenny Edmed Judith John j pilfold James McKie jonathan West Ivor Kew Alice Richardson Eleanor Williams Barbara Blakemore Rebecca Hall Jackie Rodgers Imre Szabo Alf florio Alan Young Alicia moreno katrina mills Guto Llywelyn Edward Cairney Sara Dallosso Nick Mason Sarah Graves Simon Cottle Richard Siebert Deane Frampton Gina Placey gm Eileen Penman Hansel Andrayas Russell Stead Becky Mackay Sue Mitchell Alan Poole jermey edmanson ingmarie olsson Nikola Kolobaric Elsa Kivinen Ted Terry Margaret Browne Mike Fisk Jane Norman John Stokes Oliver Zandi Helmut Mayer Jane Burlingham Greg Bolsover John Wickham Daniel Colbert M. Cruz Izquierdo Ian Gray Emily Malone Stephen Mandel Isobel Grundy Gareth Dunn CHRISTINE FARLEY Jayne McCreton Gilbert Burleigh nick Jacobs Adrian Russell Gordon Hillyard Amanda Robinson alan Cooper Sebastian Hendricks Peter & Denise Wheeler Alexandra Panagiotou George Sampford Brian Wiseman Christopher Porter Suhas Choulgere Mairin Houston Abraao Rafael Andrew Moss Lloyd Hamilton-Felton Barry Cash Deborah Mckenna Darrel Myers Cheryl Richards Martin Greig Jacqueline Phillips Monica Lothe Michael Wilde Meritxell Fiter Chrissie Marshall David Baker Carl Rimmer Helen Clark Adam Blundell Susan Murphy Gwyneth Johnson Linda Gillespie Lyndsey Martin betsy Barker Sara Lightowlers Elizabeth NAYLOR Peter Wiegold Michael LaughtonZimmerman Jane Wathall Dee Stainfield Iestyn Griffith David Pollitt Eve Adams Elisabeth Biggs Jeffrey Wood Ryan Martin Jessica Blakemore Ivan Purchase Derek Jackson Anais Hery Siobhan Reyd shannon atlee Alexis Seynaeve john salter alec bennett Martine Vaulkhard Robert Burke Graham Coleman Louise Harrison Kreon Wynn Eveline Clarke MARION JOHN John Dobson Christine Bury Lesley Currie Juliet Kavanagh Daniel Winter Alan B Bailey Susan Coyne Graham Palmer David Smith Darren Clayton Katie McLaughlin Anthony Ralph Carolyn Britton john field Norman Waddington Alan Metcalf Tim Wright Tony Lee Kathryn Middleweek Rachel Stancliffe Janet Laird Rachel Allen Oda Stoevesandt Jennifer Penfold kate topping Jerome Butcher Derek Pitman B Frost Ben Mango Sue Mann Mick Harker Michael North Patricia Foreman Gillian Hearn Maggi Newbery Angela Pawlicka Michael Kent Skylar Kelty Sue Neat Matthew Pateman Emma Austin Michael McLoughlin Jackie Howard Mike Keefe Chris Beazer Milo Reddaway Maggie Porter Rob Miller Hollie Brennan Helen Collicutt Simon Mawby Deborah King Antonio Di Placido Miranda Stoker David Stubbs Sofia Belhadj Richard Smith Pat Waterfall Farah majid Tomas Lundberg Sally Hinton sarah murphy Frank Sowerby Michael Taylor susan jackson Alatair Dawson Paola Poroli tiziana romagna Gary Bamford Hazel Johnston Richard Kew Bek Player Beccy Smedley Terry Odell Paul Dane Emma Lowe-Marshall Eva Luursema Ruth Alexander Simon Naylor Keith Simmonds Jennifer Oborn Jessica Storey Jackie Usher J. Rahn Claire Akland Nitsa Seawell Ken Dearden Helen Johnson Sue Underhill Andrew Thompson David Walsh jacqueline van der merwe Catherine Musker Mark Collenette Mark Willey Benjamin McCulloch J Barrie Jehu Lucy Milton PIERRE Jacqueline Giancarlo Albertazzi Paula Chamberlain Paul Watson James Morgan Mo Norrington John Penfold Melanie Sapiets Philip Warner Dino Juricic Robert Davis Puja Singh Sheila Palmer samantha golding Sylvia Gainsborough chris burgess Gerry Reilly karen harrison Louise Burckhardt Duncan Pilkington june Record Valeria Valanne shireen omar Ivan Decman Joanna Ridgway Hazel Matthews Adriana Fangmann Claire Anderson Arnold Rose Miguel Dias Joanna Lampard Gay Spershott Sandra Brackstone Stephen Olive Daniel Orellana Victoria Benjamin Antoon Schrijver Colin Jacob A. Rahn Helen Campbell SUE TWEEDIE Jeremy Walker m a marvan Callum Chambers James Poke Lydia Duddington Marilyn ap Steffan Anthony Grubb Kelly Arnold Martyn Roberts

Richard Minard Mary Parker demi abbott Robyn Sellman Laura Simmons Bernie Beaumont Ruth Griffin Jill Scopes S Ellar Alexandrina Oliveira Fiona Whight elaine conway Edna Stevens ed chow Suzanne Nixon David Forbes Simon O’Connor Bernard Holden Richard Vergaelen John Donoghue Paul towns Ann Riley John Power Gill Kay peter brackley Andy Coates Gail Coghill Molly Mulloy Vee Banks Doreen Hacquoil Debbie Wild Roy Stephenson Kate Guberg Christine Dennis Amy Austin JD McCool Amy Dhillon Tomasz Fiszer rhonda googan Valerie Fanshawe David Hansford Brian Legge Andrew Cole Gary bradley James Norman David Bramley Patrick Ford Hanna Blakie Malcolm Ede Brenda Kean Chris PRUVOT Jessica Thatcher Mike Holman Dennis Ruddick Marco Soto Ian White Caroline Bendall Jay Carr Peter Johnston Sian Richards Kathleen Brown Caroline Pegg Margaret Hildreth Christopher Gribble Jessica Russell angela caplen Lorraine CosterCurnow Terry Timms Maryam Qureshi Stephen Higham Len Aruliah Diane Clarke Lucie Joset Eileen Sainsbury Mark Lindsey John Porter Diane Brown Bryan Cox joel steed Tanya Moulding Morven Fyfe Ellie Hampson Rene Cantiani Jean Mearns gordon Samantha Hallgarth Adrian Sharp Janet Fanning Neil Mcculloch Betty Ritchie Denise Dodd Iain Alistair Cooke Mrs S J Wilson Sandra Walter Tricia Sheerer Kenneth Matthews Tim Johnson Ronald Webb Alex Wright Mike Tin Patrick Vaughan john carney Peter Thomas Jonquil Stead Stephen Clayton Margaret Slatcher Jacqueline Spearing Ann Etchells Sarah Dundas Lisa Price Eleanor Wilkes Sean Martin Richard Coates Jacqueline Faridani Katherine Collett Cathy Metcalf Hidefumi Katsuura Sara Dennis Sandra MacKenzie Jan Williams Ross Bayliss Anne Fraenkel Matthew Loffman Richard Aungiers Frederick Eden Liliana De Castro Paul Myers john holden Amanda Wagstaffe Lin Page Mike A’Bear Leonardo Ginevra michael storey Martyn Perkins Rosemary Goodacre Louisa Parkes Karen Archer Trevor Procter S Toal Stephen Rice Mindaugas Jakstas Dil Green Paul Darius Chris Melbourne georgina peachey-saunders Clive Gallop Julie Hughes Amazon Rose Paul Zammit Michael Torosian Chris Stephens Susanna Shelton john buxton judy gerth Manuel Uribe Brian Vallely Sheila Kearney Nigel Smith Ben Knight Battey Simon Milan Graham Nickson Dale Strickland-Clark Lydia Stanley Judy Epstein Adrian Dawson Michael Dutton sandra kempthornes Alexane Martin Sue Oldfield James Jackson kirsty whiten Mark Duggan Tom Harper David Davies Mark Broeckx Elaine Procter David Holmes Janet Smith James Turner Michelle Matthews Jamie Criddle ian casson Una O’Reilly joseph depasquale Helen Jeffries Tomas Ayala Susan Cunningham Carolyn Telford Emma Jackson daniel knowland jacqueline c H LONGMAN Mark Vickerage Joshua Keeling Elizabeth Stapleton Johanna Prinzessin zu Wittgenstein Abz Matthews Kane Guy Julie Dawsom Karen Andrews Daniel Wells Emma Ogilvy John Slater Heather Hampson Laura Forman Ali Bruce Sara Gert David Hursthouse Nicola Eaton Adam Cade Sally Parker Carole Payne Richard Strange Elizabeth Daniel Allan Thomas Michaela Elston Melvin Jones Fran Curtis Robert Crowley Bidi Broderick Jannet Mathers David Thomas Michael Randles Laura McMenemy Raymond Munns Susanne Visser Hina Parmar rich ogil Marlene Harris Kallista Veltkamp Jill Palmer elma katz Neil Eisenhauer Emma Monto Roderick Child Dora Marshall Andrew Ogg Diane Gan Christopher Brown patrizia urscheler Elizabeth Martin Joanne Mathieson bee Collins Lorenzo Garcia Timothy Cresswell Sabine Andree-parsons mark Maish Darren Chetram Gary Reese James Filkin Robert Hall Barry Watling Roey Jones Maria Vicente Sheela Thandasseri Chris Mott alfie mchugh Paul Crisp robert cooper Alicia Castrillo Jackie LeBret Kim Walls Jenny Faulkner Detlef Rahe Martie Glover Heather Whyte Vivienne Miezitis J Price Michael Walker Kimiko Teramoto Roy Birch Danielle Lewis Peter Brown Patrick Kyle Derek Spicer Pamela Morris Ali Young richard grosvenor Michael Casey Naomi Alexander Helen Schilling Fiona Tchen Deborah Scott Linda Nicholson ERICA BALE Claire Stevens joanne sharpe Oliver Noble Harry Lewis Marie Rhodes Andrew Palmer Ian Davison rich ogil rudy FORCE craig harley wade jardine Sarah Demb Amelia Franquelo Esther Bunting Charlotte Blake Lorna Bailey-Towler Diego Avesani Priscilla Marchant Joy Waugh Jason Bromham

geraldine rowland Tom Bragg Angus Freeman Bee Bee Waldon Anthea Rooke Claudio Iacopino Nathalie Quesnel David Cosh Andrew P Hicks Graham Brooker G Beckford Rosemarie Whitley Nicola Taw Richard Day Michael Jeffries Tom Fosberry Fiona Stewart Edmund Lilly David Samways Emma Brown Tony Lansdowne Christine Hemmings Sue Ferguson Kristen Kleps Alexandra Addams Richard Copeland Rich Lowe John West Laura Richens N ROHL Irina Manoliu Barry Worsnop Deborah Williamson Katrin Volbracht Tony Carter Steve Small Stella Beddard Reubin Whatton Paola Dionisotti Steve Barnham Chris Gardner Victoria Simmons Tom Faulkner Ben van Heygen Winston james charles churchill Sue Edgley Caroline Bradley Joel Cosham Terrie Williams Amanda Gardner Janet Edwards Shelley Reeder David Hanbury Alison Smith Joan Allwright Jayne Lewis moyra cumming Carol Moseley Helen Miles Mel Roberts Diana Jerman sue webster Wendy Logue Jenny de Montfort Rhona Jackson Eric Worrall Andy Clegg David Johnston Lucy Parker Emma Smith Richard Body Vesna Jokovic JAH Nusink Peter Lewis AA Christine Mansfield Charlotte Powell Eileen Porter Eva Abraham Elliott Smart Eileen Wolf david beebee Jackie Capaloff Stephen Goddard Alain De Prins Annette Heritage Caroline Trim Irene Goncalves Melanie Frankell Lucy Munday Joanne Olafson Toby Austin Clare Gaunt Christine Yeates Niall Buchanan Philippa Dalglish Andrew Horrocks Valerie Gutteridge Jon Palk michael Barns Penelope Wright Marilia Lins Pinto claire mcdougall Bob Gaiger Joanne Harris Helen Sheridan joannne hanley Toby Dyter Mark Harris Suzanne Marshall Barbara Hill Katarzyna Ekiert james Stuart Melanie Richards Ernest Davis George Jefford Marcus Bain Julie Whalley Catherine Greenall Martin Wells Mark Stevens Ann Ford Teresa Killick Richard Teil MARTEN TASKER Zoe Burt Maria Thomas Tristan Green Hannah Sams Melanie Johnston Radka Rubaninska Nicholass Gyngell susan shinton Nadia Archer Chas Reavill Nicki Symington Lynsey Hunter Harrison Tanner Heinz Grunewald Leonardo Feria Helen Fursdon Deborah Martin Jean Collins Elizabeth Dimbleby Dave Stemp Mark Godbolt Thomas van de Steeg Ellie Edwards Lucy McGregor Jason Chapman Julie Bell Wendy Dennan Neil Axe Chrissie Hurt Chris Matthews David Meyer Raymond Parsons Kathy Cartledge Dan Uturns Carol Warnock Sheila Lewis Hazel Anderson luke allen Shannon Addy Azharah Burn Sandra Fryer Joyce Hirst Simon George Spratt Karen Blake Judith Mason Dan fa


Jean Mortlock Susan Corbridge Graeme Neale Mark LOCK Nicola Yeates Stella Booth Margarita Camins William Tracy-Youngs Alan Boyle kathy lowers Lisa Barnett Christine sharples Linda Padgett Charles Goody Filippa Bohlin Carolina Varni Paul Field Dave Brock Mary Adams claire hall Jane Vinar Gareth Griffiths christine hivet Alexis Delage Donna Wallace Narvel Annable Gayna Petit - Gittos Sue Sheppard Nigel Dodgson Robert Cassels Aleksander Lindemann Carrie Dudley Joan Vincent Mark L Peti Maggy Howarth Anne-Marie Woolley m syed Nicos Costa William Hopkins Mike Verity Emma Deeks Barbara Adair Mick Gordon Renee Marchant Vivian Roberts Andrew Heath Ilona Muller Andy Diss Paul Vallot Eleanor Askew Emilija Mikutyte Dianne Wood Charlie Lambert Patricia Reynolds Jon Bowyer kevin rylands Allison Shelvey Nick Maynard Ali Akhtar Ralf Busch Neil Turner Ivor Mitchell Michael Pringle mark loftus Judith Evans Liz Austin Oliver Gill Margarita Camina JOHN PRICE Steve Johnson Neil Carmichael Tony Fairfoull Audrey Blackwell Tazmin Mirza Brenda Pomfret E McLean Richard Nicholls Anthony Southworth Bob Oakey David Reid Janeen Martin Thomas Haynes Alice Miller chris wills Barbara Taylor Marianne Lilley Asil Carlin Peter Harrison Hannah Ayre Angus Mawby Linda Hartley Pete Ivatts Steve Bickford Pala Senabulya Sharon Jones Betty Albon Jan Ferguson Lauren Weltch Valerie Powley William Glynn nick revill Andy Pickering Layla Wade Nick Gibbons Joanna Davies-Iadanza Adeline McMillan Stuart Wilson Christopher Stones Debbie Beale David Mundy Neil Antony Ewan Muir Thomas Clarke Janet Kerr Lindy Jeffery Caroline Pearce David Hughes Harry Fowler ANDREW BERNHARDT Lloyd Haines John Blair Ana Copus Anna Waksman Mark Todd Peter Gunn Alexander Ikhide David Bruchmann graham granter Hisham Elezaby jan hughes Susie Stokes Helen Benjafield Frances Rees Stephanie Tyler david goldsworthy Annick Ireland Paul Singer Michael Gallusser Joy Killip Ruth Wilson Damian O’Callaghan Linda Badham Dave Wright Helen Mc Murray Fraser Gault Nik Lecuyer Eliza Foster Charlotte Steel geoffrey white Sheila Whitlock Margaret Thornton Mary MARJOREI Rigby Jennifer Boddaert Stephen LeFevre Richard Moore Nicolas Lahaye Paul Dey Linda Smith Charles Haywood Janet Fox Jane Gannon Laurette Hilton Lynda Crowley Karin Lanthaler Sarah Edwards Kathryn Gordon Kathleen OConnell Claire Spall Angela Saunderson Jacqueline Rubin Alan Hind Lin Slattery Jon Evans Emma Burnham Linda Watson Agata Chromcewicz-Fluit Carole CooneyCuttelle Michele Sneddon Sanya Sanderson Linda Bowden Claire Pope Christopher J Whitehouse Mark Smith Baerbel Wichmann Ann Stewart Paul Lam Tudor Boca Charlotte Jones Linda Reynolds alex mackenzie Richard Bowyer Danika ten Cate Sara Ellisson Laura Knight Brian Forster Sarah Grant Benjamin Hedges D L-B Victoria Sandilands Sylvia Heinrich Kim Bridges Christina Craig Sue Hutton calabryn lester tony rowles. William Stanton JUDITH THORNE David Williams Jill Chandler TERINA NOTZ Christopher Rice Eva Novotny Sally Milligan Derek Fitzgibbons Lesley Saunders Peter PHILIPS Kat Skroban Duncan Barrows Andy Stringer lucinda anthony Alex Hudson Craufurd Pauline Kelly Grace Onions Kevin Glasspool Michael van der eijkl George Clarke Raemond Bradford Edward Bryan B Scott dee conlin Lisa Busby Neil Bradley Richard Ivens Philippe Jadot Eddie Heslop Dewi Jaimangal-Jones santiago camacho Chris Ward Julie Doughty Margaret Jones Steve Fowler Guy Thorold Julie Wagg Olivia Hazzard Lyn Foster Robert Prochera John Bowler davinder khaira Tony Kay Tim Cotterell Lisa Bowman Phil Slattery Joan Weir Simon Walton Andrea Coleman esme SOLNICK Ana Santos JANTY Yates M Coburn Laura James-Brownsell Anthony Gard Jane Colley Ian Purves John Anderton Tracy S Troth Paulo Freitas Ben Bridges Thea Bennett Mike Kerton Barbara Anderton Ruth Costello Natalie Mason David Fairn Ruth Bizley Henriette Burns Timothy Brown Patricia Mawdsley Francis Ellis Diane Renkin Sarah Hall Paul Belford Maria Sanchidrian Lavado Nicola Sutton Sebastien DIAZ Hilary Williams ALISON JABS Michael Drake Richie Ryan Teresa Davies Denise Cursons Jan Chapman Susan Topalian Bill Taylor Ilona Jenkins Anne Taylor Philip Darling Lee Berwick roderic london Anne Knight-Elliott Shaun Quinn Joanne Glenton Caroline Andrew Christine Quinn David Spanner Joe Nicholls


Robert Cullis Michael westbury Sharon Critchley Marianne Ramsey Phil Irons Ann Lewis Paul DAY jenny laws Catherine Johnston jim sewell Jasmine Black Malcolm Symon Christopher O’Brien Graham Till Coreen Cottam Hans-Joachim Kurth Margery Bowser Susan Bryant Clive Wilkes jill m Ryan White George Gregson Jef Leysen Diane Frishman Dene Carrington kim nero Tessa Pritchard Stephanie Miehe Richard Rickell Jane Thompson Bridget Letten Jennifer Gooch Helen Buxton mark harvey-smith Peter Chandler Maja Rajkov Belinda Noel Christine Jeffery Helen Igoe Michael Johnson Colin Kirtland Horst Fabry H Pinder paolo maria camussi Dave Briant Samantha Hicks Lynne Bond RUTH POINTER Eileen Nicholas MJ Martin Jan Cooper Helena Smith Jill g Barbara Humby Maria Costello Jenny Demke Amelia Vernede John Walker Graham Lingley Dave Tharby Sharon Bailey Hermione Palmer Adrian Adams Jane Howard Leonie Walters Mikey Lloyd andy waite John Wood Simon Dolphin alfred lock Charlotte Southcott Emily Lane sue mccartney Carole Wilkinson Andy Stewart Valerie St Hill Pip Garofalo Catherine Kenyon Michael Whaley Joanna Mills Colleen Seymour Colin Curtis Josie Excell Jennifer Carter kim jepheart Jane Clelland MF Wood Martin Ayres Kathleen Rengert Ian Wilcock Harrison branch Jonathan Green Nina Rosier Audrey Curtis Peter Connolly Claire Le Gresley Julie Groves Agnieszka Ror Sally Richmond Margaret Woodward Denise nock beverley pass Heather Price PHILIP TARBROOK Pamela Carney Sarah lees Kim Norberg a mountney Barbara O’Neill Trudi Shaw Stephanie Cussen Mark Mills Jennifer Edelen Robin Minney David Scott Aphrodite Stathopoulou Toni Rimmer Laurie Scott Paul Edwards Aisling Lynch Andrew Dobson Ernesto Wettstein Jacquie Davies Robert Taylor Marian Hara kristina sutaite Erin Maehr Jan Birtwell Alice Day Ada Jones elizabeth jones Mandy Last Ross Rebbeck Lucy Selwood Robert Carr Richard Prentice Elizabeth Davies Martin Shurmer Ian Wells Rebecca Peters Viv Birch Keith Neuhofer Letter Cush Gena Chapman Leah Gitter Jackie Curtis Paul de Zwart john mellor T Pape s gerrard Neal Pearson Elliott Kean Dr Nick Cheffins William Weaver Ian Esland Graeme Christison charlotte edington EDOUARD Le Maistre Brian Lever emanuela trebbi SEAN MCCARTHY A Mills rachel marrs Maggie Sutton Ellen Law amy stupple-bagnall Helen London Amelia Smith Lynne Mitchell Giovanna Iozzi Kim Allen Don Macfarlane Laurence Parnell chris fyles David Mellenchip Susan Woolf Evelyn Leiper Julia Moore Barbara Middleton Jamie Lynde Helen Kavanagh Audrey Dawson sara mark Ann Stevens Alice Fox Lynne Burrell phil neath colin binns christine challans Matthew Chown mandy talbot Colin Curtis Jan McNally Steve Guy David Bartrop Don Warren thelma peete Pat Dawney Marjorie Glass Josephine Darling Katherine Lawrence Stef Lucente Tiffany Paul Noa Rakic wasim khan Vicky Cole Brigitte Rix Barbara and Edward Unwin Selwyn Forster Sam Kumar Richard Colliar Duncan McNeil Elizabeth Lodh Zoe Pearson Janet Spencer Annette Webb Beverly Foster Simon Porter Catherine Davidson Raymond Debontridder Mikko Luukkonen Christina Spyratou Jennifer Birkby Jon Perks Kelly Hushin Vanda Mason Susan Hurst Maggie Whittick Christine Zaniewicka Martin Mowforth Edward Hallinan Marilyn Harris David Twiney david & jean brock mandy jones Guy Debande Anthony Lewis Pam King Chris Hook Celia Saker Felicity Edwards Chris Baron Brian Witty Stuart Kirkbride Linda Windham John Wilson Kerry Snow Kate Lohman Joseph Mandeville J West Genevieve Owen Jones Sharon Meldrum Martin Cove John Bertram m stallard catherine de pradier dagrain Caroline Wood Robert Wale Geoffrey Lincoln Alex Franks HELEN BIGDEN Christos Papaioannou Anjali Kaur Nicholas Moll Nick Hartland Stella Seville richard craven nicola Diepering John Cottee Dermot Ryan Gaia Woolf-Nightingall Barbara Convery John Binias charlotte perrin LIUDMILA KUCHUBERIA Judith Varlow Lee Brown Cecilia Gonzalez Denise Lysaght Richard Berry Kristina Pazitna Richard Harris Cheryl Wilcocks michael john newby Richard Whitehouse Kaysha Sturgess Felicity Ferriter Tracy Thorpe Dave Rounce tony hird Margaret Regnault Alan Morgan Simon Edwards Valerie Briginshaw Malcolm Moor Chris Hodcroft elisabeth brooke Leo Aylen Lorraine Farrell Peggy Bray Patricia Corder alison johnson Katherine Agnew Choong Chu kris coates

Veronique Pere-West Desiree Silarbi Sally Hope Andy Button Lorraine Webster Brenda Rudolf Peter Vacara Naomi Scott Nancy and Ian Wray Richard Draper Jan Lawrence Lucas Silva Erika Clarkson Chris Coleman Lynn Spreyer Richard Bosomworth Jacqueline Jones james corbett Michael Clemens Eileen Dickie Charlotte Stansfield Susan Horne Michael Wickson Vanessa Gordon Michael Evans Donna Snow Dawn McCadden Juliet Mootz David Jordan brenda barnard Anne Rouse Yvonne Cullen Camilla Bostock Sheila Jervis Mike Dziubinski Pablo Rodriguez Margaret Crennell Damian Morley David Applebaum Alastair Brown Clare Edbrook Kelley cusack Catherine Herron Margo Harkin Alex Donovan craig harding Nicky Bishop Gerald Cox Anna Shorney Marilyn Hesslewood Pat Watkin John Kent Susannah Jennings Linden Veitch Mark Craske Claude Shields Samantha Calder-Terri Gregg Paget Catherine Duggan stuart hossack Peter John Leech Pauline Witty Zoe Atherton Jane Christie Margaret Anne Itoe Robyn Gard Sam Child christopher hyson Haze Kelly Gillian Rose-Smith Eirlys Edwards-Behi trevor wright Gillian Simpson Gwen Hanson Kate Love Amir Soormally Kate McIntosh Sandra Holdsworth Paul Lucas Rebecca Colbrook Angus Clarke jane shepard Hannah H Paul Meek William Kemp Emma Cavalier J Young Hazel Rowcliffe Amritpal Syan Jacqueline Ward Judy McGuire Thomas Evans Chris Mower Oscar Ancliffe Simon Allison India Grice Charlie Deeney Yasia Leiserach Dafydd Job Rosalind Griffin Steve Venters Emily Lung Bee Evans Tim Wilson Elinor Harriss Rob Wilson Ann Jenkins Colin Evans Gerard Hayes Mark Crutchley Laila Sharif Rowan Twine Annie Campbell Fiona Mccallum Stephen Leggett Mal Ford henriette GROESENEK Erica White Rosemar Wild Susana Rivas Susan Harland Marilyn Butcher Genuine Love John Neiger Michael Shaw Kate McIntosh Andrew Fisher Antonio Verdugo Kathryn Taylor Jean Teague David Smith Avril Shaw Steven Wood Jim Miller jim lawrie Janice Farrance Marie Budd michela thomann Jayne Hollinson Jacqui Gunter Eloise Shorney Paul Bloomer Emma Walton Don Whyte Grainne McLaughlin Joanna Nind Jane Reynolds-Smith Avis Thompson Jonathan Lucas Sarah Mazer James Vernel Natalia Brown Christi Cleeton Susana Mignon Jean Hopkin Leslie Etheridge Kenneth Bray Jon Giddings allan ramsay Janet Vanner Ann O’Reilly Veronica Hilton Zena Choi Sophie Wright Jonathan Bugg Alan Bird Daryl Yeoman Christopher Syer Shirley Swan Amina Erdelen Wendy Bloor Karen Bamford Peggy Detmers Simon Szreter Jean van Altena Bryan Wakeman Dean Shrock Patricia Sara Collins elaine williams Nino Rapa Gary Brooks Judy Young Henrik Scheutz Al Green simon norbury Jean Marsland Ron Teague mervyn llywelyn-harries David Mansell Jackie Morningmist Diana Kaufmann SILVIASOLAUN Benjamin Smith Pam Southernwood Ian Salvage David Kiernan Karine Butchart Vicky Padbury Mark Quinn Sam Callister Bart Van Gasse Andrew Davis Robin Johns Amanda Woolley Anna Colgan Marg Stoneman Valerie Hunt Thore Andresen Jenny Cornish Jessica Walsh david gowling Taisha Ismail Cathy Cass Adrian Denning Anthony Creamer Tony Gray stephen wood Gordon Keitch Sarah Malone Mark Whitworth Julia Bell Christopher Pearce Kristina Eldred Andrew Lubran Paulina Rinne Anthony Smith Aidan Putland Mark Bick Phil Carter Barbara Jones Liz green Cor van Kuijk Susan Corbett Jeanne&Graham Morton Jennifer Chelley Brian McCabe Helen Taylor tom pizzari Valerie Beltzer Richard Blomfield Meg McNair patricia sheppard Rosamund Williams Patricia Saddler Wendy Finn Colin Bent Elodie Mae Sally Ravlic Bruce Jones Nici Lilley Christine McMillan David Austin elizabeth cairney susan Burbridge Peter Coblenz Peter Nye Stanislav Statev mark robinson Linda Fair Ilona Bryan Felicity Watts Carlos Piera Helen Djerkallis Susie Sullivan Stuart Towland Joanne Wales-Smith Sarah Green Peter Clarke Marion Ross malcolm witherington Lynn Longman Thomas Clay Katherine L James Cogger Lars-Erik Hansson Guy Castonguay Ali Donaldson Deepa Balakrishnan Christina Upton Linda Golding Stephanie Bentum Chris Walters Romy Opperman Sylvia Lee-wild Christine Flinton Imani Backes David Wright myriam lefebvre Ruth Houghton Simon Hayward Gill Watson Julia Walker Philip Macdonald joanna munro Margaret Foden Risa Greenstein julie hanson Maria Ramirez Philip Carr-Gomm Dom Greenwood Lee Mc DONALD Julia Griffiths Anne Marie Hutchinson Sarah Massey Bill Last

Susan Coppard James Cresswell Tanya Callow Jane Slatter wendy white ian camplin Jain Haste Anthony Browne Lindy Bryant Sabrina Stolfa Graham Pilcher Belinda Shaw Anna Regan Ian rogers Claudia Egremont-Lee Betty Chalkley Eva Bednar Rachel Adams Richard Worsnop Susan Waughman Jacqueline Bristow Gerald Ellefson Anne Siedle James Moore Vivien Botha Jacob James Katherine Love Helen Medland William Routh Emma Roz Paul Speak Carolyn Hemsley Marilyn Parkinson Geraldine Ryan sarah-jane ash Pamela Thornycroft bruce russell Shaun Hayes Laura Derry Natalya De Lance-Holmes Gary Normington Louise Helliker jose barbedo Mick Derwin Sarah Ngo Jacqui Smith Rob Zenker Terry Rigby Ester Kincova Lynne Roberts Gillian Bennett Alberto Lejarraga Leigh Shears David Cooke Andrew Weston Maria Guerrero Anne Pears Susan Horobin Ruth Carter Ana De Carolis Bernadine McDonald Barbara Bezjak Chris Granger Leigh Book Garry Barker Helene Davidian Helena Smith Tess Glanville Patti Blevins June King Daniel Upton siobhan wall Marion Hedley robert Millward Gary Leney Barry Oxley rita harris James Noble Iain Davidson Phyllis Johnston Ralf Teubert Martin Henley Cathy Padgett Graham Rimmington chris nelson Toby Sallis Lydia Docherty Julia Shaw Simon Jacobson Denise radford Jonathan Lewis Debbie Ward Belinda Mattingly Sylvia Willars Patrick Spain LIEVE RYCKX Tessa Mason Graham Trengove Walther Mathieu Brita Pettersson Nicholas Knight Steve Green andrew hall Lesa Elgar James Humphreys Lorraine Smith Robyn Conway Martine Mc Kay david pearce June Raynor Susan Hemple Marie Driscoll Colin Luker Susan Hale Linda Carver Joseph Cox Stuart Brown srijani bhattacharya Dee Jones Beth Foster Eleanor Clarke stephen sterns Iain Stewart Eleanor Sandler - Clarke Yvonne Sparkes Christianne Cronin mike collins Luke Dodson Lorraine Jones Don Moore Rita Karwinski Neil Moss Arthur Greenhalf Andrew MacLeod Morgaine Merch Lleuad Rose Campbell IAN LORRIMAN Owen Williams Gladys Cloke John E K Fenton Dinah Ellis Graeme Shiplee Adrienne Gear Alan Taylor Ruth Smith Lisa Di Giuseppe Christine Edwards Rachel Campbell Aparna Iyer Sue Archer Chris Jones Claire Bosson Rachael Sanderson Franc Andrews DAVID EDWARDS Patricia Evans Trevor Broome Dimitri Seevens Julie REID Roger Heaton Natalie Sadie Alves Steve Gillings Julie Burnett Amina Heywood SANDRA PEERS Bridget Spring Sara Bentsik Adam Weston William Farrell Rosemary Davies Carole Nelson Chris Hall Paolo Panzarino Elizabeth Jeffress Janis Thompson Terry Harrington Dan Shooter liam dalrymple John Pickering Mark Atkinson Gary Deane Chris Malkin Katalin Suter Cecilia Parsons Wenna Peters Simon Townsend Andrew Kennard Evelyn Way Clare Mckenna Eleanor Marsden Nora Vogt Dee Telling andrew shadrake Jane Fay michael toland brenda gillespie Diana Watmough Jurek Bielecki Joep Boode Peter Carne Bob Field Elizabeth Donnelly Sally Dale Terence Hudspith Nicholas Panizzi John Watson Eileen Drinkall Patrick Cooper alan craddock Maureen Rawcliffe Jon Opie Chris Slade John Halliday Michael Craven Deb O’Connor Philippa Smith S Ortiz Tony Allen Linda Potter Roy Roberts John Bailes Jonathan Mosse Joseph Roscow Linda Coates Nancy Tomalty Sue Westbrook Mrs M J Franey WS Lam Janine Smith Mark Hetherington Anne Pritchard Olive Macdonald Andy Fiore Benjamin Jennings gav Robinson John Maynard Phil Bryson Paula Unger Jill Thompson Philippa Smith Daniela Vilu Thomas Flynn Roz Kadir gloria pearce Jane Kennard Ciaran Roberts Anne Hill Barry Cross David Parsons Karolina Kulikowska Vanessa Giussani John Rhind Margarita Hanlon Edith Downey Lewis Lane Carol Jameson Eilis Carpentier Richard Jennings Jo Forrest Adam Weymouth Geoffrey Hardy Lucius Redman Tom Tamplin steven bisset Fay Storey Rob Wardle Mary Elizabeth Clare Lewis vanesa costa Stephen Deacon Marilyn Dillon Jennie Watson Laura Lennox Dinca Ioana Anca Matt Roberts xxx tree Liz Badman Steven Ruffell Margaret Westmore Ange Sampson Barbara Berry Shuddhabha Lannen Karly Green Steven Husband Barbara Cooper Colleen Bowen Paul Dicken Ian Peacock Ian Goggin Frank Bowness Peter Relf David Poulter Becky Fairhurst Kevin Liddy Maja Myszak Joan Lintott Lenore Flanders Rachael Sutcliffe Victoria Turnbull David Salter David Balfour Elisabeth Bittremieux Tim Jeffries Ed Castelino Kate Dwyer

Catalina Fernandez Mark Hartung SE Hackel Carol Price Mike Doherty Charles Snelling Peter Underwood Carla Sharpe Sue Beechwood-Hunt Fiona Llewellyn Emily Mason klein joelle Jean Clare James Danaswamy Marian Hindson Tracy Schwartz Andrew Stainthorpe Guy Dowsett Chris Brooks Paul Miller Sasha Patrick Jamie Shultz Vincent Homolka Catherine Clarke Ian While David Tromans Joanna Hughes Heather Knight Frankie Barbo Gemma Russell Jana Titus Sheila Ferrier Colin Holmes Brian Appleby John Howard Liz Davis jeanette gurney Alex Joyce Anna Nygard Charles Harvey Robert Walton Jackie Britton Andy McGregor Hilary Bailey Iain Bennett Margaret Simpson William Russell Monica Biagioli ann Redgrave Julie Watson-jones Anne Harding Josie Underhill Richard Cohen Eoin McCarthy sean chalmers Dr Tony Cooper colin nolan athalie Crawford Peter Dockley Grzegorz Gwozdz Martine Verhoeven Claire O’Kell Jill Taylor Gordon Couttie Martin Hobbs Marcella Holland Ross Christian Topf Janet Pybon Rosemary Dahlqvist Angela Saunders Hiran Perera Rosie Stentiford Stefan Siwersson Donald Goskirk tessa hillman Sandra Curzon Subir Das antonio silva Grainne Dolan-Parry Ann-Britt SHARVELL Pauline Hammerton Vida Henning Stuart Laslett Lucinda Torabi Sean Breed Terry Smith Christopher Law Keith Phillips christine campbell Carolyn Windos Julia Birchall Victorya Muscat Alison Bancroft Anne Hillman-Churcher Neil Taylor Julie Gillam Laura Sutherland Holly Conyers Mo Smith Ann Partington Paul Newbery IAN GIBBARD Monika Roth Dominika Bujnakova Miranda Gibbon Ewa Honstvet Hilary Allman margaret hanthorne Penny Rutland Paul Norris Steve Tickner Robert Jones Gavin O’Shea DOROTHY CROUCH Claire Bonello Mary McLintock Alexandra Meaden Jan Fotheringham Kim Niblock Pam James Sarah Layfield Jason Shepherd Martine Bos Caroline Scott Mo Blogg David Melaney Alan Collins Charles Johnson Terry Brough Hayley Neil Hannah Southern Simon Verschoor david lloyd Thasoula and Jonathan Campbell Paul Doyle Alan Ramsay Renate8 Tischler Bernard Digby deborah lush Sally Dulieu Eleanor Bishop Thomas Fox Sue Ireland Jonathan Neville Annie May Nici Clarke Femke Metz Terry Gaussiat Carol Reeman Ruth Lesley Webster zoe henshall Mark Richards Paul Horsefield Jane Drummond Margaret/Jill Luscombe Angela Heap Sylvia Tilbury Gambi Bowker Ian Hands Anna Finucane Sam Fairer Peter Strong June Seymour Malcolm Weller Marian Cruz alexandra wiseman Rob Fairmichael Lou Rapado-Evans Kathleen Fox Chris Usami Miss S Parker Susan Hall Ross Cameron Victoria Coutts Victoria Azemoon Pam Rispin Jill Boulton Helen Wright Andrew Rogers Laura REID Andrea Williams susan hardy Daniel Strandberg Morwen Brosschot Nic Allenby Nand Singh Maggie Armstrong Iain Cadman Antoinette Hookway Michael Cook Fabien Raymondaud Joanna Griffiths Peter Watson Virginia Morgan Dani M. Mirjam Schwitter Andrew Roby Tony Lewis David Robinson Kenneth Davison Alexandra Stedman Caroline Assheton Edward Elliott patricia Leighton vasiliki voyiagi Jan Kuiper Mary Hunt Charlotte Davey Alison Mackenzie Caroline Andrews Marcus Ranceford-Hadley Neil Cameron Felicity Taylor Lucy Woodman Kay Kaufmann Ivan Barnard Lynn Hutchinson Errold Hawkesworth Lynne Clark Karen Sweet Jacqueline Hall Elio Santos Will Richardson Christopher Byrne Sheila Curren Alexandra Redish Chrissie Williams A Roy Rebecca Murdoch Tony Robinson thomas waugh Jeff Taylor Phil Whittaker Matthew Petrou Marianne Sharp Jane Northover Lise Bosher Vladimir Donkov Marianne Tissandier Vashti Ballard Peter Knowles John Patterson Karl Horbelt Andy Clarke Fiona Blundell Caroline FLINN Frances Brown Ryan Hollas David Skinner Jessica Kelly Cathy Broome Isabelle Redon Jane Read jeff newton Sally Lane Tim-Thierry Meert Juliet Roberts Charles Stokes David Gover Molloy Patrick Garth lowe Nikolay Sirotinin susan cook Marcos de Armenteras Cabot Pallavi Devulapalli Angela Bennett Mark Stone Thibaud Herem Ray Hetchka John Sheridan Ghislaine Allsopp ben jacob June Webb Reshma Thiele Sheena Baker S. Li Linda Sharratt Graham Davis G D Atkins Heather Fenwick Nick Wilson Bernadette Laloy Rebecca Butler Karin Ro Nicola Vickers Virginia Sharpe Philippa Farrant Deborah Gardner Kestrel Maio Zuzanna Harasimiuk Peggy Beddoe Vicky Allan Andrew Williams Elena Gj Helen Steege Gill Learner warren flanagan Alexis Shepperd Jonny Evans david dixon Charlotte BEVIS Caroline Parsons Natalie Fox

Inigo and Anne Kilborn Christine Payne lottie sanders Danielle Brooke doreen morgan Andin Ngwa Robin Waterston Gillian Gernetzky Phillip Skoyles Sandeep Patel Mark Morrell Peter Blake Samantha Alpine Robert Ortiz Hannelie Basson Astrid Haigh-Smith Alison Guest Jo Reid David Benedetti Paul Booth Chris Poole Eric Seibel Susan Spires Daniel Tregidgo Richard Hickman Melanie Wakley Katrina Brown csaba horn Noelia Ambrosio rosemary allen Susan Lantow Carien Bloema Gillian Palmer Waltraud Pospischil Kenneth Brewer Wendy Shirley Margaret Hinshelwood Katie Leeds Jenny Shardlow Valerie Cooper Tim Hart Phil Allen Linnea Costello Slim Smith Jamie Frazer Flo Bound kathryn smyth Justine Lobos vicky kissamos Charles Stevenson Jacqueline Campbell David Bird clara lima David Hampton Barbara Burton David Finney Zoe Carter-Beedie Judy Russell Belinda Lowis Tim Baynes Heather Reddish Tess Mahood andrea thorn Marina Livesey Deborah Harford Lucy Mann Erica Blinn Thomas Landahl Paul Turtle Hannah Blair Jean Martin Amy Webster Carol Bickerstaffe Sophia Naylor Ann Tilling Sue Farmery Robin Brookes John Thwaites Paul Sutton Sabrina Ashworth John Batey Carole Lattin Marilyn Miller Carolyn Schofield Stephen Bryers Gordon Ross Richard Smith Dr Owen Murphy Sue Lawes Tanya Coles susan karacaoglu Chris Thorogood Marjorie Ward ANDY DENKER Raul Landa Michael Hurren Cassandra Wall Janice Brooklyn Myra Boyle Eileen Walkinshaw Hazel Conway Brian Lynch Elizabeth Jeffreys Josef Hafner Helen Chessum Janet Fieldsend Carolyn Hargreaves Rosie Purves pa Callaghan Richard Brew G Berwick Janet Brear Helen Canham Victoria CHADWICK Don Thorpe Mathew Elliott David Purdie Dave Parrett Christopher Curwood Anna Sahlqvist Catherine D. Catherin Loudwill Benjamin Mullins Matthias Waibel Sara Hall Cathy Sandsund Safina Najeeb Margaret Savage Sarah Ryan R Buxton Denise Capel Stefano Scalise Robin Raab-Watts Ros Murphy Sue Carole Gregor Penman Susan Graham Marcia Bell Holly Graham Kay Page Katie Bell Sally Rooney Leigh Osborne Adrian Davis Mark Kerssemakers Steve Moss John Baldry Avellana Ross Emilia Gerritsen Kirsten Freiesleben hadi val camillo boschetti Renelda Zanetti Inge Schmitz Sue Brunton Anne Mathrwson Charlotte Hood Joanne Ashton Sarah McCunn Nathan Dunn Les Gill Kai Lever Patricia Villaverde Tessa Allen CATHERINE WAFER Annie Hedges Simone Bett Val Pospischil Jane Adams Ineke Wiersinga Nancy Pedraza Timothy O’Callaghan mary maceachern Helen Bingham Christina Klein margot fonseca Mike Lane Elizabeth Raven Martin Peck Harry Poole terry griffiths Anna Webster Matthew Luscombe Michael Voss Grangaard Wolfram Rittmeyer sue goddard Rebecca Thomson luis ismael ortega Chris VdR Emily Farrell Saffron Cooper Jan Manley James Allison John Russell Islwyn Johns Ann Alexander SUE ASH Robert Harris charles tweed Peter Fletcher Valluri Pramod Caroline Morgan Claire Pointer Jennifer Duval susan evans Daphne Thompson Elizabeth Perkins Imogen Renshaw Carolyn Maxwell Pamela Kullman Morag McGrath Alison Walters Molly Sendall Victoria Cook Liz Lowrey Paul Hunt Rupert Dorey Geoffrey Kitching Andrew Evans Mohammed Nasrat kim CARTWRIGHT Michelle Maccabe james carter heather williams Jillian Edwards irenw mackay Jeanette Forman Gordon Oliver Elizabeth Smith Dyson England Abi Green Barbara Billinge Jeremy Kelsall Anthony Brand Rachel Wilson Jean and Colyn German Andy Reynolds Adele Clarke Dympna McEvoy StJohn Smith Vivien Aspey Michel Leger Judy Preece Cynthia Brooks jack sear madeline mccabe Luisa Palmegiani stephanie john Claire Scott Oliver Tedder Lorraine Keough keith henderson Nick Mortimore Tina Hallett Connor Sams Jackie Carothers Margaret Wilson Tessa Van Den Bergh John Watmuff Charles Robinson louise money Ivan Thompson kam Severin Christine Burns Simon Childs Diana Palmer mark mcevoy James Lees jim Goddard Abbass Karimjee John Peck Mary Campbell Michael Day Richard Hartill Annette Smits Lynne Walker Jane Wrench Ann 01323 726190 Martine Blyth Stuart Pallant Jackie Smith Suzanne Andrade Michele Cleaver David McFarland brenda glenn Jacqueline Harland Frances Bell D Campbell Adam Coombs Andrew Pluck Margaret Allen S. Keedian etain addey Bev Khan Ed Walkear James Knott Hilary Elder Charles Bockett-Pugh Janet Price Dave Darch Gwen Hobbis kevan gould Emily Karrer Adelheid Russenberger Jo Siers

Liam Hodge Johnny Rodrigues Simon Merry Cate Bainbridge CAROLYN BELL Keith Macdonald Joe Whelan heather Nicholson Juliet Kirkwood Carol Starrs Andrew Wright John Teire Damien Flenley Chrys Henning Ross McCrea Amanda Rasmussen-Huang Rose Titchiner R Ingram Peter Sains Ryan Alcock MURIEL KNEZEK Michael George Tinakrista French Raef Payne trisha snowling John Boardman Arran Plummer John Wood Jeremy Savage Kathleen Gillies Stuart Pearson Martin Ogborne sue harrington Jenny Powell Philippa Kirby Kai Paulden Anne Bateman Robert Painter Kay Lidgard Willow Walker Isla Burton alison potter Roger Hudson anthony boardman Joanne Engeler Sara randall Cliff Hendon Hilary Currie Lisa Docherty Theresa Jessey Andy Collins Dianne Sandler Robert Pfeiffer loveday eriksson fryer Luke Ash christine ellams Karen Hardy Barbara Hine Christina Lewington Martin Hulse Jane Wilkie Bryant Latham Richard Firminger Mirna Dean Christine Berger Andrea Hofling Esther Reynolds Linda Smith Ashley Mullard caroline rupert Kirsten Rinck Lisa Tierney Eva Rozsas Laura Young Ian Clark Irene McColl Finlay McAllister Zoe Buhrer John Divall Shirley Welch Francis Neale Laura Dodd Wild Sue Carter Caroline Pellegrino george robertson Philip Askew Richard Karlsson Julie Currell Rob Coxon Helena Tudor Eileen Hayes Marilyn Luther Edward Bulmer Dave Kermode Heidi Burgess Amanda Brookes Siobhan Wooster Peter Holden Jackie Hodges Alexandra Hammerl Matthew Wood Barbara Hetherington Philippa Wright Mickey Brewer Sandie Ward Pauline Taylor Ana Antunes Teresa Pellegrino Jane Smith Paula Furmidge Eileen Smith Mary Cotterill Julian Davies Rita Rous Richard Walshe Laura Robert dr. fred knaggs Diane Keen Kathy Howard Roy Chapman Margaret Laurie Paul Downing Elanor Roderick Jan Preedy Marcelle Hervo Tom Bloomfield George Appleby Samuel Cooper TRACY PAUTSCH Steve Marsh Gavin Fox Melanie Smith Penny Newman Brian Dorsett Anders Ivner Amanda Ellis Barry Gibson Ron Chisholm Jeremy Leach Eoin Cleland Robin Oliver Jan Eagle Sara Beal alex rainsford Graham Stansfield Paul Hirsh Sandra Creek Patrick Luby Arthur Thomas Mervi Kuosa Kathy Trevelyan Mike Smytherman Frances Howse Nicholas Marshall Paul Giles Jonathan Effer Liz Marshall Jo Small Dita Horackova bellagamba livio Sue Willis GEORGIOS KANELLIS ann Rainbow Chloe Williams Sam Remmer Iain McLachlan malcolm clarke Shirley Helliwell pauline coombes Terry Sloan neville jacob Mel Parker Robert Pfeiffer Emma Truscott Helen Teff Kate Mellor Tom Wall Kathryn McHugh Sara Ortiz James Hartley D Baachas Teddy South Jacqueline Settle Andrew Stephens Alex Rymer Linda Wenzl brenda taylor Gavin Murphy Terry Morrell Sue Badger Peter Little Beth Critton Timothy Parr Hugh Hobbs Christine Bond Josaphine Debnam kevin mcgrandles Anna Ferrie Simon Thomas Catherine Mason Carolyn Booth jj Linda Wall Theresa Newton Nigel White Sarah Edwards Geoffrey Russell Heather Davies Maggie Dove Mary Deeks Stephen Scott Tim Moses Angela Mariner Helen Cooke Laura Witney Helen Davey David Leadbetter Ailsa Hodges Shani Dahl Devlin Thunder Lucy lloyd Sheena Langford Pritiva Attiken peter tilley Mark Parker Vivienne Barry Agnes Pustula Karina Pitt-Nind Rachel Pennant Daphne Norden Mairi Cumming Chris Summers Violet Burchell Lisa Johnston Sylvie Alusse Martin Walton Chip Ponsford Esther Zwanger Louis Botha Harvey French Alex Fegredo Aoife Tierney damien braune Marysia Shadrach Roger Stephens Conor Mckee Irene Davenport Sara Keegan James Saukinsey Colin Elms Ian Ash Emma Ormond Caroline Lloyd Vivienne Grimes Katharine Warner Kelly Jones Janice Rider nicola moxon Lesley Rimmington Jeff Lapworth Mary Mottershead Hristo Hristov Pauline O’Keeffe Tim Wallace sally rose helen baker Paul McEwan Richard Le Corney Elaine Delaney-McNeill Thelma Furnell Ernest Clutterbuck Simon Klee martin hindle Diana Wallace Emms Green Janice Lambelle Pippa Austin Olwyn Belsham Brian Jewell Jean Hands Michelle Barraclough Hannelore Sommer Steve Alty Linda Duley Betty Radesk joan taplin Mar C. Ian McIvor yvonnw rea Samantha Preston Nick Sommerfeld Javier Reigada Andrew Burns Megan Baxter Mary Tubb Annabel Elston Jonathan Oates gregory rood Sarah Brown Sandra New Jacqui Gasson Jo Hines Ivan Cicin-Sain Michel Lorand Marilyn Smith

Anne Robb Louise O’Leary M White Paul Roberts Robyn Warwick Marc Sculthorpe Cynthia Campsall Lisa Churchman Sarah Holland Barbara Dytnerska Andy Williams Shelley Ward Geraldine Welham Christine Jeffcutt Keith Nichols Anne Johnson Matt Brown Jeanette Sitton Graham Bridgwater Liz Dixon Bernadette Callaghan Douglas Killeya David Stanfield Harald Vergeiner Dr Burton Richard Whitman william steele Gary Cooper Katie Smith Stephen Lock Bernadette Brittain Angela Picknell carmela gianfagna Helen John Mark Brown Vivien Maris Richard Robinson Deli Saavedra R L Lennon Louise Urquhart Wendy Fey John Callaghan Penny Graham Dave Pearson Martin Anderson Wendy Carr Desiree Tait Katie Wint Carl Bailey Jennie Jackson Colin Imber Laurence Truffer Melissa Porter Helen Rocci Terri Simkins Callum MacInnes Victor Tweed Dave Field Craig Mansfield Barbara Efde Ken Saul Frances Balfour PAM Morgan ellen farquharson peter stevens Julian Shirley Louise McCutcheon Jan Skinner Rado Korcok Sue Pressley Shena Neil-Smith Olivia Ryder Vivian Duong Laura Lovas dean nicholas Rosemary Osmon Margaret Pilkington Peter Rose Aure Lecou bie clinton Donna Davy Peter Atkinson Dee Marie Gilmour Susan Greaves Melanie Gard josephine buckley Sylvia Irvine Marguerite Daw Deanna Laforet vincent cullen Karin Bint Sara Venner Dave Stretch Malcolm Liles Margaret Fletcher issy stephens Joyce Cowan Pru Cherry Anthony Allen Sarah Chamberlain Peter Smithurst Linda Ward Rem Drew jackie lewthwaite David Trevarthen David Bingham Simon Cassar Robert Parker Susan Chandley Carol Saunders Louella Haenel Richard Canton Sally Jones Lee Ramsell Ferdi D’Souza Melanie Guy Patricia Twinn V Leeder Selena Mara Debbie Downs Gillian Hathaway Steve Griffin patrick McManus John Shanahan Pauline Radley Stephen Lees Margaret Hayday Andrea Iaderosa Lynnette Evans Julius Mach Aislinn Folan Andrea Billen Harry Homan Lucy Daniel Anne-Laure Crouzet Russell Lowry Billie Dibb Deirdre Frith Rhian Morgan Terhi Dwan Barbara Seaton Esther Kane John Godbert Adrian Delemore Rosemary Arthy Jessica Adams Tom Chambers Ryan Griffin Antonio Codina Lynda Woodhouse Peter Griffin John Holden Jemima Thewes Christopher Wood Kelly Rogers Graham Childs Jayne Walker Susan Cariss jane clark Roger Hindin Alistair Cairns Janet George rob visser Paula Higgs Paul Dunn Jane Jennings Sonja Balmer Isabel Ingram Alan McLellan Ali Hoyle Liz Reid Joan Homewood Jennifer Newland Isabella Tree Neil Springate John Green Ash Folan Geraldine Drew Vimalanandi Helen Mc Conville Gwenda Strong Sarah Stansill Emily Canvin Jon Cadman andrea calvert KP Durnall Rebecca Harmsworth Zuli Suttill Brian Croft Sugan Naicker Lynn Carter Tracy Shelley Tabitha Stanmore Oliver Matthews natasha salgado Anne Casey david boag Roy Hollister John Roberts John Turner Shakti Thiebaut Tim Smyth Abbanoub Salama Elizabeth Locke Nicki Means Susan Bailey Roger Cornish Anne ODowd Emilio Passetti Pat Lorber Jay Brown Rose Seabury Rebekah O’Brien Eliana Magno Mat Trudgill Jill O’Sullivan Peter Smith Sarah Kennedy Sue Bullock Richard Anthony Andy Irvine Henry Adams Martyn Challenor Ferdinand Habersbrunner Norma Caton Jill Burdall Jonathan Lynagh-Dunbar mary gill Caz Ingall Malcolm Law Nick Sanders Bernard Logan Andrew Parker June Spencer Sally Kinsey rebecca rowland-chandler Alexandria Williams-Burns Susan Teire Wendy Smith Frank Baele Robert Gillespie Blake Bennett mary osmond Vicky Hamilton Christian Gill Angie Clare Liv Vogt Susanne Burton F McArdle Nick Whiteley Laurance Simon kieran brown Clare Handruo Margaret Green Jonathan Strange Eileen Smith Phil Picton adrian carling Angela Talbot Sonia Foo david carrick Martha Spencer Sean Kell Christine Bassett Petra Haig Penny Barnden Kim Hepworth David Littlewood Eliane Ingold Suz Dobson Marian Condron Avril Griffiths Chris Gardner nicholas king Jeremy Walsh Gary Droeger Carolyn Campbell Cathy Bailey Gillian White Robert Corner Jessica Jacob Keith Turner Turner Dawn de Gruchy Phili Mills Jane Frean Samantha Povey sally pennycate Sylvia Robertson Tara Rose Ade Simpson david powell Hazel Wood Graham Ferguson Brenda Haig Carina Bartleet Melissa Herring Julian Ashby kevin Clarke Ron Hills Fiona Rynn Rachael AdsheAd rebecca rowland-chandler janet and tony haywood biles Shadi Glukmann francine baillargeon

Behroz Rustumji Kathryn Middleton Stephanie Beesley Lynsey Allett Jan Ward J Turner Richard Gwynn Anne Emberton Caroline Price Kieran McBride Jamie Hayward Federica Fasciolo Chris Dring Christine Brown dee whittington George Howatt Barry Stephens Jo Nickson p hope Steve Hay Jeremy Barrell Nicola Bates Per Waaler Graham Cripps Sarah Perfect simon Davis Michael Attewell Hilary David Eleanor Llewelyn Anna Milldown Max Hughes Elizabeth Cargill Carmen Murray Cath Mcmahon Sean Craven Glenda Wiseman Brian Nicholson Graham Denman Yvonne DIckinson Ian Ripper Avril Leslie David Shaw Janet Jarrett Laura Blodniece Tim Carlton Sara Walker Joshua Bell Paul Ramsden Viveka Dagnell Mattias Westby Sylwia Pieniak Jacqueline Browne Pauline Stewart David Bailey Steve Hale Lucy Birot Dean Taylor Catherine James Francesca Burt Jill Cowles Ray McMillan Ella Rolfe Dick Bain Martin Wilkinson Gertraud Soukup Jude Jones Mike Anscombe julie morris LINDA DUNCAN James Milson Ursula Nash Mary Seaman Ray Duff Heather Pansegrouw eva bosch Caroline Van Nierop kara segal Helen Tucker mike angel jo Willis David Gradwick Catherine Evans Victoria Clay Howard Foster Caroline Willmott joy carey Thomas Goldie Kate Marney James Morgan Samuel Davies Jane Maher Malcolm Rothera Tim Dowling Kathryne-Alexis Weygand Christine Tepper Kirsty Jones viviane balthazar Keith Turner James Thompson Conni Celotto JONATHAN trotman Emma Watson Diana Peatey William MacDonald jo woolley Paul Nash Sylvia Harcourt Sally R John Wimsett susan dodds Stephen Foley Margaret Nisbet Peter Mudge Suzanne Roux Jonathan Kimmitt Maria Moorat Julie McGonigle Colleen Thompson Celia Briar David Roberts Ruth Twaites margaret drury Liz Bonsey magdalena collins John Anthony Unni Svensson Terence Regan vera lovinger Barbara Chinn Colin Johnson Ailsa Higgins Chris Devismes Jenny Rafanomezana Bronislav Kawulok David Willis L H Weeks Claire Cartwright Susan Leadley Mark Ansara Sally Oatley Catherine Dempsey Liz Foster Joanne Russell Joan Sales Franz Hutcheson Sheila Wright Sylvie Maney Enid Hennessy Mike Excell Maggie Malcolm debra broadhurst Tricia Hayes Imogen Taylor Maeve Carr Jill Renwick Lesley McDonald John Ryam carl jones Pauline Lyon Margaret Heath Glenda Fraser Karen Law Sue Moores Sophie Hardwick Rosalind Difford Doreen Sparey-Delacassa Chris Speyer Barbara Wright Tony leggett Andrew Dyer Patricia Cockram Robert Peirce Mandy Wiles Hamish Hurley Veronica Aguilar Christopher Hill Astrid Coppock Christopher Godwin Mary Clements Norma Chapman Kelly Morris Mark Poingdestre Koen Van Loocke Gianluca Manzi Luke Murray Clive Woodley Georgina johnson Mladen Obradovic Joao Amaral Stella Benson Annie Spencer Sue Gardner Caroline Johnson Andrew Lait Elizabeth Pendleton Mark Stroud Laura Williams Colin Scarisbrick Graham Thompson Janice Yelland-Sutcliffe Clare Anderson Ian Webb Margaret Palmer Gwen Jones donald russell Lorraine Rogers Margot Butterworth Melissa Selwood Grant West George Speak Ann Jefferson Stina Odlinder James Benjamin Stuart Richardson Kathryn Ladlow Simon Clohessy A Vyas-Brannick George Jones Jo Rihan Andrew Forrest Barbara Cummings Bryan Miller VICTOR KEMP Calvin Parsons Doug Holly Sankurie Macrae S Gibbons LInda Hall lucie stewart Janis Booth Gordon moffat Philippa Elmhirst Guy Howarth Richard Downing Cathy Lovegrove Stig Westermann John Ranson KURT CRUGER Mary Simpson Victoria Hatch Carol Merry Joan Pewsey Maxine Newbury Shelley Johnson Gill Ruffles Ann Morrison Owen McIntyre L Cheese Quentin Goffette Jacob Landers Eliza Self Ken Hope Katarzyna Warren Jackie Pearson richard taylor Ben Colenso Stuart Kinton Ellen Fitzsimons Lee Overy Ann Pog Helen Marshall Graham Hoy stephen oliver Conway Davies richard Luff John Robinson APRILE WICKS Mike Gilchrist Eliot Grigg Susan Swift Marianne Stewart Eileen Holttum Daniel Hill Matt Harvey simon cowan John Ross john hope Lisandra Andrade Kris Ashdown Alexander Wood Joao Sousa Rayner Ye Kate Thorogood Alex Steepe Jill Dawes Ian Hoggan cecilia barton Lesley Gatrell Colin roe marguerite rossell Isabel Jones Jake Bergamin kelly potter Kelly Hally John Pennifold Zoe Hodgson Charlotte Sexton Riki Andov Sue Chamberlayne susie mooney Michael James Whittaker Edward Dowling Tom Browne Annie Holland Kevin Moore

Sheila Hakin Keith Hindley Les Singleton Anne Rutter Doreen Martin Kim Wood Karina Ismail Maria Whittaker Charlton Kuhn Carol Thompson John King Emma Reilly Betty Howarth mark russell Seth Kemball Ian Swift Lorna Christo Diane Simkin Michelle Alexander Samantha Sacks REBECCA WEST Nathan Morgan Jane Slinger Ann Pye Peter Rowe-Blackman Joseph Chesshyre Elaine Pratt Paul Baker Matthew Knight Ruth Francis Andrew McDougall Maggie Tavilla Scott Berg David bailey Kath Green Lance Tonks Jenni Milligan Carmen Millar Connor Haynes Geoffrey Symons Adam Wilkinson Nancy Ruffer Catherine Ashcroft Steven Williams Fiona Kirton Claire Shelton-Jones Paul Van Wijmeersch ELLIE D Kenneth Stoves Eamon McGinn Simon Hill Colin Moore Katherine Shock James Chamberlain Maeve O’Connor Martin Green alf O’Driscoll June Hicken phillip Bullen Anthony Coomber britt lilja Pauline Charlesworth Kathy Perry Paul Glew Mat Marshall Gordon Williams Michaela Burford-Bradshaw Viviennev l Suzanne Mattock Hannah Benham Mairi Byatt Jennie Mead Susan Reed Colin Anderson Nessa FitzGerald Guny Patel Pauline Flannigan Hugh Gillings David KNIGHT Tess Fisher Kathleen Harper Roy Wright Eve Pritchard Virginie Chedal Helen Andrews frances oestreicher Felix Morris John Worsnop Tobias Kaye Ant Pearson John Hodgson Sara Beard Rosemary Burslem Gary Temperley Janet Cannon Peter Dalby Roger Busby hed yaron mayersohn Teresa Hopkins Helga Meyer Linda Gifford Virginia Moore Jon West Elizabeth Basford Anne Glee Jennifer Bute Nigel Barnes Caroline Driver Bruno BERNOS Peter Dovey Lorna Aldred Malcolm Marshall Margaret Russell Tom O’Brien Kevin Roy Niamh O’Nolan Jenny Newton Dave Musson Suzanne White Chris Vens Jane Wilde Yvonne Calvert steve watson Kilperick Lhobet Lynn Evans Piers Herron Chris Ceriale Ross Graham gillian whitbread Alf Sym Susan Pargeter Samantha Roberts Kevin Edwards Maggie Sawkins Edit Todd Craig Bishop Mansoor Ghadiri Jan Palmer Veronica Bolivar Kitt Owen Pauline Passmore Michael Daw John Wykes Paul Carruthers Sara McGavin Nigel Robertson Pat Walmsley Magaret Greig Jacques le Roux Jill Kelly Jonathan Heminsley RH Suzanne Haselton Jonathan Morley Ollie Gammell Philip Nichols Jo Brew Tracy Lean Roger Gies Richard Painter Pat Thompson Penny Angel Jamie McGee Susan Page Roger Rastall Ann Rahman Angie Squires Christopher Brown Geoffrey Taylor Heather Jenkins Peter Edmondson Simon Clarke Tamsin Kielb Tim Greenway Sandy Hutchison Barb Perks Rich Lea Sue cooper sarah Stanley robin berry Paul Micallef Gill Atkinson Jennie Howes Pauline Hartley Susan Clark Colette Higson Amanda Hughes Michael Turner Christine Hill Gill Bourne Marta Garzotto Clare Martin Michael Heath Jane Ingram Vic Thomas Penny Morton Mark Aldridge Penny Allen snowden flood Brett Dennison Ros Grant Elizabeth Dolan Susie Jones Peter Massey Emma burleigh Robert Gondell Hamish Wills Matthew Riggs Helen Armstrong carlo Venturi Elizabeth Garner ROY CHURCH Teresa Travell robert stock Ann Farncombe ralph craggs Tom Hobbs Charlotte Irtelli Anne-Marie Maycock Hugh Mathie peter dorrington Margaret Underwood Sianed Jones Stephen McMurray alex vincent Sandie Holden Jane & Alan Roger Ross Gill Mitchell Anton Garcia Caamano Jacqueline Dixon Nigel Lingley Pete Gill Yogi Candra Katie Thackray Mary Madha Alice Boxall Francisca Poynder-Meares James Thomas Margaret Brett Margaret Malcolm Carolyn Reid Dewi Williams Anne Moir Paul Harrop Judith Bromley Heather Rainbow Carola Darwin Angela ston-newark Victor Talon Torrents thomas Harrison Anne Moosavian effie paleologou Diane Rodger Harry Sawdy Susanna Bearfoot Heather Hurt L Stevens Clare Waller Liam Redmond Owen Brazell Andrzej Szwagrzak Gwilym Hughes Kordula Furrer Stephen Perry Alison Lees Peter Dunmill Maria Manuela David Tom Algie Hugh Pashley Laraine Mitchell Jason Watts Fabienne Bonzon rachel burke jill jones Oscar Pacey Benjamin Cemlyn Moitza Kobi Clare Marshall kaj harris STUART FARRAR Anya Gamble Denis Tanguay Cody Popejoy simon oldfield Melina Meilahn louise du Toit Roger Powell Jonathan May emma Bowen-Jones Richard kite mohamed lambat Mark Hardy john alla Robert Nicholls Kevin Moloney David Williams Alison Norris Norris Shevaun Brooks John Wilkins Kevin MEIKLE Christine Hopkins Alan Hughes Oliver Stapleton Grace Kelly

Matthew Rowe-Blackman Adam Deering Eric McCrostie Jim Pragnell Sue Hesk Gavin Bowler Natalie Bendall Alan Hardy Jorge Martins haydee felsovanyi penny mostyn Brian Ashcroft Hayley Bain Maggie Searle Denise Harvey Theo Young Joseph Lynch Stephen Benstead Terry Burnett Carole Ogilvie Toby Whitehead Rocky Hudson Phebe Schwartz Alan Wreford Felicity Gibson magdalena brnos Rosemary Maccall Clive Osborne Melinda Bunce Liz Till Dougie Wilson Juliet Chaplin haydee felsovanyi Erica Wilkinson Colin McAllister Celia Boswell Paula Dundon-McNamara Roger Braithwaite Brigid Smith Sara Ferrand Geraldine Williams Nigel Seamark andrew steer Rachel Richards Hazel Howard Jean Rich Eirwen Thomas Karmen Baker Madeleine Landou Nicolas Holliman Gordon Taylor Chie Dunford Brendan Barnes Gary Whittaker gareth mobbs Olive Armistead Simon Harvey Jonathan Silcock Julie Foulger john marshall Christine Todd Adam Wilson Americo Ramos R J Jamieson Lisa Boocock Daan Fles Judith Reed janet ramm Ruth Colvin Sandra Martyn Paul Miller Malcolm Royal Steven Reid Rosemary Neal Mark Brown Andrew Walker Trevor Hawkins Shane Tulk Craig Steeland Donald Mackay Steve Chell Rhian harris Sarah Vlayen Aisling Soraghan Peter Edwards Nikki Young Margaret Lawson marian Sanchez Claire Henman S J Lenko Susan Wray Anna Ingram Mark FitzGibbon John Day Wendy Sindall Alison Lumb Angela Council Charlotte Zetterberg Jane Burkinshaw GILLIAN FLYNN Olaya Chesneau Robin Cathcart Maddy Meaden Rosanne Miles Richard Cory coral lemm Katrina Burnell Tim van Berkel Richard Parker Hilary Windridge St John Rowntree Wendy Wright Gillian Kennard Katherine Thompson Gigi Wing-Davies Ella White Doerthe Hausner-Cunliffe Paul HIBBERD Werner Rhein Holger Graser Kenneth Rider Gavin langford Raven Aisling Abi Kennedy Chris Gossop karen Beaumont Tom Beckett Martine Macmillan Beatriz Mestre Alan Slater June Murdock k williams Jean Swift Ali Steen Tara Greatorex David Southcombe Serena Cairns Mia Svensson Daniel Rooney Bronwen Thomas mandy harrison Mrs A Nation Shirley Barr Henry Brennan Al Paton K Hounslow’s w Sarah Harding Roger Harkness Alison Bentley Pete Greening Jan Bowden Esther Jeffs Frits Visser Susan Evans Elizabeth Sajewicz Andrew Phillips Donald Curtis Olivia Ford Fergus Reilly Leila Todhunter Terry Foster BENJAMIN TANG Sarah Galloway Chris Wakefield Debbie Dublin Alan Williams Deborah Feeney Diane Gibbons Sue McCann Judith Sorrell dirk hatch Kathryn Robinson-Burge Nicki Cowburn Teresa Brooks Nick Hinton Christine Brookfield George Hayes Caroline Vieira Judy DUCKER trudy collins jack gilleece Ray Ann James Caroline Heath Caroline Usher Shelagh Day Paul Schulte Yvonne Morland David Lawson jill nightingale JB Norris Robert Pritchard Robert Thurgood Mavis Hawkyard Sue Conner Visnja Cali cieran mcelhoney David Johnson David Jones Laura Vayro Richard Lamb Andrew Stephens pauline davies Karin Capp Heather Goodman Anna Lawrence James Alston camille b Clare Taylor William Hawkins Judith Msrsh Hanif Virani Simon Kellar Thomas Hasler Jackie Durrant Andy Palmer Jerilynn Adams Katie Shread hamish collin Nicola Porter Diana Lee Phyliss Vincent Anna Atkinson angela wigglesworth Colin Short Nicola Grainger Alison Verban GW Jacqui Feely Ian Bruntlett Warren Buxton Sarah Richardson Nicola Clarke Amanda Stewart Lesley Edwards Christian F Holst Linda Atkinson David Sanders George Glover Ian Sadler kerry powell Lynda Lammin-Simpson Les JOHNSTONE Alex Woods maurice hamilton Jenny Whitear Eric Fitch Loulou Brown Mary Martin Jan Kunnas John Park Susan Webb Graham Cawthorne Alan Stewart Judith Freedman Rita Burton Robert Parkin Charis Flavell Mike Brooks Nick Jackson KEITH ROWLEY Rae Davies Phillip Howells Gerry Luby john kelly Anthony Joyce Jen Blakeman Stephen Partridge John-Paul Clough Patricia Hawkins phil dunk Lydia Elders Jo Ingram Kathryn Smith Phoebe Hobbs Derek Thomson Marion Scullion Marie Holmes Chris Washington Thomas Jernhag Rebecca Hill Bernadette Boyes Andrew Naylor Stephen Nash Mark Bibby Graham Hoy jeff drake Jane Marjoram Lynn Molleson Gonnie Heggen Tom Parker Philip Bishop Mugove Nyika Elise Campbell Neil Wynne Celia Twining gwen kermel Tom Wand Eileen Edmondson Sam Moppett Carolyn Amador Lorna Cracknell Keavy O’Shea Albert Ravey Joan Moore Ron Powell

Emma Hayward Allan Smith Bianca Elder Wendy Morgan Amy Brown Deborah Moss Russ Taylerson-Whyte Simon Hughes Margaret Pavitt susan castles Ruben Vaughan jones Felicity Elliott Andrew Burge Anna Gladden Philip Hide Joe Brenan Mario Borg Amanda Boston Rob Seltzer Gill Smithson maggie burgess Bernie Lafferty Vanessa Beilby Olwen Jenner agathe jagiella Derek Crook Colin Fry Antony Ingram Jo Simpsin Jeremy Ross David Dowsett Alison Shelton David Cassell Marcela Kiely Catherine Auld Patricia Tudor Marylyn Edwards Mike Barlow Carmelle Ryan-Sammon Julia McDaid dave perry Paul Evans A Ellam Charles Secrett Julie Gibson Tina Wroath Jane Roberts Sue Davies Carrie Perrin Chrissie Mitchell Avril Haigh Tracey Lane Nancy Crozier Ann Ikin Rebecca Keane Patrick Martin Rosemary Clabburn yvonne lunde-andreassen Stephen Lowe Raymond Krystofiak Jarmila Frost Valerie Furphy Denise Valavani Sue Done margaret hamilton Gianni Rocchi JACQUELINE GERITZ Alex Everard Mark Slater kathleen Ramm Kevin Clutterbuck Patricia Thompson Jan McKenzie Miranda Fulleylove Joyce Robinson Georgina Osborne Marion Smith John Lees Richard Lee Renee Rechtschaffner Alan Cockayne Bethany Tranter Candice Barker JOHN COSGROVE Maurice Potton Patricia Bartley Marilena Senia Bashir Ahmed Neil Sayer frances marks Rosaleen Crooks Jill Mercer Peter Blake Jennifer White FERNANDEZ SANCHEZ Lynne-Marie Partington jackie shead Ana Eugenia Paredes Marin Billie Williams Diana Goodman Dave Hudson Susan McAndrew Jon Donkin annick baud Erin Rees Catharine Melvin Sarah Connett-Baker Wendy Asprey Bill Olney chris lock debbie crookston Shelagh Thornton Helen Craig Adam Greenwood Maria Crossey Thomas Sheils Michelle Levi Sally Asbury Edward Griffin lesley butterworth Jason Broadbent Abigail Finch Niki Underhill Caroline Hunter Chris Frampton Kathy Watson Angela Fry John Thorpe John Duncan Murray Anael Suissa John Maullin Rhys Warren-thomas Jill Revill julia Stephenson Jane Ebbett Vanessa Eve Bernard Rooney Jeannine Rundle Richard Gates Laura Spandley Heather Curry Juliet Green Caelan Gargan Evelyn Skidmore Robert Adam Tony White Rita Mannering patricia butcher Mike Whitfield Viv Levett polly Folley Stephen Kinsella Jason Skirvin Bob Cranwell Tonia Garrett Michelle bowes Rosemary Kelly Gill Hawkes Mary Sawbridge Ronan Bunting A Griffith Jane Bovell Kicab Castaneda-Mendez John Bedigan Ciaran Black Elizabeth Sporne Janette Rates malcolm sargeant Renie Verity Magi Finlayson Gina Steventon patricia webb John Bower Alan Kibble Linda Boddington Val Turner Michael Waller WJ Dominic Janet Gordon Simon Kensdale Carol Kitto Helen Sear Cyndy Bevan James O’Donoghue Georgina Wheeler Alice Kilian Sue Venning Margaret Simpson Jill Dunsford Ben Briffett Mark Robertson michael dennison Philip Bayes Greg Hanley Margaret Herbert Cyrine Ghrissi Jessica Hindle Melissa Lord Graham Wells Janine Fanucchi Ian Smith Sarah Rayfield Wendy Farrington Stephen Brooks Danny Oliver Alan Jackson Elizabeth Waugh kevin dunn Noel Boulting Helen Frye Paul Nelson sam samson David Macdonald Susana Perez Santos Emma Kenyon Sarah Read Kevin Corcoran D Eastwood Marc Wolf Edwin Woodcock mary cecilia Connolly Angela Abernethy Tom Pitman Keith Powrie STEVE OLLIS Tracy Light Robert Harwood Julie Ings-Lamb Joanna vanOorschot Katherine-Anne Skinner Verity Collis Kathy Turtle AYDEE PALOMINO Leslie Mutch Rosalind Johnson Liz Houghton Jerry Finnen Simon Dowling Bryn Jones Paul Mussche REUBEN DAYAN Charlotte Kirkman Ingela Wiklund Sharron Morrison Catherine Baines Sarah Stewart Eila Handyside Paul Morrison Steve Bewers James Mcneill DAVID JONES Maxine Ball Pauline Baird Kate Whyatt Lucy Dove Patrick Whymark Alick Butcher matt neal Linda Collier Liz Lyddon Peter Murdoch ML Fuad Al-Tawil Chris Scott Jan W White Debra Wagner Beatrice Robinson Oliver Gajtanski Katharine Davies T. Tennent David Savige Bilal ALI Kathryn Bennett Jacqueline Carre Andrew Southgate Valerie Harris Neil Pilling Peter Paviour cindy cressey Alison Northway Gail Theobald Candace Davis Lynn de Bruyn Theo Gill Oliver Buxton V waterstone Jonathan Bredemeier Stephen Berg Helen Bamforth Dean Morgan Marek Koperski Jennifer Milligan Stephen Spalding john driscoll Gillian Sever David Burnett PATRICIA Neate Zoe Simpson Grant Goldsbrough Jonas Marshall Lucinda Sieger Sarah Coxhead Lee Ruette Sam Fleming Nancy Gregory

Jacqueline Pilton Avril Watts Christopher Holt Mary Cade Raven Undersun Jarnail Lakha Sally Waltham Karolina Morales Gillian Helliwell Jack Pound Peter Folley Sally Stubbs Caryn Tomlinson Fiona Oei Christine Burt Lizzie Rowson John Edwards Pirjo Korhonen Helen Austerberry Robert Grainger Jan Pardon Ray Hanna Rachel Pink Cheryl Lloyd Rosemary Lomas Anthony Andrews Joan Watkins NEIL JOHNSTON janice stubbings BJS Matthews Steve Godbold Ron Obodai Chris Doherty Derek Haines Ted Brown Ross Baker Stephen Hodgson Natasha White Kristina Regn Glen Park Iain Gilbert Adrian Davis Daniel Wain Linda Maitland Kevin Acton jill jones Mandy Bridger Abigail Galton Francis Brady mike roberts Alison Clark MJ Watson Lilian Ainley Tom Root Raymond Beckett Olaia Caicoya Francis Leitao Robert Algar Elspeth Hannen Steve Wright Linda morton Sally Greenwood Sarah Vollans Maria Griffiths Astrid Bradbury Steve Williams Jean Stafford Andrew Bascombe Sophie Curtis Ana Iedema Alice Johnson Cherry barnett Roxanne Rowland Leila Andersen L Ruette Clive Darling penny hayhoe Marion Fitzpatrick FIONA SHAW chris burks Esther King Karen Rosenfeld George Herbert Kate Bannister Isabelle Manson Blair Martin Janine Fair Debbie Martin Moira Charlton Tim Metcalfe Susan Fraser Maureen Davies Christine Wise Edwina Townsend Fiona Sawyer Ian Roscoe Maxwell Corcoran Ricardo Barata Hilary Pogge von Strandmann Pamela Clappison Philip Coad Mary-Jane Wilkins Hilary Wellgate Val Lythe Christine Woodrow Pat March Bradley Lewis Jo Macdonald hilda denham Natalie Nardone Pat Smith Deborah Havell stefania bonini Tony Whitehead Janet Bungay Judi Anderson Moira Hay Elizabeth Broyles Kevin Porter Sabrina Sauer Hilary Barber Jo Price Marie Butler Juliet Boyd Jane Watson Joseph Hewitt Janet Goddard Linda Edwards Karen Fry Barry Clark Chris Boylin Shelagh Scott naomi pratt Janice Cross Philip Reynolds Sara Huppertz Antonios Pagkalis Michael Clift Lucy Danning mariana perez Richard Ramsden Ian Alderdice Philip Gager Julie Lawton Arthur Sheets joan baines MIKE MAUNDER Jean Murphy Val Thomas Bob Stow Barbara Leppard Eddie Herd Joanne Brown Andrew Anderson Barbara Pochettino andrea greenwood Wendy Hirst Kieran Kiely John Male Eileen Farrelly Anna-Karin Karlsson Lina Paavilainen Martin Harrisson Logan Vineyard Antoinette Finch Olivia Bellini Kate Williams Amy Jackman Anne Evans Enna andrews Rachael Sunderland Tom Murphy Vanna Motta Denis Butler Joanne Banks M. Langeveld stephen bedford barbara rodrigues Julie Atkins Keith Silk Hugo Kerr Jeremy Baster CAROLINE BINCH Mike Gibson Chri

Mareike Kohler Zammit Dionne Toye Carol Freeman Edward Hammond Colin and Gill Sullivan JAMES KORBEL Tim Vaughan John Tidswell Alison King Glenn Masters Catherine Faulds Brendan Moore Emma Renshaw George Craciun Matt Lewis j munro Nathan Salmon Peter Woods Nancy VandenBergh Tahira Khan J Davy Felicity Spence Brian Prime Peter Barlow Dorothy Cox Luna Ibrahim Krishna Sodha Miranda Pinch n Robinson Ruth Lane Derek French Irene Townson Roger Croucher David Barlow Ian Craik Luli Harvey TATUCU MIHAI Sara Bell Linda Blanchard Ruth Negus Beryl Addison Jane Swaden Natasha Richards Elliott Tate Andrew Kears Malcolm Scott Annetta Charlesworth Carole Humber Olivia Qualtrough Yvonne Evans Gillian Dilley BARBARA BARNETT Nicola Heselton Anne Moldenhauer Teresa Seed frances anyika Colleen Richardson james gribbin K Osborne Thierry Tran Stuart Greenwood Mark McIntyre Stephen Blanchard Jenny Morris George Howard Jeanne Berger Adam Zafar Lesley Tranter Richard Spence Nicole JAMAR Sharon Tulloch Jim Rumble D Rose SIMON MILLARD Peter Walker Ian Gardner Helen Taylor Hazel Wooding John Lawson Bill Jeffreys Steve Morley Astrid Mick Allison Lovely Dorothy Kutkus Ewan Brennan Brett Cullen Brian Hart shirley buchanan Michael Breheny Martin New Peter FOTHERINGHAM Chris Moris Kabita Ghale David Fairbairn Sally Curtis Emma Innes dom grant Graham Bell Joan Ward gerri jager Pauline Lazoryk Karen Krzyzosiak Judith Da Silva Sienna MacLeod Emma Ashley Fotini Dionysopoulou Chris Doorbar Federico Cappelli Rebecca Hamilton Magnus Berlin Richard Spears Debra Gibbons Gary Conlon Wendy Halls Adrian Newton Nigel Statham mcarmen vegas SuzeJo O’Connell Jane Collier Susan Stkinson Mary Rice Aneesa Smith Colin Churchill Melanie Catherine IAN FERGUSON Shelley Rawlins Ramiro R. Sousa charles weston Vivienne Morris Annette Hutchison Shirley McCarthy Emrys Jenkins nicola wheeler patricia higgins Robert Grierson Trish Hearsum Holly James Thomas James Vaughan Williams Ann Dowd Fleur Rothschild Emma Catto Gay Sutherland Phyl Newbeck Stephen Lowdon Sam Coates Caroline Buchan Barrie Green Geoff Parker Gary Parkhurst Karl Sylvester Tommy Williams simon hodge Jane Balderstone Tamsin Martin Debbie Curnow-Ford Yolands Stipcevic Nalda Wainwright Julian Dare Abbie Lauren Katrina Billings Kath Robertson Jenny Wallis Robert Hollis Kathryn Moores MICHAEL CASSIDY John Holloway Celia Eastell alan lee Holly Tuck John Gault Ceri Porter Lucy Moore Vincent Sinclair Michael Paul Rebecca McCoo Judy Edwards Francis Joy Georgina Little Marijke Van Der Sluijs Hilary Plews Alison Cowan Richard Soar John Hewitt Jack Seal John Betts Tiffany Barry Martin Allison Joanne Houghton Ann Hesson Jonathan Bourbour Hazel Duncan Norma Griffiths Roisin Dargan-Peel Tony Jones Pak-Lee Chau Kerry Andrews Andrew Akerman Gro Nagel Chris Tatton Pamela Stuart Diane Lecomber adi Thorne Julia Ivins liz neyland Ann & Derek Ashley Noelia Romani Moreno Janet Dollman nigel smith Mark Perris Ann Southcombe Indra Lamoot Elin Matre Charles Miller Daniel Rodrigues Nathalie Vago Diana Janks Pablo Andrade Amanda Samy Nadine Korallus Janet Woodhead Hilda Kalap Barbara Upton Andrew Davidson gloria turner Heather Rideout Keith Burley Erik Van Braeckel Martin Ouseley Ruth Hacking Sue Joseph Rosemary Quin Helen Solomon Rosamund Razzell Barbara Simpson Deborah Taylor Bernard Frank Gerritsen June Row Sally Seamark Nigel Franks Yvonne Evans Mary Gifford Patricia Hemmings Linda Booker James Scully Georgia Crook Genevieve Jackson Martin Horton Robert Williamson Eleanor Rose Brian Fry Helen Saunby karen brown sharon bale Renate Knudsen Steve Austin Joana Portela Regina Gehmlich Andrea Grimson Debs Joyce David Paxton Kim Waddup Iain Campbell Rob S dot schwarz katalin Asmoucha Sarah Bryant tony marshall colin bishop Angela Chick Gillian Pace Joanne Clifford Hugh Loxton Rupert Price Sheila Cameron Derek Fell David Wilson Jon Carter Graham Day Bernie Gervin Judith Campbell John Blewett jess pepper Richard Norburn Margarida Ventura Kay Battersby Angela Jones Doreen Oflaherty Roy Mills David Cohen Jill Collier Anne Hancock Ashok Sinha Karen Thompson Claire Williams Elizabeth Layton Tom Bryson Mike Worsfold Wynand Van Den Berg Kay Hamza Louise Porter Rory O’Connor Andrew Stone Syreeta Farrell ian frolic

Michelle Woodruff Margaret Clark June Westley Hannah Roberts ernie hendrickson Lucy M Johnston Paul Hargrove Ruth Gammon Nicholas Harper Scott Burford selena sheridan Philip Newman Tess Sturrock Elaine Bovey liam hince Casper Brodahl Olling Sue Hammond Linda Rapoport David Adelson Anthony Kilby Margaret Grady Stephen Mills Mary Howard Rhiana Safieh Tony Plaskett Judith Badman paul rutter Lloyd Solomon Harriet Chattaway Mark jenvey ANGELA AUSET Kate Gelsthorpe Naomi Day Pete Rawlings Julie Cowles Julia Stone L Swinhoe Diane Brennan Janet Dale michael moore Sue Reaner Catarina Dias Ian Player Theresa Mawson Mark Sibley Andy Gresser William Douglas Bennett william mcneill robert grant Thelma Holt silvia vaz Chris Carroll Michael Streener Helen O’connor karin pauli Jacqueline Smith Katie Pitcher marie seller Janet Howell Andy Bateman David Sapherson Jim Dixon Susan Wooldridge Gavin smith Kevin Keech GF Wade pamela wiggins Peter Dempsey Jackie Bennett Laura Zeberga Leah Mclaren David Scott Mathew Redfern Carina Andronico Allan Ramsay Keith Wheeldon Chris Puddy Jo Dwyer Julia Burns Brenda Woodhead T Smith David Owner Alison Jones Victoria May Catherine Barrett Helen Wilson Ken Marston Steven Holloway Joy Elliott John Mulraney Judith Musgrave Peter May Shirley Stallard D Swinhoe Karolina Kadlecova David Barthram Marjorie Bedford Stuart Hughes Markus Hohmann Magnus Hofmamm Philippa Askew Patricia Hills morgana daniel Lucy Walker Roger Fox Stella West Renate Rapberger Amy Bool sonia upton Trevor Marsland Julie Milton Julie de Verteuil Linda Hughes Noreen Wall Malcolm Clancy Albert Beale Christopher Promis Jennie Hanafi Kevin Stables G Swinhoe Cecilia Dickinson Anne Cripps Elizabeth Price Julie Hockin lindsay plumb Clare Hourihan Ian Barton Roland Evans Donald Evans Francis Buxton Judith Wilson Souheila Fox valerie loseby Rob Bray Sybille Dubois Heather Roberts Liv Hobbs Gillian Combeer Ian and Julia Inch Ben Griffiths Joy Bloomfield sally cline Joan Rooney anne Ashley Neil Langman Jane Chick Grian A. Cutanda S. Osborne Ashley Bristow Patrick Macdonald Isabella Hitchcock Gail Minter Ben Griffiths P Swinhoe Rachel Feilden Joanne Hirst Johnnie Griffiths Andrew Hassard Hannah Maslen Emanuela Galli Ligal Veronica Pasteur Daniel McQueen Marc Dorman Suzanne Morris Bonita Gilbert Jessica Tipping Chrissy Lyes ANGELA AUSET (ms) John Calder Cathy McCluskey Robert Price Jane Winstanley Denise Shaw David Thomas John Lamb Sarah Legge chris morton Eirlys Browning Luke Klein Robert Jones Kelly Christopher Sarah Cassell Lourdes Escobar Colin Munns Mary Eaton Lois Diplock Brian Wood Ruth Hartley Craig Stone Dolors prenafeta ferrer Ruby Maguire Tony Curtis Xenia Lonergan Adam Magee andrew senior Susan Longsworth Deborah Geddes Ann Nevans Richard S Cornelius Frank Evans Wendy Simpson Mike Arnaoutis Marlies Vaz Nunes Robin Hills ulrike preuss Neil McDonald Rita Cordes Ann Wregg Anthony Lacey J Swinhoe Tom Hall Judith Pendrous Jenny Waight Robert Sanders Bill Wilson Margaret Barnes *Maureen Charters Iain Melville Jackie Margarson Georgina Dealey Jane Richards Adrian Dorst Hsiaohuei Guh Linda Klein Robert Marchant Josse Tuffnell Jamie East Rob Martin Ann Hubble Patricia Smith Leonardo Benucci Don Anderson Vanessa Roberts Pamela Neale jean dunlop jennifer Rath Norma Tarditi Elizabeth Vaulkhard Sandra Russell jo fields Christine Hughes Paul Robinson Anna Stolli Andrea Harding Nick Turner John Cummings ben telford lisa mccutcheon Cynthia Neoh Sam Caine Howard Crowe Katrina Walker chris sanderson Wendy Deeble Martine Tellwright Sarah Kent Andrew Macdonald David Miles MANDY LYNCH Daniel Freear Morgan McIntyre Max Simpson Gabor Mihalyi Gillian Greenwood Jennifer Whitney Nima Rosepiper Susan Thomas Grace Loveday Tracy Walker Joseph Crane Benjamin Arndt Debra Stevens Andrew Lovering Helen Gormley Leah Watt Paul Lund Freda Wills J Griffiths paul coppinger Yvonne Rowse Christine Isherwood Arja Sourlos Frieda Bos Ruth Somerset Jonathan Edou Karl Nesbitt Jane Zurek Thomas Robertshaw brian woolgar Jannette Hinde Gary Allan Kate Sanderson Kate Levett Anne Gayfer Stephanie Matthews Sandra Haynes Paul Barker Kate Johnston Penelope Whittaker-Wright Shonagh Giles Delia Burt Arpana Kapoor Alan Mcvitty Boris Katsarov Charlotte Ogilvie

Jeremy Carrivick Kathryn Nicholson Andrew Brayne Jane Pitcher Jeannette Morris Amanda Ralph Zoe Hedderly Peter Sculthorp Nick Austin Jasmin Owens Jenny Pedder John F Taylor Judith Smith Liz Beecheno Robert Williamson Paul Rayner Mark Gott Liz Wooster Jane Conibear Helen Lush Giselle Stacey Mary Mansley Phil Carter Brian Taylor Tilman Schiel David Davies Mary Carroll Lisa James Don Littlejohn Felicity Veazey David Willetts Karen Peach brigitte walker Carol Turley Lin Hudson Mandy Dutch Muriel Sumner Veronica Squibb Doreen Richings Thi Phan Wendy Taylor Samantha Fell wendy Napper carolyn margaret dickson Sandrina Daniels Kate Webb J M Swinhoe Mike Currie Joanna Caird John Filipsson Nick Harkness P.J. JACKSON Nick James Libbe Madsen ANDREW SWAIN Jane Buckley kathleen collett Amanda Sparshott mick di maio Joan Adamson Edwin Heather Mariana Russo Mark Henning Mireia Calvet Navarro Kristian Green Sanjeewa Fernando Sue Rothstein Richard Mayer Dori Kirchmair Peter Wells Dean Johnson Maria Malson WaiLo Li Mark Wheaver Mary Stow Shirley Pash David Sawtell Anna Reggiani eileen hird Joseph Varey Lindsey Wells fran francis C Gallimore dean lenton Harry Fry Andy Morse Christine Ivey JA Bird Anne Willetts Carole Chad Michael Hathaway Richard Montagu Philip Widdall Brian Leecy Michelle de Larrabeiti Callum Purdue Townsend Annie Yvie Smith Mike Dowson Peter Malson alexander joss Mary Stevens ted francis Jacky Sloane Jillian Parkinson Alan Whyte Andy Palmer Jill Ewbank Philip Houldershaw sam Beardon lynn tor Michael Galley celia garrinhas Aino Leskinen Eleanor Maynard David Chulk Herne Wyldwood Vanessa Wellings Elizabeth Smith Ian Miller Annabelle Blackham Brenda King Alan Burt claxby pluckacre Richard White Gerry Hawkey Beverley Wight Anki Renholm nick eades alessandro spinazzi Eva Marsland Jacky Collenette Marion Mansi John Beeching Johanna Hardy Stuart Tedcastle Catalin Voinescu Sally Beattie Holly Ramsay Martin Steele Ray Fletcher Megan Southern Colette Nelson Alison Williams John Howard Hilary Fraser wilby raymond Simon Baker Linda Steers Susan Brandes lesley smith Morwenna Bell Catherine McGowan Sean Burger M. Dreessen Gordon Emery Barry Jones Patricia England Ashley Carballido John Winstanley Tom Stokes Mon Mehet Dennis Queralt Ruth Jenkins Frank Mitchell Mary Benefiel Dunn Margaret Jinks Tony Rutherford Michael Smith Sue Tomson Anna Millard Geraint Roberts Martin Hynes Karen Baur Juan mari Benegas Alison Mold Jenni Stuart-Anderson Grace Kendrick MaryJo Carney Angie Rogers KIM CROWDER Lyndsey Mclellan Clair Donachie Pam Thornton Michael Buick Derby Stewart-Amsden Jennifer heyl Maureen Schoenfeld Ian Howie Robbie James Robin McKenzie Richard Reid STEPHEN CULSHAW Nicola Birch Gay Weller Gary Calderwood Barbara Fletcher Julie Mannchen Angela Silvester Helen Moriarty Susan Dial sarah allison Jorge Davalos Kira Deschamps Lesley Evans Emma Jones Adam Major Barbara Fert-Pielka Lynn Murray Rhona Clarke Trudy Johnston Margaret Scott April Mills Bill Stallard Alasdair Murray Elaine Murray Thomas Higman Phil Simmonds Rachel Applegate roger bartlett Alan Brennan Richard Todd Alex White Pat McKenna HAZEL HAMILTON Francesca B Davis Allison Gibbs Lucy Cawdery Peter Claridge Carol Sandys Beth Simpson Francine Payne Tom Hibbert Joe McGoran John Reynolds Chris Perrett Jackie Larkin Patricia Chandler Lynn Simpson Caroline Hatton janet walters Linda Muncey Chris Williams Steve Loxley Brian Milton Alan Poole Pauline Kelly John Gillespie Ione Gildroy Lynne Walker Tom Davies Heidi Clements Elizabeth Sillett Tony Worrall John Perry Jennie deBeausset Geoff Harding janet walker george tzias Graham Moore Steven Tully Chris Shipgood Diana Cox Simon Rouse Kid Misso Eric Conroy J Clarkson ariane gagnon Andreas Lange Alan Crowther Eileen Redmon James Grieve Julia Clay Richard Gray Andrew Ross Gabriella Vindis Mike Davies chris burrows Anders Blomquist Elizabeth Morton Peter Bass Sara Challoner Iryna Her Eurwen Jones Rowena Partridge Paula Rhodes Freddie Pembroke jim Wellehan David Gilbey Charles Stones Robert Evans Emma Rumney Jacqueline Gait Owen Bevan Peter Howe Trish Minett Jessica Aldis Shirley Hart Francesca Dorling Marye Wyvill Janet Hill Sally White Kate Prentice Moira Evans Alessandra Di Graziano

Daniela Krucker Philomena Quick Joan Gernand Susan Sinnett Geoff Parrott Trevor Orman Alex Divall Susan Derbyshire Joel Andersson Julie Davies les barker Eddie Fisk Peter Willis Manfred Gerschack Alison Jones Amanda John Jonny Lambert Ghislaine Randal george tzianos Keri Golas Larry Page Bill Pearson Karen sinclair Erica Mackie David Fine Lorna Cosgrave Ian Cuthell Mary Skellorn Bev Vogler Katherine Phillips Adam Chua Christine Jones Lynne Bozeat Nicola Russell Roger Wigram Deanna Keene john Hall Jacqui Green Mark Turschitz Jack Goodburn BENJAMIN PEARCEHIGGINS Nigel Taylor Tony M Sadig Hasanov Nicholas Osborne Robert Grattan-Cooper Colin Lambert guy evans Leigh-Ann Elsey penny tamkin Alex McFie Neil Parker Paul Parkes Chris Bird-Butler Rico Zwicky Cecilia Weston Sonja Ciccateri Victoria Logan-Coulsey Tonje Nove Beth Hooper Elaine Ord June Grant Jeffrey Schmid David Heighton Malcolm Timperley bob moulson Michael Cockburn geoff fox Ilana Daniel lesley eades Michael Lake Christine Woodhouse Pennie Hamer Robyn Spector McCallister clare rizzo Pam Radford Emily Christopher Steve Postgate Ronald Adams Joanne Sexton Dominik Szmit Paul Stansall T Leitch Tracy Strickland nigel faithfull John macquarrie Nick Raeside Lee Hubbard Olivia Hendrick Thomas Lapointe-Missud Peter Tansley Kate O’Dell jeremy jones Lyn Skippen Isabel Tipple Paul Quinn Elizabeth Smith Mike Kennedy Giulia Tasso Jessie Wild Will Yates helen fitzgerald ben morley Max Jenkins suzanna sziranyi James Aldis Pamela Corin Marek Kazmierski Heather Stevenson Maria T. Pitarch Annie Hickson Nat & Sandee Childs Jonathan Angel Chris Laming David Garnham Christine Parkyn Liz Davidson Andy Riches Rita Soane Demir Sezer Andrew Lawton Anna Huxley Susan Hunter Janet Jackson Wagner Maxwel de Oliveira Jonny Thompson Ruth Lamdin Arthur Roberts Derek Baskett Peter Boyle emma dorsett Lorraine Mitchell loraine more Nathaniel Mercer Clive Parry Dawn Dunleavy Spela Ocepek Lagoja Lynda Demangeat Taylor Baker Emma Stephens Ian Dargo Paul England Sara Henry ANGELA Richardson Lynda Carter Julian Fletcher Leanne Kitchin Chris Waldon Zoe Thomas Ann Cliffe Valerie MacFarlane Richard Doemling Brian Swift Susan Austin Lucy O’Brien Roy Palmer Elaine Hammond Alex Bedwell Alan Wells Veronique Fricke WILL TONER Maria Arnaoutaki Penny Lightowler Gary Beard Pamela Cook Phil Bradbury Jim Haywood Emma Khan Flavia Pietroforte Maria J Smith Alan Kenworthy Robat Idris Carol-Anne Nevill Gijs Bolomey Fran Jones Andy Buckley donna ward Peter Verhaege Scott Merry Anthony Murphy Makeda Krish Tom Davies John Graham William Sida rosie james David Rodriguez Vivien Massery John Burke Steven Kelsey Len Liggins Anita Swingler Simon Leadbeater Veronica Robertson Jenni Stacey Richard Lewis Mark Loud Gay Traynor Mark Thomas Andree Rossi Paul Cooper Feathered Snake Jo Anderson Clare Swindells Vinay Chaudhri brenda steele oriano carigi Wesley Christie Annie Sykes Andrew Davidson Sarah Smith Kwok Wong Susan Broad Eugene Uys Kristian Harmby Jillian Robinson Sheila Crowson Alan Barrett Jim Walker John Tomkinson PATRICK CHAMPENOIS Rebecca White Mike Stearn Gaye Allison jean bateman Sadie Holt Anthony Millyard Alex May Emma Overton Kerena Smith Barrington Johnson Jo Hand Anne Blair Beulah FROST Maria Mejia James Copland Dan Jenkins Stuart Bradbrook Laura Meckler peter townsend Yvan NADEAU jane morrell Eddie Balnaves Beverley Nix Vincent Fitzpatrick Beverley Carrington Richard Hallam Milena Szymczak Christine Delgado Monique Edwards Christina Weidig Kevin Shakeshaft Guy Kirwan Troy Putney Kirsty Sloman Ben Archer ray dowling Javier Calduch catherine holden Charlotte Simms Michael Baker Kathryn Watkins Richard Holt emma wray Harriet Whittam Marie Bryant Derrick Nichols C Gladyng Sally Scott Angela Barker David Pritchard Eleanor Dobson May Hannah Roger Sommerville Gudrun Dennis Peter Mumford Ernst Mecke Anne Westerberg Adam Mitchell Brenda Hannis Michelle Williams amelia beirne jack lawrence-cade john paschke Marie Ryder Julian Coombs Kat Kopyt Vicky Clark A Mccarthy Claire Carpenter Diccon James Katharine Taylor Andrew Sagar Lorraine Wakefield Martin Osborne John Nalaskowski Rachel Thorley Elaine Reeve Caroline Johnson-Marshall Catherine Smith Sally Tyrie Willliam Dobson Vivoula Volgas Jan Ivison Nicole Deniau

Jane Priceman Jonathan Townsend John Breeds MBE L (twin) Swinhoe ron bateman Sue Waterhouse Bryan Wainwright Anneliese Hodge Christopher SAUNDERS Sonya Webster David Wood Mich Jills Gert Maes Christopher Knott Sue Williams Rob Fisher Mike Halford christine christophers Rosemary Folker Geraldine O’Brien Claire Smith Beruriah Wiegand Derek Freeman Patricia Dalton Marion Fisher Marion Long Barry Smith Daniel Stopforth Philip Gorton Peter Drake Michael Shepherd Tim Cartwright David Gardiner Paul Capel Michael Beaven Michelle Quinn veronica kincaid Dafila Scott arturas kilius Graham Durrant Hayley Brown Steve Martin Lorye Hopper Chris Whitlock David Anderson Farid El-Jazouli Emily Lusty Toby Hickman caroline francis Sue Moon Stephen Trahair Steve Nash Anthony Helm Margaret Ulph Robert Bridge Andrew Smith Lesley Marriage Raphaelle Fieldhouse Adrian Williams Norma Gray Noel Hardy David Wiles Barry Bowden Jane Walby Jennifer Pearson Alex Wurzinger charles kensington Rose Creeser Fynn Titford-Mock Jean Jordan Clarisse Fahrtmann Laura Kerr Janet Anderson Drusilla Murdoch Peter Jon Finlayson Kate Meyrick DORORHY DAWSON Paula Mount Julie Harper ludmilla hogerzeil Julien Verkaeren jade hillman Christine Angell Isobel Woods David Williams Moyra Worlding Ewa Cobham susan brayshaw Robert Williams Madeline Walters Hazel Leonard fran rawcliffe A AG Colette Bidwell Bev Lloyd David Mills Geoff Pinch Catherine Cameron Lawrence Stewart Marie Fox Saffron Birnie Ailish Annie James Jeff Pickersgill Laurraine Barrington Bob Hawkes Des Donnelly Ralph Doe Diana Hammond Neil Lonsdale Kuldeep Dhesi Catherine Pain Michelle Hardiman Romilly Keen Val Williams Anthony franklin anne clement Josephine Earl Mark Rowland-Jones Sophie Qass Michael d’Apice Jane Griffiths Amanda Wells STEVE JENKINSON Richard Venes Chris Pollard Julieanne Long Helen Heathman Emily Gould sheila dobson Isobel Norris Jessie Boyd Shirley Grove-Grayling Andrew Blewett Elaine Corlett jean degioanni Miztli Leal Kay Rogers Angela Graham Hanna Hentze Matthew Davies R Sharrock Nuria Gutierrez Linda Daley Pauline Dewsbury paul pope Susan Fletcher Sharon Billingham Jennifer Quigley Richard Buchanan Amber Gregory lee crystal Richard Horsfield wendy mcdonnell herbert blackburn Martin Battershill Alison Roche Sharon McAulay Ralph Cobham Paul Bates Christine Smetham Philip Jones phillip piedot Julie Fegan Dianne Williams Marion Bergevin JAMES CRAIG Olly Nunn Ronald Butler Nina Howle Martin Short David Battersby william jones June Noonan Bridget Merrett Bill Boyd Arianne Fournier-Carey Gwen Wolf Ivor Hueting David Parkes Francis Hodges Peter Whitehead Jane Moore carolyn piets Marlene Barrie Chiara Micallef Glen Watts Benita Dyal Karsten Wurzinger Sally Cordy Jane Jeffs Maureen Law Barbara Gay Richard Callis Lucy Bridgewater Heather Maclean Mary Graves Belen Aguin VIDAL Murray Porter David Prescott Melanie Patch David Wright Venessa Ramos Hazel Hannan Alan Hudson Jacobo Garcia JOHN LILLEY Alexander Henderson Michele Battershill David Nieburg Maria Moore Rosie Potter Jessica Smith Jan Neary Jenny Gabriel John Boyd-Brent Salvador Sanchez George Harris John Welsh Susan Fisher Jarod Brassington Domingos Silva Ingrid Van Meurs roger Bysouth Maureen McKeown Nicky Green mandy Thornton Heather Rich Lesley Mishan Adam Gray Susan Fenoughty Katherine Horsley Arthur Burton Nicola Gotrel T A Krishnan Sara Watkin Margaret Pitts Charles Sheridan Iain Mitchell Jonathan Brook Joseph Dunford Therese knijnenburg-Sander Leanne Hindle Hywel Edwards Barbara Taylor Rosalind Light Sue Crabb Henrik Hass Holger Bartz Jayne Keay Ben Holbright Clare Bassett LINDA DE WOLF Susanne Griffiths Elena Pan-Sesar Rebecca Crawford Craig Hewitt Rocio Alba Ruth Jones Gillian Mackie Marilynne Stanley Drew Star Roger Gilliatt DEBRA PIEDADE Susanne Sontag Sue Peter Samantha Hart jonathan mallard David Alterton Barry Bayliss Agnes Penman Janet Richardson Veronica Avellino gill blakely Anthony Freeman Kate Tomlinson Jasmine Nicholls Lynn Haycox Bryony Mortimer Janet Shapiro John Warham KATIE KANN ERica Planer Pat Valian Andrew Dardry Bernard SULLIVAN Barbara Phillips Caleb Whitcombe Catherine Wills Melinda Marsh Vanessa Miner Anna Urban Michelle Pilkington Joanna Gostola Teresa Wilson Caroline Montague Ian Weeks Mair Kromrei Trish Perkins Gary Edwards Peter Gardner Barbara Brayshay Julia Widz Diana Perryman Rosemary Brennan Gillian Arthur

Colin Youngson Susan Bligh SHANE ZURLINDEN Karin Mackinnon John Bingham Alec Crutchley Paul Wood Margaret Drury David Revicky Howard Pugh sarah mclaren Valaine Middleton Sharon Squire robin dutfield Silvia Faulkner PHILIP LAKE Janet Kerr Mike Reynolds Rhea Slade margaret thomas Margaret Blackman Gianluca Craca Karl Wesenberg Elizabeth H Ian Traynor Paul Bellamy Denise Ball Peter Curievici Emma Harris Susan Bohan christopher stevens Yvette Burnell Derek Wells Bruce Lamond Stuart Harper Nikki Barr Chris Knight Sharron Kirby Claire Eisenhandler joe gibson Pamela Henderson Pete Bicheno rob rijke Robin Grinnell John Harrison HELEN PINNE Tania Gallindo Callum Duggan Isabella Lazzarini John Perryman Denise Ball Stuart Wyatt Jon Capel adrian smith Samudro Prem Sandra Carpendale Jacqui Gibson Andrew Coburn Jon Bailey Celia Wells Loretta Ayd-Simpson Clare Heath Emma Heady Chris Grunbaum Paul Burdett Jenna Pearson gary scott Pamela Cooper Gaetano Lacalandra Herman Vente Wilma Bradbeer William F R Evans John Dower ian hargest Penny Freeman Anne Johnson Robin Furth Denise Walecka Veronica Zundel Ioakeim Doxakis Thomas Walker Richard Ewbank Svanhild Schistad Stephanie Orme Sue Paver Alison Corbett Jamie Ruppel Joyce Kolasa David Babbington Tracy Shaw Emma Spurgin Hussey Sanjay Marathe Isaac Riggott Nicolas Robertson Stephanie Whitehead Ryan Seaman Judith Cunnison kate ritchie Marjo Tapaninen Byron Jones Stefan jessenberger francesca allwright Jillian Anderson Susanna Bishop Anthony Baker Tony Parry Fanny Howden Jane Ruka Robin & Sandra Weston Jennifer Matheson Patrick Haynes Daisy Ayliffe Daniel Binks Roz Fox-Bentley Mike Sloan rm charles smith Roger Strange Vasco Bilelo Peter Robinson Jordanna Blockley Ruth Morley dorothy MORGAN Sally Woodward Nick Johnson Freya Sadka Vikki Weaver H Best George Myers Beth Coventry Bobbie Vallis Tracey Thomas Lynda Sharples ALAN BUTTERWORTH Michael Shave Carol Calder Sandra Burton Richard Brown C taylor Robert Peters Andy Dodgson Martin Warnock jeff horton John Taylor Carlos Baca nicola sugden elaine briggs Jean-Marc Dorenlot Nicky Winder Suzie Boyd Clare Muir bryan palmer Derek Haynes mary huddy Yvonne Baggott Irene Dudley Margaret Mason Phivos Frydas Adam Daum Christine Stoll Erica Goodwin Alison Foreman J Coxon Elizabeth Cornish George McVittie Li Hall Helena Stott annick scriven Kate Phillips JOAN WILLIAMS I Maugham Tom Humphreys Gabrielle Palmer Joanne Wilson Fran Cronk Joan Perkins Julie Ward June Thomason Pete Popp Virginia Mendez Hermela Tesfaye Judith Booth Brian Williamson Paul Halford Sally Cradock Janet Neihart Karin Magog janet Ransom mark clements Luc De La Mare Penny Beale Stuart Hinton Sue Wallis Carol Griffiths Mark O Connor Paula Cano Sylvia Garvey Sue Unwin Bobbie Carnegie marjorie christie Alan Last Mike Tilley William Barnes SALLYANN ROSE Christine Howlett Terry Raynor Suzanna Day Judy Vinson Geoffrey Davey Ellen Jones Katja Ludewig Zoe Mack Tomasz Kustrzynski Katri Kaldaru Judy Lee Peter Thorp Megan Payne Grant Sorrell Corinne Feller Guillermo Ibarra Christine Tootill Elke Renard Bob Shilling Elisabeth Renouf D Burgess Mike Lloyd Tina Young David Simpson John Townsend Frances Fitzsimons will clark smith Dawn Newton John Hunter Lesley Davey Sharon Alvey-Ball Garry Walker Sarah Laue Ruth Mitchell Mike Dolan Caitlin Mallon Rob Pope Martin Fletcher Birgit Elu Joseph Razo Sue Lister Julie OBrien James Clayton Bernadette Howitt Simon Hambrook Ronald Marnie Antje Goettert Rachel Richardson Barry Skeels ranjidam kent Burgundy Applegate Hilary North judith hoyland Richard Parkin Lindsey Ogden Karen Haywood Laura Abbott Sally Banford lucy zawadzki Susan Hayday freya tesar Roland Goettert Barbara Saville Alicia Hull Stevie Catney Carole Trenaman Simon Tucker Wendy Turner Rita Giddens John Doyle Adrian Wardle Stephen Peet Thomas Woodward Tamara Lee Elizabeth Lewis David Coyte-Smith helena eden Trudy Fleming Aileen Emms Matthew Ridsdale Joanne Kershaw Penny Miller dave haynes Sue Shaw Russell Moseley Gary McCrory Rose Smalley Mavis Aitchison michael jordan Sharon KEENAN Will Turner Riccardo Mondschein Lisa Hands Lindi Smith Emily Chester cheryl bernadette lynda turner steph hinsley David Kenny Barrie Smith Mavzuna Isaeva

Diane Brine Beverley Nash Philip Benstead Timothy Alstrum Louise Jenkins Sally Brooke Malcolm Downie Geoffrey Earle Steve Cann Tadhg Connolly Andrea Corbin Mark Terry ramona odell Kathleen Thorley Yvonne Parnaby Helen aitchison John Bull Alan Sheldrick Andrew Croasdale Lucy McCarthy Matthew McDonough Jacques Van Alsenoy B Ward Terry Farrer Neil Howard Asa Horwood Stephen Sherlock Byron Baarsch Veronica Heath lucy baker Debbie Rees Cate Winters coco banks Josh Kettley Shena Harknett Samuel Wilson David Treadwell Martin Peacock David Penhale Eugene Cooney Natasha Walker MARK OFFERMAN Frankie Henderson Janet Jackson Jill Phillips Bryony Gibbs Andy McCrae Shayne Husbands Erika Kenny Aline Coelho Karen Allcock Lisa Johnson Christine Burgess Peter Bernard Anna-Marie Brown Suzanne Bilodeau Laura Holvey Maxine Ansell Jennifer Shoesmith Pauline Eden Gary Truman Mikka Labangudgeirsdottir Aimee Brunyee Dianne Fitzjames Steve Powell david mayes Brenda Baker John Underwood Juliette Lang Sandra Constable Jeanette Carrington Colin Oxley Piet Noppen Nicola Talbot Barry Edwards Gabriel Zafiu Rosemary Anderson Paul Dawson Tilly Jones Peter Scott Carol Spooner Sonia Barnett James Pembroke STEPHEN DYSON Elise Wijngaarden Shaun Porter Leslie DALTON Richard Hampson Brenda Leighton Paula Whiteside Leo Jago Timothy Floyd Henk Groen Nigel Scott Christine Chadwick Tana Sierra Carolyn Buck laura gay Brenda McAuliffe Peter Grundy EILEEN WATSON Rosanna Newey Maureen Elliott Katie Black Michael O’Callaghan Christine Bull Sally Young Peter Windsor Elaine Gallagher John Mitchell Carole Fagarazzi Peter Smith Annemieke Kuyck Michael Preisinger Ivalerie Rodrigues Lisa Thomson Gillian court Gail Sikora Janice Checkley Marianne Kersey Richard Watts Andrew Tull Percy towes sue grange jane cowley Pat Simpson Jim Gordon marc snell Lesley Ringwood Robert Flynn Hol Jones Roger Harris Eleanor Brown Laura Smith Adam Fransella simon lund Amanda Yorwerth areta hautman Euan Thomson Sally Parker William Green Fi Render Michael Hunt PETER CULLEN Julie Demers Trudi Bartlett Jenny Stanton Helen Meadows Agnes Lanctot Claudia Erixon Cathy Abernethy-Rexhaj Joan Balfour Michael Pidsley Jane Moreton John Ketchell Ronita Knight S Soni Eva Martykanova Catherine de Vries Chris Mullins Jigna Patel Glynn Hicks carol rhodes Steve Pritchard Joshua Francis Shan Rees April Close Guillaume Bernard Emily Gardiner Steven Burton Jim Hill Janet Seabrook James Beresford Colin V Smith Christine Bloomfield Ewa Welters Simeon Nartoomid Eilidh Pearce juliet Heasman louise randall Christopher Savell Teddie Pattinson Wes Knipe Cally Smith JOHN FROST Roger Larpin David Mitchell Melissa Gaskins Cass Waliams Adnan Bukhari Francis Taylor Helen Roust Amy Cole Julia St-Rees Sarah Burrows Kristien De Krem Martin Dulieu simon crabtree Neil Shepherd Benjamin Hughes Rosemary Long Eduardo Monteiro Richard Monger anthony lubran Marcelo Montemurro ANTONIO GONZALEZ MANCEBO Lindsey Butcher Barbara Hocke Mark Edwards Christine Hoyland Judy Ewens Patricia Ward Julie Glasel PAUL FITT Ralf Erben Hilary Smith Raymond Howie Audrey Holden James C Jack Sinnett Teresa Shelford Julia Farino Maksymilian Markowicz Euan McTurk Sigy Artyn Deb Dickson Amy van Gelder anai garza Omolade Oshunremi L Barr Ben Terry David Hodgson adrian avery Alice Cordell Rachel Ballett Stuart Durning Julian Wolstencroft Penny Robinson julie rowarth Mandy Carson Mair Roberts John Culp David Walker Elizabeth Bintliff Lorraine Kenny ROY PLUMB Martin Speakman Lydia Banwell Trevor Impett Paul Bailey Paula bebington Peter & Valerie Mason john wood Mari Luned Williams Eliza Taylor Amanda Ziemele Tara Kelsall Alan Bird frankie king Kate Martin Frank Bader marcia giblin David Calderwood David Coe Sharon Thomas Maura Cherriman Caroline Smith Linda Clegg Virginia Bennett Mollie Ellis Nigel Leighton Shirley Clark Mary Watson Margaret Baker Janella White Simon Osborn Melanie Anckor Ian Niven Zoe Tooth Angela Varley Lisa White Jacqueline Hemming Kenneth Taverner Peter Tate Pat Day Annette Gibbons S M Purcell Alison Foden Sharon Shilling Sue Houlihan Christine Pedder Pam Chatfield Mary Nordkvelle Douglas Guest Ann Robinson Aaron Alvey Alicia Lopez Christine Edwards Sylvia Briffett Robin Brown Julie Hogg Chris Tillbrook Denise Kneale caren patricia

Alessandra Motta Rupert Chennells Neil Thompson Julie Ostoich H James Cecil Smale Paolo Brand Jess Gran Michael Wallace Fiona MacCarron Liz Stephens kelly burfoot Wendy Martindale Jonathan Barrie Mark Todd Gurveen Kaur Chris Boyd steve richards Avis Mcnamara Anne Edwardes Rhiannon Beaumont-Walker Frederic Hollis Fred Mann Mike Kelly Tom Hinson Valerie Turner Marilyn McCombe Nicola Normandale Matthew Stimpson Naomi McGuire Joe Epstein Kim Haling Rebecca Armstrong Mervyn Hartwig Priscilla Dunn christine barnsley James York Stewart Biggar lin scrannage Markus Ruhsam Helen Watterson Teresa dawn Cook David Orwin Anne O’Neill Patrycja Wibe Lynn Alderson Dave Richter Marja Nicolson Graham Sherin Sally Silsby Mark Howland John oliver Steve Lawley Jeanette Holmgren Irene marlow Susan Slade Hayley O’Sullivan Dylan Martin John Smith Gregg taylor Anna Murray Preece Hazel Smith Judy Williams Jane McNish Ruth Watts Chloe Tetley Nina Guilfoyle GEORGE MAYCOCK charles wilkinson Mary Dickson Ma gorzata Budzik Peter Crann Peter Fox Christine Evans Derek Daisley Jude Aldridge Isobel Hoy Linda Nazer Patricia McCarthy Laura Hirst maureen jacklin W Neale jane hummer Mark Scatchard sarah hill G.C. PENNINGTON Adrian Copley Peter Howe B.E.M. Deb Willis Samantha Sinclair Robert Bluck william swinburne Kay Labon John Senior Lisa Hinde Antony Dickinson John Young Janos Ratkai Miriam Ostrovska Sophia Kingshill Lia Slight John Smart Margaret r John auck jeltema Peter Nightingale EMF Kent Rosemary Ellum Des Johnston Jacqueline Woolcock Caroline Jones Rowan Adams DG Owen Wendy Lunt Hilary INNES Peter O’Brien Angus Palmar anita moss Ros Causey rosemarie lee Richard Warner Nici Belton Margaret Grundy kenneth seely Sheila Deen Ben Larby Christine Kirwan Dave Pearson Tanvir Basit Jon Bell JANET FULCHER karen walling Georgina McHugh Richard Betts Benjamin Simmons sally hart Mike Burton Philip Durrant Paul Haslam Vicki Highland Helen Kerrison Heather Hughes Jane Johnson elizabeth bott anne dickins Caroline Moor Lynn Bond Katy Brown JORGE FERNANDEZ Karla Smidkova Jason Hall Paul Grealey Ben Kumar Stephen Hampton Graham Cameron Eileen Johnston Joanne Beaty matthew McWilliams John Chadwick Tiina Jauhiainen Sue Jones Fergus Black Pauline Pearson Brandon Steward Kathy Doust glen moss Nia Richardson Simon Campbell Samarrah Sheikh Mary Foster Jeremy Lodge Stuart Weston Petr Yakushev Sue Mclaney Mark Clendinning Claire Sumner Brendan O’Brien Stephen Wheeler Caroline Bluck Erin Wark frank clifford Suzanne Buckley WILLIAM Kell Beverley Crowther Grace Paterson Mick Devlin Tomislav Nakic-Alfirevic Noel Redican J. Vink-van den Berg Ray Mills Jasper Fitzgerald Ann MacLeod Mairi Upton Carole Bownass Gillian Allen Paul Luker Jason Anderson WAILIM WONG Rebecca Webber Richard Challoner Stewart Thompson Martin Farebrother Marlyn Glen Peter Berning Petter Hard Thomas Wood David Rettallack Terry White John Smith Lucy Nattrass David Ward-Simpson Emily Truman Anne Lindblad Claire Bennett Katie Hill Alan Hughes Alan Graham jon baker Anna Mason Gillian Rees Karl Pitman Lesley Broomfield Laurie Forbes Peter Matthews LINDA SANDERS John Jeanette Brooks Marilyn Dunbabin-Hayes Jean Edwards Phillida Ball gwyneth bluck Tamsin Westbrook Jennifer Willmot Andrew Bonser Mel Gould Robert McDonald MBE.FCA John Le Sage Colin Rolls fleur oakes Neill Bishop christopher lawson Lyn Ovens Rick Baines Howard Broughton Ros Hunter Julie Kimpton Sarah Wihington Susan Anderson Romilly Burne Kathleen Philp George Lloyd Craig Blakey Mary Christodoulou Nicola Gee jeff alderson liz dempsey Will Syddall Sandra Padilla Fiona Donovan Sarah Platt Allan Stewart Emma Harry Steve Delarre Richard Blazyca Rodrigo Paulo Mary Jordan Karen Harris Tony Muir A Taylor Josefine Speyer Margaret Hepburn Catherine Partridge Mahbubur Rahman Sam Clements Irene Vince Alex Hannaford william bradford Deborah mullier Fiona Parkin Belinda Bawden Marilyn Jarvis Joan Benn Joanne Mann Simeon Jackson Debbie Morris Gillian Cotter-Shaw Allan Kinnaird Black Mary Davey Sophie DESCAMPS peter murray Deirdre Moore Richard Theroux Alexander Scott Craig Mason susi kimbell Renee Grant Anita Seddon Jane Devereux Heidi Smith Jean Heeney Sally Blewett Lisa Gunn Cathie Cooper Lucy Downton Tuula Hurri Chris Ball

Kathleen Aikman Sue Bury Neil Ross Helen Holder Rose Newton Sonia Alani Margot de Keijzer Scott Mackay Rachael Howell Jana Schur Caroline Gillard PAMELA LAWRENCE Adrian Spence Paul McWilliams Katie Dickson Doreen Bannon Eleanor Beadsworth Neville Greevy paul fewings Jaren Vetter Andy Bryce S Addicott Melissa Hay Andrew Martina Stefano Baldini martin ryan Felix Mosley derek higgs Linda Ollerenshaw Ruth Whitehouse Bob Wilson Susan Hall Dan Jakeman Alison Layland Ian Thom Alice Falconer ashley ventress Graham Carter-Brown michelle baldwin Adam Fox Colette Rogers Matt Swan claudie malgogne Dean Teasdale Rachel Felton susanne spring Massimo Pappalardo Allan Mackay paolo luccio Jessica Costa Eamon McClelland Carly Wilkinson Maria McNamara R D Dalgleish Sophie Dockrill Aneta Wasik Christopher Thomas TM Rae Bezuidenhout Rob Button Tomislav Markovic Nick Malcolm joseph rock Jon Vanner Antonia Symes Michael Edgson Taylor May Sophie Bonami Richard Cook Vanessa Matthews Grace Garvey kevin Henchman Cheryl Kane Valerie Ireland Vincent Perricone Peter Nelson Jennifer Whitbread annie casson Dominic Elias David Billmore Margaret James Eslyn Craven Alison Foster Julia Dudley Alison W Clare Brenton Julia Taylor-Mason Vicki Blake Rhys Alton-Phillips Ilse D’Hauwers Isobel Stephens Lynn Strachan Nick Roberts V Young Simon Tooke simon gegg David Harris Tom Player Brian Gillard Luke McGibbon Warwick Conway Tessa Buckley Susan Fowlie Nigel TAYLOR Pauline McLynn Robert Ayton Elaine McPhail Michael Lawrence Ruth Evans Janice Cross Rosemary Hayward Ralf Obergfell Rosemary Heathcote Patricia Jamieson Ron Bogaerts rebecca Linzey Lesley Gordon Ann Sewell Etta Stevens Zak Hawkes Moira Cashmore ryan wintle Elizabeth Gerwinat Joann Sears Anne Feather Andrew Dolman Sally Barnes Duncan Mcneill Barbara Nettleton Mary Collins Peter Varlow Joan Smythe Sherine Traboulsi Chris Hill Richard Holden Maria Sacristan cathy Stanton martin henry Carolyn Barker Sean Wilkinson Ian Taylor zack dykes David Evans Julian King Amanda Horwood Martina Rogers Helena Smith Giuseppe Bodinizzo Liz Rees diane legg Brandon Collins Kathleen Byron Isabelle Woodhouse Simon Milliken phil madden Evelyn Richardson Stephanie Montagne Chris Lock Shirley Wise Angela Carrasco Maire Maguinness Veronica Smith hannah sayles scott williams Jodie Dunning pip mccarthy Erin Brewer Orsolya Hahn Karl Palmen Michael Holmes Robert Watt Joe Ross Walter Amos Linda Richardson Mary Burke Jonathan Mason Tamasea Lambis Clair Ivimey Edgar Martin Natalya Teterina Jan Rosselli Renee Hume Fiona Lane miryanna van reeden jackie fraser Barbara Hosier Richard phillips Jose Ignacio Moraza Perez Janet Walker Christine Flindall Elaine Bidwell Richard BOUGH Rebecca Holder eleanor lubbock Sue Sandy Melanie Prescott Brian Gude Trevor Sharman Tracey Pinnegar Laura Adams Karen Plummer Gabriel Grant David Buttle Guy Atkinson Ralph Holland Matthew Cory Simon Reynolds George Wyatt Phil Thompson Marysia Dubeck Cristina Gaztambide Bruce Lachlan Debi Bristow David Smith Mark Smith Brian Moncur Anita Donnelly Melanie Howell Michelle Rulence Vicki Stringer Anna Hiley nanna bjornsdottir K Sunney Nicholas Delaney Nicholas Taylor Helen Stradling George Rothschild Betty Lockley Christiana Harle Aine McDermott Sue Hooper Alessandro Vitali Barnaby Collins Jose John Paul Clarke Peter Holford Iain McMillan Karen White Alistair Beasley Snorre Nielsen Daniel Jeronimo Saskia Shaw Delyth Morris Patricia Smith Angela Dodds Tom Moulsdale Murray McGregor Ken Phillips Alison Platt annemarie de vries christine schoeck Joy Ritchie Benedicte Windle Amanda Olivera Elizabeth Fairweather Ray Benson Alan Dart Roger Barnes Rick Priebe Sandra von Esebeck April Gooch Lindsey Williams Louise Bouic Harry SLATER Sue AlQadhi Anne Wooding anna Wothers Charlotte Young James Young Jeremy Lane william jarratt Lorraine Horton Joan Cooper Catherine Sunderland Rebecca Syrett Celia Lai Matt Hewitt Angela Pell-walpole Alasdair PADMORE Fernando Nunes Sally Watson Derek Eldridge DIANE KASTEL Jennifer Young Cressida Feiler John Haughton Professor Ken Mackinnon Simon Barton Claudine Moseley Chris Milden Charlotte Brockbank Dario Colin Zoe Hart Sallie Morgan David Cawte Chris Freeman Howard smeeton Tina Bosel-Doyle Paul Thonet Ann Moore Valerie hole Kevin Eddy Keith Bailey Thea Smiley Conal England

Wendy Lewis Edwards Carol Gover Katr Shine Dorothee Kramer Louise Hamer Henry Davies Robert Akester Janine Holthuysen Mark Brophy Howard Lyman Tom Hope Maria Cansick Anne G Barrie White Sara Hudson peter Rigg Emma Yagour Michelle Dickx Chris Johnson Daryl Mcara Bev White solveig lid ball Steve Bibby Dominique Poitras Pam Jones Dave Nicholson Gilian Baden Charlotte Bishop Alasdair Nicoll Kay Broadhurst alan eileen broomhead & pohl Michael Baxter mike roberts Mark Butterworth Susan Clarke John Burkinshaw Simone Bais Wanda Bunyan Anne Brewer Philip Elgar Els Cameron bernard merry Ben Whitfield Ruth Bennett Celia Grigg Tanya Bhoola Kieran O’Neill Terence Barnard Peggy Lewis Keith Knighton RICHARD GOLDSMITH Rits Houghton Julia Guerra Anja Dreves Denise Dufault Jane Ellis Peter Sims jane addey Leonie Hudson Laura Bolochowecki Judy Raudon-Hill Nicole Plosker stephen dyke Mike Cheshire Susan Jenner e McPhail Jo Hewson Rebecca BISHOP Sam Thomas Gwen Vosper Jennifer Nunn Julie Wilson Tim Phillips Sophie Katell Stephen Dickinson Andrew Jackson Frances Harper Paul Openshaw Mark Krull Tony Marshall Caroline Nelson Paul McNulty Emily Compton Judy Benson Denise Hrebeniak Dorothy Murraybell Dave Berry Michael Townend miranda tufnell Christopher Lunn Malcolm Walker Laura Johnson Peter Kerrison Sheila Tuckwell Marc Courtois Esther McGurk Mark Lange Chris Barrett Mark Jenkins William Mitchell Michael Procter Sascha Miller sarah ozelle Andrea van der Wilt Adam Makewell Ana Almeida Gillian Tansley rob sargent Paul Golby Alfie Vaughan Jillian Cooper andy fletcher Hugh de Lacy Patricia Gardner Sarah Donovan Jon Allen Susan Pagella Jacqueline Dobbs David Fraser Catriona Slorach Catherine Henderson robert hynd Adam Gretton Ken Cadman David Samuels Dave Howard David Walmsley Katie Williamson Scott Lindsay Caroline Banks Tony Furniss Margaret Philpott john timbrell Helen Austin shirley deubert Annemie van der Meulen Rita Samiolo Hugh Freeman William Davies Antti Lamminen Paula Diment Terri Owen Isabel Cardoso Rosalind Johnson Faye ONeill Gloria Percy Katrina Stephen Peter Skillen Sharon Smith Jean Fenton Ann Greenizan SUZAN HARGREAVES Suzanne Gee Paul Trees Thelma Nichols Meher Toorkey Elspeth Crichton Stuart Ben Halstead Hilary Collins Almudena Mora Buniyan Titus Dharmakkan Sue Halfpenny Sue Brown Melanie Gibson Keith Holt John Pawson susan poole Alison Yates Richard Storey Michael Jones Clara Ferraris Adam Rhodes Timothy Clarke Nina Pannone Ian Clarke Janie Gotdon Cat Smith Martin Rhodes Sara ellis Anne-Marie Lugowski Noreen Wedman sue harris Paula Smith Paul Bostock Erik Streun Derek West David Wells Marija Lajb Nick Woods Jackie Rainbow Joseph de Lange Barney Sumpter Nick Wyke Hannah Edgell Matilda Modig Ozgun Doganbaloglu Mary Thompson-Popovic Mary Lorigan Hilary Hall Barry Dalgleish Christine Learoyd David Eccott Marga Van Vulpen Tom Thornton Amanda Musch Rosemary Goodridge Claire Russell Joan MacGregor Sandra Hughes william bobbett Paul A. T. Snushall John McClean chris schopen Cherie LeBlanc Francis Saunders Mike Browne Gareth James Germano Brandes JOHANNA Beyts david read Daniel Byrne BARBARA lowcock Evan Wragg Max Priesemann Julie Orgill-Higgins Carla Dongo Anne Brencher Keith Lewis Keeleigh Hodgson Jackie Bliss Alex Bland Ronald Kennedy Annette Paterson Pauline Hoey Anne Tack Elaine Chisholm Anna Dunwoodie Bruce Gernand Lesley Healey James Gilpin Richard carder Chris Gannon Catriona Corfield John Pryor Janet Fryer Pauline Martin Linda Mansley Sue Andrews Carl Pope Julie Spencer A Worthy ken stephenson Tony Harris Roy Park Yvonne Low Dusanka Mravlja Mark Uffindell Eleanor Lamport Susan Neville Sheila Nicolas Chris Martin Geoff Watson Glenn Wakeling Panagiotis Bartzos Claire Robinson Steve Iles-Jonas Derek Haggerty Paulo Gali Macedo Nanette Scutt Alison Williams Frances Kay Eth Watson April Ingham Tim Kerman Nick Jones Dan Gray Linda Foster Roy Blakey Ann Hudson Tricia McLaren Xaverine Bates Polly Stevens Deborah Willette Kieron Desmond Riadh Falvo sheila whitworth Mark Rigden Angela Tammas Faith Clarke June Hales Alan Gardner Roy Kerr Mary Coll Anna Linnell Jill Denton Theresa Cavell Peter Benson Justin Schneider Sharon Machen marion Kolthammer Fritz Lustig Katie Murphy Mark Watson Charles Terry Warren

Priyanka Roy Brian Lavery philip Woods A Roberts Alex Reid Roger Smith Elizabeth Bentley-Goodman Bimal Pandit Ziska Jackson Thelma Rice david coxhill robert Warner Patricia Robinson thomas Parry Beatrice Forshall Jack Dees Andrew docherty Matt Goodsell Carole Blomfield Phillip Carey Sarah Nason Harry Hintze C.M. Mulvey Mark Davies Judy Hargreaves David Isaac Richard Hogg Karen Williams Aaron Potter William Smith Carlyon Viles Neil Tynan Sabin Gotzon Arregi Gardoki Linda Tighe William Blake Simon Donnelly Tine Hertmans Dean Allan Slickis Tilly Martin Paul Cosby Cheryl Baker Susan Fox Allan Drewitt Maria Dyer Sara Fatima Fernandes Ben Marsh David Mills Sam Sexton Ali Nimmo Sherry Patterson Ken Perry Priyanka Guha Roy Colm Sides Martin Davis Ann Hutton Enid Morgan rl ar karen Boyle Phil Bishop Billy Atkinson Dee Parton Stephanie Evans Nick Dilley Victoria Mount Maureen Armstrong John Rees Evelyn Donald Andrew Gilmour Michael Arnold Barbara Tapia Janice McGuinniety John Batts David Todd trevor barton Mike Coates Ruth Ward S Riding Lindsay Clifford April Matthews Richard Repper Shari Grounds Tom Lochery Ted Williams Margaret Duddy Amanda O’Hare Connor Clements Carole Ramsumair Jasmina Ljuhar Ian Holder Karen Martin TRACEY HAY Fran Jones Douglas Jeatt Andrew Sparkes Hester Howells David. maidment. Ashley Thorne Kristie Marsden Vincent Spratling Pam Barber Karen eberhardt-shelton Samuel Nicholls J Peter Mee uwe schreiner Kristine Davidson Chris Smith Jane Gray Laura Menzies Sally Viney Diana Allchorne Michele Wainwright Enda Muldoon Brad Raymond Steve Lewis Johan Binn Jacki Fox Ruby Gavin Black Patricia Mason Sally Wilkins Patricia Cassidy Jeni Butler Joanne Breton Nady corvers Cassandra Puren Willi Hammer James Clark Alex Smith Stuart Arguile Robert Petley-Jones David Harrison cedric rowland Florina Grigore Teresa Vigay Angela Lewis Helen Gaize angela de montravel James Instone Joe Beale Kim Fitzwarine-Smith judith kleinman Martyn West Jayne Greenwood Mike Piercy Graham Hatten Sally Yoxall Christine sharp Grahame Elvin Frances Hutchinson Helena Batlle Ann Scott robert Sampson Samantha O’Brien Matt Summers Philip Skipp Ivonne Trawick Ashley Whitney Aaron Hollingsworth Deborah Robertson Trish Holt Virginia Andrews Hilary Blake Lesley McMurtrie Pat Smith sue bridgwater Neil Griffiths kenneth talbott Nicolas Laurent Stephanie Goddard lucy Carell Stephanie Anning Gwen Anderson Matt Turner Rebecca Saunders Steve Hayward linda garcia JOHN CHANDRINOS Barry Cohen Chantal Lane Laura Stewart Adrian Fenton Stella Clark Ursula Skoglund Julia Stratton Therese Meyer J I Sander Simon Livesey Janet Dodgson Patrick Hislop Jean Wren Kate Murphy Julie Green Claudio Gomes Espen Hjort Terry Morton Carol Dixon Jan Rutledge Pascale Pug Anne Tench Christian Kuttruff Sarah Hall ron Lawley Meike Laurenson Marlies Collantes Pat Armitage Jane Blight Sarah Williamson Stelvio Carciofa Dale Smith judith Strauss Andrew Fallan Bowen Whiteoak shelagh cornish Tina Fox Paul Hackett kiri talbot Deirdre Marrable Elena Armes Tom Emlyn Williams Edward Breeveld Phillip Harris Nicky Jevon Kate B Sue Cook Simon Sanders Primrose Chamberlin Alexandria Meadows Colin Sherwood Ad Johannsmann Colin Gunnell Jayne Gipp Hamish MacDonald Debra Nightingale Denise Long lisa Bailey Lucia Fausset Pauline Martucci Joseph Mattingley Val Russell Patmore Nicole Salmon Sandra Griffiths Jennifer Field Yvonne Dumsday Barry Worthington Uka Summers stefano STEFANO Rose Thomas Gerald Napper Tom Parkin Carrie Polhill Stuart Payne Clifford Bicknell Mark Longhurst Gillian Gomez Michelle Else John Trimming Mark Sharman Stewart Hall Tom Sewell Andrew Drewery John Cook Janet Wilkinson Sabrina Degasperi Shirley Leighton Michael O’Connell Edward Roche julie tyers Simone Bhangoo Lesley I’Ons Esme Adams-Walsh Angelica dixon Mark North Ray Smith Hector Bolanos Heather Cook Lynn Boyland Susan Allen Petep Mason Kate Begley Mark GN Ferguson Rachel Murray Rose Norman JACKIE MABBOTT Liz Ward Terence Miller Peter Gossip loretto moodie julie quin John Mallan glenn ross Francisco Centofanti simon jones Jeremy Chadwick Laura Norek Aiden Johns Robert Beadon Eileen Martin Donna Williams Sarah Glenn Galina Kupelyan Erika Adler Grietje Besteman linda holmes Sophia Kelly Katie Jefferson Colin Howard

DG Chrissy Cribb Velda Osborne Mary caine Paul Hartman Mike Archer paul stopler Diane Gordon Julie Curran Veronica sharp Pete Rowe David Willis Michael Patsalos Maria Potter Grant Turner Kim Jones Maralyn Crook Lesley Drew WJ King Billy Ormiston Lara Thomson Joe Lotito Mark Cowling Anne Gowers Lesley Wearmouth Gillian Smith Marya Burgess Caroline Simpson Rivers Carew Thomas Walker Jane Paterson Andrew Jarosz Ben Green Jeannette Schael Alex Jones Matthew Tyler Jean Matthews Keith Knights Kate Anderton Christine Buchanan Laura Klus Howard Blowen Deena Humphries Bernadette Digweed Alison Larkman Annette Burns Seija Kasvi Samantha winspear Elaine Baker Kimberley Thomas Catherine Rhodes friend friend Christine Coombe Jake oliver Gill booth Diane McInnes David Pearson josh ford Hugh Pinnock virginia skinner Lorraine Chivers Ella Burfoot J King Jood Gough Caroline Quarmby Lesley CARROLL Kathleen Macnab Robert Lockhart Denise Moss cynthia hedley Nige Robinson Geoff Holloway susan easton-jones Barbara-Ann Greig Aleks Kosowicz Paul Rechnitz Ann English C Coles Kim Cowan Jamie Campbell Geoff Hetherington Steven todd rune vagtholm John Paul Lorraine Elder MICHAEL HUGHES Dave Reece Reg Armstrong Holly Hall Lynn Wilbur Karen Smith Peter Shakespeare Rosie Iles-Jonas Margaret Wilding Roger Plant nadine akle Malcolm Gaier Tony Clark Bill Durose Gina Cardosi friend friend Mike Johnson june winbush Raymond Bradford Helen Kummer Sharon Simpson Nick Giles Julie Walton Ben Green Lesley Pickup Richard Anelay Gerdi Cornfoot Linda Batsleer Jeanette Calvert Francoise Davison Maria Tyldesley Mary Morgan Susan Stevenson GERALD taylor Lyn Carty jackie hutchings Catherine O’Neil Kate Woodhouse Maureen Frances McDonald Liam McGowan Erica Hooper Lincoln Wyatt Alastair Dewberry Pauline Napp Eva Romviel Gemma Hensey Kevin Rowe Lindy Carmalt Zena Corke jamie Bentham Jane Clare Gwen Nurray Tricia David Susan Startin Adela Laniado Maria Laranjinha Andrew Paterson Bridget Lappin Shadows Girl Julie Mayger Sylvain Boudou Richard Clarke paul langford Mike Kelly Fi Makujina Ros Cuthbert Sylvia Rose Louanne Richards Isolde Coope Josh Pinder Amelie White Richard page Wendy Ormond Sarita Kaushal rachel beriault Denise Strathie Jennifer Wilson Patrick Hinder Sara Frohmader Mike Alizade Michael Wyatt Nick Foster Jud Millard PRUDENCE Read David Walters Beatrice Greenfield Simon Putscher arno elout Su Billington Charlotte Ashbee dom beresford Karl Moore Leslie Coelho Dave Barber Richard Ivereigh Pauline Rushe Helen Mills david strath Rosie Norman Ian Martin Oskar Allerbrand Cathleen Carstens Sabina Marriott Dan Peel Debbie Hill Roberta Taylor Charles Hoyle Adrian Peters Kane Sumner Jake Roycroft venetia oates John Everett Ana Teresa Monteiro Christine Foley George Paechter Rebecca Brown Velma Thomas Julia Moyse Kenneth Greig Sarah Lacey Lewis Habbershaw Noel Bannister Douw Steyn susan Holliday Mik Langley JULIAN CURRY Robert Hargreaves Eileen Thurston Jo Sturgeon Daryl Robinson H Davidson John Compton Reggie Norton Christine Bateman Alasdair Wilson Diane McClymont Ann Shaw Nigel Cadwallader John McLellan A Palmer Kev Fry Bridget Barter Clare Murphy Sophie Pressdee Milko Atchev Penny Hoe Nicolas Grobel Pamela Wheeler Alison Sutcliffe Glyn Davies Tania Chomicz Trevor Jones Pieter Douma Monette Holohan Jennifer Brooks Jo Broom nicholas clarke Karen Rhind Susan Smaller Helen Craven Kamlesh Vajir Tyrone Mathews Saija Lehtola Julia Lloyd Amy Hughes Garry Vaughan John Dudley Helen Steynor E. P Sue Sawyer Estelle Hartley Si Li Alan White Tom Casey Kenton Mitchell Christine Bryant Maggie Green Fennie O’Mahoney Clive Morris Grace Garner Gary Griffiths John Warren Steve Walpole Jason Wigley Kathryn Fillingham Ryan Clark Fiona Davis frank buytaert Kyle Johns Steve Wagland Ginty Jackson Richard Ashwell alastair Gourlay Sue Wallace Sally Baldwin Stuart Adams Christine Roeffen Jeff Jones Maggie Johnston Margaret Colville Robin Page Jo Salter David Dulson Kim Anderson jonathan southerington sandra rey Robin Kenyon Helen Rose Lesley Gould John Garrett Sebastian Walker Sarah Carre Paul Sharp Hausser Brigitte Robert Chirpin Paul Cooke matt fairclough anna Hall Ildiko Fonad JULIE PERKS

Sarah Wilkinson Leslie King john stewart Mary Lyster Anne Watson Alan Hussey alberto giudice martha wach George Dragoman Sahar Ismaeel Peter Ibbetson Lala Thorpe Josephine Gardner Ana Priest Russell Mahoney Tom Collins Gill Staley Rebecca Anderson Christine Richmond Sue Taylor steve kent Cynthia Chan Alexis Hanson Will Bell Andrew Morgan John McKee Rab Ward Richard Coleman Ralph Tillier Natalie Miles Dora Napolitano Jennifer Huppertz Andrew Croft Henry Berkowitz Kathlyn Craig Bina Ghisoni Ruth Monk Manpreet Sian Ruth Brocklehurst Lauren Arksey Stuart Dingle PAUL SMITH Liz Farnworth Angela Oliver Paul Knox kathryn southerington Elliot Lord Christa Wilkinson Emily Precious Dave Plume Wendy Carter Juliana Salvetti Nicholas Borek Praesens Absens Gillian Davies mark skidmore Shirley May carol howells Amie Jones james brooker John Ambrose-Simpson Rosemary Clarke Gregory Stanton Fran Donovan Paul Sebborn Peyman Geravian Imke Ohlendorf Rhiannon Robson John Stanbury Sue Jackson Trevor Smith Margreet Hendriks Helen Norris Jacqueline Harrison Ashtin Doorgakant Mark Fretwell Fiona Cameron Colin Jones Jeanne Donohoe keith winter Rhun Owen ziggy hopkins Barbara Golding Elias Acevedo alan Billingsley f rank leighton Lana Strmecki Michael Leissner Renata Astle-Lunt phil walker Kim Wain Daniel Frampton Robert Maple Sanne Habets matthew sharrock Brenda LeSeelleur Mike Eaton Katharina Reis Jo O’neill Lucy Neal Mark Nickell Stuart Smith Giovanna Tomacelli Mary Carlson Catherine Kermer Anne Reeve John Cole Alan Dala Hannah Southern Will Chester-master gary Humphrey David & Patricia Moss T. Harris Caron Kirtley Ann James Sarah McIver Carol Allen Susanne Haward Judy Cunniffe Harry Mac Ray Winson Norma Stilwell Natalie Steynor Wayne Thornton Simona Kindaraviciute Rebecca Watret Simon Prince Heather Warren Godfrey Matthews Jeff Silver Jeannette Ayton Chris Betts ji Theresa Slatter Jennifer Reznick Nicky Gathorne-Hardy Olivier Cauvain Roland Young michele franklin Steven Robinson Sterl Girling Sharon Bateson Chris Shirley-Smith Smith Bjorn KAHRS terence elliott Adrian Nicholas Margaret Iszard Justine Gardiner Richard Bate Alan Porter Elena De Fanis Ruth Ashton brendan brodie Janet Thompson Robert Mclaren Ariane Mick sam Donagh Eloora Rannala Viv Scone Anthea Crowcroft Jan Clark Patricia gillian Campbellsymons Natascha Maciejewski m marney James Shepherd David Scott Philip Lee T Hartley John Macdonald Stephen Ollivier Ian Howcroft Jonathan Crabtree Philippa Caddick Matthew Smith Bernadette Barrie Dawn Litchfield Sara Shaw James Pentelow Debbie Tipping Sian Davies Laura Beadon Lynda Gedge Rose Bur


Iain Donald Elizabeth Brown Gael Giraudeau Jesper Gotthelf Sarah Lightfoot-Webber pamela lukas bart piette Alan King Lisa Andrews Gordon Render Helen Walker John Brennan Paula Norris Tomas Bengtsson Jaime Maxwell-Grant Susan Mantle Chris Lillywhite Angela Bott cliff south Jan Shepheard Joanne Field Stefan Bruhn Geoffrey Gamblin Petrina Connor Jerome Burne Pam Swan Melanie Kiddle Alice Warburton Guy Manners Sue Tierney Julia Lafene Martyn Dormer Blake Ludwig ria peleg Cheryl Torrance Don Hodgers Elizabeth Watkinson Carole Gamble Alex Cook Clare Baldwin William Martin Costello Clive Gale Dale Mercer Jules Russell Chris Sirrell Karen Wilde Sarah Tomlinson Havelock Nydus Janet williams Susanne Hartley Suzanna Saumarez Janice McKinna Avril Burt Josie Howell Constance Mollison Ed Mousley Gillian Hirons Jo Coates Sarah Rawlings Marty Landa Anna Kleanthous Shirley Wallace Hilary Bonney Tom Parker Jack Czauderna James Watts Peter WATKINS Helena Buras Maren Abatielos Michael Scrimshaw Wilfried Schenk Toby Phillpott Jennifer spicer Sylvia Avgherinos Moira Stirling Viviene Hobday Caroline Needham Elaine Fullaway Jo Swannell Angela Kirk Janis Sawyer Tina Warren Stefan Rajkovic Jacqueline Gilchrist Andrew Pardoe P Allen Hazel Appleby Ian Cox linda Harris-Reed Julie Hambleton Jennifer Lawton Sophie Foxwell Patricia Leach Bernadette Gallagher Bonnie Forshey jackie rodway Janice Beacon Tim Tucker Ken Halliday Brian Davies David Streeter Jessica Winkler Sher Hobson Annette young sylvie howse Neil Fisher romney shields Naeefa Gasant Jason Coward June Tilley Angela Hay Vivien Hobday Paul Bowring Edward Lane Elisabeth Dahele Julia Berkowitz Paul Leahy Kathleen Robertshaw julie ryan Marianne Sorrell Ed Vieira sarath kumara Ro Harding Kevin Durkin Frank Coward Adrian Hill Diane Wilson Serban Petrescu Ann Powrie justin carrell Angela Bruce Jill Barker robert white Rob McCormack Julian Rouse Alex Nicholas Erica Fisher Pippa Cameron Jess Stubbs Matthew Rooney Elizabeth Halldearn Andrew Jackson Maria Reis Jeff Gibson Susan Coward Annie Sharples Andy Bradbury carol cundy Paul Yarrow Jonathan Colvin elizabeth mitchell Timandra French Robert Fannon Nicky Lewis ian stirling Angela Tune Alison Blow Harriet Lyall Caroline Glibbery Paul Watson Rosemary Allan Pamela Tate David Johnston Ann Keeper xandra gilchrist Norma Crichton Carol Thorpe Janet Carrigan Kevin Trott Terry White Veronica Ambler David Wen Riccardi-Zhu Martin Corley Joanne Kane Krystyna Peratikos Joseph Taperell Teresa Persighetti Lindday Randerson David French Edward Fuller Paul Roberts Louise Porter Daniel Wozniak Alexander Cunningham Martin Jarvis Roy Thomas Susanne Elbrond Dianne Askquith-Ellis Carole Beard Judith Micklem Judy Harris Jenny Simon Dora Cepelakova Dermot Smith Marilyn Fearon rick smith Jill Copeland June Brown neil Thomas Charlotte Eminson Christine Scawin Anna Johannessen-Adams John Hayes Amrit Takhar carla skirten robert mcguinness Tracey Davies Louise Rushton Jeanette Parkes Kim Chowns Ruth Holt Philip Louwrens Barbara Stanton Alison Landale Tony Matthews Astrid King Carl Cairns Colin Baker Chris Bartlett Patricia Mooty Paul Horne Barbara Archer Kris Barrett Susan Roberts John Beardmore Marie Presswell Carmen Lopez Freya Scott Chris Loach Reg Smith Chiara Boni Isabelle Paschetta Anita Canneaux Christine Evans Sophie Rogers stephanie doelling Ann Denton Alan Phessey katie lagast Neil Bolton Jackie Granados Malcolm Cummins Jack Squirrell Kathleen Marsburg Jessica Hobbs Deborah Hewlett Catherine Stone Garri Hughes Karen Hunt Clare Shelton Stuart Bucknell K thompson Daisy Stemple Imogen Oxley CHARLOTTE KEECH Alex Pemberton Janet Greenfield shan williams Hayley Hall Malcolm Edge Bobbie Stormont Nick Harvey Martin Jones Michael Maguire a miller David Gower Michael Sandison Paul Robison Joan Plimmer Liz Whitehead Jenny Hussell Sherri H Michael Lindop Jo Clarke Leslie Hurst Paul Diss Kimberly Notary peter goldrick Paul Leppier Jenny Hammond Massimiliano Urso D’Etta Kelly Jane Whiteside Sarah Hawkes SABIN KALETA Carol Sidebottom Colin Clark Stephan Meechan John Chattaway Carolyn Gelenter Jim Mcilravey hilary martin Penny Costa Mary-Ann Swanson Rachel Moss Ellie Milne Leonora Robinson Sandra Mooney Sarah O’raw Des Irvine Janet Bullett E Bassom Tom Swithinbank David Jones Wendy Cork


Janet Foreman s Ballantyne Charlotte Guez Oy-Wah Chung Phil Johnson Wilko van Zeele Peter Hawkins Richard Mustonen-smith Barbara Miles Alistair Bennett Ruth Phoenix Margaret Froggatt Judy Hinks peter riley Angela Hamilton S Lewicki Naomi Kilby Charles Husband Jim Waples Carol and Colin Watson Lisa Mills dorrie Waters Catherine Edwardes Dr Robert Howard Edwards NL Jennie Naidoo Paula Kingston Maureen McMillan Rebecca Knowles Katherine Sian Hodginss Susan Graham Janet Poskett Carrie Lee julie cragg Darren Swift Christopher George Angelika Mallwitz Judith Sheppard Andrea Sullivan Ash Clarke Susannah Fleiss Peter Green michael davies David Spence Lianne Nixon Jehan Jacobs Helena Sword anthony whitear c jeffery Maureen Dawson Linda Rogers Michael Hamill Rosangela da Cunha David Dodd Paulina Igras Daniel Richardson Betty Symonds Grant Maclean Laila Bennett Chloe Taylor Jennifer Smith Mrs June Clements Sarah Long Brian Sword Kim Strickland Martin Griffiths Chris Cornish Rebecca MacKay Andrew Watts-Jones Samantha Jess Angus Langlands David Andrews Barbara Terry P Storey Sandy Dalcais William McClintock Pam Smith Martine reimerink Mitch Bligh Emma Gray Linda John Graeme Cruickshank Miss Laura Hughes Harry Bowyer A Gleason John Agar Susan Littlemore Claire Madden Geoffrey Rosser Tim Lindop Tom Foster Susan Duncan Annamaria Molnar Jan Withers Jane Roffey Marion Tookey Amelia Woodruff Rike Hill Martina Salter Heddy Way Imogen bell Christine Warren Richard Bridges Y Mayo Susan Selesniowski pat ludlam Ahmet Ozkaya Jean Raeburn Alex Richardson Kathy Bellis Paul Elmes Lisa Jeffrey Kath Sallabank Mitchell Whisker James Richardson-Cornish Angela Thomas Kirsty Fribbens Bernard Peacock Joanne Coulson Graham Delury Joanna Wright jamie shutler Rezaul Arfan Stephen Waterfield Sally Thompson Maria peteinaraki Anne Haworth Ivan Alvarez Liz Scott Patricia Cautley Martha High Karen Stevenson Carol Thompson Mrs Van Hughes Patrick Kernohan Jacquie Turbefield Jean Addison Susanne Proven Gill Barn Hannah Goddard Bob Zavoda Michael Potter steve howard Esther Adelman Carol Miller Margaret Ghosh Joseph De Prisco Mr Peter Hughes Ruthi Brandt Caroline Beeby Janet Sweet Simon Martin Linda Breary Jennifer Brown Julie Jaciuk Elizabeth Smith Dianne Bartlett Clare Kybird Claire Holmes Marieke Heyd Anna Strange Carole Holland Susan Hockley anne w Rita Fraser Brendon Moffitt Angela Ward Caroline Mortimer steve venners Ben Coughlan Sharon Hopkins jeremy gale Marilyn Samuels louise yellowlees Christopher Durack Kim Thornton Tim van Herpen Sophie Fosker Emma Horton Tony Kennedy Samuel Green Sam Gibson Jack Lewis ROCIO I. Anna Retallack David Reddall Zsolt Hatszegi Ricardo Sousa Victoria Vale Matthew Yip Chris Smith Melita Bengtsson Gwen Emegbo Katherine Maynard Dippi Donbo Frank Sprules Derek Stokoe Stephen Bissex Rafael Mamede june lawrence Catherine McDonald Alison Newton Charles Regan Robyn Austin Zayda Kebede David Roberts Ueli Schneider lapoux Gene Jacqueline Moore Robert Hodnett Claudia Lichtblau Kirke Ashton Jeanne Adams David Coleman Judith Menes eric daley ROSE MCLOUGHLIN Alvaro Martinez de la Vega Clare Brindley Sara Fellah Tom Eyles Neil Smith CC Roger Hurn keith Lever Joyce Watchorn nina baun Maureen Smith Ian Sayer ALAN TOMSETT apollon koumides Vera Baccino Neville Walker elaine mcpartland Martin Kerlin Ursula robinson Biddy Garstang Rebeca Zendejas Ellen Bernfeld Barry Dagger Bill MacKinnon J Perrett lee fine Joy Charles Gilbert Budgen Clive Morgan Ruth Ive LESLEY MALPAS Sarah Deco andrew McDermid Jo Cassell Stuart Scott Jim Fisher Magnus Mickelsson Lucy Graves Ian Hunt Alastair Mitton Iris Beswick Johnathan Longden David Barker Maurice Lyon Emma Hall Holly Mahon Tim Johnstone Veronica Gregson Nadja Kill Bryan Biddle Richard Webb Roger Penney Julia Edwards Peter Merson Linda Brown Emma Maxey Ruth fisher NIck Carter-rowe Line Nielsen Janet Richardson ANGIE TWIGG Helen E HILL Billy Goodfellow cheryl tabone Raphael Highley Carolyn Hicks S Babington Bryan Gratz Alan Gately Jeffrey Tutin shanthie wild P Madden Lindsay Docherty Helen Hall Brian Atkinson Beverly Long Janie Berry Hugh Stevenson Charles Riddle Michael John Stevens Tom Fisher T SINCLAIR Karen Gamble Gus Wildon Abby Gray Will Embliss Siobhan Gill Paul Mac Millan

Roger Greaves Jennie Oakley Julie Donnell Elaine Berg Louise Snow Rachael Honey John Usher Jennifer Burrows Pamela Giles Charlotte Malcolm Barbar Austin Stephen Dadda Angie Olding William Goss Lucy Hughes sylvia scarlett Ryan Errington Helen Korner Joe Butterworth Spyros Philippou Angela Leahy Janice Hall Richard Deacon Andrew Flounders Oliver Wright Elizabeth Batten Patricia Sanabria Stefanie Kopec Neha Pateria Andy Shoebridge John Williams Phil Davies Carol Bayliss Peter Bailey David foy Alan Bigham Clare Williamson Martin Fowler Alison Beck Emilia Benjamin Eileen Bigg Derek Hart Valerie Jones Adrian Scott E Mumby Tracy-Leon Barham Loredana Akhtar Patrick Edwards Bernadette Moreton Sabina Halabuda Maureen Traves Esne Moszynska Connie Wright Bingo Master Victoria Rogerson Nicole Mitrovic Alexander Cresswell Sarah Frankland Hazel Hutchino Jamie Tait Dorothea Foertsch Gill Rowland Chris Reading Patricia Harman Brendan Gallagher Smaragda M Alan O`Brien a Hollingsworth David Balfour Valerie Cutko Trine Nordeng Chris Ades Mark Duffell Brian Newham Karen Tynan Steve Rudd Jimmy Carter Gary Evans TT Frances Cryan josephina ruijters Kate Oakley Tricia Cassel Gerard Nucharee Smithard Karen Holden Barbara McTaggart Danielle Blouin Maggie Thomas David Ramsden Sibin Kutty Mik Fielding Maureen Quinn Jenny Topper Amanda Condon Anna Watson-Smith IAN RUBERY Roger Player Mel Errington Poppy Skillman-Wilson Lynne Stuckey Nicola Spooner Paul Mills Rose King Thomas Goodwin Johannah Newmarch Shaun McLoughin Chuck Hamilton Stephanie Stringer Janetta Lawrance Michael Andress Gemm Irwin Margaret Murton Sheena Mcconaghy Adam Stapleton Bill Greenwood Tania Leoni Duncan Saunders Jayne Greer Harold Conover A Rawnsley Mark Knowles Lester Bath Astrid Girou Roland Bennett carla renders annita k Simon Hardingham Chesters Stella Fenner Bridget Heriz-Smith Mike Bear Andrea Powell Alix Naylor Darren Eardley Jacqueline Hamla David Baxter Paul Colcutt Carol Wellwood Jan Lloyd Mary Cholwill Jutta Weigel Ethan Stote Nick Payne Lene Hansen rob harrison Judith Hosking Camelia Kam Rob Griffin Esther Sparrow Patricia NEWMAN Julia Garratt Lois Dunn J CHRISTIE Linda Cartlidge Fiona Brown Fiona Reilly Chris Verey Geraint Hughes Jane Dibb Linda Dale Helen Moylett Karen Croan Susan Fisher Diane Howells Audrey Simpson Keith Slater Richard Underwood Wendy Stephen Shelagh Macleod Jean Watts Gerrard Gibbs David Haynes Martin Hawes Garry Short Sarah Barton Lorna Innes Louise Herron Anne Miller Jane Attwood Judy Westcott Charles Birch Jess Ovenden Elaine Somerville Daniela Pitis Sarah Muscas warren moyle Helen Drevet Sasha Baker Andrea Strauss Kate Oliver kim levy Glenn Smith Jenny Feltham Elizabeth Trower S Moakler Emma Chown LYNNE WEBSTER Kate Talbot-Ponsonby Marshall Mowbray Elizabeth Crowther Dave Porter Alana Howes Malcolm Young Angela Hughes Janet Armstrong John Roberts Christopher Wadsworth Lynn Bowden Don Brookes john long mike GRUNDMANN Thomas Laws Sue De ste croix JL Rautenbach Charlotte Wright Angel Gasque Morant ANNA WILSON elva medina Lynn Ford Kay Stewart Ian Parry Steve Brown simon gowans Thomas Collett Kate Moore Donald Walker Luisa Brehm Rebecca Nash Ghislaine Coulon Philip Packer Barry Muir Peter Heath Andrew Sayer Ann Breeden juliet alderdice Elizabeth Kay julie browne Tiziana Ciancetta Naima Iqbal Ronald MacThomas Anne Patricia Delaney Nils Adeler john walker allan jones William Wood Liz Sheldon ROBERT ALLCOCK Dillon Burns John Clarke Wu Joong Natalie Grout Donna Kenyon Liisa Sirkkola Catherine Greenslade Laura Cosham Heather Lutz Francis Buttigieg Angela Nolan Lavinia Wyllie Paul Vickers monique Klaver Tina baker Dorothy Lowday Elizabeth Carr Ruth Lewis Barb Tool Janet Ward Louise Lecutier Martin Griffiths Violet Kirk Derek Summers Elke Van Engeland Jonathan Smith Jamie Taylor Laura Lecis Peter Collins Annabel Rushforth Teresa Hall Tony Griffin Nelly James Nadja van Daalen Ami O’Callaghan Allan Rowntree Mark Thornton David Robinson Lynda Rogac Elisabeth Bechmann Owain Clarke Elizabeth Ellesley Vickie Walters Peter BENNETT paul kinnersley Les Howell Mark Exelby Rebecca Dyer cathy kinnear Aino Kattelus Joseph Baker Trevor Jacklin marion cheatham susan irving Hannes Muntingh Warwick Cormack Anne Munch Bonnie Pilcher Melanie Reynard

Derek Cairns Anna Sholl Matthew Hodgson Ryan McCulloch N R Hughes Jacinta Cronin Alan Vickers Nina Clark Linda Martin Caitlin Howell Penny Doorbar Paul James Greig Reilly Mary Le Feuvre Hazel Dunlop george walter Steven Lowther john fox Carole Ingram Johann Hauer Noel Strophair julie slatter Keith Thomson Chris Cozens Glenn Williams Zsofi Kremer Sylvia Davidson Greta Cappellemans-Pandis Judith Newton Sarena Edwards Simone Cotterill Janet Tomlin Martin Hardwick LEONARDO MASCARENHAS Mike Smith Jenny Nicholas Alison Bloomfield Susan Nundy Rob Pitha Pamela Riley Helena Lategan Antje Rex Anthony Bennett Pat Long Rachael O’kelly claudia leonor Bridget Ellison Iain Cameron Steve Thompson C Snowden Tanya Markman Andrew Newby Nese KILDACI Denise Ritchie J Dunbar Louise Payne Paul Hughes Peter Smith Sophie Padel Rainer Hertel Jenny Morris Catherine Glanfield Mandy Mayhew CH Valeria Rossi Janice Cliff Peter Wat Emily Jones Susan Brogan william dubes Wayne Jefferies Imi Maufe helena de rijke Stephen Ratcliff Michelle Boyton Peter Maton Jennifer Parry Hilary Unwin Keith Drinkwater C.A. Buijs Lorna Brockett Ivan FISH Rowanne Dicker Wendy Moppett Jan-Maree Benny Robert Ward Susannah Gelbart Wendy clark Patricia Bradley Susan Grime Kathryn Phillips Ivar Holm S Shaw Jon Hicks Tina Gough Susan Hanson Andrea Redfern Rhodri Williams Jeremy Godbolt Corinne Gilbert Ian King Julia Brock Jannina Broders cristina ciucu claudia bothma Stephanie Woehrle Mark Tyson Nina Studer Matthew Pryor Malcolm Rhodes Jacqueline Peacock Clare Thompson Norman Burr Christine Udell Mark Moore christine Davis Milena Bergquist Fred Chevalier Sheila Gaul Trevor Murdie Edward Blackburn P Sim Michael Norton Evelyn Haigh kathryn devney Loukas Morley Jamie Lawrence Jo MacKenzie Catherine Le Ruez raymond strevens Carol Claxton George Hawes Matt Mackay Susan Young Roy Sutcliffe Anne Watson Carolyn Talbot Debbie Eraly Julia Jensen David Webb Linda Dennett Damian McCarthy Jean Lopez Lopez philippe bobichon Hanif Hall john mcdonagh Edward Hartz Francesca Zazzera Lynnette Bevan Daniel Cable-Davey MAX RENSLER Yana Primenko Helen Lambert Thomas Shrubsole DAVE BRYANT Antonia McDowall Pam Hanley Jennifer Colborne Deirdre Kincaid Mike Holmes Ann Massing Helen Smith Martin Bevan Julie standard Laura Keane colin armorgie Dorothy holmes Lisa Lowther Tina Keeble Lisa Ferguson Lin Crane Karl Warden Angela Pickup Florencia Iocca martin richardson Helen Fairhurst Fiona Docherty Matt Wright Leanne Bell Clare Escombe Sonia Teruzzi Simon Townley Faith Williams William Hindmarsh Janet Bertola Simon Fowler Debra Shead Noel Mcevoy Shawnie Coller jane roome Beryl Vickery Donald Patter PU Liam Brown Will Hawkins Anne Birkett Miriam Stoate Tim Carlisle martin hughes Kristina Rose Astrid Brown sandra Payne Frank Inglis Gordon Fullerton Edward Munn Colin Stephens Hugh Rout Della Crean Andre Maasjosthusmann Colette Boughton Louisa calcutt tessa White Alison Barker Carol McDermott Mark Phillips G Knowles Tom Burroughs Celia Clark Sarah Birtwisle Newson Helen Roberts Caroline Snow David Harper Amanda Lewis Jenny Smith jonathan coupland Vicky Watt Jim Spence Jill Winfield Eileen Bartlett Josie Parr Trish Puharich Krzysia Gossage paul harvey Adrian Moir Betty Swift Christine Dobson Josephine Welcome Rod Thick Charlotte Docherty-Shortt John Horne Karen Wetherell Sarah Le May Hannah Davey Graham Laird john eade Robert Young Nicola Brixey Allen Esler Soleil Jones Patrick McKernon Meryl Hool Dennis Swoffer Kelly Smith Andrew O’Connell marshall stapleton Mark Griffin Paul Bradshaw Betty Baker Georgina Luke Anna Zabezsinszkij Dorothea Schwab Craig Taylor Elizabeth James Celeste Igolen-Robinson Tony Trowbridge James Steele lynda erengil Mark Leaver Kaz Paszki Tracy Pithie Joshua Harris Hilary Beck Lois Grosshans Gudrun Wiesenthal Martina Tavella Stephen Chimerek Ian Ferguson Barbara Bate Rachel Grimmer Tony Ford Jonathan Green Mike Sangster Nicky Stevens Conchita Triay ginny cox Shirley Sinclair Nick Hassett Heather Wolstenholme Kristofer Beanland Julian Richardson Nathalie de Freitas - Brown Paul Newton Bryan Williams Karolina Kotwica Robert Baron JUAN JOSE VAZQUEZ GARCIA Susan Dawson David Pashby Alan Ritchie Diletta Maria Angelp Richard Gardner Lisa Williams Jill Deane

Aubrey Guilbault Adrienne Gould Mrs Russaline Cole Stephan Clements Anne Farrell Nicolette Blan David Ellsmore-Petty Pippa Barham sue pennington susan fulbrook Luke Burch Mike Boyd Patricia Chambers Suzanne Winders Tanith Lyon Shoana Salim Felicity Foote Caroline Townsend marge craig Barry Baudains Diane Williams norma caldas Lindis Lane Ann O’Connor B Evans Heide Marzi Philip Dembo Kim Stedman Steve Metcalf ANDY BUTLER Susan Vogt Leslie Plumb Leoncio Provoste Louise Penn David Skeggs Dan Siberry Paola Catapano Coral Cook Frances Williams Louise Latham Deborah Rea Julie Moore colin hodges Sally D’Arcy Emma Stamper-Dwyer rob rowe Nadine Ashburner Hugh Cameron Peter Williamson Terry Penney lyn lambert Peter West Ruth Bailey RACHEL EASTWOOD Rafiq Ahmed philippa vaizey Terence Sweeney Max Bloomfield Reena Damen Jari Uimonen Sue Woodley Lawrence Sherrington Lindsay Wright Johannes Lock Jay Aitkins Nigel Low Mary Dincan Bryan Merry Julie Hall John Faulkner Lloyd Anthony Luka Usmiani Ann Ezzamel Sheila Kirkham Beryl Turner Adam Tiratsoo wendy warrington Maureen Bell Mark Hansford Fern Jameson christina specht ANDREW FISHER John Rawcliffe Alison Wigg Lara Semple Ruth Dance Greg Stacy ZZoe Hayward John Clarke Leigh Cole David Oliver Robert Murray Mike White Patrick Goodall Anna Parker Thomas Miller-Carr Darran Price Anthony Upson jamie clabburn Karin Wightman Michael Pountney jonathan blowes Clarisse We wei chee tan Susan Graham Caroline Petherick Dave Rundle Chris Bailey Shaun Taylor Anna Burford Chris Bellman Emily Crook Hadleigh Wilks Natali Harrison Penny Mason Ronald Saunders Nina Forth Nicola Bevan Lucie Friar Jeffrey Jenkin Lyn Tinkham Caroline Gibbons Lisa Savage B Wells Nicole Isabey Timo Nevaste David Barker Brenda Newton Steve Baker Frank Franklin Gayle Green Viki Jones Rebecca Maher Peter Stephens Rosemary Munn Melanie Craig Caroline Salisbury John Barron Stephen Ozdemir Stephie Brown Niki Kyriakidou Anthony Hathway Jessica Fogden Carole Bullock Alison Allen alex gunary Elizabeth Ashford Marie-Laure Frioux Andrea Kovacikova Helen Shute Ievgen Tymoshenko Tobias Hardy Antigonos Sochos Karen Mann Arlette Monkewitz Jackie Anderson Jim Kavanagh dan singleton David Pigg Juha salomies Anna Ranta Diana Bell Theodore Bacon vanessa osborne Karen Benson David Kirk Becky Fitch Victoria Rance Corinne Davies chris lawrence Halla Kim Krisztina Rausch Angela Smith Andy Thornton Lorraine Stansbridge Sybil Sable Jane Bishop BRENDA FISHER Joan White Sarah Morgan Cesare Sangalli S Bennett Kathy Lee tony arnold Iga Kowalska-Owen Abigail Woodhouse Heather Grimmer Orlagh Noone Sarah Valentine Christine Collins Paul Hillman A.I. van Woerkom Amanda Bricklebank Mary Simpson Ursula Kellett Frances Smith Sue Holt Graeme Edminson Rita English Carrie Robinson N` Rama A Corbet Ben Rimmer Merce Bosch Jason Sewell Anna James Sandra Davies Sandor Rausch Diane Law Sue Edwards Marilyn Milne Gwen Emmerton David Sheppard Tanja Braun Terry Ford Amanda Neal Simon Jones Laura Watters Paul Chandler Darrel Rhodes Tom Teasdale Joana Silva s Smith Penelope Truex Dawn McHale Margaret Hodge Sheila Eimermann Clare Kiose Kath Woodward Richard Small philip kirby CRAIG JOHNSON Xxx Snezz Anson Allen Alan Williams Wendy Salter Jana Lastowski David Atkin Tony Hunt Joanne Van Ness Elle Risbridger Chris Dyer Elizabeth Sheppard Angela McNally Steven Hayles Jo Heading Robert White Annie Beach Adam Pope Philip Strong Marie Roberts Stephen Sheach Maggie Gallop J Jobin Janice Alcock Christiane Hayles Josie Keam Marianne Pedersen Rita McHale Paola Dondona Carlos Torre Clare D’Arcy Martin Armbrust Lesley Williams Debbie Betton Valerie Porter Christopher Derrick Joanne Harper Ellen May Yvonne Vardy antony christou Chris Cameron Cheryl Cummings Lisa Jewkes Alan Gay Linda Seaver robert armitage Janice Leatherbarrow Gerald Fortsch irene dickenson Elizabeth Kendray frances paget Lorna Tonks Richard Jones Barry Wingove Richard Trim Lindsey McNeny Christopher Lindley Alison Fairhurst Tracey Kilday Natasha Miller David Roberts Jim Radford Chris Coles David Waterhouse Alcibiades Niavis joy Earlesodhi Steve Manley Pam Hartog rob myers Ruth Nicholas Gareth Lloyd-Cape Natalie Searle Guy Stewart leon burns

Peter Mullen Ruth Screen Jools Green Rachel Fleet Jacqui Vaughan Jim Clarke Susan Kang Robert Stone Toby Cook Ana Maria V Margaret watson Jane Partridge Guy Van de Berg Denise Fossey David Packwood Philip Tepper Nial Tanvir Richard Catton Trevor Davies Carolyn Parker Mel Harris Martin Johnson Dorian Jones kvetoslava Ratcliffe Maureen O’Neal Elisabeth Cook Amy Kelly Tracey Wilkinson Zoe Cohen Andri Parpa Jeremy Parkin martin wright Wendi Usher Charmion Mann Philip Bartle Mrs Robinson Stuart Edwards Karen Thompson Matthew Bragg Susan Waters Pam Nixon Elwyn Metcalfe Barbara Burgess Brenda Doyle Ivor Chomacki Bob Swan Vivienne Giacobiono-Simon Kate James Emma Ferreira Emily Markman Denise Gallivan Suzy Christie ARIEL Goldmann John Mc Gonagle Chrissie Clarke Anita Andrews Kira Withers-Jones christoph frei Tim Hadley Christine Hamilton Glenn Ford Vincent HERBIERE Alecia Nickless PAUL Norris Bryan Entwistle Celia Mainland JJ Pat Dunn nigel pattison Sian Pearson Isabella Paisley Debra Geeson Matt Stribley Liz Gould mirian beck Charles Jobson Sally Williams Alasdair Garnett Brian O’Ready Jennifer Hood kevin grumett Oli Cosgrove sheriffs hepburn Robin Richardson Marta Sanchez Alison Thacker Margaret Perry e Mason Clare Hourigan Simone Storey Jenny Summerfield Johnstone Neil Hilary Gardner V Sampanthar Kathleen Taylor Helen Coombs Jacquie Evans Denise Melling eric carpenter Joe Darwen Diedre Morison mario ortiz Valerie Sng Barry Thompson Debbie Forsyth Richard Johnson Ann Walden Joanna Hordern Curzon Guy Robertson Chris Brown Rachel Blackmore Janet Balaam THEODORE Mertig J Ballard Elizabeth James Sinibaldo De Rosa Kim Taylor Carolin Knapp Mariann Lloyd-Smith George Burrage Margaret Elphinstone COLIN MARSH Tomislav Borso Laura Buckland Nicole Page Chris Mosley Juliette Young Lubna Saied Sinead Bowe Christine Clare MELVYN HEWISON Frances Ruston Roddy McKee Rebecca Wood Richard Kelly Gail Mackisey Rachael Pearson Victoria Cresswell Bernadette Reid Robyn Mcdaid Hilary Black Michele Lazenby James Cordery Madeleine leddy Shirley Sharp Heather Oldham Ian Howlett Fiona Herbert Thomas Ludlam Ann Burn Fran Tattersall Robert Morcumb Katherine Britton Sue Kibler Karen Judge Tom Fent Debra Henriksen Vicki Jenner Paul A Scott Gorzynski Michael Peake Julia Cox Alex Glover Robert Woodhall Mel Chandler Ian Barker Anna Taplin Tony Allen Kate Turner caroline Twomey TG Simon Pannett Indra Semjonova Orla Farrell Philip Simons Paul Freeman Sal Medlicott Cath Gibbons Karen Henry Milena Cwiklinska John Mitchell Nel Epema-Jagersma Heather Burton Nova Mieszkowska Andi Pugh Lisa Mould Geoffrey Searle Niels Tang Christensen John Clipson Philip Terry Joe Herbert Vicki Sparkes Susan Moore Brian Seabon Kathryn Holding Neville Grundy J Watts Lauraine Wilson Audrey Hanlon Fiona Adamson Graham Wood Vicki Hugo Marcus Cleaver Pippa Hope Catherine Bodnar Karl Woolf Kate-Lyn Jones Lydie Buckova Isabel CASTRO JUNG Lucy HaInes David Brimacombe Stan Bremner Dean Johnson Liz Linington Marjan Ras Paul Fox Fiona Ibbotson Sally Grunnill Cheryl McDade Roxane G. Pronovost Leighroy Macdonald Giovanni Merlini Pauline Day Mark Wilson Christine Brewster Robert Turner Gianna Bazzurro Dawn Bishop Edd Gildersleve annette soar Jenny Sherwen Debrah Morris earl gibbs Mel Rudd Laura Paton Tamzin Drew Sue Browne Lynda Coles Dorette Engi David Wragg Helen Waite Juliane Honore Victoria Scales Laura Daniells Wayne Kelly Victor Graudumnieks Nicole Marshall Susan Gillham Fiona Murison Colin Brewer David Brown Kevin Ireland Ingrid Haas Brian Bailey Carol Driscoll Angela Bonner robert rodger Jean Roberts Nicola Mansfield Heather Rawlinson Pamela Harmer Chris Burnett Dermot Desmond Jenny Soper Carrie White Fabien Norger Nick Acklam Karen Hawtin Geoff Robinson Tony Eldred parkinson Celia Busby Gemma Nelson S Hastings Mandy Green Sarah Chamberlain Amanda Francis David Radcliffe Allana Norman Thomas Hall Valerie Thompson Daniel Zeh Frances Mohsen Leyla Ahmet Bob Blake jon gore Nicola Harrison Dale Sewell Alix Pearson Ellen Dexter Mark Brooker Rachel SMITH Kevin Blackler Emma Hare John Hutcheson David Warne Brian Gill Linnell Krikorian Lucie Young Chris Kavanagh Karen Angel doug stannard Joel Weston Alison Ridout Marion Cornforth Bea Canty

Glenn Poulton Beverley Young June Graham John Powell Andrea Broatch Kerry Boyd Nicolas Jourdain Sarah Graydon Victoria Shipway Penny Harding Roberts Rob Costello Andrew Dicker Peter Joseph Andre Colbert Jeanne Hewitt Kenneth McDonald Emma Bailey Julia Croft Chris Uren Anne Fagg Vincent FitzGerald Andrew Fraser Marianne Bennett Ann O’Sullivan louis kirk Robert Warden Graham Prosser Sara Arcerito Sabine Loesche Karen Onyiah Louise Rigby Malcolm Stanley Ryland Morgan Elise Allen Elisabeth De Vries Janet Capstick Manu Scholle c mcgaughey Christa Fraser-Mcneil S Pinder Angus Evers Rob Healey Sheila Juneau Di Hendry ANDREW CAPPER claudette man Susan Roberts Julia Krynke Alan Short Heleen Kramer Rosie Hogg Suddaf Awan Katie Benbow lynn morris Norah Covill anne becker Tim Jack Petra Stetina Stephanie Wrightson Rhiannon Teather Nicola Harbridge Lorraine Finnie Robert Dickson Ian White Martin Kos Horst Wisgalla leslie jones Janet Mace Alexander Reeve Mirjana Foreman Claudia Trespalacios Lucie Thaxter George Woolhouse Nige Stringfellow Frances Sansom Prue Britten Lydia Hailu John Belcher Jenny baguley Alison David Janis Chatfield Dave Hunter Ian Freake James Whetter Clare Jalin sarah c Alina Congreve Rosanne Barton Ralph Price M Ross Kathleen Morison graeme jackson John Chapman Steve Allison Julie Kidby Mark Hollinrake Louisa Dymond patricia bailey Dagmar Francis Beniamino Paganini Catherine Rennoldson Brad Bell Allen Pestell Liz Wren Paul Cullen-James NORMA WARDLE Graham Bannister Sian Royal Astrid Schmidt Sarah Warren Diann Belcher Stephen Baker Julie Gilderoy Keith Hutton Peter Wilson Karen Farish Sara Hicks Patricia Holcombe Viji Hobbs Janet Shakeshaft Adele Watt Nancy West Julie Fowler Kathryn Markham Deb Sue Tez B Gaynor Glyde Jelica Roland Barbara Berrington Helen Kay Sandra Hosler odile stamberger Yvonne Hayden brian abbott Soo Townsend sally hawkins Lynda Taylor Janette Martin-O’Malley Christine Lhermette MARTIN ONEILL David Skinner Lois Dyte Wynn Griffith Valerie Beeby Mark Youngman Martin Taylor Irene Marot pat topham Marie-Laure GrimaldiMarvel nigel adams Amanda Haines Joe Pitts Katie Mucha Sharon buggins Par Follett kay Morriss Milly Thompson Jan Clarke Piotr Majewski Mark FISHER Rafael Marques Frances Haley Mariya Nadeem James Connolly Jennifer Howe Liz Sinclair Mike Waldron Colin Riches Kay Andrews Jeanmarie Keenan Rod Trigg Georgiana Weatherill John Johnstone Stephen buggins Kathleen Barnsley Hazel Coburn Alex Knight Michael Iluk Teri Lockton Susan Currie Emily Dyble Angela Underhill Gemma Gilchrist RUPERT GANE Richard Mackie Renny Wodynska Sarita Jones Marilyn Jones Chris Hancock emma buggins Marguerite Maclean Chris York Chris Knotts Ruud Repko kate goodall Ruth Wilson Ken Law Steve Hind Zafiro Jones Rosemarie Juchtmans Philippa Kennedy Paul Davies Tara Sinclair rosemary wagener Chris O’Donoghue Jane Howorth Alison Leverton Evangeline Golding Meg van Rooyen Charles Robinson Louise Hutson Victoria Shaw Chris Dunn Fi Dunn Douglas Martin Katie Purnell Phillip Hall Shakuntala Livneh Ewen Rennie Carol Houghton michael park Nicky Bradshaw Guy Johnson Neil Robertson Dave Saunders Michel Collin Claire Comte David Powell Andreas Rosner Hazel Gray Rod Dalmaine Lynne Beshir Andrea Jarman Alan Houldcroft Zoe Friend Victoria Aitken Melike Caesar Jim Malone luis pereira Louisa De Jong liz sayer Aifric Mc Mahon Colin Greenway Martin Joseph Brent Mo Silcock Jenni Lister Helen Chapman Paul Chapman Daryll Falconer Michael Chippington andy truman Simon Burgess Gary Smith victoria williams Ian French Cathy McCarthy Brian Hutchings Xenia Tyler Rose Battye Janet Gale Francis Deadman Janet Terry Joe Bourne Edward John Barter Gabrielle Lewry Dan Werner Peter Corkindale Rita O’Sullivan Margaret Horbacka Andrea Hill paul huber Robert Knight pauline Hallworth Karen Corley David Shepherd Gill Parr kate wright kerry pearson Nerina Vaughan Wendy Adams Diane Coles Willem Andringa Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson Peter Aldous Lewis Jones Byron Chalcraft Mihalis Lahanas Joan How Rowan Gavin patty hardy Chris Bishop Fred Macey Patricia McLoughlin Marta Celada Alison McCarthy Robert De Jong Tuuli Parker Chris East Mark roberts Linda Hankey alan hill Judy Jones Caroline Fenton Jonathan Evans

Leslie Houlker Dora Frankel Una Gillespie Jean Foster Jackie Holder Val Thorne Kim Ybarra Karen Bennett Josef Sontheim Elizabeth Mann Adam James Alan Johnston Stephen Trinder Patricia Winter Anna Blatchford Andrea Howlett Sof Holmes Sandra Degville Joan Garvin Razvan STEFANESCU Pamela Broadhurst Richard Hobbs Malcolm Baxter Jon Ireson Lesley York Mister Hencard Angela Marsh Reverend Suzy Davies Margaret Walters CONWAY GERRY Ed Green Natalie Yorke Sue Hayward Nimish Patel Shirley M Harewood S Andrew Julio da Costa Gemma Woodfall HAMZAH AHMAD Julia Lovejoy-Brinkman Nell-Marie Prinsloo Hannele Salava patricia gleeson Joel Brightman Clare Plummer Kate Yauner keith baker Sarita Larsen Lorraine Smith Christine Mccausland Margaret Kibble Joseph Robinson John Pye Mary Laarveld Theresa Royle Paul Redgwell Anna BIELEWIEC Amanda Love Gemma Grewar Rupert Fisher Bill Oddie Christopher Graham-Davies Susan Collingridge Jane Bickford Charesa Harper Susan Brooks Aaron Oxenham Nick Clark John Grantham Sonja Riesen Badoux Michel Donald Lawrie Jo-Anne Bidgood Jenny Prior Bo Freeman Robbie Graham Kimberley Bowen Pamela Plumbly Elena Salousti William Bird John Wilson George Kerrigan Mary Hart Larraine Thompson Rudy Cosmoi Moon Pat Jacob Stephen Smith Irina Tomak Iain Hawkins Margaret Scott Barbara Feeney Jaq Bannister Marco Pauli Michael Cull-Dodd Helen Cavill Jade Emery-Symmons Vincent Guadagnino Elke Kapp Moray Macdonald Cathy Groves Alison Harrison steve Drewitt Christine Alexander sharon goodsall Jan Sims Marie Cronin wendy hill Allyson Halls Els ten Napel Sherrisse Chu Alison Wotton Mark Wilson tammy mohammed tomer amit Fiona Sharman Celia Boorn christine somers M. Doyer Monica Burke Peter Marshall Jennie Metaxa-Barham Sue Spencer Olivia Canham Malcolm D Angela Sansam ed wodehouse Valerie Morris Lydia Koelmans Lucy Brazier Brenda Haffner Maryam Ebadi Richard O’Farrell Kathryn Stafford Sean Sadek Joris Thijssen patrick cornwell Beryl Jones Toby Hughes Jackie Owens Candace James Bridget Harris Dave Clark Paul Mitchell Tim Crosbie Sue Dally Susan holgate Baard Hermansen Chloe Chadwick Max Armishaw Susanne broadhurst Irma Godfrey Heather Marshall Debbie Kay Jasmine Ive Mark Glasser Laura Gabbott Martin Muncaster Wendy O’Ryan Sandra Coghill Peter Roberts Keith White Mark Crosthwaite June Harrison Janet Eccles Maria Khan Muhammad Shaheer andy banks kevin barber Sarah Steventon Lewis Jones Patricia Martinez Navarro Carrie Sumpter Udo Bocks lyn short Sam Luhde-Thompson caroline scott Neil Fawson Ann Rawson Anita Humphrey Anne Newton Steve Troubridge Jean Hardman Alan Abbott Ann Smalley maggie riche David Buckle Kev Hallwood Marion Evans Diane Sear Angela Deghen Pauline Diminutto Lucy Hales-Tooke Cathy Sprod Bob Hilliard Mark Loughran Petra Keller Mathew Manning Trudi Simpson Sue Dash Norma Moores Joris Grymonprez Chris Berry Simon Whitaker Russ Booker Audrey Gunner Alev Erce Brian Robertson Lesley Pearson Helen Sedgewick-McPhee Teresa Ellis Robert Riley-Ditchfield Sorin Radutiu David Clark Joanna Lingham Paul Glyde Neil Anderson S Marcus Deborah Greene David Palser Linda Griego Will Glanfield Urmie Persaud Rae Swan Emily Ward Jacqueline Rolston Kate Hands Conor Muller Sarah Bain Francis Woods Ron Culyer viv Davies Mark Badger jw Hazel Holt Robert Tanner Teresa Hill John Mutch john chadbon Bridget Atkins Brian Wheeldon Gareth Nixon carrie clare Clare Berry Nicole Fearn Mavis Gulliver Anne Helliker Margaret Allen Gabriele Martin Dawn Banks Sarah Stannard Mike Hoddinott Elly Hiby Ian Baker annabelle zinovieff Pat Limb Zed Greenman diana wheatley Tanya Ralph Jay Kerslake Terry Robinson Valerie McCormack Isis Ventura Bermell Joanna Kelly Pedro Vangheluwe Jonathan Palmer Jon Richards Margaret Dooley Jennifer Parsons carol clark Carol Archer Roman Sultana James Peat Grave Liliann Gyuricza Alexandra Woodbridge Emily Pentland Keith Lambell Tracy Cole-Bridgeman Jon Foyle Phil Leighton Hayley Trampenau Holly Owen Elizabeth Spickernell Benjamin Greenwood Julie Mehigan Joyce Dunne kane Saull-hunt Richard Dow Sarah Hulmes Mark Boggis Zoraida George Philip Rowlands Chris Lund Catherine Day Floriane Morel Amanda Burns Vicki Binley Richard Simpson Ashley Ward Linda Freston Alain CHAUVINEAU Sue Turnbull Ralph Hitchman Derek Murphy Monserrat Valverde Patrick Jeffcoate

Christopher Nash Paul Short Nasia Koutroufini John Hill miles coombe Alexis Knibbs Adriana Maldonado Marjorie Ann Wilson David Carpenter Louise Millns Aleksandra Biedron Hazel Douglas Dan Demeter Jennifer Harding Jenny Outred Phil Golder Jean Harrington Janet Hackney paul swatridge William Vogt Paul Mcloughlin Hannah Sutherland Indra Mitra-Duggan allan brookstone maria quercia Wjlliam Murray Caroline M Roland Moore Katherine Haigh Jo van Schuppen Eleonora Bacchini Jennifer Hayman Joan Fairhurst Pauline Williams Frances Sinclair Harry Holmes Annis Fitzhugh Randi Vagner Alexander Barwick Jean Mills Allison Johnson Martin Wilson Faisal Rana Robert White Bonnie Lynn MacKinnon Nigel Winehouse Marie Ostrowicz Femia Cools Kirsty Rice Miriam Feehily Vanessa Bennie Fabian Humphrey Insa Heiss Jildou Tijsma Nick Walker Ann bissex Lin Richards Cheryl Hill Christine Priestley Sue Woods Alan* Gorey Loraine Reid Wendy Crossley Miranda Bruce-Mitford Helen Beddes Stephen Hughes TeRatahi P. M Ratahi Barry Smith Glyn Rodgers Grace Kennedy Debs Rylands jim healey Fien Steel Erin Brutscher anna little Reiner Gobbels Nicola Woodland Georgina Hipsova Stephen King Margaret Calvert Brian White May Amundsdatter Patrick CURTIN Dawood Sadiq Joanna Drew beryl lockett Stewart Love Steve Evans Rachel Shackleton Christopher Scotland Angela Rai Martin Jones Philippa Stafford Jan Stone Katrin Schulz David James Anna Holm Carole Wall Robert Holland Elaine Faulconbridge John Lawson Mika Kunnasvaara Elaine Vickers Graham Smith Margaret Tyler Tracy vale Tom Bridges Cheryl Egerton Hayley Robinson Linda Cropper Trish Cole Ian Ryles Evelyne Pershad Quentin Spender Carol Doran Neil Moorcroft Stephanie Harper Jim Gates-Patch Louise Wearne Ellen Wright Daniel Marsan Ross Husher Ian James Pete Scott James Alan Holden Sarah Gotheridge Coral Giblin Mark Holderness Mark Harrison Helen Platten didier fernandes John Hampshire Theresa Norton Neil Johns Jan Cockayne Harry Coogan Howard Davies Martyna Polak Maureen Phillips Michael Bosley Anita Clayton Stewart Wiggers Stef Banyard Wendy Stuart Mark Taylor Will Ord Roy Barlow Richard Hinxman Grace Cowley Krzysztof Sokolowski Fiona Johnston Mike Goodman Fiona Macdonald Margaret Paterson David Austin Fionnuala Griffiths Seth Jackson Kate Lammin Jennifer Bignall Judi Brown Norman Davis Mary Wright David Murphy Helen North MIke Rampling kenneth white Tracy Hall Julian Taylor Mike Rivett Susan Buxton Janet Royston Judy Rees Toby Plaskitt Alex Johnston Maggie Larbey Sonya Exton Peter Hore Gordon Drummond Leigh Lampley Patrick Arran Fernando Jesus Steve Hall Marcelo Freire Chloe Hopkin-Fisher Marleen Heyndrickx Barbara Sheppard Mark Trudgeon Alexandre Teixeira Donna Philp Jane Stevenson Timothy Trewin Bob Weedon Ingrid Dupre Rob Tuck John MacKinnon Babette Stephens Raymond Jenkins Sue Day jack burns Kathryn Magee Laura Smith Bob Owen Olivia Baillie John Oldershaw Philip Hildred Kate Stobo Martin Lyde Carolanne Howitt Yvonne Halls Arthur Parker jo scurr Ashley Denning Kathryn Wykes Keith Davey Philip Logie Beth Holmes Rita De Roeck Paul Witcomb Stephen Marment Laurel Arnison Cheryl Ross Richard Stevens Sharon Soal Christina Crosby Paul Rutland JEREMY LEWIS Catherine Cameron Carlos Vallin Tammi Good Samuel Drouin Catherine Petzsch Jane Patterson Kath Marsh Katherine Marshall Kurt Schwarz steve travis Robert McGowan Margarida Ralha Jim Manchester Tony Mcconville Linda Stanley robert doxey Rich Stubbings Jack davis Andrew Mcmaster michael james Megan Jenkins-Wood Melissa Hargreaves Winnifred Smith Gladys Helm Claire Stevens Roy Taylor Dawn Hookway Jayne Trigg margaret muirhead Colette Lacote Sharon gooding Alison McGregor Raquel P Marilyn Farrington Jeanne Ramm Julia Hay Miki Petrovski Etienne Lewis Florence Ford Tony Lawson Sharon Whalley sheila turner Agnes Stewart Nicole Snepp Johanna Ungeheuer Sylvia Gyselynck Rax Green Pauline Cranston Margaret Harrison beti collinge Paul Ettenfield Caroline Borburg Marco Villani Anna Evans Gary Christian Kathy Stewart Ben Yelland Sue Mitchell Robert McIntosh Clare Buxton Chris Jeffery Cathy Parker Stephen Jones Dahlia ChanTang Alan Pease Chris Sandison Elizabeth Rolfe Eleanor Tweed Nina Vivanco Elliott Davies-Massey Chiara Levrini Jemma Rushton Augusto Sabbadini Laura Chetta Mark Pattison Nina Bertrand Brooke Fraser paul goldsmith Katie Thomas

Elspeth Rose Pauline Scullion Julian Gower pat smale Daniel Cleary susan beecraft marlo de vries Rebecca Macaulay Victoria Daniell Jayne Haworth Maggie Atkins Frances Averitt Rachel Clare Eileen Higbee Jennif Ramsay Margaret Shuttleworth Robin Clegg Robin Williamson John Ryder Susanne Griffin Sophie Lewis sharon sinclair Emma Jackson Peter Smith William Hutchison Catherine Hopper Liza Antrim mags erwin Marianne Lloyd Kristina Hart tim finch Lucy Deakin Jo-Anne Boardley Jacquie Meredith Hanna Swaryczewska Jane Musgrave Monica Bijok Alison Cathie Meraylah Allwood Helen Smith Mary Ross Anne Worden Judy Wallis Tony & Caroline DavidsonBrewer Kate Elliott jo Naden Mark Fanshawe Ruthie Howard Michael Anderdon Magdalena Held Gabriela Munn Andrew Marshall-Clarke Terry Baker Seven Jacobs Jane Brannan James Rainey Naomi Warner Suzanne Golder Pamela Chatley Robert Norrish Linda Jones Lucy Richardson Marilyn Keen Fern Lines christine benney Rosa Garrett Bill Hill Shona Symons Delia Hoe Gary Loch Alex Dempsey Janice Galbraith Clive Moore Pauline Cocker MBE Andrea Pye Rachel Hole Claire Stevens Robin Madge Jon Frost Josune Arzalluz Jackie Missenden Gareth Williams Rachel Newphry Benedict du Boulay Cathy Bascombe Sophie Walker Kim Pramanik Lesley Healey Jenny Demetri oren k Thierry D Johan Lubbe Norman Ives Margit Christensen Ian Lewis Anna Borsey Charlotte Frejya-Richwoods Stephen Hampson Marie Cottrell Clara Ministral kerry walker Deborah West Sarah Mitchell Fran Earley Joy Dore Brian Broadley Rupert Griffin Ella Tutton Audrey Longman Chris Weston rob stringer Tracey Jex-Pearce Susan Nicholls Brenda Donovan Brian Podschies Claire Gilkes Brian Bond Rachel Hatjoullis billy mcisaac Christin Goodhart Mike Beck Mary Williams Pamela siddall Dean Hind Nigel Vernon Roy Mussell Hayley Jane Bourne Andy Cook Richard Woods Keith Andrew Carol Schofield Alice Samways Emma Anne Jones Tony Cozzolino Philip George Janet Forgan Moira Lake Elizabeth Ruiz fernandez Laura Algera Charlotte Schofield David Arnold Angela Gaffney Tabitha Nice wendy walker Simon Hewson Jackie May Daniel Bryant Daniel Fernandes Colin Burwood Bill Essex Sarah Gore Lisa Seckington Julia Rose David Connelly Patricia Buist Heather Ford Rachael Thomas Deborah Smith Pam Buttifant Desaire Elsa Michael Ingleson Bridget Whitehead Elaine Smith Chris Jenkins Mel McAndrew Andrei Doicin Barbara Trim andrew burgess Linda Walker Liz Leach Tony Crouch Martin Belcher Beverley Lee Andrea Rooney Michael Gane Heather Muir Amanda Strong Graham Stephen Vanessa Shipman Birgit Hole Marion Meikle Ben Stalham Paul Kettle-Buchanan Frances McEnhill Paul Stevens Laura Walker Alasdair Haddon Zane Webb Sarah Evans Richard Andreae Marion Leighton Barbara Fairhurst Gillian Evans Susan Lattimer Daniel Harewood Kasper Seward Pam Bellinger Robert Fallon Mike Trim Peter Hayes Jane Radford Jane Vigon Sam Partington D Rosa Kate Garner Adrian Taylor Margaret McGilvray Mark Gregory Timothy Charnock Rob Mccormick Helena Jones spyrakis efthimiou Julie Watkins Adele Dewing Anne-Marie Allen Richard Thorley Ted Oliver MARY SPYROU Shirley Lawrie P Sansum Phil Luke Neil Matterson Antony WALEY Shirley Mungapen Jaime Rojas Hernandez Barbara Napper Peter Bradbury Robert Rowlands Rachel Henderson Jonathan Edmunds wendy king Maggie Hall Gerome Mariette Alison Christer sheila thomas Gary Jolliffe Clare Hill Chris Robb Malcolm Emsley Viv Wearne Peter Latham Susan Cleaver Matthew Theobald Margot Dent Norman Stundon Tim Beecher Andrew Glaister Wendy Whittaker Stella Edmondson Helen Cawthraw Tracy Navin Meg Malone ana williams Ruth Lovering Maximilian Schmidt Richard Fouracre Phyll Scarborough Tracey Huguley Jennifer Parkhurst Sara Meireles Katherine Mogridge Clive Maybury Jenny Tomlinson Deborah Worth Marleen Verbruggen Claire Stone Gemma Lopez Toby Litt Hugh Le Fanu Gill Campbell Judith Blencowe Jane Burch Shirley Nicholas Jo-Anna Stuart Eleanor Higgs Marie Prout Vasiliki Scurfield Lesley Rollinson Anita Waner Sue Davies Barbara Arthur Martin Castro Anne Maybury Joseph Mussi Gillian Cockwill Sheila Holderness Sarah Higgon bobby Pugh Sylvia Robins Mike Oldreive Paul Davies kim kennedy Rob Frazer Simon Harwood Caroline Young Michael McFadden gil brown Hugo Martin Kathy Foster Carol Birch Margaret Pea l Kay Hawkins Debby Snape Gordon Edgerley

Shiela Lumsden G. Guy Daniel Woolf Ian Case Mark Jeffery David M cKay Betty Tennant Gabriel Pepper Camilla Allen Lindy Reif Carol and David Todd Jane Nice Rachel Silkin Alex Michels Philippa Summers Chris Blencowe K Scott Stephen Hoper Helen Heathfield marion Mclay Linda Brookes Nick Greathead peter davis Cynthia Drinkhill Glenys Armstrong Sharon Swanepoel Kieran King colin Higham Jacqueline Marshall Marian O’Regan Sue Wall Krista Lonsdale sue powell chris Hills Judy McDonald Stephen Calderbank Jill Nicholls Jerry Bushell Steve Rodgers Michael Dunsbee Jill Spicer susan smith Sharon Stratton Mike Ashley Benita Walsh Manuela Wagner Geoffrey Herbert Pam Archer Catarina Branzell Robert Twigg Michael Ross Jean-Michel Maheu Bernadette Parker Catherine Stott Rachel Lucas Paul Harris Dino Sardoz Peter Rushton Gina Cooke undefined undefined Jocelyne Leach Anna Del Nevo Gemma Scruby Cherry Eddy Gerry McDonnell Nicola Somers Julia Campbell carl talbot Sandra McCulloch Susan Wilson n evans Abraham Alcantar Kate Gordon-Smith Hazel Hobbs Peter Ellson David Hunton Adam Law Barbara Blardony Barry Day Steven Ivory Natasha Posner Gary Miller Graham Walker Derek O’Flaherty Fiona Deeming Ian Kershaw Sonia Rego Sue Hale Laura Vernon c whalley Darren Howes Merrie Thornburg IJennifer Mixer G Sav janet Britton Louisa Daubney Keith Gibbs Karen Miller Shelley Inman June Tayler Alison Booth Gay Leggett Luke Finley Deborah Warrington Andrew Darnell Charles Hearnshaw Patricia Evans Arthur Fawcett Kevin O’Driscoll Andrew Pauza Utami Easty Philip Clarkson Philipp Ellguth Fiona Habermehl Paul Clubley Jake Williams Lauren Denney Riitta Culverwell julia jupp David Webb Elaine Quinn Simone Lincoln Brian Marsh Diana Badcock Fiona Stuart simon arundel Diana Richardson Roger Orpwood Maya Chatterji Callum Davis Dave Buxton Vaughan Bowden Marie-Guy Wennegers Jessica Bloomfield-Harris Shashi Desai Tilly Pollard Saroj Liliane COTINEAU Neil Ankers Corinne Firket Rachel Sadler Diane Strickland Stephen Foster Chiara Alagia Dan Cluley Paul Hostler DERICK GRIPTON Ken Watkins Angela Chiu Carol Ann Carlton Jacqueline Savill Andrew Clarke Dean Godley Michaela Clarke Sarah Morgan Heather Ruckledge Lynn Brown Michele Keim Thomas Brookes Paul Baxter Andrew Constable Chinmay Joshi Rebecca Hanway John Hemp Ben Hillier E Griekspoor Hannah Corbett Joanne Poole William Fairhall Julian Cottrill Kris Boon Neil Harvey Maya Chaterjee Tim Willcocks japhet goodburn Jacob Haggerty John Loveless Angela Harrington Dom McWilliams Kirsty Scott Mary Gibson Sandra Kenny Mark de la Rey Gail Potts Marisa Minunno Judy Hollis Thanos Hartavellas Emma Charlesworth anne chilton Sven Gustavsen Christopher Tanner Brian Caffarey Stephen Drinkwater Adrian Rodgers Aileen Taylor Kerrin Gautrey Dawn Geatches Lorna Livock Bonnie Collington Liby Nel Rebecca Early SIMON AVERY Jim Mills Nick Rogers Graham walker Junee Taylor Lucy Lloyd Tim Chalice Phillip Otto Paul Reddy steve english jessica klein Clive Price AC John Harris Caragh Murray penelope ghias Joanne Cogan Su Budge Hooton Daniel Stephen Griffiths Karen Rushworth Gabor Aranyos Cliff Millward James Elias Mike Eliot Linda Cunningham Mary Guy Catherine Price Robin Gordon John Kirk Geraldine Rust Alan King Andrew Stokes david Loewenthal Alexander Gormley melanie Sparkes Martin Street Janet Bullock Maria Derenchenko Connor May Gale Ramm CLaire Willis Ben Galbraith Kirsty MacKenzie Margaret Serdiuk Antonia Lindner Sarah Tran Duong Sheryl Goodwin Jane Varnum-Wilson Naomi Cunningham walter scott Julie Burniston n day Nicola Kimberlin Angelika Strophair Andy Mennell Anna Cook Sue Hardy Chantal Cameron Isabelle Baverstock Luis Pardo Brian McMorland Tina Hassell Syed Maqbool Angela Godfrey Graeme Bruce Stuart Owen Paul Stevenson Michael McEvoy Christopher White Daisy Popham Stephanie Woods Dan Jackson Howard Balmer Dolors Balsells Heather Lowe Charlotte Horner Roland Hughes M Harris John and Jose Brock Kenneth Harrison Joan Brady Croitiene ganMoryn Steve Vandome James Johnstone Margaret Barnicle Patricia Fennell Stefanie Gaisser R Bristow Lee Smithson Lynda Dryden J Varcoe Fiona Grant Susan Watts Eeva Kaila rachel harper Ahmed Abaza Ian Calderwood Sarah Curl Anne Gardner Elaine Close Ann Christie Sarah Phipps Mark Digby Maria Derenchenko

Rona Thomas Trevor Casbolt Louise Burt Nicola Brown Trish Griffin Katie Balmer Daisy Andrews Samuel Thomson Barney Strachan Dale Clark Julia Waterlow Jeanette Johnston Marina Derenchenko medi valaji Pareesa Rad Arijit Dey jose krebber Richard Palmer Helen Forbes Alice Moon Liah Ali Julie Ryan Johannes Streitmater Andrea Phipps Will Barber Taylor Catherine Manby Robin Greenwood Dave Pennack Lesley-Jane Powell Julia Blaschke Susan Gilham Yvonna Plesnikova Davis Walker tim foster Mary Knox Pieter Van Do Claire Keir Carol Northcote Leisa Cormack Pat Helyar Katharine Hildyard Lizzie Taylor-Allee Jennifer Syme Graham Frost Chris Jarvis-Cooke Andrew Clarke Zoe Rimmer Rosemary Duffy Rose McNeil Andy Robinson Chloe Gibson Vernadene Smith Susan Lewis Cate Lyle Hazel Broatch Marie Vandome Alec Fennell Andi Alexander Ian Loftus Steve Barwell Carolina Marin Judit Kacso Melanie Doyle Lynda O’Hare Nichola Clarke Jeanette Wiseman Alan Gunning andrew chester Ann Ayton Debbie Thackray Annmaree Smerdon Andrew Hodges David Fountaine Stefano Colonnelli Joan Portells Iain Jones Zoe Dabrowska Tom Catling Jonathan Mackenzie Aga Stachow Joanne Hall Fauziah Moynihan Merlin Edwards Graham Naylor Mark Woods John Twigg Ria Guest Rachel O’Brien Meghan Evans Susan Nebbiolo Morna Patton Bharat Azad Eleanor Cunnington Ann Brackenridge JOHN HENRY Linda Fairhall Simon Hetzel Teresa Chant Daisy Parsons Annette English Jenny Bromilow Keith Lindsay-Ayres Christopher Matthews Diane Haines john St.Pierre Kosha Martin Steve Iles Janet Smith James Bell Richard Wintle E Brown Ann Forth Alison Edwards Sarah Swarbrick Akhilesh Sivaraman Merja Harju karen Vickers Joshua Send Rose McKenzie Emma Callar Joseph Robert Rylance Sue Palmer Euranis Neile Alison Bruce Martin Hoare Terry Fedyszyn Cathy Knight-Scott Nina Bain Mark Kavanagh Timothy Groves Mark Gott Belinda Timson Ann Harris Kevin Haupert Christina Gunning Tim Georgeson Samuel Stephen Booth Colleen Beck MISS M S LAU Emily Ashwell Geoffrey Cox Rosa Muela Steve Faint Michael Bax Anthony Edey Peter Humble Sarah Cooper Anouk Klinkers Rayline Dean david thompson Bruce Howard Sharon Lee Karen Potter Suzanne Booty Elizabeth Lee Rita Paterson Nathan G Alan Hassell Philippa C-B COLIN LINGARD Michele Cassano Penelope Alger Cat Williams Georgina Sherry Janet Peterson Tara Weightman Shirley Ingram Nina Beirne Judy Callaghan Max Dalison Emma Collison Barbara Paterson Lucy MacCallum John Gray Sarah Matthews Stuart Cairns Gerie Besten Chris Riley rebecca garcia Christopher Mellor Danielle Brown Caroline Aistrop Martina Piercy Nigel McLachlan Ann Harris cb mille Elinor Dorrian Mark Violet Cynthia Shaw Sharon Evans Tonie Jenner Hannah Craik Louise Gunning Ulrica Almqvist Mick Held Alison Newell Kevin Houghton Jan Wright anthony christmas Judit Katona Peter Kaye jim houlton Maggie Woolley Lorraine Blair Jan Lydon Claire Gardner Vijay Shah Linda Bailey J French Frances Hill Roger Hill Joanna Soedring Gary Tallant Alan Bayes Andrew Camps Charlotte Lindahl Jane Sanham Linley Ireland Janet Joyce Patrick Tschorn Brane Zilavec Sally Horan Liz Taylor Claire Randon Timothy Moulden Mark Godfrey Phillip Roe Steve Harris Karen Sowoolu Sophie Hudson Catriona Merry Rick Fenton Luke Hassell Ellie Wyatt PHILIPPA KNIGHT Leo Miller David Harvey Steve Brown Mungo Morris Tim Pickard Tony Clee David Cartwright Ilias vertenten Jake Ballard Suresh Manan Penny Ravenhill Frank Sampson Joan Gunning Steve Oram David Morgan Jeremy Holloway Christine Thomas Marianne Spark Danny Cunningham Helen Robertson Carolyn Rice Nigel Payne DAVID HUGHES Lorraine Hubbard Elane Retford Catrin Evans Tina Silk Raquel Nunes Linda Charnley Mike Habermehl Jen Chapman anna Van heeswijk Gary Phillips jake osborne Jenny Starnes Jane Shulman Gail Jamieson Elizabeth Wilson Guto Vaughan Wyck Gerson Lohman Pauline Boston Roger Rook Sallie Gurney James Landen Letteke Poncin John Gunning Sue Milner Jo Hark David Jamieson Tracey Thatcher ulrei kors Minna Ruohonen Brian Mascall Amie Hassell Nicola Jacobs Marie Gilman Rosie Yeoman LUCY HANCOCK Maureen White Chris Lanchbury Helen Taylor Julie Smith mehen mehen Carol Middleton Ceri Isaac David Bernson Melanie Flynn Helen Lees Hilary May Megan Smith

Frances Bowen Keith Low Tina Pemble Anna Cohen Katie Hill Wendy Field Ann Selkirk Chris Tomlinson AJ guy Leslie Kingsmill I Suzanne Le Huray Matt Bryant Antonio Lopes Joshua Kendrew Steven Diamond Paul Waterkeyn Patricia Harrison Mal Kelly Margaret HUGHES Jean Accolas Patricia Thong Sarah Shapcott Peter Blackmore Carol Haizelden Alexandra Renteria David Saunders Sylvia Talbert Rebecca Driscoll Dan Hawcutt Hedey Taylor Antje Buerger Andy Brown Michael Bowyer John McCullough Frances SMITH Francesca Spooner Andrea Kangur jan blaauw arlette eno-daynes Ron Pitney Michel Arnaud Jacqui Rainfray Hayley Saunders Nigel Walker samantha spence Audrey Doran Sheila Taylor Joanne Schofield Katy Richardson Anna-Marie Young toby golder Matthew McNulty Margaret Lomoh Bernadette Doley Stephen Ruff Vicki Stinchcombe sarah Dobbs edwin stagg Lloyd Wheatley Michael Fletcher catherine george Simon Brooke Anita Colley Chris Williams Jamie Crampton Daryl Robertson Mary Blake Judith Maag cathy wood Patricia Highlands Lorna Griffiths Sarah Brewerton Ruth Herries Victoria Gemmell Tim Workman blandine vinard Heather Paul Dan Rose raymond moyse Jasmine Conway Diane Timewell Patrick Sloane Susan Vincent Carole Sneddon Phil Lloyd Ewelina Filipowicz shirley whisson Robin Bainton Steven Rowe Lizzie Grocott-James H Lote Paul Bungay Charlotte O’Keefe Jessica Triana de Ford Helen Ross Inger Andersson Louise Ferris Louise Byrne Tracey Browning Sophie Reid Espen Ulvin Riona Horley Margaret Douglas Gordon Griffiths Gabriel Palmer Kathy Barton Suzi Wilkinson kate larsen Peter Brown Sue Cousins Alexander Pitkin Robert Fox Max Baker Norman Tolra Susan Rowley Angela Lawrence Sue Kinloch Stephen Philpotts tonelise nordby Pippa White John Whitney mervyn dart Jean Souch Dawn Minall Aubrey Evans Peter Rohwer Ann Vickers David Hoey nicholas alexander Catharine O’Boyle Melanie Lamb Nina Murdoch J Naish Morris Henderson Gio Greco Charlotte Holland Sharron Gray Andrew Plant Beckie Scaife Linda Hausmanis Albin Gustafsson Maria Vlachioti Crispin Williams Kevin walsh Nicola Mackenzie LIbby NOWELL Megan Scrace Gerald Bamford Tristan Greenwood john knights Alf Littler maurice bryson Jaci Cox N Ellens Claudia Mitchell Deborah Byrne corin d’Enno Fito Steiner Sue Moorhouse Miles Goodman Denis O’Neill Chloe Holford Enrico Baliva Simon Hodgson Neil purkiss Stefan Boberek Alan Scapens Mark Anstice Robert Jacobs jon waterman Mari Lyn Selmadatter Denise Inkel Suzanne Perrett Lorraine Cannon Hamish Gordon Sandra Clifton Susanne Birks Andy Millbank alastair noble Jeanette Hogg Brian Ratner Nicky Proudfoot Douglas McIntyre anita punton Peter Milne Chris Lovatt Nigel Westaway Axel Eliasson Richard Marst

Jessica Erland Alice NICOLAY Rob Tong Morwen Ayres Viv Horne Phil Flynn Liz Bubez Jo Best Laurie Ablard Tim Adams Thomas Denhof Adrian Appley Paul Osborne Judy Hockley Jean Marshall Jasmyn Stott kate leigh-powell Jill Brown Michael Jefford Andrew Rosser Peter Phillips Sonia Ratcliffe Niamh Donnellan John Lewis Anthony Bathurst J M Duncan Rosemary Davies Bess Harrup Risto Savolainen Rebecca Rowland Rex Hilburn Vanessa Barton Pamela Staley Emilie Bonnevay Emma Freemantle NIKI SIANNI Barry Wade Jeanette Seaman Gabriella Lillsunde Elizabeth Hills Dawne Brown Zoe Cawthorn Simon Cameron james donley Susan Miller David Watt Linda Nightingale Rosalind Hough Gillian Hurlow Anita Walker Dave Williams Andrew Bowles ALAN DOCKERILL Lisa Spencer Grant Ozolins Jacqueline Henderson JULIE CROWSON Andrew White Caroline Walsh Claire Beatson Peter Lapham Martie Newton Juliet Molteno Frank riddle Oleksiy Rybak emily zeller Mohamed Hassan Russell Trafford-Jones Robyn Swart Ruth Starey P Pepperday Alan Turner Carolyn Burraston Joanne Hoey Gina Hall Raphaela Cooper Suzanne Philipps William Davies Dean Garrod John Wells Frida Schlaug William Hussey Patricia Mertin Emily Cross Robin Harper Hannah Green Pat Clarke Kathryn Hawthorne Stephanie Clark Doriano Chiarparin Mark Laurent Vivienne Hemingway Keith Rintoul Enmanuel Forn y Puig stephen russell dave brown Mark Davey Caitlin Macleod Roger Barrett Melanie Kneesaa Anita Hepher John Dickinson Emma Tomlinson Roberto Panter Patricia Webster Erica Kimber Ruth Brown Win Gibson Allison McGovern Trevor Taylor Julian Machin Lorraine Merito Stephen Gray Maureen Black Eleanor Candy Julia Fitness J Jenkins Adrian Davis Neil Blake hannah ehlert John Williamson Liz Hammond James Lebaigue John Goodwin Nigel Gray Jill Bishop Michael Hudson Alan Jamieson Rob Parr Rachel Brecht Audrey Harris David Rothery Susan Fox Tina Stanton Sylvia Willmot Riccardo Ridere Marc Forbes-McGlen Angela Wannan Matt Griffin Sonia Hulejczuk Jean Forrester-Barker Lita Ashley Ros Sargent James Nulty Dennis Childs Marija Brazdeikyte Elisabeth Davies Elisabeth Dellacasa Peter Ramm Victoria Radburn Antony Harris Shelley Johnston Sonia Sansom Mark Dibley Susan Hasson JAN ZDANOWICZ William White Fiona Campbell Keira Draper Daphne Caton Caroline Glas Viki Ferszt Helen Grant Anthea Chapman David Parkin celine odile Jack Lawther Matthew Healey Nathan Roberts Trevor Ehiting Andrew Barnes Roger Robinson Johan Smit matthew hall Colin Harvey Julian Brown Louise Murray Chris Wraight Mark Fletcher Helen Crabb Chrissie Hirst Rob Baarbato Peter Williams Philipp Lang Belinda Bach Terence Carter Peter Evans Christie Howes Eric Stiff Vincent Canning Colin Ewen Sasha Swannell Itziar Martin Trina Smith john Phelps Jane Dalton yannis petzold Alicia Fordham Roger Crofts Jennifer Duran Cindy Ba Anne Davies jer grham Tia Kuchmy Kevin Raisin-Moss Victoria Bureyko Elizabeth Mandeno Ingela Ekstrom Hugh Spriggs Nicky Collins Tracey Jones Yvonne Hugli kevin campbell-scott-howells Oliver Garveigh Jl Angell Jane Hutcheson Julie Davies Katriona Mckenzie Pat Brennan Jeremy Brooks Ellen Watson Darrell Angeechuan Barry Chandler Sarah Campbell Susan barnikel andy giess Benjamin Hall Caroline Wells Carol Haywood Stephan Gallagher Hayley Pinto Irene Voaden Emily McDonald Christine Monk Richard Thorn Nick Lancaster Miles Hobart Catherine Collingborn Ellen McRae David McCulloch Trevor Ehiting Robert Owen Maria Owen Joan Sanger John Davison Rachel Fabri Elizabeth Parsons Florian Fiedler-Streb Ed Ramsay Martin Grimwood Stephen Smith Gwen Taylor David Scott stewart wallace Vicky Watson Stephen Rivers Sylvia Rothery Craig Cardross Grant Michael Rooney LILLY STUART Ron and Maureen Major Sacha Tremain David Halliday Lesley Millard Radu-Adrian Scinteie Glenn Parker Sarah Ewart-James Katie Blenkinsop Suri Poulos David Jacobs rob Vandeven Jocelyn Godbold Kathy Pollard Karen Gray lee thompson Charlotte Saxton Bett Marshall carole donoghue Andrew Finnis David Hill Barbara Badger Adrian Holloway Nevil Hutchinson Marian Tierney Tom Rolofson Ricardo Fernandes Mary Mayfield eveline bagijn David Wood Steven Warwick David Griffiths Peter Windmill Joy Croome Keith Batsford Beatrix Letore robert johnson Jane Murray Iona Seymour polly haynes Miriam Smith Andrew Preston Lynn Sandhu Vicky Lockyer Katrina Young Elaina Whittaker-Slark

Ken Moore Mike Boyes Bryony Mason Roger Kockelbergh Deborah Lauterpacht Anna Chrystie Adrian Dalton V Mundy Irene Schrobenhauser Hannah Evans Tom Mann Steve Bowater Clare Jackson Kelvin B Pamela Reintsch-Ortiz Jill Williams Jenny Macdonald Penny Field Anji Suscenko Angela Beecroft David Blake Beverley Phillips Grainne Phelan Aileen Hood E J Sheppard James McCallum Neil Roper Pelle Steen Jon Bond Sergio Paque Philip Marshall Michael Abbott Wendy Waghorn Mahmoud Elshaer Pat Eastwood David Selkirk tim leadley Liz Mallett Roy Budd Angela ADAMS John Allen Tara Meehan Elizabeth Brown Francesca Robinson Andrea Lionello m barbieri Marloes Leunissen Dave Strathearn Charmaine Barber Aimee Shenton C.H. Slabbekoorn Sally Griffiths David Foley Elaine Hopkins Tim Cockerill pam steel Elena Anca Gary of the Morley family Stephane Enee Clare Mensah Ricardo Ferreira Steve Rowe Jane Davis Wendy Joint Graeme Archibald Estelle Meitiner Elisabeth Petitjean Yash Sharma Anne Lewis george maldonado Cheryl Lloyd Jim Reid Emma Phillips Jane Owens James Tidmarsh Elaine Machin Daniel White Frances M Duffy Hannah Laurens Richard Milbourne Ann Patricia Crook David Mayers Alison Armour Kathie Sell Amy Close ian sankey Roger Garfitt Pete Curphey gillian mcpherson Alison Silverwood Silverwood Cate Denson Mary Beer Jonathan Whittle Diana Tiessen Sharon Freeman Emma Jarman Michel Rheault Glenn Heritage Shaun Mitchell Stephen Baker Boris Clover Morena Malshi Daniel Harwood Wendy Jacobs Patrick Beach Francine Rietberg tati dennehy kalleroi papoutsis John Aberdein Maria Hedley Pauline Rigg Beverley Harrington Hilary Sinclair Rachel Russe Rachel Burke Martin Rawlings Jennie Wood David Clarke Loraine Herman Diann Presley Cynthia Pepper Andy Gee Elizabeth Melrose Peter Bateup Peter Chylaszek Elaine Swaysland Graham Martin ailsa marcham Peter Woodhouse Tanya Winstone Val Williamson Catherine Dryden Gail Stirling Phil Pilbeam Janet Murray Gillian Wellings Oege Goslings Clare Bonetree Mike Sadka Julie Howard Mary von Heide Daniel Thorpe Alan Lindsay John Gordon Livia Pimentel Michael Duff steve callar Jon Knight Sal Healy Alison Cox Tracey Booth Kay Eddens Janet Milton Kay Bourke Zoe McGowan Tahoe Leigh Jonathon Parsons Abby Frary Robert Moss John Sharp Christina Timms Michael & Margaret PATTINSON Isobel Welch Chiara Donati susan savidge Andrew Balaam Celia Christian Claire McLellan robert hendrie alfred weyers Yohena Raya Jorge Silva Peter Roberts Dagmar Anders Hugh Weller-Lewis Lisa Howlett Anne Rannard Javier Rivera Dinah Holman Simon Riddle Ricardo Gamboa Stephen Warman Nina Adams Gary Harlow Paul Darroch Marie Sta Lorna Shaw Britta Grosch Roger Farndon John Sisson Phoebe Anderson Katia Devroe Amanda Evans Janet Randall Catherine Kennedy John Freeman Laurence Drummond Rhiannon Pring Julie Smith Eric Freeman Charlie Paine Annie Bowdler Sandra Strathie James Bolam Malcolm Russell j parker Malcolm Coxall Catherine McKeand brendan elks vicky moller Poppy Denston Sasha Amber Baldwin Jenevora Williams Ritchie & Margaret Walker tony hueck Tim Evans Jenny Finch Kirsten Sims-walton cathy clark Diego Plazas John Hughes regine van der Zwan Dirk DeLu Liam Ryan Kirsty Duncan Vivien Stewart Adene Byrne Jane Skelhorn Nicky Southam Janette Alston Angie Rhodes Stephane Roux Julian Maurer Phil Simpson Celia Russell Aled Jones Julian Williams Joseph Malpas Andy Gorman Chris Morton Vanessa Cooper Barbara Morse Matt Watson Nigel Wagstaff Jessica Stubbings Jay Eadon Ivett Kereszt melania ribeiro Andrea Marsden Diane Rowe Tove Hassel Phil Estell Michael Dandy Amina Tutton mark neville Luis Miguel Rojas Granero Stephen Arnett REA CHANDLER Yewan Armstrong David Anderson David McCormick Antti Jalkanen Emma Plaskitt Helen Leitch Mark Griffiths Sally Clarke Paul Murphy Camille Coad Jessica Wilson Julie cook Michael Majrowski John Wall Jo Savill maria bederkova toby bluck Dean Eaketts Susann Schmieder Caroline Barton corinne dakin anne mcnaughton Ian Southwood Vivian Martin Nicky Harris Carol CARNE Joanna Lowndes Larry Moretto Val Bertram Thomas Wilson Elaine Willingham Ryan Haskins-spellman James Clayton Angharad Griffiths Jackie Hughes lasse petersen Sheena Pollet Andrea Stephen Mark Stevenson Richard Gates victoria Day Derek Langley Lucy Jinks Sally Hesmondhalgh susan robinson Pratik Patil

Donald Wikeley DANIEL RUIZ LOPEZ Elizabeth Usher Lydia Stott JON Sutton Bassam Imam Johan Tideland Margaret Jefferies Mike Smith Susanne Ritchie Sarah Wallace Jenny Langley dennis riley Sally McLean Francesca Dalla-Riva Lisa Knight Myriam Van Ettinger William Mills Henrique Pereira Marie Firkin Anthony Mc Vay rod tibbols Kiran Chauhan Sandra Mutton Scott Gibson David Bird Guoda Grazulyte Shirley Pearson James Longworth Margaret Mclean Tonda Benge Margot sutton Lucy Ellis Alison Grant Louise Ransberry Joan Peralta Sue Lloyd tracey mccabe Cindy McCormac Janet Elson Maggie Graham Zoe Tee Naomi HEWSON David Gara Roux Gael Jane ALTY Tom Foster Cassidy Johnson Tristarnya Sheridan Jeanne Kendrick Arlene Tomlinson MICAEL HORNER Margaret (Mrs) Brown Kate Lynock Maria Vlassova Anne Smith Pippa Middlemiss Laura Macdonald Lynda Parker Martin Brown Margarita Rois-Quiroga Raphael Lemoine Rev’d Gabriele Britton-Voss Brian Simpson Martin Ireland Cherrie McCarron Gerry Robinson John Mildred Barbara Wood Dominique Remi Beti Webb Trauth Scott Mccaw Shaheena Dax Jo Stradling David de Palmas Jason Davies Alan Archer josephine rogers Jo Morris James Burton Linda James Leslie Bowerman Laura Hocking jacek rasala Diana Hughes Elizabeth Guite Patricia Gore Minaz Kasmani angela w Tim Hamnett Laura Smith Katharina Zepic jane forshaw Margaret Dolan Natasha Zraikat Katrina Randon Sarah Boyle Tod Alan Spoerl Mike Anning Jos Mister Wim Loeckx Elaine Robe D Bridges David Crawford Ian Parker Katharina Zepic Cris Kheser-John Maya Spence Stefanie Lindner Judith Kramer Matthew Wring Hazel Green Chris Mcgarry Heather Scully Elaine Doherty Pia Huber Charlotte Sullivan Yunus Ascott Amanda bird STEPHEN READ Stuart Brooks Nicola Baron Kirsten Benda Peter Wiggins Mar Papa Michael McWhirter Elizabeth O’Callaghan Ralph Perry Katharine Bligh Eva Thamm Mario Willems Denny Gibson Rowena Evans Helen Wilson Ciaran O’Nuallain David Bradshaw Denise Elliott Nicola Young Nicole Westwood Elizabeth Fullerton janet forman Charlotte Dalrymple Richard Higham Nadine Hayward Cushan Stevens campbell Abbot Kim Artoos Anthea Gater Glyn Davies simon kelly GUY Tritton Elisabeth Rowe sam Holm Ray Baird Louise Keating Rosalyn Williams Simon Rugg Simon Pegg Matthew Thomas Corinna Rupp brent simmonds Michael Brown Emma Roots Mieke Linssen Vicki Hunter Hannah Morriss paula heath Natalie Forsyth Gavin Scott Hannah Wright Nicholas Eager Marta Wolska Ian Frank Elvin Josie Ford Veronica Callis Carol Beck Emily Kinder Thibaut Demeyere Virginia Jones Elizabeth Searle Beverley Howe John Hobson Phoebe Gresford Natalie Buttriss JILL HUDSON Mary Rive Ann Kemp Ian Fletcher Connie Arnold Jane McCarthy Sandy Holland Thomas Gardner Pippa Dooney David Taylor Peter Kane Bert van Oerle Carole Coleman Gary Nicklin Emily Pollet John Morgan Jane Lush Tamsyn Menhinick Linda Parsons Stephen Anthony G.S Packer Elisabeth Everaert Jemma Page Kay Murphy Cahill Tracy Blake Jeanette Green FRANCIS CONNELLY Valerie Raynard Laura Martin Maria Gilchrist Alison Waring Florian Weidl Jonathan Clay Brian Southern Kieran Mctigue Joanna Laromani oliver stephenson DW Ox Radziski Susan Flowers George Bruce Paul Morse Chris Mitchell Gary Linney Mynhard Rudolph Izzy Marsden Maureen Hall Rieka Van Wyk Daniele Molinari graham skinner Paul Adams Margaret Byrne Susanne Stebbing Clifford Baron Veronica Salvo Richard Cherns Emma Skelhorn ann butterfield Cara Davies MARIE Beattie Jennifer Lohse amy hardy Edith L Philip Ball Ashley King Azi Khatiri Elaine Timmins Jo Vickers Nick Jones Charlotte Ayres Claire Tymoshyshyn JS Maurice Walsh Deirdre Balaam Bethany Lester Claire Docherty Katrin Klosa Ian Whippey Anne McCrossan Deborah Jones Dominic Samways Janie Black alan beat Tony Delany keith beynon Ezzett Brent maria bruscia CHARLOTTE BRICKNELL Marie Brennan Mary Carthew marie nikas Jonathan and Nina Fox julie eades Carol Smithson Penelope Webster Ewa Piasecka Virginia Kennedy Susan Greaves Valerie Campbell Richard Thompson Edwin Jones Chris Adams JENNIFER ASHWELL Willow Van Heugten Ralph Connolly Michael Brown Orla Pedersen Mairi MacGregor Kathryn Sleigh Anne WAGGITT Lindsey Machin Chris Wooff Filipe Catry Lionel Perrin Michael Fisher John Irvine Dr Penelope Aeberhard Victoria Conran tony clark Stephen Kavanagh Loubna Dardane

Gary Bradburn Joakim Lindmarker John Prescott Charlie Goodson Lars Wiinblad Hilary Baker Kate Lloyd Yann Vallery-Radot Dorothy Jenkinson Dan Harrington Maggie Tierney Jez McKinley Kyle Webster Dave Osborne Akvilina Valaityte Julian Collins Peter Redfarn James Brook Elizabeth McKelvey Macayla Beckett Mary Rose Roe Jona Jones robin iley Lesley Tyrrell Kaye Talbot heidi saxby Gemma Russo Carol Wilson Julius Manning Ian Franzen Sylvia Milner warren cushway Fran W dylan shepley Pat Lowe Michael Barnes Richard Lawson Beverley Harvey Fiona Hammond Carl Newman Sarah Pollet David John Leslie Nowell-Hill Lilian Pearce Tamara Schrama maya ivanova Estefania De Ros Susan Henderson Ann Davidson Sohan Perdesi John Hinchliffe Pamela Durgan Sara Halliday Lucy Bullock Tobias Jordans Maria Wyllie Brian Adams Marion Best Kylie Gibbs Catharine Wilson Catherine Wilson Davie Todd Irene Franzen j baker Tania Orum Neil Callaghan Annie Lawler Evie Flynn Tony Allington Isabel Marner WILLIAM HARNED Mary Davis Alison Raven peter knight Seb Latimer Gillian Hassall Max Graef Anne Jenningsa Jane McMillan Eileen Crowe Edward Stec Rita Frumin Richard Kenyon Elspeth Gurney Judith Hollingshead Linda Parker paul sparrow Lily von Stackelberg Jack Allsopp Sara Kerton Ian+Barbara Loxley Jane Morgan Alan Hickman Ken Titley Mark Watkinson Chris Dorling Jules Kempinsky Susanna Climent David Laker Tom Davies Peter Pollett Lizzy Chaloner Julie Napper Stephen Henry Manuel Santos alan crofts Thalia vitali Adam Kyriacou Ian Andrews Robin Gidman Caroline Lomas John Dickinson Kate Harwood Penelope Lynch Linda CHAMBERLAIN Kathleen Stringer Geoffrey Ambrose RYAN YOXALL Ben Etterley Elizabeth Moss Lakshmi Maslen Maggie Brocklehurst Jenni Balding Evette Garcia Mary Cameron Ann-Marie Wyatt Michelle McGregor Marilyn Maccullock Alex Childs Dave Wilkinson STEVEN GIBBONS Judith Lee Penny robinson-kerr Klara Kosecka GAVIN MOFFAT matthew taylor Judith Papenhuijzen Jane Canham Michael Briggs Michael Green Arabella Trinity Alison Adam Phili Denning Simon Field Costas Physentzides Sarah Coutts David Gallico Melodie Everett Aisling Pugsley Margaret McCarthy Richard Leonard Isobel Watson Rachel H Brandon Jack Barbara Gadsby Ruth Moore Kate Greenaway Charles & Charlotte Pollard Wendy Rockley Maureen Blackabee Megan Falconer Joanna Stevens Vanessa Bryan Shauna MacMillan Dennis Smart K Winnell Paul Munday Thomas Sabatier Lorraine Chamen Sarah Osborne gwen piper Florence De Fanti Muriel Cheyne Henry Stamp Tim Ward Jeannet Weurman Katherine Venn Clare Linton Jonathan Harris Sandra Smith Alan Limbert Peter Dalby Anne O’Connor TERRY GRINDLAY Paul Segal Luke Handley Maria Jose Orozco Santos Natalie Moir jackie Godfrey Andy Chapman Torill M Stenseth Ian Morton Steve Jukes Julia Pears Jonathan Matthews Sharon Crowther Dal Dhariwal Helen Turner Gerry Hunt Karl Pask Catherine E. Doyle Adam Windmill margaret wombwell Frances Bee Nicolas Taylor Sidney Dsouza Sandra King Leyland delRe Tracy Skippings Maisie Gough susan cunningham John Allford Samantha Hilton Susan Sprague L Catten Mary Collins Carolan Gosselin gaynor flanagan Annie Mcateer Mike Daniels Diane Kelly James Alker David Starling Deb Walton Elizabeth Clegg Paul Woodward Basia Cieszewska Nigel Wood Richard Mayes nahush shah Cherrida Hardaker Dee Hirtenstein Mike Axon Adrienne Martin Gordon Shaw Fiona MacKenzie Andrew Wheatley Emily Herold tom Hipwell sam mawby wayne cullen Joao Rodrigues Margaret.Anne Gordon Mike Tyler Adelino Ribeiro Inge Dumoulin Eleanor Bannister Louise Plummer Rebecca Brown Nicola McCloy Steven Rush Mike Sheppard Kathryn Gallagher Xanth Chaffer Eleanor Lloyd Nic Payne Kim james Sophie Pickup John Palmer Gwen Clerc Diana Sommerville Dermot Moroney Shelagh Brown David Graham Angelique Le calvez Adam West Charlotta Tvede Geoff Evans Jenny Walker Antonia Spanos Mike Hole wendy glazebrook Julia Guswell daniel grace Mike Webb Elena Jou Montano Ian Franks Eva Ritter Alec Mclean mark jefferys Scott Lester Claire Reid Deborah White Paul Freeburn Rebecca James Callum Picking-Reynalds Ross Peters Karen Kemsley Rob Lewis steve gambell Rachel Bodle Jill Swan Sara Shaw Andy Marsh Kim Regan Gregory Williams Jay Hart Ann Beer Lee Storey Jean Cameron Roy Harrison John Beynon Katrina White Louis Burrows TERRY RYMAN

Noel Bromley Philip Sell Louise Ward Juliette Booker Eileen Dickinson Helen Young David Whitton Jon Selman Gerard Vives steve kemp Sharon Davies nadav shalev Patricia Price Mike King Tina Gillim Heath Watts-Robinson Adrain White Simon Rice Anne Mette Christensen Jennifer Lipscombe Frantisek Mach Ing Richard Gulliver Natalie Martin Jacqueline Rule A McEachen Owen Benson Marcus Rose timo kaukolampi Catryn Ilett Claire Davies Marika Fusser Sarina Campbell Linda Andersson Patrick Sudlow Amanda Crago Sarah Mac Crossan Luca Capra Sharon Brown Maya McGregor Chris Southall Tom Lord Anushka Cross Rodolfo Sanchez Ann Pettitt Martin Franklin Anne Cummins Andrew Bushell Angela Gillet Alasdair Alexander Val Berry Fiona Constable julia martin Daniel Reid Lyndon Clements Jackie Emery Chris Harkess Zivile Steniukynaite Craig Hunter Stephanie Kelly Jude McLaughlan james tinsley Trayce Smeeton Andy Hamilton Simon Morgan Kathleen Dallinson Melanie COWLEY Valerie Godfrey Sue Barron Daniel Kivell debra king Elizabeth Heavey Brierley David King Julia Seewald Denis Poole Karol Walker Manuel Graca Rosemary Jensen Theresa Holcroft Kate Sketchley Jan Seed CW Sally Fraser Kelli Greenhalgh gel mal Stefan Krissel Ciara Nolan Helen Bevan Piers Mobsby Victoria Hambley Jane Turner Sharon Franks Hilary Morrison Stephanie Rowe Julia Graham HD peter partington Stefanie Kessler Michael Darbyshire Maxim Hammet-Millay Sophie Ayling grant pearce Dafydd Williams Richard Bowyer Susan Milton Pauline Hall Judit Bokodi Ana Campbell Keith williams Rebekah hall Ruth Addinall sarah sixsmith Susan Everiss Jo Cammack alvin kasper Mrs J Hexter Joshua Edwards John Pratt Caroline Jackson Judy Hutchinson Faisal Ahmad Richard Harrison Michael Ginger Juliet Green Uta Korner Adrian ASHFORD Tamsin Douglas Emma Dewhirst cristina lorga teresa wagstaffe alison west Ben Petzold Sarah Owens Ian Cale Ele Anderson Ann Elkin Trisha McMurray Andy Blackwell Paul England Rebecca Clube Wendy Tuck Gill Strachan Steven Jefferson Steve peet Andrew Marsh Elizabeth Sauer Andrew Soameson Jessica Lamothe Emily Hemsworth Elizabeth Maunder Zena Bower Jo Braybrooke Serena Ballerini simon bloom* Jonathan Newton charles cartmell Evelyn Wildling Colin Edwards Lynn Clearwaters Kirsty Grimley Katherine Johnson Richard Edwards Julie Pearson Judith Davidson vivien blackburn Rosie King Gareth Ludkin Grace Hunt David Mansell Melanie Lighten Roger Wright Ben Harrison Linda Tabb Alan Peeling kate king-salter Chris Hayward Julie Pearson Alex Sutherland Keith Taylor Thomas Duffy Claire Davidson Gary Duffield Margaret Woolf Susan Ball Rick Sparks Jane Doubleday Pieter Westerhof Chris Mordin Chris Glew Karen Tucker Leandro Silva justin Goldring Jean-Marie Poirier Liz Dias Robin Bowman jane copus Asher B’Hahn Nicola Watt Elisabeth Waterhouse Ann Worrall Julia Korn David Haswell Michele Buckman Angela Honey christopher bellingham Michael House Charlotte Bayliss Patrick BORG David Williams cheryl Green Bill and Mary Hutty valerie france Derwyn Williams Terry Sessford SiouxMae Carrington Alicia Mackenzie Julie Cooper john hubbard Martin Hoare Beverly Hoff Stephen Jordan Carol Seed Nicola Tulk gill davies Lisa Wood Andy Tyler Wendy Williams Nathalie Marcinkowski Margaret O’Hare Barry Cavell Polly Gregory Kay Pearce Elizabeth Cowley Judith Nash Simon Lees Peter Noordermeer Kerry Renshaw Ronald Dunning Hilary Grossmann Pete SPERRY Lisa Edwards Pete Campbell Kathy Beechey L Frost Amy Stoten Mary Goodman Maria Arens Phie Phie John Wright Nick de Rauville Colin Walker janet seal Maria Rosa Nogueras Mata Melanie Getgood Gary Wallis Venetia Hart Alison MacLeod Christine Stothard Elgiva Tiptaft Peter Hull Gerry Lowe Clare Le Bon Hoggett Steve Penny John Kidner Peter Dickinson Brenda Marston Bart Lauwaars Patricia Stork Lawrence Wright Meredith Dickman Tanya Bellows James Morrison-Knight Nicky O’Farrell Davide giacomini Emily Calladine Felicia Job Jackie Lees Guy Ashworth anthony haughton c pabot Nicholas Horley Mark Tanner Naomi Moore Robert Leedham Katherine Allinson And Bennett Rachel davies Thomas Toseland Paul Vidler Stephanie Steer Dennis Nicoll David Linnell Jane Vile maria birrell Patricia Colquhoun Geri Bamburska Peter Burbery Murray Shields Maria Collins-Horne Zoe Trott Neil Platts Rhianon Kennard pamela osborne Peter Collings HALIDUN YILDIRIM James Whewell

Martin Allcock Jill Lindsay Shaun Coster Henning Deichert peter carrigan Stephen Hey Jess Wright Liette Jacoby Sheelagh Bishop Liz Gibson Maureen Dyer Allan Foster Dave Hall Isla McGuire John Trevelyan peter mullett Andrew Bourne Glen Brown Ruth Hayes Steve Foster Niki Wilson Diane Wallace Annette Kupke Teresa Curnew Mark Edsall james hake Dr Kathy Owen John Critchlow Ben Naylor KRISZTIAN GYORY Roland Poppe Patricia Cullen Jane Rourke Mary Jack Peg Coogan Kelly Simpson Don Hatherley andreas dittrich cathi easter April Coltonhawkins Suzy Leedham Michael Cotterill eileen haywood Agnes Clements Nour Maurice Anita Bayer David Leicester Frances Walsh Charles Ward John Lawrence IAN SMART Lynne Fallis R J Chainey Asa Skarp Anne Neal Alison Skillen Alistair Browning Rosemary Wilson Eirlys Bebb Paolo Lucchini Jude Brown victoria kelly Ej Lucas Sarah Thomson Ros Revill Eric Mills Julia Maloney Margaret Baker Jason Hall Jenny Green Brian Redmond Mats Mogren Julia Barrott P J Ball Radiance Fairclough Ken Finn Ankea Kkoutas wendy steele Christine Stone Emiliano Parra Melville Cox Hannah MACKINS Elaine Nudd Jane Parkinson Sheila Bryant Viola Ferdani David Salgado Helen Sparrow Paul Baguley Calum Weir Osvaldo Machado Kate Watson Kath McDonald Glen Ruffy Carolyn Price ML Elaine Epiha Antonia Frew Debbie Pattinson Carol Falk Madeline Weston Maxi Freeman Helen Stanton Sarah Haggarty Ruth Grant ian johnston Gerard Bridges Ann Goodship Helen Adey Laura barker Sharon Whittle Derek Hunter Ronald Wolters Rachel Mills Garrant Jones Ad Hougee Stella Fusca Audrey Larkins Tan Sims Ana Lucia Kovatch Jane Halls Martin Welch Steve Parkinson Rodney Lewis Alison Dyche Lindsay Couple Linda Innes simon heath Lydia Gibbons Caroline Prince ANDREA MARPLES Marina Bluemel Nicky Skinner AD ivor Fee Lionel White Yuri Adolf Margaret Glencross Carole Turner Lisa Young Heather Carlyle Di Evans Frank Starkey steve chapelhow John Fenn James Plaistow Elaine Guernari francoise vega-jackson A Yeoman Joan Smith Shelly Carter Sara Frisby natasha goggin Lucy Ritchie Julia Mason Jeremy Hutchinson Brian Carlisle Paul Richardson Katrina Wilson Caron Elderwood Emily Dore Darran Prior Colin Page Ross Thornton STEPHEN MARPLES Amy Elepano Ewoud Baeckelandt Antonia Gerson Lohman Jane Williams Jon Hockley Geoff Dobbins Sara Palmer Carole Eccles Hannah Cinamon Victoria Barron Anne Davenport Beth Jane Freeman J ARDREY Conor McCann Anne Stone Bee Webb Michael O’Callaghan Vijay Venkat Stephen Anderson Gary Cockburn Gordon Muir Alexa Winn Gareth Parkin Sarah Jowett Rosalyn Ogden Laurie Marrable Malcolm Scott Carole Davis DANIEL MARPLES Bjoern Schagerstroem Paul Thirkettle Maria Hein john dodds Pete Mitchell Kathryn Weaver-Prescott Scott Pomeroy J Ashton Margaret Rae Minelle Cope Rob Humphreys PATRICIA SWINDELLS David Parker Elizabeth McVean Isabel Sedunko Charles Ekin Conny Feij les glaskin Marion King c Haslam Alexander Sims Guy Jacobsen Sue Campbell Denise Robinson Michael Reynolds Leigh Priest Stephen Moore Danielle Dinneen pauline & ernest Wynn Kirstine McDowall McDowall Lorna Scott Fox Samantha Jarvis Monique TONET Jon Morten Steinveg Sandra Grigg Viv Proddow Stephen Parkes Tom Gardner claire hartnett Soo Tian Lee Pauline Ainscough Stacy Alcorn-Davenport Kate Heneghan Jo Giles clodagh boyd marco zirotti Ingrid Norrisseddon Louise Edwards Jan Purcell Anthony Church ann stoker Beth Hwang Amy Smith Elspeth Myles Ivan Duffy Judy Rowley Christine Knox Norman Stock Emma Bate Bob McIntosh Nsndnnd JJDbdndjdj Saranna Riley Rosemary Zakrzewski Bill BALHARRY Edna Sanderson Mitchell Williams Alison Affleck Donna Poultney Richard Tyser Ariane Michaelis David Perkins Sandra Turner Betty Ashley Debra Pulford Susan Hayward Flavia Oliveira Sharron Colpitts-Elliott Maya Simmons Claire Halliday Hazel Easton Joe Capobianco Gordon Adams Nic Charlton Hazel Wright Val Jarvis Aimee Joesbury Mark Cooper Anne Dobson david hamilton Phillida Shipp Nigel Depledge Lorraine Denovan Mariano Spiezia Anne Middleton terry shine John Smith Chris Turpie Christine McDonagh Lynn Lowe Trent Cannon Malcolm Smith Rob Tyler Z Ahmed Paul de Gregorio Maria Elena Miranda Banos Matthew Thomas Joanne Hodges David Eddington Stefanie Kaiser Robert Wasey

Sarah Whitehead Dave Lewis Michael England Sandra Michael Ray Cassidy H Carter Alan Baird Margaret Ecclestone Nigel Thorp Beth Garey Pat Calderbank Valerie Anderson Hayley Robinson Eric Wolff Kenneth Brown Beth Percy Roshan Pedder Les Hereward joy fairweather Kathy Keenan Derek Wanless Karin Jonas ahmed kazi Jonathan Fulton Wendi Postma Rian Bruurs Misha Carder Heather Shedlock Alison Beal paddy tate angi beckett Dawn Waterfield Roger Bull Teresa Chaves Terra Simon Richardson Maggie Guy Kerry Savage Linda Kehlet adam benjamin Nisha Tanna Carolyn Jonea Christine Bliss David Sorsby Les Howells JoAnn Ingeberg Ben Wetherden Carolyn Beckingham John Povey Philip Butler Ellie Harper Faith Sutherland john ashworth Barbara Telford Liz Smith Chris Kerton Anthea Nicoll Geraldine Hallifax Jean Clarke tim fison Peter Boone Tomo Homan Natasha Moore Roger DAVIES Ceri Creffield Lucie Wilk Travis Makonde-Tafrai Matthew Kopinski Josh Mitchell ann jackson Vanita Arter Mike Klymko Beatrice Murray MARK BLACKBURN Andrew Orrell Carol Cuthbert Niamh Nolan Susan Frazer Joy Kanter Lucy Deans Tim Grayson Kirsten Whittle Alan William Preston john stone John ASH matt scoins margaret glenton jane Bendelow Martin Newbold Mark Anthony Collins James Mackie Sally Carritt Emily R Sarah White Cristina Bartocci Silvia Kogan Steven Durham JEFFREY BREWER Paul Edgar Angelique Deijs Katrina GASS James Webber-Salmon susan jacobs Djurdjija Jevtic Richard Kerr John Colverson Thorgils Kristmanns Karen Nichols Vicki Gardner Lesley Clayton Rupert Sparke andrew stacey Adrian Kristoffersen John Cromar Christine Simonot Michael Pocock Jessica Branton Jan Allen Denise Curry Rosemary Hopkins Andrew Rose Julian whitley Nick Ward Christine Muller meg ward Sarah Junik Valerie Sylvester Haydn Thomas Natalia Alexa Mike Best Nicholas Hopkins Emma Thompson Fouz Moynihan jan jamieson Nicholas Darsley Liam HANLEY Rupert Gude Simon Cook graham Bennett Theresa Kemp Rebecca Henson Stefano Rovatti Sarah Bolton William Cashmore Brian Warburton Joanna Webber Jenny Marshall Piers Locke Alain Roth Joe Murphy Jan Huggins Philip Chatfield Gerhard Kirchner KEITH Hartley Paul Craig mathias lucas Daniel Manzaneda Mick McKenzie Neil Rosen-Webb Suzanna Harris Sally O’Connor Amy Winter Esther Oberbeck Peter May Col Hancock Paget von Wedel Jenny Beck Ann Stone Emily Newman Rachael Hannah Josefeen Foxter Lymara Hopkins Christian Hutter Michelle Cave karen dunn Barbara Sutton Mike Hollobon Jacqueline Berben Annabella Barker Brian Wallace Lisa Leach denise nix Edelweis Martinez Luke Ainsworth Robert Cafe Raj Nayee Charlotte King Richard Robinson Harris Christina Lee Eloise Desmaris Peter Watkins Marcus Alexander a.m. Leitner Karen Jackson Isabella Smith Sheena Macdonald Kit Bennett Ann Capon Nick Salmon John Salvatore Peter Bolter Mela Verreck Melanie Stephens Christine Tait Charlotte Moore Giovanni Toffoletto Hayley Larkins Karen Birch Edm. A. van Estrik Trevor Robins Elizabeth Menezes Linda Murgatroyd James Woodcock Louise Thurlbeck Jonathan Wilson Andrew McPhee Ayca Durmaz Andree Ashmore Sue Attewell Fred McDonald Roslyn Swaney Dr Stephen Saberi Laurence Taylor Elizabeth Fry Kate Darby Angela Power Graham Singleton Diane Janssen TREVOR HOLLOWAY Ellie Lea Alric Marchand Mikki Chalker Mark Hannington Victoria Simkins Helen Oldham Daina Bobeckyj Eve Dent Alan Tait Rosalie Carmichael-Owen Linda Edmondson Elizabeth McGowan Riberta Bates Clare Young AB Cameron-Smith Pauline Scott Fanni Terenyi Janet Baldwin Angeles Leonardo Anya Thompson Emma Common Jane Tavener teresa flarup Karen Brooks John Turner Steven Bond Roni Gray Peter Musgrave Lee Wyatt Daniel Precious Janet St.John-Austen Jill Fraser Martin Wilson Sara Bunn Heidi Cook David Williams Bryony Leathes BRENDAN MCCAFFREY Rodge Bayliff Vivienne Brown Laura Daligan Mike Woolfe p griffiths Brad Baker Stephne Monaghan Moira Cormack Georgina Copeley-Williams Elaine Ormiston Helen Bilcock Adrienn Zsakai Lou Baran Rachel Dineen-Mabe Rute Rodrigues john shaw R A D Baines Douglas Johns HALIDUN YILDIRIM richie dallas Cheryl Hicks Chris Sissons David Butchers Martin Oliver Clara O’Callaghan James Cooney Caroline Grennan John Hampshire Julian Sutton Nancy Manning Tony Gowland John Frankish Helen Oram Ellen welsh Bea Martin Sven Wraight Blanca Lopez Alison Holden Martyn Newton

ute heilig William Etherington Jeff Legge Amahl Smith Mary Parr Peter Davidson Kinna Mosley Jose L. G. Garrido Teila Firth Rebekah Buchanan Hazel Amati Ann Cockerton Louise de Ayala Michelle Rooke Lacey Bourne Sharon Smith Dave Holmes claire and patrick tooth and donaghey Manda Field Helen Hunter Hayley Davidson AS Claire Quinn Chris Hunt John Ellis Sam McIntyre Stephen Kelly Paul Brodrick HUNG To James Anderson Sam Miller Margalo Ashley-Farrand Jeffrey Green Robin Partridge Hannah Bacon Beth Mitchell Arlo Kitchingman kenneth playfoot David Penney Diego Callegari Adrian Barnett Karen Bennett Murray Gibb Rachel Locke Helen Lee Luise Bollmann Anna Trussler Gary Walker Frances Doran j beenstock Christabelle Tani Lenita Nilsson Lorraine Moffat liz campbell Sheila Jones Neil Tikva Baaba Sule Jacqueline Heraty Jennifer Henderson Sally Lane Kate Burford John Chance David Glover Carol Scott Arnulf Weiler-Lorentz Joanne Luce Liz Dew Pauline Derbyshire Ann Blackett Bridget Searle Chris Challis Ioana Constantinescu Beth Haynes Pauline Warner Jacquie Hills Niki Webb damien thollet Alan Bowker Wendy Booth Gillian Bargery Pam Harris Matthias Volkert Brian Porter Rhys Owen Bea Withers Rex Lee Sandrine Coulon James Beard steve satterthwaite Simon Heath Karen Cawley Pat Bollard Sarah Robson Barbara Thurston Nancy Redmond Ioana Constantinescu Linda Hull Kamila Pastuszak Jonathan Kempster Ryan Sherratt Virgil Prime Rosemary Jackson Andrew Clatworthy Ian McPherson Raphael Lytton Becky Peterson Chelsea McKinnon johnj clutterbuck helen lamey Poppy Marriott i whate R Langdon Mike Averill Trevor Leese Darren Doyle Colin Chisholm PHILIP HASKINS M Covington Richard Barnes Sean Fossil Chris Jones Henrik Eberhardt Kim Wood Vicky Underdown Theresa Mullane Gordon Jackman Gerald Usher karen yarnell Merilyn Holme Barry Selkirk Kirsty Gladwyn Amelia Drummond Michael Sillitoe peter bubble finch June Woollett Liz Drew Michael Hemminghaus Carol Todd Peter Kendall Catherine Latham Francine Grift Sonya Brewer mf Wendy Holliday Duncan Oates Oriol Velasco Falguera Clare Watts FELIPE MESA Leo Fletcher Jennifer Davies Nina Hagan Teresa Huebner Shelley Hobbs Philip Brannan Vee Price Don McKelvey Susan Bates Derek Marshall Freya Spiers Kim Conroy Colin France Linda Avramides Jennifer Smith Peter Davies Elaine Webb Ken Huggins Pauline Lowrie Claire Hyde jean sebastien Iker Fiona Ford Beka Russell Mark Doel Ann Taylor Neil Kitchen diane moore Gillian Cummins Rudy Wilton Stephen Duffin Dorothy Wilson Sandra Dean Wendy Hennessy David Brooks Hannah Black Stephanie Austin Anne Thornhill Susan Brown Peter Weeks Jenny Stables Patricia Pollard Mark Billing Pamela Mills Elizabeth Partington stav Cohen B Anderson Janet Geddes simon childs Alan Barrie David Holmes Stephanie Williamson Natalie Fenwick Jan Jackson Valerie Stynes Juliette Smith Sidsel Vingmark karin michael John Brigden Laurie Lovelle Tim Leakey Suzi Eves Deborah Manson Philip Cross Christopher Pearce Andrew Williams Jane Edwards Joanne Holland John F W Juggins Charles Haigh Daria Borowiec Rebecca Timmins Sara Parker Emma Cox Jo Butcher Sandra Singer Malin Stensson Sara Goodwin Andrew Skinner Nicola Boyle Eoin McCaffrey Brian Hilton Reetta Halkosaari anna gannon Maria Cornelius Janet Williams Jill Escudier Timothy Van Hecke Patrick Marks Gemma Hayward Brian Watterson Blyth Walker lee ca Sara Hurley Sabina Arora Emma Harvey giulia de santis Duncan Gordon Malin Stensson Maggie Driscoll Rose P Wendy Bannerman Katie Briggs Anna Cummin James Allin barbara wooster Shaun Palmer rachel bell Tim Klabis Elizabeth Black Lois Christie J Mac Noelia Moreno Glen Singyard Sue Clegg brett Haskell Helen Armitage Anne Popplewell Anna Johannesson midbar dahan emre demir Lesley Gillingham Judit Kimpian Helen Murphy Christine Wright Cecilia Foster Thelma Batchelor Vincent de Bruijn Helen Bartle Greta richardson molly wells carol hewitt Elsa Murray Stephen Clark Leon Jay Jacqueline Price Serena D’Arcy Iain Jackson Chennour Wright Steffan Bowen Janet Ireland Martin Stockwell Viviana Nalin Lesley Oldershaw lynne ismail Hannah Mellings Jim Hopley Jonathan Butcher Bob Ellis c mochar Mary Edwards Phil Thomas Gillian Malakooti Alex Akhurst peter keenan christine pearce Sam Carroll

julian wootton Amanda Youle Laura kuhlmey Claire Strachan Peter Heath Alvyn Evans Bernard Rhodes Angela Cattell Katie Lane robert austin jnr Lynne Sellers Belinda Miles Joan Keig Rebecca Ford Lisa Celli Jennifer Gunby Vojtech Vrbka Sally Landberger MORICE Catherine Alison Ellis Bill Harris Katherine Youngman helen hunt Naomi Campbell David Shannon Jane Smith Cheryl Reynolds Mark Puddy alex Knutsen Debbie Bool Richard Martin Eleanor Halsall Melanie Brothers Susan Tait Gillian Stanley June Garside James Fearon Mark Cotterill Susanne Fuchs Melanie Baldwin Angela Tingle Keith Sagar Tom Muir Wright Suzanne Rapson Thomas Vervaet Nick Riley Jonathan Larkworthy Eden Toke D Nelson Kevin Titley Bridget Duffy BANU CADIRCI Peter Blakemore Peter McLaughlin Anna-Lena Tillberg Josephine Lavelle Mary Keithler Derek Cooper Dinah Henson Pam Cartwright Olivia Lousada Anne Lynn Daniel Dunlop Thelma Marl Agnieszka Kuduk Stephen Milner Barbara Johnson Robert Cairns Mat Coavalla Nichola Meehan Hazel Booth Angela Nagendra Jonathan Gorman Maureen Miller Huw Evans William King Bridget Duffy Martin Kemp Bernie Gilham Christopher Keeley R Price Shirley Highers Philip Wilshaw DONALD BETTS Leisa Devlin Nuria Valles Julie beale Peter Hulme Barry Warwick Suzy Skehan Laura Skilbeck Andrew Whatty Stuart Sammonds Abigail Schischa Deena Kestenbaum Matthew Hand Barbara Strangward Jon Teunon Alex Harpur Charlotte Green Keith Woolley Kay Farrer Hilary Rayne Bridget Campbell John Reekie Daniel Dolman Thijs van severen Susanne joyram Antonio Boaventura Robert Williams Roy Evans Susan Hamilton barns Pete Tibble Elsie Thomas Heather Thomson-Stewart. Ronald Kercher Laura Scotland Sally Pieraccini Christine Harmer William Wilson Jason Kenny Pauline Smart Angie Wentrup Xavier Berthelot Val Light Paul Clark Alice Dennett Robert Terry suze harris Johanna Carolina Volz Bell Aquino de Gerhardt Doreen Crockwell Berny Morcom david Branagh Gareth Marland Josephine Ruddock Jon Noad Barbara Iqbal Ray Walker Anna Wooster s pemberton Alison Furnham Mathias Kohler Patricia Byrne Carol Ajegbo DARREN BRANAGH David Main Niall Currie Peter Hallett Jeremy McMinn Ruby Pester Steve Strong Hayley Rhodes Kirstin Hill Colin Dryden Mechthild Knoke Diana Arundale Richard Lewis Mike Wilson Annette Overstreet ITALA Dequigiovanni Richard Lewis peter darby julian batt Helen Davies Iris Pimm Samantha Edwards fiona prescott Liv Philip Michael Tedder Gill de Friez Luke McDermott Carys Clough Indu Khurana Peter Walker Gwenda Wild Andrew Moss Valerie Lewis Kalevi Toosi Michael Person Carlos Pissarro Patricia Holden Barb Allen Bolger Shelagh Chalmers Scott Burnett Julie Austin barbara mersh Dylan Smith Paul NEWMAN Shanti Mathews Alan Potts Suzanne Carter Andrea Struik Elisa Amesbury LinaL Landess Rosemary Kerrigan Jane Buckley Kate Ratcliffe Jeremy Bampton Peggy Murray Anna Barnett Carol Cooper Paul Mercier christopher mannion John Leeson jamilya mamedshakhova Lorenzo Moya Saura Diana Wells Steve Lee Juliette Webster r.adams adams keith austin Sarah Maxwell-Wood Deborah Gostling Gillian Price Emily Thomas Edmund Wigram bob hale Stuart Barker Barry Greenwood Minnie Ghai Laura McGadie Paul Miley Chiara Gardner caroline Bebington John Lyne Miranda Holmes Jennifer Brown Carol Nixon Rebecca Jenkins-Handy Loraine Davison Barbara Weavers Sam Riggs Tanja Wolf Kenneth Chamberlain Chris Adelson David Holmes Estelle Smillie Morgan King Thomas Riley Christopher Samuel Jenny Heinz Marilyn Cowley Paul Stewart Juana Mari Carreras Pons Kath Parr Lynne Pascoe PETER BROWN john newbigin Moira Tilling margaret evans Alison Stuart Lee Sanger Tracy Cross Iona Macleod Barry Hird Patti Dib Sian Evanson Kevin Oldham Marcos Pinto Stephen Bown ray noakes David Wheare Louis O’Neill Angela Pescod Alison Cadman Natalie Hetherington Elly Potter Deborah-Ann O’Brien Serge Lachat James Slade Tula Brown Warren Inker colette west R Minoletti Stephen Grant Julie Sieger Annette Unsworth Angela Lewis david shepherd Ruth Forbes Andrew Casey Sue Luton Helen Perchard Paul Knight Jenny Drake Yvonne Fessler George Tierney John Wharton Jane Durkin Ioana Mocan Susanna Wong Jenipher omubba Gillian Drewett William Ellens Andrew Tilling Richard Bannister Jane Williams Ray Raymond Deborah Calvert Jenny Newton Tim Martin Graham Spinks Debbie Jellings Karen Matthews

Valerie Wells Bernard Bowden Rowan Johnson Engr Klaus ArmstrongBraun richard Clarke Elena Vallverdu Pages Keith Berry karen temple-smith Albert Barnes Helena Jaeschke Roger Nosworthy Marie Sicotte Lorraine Harper julie Cooper Joan Lowndes Danni Selby carol asuray Sara Gomes Linda Briggs Amy Clifford Mike Petty Carol Morrison Titania Tyler Nick Werner Laurie Tizia Maier Dawn Lloyd Kim Brown Joy Kenward John Balson Hazel Smith Claire Marsden Lynnis Jones Philip Mcaree Julia Morris Jill Barr Gunta Norman Christine Baron Debra Johannson Iona Macphie susie webster Hazel Davidson Richard Newbery Alejandro Zapata David Jones jean batty Dennis Tansley Rhiannon Williams Alison Brewer Tim Sapsford david grey Nicola Raymond PAUL CRAYCRAFT Ian Shepherd Michael Penn Ceinwen Longstaff Hilary Pollard Stephen Mawby Linda Walker Janette Critchley Carola Splettstoesser Ramona Smith Emily Wright David Price Claire Barnsley Jane Cobblah CLEMENTE PARDO CRESPO Alison Sisson Becky Hartshorn Carol Scarpello Fiona Huxley Tiger . David Nicholson Jacqui Green Stephanie Jacob Rosemary Dyer Roger Mercalfe Paul Kerrigan jessie cape Helena Vieira maria paola zabaglia Eddy Williams Lynne Clayton Carol Payne Edward Dowson Helen Markou liesbet vanneste phil brown m m-b Moraig Lyall Habib Rahman Simon Polley Ginny Burges Paola Rowe Richard Turley Tom Gingrich Rochelle Bloch Erica Tomlinson Janice Haynes Alison Forsyth graham palmer Anna Martinez Guy Gladstone R J Jarrett Sue Allison Charles Long Katrina Austin Monica Christensen Sushma Patel peter day Tim Burford Paul Rolfe-Tarrant Annette Mason Elena Ardighieri andrew faughnan Allan Watson Martin Bugby frank Roby Jenifer Trythall Hazel Clark P. Russell Patricia Haylock-Vize Frederick Bartlett Bryan Lee-Chan Neil Jarrett Kim Smith Yusuf Bhayat Budi Isnanto David Mansbridge Will Dolphin Jo Duffin Engr Klaus Armstrong braun Steve Jones Carol Oswald Paul Sloan Christine Tong David Hibbert Shirley Hewitt lydia Riedel Sarah Elliott Linda Richardson Marie Gibson Sophie Mustapha Nick Stanley Ruth Loww Phil Toft Neil Murray Maddy McCartney Angela Hathway Neil Millard Lydia Vulliamy John Martindale john g alderslade alderslade Tony Smith Naomi Kershaw Alan Ereira Sarah Macavoy Rachel Howard Ann Stuart Charles Burns Judith Evans Mags Smith-Roberts Ysbrand Brouwers Jacqueline Shirley Christopher Husband Brent Tuffs Ken Grocott Melanie Smallman Robert T. jackie hurman Joe Smith Stefanie Lewis Aschenbrenner Hugo Chester Michelle Mansell Jenny Perryman Sean Ward Andrew Shears Alice Parsons Stephanie Aykroyd Ann Warren Maja Passchier gary luton joelle chartier Amanda Smith Martin Robert Green Stuart Moore Anne Twine Ros Conway Monika Urbonaite Peter Woodall Beatrice TREPPEL Gill Proud Carrie Harrison Kate Mitchell Sally Luxmoore Angela Batten Julie Brown Ian Hopgood Johanna Knight Keryn Evely Richard Beswick Lucia Jayaseelan Ella Grodzinski Mark Parker Guillemette Brin bernard edwards Richard Beaumont Peter King alexander campbell william leck Luke Linnell Patricia Earl Andrew Turpin Hugh Halford Murielle Moes Stephen Garsed Mike Gower Christian Mueller joan harpin Kate Taptiklis Carol O’Brien Ben Audsley Siobhan Lennon Clare Storey Juan Garcia Heather Ballard martin wade Andrea Claypoole Richard Powell Debi Hedderwick James Storey Sabina Sarwar Angela Celli-Jones Patricia Tomlinson Luis Ignacio Blanco Herranz David Hart Gareth Thomas Shaun Krijnen Aileen Gallagher Styliani BOURZOUKOS John Baker Jeannette Kennedy David Parnwell Christine Glynn Stuart Allman Nick Sommer Allan Wilson Mikel Bulnes Ruth Rickatson John Fincham mike cundy Pat Twinge Barbara Knight Rob Davies Alison Foster Keith Bucknall Carlos Arena Suzy Williams Marianne Wiseman Ronald Cutting Fred Coutin Irving Bastin Susan Jones J Thorn Nick Manthorpe Audrey O’Brien Pedro Fenick michael winter Rita Smith Nicole Punday Lisa Thomasson Mary Ann Lysaght Barry Branford Steve Milford Elizabeth McKenzie Rob Birch Raphael Caldeira Julie Basham Louise Upton Sunetra Neogy Sarah Pinnington Polly Hearsey james spence Amelie Noack John Brogan Geoffrey Silkstone Virginia Atraskeviciene Ruth Quinn Alan Whiteside Margaret Burbidge Gabrielle Winning rodolphe reuchlin carol adcock Lisa Rae Monica Smith Manuel Kuss Angela Douglas Zun Im Jane Busby Stephanie Pratt Don McLeish Richard Lane Paul Skelton

Sandra Busby Gillian Dunkerley JILL WEBB Tim Chicken Colin Pogson Jill Solomon Shawndra Hayes-Budgen Will Hall Janine Corday Elizabeth Waterston Kasia Duma a Johanna Kenyon Hannah Haggie Elizabeth Hanson steve clasby Peter Logie Carl Miller Florence Baxerres stephen david Robert Ellis-Paul Sarah Cole Carole Wills Harry Verhoeven Joshua Jellicoe Catherine Leete Lynda Watson Stephanie Mather phoebe cselko L Fowler linda bannell Peter Raitt Matt Burke Peter Winfield Rhianon Jones peter hedrick Meghan Heinl-Rimmer Micayla Colman Margaret Byrne charlotte perry Sandra Burrows Deni Sevenoaks Will Lockett Davina Harris Thibault Jamme Brid Torrades Sheree Gleeson Tanya Hughes Michael Seymour Michael Fraser Victoria Mahony Barbara Granger Nicholas Hull Helen Travers-Dade Nicola Hall Peter Hodges Lee Bowers Dawn Sprake-Follett Matthew Pearson Joseph Marshall Michael Taylor Jill Aebi Kelvin Heron Robert Fryer trudi staynings H Gilbert Kathie Hostick Julie Franzini Fred Bedford Stuart Etheridge kim culley Lynn Eaton Melanie Monchar Andrew Darbyshire Steve Gartland Ellejn Psolkar jon gore Joe Redston Mark Griffin Kenneth Campbell Laura Parsons John Milward Leslie Andrews Ken Owen Mason Janice Bratt Janet mcfall Gill Turnbull Shaun Prutton Nicola Worsnop Alvaro Linares Maria Virtanen jan willems Edward Cummins Gail Kenyon Adrienne Webb Eileen Goodman Dana Ramsay Karen Win Coos van Rooijen Matthew Pearson Claire Barnard Peter Jones Brenda Stewart Mary Short Daphne Llewellyn gordon matthew Karen Doherty Janet Bowers naomi hearn Gabrielle Ag Justin Fedor Nicky Lief Ellen Spafford june bryant Laura Bristow Anna Batchelor Lily Gartland alan bell Benita Helander Eli Celli Polly Baily Leslie Cate Sandy Amber Amanda O’Shaughnessy Martin Whiteside Celia Rabanal Ellie Kitchener Lucia Santilli-Faber Rolande Dowdell Heather Palomino Jane Corbett Mel Barnes Jon Worker Peter davies Honey Barlow Marshall Mark Green Gilly Brenner Ruth Webb Kerry Burkhardt Padraig Quinn Debra Walsh Linda Quirk Neil Scott Cathy Ebbels J Osathanugrah Roy Gregory Nicky Kaye Lee Egerton Rob Forth james bradford Maria Johnson Rachel Wrathall Kieran Mackay Julio Guerrero Mathilde Finberg Dave West Patrick White Gavin Garcia N Weiner Rob Crichton Laurence Samuel ian nugent Roisin O’Riordan Tobias Kuhlmey David Claro Imran Bangash Jean-Luc Wilhelm James Watterson Marco Allsop Lindsay Cross Sadie Joughin JP Waksman Sid Clough Elizabeth Hallworth Regula Butlin H.K. Huissoon Erica Keiller Una Helle Nick Travaglia Mark Chivers Matthew Bell Paul Rooney Leigh Ferguson Caroline Hackett Bruce Jonson Alex Cole Tracy West Hilary Thompson Helen Earl Jennifer Horne william griffiths Philip Nesbitt Mark Hedges Sukhjit Gohil Sansel Ali Malcolm Fairley Jenny Cox Jennifer Denholm Jim Haskins Lavinia Ferrante Mark Foster Neil Border Helen Cocker Vivian James Lorraine Saplatenski Melanie Green Fidelma Bourke rosamund calthrop Marjorie Drake Alex Beattie Tony Adamson rob bilham jim gault laura wilson Neil James Jane Dyer Elizabeth Parry Shiona Paterson Harriet Pahl jane bryce jude huntley Glyn Lewis Debbie Andrews Judith King Russ Maydew Martin Stirling Gert Juhlin Travis Shand Cheryl Aldridge keith whyte Margaret McHenry Barbara Wesby Hannah Collins Paula Beard Joachim Kupiec William George Harry Jennings HILARY SOUTHALL Carole Spencer Vivien Reeves S Jitreun miles meager Graeme Brown Luke Verrall Colin Gibson Carmel m Mulrine Malcolm Craig Brina Eidelson John Parrott juan martin Cynthia Campbell ab Kevin O’Brien Kevin Williams Sarah Kemp Carol Adams Mark Nazer Augusto Cezar Amaral da Costa Silva Sofia Rodrigues Felicity Williams Robin Saunders KF Franky Grant Patricia Griffin Patricia Buckeridge Tasha Collins Milo Dixon Dot Dean Helen Willingham Sarah Hayman Jane Chapman Ingrid Gurevitch Roger Williames Angela Hatt Dave Warden Morva Leyden JM Barnes Tim Duda Toni Sinclair Kim Smith angela beadle Stephen Greer Phil Bannister Victoria Paton Michaela Frister chris robinson Fatima Viner Valerie Campbell Emma Baker Michelle Mumford Fiona Totoro Shelley Blades Derek Craven Linda Paton Lynn McAllister John Flaherty Susan McCabe Rainbow Dash Ruby Greaves Fiona Rigby Sara-Louise Pointer T N De bray Norman Goddard david slocombe ian grove

Caroline Nunn Peter Gear Richard Putland Janet Castro Pauline Faiers Valerie Jones Phil Baker Jane Everard Graham Starkie Paul Shorter Claire Harkin Caroline Walker Rosemary Dowd Caroline Saville Nathan Shipton Nic Ede Hasse Nyman Helen MacKay karen thompson Moira Burrow Anna Brown Matthew Wallis Emily van Lier Gareth Samuels Sophie Chagrin Tamara Fletcher Justin Langford Daphne Thuvesson Rosaidh Phillips Sarah Petkovic willem van goor John Evans Dorcas Carmichael Mariana Onaindia Alison Mell Melanie Ward Darren Burton Erica Siegel Elizabeth Wright Mike Buick Tamas Ban RACHEL Hasan Elizabeth Eggleton Rosalyn Hamblett Clare jordan Christine Lawless Robert Greenhalf Thomas Bell Diane Bakehouse Adrian Clarkson Estelle Pringle mary Reynolds Angela Wells Karen Houghton Jana Rosario Gloria Omahoney David GANDER Ian Smith mark Wright Robert Humphrey Allison Howarth Shelley Corke Wit Dembinski Robert Douglas Peter Riley Darren Smith Bob Hewins Jamie Latimer Colin Smith Chris Payne Geralyn Oldham Jo Pitcher Brenda Donovan Jane Ditchburn Alan McFadden Karen Steel Eimear Montague jane woodford Diane Kindred richard Axford Richard Burrows Colleen Wysser - Martin Sarah Letellier Rebecca Turner Sarah Wicks Jean Loomis Pat Jones Jacqueline Coutts Barbara Marriott sarah newton Petra Gowans Sally Ivens Ray Maw Nikki Emmett Russell Leahy A Chamberlain Jo Pie Jacqueline Snoeijers-Loeff Isobel Todd Rachel Craig Denise Forster Anna Bryant A Grant Jane Hall Martin Smith Mark Gardner Richard Stephenson Christoffer de Graal Nick Scholefield Kathryn Warne HEATHER Harvey Euan McPhee Mary Brown Grant Wills Gini Smith michael Ogden Ann Ralph Nigel Shaw Katy Dancer Chris Reece Nigel Feery Carol Wilkinson mark oldham Tony Smith Myrna Hodson Ellen Imeson Katrina Johnson Agnes Varadi Jean Hart Toby Cotton GABRIELA CLARKE Maria Cartaya Michael Newth Iris Turner Roy Hooper Alison Barnett Tim Hewison Aline Moore Karl Price Dawn Barford Angela Royston Fiona Rabson Elise Archibald Annette Lambourne Shannan Kimberley Simon Fleming Keith Scarrott Heidi Orrell maria jesse Gregory Gould Katherine Grahame sarah jane pleavin Tim Matheoda jessica chan Joni Appleton Sakina de Silva Lisa Sayner Tamsin Raymond Ellen Cowles K Ager Lara kauhanen Maryan Dowling Maura Mullen Natasha Wibaut Amanda Millar Kevin Phinn Moya Munro Mike Moran Eva Kiss Paula Rechtman m schiessl david hampson Doug Billington Natalie Tucker Alex Watkins SARAH FOSTER Val Carroll janet evans Catherine Higgins Miriam Klukowska Nicola Clark Nisha Halai Adam Reid Jon Lawrence Maria Kempenaar Jennifer Grose Jenni McGinn Kevin Sargent terry jones Sheena Fraser Tony Leach Geena Rayner Phil Read Ebony McCarthy Trudy Carter Gordon Fraser Tony Arden Belinda Bunyan Sally Richards Bareera Ahmed Glyn & Ingrid Davies HELEN SANDERSON Tabi Joy Jo Breislin Darren Flynn TANIA CARDOSO Stephen Morris Joyce Barker Douglas Sutherland luke okay Stephen Robinson Chloe Balhatchet Argiroulla Costa-Petrou Janice Ryan Jan Peters Cornelia Hughes John Morphy Piers Tamplin Justin Needham Steve Weymouth David Mackenzie Julia Woodthorpe Joan Musselbrook Elsje Claessens Richard Hunt Ruth Connelly Helen Ward Hazel Broome Petra Jones Jenny Spicer Tandy Harrison Bryan Finegan Courtney Jones Lorene Moyle Filippo Martelli margaret green Dell Cameron David Hope John Douglas Joan Fournier Maureen Vilar Susan Halsall Gill Reed MHAIRI BOWE Susan Dawkins Neil Spicer Lorraine Dyson Martin Walker Beth WRIGHT Watson Julija Merljak Geoff Monks Inna Amesheva Ronald Murray M Harris Camilla Bullock Sheila Humble Mary Crowley Maureen Patching Susanne Penley Lonya Beresford Sally Todd Katie Dobbins Isobel Hooper John Latham Anne Graham Mich Smith Michael Adams David Niven Angie Snowdon Jeffrey Smith Karen Evans Agathe lazaro Alison Jackson-Bass Carolyn Bacon Elizabeth Marie Adams Michael Lowe Peter Rainey M Fosbrook Mark Whitaker Katie Moberly Barbara Krajnik Olsson Sarah Dicks Julia Davis Kirsty Malcolm George McDonald Eilish Hart David Barnard Susan Hirons Fabienne Chausson Joel Coppard Alex Coleman Alison Hesketh Doreen Key Anne Whytock Julia Wearn jay dubloo Lucy Goodison Pamela Withington dorothy goodall Sam Thomas Lesley Wright Chris Grant Noah Neate Susan Watts Susanna Griffith

Megan Offner John Wright Anika Easy Pamela Scarratt Ian Tarrant Cita Ebert Ewan SHEARER Rachel Beastall Emanuela Curzi Chris Rigby Christine Chapman Mark Slater catherine king Barry Fox Ruth Wilburn Frances Johnstone sue smith Joyce Blood Ben Moore Jo Reynolds Irene Robson Brian Walsh Laura Escobar Castell bob holland Rachel Devine judy marland Brian Tarry Gina Deen Martin Scarratt Louise Wisniewski Andrew Morris Marilyn Lewis CAROL FAWCETT CATHERINE SPINKS Robert Gready Giolandi Karakanta Sarah McILwraith Sharon Silvester-Hughes Terry Smith Lefteris Tsikalakis John Dallas Tania Willis Antonio Lorusso Jane Green Anonda Berg Shannon Brincat querine dauga Angela Thomson Angela Grover Kieran Tighe Sharon Francis-Burnett John Ne Roberto Gambi George Clandon Michael Hobson Anna Linda Hampton John Byng Deborah Parker Mary Crabtree Paul Amundsen Marjorie Hambly Jo Mawby-Baker Caroline Langworthy Zachary Evans Andrew Dixon D WHITE Neel Arrington Pam Hodgkins Fi Mash Marion Bader Samantha Best Ed Davies Colin Horwood kieran cope Viv Talbot Mike Cullen Kim Nuttall Mark Jones Daniel Brook Aga Pol Jeff Cornish Karina Hilterman Jackie Page Roy Emmins Pascha Ruffles Louise Walker Hanne Stinson Hunor Handra Melanie Pownall-Harris josephine curtin Judith Swain David Bryan Peter Taylor Bridget Carlin Jenny Tomlinson Mike Owen alex wood dorothy morris SEAN McKEOWN Michael Wild Victoria Rimmington Janet Broomfield Tanya Didham Robert Dawkins Patricia Fuller Andrew Roberts Sasha Brooks Lynn Allison Alice Gem Dev Ruprai Philip Stonehouse Nigel Brooks kandappu Arumugam Katharina Krummenacher Stewart Rippon Cheryl Mitchinson Anne Damerell Lynda Fletcher Louis Nosworthy Parminder Garcha Alice Gem Helen Drinkwater Tahera Chaudhry Urszula Kalinowska-Drozd ross monaghan Jane Carey Lorinda Trebaczyk Barbara Cooper Ash Pollock Artur Podsiady Vicky Alhadeff Samantha Harris Bronwen Chapple Adrian Ross Mark Lambert Patricia Tiley KEN DOBSON Katie Clark Stijn Desomer Debbie Winstanley Gillian Leung Mari-Carmen Maybank Flavia Murton Jennifer Fletcher Sally Humphries David McMillan Elizabeth Harrison Laura Murray AJ Cirillo Ged Edwards Pauline Mintram Paul Clayton Nick Clark Lindsay Bull Lyn Nasir Karen Wagg Gary Sarkissian Pamela Hare Rebecca Gadsby Louise Blackwood Judy Owen John Moore Bethan Cradock Maggie King thomad adkins Desiree Ford Rebecca Winn Chester Candish Tim Pryor Valerie Steele Helen Wilson John Pollard Ian Macleod Dagmar Steiger Dan Hoare Joy


Nicholas Nikiforou Diane Doble Leemans John Crowther Kristen Cornforth Wayne Reynolds Ray Steele Richard Bell Richard Mansbridge Denise Cook Patrycja Szulc-Gorwa Dickon R Paul Harrison John Warre Karen and Jeff Hay Nikita Harrison Alan Gillam Veronica B rocco fornari Joann Koch Molly Schafer Sheila Chambers Joe Hayhurst Susan Groom Jeff Sluka Rod Cresswell Lucy Best James Peacock Stephen martin Linda Thain Riet Rowland Pete McAskie dorinda kelley Clara Alvarez Conny Friedrich Gary Strickland-Clark Darrell Reed-Aspley Kevin Zenou Anthony Duggan Catherine Stacey Hazel Todhunter Patricia Rutherford Carolyn Scott Nick Olesker Michael Boardman Eileen Wiseman Maisie Hare Shirley Saunders Carolyn Cruickshank Jeffrey Latham Eileen Gibbs Jake Huckstep Edward Taylor Josh Allen Ann Mallett Jane Thurlow Kevin Cummings Roisin Turner margaret grenham Christine Ladyman Kath Wheatley Sheila Rae Linda Mcever Nancy Howard Chris Blair James Beattie Graham Brinkhurst Rachael Varney Claire Hastie Tina Jeffery Paul Curley Francois Badinier Judith Woods Joel Leighton Loraine. Pattinson Josephine Henderson-Dott Lee Smith Gabby Taylor Hannah Maria Bill Ward Genevieve Oliver James Isaacson Linda Whattam Michael Waldron Rachel Hoyes Carrie Hunt David Clinton Filipe Morais Annie Lowden Lynda Twidale kate robertson Ross Peace Gianfranco Frelli sarah faulkner Holly Jenkins Brian Bronstein Roger Simmons Miguel Cooper Alice Hindley Stacey Martin Marilyn Willis Maggie Mason Dom Brench John Jackson Kate Inglis Lynne Snowdon Shona Warwick Wendy Carter Hugh Featherstone Blyth Agnieszka Piwowarczyk David Reavely Michael Hill Eileen Russell Louisa Bottomley arancha joulian Marie Downs helen paulger Roge Dix David Chalmers Patricia Singleton Rebecca Parris Kevin Coleman Ernie Duncan Teresa Haines Michelle Sternberg Richard Amey Rasa Stasiukynaite Margarita Rosberg Jennifer Bond Richard Sevier Joanne Turnbull Carol Mee Trudi Holloway James Pain Angela Moore Jane Butler Simon Spacey Kerenza Ellam john smith Will Raisin-Shaw Darren Elmes Claire Edwards Andrew Hallett Amanda Stallard John Steedman Margaret Lynch Darina Angelova Davina Mansell Christopher Felton Gabriel Porfir Che Creasey Bev Moisey Jamie Sims Marie-Claire Oliver Barbara Gray David Wadley Nechamah Bonanos Melanie Westerby Alex Massey krystyna marcjoniak John Grahame Higginson Jill Stott Kulvinder Mahal James Ewing Patricia Appleton Sherri Lynn Katie Cordingley Elizabeth Bailey Megan Bond Mark Drake Jack Rees Andrew Dwyer Georgia Waterton Brenda Edwards Sharon Moser Mike Townsend D Titmus JOSIE Mullen Luciano Martusciello Stefano Casalotti Mandy Cameron Jane Baird Terence Pinney Nataly Johnson Mark Van Den Bossche Adam Barnes penelope cullum Ida Gemmill Mary Norman Elisabet Hoeppener Michael Joffe Alison Burnett Jan Christie Jason Fondis Sylvie Jaffrey Christina Starmer Sandi Cummings Glyn Hosking Philip McWilliams Gary Butler Rick Butterfield George Burley Diana Barbee Wolfgang Leinen R Moss Emma Pressnell Maya Lowman Hannah Watson Luis Filipe De Sousa Margaret Finucane Michael Dorner Rosalind Watson Linda Muntner Nic McIntosh Philip Brocklehurst Rosalind Pates Catherine Ryan Lee Ann Foster Paul Mullarkey Daniela Conte Je Rimmington sue edwards Lidia Baltazar Elizabeth Burley Tom Reed Ramez Ghazoul Bronnie Cloke William Pyle Rob Probin Josephine Shaw Eileen Halligan Pia Gurner Hannah Martin Zsuzsa Szilagyi Fabiola Ascarrunz Victoria Oakey Monty Larkin Rene Kibler Siobhan Richardson Mike Hughes Breana Wick Sarah Crepin sue jones Joanne Cadman Sarah Palmer Pedro Butler Soifranc Gordon Housley Paul Lowman Daria Kouznetsova Richard Maher Guevara Raul Brian Priestley Ingela Fletcher paul smith Rosalind Watkinson Fearn Kenyon Tamsin Timpson Christine Savage Verity Forbes Deirdre James Simon Hargrave Dario Gerchi Lois Gunter Justin Corbett Maura Parolini Suresh Kumar Julia Koburg Leta Elliott Pia Weidinger Peter May Frances Pearce Augustus Christie-Paige gerald tesch Sally Phillips Laura Hawken clare smith Jenny Ho William Catterson Lesley Manlove Margaret Collins Angela Hernon Eoin Egan Conor Cleland Simon Draper Mandy Craven Aristotelis Bouras Catherine Slater Diane Bushby Bruce Bassam Rebecca Colegrave Amanda Colbourne Valerie Dockerty Lesley Trench Miriam Lowbury Shane Nahumko Zhixing Huang dawn Lewis Kenny Munro Simona Scarparo Erin O’Neill Daniel Stafford Mark Robinson Cecilia Sandrini Deborah Shillam Daniela Sousad Susan Dennis


Caroline Luguet John Wright Peter Flack Kim McConville Francine Grant Richie Cuthbertson John Miller Derek Thomas Dean Sargeant Joanne Perkins Catherine Ricciardo Cornelia Broesskamp Patricia Motzel germaine fryc david wilson Sharmayne Seepersad Octavian Petrescu Joan Edmunds Angela Bennett Joseph Telfer Chris Bond fiona leen Alistair Kanaan Gareth Coster Leiah Hood Abbie Jones Damian Blackley j aldridge Katharine May Roger Shackleton Janice Ash Vlad Przerwa-Tetmajer Sheila Halpin Lorraine Swanston lee murray Anncharlotte Ragnarsdotter Josephine Graves Karen Peck Jackie Roberts Hazel Aldridge Frederik Sandberg Olesen Fay Beazer Paul Hemmerdinger Howard Smith stephen nalty Linda Castle Michaela Smith Lorna Hicks Tony Wilden Warren Birkinshaw eleanor perry Julie Thompson Marianne Ehrhardt Jacek Tabor Larry B Harder Hugh Burgoyne Karen Giles Frederik Fernandez Roz Wallace Katharine Wake Franka Jannoe Sallyann Edgeway Patricia Humphrey Peter Bowes Alan Jones Eric Walker Willow Moon Richard de Lange Penelope Welford Nicky Beele Stephen Slade Mike Greenslade Mike McLeod Mike Adams Stuart Stapely Rufus Gooder John Venton Jonathan Woodhouse Esme Fardon mary moylett Karina Russell Sondra Boes Kate Stockwell Tamara Smith pearl Flanagan Shirley oore Jane Whittaker Anne McDonagh Shannon Beese Victor Bjarnesen Barbara Ginsberg Jacqueline Franklin Sue Baigent Veronica-Mae Soar Hilary Mathieu Ben Grierson-Hill Tanya Beard Tina Farguson Mary Eraut Peter Gamble Susan Lees Josephine Ballisti C Graham Teresa Wormald Sarah Blackwell Anne Rutherford Fred Hoy Jeremy Stokes Kayley Davies Trevor Leat Glenn Garelik Brian Redgers lynda wilde ian mccormick Michael R Eraut Raymond Mitchell Alastair Ross Obed Abbo Paul Tweedle jane Hancock Morgan Rae David Redman Asta Wistrand Tez Shaw Eunice Martin Ken Duell Harold Christopher Mark Ferranti Jean-Baptiste Martin Michael House Natasha Rastovic Katherine Schock David Best Bernadette Staal Gina Ravan Rebecca Paton William higgins Janice Blaseby Julia Buckleton stephen gould Cheryl Heath Helen Hepburn Pierre wijdenes S Singh Rachel Alvarado Martyn Hart Sonia Corbett Mariana Tisi Bana saffron middleton-dunne Stephen Hill Michael Wardlaw SF Sidney DELARA Rebecca Hodson Anke Lankreyer Barbara Hannan Russell Ivey alisha gernon Tomislav Kostoski J Bull fran sherry john fithian-franks Fiona Roddam Ian Jackson Vanessa Parr Ian Edmondstone Edward Macdonald Delma Jean Baum Jeannie May John Davies NOURITZA MATOSSIAN Veronica Coroi Melinda Ashker Hilary Clark Christopher McCabe CIARA QUINN Jade Redford kate Shipp Elaine Ward Jo Cowie Robin Hergest Glenys Mulvany Malcolm Henderson Janice Ninomiya Helen Proudman John Prewer Diane Huffine Tricia Burns Sarah Agate John Carruthers Nichola Mycock Margo Ward Katy Martin Timothy Kraemer Simon Hooton Pat Reynolds Brian Quinn Ragavi Thayananthan Christopher Hobday Sheila Haasrtup Sara Ritzen Awunor Annie Brownlee Daniela Sibille Ali Ferriscombe Jonathan Ward Lynne Hodge Alexia Akester Lucy Haines Geoffroy Laumet Andrea Kingston Stephen Ings Fiona Hoey kay Lewis-Jones Val Tierney Lesley Gosbee-Harper Jayne Evans Sue Dampier Hilary Hampton David Gilbert Andrew Grigg Arlene Gardner James Dunnett Barbara Weaire Rebecca Cartwright Caroline Bentley Joe Sykes Karen O’Shea zyryo zyxjynlor Birgit Fischer Raymond Bisiker jacky Chambers Victor Cabocel Carmen O’Hara H Palmer Glenn McKenzie Rhona Boyle Alan Odams Hester Goedhart Melanie Hill Marice Bertorelli Mark Kowalski Jack O’Brien Dan McCoy Alison Arthur Holly Rennie Sylvia Middleditch Luis Russo Birgit Fischer Alison Bishop Daniela Eavis Paula Frater Tessa Jones Yvette Kortright Annabel Paterson Sunny Durant Jane Sutherland Jamie McIntyre Robin Higgs Marcelle Davies Matt Chaplin Moly Paterson Emma Chapman Rodrigo Contreras Ana Mafalda Costa Neto John Barker Carolina Verri Sue Craig-Stewart Gillian Molyneux patrick humphreys J McCallum Jane Fellman Emma Hall Chris Piesse Gillian Bisiker trevor dennis Jesse Saunders Maddie Howarth Catrin S Rhys john thorkildsen George Cienciala Christine Lillington Susana Sousa Patri Nievas Frances Ang Pamela Hammond Richard Chapman Martin Minta Eliseo Echegaray Ellie Chowns Ann Seymour Alex Gaut Gary Gilmour Cheynella Clynch Jenny Senior Mick Pye Fabio de Sisto Suzi Martineau doug krause Mark Speakman Roger Sapsford Linda Kwon Nickolette Grimes Robin Duxfield David Durban Sarah Green

alex pecchiari Suzanne Mehdi Jason Smith Dylan Wood Helen Shaw Ngaio Richards Handel Morgan Dominy Hinds Landon Harding Thomas Egetemeyer Barbara Gordon Elizabeth Brown John Kilner brad mcrae Mark Woodward Neil Hutchinson Helen Herron Lauren Hasson Laura Johnson Helen MacGregor Nino manci Lilith Young Geoffrey Packe Sonia Bogantes Bob Ayres John Urquhart Paul Blissett Austin Klutz Merrilyn Fahey Dora Aburrow Gail Cartwright Elvan Akbas Sheila Priest Moritz Goetze James Walker Brenda Gratton Nicol Longoni Sandra Zaninovich Robert Irvine Sarah Colwell terry walsh Maxine Rofe Heather Cochran Karolina Davidaviciute maurice vizard Juli Hamilton Claire Goodman BARRY WARD Annie Jefferson Richard Potts Beryl Williams Jean Mellalieu Jonathan Hampshire Meridee Mascherin Melodicium Melodicium Johanna Ryffel Graham Giles Ibrar Khan Lucy Ryder Richardson YiZhong Zhuang Juan Eduardo Uboldi Ripa Dene Cumming Joe Rooney Sylvia Kelso Stephen Arlaud dennis kreiner Richard Harris Richard Lea Chris Lowry Karen Ard paul webster Nicky Draper katrin weiland Joel Nankivell James Rossiter Sharyn Van Dyk ann m vivien dawson-hollis ELIZABETH STONE Paul Everett Barrie Mee Andrea Hylands Ekaterina Novobytova Mark Cunliffe Derek McNeil Terry Gallon maggie freake John Wilkinson Jack Reed Fleur Disney Karen Mclean suzan Zhang Roberta Dearnley jeannie kressin Stephen Saunders Marion Watson julia oakshett Chris Riesch arthur allan wilson Anthony Lavender sheilah coish rachel kay Kaitlyn Smith Martin Hanson Vivian Gratton Richard Batsford Anna Johansson Lauren Fidler Kate Gorham Jane Lester margot Patton Vlad Tudor Marga Riesch Gary Wait Theodore Facey Keith Burgess saifuddin Chitalwala Jane Biggins Madeleine Innocent sonia hussain Muzy Mz Maggie Morgan Simon Victor Bojczuk alex hayward carol Hansen Pamela Crofts Julie Bainbridge Andrea Crump Chris Dunlop Bethany Davey Mark Spears Deborah Moran Andrew Mathison Joerg Mueller Laura Brackenbury Joe Bradley Sandra Perrone Cathleen Foot Brian WELLER Jim Reid Miss S Clarkson Sean Geddes Vandra Jones Diana Perdomo Patricia Earnshaw Eileen Laurie Karen Rubino Jan Bolders Gaia Webb Chris Lawrence virginia cano Claire Jones Thomas Henry Vincent Parker Maria Breia Colin Lang John Horne Daryl Coles Andre Wilkinson Ailsa Richardson Ben Brooks Susan Berry Gary Grewal Gary Osborn karin xiao Al Steele Rachel Newell Suneet Srivastava Lisa Stewart Anthony Brook angela baggio John Barton Blanka Bojovic Jessica Grantier Mary McCormick Magali Frederic Jim Dunn James Walsh Juan Pablo Lobo-Guerrero Jonathan Bunn Sue Scott Emma Major Jo Evans Russell Woodward Samantha Magney W R Williams Tatina Semprini Perabjout Singh Soni Kym Carter Marion Preez Lesley Read Zoe Whiteman Bethanie Suddick Cathe Dietrich Jeannie Evans John Chadderton Anna Westerberg Kim Mari-Davies Rosemary Caolo Sax Renforth Ken Poole Karis Wride Jurgen Knorr Brigitte Muller Rachel Weston Afreen Huq Angela Thomas Robert Hunter Susan Taylor paul holt Marilynne Cahn Robert Cooper Esq. MBE Prabhjeet Daffu Duncan Noble Malene Klintskov Skude Andrew Jennings-Giles Gillian Lee Sera Elgiar Bea Thomas Celeste Townsend Linda Mayne Britta Krachler Matthew Mountain Andre Stamatakakos Olivia Kelsall Anthony Holman Claire McLinden Christopher Forester john regan Keith Peutherer Gemma Milne Carol Wilkinson william cowan Cathy Gaul Maddy Bradley Deirdre Hammond Dave Sheekey Kieran Whitbread Robert Rix Clare Hiley Bridie Brown Marion Lambe Dagmar Buck Eric Lund Faith Hope Charity Dylan Quilter Araceli Valderrabano valerie brown Sally-ann Allcock Christine Brooks Rita Cole Lesley Morgan Ninette Gonzalez Amy Lee Laraine Bowen Abigail Amelia Lesley Bailey tiffany reese Gordon Mckee Christine Nicholson James Scott Laraine Rae Tereza Kleckova Lisa Pritchard Beverley Spencer Dwina Mabrouk kelvin mccarthy Margaret Peacock David ockendeen James Birks Gavan O’Neill Lee Wayne Duncan Butcher Susan Quinlan Aubrey Nunes Roseanne Riggall cerys owen Chantal Gilbert Fran Talbot David Greeley catherine delourme Wilfred Calder-Potts Celia Clarke Alex Cussins Francy Elkins Sean Corrigan Linda Everitt Margaret Jennings Tim Baber Mark Healing Steven Murphy Christopher Jones Helen Williamson Rafael Albarran Gavin Kingcome Marlecne Jonas Matt Davidson Derrick Halford Michelle Gibbons domingo cantero Pedro Lima Ian McGuire Debbie Platt Trevor White Peter Harbord

Pascale Giovetto Margaret Bowden Marie Charlton Annie Costin Cristian Acosta John Hathway John Willetts Julia Marko Dunn Greer Hart Jackie Rares lizi jamal Ceri Dobbing Adriana PEIXOTO Simon Barnes adam lancaster richard smith Antonia yarmon Kay Seal chris shaw Gemma Eldridge-Carruth Darby Hall Nancy Townsend Lesley McNicol richard oliver Kim Grey Cathy Kennedy Alexandra Andersson David Waterfield Tom Rees Arantza Leza claire fullerton Patricia Harding Christopher Simco Jeanne McLuskie Susan Fox Tony Spires Tunde Kalmar hector fuentes Shef Kane Christine Quinn Andrea Major Anita McCullough Wendy Williamson Thomas Downie Judith Magnan Alex Bell Jean Bass Lesley Chinn Mel Turner Fionnuala Dempsey Jaz Kaelin Hilary Cormack Mick Sanderson Noel Wheatley Graeme Bainbridge caro Elliott Peter Dam Andrea Procter Maria Filardi Roz Hart Devi Ratna J Connor Sue Chotoye Jean-Marc Morel rhiannon cooney Richard A Rusnak Jr Sarah Cousins Amabilia Maia Kathleen Beavin Tony Llewellyn Pat Lewis Meg Walter Gary Miles Arthur Clarke Miriam Huberman Robin Archard Ian Tomlins Appin Williamson Donna Turney Lorraine Spring Hans v. Chelius Kevin Markwell Ben Gale Rachel Collett Martin Searle Justin Cooper Vanessa Wright Michael O’Connor Nathan Horne Marie Wakefield Ruth Hickman Des RITCHIE Donna Dean Helen Wood Rob Walker Adron Love Ian Luke Bob Bater Andrew Rayment Sandra Martin Andrea Polden Danny Briggs Stuart Kendrick Emma Cowen chris meachen Nelson Hain Gregg Bryson Anne Dodd Mark Van Beeumen Samuel Wilson Andy Wales Rosie Doull Erica Johanson Sally Hawson Kenneth Billis neil willis Karen Larsen gabriel Chesne Dominique Weber Kalikamurti Suich Gaia Rowntree Elaine Chatwin Jennie Sutton Nick Williams Geraldine McGuckin jen r Rosemary Lloyd Andres Calagua Bedoya Susanna Acland John jackson Gabriela Guillen Victoria Sands Mari Smet Richard Bentley Jennifer Pinder John Gwyndaf Tomos Geoff Dykes Natalia Salas-Chicharro Sarah Hughes Heather Tomos Margaret King Theresa Kenny John Thomas Ross McKinstry Denise Norman Wang Yuan Ngai Hei Ernest HO Harris Williamson Maria Rua Shirley Marsh Essie Davis Simon Parlett W Roberts Naomi Nunn Robert Helson Sigit Sugianto Emmanuelle Jullien-Prat Micheline E. William Klock Anne Schoch Drew Martin Mohammad Yusuf Olath Kate Royston Penny Kerle Justine Harrison wood David Gwynne-Evans Caroline Lillian Cridland Emma Kerr-Laurie Jeanine Sammis terry kerrison Mark Lucas-Taylor Timon Jansen sam mcfadzean Georgia Blomberg James Flynn Dorothy Brockbank Brigitt Marques Mario Guevara Lyn Fraser Susan Goldberg Carol Penhale Jim Curland James Woodhouse Ann Barnett Pamela Wood Jennifer Brewer Vasileios Grigoriou Lesley Staples Katya Cameron Philippa Betts Lisa Strickland-Clark Crispin Weir Emma Conti Anita Barron justine eddolls My mob Theodore Dawson Vanessa Pinho Nicholas Mills Jane Margarets Chris Ibbotson Sara Bellisio Peter Sneddon Jules Tennick Abi Izzard Adrienne Larimer DAVID BATTEN Corbett Kroehler Mukesh Patel Louise Huxtable Paulinne Delcour-Min Kathryn Southall Holly Kirk Laura Pallares Miranda Leiva Nuno Moreiras Christine M.C. Money Lyn Norman Janet McKeag Richard Dudley-Smith Helen Hoffman Eric Chipulina Jody Gibson Summer Kelly Lori Conley Sara Taukolonga Jennifer Shotton Christopher Read Sharon Nicodemus Ingrid Ermanovics Yasmin El Faki Christine Wright Linden Wilde Debra Lutje bernadette cuellar Joel Allport Ian Alvey Lorraine Churchill Leonie Wright John Munster Tim Hamilton-Cox Genevieve Godde G.W. Cheney JACQUI RAMAGE-SMITH Ian Mills Toby Dann Julia Marr Elaine Pullum marianne willemse Thomas North Nurettin Omer Hamzaoglu Michelle Colebourn jane dobson Joey Marissa Van Hekken sylvi shayl Christopher M Hill Berit Forsberg Clare Menzies Michael Clifford Joanne Sedman Kev Salmon Sonia Morin Pat Hawthorn Denise Crilley C Morin Stephanie Silva Jacqui Larsen Leela Menon Mimi Romilly Nicholas Tay John Whitehead cree tilbury Vanessa Reeves Alan Deacon Sherry O’Brien Shaun Cooper H Vangala laurie nagels Alan Ward thienot anton Robert Gotch Leslie Jenkins Nathan Thomson Anthea Midgley Linda Matthews Sue Banks Tiffany Werdehausen Nicholas Storey heuiya cho Jayne Clyde Claire Brockington Lorna Rose Deborah Reeves Donna Berwick Doug Clendon Cheryl Motton Christine Friday Tobias Vernon Morgan B Lili Cantu Ari Cova Brett Rainwater Ian Clark Doris Clark Krisztina Papp

ian tanner Mark Rice Sreejesh P S Janis Meyers Pablo de Tarso Felgueroso Villa Fiona Macdonald Hannah French John Fredrickson Christine Stacey Jayne Wright Robert Campbell JOHN PASQUA Sarah Cardew Janie Rayne Felicity Ahern David Satz Emma Finnerty Anita Akers Emitt Kyle Tabitha Marsh Michael Taylor Simon Woodcock Catherine Baran Dom Hughes Mark Kaenzig Kelley Hall Lucy Newcombe Jamela Khan karen jernberg Guillemette Koning Richard Stratford Carlene Morris Manfred Ihms Melanie Lofts Dominic Lane Helen Shing Kate Bond Dave Bore Fred Tapp Susan Clark Mark Bebb HAN LEONG NGUI Robyn Edmondston Henning Poulsen Kimberley Kemp Doran Waclawiak Naomi Fenwick-Goldthorpe Rich Pinnell Suzanne Martinez Janet Marks Pamela Metcalf Lena Harris Jennifer Hole Stevie B. Jones Alex Bracey Nick Randall Peter Hughes Martin Vallerand Angela Pok Damien Topin Andrea Kaufman elizabeth amber Tanya Matthews Regina Tan SAMUEL MILNES Darryl Pike Tina Jackson Linda Cheng Wayne Truax Rosemary Catt denise raich Bruce Argo Jo-anne Hughson Thomas Keith McCarron lisa darlington Hana Dewi Pratiwi mark Stevenson Michele Thomalla Russell Knock Robin Hicks Nathan Roche Kristin Stiff Uta Riese Jo Banks Riccardo Pusceddu Heidi Ludwick Howard Clark Dzaky Raf Douglas Brown Keith Laws Rob Lynch Maureen Kerr Dorien Jones Ben McCann David Hulott Donna May Sonja Biss margaret pitcher Becky Lillie Pedro Rodriguez Greg Hartley Cori Benjamin Grace Nelson chris williams Karen Scott ross jordan Diane Araiza Catrina Taylor Marina Julian Simon Rogers Siobhan Appleton DIANE BRIGNELL Timothy Corbett Shaun Walters Deborah Dahlgren Michael Hamill Patti Challis Hayley Gipps Barry Still Anja Haleber Jennifer Schmidt linda letnick beattie kostera fiona parr Debbie Boulton mary day Edward Hicks Phil Lee Francine Dolins John Thompson Twyla Meyer Pascal Grinberg Fisna Taraskevic Rodrigo Cosio James Brown John Roberts Alan Clark Mark Wilson Mark Westwood James Brown peter meissner Lenore Reeves carol maroun Helen Myers Diana Taraskevic jeannie roberts Francine St-Onge Philip Crockford Cecilia Calello Karen Kindel Wade Pitman David Booth Vahe Bastian Alberto Cuellar Caroline Kenny Ian Meikle Laura Matika George Davis eileen henderson Frances Causer Neil Winstanley Yu Li Ooi Jessamy Sil Asia Reekie Claudia Lopez Emma Chia Anne Andrews Patricia Alam alexina salem Joe Moio Yvonne Harvey Angi Tierney Lindsay Hope Kern Carolyn Massey Gail Holt Adam Ditheridge Richard Jones Dan Clark Daniel Pinchbeck harry knapp Tim Hathaway Cheri Mulhall Ricardo Bayshark Yazmin Gonzalez Michelle Dugan Michael DeCorte ILLANA CARIAPA David Grogan ian bellt angus campbell Joanne Letters Eileen Peakman Robert Sheehan Rick Baxter Andrew Murray Kathy Wells Phoebe Seers Liz Duffin T ALbrich Marcia Lawrence Scott Marold margaret knott Ed Schehl Barry Ankers Carmel Shapira Dawn Symes Kathy Efthymiakopoulos Edward Morley Helen Banks Stuart Cullimore Rebecca Day Susan Childs Vivien Beal JAYANTHA LIYANAGE Joanne Parker Karina Dixon Hugh Fitzpatrick Alex Cheesman Paul Turner-Smith brigid wilbury Yvonne Baker Lucie Morin JESSICA CUMMINGS Linda Jones Ruth Ehri Paul Hanson April Nutter Anita Morrison Peter Cummins Patricia Prodromides Nadia Cachia Guyon Cates Biddy Bunzl DOMENICO ZINDATO Linda Masters roberto rojas Katrina Nilsson Gary Rose Louise Ross Nicola Haggerty Linda Moore Sister Gladys Schmitz Janine Hutt Dorothy Davies Bernie Lenny Paul Milliam Jill Simon Nigel Warren Aloysia Vira Herawati Thomas Simon Trevor Scott Anthony Johns Elizabeth Dutch Rita Dunn Peter Reniche Jon Anderholm Martin Margolis Vitor Duarte Maria Ranclaud Larrie Beattie gugooaman wangshart Fran Lambrick Samantha Little Sherry McCullough William Nietsch Rachel Lawton Annastiina Hurri Margaret Thomas Donna Cravens Julia Leigh Robert Atkins Cynthia Hiebert Teresa Fallace Ann Schulte Christina Haggart Ines Kirchner Antonia Belt Aaron Ali Paul Ford James Kraft Kate Raworth Clea Buchler Catherine Walsh Leslie Hampson sushma sachdev Liz Albiston Grahame Maddeford Marcus Hardtke sushanta das John Porter Glenys Watt laura brown Marek Miszta James Gustafson kim Newton Andrew Mitchell paul goddard Stephanie Howe lin aldridge Denise Layne Matthew Bessell martin Houston Christine Humphreys Anne Cholmondeley

Enid Andrew Lorraine Chambers Simon Dickinson Arjen Cats Eileen Saunders Nina Hyatt J Taylor Keeta Beaubien Susan Rea Ann Vavasour Aude Carro James Goldthorpe Benjamin van Ooij suha ibrahiem Robert McCloud Gillian Kalter AC Fran Tribe Pamela Ludolf Anahita Chouhan Nat Wrightson Daniel Glassey Aidan Kennedy Ruth Cole Jane Jordan Jeanette Harrison Barbara Stroud Trevor Sykes michael smith Claudia Mateyka Rebecca Trotman baltabek Amirsultan Sean Brodbin Steve Acutt Jean Wichita Thomas Rooksby Renee Oelschig itzhak preiss Ash Bradshaw El Gwilym June Trenholm Allan Franks Jackie Curtis Elly Cooper Sole Kilpi Sarah Davies Artemisa Sanchez-Hill Lesley Hale Laurel Kornfeld Vincent McGoldrick Susie Bower Paula Kirkwood Michele Sievers Sarah Rhodes Nicola Blockley Chantal Boisvert Nicole Peri Barbara Wix at Teresa Walpole Vera Zakharov phil badiz Edd King Neil Illing Kenny Thomson mikaela smith Marisa D’Souza nicholas sowicz Rachelene Vera Cruz Daniel Ribble David Spiller Angela Phoenix Emiliano Ruffini Carol Greenhalgh Susan Wheeler Ruth Hill Rammayon Raz Trent Moyle Diane Beeny Tony Lanfear Kat Cunningham Elle Burke Peter Sainsbury ALISON CORNWELL Kerry Roberts Emma Dillon Laura Borst MIKE Whitbread Jack Butchart Susan Rowbotham Diane Uttley Rony Dias Trevor Jones Diana Espinosa Debbie Darton Jon Ellis Kasia Lynch Amy Birchall Marjolein Groefsema Patricia Eyre Andrew Grieser Johns vivian dunstan Tiffany Kalus Jim Jones Paul Johns Christiane Desjardins Michael Brooker Jean-Philippe Major Colin White Tie Penatti Wendy Barnett Kristin McLarty Tracey Evans Maria del Rocio Reynoso Vallecillo Lisa Harrison Steve S Di Birch Graca Fonseca Kathryn Ruffles Karen Johns Yvonne Watson Jenni Porter Joanna Law valee more vanessa mignon Teresa Mestas Jim Kinnibrugh Louise Kemp VIV GENCARELLI James Stockton Mary Clark Dennis Talbot Suzanne Lande Benoit Borrel Devon Brook Noemillie Suarez Neil Shelton Juan Carlos Gracia Dorle Heller Jill Fechner daria arta David Mason Judith Preston Judy ONeill Andreas Riris Debbie Canny virginia wilson shafeeq Nalakath Heather Good Kivanch Hussein Paul Rogers Claudia Merck Paul Downton Anthony Hill Philip Hardy Kevin Smith Thomas Baxendale John Stockton Laura Fynn Maria Papacosta Sue Fereday Kelly WAN Joel Perkins Marieke Schoenmaeckers Josep Maria Santacana Fiona Pillidge David Mitchell Pat Abbott Valli Gent Michelle Kevill Andrew Carr Jean Brown Nicole Kwiatkowski Teri A William Cromwick Helen Van der Merwe Lilian McDade Angela Keay Mariangela Presti Jane Stubberfield sylvia mcgroarty Daniel Southern Heidi Cassar Sarah Stewart Richard Tracey Anne Pearson Wendy Hales Vanessa Bennett Amanda Khan-Davis Harendra Durgabakshi Neesha Jhaveri Shonna-Lee Banasiak Mary Kerrigan Jacob Hyden KEN WADE Mick O’Malley David Minns Kitty Lobert Cindy Taylor Cath Atkins Slavko Kozak Thomas Adams Philip Clode scott merrick mauricio carvajal Philip Marchant Stephanie Haahjem Markus Holas mary poppins Stephanie Esquivel Derek Barlow e Keeling maurice trempe Pascal Segard Hazel Marriott Ioanna Spanou Judy Walker odette sempere Terry H Mulholland Dave Heasman Charlotte Muse tim verdon john costello Tania Malven Jamie Gilbert Viplav Nandanwar Annalie Seaman Paula Higgins Steve Dring mary clemmensen James Ewing Len Smith slawek nowak Kevin Mcenaney tony davis Raymond Kan Richard Rothstein Timothy Featherstone Eleanor Trueman G Griego Alicia Addeo Lesley Maddox Liz Smith james fraser Esme Barber gordon weaver Tyro Butler Nigel Mackay Tom Coomer Sam Hill koko alzaman Amy Parfitt Beryl Mallinson Dr Timothy Norris Claire Young Mick Lyons Liane Helies Aileen Sinnott Nigel Driver Patricia Anderson kim perkins Mark Randall Janet Revesz Paul Davids Anita Coolidge Lorraine Snape Andrew Vallender Anita Pickett Andy Lago pamela frost Matti Hirvonen Gordon Mann Wendy Sale Hila Weiss Bridget Macey Vaughn Boast Callum Beamon KIRTI JOSHI Lise Bourget Noel MacLeod Anthony Hereward Haykal Khalil Rose Molloy Nicola Shelswell Tess Dominy Chris Gee Sarah Dutton Nick Branch Jo Ridley Patricia Brewster Hilmi Arkan Anne White Kevin Pinnock Stuart Elvins Lucy Greaves-Lord Sarah Locke-Lavell Becky Gait Lucy Fox Jordan Daley Dominik Scheck Peter Holdforth Philip Hammial Sandra Woodall Ashraf Tkm

Paul Gunn Clive Edwardes May Partridge jordan higginbotham Vanessa Betts Terry Hay Maria Saldo Adam Bolcso Chris Maury James Austin Jose Morales SUSAN PACKHAM John Collingwood catherine Rogers Vanessa Robshaw Lesley Gross Patricia Mcknight Martin Cockroft Ollie Tobin Monika Gutte marc jonkers William Vinicombe Helen Pilkington Jenny Ferguson Marcia Peacock Albert Meijvogel Henry Lamb Gavin Blake Audrey Shannon Yanish Tucker Felicity Walker Tim O’Driscoll Chris Hesketh Thais Madeira Heidi Nelson Frank O’Sullivan Hilary Rhodes Norman Shaw rebecca davies Michael Hatton John Aves Sally Belcham Usafar Wisby Paul Clutterbuck Greg Pittam Tamzin Phillips Olivia McIntire Steve Webb Alasdair Hosking Susan Gayton Lisa Daniel Steve Trier-Tett Atle Olav Berg Elizabeth White Tracy Smith Steve Webb Janet Byrd Ruth Arthur Rose Moss Sime Wright Lesley Jane Prameet Sirisachdecha Marcus Turner Marius Nita Doris Decker Michiel Terellen Ajay Chole H Macmorran Sylvia Sheppard Arabella Bramley Andrea Gallacher Robin Nash Mark Somerville Joanne Clifford Susan Clutterbuck margareta lagerstedt Linda Green Eileen Moree Kim Batterbury Martin Wheeler Vivienne Vermes Andrew Hewat Tim Barter Chris Clark clare kneebone Liz Suffield David Morton Clive Young Kay Laurenson Jens Nyman Marie-Anne Fischer Debra Perrin Simon Smart Megan Bornman Gareth Morgan richard kedie Alan Paul Louise Gould Lucy Hawcroft poornima viswanathan Richard Wennington Mikael Gabrielsson Martin Fox Susie Bonczyk Peter Murray Elizabeth Green Tony Digioia Alain Penicaut Richard Tong kathryn ribbins Penny Mason Alexandra Dickson Mia Littlejohn Mark Waterfield Anthony Le Grys Lee-Ann Thompson cesar pandal Diego Garcia-Vega Michael Porter Ann Woodford Gemma Ogg Sandra Hogben Cathy Thomas Paul Stalley Jane Darwent Jiri Caban Robert Roach Delia Vernes Elizabeth Coster Jonas Kazlauskas michael collins John Carey Karin Rettig Megan Griffiths Beth Newie Eugenio Baldini Patricia Barros. A Sabine Nipshagen Amal Lenne Arron Baker Tom Henderson Smith Oliver Hargreave Ethel Minagawa-Ritchie Tina Teutscher barrie prett Dave Leatt Mike Rosenbloom Peter Daroczi Miranda Cobbing LeRain Chambers Michael Hobson w Harding Lucy Kew Bettina Gomory Lyn Jarvis william george Harding Marjorie June Rob Turner Tanja Kennett Frances Mitchell camila de gregorio Lorraine Rowley Michael Renecle Paul Jefferiss S Damen Linda Hymers Brian Simpson Simon Lewin Marie Taringer Lise Matchitt Geoffrey Baldry Seamus Dobbin steven mitchell Maggie Buckingham Ann Currie David white Sharon Rae Ruth Canty Benjamin Barnes stephen lawless Adam Playford Matthew Hendrickson Lisa Russell Paul Lloyd Katja Jezewski Lewis-Ann Sandison N Coll Katy Foster Sian Hughes Ruth Churchman Quentin Wadman Kate Lewis Michael Ryan Richard Smith Lorraine Gardner Sandra Burden zoe campbell Mary Cornes Geoff Whittle Cath Hammersley Simon Webb Vivienne Clifford-Jackson Julie Knowles Alexander Burns Brian Noble Ed Lawrenson Annemarie Rumpler Michelle Asbury Saskia Felix Harry kuip Manjari Chandra Richard Consoli Sarah wren Rose Bontgr Colin Chapman Iain Gale Eileen Jepson sofia du Plessis Federica maria Mauro Fiona Deverell Debbie Williams Emma Mononen John Linsey Michelle Thomas morag wilson Nicki Theokritoff Melanie Parker Rory Melville Jennifer Harley Toby Pritchard Gillian Shaw Yoga Widianto Brian Murphy Juvencio Wing Phil Lawrence Anne Hughes Katherine Julian Emma Heard Diana Goodwin nigel Carpenter simon boyes Clare Russell Chris Leech Hilary Revell Diane Hall IBRAHIM AKSU Darren Earp Robert Avery Carita Hall Julie May Sally Watkins Janine Limberg Lara Hall Keiko M. Neville Hall Samantha Dyer Susana Hall Ian Nicholas Indiana Wells Debbie Cave Emilie Berron Sally Watkins Margaret Keen Carole Morrad Christopher Bladd Jules Gardiner Emma Sinden julie maltman Q Davis Carrie Smith Corrina Wand Isabel Neugebauer Vanessa Pereira Hanna Dudkowska ALAN ROADNIGHT David Litchfield Dave Purnell Ayesha Tammy Haq Edward Jones Joanne Kingsbury Alison Woolley Loveday Wright Libby Harper Nigel Baker Amanda Wright Patricia Crowther Caroline Broadhead Andrew Thorne LUIS ROMUALDO ALONSO RODRIGUEZ Sonya Dodd Fiona Hutchings Hilda Dunn Kimberly Wheat Andrew Woodall Kate Nelson Clair Sturton Gisela Lampenscherf Clive Osborn Cilla Davidson Zoltan Bryant Alison Tonge Dave Windett Stephen Murray Daniel Knappert

Marilyn Giddings Clare Barker Ben Geoghegan-Fittall Debra Marriott Ness Mills Patrick Jacobson D Faulkner Emma keast Rosemary Burns Jamie Gibson Dan Gough Elise Lane Lynley De Roles Tony Gordon Kenny Daniels Hannah Sansbury John Dove Ann Skyttle Mary Forsyth Teresa Hayes Katie Larman James Leong Sean Haran michele rampton Tim Coster Christina Davis Garry Vaughan Steve Chesterfield catherine Legrand Vivienne Martin Sheila Lamb Antony Hogbin Anna Nordstrom Hazel Israel Lynda Tyrer Linda Day Jennifer Humpage christine kimber Charlotte Green Dawn Parker Lisa Stirling Sharon Urbani Maureen Brennan James Meyer Chris Martin lawrence cartwright Julian Bakker Nadia Wilson Rahul Wdaru John Taylor Lindsay Thompson Rebecca Lowe Gurvin Rafiq Patricia Parry Ray Green Mary Rea Melanie Willsher Toby Ouvry Claire Camsey Tracy Lambert Kate Bewick Phillipa Headley Stephanie Thompson Tom Broughton IRENE Jones Melanie Tildesley Stephen Reilly Ken Petersen Kathryn Melton Andrea Ortiz Jimenez Bernie Spiegelhalter John Holden Caroline Nobee-Marshall Mark Steward Rene Savoie Chris Watts Samantha Wasilewski Richard Kemp Maggie Everitt Joyce Hull Sandra Paton Mohamed El sergany Carlotta Barker Chad Nickson antony etheridge Maja Nielsen Melanie Cross Rosalind Pilgrim Karen McCartney Angela Pemberton madeleine grenu Olivia Read William Scullion Birgit Trippner Dave van Deudekom Ian Gray Sue Balsdon Allan Robins Kate Whelan Anna Widdup Bridget OConnorRead Barbi Lucas Peter Arras Richard Grout Lotta Palmlund Lin Arkell Theresa Lamagni Laurice Peverett danielle deton Daphne Roberts Thomas Bailey Samantha Dommett James Ward Isabella DEARSON Rosa Arcos Ester Jeronimo Adrian Sullivan Dhanraji Ramlakhan Laura Monaghan Brian Rhodes Julie Fryer Julie Taylor Penny Sutton Vanessa Blackledge Clare Newell Stella Leg Keith Brazil giuseppe luigi saccardo Gisela Lampenscherf Helen Chrisoulakis peri albert Rose Jones Paola Iocco Laurence Johnson Joe Lasley Brenda Haynes Rachel Hanson Paul Thompson Silvia Iocco Irina Kagadejev Stevanovic Ailsa Hunter Mara Metcalfe Xavier Liebaert Emily Casewell Elisabeth Schweizer Lynette Jackson-Edwards Bob Rich Sally Mizon Charlotte Oliver Sheilah Rogers Beryl Jones Janet Ellis Roberto Accornero Rita Fritzsche Dorothy Pickett tracy earle Sam Morson John Stevens Patricia Dellar ethna Rouse Jan Spring in ‘t Veld Pamela Scott Suzanne Borland Jamie Holyoake EJ Weaver Kate Byrne Maria C WEstphal Zenda Barlow D L McNaught Cathy Vandenbroeck John Campbell Kenneth Duvall Janet Kaiser Roderick Lauder Peter Williams Joan Treasurer Joan Bornett Julia Holloway Rhiannon Ashley John Wilkinson Julian Robin Frederick Marks Craig Moss Allan Jamieson Stephan Narzinski Kim Kalina Louise Hopkins Anne-Marie Kalus Karen Turner Dee Mallon John Tuck Dennis Brown Jill Middleton Bethany Ward Brian Wilkinson Mirko Handschke Leah McKeown Susan Smith Alex Howarth Jen Kendrick Joanne Lineham Kendall Down Clare Eastman Lucien Rance Christine Bennett Stewart Keggie Karen Brown Ben Tomkinson Damien McBraida annie crane Ridhu Khanna Rosalind Reynolds Carina Cully Sue Hussain K Spiers Hazel Macaulay Ruth Mason Patricia Thomson Joyce Robertshaw Peter Twyford Or Ben Ezra Joh. Rientsma Marian Farrel Michael Copsey Jan Hobbs Gemma Woolliscroft James Wright Anton Rogers Annette Watts Zoe Humphreys Craig Breedt Annie Hitch Michael James Robert Graham Peter Jagodzinski Kay Forde Chris Oborn Carmen Riordan Simon Clack Paul Aron Vince Jerrison Elliot Hammond Rebecca Hammond Oonagh Blaney Susan Kimberley cathy long Tricia Sweeting Luis Veloso Joseph Thomas John Levey Paul Le Blanc marja leino chris collins Ffion McCarthy Thomas Fehn Bruce Jamieson Carl McKee Louise o’connor Duncan Woodhouse Melinda Tracey Peter Webber Karolis Domarkas Donna Manuel Aimee Suffling Yvonne Cumming Karen Turner Joanna Cardew Christine Bradshaw Liz Sorrell Lorraine Jones Kim Benson Antoinette Wynne Scott Mealyou Douglas Potts Emma Davis gabriela pauw Andrew Fleury Jacky Ridlington janet tiencken Rob Taffs Gabriella Beech Nicholas Tracey Trish Burns Helen Foster Jess Lloyd Katie Allen Alex Harrison colonel meyer Margot Wood Rachel Lowe Julie Brachtvogel Joanne Dyer Colin Jenkins John Fairbank Thomas Leach Marion Newman Sarah Felton Mandy Robinson Cinzia Tosello Gayle King Elizabeth Sampson Peter Rumble Richard Cammack Simon Grieves Charlotte Oben

lyn jack Louis Opperman Simon Row candice blom Philippa Bye Jon Brooke-Langham Simon Tompsett Jane Hammett Rebecca Stevens Roscoe Hart Keena Stringer Andrew Franks Sarah Wakely Sarah Firminger Viv Watt philip hjorth Renate Chaudry Mo Zega Bruce Crowther Linda Staelens Helen Rolfe Kristian Headland anthony Vigano Graham Larkbey Frances Cleeter Christine Mackenzie Liz Coates mike williams Karen Kravcov Malcolm Deb Hart Eleanor Mills-Hicks Cynara Mori PAOLA PIGLIA Annika Sundstrom Anthony Fincham Tailor Liedtke Matthew Yarnall robert white Nichola Green Angela Spencer Judith Cohen Colin Morris Andrew Stuart Nichola Green Madeleine von Numers-Egas Caroline Lloyd Rosalinda MUCH Joe Eyles laura chester elizabeth wallder Teresa Nilsson Jean Anderson Edwina Russ Pierre Provencher Mathew Haigh Julie Ballantyne Claire Mattingley Jenny Suthrell John Bradley Aimee Rich Aurora Vinterstorm Chris Hassell Lloyd Palmer Mihaela Enasoiu Jonathon Collett Angela Duriez Olivia Putyer Karen Gillen Oliver Rimes Ian Macro Rayder Machado Gerry White Gwyn Williams Kacey George ian skjalg selina Bignell Emma Cook Emily Dunstan JULIA WILSON javier bekoetxea valliciervo Hilary Hopkin Lachezar Enchev Colette Reddington Aurore Zimon John Scadden Elaine Walden rita robson james thomson Emma Henderson Angela Soulier Elna Bastiansen Elaine Calver Kate George Colin Gaffney Paul Hartley Carol Satterthwaite Karen Mackenzie Petra Berg donald smith Linda Featherstone Francis Valerio Matthew Colborn Katherine Scott Mary Whistance Jewels Neil Gwen McCarthy Dogan Savasman Russ Wray Mark Davies Tamsin Waterkeyn Elizabeth Bailey Keith Povey Molly Rice Sue Reid Sorin Srbu Patricia Berrill Yvonne Townsend Mariola Blucha Greg Bennett John Sealey Pat Brooks Judith Mitchell Susan Pickup Maria Cocking Tanya Baker Gulnara Gibson Ida Anderson Leigh Campbell Keith Gordon Sarah Windrum Steph Pritchard Pawel Hanasz Katherine Mallam W Mykura ALISON COOK Louisa Fleury Claire Greenall Filippo Mecchi chris green Sarah Lewis Pascale Rouffart Kerry Hornett Catherine Birch Joanna Dowey Robert Sadler Jenny Hoadley Michele Brooks Monika Pietkun C Warren Marilyn Kick Martha Hardy Nora Helstrip Julie Collier Corine Smith Liz Tobin Lisa Shuter Mary Young Anna Tam C Digby Scott Clelland arthur Vanderloo teresa tarling Richard Hallmark Vicki Saucedo Emma Harpham Brett Melling hilario fernandes sam fairbrother Janis Purtz Charina Hallberg guy Corvers derek Reeve mike williams wendy griffith Adam Foster Anne-Marie Speed Michelle Lester Janice Hardwick Bob Chisholm Glenton Combes corinne morel Steve Howe Katherine Kennedy Jenny Murfitt-Barber Alison Beer Caroline Pritchard Marylin Thomas Lucy Wilshaw Inge Oosthuizen Benjamin Ullmann Sue Roberts Neil Ruckman Naomi Ibbotson Joanna Haigh Karl Braun Katarzyna Snigorska Alex Ritchie Violet Greaves Theresa Dittrich andrew kirby Ashleigh Potter Florian Hammer Nan Warner Phil Harrison Peggy Green Ron Berliner Jonathan Martin Rosemary Harrowell Charlotte Steadman Susan Goudie Elinor Kirk C Steadman stu lee Mark Franchi DAVID FORSHAW Janet Kemp Jane Harding Michelle McShane Ben Conway Bronwen Partridge Gareth Williams Simon Wainwright Lynn Mills Ruth Chamberlain Vikki Shaw Susan Jones Chris Sanderson Caroline Beagley Alexina McGurk Gray McGoldrick Kerryann Peat Nicky Grabow Matthew Harmey Kirstin Boyce Amy Parker Victoria Robinson Kat Webber David Jones Julie Mines Matt Atchison Alice Marriott Leire Bilbao Kerri Morgan Martin Riedel Jonathan Melly Kliff Potasnick Nichola Kingsbury-Feest Thomas Roberts Stephen Bennett Sally Deacon Ruth Burton janet stone Ian Forgan brian strong John Billington leon aarons Lisa Banfield Montse Watkin Helen Stevens Sam Mills James Hughez Susan Tyley sue hannam Peter Ducker Alisom Greig Veronica WKefield Johannes Schwall Lucy Hodge June Sutherby Fiona Eason Trevor James Jane Tily Paul Davies atlanta ramsey Adrian Manley Nicholas Duggins Beck Dabscheck Lindsey Hare Andrea Power Reijo Lainela Caroline Pran Julia Johnson Ulla Elena Nielsen Richie Hughes Peter Harden Colin Mckenzie Gareth Ayres Carol Diack Natasha Darkadaki Mike Fielder Joanne Ashman Danny Reid Deepthi Chandan linda mcteer Debra Freechild Nicky Credland David Parkinson Jo Lyons Karen Clarke stefano bimbo ehsan abidi ashtiani Krissy Balaam Sindy Shields emma green Martin Saunderson

Tim Bresseleers Brendan Flack Lynn Young Sara Stegen Lorraine Maddox Geoff Green Robert Navarro Maria Silviana Tina Carter Ruth Humpherston Jane Moore Timm Vis kat Thorne Jackie Jones Joel Hildebrandt Sian Sykes Jill Whitehouse katie Dobson Mark Jones Anne Cooper Jo McIntyre katherine herring Russell Edwards Philip Wiegand Kayti Foster Barbara Kennard J Thompson Janet Thomas Sarah Heikal Hilary Carter Jo Ward Barbara Mair tina bray Elspeth Salter HELEN SIMPSON christine Locke Sophia Chatzinikolaou Melissa Schreiber Rauf Shah Carole Jackson Lis Hipkiss Daryl Nayler Kathryn Edwards Doreen Lorimer Annie McDonald Carole Hewett David Andrews Rob Hawkins Jill Ehlert G Wolf John BASH Keith Dawson Simon Robinson Sarah Ayres Daniel Bacon Bob Cutter Louise Blakemore Heather Wilson Martine Spencer Caroline Rowley Maureen Jackson Jonathan Cygnaeus Bonny Timms Boris Huesch Dominic Clayton Andy Taylor Natalie Breeze Patrick Tabor Ida Heimonen Julian Smalley Tupp Gould Katherine Smith Eileen Falla Susan Reynolds marion tollervey Gill Ashley Anna Blinkhorn Christine Farnham Hilary Dawson Jo HALFORD john Devine simon clifford Joyce Foster Michele Beesley rod langton Godfrey Frost Adelle Schwartz Clara Marcela Miranda Colin Weatherley Miranda Handscomb Joy Dyson Emma Jones Neil Douglas niklas samuelson Amanda Tas Mark Benzing Amanda McQuat Rosie Kronfeld Jenny Kingsland Malgorzata Wolkowicz Andrea Tartaglione Connor Mulholland Anne Costello Ori Barbari Anne Windebank Julia Carley katy lee belinda bradbury Mariyanti Zhang Jane Purdie Abigail Smith Alvaro Perez Robert Clout Richard Southgate Michael Salmon Karen Turnbull Sheila Blair Ella Robey Fred Woodworth Gordon Hume Jane Webb Sue Fasquelle Lynn MacAskill giannis koumidis Pat Kirkpatrick Colette Griffiths Demetria Maratheftis Ash Ryan valerie ramsey Michela Moriello Colin Morgan Duncan Callow-Evans Michael Wilcox Cristian Pantea-Contescu Susan Asher Karen Bromley Cynthia Bollinger Wilson Daniel Witt-Morris Rebecca Cadbury Ian Black Anthea Bradburn vanda balfour Graham North B Thomas Mo Bowman Amorel Kennedy Heather Thompson Michael Masley Jacob Ross James Howe Elaine Thorneycroft-Gibb Fiona Stiedl prich Rugdeo Jim Williams Ralph Mackridge Lorie Karlin robin smith john Lambert Melanie Patterson Morag Bennett Ghizzi Dunlop Lawrence Leason Jana Bukova Catherine Tucker Jeremy Harding Carol Davids Moira Hodgson John Manson Pauline Rudd Gabriella Boldog Glenn Harvey Philippa Godwin Lesley Anne Peasant Lynda Weber Karon Jamous Susan Fletcher Christine Marshall Heather Bayly John Hind Anna Havard Steve Mayhew Belinda Twiggs Madhavi Srivastava Christopher Hudspith Ruth Standring Cynthia Mays Carmen Morley Kate Cazenove Paul Harte alan buck Emma Davies Mary McDougall Saul Grant Peter Lyons Katie Field david pulham Marie-Claire Denyer David Clifford Bill Carroll lao kennish Krizsik Andrea Merce Balasch Kira Sielenkaemper Taryn Jones Siobhan Gabriel malcolm palmer Pleuni Pyfferoen Graham Adams Francesco Dutto Rachel Davis Hilaire Wood Allan Sheen Holly Bryan Sinan Serhadli Camilla Drummond Ashika Vadher Stephen Smith Sarah Griffin Sharon Deadman Roisin Newman Vivienne O’Brien David Hart Cecelia Allsopp ian alldis Rainer Holsten Jenny Hawkins devinia linden Colin Hayes Karen Anderson Anita Machin Sarah Vickers Linda Hansen T Eccleston Pietro Tamburini Rose-Anna Bleasdale Fionn Morgan Robert Nosworthy Ruth Nyman Emma Norman Ian Watson Tommy Leo Sam carnell Rui Barros Ann Burke Valter Vicente Stephane Raboud David Angus Maureen Raud Brenda Brahams Rachel Knowles Philip Spoors Hilarie Janes Louise Sugrue Elena Rawlings D de Kort Dean Worthington Abigail Vickery Ane Tillett Bonita Mackenzie Xenia Latham Tracey Wood Robert Alcock Sofie Van nieuwamerongen Tim Clark diana lewis Anat Donahaye Peter Lucas Gwydion Williams Catherine Elvin Tom Bragg Jade Thomas Erif Rison Anna Andrews Veronica Weir Barney Coates Mark Henderson William Merrett Deborah Sharp Marina Cerami Danila Ciencia Valerie Mott Ray Eldred Deborah Browning Cristiana Maffei Hilary Venables Sylvia badcock SARAH CHATFIELD Rachel Bomord Tiffany Logan CK Sian Westbury Magdalena chamska Audrey Flower Paul Cook Noor Bunnik Steven Bastow Polly Mitchell Simon Kenny Emma Devine Robert Herzog valerie hannon Orla Dellow Vigleik Norheim Lesley Evans Minni Jain

Lizzie Moore Lois Heath Jinendra Hanamakkanavar Laura Selter Pam Drower Adam Papaphilippopoulos K Noble Jen Learney Niklas Noll Heidi Lane Mel Parr Helen Dunn Tammy Sharma Ivan Arman Anne Finlay Eithne Dodwell JANET FREMEAUX Laura Regan Natasha Gardiner Denise Gude Kim Vaux Collette Willetts Karen Peters Denise King john miller Maggie Warwick Michael Jones Hilary BRITTEN chris Skrytek Clare Porter ruby a CHRISTOPHER Wroth Paul Hart Shannon Ferguson Maggie Matthews Fredrik Johansson Janice Duncan Antonio Frade Adele Catherine Ann Dudek Michael Haddon Mary Ann Cullinan Cullinan Ruth Gomez Rosella Giacomin Liz Day Morgan Montgomery Matt Bleeze Rowena Mattan Robert Griffin Judith Annandale Helen Kendall Graham Fountain Lynn Al-Qahtani Cecilia Koch Paul Hodgson Monika Kasnickas Ichwan Peters Vivienne TOLSON Helen Calvert Anna Martin elaine Russell Peter Taylor Ian Clarke David Turner Jill Bruce Robert Brady Bruce Phillips Andrea Jones Dylan Selway Margery Jones Gayle Thomas James Campion Gerry Weiss Colin Pritchard Liz Leigh Sheila Jones Nigel Fowler Henry Griffiths Jayne Barry Lucy Morris sally rudderforth Diane Anderson Ashleigh Davies Helen McDonald Susan Knight Andrea Watson Sue Lightowler Katarina Savimaki Lydia Collins Kacey Peters Raven Amber Alyson Small Karen Sutcliffe-Braithwaite Brad Pontin Kirsty Iles Gary simpson Rupert Cutcliffe Duarte Goncalves Liam Doherty Kelly Fudge Zarina Ismail Adam Powell Madeleine de Marnix Jackie Surtees philip slack slack Ann MacInnes Barbara Dwyer Molly Taylor Jayne James Phil Ferguson William Hepper Hattie Shepherd anne webster Oliver Fokerd Paula Brookes Jane Abbott David Steed Tamsin Hart Andrew Brown Janica Hindle Louise Petheram Sheila Smith Mary Bradley-Cox Richard Podger DAVID MEDCALF Nigel Mortimer Andrew Cranshaw Michael Soth Paul Castella Daniel Thompson Perry Beale Barbara Hanway Dawn Morgan Leigh Coulson Nicola gill Mark Parsonage Andy Peckham Annette Shields Daniel Hallacy Elizabeth Mienert SCOTT CUNLIFFE Rob McNeilly Jennifer Morley Cherelle Abrams Sandra Kirby julie connelly P Robinson Stephen Davis Ruby Walton Alexandru Cosug Adam Stevenson Diane Grantham Jenny Moon Hilary Reynish Carole Knight Rebecca Hinkley Jackie Saxton Beverley Brock Margaret Mckenna Roger Bradley Helen Trafford Warren Land Julika Knapp Barrie Marshall malcolm david smith Julie Wood Sophie Hodge Archerd Sullivan Frances Stearman Denis Tyurenkov Douglas Urquhart Sam Parkes Tim Nial Julie Mallyon Helen Fielding Frances Borges Paul Dempster David Wyn-Roberts Helen McDowall Patricia Roberts Natasha Hamilton Roy Burke Christopher Woodham Ruth Shingler Natasha Hope Nigel Power Caroline Mayne H Higgins Stephen Mallyon Cezar Babes Mark WINSTANLEY Georgia Mallin Neale Jackson Hannah Millar Andrew Templeton Judy Seymour Councillor Mike Osment Diana Osborne Charlotte Gladwell Chantai Grant Daniel Brison rose nugent Silja Karlsson Jim McCallum Doris Mummenhoff Jason Hadjikyriacou Val Patreane N Sherban Roy Turner Kirsty Sloman Jo Whittaker Jeannie Finlay Jo Hoskins Jane NIcholson Claire Snowdon Alan Burgess Roger Ward Trafford Bage Lesley Bugler Christel Wallmark BINDIYA GANDHI Aidan Hopkinson Gary Mcguinness Philip Langham Deborah Waterman Peter Waller Carol Potter Jean Foster Malgorzata Tyma McCallum Richard Hudson Patricia Smith Alison Leavers Rob Score peter sermol Macha Barnden Iris Lay Gill and Chris Clark Arvin Papelli Andrea Rossoni Kirsten Coldman Koos Janson Luke Townsend Carla Kondylis Alexis Alva Stu Seale Cliff Beasant Neil Winspear Leigh Anne Radliffe Carys Connick Kim Wells Jean Sharpe vicky voyiatzi Shelley Russell Uli Martin Edward Rose Philippa Scholz Jen Guest B Young Iveta Zalcaite Roger Benson David Prince-Iles Neil Walker Christine Townsend Liz Pentreath Bridget Daly Patrick Harmey Sophie Parker Sue Ozcicek caroline develyn Adrian Johnson jo Shardlow Rachael Zaffonatto Christine Binnie Joyce oliver Sophia Hughes Helen Goode Rosamund Bance Steve Devereux Heather O’Connell Patxi Valdespino Pamela Neil c beale Marie Gaffuri Janet Swannell Cilla Conway Jan Harper Whale Kylie Naughton Caroline Magowan Patricia Mandeville Andy Wood Jess Hutchings Tom Gray Mark Taylor Scott Noble simon hemsley David Robinson Gary Weingartz jenny hudson sophia wilson Melissa Dawson roger grundy esti zearsolo Bridget Wadsworth Joanna Priddy Matt Miles

Sophie Jopson Helen Newman Joshua Flowitt Kelly Warren TOPHER Treasure Brian Connolly A Biermann Matthew White Joanna Vale Melinda Kunjasich Jacqueline Hurst Rob House Joanne Evered Rosanna Maio. Debbie Moran Lynne Parish Nora Castagne Louise Cobham Pia Kruithof Michelle van Weeren PATRICIA KEMP Duncan Faulkner andrea trangmar Lynne Anderson Darren Lawrence Sandra Melbourne Angela Samson Valerie Parker Tim Holmes Barbara Potter Thomas Pearson Emma Savory William Butcher Ann Lefevre Karen Chalmers Berry Julia Brittain Loveday Any Owens Angelo Douvos Sharon Haskins Ivanildo Lins Nicola Lee Adam Ellison Rebecca Crawford Jacqueline Mouton chris tickner Russell Bood Clive Sexton Tammy Morton Michelle Baker Jones D Anderson Rosalind Cornish Timothy Gould Frida Fliflet Trishaq Trimble Charlotte Bower Jed Goode Robert Engstrom Lorna Rowleys Mikale Hassle Debbie Joy Adam Hudson melanie ooghe Wilm Nichol Margaret Windross Alice Yarrington Denise Atcherley Joanne Davenport Jamie Dawes Bill Downey Sam Millard Caylynne Symes marco bagnasco Jenny Bone David Wooldridge Oonagh O’brien Marguerite Burton Andrea Braithwaite Lucie Taylor Ian Hunt Charles Colledge Jess Wilson Andrea Dickens Claire Vinters Stephen Hough Diana Warner Ben Kelleher Jennifer Cooper Liz Halsey Jacob Schofield alan hersom Clare Cronk Janice McBride Gina Hunt Robert Ford Alan Bawler Andrew Gibbons Lucy Yuill Claudia Torre Wendy Phillips Abbey Hollands John Blackley Sarah Wint David Wood Helen Wilson Gillian Mapp Ellen Brown sara Machej Kelly Shafie Russell Victory Neal Winfield Anne Nilsen Jane Carruthers Edwin Peel Tony Hillyer Chris Hinton Ian Smith Rachel Wells Felicity Prior Alison Dening Patricia Charsley clive croft Ben calvert Kirsten Lockwood Susana Lopes Angela Ramsell Sandie Lawrence Kendall Cutmore Todd Chenore Christine Noble Celia Bennett Carolyn Scott Angela Stride GRANT GILBERT Abel Guerrero Teresa Lyons Robert Hill Gemma Moore Lesley Stephens Bruce Garrard C Smart jennifer antonios Steve Hayward-Boyle Tina leggett Brian Short Ali Gosling Ole Lyng awat sayar Aldo Rinaldi Steve Wragg Steph Harnett Chris McAulay Lesley Williams Michael Roberts Nick Ward Ann Collingwood Stephen Collingwood Maryse RENZI nick Barberton Karen Clark Jess Austin gustavo aguerre J Cluer Susan Mifsud Kennedy School Library Mick Prince Candice Barnett David Parkins Duncan Allen Louise Gardner Scott Ralston Dan Pearman t l Proud Duncan Higgins Peter Dawes Lillian cummings Deborah WynneHestermann Lyn Arnold Ginalyn Piasan Tim Campbell-Smith Kate Verity Dan Parker Frances Lamb Gisele Moffitt Barry Robinson Norman Hunt James Betts Brian Butler Roderick Amey Elaine Watson Lara Hall Enid Webster Gabriele Kompalik Emma S Robert Wade Susan McGann Louise Gunning Charlie Scott Heather Craddock Nigel Coppin Anthony Lamb Lara Bishop Charlotte Fregona John Verdult Ellen Apsey Donna Thompson coral Larmour Lauren West j n gray Janice Darsley Michael Pardoe chris speight Brenda Adey Patricia Sharp laurence pinturault Jolene Scott Carole Thompson paul Raithby Jeff Segal Bogdan Mateita Theodora Green Patricia Parkinson Dr Pete Wall Marc Brightman Richard Jackson Clare Holroyd Lia Nicholls martin Milner Adam Lennon Jackie Kostiak ANNEMARIE MARAIS Susan Ludlow Brenda Dyer Sam Laidlaw Kyle Owen David Brown Kotrina Sagdijeva Duncan N Kay Summerfield Helen Speed Cynthia Hancock mark saban Charlie David Clive lythgoe patricia pitt julia hammett helen chang Rosemary Evans Will Stageman hollie whiteside Dolores Phillips Krystle Anderson Natascha Wocke Helen Thorpe Yvonne Dignon camille sutton Alan Storton David Farnfield Michael Lee Kim Brook Sha-Sha Healey Stephen Coulson Paul Drake Alan Maiden Irene Kloepfer Richard Spurr Patrizia Ord David Dugmore Carole Huelin Gary Norman Sarah Roach Caroline Bryant Jan Nicholson Shirley Ann Towers Chris Urmson judy wilkinson Jill Perchard Helen Ioakim Gloria Grossman Kingsley Fletcher Mark crick Judy Etheridge Donna Reeves Eline R. Bonjernoor-Kalle Michael Corbett samantha braithwaite Laura Jones Gareth Edwards John Price D Wood Sarah Bloxham Nada Stirling Arthur Phillipson michael alexander Susan Mair Mabel Nicholson Karen Fairman Jo Franks Greg Hewitt Ruth McLeod Robert Richards bethany dunkley Sue Van Heuvelen Claire Wakeham Dave Hancock

John bath Caroline Ward Martha Hatch Gary Welch ASSUNTA ROSA MARIA SAGNELLI-OLIVIER Jeff Goodson Dave Manning Kenneth Spelman C.Env Raymond Bartlett Nicola Lees Heather Sinclair Josie Bishop Sharon Wood Liliana tschantret Charlotte Mayer Antonio Casaos Barbo Sarah Kearney Berta Crespo Ella Benson Becca Dilks Richard Crappsley Catherine McCormack Rosemary Bland Lesley Page David Bozie Susan Mawson Frances Newberry Victoria Burgoyne Patrick Birch Susan McHugh Laura Holdstock Milena Cerovina Wayne Veck Rob Russell Janet Hall Sheila Wheatley Jacqueline Davey Ruth Greene Penelope McCarthy Eva Senior David Joseph O’Brien Isabel Ana Barbo Cid Ellie Dent Marita Sanders Christine Searle Ben Roberts Angela Drayne Josefine Winter Emma Richardson Frederick Rowell India Ashfield Christoph Harwood Anastasios Mitrousis Matthew Maria Tina Ardito Antonina Hajduk Isabel Toralbo Stephen Heath Sue Farr Tim Mackley Paul Allen maggie wakefield Kerrie Riley William Hanley Yvonne Mansell Ella Palmer Simon Deeves Lucie Maguire Dee OConnor Monika Howe Tina Jenkins Charlotte Salmon Jill Skinner christina mccann Susan Matthews robert orr Rachel West Su Sea Charmian Perry warren bridges John Nellen Peter Downie Olga Scott Caroline McLaren Daniel Lee derek Pardey Lorraine Robinson Lawrence Freiesleben Walter Guy suzie dixon Cal Walsh Frances Evans Denise Dyer Joannie Andrews KIM POWLES Jan Sheldrick Avril Pratt Tanya Goode Valerie Lowrie Caroline Maddocks Andrew Holdsworth Kate Hershkowitz Peter Kenner Rachael Tolton Tim Carver Alex Eldridge wayne perkins Mark Saich Paul Brunskill Tim Dennigan Fiona Kidd Susan Sims David Hartley chris saunders Karen George Pauline Rhymes Michael Muirhead Terence Barry Potter Valerie Ballard daniela coia Rosy Collis John White Anthony Carnall William Smith Kevin Ilsley Rosanne Adams Lesley Gilfedder ANA ISABEL PADIERNA Jim Dallas Andrea Midgley Adrienne Walsh Habib Dingle Daniela Weyer Julia Hetheringt

Andy Phipps Roger Hickman T Thompson GAIL SIXSMITH Agne Vaicaityte Simon Meeklah Lorraine Ralston Keith haldane Nathalie MAREC Barbara Crow Roger Williams Christine Dwyer Carol London Cheryl Owen BARZUROL BARZUROL Della Nolan Liz Butler Emma Thomas Michael Page Roger Wylde joliet julien Peter McCue julie williamson Douglas McKee Sharon Parfitt Jenette Sam’s-mitchell Yvette Hocking Tim Fisher Andrew McBean Annalisa Ferrero evelyn fabb Francesca Broad Antoon van Aken Trudi Gardner Julie Watkins Robert Knight Howard Quinn Jen Read Derek Fuller Jayne Bellenie Annabel Hands Heather Williams Carol Ashby Al Duffill Alison Shirreff Wendy Chard Barbara Bond Peter Petit Armand Cambriel Therese Melville Daniel Bevis Lesleyanne Murphy Cllr Jacqi Hodgson chris ralph diane evans Amanda Davies shaun gath Sue Roberts Brady Ce Marshall Martin Copley Vincent Morales Malcolm Silburn Ysabel Hammond Hunt John Scannell Chris Honer Mary Bovey-Williams Vivienne Evans Jacinta Mary Corinne Smith Anne Lamont Jane Cady Bridget Rolfe Julie Hayward Amy Sullivan Raphaela Irlbeck Malcolm Smith Marie Popsys Jesal Chohan-Padia Stuart Fane Andrew Ferguson Norma Macdonald Roger Hyams Colin Aldred Terence Smith Josephine Keys Steve Aitken Claudine Gaidoni Stephen Balmer Pam Walker Elizabeth Dean Andrew Lister Lynette Griffiths Naomi Alexander Richard Cox Richard (Gensho) Jones Dave Barclay JULIE ARNOLD Fiona Chapman Jane Morley Charlie Webster Nigel Buttery Helen McLoughlin Sophie Sherwood Paul Bryce Bekky Robinson Elizabeth Martin Celia Bradshaw Philippa Silver Margaret Lyth Ole Hansen Roy Betts Abelardo Clariana-Piga Pauline Gee Lynne Speight Trish Sandbach Henning Sieverts Shirley Jackson Isabell Dutch Nicola Wilcox David Smith Sarah Eldridge Nicole costantini m worrall James Miller Peter Foster Sue Atson Radka Dobisikova Peter Vos Jill Swailes Nicholas Woodman Freddy Edwards Les Higginbotham Tim Allen Christopher Topping Jonathan Evans Gennaro D’Elia john sharpley Sheila Sayce Julio Casanovas Margaret Barrett Finn Spicer Michael Durrell Debby Tyndall Gwyn Smith Alan Donaghy GILLIAN STUART Francesca Alaimo Sandra B Juan Pablo ACOSTA MARTINEZ Noel Walton Margarida Marques Heather Andrew Andrew Davis Laurence Taylor Ronald Mitchell IAIN WILLIAMSON Sam Wood John Frankland Eric Gillett Kenneth Webb Alison Isaac Martyn Laycock Carl Durose jean CLIFTON chris williams Wendy Hofmaier amanda christie Adrian Lovett Deirdre Quirke Susan Meaker Mary Bate Tracey Murdock Margreet Govan Alison Jordan Barrington Tobin pierre vandenbrouck Andrew Grundon Stephen Pritchett Dale Todd Patrick Bonfield Charlotte Cl Liz Baumber Ryan Stevenson John Turton simon northmore Patricia Smith Andrew Glass Therese Barbarossa STEVE GAYMER James O’Toole Brenon Ford Helen Crabb Robert Payne Emma Winch Sarah Wilson Jennifer Warburton Antony Moore Sue Hodgson Stephen Massey Paula Pickering Peter Rhodes Leonie Barron Ava Peattie Jeannette Woods Maria Mathews Teresa Preece Miriam Shahd Christine Prior Glyn Driver Anne Butcher Hilary Robinson Irene Vaughan Al Shields David Wieberg Patricia Collings kate macleod Mary Eleftheriou P Parmar Martin Westall Eileen Slater Sarah Usher Terence Bryan Simon Bates Iain Armstrong Bernice Castle Chris Bedford-Sarjeant Gordon Crouch Keith Baldry Kitty Ross Gillian Longden Adam Waller-Toyne Clayton Wellman Joy Rennie Chris Dunabin Sarah Baacke Erika Toth Britt-Marie Harris Alan Ashman Dennis Reynolds anita Jones Lesley Baker Philip Butler Galahad Jones Alan.K. Epps Ruth Morozzo Barbara Lucas David Holland Jackie Oversby Erika Kendall Andrea O’Neill alison berridge Jennifer Oatley Ailsa Dickson Sandra Hunton Jennie Rose McLaughlin M Welsford Helen howlett Valerie Tomlinson Anthony Althorpe Jason Hockley Sydney Davies Robert Pannell Patricia Houghton paolo migali Martin Grasby June Berrow dave ADI MICHAEL DUTTON Rebecca Adams vera herrmann Jan Pummell Michael Whittle carol lopez Cristian Brisan P A Morris mark of the family westlake Jan Muller maria cifuentes Susan Wilkinson Jean Marshall Terence Stevens Hilary Barnard David Lea Helen Price Graham Simpson Ian Goodfellow Elizabeth Murfitt Bernice Humphreys Jacob Morrison DD Nick Papillon Alicia V. Carpentier Laleh Ghonouie Cook Adriana Anne Bluck Andrew Green Martinartincotto@gmail. com Otto Harry Atkinson Kate Pontin Frances Wilson Rosemarie Salter Margerita Dargon Marina Van Riel

Elizabeth Minkin Tim Stevenson patricia maillard Lesley Cartwright-Taylor Rachel Timbs Sylvia Brend Jennifer Foster Keith Melton Barry Nuthall Janet Coles Alex Green Norma Tatum Emil Jakob Joshua Jones John Mayes Ursula Ann Watts Jean Pannell Alex Craven Matthew Folan Kirstie Rosser Martin Otto Brenda Jones Jack Vaughan Elisabeth Smith UhChristopher Hartley Steve Holmes Karen Osgood Amanda Cattle Peter Gill Sarah Stockton Brian Hernaman Steph Small Alexandra Bratherton Susan Edmunds Charlotte McKeggie Peter Wrycza Anthony Neate Tim Higgins Rebecca Leggett Pamela Nickels Mrs. S. M. Elsdon Sarah Welch Philip Williams Adrian Rackham Robert Stokes Chris Hood Frenc Lazar Christopher Bristow Lynda twigge Ruth McNichol Rosemary Bunting Kevin Turner Stephen Scoffham Edward Hawkins Prudence Quicke Sarah Callaghan Ceri Gregory Julia Fawthrop Al Pulford Mandi Symonds Ailsa Abraba: Martin Richards Paul Brown Abigail Ea Andrew Plant sundriya grubb Alan Ramage david smith clare sutcliffe milada stehlikova jennifer peyton Denis Railey Chris Morrell Dorothy Hill Mohamad Asmari Jake Richardson Hector Gow E Berg William Bishop Caroline Hodges Christopher Palmer Liz Vento Kerstin Doig Gillian Kingman Peter Jones Geoffrey Hazelwood Barbara Flood-Page Susan Zasikowski Rory Mcleod helen mann sam breero Steven Hatch kay allan Jen Marsh Rosie Dickins Fabrizio Esposito Densie Steinbach John Flood-Page Gillian de Veras Patricia & Mark Linha & Davis Christine Bayes Hugh Fraser Marlis Wullenkord Sarah Kingsley Trudy Nichols Nikki Thomson Kingsley Hall Lucy Montgomery caroline ede Matthew Cordon Nele Werkshage Michael Pechner Jools McCarthy Kathleen Craig manuela morgado Kathryn Vaughan David Bates Judy Keith Jacqueline May madeline whiteman Dr John Moelwyn Barnett judy SHERGOLD Caroline Kedward Kath Adams Alwyne Richards-Ellis Emma Cull Nina French Noeleen O’Reilly Edmund Beck sally Tily Anita Jardine Janice Chadwick Latifah Brett Peter Mesenholl Emma Petruzzelli Denise Forster Sarah Evers Ley Bock Helen Gray Edmund Blackie Alice Kington wayne fisher Mabel Mabel L Glasgow Tony Jackson Rory Mcleod Ed Staley geoff garratt colin lumsden Alessandro Cai Amy Johnstone Beryl Murphy Stephanie Perks Sarah Butcher Elizabeth Hicks Janet Haynes Alex Powell Oliver Jewitt-Harris Luke Alexander Katarina Adler MARK MCCANN frances woodley Bernard Forward John Riley David Yates Rebecca Clarke Stuart Milne Candy Verney linda Barham Jenny KOUKOULIS Matthew Dibble Sarah Hogg Kay Rowe Tanya Adams Paul Wolstenholme Frank Ingram Pam Hurley John Wood Pamela Everett Joshua Brook-Lawson Paul Boddaert Colin Harrison Ysabel Hammond Hunt Barroe Welham-Jones Jayne Ebrey Joanne Watson Felicity Kaal Harriet Drouin Minnie Fraser Robert Gregson Laura Yarham Claire Smith P. Bellis Peter Kirkham Melissa Elliott Ruth Hurley Jillian Hughes bob eunson Mary Freeman Kate Clancy Tim Woods Jamie Green Valerie Peverett Sheila Peterson Brian de Castro Celia Oldfield-Glasier Lucas Moore caroline kennedy Pip Parsons Peter Waldschmidt Martin Fleury Sue Duncombe Silvia Butler Rouas Jacqueline Morley Christine Avery Barbara Thurgood Melanie Pajak Chris Lowe christine warman Russell Evans Martin Hempel Chloe Feinberg Rob Bogue Patricia Baylis Joan Rees Cornelia Hoehener mark rowlands Christopher Dixon Emily McGregor Lineke Small Martin Snell Susan Donaldson Paula Bowden Caroline Langdon Marcus Duff Richard Beale Anne Dixon Natalie Martin Esther Lincoln philip jones Jenny Mcmillan Fraser Watt Joseph Ford A Kirby Marie Clarke Roger Brown Iain Lewis Sanna Halvarsson Peter Sandham Andrew Campbell David Bickenson terry bolam Jean Davis Annick Grey Joanna Lovett Catherine MIller Irene Sullivan Sarah Palmer Lisette Roche Pat Griffiths Allison Priestman Tim Allen Pete Hellon lotte Rice Jeff Waistell Gary Hopwood Carol Whitfield Judith Swift Swift Julian Perrin Wickey Farmer Barbara Aftelak Martin Rendall Valerie Wright suzanne byrnes-antoney Stuart Barton Ranjana Naidu-McFarland Llew Houghton Linda farmer Danilo Liardo Alison Dorey Jennifer Liddle mirjam smit Daniel Giddy David Hanna keith ramsden Konstadina Batzaka S Smith Brian Williams MARGARET CANTERLA Luca C Vesna milovic Roberta Young David Anslow Christine Hoyle Jessica Kelly Jane mitchell MICHAEL MCGOVERN Walter Houston Steve Warren Alice Daniels Angela Cuffe Jane Stansfield andrew wilson Richard Hing

Susan Williams Sylvie Maxfield Hilary Brummitt Sara gregson Mike Gordon Mark Brett John Myers Chris Dee Rhiannon Humphreys Terence Donnelly John Wall Janet Johnny Ben Williams Margaret Hobson Sue Harrison Kate Howe Mark McKay Gina Taylor YElaine Davies Carson Bergstrom Kay Trotter Kate Tomes Medea Misch Bettina Langlois Charmen Rose Sandie Byrne ann cowley June Harney Roger Knight John Jones connor mccrorie Alan Cook Mary Wyatt PAUL WICKS George Vigileos Diana Rodda Gina Locke Christiana Rose Doe Middleton Raffaele Repoli Janet Brown Elisabeth Spaeth Iain Veitch John Drysdale Nicola Wellington Edward Ibbotson Anne Duffty Anne Stables Lucy Williams Lucy Flint Tina Wilkinson Tattwa Gyani Laraine Dix Ben Zealley john Alger Eliza Riddell Louise Fowler Jennifer Copley-May sophie paul Raymond Cordell barry Vinton Jean Blake Gunter Scheller Susan Tunnicliffe Helen Wolstencroft Jayne Ballard Rosemarie Benson Kath Jones john wyndham Gabrielle Russell Jan Lee-Buxton Judith Donnelly Jody Mulholland Andrew Hoole Franco Beccaria Mike Worthington Bob Allan graham clack Tim Archer Clark Mckelvie Michael Gray Dorothy Hudson Anne & Graham Dyster Lauren Burgess Zsanett Meszaros Margaret Hunt Claire Luckhurst Robert BOAR Jennifer Gilbert LOEUIL Regine belinda lang Donato Perreca Steven Bull Steve Bonsey Anne Davies david dines m brookman Chris Margetts Christine Hunt Alison Edwards Joy Hill Leslie Sass Peter Dunstan Derek Youds Else Stellema Alan Francis Lesley Knipe Roger Thomas paul milsom Elizabeth Twining Josie Thomas ade rees Andrew Blackburn Lorraine Callow Nick Dowson Dave Hilliard Kate Austin Dave Simmonds yaz miller Polly Eason Kirsteen Young Olivia Manterfield Gareth Major Remy Dickson Anna White Janice Pridding Ginnie Ross Lorina Mears Claire Colton Ang Murray Jan Greatrick Graham Wood Emma Horton Bridget Harrison Peter Blannin Karen Cartwright Joanna Cole-Hamilton Thomas Piper Christine Winter Peter Slann alan doherty Kaspar Grossmann-Hensel Aimee greaves margaret smith Jennifer Miller Leon Rosselson Margaret Fryer Geoff Williams Is Taylor Angelo Leidi Elizabeth Smith Gregory Verheecke Neil Stevens Fiona Jones Jamie Leigh Whincup Pauline Venables joe kemp Carolina LEECH Catherine Booker Stephen Lee Lee Debi Jenkins Keith Elliott Stephen Wagg janet warne margaret townsend Ronald Saravia Astrid Trugg Rita Thompson martin appleton Amie Pendarves Tim Brison Joan Scott John Bey Lindsey Campbell CHLOE ARIDJIS Philippa Dytham-Double Philip Inglesant Cher Nicholson Barbara Lund david and diana nicholls Victoria Jorden Jane Teverson fernanda caseirao paul farn David Nolan Will Griffiths Anna Seward Rebecca Tomey Lee Whitehall Jane McLennan Farmer Freakeasy Rob Wardle Richard Sellers Angela Newton ROGER BALL Rosamunde Bott Luuk Holsnijders David Polley Nigel Everard Judith Swan Donna Ridley Maureen Weston ron wheeler Nick Lyle seraphina owen Matt Cullinan Mick Frankish Mike Reynolds Judith Warren Phill Grate Lynne Purchase Laura White Lisa Garner Margaret Singer Janice Pommells Manuela Proetel RL G R Hewitt Hans Nordgren Marc Ashmore Keith Libert Christine Bond Sandra Clark Roger Bailey Anna-Karin Strobel Lando Warren Loots Rebeca Snopekova Helen Klym Roz Burn lea bull dave clarke Jackie Price Gavin Hall Sacha Goodwin Nigel Carey Catherine Hislop Sarah Bradley Jeremy Hopkins Margaret Banfield Terry Kirby Peter Gilder paul farmer Neil Matheson Pamela D’Arcy Francesca Ede martyn parish Stephen Smith Denise Freeland Michael Geaves Suzanne Taylor Janet Killingback Rachel Partridge Evelyn Conduct Steve Mizen Anne Armitage Deborah Burgess Susanne Oertel Stuart McMinn Guy Farrant Vivien Bowling helen Wheadon Anne Cameron Florian Berndt Carmen Clarke Francis Powlesland Helen Smith Simon Freeland Alessandro Macario Ruth Morgan Thomas Caroline Hobbs GERRY INGHAM Yvonne Guildford Wendy Ashley Penny Flower Janet Johnson Jason Blight Linda Speirs Kathy Duncan Natasha Bowe Lise Blackgrove Andrew Shaw Hazel Mallon Anneliese Tranter T Liston Moira Donald Delia Dunford-Swirles John James Geraldine Kearney odile Blanchet Lorraine Le-Gate John Pilkington Jacqueline Allen Jonathan McGowan Caroline Nelson Michael Hanna Sara Callen Susanna Riviere Ron Reynolds Elizabeth Gray Mary Holland Benjamin Sansom Sarah Deaton Dave Bowen Ruth Sykens Vincent Gacquiere

Sonja Jeckel Jeff Rogers Hana Wild Yvonne Kidner Lewis Richards John Davis Janet Caswell Dennis Le-Gate Peter Warren Graham Rates Alison Gage Gwynneth Fry Mark Snelson Denise Harman Mike Gifford F Nicholson Joanna Spratley Valerie Stimpson John Scotten Nita Mishra Pamela Chambers Sara Fairbairn Gerda Speller Ian Johnson jeff james Anne Williams William Chambers Anita Potter George Havill Catherine Rees G Williams David Price Peter Spring Stephen Broadhead Clare Marris Ian Burrow Allison Mir Patricia Angove Susan Flatt Ann Blackburn Hazel Rudd Miran Franken janet sturgess DM Beryl Disney jenna james Eliane Zimmer Kevin Williams Grace Wiltshire Hanna Clarke Jennifer Charity Ian Bush andy brett Linda Brooks Val Kalashnik John McQuillan Wendy Naddeo Christine Lukes Gabi Smith Sarah May margaret moore David Quinnell keith wilson Matthew Powell peter humphries ann panum Juliet Leighton-Jones Catherine Mauger-Jones deborah walford Pat Terrill Lynne Maddock Gordon Giarchi Lesley Millis Janet MacDonald Nimisha Brahmbhatt Deirdre Douglas Fiona Josephs Neil Mitchelson Sylvia Howarth claire southgate Philippa Kelly Luci Rozanski Bridget Ross A Shaw, PhD Liz Fisher Natalie Roegiers Anthony Huskisson Alison Riley Sharon Moore Pat Smith Peter Sowray Nora Fjelli Ruth wild Goran Strahija Kenneth Abbott susan anderton vivien Chesworth Matthew Robson Lance Housley Kate Aust Fairweather Mark Newton Louise Priest Michael Kneen Christopher Forth Roger Burley Estefania Massone phyllis ray john wells ian nutter Annette Pearson adam osborne Denis Ganachaud Patricia Ruth Camp marilyn taylor Yvonne Matthews Carolyn Burch Helga Wills Ronnie Tallon Ruth Dellinger Ann Jones Tony Carter Maggie Ellis Ronan O’ Donovan Lindsey Bassett Louise Emmerson Frank Sheridan steve sharp Summer Whincup Leonard Iggulden angela cassidy Theresia Hoehener Philip Roderickpurrier David Rymer Susan Berry Mollie Kay-Hough Jane Smith Bede Feltham Katarzyna Cebulak de Matos Rachel Giddens helen lee Martin Cottis D de Kort Lois Bradberry Merjo Rosell Lynda McLeod Martin Brocker William Davies Kate Usher Robin Wallis Kimberley Danson Pete Mann Barbara Taylor ina Kuiper Brin B Peter Cheeseman Renny Bartlett Susan Guppy Gwyneth Doutch Joseph Lichy Steve Betts Angela Cull Marion Hall Linda Henderson Deb Ufton Jerry Barr pom heaven Shirley Blacoe Ann Hayward Gill Betts Helen Stonnell Victor Buckley katrina lawrence Thomas Hassard Sophia Attias martin putman Geoffrey Peek Ian Turpin Louise Butler Seamus MacCallum Susan Hamer Margaret Walker Niamh Coyne Stine Wintlev Tom Syder David Porter Jake Woolnough Olive Wootton ruth Timperley Richard Wilson Frank Mawby Catherine Farnes Ross Howard Sarah Goldser Lamis Kazak Fiona Pereira margot thurlby David Mason Katerina Janoutova Rod Blake Elizabeth Richardson John Brown Nigel Perkins Angela James Jane Corbett Grace Davis Bridget Whitaker Sian Johns Victoria Byron Karl Davies Martin Balkwill Nigel Shephard Joel Morgado Jane Oldfield Paul Ager Robert Ashby rhonda brandrick Freda Earl Julie Reid Mirabelle Raven Sarah Duyshart Patrick Mccall James Revill V Spencer george page Carol Blydgen Pippa Davies Jane Di Lieto-Danes Chris O’maley Petra Harries Steve Latham John Bacon joan johnson Nick Telfer Ruby James Susan harvey Liz Lehmann Garth Marsh Stephanie Jamieson Cristina Silva maria lopes Estelle Gallagher Sharne Gerhardt Patrick Lee Deborah Alsina Jeffrey Faulkner Carlos Valentim Kelley Reid Kim vom Kothen Angela Dignan Steve Murray Kirsty Knight Janice Lanham Jackie Brum Lou Brady Kenneth O’Hara-Dhand Laura Quigley Moira Young Matthew Gray Clive Hillman Andrew Edwards Pat Ballantyne Steve Picaud Stephen Latham R Banbury Barry Sanderson Darren Pickering mic CLEAL Elizabeth Turner Colette Whitfield Brajan Antunovic Susan Childs Manuela Galiano David Titchmarshtinterne Stephanie Marie Netzberger Julie Bobic Jane Crown Pierre Lambelin Jill Cotter LM Newberry Eva Martykanova Ashley Boon Shyam gajjar Bardos Emese Nicola Kelting Sally Richards Chris Allan Arran Beesty Stephen Noyce Simone Cort John Whitworth MICHAEL ELLIOTT Katie Chapman Louise Naylor Ian Holt Baptiste Henry Ruth Styles Wilson Derek Davies Susan Buckley Niina Anttinen Adorian Serbescu Anthony Lees sara mctrusty Amy Varga Christopher Brown john morrell

nick hutton Sophia Naylor Elaine Bird Irena Borzym Philip Coyne wendy baker Michael Holder Jaqui McLean Gord Strome Ben Conroy Munira Shaikh Sheree Leeds sytze oostra Jenny Brown Damian Prestidge Paul Davies David Knight Nigel Fletcher Robert Yurek Ivy Lawrence Grace Crabtree Rebecca Barden Michael Nott lorna wooldridge Grahame Fairall Freya Marshall Olivia Scates martin morrison Nichola Clissold Richard Ash Peter Keiller David Jefferies Martin Love B G Brand Terry Skippen Merilyn Howard Mel Leonis Deirdre Lane Maya Sapir chris harwood Sarah Latham Sarah Walkley Catherine Blackburn John Robertson Thomas Dobson Penny Merlin-Woods Angela Buzzard Norbert Flynn Mark Pawley Gill Harris Sheila Dorsett Hilary Daker Martina Kraner Catherine MOore Julian Robbins Melissa Paolucci John Trehy Richard Sills ozge maden Annelies Clarke Janet Lowndes Megan Pownall Sandra Katic Angela Ellis Rosie Ashfield david simmonds Yvonne Copeland Zoe Bullock Sam Wade Varada Sethumadhavan Daamon Parker David Tye Paul Stott Cynthia Silk Raffaella Ferretti Katie Brooks XENIA NETTLETON Jane Green Judi John George fleming Mike Burt Samantha O’Brien Mary Talbot Miles Barnard Christine Bangert Renee Bruggink Samantha WynneRhydderch Marjorie Howard Jill Taylor Julia Hedley Anastasia Cazzaniga Janet Walton Masters Derek Norris dereck Prentis Jane Sibson Dave Wetton PENNY BOWSKILL Chris Ryan Chrissie Wise Derek Cox Bleddwyn Evans michelle beddoe Ronald Dryden David Woolley Davide Pagano Henry Summers Valerie Adams CLIVE IRELAND linda read Peter Mackay Peter Jones Vanessa Brooks Joe Burke Anabela Lewis Anthony Cain George Colville Peter and Rosemary Dodd Roderich Moore Mette Olesen alan hill Carol Hale Neil R Diane Webb Monica Rose Pete Moyes Simon Randall Johanna Collins Louisa Taylor Irene Grant Cindy Barling Rosemary Humphries Linda Moore Kevin Flannery john paterson Ildiko Horvath Beverley Brown Anna Mycock Judy Scott H Schubert Guido Dalla Casa Jack Mason Bodo Forg Paul Sherwood Graeme Campbell Elizabeth Dawes nigel fawkes John Slatcher Catherine Starling Stephen Lodge Kathleen Winters Sally Spencer Joanna Tocco Simon Delnevo Saffron Kendal-Allan Michael Williams sylvia trebess Ryan Curran Valerie Stupple Val Mayo Nicola Liverton Stephen Barrett Josie Barrett Chloe Cheeseman linda montague Narada Gwynn david toole stephen ferrer Mr Ivailo Dunov Maurice Mackenzie John Patterson Linda McMillan J Bostock (Mrs) William Upsdale Sophi Martin Terence Bone CBE Fidelma Massey Martin Elphick Irene Br Johan Vos David Symes Sadie Keable Dave Van Steenberge Clare Reeves Lucy Flynn mij meyer James Smith Conaill CLARKE Anna Davies Jillian Doylend Manuela Di Franco Sam Jones Sara Drew Barry Scott mary Kuper Graham Knott Graham Walker Roger Woodhouse Judy Smith Jennifer Sortain Lydie Didier Lecci Clark Iona Hutley Julius Vogt-Keller robert jones Amy Moore R Hart jon hart graham baker Emma Garnham Margherita Laera Matt Gribble Patrick Bradfield Angie Webster Pamela Taylor Pat Scowen Jennifer Woodward nina dufeu Gillian Harper Henry Friend Michael Jakob Marilyn Williams Lois Wagstaff Elizabeth Barford Justin Palmer Jennifer Sumiyoshi angela smart Ian Jones Stephen Dalton Simon Price-Johnson Dewi Griffiths Sarah Winn Kathleen O’Reilly Caroline Kitching Jan Massey David Ward Peter Spiers Darius Shaman Jennifer Wood sheena richardson bas hijstek Mark Van Gogh Christian Hayward Virginia Barton sandra walmsley Susan Newport Grant Lewins Rod Hill Adam Taylor Cornelia Nauen Cliff Magner Coralie Moss Tom Pettini Churton Season Lindsay Topping Roger Green Stephen Harding robert proctor Jean TWIST Beth Pearson David Loney Celia Miller Arafat Najmi Elly Dorland Ann Sharman Joanna Wilson Morven Reid Priscilla Lambton Alexander Elliot Rosalind Johansson James Sutton Simon Browne Penelope Ponton Sandra Cummins Carrie Place Jacqui Cooper Jonathan Hoyle Ian Worthington Jean-Paul Balbi Deborah Andrews Christopher Raines Chris Bambrough Wendy Rhodes Ian Sewart Deborah Jarvie Dan Russell Rashmi Paun Brigid Parkin Clare Fisher Frances Mawby Harriet Anderson Jon Halton alison smith Joan Machin Claudette Fleming Stephen Martin Julie Gould louise cranfield Terry Stacey sheila colbeck Rhiane Hacker Chris Mackie Sharon O’Driscoll Alan Duncan Samuel Thompson

Patricia Martin Denise Winrow Brian Marchant d dorrell Sarah Russell Susan Richmond MALGORZATA HUBISZ Katherine Beckmann Jim SPILLER Sarah Hobson sally lemsford Keith Brown Yvonne Chamberlain Bill Cooke Simon Broome Marion Ohlendorf Lizzie Dicken Karl Turnell Mark McIntosh Anthony Green Dede Wilson Edward Marks John Pratt Alfredo Gonzalez Sulser Elizabeth Cassell Sarah Foraud Rory Sedgwick Margaret Ditchburn Matt Low Kim Sanderson Sheila Gilbert joan hill steve sharples E Morgan Michelle Brown Jeroen Smeets Anthony Shergold Duncan Orr Janis Leslie Lynn Phillips Susanne Ehret Rex Mankelow Janet Hudson Barbara Overton Eduard Caballol Max Scianna John Pickin Mike Fletcher Alex Cassino Peter Macdonald Samantha Stanger MIchele Wright Laura Francis Sue Horsley Suzanne Brenton Jeff Rice Jennifer Jones Michelle Baldock Jon Risdon Maureen Jones LUCY EDGAR Marian Stephenson Caroline James Margaret Cole Heather SPILLER Ben Roper Sarah Woolway Gregory McCormick MIchele mi Wright Ben Marchant Sonal Goyal Helen Price shelby brown james szymankiewicz Ruth Archer Lesley Booth Kenneth Ralph Beyer Lucy Rivers Kathryn Hughes rita regan A.M.T. Meevers Scholte Mike Rudman Russell Parry Diana iWI Joanna Blackburn JKD van Leeuwen Dorothea Harpur Stephen Kent Pernille Holtedahl Brigitte Roberts Ulderico Trybuchowicz Amanda Heywood simon Harris Megan Davies Amy Hodges Bethany Cole Rosalie Newnham Tim Skelcher Hugh Stirling Rosemary Foote Margaret Kristiansen Philip Stimpson Alan Alberry Anthony Tyreman John Mabey Maureen Fairley M.S.C. M.S.C. B.V. Pauline Bentley Tracy Page Kirsten Knight Carole Coleman David Schonveld Linda Lehmann Chris Bache MICHAEL GREENWOOD kelvin baron Liam Rock Addi Asher geraldine fox David Hogg Susan Cook David Shaw Shaun Hurrell Gavin Smith Peter Lancaster michelle campbell Jane Clarke David Palmer ian forward Ray Poole J.N.A. Meevers Scholte Peter Sibley Petra Watkins Rupert Marshall James Mees Elizabeth Conway Pauline Reid Sue PILCHER Eva Butterworth Fiona Kolontari camille Newton Georgina Downs Imelda Houston Iris Rose Monica Underwood Carol Rafferty valerie petersen John Males robert hilton Margit Quendler Julia Phillipson Felicity Tanous Emma Kershaw Julia Skelton Claudia Cockburn candida Smith Liz McGuire Emma Frascina Patricia Poole Lorraine Maddocks Jamie Luxmoore Liz Walsh Jenny Jefferson Rowan Crossan Stefanie Dibben Sue Cunningham Eve Hart Patricia Edwards Jenni Finch Christine Murray ELENI DEMETRIOU gill caven Rebecca Garrett Sarah Ellis Jacqueline Wright Angela Mckinney Jane Benson-Cole Daniela Guggiari Maggie Harris James Sherriff Erika Muller Susana Marques Richard Gem Helen Smith Barry Davies Mark Barnes Isobelle McCleave Jan Zemko Russell Hicks Anthony Sayer Francis Macleod Roger Hinsley Becky Bull Claude Werner Trevor Phillips Robert Fletcher Anne Lavery ilse hohl Margaret Moran Jethro Miles Nick Crocker ceri morris Jason Hargreaves Margaret Steele Graham Harvey J K Erskine Effie Seaton Haleema Bibi Claudia Booth Michael Bowles Joanne Royston Helen Filby-Scoffin Tina Le Breuilly Nina Jaffa Sarah Collinge Bruce White Paul Verma Tracey wATSON JAMES SWIFT Meg Chatterton Kieran Kavanagh Andrea Tazzini Ghislaine Weston Alex Farris Eva Boston ted tynan Maria Ruci simon reuter Jasmine Rodgers Carroll Phillips Andy Miles Yumna Prakoso Anthony Hodder Ann Andrews Dave Bray Jeannette Miles fiorella canton Brenda Cooke martin scallan Rob Charlton Peter Sarreti r manek Zoe Eselgroth G Jones Paul Neill APRIL JONES Sheila Vanloo Val Poynton Will Benedikz Nicole Brockdorff Niamh Baldock Susan Scott Lynne Cornelius Martin Carr Simon Pattenden Philippe Raway Christopher Norton A morrigan mike boulton Judith Kay Rachel Hartlebury Angela ILIFF duncan bell Vanessa Hayward Rion Owens Tanya Tomsett Pamela Robinson Ewart Carson Nigel Gregory Ian Cranefield Andrea Lewis Stuart Walklet Sylvia Cordaiy Renee Cook Siobhan O’Brien Vicky mccaughey Thomas Rowe David Brear Ian Law James MCILWRAITH jim seaward john Forbes Gordon Haycock Alan Pool Sophie zajicek Kiarash Kazemi Laura Crampton Angus Winfield Lisa Dowell christopher Bispham Margaretha Ekstrand-Almee Gordon Chamberlain David Lunn Helen Armstrong Adrienne Cooper Andy Purves Marti Leimbach Max Binkle Gwen Sage Angela Thomsett Mohammad Alam Denis Underwood Tony Fyles Deborah Betton Mary Micklewright

Hettie Gets Dominic Thomas Madeleine Cooper Nazim Merchant Malcolm Dawson Rosemary Bristow Lorenza Doherty Gabrielle Munn mick rowland Myra Cumming mandy shanks John Rendle KATHY JOYCE michael weston Rebecca David Martin Barfoot Rachel Podger Alan Braddock Geoffrey Scott rali dinova Judy Lown Frans Geys Mohankumar Adiseshiah Anne-Marie MeijerinkParker JULIA JONES e Heike Margaret Glover Merilyn Hill jemma hone Vianney Faudemer Millicent Brown Cecilie Benfield Jennifer Parker Jack Stephenson-Oliver Gareth Bliss Michelle Hatton Christine Latter Robin Amacher Ben Ridler Colin Samme Nirmal Pheasant Dawn Hosking Mel Knudsen Amanda Reid Wendy Martin boo cook Ann de Winter Rob Angelo Sebastian Schmidt Alison Kale Robin Farrar Anne Howie ARTHUR TERRY Margaret Carmichael Tony Williams William Willis Angela Wood Richard Boothman Cendrine Pichollet Victor Garcia David Shanahan Margaux Dodds Sandra Nesbitt Nick McD John Clark Alana Redick Michael Gains khris oliveira Evelyn Frank Anna Patterson Michael Allison Maxime Espagne ann burton Karen D Howell Ane Marit Willmann Indea Hourihan Sue Board William Townley Helen Varney Tina Kenny Tony Ripping allen burridge Elaine Parrott Mary Clancy Miles Wootton Roma Mortimer Kevin Marjoram James Allen Ian Peters Betsy de Lotbiniere Jonathan Barrance Susan Hickey Colin Creighton Garry Walter-Martin lawrence schofield David Ross Jacqueline Stone Janet Budd Helen Feld Louise Sullivan kathleen JOYCE David Miller ARTHUR TERRY David Kelley Nic Gordon Jenny Potter Guenther Domittner peter green judith emanuel Georgina McManners Alan Triffitt Lucinda Elliott Verity Owen Caroline Sabin Debbie HILL-BROOKES Tina O’Connor JOHN BRIGHT Anthony Morris Lyn McLachlan Beryl Baldwin Jo West Jussi Riissanen Halima Waley Mike Wilding Carol warren BRIAN COLLICK Paul Paul Mavis Gregson Andrea Roe Rachel Meade Kate Brown Liane Brooke-Read Adam White Steve Willson DAVID ELWIN Jennifer E Russell Liz Draper Chris Deacon Jacqui Brown PETER ROTHWELL Anna Doggart Jan Archibald Suzi Dale Marina Towner Paula Gander Elizabeth Cummings Mikelis Dzikevics Andy Holland Dave Sutton Anne Nason Angela Oakes Marta Zoledowska David McKinven Alan Boynton Julie Harrison Debra Shapiro-Lambersky joe baker Harry Goodyear Barbara Barbieri D Wilson Richard Mason Rupert Mendison RONNIE TUTTY Mark Tyler Helen Fielding Helen Caradon Jehanne Le Quesne Christina Elliot Lynette Cawthra Angela Rigley Steve James Jacqueline Evans Andrew Parker Clare Garton-Sprenger Sharron Parker FRANKIE POLLAK JOHN FLYNN Cheryl Colpman mairetheresa mccarthy Cherry Bird Henry Heath Darren Jones Hugh Dowling Chris Hutchinson Helen Falla Manuel Toren Mike Maguire Richard Sanderson Sheila Muncaster Rob Essex Pierre Laurent Kit Oi Chung Sarah Ward Ester Balinger Victoria Perrier Michael Wunsche Brenda Wilson Pamela O’Reilly Jacqueline Susan Maughan Killian Horan S Robin Anthony Gilmurray Coloma Jaume Tomas O Dubhda Eileen Colins Adrian Nagle Richard Pozyczka Morwen Millson John Repsch Sarah Ritchie Paula Hobson Christine Rhone Gary Blanford Janice Findlay David Jones Jan Sutch Pickard Astrid Poncin Patrick Conneely Sheran Hill Diane Arnold Tony Marshall Eva Espinosa catherine malcolm Alexander Brown Janice Vleminckx Rebekah McGrane jennifer sayer Joanne Evered Lisa Howe Philip Cheung Jenny Canham Raphael Pariser Roger Murray-Leach Florence Deadman Wojciech Obarski John Finch Teresa Reynolds Hannah Lyons John Stubbs RennieAnn Lindsay Julie Bentley John Deadman Gillian Riordan Jeremy Rees paul hughes Terrence Harcourt Kevin Knight Claire Slater Cathy Sullivan Alastair Goodall KATE HARVEY Jenny Balfour-Paul Alison Scimia Rosie Chance Iain Smith Valerie Squire Rachel McKay Sheila Wright Patience Gray Peter Sandell Christopher Chesney john bramhall Barry Parsonage Helen Maguire Wayne Keeble Jim Matthews Julia Halpin Maggie Moohan James Davidson Ester Aldred Sam Kennedy Christian Lindsey Bonham Rowena Ward-Barrow Daniel Burston Sonia Romero Villanueva Terry Verdon stuart bannerman Lyn Mills Colin Ives daniel edelberg Anna Gera aya medvedeva David Clover Jennifer Fakes Ceri O’Callaghan Terry McElligott C A Morrell Oliver Simpson Rachel Gannon Dawn Lodge Nicholas Bowman Corinna Sorrell Annick Cayeux Malcolm Palfrey Al Vas Kealey Farrow Susan Johnson Jan Cugmas Dan Peril Trudy Gill Tony Fyles amy perrett Marina Whitling Bridget Winstone

Joanna Llewellin Eve Steadman Rachel Smart Darrell Larson Jennifer Facey Simone Smook Phil Heaton Jeremy Townsend Justin Morris Dominic Horne kaos Headkaos Roberta Costa Douglas Baldwin Graham Ceeney Samantha Browne Avril Muirhead Liam Martin Sally Newcombe madeleine norman Stefan Nowak Georgina Gall Felicity Lane Rinda Haake Marea Buckingham Enid Mitchell Felicity Craig Tony Cochrane Gary Simons David Cook Rory Savin Amelia Marriette Lindsey Dobson Sarah Hinz John Rouse tammy witham Ian Gildon lloyd o’connor Birgit Andresen Isabel Alvarez Reidy Flynn Eric Lees Christopher Dixon Cheryl Avery Margot Brown Matilde Audisio Lorraine Steele Karen Linney Roland Ducharme Tom Aspbury Sigita Rybelyte Jason Lee Nel Regina Semper Lynne Chamberlain John Wycherley Nadeem Jojo Julia Murdoch Sonya Leggett Gillian Rohan-Wild David larkin Andrea Quirk Cornelia Mannocci Pirkko Higson Christina Jefferies Alison Lawrence Carlo Fiscalini Jenny Wood John Belbin Paul Casson Sandra Ethell Gerri Jacobs shelley holmes Nick Hart Wendy Earl Jemima Churchhouse Aletta Uiterwijk Vicky Cline Christine Jones Carole Kowalski Graham King Michela Ravano Judith McGuinness Valerie McLennan judith morgan Laura Fox Mary Ward Peggy Bjorling Tom Gledhill Nancy Watt GAIL SOUTHERN Suzanne Jones Heather Tillman Antony Butcher Tamsin Hullah Madeleine Escobido dean holmes Albertine Eylenbosch Norman Cooper Beryl Smith Francesca Paloschi Keith White Wendy Nottingham Brian Whymark Jane Pacy Alyson Read Allison Day vivienne russell Anthony Hagger Sarah Boote Catherine Field christopher shanley ANN BRIMSON Anne Obitz Andrew Hickens Zoe Perry Alexandria Lawrence Barrie Macdonald Rod Whitworth Tom Doughty Sandy Cheyne Barbara Rogers Andrew Patching Christopher Atkins Paul Warne Robert Morfitt dr anton musset Alison Winkler Philip Ashworth Jenni Morgan Matthew Clarke Caroline Brooke Robert Elliott Oliver Watson Olessia Murfin Jo Lawrence gavin robertson Les Litwin f braund Gisele Bone Chris Taylor Astrid Reeve Michael Rooker alice buckingham Casey Miller Robert Edwards Gill Melling Emma Gibson Rima Jones Adam Stewart lizzie gilson Lucy Browne Tania Duarte Judith Davies Rodney BURSTALL Becky Hiles Tormod Bakke Catriona Brazendale Abigail James Jennifer Bridgeland Joanna Davies Caroline Campbell Sarah Wallace Peter Wilson Erdmute Sobaszek Richard Armitage Laura Campbell Belinda Coney Mary Sharkey Rob Garnier Tom Cole Rachel Cobb Seersha osullivan Miranda King alan Cartmell Frank Bell Sam Kimmins Michael McCoy Ann Algie Dawn Cuckow Kathy Smith Hazel Riley Susan Ward Paul Moules Michelle Bruce John Edwards rich walker David Jordan Valerie Ferman Ben Archer Ingrid Lambert Geraldine Walker Robert Rowe Jane staffieri Jane Satchwell Kate Parke Oliver Jones Kate Plant Kevin Donegan Dave Cruttenden Yvonne Lampert Ashling Smith monica chamberlain e boden Gloria Pearson Sarah Nelson Robert Turner Janice Gillard Holly Tillman Nadiem Shah justin chumbley Cameron Marnoch Greg Goodsir Stephanie Perry Sheelagh le Cocq Katy Weitz hilary Turner Joanne Raby Susan Walters Tom Braybrooks Valerie Jagger ali mcclean erica morgan Kathryn Twelvetree Danielle HAUG Robert Starling kelli tolen Claire Hawksbridge Julienne Ford Alan Dunnett KATHLEEN ALZAID Ben Baker Letitia Drake Leigh Bristow Graham Griffiths Keith Roberts Fred Oldfield Myna Banks Andrew Duncan pedro mor Richard Shute Nicola Creaton Joy Piper Paul Northam Barbara Clark Robert Miller david cooke Gill Gardner Richard Myers Gay Thew Elizabeth Tweedale Zsuzsa Reynolds Nikki Tucker Annemarie Robinson Isabelle Kita Cara Thomson Arwen Heaton Samantha Evans Nicola Henderson Selina Armstrong R Wild Dee Song Ivor Trevener Joni Lovell dorothy goodman Maureen Stevens Anna Kelly Stuart & Caroline Smith Jon Freeman Daphne Dadzie Martin Keefe mark faz Norman Jemison Peter Garlick Fons Martens Alice aliceszypillo@ Vivienne Troughton Dawn Crisp Amanda Magee Tessa Airth Hannah Titt Stuart McLuckie Cecilia Taylor Roderick Smith Victor Ellis Seonaid Crabtree Richard Slaughter VACLAV CESKA Anne Roxbee Cox Stephanie Finlay Jane Whitehead Stuart Escott Denis Hawes Crispin James john laker Davina Frost Tim Pearce Lucy Coc Rebecca Hitchcock Elisabeth Koelmans Neil Wilkinson Josh O’Reilly John Imber Janice Long paula morgan Christine Cleere

Kaye Cook Louise Avendon Carol Woodham Dot Calderbank Elizabeth Lythgoe Joan Daines sue Brockhouse Pauline Williams Solveig Larsen Phillip Young Albert Caruana Sue Mitchell Gillian Dimbleby Michael Thums Alex Vilhena Pamela Martin Flora Ines Williams Robin Hall Janina Heath Diane Maylott Helene Defour kim hallam Ann Bolin Julie Solomon Jon Attwood jonathan hill Simon Greener Helen Rayner jagdeep tiwana lin firminger STEPHEN GOWER Jan Hamornik Patricia Greaves zoe Almond Anna Melville-James Rachel Cosby Graeme Bradley-Powell A. Bowen Seidi Reek Oliver Ledwith Valerie Law Penelope Newsome Jane Powell Iveta Jezkova Lewis Hodges Annabel Ross John Burrage Kit Sinnett Alis Ballin Cristiana Atudorei Irene Carey Jenny Booker Eileen Halliday Dianne Barry Lauren Grant sylvie edwards C.J. Bowen Tess Cosslett Pam Bradley David Davies Deirdre Allonby ingrid a Maria Born Ian James Rachel Stott joel goubin Peter Kirk Christine Gillingham Ian Brough Marie Peacock James Matley Heleen van Boeschoten Jeanette Pratt Elizabeth Parkinson Pip Ritchie n graham Noel Canin Lee Hall Dylan Morrison Jane Gardiner Gwyn Hughes Bianca Marsden-Day John Purser lesley munro Lourdes Lopez Jimenez Michael Kirk Alton Geils Ronald Feicht Zena Cohen alice thomas Michele Gunn Caroline Spence Thomas Denner roger dillworth Patricia Sarah Medlam Tiina Talts warren marsh Lynette Rentoul Madeleine Radford Eva Eckhardt Pamela Milner ingrid CRAAMER Helen Tasker Ray Gaskell Irenosen Okojie david wilkinson Nina Hunn Tim Bracey olivia hedley Francesca Scotti Jennifer Blount David Robinson Lorenzo Del Frate Patrick Beatty jilly sowdon Aimee Phillips Carla Skwarek Lewis Crabtree Marilyn Lewis Barbara Hacking Cecilia Astolfi Mary Foulkes Sarah Parsons Samantha Gaddes Helen Lincoln Neville Ward Anna Bicskei Fabian Reeves Whymark Colleen Barley Randall chambers Irene Ellis MBE Jean MacLeod Mary Baskerville Christine Davies Romen Goswami Michaela Barrington Jose Townsend theresa Wisniewski Catherine Jeffrey Jennie Roebuck jeff crow Paula Gregory maureen Hollis john kenworthy Trevor Thwaites Kathleen Hill Ana Aguiar sue harris Alexandre Zapata Eleanor Basil marie austin bianca coughlan Ailsa Masterton Neil Ryall Ian Hallam Bernard Lo Pauline Claridge Maeve McGahon John Thomson Prue Hildebrand Tony Burton Lynn Harvey Daniel Powell Gillian Van Wyk Lucy Birtles Annie Stather Ian Grant Janet Brough Sue Heringman Pam Simmons Ann Wilson Janice Williams Barry Dodd sam humphreys Margaret Greig Michael Benison Patricia Helm Lionel A Smith Edwin Ashton Jane Lipington Chilli Hope Christine Vernon cath Beattie Peter Heffernan Graham Hamblin Michael Daly DAVID Trevanion sylvia harris Helen Kimball-Brooke Philip Glover Liam Crismani Joy Whiston Jennifer Denitto Chantal Symons Steve Brown mark fearon George Waddell Caroline Brown Roger Coeshaw Rowena Hillier Morris Drever Daniela Walther carole armstrong Barry Hayward Liam Hiatt Charlie Jennings Rosemary Ashworth E Jankel karl groom Kerrie Macdonald Jim Hall Alasdair Hamilton Beryl Long Sally Wheeler Haley Warman Alison Lee Martin Willson Laura Blake Cynthia Bull Matt Romo Annika Lindevall Gerard McBrearty David Jurgensen Celia Hemstock Andew William Marshall John Dunbar Margaret Clarke Anita Mountain JANE ADAMS William Wright Nicholas Whittaker S Elms Luisa Vitale Frankie Armstrong Itta Howie Karen Urwin J McCarten Ralph Yarrow Fabrizio Benigni Antonia PAPAGEORGIOU James McCadden Christopher Street Kathleen Benn Ian Nason Michelle Rosenblum steph carter Martin Russell Anna Cook Jana Pruse patricia Keogh Terry Duffy tony torti Graham Jackson Kathleen Hanley Geoff Carr Ewan Patrick Alessandra Miller Konnie Lloyd Theres Olsson Richard Miller Kevin Lewis Christine Bennett Irene Rodgers Heather Stevenson Simon Element Peter Pettifor Verity Kalcev Heidi Stuckey Steve Amos Simon McAuslane John Stanly H Turner James Cooper Andrew Farrington Elizabeth MILLS Stephen Smith Barbara Holloway Clare Pargeter Peter Hignell Bethany Jones Vivienne Ponsonby Guerrero Carmona Carlos Javier Lenka Janiurek Stephanie Davies Christine Johnson Rob Challis Liz Lauchlan-Brown Corrina Parker Alison Baker Alan Penn Veronica Pollard jill raymond Ingwar Perowanowitsch John Hollow karen reynolds Mike TRUE Alan Taylor Emily Wright Mary Anderson Tom Carver Ida Tonsgaard Malcolm Clarke John Faulkner Andy McDade

dennis eraut Hilary Taylor dawn smith Godfrey Thomas Anne Brown Ashleigh Rosier Caroline Fox Susan Morgan Janet Wheatcroft Jan Taube Martin Waights Laura Westwood John Maiden Tessa Sackin christine allen nicola farnon Arron Tyler Wagner Jenny Leyland jean laura Aled Pickard Christopher Smith Nick Lane John Coombs Lucy Humphries Sue Johncock James Carr chris clegg Susan Dudley Jonathan Hauxwell Laci Imre Miren De Eguia Judith Martin Faye Greene penny kerr-mckenna Anne Martin Linda Newbery Mark Burford Jacob Heringman Daniel Butler Gloranna Pringle Harry Donoghue Patricia Beagley Jim Adams Brian Knight Charlie Dixon KEVIN PANKHURST Jean Clark Hamilton Hay Mary Emerson Lara Gibson Sharon Bowen Barbara Prince Matthew Waer Diane Sparks Gillian Hanrahan Sharon Knowler Tess Antonsson Louise Wall Seth Bayram Vicki Allerton Alex Buss julie haddock tommy kerrigan Elizabeth Truszkowski Lindsay Groom Ruth Thomas Iain Plummer Michael Howard Renato Ramone Kathleen tuck Ken Lewis michael P Magali Boyer Rose Yeomans Rupert Knapton Nathalie Elkin gavin ulyatt Loretta Milligan blaine butler jesus rolle Alison Scales Anne Fitzmaurice George Welch Brian Higgs AW Matt Leahy Ryan Patel Clare Matheson Mike Adams Blake Robson John Hearn ELIZABETH STELLAS Janette Palmer Ann Marie Williams Jo Digger John Curtis Ben Shepherd David Lakeman tina hobbs Christine Gaine GILL LEWIN David Topping Lucy Simler Dr Fred Fred David Smith I-P Ashworth jiri schejbal Katherine Horn Adrienne Grace e Scrivener Melvin Grey Nikki Jones Mike Barrett Julie Boreham Karen Shaw Mary Carbery Charlie Darlington James Clark audrey wickham Maureen Garner Garner Maria Vollmer Peter Gaskin Anne Sentance Ute D. Ergul Morgan FOx G Offley JONATHAN DAVEY Clare Fanthorpe Debra de Villiers Anne-Marie Prior Catherine Highet Lauren Emerson andrea barbieri adam marshall Wendy Smith Fay Adams-Derry Sally Hawkins michelle whiteside Ian McKinnon Basil Brooks ARSENIY MAXIMOV Hilary Smith Shirley Chesson Edie Quilter Istvan Tomay Alyson Jenkins Robyn McCrory Kathleen Sowter Gillian Humphreys Rosalind London P Sykes Graham Bloodworth Red Yates Philip Hyne Catherine Bushell Craig Beard Janette Webber Peter Burns Elizabeth Owen Mary Wilson Laureen Crook Elizabeth Heverin John Browne Beth Garrard MARGOT BRISTOW Catherine Mason Shirley Kennedy Patrick Auterson Linda Alexander Wendy Andrews Philippa Berry Ken Hall Ben Burt Annika Roberts Ellen Booth Chris Williams Sherry Turner Clive Starling Eamonn Lawless Kevin Okugbeni Karen Lilley Anthony Dwyer Margaret Skeels Jill Norman Natasa Trimayova Rumyana Mihaylova Huvin Thompson Helen Chambers Laura Jameson Lesley Oosterbreoek Eric Payne ricardo benito krismer Jamie Pearce John Taylor Rob Gray Tiina Riutta Ian Tuckley Susan Jones Lynn Yendell Irene Hostler Janet Lam julia benta Tj Pattenden roisin boyd Jacqueline Johnson Katrina Davies david turpie Deke Roberts John Palmer Lewis Press Alireza Bagheri Zelah Richards Brigitte Mimasu Malcolm Butt Holly Guest Rina Hill PJ Reid Sharlene Leach William Collier Gerard Murphy Scott Wimpenny robert james rab macgibbon Peter Mills Roger Kayes Nick Leach Julia Liles Peter Keohane Leanda O’Connell fiona hooker Jeanette Jones Martyn Hornsby Jacqueline Flint Barbara Malpass james roseveare Sally Meakins Chris Craig shebina hussain Tamala Atkinson Agnieszka Paterek-Cotton Patricia Ahearn Charlotte Wood Gwen Gercke Judith Brooker Glyn Smith-Wild Henrietta Izso Jan Byatt Ann Jones Bridget Mutter Abbie Cheesman Kevin Hawker Rita Hofmann Alison Rees Heather Penfold Margaret Insoll amy cheeseman Marion Blundell Penny Thomas Peter & Audrey Hartley Janet Cook Trudy healey-potter christopher Attaway ann Bahcheli Lev Gunti Roger Gooding Manjeet Lamba caspar clist Michael Brown Andrew Readman Nancy Marriott Juliet Hext Stuart Conheady Brian Davy Neil Prentice marcus Scherer Gillian Clifton Parisa Urquhart evagelia koimtzi Sally Swannell monika fisson sophie carter Marco de Alberdi Donna Parker heather whatmore Joan Hurst Jeanine Gulvanessian Margaret Morris Jill Hopper Lesley Monaghan Jeanette Barwick Karen Ingman Laya Coutinho Paul Maddox Nigel Dodman Ismet Mustafic Kathy Johnson Abigail Anthony-Edwards Ruth Lambourne Terence Edwards ann jennins John Woore Joanna Harris Peter Morrissey Laura Melotti

Sally-Anne Lenton Simon Meacock Juian Marriott dawn berry Ailsa Katona Silvia De la torre franco Julia Bosley Nicky Crompton Lis G Richard Spicer M J Harper Anjelica Cleaver Anouchka Huber Brenda Pearce Tessa Fiorucci Max Hargreaves JOHN C MCDERMOTT suzanne STABLES Michael Robson Ivor Christie John Ford Lynne Thomson David SmartKnight Jenny Beavan Paul Tatchell Gina Dixie lulah harper Kim Merlino daniel dalgleish Denah Fitzharris Paul Wilkins Sian Nicholas john race Polly Wood Priscila Santos Paul Lane Mark Day Ann Boulter Lynda Edwards Andreas Welz kay race Darren Burland Amanda Aird Howard Crook Peter Welch Keith Durham howard trapnell Ian Marden Kristin Wright Iain Wilson Nancy Wedin Paul Waterston David Row Hermione Fiebig Rhoda Bunting David Allen Neera Malhotra Elinor Breman #NAME? Dee Brown Stephen Hurley Margaret Plowman Mary Cummins hugo sousa Helen Gilbert Sarah Schenk emma Moore Christine Metcalfe Mia Store Nabila Jiwaji Rachel Gilbert sue Genga John Bown Hilary Walford-Howell Patty Tenge Fabrizio Fiale Seth O’Halloran bill Cameron Francois Jost Vanessa Calver Trevor Ingham john walker Duncan Dale David Gurr Tony Harrison R Graley Christoph Bange Jenny Watson Trevor Carthy karen stead Liam WESTON Anna Smith alanna mcmorrow brian pearl Kate Kenzie Shona Williamson Richard Mason Vivien Doyle Carol DeVaughn Michael Dawson nicola race Daniel Jani roy mayhew Jeremy Herbert Anna Crowe Patricia Marsh gill munday Mike Coombs A Saville P Rash William Penha Tom Slack Isobel Haworth Philomena Noonan Caroline Hughes Keith Pillay Paul Spencer Richard Duke craig turner nobbi buck Simon Whitehouse Liliane Elsen Tom Payne Frederik Subei Rita V Richardson Catherine Larkin John Hancoc Marion Bienemann-Vogel David Milner Lorraine Thomas Callum Bills Josy Ann BOULAIN Andrea Venturini Nicoleta Gavrila caroline kent Roger Marsden Janet Barraclough gary day David Robertson Ron Desborough Geraldine Davies Jonathan Gordon kim parker Francine Dulong Janny van de Boer Marlene Frost Jonathan Lutman Clare Gathercole Joe Crawford Anne Burns Karen Rogers Erica Toorchen WILLIAM GRAHAM Michal Scinski Jessica Rowe Stuart Blair Keith Brown Mike Webb Kiarian Coohill Angela Smales david mesher Nicholas Sanders Jeanette Hills Amelia Brett Owen Moore Anne Levy Martim Colley Troy Cranefield Pedro Albuquerque A Miller Emma Anderson Anais Rivalier Robert Axworthy Solihin Garrard adrian mckie alison rowe Kristine Due Jane Tucker Rachel Ford Patricia Puttnam Allison Keith Kitty TODD anthony ford Susan Flood Beverley Jowett Alison Kay Julie Sloan-Fortune Kerry Jenkins Rachel Lunn Val Imber Howard Robson Tracey Muir Patricia Hull Ann Cronley Joyce Irving Maureen Hall Vicky Clark Jill Houlden Sheila Hubacher Catharine Cook Peter Heine owen hockey Lara Varga Kirstin Kleyn Kay McCarroll Roger Brooks aldebar saravia JOHN DEEGAN Martin Stears-Handscomb Susan Tyler Alistair Monteith Lisa Hardless Brian Hewlett Lynn Prigge Eddie Cassels Louise Buckle Patricia INGRAM Graham Gaskell Steve Roman mark finch Gen Harrison Andrew Mott madeleine hamilton Julz Hallmann Rachel Thys Edward Surpless Derek Robertson Robert H E Brown Bill Hardwick Angela Owen Leah Blake keith mortimer Richard Jones sue weekes Susan Barnacle tim hockin Pamela Miller Mark Rawlings Aaron Ray Erica Read susan hunt kate wardell Timothy Barr Alex Bacon robert windle Claire Griffiths Joel Lloyd Priscilla Miller Jennifer Bunt Chris Lange Jan Nyborg Carol Rees Ant Kirk Katherine Hodder Sarah Chandler Shelagh Traynor William Downey Alan Mercer SARAH LAWRENCE Tracey Porter Chris Bursnall HM Kilborn kathy Burrows David Mitchell Innes Charlotte Ball Rowena Merson Jane Mather Marta Tafalla James C McFetridge John Hopkins Frances Hall Mike Crook Isabel herteleer Pascale Muir Begimai Shambetova Helen Macdonald Margaret Thompson bepo bepo Rie Ryon Liane Powell Roger de Faye Melissa Coles peter zear Eugenie Heraty Barry Deller Adele Pelteret Karen Miller veronica gordo mary mcilroy andrew crutchley Jane Easty Kate Thomas Harvey Birrell Hernan Rodriguez Trevor Hurd Paula Howard Veronica Martin IQBAL NIAZI VANBEGIN MARIE Gillia Cope Nadine Giraudeau Dawid Mojsiuszko Eric Dean Joginder Chudha Angela Moor

Margaret Walton john clark eamon holden Georgy Bellem Rebecca Casstevens Daisa Morgan Daniel Wheeler anne berg-nilssen Susan Darby samuel potts Richard Phillips Nicola White Julie Taylor Jacqueline Kent Veronika Novikova Steven Denton eva vazaka Emma Marks Liz Goodfellow Max Wohlleben Isabelle Graillet Karl Baumgartner wiktor chichlowski Freda Hallsworth Angharad Elidir Patricia McGrogan adrian burks Phil Brandes Thomas Millar Bridget Dunnett Audrey Singh Derek Antropik Shaw Edwards Alistaire Hoad Forbes Browne Helen Ekhorelen Janet Bakewell Marc Schmandin Kathy Tubby John Keefe Peter Aylmer James Bickerton Torben Holvad Samantha Mowat cherry Baden-Powell Antony Pipe Gabrielle Blais Jo Vorley Andy Park Thomas Lee JANICE MEARNS Drew Douglas Jane Allcroft Sandra Bickerton C Hammond Sarah Young Jill Marks Deirdre Jennings Tim Bose Vicky Maull David Young Mark Grandison j ed Geo kidd Diana Sibbit margaret Reed Janice Evans Alex Karpathios Shafiq Hassan donna adams Vincent deighan Anne Leupen jenny Oulton Chris Corbett Joe Bacon David Buckle Sabine Buergermeister Katharine Cardall kathryn Taylor Debbie James Duncan Kennedy henry kondracki Ingrid Wadman Christine Keeler Donna Wilber Jenny Holloway Dominic North Dale Powell Richard Hamilton Damon Bramley Carole Monteith Peter Borrows Stan Harland omar abarrak Lynn Lambert Tim Watkins-Idle Trevor Lloyd R Walker ruth knapper Mark Core Patricia Hardwick LAURIE COOKE Michael W Evans Julie Preston marianne davies April Dunnett Judy Currie Rebekah Wilkinson Mark Kerrison Freddy Weaver Fiona Dickinson Helen Steward Greta parker Mary Brimelow Peet Grunert Margaret Levy Paula Cox Mary Roddick Nic Partington Christine Crossley Sam silverlock Elfriede Grunert George Farrow Emily Thomas ANTHONY JAMES Agnieszka Bronowicka Hilary Thomas Margaret Nicolaides tony conlon Louisianax Caliban Esther Roycroft-Boswell Aven Fisher Freya Martin Caroline Jones Barbara Gaskin Alan MCMULLEN david till Frank Schmidt Penny Taw Steve Leighton Jessica Ghost Thomas Pickering Henry Christopher-White Chris Ifould Tony Ash Joseph Addison Helen Egerton Kate Barrett Andy Prickett Pete Ardron martin carrara Paul Gardner Lilian McMillan David Bezkorowajny Nadia Bailey Heather Bell Trevor Williams Dagmar Slavik Keisha Talpahewa Heather McLean R Catherall Teresa Maguire Clive Rogers Jane Grappa Diana Keech Rod Morris Catherine Weston Robert Renshaw Hollie Francis Orna Robinson Dan Gifford Asbjorn Damhus John Dickie Alan Hudson Pia Blomgren Miriam Schmitter Greg Webster Finn Belden richard durell Teresa Keens Tommy Taylor Aron Cronin Margaret Moore Peter Kevan elizabeth williams Norman Miller George Selley Sean Hinchliffe Sebastian Rost Doreen Flippance Marina Orruela Eugenia Cotrim Susan Francis Clare Lawrence Christine Way Daniel Wyatt Sally Cooper Daniel Johnson Chris Frost Jeni Bunnett Mike Wright Ramone Anderson-Stewart Meg Logan Ken Bigrave Michele Carry Frances Luke Eileen Slater Sarah Treasure Dominic Owen Graham Luke Lesley Greenwood Annie Wei roy g Paul Jonathan Beeckmans Marguerite King Mary Gill James Manson Gillian Taylor Lorraine J Bell peter canham Chris Nicholson George Bowman Sara Santos Nicola Alhaji ross thomson Sue Kennedy Lisa Gibbons Craig Rossiter nora anderson Jared Hazelby Lisa Pollard Pauline Taylor John Flinders Denise Sullivan Tod Pratchett christine ROSCOE Keith Symonds jill alkin Peter Morgan Jane de Sausmarez Linda Markley Donna Pollak Timothy Dougall michael bonett Valerie Allison Ralph Downs leila bechus Derek Wilson Hilary Tilmouth Annie Fanner Leanne Robinson Joyce Murray Irene CLEGHORN Louis Szabo Joseph Hicks Janette Dalston Kate Kenner Karen Watts Deb Powell Hilary Tilmouth Sharon Schofield Marian Hurle Keren Bramman Anna Wilton Hazel Taylor Andrew Monk Jasper Goss Sergio Trindade Yvonne Marlow Seth Ratcliffe Sonja Nielsen SARAH ROSE Lesley McGill CLAUDIA BOULTON Jane Eost Shayan Ma Pawel Gorecki Richard Kilshaw Paul Warburton Nigel winkworth Martin Smith Zoe French marty redgate Claudia Moon Sharon McArthur Mary Buchanan Luna Domingo Flora Jimenez margaret court C-Jaye Newton jane chaston Paul Gordon Hannah Baker Thierry Lecerf Ann Eggleton Nicholas Webber Allegra Mostyn-Owen Caroline Corless Stephen Hobdell Hilary Silvester kate graham Laurence Roblin Fiona Hoe Michele Sato Mark Simon

Susan Gregory Matthew Walker Nicholas Hayes Jill Rapoport Tamsin Horton Alonzo Michelle Hickens Joe Cassels James McGlynn Alisdair Wright Esmonde Kelly Hazel Salt Susan Turner Tijn de Vries Maurice Naftalin Victoria Davies Liz Burgess Annika Langsten Julia Davies Steven Calvert Brian Heys Christine Boon Dorothee Schack Mark Hayward Kat Hewlett Adam Yates Seamus Shortt Alistair Binley Dick Willis Alison Howard jones Elizabeth Slater Alice Nissen Ray Hillman susan verwey Tony Walker Rosemary Hodi Chris Setchell Ross Sargent Trudi Hopgood Patricia Patterson Norma Duncan Desislava Vangelova Helmut Papke Pauline Harding Anna Redmond robert staynings Shona Tierney david middleton Magdalena Harding Kyle Riley Gerard Leysen Jenny Brand Edward Mizzi David Sommerville David Griffin Kirsty Nairn Richard Sheahan Howard Wrigley Magda Pittaro yvon de bruijn Anthony Butcher Fiona Scott Megan Nunn Elizabeth Collison Patricia Caddy Georgia Wilkes Marianne Cranwell Johanna Stanghon syreeta von sierakowski Sally Dean Cathy Wattebot lee lockett Kate Crosby Jennifer Beaumont tim Seager Avril Temple David Brewer Jenny Allison Emily Horton-Jones Ann Price Ian Shaw g trotter carol fleming Kathryn Anderson ellie fleming Marco Massignan Veronica Galbraith Meredith Oakes Isabel Gallagher paul fleming Alison Coope Brigitte Flock Simon Shimbles Maria Mendonca macario R Ryan Jim Ware judith Elkan sam fleming Lydia Kemp Dave Statham John Burns Barrie Drewitt Cecilia Brophy Rai Townsend thomas eardley Caroline Penn Anna Weeks Sheila Ryan Karen Baker Neill Stacey Phil Griffiths Bruce Ferguson ged perkins Yvonne Gibbins Owen Murphy Amy Catlin Bella Edginton Rob Houghton James Whalley liz eardley Peter Foot James Edmonds Peter Bulman Jill Salduk Barbara Lower Michael Christie Paulo Saraiva dogan ozkan Michael Calver Joan Tunnicliffe Anne Mcghee Mario Correia Stella Litton Maria Chappell Wendy Walden Tom Slatter Anas Kazkaz Cynthia Fleming Richard Turner Peter Anderson Robert Marshall Donald Bulman Sheri Robins Harmage Kalirai Kerry Connolly Jacqueline Leach silvio traversi Pam Gadd Kathy Fletcher J John Zoey Ingarfield Mel Tucker Pauline Ball Barry Court David Ali Avril Clarke David Wren Norma Jones Ciaran Graham ADRIAN DAWN Frances Brown Felix Braconnier Mel Tucker Samant


Stefan Smith Tessa Herring Robert Reid Clifford Hartwell Annemette Nilsen Veronica Johnson Jean-Baptiste Brossard Reef Wesu nigel wall Helen Loukaides Ruth Stafford Don Haughan Sarah Britton Nelle Symmonds Frankie Strand Margaret Shipp Mary Henn Barb Brunton Richard Ramsay Helen Tiffany Alex Kimber Carole Ogilvie COLIN Porter Sue Wilson Mark Pearce Steve Beech Emma Metcalfe Dawn Batty Simon Roddis Jo Guiver darrell watts Mr and Mrs Ashby and family Angela Finch Frances Mawson Anne Christian Diana Troy Jo Robson Jonathan Mitchell Freda Wyn Seona Owtram Adam Low Carl Bambridge Emma Featherstone Elena Sanz Paul Allard Rosalind Parsons Gianluca Menini Anne Hazzard Liz Connell Jason Robbins Leoni Padilla Catherine Belsey Belinda Jones Peter Smith Cordier Vincent Soozie Fernley Celine Clark Madeleine Little Neil Moffat Vicki Towers Jean Atkins Rodolphe Guichard Shauna OHara MIKE DUNKLEY Peter Bruce Scott Perkin Anne Ploss Linda Froyland lesley probert Greta Jardine Crymble Jim Grant Neil Kite AlastairJames Tait Maisie Weston Lake robert pounds Celia Hodges Vivien Robertson Lynne Carr Lionel Bruford Marie O’Connor Perks Jamie MacDonald Melanie Smith-Langridge Maureen Brown Panagiotis Tsetsonis Barbara Arosemena Jacqueline Empson-High Jamie McFarland Sharon Bambridge Michael Stevens Ian Pye Lotta Berntzon Sunita Talks Simon Plazolles-Hayes Jinni Lyons Clare Allen Julie Brown Joyce Kilgour Jeff arstall Marjorie Helliwell wim nuyts Colleen Muriel Elise van der Hoek brian e gorton Charlotte Tiley Rebecca Wingate Mette Walsted Lucy Boyd Leon Wilson Melissa Mouldin elizabeth lord Moira Gommon Jenny Kwee Lindsey Dakin Carolyn Bridges kieran renihan Norma Weatherburn Neil Farnan Karen Kane Christopher Gannaway James Tanton Jade Angeles Fitton Bartlomiej Soltys Frances Earnshaw RICHARD GARDNER jillifer lederer Cristina Blandino Linda Jackson Margaret McKay Frantiska Callaghan christine Richman Cros Chacksfield Alicia McMorrow Joan Chapman Carol OConnor Nicola Donovan sarah perry Paul Wolfe Alison Ramsey larry Richman Mike Franklin Christine Tanner Teresa Noakes Liz Denton Gabriele Seitz Jude Balen Miles Bell Kim Lidbury David Parton Teresa Mary Barker Lenita Minarelli Brett Bostock anthony seymour Stephanie Strong Wendy Willis John Vine ben Cook John Shrouder Denise Laffer Rose Mary PYE Leon Jennings julia waller MarieEve Tremblay Lynda Martin PASCALE NAU Marton Sadler Judith Velody John Seymour Anna Winstanley sol bailey barker Anthony Fildes Jill O’Donnell Stella Procter Christina Robson Filippo Pignatti Philip Helps Barry Varley-Tipton Renate Aspden Roland Robertson Peter Estall Thecla hemsley julia paxton Sue Cowdery Lindsey Nicoll Reg Amos Lewis Mckie Faye Catterson Maggie Livesey MARY SARGEANT Karen Gibb Richard Malt Priscila Jaramillo Edith Diz Roy Bent Rami Abdo richard klein Christopher Porter elaine masci Georgi Bion Anne Finlayson Paul Atkin Michael Loughlin Emma Cline Jill King Gillian Young Anne Pfeifenberger Lucy Cridland-Smith Susan Will Jill Nalder Pippa Miles R Daly paula gribble Eluned Hawkins Joanna Hartley-Smith Hazel Sillver LESLEY LOADER Anna Bgatova Andrea Troy Anice Gilland Anne Hannam Sean Roberts Chris Sumner Nicola Kiely Mary Hooley Roderick Flint Philip May Anelda Evans Lee Macintosh Jane Woodward George Dorgan Helen La Trobe kim savage Sandra Ludgate James Lupton David Potter Ian Ayre Gisele Passecker Joanne Paterson Christopher Bullock Margaret North Emma Lillis steve mccarthy Ian Nicholson Denise Collins Tony GLASTONBURY Francis Bangay Tamsin Thomas Emilia Henderson Jill West Kelly O’Shea Juliette Lingua Elle 0 k freney Stella Adams Catherine Tompkin June M Mark Vaughan JOhn Robinson Anne & John Green Paul Gallagher Kassia Gooding Gillian Smith Patricia Lacy Barry Visser Susan Offerdahl Julie Platt Bruce Coventry Zoe Davies Evangelos Georgakopoulos Giselle Sobanski-Sheriff alicia sanmamed julie steadman Carole Cottrill isobel Trainer Jessica Oliver Jessica Oliver John Northcott Gill Desmier Hadis Reyhani richard griffiths Kacey Brown Tina Muddle Elaine Padden Neil Cummings Bernie Andrews Mark Taylor Roy Sadler Harry Barnett Luke McClure Lesley Hall Kristiina Mod Stephen Hughes Lydia Hull Sally Gillespie David Gutteridge Marianne Martens Katherine Treherne Katharine Lowrie JOHN NEWALL Alex Murr Margaret Kroto Benedita Whitehouse Adrian Turner huguette maria-tarade Joanne Roach


Donna Stiven Patricia Stanley Murray Dare dorota g Angela Dowling Katy McGill Soraya Dos Santos ann keatley Linda Lab Valerie West Tony Patterson Ian Ball Tony Gloster Katharine Wheeler Calvin Finn Neil Kenny Kim Bradley Zara Benton Kaatje Ten berge Dorothy Hartshorn Tricia Griffin Alan Reynolds Sid Townsend Seona Nairn christine hutchinson Martin Bushnell Marianne Gaillac Yvette Barnett Nick Piovanelli John Bradfield Antony Gordon mark tracey James Hill Rowan Burrough rebecca taylor Kayleigh Brookes Wojtek Doroszewicz Keith Land Fleur Shepherd Shirley Hill Michelle Rabassa Margaret Wright Jacqueline Bennebroek ellen Spendley Sue Covington Liz Johnson Leigh Jennison Mara Jones Celia Borthwick Klina Jordan Rachel Rushbrook Robert Jones Helen Shay Penny Keable Mara Jones joan cockburn Katherine Greenwell Lyn Castle Barbara* Fanning* Anna Shinnie Natasha Gartside Margaret Troll Kevin Matthews Lynn Daniels Tim Sampson Eva Schmelzer Nicholas pettitt Hazel Mould Rob Webster Andrew Dowie Nic Partos Paola Ricca Mariani Stan Best Lee Wyness Eleanor Byatt Alwyn Jackson Gwyneth Machin ALISON GUEST Gwen Granger Chiara Anselmo Neil Wood Katy McHugh Patricia Galvin Linda Stewart Peregrine Wade Erika Whillas Kathleen Lazenbatt Trevor Jackson Stephen George Danielle Menauge John Finnerty Beryl Chatfield Elizabeth Jones PHILIP STODART Maria Gonzalez Hayden Hurst Peter Anderson Lil Stevens jeanette dentith-barnard Clarice Wilby Ole Ostermann Leo Bonomo Heather Cole Daphne Campbell jane fearn Hazel Finch filipa figueiredo Elwyn JONES Gloria Steemsonne Tom Kenny Linda Dumchen Richard Violet Chris Rakoczi David Van Cristina Corona I L Frankis elwyn litten David Hargreaves Jonathan Wilson Michael O’Neill Jacqueline Rogers Fiona Roat Robert Mitchell Adam Burr Esther Rowley Mary Haydon Alan Hockey David Williams Nigel Trott Lucy Clemson Elizabeth Birkett Jennifer Cordwell Alison Rennie Angela Goodman Barbara Reynolds Janet wadham Rob Shaw ADAM BUTTERFIELD Nick Woodward Sarah waterson Jan England R.M. Butt Jackie Hogarty Darren Ellis Carol Eggleton Terence Kirkham Karen Sanchez Doreen Pemberton Jill Corry Roy Lewis Kellie Riley Jaz Nowak Tobias Homewood Conrad Leather Simon Fraser Carole Barker Winston Lea Elisabeth Yorke Leigh Hughes Alan Lawson hilary malyon James Bishop C/O Bishop Lorna Ayrton Philip Mader-Grayson Laurie Atterbury Kirsten Germann Alan Jones Mary Wilson Ghislaine Parkes Pauline Philippe Phili0 Iliffe Ian Hunter janet archer Ellen Spier Pedro Diaz Tom Hall Robert Shread Jan White Jessica Woodfall Mr Thompson Paula Mendoza Robert Saunders Christopher Lewis Emma Field Martin Bemment Fay Carson Vicky Colbourne Adam Mills Pamela Basham Christopher Slade Fiona Parker Joan Underwpood Wynny Mehra Tony Perridge Madeleine Benfield-White Ss Martindale Bjorn Jacobs SUSAN UNDERWOOD Allan williams Lucy Chalk Harris Tzaratzouris Martin Schwarz Nikita Munt Susan Naomi Kirby Brian Thompson Maria Pazos Graham Williams Samira Pecce Katherine Swan Justine rail frank suarez Christine Trenery Alan Watkinson B Spence Leonie Noble Penny Kent Ann Pattinson Lucie Hendry Les Kent joan perrin Felicity Peacock Jader Figueiredo Josefina Mata Jacek Opienski Diane Morris Wayne Mundy Noumeda Alice Carbone Kerry Smith Henry Fletcher Mary Wardell Kathryn Leivesley Alan Thoburn Wendy Holmes isobel cowan Jean Townsend Sharon Francis James Morales Trevor Brawn Elaine Care Margaret Carter William Mitchell Stefania Porcu Phoebe Morton Susan Page Marjorie Hodgkinson Neal Roberts Mary Bishop jo sayers andrew wade Jean Earland Jill Peters nic Worters Maricarmen CardenasBueno martin Ogilvie Jane Roderic-Evans Mark Warner Stella Hurley Carole Harris Matiush Kouakovsky Andrew Pickard Roberto Marra Angela Clark ZANNA WHEELER Javel Saudades jenny edwards andrew jones J Hawkins Phil Geesin Frank Andrade Richard Sutherland Anthony Slingsby Millard Parkinson Debra Burbery Rose Hale David Philippe Marjie Thornton Patricia doyle Sajni Vekaria piers leveroni Keith Crane Pauline Dixon Mariana Campos Jean Barber Pat Catling Katharine Verrill S Coulter Charlotte Oatley Robert Watters Ian Williams Stephen Scorer Avril Ward Debbie Harrison Chelsea Fenner Ciaran Burns Tony Stokes Sheila Collinge Linda Foshea Morgan Marlet Ronald Taylor cyla higley David Pearce Venetia Newbury Andy Neill steven hudson

Aine Shannon Pauline Robinson Lorraine Brown Maija Mustakallio Nicola Pryor Mary Moore Teresa Whittaker Mark Cartwright Robert Welch Penny W j owen Marco Giannerini Angela Thompson Pamela Bird christine Thomas Gian Marco Milazzo Alison Jacobson Carol Schonauer kay lynn Ian Worthington Chloe Kennedy Lee Ford Tim Wilmott Derek Emerton lyn horton frederick donaldson ESTELLE CANO Simon Corlett Andrew Naylor Helen McEachern Laura Santos Jolene Lilley val hubbard Angela Hill Charlotte Larsson Emma Attwater Suzanne Evry Joan Robertson Kerr Johnson John Archdeacon Patricia Brothwell Lilyana Srnoguy pauline Aucott Jane Ryan Suzanne Everdell Jeanette McAvoy Sara Haworth Jeannette Williamson Carole Waite John Webber Jane Robinson Eleanor Cain JAck Glanville Steve Hall Jo Oerton Oswaldo Merchor Graham Sleeman Patricia Mountney John De Valts Viv Stein Sarah Spickard Alison Oliphant Marie Turner Maureen Doyle Paula Adams Dee Bunbury-Thompson Nellie Mc Laughlin Sheila Diete-Spiff Jake Wiltshire Jeanne Robertson Margarita Wandschneider Amine Larnaout Peter Jackson Beth Gladwin Steve Fairman Michelle Chamberlain Anastasia Smith Nicola Burns Jill Owen Sandra Knight Anthony Mayer Penny Rowe Joe Nicholson T Bramley auburn synge-perrin Gwen Campbell Jackie Mckie Matthieu Claramunt john purvis Nicola Hathaway Eeva-Kaisa Jakkila Matthew Waight Helen McPherson Annalize Laing Rosemarie Fasoel Montserrat de Luna Malcolm Hara sally brofos Carolyn Pipkin Barry Lambert Bhagvati Nath Di Winterhoff Rachel Gillies William Manchester Karen Westland Kate Gosling Judy Turner-Smith John Moore Pat Snelling Tim Dean angela stone Claire Hazelwood Catherine Harding Margaret Flynn Danny Davies MARYSIA SHEPHERD Eugenia aranguiz Kingsley Newrick Tansy Troy Jacquelyn Kerr Heide Connell Margaret Bunney Bettina Rixon Henry Hayward Pauline Read Mark Andrew Hazel Rose Graham Dean Peter Mahoney Erin Cork Natalie Miles Jacques PIERRE David Trew Aileen McGinnis Jacqueline Fenn N Mills Bob Maynard Anna Tobin Kim Boucher Matthew Pascoe Derek scriminger Julie Spillman Andy Best CHARLENE BUCHAN Susan Moffat Steve Bennett Robert Hilton julian french Christine Kessler mike middlemass Alison Jaffrey Miq Kelland Gillian Hazledine Sharmila Perera Georgina Gainsley Rumana Yasmin Jonny Bosworth Susan Coverdale David Drinkwater marianne Walsh Mihaela Maghiar les greaves Donna Thornton Lorraine Morgan linda winders Amandine Grocaut Liz Brandow Doug Cheyne Barney Bardsley david williams Linda Wilcox Margaret McNulty Kevin By Shelley Balding Robert Dick Alan Chattaway Robert Proctor Charlie Wells Hilary Dickins Adrian Griffiths Angel Herruzo Peter Coverdale Beatrice Butler Estha Ferris Carol Dickens Jean, Prandy john sturgeon Jean Maskell Janet Mullarkey David Wilson Karina Tarin Zac Layton Kathy Warth Mark Wycherley Andrew Siddons George Craig Janet Phelan Maggie Holliday Julian Munns fiona pot John Wulfsohn Hailey Montemorano Elizabeth Nelson Margaret Long Jessica Reinert Peter Pauling Margot von Harlessem Rena White Jacqui Waters Laura Vivanco Nancy Harman Steve Pearcy Ralph Richardson Karen Ellington Julie Burnage Edward Pearce Dionne Jennings andrew baker Lynn Maskell David Young Ken Watson Sally Stanford Richard Lake Maggie Pearcy Teresa Guy Jill Robbins Lina Berrio ANNE ROBB Ben Southall Philip McKeswick John Pickett Mary Ellmers Holly Pender-Love R Sullivan Graeme Finch Peter Dillon ann banks karen ireland Susana Farinos Margaret Gamble Kate Wilson Lauren Richardson Barbara Higham philip Walker Christeen Anderson Lesley Roberts David Hedley Francesco Sticchi Deborah Balster Tracy Brooks Nicolette Farby Colin Milsom Dave Hilliard Benjamin Gygax ERICA HOOTON David Christie Timea Kozma Malcolm Hogarth Bonnie Collins Daphne Broad Shirley Hicks Di Hartley-Russell Robert Price Nathanael Mitchell Sabine Engel Simon Hunt Luis Marinas Sandra Hilliard Denis Baker Oliver Keyset Jane Gonin Sally Durrant Pamela Saville Joss Levy Emma Torrens Dinah MackAy Clive White Myron Montague Douglas Mainland kevin carroll Niamh Glynn Glen Hutton Susan Sunter Carla Apel Jennie Rodin Nuno Franco Ian Williams Sharon Cottington Rollo Lewis Gemma Mangan M COX Stephen Curtis Christopher Sirrell Kathleen Oyediran Olivier David Paulette Naccarato Marilyn Ricci Gillian Ridgewell Gill Savage Mrs Susan Bradley Sophia Hooton Jennifer Hagens Dom Daniels francesca biondi colin mance

Gunbritt Mars Dave Wynne-Jones kirsty brown Moira Munro Sarah Wilkinson Iona Hoyle Jane Williams barbara weixler Liz Chapman Julie Davies Keren Lloyd Brian Davis D Mills Angelic Rubalcava Colm Mac Lochlainn mark vesey Erica Riddle Ian Anderson Inara Jolley William White Simon Baker Martin Leishman Rohan Lewis Anthea Zahra Diana Al-Saadi M Read Barbara Ciuha Heather Abrahall Iain Barker anna careless Carole Breakspear Kevin Scanlan Gabriela Galbenus Stephanie Rakobane fleur croley Paula Hollings Joan Havemann Ray Eadie David Watson jack glover Alex Carulli GABRIELLA CANFIELD Vasiliki-Anna Terzopoulou Corina Michaelis Prue O’Sullivan Richard Sharratt Julie Harrison David Heslop Leon Oelofse Barry Dowe Charles Hurford Julia Gordon Donald Macdonald Susan Searle Els Van venrooy Graham Booker John Atkinson JENNIFER MACLEODGARDNER Els Wetzels-zorge Paulo Matos Clare MacMullan Mary Cozens Kaye Adams Derek Tattersall Kirsten Andrew ann spencer Ingela Andersson Janet MURCHIE Jim Foley viola amorfini lamia velagic Carlos Allen Elizabeth Housman Clive Woodman Joseph Feltus Christopher Hayes Reynier Krause Kate Green Charles Flower Ellen McMahon Marlene Anderson Kirsty Matthews Christine Truscott jean cracknell Abigail Sinclair elaine buller Aikaterini Letsiou Ashley Bradnock Neil Main Shirley White Leon Hunter Adam Bailie Edward Coleridge Kara Ord Brendan Malone Elizabeth Cridland Maria Bon Colin Harding-mutter David Marshall Dale Ablitt Sophie Debaere stephanie eraut Nichola Godwin Catriona Horey Rachel Nelson nick ball gillies mackinnon Peter Clewer Anthony Wilce A Selby Austin Heath Mohsina Tasnin Moni helena silva Paul Jarvis Barbara Patterson Miranda Macdonald Sunisha Ramlogan Gabriele Filomena Michael Rolph Barbara Brett Marie Carder Matthew Watts Barbara Hammond David Weaver Romane Can James Trimble Elaine Maynard Lisa Matthewson derrick brown Margie Abel Barbara Gutowski Mark Barthel John Callan Simon Perry Helen Collins Thomas Brown beverley martin Susana Gomes Jo Wade Scott Ward Gavin David Myra Dale Carol Head Roger Manning Trevor Millum Brian Moore Bernadette Deguara Andrea Hall Andrew Larby Lara Hooker Denice Morgan robin horsley David Brice Nicole Meyer-Charvet Vernon Batsford kyriakos hristidis Chris Mackinder Mat Hick Keith Woodcock alex rich Alison Broxton John Saltray Kelvin Kelly Jill Lovett John Stuart Smith Ann Clayden Cornell Dudley Rachel Featherstone Elizabeth Brice Roy Elsom Joanne Patton judith newton Paul Holley Nazir Hussain Chintan Aelgar Sheila Crollie Jeffery Throssell Thelma Pointer MARC DE BEL Byron H Milly Briden Beth Scott Jennifer Ford Peter Sandy Michelle Callaghan Amaldina Wells Hetty Eilander Charley Torr Pete Glastonbury ian hawker raymond dolman Richard Rhodes Sak Kubalak Richard Taylor Neil Cassar Adrian Minshull John Smithells Anne Tomlin James Whewell Michael Reynolds Mike McCool Ken Bates Sue Pavlovich Mary McCollum Jan Hicks Keith Higham Michael O’Dowd Jessica Breedt Amy Rigg Ian Oakwood Gillian Mohideen Natalie Leigh Clare Disano Daisy Jones Pamela Shaheen Liz Else Angela Watkins nina taunton Mette Barley-Davies gez wall Lucy sessions Margaret Maxwell fiona Brady Gillie Hagger Dhechen Lama Darrin King Sarah Proctor jean taylor loree moore Susan Baggett Patrick Herzog David Smith Beata Linz Alan Cooke Philipp Thornhill BARBARA ARMSTRONG VALERIE SEMEDO FERREIRA Wayne Meyer Maureen Sandilands Manon Parisot patrick wilkinson tony morris Therese Holmes Richard Neale Ann Sugden Neil Graham Sophie Guibert Paul Brading Lexi Seddon Liz Sumner Steve Jones Emma Paxton Lambrin Cholakov Ray Scott Jeanette Smith Joanie Dawid Tristan Herridge Luke Baker david mcguire Susan Brown sean lynch Isabelle Jumaux patrick dymond Bridget Mudd Dan Carare Ricardo Hernandez Corinna Calder kat sarabia Ewa Dillberg maria fekete Nick Gould ruth Lister Jill Gray s portas Victoria Little James Robertson Ann Mitchell Melanie Engelbrecht Elizabeth Allnutt Gina Bridgeland helen gough Sheila Bodey Lauren Youngs Lauren Youngs Karin Baddely Mark Robinson michael potter Vanessa Houadec Susan Shannon Anne Turner Penelope Abraham Sarah Braund Ron Bartholomew Anna Freeman Elizabeth Rushmer Greet Roebben Katherine Derbyshire Robert Wilson Simon Pugh Fiona Kirby James Hussey Bryony Tolhurst mandy collison

Patrick Goldsmith Katy Marshall Phil Gray sally daniell Hannah Beadman gary farden Alexander Fraser Elaine Henderson Alana Kiss Lauren Maxwell Christine Child Lynn O’Keeffe-Lascar Barbara McKenna Emma Smith Mike Jones Sue Carter LOUISE AMOR michele harrison Agnes Rutter Will Bessant Fiona Breen John Pritchard Barbara Davy Sabina Caracciolo Bri Ninty richard schoppler suzanne griffin Nela Cicmil Jenny Borden Lee Gaterell Sara Thompson Helen Elwes Martin Sutterby Gilda Galego Mairi Connor Chris Stanton Eric Hill Helen Gurney Alison Somerset-Ward Steve Redfearn Alfred cass Raw Anita Taylor Susan Kennedy Linda Hailstone Chris Preston Brenda Booth Maurice James Marika Sherwood Florence Devendra Anthony John sandi atherton Vanessa Beukes Jim Edmonds Mauro Cipolat-Gotet Dave Hughes Alexandra Elliott Kate Newnham Margaret Elizabeth Bebington Hamish Goodrich Brigid Hodgkinson John Ainsworth Elinor McDowall Christopher Archer Tema Dawn isabel Pountney Emma Withers C Mark Taylor Claire Wright Kate Hartshorn Diana Ballan jane lunsford Adam Phillips t foster David Stack Susan Mckay Louise Davies Tracey Nicholson Kevin Young Sandra Dil DIANNE GIBB Ingrid Huyberechts Joanna Hopkins Grant Panter Philip Mann Ellie Rogers Inga Claridge Christine Stevenson Roger Barrett Sam Evo Jan Harrington Rob Parry Will Minashi virginia Anderson Jera Edwards peter moore Claire Bryant Judy brown Julie Escott Elizabeth Ann-Marie Hulme eve tingle Alistair Suttie richard jones Nikki McGurk Janet Whybrow PHIL FODERINGHAM Hilary Bartlett David Flynn Laura Jack daniel rayson Gersende Dubourdieu Catherine Henaghan wendy giddy Mark Bickerdike Abi Finn gary filmer Judy Leonard javier gonzalo Stephen Furlong Jenny Hall Georgina Watson Michael Norris MICHAEL SMITH Robert Dempster Margaret Daly Terence McGeough Alexandru Marin Pat Worthington Terence matthews Alex Lloyd Alun Davies Mark Findlay Gill Kimber Susan Thorpe Matthew Turner Philip Hall Peter Lilley pip sears Linda Lever V Whittingham Tracey Bianciardi Patricia Garrett Russell McCreight Brian Byard Sara Breugelmans Pat Winterhoff Sally King John Mcallister Francis Garnier Elizabeth Giles Ian Doyle Phil Turnet Laura Briey Michael Johnson Anne Rutter VALERIE van laere Laurie Pollard ANTHONY BUSS Rosey Mitchell Alex Margilewski Alex Leahy Dr Tony Agathangelou Karin Hanssen Ruth Hopkins-Green Lucy McInally Tracy J Holroyd Irene Kettle Anne Brookes Gill Burton Rob Bodels Carrie Nourse P Cooper Keith Dyke Ranjan Fernando Gwyneth Hueter Kieran Johnson Richard Kail aNDY jINMAN Angela Jackson Pat Bennett Ian Ferrier C McLeod Ed Bland Jackie Brookes viv thom Sheila Merry Carol Dixon curtiss lawrence John Denby Pamela Duddin Yuri Michieletti Iris Dorville Stella Hooper Mark Kiernan Hugh Janes Daniela Fernandes Marta Erbenova bob allen Irene Quinn Tony Simmonds georgie bailey Susan Wood Karen Bannochie Marion Yandell Catherine Purkiss Linda Bannister Peter Foreman Samantha MullaneyWestwood James Agar sharon Healey Merry Hinsley susan mcauley Prue Spencer Beate Kubitz Phil Jackson Federico Bortoletto Lesley Baynton Isabelle Antonio Sandra Speak Darren Jones Lawrence Paine Roger Morton Ingrid Svensson Caroline Hawksworth Polly Milner Jenny Lord Barbara Clark Jill Dobson Alexander Bird Peter Sinclair Andrew Bean Barbara V Philip Williams Millicent Jones Sue Hague Jack Cox David Fitzpatrick Dean Mills Antonia Macarthur Paris Zarikos Brian Raine Ann Klaus Ulla Grant Michael Norrie Nick Childs Mathieu Pegard Pravina Ellis Ondine Guillaumin Dominic Elton Dave Holliday jane norris Dave Regan David Peters Peter Horsfield Sarah Thompson Lilla Wolf Meg Vincent joceleyne cotrel ANNE O’BRIEN Jamie Lee Hilary Hebron Julia Darbyshire Humera Khan Saxon Barrie Michelle Moore Lily Taylor Kirsten Euridge Helen Neat wendy miles Michal Golawski Emily Irving-Witt Rebecca Vasey Kerry Smith Simon van Dam Kerry Hather Diana Taylor Ben Palmer Jane Ioannou Heather Watts Michael Rivers Clifford Pearcey Peter Ford Hilary Dickson Nick Terdre Mike Kavanagh Victoria Melleney Ellie Baxter Clare Litt angele e Jennifer Wilson Kenneth Campbell Connor O’Sullivan damian nogas Sandra Kidd Angus Nicholson Annabelle Byrne Michel Godts Melanie Constantino Antony Phillips Natalie Chow Bridie Cole-Owens Dylan Leddington KENNETH HUDSON Hazel cook

Caleb Marsh BARBARA MURRAY Marco Windham Janet Rowe Mary Synott joanne palmer Katherine Hathway Carole Westbrook Paravidya Sington Norman Traub Virginia Antunes Janine Fozard John Stansfield lana moss Peter Dawson Jean Haines Anne Harris Jamie Clough-Murray Jane Skivington Rose Meulenbroeks Alex Wolfson Joyce Parsons joan Morse Russell Pilling Linda Masters Nadia M Veronika Simons Mags Sykes Ruth Jennings-Day Nick Simons sibylle grummitt GEMMA THOMAS Rachel Zachary Dennis Dixon Ian Skelton Andrew Hamilton Alicia Sureenawathi R H Harisan Tony Smith Anthony Gonzalez Ansley Taylor lesley foster L Brady Nicholas Holland stu harris eileen cartner Helen Soucoup Paul Cherry Vivien Idris Anne Booth David Gilbert Jill Tuck Dawn Evans Jill Ashton J Thompson Tyler Cox Irene Mathieson Sheila Yates Jean Higgins Martine Marshall Tom Murch Lucija Krauser Maureen Owen Roger Marks Rosey Lee thomas wilson Anne-marie Newsholme Keith Williams J Harris Marie MCSHANE Nicolina Brook William Lythgoe Sandra Johnson Alan Sealy carol crabtree Brian Charlton Elke Segers Patrick O’Callaghan Graham Richards Wendy Eastwell Hilde Spaeth Simon Boston Penelope Jeffries Sophie Miles Hayley Salway Isabel Clark Allana Church Richard Benger Rosalind Sharman-Ward Pat Charles Andrew Spyrou Patrick Davey Grace Distill Clive Roger Ulrike Purcell Stan Duke Mary Duncan Karen Downham S Spear Linda Johnston Ross Griffiths L Bridgwater Scott Gibson Sylvia Wood Colin Erskine Richard McHale Olivia Jackson Francesca Brkic Mary Sharp MafaldaMaria Coutinho NATHAN THOMAS Hannah Mawhinney Peter Carty Amanda Hungate Brigitte Silvestre Anthony Ferguson Emily Worrall M Hilton Barbara Muritu William Short Rita Smith Paul downie Holly Millard Julie Knight Rosanna Sciandru Laura Tovar Penny Black Trevor Darragh Susan Gairdner colin Revell Anne Heller-Murphy Pat Windle Eileen Nolan Beth Thomas Nat Bolonkin Jerry Foley N Dixon Maggie Eisner julie Whitfield roland evans Fred Dicks Nathalie Stringer Thomas McCullough Carl Taylor Andrew Fisher Jean Cunningham Helena Poldervaart Marion McAdam Rita Ackroyd Jesse Loncraine Hannah Bryce Graham Wooding Daniel Wright Eleanor Norman Doris Morgan JP Gareth Steel Nikki Downes andrea collares Colin Moran Peter Hodson Kate Couldwell Iain Pert Jeffrey Anderson John Costello John Darling RITA TEIXEIRA Sian Walters Frances Bell Jacqueline Roberts C Francis Docherty Trevor Jeffries Howard Finch Wendy King Keith Hughes Christine Kearney Frances Barrett Marcela Maldonado Sarah Winn Emmanuel Ducroz Christine Edwards Margaret Lowe Lauma Kalke tonyt Jones Sallie Lloyd-Jones HELEN KHADR Andrea Hammersley Caroline Roberts Ann Hancock Barbara Fauset Veronica Stewart Maurice Brice Jennifer Smyly Wynna Eva BENEDEK Dalglish Harry Baxter susan cherry Teri Gleeson Raquel Scarpa Julia Ratcliff dean brown Lorraine Tillett Sharman Dransfield Catherine Richardson Sanveer Bhullar Bill Gorrie Laurie Steffler George Maidens Michelle Lattimer Holly Black Silva Rogers Alexander Blackburn Gillian Lambe Claire Glaser matt sherwin ian sinclair Robin Hobkirk Elaine Miller Jean-Paul Boyer Graham Huntington Gill Barnard Jasmin Welch Brian Deane Brian D’Arcy Pamela Chown Joyce Shakeshaft Stephen Grimes michael platt Margaret Wright Lisa Pavesi Mark Raven Hazel Lucas Treena Livesley Paul Carter Paul Jennings John Golding Tara Scholten Gillian Maher Jane Burnett Georgiana Penner charlotte wray Benjamin McNutt Fiona Clark June Nutter Radomir Stankovic Luke Robson Giovanni Tedesco David Beck Freedom Maucorps Caroline Taylor Carl Palmer kim prangley Rosalind Brewer jan white geoff crompton Kally Dunn frances sharman Denise Morell Glenys Roberson Valerie Young Angela Louch Phoebus Apostolides Judy Simms Chris Bonham Alison Humby Antti Hamalainen Jane Finch Jayne Kite Caroline Finch Janet ward Aaron M Peter Laherty Sharon Tarr Roma Scott Luke Scott Kerry-Ann Baeron steven hogan Suzanne Pryde Clare Jones Tom McNeish romed bucher Josh Kelly MARK LANGLEY Adele Hammond bom MADDEN Marion Nolan John Hodson Helen Stayte Paul Allan alexandra athanassouli Amanda Bright Helen Stewart Ruth Ortiz Peter Rixon Robert Charlton Robin Bannister Barry Steen Suzanne Dobson Georgina Marczak Leonard Wilcox R van Os Warren Griffiths Christine Farrow Alex Thompson Tony Compton

Chris Blewitt Frances Upton Luca Biscozzo Anne Jones Anna Lacks Wendy O’Ferrall Jenna Gray Caroline Grant Megan Thomas Mark Tate-Smith Antony Dumskyj Anthony Tutt Amy Haines Vienna Shilling emily murray Janette Baarman Robert Creamer David Bradford Glenda Sturman John Simpson Mario Cavalli Dee Martin Vaughan Hill Richard Bacon Lucy Hinds Lucy Stubbs Edwina Lashbrook Frances Corr Catherine Weetman Vanessa Wildon michael gelber Adrian Dragos Sian Williams david smith Roger Dyer Patti Horsnell Ann Kelly jac kilby Susan Davies Theresa Smith Stephen Samuelson Vivien Cruickshank Ethan Newton-Hamer P Martindale Samantha Hancock Jon Preston Jerry Page Simon Curtis Janice Brown Elaine Baker Katharine Church Lawrence Wragg Lanier Hines Paul Wilcock Zarina Juhlin yolanda schultes James Fitzmaurice Rupert Williams Helen Evans Hayrunisa Pelge patrick caden Paul Tipler Ben Carr Janice Jarvis Leon Shaw Ve Wright LINDA CAWOOD Carol Bartholomew Liz Leach Pauline Rorke Becky Rankin Barry Colam P Black chris geal Mark Symonds Ellie Williams Tessa Kirk Krystyna Sargent Carol Burrows Fiona Gerry Marissa Zoppellini Sylvia Block William Alexander Young Lesley Gorman Anna Harris Stephen Barnes Amber Atkinson Elizabeth Back Sonia Waddell Amanda Carter Glyn Plevin Millie Munn james Hall jill evans R.K. Merrifield Raymund Mattinson Peter Meyer Christopher Salisbury Lauren Richards Emma Wilson Elin Coper Claire Beesley Rosemary Sprenger Jan Nemec Paul Muskett Sue Rose Peter Amodio Anneliese Meyer Kieran Sutherland Rebecca King Susan Bland Chris Bell Michael Beaton Belinda Hager Francisca De Iriarte Echegotyeb JOHN RUSSELL Pamela Dicer Karen Moison Jayne Shaw Louise Ross-Meering Suat Ogutcen Judy Davey Denise Wyllie Bert Beaumont Bridget Macedonski Maria Thompson Kev C z Awan Helen Wilks Miranda Cnattingius Nicholas Eddey Polly Homeybone John Tacon Cristobal Garcia Sheila Paterson paula serodio caroline kalberer Rachel Trevallion Barbara Marshall Margot Messenger Jackie Dodd Adrian Fairhead Jacqui Jarosy Andy Lynn Judith Loxton d drummond MARGARET O’REILLY Ed Freemantle Rupali Nahar ian long Shona McWilliams Roberto Daniele Cadili Chris Littlehales Milli Barot allan moore Sadie Cooper Ian Thomas Paul Tighe Jim Barton Pauline Mackintosh Clare Marshall Rosie Hayward Leanne Evans Chloe Singleton Jon Noakes Wendy Sorby sandra mcfall Oliver Copeley-Williams J Toase Wendy Clough Patrick Samphire Thomas Ambrose Cynthia Robinson patricia harris Amanda Goody Miriam Stoppard ILIGANOA FULULUPE Leota Ah Poe Vicki Mills Susana Andrade Sally-Ann Simpson malcolm Yates Pamela Mackintosh Brian Brian Saxby Isabelle Moser Lucy Daniels Lynn Allen bos claudine Julie Bowes Grace Alexander Catherine Cresswell ELIZABETH THODAY claire smith David Moore Victoria Shaw Stuart Reeds Lisa Burrow Joanna Barnes Margareta Riccoboni Federica Melania Orsini Tom Deane Karen Liebreich Nadia Richardson Julie Drew Roy Polley Linda Laverty David Edmondson Jonathan Haste Cordelia Zafiropulo Laurence Wright Jeff McDermott Jean Elliott Sarah Cobden-Ramsay Christopher Wilton Christine Freeborn Margaret Turner Mark Gladwell Ann Pope Stephen Aynscough Priscilla Westcott Karen Iredale Jennny Wainwright Chris Daykin Roger Dunthorne Mark M Giese William Laverty Chris Lewis Sue Cuthbert John Fitzpatrick Bettina Ertl Gemma Bowers Paul Hatfield Richard Moss Lee Perkins Margareta Holmstedt Kerry Edwards Kathryn Davie Lorraine Chatfield Jamie MacManaway Nick Luce Stuart Lilly Naomi Preston Andy Gough Mikel Linnett Alison Sealey Keith Hodgson Christine Moore Dermot Haran James Craighead Mary Thurgate Annie Beswetherick Mike Linnett Valerie May vivien chadwick Tom Greenwood Hilary Steer Rebecca Stephens Teresa Vernon Dave Rendle CHRISTINA SOLI ii Marianne Nichols Liz Barton ii Clive Boaden ALISON WARING val Vizor Martha Infray ii PILAR SANTORUM Phoebe Ravenhall Alan Goodkin abigail wright Deb Mortimer Melissa Clancy becca clube Jamie Palmer Benjamin Sawicki Lyn Goodkin Felicity McInnes Laura Higginbottom Jane King Antony St. George Barry Staff Chrissie Lowe Ros Young Graeme Reid John Pinnington Elizabeth Brierley Stephen Cornforth robert preston Ann McNeill Alex McMaster Desmond Morrogh-bernard Claudia De Battisti Jean McPherson Nelida Rubio Cornelia Klein Astrid Laich Sa Be S Keddie Mike Pearey kim allan Patricia Moore

Fraser Mclean Cecilia Hassel Lorna Extence Airinne Ryan Annie Gothard Joan Jones Penny Tolson Liz NUTTING Julia Heard-smith Lucy Christie Patrick Collins Valerio Beccacci Heike Zander Carol Stent Christopher Rigg Mo McCauley Rebecca Davies sue winkett anne sneddon Hazel Cohen Richard Hales Victoria Aldridge Clare Leonard john hughes Christopher Haskell Rebecca Pritchett Jan Deck Laura Kormos Tim Pegler Camilla F- Green Michael Reissner meghan horan Chris Brayer Andy Hurst maria stallmann Geraldine Spencer Lyn Tuer Susan Daniel Frederick Bunker James ONions Mal Jones Anne Bond Alan Millington amanda Foster Ellen Davie _eljka Skok Richard Raggett Barbara Heart Marie Midlaw Lynne Perera Rose Bellwood Kevin Longbon Hilary Kerr Norbert Borsi Jason Murray Antonia Murphy Fenella Wrigley Alexander Tierney srijani bhattacharya Alan Marston Sarah Aref David Garman Stephen Theophilus Pamela Hampshire Roeland Vandemoortele Lorraine Smith Celia Jones Deborah Perkins Alma Vickers Barbie Lillywhite Frank Lund Philomena Hoeh Mary Botham julie rodriguez Ammorkoh Barnor Jose Valente valerie crofts Lucy Siddall Hannah Damant Michaela Nash Gabrielle Chadwick Robert Walter susan bowden Helen Turner Tessa Michael Terence Harjula Andrew Cuskelly Caroline Bragg John Henry Stewart Cunningham GIZELLA KOVATS Elizabeth Deller Stuart Gardner Pat Shroff Karen Prescott Patricia Wootten Ged Mayers Nalini Paul Lesley Payne hilda doherty Louis Chambers Richard Aitken Ali Fletcher Nancy Rotecki Daniel Grimes surya hope Alan Thorpe J Thomas Peter Bearman Claire Bennett Minna Barnes Veerle DS Felicity Baker Carl Campbell Jenny Noble Narinder Bassi William Webb Claire Evans susan traves antonia gutman HELEN paling Jonathan Hinkins jayne winfield Diane Skinner alan camfield Caroline Burgess-Pike Patricia Boardman Emilie Jacob Ross Carter Jo Clarke Christopher Riches Cathy Reuben Carol Williams P WOODWARD Keith Jones Stephanie Crowe Antoaneta jenner FERRAN G. Prat Rose Fordham Kathleen O’Neill David Valentine Ken Halliwell Kate Osborne Nick Ball Tea Weima Alyson Fisk Kathrin Siegmund Jesus Cordoba Simon Platt Aiden Atkin David Kennedy Mel Davies Birthe Steinhilb Sandra Timms Gisela Brimstedt Sue Ingram Peta Moss Charlotte Jones Sharon Gray Lee Cheeseman Sarah Arnall Peter Brash Charlotte Hopkins Janet Mattacks Richard Beales David Estabrook Simon Capewell Mark Ward Ian Allso Joost de Folter tony muncey Thomas McIntire David Mitchell Jennifer Wakeling Kathrine Porter vivien boyns Lynne Sweetman Sally Shave LAURA FERGUSON Neil Savage Dorothy Beechers Lynn Gorman Vincent Heald Jody Irving Holly Gould Parashar Kumar Angela Ottaviani Steve Prosser Janna Aljoubory Jenni Bird LB Helene Singer Katrin Kels PIPPA ROSEN John Newman Martin Kerby Simon Piotrowski Helene Partl Rosi u. Zang Daniel Dunmore Carlos Alberto Robert Frank Oliver Singer Wolfgang Zang Nicola Gates Duccio Sanesi Maureen Marsh Tashi Wainwright Geoffrey Bragg Jackie Duffin Rebecca Ridolfo Ann Cooper Stewart Wade Nicholas kremer Sarah Grierson Vojin Jankovic Tony Flavell Nina Saikkonen Joy Morris zeka viola Catherine Brickwood Julie Binchet Helen Rushforth Sue Kirkby Pat Parkin Mary Mathison Steven Canning Natalie Lowe rosa AIlles c robins Daniela Garlaschelli Jill Stubbington Mariessa Fossey Anna Avery B Davies Ben Cater Chris Rodgers penelope wheeler Vivien Sherwin Hanif Omar Pam Jolley Emma Feltham Antony Loizou Bob Shelley Martin Purkiss Denise Conroy Ceri Love Adrian Mitchell David Meek Cameron Tyson Joy Edwards Christine Ironfield-Smith Danielle Machado Brian O’Shea Susan Hilliard Penny Bridgeland Anthony Howell Sylvia Bain Imogen Withers Fiona Chisholm-Woods Beth Stroud philomena fidele wendy loader Theresa Coen Frances Raino Jules Crouch Susan Wingate Richard Mantle valerie Singleton OBE Mike Pattinson-Phillips Nigel Smith maura ryan Graeme Luke Rosa Amelia Duenas Vibeke Sjovorr Victoria Matson JULIET ADHAM jane howell Katharina MacInnes beverley Morrison Simon sutcliffe Jan Helle sylvia oakley Catherine Yie Tony Paterson anna williams Sacha Heath Emmi Itaranta Clare Holroyd andy McDonald Linda Woodhouse steve handsaker Carol Evans Anna Baidoun Mhairi Allen david lincoln Shelagh Booth Edna Gilmour Emma Papworth Anne Minchinton Vivien Daglish Peter Sturgess Alain Buchaillard Glynis Dovey Richard Shervington

Pamela Sladek Clive Kirkbride Graham Reeder Fiona Weaver Simon Middlemast CLIVE BOYLE Beatrice Adie Dave Parry Bel-Ami Margoles Sally Duns Tony Braimbridge Linda Collins Jennifer Healey gerald abrahams Janet Woodall Dominic Giles joan breese Marilyn Shone Elaine Molloy Sherman Wong Paul Murphy Gisela Auschra paul stewart Suzanne Ackland Daniel Burns Gillian Tait chris Ferris Kristine Vaaler Miia Suuronen Alan Greer Margaret Robinson Benjamin Kock Athina Peter Josie Ingram James Armstrong JAMES COATES Julie Vassiliou Lindsay Gibson Catherine Apps Janie Dent Barbara Orme Anthony Haslam Helene McAllister Brisn Lancastle Doug Orme Mark Wilbourn Brian Lancastle Heather Kinsella Moira White Celina Fagg Denis Creaghan Pamela Horne Angelika Wohlfarth Ian Seabrooke Margaret Pietroforte Valerie Pate Carol Tombe val horton Maureen Harrison Nicolas Seulin Peter Wolstencroft Janet Cliff John Clark Valerie Saunders Melanie James Nicki Blackburn Nathan White william mckeand Edith Thompson SIMON FOLKARD denis hawkins Rachael Surridge Alison McCavana Judith Bellis Janet Jeffries Joel Trupin Alisha Kamran David Ronald Lloyd Marc Verlot Fred Gunning Jo Kemp Deborah Davis Virginia Flynn Chris Osborn Matilda Bryant David Ashworth Katrina Evans Tony Degerdon Lindsey Watson Susan Yates Andrew Terry Jamie Gunning Adrian Lupton Terry Rowell kathy catchpole janine Haciane Helen Tovey Daniel Lehmann Andy Terry Andrew Jayne Rita Kiss DEREK WORRALL John E Hart Peter Childs Gregory Wright Amy Scott June Dunn Susanne Gustafsson Barbara Gabrys Natalie Cooper Denise ward Tallis Bunn Sharon BEAVAN Janet Rogers Caroline Amos Aileen Richmond-Shaw Deb MacLeod Neena Beeharry Alan Bowman Rebecca Speich Leon Durie Rebecca J Nina Housley Paul Crabb Elaine Talbot Judith Williams David Ellis Joanne OReilly Claire Porter Martina Puglisi Sue Crowe Christopher Ardington Katie Ghali Michael Cherry Ernesto Abad susan cobb Jane Church Katy Hale Lindsay Watkins John Hancock Neil Browning Betty Swift willem kom Chris Chapman Sarah Jarrett Katja Abel Araci Silva Chhaya Dobson Elizabeth Hunt Katie ABU Sue Jones Diane Cadman Gail Thompson Francoise Carre Elisa Boni Barbara Wicks Robin Hague Margaret Manning Karen James Karen Bromley Diane Harrott Arjan de Jong Susan Matthews Fiona MacDonald Colin Slator Jan Cogge Andrew North manuela wolter Luka Cassidy Georgie Johnston Agatha Van Doesburg Chris Botha Auvo Kosonen Lynn irvine Georgina Towers Jane Farrell-Brooks GEORGE JEFFERY Bev Archer kevin Fitmaurice-Brown Paul Greenhalgh Hannah Wright Shaun Steiner-Goldberg Steve Franklin Ken Limb Glenda Perryman Lorenzo Avery ESTHER SYDNEY Kathy Griffiths Jonny McCullagh Filipe Rego Mario Emon Cynthia Franke Pat Ki Tomos Mac Mark West Gerhard Reischl Mathieu DENIS Peter Baker Rosalind Smith Sheila Roberts Alison Cooper Raven Perez Aby Harrison Barbara James kinsa Dicks Caroline Freestone Steve Worth Yvette Roles Marion Hill Stephanie Warning James Templeton Carol Jones Pete Burgin Patrick Treherne Susan Barron Mary Marshall Craig Evans Naomi James John Adams Rebecca Taffs Susan davies Carol Dibbens Richard Hodson Judith Stevenson Martin Bellamy Hilary Haynes Richard Kedie J Carter Gordon Percy Marie Hodson Michael White Helen Beale Norman Springett Jillie Hewitt Christine Ader Maria Thompson Hebe Hurford vic roden Simon Lieberman Glennie Kindred Terence Barnett Jane Chapman Jan Killip Tara Murray Judith Peal Pamela Holland Carole Lymer Paul Waller bellinda rolf-jansen Andrea Whisker Hayley Sydes Judith Nagy Jeannie Redlich Cristina Barbosa Kirsty Mccallan Lanelle Lovelace Kam Malekzai Natalie Hamilton Neil Hodkin Elaine Williamson margaret seaton Keith Harvey Zofia Myszkowski Diane Gleadall Rob Wood Christine Brackley Nicola Gaunt Dan Philo Jennifer Rogers Janet Stone Walter Scott David Norman Susie Hyde Sonia Hartman Angela kavanagh Sandra Almenberg Henrique Capela Julie Deacon T Savage Nea Pelkonen Lydia Beddoe Bente Petersen Eva Kuper Jill Faulkner Jonathan Evans-Jones Lewis Stewart Paul Atherton Marie Harvey Mike de Chenu Timothy Hinchliffe Axel Vogt Susannah Hirst Kate Stewart Jacintha Manchester STEPHANIE DE MARIA Anntoinette Kelleher Annie Fitzgerald Keith Fuller Robert Higgins Cynthia Hodkin Danielle Rowlands Dan Stewart Carol anne Farrall Florencia Liori Tony Joyce

Eleanor Hayes Mike Jackson Phil Haynes Sarah Tricklebank Alison Grunewald Anthony Grice Katie Parford Evelyne Gauthier Mike Lowe Bernard Deacon Carole Richards Veronica Howard Kerry Carmody Annie Van den berg Christopher Dixon Tim Knight Jessika George Phillip Oliver jacq edmonds Tom Farmer Annie Swift David Baxendale Kim Wylam jenny smith Eryka Wessell Beverley Draig Luke Samuels Michael Smyth Julie Williams Pam Cowburn Jane Baker Eleanor Williams Maria Koulouri Joanne Simpson rob mckinnon Atlanta Cook Claire Rawsthorn C PROWER sally barling Tracey Clarke Paul Martin Emmy Gibbs Carine Bruy A Puza Jan Coppelmans Susan Kirkwood Samuel Howard Janet Greenhalgh Ian Smithers Christine Mace Calvin Falkenbridge Miriam Hastings Teresa Lawford Helen Wallace Orion Hale Amy Pedder Linda Clark Andrea Ives Grant Foreman Aluce De grey Rosanna Gouthwaite Teresa Hayes Ebonee Gregory Dr S West-Jones Ross Dunn Simon Lucas David Hayes Kayla Layton Sarah Foster Maggie Organ Sarah Chapman Louisa Wilkinson Dawn Beckley Roger Durgan john ferguson Georgina Weller Alison kjellstrom Keith Webb nigel barber Monika Rohlickova Moi Moi Winifred J Haslam Me Me Kerrie Curzon Thomas Woods Lee Boyes Esperanza Ruiz Olavide Sheena Ford Karron Lovatt-Fraser andrew thornton John Winstanley Dalibor Warburton Marina Dorelli Michael Wills Jennifer Hubbard Adam Neather Rachel Williams Charlotte Collett Alex Maitland Caroline Cade Sayan Kent Mei Yuk Wong Gerry Delbourgo Margaret Jones John Stevenson Louise Cox Hollis Lansford DEBORAH BURTON Andrew Smith Joan Haran Linda Morris Kevin Devers Katherine Naylor Tamsin Balmer Lisa Pirie brigitte de cuyper Jane Christie Tim Dight Linda Rowson Chris Collier Anna Szuminska jentsch tadjana gillian fitzgerald Kevin O Shaughnessy Jan Wright Dot Vellame sean penycate@ Maria Elena Candilio Dawn Thorpe stan chandler Caroline Mackay David Turnbull Rafael Macedo adrian mercer Susan Perutz Tony Tarrega Dimitrios Staikos Judith Clarke Calvin Wright Colin Bickerton Susan Sutton Penny took Deborah Wakefield richard kane Lucy Lewis Raven Neill Andrew Harding Colin Archer Elizabeth Wiebe Zoe Thomson Neil Middleton David Perry Robin Lee Jennifer Cartmell neil walker Manleen Kaur Dawn Ochiltree Giovanna Marshall Jennifer Whiteside Christopher Radford George Knights Nick Masterson Will Binfield Jenny Quiggin Barbara Crawford Clive Sieling tove Nisson Huntley Denise Spalding Heidi Wiener Helen Bulmer Alan Lofthouse james mac cafferty Elizabeth Allen Ros Bristow Jeannette James Thomas Williams john miller Hannah Kilpatrick Jane Jones Dan Corren Paul Burrell Charlotte Brough Nic Perrins Luke Wells Bilba K EJ Longhurst carmen serrano john ashton Christopher Campbell Gertrude Bongaerts Julie McMullen-Kerr Andrew Lyburn Linda Wood Carol Vile Barry. Baker Elaine Arundel Darren Hayden imelda daly Sandra Browne Jayne Jordan Antoinette van den Braak Gordon Batsford Hazel Merridew Ray Regan Martin Langer chris nasta Stuart Warren Irene Ellis Rosalie Faithfull Robin Clark Chris Jenkins Hannah Alban Anne Houston Angelika Schluetter oli Habring William Read Anita Marler Adam Cowler Leslie Baxter Jacqui Bird Keegan Roberson Susan Stone Ruth Garwood Alex Cooper Stephanie Fearn Maria Tomar Maggie Pearson Yanai Postelnik Alexia Tibbs David Webb Sylvie Ries Carole Bishop A. Benoit Stuart Daniel Nichola Crabtree Alice Millar-Thompson Wayne Greaves Mark Fenn Millicent Sillince Oli Rogers Sandra Arapoudis Carol Brookes Matthew Barney Linda Giles Angela Honeysett Sara Laksimi Norman Willcox G Purrmann Ian McLean Lucy Dartford Chris Wilsher Martin Heywood sheri costas Ann Murdoch Andrew Bennett Caroline Danson ian cory Alexandra Machray Elise Quick Lisette van Kemenade patrycja pawluk Paul Scully mary teresa jopan smith Shaun Trendel Vidar Sandin Yvonne Burnett R Marshall Stephen Rogers Jacqueline Parkins Andrei Vasile Pauline Haynes Margaret Bell Mary Bennett John Corbett sue hockey Pauline Rignall Christina Kingstone Carol Baxter Sue Churchill Emily Levitt Trevor Griggs Harry Debie Flo Maclellan Veronica Palacios Chris Brickwood Synnove Vassiliades Isidora Van Brussel Keith Carr sheila edwards Sian Lawson-Blake Sarah Kimber Carole Brignell Eris Yeates Philippe Simon Mary Scullane Dilys Lynch Harriet Horniman S Parish Vanessa Graham Alan Lewers Stella Solloway Michael Brookes Marjorie Rolfe Suna May

David Hill Michael Yeomans Antonio Di Muro Robert Pavitt Stephen Thompson Steven Browning Helen Parker David Pritchard Wendy Salvin dave russell Christina Elliott Karen Wolf Rosemary Thompson P M A Carthew GARY WESTON Iva Kocikova Joan Holland Myrtle Ashmole Adam Goldstein Hazel Sharrad Emma Fisher lee solomon Nicolas GERARD Liam Conway Neill Coulson-Bisiker Gianluigi Furlan steven chipps Michael Nicolle David McCann Pamela Kelly J Gill Scott Clark James Coleman robin witt Tony Morris Usheila Robinson Nicholas Greenwood Dean Coles Janet McCulloch Hannah Metcalfe Christine Voyce John Bruton Marianne0 Nichols Bob Bowden Angela crane sherry vosburgh Miroslav Pavlovic kris h John Barnes Jan Arild Kvamme Jenny Brierley Karen Gentleman john chapple Karen Parsons Paul Relf Richard Sherratt lee fisher Elliot Ferryman-Avery Ad Hougee Andrea Taylor Alexander Grant Richard White Geraldine Dykes gill walshaw Charlotte Reid Margaret Grant Sergey Dehtyarev Trevor Bonham Jenny Dampha Gary Hall Elizabeth Williams Jane Leavey Mark Leather Marcela Arzaluz Ornelas C Woollett Daniel Orders Ronald Ratner JE Hoyes Paul Gulliver Mike Douglas Sean Hegarty George Williamson Mark Fulker Heather Smith Thomassen Michael Chetcutu Chris Rudd Peter Sharman Gregory Warren Melania Padilla Steven Gale Kay Lyon Nadia Hussain C Batty Nic Conway Salma Haidrani Anna Lafontaine Vincent McGhee Heinz FLICKSCHUH jean wilson Lisa Ekenberg Michelle Pilley Mandy Cran Ann Lowe Alison Chaplin Steve Poynton Mark Mackintosh Stephen Wright Gillian Bricknell Daniel Mackintosh Mark Dearden Hennie King Alan Ross Dr Vivienne Coleman Carolien Van der Sluis walter McLean Cormac Cullinan Leenken Vervliet hannah tooley Gilbert Murray Valerie Wallis Sam Rowsell Nerina Onion Adam Harper Joelle Tyrant Richard Rose Mike East Hilary Palmer Carole Wills Carol Graham JAINE CURRIEN Melita De matteis Janet Draper Josue Febles Anouska Kent Christina Jones stan Smith David Rees Patrick Full Richard Cannell Steve Youle Judit Prieto Margaret Sloan Monica Findley Kate Doyle Lawrence Folland Bryne Wilson Patricia O’Dea Ruth Monfries sarah macdiarmid Simon Heymans Rosemary Futcher Crouzet Laure Philly Allsopp LORRAINE CALVER Martin Wren andrew dimoglou Jenny Thorne Rupert Connor Meirion Rees Stuart Kibble Dawn Weston Deb McKie Chris Faulkner Lynne Emeny Sabrina Bordin Ryan Adams will Penfold eg Thomas Newman Pamela Howarth Gillian Corble Wanda Brito barry drew Abi Johnston Hanna Cuno Jane Jarzebowski Alison Schmeinck SAMUEL PETYAN Elaine Gould Patricia Lardner July Ash Sally Ghiot George Tunney Elizabeth Fincham Nicola Craddock Richard Redman Mathieu Meulen Jacqueline Van Bommel Tod McClarin David Martin Anna Anderson Eve Cowell Valerie Shepherd Carla Amodio david rowe Michelle Featherstone Erkan Lund Helen Emerson Steph Ogden Steve Walters Pauline Brooke Marta Garcia Lorna Metcalfe Iain Salmons Jerry Lockspeiser Elaine Chaleyssin Una Walsh Ian Brener David Webber Helen Seligman Linda Dale Angela Holmes Christine Chambers Veronika Blues Stephanie Tofield Suzanne Donaldson Arve HANSEN Elizabeth Edsell Sally Ashley David Hallworth Susan Kasper Linn Austli Malcolm Fisher Frazer Spence C Stead william stoddart Jessie Gibbs Kenneth Dickinson Malcolm Mudie Derk Lebbink Cathy Benfield D Power Sue Wallace Robert Redmond Raven De Bonaire Viviane Langner Helen Fox Wolfgang Siegel Anne Eardley Kristiina Owen Catherine McManmon Albertus De Boer Mark Bemand Inderjit Kumar TERENCE PEARSE Nigel Ward Samantha Hendry Audrey Henley-McCarthy Sandra Palmer Sabine El Morr Charlie Watts Elizabeth Wood Adrian Jones CAROL JOHNSON jenny irvine Daniela Marzola Leanne Mullineux Luke Bramley john barraclough lindi guise Andrew Coker Iona Barr Stuart Hill Lucy Fletcher Anna Dixon Armando Lopez Alison White Hajnalka Manyi Helen Norton Ian Fullbrook Christopher Hall MONIKA CARO Tom Howie Sue Buck miranda williams Karen Higginbottom Is oboe Armstrong Ted D’Amico Graeme Smith Linda Miller Joanna Canton Long Brendan Duffin Lorane Phipps Lena Schibel-Mason ALISON WESTWOOD Christian Sampaolo Brycchan Carey Gillian Lee K McBurney Linda Gregory vernon robinson George Young MRS A Walker Lynne Hemingway Jane Caplan K Diann Duthie Christine D’Amico Patrick O’Donohoe Elisabeth Goell Neil Moynihan sue jones-davies Adam Fraser Cherionna Menzam Heather Mitchell Binks Edmonds

sylvia Matthews Eileen Donovan Richard Davies Christoph Irion Petra Salonen Lesley Morgan Anna Taborska Evelyn Turk Kate Handford Lynda Ramsay Josie Gritten Nisha Samuel Andy Hewitt Sam Segal Odete Pinto Sally Dalzell Paul Russhard Karl Redlich Christine Shepherdson Karen Sutton Sarah Walton Isla Sweet Donald Colman glenn Westwood april radford Jane Lillie Colin Varney Michelle Valencia Scott Harris Paul Gill Julia Black Angela Strachan Joanna Jolley ANNE MCKERNAN Josephine Jackson Nicole Loh Luis Otero CLAUDETTE BOYD Sarah Bennett Kim Weston Arnold nean powell Phill Escritt Annie Hurn Lesley Lane Peter Moonan Abbie Calvert Meriadoc Clarke Graham Crane Tony McKinley Ann White Coleen Thomas Matthew Kidd Gillian s PETER RUTHERFORD martin smith Mary Dwyer Rex Graveley Mark Brown Amanda Lawrence Mary Collerton Nick Jones Laura Walton Vicky Cann Justine Ives Tracy Smith Richard McCandless Buff Skillman Andrew Deards Raymond Jowett Wojciech Poplewski Mary Williams Mike Brown Shirley Rumbol Jane King Chris Blower Eva Melander anna Nickless Sandra Labram Alexandria Burch Madeleine Markey Chanella Bacon Jan Guettler Phillip Dowson Margaret Wigley nick chaz Angela O’Donnell Regina Fattorini Mary Roantree Tricia Palk Jenny Foster Penny Evans Janina Jost Mark Herrington Geoff Wadsworth winifred iley mervyn ball Linda Sheppard Ian Smith Keith Obbard Chris Dyke cristina pereira Haylee Erasmus lindi guise Roberta Sakalauskaite Laura Gardner Ruth valiant Matt Jolly Gay McDonagh Tommaso Rovatti Studihrad Robin McGeever eddie aerts Jutta Brayne Trent Castro Hales Steele Russell Thorne Sharon Saunders Nicola Adams Jonathan Jeffreys Christopher Calver josh bearn David McKnight marina coriolano-lykourezos Paulo Antunes ann hill PR Wickenden LIAM POLLARD Lian Hutson Ben Tallon Anne Richardson Robert GILL Clive Richoux Noelia Garcia-Rojo Padilla Leanne Seymour Tom Hayek james Kane Andrew Greathead Harriet Chudry V P Kelly Harriet Coles Catherine Tuffrey Mariah Hocking Gail Craig Georg Wortberg Lois Stephens Shahilla Barok Graeme Coils Patricia Hill maria teresa teixeira J Harris Emma Smart Jackie Brown Julie Ann Baker Rosalinde Schon Kathleen Guest Mariana Paoli T Warburton Martin Mowbray Leda Parker Tara Woolnough Silvio Scicluna Babatunde Busari Mike Stearne Daniel Hogburn Bengt Spade Debbie Worswick Margaret Freeburn Elizabeth Reynolds eoin murphy marc cohen Clive Eccleston Adrian Barrie Keith Lenahan Jen Smith Estefania Dominguez Toby Hull Maria Pinal Trashorras Beryl Watson Judith Cohen Michael Reynolds Judith Vinnicombe Emma L Griffin Jannine Bushell Rosemarie Gale Jayan Pillai Kristiina Erla Dominique Berland Dena Pugh Mariet de Jongh Alan Cooper Sheila Gallagher Eileen Ridgewell John Jenks Phil Thomas Monika Desai Gilly Brewer James May Caro Merle Frances Bunting Barry Shaw Helen Lovegrove Brenda Clarkson Catherine Macgregor caroline organ Katherine Henry Louise Field Michael Boyd Lesley Farrell shindy sekhon Patricia Boogaerdt Marco Canizares Edoardo Abati Maureen Cockburn Doreen Marterer Neil Hopwood Brian Bunar Quintin Chown Peter Drustrup Louise Lees Ruben Fredrickson Virginia Fassnidge kenton chan SUSAN PEARCE Ashley Crawford leanne jeffreys Janet Mirams Rachel Ketley AGNES BARBER janet redfern Lucy Mitchell Saliane Anderssen Chloe Stewart John Tracey Jean Voyle Loretta Neyman bruce Lane Kathy Hill Deborah Wales Sandra Cassels Carol Ventura Louise Green theresia Guschlbauer Moya Winter Susan Homer Alan Brown susan clarkson Bill O’Neill Kim Endres Luke Berry Diana Gauton John Powney Andrew Barnes Mandy Leathers Felix Aguilera pauline whittaker Jill Fuller Michael Watts Heli Matilainen Sheila Sinclair Elaine Gillard Ian Dennis Tomasz Wilczynski j Boardman Lindsey Tindall Fenella Vokes Hilary Fenten leslie cleaver Gill Coleman Jess Dennis Leon Powell Marino Jayasuriya Jerry Moreton Elisabeth Linder Philippe Moison Alan Macrae Mercedes Fonfria Barrie Morris. Morris590@ Miriam Sharland Jen Bronsdon Natalie Nesbitt Christine Clarence Margaret Richardson Chris Rance Barrie Morris Radina Tahtadzhieva Mark Walmsley CHRIS NEALE Anna Lee Bruce Garley Eleanor Smith Mrs Poole Richard Saddington Kimberley Cowell Emma Gibson Glynis Quinlan Villo Muha Jenny Filby Robert Youens Michelle McGrath Gemma Pringle Csaba Bencze paul rogers Mette Feilberg Chris Sutton Karma Brown

Pam Jones Mick Haddock Rebecca Stevenson John Freeman Jocelyn Guilhaumaud Sue Cuff Candace Gledhill Lynn Bruce Rosanna Zabeth Audrey Coldron Toby Jones Anita Almond Joseph Doman Meg Coles Chris Baines Laurence Kitchinson Eric Nash Andrew McGowan Jonathan O’Keeffe Amy Squire Robert Monk Colin Workman Michelle Baillon Pernille Munch Jyoti Virdee Janine Greaves l Tracey marian stockley Mandy Gault Jeanne Jardine Sarah Cooke Janice Henry Carol Mills Iain Williamson Greg Hill Kiyomi Okabe Maggie Calder Jan Hamilton Christine Ridley Vaughan Goddard William Thomas Helen Mcgreary Cheryl Bromley Louise Blake C Haigh Delphine Holman Lisa Knapp mar Guedes Elena Viar Jean Reading Benedikte Laursen Soraya Ciccarone Dr Nigel Speight Gregg Parsons ian webb Astrid Arlt Daniel Armstrong Kelly Collins Micheline Cote Bamford Diana Simpson Julia Orr pat baillie Alice Fortes Peter Green Valerie Whitworth Mrs E M Kane Michelle Tunstall Lydia Mitchell D F Marshall Nancy Tocze Jean Ritchie Rachael Sharkey Betts Marcus Phokou Linda Bache Paul Wheeler Ian Duncan M Huxtable Charlie Long Hamish Wilkinson Leszek Ciesiolka Alexandros Falkonakis Stefan Tosta L, L, D, G, P, J & J Swinhoe Alexandra Birley Celia Green Jessica Saffer James Bracewell Rachael Holding Jackie South Patricia Yorke Kathryn Johnson Rea Daellenbach Rea Daellenbach Peter Aeberhard Kitty Ejberg Pedersen Julie Mitchell Sarah Walbank Paul whitehouse Veronica Walker Alexander Cellmer Kenneth Jack Elaine Locke Nicky Osborn Janine Simpson p cooper Irene Mangion Sara Campi Ruth Baber Neil Attewell Jeremy Brice kasia Nieduzak Sue Carter Becca Jacobs Mick Flight Adrian Porter Daniela Laluhova Jacqueline Baker Nina Hamilton Philippa Bambach Jon Crookston Helen Troy Kate Thursfield Andrew Arnold Julie Wilson Peter Preece Sophia Pfruender James Austin Marta Szekeres Lisa Kinvig Mike Wilson Denisse Rosales Gerry Edwards Hilary Cowley Julia Duggan Ute Sebald Tom Powell Aisling Farrell Brian O’Loughlin Alison Hale Das Neves Iain Wetherell Anita Chester Eleanor Maltby Sally At


Jan Chapman Tony Gittens Yoanna Ivanova Jenny Gittens Angelica Eriksson Chris Hood John Hill Jenny Walters Jessica Brown Helen Hepburn John Mcgruther Colin Keith Stephenson Ameen Kamlana Julie Beck Layna Droz Naheed Shaikh Nicholas Johnson Ed Sauven Max Johnson Maf’j Alvarez emma major Edmund Tate Gemma Boyland Jess Smith David Courtney Yo Detemmerman David Jennings charmian brewin Paul Jackson Valerie Deerin-Morris Alan Maher Hannah Lowick Karen Fletcher Jon Cotton Sue Platt Yvonne Lang tom jasek Adrian Prince Maurizio Fontolan Jeannie FEUTREN Andrew McDade Carol Peacock Janet Carter MARTIN RILEY Stefania Loppo M MOORAT Katerina Korre Giles Enders Lauren Batchelor Kathryn Noon Sheila Wickens Emma Proctor Brian Montague Steven Hicks Juliet Portchmouth Ken Lomas arthur williams Annabel O’Keeffe Scott McDermott Michael Sweet Jo Rushton Davide Di Taranto Dave Smith Beryl Catterall James Larcombe Lynda Josse Sheila Taylor Keith Turner Gillian Ridout Hazel Evans Mary Golder-Hayes Ken Connor Vincent Glanvill Ann-Marie Noble Rebecca Soan Hilary Ormiston Mark Little Debbi Silverwood A R May lynda Hazelby Hugh Lang Fred Picot Clare Louise Cleere Gill Tizzard Hilary Reed Julia Hawes Steve Rathbone Yvonne Welch Barbara Morgan Facundo Torrens Penny Gray victor rones Antonia Melvin Ryan Flowerdew Jill Peck Cynthia Rensman Joanne Oakden Austin Royle Maria Welsh Kitu Cayless Alistair Sealy Amanda Gwynne Lida Clark Dick Warn Susan Francis Peter Wuhrer alan bruce Rachel McCormick Kirill Firsov alison metcalfe Iris Nunn Julie Badger Angelika LAUB John Hamilton Sue Light CK Yoe Marin Sirenarski Brenda Wyatt Sandra Watts philip king Nina Middleton Aviva Carbonara anne macrae Nicole Axten Neil Blood Lynn Harris Adam Coulter Vesna Vidrih Jonathan Hoyland Jussi Brightmore Maria Petzsch Petrina Brown Tim Burgess Jim Manthorpe marie schmit Patricia Hodge Livia Angela CESARATTO PUERTO VENTANAS BARROSO Arran Brindley Rowell Jennifer Biddlestone Morgan Bruce Mikeen Costello Sheila Brown Theresa Marsh Steve Bulford Peter Etheridge Paul Soane Rhian james Amy Lulham Phil Shannon Pip Chapelard Chevion Goudie Ashley Oatham Bryon Fear John Patrick Beagan Ann Webster Joe Ogle Guy Bolton King Brian Boyle Susan Cochrane felix koehler Petra Welkenhuysen gerd lende Linda Dougan Alan Bailey Cosima Shaw Caroline Loftus-harding Tony Hodgetts Elizabeth Ashurst Marianne Tengelsen Charli Williams Marc Stanley Jerry Ford Nick Charles Sinead O’Callaghan Christopher Taberner Edward Parr Tom Rupniak Eirik Pettersen Robert Watson Nicola Lomas John Berkeley-Hill Doris Lockhart Tom Dell G Carpenter Nicholas Atkinson Cara Wilson Klara Livsey Sandra Kemplen Eddie Bedford Joshua Gilkes Iris Allen Andrew Rafinski christine Zuiderwyk Alina Stoicescu Janette Feggans Sara Ferron Raymond Brien Andrew Theobald Josh Maclean Helen Horton pia hansen Chris Harrington Marco Brambilla Jacqueline Greaves Wendy Howe Jean Hopwood Rita Bargiela Phyll Hardie andrea maertzdorff Sylvie Fitch Victoria Munroe Clive Underhill Ray Maxwell meggan griffiths Andy Hills Pascale Chemin Aisling Yeoman Maite Colas Albert Ribbink Andrew Walsh Rosemary Bissegger Gill Hazell Evelyn McKillop KEVIN SHELTON Helen Cross Matthijs Dijkstra Dylan Lategan marilyn roberts ryan smith Andrew Dean D Thomas CLIVE ODOM Sheila Andrews Lesley Towner Ileana Naish-Guzman Sheila Ripper Lydia Shepherd David Storer Anthony Thomas Joshua Knowles Patrick Sopp Mary Cockerill Barry Lomas Kay Lipman Susie Perren Nicolas Baly Jessica Congreve-Horn duncan wordley Pierre Rehnlund Ferelyth Bruce-Lockhart Angus Westgarth-Smith Jo Trench Lorna Grounsell Penelope Burrett Linda wilcock Clare Flower Carl Burrett peter fry Fran Smitherman Richard Porch Damian Cummins Debby Cash Susan Marsh Gillian Maguire barbara howson Amanda Cruttenden John Irlam allan Jeffcutt John Trish Juliet Dehnel Jon Parnham Christine Carrigan Louise Wright raymond saunders Alan Rawlinson Maisy DUMONT Jasmin Dring Felicity Harrison christina van Tellingen Sue Fisher jack Whitfield Eoghan McDonaugh Edward Jackson David Robertson-Glasgow Anne Ylisuvanto Fulvio Giustiniani Puja Kalaria Kate Frame Linda Wallace-Radcliffe Jenny brown Ann-Marie du Plessis James Bowers Bernt Johansson Cinzia Zannier sue carrington Sam Moore T Taylor Michael Noble Leon Evans Dalila Pasotti David Gregory Robert Brown Dave Wetzel

D. McGuire Sarah Webley Pamela Raven Celia Murphy Ron Jackson Murray Dorbie Michelle Ricketts eleonora coloma Elisabeth Gardner Sybil Ashton Lisa Mcknight Ivona Kozeluhova Pippa Cessford Charles Boehm joseph cleary Janet Weston Adrian Clive Exton Yusef Samari Jean Bollig donna welsh Christine Moysen Anne Keeler Margaret Mann Henry Shearman Joy Heywood Helen Ross carol pearce G. Grafendorf Helen Wheeler Kim Boote Fiona Botham Jule Gartzke Daphne Benton simon sandys peter milnes Lawrence Carrigan Rogier Pitlo Susan Redgate Stephen Bomford Laurie Cameron Dragos Savu Gail Lunde martina ondrejcikova john ashmore Susan Wells Lesley Bryan Steve Barrett Peter Wilson kimberley Cameron Nicholas Weaver Edward McLaughlin Caroline Chapelle Uschi Barth Christopher Blake Gemma Owen Ali Ross Janet Block Barbara Hunter Gordon Burnett Pernille Fritheim Janet Stuckey anita meznarsic kelly Vathi Rachel Archer Glen Johnston Christine Daniels Alan Cheeseman Peter Berryman Greg Lucas-Mouat Dave Ely Peter Boulton Andrea bristo Simon Hamon-Cole Andrew Vijayan jenny stevens Richard Newns Keren Wilson Matt cooke Jane Watt Robbie Jones Christine rees Jacqui Bingham Selena Vane Michelle McElveen Mariano Korman Brigitta van der Sandt p mackay Andrew Miller Carol Haigh Laura Fraser Neville Bruce Mary Jane O’Sullivan Sandra Archer Jane Ismail Anna P Cooper Pauline Meadows Tim Welding Cheryl Taylor Wayne McGee Norma Draper Norman Heslip Branimira Veselinova Arthur Pedlar Marie-Christine Viljoen Katherine Holwill Martin Crawford Susan Hill Antony Mindham R Hardinge Helen Scott Oskar Alm Ana Maria Lorz Vidan John Lomas-Clarke Christina Mirylees Sammy Jacob Ron Merrimam caroline marshman Jenny McCarthy Jill Teague Claire Tagney Gregoria Tamvakis Lisa Holland Rosalyn’s Bilbrough Simon Wooliscroft Nicholas Andreas Michael Baldwin Pat Greatorex julie merrifield delphine grandjouan Canan Tzelil Sandra Madden Kim Ashworth Janet Feely Frankie Rolls John Trodden Caroline Clegg Joan Russell Austin Charlesworth Raymond Clark Judith Hazes Xenia Brown David O’Neill Niamh Heron Pauline Bond Mary Foley Abdul Ahmad Miroslav Ivanov Maria del Mar Lopez Sherrie Smith Stefanie Lamch Sarah Curwen Polly Rushton Naomi Curtis Wendy Finlay-Notman Lynne Toogood Craig Rowbottom Jane Blank Bo Nese Caroline Sloan Barbara Akroyd Christine O’Neill Fiona Walsh Odile Pluot Cyndy Evans Melissa Oura Sophie Robinson Rosalind Cary M Lindley Jasvinder Perihar Linda Marshall Nicholas Wood Colin MacLennan Steve Somerset sue quinlan Ginette Devaney Daryl Barber Sallyann Marshall Tamsin Keeley Elenita Richie Christopher Pickles Dave Hallett Jo Fitz-Henry Marianne Pawloff Carol Joyce Patrick Tosi Alison Owen Barbara Simpson Juliet Reid Micheal Broughton Dawn Connor-van der Horst Stella Mc Dowall Sandra Beacham suzi coulter n smith Emma Jones Bill Richards Phil Morsman Anne Wood Nicky Vidovich Kelly Dubois Erika Nikiskina Penny Ann Downing Ding Li Jim Neale Paula Helder Laetitia Skinner jill zago Michael Trivett Colin Fleming Sasha Drennan stephen hedley Katherine Etchells Sarah Townshend Sue Cousins Sharon Sullivan Lesleah MacDougall rik stratton Kay Brainerd Dee Reilly Iain Biddlestone Lizzy Williams alexis lopez Patricia Macdonald Brett Schmidt Mark Ensoll Audrey Sinnhuber Ruth guri Vaag Fusco Harry Bouch Stephen Hunt David Jones Sarah Smith Jason Sinclair Sharon Hall john tebby Elizabeth O’BRIEN Dino Christofi Elin Lewington Paul Killick Vivien Emery Madlen Nicolaus Bonita Tully Diarmuid Smith Phillippa Hilsden Malcolm Smith Carmel George Suzi Smith JEANNE WOODCRAFT Klelia Felesaki Paul Gray Julie Colbeck Keith Lintell John Allen lorna thompson Maria Rubio Alison Mckelvie Klimentini Felesaki malcolm needham Sue Hessey Jose Batista Lydia Andersson Elizabeth Schafer Stewart Eames ALINE RIVEROS Borbala Polya Roger Hitchings Gwen Dupre Roberta Struthers Nick Boldrini elizabeth tully Martine Peacock adam speakman Carmel Farnan Stephen Taylor Jose Mendonca Louis Maniquet Chris Hollinsworth Patricia Luton Klelia Felesaki John Stokes Dennis Mitchell Marie Kvamme Steve Henwood Belinda Gillman Margaret Findlay-Carr Judith Raeburn Ishbel Nicolson Fiona MacCann Jennifer Langley Ana Esteves margaret Pringle julian lysek Jacob TRAINOR Duncan McCanlis Jackie Read Pat Saunders stuart nuttall Nathan Long Carolyn Sutton Margaret Dennehy Tanya Cheyne Christianne Bugeja Robin Mettler MARGARET MULHERINE Sue Rawlings Brendan Way

jason chrysostomou Sandi Cobb Matt Gordon Julia STEVENS Roger Hargreaves Kerry af Forselles Vanessa Allen Rosemary Collins Dorraine Job Nicholas Wilkinson Karen White Meryll Green Margaret Heald Diane Reardon Corinna Spengler eliz casa Sur Daley Monika Milec Katja Machleidt Alf Hickey Megan Middleton Kris Roberts Pauline Reeve Ken Atkinson John Lang Ginny Martin Elizabeth Jueni Jason Phillips David Hoyland Amanda Craig Ruth Castle Adam King laurent usson Grant Young Jacqueline Pye Amelia Long Maggie Phelps Carol Parfey Audrey Dela Sascha Holzhauer Els denHoed Emma Maddick John Hardy Natalie Hanson Stefano Vertuani Margaret Bonsey Matthew Grindrod Anthea Clough Alison Aiken Claire Jones Eszter Randall Simon Wreford pradeep guha Tom Filj daniele jelmini Tiago Azevedo Jonny Gonzales Pat Michell Jerome Boutroux Sandra Clayton crispin tuckley Jo Woodcock Andy Platt Orla Cowan Pamela Maule VALERIE ROGERS Irina Broods Bruce Henderson Iris Sala Daan Nelemans Melissa Mallen Debbie Harding Sean Foley Alex Schmidt JAN GREENSLADE geraint parri Sharon Branch David Dingle John Fox nicola belle Emma Spencer Mark Sabine Philip Whiting Denise Reynolds andy Mason Kate Lock Lieneke Schaafsma Josh Hunt Nathan Doherty Belen de la LLana Emily Gussin Kathryn Beal Charlotte Gaffney Rhona McCauliffe John Garthwaite Tony Crossley Maria Serrano-Vega Karen Caddell Walker Rich Hearn Heather Mellows Oksana Zhukova Richard Mawer Michele A. R. David Welch Sylvie Gral Julia Ssmith Philip Masters s Nielsen Roz Kadir Ella Wilkinson Charmaine Beckett Sarah Mottram Robert James Haidrun Breith Peter Vince Ian Whalley Anna Collins PHILLIP HARTNOLL Samantha Coldwell Tom Hayes amy byrne Juho Kuusi alexander cleminson Mandy Darby Judith Hible Iso Barnden Isabel Mitchell Louise Cox laura Johns Chris Ruffell Gary Cassar Terry Egan Sonia Vera Niall Quinn Daniel Stevens Emily Weeks Garrod Roberts Joseph Blackwell Jenn Parkhouse Sue Nugent jote osahn olivia Duncan Adam Ultzen Jack Pearson Anita Maiden Joan Flood Gillian Ginnetty Marie Fadel Helen Gubur Lauren Hart Alastair Moodie Titch Mccranor Peter Gilmour Phillip Edwards Julie Ryde Mandy Brassey Steve Plumridge Julia Redworth Cassie Cornwall Janina Grage Penelope smith Mijanou Sutcliffe Joseph Swift MD Rick Robinson Roy Milne Esther Moir peter crouch Pennie Lowe Daniel Moran Paulina Plichtowicz William Morton claire dunning Sheila Thurgood sarah eckert Edward James Wiseman Joy Wheeler claire baker Raymond Bilous Norma Charlton Matthew Levesconte Dale Stollery Joy Newton Tracy Hager Peter Dunn Paul Carroll Judy Wilcox Brendan McAtarsney K Butterworth Carol Steptoe Ellen Creaser adri papakonstantinou Bob Barrell Patricia Cammack Ian Fallon Alison Turnbull Chris Watts Paula Travassos Peter Last Andriy Denysenko Aileen Corral Alison Kent Alec Scaresbrook Rakim Merrill Mike Rogers Valerie Scaresbrook valentina tomasetto Carl-Emil Emanuel Persson Jacky Gruhn Ian Copeman pippa roberts BOB Ingram Michael Rich Frances Matthews Phoebe Hughes Sinead Falls Janie Burdett Dianne Blair Eric Van den Eynde Stuart Williams alan grainger Susan B Lars Forreiter Ally Davies Gareth Peate Jenny Backes Susan Long Thor Klein Sally Collister Peta Lancaster Christin Willett Joelle Mardinian Anna Smith Rachel Hewitt Jennifer Gibbons Daniel Binyon Nik Knight Ingrid Loyau-Kennett nn Rose Young Martine Dysvik Leila Dunning Julia Sezer Jean Anderson Trevor Da Costa Jean McCaffrey Lynette Green Debbie Colwill Wim Lekens PRABHAKARAN ASHOK KUMAR Nigel Thatcher Raymond Ashman Nick Bendall CLIFFORD ENSOR mary griffiths Jonathan Walker John Nightingale Patrick Martin graham burbage Rosie Pitches Birger Bartholdy RJ Julia Beckley Pete Hewitt qamar Maclean R Harris Jenny Lyon Brian Gorton Sandra Mathey Carol Graystone Susan McMahon Fane Cummings Alan Brittain Liz Court Linda Palmer Rita Pirouet Lysana Robinson mafalda castro Alison Golding Alan Davidson Valerie Martin Paul Rowe Bernard Robinson JANE WATTS Kevin Townsend Christian Martin Patricia Turner amanda lukac Ben Ford Kate Morris Juliya Voronova steve williams Rose Reynolds Bob Hamblett Tom Sampson Jack Bridgewater emanuela Cooper Janie Rosenwald Alize Perrot Sandi Leonard Maggi Wilce Peter Waterman HELEN SHEPHERD Brenda Morrison-Webb

Alice Dolan Brendan Pyatt Rhiannon Davies Isabel Diez Linda Milewski Joanne Webster Jo Weston Jenny Grainge Janet Brown Alex Blagden Debbie Sharrock Bridget Virgo Liz Holliday Jane Tai EWAN SMITH Mark Unger Mireille Lenferna Nieves Montero Giuliana Miotti Leslie Casemore Kate Webb Gill Smith maureen Brown Rosemary Thorpe-Tracey Philip Smith Nicky Weir Ann Fitton Daniella Bowyer Catherine Ashby Do Purdue Zaakirah Khakie Myris Evans Jo Davies Jane Beaton Stephanie Garey Nuno Veloso Carmel Harrington Diane Todd Janice Henry Charles Scott David MacLaren Wendy Miller Deborah Kogan Jennifer Ransom Brendan Williams Carol Love JM Kirker Bernard Welch Lesley Fitt Colette Foan Mike Greenaway Maurice Canavan Marnie Hunter Sherrilee Cooper carsten hansen William Taylor Bronny Barter Frances Teperek Joelle Davies Aliyah Naroth Toshinori Kanashiro Brian Calderwood jaimie parkhouse Simon BEYNON Elaine Abraham Didier Gendarme Jackie Gayfer Piers Whitley Ailsa Land Jane Eastwood Gill Bower Elettra Pellanda Martino Ferro Mike Parry David Hampton Larry Lambeth Michael Doye Joaquim Torruella Helen Webber Joan Swann Maxine Mallia Carol Dodson Gwen Wardle Graham Minter Richard Thornton Pamela Claire Phillips Dag Munsterhjelm Eleanor Piggott Rhoda Copland Tom Verran James Sneath Christopher Thomas Tom Smith Henry Dodson Mansura Hafeez Rosalind Launchbury Marina Scorrano sarah Brewster julia downer Sandra Harvey Linda Smith Nadia Strahan John Rogers Karen Chapman Hannah Holden Noemi Montoro Arcon Sue Faulkner Angelo Tsiapkinis Rebecca Kennedy Bridget Drinkwater Dawn Thein Jenny Sweet Fiona Harrington Jodie McColl Steve Prashad Frederick Thorogood Syed Tareque Mahboob christine fergie Carole Lakomski Ann Kelly Ann Walsh John Gillespie Teresa Beddoe Robert Szczesny Edwina Clark Kim Hughes Andrew Sharpless Diane Muspratt Olwyn Lee Milli Dalton Sarah Ledger Richard Newton Gill Abela Jackie Hayward Bob Lewis Chris Johnson Marion Curlin Georgeanne Scott Iraide Beaskoetxea-Artaratz Bruce Forster Tom Wilson John Fraser Robbie Terras Donald Waters Lynn Ingledew June Pidgeon Susan Lake Elaine Flaherty Stuart Oliver Pat Smith Angelica Black Dawn Milgate john bailey Kerry Bryan s scott Andy Thompson Arad Kalali Catherine Jarman Alan Jeary Katie James Benjamin Giblin Margaret Nicholson J Owen Florencia Casas Marta Coruche Barbara Benz Jana Heuer Swati Patel Susan Ward Thomas Chapman Brian London Hilary Thorn Tom Latinovic fiona ware Lesley Lilley David Nixon Abigail Marden Susannah Grundy Sandra Copley Maggie Cullen David Plummer Diane Moooney Penny Hegenbarth Philip Gorry Michael Coysh Daniel Heland Peter Minting Fernando Garcia-Hermoso Kevin Ashby David Kirby Marie Stam Christina Kubu Elisabeth Hussey Patricia Woodcock Maria Brauburger Su Leaver Elizabeth Hill Kelly Swing Ed Grundy brian male David Wyness Jutta Rinner-Blum Andrew Pratt Jeremy Evans S McNally David Gillespie Andrew Clements Andy Baxter malcolm wilson Clive Blackmore Michael Tonkin Bonney Gold Hannah Bensley John Richard Gloyne Matt Stabeler chris rouan Mel Richards Shirley Davies Anthony Gaughan Marie-Pierre Governale Carol O’Neal Daphne Porter laura metcalfe Fionna Bright David Colquhoun Melanie Johnson Alexandra Hough Sally Romilly Isabelle JEANNE Andrew Bladon Gordon Taylor Andy Middlewick Jane Elkan Melanie Trower Brayley Small Liz Henfield cedric MAAS barry hibberd Lesley Clarke peter gifford Kaisa Jormanainenk David Sykes andrew lewis Ken Bavin Richard Nye Steve Chandler Melanie Wilkinson Fiona Vacha Catherine Munro Arron Darcy Kayleigh Simpson SANJAY MISTRY catherine binns patti fletcher Paul Tierney Sylwester Str czek Isabella Beale Filip Mlekicki Joanne Hoekstra olga micchali Christine Mason Michael Wall mAUREEN Robins Paul Lewis Rhona Oliver Kathy Mansfield Laura Frisa Jon Marshall Megan Wright Lyn Sands Jivan Hendrick Diana Wilson Miriam Wearing Alice Belcher Steve Kaylor Benjamin George Diz Heller Siv Hansson Hansson Michael McDiarmid Hilary Kassman Dick Perrin Nicholas Barter Mike Levett Chris Roberts Roger Payne Nichola Reed Julia Fraser Neil Hutchins Alfred Nobile Kathryn Murray AMANDA LEATHES Matthew Brown Mary Barker antoine thalmann Alex Arlango Jana Klingberg Irene Scott yahel perez Cynthia McLaglen David Ball Joyce Blevings Peter Wickenden Margaret Wallace Long Clive Pepe Zulma Wickenden

David Robert Hann Patricia Tracey Vivienne Burgess Ruth Gubbins Samantha Doran Steve Horton Barry Straker James Sims Katrina Caldwell Peter Brinch Alix Vansittart Philip Baker Fiona Small Ian Hughes John Zipperlen miguel caneda David Landau christine Meredith cherry yhearm Janet Pink Sadie Davies Adam Wilson Linda Barnes Karen Murphy Tina Lowe Leigh Boyton Emily Maiden Susan Hope Watt Thorsten Friedrich Anna McCrickard Tasha Mirrington Matt Mirrington Sultan Lalani Frances Vidowsky DESMOND VINICOMBE Trevor Whiting Pamela Lum Alison Allison julie beasley Diana Millward Jennifer Naylor pam williams Cathy Warne Frank Leppert clare shaw John Reynolds Bernard Howard Andreane Gagne eleanor brown Keith Parker DS Paul Rowan Sue Barnet Brian Childs Rudy Langstraat William Harrison Adeline w June Lalani Leila Westrope Mark Bird Jenny Fernandez Sarah Quance Gemma Kitchin Caroline Findlay De Concha Pamela White Alan Sayles Maggie Draisey Paul Ashton Nick Pettefar R G Wilson Maggie carmichael Christine Blades Raymond Budd indrani ingram christine conway Jill Fox Sarah Beech Sharon O’Boyle Kathy Ratcliffe goldi muencz Denise White Huw Champion Diana Hayden Valerie Sinderby Louise Longson Stephen Bayliss June Conolly Ann Matthews Jeremy Dagley Jo Aston Drea Davila Roger mason Maureen Steven Carlos Pomeda Mark Griffiths Gordon Clack Gillian Crozier Peter Kennedy Cris Langton David Lee Christopher Turner Dan Stickland Gaynor Williams Tom Bartlett Jane Mullins Andrew Stores Sharon McClelland Laura James JOHN MELVILLE Michelle Visser David Finlay Natasha Karunaharan Meike Genzow Ally Devine David Horn Robert Bowen alba martin garrido Cecily Casey Jennifer Clements Janet Madden Katrina Williams-kenny Lee Paterson Judith Foxon Paul Phillips Emma Byron Patricia Braidwood Carina Knutas Donna Graham paul dolphin Vivien Liles Billie Hackett Sharon Clews elizabeth michael Carole Caligari Fiona Symington Christine Burden Jacqueline Coppin S Roberts Dan Pearce Paul Winstone Veronica Elliott Ted Gunby lesley whittaker Christine Gunby joanne andrew Lucinda Carter Michael Coppin jon riley Richard Bell Emily Humphrey Bryan Chanes Sue Huffadine calum way Joyce Lewis Abbi Fortune Sylvia Anthony Susan Verity gwen noble Lorrain Hyland Adrian Shaw, PhD Jenson Wilkinson David Greeno Ann Starr Vidar Mikael Sundal Tricia Alderson Martin Farrell Mick Christie Penny Mowbray deb svanefelt Sam Ellis Tom Tait Pat Fisher Chrissy Boyd Ruth p Julie Langfield Isabel Macmaster Ed Peacock Angela Hazell Grant Smith craig frampton Pam Ekiert Lily Rodgers Davina Hehir Kay Duval Will Dupre Anna-marie Clear Shannon Teixeira John Fraser Kristina Szybek lynette dubery Nina Shaw eddie ruxton Jack NILSEN Linda Radcliffe Paul Flynn Dorothy Free Peter Addis Jonathan Lane-Smith Joan Gristwood anthea beckett Christine ward Matthieu p Brian Foley Clare Campbell Lynette McCafferty Michael Charalambous Ruth Adams Cs Hall ANN FOX Gillian Dunphy Deirdre Plassard Peter Levie Steve Willis Diane Jeans Kie Mackie Charlie Martineau Charley Burr Cathy Adkins. Frank Jones Cheryl Davies Viviane Hostens Tony Pickess Natalia Santos Christopher Wilkman Wendy Meyers Claire Burrow Tom Sargeant Rebecca Jordan Charlene Prashar Aaron Tattersall Jacquie Allen Phoebe Lee Carol Birch Neeltje Sijben Migle Pikelyte Mary Pepper Robert Cooper Terry Yorke Rowena Baxter richard smith Christine Hickey Jonathan Epp Angela Chapel Sue Hanson John Tilbrook Matthew Yates Adam Green Anne Schmiterlow howard davies alka jones Roger Jago Karl Hulka Eve Templeton Rebekah Tee Pauline Johnson Sheena Walker Misha Jetha Ian Johnston thomas gear Vanessa Johnston Marion Dain Alison Wood Rena Valeh Jen Green Geoff Rainbow Angela Doyle Robin Ford Anna Krysiewicz Margaret price price Anthony Engi Meacock Carol Grainger Urszula Krysiewicz Greta Brown Antony Ashe Maureen Cutts Stephen Hull Amanda Khan Steve Parkin Jacky Hendley Claire Newell Rick Hall Julian Bond Dave Cummins Lara Maybee adam jarmey Thanasis Paparizos Lester Elliott Kate Patten Paul Osborn FW Isabel Carrasqueira Ashley Pascoe Anne Richards sheila andersen Sonia Ashby Pamela Watt Jennifer Reid Owen Adams christine Jones Timur Mammayev Will Cohen Judy Galbraith John Maxwell-Jones Leanne Webber Damien Cooper

Christine Koresski Christine Porter Sylvia Stephens Alex Simpson Guglielmo Montanaro Zoe McMinn victor kinsella Nicola Guernari Tracy Ryde Colin Widdup Mr.P.Dicpetris dicpetris Guy Barnett Maureen Law Kevin Ledbury Grant Powney Richard Fermor Andrew Bentley Emma Quinn Angela Reed Jacky Burrows hunter sophie Barbara Meynell Elizabeth New Karl Borges Robert Lindsay-Smith Xxx Diarmid Valerie Cowle Alain Nemes Bhushan Sharma Varina Richey Anne Bird Victoria Brew Peregrine Morley Pamela Pollett SARMENTO GRANERO Alister Hendersson Raul Ospina Bonilla Kyle Stanley DayLynn McDonad Tim Simpson Richard Glover Michael McGrory Jennifer Whitefield Michael Padfield Denise Erb magda maj Donald J Morse Matilda Lomas Cathy Day Jennifer Percival Sam Haynes h helton leonora rustamova Helen Lindsay Victoria Ryan Allan Ah-Weng Anne Marshall Jim Buchanan soraya naseem Phoebe Stevens Wendy MacDonald Sue Mcintyre Shona Mitchell Sacha Whipp Ian Raymond Alicia Cohen Andrew Sandeman Peter Cooke Liz Preest Kathryn Simpson Natalia Chlebowska Cat Matthews Melanie Rebbeck Andrew Dalby Rose Anne Mitchell Graham Brown Renata Filep Sarah Clayton Tom Climpson Greg Jones Stefani Mangone adrian nicholls Don Pratt Judith Fox Tony O’Donovan Graham Cryer Howard Gorringe Richard Martin Barbara Thompson John Moore Kate Greenslade Liz Murdoch Rachel Abbey Stephanie Townsend Simon Nash Simon Lane Kathleen Ram Tony O’Donovan F Duffy Steven Hunt Darren Mitton Susan leeming Lorine McKerry MARIA EUGENIA REY CORREA Sara Heritage John Chapman Elaine Brown Steven Wright Ausra Zilinskiene Shona Powrie Pauline Bergin Verena Beane vivian thorburn Lesley Thompson John Robertson Ernie Watt Caroline Sparrey Mick Procter sarah guerrero judith Stanley-Smith Charlotte Palmer Christine Hennigan Theresa Foster Andrew Thompson Marcus Warmington Christina Diakopoulou Joyce Caldwell John Brook Helen Jagger Jess Breakwell Jennifer Perkins Michael Dickenson David Bell Ryan Kirkham Linda Daniel Chris Hayes pat hunter Sarah D’souza Claire Demmer Caroline Romer Mark Killelay Gemma Hine Christopher Barrett Emma Wilkin Machelle Smith Henry Greenwood Simon Wiedlack nadine ievers Beverly Blake Marinda Shingles Nigel Brockwell Hedevig Blakstad John Mitchell Beatriz Fanton Trina Heal caroline francis Judith Lea Vicky Robinson John Hymas Jaheda Begum robert hilton Darren Lumb Joy Middleton Chris PHILPOTT Ines Lopez Winifred Aldred Louise Brittain Nila Alin Mick Shaw Andrew Capel Jane Ellison-Bates Kathryn Cook David Rees Stephen Jewell Linda Hawes Andy Kennet Valeria Dalla Casa cs Kim Robinson Neil Pinnock Caroline Armstead David Newman David Field Joseph Griffin Andrew Gillespie Simon Williams Matthew Kelly Peter Griffith Judith Knight Anna Iliashuk Albertine Symes Sandie Bartlett Heather Coles Blaine Kenneally Andrea Roach Susan Deacon nigel GRAY Anders Hareide Jan Grabowski Martin Williams David Pell Mary Suta Kathleen Nelson-Lowe frederica bryan-cardwell Peter Geddes Jamie O’Brien Ryan Harriss Claudia Arnold Janet Bye anna butler roger carter steve calder Alicia smith alexandr shcherba Serena Lambrughi Hilda Baxter Keith Capon Laura Dicus Jenny Lister Tamsin Rayson-Pakes Jasmine Hanrahan Tom Dumbell amanda jones Dave Bingham Richard Comaish Tristan Green kate Murry Mel Roberts Dez Ford Lynda Robinson Eileen Lloyd Samantha Crossfield Megan Hillier M Bogie Joe Tester carlo di terlizzi Carol Elander Lisa Pritchard Frances Brown derek bollen Tash Harris Maria Ursell Sarah Mackintosh Andy Forrest sue evans Michael Ogle-Rush Lucia Liang Alicia Diaz-Cala Marcus Morris Adrian Balletto Lucy Chamberlin Thomas Hunt Sebastien Godinot Ed Holford Anthony Mabon Jasmine Ely Alan Henshall Hammideh Brice Penny Raeside Fritha Harvey Peter Hawkins Jo Hutt Craig Sewell Amber Wynne Gordon Hastie Lindy Von Dohlen David Simpkin Anita Walsh Frank Summers Lyn White Pamela Daniel Christine Burton lynda harris caroline gray Andrew Dixon Debbie Sweeney Susan Kitching Amanda Whitehouse David Bennison Frank Gregory Madeleine Heslop Colin Heap Sara Martins Sandra Harrington Ernst Buhrs katie Thomas Margaret Dunne Carol Rowlinson Sheelagh Graham Sally Ward Theresa Jurgensen Megan Lilburne Helen Maxfield Claire Lord Carolyn Darge Stephen Williams Penelope Salmon Ann Lyon Stuart Carey David Tallerman Maureen Wakelin Helen Soester Paul Lapham Dorothy Amos

Susan Inge Glynis Jones Diana Shaw Ilaria Ferrari Grant Morris Ray Taylor Steven Lewis Ian Boucher ELEO PEREZ Stephen Hutchings Ellie D Denis Oglesby Dawn Lawrence Annette Lufti Marianne Verkerk jonny jonson Judy Goodfellow V Swart Yvonne Cohen Naomi Dijkman Philip C Mark Roberts Deborah Lucking Jo Mower ANN HEMINGWAY Philip Read Andrea Arnold Michael Fullen Valerie Conner Andrew Rogers Katie Field Christine Eames Vincent Gregory Guy Levy JOHANNA sutton Jamie Wescott Josette Pinkney Loretta Basker Karin Guenther Sophie Mitchinson IAN barber Elizabeth Harkins John Ellis Lucy Rix Wendy Taylor David Botes Richard Green Katherine Gartside Liz Valentine Ian Taylor Chris Stanley Ada Busto Dawn Smith Juliet Purslow Catherine Wilson Ian Cross Barry Bright Jennifer Fowler Kelly Morgan Jane Woolry Frances Hill W Bowdler colin motlieb David carruth NANCY BUTLER Francesca Gallegos Lyn Townsend Marion Shaw David Hickey Suzanne Pritchard Karin Haumer Wilma Mountain Maria Kunst Helen Wells Margaret Turner Donna Smith Emma Rae Riccardo Ziglio Fiona Clark Ali Wills Michael Farris Richard Weedon Sophia Andreski Tictor Tarson Cheryl Cheryl Shepard Elma Tassi Nina & Francois Freyvogel Debbie Haynes Trudi Oak Julie Usher Jim Fall Alan Jones Nick Rudd Ali Woodruff Andrew Swift Margaretha Isaksen Predrag Bogdanovich Diana OSullivan Darren Ross Carol Gray Alexia Grantham Marisa Patte Steve Pike gillian cassidy Marion Grave Geoff Slade arran bolders Richard Walker Andrew Smith Sarah Mooney Lorraine Allan Andrea Fay Helen Willis Christine Leper Jon Plomer Matt Findull Francesca MARCELLINE Liz Cleverly Rebecca Sanderson David Larkin Harry Tilney Sally Sanders Jackie Hill lesley lemon Claire Walsh louise atkinson Ruth Meaney Rosemary Parkhouse Julie Wallburton Donna Reeson frank burrows Jon Yelland Maria Medley Nathalie Richard Simon Read Jon Austenaa Saskia Lewis Sarah Gabriel Jan Pemberton Geraldine Spencer Clive Chamberlain Jon Summers Geraldine Spencer Susan Rowe Russell Johnstone Finn Halsall Jean Fardoe Kevin Cordingley Margot Williams Catherine Zammithaber Robert Miller Anusch Ricaud Tanya Rooke klaus Misch Pauline Braviner Els de Wilde Vasile Malom Adam Gilbert Cathy Knamiller Di Woolley Paul MEREDITH Melanie Cosgrave Martin Brough David James Christine Wilhelmsen John Hallewell Stuart Wilson Alison Ewbank Pete Rowley Maisie Mould Tom Vaughan JOHN FOWLER Anne Stegmann Christine Cooper Tracy Norman Ciuban Melinda Peter Stolwood Sandra Fielding Jane Eve Simon Morton valerie Foucher Leon Riley alan fry Eric Pollard fernando Garcia-Avello Phyl Morello Clark Mckelvie Denise McFarland Julien Loison Bu Morello Carol Else Lucy Lacaille karen huart keith hampson Stephen Lucas Emilio Zorlakki Zuzanna Kustos Byrska Paul Busfield Jeremy Tinkler Alan Scothern Amanda Rainey Patricia Copenhaver Ewan McLeod Ann Mcnulty Nick Humphries Will Poyntz Marketa Dvorackova Andy Fale Helena Chmelarova Sean McKiernan Jackie Smith Andrew McParland Ella Lawrence Zac Williams Brian Martin Brenda Thompson Emma Hunkin robert smart ELLEN PARMA Martin Cole Elaine Essery June Gotts Richard Burn-Smith Marc Norden Kay Babstock Sikko PARMA Alvina allen Michelle Hennessy Emma Jones Mary Richardson sarah andrews Nigel Harper Jemma Burgess Sara Barry Adrian Owen Glen Davies Rachael O’Byrne Brian Holden Kelly Brean fiona stovold David Routley Carole Stuart Lara-Marie Insull Jo Nixon Ralph Owen dimitri pandiris Peter Emery Emily Jones June Parker Anne Taylor Ann Underwood Julia Daly Nadia Morris Colleen Phelps Andrea Milns david fellows Susan Kay Stephanie Hulkes Jillian Forsythe Suzanne Lesty Viola Bosinco Melissa Dewsbery Megan Phillips Ans Blanckenborg-Hupkes C Buckley Gavin White H Hird Samantha Hawkett Kathryn kathryn.mears@ Shirley-Ann Collier Mary White Diane Mahoney Nic Lawson Ken Udall Zoe Roberts allard olof Maria Mancuso Colin smith jj dd Gracie Gillingham Tim Gale Tamir Law hywel Hughes Springmann Anne Lasara Mills Alison Dolan Annabelle Worth Sarah Hutton Roland Kennett Jason Burgess Jacqueline Klemes Sarah Malik philip riley Joy Moore L Miller Peter Canning Ernestss Scarfes Julie Mitchell Philip Kemp Ros hawkins Martina von Bonin Simon Brunt cary outis Maya Saubders

Amanda Flattery Gail Clayson Matthew Griffin Karen Mclellan Tom Brown Nicholas Botterill Juliet Hobday Ruth Smith Hanna Klitgaard Margaret Wood Marian Dodd Ed Hennessy kevin Freer Jorge Correia Barry Dawe Elspeth Bailey Christine Ullmann R Couper Julie Norwood Lily Oestreicher Jonathan Jackson Joe Downie Janet Robertson Richard Warrington David Tribe Ian Sneddon Sandy Lincoln Clive Raymond Ann Weber Kathy scott Nicola Pallitt Matt Cooper Tim Hicks Katrina Kernaghan Christine Hall Elizabeth Doria tina Huxley Kathy Cohen Ramona Belcher Susan Lockett Magdalena Loos Luis Silva Santos Karl Stirland Michelle Carsley-Jones Macdonald Graham nicola kim baker Paul Rickards Louisa Buck Mythili Sarkar Elizabeth smith Mats Alfredson dave windsor T Cailleach Ceri Harrison Janet Maxwell So Watsoso Sally Stringer Ellen Shepherd Ken Hilton chris etherington Theo Hollier Charles Corsi Sandra Nusbaumer Peter Mathews Evie Ch Johann Waller Richard Baker Ginny Godwin Yvonne Day Dagmara Polakova Martina Currid Pamela watkins Saskia Green Bethan Morris Sandra Roberts David Chaplin Wendy Clayton Louis Clucas Oliver Galpin Susan Howe Neil Stevenson Natalia Wigg Mark Hannant Susie Medley Nick Clark BRENDA JONES Jessica Fletcher Oliver Galpin Kate Walmsley Daniel Badrick Justine de Herder Audrey Walmsley Lyn Key Karen Inglis xenia warren David Ambrose Janette Butterworth guy Rees Melody Brooke Ronel Wilken Liz Mclaughlin Jay Muller S Lloyd Rosemary Frost chris wood-gee Kay Morgan Trevor Sherratt Gerard van Dyck Prashanta Cameron Jack Connor Richard Jenkin Tania Mousel Julie Russ Alice Meigh D Binch Mary Hellett M Shillabeer Penny Galitzine Shane Thomas Ssan Sturt Tom Darling Samantha Oliver Mixam Nenas Lesleyjane Clifford sabine becker Susan Garrioch Martina Terenghi Julie Spencer Tessie O’Hagan Donna Huligan Jimmie Kizer Adam Buchanan David Colwill Anthony Simmons Paul and Pam Southey Raffael Schimpf Vicki Daly Margaret Riley Helen Boyle Samantha Fanaken Sonja Collins Liz Hunt Chris Clark Konstanze McLeod Angela Osmand Ali Abbas Prima Ahmed Rachel Baber Matthew Smith Tony Brown Glyn Powell Elizabeth Sarah Dermot Gallery Sue Lewis Christine Porath Jean Rodgers Maria Carmen Garrido Montoya Catherine Sanderson John Shipp Will Earp Graeme Hempsall Zoe Swansborough Philippa Smalls valerie wallace Kate Gore Neil Robinson alan garside Jonathan Cook Sara Williams Sheila Robinson Will Cornelius Mariejo Janssen Ian Robinson Phillip Koenig Lisa Thompson Gill Fitzpatrick K Shergold george corner David Rennie Patricia Laird Jane Sanford Clive Cohen Silvia Osma Gacho Ricki Lutes Keira Barker Giorgia Osborne Sue Hagger Sarah Williams Martin Kendall HAZEL MURPHY Sylvie Lachmann Malcolm Crosby Kathy Azopardi Nancy Weeks Steve Bolter Jill Lawson Gillian Jameson Marco Silva Linda Stocks Daniel Risner Hilary Slater Melanie Berry Thomas Daniels john milce Gail Fraser Carol Bailey Guillaume Laederich Debbie Thomas Leila Abuhilal marian kamanalagi Ryan Magee Paeony Lewis colin house Katherine Weston Tazeem Moledina Theresa Kent Lenia Papa kevin walton Lauren Koegler Gail Wallwork-Blyth Helene Simpson Bharati Pardhy Rachel Weaver andrea casalotti Patricia Cohen Sandy Hilton Megan Rabie Jacqueline Bearne barbara ploch patricia Macnamara Esther Bou-Monterde Damian Casserly Vitor Valentini Valerie Robinson Chloe da Silva Aimee Pope kenneth Bell Gillian Holdsworth Walker Anthony Ernesto Ghigna Pamela Crummay John McGuinness trees gevers YT KO Olivier Deruelle Oksana Rozyk Sally Carr lyz hollis Martin Harris Steve Miller L MCLAREN Ross Evans Hedley Nichols Jodie Hurley Jane Glenton Ann Matthews Anthony Hall Graeme Kirkup Jan Carter Louise Bonney Theresa Coogan Gemma Brooks JULIA Ohkubo Fiona Crosbie Bronwyn Phillips Mary Allen Daniel Jestrzemski JULIE HUNT Georgia Cocks Kathy White Gary Fitzpatrick Elizabeth Dann Jane Sinclair Leola Wade Norine Callan Lisa Mikolich Janine Cording Nick Duncan Mike Von Collas Jakab Siska Rosanna Bienzobas Lisa Clonan Anthony Collins Virginia Lima Lewis Venner Stephanie Philip Jennifer Hill sue shea Gemma Hancox Jorgen Stubgaard Sara Salyers MARY LAUGHLIN brenda rae Lisa James Cristina Ryan Rob White Martha Eyzaguirre John Moores Naomi Vickers Steven Carter Steve Carter Bryony Speers Tricia Wands Gail Cunninggam

Alan McVey Simon Perkins Trang Phan Pippa collins Simon Evans Barbel Cargill Nadine Healy Jean-Eudes Guy joe holtaway Augusta Tamlin Nicola Catling lisa kerr F Fitz Gary Fairclough Lynn Monk Sarah Clarke Joanna Harries Vicki Wong jack jennings les roberts Anita Wisch Nylene Puha Yvonne Hartley Gord Kasper Donald Sumpter John Handscombe MP Denise Larson Jon Davies Joanna Gallacher Sara Greenwood Maggie Curran Valerie Allen Thomas Beveridge Adam Hull Brad Strachan Damian Jenkinson Rosemary Smith Christine Jones Greg Smith Kathleen Ho Jenny Walker Connie Voisey-Barlin Bernadette Keenan Jo Kermarrec Jane Callow Christine Gladish Veronica Cossanteli Susan Himes-Powers Robert Miller Colin Hankinson Mike Anderson Heather Cooper Tarun Nair Trudy Talbot Stephanie Quennell Gwenny Ross Tony Plumbe Barbara Sherman Pia Maynard Lenard Milich Julian Phillips Margaret McNeil Diane Davidson Ellie Cowell Beverly Bevan Mark Connell Alexander Hawkeswood Christopher Moss James Duncan Vedrana Vucenovic Wayne Simpson TONI BROWN Balaji V Donna Rainey Kiah Dickinson Chris Taylor Ivor Wood Jenny Darling kevin james Roberta Turpin Tracy Davison Bill Lewin Joan Cowap Katie Dunmore Andrea Dillner Wenche Strand Shafiq Qureshi Robbie cooper Jason Courtis Scott Smith Nelly Vasquez Elaine Day Lynne Godwin Bruce Hoyle Noel Eaton Richard Nuesch Jan Sawyer Richard Fielding Doreen Kinnear Safiya Warburton Paul Thompson Carroll La Fleche Laura Walker Chris Fielder Kate Knowles Christopher Brookes Duncan Schofield Jenny Rixon Iain Hannah Jessica Wilcox Jules Pun Andrew Carter Yasmine McCarthy Leila Brookes Pertti Venetjoki Janet Brown Sara Particco Jeanette Harris Carolyn Sutherland Samuel Nason Elizabeth Jones Sue Mills Elspeth Denchfield Ian Halverson Abi legg Ben Vercammen Christopher Johnstone-Law Ilse Majer-Wehling Toby Platt Matt Bell Mary Gaisford Ema Loy Susan Anguah George Medlin Katherine Horshan Colin Baigent Penny Sewell Teresa Harrington Hayden King Natasha Townley Julie Price Serena Worth Diane Duffin Rory Fear Simon Forde David Adkins Viochita Fea Linda Docherty R Boden A Rogers Chris Bentley Veronica Hughes Muir Mette B Larsen David Withstandley Luke Kelly Tiziana Barton Deborah Smith Kendra Noonan Kirstie Tomlin Hannah Rooney Carolanne Mason Alexander Seager Heidi Karlsen Jenni Eden Elisabeth Marcoz Karen Urwin Brian Todd jane Barrow Sarah Bryan Heather Wilkinson Nicolas Hertens Frank Conde Tangberg Veronica Ra Nigel Storrs FRANCIS VIGURS Gita Miles Jill Mundy Melanie Olsson Colin Webster Michael Townsend Elaine Thomas NJ Crabbe Joseph Pearson Alan Collins Suzanne Faulks Sandra Molendyk Katy Downs Alison Walker ray Middleton Adelina Iglesias M Burge Eduard Caballol Bachs Karen Wallbank ALISON GILMORE Carolyn Stewart Will Clark John Bland Ian Short Carolynn Wentworth Clare Smallwood Georgina Lomnitz Helen Talbot April Parsonage Sam Small Patricia Moore David Jeppe Katharine Hardisty Sandra Archibald adam wall Roy Clayton Alanna Cooper Patricia Munt Bas Nelisssen Jan Plummer William Greaves-Stocker Caroline Bell David Jenkins Linda Johns Penny Mathias Lucy Suddaby Jill Winstone Dawn Ardley Rosemary Bates paul walter Howard Robinson susan booth Monty Lynds Tom Ripley karen hesketh Julia Bird Jane Mardle Lone Clausen Judith Robinson Peter Bowles Warren Vincent Flynn Duane Nicola Hill Tracy Franklin Emily Elshaw Rob Brown Richard Smith Mark Harris Marion Kolata Julien Standing Noel Brassey Michael Schwaabe Beth Smith Radha Kothari Elaina Gadsden Jo Peacey Jennifer Reynolds Ally Cunningham ARRAN HAWKINS Peter Davis Debs Burns Susan Haslam Sarah Konieczny Gaye Blackmore Stella Lee Sian Harrison Chris Wilkin Martin White Namratha Ravishankar Jesper Michelsen jackie rogers marisa guthrie Iain Macdonald Alan Dobson Gerald Wooldridge Abi O’Mera Elen Shiel brian cottle Tabitha Evans richard pedlar Leila Lufti Christopher Draycott June Cox Steve Filer Simon Morris Claire de valero Debra Dragonheart Esme Green Lucy Pedlar Karin McArdle Sue Curtis Peter Donovan Jim Coston Neil Wolfenden Lucy Roberts Peter McNamee Luke Farren Lesley Hall Frank Norris Anne Cheyne Rachael Taggart T Pearson Stefanie Randall Pam Johnston-Price Lesley Grain Karla Hill selma bulut Audrey Lejeune Deb Grigg Diane Mathewson

Andrew Van ginneken Jill Walon Katy B Rosie Shaw Pauline Rance Katleen Vermeir Al Sheridan Judith Bryden Kirsten Nielsen Roger Pawling Hannah Trohear Fotini Dionysopoulou Roma Fulton ROMULO GONCALVES Gemma Garner Daniel Ford Paul Smith Alison Jones Nick Vernede Claudia Tarquini Lilli Conradt David Pirie diana chambers philip Ball GM LEWIS Penny Coleman Rebecca Buckland Anna Comino-James Svante Fielding Jane Holt Conny Kretschmann jacqui chater Helen Russell Rosalind Herbert Wendy Suddes Alwen Watkins Sharon Balfour Ian Newman Nicky Talbot Laurie Beddows Claire Demblon Marcia Hull Anita Hunt Beverley Perks Heather Maggs Suzanne Dolby Marcus Taylor jonathan clarke Philip Thornley Allen Westerby lukas schneider Les Taylor Jennifer Woodman Bridget Harrison Caroline Ives Alan Birks Gertrude Romstorfer barry Lambert Wilf Burton Mark Whiteside Frances Barnes Freyja Bullen Antonella Barnes Stephen Beebee Mona Arntzen Dr Wendy Hudson Tom Wishart Sami Hock Dee Cunnison Kim Atkinson Douglas Landman Anita Prichard Jaime Zaldua Renata Kowalik jojo anth Tom Hares Paul Derrington Georgina Jessop Sarah Herridge Gill Alcock Andrew Tasker Karin Bjorkman/ loney Maddie George Kazhin Mohammed Ros Norris Jochen Roosen Hywel Davies Andrew Reid Louise Williams Ken Holland William Dobson Colin Tracey Sue Houghton Tim Doncaster Katherine Shircliff Ellen Baumgartner Chloe P Roger Pybus Kayla Ellis Angela Tomlin Margaret-Ann de Courcey-Bayley Stephen Tornow George Cheal Georgina Cardew Patsy Steele Anthony Leopold bruper druper Sue Page Lynda Wardle Terry Folwell Bob Ardler Ian Robinson Mutton mutton Charlotte Mabon Neil Channon Heather Norton Chris Kearney Joy Pamo Fay Gray Yvonne Bould Calma Hawkes Chloe Rees Janet D’Alton Hattie Godber Linda Le Ker Carol Pritchard Peter Meinertzhagen Estelle Garstang Jason Brasier samantha cornelius Sylvia Lear Saffron Allan Luke b Christopher Perry Viktoria Cooke Alison Thorpe Karl Perkins jennifer christine gillespie Damien Haigh Claudia Westcott Anne Moody Christine Bennett Kirsti Thorsen Anna Page Paul Hanson Carol Penn John Sullivan Adri Henn Michael Murphy T Wood Lorraine Macarthur sam Rigby Edith Laczo Harriet Wichtowski Oliver Filz janis simmons Alvaro Diego Paul Radford Rowena Luke-King Place Nicole Bruce Carlisle Rosemary Holt Bernard Brady John Newton Loraine Tymons Jefta Hoed Eli Kristine Bentzen Cameron Wilson Kate Gidman Stephen Hatwood Roselinde Eilers Petroula Christou Idris De Angeli Stefanie Papenfuss Indy Harmony Andy Knight Scott Diack Gerard Bell Marilyn Hunter Rosemary Atkins Tony Thompson jackie butt dorian anderson vivienne cove Allison D’Analeze Andrea Farndon Tina Kelly Kevin Hughes Jeremy Tear Pamela Cooper Anna Weiss-Stempniak Anna Cowper Hugh Jones Sarah Jackson Abbie Fry Johnnie Vizor Ann Simpson Katja Salo Nicolaas van Midden Gerald Ward Polly Pearshouse Amanda Blake Philip Shaw Amy Roberts Ian Rothwell Rosa Evans Margarida Lima Mandy Branagh Leslie Jackson Natalie Ashby Nicola Valentine Nikite Muller Anthea Templeton Paul Schulz Patricia Rosol Philip Buttner Yvonne Keeling Nadia Malahi Lee Riley Michael Hornby Carmen Garaizar Belinda Davis Luke Peckett Daniela Subtil Fialho Pauline Reid Barry Anderson Kari Stewart Madeleine Cannell Sara Bonner Harry Lees Lily Schneider Graham Spilsted Robert Brixey Richard Myerscough Suzy Strudwick richard orme Francisco Garcia peter Morrell Robert Badcock Richard Lund Breena Williams Katie Rutledge C. van Rossum Deborah Lucas Maria Zafeiridou C Beeney Alan Battrum Louise Harman Rosemary Gill barbara crinson Ian MacLeod Irene Pawson suzanne woodburn Ann Ashford Julian Rushton J Lawrie Greta Sveisaite Peter Ward nicky smith Perdita Heller Frances Shortt mary yule Sarah Dennis Sarah Cunnington Jenette Tidman terri firmston Peter Osbaldiston Karen Kuhl Brenda Pears Eleanore ArmstrongPerlman Jaqui Fabian Janice Reaney Tony Hider Mandy Gibson Maria Elliott Myfanwy Williams duncan badham Hazel Rasheed Hamish Craig Aldhun Levitt Rachel Austin Sebastian Pavas Elana Bregin Julia king Chris Foster Jamie Robinson Janice Oliver Clare Viner Sheena Crankson Martina hedderman Sue Spickernell Teresa Herleth Christina Milauskas Aaron Smith Linda Collier Karen Berkhout Duncan Kelly Chris Hart’s Roberta Shewen Michael REID David Scott Sheila Markham Janet Lomax

Pia Feig Andre Walter David Singer Priti Chivers Nina-Maria Walker Phillida Jermain Evelyn Macpherson Angela Higgins Emilie Milne Cliff Carnell Rachel Wade errol Over JOHN ROSS Michael Moon james timms Michael Duckworth Cameron Mckay Andrea Marlene Slater Mary Finean Michael Cox Ian Thorp Ann Denise Lanes Velia Stagno Susie Harding-Edgar ELSPETH Krause Keith Lloyd Brigid Conlon Janet Raynor dave adamson stephen omar Jennifer James Clare Pledger Sinead Sheridan Mark Christie Marlyn Johnston Jennie Christie Louise Carpenter Catherine De Bisschop Gary Ritson Joan Knowles Jo Scott-Weston Amanda Manson Mirjam Beyer John Hawley Kareen Taylerson Libby Whitmore Ver Ray Elizabeth Wardle Christina Hyde Peter Tyson s. Charles Woods ISABEL CERVERA Frances Reid Greg Corcoran floss barnett howland Marianne Mansel Sheana Bark Helen Moore Marina Stack Elizabeth Macdougall John Campbell Ian Barker DAVID SMITH Wendy Beet Gillian Paddock Blanka Wasowicz Larissa Martin Hugh Sloan Steven Ridgway david hoffman p Silva Emily HOLMES Tim Garside Aysel Bulut norman robinson Sam Quinn Emmie Taher Rosemary Kemp Tracey Gillibrand Susan Braddock james geoghegan Emma Yates Sarah Beck Joanna Corrall Bob Bushell eleanor woods Janet Aveling Julia Thomas Robert Hartley VICTOR RONALD HILES Luba Barsukova Lynne Smith Jacqueline Meyer Frances Sealy Sabine Santos Russell Zubrinich Malcolm Fraser helen Angel Claire Brook Barbara Brown Amanda Beckett Hannah Welch Scott Robertson Su Mould Christopher Langdown Laura Ramos Ann Dorey Den Pearce karina C. Michael Ross Jon Roosingh jo Scott Stefan Hovanak R Winward Denise Newman Malu Machado toby jarvis Dmitry Poznyak Raymund Mullin HELEN JONES Janine Capaldi Mike harris Wanda Louw Ari Matti Kurki Catherine Prior Chris Stark Silke von Smekal Gemma Murphy Hilary Rogers Diana Thomas Chantal COVES Alicia Jones Zoe Zoe Ron Beaumont Darren Hook Stephen Candy graham waters Rob Underwood Miranda Sohal D MCGUINNESS Cristina Burello Kathy Pitt Sue Jenkins Ash Spinks Rianne Selle Ann Nutley Jacob Lovatt Trevor dawson Sue Russell Marco Casoni Catherine Idle Carol Jarman M Webster robert evans marion coleman Stuart Russell Geoff Reid jean thompson andy smallwood Joe Raphael Alex Kershaw Stuart Tyler Patricia Ryan Jonathan Smith D Clouston IRENE COOK jan wilczur Jay Ghumania Kate Senior Alison Williams Kanika Gupta The david Mcintosh Gareth POWELL Carole Tan s jeffery Edmund Watson Diane Duquemin Leslie Allen-Vercoe Helen Armstrong Deborah Davies Andy Mendus Penny Holmes Stephanie Lewis Fiona Sykes SIMON JOE PORTAL Conor Walton Julie Scott Daniel Mija Annette Rebentisch Alison Robertson Dave Notman john callaghan Jenny Adams Camilla Lennerthson Molly Edbrooke Elaine Moore iona mathers DAVE KENNEDY patricia Chinnery Karen Johns Alan Gilliver Eleanor Jones R Millinger Debbie Cusimano ian papworth Rosemary Lynch Zumarraga Eriz Alison W Sally Burton Anthony Williams Stefan Piniaha Bram Martin Lawrence Wraight Wendy Elliott Lisa Pires Hazel Small Andries Tieleman jane williams emilia boccagna Billy S Tonia Marsh michelle Kelly judy green David J K Wheeler Tom Jensen Anne Muller Luc Salu Marie Bonvin Anthony Garrett Sam Malone Gretta McIlhatton Spencer Rogers Penney Ellis Katie Mazzeo Mark Lawson Paul Coutts chris Hawcroft Maliha Chaudry Pam Stegmann Aisha Khan Chris Gillard Tim Comer anne twohey Deborah noone Vanessa Sadler Karen Hopkins Sarah Bolt sharon foulds Jim Bailey Bryan Parker Mindy McDonald Romy Lobos Jan cowper Rob Abbott Susan Baumback Alexandra Disertori Lucy Falconer Paula Ariel Silvia Gualda Bob Chapman Frank Siepmann Sophie Newing James Appleton Hilary Rosser Ben SantaMaria Neil Aldridge jane mycock Darby Darby Stewart Cuthbertson Jessie Robertson Sheila Jeffery Maria Tavares John Magee Felix Parker Sue W Caroline Steel William Kilsby Carla Barros Irene O’Brien Simon Elliott Timea Marton Georgina Bjelic Sam McGuinness Aleksandra Jarosz Miquel Alonso Tim Senanayake Darren Bland Steve Russell delia lowick Arnaldo Musto ana begonha Sarah Snell Caroline Bellingham Mauren Robins Meryl Taylor Colin Cunnew Carole Cox Candy Hine leon power Jan White Philip Bryan Rosemary Smith colin webster Sabrina Carmichael

David Elphick Jeremy Harris Ewelina Strozyk claire cessford Chrisy Henry Tomas Hansson Teri Knight bill hunter Frances Donaldson Susan Price Nando Xarez Janice Benjamin Ellie Norman Jennifer Toll christopher mitchell Anna Platts-Hughes Katherine Tedd Theresa Hubbard Jane Winn Debbie Kimble Paul Grice Robin Boyden Franki Ward Cheryl Kendrick Janet Walker Denise Baker Clare Gardner Stephen Whitaker A Bregman Angelique Bregman MICHAEL WOOLDRIDGE PETER LIVERSIDGE Marianne Connors Denise Davies kath benson Inge Meijer Margaret Drage David Bevan Philip O’Brien Allan Worthington Jo Smith Ian Allen Regina Bianco Liz Wheeler Andrea Slater Abby Hall Ruth Bone pat hill Alan Charles Simon Robinson Frank and Pat Parkhouse frederico marques Anthony Tate Ben Carne Catherine Coe stephen MACFARLANE Anne Papworth Anne Lang Rosalind Turnbull James Lawson Julie Smith Sam Scadding Lynda Cleere colin rowson gen Godward LILLY Figueroa John Urquhart Ken Woodward ROGER WHYSALL Anna Witcombe Tuba Bauhofer Alexander Avery Susan O’Hanlon Lorna Jordan lesley fennell Charlotte Woodward ann roberts Hilary Thornton Gillian Belgrave Emmaline O’Dowd MARIA CASS Melissa Mackie John Hampshire Helen Bridgwater SANDRA BOTHAPOWELL Andrew Martin Charlie Meacham B M Farrer-Taylor Naomi Wolsey Julie Brazier Francis Smith Moilidh NicGriogair valerie newman Sharon Ridge jocelyn johnson Rosemary Bindon Fergus Seymour Anna Thomas Dominic Bere Isabel Saunders Elizabeth Koelmans Angie Snell Jackie Power Hazel Andrews Stephen Norton Lindsey Wishart Adam Rosolowski Belinda West Laura Davey Barrie Stradling mark parsons Erik Sullivan Aurea Abrantes Yvonne Brouwers Patrick Wallace Dorthe Villadsen Carole Burke Chris Selby Stephanie Lees francoise donovan Astig Mandalian Michael Edwards Clare Rose Philip Bebbington marine huntzinger James Gardner Annette Roozen Roz Hughes Justine Parker maria babiak Helena Kuller Nina Vukas David Duncalf clare walker pauline howes Brenda Grundy Pam Dinucci Yvette Grindley Sue Whitbread Fran Devine Lesley Bowen Rosa Peran Kevin Bowen Marilyn Mulroy Nadir Ismail jane norris jeannie cherry Marie Edwards vicky van der merwe Katie Morris Deborah Baldwin Vivian Keyte Veronica Jones Anuschka Natley Sybil Grace Lino Martins Mary Timmins Sinead Ni chathail jackie demarais Valeska Matziol olga johnson Caroline Robinson Colette Humphrey katherine Rogers Alison Davenport adam bennett Wendy Watkins Mumtaz Waliat Alan Stott Janice Brown Sue Buckley Bianca McArrell Barry Green cathy stead Gill Hanham Margaret Reeves Alessio Atzori Bobbie Peter Tina Florell Hans-Joerg Kueller Rabaca Lynda Cooper Maggie Evans Emma Alexander Yvonne Langham Frank Stafford Mary Doonan Alasdair Fyffe Eden Randall Alan Vince Abbie Elliott Petra Morten Lawrence Chrisfield Tatiana N Quinones Linda Rooke Barry Cusack Stephen Bamber Martin HAIGH Maureen Evans Tim Jones David Harrison Deborah Daw Bernadette Sproul Gaetano Rammi Chris Clark Sarah Williams neil furby Beverley Maltby James Miller Paul Wimpeney Aaron McConkey Ian Hodgkiss Jill Richards sandra Wallace Maeve Kennedy Jason Reading Jenny Parsons Barbara Goddard Tim Fisher Pauline Libetta John Miller FIONNUALA TOTTEN David Topham Jenny Whiear Lauren Hutchings Lauren Bailey VERONICA WOOD Peter Roberts Suzanne Duffy Ralph Wootton Nathan Temlett Hermann Weigmann Tony Johnson Nigel Wilkinson Emma Smith Uchristine Taylor Barry Wilcox Jon Philibert Lisa Stanton Joss Holmes chris henderson Jordan Grice Annkatrin Hendry Julie Parry Clare Parrish Brian Thompson A Creighton Dave Pearse ZOE KITSON Theresa FitzGerald Tao Hinton Vicky Hadland Carolyn Hopkin Joyce ware G Morgan Gwyneth Ramsey Christine Partington Laurence Grisanti Eric Davis Irene Patterson jaume formosa esteva Edward Earp Gonzalo Pais David Jones Marie Vey Jennifer Brett Skye Quinn Margaret Lyall Daniel Russell pearl paulssen Sarah Cranston Huw Brown Darren McMahon Mike Warner Wendy carter Jess Slater Elizabeth Pawley Michelle Hays Kirry Mitchell Elizabeth Culpeper Victoria Granville barbara lynch Nuno Martins Inga Maria Blinde Claire Elliott Barbara Tee leslie wells Wendy Mack ROBERT FLEMING Gillian Lang Norma Thompson Graham Hodson Michael Hinks Patricia Carter jo moore Daniel Coursey Sarah Lee Kevin Burr Ray Hill Ruth Yeo Matt Kamen Alex Clark Philippa Willson Stephen Cameron Joe Blossom

Lyudmila Portnova Ann Flint Clare Robson Rene Bartis Linda Fergusson Sarah Ryan Val Bingham concetta maria pascale Stuart Beveridge Patricia Parsons Peter Blackaller Gordon Wright Marian Partridge Alicia Guevara Brian Curnew Andy Verner yana bosseva Julie Llewellyn ingrid Slater Christine North Pamela Findley Jacqueline Clare Nathaniel Harris paul Bagnall Kay Pollock Sarah Ullmann Andrew Gear Marshall Baron Paul Russell Barri Mason Ellen Firmin Hadass Alony Louise Brackley Devon Benton John Watts Palmira Serra margaret andrews Deborah Smith Myriam Bay Jennie Allen Matthew Whiteman Kim Lavery Dominic Bingham Catherine Black JW Lin Taylor Chloe Grant Hayden Cullen adam dickens Jane Prince Gillian Ursell Donna Maguire Aamir Zaffar France Tetreault Bernard Siddle Ann Higson Linda Noble rita blazyca Stephen Cook Linda McDermott Graham MacDonald Christine Lord Sue Albiston Jacquie Bennett Jesus Romero Helen Hutchinson Ana Paula Charrua Clare Golder Donna Lewis Andrew Pantland Kirsty McLeod Trish Wojciechowski Julie Edwards Anne Cassidy Leonor Capelier Beverley Green Christina Parker Mary Bryan Lynne Hood Louise Gould Andrew Mason Diana Hill John McTague Anna Ruth Helen James Sue Watts Edward Wilkins Peter Haines Wendy CALLADINE Ceri Stock Rachael Cavanagh Marc van de Waarsenburg Gaelle Linard A Griff Terence Robinson John Mellor Richard Coates ingrid Cattley Adam Foster Helen Matthews Cathy Badley Susan Ross Julie Stephenson Poppy Arnold Oliver Littleton P Garibaldinos emily quigley Ashleigh Tindall Suzanna Greenwood Peter Ayling Ute Lang Penny Warren Christine Margaret Jones Samantha Webb Ian Greengrass Romain Pasquet Barrie Hird heide nenner emma bouet Nikki Harvey Eva-Maria Haak Peter Kinley VC Smith Jacq Chambers Dee De Rocha Tom POwell Sue Hall Ann Buchala Nicky Quinn David Horan Kim Thornley Joy Flood Sorav Malhotra Ria Gane Susan Seed George Pratt Steve Pearce Alison Clarke Antony Pelly Gina Rowe Shirley Godbolt Clare Manning stuart Godbolt Druuske Hawkridge martine van de moere Claire Connelly Nancy Pike Claire kulba Andrew Parry Valerie Howard Paul Williams Alison Griffiths Michele Seymour Jessie Flynn Jessie Flynn Martin Jones Noel Lockyer Jackie Broder Robin How Unknown Uknonw Colin Baker shaun barnsley Jeremy Cox Pierre Aisner James GAINFORD freya van midden sandra spiller Annerose Maier basil lewis Christine Henry Eniko Popa France Detry Tim Lyons Amanda Leon Les Smith Richard Amende Tracy Leivers Felicity Mackinnon Terry Holder Rebecca Elphinstone Joan


Mary Edwards Josephine Bishop Bernadette de Cent Mariana Duffill Shelagh Howard Jennifer Lachs phillip webb Troy Roberts Lynn Jenks Teresa McConville Simon Porter Simone Chalkley Kate Pilloud Judy Vickery Stephan Berridge Phillipa Holden Helen Wylie James Cox Richard Hutchinson Peter Hay Chloe Lambert Sheila Betts andrew willis James Turnbull Tracey Hill Phil Thain Lesley Emmerson Anne Brown Antony Spilman Martin Stewart-Ryan Andrew stevenson Sarah Kinsella Bridget Griffiths Michael Medhurst Linda Young johns Tracy Aitken Felicity Brown Chris ford Nicholas GREENSLADE Lindsey Howell Philip Key kirsty tapp Carol Key Rosemary Lovegrove Terence Key Steven Mason Ron Slater Sarah-Manning Shaw Mateja Presern Jeremy Green Jamie Jainar Sam Cathcart Oliver Howard Christopher Davey Judith Wilson Marta Ebri Judith Watt Julie Crawford Amira Armenta Hayley Browning Stella Shackle Elizabeth Shaw Abigail DiFabio Carla Pratas Sue Mayer Jenny Saxton Sue Murray Floris Stoter Campbell Innes Laurel Hawkins Jennie Searle Stephen McNally Joana Carreira sarah sowambur Ellen Malone Dorn Parkinson Rachel Hickley Kristian Keddie Christine Gregory Cordelia Burch Mary Kennedy elaine barnett Steve Chapman Katherine Weeks Mike Hicken Sandra Abutarboush Pam Donaldson Stephen Hogan Philip Rubery mark atkinson Hannelie Meintjies Anthony Fletcher Menna Cravos martina fedeli Christine Davies Ruth And Alan Henry Henry Woledge Richard Rundle Melissa Arneau Rex Hickley jacqui butterworth Brian Wray Sarah Parker David Tarlton John Avison SUE WAY Nuala Young angie langfield Sharna Lunn john steaggles Jacqueline Wait Bob Lugg Paul Robinson Ingeborg Henning Stephanie Clark Philip Dale Eileen Dale Nicholas Rapagnani Grace Lyon linda taylor Dean Dryden Sofia Lorenzini Denisa Filusova Mariana Barreiros Emile WATTIER Linda Alcock Sally Gilbert c McLaughlin Daisy Hart Casey Pettifer Matthew Wilson Hayley Burrard catrina swan Sharon Pettifer Roy Gooda Peter Lacey Sydney Dohoo Mandy Goodw