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Green Oxen started with the mission to help developers of modern residences and commercial projects realize their vision through artfully designed products.

With 30 years of experience, we think it's safe to say we know a little something about aluminum.

Located in Plantation, Florida, Green Oxen operates in a 75,000 square foot high-tech and clean facility.

A division of Automatic Manufacturing Systems (AMS) - a company having brands focused on robotic automation and clean energy - Green Oxen uses significant automated machinery capacity to generate high quality aluminum railings, baseboards, lighting and other products benefitting from precision design and manufacturing. Since our inception, we have quickly caught the eye of developers, homeowners, and builders that aim to amplify their property values through high-end sustainable products.


QUALITY ENGINEERING For decades, our highly skilled engineers work in symbiosis with the material they know best, aluminum.

MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES Our factory enables us to produce the high quality and quantity of aluminum products our customers require for their projects. From large scale residential developments to hotels and offices, we design and manufacture everything in-house.

OUR ALUMINUM The benchmark for modern homes and commercial spaces. With a beautiful, soft, anodized finish, our aluminum makes it almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, salt, or snow – the first and only choice of metal for modern buildings. Green Oxen’s production of aluminum is characterized by our approach. Every Green Oxen product is engineered, developed, manufactured and tested for durability, weather resistance, color and touch to provide our customers with a visually appealing, yet safe design that has a lifecycle of at least 25 years. Green Oxen uses ethically and locally sourced aluminum of the highest quality. To help lower the carbon footprint even further, Green Oxen recycles leftover aluminum pieces. We believe that our customers must be able to trust us, so we treat the environment, its resources and its people by being conscious of the impact we have on it.


Epulum Railing System Cable, Glass, Horizontal, Grid and Vertical. Stairs, Decks, Porches and Balconies. Interior and Exterior. Commercial and Residential. Sky's the limit.

EPULUM RAILING CUSTOM CAPABILITIES The Green Oxen Epulum aluminum railings are a modular and highly engineered railing system for outdoor and indoor balconies, stairs, decks and porches. Engineered to be cost effective and easy-to-install, our aluminum railings are high-quality, durable, weather resistant and incredibly low maintenance. The Epulum aluminum railings can be wall, fascia or floor mounted on wood or concrete surfaces with the option of cable, horizontal, vertical, grid and glass infills. From complex angle brackets to top-of-stringer installations and base plates, Green Oxen has worked with clients to solve a multitude of unique design challenges. Depending on the scope of the project, Green Oxen's custom capabilities range from mounting modifications to translating initial idea sketches into full production of spiral staircases, floating corners and square-top handrails. Our product engineers and highly skilled experts partner with you to deliver our product with your project and site's unique specifications.

The Epulum aluminum railings can be mounted on concrete or wood with our floor, fascia and wall mounts.

Infill options include glass, cable, horizontal, vertical and grid.

"The railings look like a perfect architectural complement to the units. Structurally, they are everything that we had hoped as well." Jamie S.

COMMERCIAL PROJECTS In addition to our residential projects, Green Oxen has worked on a variety of multi-family, mixed-use and commercial projects around the country with developers and builders that aim to amplify their property values through high-end sustainable products.

All Green Oxen products are manufactured using domestically and ethically sourced and recycled materials. Using 16 fully robotic and automated machines, we extrude thousands of tons of aluminum per year. We also recycle leftover aluminum pieces to help lower our carbon footprint even further. Our 75,000 square foot facility brings mechanical engineers and designers together to make sure that every inch meets the architectural and quality standards of our designs.

SETTING THE STANDARD FOR MODERN DESIGN Today's modern buildings combine sophisticated design with practical elements to create surroundings as innovative as they are timeless. Timelessness as a design element, however, is one of the most important, yet difficult to achieve. When a product can capture its past, present and future in it's current form and create a setting that is ageless, endless, fluid or infinite, good design happens. Better design achieves continuity between its space and time with the environment in consideration.


To accomplish a balance of beauty, sophistication and harmony between architecture and the environment, Green Oxen uses 100% ethically sourced and recycled material. A focused attention to manufacturing and engineering detail gives life to the shapes and curves of all Green Oxen products. By creating products that are sustainable as they are durable, beautiful as they are functional and modern as they are versatile, Green Oxen defines sustainable luxury and sets the standard for modern design. With a strong sense of character and an in-depth understanding of the material's source, purpose and lifecycle, every Green Oxen product stands for a climate positive future.


COLOR OPTIONS The Epulum aluminum railings come in black, bronze, or silver – its natural anodized aluminum color. You also have the option to paint the railings to any color of your choosing with a AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605 powder coat finish.

"Looks great and retains our island appeal." Bill M.

Aluria Cove Lighting

Subtle Design. Powerful Results.

The Aluria Cove Lighting System is a powerful and easy-to-install solution for energy saving and sustainable lighting in offices, homes, businesses, schools and hotels. The design creates a hidden aesthetic that is modern and sophisticated, yet reflects a soft and intimate light. From new construction buildings to residential retrofits, Aluria Cove is the perfect solution for modern, easily-controlled and intelligent lighting.

"Jewelry for the home. I love it." Miguel L.

Vinson Baseboard Easy to install, easy to clean and easy on the eyes. Bring any room or hallway together with small, but powerful, visual details like designer baseboards that support the whole effect of tasteful, modern design. The Vinson aluminum baseboard is engineered to protect the wall and floor of your room, but also balance the room’s appearance with a modern design. The lightweight aluminum composition is easy to clean, corrosion resistant, and hard to damage. The Vinson baseboard can also be purchased with LED lights that easily mount under the board in a variety of colors including red, green, blue, purple, pink, daylight white and warm white.

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