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Green Mountain Girls Farm We raise tasty, healthy (natural & sustainable), happy (free range and loved) animals and vegetables on our farm in Northfield, VT. Visitors encouraged.

Omnivore’s Farm Share Available

―The feeling that comes from sitting down to a totally farmshare meal; knowing the food is healthy and good.‖

Our Omnivore’s farm share: 

Provides local, sustainably managed Meat, Eggs, Milk,

―I feel welcomed, valued, and included.―

Vegetables, Herbs & Flowers 

Enables you to choose how much and what you want each week—Free Choice Model

Invites you to share our farm—pond swims, picnics, trails and learn to make cheese

What do Members enjoy & value about their Farm share?

Supplies food all year– including some prepared foods as well as frozen, canned and stored summer produce for the winter months.

―I LOVE this farm. Laura and Mari are wonderful, and they are doing a spectacular job with the farm. I hope to always be participating in the CSA or getting my meat/veg from here.― ―I love the free choice model, and that we can visit or hang out any time we want. I never managed to swim in the pond this summer, but I'll get there! the knowledge that I could do so was surprisingly satisfying.‖ ―Friendliness, openness, multiple options, surprise goodies, homemade offerings, farm tours, flexibility, it is ALL good!‖

You join and we commit to grow food for you. Each week, we will provide plenty of vegetables and herbs that are in season in addition to 1 or 2 meat choices (lamb, pork and/or chicken), eggs, and goat milk. You pay monthly and get to choose what you bring home each week, both the items and the quantity.

Farm Shares are available. 1 share= 1 adult ($200/month per adult) Kids under 10 no charge Kids 10-15 = 1/2 share each ($100/mth)

―The ability of my daughter to engage in the farm activities.‖ ―How easy and convenient it is, the fact that we get to choose what and how much we want each week, the always-available eggs and goat milk. ― ―Overall, it's actually a less expensive option than the supermarket.‖

For more about our Farm & its offerings visit: Green Mountain Girls Farm Mari Omland & Laura Olsen 923 Loop Road, Northfield, VT 05663 802-505-1767 or 505-1768 ◘

Details about the Farm Share As an Omnivore Free Choice Member, some weeks you will take home more because you have guests coming, some weeks less because you are traveling or have plans. We just ask that you do not horde food nor feed the neighborhood (unless they all buy shares), but rather take what you will eat that week. Built on this system of trust, we have found it balances out and allows each member to bring home more of your favorites and end up with less waste. Yes, you choose the volume and exact items from the meat, vegetables, eggs and milk that are on offer each week. For most people, this represents a 15-20% discount from farm stand retail prices. Winter too: We offer food stored from the growing season (squash, potatoes, onions, apples, carrots and other root vegetables), some fresh greens, eggs & milk, produce that has been frozen or canned as well as meat. We may add some prepared soups and other dishes made from the food grown and raised on our farm. Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys are included in the Omnivore’s share. If the Omnivore’s Farm Share is not right for you, we offer a Customized Share. You commit to at least $100/month in purchases of your choice and we give you a 10% discount off our retail prices. You can shop during Thursday’s Farm Share hours or at the Farmers Market. Email with Questions. Our growing principles

About us

Our animals are pasture-raised and fed organic grain. Rutland

Vegetables & poultry are raised 100% organically. We manage other animals as organically as possible. Your role

native Mari

Omland and

UVM graduate Laura Olsen returned to

Your main role is joining as a farm member and enjoying the food. We Vermont in 2007 after ask people to commit for at least a season (3 months). Your season enjoying careers in subscription can be paid monthly or in one lump sum.

conservation and smart growth

Pick-up Locations & Timing

farm is well suited to produce

Food can be picked up on Thursday afternoon/evening at our farm in Northfield, VT just a mile from I-89’s exit 5. We are 12 miles from

non-profits. Their small hill small amounts of a large variety of delicious food.

Montpelier & Barre and 15 miles from Randolph.


How to sign up

or for copies of past weekly

Email or call us with your information to reserve your farm share. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. or 802-505-1767/1768

Email us with your questions newsletters. You are also welcome to stop by any

Thursday from 4-7pm to see the Farm Share in action.

Omnivore's Farm Share Brochure  

Omnivore's Farm Share Brochure

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