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Radiant Winter Retreats: Hawaii and Australia

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42. The Concerto of a Gentleman/ “I feel that the essence of what it means to be a gentleman is lacking. The guy who actually takes the time to press his t-shirt before he goes out, the guy that’ll open up a car door for a woman, the guy who pulls out her chair before he sits down, the guy who will walk on the curb while his woman walks on the sidewalk. Where is he? He’s few and far between nowadays… It’s time we bring chivalry back, time we bring class back and it’s time to bring integrity back.”




14. LPGA Spotlight/ Jennifer Rosales Love Jones & Growing Pains 16. Reviews/ Esperanza Spalding Hope Strings Eternal

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22. Goods/ Touch & Go A Gift Guide for all Generations 26. Clubs/ Driving for Glory 32. Tech & Gadgets/ Blackberry Bold & Power Cases 54. Strivers & Drivers/ Judge Langford Morris finds the sweet spot behind the bench 66. My First Time/ Kirk Morrison

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12. The Deal/ Darryl Wiggins of Publisher’s Press takes on the Emerald Isle.

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4 | November/ December 2008

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On the Links 72. The Bridges Golf Club 76. Courses of Canada’s Okanagan Valley 80. Boys’ Weekend Out/ TPC Sawgrass

Time Out 90. Hawaii/ Aloha to Savings 92. Australia/ A Majestic Refuge

19th Hole 96. Daily Bread/ A Healthy Holiday (for once) 97. Smoke Rings/ Illusione Cigars




Through the




108. Calendar 100. Society 112. We Hooked Another One/ Lamman Rucker

6 | November/ December 2008

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98. In The Spirit/ Akvavit

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8 | December 2008


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It’s that time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about figuring out your gift list or deciding which holiday parties you plan to attend. I’m talking about having to hang up your clubs for the winter if you live in the northern part of the country like I do. Of course, the occasional trip to a sub-tropical golf resort can still give you a charge and keep you sane until spring. What’s funny is that when I started playing, I don’t recall ever putting my clubs away. I played in anything but gales, thunderstorms and below 40 degree weather. As long as I had a tee time, I was out there. We won’t talk about the 4 am drive to the municipal golf course to put your name on the board, then catching another three hours of sleep in the car. Ah, to be a green (no pun intended) golf junkie and not know any better. For this issue we had the pleasure of introducing Mr. Smith aka Ne-Yo to the game of golf and spending some time getting to know the chart-topping sensation. I have to tell you that

10 | December 2008

Ne-Yo was an enormous delight and extremely generous with his time. I was a fan before but I have an even higher level of respect for the man after the four plus hours at the shoot. We also profiled lpga golfer, Jennifer Rosales and collegiate golfing sensation, Jerel Whiting. As usual we provided you some instructional tips to keep your game sharp during the winter. And no issue of The Green would be complete without showcasing the good life abroad, so enjoy our features on Australia and Hawaii.

The mountaintop is glorious, but it is in the valley that I will grow! Always remember, God gives you...enough happiness to keep you sweet, enough trials to keep you strong, enough sorrows to keep you human, enough hope to keep you happy, enough failure to keep you humble, enough success to keep you eager, enough friends to give you comfort, enough wealth to meet your needs, enough enthusiasm to make you look forward, enough faith to banish depression and enough determination to make each day better than the last.

At this time of year there are always more reasons to be thankful than I can count. First, and foremost, I have to give thanks to my creator, Jesus Christ, for a wonderful life. I’m going on 20 years of marriage. I have two wonderful daughters (Lord, please let them mature as slowly as possible) and a remarkable team at the office that keeps me in line. These blessings and many more are embodied by a paragraph I place at the bottom of each my emails. May it bring you comfort and inspiration. It reads as follows:

Have a great holiday and know that life will get better, but it could always be worse!

Rafael Martinez

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the deal

Financial Power-Moves Facilitated by the Fairway

the player: Darryl Wiggins, regional sales manager the scenario: The Publisher’s Press Annual Golf Outing How long have you been with Publisher’s Press? Eight years now. How long have you been playing golf? For 15 years. How often do you play golf? Usually once a week. What is your handicap? It’s a 7.9. Where and when did the outing take place? We were actually in Northern Ireland, June 23-28th. How many people went on the trip? We had 16. Does the company do this annually or biannually and what impact has it had? We’ve done it annually since 2002 and it basically started out as a few customers that were good friends with our owner, all had golf as a common interest. So a small group got together and they went to Pinehurst in 2002, and ever since then the group has grown. We limit the group to customers, ones that have

12 | December 2008

been with Publishers Press for several years. It’s almost like a reward for customer loyalty, but the goal of the trip is to deepen our relationship with our customers at that executive level—that’s the key. The top people of the company will come on these trips and it allows them to get a chance to be with the owner of Publishers Press and spend time with them. We always set up some time for a formal meeting to discuss publishing topics, and that’s usually a very good forum/ round table because you get some very high level publishers to speak about their businesses, the trends that they see, there’s a lot of information and idea sharing. We do these corporate trips that give us an opportunity to try and deepen our relationships with some of our clients at a higher level, at the owner-executive level and it gives our clients an opportunity to network with other clients of ours in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a thought process around this. What courses did you play? The different courses that we played were Royal County Down, Royal Port Rush, Port Stewart, and Castle Rock.

What was the atmosphere/weather like? Tell me about your experience(s) playing at those particular courses. How did it feel to be there? The interesting part is I’ve been over to Ireland on several trips, and this is actually the first trip that we got the rain that everyone always talks about in Ireland. Everyone talks about how it rains so hard that it comes down sideways. It’s unique because there is a combination of rain and very strong wind. The wind is kind of pushing the rain, so it comes down sideways (laughing). How hard was the wind blowing? It gusted from 30-40 mph, very strong. You can’t even think about using an umbrella because the wind is so strong it just blows them inside out or down the fairway. You have multiple layers of rain protective clothing, and you kind of take it on and off because the weather changes very quickly there. It could be sunny, and then a half hour later it’s raining very hard and it’s a monsoon and then twenty minutes later the sun comes out again, so you have to be prepared for all four seasons during a round of golf. Royal County Down is one of the most beautiful courses and very highly ranked. Some publications rank it among the top five in the world. The wind was fairly constant at about 20 mph, and very, very heavy rain. The conditions play a lot of tricks on your mind because you’re just not used to playing in conditions like that

over here [ U.S.A.]. You can’t hit a ball right where you want it to go because the wind’s going to blow it. You have to adjust everything. You even have to adjust your putting because the wind is blowing so hard. It’s a different type of golf over there [Ireland]. You don’t want to hit a lob wedge, lots of low punch type of shots. Do you have a most memorable experience on one of the courses or a hole in particular? Well (laughing)…I’ll say at hole number nine at Royal County Down. I was in two feet of very high grass and the caddie said, “Let’s take a chance” and gave me my 7 wood and I hit probably the best shot I hit of the week, just short of the green from about 210 yards on a par 4. I was way off to the right, but I hit a really nice recovery shot so that was fun. Can you describe the hole to me? The interesting part is, it’s fairly straight but you literally hit out to the end…your drive goes to the

end of a cliff, and then it drops probably 40 or 50 feet to the next part of the fairway. You can’t see the fairway really, you just hit the ball to a point… it’s a very blind shot and you hit the ball over the hill, over the caddie’s head and then you go and try and find it. What did you shoot at Royal County Down? Not one of my better scores, I actually shot 89. Did you have a favorite course? My favorite was Portstewart, par 72. The one thing that’s a little different at Royal Port Rush and at Portstewart, the caddies are members of the club, that’s a little unusual compared to over here in the States. The interaction with the caddies I thought was very interesting. They knew the course because it was thier course, they knew the history of the course, they knew the ins and outs, they knew every inch of the golf course. They were very, very good but, they were just so knowledgeable, and proud of their course.

What other attractions did you partake in (i.e. restaurants/ bars)? We try to mix it up a little bit although its primarily a golf trip. Some of the gentlemen spent time fly fishing. We took a really nice trip to the Bushmills Inn and we went to their distillery and some of the folks did the tour, and then we had a really nice dinner there. We also went to a place called the Giants Causeway. Now the Giants Causeway is only 3-4 miles from Busmills, but it is one of the most spectacular natural cliffs I’ve ever seen in my whole life. There are 40,000, some of them are five sided, but most of them are six sided, all along the ocean and they come out of the ocean at different heights. These were created during the Ice Age and through volcanic flow, but when you look at it it’s just hard to imagine. It was just amazing. It’s so hard to believe that these perfectly formed columns were done by ice and volcano because they’re just perfect. You just have to say, “Well there is definitely a god.”

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Jennifer Rosales

Golf. It’s a love-hate relationship. One minute you’re playing army golf—left-leftleft-right-left—and the next minute you hit a shot so pure it reminds you of why you stay in such an abusive relationship. It’s the emotional rollercoaster of sports. No one knows how many loops, heights or stomach plummeting drops you will endure; you just strap yourself in and try to enjoy the ride. Jennifer Rosales is no stranger to the twists and turns that golf often renders. In the 2005 SBS Open at Turtle Bay, Rosales finished 8-under-par to capture her second career win over Michele Wie and Cristie Kerr. Her aggressive play, signature style and genuine personality make her a pleasure to watch. “I go for everything,” she said. “When I’m out there I just think of the flag and I just go right at it. I don’t hold back or anything.” The SBS Open was Rosales’ most recent win on the LPGA tour. Today, she is determined to make her way back into the winner’s circle. “You go through a slump and you get through it. That’s what makes you better,” she said. Rosales started playing golf at the age of 12 with her father and older brother, Gerald, who is a tour player on the Asian Tour. “I used to play a lot of sports before, when I started playing golf I stopped. I knew I wanted to be good at this,” she said. The five-time Philippine Ladies Amateur Open Champion moved from Manila, Philippines to attend the University of Southern California when she was 18-yearsold. As a freshman she won the NCAA Individual Championship. Two years later Rosales qualified for the LPGA tour.

14 | December 2008

Her rookie year she tied for 12th in the 2000 U.S. Women’s Open. In 2003 Rosales finished tied for second at the Giant Eagle LPGA Classic. She posted a career-low round of 64 during the second round. In the threehole sudden death playoff she lost to Rachel Teske. It would not be long before her first tour win. Rosales used her impeccable iron shots targeting every pin, for her first LPGA victory. “My long game has always been my strength,” Rosales said. Her win at the 2004 Chick-fil-A Charity Championship made Rosales the first person from the Philippines to win on the LPGA tour. The next year, following her win at the SBS Open, Rosales teamed up with Dorthy Delasin to represent her country in the Women’s World Cup of Golf. Rosales recorded a season-low of 68 in both the 2007 Michelob ULTRA Open and the Safeway International Championship. Rosales attributes her success to the love and support of her family. “My family is always there, I can always count on them…I have a great family and I’m thankful for that,” she said. Rosales competed in 18 tournaments this season. At this year’s CN Canadian Women’s Open, Rosales finished tied for 12th at 3-underpar. With six more events left in the 2008 season, Rosales remains relentless, “I want to try to win before the year ends. I like the way I’m hitting the ball, my confidence is back,” she said. “I’m ready to play competitive golf again.” naimah jabali-nash

More often than not, golfers put themselves in compromising predicaments. A bad lie and inclement weather can be a deadly combination. It’s players like Rosales that evaluate these situations with ease as spectators watch in awe. “To hit a shot under pressure, it’s a damn good feeling…you have to keep your routine every time,” she explained. Here Rosales takes the readers step-bystep on a difficult shot that would have the average golfer thinking mulligan: The Shot: 150-yds from the pin, in a wet fairway bunker on a side hill lie. Put your weight a little on the left side. Position the ball toward the right foot in your stance. Add about 1-2 clubs for distance. Using no lower body movement try to hit the ball as clean as you can. Above all, trust your swing.

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Flex Your Senses Beyond the Links

Beyond the Image Esperanza Spalding’s Self-Titled New Release Outshines the Hype By Laurence Bass

Devoted fans caught a glimpse of Esperanza Spalding’s network television debut on The Late Show with David Letterman. Throngs of YouTube loyalists watch videos of her charming frenzied audiences in Philadelphia, Montreal and Copenhagen. Music outlets have extensive waiting lists for her album. Radio personalities crown the virtuoso bassist the new “hope” of the jazz world. Mass appeal of this magnitude would make some artists fold under pressure, or turn a quiet personality into a monstrous ego. Yet, distinguishing the power of her music from the hype surrounding her image allows Esperanza Spalding to keep it all in perspective. “I have an image that works right now and that has nothing to do with my music,” Spalding says. “The interest may be for my look, my face, or my story, but the music is something else. One day this attention will be solely for my music and that day I’ll be grateful.” Granted, her looks may force many to do a double take, but her dazzling array of skills as a band leader keeps the faithful in attendance at her shows. Nowhere was this more evident than at the 2008 J&R Musicfest in New York. The open-aired Gramercy Park venue in Manhattan was packed with fans holding copies of her album. Spalding’s vocal range, at times, mirrored her double bass or rose to a siren-like tone that echoed above the bustling Friday afternoon traffic across the Brooklyn Bridge. As she performed Nina Simone’s ‘Wild is the Wind’, she was hunched over, eyes closed, practically amalgamated with her double bass. Chord after chord, she gracefully played a solo that left the crowd awe-struck.

16 | December 2008

The energy of her live shows reflects her systematic preparation in the studio. “Coming into it, I was so adamant about a vision and a concept for the sound,” Spalding recollects. “I wanted to make sure the compilation of songs, and the way that we arranged and played them, was something that people from all different musical backgrounds and tastes would be able to appreciate.” Esperanza is a vibrant set of compositions the band played during its live sets. “Out of the 50-60 songs we’ve developed over the year, it was basically editing the 12 we wanted that fit with the sound we were trying to go for,” Spalding explains. Prior to recording, Spalding dealt with questions from management and the record label concerned with the project’s theme, image, and overall sound. “I think one reason why they were onboard with what I’m doing is because a lot of it is already done,” she recalls. “I spend a great deal of time trying to cultivate an objective with my music and they know that I am always working to try and improve that.” Her album took a grand total of eight days - five recording and three mixing - to complete. This may sound like the makings of a hurried product, but each piece is wellproduced without missing a single moment of greatness. The album opens with her interpretation of Milton Nascimento’s ‘Ponta de Areia’ from his album Minas and Wayne Shorter’s classic Native Dancer. Nascimento’s uncanny ability to jump from baritone to lyric tenor in a moment’s notice is legendary. “Something about that melody is so young, but so ancient. I thought that would be a good way to start the record,” says Spalding. A driving groove between the double bass and piano lays the foundation for the entire song. This melody is effortlessly complimented by the angelic vocals of Spalding and Gretchen Parlato. Percussionist Jamey

Esperanza Spalding Esperanza Heads Up International

Haddad brings his rhythms on the caxix, hadgini, bongos, cymbals and crotales to this winning piece as well. This is a great introduction to the album and prepares listeners for the versatility heard in each composition. ‘She Got to You’ is a scintillating joyride. Pianist Leo Genovese lays down the framework for this heady piece. His chameleon-like delivery adapts to all facets of this track. Donald Harrison’s additions on the alto saxophone are compelling and strategic. He often appears to either compliment the heavy bass lines or to add texture between each verse with his solos. This song’s bravado and charm make it one of the many jewels on Spalding’s album. Spalding jokingly refers to ‘Precious’ as the band’s feeble attempt at making a pop hit. Yes, the song has the mainstream appeal of a grooving chorus and the “you tell it, girl” attitude, but the subtleties give this song its power. The infectious bass line provides the far-reaching, open quality for the track. Spalding’s voice is nearly perfect on this song and is the culmination of the varying styles she presents throughout Esperanza. “Every one of them is phenomenal,” says Spalding when discussing the level of skill her band members embody. “They’re at the top of their class, so that made it very easy. They came in really ready to work and with their creative juices flowing. It also helped that they were deeply committed to the project.” The two compositions that prove that fact are ‘Mela’ and ‘If That’s True’. The driving forces on ‘Mela’ are heard in the notes played

by trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, Genovese’s skills on the ivories and the drumming of Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez. Spalding’s fleeting voice and Akinmusire’s patterned styles consume the spaces with their melodies. The presence of both Harrison and Akinmusire on ‘If That’s True’ is a welcomed duet. Their solos at the beginning are a great segue for the resonate arrangement heard later. Otis Brown Jr. displays his fine improvisational skills on the drums to produce the overall force to this song. The level of musicianship on this song establishes ‘If That’s True’ as one of the captivating heavyweights on Esperanza. “It’s totally inspired me to practice harder than ever,” Spalding says about the high praise for the album. “I want to make sure that I’m doing the work that warrants that type of attention.” Esperanza is one of the best albums of 2008—hands down. Esperanza Spalding’s glowing talents as a singer, songwriter and musician are experienced in each composition. The noteworthy pieces such as ‘I Adore You’, ‘Espera’ and ‘Cuerpo y Alma’ are wonderful complete the beauty of Esperanza. From beginning to end, it is a well-crafted piece of work that stands as a testament to her sheer dedication to creating great music. “I want to make sure that the music is continually growing. When I’m not cute and young anymore, the music will carry on regardless of what happens.”

The Green Magazine | 17


Flex Your Senses Beyond the Links

Timeless in Black & White Nothing But A Man still reigns true.

age. This aspect of Duff’s character represents the ailing family structure in the African-American community. It is an institutional dilemma that is tastefully presented by director William Roemer and writer Robert M. Young. The strength of the script is exemplified by the chemistry between Ivan Dixon and Abbey Lincoln. Ivan Dixon reveals Duff’s hardened inner core by manipulating the silence between verbal exchanges. His cutting glances are stifled wails for respect. Dixon also does an excellent job of showing Duff’s schoolboy ways. He smiles during most of his scenes with Abbey Lincoln while rarely looking his father in the eye when they meet. Duff’s complexities vary from scene to scene, but are noticeable during the entire film. Nothing But A Man, New Video

Nothing But A Man is the blues personified. The downbeat of civil-rights Alabama reverberates throughout this film. The main character, Duff Anderson (Ivan Dixon), is not another spoke in the industrial wheel of the South. His head strong attitude is deemed countercultural in a society of black men named “boy.” His no nonsense manner comes across as caustic to his white superiors and beleaguered co-workers alike. Josie Dawson (Abbey Lincoln) is an outsider as well. Her college education makes her the only qualified teacher in town and as the daughter of a local reverend her every move is under scrutiny. She searches for freedom and finds it in Duff. Released in 1964, Nothing But A Man received mixed reviews for its blaring racial overtones and failed to gain praise from mainstream audiences. The subject matter was unheard of at the time. Its social commentary is timeless and raises challenging questions of contemporary audiences. The issue of race relations is at the forefront of this film, but it is not the sole topic discussed. Duff’s role as a father is ambiguous. Duff’s job as a railroad construction hand causes him to retreat from the issue of raising his illegitimate son. His nomadic tendencies are learned from the archetype which his father Will Anderson (Julius Harris) still harbors it in his old

18 | December 2008

Jazz vocalist Abbey Lincoln makes her acting debut in this film. Her fallibility as a new actress is apparent, but it actually allows her to bring Josie’s mousy characteristics to life. Lincoln’s childish grin is omnipresent. She uses it to show the contrast between the world Josie experienced prior to Duff’s arrival and the possibilities he represents. Lincoln shines as she methodically displays Josie’s emotions in pivotal scenes with Duff. Nothing But A Man’s cinematography may be primitive, but it adds to the overall aesthetic of the film. Shot in black and white, each frame offers a rugged landscape and adds to the theme. The shots are intimate and create beautiful moments for each character. William Roemer’s attention to detail is masterful and creates harmony between film and script. Motown’s best voices are the backbone for the film’s score. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Martha & the Vandellas, Mary Wells and Stevie Wonder—the soundscape is legendary. Nothing But A Man is a landmark piece of filmmaking. Nearly 45 years since its release, there are few films that coherently address these social conundrums. The generational appeal of abrasive subject matter and how it created a platform for these topics to be discussed. This film is a must have for any connoisseur who still sees these issues as prevalent in today’s society. Nothing But A Man shows that the names and faces have changed, but the obstacles remain the same.

Do Not Give Way to Evil: Photographs of the South Bronx, 1979-1987, Lisa Kahane, powerHouse, Inc.

By the late 1970’s, the South Bronx was Pompeii and New York City’s decaying infrastructure was Mount Vesuvius. A chain of unsolved arsons reduced South Bronx neighborhoods to smoldering ghost towns. Robert Moses’ malevolent construction of the Cross Bronx Expressway parted the arteries of several thriving business districts and left nearly 75,000 buildings abandoned. Those residents who remained, collectively battled elevated rent and mass evictions. Heightened unemployment transformed communities into brutal drug markets with gangs calling the shots. The South Bronx was eclipsed by the looming shadows of peril and disenfranchisement with nowhere to turn. Do Not Give Way To Evil: Photographs of the South Bronx, 1979-1987 by Lisa Kahane shows the borough in its grittiest state. Kahane leads a list of imaginative photographers who captured this era of turmoil. Do Not Give Way To Evil gives readers the eye level reality for many residents of the South Bronx in this post-industrial moment. The portraits of residents are beautiful and occasionally scathing. Do Not Give Way To Evil transforms a universe of destruction into a work of beauty.

Eight Years in Focus

The Golfer’s Guide to the Meaning of Life, Gary Player, Skyhorse Publishing

Do Not Give Way To Evil Shows the Aftermath of the Bronx.

W.W.G.P.D.? (What Would Gary Player Do?) Golf’s Black Knight Reveals His Winning Philosophy. Gary Player is a golfing god. His resume reads like the Ten Commandments of golf. Thou shalt win the 1961 Masters by one stroke. Honor your victories at the 1958, 1968 and 1974 British Open. Convert all non-believers with 160 professional tournament wins. As South Africa’s son, Player has become one of the game’s legends and is a member of golf’s historic “Big Three”. Beside his life on the course, Player also became a high end real estate developer, smart entrepreneur and committed philanthropist with the Player Foundation. His good fortune in life derives from the intangibles he perfected over the years. The Golfer’s Guide to the Meaning of Life by Gary Player is a collection of thoughtful

lessons bestowed upon the public from the marvel himself. This book covers the winning attributes every successful golfer must have and the insight Player discovered in life away from the links. Sportsmanship is one of the many fundamentals Player stresses from cover to cover. A level of pride and respect for others are the quintessential jewels of Player’s legacy. In the chapter entitled Physical Fitness, Player emphasizes the belief that preserving the tool you use to grow is vital. There are plenty of Player’s beatitudes that are equally applicable on the course and in the office. Player’s use of fear is one of the most intriguing chapters of this guide. Player exposes the chink in his armor in the form of a young Jack Nicklaus. He recounts the mounting doubt of going against a worthy adversary to show that imperfection can be used as a motivational tool. Other chapters in this help guide are Gratitude, Winning, and Dignity and Honor. The Golfer’s Guide to the Meaning of Life is a must read for anyone looking to take their game and their life to the next level.

The Green Magazine | 19

TOUCH & GO a gift guide for all generations Everyone wants the best iPod sound. For the quirky college freshman, the aspiring DJ, or just someone looking for a great extension to their sound system—these unlikely candidates may be more reflective of your playlist than you think.

If the perfect pitch is not your pursuit, than we’re also here to keep you punctual, charged, connected and naturally energized. No need to be afraid of sacrificing quality for convenience. This holiday season let The Green be your guide.

mstation 2.1 stereotower: The iPod has a new throne—the mStation 2.1 Stereo Tower speaker system. 100 watts of surprisingly lush sound never rang so clearly. And pulse pounding bass rushes from the 5.25” dedicated subwoofer. The free standing tower includes a 10 key remote that allows you to navigate within playlists, as well as adjust the volume, bass and treble from a distance. One of the best sounding iPod speaker systems on the market, the mStation 2.1 Stereo Tower is the perfect addition to any home, office or dorm room.

studio dock3i: The Studio Dock3i is your complete listening solution. Its USB interface with laptop capability allows you to record, mix and sync. Satisfied? Save it and take it with you. The StudioDock features an internal 30-watt high performance and low distortion power amplifier with custom equalization. USB technology allows you to manipulate your music on screen, while hearing extremely high quality audio from one convenient, incredible sounding set of speakers. With the 3i you will never be lost for sound because the monitors are just as easy to operate as they are to listen to. The Studiodock3i is an elegant complement to any desktop, home studio or mixing room.

ipig: This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went home, and this little piggy rocks. The iPig offers amazing sound quality and is designed to provide superb mobility and performance. The iPig is not only an iPod docking station; it also has five speakers that output over 25-Watts of solid sound. The “pig” is equipped with 4” bass relax system and super sound amplification technology. Available in three different colors to fit any setting, the iPig is the perfect gift for all occasions.

20 | December 2008

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TOUCH & GO a gift guide for all generations

zoom h2 handy recorder: The Internet is the epicenter of independent media. Guerilla journalists, rogue musicians and progressive educators are sharing the same space. Regardless of the content, the everyday person is now in control. However, the tools needed to produce quality work for this medium are essential. ZOOM’s H2 Handy Recorder is a state-of-the-art digital device for the on-the-go world. This dynamo uses a USB microphone with built-in W-XY Stereo technology to catch all sound. The best way to use this technological gem is with your computer. You can arrange pod casts, rehearsals, interviews and concerts. Downloading files from the H2 to your computer is a cinch. The 512MB SD card is able to hold up to 4GB of storage. With the effortless functionality of ZOOM’s H2 Handy Recorder, the power is now in your hands.

the callaway cy-2117: Practicality is important, but spare us the bit about how it’s all you look for in a great timepiece. The watch designers at Callaway know you better than you know yourself. They’re willing to let you keep your pragmatic persona and at the same time sport one of the most handsomely crafted and durable watches on the market. The Callaway CY-2117 can not only survive a bruising day on the back nine, but can also make sure your sense of style is always on time. With both analog and digital displays, the CY-2117 merges the best of the old and the new. Throw in orange and black accents, luminescent hands, and a stainless steel case; and Mr. Practical might just have a shot with Ms. Right. But be sure not to leave this watch on her dresser.

the clarus equilibrio tag pendant: Yes. We know that this product is not battery charged, cannot make long distance phone calls and will not tell time. However, the overall power of this mild mannered necklace is amazing. The Clarus Equilibrio Tag Pendant is designed by Mother Nature herself—well not actually. Built with SRT-3 technology, the Equilibrio Tag reflects and replaces the energy your body puts out into the universe. Skeptical? Be assured that moments of angst on the green will be eliminated as the SRT-3 core will give you the edge you need to put the ball in the cup.

22 | December 2008

mophie juice pack 3g: The Mophie Juice Pack 3G is the first battery extender to receive certification from Apple to work with the iPhone. The 3G more than doubles the iPhone battery power by giving users more time to talk, rock, surf and send. The Juice Pack 3G houses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery within an ergonomic, comfort-grip case. The Pack includes a USB cable that enables you to charge your iPhone and sync music and downloads at the same time. The 3G will produce 28 hours of additional audio playback, eight hours of additional video playback and six hours of additional talk time and Internet use. This is a must have for every iPhone owner.

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Clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass

24 | November/ December 2008

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Finding the Sweet Spot With the Industry’s Most Forgiving Drivers There is no easy way to atone for your sins, especially on the course. How often have you left the tee box utterly unforgiven after an abysmal swing? These drivers not only help to identify your shortcomings but help to compensate for them as well. While drivers are generally seen as heavy artillery in the golfer’s arsenal, these clubs offer a well-rounded approach to conquering the fairway. This assortment of drivers from Nike, Callaway, Mizuno, and Nickent can turn that Moment of Inertia into a moment of glory. 26

Nike Sasquatch Sumo2 A successful round of golf can often boil down to a simple matter of mathematics. So it comes as little surprise that the Nike Sasquatch Sumo2 leads the pack. Due to its composite crown construction this driver is a true featherweight, but can still make the best shot out of the worst of swings.

Callaway ft-i Tour Low CG Driver Maintaining a low center of gravity is a touchstone of athletic perfection. With the assistance of the pros, the designers at Callaway have created a club for the more advanced golfer as well as for players who aspire to greatness. This driver’s pioneering OptiFit System nearly eliminates the tendency to slice or fade by featuring three different center of gravity points on the club face. And with its VFT Titanium technology this driver features Callaway’s most sizable club face yet.

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Nickent 4Dx Special Edition Nickent has taken one of the most classic clubs and made it into a work of modern elegance. Despite its George Jetson aesthetic, the 4DX SE hasn’t sacrificed functionality at all. There’s no problem finding the sweet spot on this driver. Its A-Frame Face technology, ultra thin titanium crown, and vibration dampening design, make it a strong contender for best in show.

Mizuno MP-600 Though this looks like your grandfather’s driver it is anything but. Equipped with 15 ball flight settings, this club makes the ideal center of gravity an everyday reality. The Coretech designed face provides multiple thicknesses for heft and the reassurance to avoid the rough.

28 | December 2008

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Forget The Forecast These Balls Maintain Your Winning Streak In Any Weather Mother Nature is the fifth wheel of any foursome. Gusting winds, heavy rain and soggy greens demand the very best from a golfer’s equipment. Relying solely on the stunning variety of clubs is no longer enough to tame the elements. Quite often the most pivotal piece of gear is the most overlooked—enter the lowly golf ball. If you’re still using last year’s balls, you’re already light years behind the competition. The Green is here to put a new spin on a timeless ally in your campaign against the climate. C a l l away To u r i x Golf is chess, not horseshoes, so increased control is always cause for celebration. Callaway’s Tour ix thereomoset urethane cover ensures that shots aimed at the green, stay on the green—no sliding into the water or the rough. It cuts drag and driver spin while advancing MOI. This ball is so gracious and obedient that it says “thank you” after each shot.

S r i xo n Z- UR S Go long! Distance defines the Srixon Z-URS. Because it boasts the thinnest urethane elastomer cover on the market, this ball slices through gales like Superman on steroids. The designers at Srixon managed to decrease the core compression of the Z-URS while keeping the best qualities of its predecessor the Z-UR. The duality of long game engineering and short game subtlely make Srixon’s Z-URS a versatile asset on the links.

TaylorMade Tou r Preferred Bl ack Some balls don’t show their true colors until the skies get gray. Like a stealth bomber, with a mid to low flight range and the power to pull a birdie out of the darkest recess of the back nine; the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Black is a low-drag, high durability jewel. Softer than the first wave of TP Black technology and sporting 360 dimples, when your club face collides with this ball you can expect pitch-perfect results.

T i t l e i st P r o V 1 Since when is being soft a good thing? The Titleist Pro V1 uses a soft urethane elastomer cover that absorbs the faults of a half-hearted swing and transforms them into a display of power. Regardless of the weather, velocity off of the tee and remarkable shot control are nearly guaranteed. When the pin is in sight, the Pro V1’s alignment integrated marking makes putting a breeze.

30 |

December 2008

Ghurka Cavalier II & Khaki Twill Bags An individual’s elegance should never be compromised. The distinguished traveler shows a subtle flair of confidence from departure to arrival. This nomadic being knows that having the proper luggage is paramount. Durability, space and precision craftsmanship are all factors in choosing such a bag. Ghurka’s Cavalier II is the ideal choice. This bag’s sturdiness is a much needed feature. Equipped with brass shackle hooks, the Cavalier II can carry up to 100 pounds and is great for light or heavy travel. The luxuriously smooth leather exterior is a joy for the eyes. Its light brown finish caters to the refined sensibilities of the aforementioned traveler. The interior of this stylish bag is spacious. Ghurka’s fold open design makes packing less tedious. In addition to the grand form of this bag, there is a detachable and adjustable over the shoulder strap that renders it an excellent carry-on. There is no question that this bag is an essential for anyone looking to travel in style. For golfers the need for a reliable bag is often the primary concern. Style usually takes a backseat to club protection and the storage of incidentals. Rarely does a golf bag come along that combines accessibility with high fashion. The Ghurka Khaki Twill Golf Bag transforms the fairway into a runway. This bag is very different from your run of the mill golf bag. Sporting an assortment of deep pockets, this bag is able to hold a large amount of items without hindering your performance. Ghurka thoughtfully took the time to design a glorious brown coat on the outside of the bag. Its soft-to-the-touch fur strap prompts occasional envious glance from peers. Like the Cavalier II, the Khaki Twill Golf Bag’s appearance is magnificent. The cross-bred leather and canvas outer layer is appealing to the eye. The fur-coated club dividers hold your artillery in place and help to avoid any damage to the club heads. In the event of inclement weather, there are covers that keep the clubs from getting wet. Make no mistake, Ghurka’s Khaki Twill Bag does hold its own in the category of style. However, the overall design of the bag is surprisingly durable. As if you care!

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Blackberry Bold

The BlackBerry Bold is available in local retailers this holiday season and will sate your passion for around the clock communication. This innovative smartphone comes equipped with email, IM and Internet capabilities that will keep you connected to friends, family and business associates. The fun travels with you. The Bold records both pictures and video, capturing your memories and sharing them with others. Equipped with Wifi Internet service, you have the option to manipulate multimedia files from any hotspot. And when it comes to connecting to the internet, the process is simple and straightforward.

32 | December 2008

You will never be lost because the Bold features built in GPS navigational tools that give you turn by turn directions. This allows you to pinpoint where you are and where you are going. Traveling has never been so easy.

The two mega-pixel screen catches the eye and is designed to deliver color and clarity that will exceed all expectations. You will be blown away from the minute you turn the device on by its stunning resolution.

With WordToGo and SlideToGo, you can work on Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint slides while you are on the run. The Bold allows you to copy, paste and adjust font formatting so working on the go becomes a treasured option.

With a long lasting battery, you have the power to get things done. Whether you’re traveling, working away from the office, or just generally on the go— this phone will surpass all competitiors.

The Bold’s built–immobile functions are designed so that you can listen to streamed music and live broadcasts. Not a single byte of memory is lost in the process.

A Power Couple on the Case hiroto stile Today’s man is not complete this season without the new Hiroto Stile appliances, ranging from eyeglass cases to carry-ons. Index Inc. utilizes carbon fiber materials for its clean, minimalist designs. Its neo-modern aesthetic mirrors that of an aircraft fuselage. Just as sleek in the clouds as it is

carbon fiber

on the currents, this case is the perfect jet-setter accessory. Hiroto Stile brings the Bond out in every man.

leather handle

MONACCA Monacca briefcase’s unconventional design qualities are fit for the woman with an unconventional lifestyle. It features a laminated water repellent finish. The water wicking capabilities keep your most important assets safe. This 17’’ cutting-edge briefcase is equipped with double zippers, a leather handle and a canvas interior lined with multiple double zippers pockets making it just as functional as it is sleek. Heads will spin, and eyes will turn green with envy the next time you walk into the board room.

water repellent finish

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Grown Man Revolutions Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge A05 Black Time Automatic Chronograph Classic watches keep time and transcend it all at once. The Dior Homme Black Time Automatic Chronograph is the flawless embodiment of this truism. Its obsidian casing is a memorial to the genius of Christian Dior. Its convex sapphire crystal face beckons only the most refined and modern aesthetic sensibilities. Not only does the red-tinted mineral glass case-back declare an unparalleled sense of style, it also maintains the watch’s water tight seal to the depths of 50m. No matter how deep beneath the tides you are, the polished Super Lumi-Nova hands still shine with resilience. The “Black Time” is not for those climbing the ladder or those who aspire to greatness. This watch is for the few who have reached the summit.

34 | November / December 2008

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2009 Audi A4 Audi’s Latest Dark Horse

A fine line is etched when discussing the characteristics that distinguish a complete sedan from a car that is just appealing to the eye. The level of engineering, degree of craftsmanship, and innovative technology are all contributing factors in creating a sophisticated giant for the open road. German automotive leader Audi redefined the meaning of the luxury sedan when it unveiled the 2009 A4. The A4 is a dream for the driver who is looking for all of the contours of a high class sedan with sports car handling. Audi engineers went back to the drawing board and redesigned this model for the first time since 2001. The 2009 A4 has all the classic features that drivers have come to expect from Audi and new features as well. Safety should always be the first component a driver looks for when evaluating the true worth of an automobile. Optional with this model are the newly added LED wrap around daytime running lights. This timely addition was borrowed from Audi’s R8 Supercar and is perfect for maneuvering in inclement weather. Audi has also equipped this model with a built in navigation system to get you on your way. Style is a quintessential aspect with the designers at Audi and the low-gloss leather, wood and aluminum interior offers a lush cabin which even makes driving the children to and from soccer practice a comfortable ride. The Audi A4 multimedia-interface panel allows drivers to explore features of the car’s computer and actually surpasses the BMW IDrive system. The physical dimensions of the A4 are lighter and efficiently created to withstand everyday usage. In this ‘green’ economic market, being able to keep money in the wallet is better than losing it at the pump. The A4’s gasefficient engineering makes driving a piece of cake while offering complete piece of mind. The A4’s lightweight frame is more than an insignificant factoid. This gives the car greater agility and takes the edge off sharp curves. And to top it off, the trunk’s 16.8 ft 3 can hold anything from bags of groceries to a plasma screen television.

36 |

December 2008

Audi’s impeccable engineering and design of the A4 competes with the BMW 3-series, Cadillac CTS and the Mercedes-Benz C-class. Yet, there is always room for improvement and Audi has made the necessary changes to stay ahead of the pack.

2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid The Wheels of Progress Never Looked So Good

So you thought you missed your chance to own the SUV of your dreams? We’ve all heard the party line: SUV’s are gas-guzzling, emission-spouting pollution mobiles. Well perhaps it’s time to question that generalization and thanks to Cadillac’s 2009 Escalade Hybrid your dream may not have to be deferred for much longer. GM’s two-mode hybrid system has improved the 2009 Escalade’s city fuel economy by half. So now you can drive this luxury flagship with a clear conscience, without giving pedestrians black lungs or withering evergreens. Yet the Escalade maintains its stature as a powerhouse, showcasing a Vortec 6.0L V-8 engine and 332 horses that guide it’s 16 foot frame the way Count Bassie led his band. Given its track record of asphalt dominance, it’s no surprise that the Escalade seats 8, sports one of the plushest interiors on the market and offers the grand canyon of all cabins. But the real cutting edge intervention is the Escalade’s advance hybrid power technology. It is comprised of an electrically variable transmission and a 300-volt nickel-metal hybrid Energy Storage System that work in tandem with the V-8 engine. As a result, the Escalade’s hybrid engineering improves fuel economy and operates on electricity at low speed while reducing your carbon footprint. Who says the phrase “progressive bling” is an oxymoron.

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Saab 9-X “Air” BioHybrid A Concept for the Clouds

Time for the hard truth. Just because you get behind the wheel doesn’t make you a driver. Anyone can steer a car from point a to point b, puttering through traffic, foot half-cocked on the pedal, longing to coast quietly to the destination. Captivated by cut-rate bells and whistles, these cruise control champions can’t wait to get back to terra firma. So it’s obvious that they’re just not ready for a breed of cars originally designed by aircraft engineers. It may be hard to swallow, but not everyone was meant to drive a Saab. In 2008 the Saab 9-X BioHybrid seized the “Specialty Concept Car of the Year” award. Hot on the heels of this victory, last month at the Paris Motor Show Saab unveiled the 9-X “Air”. Featuring a retractable Canopy Top, a wraparound “glasshouse” windshield and a 1.4-liter Saab BioPower engine, the 9-X “Air” concept car sets new standards for convertible design and hybrid technology. Oh, and by the way, it just happens to be turbo-charged, which means the full force of its aeronouatical pedigree purrs under the hood. Saabs are known for their agility, but the 9-X “Air’s” power-train promises unparrallaled responsiveness. A quarter century after Saab released it’s first convertible, the 9-X “Air” has returned with the same unmistakably aggresive aesthetic. The cabin— scratch that, cockpit—is an unabashed salute to this tradition. Not only is it uber-functional and sleek, but it can also easily accommodate four adults.


30 | November / December 2008

So in a sense the X-9 Air is razor sharp ray of hope. It might just inspire those slow lane laggards to overdose on adrenaline for once. Real drivers, however, don’t need the inspiration. They know a chariot for the ages when they see one. And they’re praying the “9-X” Air hits the production line one day soon.

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MADCRAZYLOVE IS BACK. Blazing hot technology infused with legendary Lincoln style . Kind of gets you right here .


LINCOLN Reach Higher

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By Laurence Bass

Fashion is seasonal. Today’s runway darling is often eclipsed by the mere thought of next year’s trend. The life expectancy of a fashion statement is determined by quarterly sales and celebrity endorsements. Style is the complete antithesis of public opinion. The language of self-expression is rebellious by nature and thrives on individualism. Unfortunately, the music industry fears the indefinable. The list of musicians who sacrifice their artistry for the glow of fanfare spans generations. Shaffer Smith refuses to be another causality.

Smith, universally known as singing sensation Ne-Yo, sits behind the soundboard in his Manhattan recording studio. This ambiance differs from the hectic normalcy to which he has become accustomed. Flashing paparazzi, the red carpet and lines of adoring fans waiting for his autograph are all a part of the proverbial game. “I never thought that I would need an escape from the music industry,” says Smith. “This business will make you appreciate silence.” In his words, he only gets three days a year to actually relax. Smith finds refuge in this room. In no way is this surprising. Music has always been his sanctuary. Coming from the school of balladeers, crooners and soul men, Smith understands the magnitude of song. A songwriter by trade, Smith’s career started away from the limelight of superstardom. His sensitive brand of soul caught the attention of iconic producer and CEO of Def Jam Records, Antonio “L.A.” Reid. He gave Smith carte blanche to produce, arrange and write his debut album In My Own Words (2006). Bypassing the sophomore jinx, Smith found success again the following year with Because of You. In preparation for his third album, Smith adhered to the fundamentals that propelled him to the top of the charts. Year of the Gentleman is the product. “They so desperately want me to be this ‘jet-setting’ super celebrity guy and that’s never been me,” says Smith, referring to his management. “I could never see me being anything other than who I am. It just makes no sense to me.” Amidst the marketing campaign based on his image, Smith remains true. The arsenal of talent he displays on stage, in the studio and on screen is boundless. “I don’t view my music as just R&B. At the end of the day, I’m trying to be a part of the movement to eradicate all of these different genres of music. This is in the hope that we get two genres. Good Music and Bad Music. Period. When you say R&B, it limits me to a certain group of people. I want to make music for everybody.”

Creative Director: Kanan Whited, Production Director: JawnAnthony Bramble, Photographer: Daniel D’ottavio, Make-up Artist: Emi Kaneko, Model: Eugena @ Fusion Model Management, Location: Drive 495, NYC

44 | December 2008

PREVIOUS PAGE: suit & shirt by dionisio vasco, cashmere cardigan by eredi pisan贸, tie by dion, fedora by jaxon this page: suit by eredi pisan贸, shirt by dionisio vasco, tie by dion, club by callaway

clothing & equipment by callaway golf, watch by azad, hat by bailey of hollywood

Smith’s sophisticated blend of provocative lyrics and exceptional production appeal to a vast collage of ages and races. His videos are in constant rotation on mtv, vh1 and bet. From down beat soul to the quick-paced rhythm of techno, his skill set covers them all. Smith’s versatility is undeniable. In an age when watering down songs is the norm, Smith holds tight to his renaissance approach to the craft. The lyrics are arranged with precision to enhance the sonic tapestry of his compositions. His holistic appreciation for music continues to win over fans and make peers into admirers. Not long ago, Smith answered his cell phone: “Who is this?” The voice replied: “This is Mike.” “Mike who?” “Michael Jackson.” “Alright,” Smith replied skeptically hanging up the phone. Ten minutes later it was confirmed that the anointed King of Pop had in fact called. Smith, still speechless, recollects how he unknowingly hung up on his idol. “Come on. For Michael Jackson to just call you on your cell phone, I mean, what do you say to that?” Jackson called Smith for his poignant lyrics and signature production skills to lay the rubric for his forthcoming album. Occurrences similar to this have become commonplace for Smith. The likes of Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Ciara have benefitted from his song writing wizardry. Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Fall Out Boy, Craig David and Usher are currently waiting in line for his blueprint. On stage, Smith stuns audiences with his showmanship. Last December, he opened for alternative rock legends the Goo Goo Dolls at a fundraising event for then Sen. Barack Obama. More recently, he joined forces with Alicia Keys for the much anticipated ‘As I Am’ summer tour. A seemingly unconventional method of writing good music has transformed a placid industry into Smith’s own personal Sistine Chapel. Year of the Gentleman is cut from a different cloth. Understanding the fundamentals of engineering a cohesive album is a lost art. “There is a fine line between diversity and schizophrenia,” Smith says. “Diversity meaning that I to wanted to put a lot of different vibes on this album. I wanted find a common thread between each song. Schizophrenia is you have a pop song, then you hear a song that is straight rock, then you have another one that is R&B, only to end up with a song that’s techno. You leave the listener asking: ‘What are you doing?’” Smith delayed the release date of the album in an effort to perfect it down to the minutia. The result was a Top 10 Billboard single, #1 Album on the Japanese International Chart and acclaim from critics and fans. This album is a testament to the timeless. The relationship between each song

was handled with kit gloves. Although Smith’s work is branded as being romantic, the inspiration behind this album started with an observation. “I feel that the essence of what it means to be a gentleman is lacking,” Smith explains. “The guy who actually takes the time to press his t-shirt before he goes out, the guy that’ll open up a car door for a woman, the guy who pulls out her chair before he sits down, the guy who will walk on the curb while his woman walks on the sidewalk. Where is he? He’s few and far between nowadays. Chivalry is dead and it sucks. Its time we bring chivalry back, time we bring class back and its time to bring integrity back.” The gentleman was rarely visible in the era of Reaganomics, Nintendo and the emergence of the music video. The sex symbol became the focal point. From Prince to Madonna, the act of courting was transformed into salacious images and an infectious chorus in sync with the new wave-bubblegum-soul of the 1980s. This ideology was shown to many children and the result is clear—many artists lack skill. The sex appeal has become the lyrics and the video is the music. While others parade sexy around on a leash, Smith remains tastefully eloquent. “There’s a difference between sensual and raunchy,” Smith maintains. “You have to know the difference. If I can get just as many screams from girls with my shirt on than this cat can get with his shirt off—who’s winning?” His philosophy on what it means to be a gentleman translates into the image one conveys as an artist. “Smoke and mirrors have been a part of the business since the business has been around,” Smith says, while shaking his head. “There was something about when Frank Sinatra cocked his hat to the side. He didn’t do that because he wanted people to think he was cool. He did it because that’s who he was.” For Smith, style is about the nuances that exemplify the personality of an individual. He values character. The Rat Pack’s charisma and lush sound played second fiddle to their progressive ways in a retrograde America. “Sammy Davis Jr. made it cool to be black in an era when it was not cool to be black,” Smith exclaims. Davis’ presence in the quintet brought the focus to the performer and away from the differences in color. Speaking of Davis, “This is a man that didn’t have to try to get your attention. You just gave it to him because he was charismatic. He was undeniably talented.” Smith sees this as the advent of the entertainer’s code of ethics. “Being an entertainer is more than just getting on stage and singing and dancing. It’s a lifestyle. It’s something about you that makes people want to better themselves.”

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suit by eredi pisanó, tie by dion, hat by BAILEY OF HOLLYWOOD, SHIRT BY DIONISIO VASCO, shoes by eredi pisanó

Smith’s distinct style, at times, looks passé amidst a sea of fitted baseball caps, baggy jeans and gaudy t-shirts. He often looks as if he is en route to a board meeting, velvet rope event or a tee time. “It’s definitely something I will get into once I have time to do it the right way,” he says about playing golf. “It seems like the type of game that you have to take the time to get into. You can’t play golf one day and then wait another month and then play again. You just can’t do that.” Smith has yet to grace the fairway with his presence. Yet, he understands that life on the green is the new corner office for corporate America. His newfound zeal for the game is ideal for this everchanging climate of business culture. The other end of his expansive wardrobe is more relaxed. Regardless of the setting, Smith is always dressed for the occasion. His sense of style is refreshing. It is a mature array of outfits that cater to his sensibility and charm. Each hat fits perfectly. Every shirt accentuates his physique. His pants never exceed the sole of the shoe. However, the gentleman knows the difference between clothing and character. “The clothes do not make the man. The man makes the man,” Smith declares. “Putting on a three piece suit is not going to make

48 | November/ December 2008

you a gentleman. It’s going make people perceive you a little differently, but it’s not going to make you a gentleman. What it is to be a gentleman is inside you. You don’t wear it on the outside. Your swag, charisma and charm are what make it. Cornrows and a three piece suit don’t make any damn sense to me. I’m sorry.” If Smith’s commentary comes across as a bit cutting, it’s because he is in transition. He is a man of many hats— literally. The singer/songwriter is thinking beyond the stage and the studio. Versatility is the one intangible that separates feast from famine. The same skills used in one arena are fallible in another. With his eyes focused on tomorrow, Smith looks to add the title ‘entrepreneur’ to his repertoire. His affinity for Britain’s nightlife has prompted him to team up with Russell Simmons to open 514 Lounge. Set in the epicenter of London, 514 Lounge merges the chic with the sensual. Smith is following the trends of his contemporaries in the pursuit of creating equilibrium between business and pleasure. Away from the nocturnal glamour, Smith is turning a hobby into a career.

cashmere cardigan by eredi pisan贸, pants by dionisio vasco, TIE BY DION, SHOES BY EREDI PISANO on her: dress by lisa perry, jewelry by lois hill

clothing & equipment by callaway golf, watch by azad, hat by BAILEY OF HOLLYWOOD

He has been painting and drawing since he began singing. One morning while on tour, Smith caught an episode of the Care Bears. The show overwhelmed him with sappiness. “What would the complete opposite of the Care Bears be?” Smith asks with a slight smile. “Instead of a bear with the sun on his belly, what if you replaced it with a syringe?” The early morning musings led him to begin sketching what he called the “Who Cares Bears?” As comically perverse as this may sound, the executives at Cartoon Network were interested. The show is a perfect fit for the block of late night content seen on the network’s cash cow, Adult Swim. “What The Bear?” is the title that was decided upon by the network for the show. Although this program may not be suitable for younger viewers, Smith’s altruistic initiatives are benefitting the youth of America. The Compound Foundation, Inc., based in Atlanta, is the brainchild of Smith and his manager Raynell “Tango” Hay. Established in 2007, the foundation’s main objective is to raise awareness regarding the child welfare system throughout America. It is a catalyst for change. “We are trying to end the cycle of streets, crime and then jail,” Smith says about efforts of the Compound Foundation. “The research we conduct shows that many teens are not really getting the attention they need to survive. Seeing that, we step in and try to offer programs to help them.” Smith’s vision is becoming a reality. His foundation offers programs to youth living in group homes. One of the key elements of Compound’s mission is the Entrepreneurial Education Program Curriculum. Youth participate in a paid two hour after school apprenticeship. Their hard work pays off in the form of either a college scholarship or seed capital to start their own business. Smith’s method of outreach stems from a deep-seated love for helping others. “Love is the one thing that will never go out of style,” Smith says. “It has been here from the start of time and will be here when you and I are long gone. It has no expiration date.” The pen his microphone, the paper his stage. The word is eternal. But this is the year of the gentleman.

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Nocturnal beings take notice. There’s finally a vehicle that can hang with you. If its sweet moves and room for seven don’t win you over, its 24 mpg* will. The newest member of your late-night entourage awaits at

Optional features shown. *EPA-estimated 17 city/24 hwy mpg, FWD.

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Š 2008 Ford Motor Company


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Strivers & Drivers Gavel v. Club from the bench to the back nine,

judge langford morris is always in charge I was really young. Once I got to the bench, I really started to like it and started golfing more because colleagues were golfers. By then, my father passed away. As he became ill later in life, I would try to take him out to help him golf.

The Honorable Judge Denise Langford-Morris knows the importance of tradition firsthand. By becoming the first African-American judge in Michigan’s affluent Oakland County, LangfordMorris blazed a trail for countless others to follow. Oakland County Circuit Court’s docket keeps her busy adjudicating some of the most influential cases in the country. Yet, her life is dedicated to more than just determining innocence or guilt. The Detroit native values her role as an active participant in her community. The Honorable Judge took time out of her hectic schedule to discuss her passion for outreach, the rigors of her career and her introduction to the sport we love. Who introduced you to the game of golf? The main influence and the first influence was my dad. I’m sitting here looking at this picture on my desk in our family backyard where I grew up. My father, Victor Langford II, was an avid golfer. He was one of 12 children. There were six boys and six girls. Several of the boys played golf and a couple of the girls. When I was nine years old, my father encouraged myself and all of my siblings to take golf lessons. We took golf lessons every summer for three summers in a row. Neither one of my siblings kept it up. They didn’t like it. I actually didn’t like it when

54 | December 2008

Are there any lessons you’ve learned playing golf that are applicable to everyday life? Oh absolutely. I think that golf is the kind of sport that really encourages people to play with integrity. It’s a game where it’s you against the course. You have to hit the ball straight. It’s kind of like life. You want to maintain the fortitude of staying on course, if you will. As a young person, you have to stay out of trouble, try to focus on your education, try to complete tasks, you also have to pay attention to details once you get to the green, really focus on reading the green. It is what I analogize to young people: being focused, concentrating, and following through. That’s what golf does and that’s what we need to do as a people. Your father passed the game on to you, is there anyone you would pass the game on to? My granddaughter. She just turned 10 years old. I take her out with me and try to help her and she loves it. She’s coming along. In addition, I have worked with the Roaring Lambs (International Junior Golf Academy) which is a golf organization in Dallas, Texas under the leadership of Gladys Lee. We work to help young people. Preferably, to try and find young people that can get into the game and be serious. I work as a supporter of Gladys Lee. We call ourselves the adult extension of the Roaring Lambs and we’re the Global Fairway Seekers. We’re pretty serious. What was your best score and on what course? Best score, I would have to say, was shooting an 87 at Kapalua from the white tees. I had not really had an opportunity to practice a lot that day. It was windy and I just simply got on the cart and played my best round. I’ve probably shot better scores since then, but that was really the best because Kapalua is an exceptional course.

How long have you been presiding as a judge? This is my 16th year presiding and I am the first African-American Judge in Oakland County. I love my work. It’s a difficult job—it’s not easy. I sit in judgment on all kinds of cases, a lot of high profile cases. I had the Jack Kevorkian injunction case docket before he committed the murder. I had Eminem in court. I had never even heard of Eminem, but when he appeared in front of me one of my friends called and said, “You have Slim Shady.” I asked who was Slim Shady and she said Eminem. I asked what’s an Eminem. She told me he’s the number one rapper in the country. Well I said, I don’t listen to rap. At that time, I never did listen to rap and I never had. So I made it a point to listen to his music and I actually enjoy some of his music. I hear civil cases, criminal, rapes, murders, robberies, embezzlements—you name it. So it is a difficult job and we’re one of the busiest courts in the entire state of Michigan. It’s a wealthy county so we have a lot of litigants that can afford to litigate—so a lot of talking and a lot of lawyers. Do you use golf as a stress reliever? Absolutely. I’ve never seen a golf course I disliked. I don’t care if it is a city course that may not be the best maintained. I’ve played Oakland Hills before and most of the country clubs in northern Michigan. Many people don’t know that Michigan has the greatest number of public golf courses of any state. What’s your favorite club to use? Well, I love my gap wedge. It’s my 100 yard club and that is my go to club. I can hit it the best. I’m actually a long ball hitter. I find myself at the 100 yards a lot. That’s really where I try to go and reach the green. Now it doesn’t always work. I’m not a great golfer, but I could be better if I didn’t have this job. Maybe you could go professional. I think I better keep my day job.

SERENADE Dual Time Zones Automatic, Patented GV- AOASE Movement 18K White Gold. Louisiana Crocodile. Limited Edition: 50 Pieces

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Collegiate Profile: Jerel Whiting Martinsville, VA, about 170 miles west of Richmond, boasts that it is a “city with out limits.” It’s fitting that 20-year-old native golfer, Jerel Whiting, would live by that same creed. He had already accumulated over 100 trophies, was ranked sixth in Virginia, and competed in 20 states across the country before he graduated from Magna Vista High School — a staggering feat for any golfer. At 5’ 9’’ 145 lbs Whiting’s small stature may appear unassuming. But with a +1 handicap, he is a force to be reckoned with on the course. Whiting began playing golf when he was 4-yearsold with his father, Brad Whiting, at Lynwood Golf & Country Club. “I was pretty much selftaught. I would see things other people did and try it. The game came natural to me,” he said. In 1996 he joined Mason’s Army, a summer junior golf program in Washington D.C. that teaches the fundamentals of the game. For the next five years instructors Ernie Andrews and Felton Mason structured Whiting’s natural talent. “Jerel was one of the best students we had at Mason’s Army,” Andrews confessed. After a days practice the eight-year-old would spend countless hours on the driving range. Other days he brought the same dedication to practice rounds on the course or the putting green. Today his hard work has paid off. Jerel uses his TaylorMade Burner TP driver to drive the ball an average of 290 yards. In 1997 Whiting traveled to New York City with other junior golfers and coach Rodney Lathern for the Tiger Woods Foundation Golf Clinic. He had the chance to meet and receive handson instruction from Tiger Woods. Woods told Whiting’s father that he hit the ball well enough to start competing in junior golf tournaments. Soon after, Whiting’s father took Woods’ advice.

56 | December 2008

Whiting joined the Lake Arbor Golf Course interclub team in Largo, MD later that year. He and his team traveled to local golf courses and competed in 18-hole match play tournaments. “Jerel’s success is wonderful, he has worked for it. I think the turning point was the lesson with Tiger Woods in New York,” said Lathern. “For his father to be there and hear from Tiger Woods himself what steps to take made a big difference.” Amidst the praise Whiting remains humble. He’s not one to brag about his accomplishments. He simply wants to get better. “I enjoy competing, every tournament I’m trying to win,” Whiting nonchalantly said. “That’s what keeps me motivated, the competition and traveling around meeting new people.” The Bill Dickey Scholarship Association invited Whiting to participate in the 2002 Junior Golf Championship. He placed fifth in the 36-hole stroke play tournament posting 75-76 amongst a field of the most competitive minority junior golfers in the country. Whiting’s will to reach new heights lead him to the Bahamas in 2004. He traveled as part of the Langston Legacy team to compete against junior golfers ages 9-18. Whiting is already staking his claim in collegiate golf history. As a sophomore at Virginia State University, he defended his Individual Medalist title in April 2008 at the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Championship hosted by The Cardinal Golf Club in Fort Lee,VA. His remarkable performance helped Virginia State conquer defending team champions, Fayetteville State University, as the Trojans team captured its first CIAA Championship in school history.

Whiting was five shots back with seven holes to play on the back nine. It was at this time that head coach, Jeff Hamilton, informed Whiting that they might actually have a chance at taking the CIAA title. “It gave me a little bit of motivation, I went and made two birdies in a row…and then I realized I actually had a chance,” he said. Whiting went on to birdie four of the last six holes to force a playoff with fellow teammates Kalani Britos and Joel Lynn (FSU), who both shot a two day score of 141 (-3). The players started the sudden death playoff on the par 4 tenth. Still tied they moved on to the eleventh hole, a par 5, where Whiting ended the playoff with a birdie and won the Individual Medalist for the CIAA. “I was pretty excited because I won back to back years, but I was more excited that we won the CIAA Championship as a team for the first time,” Whiting recalled. Shortly after his CIAA Championship win, he transferred to The University of Toledo enrolling in the Individual Studies Program in August 2008. He saw the move as another opportunity to challenge himself by competing against the top collegiate golfers in the nation. Whiting’s transition to a Division I institution has not been easy. He attends class from 9:00am to 1:00pm, followed by three hours of an intense practice regimen, and study hall. In the off season there are early morning workouts before class at 6:30 am. His proven track record rivals some of the best amateur golfers in the nation. A prodigy in his own right, Jerel Whiting embodies confidence, stellar technique and poise that make him an intimidating opponent. “If I feel that I can take my game to the next level, then when I graduate I may try to qualify for one of the mini tours,” Whiting said. Only time will tell what the future holds for this two-time CIAA Champion. The course is the domain where his undeniable talent constantly rises to the surface, and like Martinsville, his future has no limits. naimah jabali-nash


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A Day’s Worth of Good Exercise and Natural Splendor

Photo Courtesty of Ryan Kobane


The Healthy Hiatus

good health is more than just counting calories, jogging at daybreak and routine visits to the doctor. The quest for clean living is just as much mental as it is physical—which is why golf is such a great sport. However, there are other means of keeping the mind sharp and the body in peak condition. The alternatives are away from the idiot box, beyond the computer screen and far from the confines of polite society. More importantly, they often serve as a great opportunity for long overdue family bonding and a breathtaking appreciation of nature. The wilderness is nothing to fear. Especially when you have the right gear and a commitment to getting the blood pumping. Adrenaline can be the perfect medicine at any age and bring the daredevil out of your most genteel loved ones. The roar of the river, the verdancy of the countryside and those mysterious noises by the campfire are all a part of this experience. Don’t forget: an agile mind is one of the keys to longevity. The ingenuity required to reclaim your place in the natural order is good for the individual, but even better for the whole family.

58 | December 2008

martin archery Before you call the zealots at PETA, we’re not suggesting that you take out a black bear. Archery is in fact, one of the world’s oldest sports. Not only does it require tremendous concentration; from the youngest to the oldest, every member of your clan can shoulder a bow. Martin Archery, one of America’s oldest and most decorated outfitters, provides traditional style with modern engineering. Individually handmade by the sages who craft more custom bows than any other bowyer in the world, precision is Martin Archery’s hallmark. necky kayaks At the turn of the century, waterways were America’s lifeblood. What would New Orleans be without the Mississippi, Chicago without Lake Michigan or Baltimore without the Chesapeake Bay? While every

waterway is not fit to be conquered, you can gain the thrill of kayaking on those that are. Necky Kayaks offer designs for all excursions and ages. Whether you’re a whitewater enthusiast or a novice looking to take on the local estuary, Necky Kayaks’ caters to your ability. The pursuit of cardiovascular health and upper body strength has never been so appealing to the senses—sunsets, marine life and the scent of the wild are a few paddles away.

eureka tents Given the perfect shelter, the outdoors can yield the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. As rugged as the terrain may be, luxury should not be sacrificed. The people at Eureka know this only too well. With the amenities of a home away from home, comfort under the stars is guaranteed. These spacious accommodations are ideal for family getaways or romantic rendezvouses and sturdy enough to keep the wildlife at bay. Eureka’s tents can also withstand the ravages of any climate and are known for their portability.

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RUSTIC REFINEMENT holiday gift guide jan leslie’s bee cufflink: Be the buzz of your town with Jan Leslie’s Bee Cufflinks. At ¾” long and 1 1/8” wide—these tiny accessories pack a huge punch. These sterling silver cufflinks are hand painted with yellow and black enamel to set you apart from the rest. Leslie, a New York native, models her jewelry after her paintings, with class and personality. You will feel the sting of not having Jan’s masterpiece on your sleeves. Finally a set of cufflinks you should Bee excited about because it goes with any outfit and occasion. Jan Leslie’s Bee Cufflinks make you feel like you can fly anywhere and look good doing it.

dion ties: Dion Neckwear’s handcrafted ties and handkerchiefs evoke a sense of style and refinement. For more than 40 years Dion, has used 100 percent of the highest quality Italian silk for its delicate and intricate designs. Ties are lined with subtle complimenting motifs. Dion’s distinctive color combinations accentuate any man’s individuality. Derived from Dionysus, the god of wine in Greek mythology, who portrayed the mantra of “living life to the fullest,” the Dion wearer reflects this same philosophy. As Dion Neckwear moves toward the future, it proves that it’s not just an accessory, it’s an investment.

60 | December 2008

noir shaving set: The beautifully crafted Art of Shaving Noir set is built for a king. Its black anodized handles are engraved for a non-slip grip. Paired with Gillette Fusion’s five blade technology, this razor gives you the closest shave, leaving your face smooth to the touch. The air-craft aluminum silver tip badger shaving brush and razor are easy to access in the nickel plated stand. For the finest morning artillery, there is no better choice.

these holiday sensations feast on the stateliness of yesteryear and the thrills of tomorrow

jaques of london: While video game programmers search for the future, Jaques of London keeps tradition a staple. The gaming colossus makes the classic pastime into a work of art. From the pawns to the king, each piece of Jaques of London’s “The Staunton Chess-Men” looks beautiful. Every pawn and knight looks ready for battle. Rooks and bishops stand their guard in stoic elegance. Both the king and queen were made perfectly to overlook their majesty. The game comes with a signed certificate of authenticity by the designer of this masterpiece. Purchasing this unequivocal classic by Jaques of London will be the best move you make.

treeline putters: Once upon a time, long before carbon fiber and 500cc magnesium alloy drivers, clubs were made of something called “wood.” Now this may be a foreign concept to most modern golfers, but luckily the people at TreeLine Putters have not forgotten the importance of tradition and the role it plays in this game. With their two-dot lineup system, perfectly manicured rare woods, acrylic face, and its completely customizable engravement processes, the Two-Dot putter makes the perfect gift for any golfer. It’s perfect for the three putt kings who need to spend more time on the practice green and who still sport knickers and long sleeve button-ups. Either way, owning this putter instantly makes you the coolest player in your foursome—guaranteed.

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RUSTIC REFINEMENT holiday gift guide

smart car passion cabriolet: Smart Passion. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, right? Well, not when you’re behind the wheel of the Smart Car’s Passion Cabriolet. Affordable, environmentally friendly and ultra compact—a mere 106 inches long—this Cabriolet is definitely for the thoughtful consumer. But because of it’s customizable exterior panels, aerodynamic headlights, and panoramic windshield the Cabriolet is also for the fashion maven in us all. Not only is it ideal for carving up the streets of your favorite metropolis, the drop-top also makes it ideal for scenic jaunts in the countryside. Not to mention, the green giant in you can do cartwheels because The Passion Cabriolet produces absolutely no emissions. And after stealing 40 miles per gallon on the highway, you can park almost anywhere. Size matters—perhaps? Smart passion—most definitely!

zip car: So the boss is sending you to a conference in Washington DC next weekend. How will you ever get around? Looking at your sense of fashion, you seem like the person who likes a good clean car. Well, in that case, ZipCar is for you. This car-sharing network operates on your schedule by arranging the location from which you can pick up the vehicle. No more standing in long lines at the airport and all cars come with a full tank of gas. Plus, ZipCar has over 25 different models that suit your business or leisurely taste. Choose from the MINI Cooper, BMW325i or the gas/electric hybrid Toyota Prius for the hippy environmentalist in you. With the selection and convenience, there is no way you can lose with ZipCar.

62 | December 2008

these holiday sensations feast on the stateliness of yesteryear and the thrills of tomorrow

vespa: The Vespa GTS 250 is not your ordinary scooter. Transcending its predecessors, the Vespa GTS 250 combines the classic aesthetic, unparallel performance and first-class technology for the ultimate riding experience. It’s fully equipped with a liquid cooling 250cc four-valve engine and an electronic injection system that decreases fuel consumption and emissions. With the simple press of a button, you can access the under seat storage compartment that is ideal for those impromptu getaways. Enhancing the Vespa’s sleek design; customizable color and accessory options allow you to display your personal style. The Vespa GTS 250 is the one way to travel for pleasure and of course business in the New Year.

the ducati 696: The Ducati Monster 696 is the next generation in naked bare bone design and the last word in excitement. The confidenceinspiring chassis combined with the famously smooth powerful Ducati L-Twin engine provides the most enjoyable riding experience.This new engine continues to have the best horsepower per litre ratio of all Ducati’s air-cooled units. It ensures a smooth and powerful delivery for a relaxed and thrilling ride in all conditions. The Monster’s cult following is attracted to personalization. The 696 is no exception as it is a factory-personalized model featuring different designs to help you stand out from the crowd.

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perrier jouet: Celebrate your special occasion with Perrier Jouet’s Rose Fleur de Champagne. It delicately embodies the elegant and fruity aromas of a rose Champagne. Established in Epernay, France, Perreier Jouet manifests passion in a bottle. It’s made from the finest vineyards in the Champagne region. The transparent bottle displays its signature flower design. Live a life of prestige and perfection with Perrier Jouet Rose Fleur de Champagne.

macallan: There’s the kind of single malt that you enjoy after a long day at the office, and then there’s the kind of single malt that’s meant to be savored when your child graduates magna cum laude from Yale. Macallan 30 year fine oak falls into the later of these two categories. Macallan delivers a rich and heady nose somewhat reminiscent of a fresh orange grove and a finish smoother than Charlotte Thomas Bespoke sheets. This rare gem is best suited for moments that cannot be forgotten or ones that simply need to be left with an exclamation mark.

64 | December 2008

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Kirk Morrison Oakland Raiders Linebacker

One of my first times playing, I was in college. I was at a media conference and I was playing with some of the executive board members of the conference. I was the worst one at the time and I felt like I needed to step my game up. I didn’t want to be the weakest link. I lost about 20 or 30 balls that day. Everything I hit was going every which way. It was a bad experience as far as me hitting the ball, but it definitely inspired me. I got heavily involved with the game of golf because as a football player during the off-season we have a lot of charity events. So we spend a lot of time on the course for charity and you end up taking a liking to it. You’ll see a big football player who looks like he can’t swing at all and the next thing you know he’s knocking the ball 300 yards on the first drive. You say “wow” this guy can really hit. I think it’s one of the most fun things I do in the off-season. It’s something that’s hard to conquer but you want to get better at it. And that’s something that I’ve been trying to do. You just have to keep working at it. There’s always going to be someone better than you. Just when you think you’ve worked enough you can work even more. One of the greatest players in the game is Tiger Woods and he works every single day. And he hasn’t perfected it yet, but he’s definitely on top of the game. Once I got my own clubs all I wanted to do was go out and use them as much as possible. Golf is very relaxing. Sometimes you just want to go out to the driving range and hit a couple hundred balls. It gets your mind off of whatever you have going on. I can always bring my brother and my friends down and let them hack away. I’ve been practicing so I’m a little bit better than they are. I actually went to the US Open Championship this past year over at Torrey Pines. I saw Tiger play the last two rounds. I should have gone on Monday to the playoff round, but I had a prior engagement. It was actually my first major ever and it was one for the ages.

66 | December 2008

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Get serious about your game

72. The Bridges Golf Club 76. Courses of Canada’s Okanagan Valley 80. Boys’ Weekend: TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass, Hole 16

68 | November/ December 2008

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Introducing the BlueTEC SUVs.

Drive farther. Save fuel. Help environment. Check, check and check.

The Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC clean-diesel SUVs are here. Extraordinarily powerful, luxurious and fuel-efficient, they represent the latest innovation from the company that pioneered diesel technology. Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC SUVs offer incredible driving range and a remarkable 20–30% better fuel economy than comparable gasoline models. It’s an 2009 GL 320 BlueTEC shown in optional Iridium Silver metallic paint. 2009 ML 320 BlueTEC shown in optional Alpine Rain metallic paint. Additional optional equipment may be featured. *Road & Track 10/08. **Motor Trend 10/08.��


9/19/08 4:12:08 PM



achievement that Road & Track noted on a trip in rural Vermont, calling the BlueTEC-powered ML’s 27.5 mpg “impressive.”* Likewise, on a test drive of its own, Motor Trend stated that it “returned an impressive average of 27.8 mpg during our cruise up the West Coast.”** In a world full of compromise, it’s one less compromise you have to make. ©2008 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC


For more information, call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES, or visit

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The BridgesGolf Club

The Bridges’ Vital Stats Opened: 1999 Location: San Ramon, CA Designer: Johnny Miller Grounds: 6,965 Yards, Black Tees Classification: Public Web site:

72 72 || November November// December December 2008 2008

1 Par 4

Dogleg left that requires a tee shot up the left side of the fairway. Second shot is slightly uphill and usually into the prevailing breeze.

Long dogleg left that requires a precise tee shot. If you’re a long hitter, try to keep your tee shot up the left side. Avoid the bunkers on the right side as you approach Par 4/5 this very long and narrow putting surface.

2 3

Par 4

4 Par 5

5 Par 3

6 Par 5

7 Par 3

Tim’s Take on the Bridges:


Tim Youngberg, Superintendent


2 3 2 1

What are some of the major projects you’ve undertaken of late? We’ve gotten rid of the poa population that has given us problems in the past, so now we’re 100 percent bent grass on the greens and 95 percent rye on the tees and fairways. Also we’ve recently changed to reclaimed water. What that means is that every time you flush your toilet [that water] is taken and cleaned to a point so it can be used for agriculture. A lot of golf courses are starting to use 3 4 10 11 12 13 reclaimed water as well. Many courses in the area have been restricted with water use, but we haven’t.   1 3 2I

2 1 3 courses


2 1





1 3

2 1 fact, 3we’re



think golf often have fingers pointed to them for wasting water, but in very 1 friendly. Right now we are almost finshed with the certification process withGreen theDepth=37 Green Depth=30 Greenenvironmentally Depth=38 Green Depth=30 Green Depth=32 Green Depth=34 Green Depth=31 Green Depth=39 5 6 9 14 15 16 17 18 Audubon7 Society. 8 2 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 1 1 1 3 2 1 3 2 1 3 1 3 course in particular? What do you see as most important for this 2 3 3 3 1 2 1 3 2 2 Being that the course is so difficult in terms of handicap and slope the greatest challenge is providing Green Depth=32 Green Depth=30 Green Depth=34 Green Depth=27 Green Depth=28 Green Depth=37 Green Depth=31 Green Depth=36 Green Depth=24 Green Depth=75 quality conditions. If people are playing a quality course with quality conditions it lessens the blow. HOLE Rating/Slope 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT I 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOT HCP NET None of the holes are parallel with each other,Nso if you go left or right by 10 or 20 yards that’s pretty Black 75.0/148 397 452 363 514 232 557 212 368 334 3429 558 374 301 223 399 148 402 564 463 3432 6861 I much a lost ball. Blue 73.5/146 373 434 339 502 220 547 183 346 330 3274 T 543 362 287 213 378 130 388 539 447 3287 6561 White 71.9/142 344 423 315 483 194 522 160 333 276 3050 I 523 336 264 177 353 118 376 509 417 3073 6123 A of the highly respected and maintained courses 69.7/133 I’ve been here for six years, and I came from one Gold M: 319 410 290 462 177 489 135 313 263 2858 L 456 274 249 159 332 102 349 468 378 2767 5625 L: 74.5/130 Village in Dublin, They Shave Tournament every year, 5153 so 365 days a Green 71.4/123 called 300Muirfield 402 267 422 135 443 113 282 OH. 260 2624 411the 274Memorial 249 140 279 91 313 428 344 2529 year they have the best maintenance. That course did not have a budget so now to try to live up to what I have been used to is a challenge. Still, I’d say we’re close to 75 percent of the way there. You can’t have the mindset of being at as high a level as Muifeld or Augusta—there’s 100 things I would like to do out here, but we don’t have a blank check so I have to do the best that I can. Par Men’s Hdcp Ladies’ Hdcp


4 4/5 4 5 3 5 3 4 4 36/37 5 4 4 3 4 3 4 5 4 36 72/73 What’s 9 1the17best 11 secret 3 5 for 7 keeping 15 13 a decent 12 score 14 18 out 6 there? 10 16 4 8 2 People eventually 9 who 5 come 11 3 out17and1 play 13 it repeatedly 7 15 10 12learn 18 to 14leave 8 the 16 driver 6 2in the 4 car. Then it makes sense and becomes fun. You realize you don’t need to hit a driver on that par 4 or 5.

How has the economy affected your traffic? ScoreCards, Inc. a hit as much of the other courses. We have seen changes © Golfas Honestly I don’t think we’ve seen big of Date: 9/2008 1-800-238-7267 Attest: in terms of the cost of materials, but we’ve probably done the best amount of rounds this year.  

Par 4

9 Par 4

10 Par 5

11 Par 4

12 Par 4

13 Par 3

14 Par 4

15 Par 3

16 Par 4

17 Par 5

18 Par 4

Dogleg right. Don’t try to cut too much off the corner - it’s longer than it looks! The second shot is played to our smallest green. The green slopes severely from left to right. The tee shot should favor the right side. Stay up the right side again on the second shot. All shots will release to the left, especially near the green. Staying below the hole is key here. This is our longest par three. This hole usually plays into a slight breeze, so take enough club. Avoid the deep bunker on the left side of the green. The safe play is to the right of the green. Dogleg right. Split the bunkers off the tee. The second shot will release to the right and set up your approach to the green. Take enough club on the third shot. The green slopes from back to front. Stay below the hole. This par three normally plays with a left to right cross wind. The green slopes severely from right to left and is well protected by bunkers. Dogleg left around the corner. The tees have a tendency to make you aim to the right. There is more room to the left off the tee than you can see. Second shot should avoid being short or right. Aim slightly left of the right 150-yard post to set up your short approach shot. This green has a nice level approach to accommodate a run-up second shot.

A beautiful vista of the San Ramon Valley from the tee. Keep the tee shot up the left side. The second shot can be played safely up the left hand side of the fairway. Play your approach shot with enough club to clear the retaining wall on the front right of the green. There is more fairway than it looks like off the tee. Play your second shot with a little extra club. The green is deep and usually plays into a breeze. If you hit the ball long, you can carry the hazard that runs across the fairway. Otherwise, a tee shot of about 140 yards from the white tees will play just short of the creek. The green has a good slope from back to front. The hazard in front of and to the right of this hole can collect golf balls. You should add one more club to this hole if the pin is on the right side. A safe bet is to favor the left side of the green. This hole has a creek running up the entire right side of the hole. A drive up the left side is ideal. The second shot is dramatically uphill, so take plenty of club for your approach to this green. There is a false front, so be sure to carry the front edge. A quick visit to Scotland. The magnificent pot bunker in the front left of the green is a magnet for golf balls. This hole usually plays slightly down hill and down wind. Keeping your ball under the hole is a good idea. Choosing the fairway on the right side is the best idea. There is a hazard that runs across the fairway that you cannot see from the tee. The carry is 260 yards from the white tees, otherwise a tee shot of 180 yards or so will serve you well. Take plenty of club on your second shot to accommodate for the uphill. The green is protected naturally by many slopes and bumps. Favor a tee shot up the left side of this hole. The second shot should be placed in the wide landing area in front of the second creek and green. The approach shot is to a very shallow green that slopes heavily from back to front. All tee shots should be directed up the right side as everything slopes dramatically to the left. The second shot needs to consider the green that is 75 yards deep. Take enough club! A pin placement on the back of this green adds 30 yards to your approach!

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1. Out of Defined edge of with bla walls o 2. Water H yellow 3. Lateral Hazard by red s 4. Pace of is 15 m hours a per 9 h per 18 ready g 5. Dress C shirts m times. N permitt 6. Yardage measur 7. Etiquet Fivesom 8. Carts: Y Two rid 9. Metal S


Rafael’s take on the Bridges: I had the pleasure to play a course outside of the San Francisco area. We were actually hosting The Green Magazine’s “Fairways by Lamplight” event and interviewing a soon to be member of the NFL Hall of Fame, Jerry Rice, for an up coming cover. The course as I would normally play it would have been about 6,900 yards, but as Mr. Rice mentioned “I play from back there” as he pointed to the farthest tee box. I hit a decent ball but my accuracy on 30-yard wide fairways is less than desirable. Yes, from the tee boxes the fairways look like a oneway street with the occasional double parked car. Rice led the way and proceeded to dissect the fairway. I hit a good shot and off I went. The first hole is a 400-yard dog­-leg left with a fairway that slopes left to right. Rice made a par and I had a bogey. As we stepped to the second tee box I saw the yardage and asked if it was a par 5. I’m told that from where we’re playing it will be a par 4, 452 yards up hill. We both hit great shots and still had 190 to the hole. At this point I realized that this beautiful course lulls you to sleep and looks to break your spirit very early in your round.

The third hole is what I call a sucker’s hole. It’s a 363 yard dog­‑leg right that can easily be reached if you just use an iron or a utility club 190 yards straight ahead, but I tried to go 250 yards and cut the dog‑leg—ending up in the bunker with a double bogey. Let’s just say, Rice’s par out of the same bunker didn’t sit well with my competitive spirit. We played a couple of holes, stopped for the cover photo shoot and had a chance to enjoy a great course. All the while hearing some great war stories from arguably the best wide receiver in NFL history. I walked to the 18th tee box, another 465 yard par 4, and looked forward to ending the round with a par. I hit a long ball and just went into the first cut of rough. I had 175 yards left to the hole. I hit what I thought was a great shot which landed on the front of the green. I figured “two putt and go home with an 84.” As I got closer to the green I realized that it was 75 yards deep and I had about 60 yards to the pin. I didn’t know if I should take my putter or my 56 degree wedge. I figured ripping a divot on this beautiful green would only land me in jail for the night so I putted away. My first putt was going right at the cup but skirted past at the last second. As I was walking to mark my ball, I noticed that it was creeping a little and I started running to mark it. As I started to bend down, the ball rolled down into a collection area which left me a 20 yard flop shot. Up and down—down and down—I ended up with a triple bogey. So went my 84. This was one of the most challenging courses I have played and Mr. Rice didn’t make it any easier.

74 | November/ December 2008

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Through the

Looking Glass A wondrous time deep in the Okanagan Valley makes the top seem ordinary By Sarah Licata

The characters from our childhood tales got to visit fantastical places—secret gardens, supernatural realms and mystical netherworlds where the greatest of adventures are still available for the taking. We held our breath as they stepped foot on the other side of the mirror or got whisked away by tornadoes. Then we got older and began to think those worlds were no longer accessible for our adult minds, but there is hope: tucked in the southwestern corner of Canada such a world exists, open for adventure with no magic armoire required. 1

76 | December 2008

3 1) The Quail, Hole 2 2) The Quail 3) The Ghallaghers, Hole 2 4) The Ghallaghers, Hole 1 5) The Bear, Hole 5 6) The Ghallaghers, Hole 3 7) The Quail, Hole 3

over the pond and up to the green could require Herculean strength—or in my case, scuba gear to fish out the errant balls! Thankfully, respite is not hard to find at OGC, because the clubhouse has excellent fare for replenishing your system.


The Thompson Okanagan Valley is a unique spot nestled between Vancouver and Calgary. Due to its surrounding terrain, the climate is atypically mild, allowing for excellent wine, water sports, hiking and amazing golf. I spent a whirlwind week experiencing only a sliver of what the valley had to offer and came away knowing I would never look at the region the same way again. I arrived in the Okanagan ready to celebrate, and the valley indulged me. We started our tour with nine holes of the Quail Course at the Okanagan Golf Club. A Les Furber design created in 1994, the Quail plays 6,794 from the golds and 4,713 from the reds with slopes of 136 and 116 respectively. Its fairways are wide and forgiving, but the dramatic elevation changes require accurate club selection. For example on Hole 18, a beautiful par 4 finish, if you choose too little a club at the start your approach shot

Because food alone doesn’t completely recharge the batteries, after dinner we headed to Predator Ridge Golf Resort Community, our home for the first part of the week. With 50 cottages and 78 lodge suites, a well-appointed fitness center and beautiful Rituals Aveda Spa, Predator is just the place to relax and take in the beauty of the Okanagan hills. Our two-bedroom suite boasted a fireplace, kitchen, living area, deck, jetted soaker tubs and a spectacular view of the golf course. “Only the best” seems to be an overriding theme at Predator, securing their spot as the only facility to be named a BCPGA Golf Facility of the Year, not once but twice. After a restful night, we woke to find a delicious breakfast in the clubhouse and were antsy to get out on the 27 holes Predator has to offer. Named after three resident birds of prey, the Red Tail, Peregrine and Osprey courses are varied and challenging. We started our morning on Red Tail, which with Peregrine, provides the most challenging rating at a 74.2 with a 141 slope. Any combination of the three courses will yield a

7,000 plus yard round from the black tees, while the forward tees are a bit more manageable— at approximately 5,400 yards. Both Red Tail and Osprey have more of a links style feel to them, complete with ball-eating fescues. As long as your ball stays clear of the stuff, the vista is beautiful. A player must focus from the tee to the bottom of the cup as the Les Furber designs challenge with elevation changes and extremely difficult greens. All three nines are beautifully laid out and provide stunning rounds of golf. After another peaceful night at Predator, we headed back to Okanagan Golf Club to take on its second course, The Bear. Planned in 1998 by Nicklaus Designs, the ‘crown jewel of the Okanagan’ plays 6,885 yards, has a 133 slope from the tips and plays 5,100 yards with a 103 slope from the ladies’ reds. The Bear’s sculpted fairways were particularly kind to me throughout our round, challenging me to attack the course but rewarding me with the most pars I’ve ever scored in one round. The par 5 Hole 9 sets you up with a possibility of going into the turn with a birdie, but with two good setup shots and a solid approach, I too putted for a well-deserved par. Far from being easy, the Bear simply allows golfers to lose themselves in the beauty of the surrounding forest and hills. Although golf is definitely a main attraction in the Okanagan Valley, its unique climate makes it ideal for the production of some amazing wines. Quails’ Gate Estate Winery, one of the best vineyards in the valley, was our host for a spectacular dinner. Best known for its superior

The Green Magazine | 77



Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, many of its products have garnered national and international awards. Quails Gate features an onsite restaurant and recently opened their new hospitality center, featuring a 3,500 sq. ft. tasting and gift shop area as well as the Stewart Family Dining Room, which boasts unparalleled views of the winery. We were privileged to experience the Room’s demonstration kitchen and the excellent cuisine it produced. Our next morning was perhaps a bit bittersweet. We boarded our shuttle to leave our accommodations at Predator, making our way down out of the hills for the last time on our trip. Before weighing in on our next abode, we had a date with Gallagher’s Canyon. The William

78 | December 2008

Robinson/Les Furber design lets you know from the first hole who’s in charge; as a matter of fact, it bears the distinction of being the course’s number one handicap. All one needs is a long, straight shot off the tee, a climb up the hill to the green and then a little luck to come away with a passable score. The course plays 6,802 from the blacks and 5,574 from the reds. Member opinion holds that not only is each hole unique, but the course as a whole will never play the same way twice. The views, including the canyon for which the course is named, are awe-inspiring. A player must be sure not to get distracted once they’ve approached the green because an array of well-placed bunkers await a careless shot. Regarded as one of the best kept secrets and a hidden gem, Gallagher’s Canyon left an indelible mark on my mind—and ball supply.

I needed some peace and quiet after our outing at Gallagher’s, so I was delighted to check into our new quarters on the Okanagan Lake, the Manteo Resort Waterfront Hotel. Located in Kelowna, (known as the gateway to the Okanagan), Manteo provides luxurious rooms with balconies that look out onto Okanagan Lake. Whether it’s from that balcony or in a kayak out on the lake, guests should be sure to keep a lookout for Ogopogo, the sea monster of Okanagan Lake. He’s got a million dollar bounty on him for a photo, a prize that could keep you golfing in the Okanagan for years to come.

6 7


Just as the courses are as numerous and varied as the days, so are the wineries. Summerhill Pyramid Winery and Sunset Bistro is a quirky stop that boasts being the most visited winery in Canada. With a generous tasting room and the Bistro’s fare from local organic suppliers, a visit to Summerhill is unlike anything you’ve experienced. From Summerhill, we got to take a sneak peak at Harvest Golf Club. While The Harvest Grille provides casual dining from morning to evening on the patio and veranda, our destination for the evening was the Harvest Dining Room. We were treated to a lavish meal including paired wines from Sandhill Wines. It was a masterful evening, piquing our interest in the course as the sun set over the orchards and the waterfall pond.

As it turns out, Harvest Golf Club does more than put on a pretty face for dinner. This unique course winds its way through a majestic hillside orchard that yields cherries at Holes 6 and 10, apples on 15 and grapes for the Club’s own ice wine at Hole 2. A challenging course, playing 7,109 yards (128 slope) from the back tees and 5,454 yards (103 slope) from the forward tees, you can always revive a flagging game with a midround bite— not from the snack carts but straight from the trees. The course and surrounding orchard are impeccably manicured and the strategic bunkers and water hazards provide a stimulating round.

Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley together support the idea of the valley as a complete destination, offering something for everyone. Sports buffs will surely get their fill of activity, and for those seeking milder pursuits—spas, shopping and cultural events abound. There is enough to go around for gastronomes, wine lovers and thrill seekers, who will surely be engaged by the casino. As I enjoyed the company of my new friends on our last evening in the Okanagan, I knew what sorrow Peter must have felt when told he would never again return to Narnia. Fortunately, the wardrobe doors will never close on the magical land of the Okanagan.

The Green Magazine | 79

boys’ WEEKEND Rafael Martinez The Green Magazine Publisher / I had the opportunity to visit TPC Sawgrass with a couple of friends. My good buddy Roy Brannon came along and had an amazing time. Our first impression of TPC Sawgrass was: “Wow!” The facilities are just fantastic. It was like being a kid in a candy store. You see the Players Championship every year on television—and the famed 17th hole—but you don’t realize there are 17 other holes that are just as pretty. It’s a tough course, but not impossible. We ended up getting a tour of the venue. It’s called the Tour Player Experience. They took us through the hallowed grounds and into the Champions’ Locker Room which is a locker, within a locker, within a locker. The PGA Tour players have their own room and then there is another locker room which is for the Champions. You walk in there and you feel the history. You see all the names on the walls and the lockers. It’s a small room, but in a sense it’s an inner sanctum of the “Who’s Who” that have won the tournament.

80 | December 2008

The first day we got there it was rainy and drizzly because Hurricane Hannah had just missed the area. But I wasn’t going to pass up a starter round. There’s a course that is really pretty and you never hear about it and it’s called Dye’s Valleys. It’s an awesome course—really challenging. But you hear of TPC Sawgrass and you only think of one course. I ended up playing about 16 holes and went back to the hotel. The next day we tackled the stadium course. Roy chickened out and ended up taking lessons instead of playing the course. In all seriousness, he really wanted the opportunity to take in the Tour Academy. That place is just awesome. From the jump, the course is extremely difficult. We played it from the tips and there was an immediate firestorm around the question of what clubs would be best. On some holes I took one or two clubs less and on others I took one or two clubs more. The wind was dead in your face and the ball was going nowhere. The front nine was tough, but for me the back nine was a little bit more challenging. The highlight for me was playing the last couple of holes.

It was going pretty well when I got to the 16th hole. My caddy said, “If you get a 22, which is 10 over on just the last three, then you did good.” It was almost like Yoda telling me: “My son, just worry about strokes above the norm and you’ll be fine.” Being the cocky little Dominican kid I am, I said, “Ten strokes? This is like nothing.” I proceeded to go to the 16th tee and hit a great drive. So much so, that I was able to think about hitting a 3 wood to try to get on the green in two. I closed my eyes, swung out of my shoes and the ball went straight and far. I’m in the back of the green in two. Now, I’m looking at the caddy and saying, “Did you mean 10 over, not two under?” That was my curse. The golf god said, “You know what, you’re a little smart ass. Let me teach you what this thing is all about.” I get to my ball. I was probably about 30 feet away from the cup. The first putt I left short by about ten feet. I missed the second putt too. Though I was originally putting for an eagle, I felt confident that I would get a birdie. I ended up with a par. Next up was the famous 17th hole. There it


RAFAEL was—the hole that everybody talks about. The one that I was looking forward to. It’s an island green. My goal was to hit the green in regulation 2 putt and keep it moving. The caddy said, “Hey the yardage is 125 yards from the distance we are going to play. If you want to, we’ll go over to where the pros play. The average there is 145.” I don’t know what got into me. I didn’t go back to the cart to get an extra club. It was so exciting. I just thought about all of those days playing stickball on the old block and here I was facing the 17th green known all over the world. I got up there and suddenly I know I’m not holding enough club. And more importantly I realized how much of a mistake it was to boast about the possibility of getting pars on the last three holes. I ended up pushing the ball and missed the green by 6 or 7 feet—straight into the water! Then I thought, just give me another ball and I can make it. The second ball, just like the first, found it’s way into the water. So it struck me that I should just go back and get the club I needed, but then I saw that people were behind us. Ball three—you guessed it—into the water. After the fifth re-tee, I finally got the last ball onto the island and putted for an eight.


Roy Brannon / I had a great time. The course was laid out beautifully. If you’re not a very serious golfer it’s not a course you can take lightly at all. I am very serious about learning the game; I’ll put it like that. I didn’t play for score; I went for the TPC Sawgrass Tour Academy. I did play nine holes but they didn’t keep score. I was trying to take what I learned in the Academy and use it out there on the course. It’s amazing all the little things they do that can make a difference in your golf game. Just the minor adjustments to my chipping game—it was like day and night. After I went through the academy I probably had the best chip shots of everybody out there. It was interesting because there were an abundance of things that I tried to absorb. On drives, for instance, you’re bought up thinking power—hit it and knock it as far as you can. You usually do that with your arms, but the power is in your hips and in your waist. In actuality, arms have very little to do with it. You have to unlearn that and it’s a process. At the Academy they showed me a video of Tiger so I could try to mimic his moves. It’s almost like a dance—it really is. Your hips drive everything that you do. It all makes sense once they explain it to you at the Academy. It is such a fascinating facility because they have so many ways to analyze your swing. They hook you up to a computer and then you become this animated avatar figure. They can tell you exactly where you put the pressure, what foot you should be using and not using and where your weight should be shifting. You can see this while you are doing it. That’s the great part about learning. Once they hook you up, you are constantly looking at the monitors to see what you are doing wrong or right. You can quickly apply that, whereas if you were out with an instructor and they were just trying to tell you it would be more difficult. To me, that was worth the whole trip. What was really interesting was to take the tour and go places that pros go inside the facility. The locker room, the underground passage that allows the pros to avoid the media and all of a sudden appear on the course—all of it was pretty cool. I have a whole new appreciation for what the pros go through and the game. The 17th hole is an island hole and when you walk up its very intimidating.


The Green Magazine | 81


I didn’t make the green, I was close but I just fell short of it and my ball fell into the water. I figured that was as good as it was going to get for me that day. It was a wonderful experience anyway. You think back to watching Tiger, Sergio and Vijay hitting it and all those guys make it look so easy. When you stand there you realize how much skill and finesse it takes to get the ball into the hole.

Chuck Ludmer / Having gotten the call from Rafael to accompany him to the famed TPC Sawgrass in Florida, I felt like I couldn’t miss this Boy’s Weekend Out. The last one was in the Dominican Republic and I had a blast so I immediately checked my schedule, confirmed the date and was in from the very beginning. It was a tremendous location, an absolutely stunning property, and I ended up having another great time with the boys. I got to meet Roy Brannon who will always be someone I keep in contact with. More importantly, I got to check another course off of my list of courses that I have to play before I die. The clubhouse was one of the finest I’ve ever been in. Being treated to the behind the scenes tour was fun. I have a great picture of me sitting in the famous Barber’s Chair in the Players Locker Room. Playing the TPC course was a blast. When we reached the 16th hole I knew we were quickly approaching the famed 17th green. I had chills from the moment I stepped on that green. First shot, I put the ball right in the middle of the green and I watched everyone else put five balls in the water. That made up for my poor showing on the front 9. I hated to be a bad guest, but I had a smile for the rest of the day. I ended up attempting to putt for a birdie, missed it by a little bit and ended up with a par. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the course, but I enjoyed going birdie, par, par on the 16th, 17th and 18th even more. It was a very special golf moment for me. I’ll never forget it. Thanks to Rafael and The Green Magazine I had another wonderful time. I can’t wait to get the next invitation.

82 | December 2008

Jorge Parada— TPC Sawgrass Tour Academy Instructor / We met Sunday morning. Rafael mentioned that he wanted to use our video technology to gain some feedback about his swing. At the TPC Sawgrass Tour Academy we analyze a player’s geometry and swing mechanics. Using Tiger Woods’ swing as a base model, I analyzed Rafael’s swing, stance and posture. His posture was athletic but not in the ideal position to make his swing as effective as it could be. Examining where his club was in relation to the swing plane, Rafael’s spine was displaced over his body’s center of gravity. From there we decided to move the spine tilt line away from the target. That way his head becomes the point of rotation. This creates a position that is needed in possibly 90 percent of the sport when you strike the ball. A stable right leg allowed Rafael to generate speed and strength as the club descended toward the golf ball. This creates solid contact with the ball at impact. Bill Hughes—TPC Sawgrass General Manager I got the chance to have lunch with Rafael after his round at TPC Sawgrass. After 28 years as a PGA Professional, it’s easy to enjoy the company of individuals that are first and foremost golfers, and secondly those who have a love of the game that surpasses most people that you come in contact with. I really enjoyed it. We had a great time. What Rafael is trying to do is grow the game of golf and in most cases introduce the game to individuals who may not have been introduced to it in their past. It’s motivational and inspirational. I’m sure that it is the goal of the tour, the USGA, and all the major sanctioning bodies of the game to have golf look like the face of America. The professional game of golf does not share this at this point in time. We need more women to come to the game; women from all backgrounds. Golf is a great way for senior citizens to get exercise and stay healthy. There have been some strides and some progress. Looking back to the era of the First Tee Program, a lot of good has come from those youth experiencing golf. They are now wonderful citizens in different cities across America. I think we’ll see

more of this as we move into the future. All of our facilities and golf courses across the country need to open their arms to diversity— embrace it, welcome it and encourage it. Everybody has to get on the same page. The doors are open, we just have to make sure that everyone is aware that these doors are open and encourage them to walk through these doors. I am so proud of what The Green Magazine is doing. They have a specific audience and message that is going to be very helpful for the whole game of golf long term.

Kyle Guthrie—Director of Operations PGA Tour Academy / Rafael and Roy had never been to TPC Sawgrass. Obviously, part of Rafael’s job is to check out some of the greatest golf courses in the world and he picked us. We have a full service Golf Academy that does two day, three day and five day golf schools, private lessons and player development. We are located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida about a 320 yard drive from the club house at TPC Sawgrass. We also offer game initiatives to teach the game of golf. A portion of our Golf Academy features TaylorMade’s mat systems. It uses six to eight camera full swing technology. There are only a few places in the country that use TaylorMade’s cutting lab and we are pleased to offer it to our guests. We use the Track Man Golf Launch Monitor, which measures club head speed and distance to within an inch, as well as capturing your swing on video to document whatever issues there may be. We are a full service academy. You can get fitted from your putter all the way to your driver with the technology we have there. You can come through our fitting experience and we will assess the equipment you are currently playing with—and if it fits you. It is pretty darn important that you are fitted properly. We provide that from beginning to end in several different experiences. You can buy a $300 fitting experience similar to what you can do with EA Sports—like the one where Tiger wears that uniform with the sensors on it. You wear the same uniform. And you have a club that has sensors and it tracks everything you do with a golf club. It’s

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According to the National Golf Foundation, the average golfer shoots a 98.3 on an 18-hole regulation course. It is every golfer’s challenge to cross over into another class of player. The key is to concentrate on fundamentals that you can refer to when the wheels start to fall off. To break into your specific club, be it 70s, 80s, or 90s, The Green Magazine offers some helpful drills to push you over the edge.

0 0 1

You’re guaranteed to loose some strokes. It’s a part of the game. Avoid those dreaded snowmen and decrease some of your risk by playing it smart off the tee box. Hit the club that best suits the circumstance. Remember, you’re equipped with an arsenal of 14 clubs, so choose wisely.

84 | December 2008

Traffic Light: Stop:

Distance should not be your number one priority when standing on the tee box. On a par-4, left dog-leg, lined with out of bounds stakes on the right, choose a club that will keep you in play. The driver should stay in the bag, unless you are completely comfortable with it.

Proceed with Caution: The 3-wood is like a driver, but better. Its exactness and distance give you the best of both worlds. This club is ideal for a difficult par-4 or par-5. All systems Go!:

A long iron is always a good club to use on any hole. Irons low trajectory give you more control to shape shots and hit smaller targets. This high percentage shot will keep your ball in the fairway.



12 9

3 6

3 to 9 Drill

In order to knock down the flagstick with pin point precision, your shots from 100 yards and in must be accurate. Hitting the green in regulation not only presents more birdie opportunities, but it relieves the stress of scrambling to make an up and down for par. A compact three-quarter swing limits the margin for swing error. This drill trains your swing muscles and strengthens your core, while improving your distance control.

Go to a park and walk off 100 yards. Mark distances of 50, 70, and 100 yards with stakes. Lay an iron parallel to your stance at the set-up position. With your hitting club, insert a tee in the butt of the grip, this will allow you to check your swing position. Pivot away from the ball and take the club back as if you were handing it off to someone. At this point, both the clubs should be parallel with one other. Next, rotate your body shifting your weight to your right side with your back facing your target. The club is cocked and the tee at the tip of the grip should be pointing to the club on the ground. Release through the ball.

The Green Magazine | 85

No one can stress enough the importance of the short game. It’s what separates the scratch golfers from the hackers. Strength on and around the green enables you to increase your feel, imagination and your ability to conquer nerves down the stretch. A simple and easy way to shave strokes off of your game is to eliminate your three putts. This essential putting drill will give you more confidence over the ball when the pressure is on. With much practice, birdies will frequent your scorecard. The old saying still rings true, “Hit for show and putt for dough.”

The Railroad Drill: The main focus of the railroad track drill is to keep your stroke path like that of a pendulum—straight back and straight through. Place one iron above the toe of the putter and the other at the foot of the putter and make sure the grips of the clubs are closest to you. Choose a hole with little to no break, align the two irons toward the hole, setting up your “railroad track.” Putt. Take the putter back and maintain a low fluid stroke without touching your tracks.

86 | December 2008

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TIMEOUT Relax and renew at the finest destinations

90. Hawaii 92. Australia

Western Australia

88 | November/ December 2008

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by Jeffrey Laughlin

Boasting one of the most sought

Michaels is referring specifically

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the resort. The hotel overlooks two

after travel destinations in the

to the island of Kauai. Nestled

Jones, Jr. designs, including the

beautiful stretches of beach and

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in between Niihau and Oahu,

Poipu Bay Golf Course. An open-

comes will full-service dining and

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the “Garden Island” is worth the

guest resort club with challenging

amenities. Comfortable rooms

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yet enjoyable atmospheres, Poipu

and accessibility to the rest of

resident Jay Michaels said, “We have

of beautiful beaches, golf courses

Bay sits on the south of shore of

the island are selling points as

to sometimes. I mean, it’s more

and worthwhile destinations, Kauai

the island. Their greens fees are

well, yet Poipu Bay also promises

fun to be there, but when you can’t,

tempts the novice and the expert

reasonable—not exceeding $200

seclusion and quiet for the guest

talking about it is almost a necessity.

golfer or traveler.

before club rentals or cart rentals

requiring relaxing, easygoing

and go much lower as a guest of

vacation time.

It’s perfect there– just perfect.”

In their series of courses, Kauai

90 | December 2008

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Access is an easy enough ideal—the island almost demands exploration and the resort provides several scenarios for car rentals and golf outings. One such offer extends to a one-bedroom and bath with a Jeep rental and full green fees for under $1500 per week. This allows for the exploration necessary to see the island’s verdancy and guarantees a shot at the courses that surround the shores of the island. “The best thing about the golf courses around Kauai is the fact that you forget to be involved in the game,” Michaels said. “You just lose the score and stand for minutes at a time before a shot. Soaking in the brilliance of your surroundings becomes paramount—the scores just happen as a result. It’s a means to an end, so to speak.” As a lifetime golfer, Michaels appreciates his homeland more than anything. “I was born there and lived there, collectively, for over a decade and it never got old. Each day was a gift, even though each swing seemed like a curse.” Poipu Bay course is a 1991-built masterpiece that stretches 7,123 yards in total—an average USGA par of 73.9 on the gold, or farthest tees. The aforementioned luxurious atmosphere notwithstanding, the links attract a high number of visitors while maintaining an approachable atmosphere for the inexperienced and experienced alike. “All of Kauai’s courses offer something unique, but the view on [Poipu Bay’s] back nine is spectacular. We have three holes overlooking a bluff that offer a perfect view,” said Craig Sasada, club pro and golf director of Poipu

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The Green Magazine | 91

by Dominic Wagner If a national poll was taken to determine what the average American knew about Australia most of the responses would likely involve a description of the country’s wildlife. The bouncing marsupials, highly venomous snakes and beautifully colored birds capture the imagination of an American population that no longer celebrates the majesty of its own country’s native fauna—the bowelshifting-stone-grey city pigeon or the rabid-yeteerily-domesticated park squirrel. Just the idea of Australia’s overall diversity of animal life is a

modern Darwinists dream come true. Yankees endowed with broader knowledge of the southern continent’s identity might note some of the human contributions that have worked to shape the world’s overall understanding of Australia. The mass media has certainly been a harbor for some of the Aussies more notable film stars including Crocodile Dundee and Mad Max. But outside of the fantastical limits of the terror domes inhabited by Tina Turner and the post

apocalyptic shantytowns swarming with legions of unwashed nomads wielding 13-inch switchblades, a more tangible Australian drama plays out on the world’s stage. The small group of American’s familiar with this particular layer of Australian culture would describe a country that, when compared to the United States, rivaled the creative efforts of the greatest minds in fiction. For example, imagine a brand of football that multiplied the area of the

92 | December 2008

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playing field and goal posts used in the American game but subtracted the pads. Picture roads where the legal possession of open containers of alcohol in moving vehicles was okayed by the authorities. Yes Australia, a mystical land where the prime minister can verbally bash political opponents on a daily basis and then let off some steam abroad at a Manhattan strip club. Though moderately informative and wildly entertaining to the average American citizen these observations posses none of the intimate details that fully define Australia’s extraordinary nature. Such accounts do not capture the multitude of spectacular visions available to a witness who is present in the flesh. Visions of Southern Australia’s wine country and the emerald hills whose rolling summits mimic the crystal blue sea on the horizon. The soil of the interior desert, painted like a blood orange sunset, cannot be understood without the fine dust straining through one’s fingers. Even the twisting bodies of metropolitan Aussie youth reshaping their identity to the pulse of dance hall riddims would not endure the efforts of a simple retelling. Like most international locations, the information that is most readily available typically lacks much of the cultures original substance. But when trying to convey Australia’s national obsession with athletics (which dates back to the dawn of the nation) a humble pairing of select words will have

to suffice. From football to golf, sport has found a home in the southern pacific. And if true identity can be found within the paradoxes of reality then it should come as no surprise why every state in the driest continent in the world loves its greens. Western Australia While Western Australia is best known for it’s car-free zones and acres of authentic, unspoiled outback, the developers of the beautiful Joondalup golf resort have already made their course a must see (and play) attraction. The renowned course architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. was quoted remarking how extraordinary the Joondalup Resort experience is and rightly so, he designed it. Just a short drive north of Perth, Joondalup is the perfect course to enjoy the quintessential outback golf experience. By integrating the natural flora and fauna within the design of the award winning 27-hole course, Joondalup offers the best that Western Australia has to offer. Even if the thought of free roaming Kangaroos doesn’t inspire a round of flawless fairway feats, perhaps the sea breeze off the beaches of the Sunset Coast will help golfers make peace on the green. Northern Territory The Northern Territory is a land of contrasts. The southern half of the state’s landscape is primarily made up of the red desert and is anchored by the world famous Ayers Rock.

It is in this region that the rich and dramatic 40,000 year-strong history of the indigenous population unfolds on the stone canvasses of the desert caves. Alice Springs, the unofficial capital of central Australia, maintains its own beautiful yet challenging 18-hole golf course. The Alice Springs course demands both accuracy and discipline with its rocky outcrops threatening power hitters at the edge of every fairway. The ancient MacDonnel mountain ranges border the course and at times make the green feel more like a sacred temple than a playing ground. The upper half of The Northern Territory consists of lush tropics, world famous beaches and breathtaking surf. The areas most famous city, Darwin, possesses the youngest population in Australia. This abundance of energy translates directly to one of Australia’s premier courses. After spending an afternoon absorbing the flawless beauty of the Darwin Golf Club, it becomes hard to imagine that on Christmas day in 1974 the entire property was destroyed by cyclone Tracy. Today’s fully renovated club is spectacular enough to inspire some locals to rename cyclone Tracy, “Blessing in disguise.” Queensland If you ask any local in Queensland about the weather you’re likely to get the same answer, “beautiful one day and perfect the next.” The continued on page 110

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19 HOLE th

Take your play beyond the links

96. Daily Bread 97. Smoke Rings 98. In the Spirit


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Healthy Holidays... for once and 3 tablespoons crystallized ginger in a medium bowl. Sift whole-wheat pastry flour, all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl. Beat egg whites with an electric mixer on high in another medium bowl until soft peaks form, 1 to 2 minutes. 3. Stir the honey mixture into the flour mixture with a wooden spoon. Gently fold in the egg whites with a rubber spatula until they are well combined. Pour the batter into the prepared pan. 4. Bake the cake until a fork inserted into the center comes out clean, about 35 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes. Run a knife around the edges of the pan to loosen the cake and turn it out onto wire a rack. Let cool thoroughly. 5. Just before serving, sift sugar evenly over the

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. On the first day of the holiday season The Green Magazine gives you two health-conscience alternatives to pair with your traditional favorites. Forget about the inlaws and the hours you’re going to have to wait in line to get that one item your loved one must have this season. Instead, find refuge in the most unlikely of places—the kitchen. Although your family may seem like a scene from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” these quick and easy recipes will give your holiday a special twist to remember.

large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the turkey and cook until browned, 1 to 3 minutes per side.

top of the cake and garnish with the remaining

Transfer to a plate.

Compote on the side.

2 tablespoons ginger. Serve with Spiced Orange

4. Add pomegranate juice and thyme sprig to the pan; bring to a boil. Boil, stir regularly until

spiced orange compote

reduced to 1/4 cup, 6 to 10 minutes. Throw out the thyme. Whisk broth (or water) and cornstarch;

8 small oranges, preferably seedless

add to the pan and cook, stirring constantly, until

2 cups water

thickened, about 15 seconds. Reduce heat to

5 tablespoons sugar

medium, return the turkey and any accumulated

1 vanilla bean

juices to the pan, turning to coat with sauce, and

1 cinnamon stick

cook for 1 minute. To serve, top roasted fennel with

2 whole cloves

turkey and sauce.

1 star anise

with roasted fennel

citrus ginger cake with spiced

1. Use zester to remove zest from oranges into

servings: 4 estimated time: 30 minuteS

orange compote Servings: 10

long, thin, spindly strips (see Variation). Boil water

estimated time: 1 hour 35 minutes

in a small saucepan. Add the zest to the boiling

pomegranate-glazed turkey

4 medium fennel bulbs, cored and thickly sliced

water and cook for 3 minutes. Remove with a small

5 teaspoons canola oil, divided

1/2 cup honey

strainer (reserve the cooking liquid). Rinse with

1/2 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme, plus 1 sprig

1/4 cup mild-flavored extra-virgin olive oil

cold water; separate and drain on a paper towel.

1 teaspoon kosher salt, divided

2 large eggs, at room temperature, separated (see

2. Stir sugar into the reserved cooking liquid; bring

3/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper, divided


to a simmer. Cut vanilla bean in half lengthwise;

4 turkey cutlets, 1/4 inch thick (1 pound)

2 tablespoons freshly grated orange or lemon zest

scrape the seeds into the sugar water and add the

1 cup pomegranate juice

1/3 cup fresh orange or Meyer lemon juice

pod along with cinnamon stick, cloves and star

1/4 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth or water

5 tablespoons chopped crystallized ginger, divided

anise. Continue to simmer until the sauce reduces

1 teaspoon cornstarch

1 cup whole-wheat pastry flour

to 1/2 cup and thickens slightly, 20 to 30 minutes.

2/3 cup all-purpose flour

Remove from the heat.

1. Preheat oven to 450°F.

1 teaspoon baking powder

3. Slice off an end of each orange so they stand

2. Toss fennel, chopped thyme, 3 teaspoons oil, and

1/2 teaspoon salt

upright. Remove all the remaining peel and white

1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper in a medium

2 teaspoons confectioners’ sugar

pith from the oranges with a very sharp knife. Slice

until tender and golden, approximately 25 minutes.

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Oil an 8-inch round

4. Discard the vanilla pod and whole spices. Stir

3. Meanwhile, sprinkle both sides of turkey with

cake pan, line with parchment paper and oil the

the zest into the sauce. Layer the orange slices in a

the remaining 3/4 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon


serving bowl, spooning the sauce between layers to

pepper. Heat the remaining 2 teaspoons oil in a

2. Stir together honey, oil, egg yolks, zest, juice

distribute the zest evenly throughout.

bowl. Spread on a rimmed baking sheet. Roast, stir,

96 | December 2008

the peeled oranges into 1/4-inch-thick rounds.


Illusione Cigars Hecho en Nicaragua

Featured: Churchill Ring Gauge: 48 Length: 6


Nothing can stop a great cigar. Through social unrest, political upheaval and natural calamities Nicaraguan tobacco has proven its durability. From the moment Castro’s forces swept through Havana and Cuban tobacco seeds were transplanted to Nicaruaga’s Jalapa valley a smoker’s revolution took root. The two decades prior to the rise of the Sandanistas in 1979 can be seen as the original glory days of Nicaraguan cigar lore. Throughout the world robust, unspoiled tobacco came to characterize the verdant plantations on the border of Nicaragua and Honduras. This legacy was nearly lost from 1979 to 1990 due to political unrest. However, due to the visionary thinking of master grower Arcenio Ramos, Illusione Cigars have emerged from Nicaragua’s torrid history to become one the world’s finest brands. Ramos, a native Cuban, knows what it takes to cultivate an award-winning tobacco. His line is recognized for its full-bodied and earthy notes— caramel, chocolate and pepper just to name a few. Illusione is a genuine smoker’s delight produced by a boutique manufacturer with an obsessive attention to detail. Given the amount of labor that goes into each one and the birth pains that mar its past, it’s remarkable that Illusione hasn’t received more adulation. Sure, Cigar Aficionado named its “CG4” one of last year’s 10 finest stogies and many a supplier has a difficult time keeping them in stock. However, Illusione has yet to receive the sort of critical praise that separates Kenny G from John Coltrane. As stated, the “CG4” has gained the most attention, but the dazzling assortment of flavors, hues and textures offered by Illusione will keep us smoking for centuries to come. For example, Illusione’s “2” gives smokers a rare organic flavor that distinguishes it from the others in this line. This cigar is the perfect merger of ripening fruit and an earthy wine. Simply put, this smoke has legs. The MK is a cigar for those connoisseurs who can’t get enough. The charisma of this cigar derives from a mixture of cinnamon and leather that will keep you drawing until the 18th hole. We all know sometimes a cigar satiates the palate, but leaves the olfactory lacking. Illusione’s “HL” appeals to all of the senses. From its scent to its grip, this cigar is a mild-mannered masterpiece. Its rich floral notes stand in contrast to its Dirty Harry proportions. It is the embodiment of petal-tothe-metal flavor. Regardless of the Illusione Cigar you choose, remember that you’re having more than just a smoke. You’re holding aloft a torch that allowed Nicaragua to emerge from the darkest of valleys with the finest of tobacco.

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98 | December 2008

Thanks to Terje Thurmann-Moe of Linie/Arcus Norway, Rodney Goodchild of Okanagan, Sonja Kassebaum of North Shore Distillery, and Mikkel Olsson of Aalborg Akvavit (V&S).

When Christmas is celebrated in Scandinavia, two components of revelry are constant. One of the constants, of course, is food — those powerful fat- and salt-laden specialties of the high latitudes’ festive season. The other constant is akvavit. Though virtually unknown in the United States, akvavit (also known as aquavit or akevitt) is a distilled spirit which typically contains approximately 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). Of the same lineage as vodka and gin (i.e., derived from grain or potatoes), akvavit dates from the 16th century and is flavored with a number of botanicals — chief among them caraway (Carvum carvi; this component lends akvavit its strong rye flavor) and dill (Anethum graveolens), but also anise, fennel, coriander, and others. The exact proportions are specific to each brand or label and define the flavor of each. As with many distilled spirits, akvavit’s name is derived from the old Latin aqua vitae. Different nations have different designs as to what comprises their specific “water of life”; in Norway, for instance, akevitt must be aged in wood (like whisky or cognac) and distilled from potatoes. Danish and Swedish akvavits are distilled from grain. Akvavit is usually clear to golden brown, but color isn’t necessarily an indication of quality or age. Color (e.g., caramel) can be added and other factors contribute to the spirit’s hue. Many akvavits are aged in oak casks (often those previously used to store sherry from southern Spain), but for far less time than whisky single malts, and seldom more than a few years (Linie, for example, spends 16 months in casks —see sidebar—and varied Gammel varieties are allowed to mature up to 26 months), but 12 year-old akvavits are not entirely unheard of. Many distillers also release Yuletide akvavits, the recipes of which are changed slightly each year to make these special seasonal offerings unique from year to year. Though fairly uncommon outside of Scandinavia proper, akvavit can be found throughout the world, particularly in regions with sizeable Scandinavian communities (e.g., northern Germany, the U.S., and Canada). Small North American distillers, such as Okanagan in British Columbia and North Shore Distillery in Chicago, contribute to the drink’s survival and exposure outside its native ground. This recent crop of North American varieties tend to stay true to one style or another while paying homage to the traditional Old World recipes adding New World components. In the Old World, Scandinavia is and was defined by its linked cultures and by the sea. Akvavit’s strong, spicy flavor cleanses one’s palate rather abruptly, and given the significance of the sea’s bounty (unique and powerful fish dishes are a staple of the Scandinavian diet) and the trading history of the region (e.g., the spice trade) one understands the place akvavit held — and continues to hold — in all of it.

crossing the line While every akvavit distiller has its own customized recipe of botanicals and its own unique process of distilling and aging (from the shape of the coils to the source of the barrels), the Norwegian label Linie can likely claim the most unique process. In 1805, as the Napoleonic Wars continued to imperil the navies and seafaring merchants of Europe, the merchant ship Trondheim’s Prøve left Norway (then part of the former political union consisting of the kingdoms of Denmark and Norway) for Danish-held Indonesia, a cargo of salted herring, dried cod, and potato spirit in oak barrels among its stores. Though the food staples sold in Indonesia at a reasonable profit, the aquavit did not. Eighteen months later, after two equatorial crossings, prolonged exposure to tropic temperatures, and the sea’s influence, the cask completed the return trip to Norway. Upon reopening and sampling the contents, the samplers concluded the combination of these factors made for a much more complex and flavorful spirit. Though derided by some as a simple marketing ploy, every bottle of Linie Aquavit continues to travel from Norway to Australia and back — twice crossing the equator — before being put up for sale (“linie” is literally Norwegian for “equator”). Though most connoisseurs of akvavit simply sip it in a manner similar to single malt whisky (but ice-cold), there are a few cocktails.

Sailor Mercury 1 ½ oz. akvavit 1 oz. orange liqueur 1 oz. Lemon juice Shake with ice and strain into a brandy snifter. Bleeding Heart ½ oz. akvavit ½ oz. cherry brandy Combine in old-fashioned glass. Danish Martini 3 oz. akvavit ½ oz. dry vermouth Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with olive.


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carlos campos Photos by Ryan Kobane In September designer Carlos Campos premiered his women’s collection at the 2009 New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Singer, Eric Benet, Brazilian model, Emanuela de Paula and Reggae sensation, Sean Paul were in attendance at the Altman Building to catch a glimpse of this youthful collection. Campos is best known for his tailored aesthetic. He displayed clean, structured pieces paired with delicate fabrics bringing a sense of femininity that exemplified his style. Campos’ collection was inspired by jet set rockers, architecture, and the culture seen in Paris, Rio and of course New York. Make up artist, Mark Edio, accented the collection’s neutral color story. He created a glowing look with rich colors that complemented the collection. Casting for the collection was inspired by rock legend David Bowie and his wife, fashion icon, Iman. Set to music by Marcelo Cunning, a cast of stunning, black female models were escorted down the runway by chiseled, white male models. Campos’ show was reminiscent of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Fall 2008 show, which broke the fashion status quo by featuring only black male models. In addition, who can forget Vogue Italia’s path charting all black issue photographed by Steven Meisel in July 2008? Convenient Fashion trend or groundbreaking revolution? It’s uncertain if the use of minority models by designers and photographers will provoke change in the fashion industry, but Campos definitely represents a more realistic view of the full spectrum of beauty.

100 | November/ December 2008

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dc leadership event Alexander Cooke – Sharp Shooter Photography In August, The Green Magazine’s Leadership Golf Tour presented by Southwest Airlines was held in Washington DC. It served as tremendous opportunity for networking among the Green Magazine’s family and readership. For the second year in a row, golfers of all skill levels were able to share their passion for the game and appreciate the best of what sponsors Southwest Airlines, HBL of Tyson’s Corner and Level Vodka had to offer. Don’t miss out on next year’s festivities.

1- Brian Mitchell, Former Redskins Running Back & Radio co-host 2- HBL of Tyson’s Corner, Hole-in-One Prize 3- Level Vodka- Spirit Sponsor 4- Blanche Williams, guest & XM Radio talk show host 5- Southwest Airline ticket winners & Ina Martinez 6- Bernard Show, Rafael Martinez & Guest 7- Southwest Airline Tag Line 8- Courtesy of HBL of Tyson’s Corner


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julius chambers

Photos By Everett Hamilton 1) from left to right: James Coleman, Duke Univerisity Law SChool; Leonard Coleman (brother of James), Christopher Snead (son-in-law of James). 2) from left to right: Jeffrey Sammons; julius Young, Keith Harvey, and Carla Young 3) from left to right: John Payton, President and Director of Counsel, NAACPLDF; Jeffrey Sammons, Tournament Director; Keith Harvey, National Sales Manager, Absolut Spirits; Victor Bolden, General Councel, NAACPLDF; Julius Chambers, Foundeer and Host 4) from left to right: Jeffrey Sammons; Yvonne Shepard Zanders, Tournament Commitee.

104 | November/ December 2008

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spHinx classic In May, the Beta Alpha Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Sphinx Classic was held at Compass Pointe Golf Course in Pasadena, MD. The event was in conjunction with the chapter’s Education Foundation. A fun time was had by all in attendance.

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black women’s town Hall meeting The National Council of Colored Women had its First Annual National Black Women’s Town Hall Meeting in July. With the honorable Dorothy Height in attendance, the topics discussed were the alarming rate of AIDS among black women, lack of health care in the black community and the upcoming presidential election. The insightful dialogue proved to be beneficial.

tiger woods ea sports

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December 1st-2nd

10th – 14th


6th -19th

15th Annual Días de los Muertos/ Days of the Dead Oakland Museum of, California

Merrill Lynch Shootout Tiburon Golf Club Naples, Florida 

New Year’s Eve Fireworks on Backwater Sound Key Largo, Florida

2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival Palm Springs, California

The Acquisitions Fund Benefit Metropolitan Museum New York City


9th -11th

New Years Eve Celebration Manhattan, New York

Kentucky Golf Show Louisville, Kentucky

13th- 14th


LPGA Wendy’s 3-tour Challenge Henderson, Nevada

75th Annual Brut Sun Bowl El Paso, Texas

16TH – 18TH


11th 1st-30th Radio City Musical Christmas Spectacular New York City

1st -7th Del Webb Father-Son Challenge Championship Gate, Florida

Elvis Presley Birthday Celebration Memphis Tennessee

DONALD ROSS JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP Pinehurst, Resort Village of Pinehurst, NC

3rd- 8th

17th -21st


PGA Qualifying Tournament La Quinta, California

Chevron World Challenge Thousand Oaks, California

Hank Williams 56th Annual Memorial Montgomery, Alabama


1st Fed-ex Orange Bowl Miami, Florida

108 | November/ December 2008

15th – 29th

5th – 7th


Sundance Film Festival Park City, Utah

2009 Sitka Jazz Fesitval Alaska

Southern California Fall Golf Show Long Beach, California


5th – 16th

Golf Coast Music Hall of Fame Port Arthur, Texas

The 17th Annual Pan African Film & Arts Festival Los Angeles, California


The 15th Annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival San Luis, California

13th – 15th

West Michigan Golf Show Grand Rapids, Michigan  

13th – 15th

25th NHL All Star Weekend Montreal, Canada

27th – 29th Derek Jeter Golf Tournament Saddlebrook Resort Tampa, Flordia

6th – 15th

20th – 21st


49th Annual Key West House & Garden Tour Key West, Fl

Febuary 1st 12th -18th The Barbados Jazz Festival Barbados

NFL SUPER BOWL 42 Tampa, Florida

25th - 27th California Association of Museums 2009 Annual Conference San Francisco, California

14th -16th 5th Annual Cultural Heritage Symposium Ventura, California

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HAWAII Bay. Over the years, the course has won numerous awards and has been rated among the top golf courses in the U.S. In fact, from 1994-2006, Poipu Bay played host to the annual PGA Grand Slam of Golf, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the golf world. Tiger Woods, seven-time winner at Poipustated

without jeopardizing the relax factor. After hosting three Australian open Championships, the construction of a new highway in Brisbane forced the historic club to institute a brand new layout that will be completed by 2011. Given the pedigree of this club there is no doubt that the changes will only work to enhance the allure of a living legend.

that he hit “one of the best [shots] I’ve ever played in my life,” off of the sixteenth hole in 1997. Other winners included Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson and Greg Norman. Aside from the hallowed prospect of playing on professional ground, the course provides four tee positions for the novice and splendid greens with challenging hole positions in constant rotation. In 2004, after shooting a 59 in the final round of the Grand Slam, Phil Mickelson said, “I had a great view to play one superb round of golf.” Off the course, the beaches of Poipu Bay stretch endlessly. The resort offers 70 acres of tropical grounds connecting to the Brennecke-Poipu Beaches and Shipwreck Beach—both ideal sands on the oldest of the Hawaiian isles. The resort features seven swimming pools throughout and local restaurants surround the area. The rooms are beautifully furnished and come in two styles: deluxe and

Southern Australia There are few places in the world that can facilitate a day of wine tasting, seal watching and natural world wonder gazing all within the same day. And even though most of Southern Australia’s visitors stay for the wine, some of the best golfing in the country is just around the corner from the Barossa Valley. The Grange Golf Club’s 18 holes are noted for ushering in the Greg Norman era. But as of late the most interesting characteristic of the course is its maintenance. Because the club is situated in a state constantly threatened by extreme drought, grounds keepers have implemented water sustainability and conservation initiatives to ensure the club does all that it can to be conscious of its impact on both the local and global environment. Perhaps it is easy being green after all.

extra deluxe on the beachfront. Each room, no matter the classification, comes with a private lanai for meals, privacy or comfortable working environs. Each room varies from 300 square feet (an economical one-person size) to 2,000 square feet for a five-room family experience. The going rate for a single-person with a car rental and golf outings is under $1300, proving the 300 square foot room easily worth the price. Fifty percent of the guests are returning visitors and the overall layout is conducive to both stimulating sights and relaxing undertones. Still, those looking for more stimulation or wilder times need look no further than the surrounding restaurants and attractions along the South Shore. Several other resorts hold an open guest policy for golf with comparable prices, including the Kiahuna resort also designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Kauai offers seven featured courses in its 500-plus square miles. The eating establishments surrounding the area include bar-and-grill accompaniments to the courses themselves, but the avid traveler may enjoy veering from the main attractions to see the various Italian restaurants or native Hawaiian luau’s along the Poipu beach area. The area is known for its regional food, casual dining atmosphere and extended happy hours. Most of the restaurants are located in clumps making the choices numerous while inexpensive. Most even go out of their way to take personal or traveler’s checks to make the experience of dining in the South Shore easier than getting on the

New South Wales While the Sydney Opera house will forever remain a powerful symbol for metropolitan Australia, the scenic views from the greens of the New South Wales Golf Club at La Perouse showcase how the coastline attracts second, third and fourth looks from the most devout urbanites. To the left of the course the seemingly endless blue of the Pacific stretches out to the sunrise and to the right the Cruwee Bay national park houses some of the country’s beautiful scrub covered sand hills. These rare surroundings are just a portion of what puts NSW Golf Club among the top 50 golf courses in the world. But the buck does not stop there. The diverse range of challenges that arise over a single round on this course make it playable time and time again. The strong winds affectionately titled the “young guns” jet off the sea’s surface and keep even the most seasoned veterans on their toes. Some players might be intimidated by the riveted bunker walls, which are designed to prevent heavy deterioration from natural wear and improper swinging technique (aka digging ditches). But if properly raked a riveted bunker is often easier to hit out of than a non-riveted bunker, especially in windy conditions. Course details like these are just part of the daily business of maintaining the excellence of NSW Golf Club.

greens. Fortunately, Poipu Bay makes the choices easy. Whether visitors want to focus on the world-renowned courses or the local flair, Poipu Bay Resort can accommodate the vacation. The locals and returning guests won’t hesitate to tell you that the island itself is worth bragging about. The only way to prove them right is to visit for yourself. You may even end up bragging about having been there; having walked the same bent-grass path as the pros and enjoying one of the most sought after vacations you could imagine.

AUSTRALIA sunshine state hardly ever fails to live up to its name and luckily one of the state’s premier courses has adopted the same trait. The Royal Queensland Golf Club is indeed suited for royalty indeed. After being christened by King George V in 1921 the entire grounds have found a way to maintain its stateliness

110 | December 2008

Victoria The rivalry between New South Wales and Victoria is legendary and it extends far beyond the weekend Footy game or the historic Sydney versus Melbourne debate likely to spark up at any local pub. So why would it stop on the links? The Victoria Golf Club does its best to make a day on the course the best in all of Australia and the proof is in the putting. Members of this historic club have coined the phrase “a unique quality,” when measuring their club against the other clubs from around the world. Perhaps the light powdered sand that fills their bunkers is what sets the course apart. Many players regard their bunkers as some of the best they have ever come across, bar none. The lightning quick greens, carpet fairways and a balanced array of long and short holes ensure an exceptional experience if you’re the type of player who can appreciate a club rooted in tradition and absolute quality. With this degree of accomplishment, many of the New South Wales faithful looking for flaws are left scratching their heads and hiding their membership cards.



Ghurka Cavalier II

Nothing but a Man

Callaway CY-2117

Do Not Give Way to Evil

Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge AO5



Felissimo Design House


Zipcar Dion Ties Juice_Pack

Callaway FT-I Tour Low CG Driver Smart Car Passion Cabriolet

Macallan 30 Year

Mizuno MP-600

StudioDock3i Active USB Monitors

Perrier Jouet “Rose Fleur de Champagne”

Saab 9_X “Air” BioHybrid

Illusione Cigars

Jan Leslie Bee Cuff Links

Jaques London Chess Set


2009 Audi A4


Nickent 4Dx Special Edition

Vespa GTS 250


Juice Pack 3G

Nike Sasquatch Sumo SQ 02 The Ducati 696 Monster

Q-Link/ Equilibrio


Blackberry Bold

TreeLine Putters



Titleist Pro VI

2009 Escalade Hybrid

Taylor Made Preferred Black

Noir Shaving Kit

The Golfers Guide to the Meaning of Life

Callaway Tour IX

The Green Magazine | 111


Lamman Rucker

Actor, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? & Meet the Browns

the blaring tones heard in George Wallace’s unyielding call for segregation. Since Charlie Sifford’s landmark obtainment of a PGA card in 1969 and Tiger Woods’ victory at Augusta in 1997, golf courses and the perception of the game have changed. Ironically, it took the actions of two tennis stars to make Lamman take notice of the game. “Arthur Ashe and Yannick Noah got me into golf,” says Lamman. “They were ambassadors for tennis and I’ve always respected both of them.” Ashe’s quiet demeanor and invincibility on the court mirrored his humanitarian work away from the game. Noah’s artistry at the net and flamboyant showmanship won him the 1983 French Open in memorable form. “Once I saw that they embraced (golf) for the things that I never saw, it opened my eyes a little bit.” Lamman’s first experience with golf turned into a crash course in basic physics. “I saw that you couldn’t just hit the ball any way,” he states. “You just can’t rely on physical strength.” The fact that one has to concentrate and ponder one’s shots carefully immediately appealed to Lamman. However, he didn’t see this as golf’s only winning attribute. “I think it’s a good way to network in the business.” Lamman reflects. “Plus, it’s a good way to meditate.”

Lamman Rucker

is best known for his roles as Sheriff Troy and Will in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? and Meet The Browns. Beyond the silver screen, this Duquesne University graduate is an avid fan of basketball, baseball, soccer and football. Yet, golf was never something that piqued his interest. “Whenever it was on television, I would either turn the channel or fall asleep,” Lamman recollects about his early impressions of golf. “It was boring, mainly for older people and never seemed to be geared towards African-Americans. Plus, I saw golf as a subservient game. Each golfer having a caddy created this odd psychological dynamic I never liked. It reminded it me of the old South.” It comes as no surprise that many people have little connection to the game of golf. The sport was once a vehicle for sustaining long-standing inequalities. The game’s elitist atmosphere and racism silently perpetuated

112 | November / December 2008

Since his fledgling days on the course, Lamman has honed his skills to the degree that he’s now a regular at celebrity tournaments. In February he participated in the NAACP Image Awards Celebrity Golf Challenge at Braemar Country Club. Though Lamman loved being on the course, he loved the cause even more. And it didn’t hurt that The Green Magazine orchestrated the event. As a matter of fact, our publisher Rafael Martinez had the opportunity to meet Lamman. “He couldn’t have been a nicer person, with a bigger heart.” Martinez said. “He’s doing great things for humanity with his work on HIV through the Magic Johnson Foundation. He had a true intensity for learning the game and was confident that the game would help him in future endevarous that would be critical to his way of life and career.” Make no mistake, Lamman’s career is on the rise. He has starring roles in the indie comedy I’m Through With White Girls, the recently released drama Ball Don’t Lie and the poignant romance The Greatest Song. 2009 looks to be a great year on the screen and the green for Lamman Rucker.











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