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Building continued to build with today or the manufacturing and construction skills have been lost. Some examples are old growth fir, cast iron storefronts, terracotta façade detailing, massive solid wood beams, and wavy window glass among others. Respecting and celebrating these materials and craftsmanship ensures diverse streetscapes, creates living architectural laboratories and contributes to the liability and beauty of a place.

Stewardship for Our Built History Most of Portland’s building inventory is existing building stock. In terms of carbon footprint, embodied energy, waste minimization, historical stewardship and diversity of neighborhood fabric, it makes good economic sense to preserve, rehabilitate and adapt these aged homes, commercial and industrial buildings. Insulation and weatherization can be easily added to an old home for immediate energy savings. This trumps window replacement since most of a building’s energy is lost through uninsulated walls and attics.

Green Building Questions Answered Here Regional Green Building Hotline 503-823-5431 A free service from Metro, City of Portland, Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah Counties. Got questions on construction strategies, materials, financial incentives? Facebook Green Development Resource Center Twitter : greenhotline City of Portland Construction Waste Specialist 503823-5468 City of Portland Historic Resources Specialist 503-8237666 Architectural Heritage Center For a business directory of local preservation professionals National Trust for Historic Preservation The benefits of window repair over replacement. 24

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Building continued Currently Portland showcases several commercial buildings that have been sustainably restored, enabling them to charge high rents, and some that are in demand for event spaces: Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center (Ecotrust), Mercy Corps Global Headquarters, LeftBank, Gerding Theater at the Armory, the Morgan Building and the White Stag Block. Environmentally, culturally and economically sustainable preservation is a powerful tool as we move into a time of resource scarcity demanding creative solutions. For historic building case studies, historic homes and solar, technical assistance, training programs, tax credits and more check out our new Sustainable Preservation page here; Photos courtesy of Flickr; Ecotrust Building – sambeebe, Gerding Theater - samgrover

Gardening Store Fixtures as Garden Decor by Erin Wilson

We know that store fixtures have multiple uses - you don’t just have to use a clothing rack to hold clothes. But what about outside of your house or your store? What about store fixtures as vehicles for plants or decoration in your yard? Never thought of that, did ya? Think about this... use gridwall panels as trellises for Morning Glories or gridwall panels as an archway from which to hang a basket full of Violas and English Ivy. How about mannequin legs or arms. You could stake tomato plants or hollyhocks. Or you could plant them around your yard and paint clothes on them to give your garden some color.

A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment c d Spring 2011

Green Living Journal PDX Spring #12  

A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment. Small Houses, National Bike System, Warre Bee Hive, Organic Manifesto, Credit Unions, Bu...

Green Living Journal PDX Spring #12  

A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment. Small Houses, National Bike System, Warre Bee Hive, Organic Manifesto, Credit Unions, Bu...